About IssisMedium

Psychic IssisMediumhas 20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic IssisMediumhas recently helped 40members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about IssisMedium's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

What Makes My Reading Sessions Unique? Sessions with me are fast, detailed, and done with natural gifts. I jump straight-in with confidence, and there is no wait for laying out cards, pulling-up charts, meditating etc.. The insight that I provide flows, and does not contain vague, cryptic, confusing responses, or reciting generic card meanings

I can't believe the previous people didn't leave feedback!This Psychic was amazing!!!Great intuition...Terribly accurate!After having many readings on this site!I am finally at peace!Peace Love and Light Issis :) Thank you so much!" ... written by rattail1
Had a very insiteful reading felt that she was very honest was straight to the point and was not just telling me what she thought i wanted to hear but the truth and i thank you for that will come to her again and again Thanks!!!!!!" ... written by cadesgirl
thank u so much i will return for follow up she was pretty accurate" ... written by julznycles
My reading was great... I really enjoyed it a lot!!! I will call again!" ... written by robyne
she is a very good person, was very accurate about my situation. I will be back (i run out of credits). Wish me luck i will keep you posted on how it turns out.." ... written by MIZZPRETTY
Excellent reading, know about what was going on in my life that I did not even talk about.... highly recommend" ... written by meckho1
I am very pleased, she tuned right in to the situation and even described a couple people involved in the situation. Thank You!!!!" ... written by K-Renee
Another excellent reading. She is the BEST!!!" ... written by meckho1
Wow, the things that were picked up on that i didn't mention was amazing. thanks for a great reading." ... written by chelle54
Issis was absolutely amazing. Fast and accurate. Plus a very kind, sweet and compassionate person. One of the best readings I have ever had." ... written by John
Every accurate and told me things that i never knew and i hope things will work out for the best. Will be back for another reading" ... written by queenmarge
only had 5 credits, but read fast for me and gave a lot of information" ... written by girl
Don't know what to say." ... written by EvaFarm
She was very nice, warm and brings about her a good energy. What she told me was so on the spot and made perfect sense, very reassuring for me to hear in my situation. I recommend her!" ... written by Nielev
She is very helpful and i really liked talking to her she made perfect sense and help me a bit." ... written by honeysbee
She was very good. was Happy with her,will talk to her again, Good women, Nice person,She knows what shes saying," ... written by Barbnew1234
Just had another reading with Issis and as all the times before i am very impressed with her ability to see my past accurately, depict on the personality traits and behaviors of my partener and other people in my life, presently and in the past. She is simply very very good with her psychic abilities but her advice is equally good. Well worth having private. I know I will be back again. Five stars no question." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Thank you so much." ... written by termo
She is great!!!!! all spot on!!!! I really appreciate it issis" ... written by smtamondong
I am amazed! Issis is a really gifted medium and Gypsy cards reader. The details she gave me were very very accurate. Be aware, step into the private reading with Issis, only if you are ready to hear and see the truth about your future. She is very very honest and doesn't do the sugar coating thing:) She is simply awesome!" ... written by LoveElly
Very Intuitive, connected, helped ease my mind with difficult decision on hand, highly recommend!" ... written by B
Thank you, a very good reading very deep." ... written by termo11
Five stars no question. Very good reading with details nobody else picked up on so far. Very very deep and accurate. I will be back and i am sure she will quickly be 5 star rated, she is simply that good. Ohm, very nice soul as well." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Great reading. Very spontaneous." ... written by lavenderorange
Good reading." ... written by Saphira02
Issismedium is awesome, you definitely need to have a private with her. She picks up even the smallest details and gives great advice and guidance! She is lovely and I loved my reading with her. I will be back for more!" ... written by marion
Very fast, very accurate, really like her, right straight forward no holding back good or bad..thank you..:) Give her a try u will not be dissapointed..." ... written by newhorizons12
She was completely honest and truthful and correct!!! Great reading, we ran out of time, but she answered everything I asked her with detail and the truth" ... written by peachybeez
She is too good!" ... written by candyprincess
She's really good better get her while she is .99 i am amazed at the information she gave. Thank you Issis" ... written by welobey1
Clever" ... written by englandsglory
Im really happy I've found her on this site. Hands down she's the best and I'll be back for an update very soon :)" ... written by delly23
Extremely accurate! You can only hear the truth from Issis.... she is wonderful:)" ... written by LoveElly
Wonderful lady, knew everything as it is, gave excellent advise in a very warm and wise manner, I am very grateful I came across this lady in my search for the truth. Thank you Mam." ... written by zimerili1
Wonderful and so on point! did not give her much information. Loved her!" ... written by mhharview
Good reading with alot of details. Thanks." ... written by Scorpio1112
Issis is awesome! This is our second reading and she remembered everything about me and my issues, she is compassionate and very sweet. She tells you what she sees, don't expect lies from Issis. She is honest, open and really gentle:) I strongly recommend a private reading with her!" ... written by LoveElly
She's very straight forward and tells it like it is. Everything that Issis had told me has happened so far and I wasn't expecting it so soon. Her honesty is what brings me back and she remembers every session and I feel safe when I talk to her all the time." ... written by delly23
Issis is absolutely amazing. Every reading is so warm. She is fast, sweet and absolutely amazing." ... written by John
Was in a crazy situation and she calmed my nerves with her cards, she saw deeply into the situation and told me what I know in my heart to be true despite what is going on in the atmosphere. I can't wait to see her predictions come true. Thank you!!!" ... written by angelloverose
Another amazing reading with Issis. Very very good, detailed reading. She never stops surprising me with the details of my past and i mean details. She is just that good. And the descriptions of the people from my past or present that issis brings up in her readings are just so exact and precise like as if she met them in person. Five stars and i will be back and do highly recommend her to all." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Totally wonderful reading!!! Highly recommend for private!" ... written by marion
If you need clarity, honesty, no sugar coating whatsoever, you need Issis. She is really great at what she is doing and I highly recommend a private reading with her:)" ... written by LoveElly
She took a large weight off my shoulders. Talking with her left me at piece with my current situations and I felt comfortable talking with her. I would deff speak to her in the future :)" ... written by kaiteduhh
Great reading. Very open and honest." ... written by blackty100
She is very intuitive reader !!!! recommended!" ... written by Olga
Great reading and very nice lady!" ... written by Bojan99
Great reading!" ... written by yvettepandora
Thank you!" ... written by mariela
Lovely lady :-). Thanks for the help....I am going to wait and see. Xx" ... written by Helgaz1
Great insights and I love talking to her when I get a chance. She never fails me :)" ... written by delly23
She's honest, calm, easygoing, and very accurate. She's very good with understanding and loved to have a reading with her :-)" ... written by bellacasa
Another great reading, I had quite a few already and I love her. She is a real deal. Knows a lot and a lot of details. She can connect deeply. Five stars." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
She was very very good. Quite amazing how spot on she is on everything without any input. Very interesting and spiritual reading! Loved it!" ... written by psymeow
Accurate, detailed read. " ... written by sk
Such a lovely lady. calm clear precise reading. she knew so much and could see and pick up a lot." ... written by fretan
First reading with Issis and I was very pleased. I trust what she is telling me and I hope and pray that what she predicts will come to pass." ... written by inlovewithhim
You know, I was a bit skeptical at first but wow, she knew the situation and the reasons for it without much info from me. She was very detailed and even knew what it is that I am wanting out of this. She took the time to answer all my questions clearly without beating around the bush. Overall, very clear and full reading! " ... written by Mimi
She is the best. Really helping me during my confusion." ... written by kav
She's so cool and informative. I trust her. I spoke to yesterday and already things have passed. Clearly gifted." ... written by K
She is super amazing and so detailed. Soo soo detailed. She is one of the best and she has said thing others mentioned but not in as much detail. I can't wait to come back when something happens. Gifted beyond belief. She knew it. All my blessings to her." ... written by Kavs
wow this girl is zoo good, infact amazing deco have a reading with Issis she was 1 of the best i have had zoo detailed xxxx" ... written by lisa
Thank You dear." ... written by geranium29
Fast, accurate, really spot on. Amazed by her talent and gift. Thank you for the assurance! :) " ... written by Woodencloud
She is great! right on the ball." ... written by paola
Issis is simply unbelievable. A truly beautiful and remarkable soul." ... written by John
wow -- it is so nice to see her back on here. she really one of the few that are really that good. " ... written by k
Brilliant reader, very powerful energy, does energy clearing. Amazing!" ... written by ikroyala
Very skilled and genuine ..." ... written by d
Isis was very honest and insightful and gave clarity in my situation. She also offered valuable advice!!! I will return for an update." ... written by janesi
Issis would tell you what she sees, like it or not she will tell you the truth. I strongly recommend a private reading with her..:))" ... written by LoveElly
Forgot to ask a question in my reading yesterday, and again she amazed me. She is now my go to girl, I cant rate her highly enough." ... written by Mshelli
Wow, I have never experienced a reading like that before. This lady described the guy i asked about like she had known him his whole life. Described what was going on with us at the moment, why he was acting like he was and told me what she saw for the future. I can't recommend this lovely amazing person enough. Give her a try, you will not be disappointed x" ... written by Mshelli
always on point. appreciate her insight." ... written by k
I have missed Issis a lot. She is very special Great energy and a beautiful soul. Love her." ... written by John
Issis is amazing. So loving, so caring, so sweet. Give her a try. You will be so glad you did. Great reader." ... written by John
She's the best! Better take her to private for a cheap price and you will not regret it! She's right on and does not sugar coat anything. Awesome reading!" ... written by itsuramo
She was right on with every single thing... Everything !!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by christopher
she is excellent. very quick and straight to the point. picked up on a lot of things without any information. thank you " ... written by paula
she is very sweet andamp; told some things which i only knew.." ... written by aqua
wow thank you so much for the clarifications Issis, you really helped me with my situation and got info that I didn't even mention. see you again soon" ... written by ..
She is highly gifted. No tools used and can read very fast. Very interesting reading. She told me different kind of things about me and are very correct. I can talk to her forever!! lol Lovely reading and lovely reader!" ... written by maxi
shes the real deal,i know." ... written by abs fab!
brilliant reading as usual talked in depth and gave a clear view of my situation, and is reasonably cheap compared to others on oranum and by far 1 of the best on hear i love chat with her, xxx" ... written by lisa
Issis is just great. Warm and caring. Such a beautiful light. " ... written by JOhn
she was good ! " ... written by maria
Love Issis. She is wonderful. Great reader. Very loving and compassionate." ... written by John
Amazing energy and very interesting detail and connected very strongly with her. Very unique reading almost on a soul level. read into my deep subconscious, quite a great deal of things" ... written by bnjpangels
love chatting to issis she talks soo in depth about my situations in life its un real , defo worth a reading people xxx" ... written by lisa
Very nice reading, supper accurate. Recommended. Trust her. " ... written by vjrei01
thank you somuch... you are trully gifted." ... written by jo
She is very hopeful and true about what she see's! and is the nicest person that I've come across on this site! " ... written by niky
Thank you for your reading Issis, I really appreciate it :)" ... written by l
Super great reading! she was accurate and she was telling the same as other readings I took. Trust her. Recommended. " ... written by vjrei01
I really enjoy my sessions with Issis ! she tells you lots of details and she is very helpful. I highly recommend her!" ... written by inlovewithhim
Very good!" ... written by inlovewithhim
She was very quick in connecting and very good and positive and I wait to see if all of it will happen and I believe it." ... written by A
Issis is just wonderful. Full of love and very committed to what she believes. Wonderful reader and a true joy to read with." ... written by John
Nice reading, accurate. " ... written by vjrei01
she is very nice andamp; kind hearted soul.." ... written by aqua
Issis is one of my favorities and I love speaking to her! I highly recommend her!!" ... written by inlovewithhim
i am beginning to believe in her capabilities! she has some real talent! " ... written by niky
I really enjoy her readings!! I highly recommend her!!" ... written by inlovewithhim
what a great pleasure to heve her insight and guidance too.. fantastic reading skills" ... written by starfish
great reading!" ... written by smsleepingbeauty
i wish i had more time :o!" ... written by the magi
This woman is amazing. She connects so well and is always genuine and honest. Have a reading with her if you want the truth :)" ... written by Lisa
I really love her readings and I am sure that she tells you the way she sees things. I trust her." ... written by Jbtforme
Love Issis. She is so, so good. " ... written by John
I have been fortunate enough to get a second reading with IssisMedium...and wow...she is not just a one hit wonder! She remembered me and my situation. Tuned in and blew me away with what she knew. She makes so much sense and is fast and helpful. She is a genuinely kind and caring reader. I hope to come back and have another reading. It never seems long enough! :) Thank you Issismedium :)" ... written by Lisa
shes great" ... written by nicole
She picked up on alot of info on the situation and its almost as if she knows him. Great reader. " ... written by Cat
She is amazing, brought me reasurance in a moment of dispair. Thank you so much " ... written by Mary Rose
Amazing with names and very accurate too. 5 stars" ... written by Focusing
Always enjoy a reading with Issis ! She keeps me focused and helps me to understand what to expect!! I am so happy she is here on Oranum at times when I can contact her!! Thank-you so much for sharing your gifts!!" ... written by inlovewithhim
I am so very appreciative of Issis and so happy to have gotten a reading from her today. She is very insightful and she truly tells you what she sees. I wish I could talk to her everyday." ... written by inlovewithhim
Great update. " ... written by CS
Issis is a wonderful, kind and compassionate reader. I thoroughly enjoy her readings. I highly recommend her." ... written by inlovewithhim
issis is brilliant, doesn't use any tools and connects very quick i love readings with her xxxx" ... written by Lisa
Lovely lady to chat too. Knew my situation well. Will be back for an update soon. " ... written by ruth
This was my first reading with Issis. I found her to be a genuine psychic. As soon as she connected to me in private, the answers and guidance came quickly and accurately. I found out what I needed to know. I can recommend Issis for a reading regarding any important matter." ... written by Martkos
She is a 5 STARS!!! " ... written by Oolong
first class reading as always " ... written by ruth
ALWAYS A PLEASURE!!!!" ... written by inlovewithhim
very fast and up to speed from zero to hero in minutes. very impressed indeed and again, just annother slightly different insight which joins it all together. Definately worth a visit" ... written by seahorses
Always a pleasure ." ... written by ruth
Thank you so much, you are so reliable and caring in so many ways." ... written by MMarmalade
excellent as always " ... written by ruth
Seems sincere and can be recommended" ... written by Merlin160
I thoroughly enjoy Issis' readings. She connects quickly and does not waste time. She is very insightful and respectful of your feelings. I highly recommend her!" ... written by inlovewithhim
great but expensive " ... written by luckystar222
Issis is so very, very good. I enjoy her so much. Great person, wonderful reader and just a joy." ... written by John
brilliant, amazing insight, WOW, no I really mean WOW! Consult now!" ... written by seahorses
WOW...WOW...WOW. Had to go and get more credit just to talk to this amazing woman a bit longer :) Thank you so much for your guidance. Issismedium really knows her stuff and I was surprised just how much she did know :)" ... written by Lisa
Thank you so much Issis! You know everything and I really liked what you told me :). I will be back for sure!!!" ... written by r
wow, wonderful reading with issis, thnk you so much" ... written by seahorses
wonderfully gifted and indepth reader, pure joy to conect with" ... written by seahorses
very strong reader, very good" ... written by seahorses
amazing as always x" ... written by ruth
Love Issis. She is so very good. Always great insight. Amazing" ... written by John
Always a breath of fresh air. tines in to my situation well." ... written by ruth
very detailed and honest as if she was in your life with you" ... written by seahorses
Issis is so kind and so precious. I always feel much better after I speak to her. She gives me HOPE. I pray that her insights are true and that I will see her predictions manifest. I highly recommend her!!" ... written by inlovewithhim
very good insight and delivery, thank you great reader" ... written by seahorses
Always a pleasure. lovely energy " ... written by ruth
She is sweet and very talented very quick on piking up things and very helpful ... i like her!" ... written by alyabaw
a good update from issis for which i thank her details." ... written by seahorses
WOW, just WOW, if Maria is in your life, its for a darn good reasonj. Please take a reading with her. Its hard to accept that there are people in this world so talented with gifts from the spiritual world" ... written by seahorses
i can only say WOW" ... written by seahorses
wow another fantastic update" ... written by ruth
really detailed accurate reader very fast indedd" ... written by seahorses
She is brillinat, very true i recommend her strongly, thank you" ... written by Sh
very detailed readings and fast typer too, thoroughly recommend " ... written by seahorses
As always, clear, concise, on the ball. " ... written by ruth
very good reader and I have missed her so much" ... written by seahorses
This lady is great!!! She connected so easily... she truly saw my situation. I ran out of credits unfortunately, but I will definitely be back for sure :)" ... written by nina
Fast, accurate, a pleasure as always " ... written by ruth
i adore my time with Maria, please enjoy your readings here too" ... written by seahorses
I always enjoy her readings and I know that she only tells me the truth of what she sees. I am thankful for her and I am looking forward to her prediction very much." ... written by Jbtforme
I absolutely love, love, love her!! I truly believe in my own heart that she is the real deal and I pray that her predictions come to pass. I also have gotten and email reading from her and I highly recommend her for that as well. You cannot go wrong to get a reading from her." ... written by inlovewithhimI
one of the most gifted in the world. If she comes into your life, sit up and act!!! There is a reason" ... written by seahorses
very much on the case, it's wonderful connection we have. Connect to Issis too and share." ... written by starfish
very very good reader, talented and gifted" ... written by starfish
Amaaaazing!!! Something had been urging me to have a reading with IssisMedium for quite a few days now and I believe I really was meant to seek her guidance. I had NO funds whatsoever when I finally found her online and somehow I got the funds for a reading. She is clearly one of the best here on Oranum and has a gift few can match. Will definitely be a regular and will be back for an update! Love and light :) x" ... written by GratefulOne14
always a great reading with insight and good connection" ... written by seahorses
wow this lady is excellent so detailed and accurate recommend anyone to go pvt xxx thankyou for your help xxx" ... written by t
Love chatting with Issis. I love that she remembered our last conversation and had updates for me. Love her!! I will always come back. She is the best :)" ... written by nina
superb!!!!" ... written by t
Another fabulous update " ... written by ruth
wonderful detai and energies, great reader" ... written by seahorses
wonderful reader and expert in her field, very fast and deep connection" ... written by seahorses
Issis is absolutely amazing. Give her a try. You will be amazed." ... written by John
thank you!" ... written by MMarmalade
wow as always, spot on, just seems to know everything !" ... written by ruth
thank you so much :) you are wonderful" ... written by li
quick updatenotmn credits xxx thankyou" ... written by tamara
Issis is AWESOME!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER! " ... written by Jbtforme
She is very fast and accurate with timing. Highly recommended." ... written by honeylotus
wonderful gifted girl, so talented" ... written by seahorses
She is AWESOME!!!!! I ALWAYS feel better after I have spoken to her!!" ... written by Jbtforme
lovely reading with issis giving me much clarity, thank you" ... written by sultystarfish
Always love my catch up with the lovely lady.Her accuracy is astounding. " ... written by ruth
Issis is amazing. Absolutely amazing. " ... written by John
Thank you so much, you are truly amazing. I feel so much better andamp; at peace. :)" ... written by Starhx
oh boy, its always an experience" ... written by starfish
she is a generous and informed spirit" ... written by Eli
wonderful, truly wonderful" ... written by seahorses
Always a pleasure, Ths lady is the best." ... written by ruth
very insightful and fast. highly recommended" ... written by starfish
WOW!!! WOW!!!WOW!! You need to hire Issis she is AMAZING!!!!" ... written by Jbtforme
WOW, PHEW, WOW, need to sit down now!" ... written by sultrystarfish
excellant as usual, 5 stars" ... written by sultrystarfish
fantastic as usual, the facts delivered and guidance too, what a wonderful girl" ... written by sultrystarfish
So worth the wait. This woman is incredible and see so much. The insight she provides is both useful and accurate. Thank you so much. I'll be back :)" ... written by Lisa
I love this woman, she knows everything!" ... written by ruth
a huge thank you " ... written by starfish
fantastic reader with finger on the pulse" ... written by starfish
lovely reading, welcome back" ... written by starfish
fantastic reader, so well connected, and switched on. Very fast indeed" ... written by sutrystarfish
fantastic, informative and wonderful guidance, thank you so much, I'm off now to change someone's life" ... written by sultrystarfish
wonderful reader, fast" ... written by sultry
reassuring that she is so gifted and talented. a real blessing to contact" ... written by starfish
Issis I have missed you! :) Great smile, great energy, great accuracy, great advice, great lady...great all round :) First class :) " ... written by Lisa
I absolutely adore this woman. She has it, kindness, wisdom, honesty and she is so very gifted. Thank you Issis. You turned my frown upside down :) " ... written by Lisa
Fantastic, just love her" ... written by John
lovely reading as usual, one of the best" ... written by sultrystarfish
wonderful, reading skills and breathtaking insights. Be open and connect with her for truly amazing experience" ... written by sultrystarfish
Love thanks for your help." ... written by Seema
lovely reading and wonderful experience, thank you Issis" ... written by seahorses
Amazing, beautiful, wise and kind. Detailed and accurate as always. Thank you" ... written by Lisa
Issis is so good. Love reading with her" ... written by John
Isis! great reader. very intuitive saw things before i even mentioned it....gave penetrating vision of what was really going on. i highly recommend her....very good" ... written by Cedric Longfellow
Good reading. " ... written by vjrei01
Good reading, fast an accurate. " ... written by vjrei01
Love her. Get a reading, you will not regret it" ... written by Lisa
Wonderful reading thank you" ... written by seahorses
Issis is outstanding. Kind, caring compassionate and so insightful. Love her" ... written by John
Wonderful, as always" ... written by Lisa
lovely reassuring to talk to " ... written by seahorses
thank you Issis for on the nose information as usual, fast and accurate, thank you" ... written by seahorses
I love Issis. She is always so good. " ... written by John
brilliant, nothing short of brilliant and handling a very difficult situation wonderfully well. " ... written by seahorses
Fantastic as usual " ... written by ruth
lovely reading with Issis and so fast too, don't hesitate to try a reading!" ... written by seahorses
I love readings with issis, all her perdictions come true,she is a breath of fresh air in a heavy storm. " ... written by ruth
Issis is always consistent and lovely. She has such a gentle spirit and she is very sweet and kind even when she tells you things that you know in your heart are true but really do not want to hear. I respect her abilities and I do not think she would never give you false hopes. She speaks TRUTH and you can count on what she tells you. I highly recommend her! I am ALWAYS amazed how much she remembers even when I have not gotten to go private with her in a while. You should hire her !!SHE IS AMAZING!!" ... written by Jbtforme
lovely detailed, reading, accurate and exciting reader. Well worth a visit to sort out whats happening." ... written by starfish
wonderful reading with accurate detail" ... written by seahorses
Love Issis. She is so good. What she predicted happened as she said. " ... written by John
Amazing!! Always worth the wait :)" ... written by Tandamp;L
Ississ is amazing she knew my whole story with my bf before I said a word. She was so kind and helpful. Very supportive, loving and accurate! I love her!" ... written by Eli
Just love her....she is always so right! Her beautiful eyes look right into the future and what is there :) Thank you xx" ... written by Lisa
Thank you so much for a great reading, I am so happy for the detail that you see. ALso for what you have seen is 100% accurate, I dont know for words but thank you, my new sister. I feel I can come to you for anything and everything and always you deliver me the right informations. I love you in my life. " ... written by mizzo
Love her. Great advice and guidance. She is my go to gal :) Thank you for being there x" ... written by Lisa
Wow.....amazing reading as always" ... written by Lisa
Issis - Is such a precious person and an accurate reader. She helps me understand my situation and how to react properly. She is very talented." ... written by eli
this woman is truly gifted. She saw it all and since our previous reading I know have proof she was right. Thank you" ... written by Lis
Issis is so fantastic. Just love her. " ... written by John
lovely reading with speed and accuracy, love her" ... written by sultry
I just adore this woman. kind, caring and accurate" ... written by Lisa
Thanks for the reassuring me." ... written by See
Wonderful reader. Just love her. " ... written by John
wonderful experience and great clarity which completely changes you ideas about what is really happening" ... written by seahorses
Issis is so fantastic. So on point. So sweet" ... written by John
Beautiful, genuine, gifted, supportive and wise....IssisMedium is the whole package" ... written by Lis
Simply the best. Love her" ... written by Lis
wonderful return and thank you for the accurate update" ... written by seahorses
thank you agin lovely Issis for my reading" ... written by seahorses
another stunning reading from Issis and she didnt hold it against me that i forgot her birthday. Lovely reader, fast accurate and detailed 5 stars" ... written by sultrystarfish
Thank you so much Issis. You made me feels much better with all these information!!" ... written by jj
I like Issis's readings. Shes remarkable intuitive, sees things without any questions even, and has give some really helpful suggestions i have used to my benefit. THanks Issis!" ... written by Grenville Crenwick
very accurate reading ." ... written by reshma chandra
Kind, caring, genuine and extremely good at what she does. Have a reading, you will not regret it. The detail she gives is amazing :)" ... written by Lis
well what can i say about this reader apart from how wonderful she is.Once connected to you the bond is unbreakable. The troubled waters are a lot easier with her beside you. Dont hesitate for a moment if you are thinking of a pvt with her. You are here for a reason" ... written by sultrystarfish
wonderful reading with clarity and much depth, fantastic reader do not pass up the opportunity if you get one" ... written by starfish
she's great" ... written by Cristinaa
Always a pleasure, great update " ... written by ruth
thanks. for clearing up everything for me. " ... written by See
she is always insightful and helpful with her readings. She is a wonderful person to refer to. " ... written by eli
The kindest sweetest individual who is very accurate with her readings. I love her!" ... written by eli
I love this woman a little bit more everytime I see her :) She always remembers and has an unwavering support. Rare to find such a genuine, loving and caring reader on here. Thank you so much IssisMedium :)" ... written by Lis
always a pleasure, lovely reader.Fast accurate and sees the situation clearly." ... written by ruth
Honest, caring and so gifted. Can't recommend her enough :)" ... written by Lis
Loved the reading and will def. be back, such strong energy and intuition and so beautiful inside andamp; out :) thank you so much " ... written by Sherry K
Every reading with this woman stuns me. She is amazing and always honest. She is always right and her energy lifts me so much. Thank you my little sunshine :)" ... written by Lisa
Also accurate and logical with the biggest heart!" ... written by Eli
hit quite a few points no one knows about." ... written by Jnaujo00
she is good" ... written by ad31983
So accurate and so kind hearted!" ... written by Eli
This was an amazing session! Issis gave me so much information and helped me have more clarity on my situation now. Thank you soo much! Blesings!" ... written by Amina
She is an accurate reader, kind, loving, and insightful!" ... written by eli
Issis has the purest soul, kindest heart, and is such a wonderfully accurate reader. " ... written by Eli
shocked...what a great reader" ... written by oles
beyond amazing. the best. did not want to finish any time soon" ... written by Laziz
Time always flies...but I always get so much from this gifted reader...thank you hun :) xx" ... written by Lisa
Such an accurate reader with a kind and open heart. I love her. " ... written by Eli
I honest to god love you :)" ... written by
Issis is so fantastic. Just love her" ... written by John
very sweet andamp; talented!" ... written by Kaitlyn LaTorella
lovely girl, lovely reading, very much in touch and so fast, very good experienced reader." ... written by mizzo
she is good" ... written by ohood
she is good and accurate " ... written by ohood
I only confer with to psychics on this site, Issis is one of them. She is exceptionally accurate, supportive, loving, and always fun to talk to!" ... written by Eli
Love her. She is amazing and always right. Wouldn't dare doubt her :)" ... written by Lisa
Issis is just an angel. It is amazing how she pick's up on my bf's energy. She is always doing accurate readings and giving the best advice about love. She is wonderful " ... written by Eli
Great as always!! She connects with me very well. :)" ... written by nina
Simply wonderful!" ... written by Renee
Love this lady. the best by far. Honest, accurate, and tells you how it is. " ... written by ruth
Issis is always her loving and supportive self with insights about things that can mystify me. She is wonderful to talk to. " ... written by Eli
she is the best i love her " ... written by ohood
Another superb reading, feel shes got a real intuitive gift." ... written by Granville Crenwick
she is the best " ... written by ohood
she is accurate " ... written by ohood
I adore this woman. She is the real deal and time and again has been proved right! Thanks hun. Have a reading with her, she is an incredible and beautiful soul :)" ... written by Lisa
she is the best " ... written by ohood
Issis is just so unbelievably good. You will love her" ... written by John
Issis is a gem. She can connect and then read with such accuracy. I love talking to her. " ... written by Eli
i love talking to her she is accurate and fast " ... written by ohood
she is accurate " ... written by ohood
<" ... written by
Issis is a gem. She is such an accurate reader and gives wonderful guidance. She is the real thing. " ... written by Eli
she is the best " ... written by ohood
Get a reading! She is amazing :)" ... written by Lis
What can I say apart from I adore her. She lights up my life with her honesty, guidance and dazzling smile :)" ... written by Lisa
she is the best " ... written by ohood
She is kindest person who, when she focuses her energy on you, can read the situation almost exactly. She is a wizard! I love her" ... written by Eli
WOW! very impressive, great connection, very specific and detailed ... fantastic reader!" ... written by chicago
she is the best i love her" ... written by ohood
Love Issis. She is so good and so easy to talk to. I highly recommend her. " ... written by John
I allways love Isis's readings, very uplifting and insightful, and predictions and advices have proven to be very on point and led me to the openings and insights i am having now. Always a pleasure." ... written by Aloysius Crabtree
Issis can connect in a way that its almost spooky. She is also an incredible kind, loving, and supportive person. I go to her often if you can tell by all my reviews of her!" ... written by Eli
She is outstanding, very accurate reader!" ... written by chicago
she is the best " ... written by ohood
Always worth the wait and always so right. Amazing gift, smile and warmth. Genuine, caring and lovely lady....first day of 2016 and she's already made my year :) " ... written by Lisa
She has such a kind andamp; open soul so she can see and feel what you are going through and how to handle what is coming to pass. " ... written by Eli
she is the best on oranum " ... written by OHOOD
she is the best" ... written by ohood
She can tune into a person's energy in a unique way. She gives all the insights in such a clear way with her big heart! " ... written by Eli
very pleased with reading good connection," ... written by maxwellsmart66
What can I say...perfection :)" ... written by Lisa
she is the best " ... written by ohOOD
Amazing. Unbelievably accurate" ... written by Lis
Super reading, very intuitive and kind person, ive benefit from her readings so much. i like her style and abiities." ... written by Ernesto Cardenas
I adore her. Amazing reader and knows so much. Thank you" ... written by Lis
I love this lady!!! Thank you . You are the best :)" ... written by nina
great update with new information" ... written by ms
Thank you very much Issis!! You are helping me a lot !!" ... written by u
She has been there for me and how she can connect is amazing. She always does an accurate and insightful reading. She is all heart!" ... written by Eli
super update again, always a pleasure" ... written by ms
My guardian angel. I love her. Amazing reader and fantastic insight" ... written by Lisa
Omg amazing im blown away no more words to say !!!!!!!!!!! " ... written by Lorann
Maria really connected with me. Very deep and honest, fast and insightful. She is sweet and caring, compassionate towards me in my worry and compassionate toward the other person I asked about, I felt her genuine interest and caring. She was honest and straightforward and cuts right to the heart of the matter without knowing any backstory. She brought tears to my eyes! If you are seeking deep insight and kindness, and insightful advice, she is for you. I will be back to see her again. " ... written by Renee
Wonderful, intuitive and deep counselor , caring delving into the true issues and really delivers the truth, its healing " ... written by Hillary Siredmund
She is amazing!! Thank you very much my friend!!" ... written by l
Thank you very much Issis!! You help me a lot!!! Love you my friend!!" ... written by m
bang on point as always. This woman is amazing. Tells you the truth. " ... written by ruth
Very good and fast " ... written by JOnathan
Another excellent reading from Isis, always appreciate her counsel." ... written by Sebastian Cabot
Issis is so kind, so amazing and so very, very good. Love every minute with her." ... written by John
Emotional but amazing as always. Thank you" ... written by Lis
Maria is always great!! Love her. I love that she really connect so well with me. No faking or wasting time EVER. Simply the best!" ... written by nina
Love the time I spend with Issis. So great. So warm. A truly great reader." ... written by John
Amazing, amazing woman. " ... written by John
Beautiful issis. So warm, so good, so spot on" ... written by John
she is very honest and right on the points. thank you Maria" ... written by chantelleplein79
very good update, very good" ... written by DC
Excellent reading! thank you so much!" ... written by Dignity
She is so outstanding. Just love her. " ... written by John
Absolutely adore her. she knows and sees all. Amazing gift" ... written by Lis
Awesome reading. Quick to connect and gave me a lot of insight and things to think about." ... written by Vanessa
Excellent reading as usual! You are amazing, Issie!" ... written by Dignity
Always great!!!! Thank you" ... written by nina
she is awesome ..thanks Maria a good read" ... written by sc
put a smile on my face with confirmation" ... written by SMILING
So happy to have Issis back from holidays. Love her energy. " ... written by John
An excellent reading as usual! Many Thanks!!" ... written by Dignity
I haven't spoken to Issis in months, and it was if we picked up where we left off. She is amazing" ... written by Ami
She is always so supportive, kind, and offering wise words." ... written by Eli
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Great reader. Always gives me what I need to know, not what I want to hear. " ... written by John
Super great reading; was so so good def coming back to continue really recommend thank you " ... written by Sher
As usual Issis is amazing :). Her energy is amazing and she is always right" ... written by Ami
genuine and to the point. always the best" ... written by EA
what a true psychic!! she tells you everything what she sees even before you told her.. Thank you maria!! god bless." ... written by chantel
has predicted something for this month end and for the beginning of the month. will get back with updates.. will definitly suggest her for others.." ... written by maria- new york
Thank you very much Maria!! Thanks for all!!!" ... written by j
Thank you very much for the news Maria!! I have hope that me and him are going to be together!! Love you!!!" ... written by j
my fav. :)" ... written by E
I adore her, best of the best. Highly recommended. Always been spot on :) Thanks " ... written by Lisa
Maria she is the real psychic! she knows even before you tell her.. may god bless her with her gifts.. thank you maria.." ... written by chantel
Love Maria. Her smile, her warmth are so comforting. " ... written by John
would definitly suggest for others to take and see… maria gave september time frame for promotions and something new for one month … will come back for updates." ... written by maria - aries
Issis is a sweetheart ..I thank you so much.. will keep in touch" ... written by sc
She was really really good and I for sure will be back to see her. she told me things no one else did and they made a lot of sense so I felt really good and also felt a very nice energy about her." ... written by Raym
She is excellent reader and will be back for my updates." ... written by RM
Always great! She just knows. Maria reassured me about relationship which I was so frustrated about. Always connects so quickly and very accurate. And doesn't waste time" ... written by nina
I am so happy that I got the opportunity to speak to Issis . She is so calming and kind and she gives me hope for my situation. I look forward to each reading I get with her. I highly recommend her." ... written by Jbtforme
Always a pleasure to see her. Also a very good reader" ... written by Ray
My sunshine is back and brighter than ever! Thank you so much for your amazing and accurate insight. You are right again xx" ... written by L
Very good reading." ... written by maryannepav
Amazing reading, prediction happened right before my eyes. Wow truly amazed :).. Hands down she did an amazing job.." ... written by delly23