About IsaiahProphet

Psychic IsaiahProphethas 15-20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic IsaiahProphethas recently helped 1260members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about IsaiahProphet's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I am currently a television host for my own one hour show called “Psychic Readings by Isaiah Reed” on KTLM, featuring performing my psychic readings for millions people live from Beverly Hills, Ca. The show is viewed by an audience all across the world as well and as a practitioner of the metaphysical sciences, I am helping the world to understand that they are part of this psychic’s experiences and spirit-beings, too. While I introduce new exciting ways for using the psychic’s tools and personal abilities, we are learning that there are important causes in the world which we are to recognize, that is preparing this world for a great moment in time, and one that allows the humanitarian energies to reach the world.

- IsaiahProphet

An invite to show’s online at the IsaiahProphet’s room which does include questions in free chat being answered and open discussions in free chat! Many members enjoy having their readings performed in free chat and participating in the room’s discussions.

$14.99- Shows (Order through a one question email; yes, please include one question for answering, of course!)

$24.99- Shows (Order through multiple questions email; yes, please include your questions for me to answer and get a personalized astrology chart for yourself and partner!)

Members come join me in my public chat online and visit with me at the Spirtual Community, at Oranum!

I am happy to announce I have my own show called “Psychic Readings with Isaiah Reed”!

Psychic: We learned that the divine female principle is as important as the masculine divine principle, also better known as the anima (feminine) and (animus) within us all regardless of biological gender! Even though one aspect of either the anima or animus within a person will gradually become more prominent in an individual, we all share in common, that divine to connect with either at certain necessary point within one’s life! Neither is more unnecessary than the other, like yin and yang, as struggle to constantly co-exist rather than fighting too had to exist without the other one. We evolve to not only co-exist within the world around but we evolve to co-exist with ourselves!


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Rules for subjects for the room are as follow:

1. The subject must be spiritual, informative, and inspirational.

2. No profanity or personal information sharing in the room.

3. Personal stories are not recommended only if the story of the subject pertains for the topic discussed.

Oranum Member: “What does it mean to be a medium and how is your, IsaiahProphet's, work here on the site defined as the work of that of a medium?”

Psychic: “Well, for me, being a medium is very important on a personal level because I have been asked by several people whether or not if my abilities could be used for something as useful as finding a missing person or even helping to resolve a homicide, perhaps even to finding a missing object(s). The answer is yes to all the above and since realizing this, I have been working with a team of psychics and mediums who assist law enforcement in this level for the function of a psychic (clairvoyant) and Medium. Often, I am used to psychically search or scan in and over remote locations for the team using a technique called remote viewing. A term used for the description of the psychic (worker) projecting the mind upon a point of focus not in the vicinity of the psychic working, for the purpose of gathering impressions, according to the :The New Dictionary of Spiritual Thought”! Using my ability to speak with the other side or our loved ones from the other side is part of the work as a medium. Some people want to know what members of their loved ones are thinking or whether they are well and accepting of the fact presently at hand, that they are in fact, on the other side somewhere in the ethereal. Mediums are contacted by loved ones and even residents on the other side who the medium does not know. At any point, the medium is completely aware of those visiting them and the reason for their visit to that particular medium. I, myself, I talk with my own loved ones countless times as well as I have messages for the Oranum members from either loved ones or guides (sometimes angelic in nature) who their living loved ones and counter parts and children for receiving their message(s).

I hope this better explains why I call myself a medium better!

- Isaiah Prophet


W-E-A-L-T-H (L-O-V-E)
W-E-A-L-T-H (P-E-A-C-E)
W-E-A-L-T-H (M-O-N-E-Y)
W-E-A-L-T-H (K-N-O-W-L-E-D-G-E)
W-E-A-L-T-H (C-A-R-E-E-R)

- Let us add unto ourselves, sure wealth!

If you would like to know more about mediums and my professional work as a trance medium, please feel free to get more information in the free chat room @Oranum.

- IsaiahProphet, Member of Oranum

terrific in private" ... written by sparklejules
He's really awesome" ... written by MoZaic
awesome reader. was like getting a bit of everything. He great at reading energy and doing cards and astrology. i will def come vist your free chat for some valuable info about moon and stars." ... written by johnnydeppfan
He was excellent in private, very focused and tuned into exactly what was going on. Thank you again Isaiah." ... written by missdeane
OMG....another amazing reading.! He is so so so worth the .99 cents a minute. take 10 minutes out of your day and enjoy a chat! You will be amazed as I always am with his readings.....see you soon" ... written by sparklejules
I appreciate the time he took to look into my situation. He was very helpful and i'm grateful. He answered my question with detail and listened with a patient ear. Thanks." ... written by BuildingAMystery
very intuitive... thanks for a great reading... " ... written by babe28
Very informative reading! Highly recommend him." ... written by stargazer7
Always the word I need when I need it, Isaiah delivers message spirit has for my healing in addition to answering my personal questions about my future. Truly spirit led reading opening my eyes to a wound I didn't realize was still festering." ... written by Brandy
Very gentle dude, takes your questions seriously." ... written by Mr.Scorpio99
The most honest and helpful person!" ... written by my925ife
Great and accurate reading!" ... written by my25life
Very professional and solid reading! Trustworthy!" ... written by PM
Picked up quickly with some good details." ... written by Freedom2211
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Great! right on point." ... written by Zoraida
Great!" ... written by sweety
Very thorough and straight to the point. Would recommend IsaiahProphet to anyone" ... written by Kerry Gi
Great reading, spot on" ... written by ...
Excellent reading for a very short time available and picked up on the situation spot on. I highly recommend Isaiah :)" ... written by mum25kids2013
AMAZING!" ... written by Bk
Spot on, described me in ways I describe myself without asking me anything, awesome man!" ... written by Kent
Very nice person. Answered all my questions. Thank you very much." ... written by Sanaya12
Thanks! Good reading!" ... written by dellamalee
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
wonderful" ... written by sincerly7
Nice reading." ... written by Dream395
Could listen to those words of wisdom all day." ... written by Melanie
Yes, I like Isaiah he was very good. Has a nice energy and lovely man. Would recommend him as a reader!" ... written by happiness
Thank you so much. I will let you know if I find it. X" ... written by Cat
Always a help to me, thanks!" ... written by Starliteny
Awesome reading. Five stars for you IsaiahP. You are the best thus far. Thank you for sharing your gift. Blessings be showered upon you. Hugs!" ... written by Kata63
The Very Best there is!!!!!!" ... written by Poundcake45
The reading was very intense but very refreshing as well....Thank you so much " ... written by jayr3264
Was cut off but he was great with the little time we did have!!" ... written by tchave11
I've spoke with him before, and he is great, plan to do it again soon. " ... written by alixiam60
He's a good channeler and picks up on deceased." ... written by myojin
please stop looking he is the one the best one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by loveme28
Thanks for a great reading... u made me feel better again..." ... written by babe28
Really great reading - he picks up on things before you can even ask them...very in tune and definitely a great reader. Highly recommended. Helped me feel so much better about things!!" ... written by scaredtolose
Your very nice Isaiahprohphet :) Thank you for a wonderful reading, I'll be back for another! God Bless" ... written by mozzy123
Absolutely Brilliant read....Spot one. I highly reccommend Isaiahprophet." ... written by Mojana
He was soo awesome he made me feel better and really open my eyes on my relationship...he got the dates approximitely correct...he is highly recommended and I am absolutely greatful that god brought me to this wonderful man for help...thank u isaiahtheprophet" ... written by LorenaAries
Being as sensitive as he is helps me (the client) feel comfortable speaking (typing) with him. He is quite articulate, friendly and professional. I don't feel like he would ever be too discouraging because he knows people need encouragement. Also he gives quick answers. Enjoyed reading and it helped me a great deal!" ... written by Sunshadow3
Wonderful reading very deep and interesting, now just have to wait it out. The good and the bad. On point. Makes sure you understand entirely. Very open and easy to connect with. Thanks a million I will call on you again." ... written by kmalone
He really is gifted. He connects so quickly and remembers what happened from the last reading - even though it was a long time ago now. He remembered specifics or andamp;quot;sawandamp;quot; them. Saw some wonderful predictions for me and I hope they all come true :). You should do a reading with him - you will be glad you did! I'll be back again..." ... written by scaredtolose
Great reading!!!" ... written by jessicar123
He is fantastic he sees into the core of the problem and helps u solve it and guides u to open ur mind to different things. Thank you Isaiah he is a beautiful reader with pure light energy." ... written by murdocca
He is the best! " ... written by necklace15
Mind blown. You simply must try him if you're reading this review. Period. :)" ... written by themoon
Simply amazing!" ... written by anna
Very good!" ... written by anamaria_marrero
He is really good at getting tuned in. Picks up on things and tells you how it is." ... written by sacredlove71
So great at tuning in - he picks up on the situation and he knows specifics. Amazing and gifted!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Isaiah = one in a million!!" ... written by turtleman
Thanks again Isaiah... God bless! =)" ... written by babe28
he is a good psychic thank you for all the help 5 stars and more x" ... written by kissed
Love this man! Thank you! 5 stars!" ... written by Theresa123
Very good reading, I will return, on point with everything . I was truly amazed!" ... written by lilytear
Loved it! very accurate. cant believe how on point he was." ... written by mini1214
Thank you." ... written by Ant1
Wow... he was spot on!" ... written by iPreferMimi
He definitely picked up on my situation. His reading also didn't contradict EnergyReaders, which made his confidence in what he was saying that much more impressive. I was feeling quite doubtful, but now im much more reassured!" ... written by AgentOrange69
Thanks great reader 5 stars" ... written by Theresa123
Amazing reading. He connected very well." ... written by florwer85
He is very good" ... written by lucy4life
He very good and,accurate will return again." ... written by kikian
thank you dear! very accurate..can u email me what u was saying in the end about attraction?" ... written by Antranae1
Amazing reading, I dabble in tarot, and he confirmed what was in my own personal reading. I will go on my trip as suggested and will return for another reading." ... written by leti89
Very good!" ... written by krush1986
Always Awesome!" ... written by Poundcake45
Fantastic" ... written by De5pina
Fantastic" ... written by De5pina
Good advice" ... written by marie
His predictions have come true so far... he's very intuitive and caring... I will return" ... written by leti8989
Thank you it helped me a lot" ... written by melissawollinge
Had a good connection and what I thought was a good reading. He picked up on things that I didn't even mention. I will definitely talk with him again. I would recommend him." ... written by Annie47
Thank you so much 5 stars " ... written by kissed
Nice guy, hopefully it comes true." ... written by Love2012
Nice guy! Amazing!" ... written by vjrei01
I came back because he described a man coming into my life to a andamp;quot; Tandamp;quot;. Didn't understand it a few months ago but it happened. He is a great reader!" ... written by florwer85
I love Isaiah, he answered my questions before i asked them. He is my favorite on oranum, if u want direction, light, go see Isaiah! Blessed be* xxx" ... written by WillowKatonia
5 plus stars:)" ... written by araketanara
Very good" ... written by goodgyrl8
Pleasantly surprised , picked up on situation without me having to say a word and before I even asked my Question. Recomended...Best wishes." ... written by belladonna8
He was amazing" ... written by bunnah
Know what he is talking about, thank you Isaih!!" ... written by 12aqua
Very nice reading." ... written by standwhereIstood
OMg!!! i love him!!! he is so easy to talk to!!" ... written by flower08
Great connection! Love the energy from Isaiah. Thanks!." ... written by Starlight12
Sorry I got cut off before I could thank you! What an amazing reading.. You are such a joy to talk to and I love that you are so calm and warm in delivering your reading. You are spot on and you definitely picked up on a lot. Im excited to see how it all unfolds :)" ... written by iPreferMimi
Awesome like always" ... written by florwer85
WOW thanks so much for the wonderful reading. He was awesome hit so many things right on without any information. Really a nice gentle and kind soul. I felt so much better after my reading with Isaiah! Thanks!! Blessings to you!" ... written by faith4me777
Easy to understand and very interactive. Eye opening and honest. Thank you!" ... written by timegirl
Great reading! " ... written by Joanna93
stars, on target " ... written by 12aqua
Wonderful person and always so spot on with his predictions...." ... written by murdocca
Thanks so much great reading always insightfull kind hearted and true...will be back for sure..." ... written by september_rain
Love, love, love him. His energy is amazing and his knowledge it out of this world...In a good way!" ... written by piscesmoonshine
Constantly great! Take him private because you will be happy you did." ... written by florwer85
Right on target five stars" ... written by 12aqua
Wonderful, very kind and really got everything right!" ... written by g0bananas
Wow! It's Been a while Glad to speak to you! Thank you so Much for your insight hope it all works out!" ... written by queenbee22
Always an awesome reader! " ... written by fuzzy64
Great reading, he is very truthful and honest with his words." ... written by lilytear
Isaiah is such a good psychic and person :) I've been coming to him for months and I know I can trust what he's saying because his predictions have come to pass for me. He also is such a warm, nice and non judgmental person. Take him private- he is good!" ... written by florwer85
He is great, a wonderful help, he is pleasant to read with " ... written by 12aqua
Amazing!" ... written by g0bananas
Thankyou very much Isaiah! I know when I'm having rainy days I can count on you!" ... written by Felicia
Very great thanks!" ... written by Amelia
He is awesome! I enjoy every reading with Isaiah. So genuine and understanding." ... written by Catlike
Very detailed and I'm looking forward to what the next few months have to bring me. He also knew so much about me without me telling him anything!" ... written by ninjakitty88
Wonderful. Love the reading." ... written by jerzeyfinest08
Wow spot on, thank you!" ... written by pinkihun4
Thank you. you are great" ... written by ngarcia5236
Super! The Best!" ... written by Poundcake45
He is great !!!!" ... written by aishawilliams24
On target - 5 stars. He tuned right in to the situation. " ... written by 12aqua
he was great!! i loved hes reading" ... written by cuba88
He was soooo great!!! even though i got cut off he was amazing!! I cannot wait for what he said to come true!!!! Definitely worth every minute!!! He's the best!! So glad i did a private with him!" ... written by musicqueen247
Amazing astrologer! Knows much more than your everyday astrologer for sure! :)" ... written by fuzzy64
Accurate description of situation" ... written by Flowers2012
He did a phenomenal job. he was amazing! He was on point and able to tell me what was going on before I could even say anything. He is very intuitive and honest, but sweet and caring. " ... written by love522
:- ) Very good reading, thank you very much xxxxxxxxxxxxx !!!!" ... written by ale510
Very honest and professional! I really enjoyed the reading! Very clear and helpful, will come for more soon!" ... written by kosmosss
Very helpful and very intuitive." ... written by edelaine
Like always great!" ... written by florwer85
Great right on the point great reading" ... written by roxieraynor
3 weeks, I'll wait." ... written by purple20
A true medium. For once I didn't have to say a thing and he came through with details that put me at ease. I definitely recommend him to everyone, and on that note, I'm off to get my necklace. lol Thanks Isaiha!" ... written by lvlyfun
Needed more time with IsaiahProphet I am going to buy credit I want to talk to him again. Thanks IsaiahProphets " ... written by champion14
It is very special to be read with this person. I mean Isaiah does found more abt " ... written by dolphinluv72
Thank you so good and right " ... written by tonio73
...It was an excellent reading...he was right about EVERYTHING" ... written by ml4063
He's very warm and caring person... very accurate on picked up my situation and gave me a good advise. thank u so much" ... written by Pam_mie
He was good!" ... written by Katt69
Like always great!!!" ... written by florwer85
It was great he spoke the truth which i know I needed to hear.." ... written by Agapelove7
It was great, I really found out a lot." ... written by CinnamonDomino
Very informative reading. I had a demo with him a couple months ago and it was very accurate so I trusted to take him to private for this issue. The only problem I had was that the chat kept freezing either from my end or his, which had nothing to do with his skills as a reader. He was accurate in the past and I trust that he's accurate now." ... written by anothersoul1
Awesome e-mail reading! Thank you for the compassion you showed me in my situation. I was hurting from this life experience and you discerned it to assist me accordingly. I will do follow ups with you, because you are trustworthy with vulnerable and intimate details of a person's life. Thank you" ... written by 4Shar1
Very good :)" ... written by kissed
Very gifted individual" ... written by pisces305
Gave some specific predictions and advice for job searching. Said I should avoid something or someone named Robinson." ... written by fuzzy64
I really glad that Im working with u again. It is gain my understanding better. " ... written by dolphinluv72
I enjoyed our reading. Will be reconnecting in a few minutes." ... written by Favored365
Amazing, thank you for your say. really helpful and interesting! i will be back :)" ... written by Jodyleelee
Very professional and right to the point. Recommended." ... written by sanchez16
Thanks again for the information and your help. I pray that everything you have told me shall come to fruition. It was nice chatting with you." ... written by Favored365
Good job" ... written by mel1261
Great psychic ability." ... written by pisces305
Very Straight and to the point. So accurate I will definitely read with him again." ... written by FancyAParis
Awesome Thanks alot." ... written by mzhottchoc
Beautiful reading. pick up fast. connects right away." ... written by brightsoul84
Very good reader" ... written by toni808
He's like my big brother." ... written by fuzzy64
He is good!!!!!" ... written by dominquez1
I enjoyed my reading. The information was accurate and to the point. I will continue to be in touch with IsaiahProphet." ... written by Favored365
Fantastic!! Wow!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Awesome" ... written by Harrett14
He was very good and hit everything dead on. Very soothing in his speech and pleasant to talk to. I look forward to coming back. Thank you IsaiahProphet." ... written by 3bangels
He is the true gifted psychic on oranum... he is a 5 star reader .... trust in him... for good advice and accurate answers" ... written by murdocca
Thanks for being a good guide into understanding my own psychic self. I look forward to communicating and growing with you." ... written by acmarsh1
Very easy to talk to, wonderful person with a lot of wisdom well past his age. Take him private, you won't be sorry. " ... written by SisterScorpio
So awesome! " ... written by st5sts
Yayyy! You hit the nail on the head. Awesome. " ... written by JerriAnne
No birthdays, no cards, no names.. This man is good! He confirmed a dream of mines and didn't even know it. I officially have a new favorite and go to man. I was hesitant for a while but it was worth it.. THANK YOU!!!! " ... written by Sunshine10601
IsaiahProphet is amazing!! Very accurate. He doesn't try to siphon money from you. Quick, clear accurate answers and predictions. He's the best on Oranum!!" ... written by Chloe1212
Great info, thank you so much!" ... written by queenbee22
He was awesome!" ... written by samanthahaze2
Awesome, honest, trustworthy, great listener and easy to communicate with. He is a fantastic adviser. His willingness to help makes a diligent person. 5 stars, can help with anything. Excellent talent." ... written by dominquez1
Wow Isaiah Connects really quick , was just awesome in his reading... gave me time frames in such a short time, Definietly worth your credits. Looking forward to more future readings with him...." ... written by Lucy117
All I can say ... is... he is awesome... nice, easy to talk to.. and wants to help you with whatever your questions or issue is..." ... written by michelelyn
Thanks, Isaiah, for your insight and clarity on my issue. Your guides are great." ... written by pudleypaws
Awesome, Isaiah gave me a great insight into my situation, very gifted. xoxox" ... written by malinda2011
Awesome first reading!" ... written by lifetime1974
SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!!!!!" ... written by Poundcake45
Cool guy!" ... written by Sherroll08
Thank you so much...Everything he said about my friend was true :)" ... written by heartbrokenn64
Wonderful, nice, clear, up front. Wants to help people. He is honest and gives good advice." ... written by michelelyn
Hugs!! Hugs for my mentor! His predictions are coming true. Very accurate psychic, and therefore the reason for being my chosen mentor. :)" ... written by fuzzy64
Very detailed reading- I'm excited to see if his predictions come true!" ... written by djordan6898
Great reading!" ... written by chawks009
OMG ISIAHPROPHET ROCKS! He got me instantly and gave great vibes, advice and he is so sweet. He is really wonderful. A special man and beautiful spirit." ... written by Amandables
Wonderful reading, absolutely insightful!" ... written by ModelChristina
He is always very good!" ... written by florwer85
He was to the point on me. All he said was true. The first person that was so honest and truthful. I will only talk with him. Thanks." ... written by Vanessa3424K
Very good. Interesting and informative. " ... written by Loricsa1
Very good reading!" ... written by ddaniela
Awesome as usual!" ... written by fuzzy64
100% AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST WONDERFUL!!!!! SO SO GOOD!!!!!" ... written by kat620
Thank you for an enlightening reading!" ... written by SumMo14
THANK YOU!" ... written by sunangel69
WONDERFUL! WONDERFUL! WONDERFUL!" ... written by sunangel69
Isaiah was wonderful. He gave me insight and was very personable. Thanks." ... written by Scorpio1112
He was amazing!" ... written by mason3735
Absolutely fantastic, picked right up on everything. I will most definitely come back! " ... written by Butterfly579
Great talking to. Very nice,friendly and honest person. Will recommend a million times to anyone." ... written by kinguking
Very honest reader! Maybe not what I wanted to hear, but what I NEEDED to hear, thank you!" ... written by prinsol12
Very clear reading and gave real answers and clarity on a deep level. " ... written by smitsmarc
So easy to talk to, understands and wants to give good advice. I appreciate everything he has to say." ... written by Michele
I am thrilled, I am happy to be aware of what's going on. I'm glad I can know so I can move on to bigger and bigger things." ... written by chocolatecoated
Very impressive! " ... written by alanna2012
He is awesome!!!! He told me some things that he could not have known about. WOW!!!!" ... written by dabountychic119
I'm glad that your are not only my reader but you are my friend! Love and Light." ... written by fpinkney
Very informative and great with timeframes, will definitely coming back soon!" ... written by Destiny_Love
Very good and on point look forward to an update." ... written by AmethystEyes
He was very caring, had a servant's attitude and was full of uplifting and positive things! Great guy!!" ... written by Lindajc7
Thank you so much for my confirmation I really miss my friend John and it's good to know he's ok. Thank you for more confirmation about the steps I'm taking in my life I was unsure about that and I feel awesome that I went ahead and took the leap of faith. I can't wait to see how this guy will play a part in my life. I know he loves me and i know I'm falling for him but i wasn't sure. I do know now. Again thank you so much you're wonderful." ... written by chinkeeepink
He was amazing and gave me the clarity and peace of mind that I was looking for. He understood completely. AMAZING!!!" ... written by alwayswaiting
Cool" ... written by baye_8
Very informative!" ... written by Krisluv91
Always on point. I always recommend!!!" ... written by Butterfly579
I feel that you are very intuative to me.Yes, you are correct about these two people that I am like, only one I'm interested into. I will be talking to again. I pick up something special from you, cannot explain, only feel these things. I will be talking to you again. Feel free to chat back. This is my first time in chat." ... written by upstate11
Brilliant! Amazing and so very true. Thank you!" ... written by ishtybobba1
He is on point and tells the truth as it is! A must read! He is accurate and really friendly and great." ... written by dreamz25
Yet again! he is excellent in his readings :)" ... written by dreamz25
Good reading!" ... written by Kelly1321
Very insightful and candid!" ... written by juliegray58
I so love him, he was very sweet and got right on in with what I needed thanks so much." ... written by missaron30
Nice guy!" ... written by kobashiwarlord
Isaiah Prophet is a phenomenal intuit who's authentic connection to the divine realms of conciousness reaches to the very core of the truth seekers need by providing sound answers and insightful guidance. Truly gifted, he is the REAL thing. I will be following up again certainly! Let us celebrate the divine source for bestowing IsaiahProphet and his remarkable gifts, a vessel of light for those in a dark place. Please Continue Shining Brightly for the World to See!! Deepest Thanks and Praises Be!" ... written by inlove9
Thank you so much! You make me feel better about the my relationship!" ... written by dellamalee
You're very accurate, I love that." ... written by dellamalee
Very good and informative!" ... written by focusing
Very insightful and honest reading. Thank you!" ... written by janesi
Wonderful accurate reading!" ... written by MelodianWarrior1
Great connection to spirit andamp; always quick to share sound advice andamp; words of wisdom. Thank you Isaiah for sharing your gift!" ... written by Brandy
He is just GREAT." ... written by teporce
Precise and accurate! No need to say more...." ... written by dreamz25
I pray the info given was correct." ... written by confuzed391
I cannot express how amazing this psychic is, he picks up very quickly on things and accurate." ... written by aaron843
Quick to pick up and get right on topic." ... written by Alneverus
I enjoyed my reading. Thank you! " ... written by catlike
Spot on! Loved the reading!" ... written by pocketroo
VERY GOOD READING :)))))" ... written by Tija99
I love to talk with Isaiah! He is so comforting, peaceful, encouraging, and knowledgeable!!!" ... written by Lindajc7
He is amazing! Not only accurate reading, a true friend!" ... written by NatashaRenee12
He was really good at picking up on the situation I was going through and gave me some good advice on what's going on. " ... written by james9534
Love this guy!" ... written by frankiecostello
Oh my - talking with IsaiahProphet was fantastic! He is super laid back, and just easy to talk to. I instantly felt comfortable talking to him and will have him read for me again. If you want somebody who walks through it all with you, then he is your man! Thanks again... great!!!" ... written by Heather
Thank you very much for the reading. :) I'll be back. " ... written by Gie
I loved it is was so on point. " ... written by SWEETCYNT
Thanks real good reading. " ... written by dellamalee
He is very straightforward. Very clever. I love him!" ... written by Emily
He was very reassuring and calming. So loving and full of peace. Explained my situation perfectly and HELPED me tremendously. Thank You!! " ... written by whitefeathers
He was straight and to the point. Can't wait to see what the future holds. Will definitely be back." ... written by rab
OMG!!!! My Fav by far, will definitely be back." ... written by rabzyiwill87
He was really insightful. I wish I had his powers. Absolutely amazing." ... written by rabzyiwill87
Another good reading with Isaiah.... He is easy to connect with and gives great guidance of situations... even when my hopes are down a little, he's still able to help me look at the situation from all angles and make wise decisions. He is truly a gem, easy to talk to, and just an overall great psychic." ... written by Heather
He it the answers right on the head! He was so accurate. So kind and humble." ... written by foxyeyes2003
Constructive and helpful!" ... written by jazzy_chic
AMAZING! Make sure you have plenty of minutes ready because IsaiahProphet is well worth it!!" ... written by HollieNurseRN
I don't think I could ever spend enough time with Isaiah. His energy is so uplifting and inspires confidence in people. The world has been blessed with this man in it. :) Thank you so much!" ... written by simone
Thanks dear.. " ... written by babe28
He's amazing, now i feel much better." ... written by Aaron
Great reading." ... written by Bryan
Good reader." ... written by Kaydence
Awesome as always....The best!" ... written by Mary
All i have to say is wow! His words were meaningful and too the point." ... written by Shaela
I really enjoyed our reading. You really picked up on the characteristics of my friend and gave clear advice." ... written by Simone AceOfCupss
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I'll "try" and keep you updated about my progress on this job situation. In general, you were exactly right about this woman "just giving me a job". Although it didn't work out, it did long enough to keep me in Japan. So now I need to find someone to "help me"... like in the community help get me a job. This path is teaching me humility and humanitarian traits. Eventually I will probably take a similar job position, of helping others in a humanitarian way of helping others. But with your reading and somebody' else's combined. I think I get it. I'll probably open up my own business in Japan one day teaching English myself." ... written by Fuzz
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