About IntuitiveNatalie

Psychic IntuitiveNataliehas 20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic IntuitiveNataliehas recently helped 35members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about IntuitiveNatalie's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Natural born Intuitive, Empath, and Clairvoyant with over 20 years experience using natural gifts and tools. Helping over 30,000 Oranum Customers with just a first name!

Awesome! She is very nice :) " ... written by klp2048
She's an authentic psychic with real gifts. Highly recommended." ... written by loveydovey
Thank you for a great reading A+++" ... written by gchiker
Very attentive and objective, really. I do advice. " ... written by cigdemm
Thank you for the reading." ... written by Angel168
Great, just great and a very genuine person" ... written by freebecca
True card reader without judgment or own personal opinions getting in the way. and he cards were very right on1 Very helpful. Thanks!" ... written by girlytomboy3665
Nice reader." ... written by Vivienne
She Rocks,...Like I'm talking big time! " ... written by angiefra22
Really, good, on target, an empath, quick responses. She did know things that i have not tell her. I was amazed by her gift and strongly recommend a private reading with her:)) I will be coming back... Thank you:)" ... written by milona
Thank you for the wonderful reading!!!" ... written by Angel168
Speechless. SPOT ON. Amazing. Highly suggest you have a private reading with Natalie. Amazing, very supportive. " ... written by youcantaffordme
very very good" ... written by lilmarc
That was awesome!!!" ... written by jenacis2011
Very sweet and kind reader! She's very fast and accurate with her cards. I really appreciate her help and I'm looking forward to the future of what her cards have told me. I would definitely come back for another reading if things come up!" ... written by tln292
Great reading. thanks" ... written by damaria34
Lovely lady but quite vague and general. " ... written by AgentMagpie
My 2nd reading but for a different area. She is very lovely to chat with, honest, straightforward, and helpful. Thank you!" ... written by necklace15
Smart and very good in her reading! patient and considerate " ... written by YKAISSY
We connected very well. Very helpful and has a positive approach. Encouraging and inspiring. Made my day and left me feeling positively energized! Thumbs up!" ... written by E-Motion
SHE IS VERY GOOD AND SO TRUE " ... written by deonarine
Very sweet girl. She got to the point and lead me into a great direction in my life and I am glad I asked her for a reading. Very great reading." ... written by Vayrae2
I felt immediately comfortable to talk to Natalie and she had interesting insight to a very specific person . Her reading of my situation was pretty good. " ... written by vanillasmile82
Good advise," ... written by ankria
She was sweet, answered most questions in time.. Thanks hunny:-))" ... written by lushez26
She is really cool and easy to talk with. Tuned in from the first second, and shed the light on the things I needed to see. She will not waste your time. Highly recommend to try - she is a real deal! 5***** ~~~ hugs ~~~" ... written by hugs2020
she was right on point.....I will be chatting with her again. THANKS....." ... written by southernlovebird
Very insightfull! Helpfull and accurate! Thank-you!" ... written by helena73
wow I think there is something to this she knew right off that i lost someone. i will be back to see her. need more info. I believer she game me something to look forward to." ... written by derf1962
I liked her reading, hope what she says comes true for me" ... written by lovely111
She picked up on everything right away! I'm her regular now!! " ... written by PattersonLove79
Excellent reading..." ... written by sak777
Very straight to the point and give good advise. thanks Natalie. Very nice of you :)" ... written by goddessaura
Great reading, hope all pans out." ... written by laf
thank you so much Natalie you are AWESOME, took so much time with me on our chat and yes you shed a lot of light on what we talked about tonight with me and Van. I am so very greatful that GOD brought me to you to help me thank you thank you and may GOD AND THE ANGELS KEEP YOU DOING WHAT YOU DO TO HELP OTHERS YOU R MY ANGEL NATALIE" ... written by vansangyl
Right on!" ... written by julie45
Natalie is very friendly and polite. She is truely a wonderful sound young lady. I will chat with her again." ... written by Montanay her." ... written by spiritualgirl1
She's very good. Thanks for everything" ... written by Delly23
She is fantastic and right on point. Told me about the present conditions and how they will lead to the future. I am a believer and highly recommend. She is fast and answered all questions!! I would definitely go back for more and I highly recommend her!!" ... written by peachybeez
so genuine and caring she put heart and soul into readings for us ." ... written by murdocca
Thanks so much for helping me with my current issues. You have shine light in my current present." ... written by AquarianMother
Nice smile, quite the charmer. Readings were mostly things I have seen and heard before from horoscopes. I guess part of my confusion regarding this reading was that I didn't ask the right questions. All in all, the reading was worth the amount I spent. 4 out of 5 stars (just because no one is perfect hehe)." ... written by maravilloso002
very clear, to the point and direct...tells you exactly how it is...she knew about my past and i never even touched on that...great reading, thanks!" ... written by mom123456
Thank you for the reading." ... written by Angel168
She is certainly worthy of 5 stars. I would recommend her for a private chat." ... written by waswriter
Gave me some good info" ... written by crazyforlove
Very nice interesting and honest. Able to answer quickly and give lots of information. :)" ... written by guriwo
awesome and well worth talking too " ... written by fierygoddess1
Shes was pretty insightful! I felt like she knew what was going on.. thanks for you help" ... written by Lesus01
Excellent, the insight was wonderful.Would highly recommend her. " ... written by Lesjhamp
She gave me some very good info. all I have to do now is use it....Thank you so much..." ... written by southernlovebird
another great reading!" ... written by sugar
Good and accurate readings. With encouragement and good guidance. A great reader!" ... written by scaredtolose
Impressive!" ... written by rango_25
Natalie is so darling to read with - honest reader. Very gentle manner and respectful. This is my 2nd reading. I recommend. " ... written by Viv
She is amazing and honest i higly recommend her thank u intuitive natalie xoxo!" ... written by vrinda113
You can tell someone is real when they do a reading and they hit the same thing a few other psychics see in unison. She saw the same thing others saw and that tells me she is the real deal!" ... written by Highpriest42
She was great, zeroed in my situation very well! Thank you so much!!" ... written by ak3000
she's excellent as always!" ... written by roseships
She was great, and very very quick! Thank you Natalie!!" ... written by katella
very sincere and helpful and kind" ... written by saskia82
She is great to read with. I like her quick and straight-forward answers. Very to the point! " ... written by scaredtolose
Awesome!!! We will see if things she has said will pan out! great advice giver also!! " ... written by vineir08
It's remarkable how accurate she was. I would talk to here again. Thanks Natalie!" ... written by 1grannyroser
Wow she got everything right, thank u i will be back.." ... written by newhorizons12
Excellent!!!! You gave me hope Natalie and understanding. Thank you!!!!" ... written by diane1964
Awsome :)" ... written by cleoham87
I absolutely loved her, she was absolutely amazing and so understanding and kind :)" ... written by lovebutterfly8
Best psychic on oranum." ... written by lisa
She is very fast and so accurate." ... written by stacey
She is amazing so accurate" ... written by angelgirl27
Thank you!" ... written by Angel168
She's so great, she helped build my confidence back up and gave me true readings and honest feedback, Love Natalie!" ... written by Texasb2b
Natalie is always a joy to work with. She is calm and reassuring. I've had my second reading wtih her and it is very consistent. " ... written by dstufra1
Thank you for the reading. It was very helpful." ... written by Angel168
Very quick and to the point on her readings! Very helpful :)" ... written by sacredlove71
excellent! had great reading. so easy to talk to and loves to help. will defo call back again. hope all happens what she said" ... written by serena21
I was so confused in my life and she gave me clear direction. It came true in just 2 days. I am so satisfied after having reading with Natalie. She is a wonderful psychic." ... written by Arthur
Good reading, accurate, simple, to the point. " ... written by vjrei01
She is very quick, doesnt waste your time and guide you well. I feel very relax and charged after having a session with her!" ... written by rango_25
Best reading i ever had , she is very accurate and didnt waste my time. she give me very precise cards and result for my problems. soon i will visit again. i gave 5/5 marks" ... written by Arthur
wow she is the best tell me everything thanks" ... written by tenaye
Always enjoy the read from Natalie, she is very good and honest with her responses, not matter what they are.. Thank you." ... written by Texasb2b
After such long time i found very best psychic on oranum. she was so right about my situation and feeling and she have given me unbelieveable solution for my life. i am really satisfied with the reading." ... written by Leon
Wonderful reading. told me what i needed to hear. Honest and full of insight.. I highly recommend," ... written by Lorann23
i have wasted time with many psychics but after taking reading with natalie i am totally satisfied. she give me the real true reading about my career and path. she told me about my love life so correct and it helps me improve my life a lot. I highly recommend this psychic." ... written by Leo
She's great! " ... written by Texasb2b
She was really nice and helpful. Very understanding and really wanted to help me. thank you" ... written by blueberrypigs
She was really nice and helpful. Very understanding and really wanted to help me. thank you" ... written by blueberrypigs
Very Caring thank you" ... written by KatCarnaroli
good" ... written by kdeitz
Great reading i am satisfied she said so true about me. i wonder how she knows so deep. thank you so much." ... written by Adam
She is such a beautiful soul and a very good Tarot reader .. Thanks Natalie love ya xxx" ... written by murdocca
What a great psychic! She has so much insight and is very clear and explains so that I can further understand my options. I trust her and look forward to seeing my options unfold. Thanks Natalie, you're the best!" ... written by Texasb2b
Very honest very accurate, one of the best psychic on Oranum my favorite. love you psychic Natalie" ... written by spark_11
She is best psychic i love it she guided me to the right direction i am so satisfied with the reading. i gave 5/5 because she is very true and accurate" ... written by Eva
GOOD ONE,DETAILS,ACCURATE." ... written by ppp
She was straight forward with information and wise with her words. I would definitely private chat with her again very soon!! I loved her words and engery. She told me the truth and not just told me what I wanted to hear. I have faith in her and strongly recommend everyone private chat with her. She is sweet and understanding!" ... written by jessicamzavala
She is so true, she reads me very accurate and picks up my energy. I have never seen such accurate psychic, she show me the right direction and I am successful. She is the best psychic on Oranum." ... written by Arthur
Awesome!" ... written by vvd450
Super sweet and really actual" ... written by gstephen
She is awesome. Great advice! " ... written by NiVanya
Excellent reading." ... written by rburgess10222
I enjoyed reading with her, she is great. I like this psychic!" ... written by rooney
Great !! excellent" ... written by jessica
Thank you!" ... written by Angel168
One of the best psychic on oranum, very fast and to the point" ... written by lisa
Unbelievable. Speechless actually. Every word she said made sense - EVERY WORD! If this is not a reason for you to take her to Private reading, then I do not know what is. APPROVED! 5 ***** " ... written by hugs2020
Thank you natalie. Brought a little more perspective to the situation. Much appreciated." ... written by refashionista
Great psychic, she is very fast and didnt waste time she was accurate and relaxes me with her energy." ... written by chriss
Insightful , was impressed with her reading will use again" ... written by elaineerb
She is a very fast psychic. She saves me 2 times from very dangerous situation. She is very helpful to me. She is a lovely person. Thanks !" ... written by Arthur
Very fast and very satisfying. i am happy after reading she helps me a lot in short time. thank you !" ... written by Lucilla
She hit everything on the nail. Just great. Remarkable!" ... written by dalton3
I am so happy and satisfied she have wonderful energy. she is very fast and didnt waste my time. she is to the point." ... written by gemini
I love her!" ... written by jessicamzavala
Wow ! nice reading , awesome i like it " ... written by james
She told me all true things " ... written by Angel 30
Very accuate and very fast" ... written by leo
Quick and to the point" ... written by rango_25
Wow - awesome!" ... written by bobby
Great psychic, one of the best and accurate psychic on oranum i luv her." ... written by spark_11
Great ! very good psychic ! i luv it" ... written by lessley
She is best psychic on Oranum i luv her !" ... written by dream girl
Excellent !" ... written by alberto
Awesome ! no words to" ... written by barbara
My favorite Psychic She is the best on Oranum. luv her." ... written by spark_11
I luv intuitive Natalie she is great ! she help me soo much. she is angel ! i gave her 5/5 rating." ... written by roberta
I am shock she is amazing. She give me great reading she knows lot about me already." ... written by stephenie
She is the best psychic i luv my reading with her" ... written by forever
She is very powerful, she read very clear n true for me i give her 5/5 she is best psychic on oranum" ... written by tomasso
Wow ! i like the reading very fast and awesome" ... written by thomas
Wow ! i like the reading very fast and awesome" ... written by thomas
Great psychic, she tells me all truth she is amazing and so real i will soon come back to her again she didntt waste my time" ... written by luisa
She was spot on about many things. Kind, professional. Straight to the point." ... written by beetlenut
Excellent !" ... written by andrea
Very soft and nice ! she connect with me very fast, she have incredible energy" ... written by jenifer
She is the great psychic ! she says to the point" ... written by Leonardo
She is very helpful !" ... written by crazycatlady01
She is so honest and lovely psychic she give me very honest reading and truth. i am totaly satisfied after the reading." ... written by Anna
Awesome ! very true and fast" ... written by john
Today i want to thank you psychic natalie about what she gave me reading. same thing happen next day what she told me. she is very soft and kind and very powerful." ... written by denise
Great ! very powerful reading" ... written by leo
SHE IS GOOD" ... written by ppp
Natalie is straight to the point and very fast. she help me in my problem. she is great psychic. " ... written by star
Wow ! she was so accurate. amazing ! " ... written by judy
Best psychic on oranum!" ... written by well wisher
Very awesome reading. Recommend her. She's really good." ... written by monarcfairy2
Thank you for your honesty!!!" ... written by EmpathInTraining
Thank you for the reading, and I'll try my best to be patient and not give up...thank you again!" ... written by becka107
Thank you so much Natalie, it really makes a difference to see the person rather than just talking on the phone, a lot of the things you mentioned were spot on, I will add you as my favorite and keep you upated!" ... written by soconfused12
Thank you for the wonderful reading." ... written by Angel168
Very good information, but we got timed out. :( " ... written by Stuck3
Intuitive, kind and good advice - thank you." ... written by Bella100
She is awesome." ... written by xicabella2012
This was an excellent reading..Detailed and Accurate..Thank you so much !!!" ... written by puresunshine2012
Wow, so accurate, and caring. Im so glad I talked to her. Please try a private with Natalie thank you so much!" ... written by HollyB123
Good job! Fast and accurate..." ... written by saolao
Nat helped me with a situation that I have been asking alot of psychics I was confused and broken at the time and she told me I will meet the right one soon as I have many options and male interests around me at the moment. She told me how a couple were negative and guided me how to keep them away from me which im thankful for as she honestly touched my heart and helped me feel better and gave me some confidence in myself to keep the negative energies away from me. I thank you Nat and i look forward to the updates i will give u and the private readings we will have in the future. God bless u and keep that smile on ur face dear because u make me smile everytime we speak. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox" ... written by mano
Thank you for the reading." ... written by Angel168
Always helpful and informative, thank you " ... written by soconfused12
Thank you so much you are so helpful and sweet!" ... written by misslindsay
Thank you Nat, your cards did help clarify things a bit. I have a clearer picture of the situation. Thanks for your help :)" ... written by AppleBite707
Good!" ... written by dd41783
Natalie is a great psychic! " ... written by jazz1992
Very honest and fast in reading. Never waste my time. So true and accurate." ... written by joseph
Again...she's on the dot! Great reading...look forward to more readings with her. " ... written by jennifer
Very good reading, she was picking up on personality traits in the other person that I had noticed too. She gave me a lot of hope." ... written by LiisaKatriina
She is so fast and accurate. i really wonder how she picks so accurate about my situation. i would like to really thanks to natalie for saving my love life. god bless you" ... written by spirit_now123
Very precise and to the letter." ... written by happy621
Make sense and accurate" ... written by thanya
Good" ... written by jamira76
Great reading" ... written by hazel4
In depth reading on whats to come and gave good advice on some difficult decisions that need to be made. Thank you" ... written by jasminepapas
Thanks so much, your reading was so stop on." ... written by tonio73
Very informative, answered every question the best ever!!!" ... written by purplecloud
Natalie is very friendly and her reading is extremely accurate and also very encouraging. Thanks Nat :) I can sleep well tonight after the reading." ... written by oline248
WOW WOW and WOW Natalie is incredibly accurate in her readings,she don't ask questions just names and then she picks up instantly on situation! she is fantastic!" ... written by marion
She's Great...very calm and honest, told me exactly how it was..Thanks!" ... written by oalanis
Wonderful readings! Thank you." ... written by Bojan99
Wow she's good... kind and friendly, tells it like it is.... 5stars for her definitely..." ... written by gerritmarx
5 stars. Natalie was great at describing my past and particularly good at characterising my bf and our relationship. Very impressed with her reading and predictions for the future. Highly reccomend her." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Good read." ... written by natei08
super smart and talented" ... written by daniellef12
Natalie is the best phychics at Oranum." ... written by Vivi15
She is unbelievable, awesome. Best psychic 5 stars." ... written by sugar girl
A wonderful experience. She knew things about my partner that I didn't have to explain. She answered my questions with directness and honesty. Very good." ... written by Itwillbeok
Thank you so much Nat, I really am glad I had you read for me, I will do what you say and believe in what you just told me, if I could give you more stars I would!" ... written by soconfused12
She knows the future, her prediction was right about my life and it happened. 5 star!!!!" ... written by angelgirl27
Very quick and to the point. Calming and sincere. Thank you. " ... written by missamt79
She amaze me by her fast response. I think she is the fastest psychic and she picks my energy very well. 5 stars." ... written by angelgirl27
I have reading with nat and asked about when my bf will visit and she give me reading that there will be delay and she told me to contact my bf...but at that point my bf cant be reach.but nat keep teling me I shall try and call and immediately after my reading I managed to get hold of my bf and wowwww...cant wait to see my bf at the airport and updates you soon nat thankkkkkkk uuuuuuuuu." ... written by holy248
Omg natalie is gift of god to me, what she said it always happen.this is my 3rd reading with her and every time she amazed me. 5 Star Superb !" ... written by angelgirl27
Very nice lady:) Thanks for your help, I hope your words will come true:)" ... written by katarzbl
Thank you so much Natalie for your insight. 5 star psychic!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by shalan
She is the great psychic ! she says to the point and it was very accurate. i didnt told her any thing and she told me all solution to my problems. she didnt waste my time. she was very fast. i am so happy to have reading finally with such a best psychic on Oranum. " ... written by Leonardo
5 star good and accurate thanks for the help" ... written by hemal79
Hi I give IntuitiveNatalie 5 stars. She is a favorite. Good chatting session!" ... written by newname7
SHE IS GOOD" ... written by ppp
She was very quick in addressing specific question and no fuss!!!!" ... written by 12sweetnice
I dont know what to say really.. i know in my heart what she says is true but whether what she says will actually come true we shall see." ... written by Katja87
Thanks for the reading and good advise.." ... written by Than
Im not certain that we connected yet very kind lady, maybe she picked up on my future in oppose to what i really wanted which was presently, but overall i'll say her responses were quick, no time wasted with replys. fast typist, thanks for your time " ... written by Phasion1
Natalie is good at what she does.. " ... written by Katja87
GREAT " ... written by mckenzieswitzer
Good but neede more time" ... written by mylorman
Good" ... written by afsha21
I didnt give her any detail and she give me very precise answer and accurate. she is really fast and accurate. 5 tar !!!! i lov reading with natalie" ... written by lisa291
Excellent and so precise " ... written by hanael2212
OMG!!! Natali is One of best ever. the ture gift she have." ... written by JOLYNN
Straight forward, honest and clear. That was how our reading with Natalie was:) Thank you for all you told me about myself and my loved one.." ... written by LoveElly
Wonderful update with Natalie, she picked up on the circumstances and feelings surrounding my situation and reassured me that things will fall into place. Really love her, 5+ stars! " ... written by LiisaKatriina
Wonderful psychic forever..." ... written by lisa291
Thank you for the wonderful reading." ... written by Angel168
Very nice readinng. x" ... written by Kazzi819
Wow she got inside of my soul" ... written by cielo05
Very good" ... written by reginagrin
She's lovely, caring, very honest and almost 100% accurate. She gives great advice that you will leave her room feeling light and happy about yourself :) bless you Natalie you are wonderful!" ... written by Zain85
Good reading...hope it all proves right!! :)" ... written by shikins
Great reading...thank you" ... written by sim1726
Good" ... written by druvina1973
She was very good and honest. She saw something in my cards that I wasn't expecting but am very glad for the warning." ... written by vgearshifter
Right on the money, I am glad I contacted you." ... written by Piddles1974
Thank you! I am determined to act and put effort so that I can make my future happy! Thanks again for the inspiration. " ... written by gurushek
Well what can I say, told me things that just knew about the things we were talking about, told me stuff about myself (sounded like my mom lol) but so true, geniune and very true, I just need to put it into action and stick with it! great reading, " ... written by tomknock1
She helped in the time that she could give me." ... written by NILA999
Very strong but good." ... written by shaz77
She was a wonderful reader, i didnt want to hear somethings but what she told me i needed to hear, I will visit again she was worth every penny..." ... written by nafayia1984
Thank you! " ... written by gurushek
Fast and accurate. Wonderful job." ... written by karis13
Hello ma'am thanks for giving me these information I am really glad about it. Thank you so much. :)" ... written by kaguilar92
Thank you so much for your help, t was nice talking to you.. :)" ... written by kaguilar92
Best reading on point!! I believe more than others on this site, I have what I need now!!!" ... written by sweetsx
Couldn't believe it, very accurate." ... written by cielo05
Interesting reading." ... written by chloe2205
Thank you god bless you " ... written by tatianasmile
Great person, really helps and cares about the people she talks but will be very honest with and not play games. best always" ... written by giaa54
Thank you very much! :)" ... written by kaguilar92
Thank you so much, your wonderful :)" ... written by HollyB123
SHE WAS WONDERFUL....." ... written by lalann561
Very enjoyable read....glad I took the step to speak to her." ... written by john0907
Intuitive natalie was able to connect quickly. She gave me timelines and details of what's coming for me. Can't wait to foresee my predictions. Most definitely will be coming back for more future readings. " ... written by Lucy117
Very insightful and helpful." ... written by inquiringthierry
Thanks hun." ... written by HollyB123
Thank you so much. It really helped me to understand everything .... and you tuned into my situation very quickly and very accurate. Thank you so much." ... written by hopeangelhope
Thank you so much! God bless you xx" ... written by tatianasmile
Natalie does not need any fancy words or anything. She is just AMAZING! She sees very clearly and tells you everything, no sugar coating, no lies. Thank you so much Natalie:)" ... written by LoveElly
Intuitive Natalie knew exactly what I was going through. " ... written by leorising
Very quick connection and gave me answers I was looking for." ... written by Vman9484
Very direct and to the point - no sugar coating here! But honest and genuine at the sametime. Good reading. Thank you! " ... written by missamt79
She has very good intuition....waiting for her predictios to come true." ... written by afsha21
You know intuitivenatalie turned out to be a true hidden gem for me, Ive been to other psyhic for the last couple weeks, dealing with various issues, and I still felt unsettled -- she is a real clarivoyant -- she sees details like you would not believe, I will be back to her again and again. Alot of psychics parade around their skills and when it gets to the real thing its mediocre, she is humble but i have been shown today that she is simply explosive in her talent. Thanks natalie! 10 stars!" ... written by jp
Natalie was very thorough, honest and straight forward in her assessment of my situation. Her reading was very interesting but accurate and I can't wait for her prediction to pass. She gave me hope. Highly recommended. When prediction happens, I will rate her again and definitely will have another private reading for guidance." ... written by rdwarren
lovely lady with a cute smile and lovely predicitons..." ... written by rajat_25
Omg Omg Omg I wish I went to her the very first time !!" ... written by naz186
Thanks!" ... written by Gm
She is always amazing!!" ... written by angelgirl27
Very good , very clear and accurate too!!! Highly recommend Natalie!!" ... written by goggo1
Answers questions fast and accurate. She is always there to give you some guidance." ... written by cielo05
She is accurate and to the point... thank you Nat." ... written by lil_girl_096912
Thank you thousands times !!!" ... written by JOLYNN
I got some good insight! thank you!!" ... written by krisb223
I highly recommend her she is very good." ... written by ira222
She is very good." ... written by ira222
Nice even though it was short . " ... written by jannicke1
Much empathy." ... written by Happy160
Everything she said was true. That's why this is so scary!" ... written by Happy160
She was great and fast! She was able to tell me alot of accurate things and was so kind and generous.. Going back for sure !" ... written by Beccaboo72
I love her she reassured me that I would get back with an ex; that has helped so much. I just need to see some of her predictions coming through." ... written by shaz77
Thanks for the great reading, I will keep you posted :)" ... written by holy248
Natalie sees a lot. " ... written by leorising
She is amazing - she is kid - and she is spot on. I have never had a reading like hers" ... written by coyoteroper
Told me something I didn't know of, thanks so much for this, you were great xxx" ... written by deniseg
Very insightful. Thank you so much!" ... written by rawsonl
Good advise. I could feel her presence." ... written by rawsonl
she is the best..." ... written by rajat_25
Amazing." ... written by just_me1984
Read very clearly once again into my situation and gave great understanding of it and advice relating the situation, highly recommended." ... written by john0907
Absolutely amazinggggggg" ... written by DoctorPeter1
Very interesting! Thanks :-)" ... written by hopeangelhope
Thanks." ... written by hopeangelhope
Very gifted and can connect with spirit for helpful advice without having to give forward to much information. Very straightforward and empathic as well. Unfortunately I ran out of credit :-(" ... written by Kel_Vrol
Thank you so much for guiding me, I hope I can do what I need to, wish me luck xxxxx" ... written by HollyB123
Very intuitive with her reading and straight to the point. Very accurate with her description of what happened and she was so correct it was scary. Have faith in her reading how things will turn out. Natalie is the best and I highly recommend her, you will not be disappointed." ... written by rdwarren
She is a gem of a person. havent met anyone like her before and i am glad that i have her as mentor in my life...Hugs to Natalie and lots of love and blessings." ... written by rajat_25
Incredibly insightful and helpful in guiding me! if you like having someone who is intuitive and gentle this is a great reading!" ... written by intrigueme184
Good" ... written by afsha21
GOOD." ... written by __G_a_n_e_s_h_
Very accurate and honest. No sugar coating. " ... written by saolao
I enjoyed her reading. Thanks." ... written by happy20
Amazing picks right to the point 5 stars." ... written by hemal79
Good follow up, a little short, need to add more time." ... written by LiisaKatriina
Amazing how she can pick up on personality traits of different people in my life, she gives me the chills. I love talking with her." ... written by LiisaKatriina
Natalie is amazing, a real gem." ... written by HollyB123
Last night reading was extra. She picked up really good on my current situation. I really appreciate a reader that does not ask question but sees everything on target." ... written by me_thierry
Seemed very accurate, and nice. I would see her again :) 5 star" ... written by alicebrook
First of all, I have to say I have been SUPER skeptical about coming for a reading but natalie blew that out of the water! She knew what was happening immediately even though she doesn't know me personally AT ALL. She was SO DAMN ACCURATE to the smallest freaking details that I had goosebumps. Natalie, you are truly a wonderful gift! If I could give you 1 million freaking stars, I would! I am a believer! Will be back to update you again! (:" ... written by calliopegirl
Great reading five star." ... written by KALEOOOO
Wow!!!! more then 5 stars !!! love her." ... written by JOLYNN
5 stars!!! Very calming and healing to talk to her. " ... written by heartnsoul
Very accurate and fantastic person. So honest and sweet! Gave me hope that everything will work out! Thank you Natalie from the bottom of my heart! XO" ... written by LittleBee
Natalie is the best! You will love her gift/talents! She's very helpful! Thank you sooooo Much!" ... written by nunothat-Deb
Mindblowing!!!!!" ... written by heartnsoul
WOW! I am dumb-founded!!!! She read my situation with such amazing clarity, that it totally blew my mind! She is truly gifted and I have yet to see anyone who does a reading with such speed and such accuracy. She even described what I am wearing at the moment and how my room looked. Truly gifted and brought me a lot of clarity and peace of mind. She was very compassionate and I could feel her loving energy around me. God Bless you Natalie!" ... written by heartnsoul
5 stars!" ... written by heartnsoul
Had a few more questions and she reconnected very fast again. Very glad to have found her on Oranum! " ... written by heartnsoul
EXCELLENT TO THE POINT, 5 STAR." ... written by hemal79
Very good, answered my question very fast." ... written by jmblas7
Very positive." ... written by shaz77
She's brilliant and dynamic!" ... written by popcyclestick
Thank you Natalie , you gave me a lot of direction and hope through your reading . There's so much great energy you pass on, I love that sense of calm I was able to experience after speaking to you. Though I was a little jittery cos i wanted to ask you whatever I could in the time I have available , so pardon me If in case i seemed abrupt ..thank you so very much once again :) " ... written by askangel
This is my "dont know how many" readings with natalie and she is ALWAYS spot on spot on spot on. I dont know what to do without her. She will be the first person I look for if anything happens or I need some clarity in my life! She is the real deal so dont hesitate and get her for a private reading now!" ... written by calliopegirl
Great reading.. very honest i really think it was worth it, it amazes me how she can see everything with me talking so little thank you so much! " ... written by AnaForero
I am speechless!!! I am really amazed! Natalie is Wondeful and she is really different than others!! She's HONEST and very fast!! She telss you what she feels. I loved her and will get back to her soon. Thanks Natalie! Ellie USA" ... written by Ellie11
I was so relieved after being able to speak to Natalie, she was so precise and accurate , and she connected to me so spontaneously. She has a quiet reassurance about her , and the clarity and precision with which she gives u details , is so calming and reassuring. I am so glad was able to speak to her , and I am sure any of you will say the same after you are able to get a chance to speak with her as well. Thank you so much Natalie .." ... written by askangel
Spot-on reading that I'll need another session to answer some of my questions surrounding my life." ... written by spiritual_seeker
This is my second reading with Natalie, and I feel like I know what to do and what direction I should go to. " ... written by bannamuse
Had my second reading......after the first one.....she is fast and genuine.....will come back agin" ... written by mossdevraj
Very good and helpful" ... written by focusing
She was nice and was spot on...........really nice reading...i will return" ... written by mossdevraj
Ive talked to her 2 weeks ago and she was so right on everything. She has helped me make some important decisions in my life and it was for the best" ... written by just_me1984
I was amazed by how many correct things Natalie got, even the small details. She is very accurate and it's fascinating how she is able to see everything and feel that energy. After the reading I felt relieved, positive and motivated." ... written by bannamuse
Amazing really knew so so much!!!! Without me saying anything!" ... written by kiki3070
Excellent! Super quick and to the point." ... written by heartnsoul
Natalie is fantastic! Brilliant/wonderful/talented/caring woman!!! so gifted. Thank you! I ran out of money but will be coming back to get healing." ... written by nunothat-Deb
She is good and quick, doesnt waste your time." ... written by brnbeautie
As always - one of the best psychics around! Love Natalie, she's always right on with everything. If you're not getting a reading with her, YOU ARE MISSING OUT! " ... written by Texasb2b
She is brilliant!!!! Very genuine and accurate in her connection and reading." ... written by heartnsoul
Brillant! " ... written by Beccaboo72
Natalie is really kind and caring and so accurate, thank you huny" ... written by HollyB123
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Words cannot describe Natalie's capability. :-)" ... written by spiritual_seeker
So good reading, thanks....." ... written by sabinaa
Very details, direct, and provided guidance/directions... and very positive. :)" ... written by fit2day
Amazing as always. she is the real deal. definitely gifted. you will not regret getting her to private" ... written by AnaForero
Very fast and direct, don't waste time and connected very well. Thanks." ... written by serinaserina
Great. Its expensive but you get true answers. Thank you so much. Gave me great guidance." ... written by AnaForero
SUPERB!!!" ... written by tasha_j
Very accurate and straight to the point....too gud" ... written by rani4you
Always accurate!!" ... written by LoveElly
Very genuine and fast to connect. Amazing reader! " ... written by heartnsoul
Excellent and ridiculously accurate." ... written by Honved
She is so super amazing! Trust her advice and guidance!" ... written by heartnsoul
She nailed it what I was inferring inside of myself. " ... written by spiritual_seeker are one of the best on here.. I am so glad I spoke to you...feel much better now" ... written by tasha_j
Outstanding expert - I was able to feel the honesty and sincerity.. Thank you." ... written by home888
Very intuitive and accurate with her readings." ... written by rdwarren
Good feedback." ... written by shaz77
Natalie is always spot on... she is an angel!!!" ... written by tasha_j
Very nice gifted person" ... written by reginagrin
Wow!!!!!!!!" ... written by coyoteroper
straight to the point. i like it. " ... written by ilia_mr
Love talking to her wish the mic system would work better on here.. will talk to her soon picked up a lot on me she's really nice. sometimes giving too much information I'm not sure about only time will tell definitely will talk to her again." ... written by philpala
Natalie is wonderful...Gave me a lot of insight today.. I will keep you posted!" ... written by elledaly24
Very honest, and straight forward...and is accurate and amazing what details she points out. Very positive energy and very helpful " ... written by 04apple
Natalie knows.. What else can I say:)? During our very first reading (2 months ago) she answered the questions that I hadn't even asked.. She is unbelievable!" ... written by LoveElly
Very skilled, kind and wonderful to talk to! Thanks for the update!" ... written by heartnsoul
All ways good to hear the words of what is being said, and guidance, wish time would allow more in depth discussion, Natalie all ways kind and warming in replying to answers, till next time back to free chat." ... written by tomknock1
Natalie is always accurate with my situation and even things that I am not aware of, she brings them to light. What will I ever do without you, Nat?!?! " ... written by calliopegirl
Always a great guide to me." ... written by rajat_25
Always spot on, fast and very helpful!" ... written by Happy160
Superb reading. Accurate and very honest. No sugar coating at all. " ... written by Jen
Good reading." ... written by shaz77
My most favorite psychic I feel most comfortable with :)" ... written by DoctorPeter1
Very good and very intuitive" ... written by focusing
Predicted something at work would happen that only I'm slightly aware of, I'll be very impressed if it comes to pass." ... written by shaz77
My fav.." ... written by tasha_j
She is clear and concise. very informative." ... written by bunnybuns
She is honest and truthful. Thank you" ... written by bunnybuns
I feel so much calmer and peaceful now. Thank you" ... written by katie46
Nice reading!!!" ... written by hashmi84
So wonderful to talk to her again! Had another question that was bothering me and she reassured me that based on what she saw, I had nothing to worry about. Must read with her! Thanks again, Natalie!" ... written by heartnsoul
Wonderful and super amazing! She is truly gifted and possesses such healing energies. I received an invaluable update about things panning out in the near and distant future. Thank you so much Natalie :)" ... written by heartnsoul
Very sweet woman, she gave a good reading and the situation. She was accurate. Thank you!" ... written by lifeismosaic
Ran out of credits, will have to talk again :)" ... written by heartnsoul
What a relief!!! I had a dilemma and needed to consult with Natalie to help me make a decision. I am so looking forward to the completion of the project and enjoying it! Thank you Natalie, you are a blessing! God bless you always!" ... written by heartnsoul
She has the most lovely eyes, I will come back to her shortly!" ... written by Gaby
Thanks for the update, stood by some previous predictions." ... written by shaz77
Very fast and direct psychic. She answered my questions and gave good advice." ... written by persephonestears
She is very much amazing always !!! private and email reading, straight to the point and the best adviecr. she gave me positive energy i never had before. WOW WOW !! THANK YOU NATALIE." ... written by JOLYNN
Accurate, friend, and a true helpful soul!!! You need to connect with her......" ... written by purplecloud
So wonderful to talk to her always! Thank you for the reading Natalie and God bless you!" ... written by heartnsoul
She's clearcut and straight to the point. No shenanigans with her." ... written by spiritual_seeker
Really deep and insightful, very good, need more time..." ... written by Maritimer
Very quick to pick up on situation and direct! thanks again! Will update you on predictions " ... written by Summaluv8
Kind and Straight forward. " ... written by SSK143
Great intuition, and deep heart. Thanks for your advice and support - as always ... neighbor" ... written by gardhard49
Natalie is wonderful as usual! I can't wait to see what awaits me on the horizon :) Thanks Nat, and much love and hugs to you! God bless you!" ... written by heartnsoul
Excellent reading!!! Will definately use her again. Need more information in a few months." ... written by 65marcia
Natalie thank you so much for your help.. i hope things will get better in the future. " ... written by katrina1092
Very helpful with new information." ... written by georgewk
Superb reading!!!" ... written by hashmi84
Excellent read on the situation." ... written by spiritual_seeker
Very positive reading. She saw through it like a breeze. Very quick!" ... written by amnarashid
Excellent." ... written by rainbowranch
Excellent as always." ... written by Nothappy160
Awesome as always well worth it!" ... written by daves
Had the best reading lets see if it works out or not." ... written by coolstallion
Good update, hope it's true." ... written by shaz77
She is the real deal, no gimmicks. She is kind compassionate but honest. She picks up on you straightaway and gets it every time. I have had the pleasure of many readings with her now and alot of things she has stated have come to pass and it has been so accurate. Thanks so much Natalie, i will update you soon :) Becca :) " ... written by Beccaboo72
Great reading, I am able to see better the direction my life is going. Thank You So Much!" ... written by rainbowranch
I had a couple of privates and a couple of email readings with natalie and i am deeply impressed. Her psychic abilities are very real. The descriptions of the situations from my life as well as the charactriitics of people in my life are dead on. I love the fepth and the accuracy of Natalie readings. Worth five stars without a doubt and I will be back for more readings. Thanks Natalie." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Always get straight answers from Nat!" ... written by Happy160
Amazing!!!!!! Always wonderful to connect with Natalie! Had many questions that she answered for me :) Thank you so much!!!" ... written by heartnsoul
OMG Best Reader on Oranum!!! Do not hesitate to consult her you wont be disappointed!!!" ... written by FishOutOfWater
Clearly good intuition, and saw things... but it was too short and may not have allowed her to see sufficiently a very confused situation" ... written by gardhard49
Thank you very much for your time and being so tuned in into the situation and the emotions. Will come back, love." ... written by maithu
Good update, I really hope it's accurate." ... written by shaz77
Better insights with more time... better ideas on how to move forward" ... written by gardhard49
You are certainly of the best psychics that i have ever engaged with. " ... written by amandagrigorescu
She is the best reader..." ... written by rajat_2510
Ok i like her she is cool. sent up healing for me. gave a key characteristic about me. will be back for update." ... written by brightsoul84
Takes her time to give you a in depth answer; very honest/blunt." ... written by MVGlove
Natalie is wonderful and truely gifted. I have come across alot of physics, but my experience with Natalie was the best! " ... written by amandagrigorescu
She had excellent insights and even took the time to tell me about some things I had not even asked about but were helpful" ... written by Georgewk
She still sees the same path as before. I don't know how it can be, but leave space... " ... written by gardhard49
Excellent Psychic! REAL Deal!!" ... written by Lovingheart118
Very strong, professional, serious and helpful." ... written by reginagrin
She is soooooo wonderful! Just what I needed :) Thank you soooooo much Natalie! She is really gifted and her readings have always been uplifting! Lots of hugs, God bless you!" ... written by heartnsoul
Can see through the fog and show a path towards something." ... written by gardhard49
Thanks for the update." ... written by shaz77
Very kind and accurate. xxx" ... written by HollyB123
My favorite ofcourse! I have had results with Nat. People believe me, so far 2 times what she has said has come true. There are many more things in the future and I will update accordingly when they come true. " ... written by Happy160
Natalie is fantastic as always - connects straight to the problem and offers sound practical advice to solving it. She can see what has happened, is happening and about too.. trust her shes the real deal !" ... written by Beccaboo72
Nat always sees to the hard of the matter without much info or input. Waseeons" ... written by gardhard49
She saw the man in question. will not reveal anything more." ... written by kia2002
Saw the person I was asking about so clearly with no information. Nat is amazing! " ... written by gardhard49
Thanks." ... written by gardhard49
Thanks for the reading." ... written by shaz77
Natalie gives me so much clarity! It is unbeliable how clear she is! " ... written by Nothappy160
Senses that I am fast and my potential partner is slower - keeps reminding me to be patient, keeps the focus on the right things, and keeps the clarity going!" ... written by gardhard49
Wonderful as usual talking to Natalie! Thanks so much! I'll stay positive and wait for things to work themselves out. " ... written by heartnsoul
She is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Take care, love and light. xxx" ... written by jessica6purple
Brilliant as always!" ... written by tasha_j
Very precise!" ... written by reginagrin
Thanks." ... written by shaz77
Excellent repport, insight and with so little information. Can see the situation so clearly." ... written by gardhard49
Thank you! very helpful and lovely person, peace and blessings to you!" ... written by cynwolfie
Insights into the relationship and the future it can uncover, the challenges and decisions that need to be made" ... written by gardhard49
Much more focused and to the point. Answered my questions before I asked them." ... written by leorising
Amazing insight, very serious help." ... written by reginagrin
Very sweet and to the point... Good answers to questions!" ... written by 04apple
I've been here 4 times! She's awesome!!" ... written by krisb223
Thank you for your insight. I wish I had more time to find out what type of problems will bring." ... written by kia2002
LOVED her! So right on and so accurate =) Will talk to her again to update her!!" ... written by Shadow37
She is very sweet, quick on answering questions... And always has a good insight!" ... written by 04apple
Brilliant! She is always wonderful to talk to! God bless you Natalie!" ... written by heartnsoul
Thank you nat, she told me what i knew correctly without having to say much. very quick and easy, i will be back. " ... written by katie
Good insights." ... written by gardhard49
Five star for my superstar..." ... written by rajat_25
she is the best.. i always prefer taking a reading from her whenever i am in doubt or need help... " ... written by rajat_25
Good reading, give you the answaer you asked.. helping go out.." ... written by ginlin
Wonderful as always. A real Jewel! :-) " ... written by amandagrigorescu
GREAT reading, wonderful to talk to!" ... written by humii000
Love her! she always connected very well with me. Her insights are always accurate and she gives great advice. She told me a month ago I will find a job soon doing something administrative or something to do with accounting.. and It came true. Will always come back to her for advice. Thank you so much natalie!" ... written by saolao
She was very straight forward and to the point" ... written by eware1978
Very nice." ... written by reginagrin
Picked up on certain characteristics, just have to wait and see. Thanx!" ... written by Kaly2012
Wonderful as usual! Thanks for the insight Natalie!" ... written by heartnsoul
It was nice!" ... written by aspectj
Excellent Reader! Right on target!" ... written by Lovingheart118
Always on the money and affirmed my core beliefs on certain personnel. Thank you." ... written by spiritual_seeker
Thank you Natalie for your guidance, you're very calming and I will be back. " ... written by katie
Trust her =) " ... written by she puts me at ease
Both online and E-mail readings were very insightful and useful. Thank you Natalie." ... written by Metalrat22Virgo
Thanks again Natalie. You have wonderful gifts and insight!" ... written by nunothat
Thanks hun! Outstanding as always!" ... written by HollyB123
I have been thinking about natalie's words over and over again. For me she's the best. It's amazingly accurate and CONCRETE. How she sees soo many things and events so much into detail and in the right time, it's still a mystery to me. She's so sweet, a great professional also in what she's doing. Thanks to her I all can understand it more. Greetings" ... written by DoctorPeter1
She was great, thank you!" ... written by mzdavis06
She makes it easier to discuss hard topics " ... written by gardhard49
Me being clairvoyant, I have a high connection of energy with this young lady that is overwhelmingly accurate." ... written by popcyclestick
Very quick, and always has good insight!" ... written by 04apple
Lovely lady, great reading! Great help, straight to the facts! Thank you :)" ... written by Jodyleelee
Very quick on answers... Very positive, great readings." ... written by 04apple
Very very intuitive. Got a lot of good information from IntuitiveNatalie. I recommend. Thank you so much!" ... written by Sharemyparadise
She is best in this site, if any one want to experience a real deal, she is the right one. 5 stars" ... written by lover344
Once again great reading, she is very fast!" ... written by lover344
Connects fast. Thank you for the reading. I do feel she tells the truth. Truth some times is hard to accept." ... written by AnaForero
She is gem, love reading with her, she describe things which really not any other psychic can describe. I believe she is one of the best psychic in this website. try her! You will never be dissapointed!" ... written by lover344
Thank you. I hope all will be good." ... written by Helgaz1
She is the only best psychic here, I tried many psychic she is the only best of the best she knows all " ... written by angelsoul
Amazing reading...straight andamp;amp; helpful...lifted me with inspirational view of what lies ahead...thanks for the clarity and hope that I may find my way to success in love and personal life.." ... written by aeon_flux
Thank you so much, doll. You're the best individual to sort out these things of troubling times." ... written by spiritual_seeker
Saw the truth in both situations!" ... written by gardhard49
Very on point, and very quick for the requests that I had, thank you so much, I very much appreciate it. It was the affirmation that I've been needing to keep on with the things that I need to do in the meantime!" ... written by hrenee
Natalie is a really gifted psychic! :)" ... written by HollyB123
Very sweet! Very quick...Highly recommend...She has a lot of great insight to all your questions!" ... written by 04apple
Always so positive! and really helps. I have had previous readings with her and she is good! " ... written by AnaForero
Nat is the Best." ... written by rajat_2510
THE BEST PSYCHIC EVER! She needs to be cloned! You want clarity.. Seek her out! Worth every penny!" ... written by purplecloud
Thanks!" ... written by mmd1990
Good reading, answered actually what you asking for.. Tell you things what you want to hear!" ... written by ginlin
Brilliant and fast. Connects quickly! Love my readings with her. Thanks for putting my mind at ease with my situation it has been quite stressful as of late and its always nice to know you are there to seek out.. Thank you xo" ... written by Beccaboo72
Natalie is like talking to a Best friend, tells you like it is and is truthful and kind. She's very kind and so helpful in readings makes things very clear. Love her xo" ... written by Beccaboo72
She is like talking with an old friend. Very calming." ... written by HealerFromThEast
Lovely!" ... written by AleishaRoberts
Excellent excellent excellent!" ... written by Lovingheart118
Thanks!" ... written by shaz77
Amazing reader! Always accurate!" ... written by Lovingheart118
Natalie is always a great help and very to the point of any topic you bring up. Very helpful!" ... written by Christopherk
She is the sweetest and most helpful person I met. Such a relief to talk to her." ... written by ss1960
Straight answers and very helpful..." ... written by aeon_flux
A lot of insight, you won't regret your reading with her!" ... written by 04apple
She is very helpful and has a lot of good info you won't regret your reading with her." ... written by 04apple
Excellent!" ... written by Lovingheart118
This is my third reading with Natalie and, as always, she is so precise and clear. And she leaves me with so much positive energy, I am so glad I have her to talk to! Thank you so much Natalie! :)" ... written by askangel
Great clarity, straight to point. Would be back again!" ... written by cmrear1986
She is always came and is pleasant to talk with. Very good at channeling the energy. " ... written by HealerFromThEast
Accurate and honest!" ... written by Somozusi
Very sweet and good insight and you won't regret consulting!" ... written by 04apple
Very nice." ... written by reginagrin
She's a good girl! Love her to pieces." ... written by popcyclestick
Can see the truth of relationships and how they can move forward with a clear and decisive description of the future. Thanks." ... written by gardhard49
Thanks again." ... written by shaz77
Always very helpful!" ... written by 04apple
Amazing!!! Absolutely amazing! Spot on, accurate and honest! Deserves 100 stars!! " ... written by Beccaboo72
Very sweet and understanding!" ... written by 04apple
I was so into our reading I lost track of time and than I couldn't get back to you. Nat read me like a book! Thank you for your amazing gift/talent. It really helped me a lot! Never for get me. Gifts like yours gives people hope!" ... written by nunothat
Very good insight.,very sweet I highly advise, you wont regret it." ... written by 04apple
Hats off to her! Straight and accurate." ... written by coolstallion
She was awesome, thanks so much!" ... written by yasamananisi
Amazing reader right on point!! Predictions coming true already!" ... written by Lovingheart118
She is fast to connect, she was calm, she didn't use tools but she is great! I will be back soon! :) Thank you so much for your help!" ... written by lisha11
Awesome!" ... written by economics123
Alot of good insight you wont regret your consultation." ... written by 04apple
Great reading! 5 star for intuitive Natalie is a great psychic! Happy New Year. Thank You." ... written by myeyesee
Always very helpful and a lot of insight." ... written by 04apple
Thanks nat for quick and positive reading" ... written by holymolly2408
Right on track." ... written by sixtosixteen
Very quick n innsight ful" ... written by 04apple
Natalie is really kind and clear. A really gifted psychic." ... written by HollyB123
IntuitiveNatalie is quick to answer my questions, and is honest. I definitely would recommend her." ... written by Destiny_Love
Hats off!!!" ... written by coolstallion
Very quick! Yayyyyyy!" ... written by holymolly2408
Thanks for reading it right Nat - right down to the young energy around a teacher!" ... written by gardhard49
Thanks Natalie, your intuition is highly accurate. Please visit Natalie and you will be rewarded with amazing insight into your queries." ... written by poquette
Very knowledgeable about my situation and assured me about my husband. Was well pleased." ... written by bterrush
Natalie is precise and fast - the best actually. " ... written by poquette
She's picks up fast... Really amazing... Highly recommended!!! " ... written by trinigentleman2
Very good, you won't regret!" ... written by 04apple
Thanks for great insight :) At least I can prepare for the worst." ... written by holymolly2408
She is awesome......u wont regret!" ... written by 04apple
Thank you for your insights Natalie! Very happy to talk to you." ... written by PhillyDudette
Always wonderful to talk to Natalie! Thanks and God bless you!!!" ... written by heartnsoul
My favorite as always!" ... written by sixtosixteen
Thanks Nat ..great insight to a very hard time in my hard to trust people... You are a great reader I will be back.. Recommend to you all." ... written by cuddles1960
Natalie was very helpful. Sometimes what we hear is not what we want to hear but good for us regardless. This was the case. 5 Stars" ... written by infiniteping
Very good guidance always and sees alot." ... written by 04apple
I LOVE her and would have paid to extend my consultation!" ... written by IrisSusan
I didn't get the beginning of the reading, but I really thank you, god bless you!" ... written by nwwilson5
Thank you for a great session. I Will definitely be back for more." ... written by Balkiss
Predictions come true." ... written by 04apple
Love Nat!" ... written by poquette
Very sweet, caring and quick!" ... written by 04apple
Straight to the point, excellent reader" ... written by smackrani
Thank You very much for the reading was very helpful" ... written by casy123
Great reading! reaffirmed everything I was feeling and thinking! Very positive experience." ... written by lizd131
The reading went ok. Wish I had more credit as it went by too fast." ... written by dknopflover
Great!" ... written by eg198404
Natalie's great!" ... written by infiniteping
It was a nice reading... She is awesome" ... written by MyLuvv
She gave me some good advice and assurance. Thanks!" ... written by newnameok
Thank you natalie so much... Your prediction has came to pass... and this time I look forward for the rest." ... written by Angelapebbles
Very good reader you wont regret." ... written by 04apple
Very nice person, good vibes! She made me feel stronger. Will be back later!" ... written by bradleyL
Very good!" ... written by mlgriff330
Fantastic reader." ... written by HollyB123
Insightful and helpful, very accurate." ... written by nix331
She is just the best there is - such compassion, such honesty." ... written by coyoteroper
She is very good." ... written by 04apple
Nat is part of my life now, I talk to her every week. She is very intuitive indeed. " ... written by sixtosixteen
Thank you Natalie, great help and I'll let you know how things go! thank you xx" ... written by Jodyleelee
She is very good andamp; quick predictions come true" ... written by 04apple
Very good" ... written by 04apple
Very sweet and alot of great insight, u wont regret her readings, she's very good" ... written by 04apple
Very compassionate and connected." ... written by LadyL5
Great :)" ... written by eg
All what Natalie says/said is true; 1) you fought with woman, I did, 2) in two weeks somebody will come about money stuff.. I had no idea what she was saying lol, 2 weeks later my uncle came with inheritance, 3) somebody very evil will come in life of girl I love (nat said months ago), this is happening right now..4) a very pleasant meeting will come, I had no idea what she was saying.. In same week I had this meeting, ... it's true it's true and again true, she's the best, smart fast, she understands everything so good into the core and so much into detail, wonderful mix also of spirit world and she explains us the message (what's happening) in very human language , Natalie top !!" ... written by DoctorPeter1
On point!" ... written by marciamia
Good reader!" ... written by Need2know5
Very nice reading. Natalie seemed to tune into the subjects of my reading completely." ... written by ellewilla
Right on spot on !!!!" ... written by coolstallion
She has deep understanding power to know the details of an individual. " ... written by aikhooiooi
Thank you for all the help with my Health. I greatly appreciate it. I knew you were right... and the help with finding a home, helps me to narrow down the choices. THANK YOU SO MUCH! YOU are great." ... written by butterflyrose19
She is intuitive Natalie!" ... written by wtbh2011
This was first reading ever. I thought she was very spot on. I was blown away at how good she was. I will definitely talk to her again. " ... written by heatherbear
Hi Natalie, Thanks a lot for the great reading yesterday!! Your are super!! Thanks a lot! I hope your predictions will come to pass!!" ... written by Mysticmarzo
Natalie you're such a beautiful spirit!! I highly recommend you, you truly are so in touch with your gift and connecting with people, you are very spot on and I'm very grateful that I got to have this reading with you!! I hope all happens! :) Thank you so much!! xx Love and peace!" ... written by bunny222222
She is sweet and I hope she is right!!!" ... written by wtbh2011
She is quiet and focused and connected, so one gets a picture from spirit, and that is so helpful. " ... written by marinakasha
Very good and predictions come true!" ... written by 04apple
Thank you so much nat!" ... written by Angelapebbles
Wonderful as usual! Thanks Natalie and God bless :)))" ... written by heartnsoul
The very best! On point and offers practical guidance as well. More than a reader, but also a friend!" ... written by Lovingheart118
She is great and alot of good guidance and predictions, I highly recommend, she is quick and very good!" ... written by 04apple
Sorry for the late feedback. But thank you very much for the reading! :) x" ... written by Crystal
Thanks for the reading :)" ... written by jimikuta
Very good, you won't regret!" ... written by 04apple
Direct and honest!" ... written by AgentMagpie
Very quick n good w readings honest n good predictions shes a precious jewel of talent." ... written by 04apple
Very insightful and sees the heart of the matter." ... written by vvd450
She very good n always good predictions very fast reader n alot of good intuition" ... written by 04apple
Good reading! :-)" ... written by Tishiab
She is intuitive!" ... written by wtbh2011
Great Reading. She does not use tools - she just picks up on stuff." ... written by TravlFunLove
She is excellent." ... written by carolyn101
Excellent reader! Always on point!" ... written by Lovingheart118
This woman never fails in her psychic delivery. You won't regret getting a reading from this talented spirit." ... written by spiritual_seeker
Very accurate reader." ... written by Need2know5
Good reading:) " ... written by ceejox
Very helpful will come back she was quick and was able to give lots of details in little time. Amazing, will come back to give update!" ... written by dladie42
Thank you So much Natalie! She was very insightful to the future and what lays ahead for me. I would definitely recommend her and will follow up with her predictions. 5 STARS !!" ... written by TammyDS
She is good." ... written by sabreen87
Very intuitive" ... written by wtbh2011
Thank you for your reading! :)" ... written by rainbowspirit123
Nice reading.......Awesome...." ... written by MyLuvv
Awesome!" ... written by 04apple
Very good and quick and a lot of insights, very good and good predictions! She's a jewel!" ... written by 04apple
Very good a gifted gal and a lot of great insights!" ... written by 04apple
She is a good Reader." ... written by rajat_2510
Gentle and honest!" ... written by amandagrigorescu
Great reader and very sensitive... Thanks." ... written by wtbh2011
She is wonderful!" ... written by wtbh2011
Thanks!" ... written by claires123
Amazing reader!" ... written by Lovingheart118
She was very intuitive, gave me reassurance as to what other psychics have been telling me. I did though want her to describe the person, but instead she described his situation... spot on! " ... written by intrigued8
I felt a great connection from Natalie, I really enjoyed the reading, she connected really fast and also helped me clear my thoughts on certain situations that I'm dealing with. I felt she was very accurate and I look forward to another reading." ... written by zforever
Great reader.......u wont regret........" ... written by 04apple
Seems honest!" ... written by kanchana
I had a great reading with Natalie and it helped me to understand him a little better. I look forward to the upcoming weeks ahead. Thank you." ... written by nicoledee
Right on point! One of the BEST psychic on oranum!" ... written by Lovingheart118
Awesome insight, you wont regret it." ... written by 04apple
Relieving insight and straightforward. Thanks for the enlightenment." ... written by aeon_flux
She is the best!!" ... written by wtbh2011
Very good and a lot of insights!" ... written by 04apple
Great advice and really intuitive! Thank you!!" ... written by Marialuis
A gift!" ... written by 04apple
Tahnks for fast and quick short reading nat." ... written by holymolly2408
It was well answered and perceived. Content with the response!" ... written by noorjehan
Very good alot of great readings with alot input head on time frame. " ... written by 04apple
Cleared the fog, connected quickly thanks a bunch." ... written by vc1976
Thank you for you insight, it was helpful and very interesting. :)" ... written by yuri124343
Great reading and very helpful advise. " ... written by babybird2013
Very good n insightful" ... written by 04apple
She is a great listener and always provide a lot of insight" ... written by wtbh2011
Excellent work. Thank you so much." ... written by Rosa
Great reading. Definitely accurate on everything. we'll wait and see what happens with the predictions." ... written by jasminepapas
Very sweet, honest. She is very insightful and very good." ... written by 04apple
Accurate information on the people involved. Will now just wait for the dates to pass. Great Reading!" ... written by Marialuis
Very intuitive." ... written by wtbh2011
Clear and to the point. Good reading." ... written by kar118
Again and again, she's right on! thank you." ... written by Marialuis
Really Intuitive! thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
Very good psychic and good predictions" ... written by 04apple
Every reading I've had with Natalie has been very helpful. She has a very high level of insight. I've consulted a number of psychics through the years. And for myself, she stands out as the best I've consulted with. Thank you Natalie!" ... written by Metalrat22Virgo
Great always so very accurate!!!!" ... written by vvd450
Very good and a lot of good predictions!" ... written by 04apple
Brillant as always - always tuned in and always on point and lovely as ever." ... written by Beccaboo72
Really spot on and quick! Suggestions are always helpful as alway!! Really recommended! " ... written by Christy
Very thankful for her help, She gave me a better understanding of the things I already felt but needed a better in sight on. The accuracy on things was beyond believe, especially to one who already believes in so much. Thank You IntuitiveNatalie." ... written by MishellLovely87
Great." ... written by belgiumchocolate
She is always very intuitive" ... written by HappyKellyGirl
Was very insightful thank you very much" ... written by white2000
Very straight to the point, a lot of help!" ... written by 04apple
Good, predictions come true." ... written by 04apple
on point" ... written by khandirose
Nice and clear reading. She caught on to some very interesting emotions that I think are dead on accurate" ... written by Rosie0h
Great!" ... written by melodytime123
Very good reader." ... written by Need2know5
Very good you wont regret" ... written by 04apple
She is amazing and warm" ... written by dneuse
Very intuitive very approachable very nice to talk to but you can tell there is a lot underlying her approach a lot there and you benefit from this. " ... written by Chris89kilos
Accurate as usual. " ... written by spiritual_seeker
She was right on the money!!!!!!!!" ... written by sarahndipidy
Amazing as usual.. " ... written by lizd131
Very interesting!" ... written by phoenixrisen
She is very good and you wont regret, awesome reading." ... written by 04apple
She is always so clear and concise" ... written by vvd450
When you need to confirm something really quick, she's your gal. thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
Very talented and a lot of insight." ... written by 04apple
Good insights and will wait for things to happen. Thank you Natalie!" ... written by marialuis
Thank you again and again!" ... written by Marialuis
Incredibly accurate and honest!" ... written by dreamingisfr33
No one better here I think or anywhere, first class reading!" ... written by dreamingisfr33
Really hope her predictions are right. Only time will tell but I will try to keep positive and think of them happening." ... written by marciamia
Very thorough and good reader." ... written by Need2know5
Always kind always accurate always amazing, " ... written by dreamingisfr33
Very good reading!" ... written by stevecahill
Kind, nice, accurate and honest what else is there, just incredible!" ... written by dreamingisfr33
Very nice lady and accurate!" ... written by BV
Very good and good predictions." ... written by 04apple
Very sincere and thoughtful and honest and good readings that come true." ... written by 04apple
Very detailed on readings and quick on response to questions." ... written by 04apple
Really good, fast input about my situation :]" ... written by sadhillon
Very good at what she does u wont regret i highly recomend" ... written by 04apple
She picked up on certain issues and even pinpointed the person my bf was chatting with online. Great reading!" ... written by Marialuis
She is very good n tells all with insight." ... written by 04apple
Great information." ... written by spiritual_seeker
Thanks for being straight up. Literally confirmed another person. Happy birthday to me!! ha!" ... written by ptmb44
Very helpful, thank you" ... written by ukengeddit
Thank you for the reading, it was very informative and gave insight to the situation. We will be back for more readings in the future. Thank you! " ... written by mummycrtr
Always so wonderful and kind. Precise and to the point. My reading with IntuitiveNatalie is worth every cent...." ... written by amandagrigorescu
She is wonderful! Accurate and very caring, I will read with her again!" ... written by Eileen1005
Questions answered accurately! thank you." ... written by marialuis
Needed some questions answered. Thank you for the insights." ... written by marialuis
Interesting perspective, she really hit the details on my question and provided new insight into the situation. Thank you." ... written by crystal
very good n has alot answers n quick n great predictions" ... written by apple
Thanks Nat! Always wonderful to read with you! God bless you!" ... written by Heartnsoul
Good. Will see if what she says comes true." ... written by Curiosity65
Thanks for the information, help a lil bit to see clearer." ... written by michael
Very Good Reader, Excellent Reader, very accurate." ... written by need2know5
This reading was great- very informative, can look at past lives and all that. Very chill person. 5 stars." ... written by mkjhk
Very good and very quick predictions." ... written by 04apple
Natalie is highly gifted, both in her readings and in her ability to give practical advice on life matters related to her readings. She is gentle but strong in her approach. I feel very comfortable with her and I am deeply grateful for the honesty and clarity of our long reading today. She has helped me so much, and I will seek her readings in the future. Thank you Natalie, God Bless you." ... written by Eileen1005
Natalie is the best. She tells me what she feels is true and will happen. I trust her. " ... written by triciamoon
Wow... You're awesome... Thank you so much!!!" ... written by stillhotat50
very good in prediction" ... written by apple
She is on the level of a great or even the best psychic!" ... written by mikey
Very good predictions." ... written by apple
She is a helpful, kind, and caring person. Very compassionate." ... written by Vicki
Very good and a lot of insight." ... written by apple
Nat is very accurate! The best on this site! Well worth every penny!" ... written by Lovingheart118
Very good predictions!" ... written by apple
Very good and quick response." ... written by apple
Good reading from only my first name! Will see how things unfold. Thankful for the advise given." ... written by angelina
Great reader!" ... written by HappyKellyGirl
Predictions always come true!" ... written by 04apple
Brilliant as always." ... written by Beccaboo72
Ok, sage advice. Life is so strange." ... written by phoenixrisen
Very quick, a lot insight and good predictions." ... written by apple
great reading, gave me a lot to go on." ... written by carl
Accurate nice kind honest and the one for me." ... written by paul
It was ok!" ... written by Christina
Amazing!! Always so accurate she is the real deal." ... written by yellow girl
She was very good and picked up the general karma immediately. She described the current situation and gave me a strategy for progress. Would definite recommend. " ... written by April
Good predictions and a lot of good insights! Very sweet 'n' honest!" ... written by apple
She is an accurate reader." ... written by myojin
Thank you very much. It was a good session! " ... written by Irina Argo
Very good predictions 'n' quick on questions! Very good insights!" ... written by apple
She is very good good predictions you wont regret." ... written by apple
So I really owe intuitive natalie a glowing review, because along with a small handful of other psychics I go to for puzzling problems, she has proven very patient, very nice and caring and willing to answer. Plus she is so easy to feel comfortable with. I really recommend her, she has very good interpersonal knowledge and interpretive skills. " ... written by pitabread
Very good 'n' resourceful! Good predictions!" ... written by apple
On the spot! Very intriguing and good reading." ... written by sixtosix
Very good, highly recommended!" ... written by apple
It was okay :)" ... written by vvvv
Very good." ... written by psymeow
Excellent Reader." ... written by Need2know5
Another great reading and good advice." ... written by Erica
A lot pf insight and guidance n good detail on answers to questions" ... written by apple
It seems like she had a good read on my situation and gave me good advice as to how to move forward. I like her no-nonsense style, and I think she's the real deal. Great Reading, thank you" ... written by lavenderlilly13
she is very good n positive n good predictions" ... written by apple
Very good predictions." ... written by appple
I give her 5 star for great psychic abilities and all the insights that she gives. Very accurate and too the point. Don't waste time. Highly recommendable. Will go back to her. " ... written by Need2know5
l really liked her." ... written by luckyanna
Gave me a good reading and things to look forward to!" ... written by Kyra
Very accurate!!!! " ... written by Angela
5 star" ... written by mikey
Great reading... i recommend her. :)" ... written by sandy
Trueful told me there changes of certain paths and help out alot it actually released alot of pressure off my heart and soul thank you so much!" ... written by rialey
Thank you Natalie...very quick and to the point...very intuitive. :)" ... written by J
Very accurate, highly recommendable." ... written by need2know5
5 stars!" ... written by britt
One of a kind." ... written by blue
Crystal clear as always. " ... written by Dan
To sum it up, just perfect!" ... written by charbel
Love this lady. Full of happy energy always, and very down to earth." ... written by sharron
Great psychic. Thank you!!" ... written by lavenderlilly13
Missed her !! It is good to see you and thank you again." ... written by JL
VERY GOOD!" ... written by luckyanna
Very good reader." ... written by Need2know5
Very great readings!" ... written by apple
Questions answered and she confirmed my suspicions. Thank you" ... written by marialuis
Excellent Reader" ... written by need2know5
Great reader" ... written by hppykellygirl
Very quick, lots of detail n good predictions!" ... written by apple
Natalie has a great energy - concise typed answers and great feedback...gave a timeline reference as well! Thank you! " ... written by Samantha
My first reading with Natalie. Great reading, fast connection... Thank you for your time! :) " ... written by cobayangini
I like this woman andamp; believe she is genuine, she spotted several things and left me feeling more confident." ... written by devene pagebaca
Five stars:)" ... written by Todd
Very good reading great predictions alot great input." ... written by apple
Amazing." ... written by luckyanna
She is great. I loved the advice and her work." ... written by Starfish444
I was once addicted to drinking and now I feel saved thank you soo much. I am frreee, I used gamble and hire hookers but now I have this wonderful person that come from the heaven above u like an angel natalie thank u." ... written by tank
Great and very quick and good insight!" ... written by apple
Amazing and quick to the point." ... written by Kitkat02
Awesome AWESOME !! Learned I need to move on !!! Just what i needed ! lol i even knew it, just need to be told i guess !!! " ... written by Summer
Quick to connect and answer questions. Will have to keep you posted as to results. " ... written by Curiosity24
Excellent and straightforward." ... written by dee
She was spot on. Quick and accurate." ... written by cjay
Very accurate in reading present situations, and issues with a person's self. Feel much more confident with the what is to come, now that I know what to do." ... written by colbersb
Beautiful friendly, as always and her predictions always come to pass. She is brilliant looking forward to the next few months. Thanks, Nat! :) x" ... written by Beccaboo72
The best reader on oranum!! Very accurate and on point! Cares very much about her customers!" ... written by Lovingheart118
She sees everything. Feel so relieved by our conversation, now I can just relax. Thank you." ... written by Angela press
She validated my feelings about a certain situation. Good info!" ... written by marialuis
I give her 5 stars, she is very accurate and what ever she has told me so far has been truthful. Will go back to her and highly recommendable. " ... written by Need2know5
Very good n quick n answers everything." ... written by apple
Very good reader, excellent reader." ... written by need2know5
Thank you" ... written by rakim
Good, and precise..." ... written by Rocille
5 star reading with a 5 star psychic. Thank you Natalie." ... written by barbara
Well I will see what happens and will give an update!" ... written by Ruth Ann
Very sweet, and good energy, and alot guidance with her answers to questions." ... written by apple
Amazing. " ... written by daren
Very good and to the point and good insight." ... written by apple
Excellent reader, very clear reading." ... written by need2know5
Excellent Reader." ... written by need2know5
amazing! you wont be disappointed!" ... written by tiffany
Thank you Natalie! You're the best!!!God bless and hug sxxx" ... written by Heartnsoul
Excellent and to the point reader." ... written by need2know5
Helpful. Thanks!" ... written by kar
Very good and great prediction." ... written by apple
She is good, really good." ... written by Susanne K Blente Olsen
Very sweet and sincere, very honest no bs, straight forward." ... written by apple
Excellent reader!" ... written by Lovingheart118
Never have a problem, can always count on her to give what is needed. " ... written by daren
Natalie was terrific, right on picking up my two passed loved ones. She gave me peace blessings and light. Thank you so much." ... written by Janine
She never fails to give a sense of direction...Wonderful advice...Great as ever!!!" ... written by Aeon_Flux
Very quick and a lot of helpful insight!!!" ... written by apple
Excellent Reader and very good reader!" ... written by Need2know5
Amazing! " ... written by jul
always a joy to consult with a lot of insight and help" ... written by apple
Very Honest reading!" ... written by Sunny
All correct, thank you." ... written by annieandfamily
Needed clarification and I received it..she's great!!" ... written by Shelly
Very good energy and a lot of direction and sees a lot in your life." ... written by apple
Great, she was straight forward and I enjoyed the reading." ... written by Ingrid
Very good reader on the role n to the point, great guidance and a lot of answers, highly recommend." ... written by apple
She seemed very tuned in to what is happening. Will check back for an update." ... written by Moneque
Excellent." ... written by Karen Lut
Excellent Reader." ... written by need2know5
She is awesome! Very clear and gifted " ... written by sunshine678
Thank you so much - you are awesome." ... written by sunshine
Clear and accurate! Thanks!" ... written by j
Very good reading and picking up the people in my life. " ... written by Jasia
Thank you for your honesty." ... written by sunshine
Very quick and attentive and good answers and insight n a lot of guidance." ... written by apple
Excellent Reader." ... written by need2know5
Natalie is always great!" ... written by ZipperWaffle
very quick and great answers" ... written by apple
Great! She knows what shes doing and does it well. " ... written by daren
Very quick and to the point and Lot answers" ... written by apple
Thank you for giving me courage and clarity for my decisions....^^" ... written by Nightfall85
Very to the point, very good insight." ... written by apple
Very good n honest n a blessed reading!" ... written by apple
Well, I like her, doesn't waste your time, goes straight to the point, she's calm. I'll see what happens..." ... written by Chris
Very on point and sweet and honest n good predictions." ... written by apple
Natalie was excellent. Very direct and to the point. Insightful!" ... written by Amy
She was great and to the point. Thank you Natalie." ... written by laura
Very open n honest n good readings." ... written by apple
Great reading, thank you." ... written by jp
So helpful :)" ... written by Lauren
Very clear and precise, thank you." ... written by Elaine Faber
Awesome. Love her!" ... written by sunshine
It was wonderful, she got right into it. And things no one else know." ... written by Songbird
Awesome, always great." ... written by sunshine
Great reader." ... written by apple
Awesome readings always love the clarity. I highly recomend" ... written by apple
very bright and a lot insight great predictions" ... written by apple
Amazing woman! I will one day meet so she can see what a man like my self can do. I will take her to my country and give her my palace once more many blessing to you. Thank you for your reading! " ... written by mohhamad alarbin
She has a gift and a lot insight into your life. Questions brings peace and calmness. Direct and honest to your questions." ... written by apple
Great reading. Thank you!" ... written by mahham sarzar
Excellent Reader." ... written by need2know5
Excellent Reader, Highly Recommendable" ... written by need2know5
She is so clear n precise detail on any issue you hv brings calmness n helps alot w her answrrs n great detail reads very eell a gods gift" ... written by apple
Very great awesome reading b always on target." ... written by apple
Awesome reading always very intuitive and alot she sees i highly recomend." ... written by apple
Always a pleasure to chat with. Always great readings! Knows so much of detail and very, very intuitive. Worth it." ... written by apple
Very good n on target i alwaus go to her for insigjt." ... written by apple
Natalie is best here. No need say word, she starts talking, and I was and you also will be blown away. Accurate, very fast, concrete and into so much detail, she also translates the angel information to you in a very human understandable manner. top :)" ... written by doctorpeter1
Very good. Always head on with the situation and sees a lot with detail and open view." ... written by apple
Very on topic lot etail to the point very good highly recomend" ... written by apple
Very good and to the point." ... written by davidtjl
Nice reader, she goes to the point. Good connection." ... written by Eva
Good reader, highly recommendable." ... written by need2know5
Very great reader, knows a lot and on target." ... written by Apple
Excellent Reader, Highly Recommendable!" ... written by need2know5
Excellent Reader, Highly recommendable." ... written by need2know5
Always amazing reading, so kind, honest, and accurate." ... written by paul.golden69
good reading." ... written by shea
A blessing! Awesome insight!" ... written by apple
Very very great insight awesome reading!" ... written by apple
awesome" ... written by jackie
Thanks, will look forward to see whats happening." ... written by joe
Very intuitive, connected to my situation quickly, I will return as she was pretty spot on for me." ... written by Leticia
She is full of alot insight with detail very very intuitive." ... written by apple
Always come to her for reading for prediction, highly recommendable." ... written by need2know5
Good. " ... written by Sonny Untung (Me)
She is always a great reader no matter what ur inquiring" ... written by apple
Always brings peace and calmness." ... written by apple
Excellent Reader!" ... written by need2know5
Detailed read!" ... written by sk
I hope her predictions come to pass. I can't wait for new adventures!" ... written by magical
5 stars! The best psychic! Very on spot, a lot open and detailed answers." ... written by apple
Very good at what she does highly recommend." ... written by apple
Very intuitive and knows what she saying a lot great insight and clear answers." ... written by apple
Excellent Reader" ... written by need2know5
Our reading was short but she was able to give me insight. Thank you." ... written by kar
She is very good and positive and good insight." ... written by apple
Very good awesome reading." ... written by apple
Clear and good insight very intuitive." ... written by apple
Your always my favorite one." ... written by ja
She is very clear and accurate. Her predictions have happened. I always go back to her for confirmation. She is very quick and highly recommendable. I give her more than 5 Stars." ... written by Need2know5
She has very good insight, awesome reading" ... written by apple
she has a gift and shares it with grace is very good about reading any situation and gives guidance." ... written by apple
Very good Reader, excellent reader." ... written by Need2know5
Excellent Reader!" ... written by need2know5
Sees alot with precise detail and foretells and guides situation" ... written by apple
Good Reading." ... written by Paul
Five stars!" ... written by khandirose
A very good reading, kinda freaky actually. " ... written by Paul
I am sorry about time limit. You saw very well. It was great help to me. Thank you i really appreciate your help." ... written by epi
Insightful reading, need to be positive" ... written by Paul
Another five star reading by Natalie! I usually have no specific question." ... written by Metalrat22Virgo
Spot on as usual xxxx" ... written by IainHarg46
Awesome reading." ... written by apple
Good as always, very honest, sweet and caring." ... written by apple
God given gift with a lot of insight." ... written by apple
Very good and intuitive, sees a lot with detail." ... written by apple
A jewel of readings." ... written by apple
Helped a lot, helped me look at the situation." ... written by Karma
awesome one of the best" ... written by apple
Nat is fantasitc, always helpful!" ... written by Vicki
Shes so great, lovely and accurate. Strong intuition and clear-sightedness! Happy she around. Not my first or last reading with her. xxx " ... written by AUS
Very awesomd reading" ... written by apple
Very excellent reading. thanks natalie, you are a saint." ... written by Joseph
thanks for the info. Speak soon :)" ... written by guisep
Natalie was very pleasant to communicate with. She answered all my questions within a short while. I am feeling much more optimistic after talking to her and am looking forward to the predictions and time frames! I'll follow her advice! Thank you Natalie! " ... written by Mimi
Very informative insight and you can count on her as always..." ... written by aeon_flux
always on point!" ... written by kkhandirose
Nat is very helpful and thoughtful and caring!" ... written by Vicki
very great n intuotive" ... written by apple
Nat is very kind and helpful." ... written by Vicki
Interesting read" ... written by Paul
Very great reading, lot of details." ... written by apple
Amazing as usual!!! ty Nat and God Bless You!!!" ... written by Heartnsoul
Great reading" ... written by james
Excellent Reader" ... written by need2know5
Saw accurately the slowness in speed in finding love! She seemed to think it would be soon...." ... written by Susan
I feel she was right on track. She said a lot of my current situation and didn't sugar coat. She is very talented. " ... written by Ana
Truly intuitive, really like our readings fast and accurate :)" ... written by Ana
Thank you!" ... written by ann
Open view of everything." ... written by apple
Thank you for my reading, you picked up on a lot of things. " ... written by roselilly
Very good and intuitive a blessing." ... written by apple
Beautiful soul always honest n caring with readings very helpful" ... written by apple
Great reading" ... written by apple
She is great!" ... written by Hassan
awesome jewel, great guidance!" ... written by apple
5 Star as always! :)" ... written by Ana
Very Accurate and always go back for confirmation. Highly Recommendable." ... written by need2know5
Great reading. Good feedback and insight. Really talented, must try! :) Great person, honest and very fast! " ... written by Ana
Excellent Reader" ... written by need2know5
She's great :) Really helps and wont sugar coat. Her talent is truly amazing. See for your self and you'll be amazed how much she knows. Thank you Natalie! " ... written by Ana
Very sweet and caring and sees a lot into your situation with guidance." ... written by apple
She hit on some things that were so random but accurate! She's amazing!" ... written by Zeigen
She was really exceptional. I enjoyed the reading very much." ... written by Lucidity954
Very good and answers are precise and to the point." ... written by Holly
reassuring, quick and very talented. strongly recommend her. her gift is really impressive. Truthful and no sugarcoating. :) thank you Natalie!! " ... written by Ana
Great reader, awesome reading!" ... written by apple
Looking good " ... written by arash
:) Her talent is great she is so fast!!! And accurate! Love her! :) " ... written by Ana
Very fast and accurate..." ... written by n g
I have had many readings with Nat....and she is always good and gives me information or predictions.... she has be good with her predictions. I would recommend her.." ... written by MyLuvvvv
Thanks great reading and information gave me alot to think about." ... written by ikroyalakr
Helped me have hope and understanding." ... written by pinkpather30
Good advice" ... written by ashla
I am so very Glad Nat was online today...She has always helped me and her predictions have always be correct...Thank you Nat!" ... written by tasha_j
As always, great reading. Natalie read into my issues quickly and gave me clarity." ... written by zforever
Very open, honest and clear readings!" ... written by apple
Very fast :) Love our readings, I just keep coming back!" ... written by Ana
Time went so fast in our private, but Natalie answered quick and friendly :) Thanks Natalie!" ... written by kundra
Was very good, would look to have more readings from her. Wonderful energy!" ... written by kirk
Brilliant, great reading here! Thanks so much... One of best, honest, accurate been to..." ... written by r
Great reading!!! I feel a lot better!!! Thanks!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
She's fast and seems to be on hint! :)" ... written by Ana
Awesome reader." ... written by apple
Very good reading, looked at things both short-term and long-term, and gave as many details as she could. Thanks Natalie :) " ... written by Missy A
Gives me hope!" ... written by Denise
Good reading" ... written by ryk
Good Reading....." ... written by Saurabh Trehan
Awesome reading as always!" ... written by apple
Thank you!" ... written by judith
Excellent Reader, like her very much and very reliable, always go back to her for confirmation and highly reliable and very accurate. " ... written by need2know5
Very nice and honest. Didn't need anything other than names." ... written by neks
Aweseom reading. Will be back! " ... written by SmileyT
Great! Thank you!" ... written by jen
I was happy with the reading in which she shed light on some areas for me. I have had numerous readings from intuitive Natalie in the past and have always been happy. Will contact again." ... written by Sticky toffee
Blessed are you Natalie, for telling things so spot on. I have other things to ask you, but laters. Thank you for helping me. Please remember me in your prayers" ... written by happigal27
Short session but straight to the point. I will see her again." ... written by maria
Fast reading.. very accurate." ... written by regine
Beautiful reading, shes' a gift from God. Such detail and great insight into your readings. Brings peace to me always." ... written by apple
To the point, will see the accuracy. HONEST. Thank you very much." ... written by Jill
Helpful as always" ... written by happigal27
Fabulous reading, tuned straight in. :)" ... written by Helen
Excellent reader! Highly recommendable and always go back to her for confirmations. Please visit her. 10stars" ... written by need2know5
Excellent!" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
excellent reading" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Thanks again for the clarity and accuracy Natalie!" ... written by ikroyalakr
A very good reading felt she was spot on. No sugar wording" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
She was good. Very accurate. " ... written by Mamma6
Natalie is straight-forward and truly hope what she feel comes true. Yet, I feel a lot better~ Thanks, Natalie!" ... written by Leanna
Very good reading, tapped in well!" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Detailed!" ... written by sk
Thanks for updates :) Keep you posted!" ... written by S
Nat is always quick and to the point, very good!" ... written by lauren
Great reader, always go back to her for confirmation, highly regarded and recommendable, 10 stars!" ... written by need2know5
She's awesome. was completely in tune. ;-)" ... written by SM
Quick and to the point ... good reader!" ... written by Ann
Very great reader." ... written by apple
Thanks for the updates natalie... Appreciated" ... written by S
Great reader! Ty :)" ... written by Chia
I have had quite a few readings off Natalie now and they have always been very accurate get a reading with her you won't regret it " ... written by Beccaboo72
amazing reading." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Natalie is always on the spot very helpful." ... written by Vicki
Thanks so much natalie." ... written by S
She is a jewel. " ... written by apple
Very great reading!" ... written by apple
Very nice reading, thank you." ... written by Hana
Update read. Good info and in line with events that are current." ... written by marialuis
She is a jewel as always, great insight n wonderful reading..." ... written by houston
Accurate! Very good reader!" ... written by Ann
Great connection to the situation." ... written by apple
Great predictions, awesome reader, very genuine!" ... written by apple
Thanks Nat for the update and trying to help me figure out a situation where silence on the part of others has confused me greatly at times. You are a lovely lady with lots of help fro me in my confusion for me in that I am grateful. Also what you told me on work issues separately appears to be holding true also outside of relationship matters we discuss. :) Blessings." ... written by S
Thanks as always!" ... written by S
Her predictions were quite different from the others - will wait what happens. She's very concise and straight to the point - won't waste your time. I say her intuitions were good as she sensed I intend to travel. Overall, she's good." ... written by Iza
She is an awesome Clairvoyant I highly recommend her! :-)" ... written by Beatriz Liliana Segoviano
Thank you, I will be sure to come back with updates and confirmation. :)" ... written by essjayokay
Good reading." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Very open and honest. She answers the questions you are looking for." ... written by woods
Very fast and very good psychic and right on." ... written by adrian
Awesome reading." ... written by apple
Reading was precise and very fast and to the point. She is just amazing!" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Beautiful person, very sweet and very helpful. You wont regret an awesome reading!" ... written by apple
Natalie is straightforward... Certain of her reading. Great support!" ... written by leanna
Love to have reads from you, you're very nice person... Hope your reading will come true... Thank you so much for your help... Love to chat with you again one day... God bless you!" ... written by Natalia
SHE IS AWESOME!!!!! Quick and simple answer but right to the point....Ill come back to you...thank you so much!" ... written by GB
Very good and helpful. Made complete sense of what she said and put me back on the right path." ... written by Pam
Excellent reading!!!!" ... written by Carolyn
Really good." ... written by love
Helpful and dependable as always." ... written by happigal27
Thanks for the updates here. Always a pleasure :)" ... written by S
Had others readings with her always connects well and helps relief my stress and worries. She is very gifted and helpful extremely polite and understanding." ... written by pinkpather30
Just done reading with Natali. As always she's just amazing girl, its really worthed to have her reading. Best recommendation on this side. Thank you so much! " ... written by Natalia
Thank you Natalie for your help. I will come back again for updates. Thanks!" ... written by M..
Excellent Reader, highly recommendable" ... written by need2know5
Great reading one of a kind..." ... written by apple
Wonderful view and reading. Awesome, open reading." ... written by apple
Was helpful in what I needed to know" ... written by Katie
Awesome!!" ... written by April
Thank you, Natalie, my dear, it was great, 5 star follow up on my personal stuff. Will be back soon, blessings, Alla." ... written by Alla
Thanks for the update on matters today on various matters in life...always a helpful pleasure getting a reading from Natalie." ... written by S
Very quick and good predictions, very accurate to read situation." ... written by apple
She is great!! " ... written by judith
Very great and spiritual open and honest reading" ... written by apple
Natalie is a kindest soul and her reading is truthful and I felt it. I will come back to you always my dear. 5 star reading!!! Love, Alla" ... written by Alla
Great Reader and Always go back to her for confirmation! Highly Recommendable. " ... written by need2know5
Always happy and feel better after chat with her, straight to the point and hopefully all her readings will come true.. Thank you Nat, you the best! " ... written by Natalia
For some reason I trust you and I do wish the things you told me to happen. I will keep you posted. " ... written by :) Love
Thank you Natalie for one more time you took my worries away. You make me feel more positive every time I talk with you. I will be back soon. Hugs!" ... written by :) Love
Very good awesome genuine reading." ... written by apple
Very intuitive and awesome reading." ... written by apple
Very caring and honest and great reading." ... written by apple
Good person quick reader no bullshit and honest." ... written by apple
She was very quick, honest, and straight to the point. Highly recommend!! thank you again!" ... written by Scadoodle
I found her absolutely amazing and right on." ... written by Roxanne
Was only in the room a few minutes but she answered my questions and connected very quickly and accurately. 5*" ... written by Mshelli
Thank you Natalie for your reading, you are very fast and to the point. You are helping me very much thank you!" ... written by Aria
Thanks so much... Always a pleasure." ... written by S
Great intuitive .. so accurate connected so well... all what she said made sense to me. Thanks nat ! :)" ... written by Ana
Very quick and awesome clear reading" ... written by apple
She is really good reader great with timelines and a lot detail in reading." ... written by apple
Great help, in fighting my worries back and keeping me calm" ... written by Katie
Very sweet and makes time and cares and deep reading." ... written by apple
Very great reading!" ... written by apple
Great reading. Unique, quick reading into situation." ... written by appe
Awesome reading." ... written by apple
She helps a lot. Really does, I recommend her thanks for all." ... written by Ana
Good reading. Straight to the point. " ... written by ar
She is great! Thanks Nat. " ... written by Ana
She is great helps a lot " ... written by Ana
She is very gifted sees alot insight into your situation and is very helpful" ... written by apple
Very insightful reading and also very calming… I love how she connects with the situation really quickly! Thank you!" ... written by sandra
Very great reading awesome bright views." ... written by apple
Very great reader!" ... written by apple
I loved her answer and hope it is true. But Im sure it is hard to answer such a complicated question/situation in a short period of time. She's good and gave me hope." ... written by myra
Very clear reading!" ... written by apple
Beautiful person as a guide n so much positive guidance n gives insight to ur problems" ... written by apple
She was very helpful, thanks so much :)" ... written by Ana
Very helpful, put my mind at ease! :) " ... written by sam
Great reading, she's real." ... written by apple
Good advice!!!! Thank you. Straight forward." ... written by greena
She was quick, and very much connected with the situation at hand! Thank you!" ... written by Scadoodle
Reading was good." ... written by imbeingme
She told me many things I was surprised to hear. OIbviously very talented and honest. Glad I took the time to get this reading." ... written by lillie
Very good." ... written by luckyanna
Have had a few readings with her always gives me hope, clarity guidance and understanding. Truly gifted." ... written by pinkpather30
Awesome reading very great n bright reading." ... written by apple
Looking forward to prediction and results." ... written by apple
Natalie is beyond amazing as a reader. She is my angel who gives me clarity, good energy and good luck. I am happy and confident in myself every time I speak to you my dear. God bless you for being there for me and others. Love and hugs, Alla." ... written by Alla
Great reader!" ... written by need2know5
Thank you Natalie. I hope things get better for my situation. Very good reading!" ... written by Nectar
Very honest and direct, Will wait to see what happens." ... written by pinkpather30
I feel her reading was honest and credible and reflected all the persons involved. She provided predictions and given the circumstances regarding everyone they were no doubt accurate. Thank you for your honesty, it was appreciated." ... written by Rachel
great reading" ... written by apple
very accurate and precise " ... written by Debra
Very honest and quick reading!" ... written by apple
very good reader" ... written by apple
Very great reader." ... written by apple
Awesome" ... written by John
awesome! thank you!" ... written by journey13
Hmm well if it true.She good !!!" ... written by Shirlena
Wow is all I have to say. She hit things in the past and pressent with a bullseye. I'm hoping her predictions will be on par with the rest of the reading. Thank you so much natalie." ... written by Pete
Wonderful as always." ... written by sudha2809
Great reading and on point." ... written by Tamika36
Gave me clear and decisive understanding for things." ... written by Katie
Thank you for your help." ... written by francine
Thanks for the reading. Wonderful insight and guidance as usual, well worth the time!" ... written by ikroyalakr
Always connects well, answers all my stressed out questions that run though my mind and puts me a ease and looking towards the positive." ... written by pinkpather30
Excellent reading. Amazing reader. A must try" ... written by Cindy
Very informative." ... written by Anthony
Connects well, Helps give me hope in a very difficult situation." ... written by pinkpather30
Good! " ... written by christina
Very good reader!" ... written by apple
She was great, took a lot of time to answer questions and was very accurate. " ... written by TBD
All of natalie's predictions come true. She makes me feel like i'm not diving off the deep end. I could talk to her all day " ... written by Marquita
very great lady big heart honest n sincere readings.." ... written by apple
She is very good in connecting in private so give her a chance, you won't be dissapointed." ... written by Deja
Good reading." ... written by bba
Great reader!" ... written by apple
Thanks again for your guidance - here's hoping things turn out well!" ... written by ikroyalakrkr
Very honest ready, quick and spot on. Would definitely recommend." ... written by Mshelli
Natalie is awesome. She is fast and gave me lot of information. She is one of the best readers. Thank you!!!" ... written by MOIZ
very impressive thank u so much!" ... written by beth
As always, great reading, she's sincere and always calms me down. Very sweet and good view on situation." ... written by apple
the celerity she has is seamless " ... written by Katie
awesome reading very good reader" ... written by apple
great reading very good at seeing" ... written by apple
You are gifted Natalie...truly gifted. Thank you so much for your insight. Very much appreciated." ... written by familyhelper
She is simply amazing ! FIVE (5) STARS!" ... written by Jennifer
Great reading, wonderful person." ... written by apple
Her readings have been giving me strength to face what I need to." ... written by Katie
Very good!" ... written by luckyanna
Great reading as always!" ... written by apple
Great clear reading!" ... written by Katie
Very great reading awesome woman." ... written by apple
She was very accurate in her reading" ... written by Staci
Unique and open reading with a great sense of seeing." ... written by apple
Her reading help me to calm down and focus on the positive" ... written by Katie
She is great." ... written by Oolong
she was spot on and very accurate with my situation...will definitely come back for another reading and updates...thank you so much for the hope and clarity" ... written by chevygirl118
great reader spot on very nice" ... written by apple
Natalie is kind and she is straightforward and i like it. Thanks Natalie for the insights and guidance" ... written by leanna
She is a great reader and sees a lot." ... written by apple
I always enjoy my readings with Natalie. She is super fast and answers all my questions with honesty. She tells me both good and bad things that may come in my way and helps me to take control of the situation. I like that she is very focused without trying to analyze me but just gives me the facts as she sees them. I keep coming to her and I plan to keep doing that. 5 stars!" ... written by Love
I appreciate Natalie's insight. She is very open and quite accurate!! Shockingly so actually" ... written by Randi
Natalie gave me hope with her reading. I can't wait for her prediction come to pass. Thank you very much, Natalie!" ... written by Moonchild59
She has good abilities, quietly perceptive and does not say something for the sake of saying it. " ... written by Chitra
Natalie gave great, helpful info and I hope the positive comes true." ... written by amanda
Thank you for your honesty!" ... written by sunshine
Natalie does give me support and guidance when i'm so down and lost. Thank you so much!!!! " ... written by leanna
Very great reading .... been consulting for years and never failed me." ... written by apple
As always wonderful reader... gave me insight." ... written by apple
Very great reading." ... written by ape
Excellent. Quick, fast, time frames make sense. She's a great girl with great energy! You must read with her!!" ... written by sexy_turnip
Kind and honest Reading" ... written by n
Good reading as always helped calm my nerves," ... written by pinkpather30
I liked her. Calmed me for some reason. " ... written by Noone
Thank you! Very nice person, fast reading. Very helpful and I will let you know about 2-4 weeks what takes place." ... written by franccine
Very helpful to me and I thank her" ... written by christina
As always, very intuitive." ... written by apple
Great reading every time." ... written by Katie
A good reading and very intuitive." ... written by apple
She was very helpful and honest which is what I needed, I appreciate her abilities, would go again!" ... written by christa
Great reading as always....highly recommended." ... written by apple
What I love about Natalie and I keep coming for readings is that she doesn't waste your time. Super fast and calm. She makes me jealous of how calm she is :) Her readings are to the point. I don't seek life coaching etc I seek straight forward answers and that is what I get every time. Thanks Natalie." ... written by M
Typed very fast! Straight to the point!!! Connected quickly! :)" ... written by krissy
So far Natalie is very specific and consistent on her predictions. I do like her way of er readings and I will keep coming back because some how she makes me trust her. Thanks Natalie. " ... written by G
great reading" ... written by apeple
Excellent Reader, 10 on 10, always go back for assurance!" ... written by need2know5
I JUST LOVE HER, THANK U NATALIE!" ... written by beth
Great first reading with her. Very specific and helpful. I appreciate the help." ... written by G
I always like to talk with Natalie. Fast and to the point. Be back soon for any updates. Thanks again Natalie." ... written by :) Love
Very helpful! Five gold stars." ... written by Katie
Great reading!" ... written by apple
Great, fast, and straight to the point." ... written by David
Good reading - very clear." ... written by brownie
Thank you Natalie will be back for updates. " ... written by G
Great reading very insightful!!!!!!!!" ... written by apple
Excellent reading, very quick and accurate. Will be back!" ... written by Annie
Great reading! Very on spot quick to answer! I highly recommend!" ... written by apple
Accurate. Thank u so much!! Her presence is very soothing and calming. I believe her. I am just waiting on the prediction to come true. " ... written by No Name
Thank you for the reading! Sounds accurate." ... written by Antoinette
very accuarate reading thank you for your time" ... written by amanda
Thank you so much Natalie. Whenever we talk you make me feel good. I will be back soon. " ... written by G
Very quick, andamp; doesn't waste credits. Natural ability as an intuitive. Keeps you engaged the whole time with complete clarity and even brings up things that you know need to be attended to. " ... written by Laura
Unique great reading!!!! Awesome reader!" ... written by apple
Thank you for the insight. Good reading." ... written by sweetsx
Fast and excellent. " ... written by earth
Clear readings without judgement." ... written by Katie
Great reading!" ... written by apple
Awesome as always! Thank you!" ... written by :) Love
Great as always! " ... written by :) Love
Natalie just confirmed my past readings. She picks up very fast... Oh my god, she is the real deal!!! Thanks Natalie!!" ... written by super_angel
People need to read with her! She's so gifted and so real! Super accurate and above and beyond. One of the few great gems and readers." ... written by people
thanks natalie you are awesome!" ... written by beth
awesome reading" ... written by apple
great reading good nice n sweet" ... written by apple
Natalie gave a prompt for an update. It was right at the time when things were going pear shaped for me and Dom. So glad I talked...her direction and reassurance were amazing. Thank you" ... written by Sanity 53
natalie is encouraging. at least i feel the hope. Thank you so much. Thank you." ... written by leana
oh god what can i say, all positive, i go private now already for 2 years, that's biggest proof how great and good natalie is, a great professional a great person on soo many levels, intelligent, sweet, she's fast, quick, accurate i got so many details, she translates the angel messages for you in very human language, she predicted money was coming soon..happened, predicted an evil guy will enter life of girl i love(d)..happened, etc etc also can calms you down, really changes your energy for the better, step by step, an amazing psychic, professional, very well balanced, till today i don't understand how she does it, like ..the way of describing a person how she/he really is without even seeing her/him, things that enter your life and your path and also from the other person.. months/years before, amazing" ... written by Peter
Thank you Natalie!" ... written by :) Love
great a wonderful reader" ... written by apple
She very good !!!" ... written by Shirlena
great reading" ... written by apple
Thank you Natalie! Very fast and direct. 5 stars!" ... written by G
once again very clear and I appreciate your efforts. I will get more details and get back in touch. Thanks!" ... written by Sanity 53
I LOVE YOUR ADVICE. THANK U NATALIE.." ... written by beth
Great reading." ... written by apple
Amazing as always :):) thankyou hunni :):)" ... written by Natasha
Great reader! Only have to give name and she'll intuitively pick up everything. Comes highly recommended." ... written by Aaron
Great reading!!!!" ... written by apple
great reading." ... written by aople
Great fast read as always. Very accurate and to the point. " ... written by Feebrs
Very quick and honest response." ... written by Randi
I love her calm energy. What I like about Natalie is that she gives me straight answers. She doesn't waste my credits. Thanks Natalie and keep on the good work. I appreciate your time. Always 5 Stars. " ... written by :) Love
she is a true angel helped me when I need guidance, I'm truly grateful for her wise words " ... written by Tat
Always happy to have readings with you! 5 STARS" ... written by :) Love
Great reading awesome reader" ... written by apple
Loved it, spot on about the person. " ... written by suraya
Great reading, quick and confident answers. " ... written by Jennifer
Very quick and relaxing and seems very accurate!!!!!!!" ... written by piper
Always great to have reading with you! Thank you ! " ... written by :) Love
Understanding and with deep insights, as always." ... written by Iris
Fast accurate, to the point. She has been correct thus far. :)" ... written by RandI
She really good!!!" ... written by Shirlena
First time ever and she got me what I want to know. I'll do it better next time now I know what it is all about. Thank you." ... written by CECILY BRUMMELL
Great reading. " ... written by apple
thank you for sharing some interesting facts :)" ... written by sirilee
Always good to talk with you Natalie. Calming and straight forward. Thank you. 5 Stars" ... written by :) Love
Good reading in a very small duration." ... written by Ash
Great reading as always wonderful reading" ... written by apple
She is very accurate... what ever she said came true.. like exactly like what she said... I have been doing readings with her from quite sometime and am a regular... Her readings are very accurate... go for her..." ... written by MyLuvvvv
Fast wish i had more time" ... written by georgiapeach37
Natalie gave me some insight into what some people were thinking and what to do. Clarity." ... written by Anna
Good to listen to natalie and she gives me support. I look forward to her vision to come true." ... written by leanna
5 stars sweet alot insight n fast reader" ... written by apple
Wonderful 10 star reading!!! She's a spiritual and spot on reading." ... written by apple
Thank you so much Natalie :) Great reading as always!" ... written by :) Love
great reading" ... written by apple
10stars shes a great reader been getting readins for past 2 to 3 years shes sincere n honest n quick reader" ... written by apple
straight forward, right on... amazing...:)" ... written by ShellyB000
quick n unique readimg" ... written by apple
fabulous as usual" ... written by sudha2809
honest and great as always" ... written by ShellyB000
She very excellent reader." ... written by Shirlena
great unique reading bery good reader" ... written by apple
Very nice reading! Thanks." ... written by Meli
Excellent! Very good and right on. Quick, straight to the point." ... written by ShellyB000
Great reading." ... written by apple
Thanks" ... written by M..
great reading. she is quick to read" ... written by apple
I was very impressed. The reader picked up much information about myself and the other person that she could not possiby have gotten from me. Thank you. :)" ... written by Maria
Very good and picked up right away. Thank you Natalie." ... written by LL
unique reading" ... written by applr
She was able to read into my current situation. She also didn't sugar coat the bright future that will take some time. " ... written by Beau
Great quick honest." ... written by ShellyB000
Good!" ... written by Matthew Lozano
always gives readings with amazing accuracy" ... written by Mel
Thank you my dear, was a good reading, hope you all come to light soon x" ... written by jade50
thank u so much " ... written by ppppppp
Thank you for the guidance, I can tell you are a real psychic." ... written by islander2000
Great reading awesome reading." ... written by apple
good reading. connected quickly." ... written by tilthe
good as usual" ... written by sudha2809
this was my first reading with natalie and i can verify that she picked up on something about the person i enquired about. that was very impressive and all of the comments have been but true. " ... written by luxxicon
She's awesome, reads on it" ... written by M
highlh recomend she calms u n is sincere no bullshit" ... written by apple
She gave very detailed readings..Thank you!" ... written by Moiz
Great reading!" ... written by apple
Once again very on point and great to catch up with the issues I have asked her assistance on. I feel grounded with respect for Natalie's talents. Thanks" ... written by Sanity53..Cecily
Very good honest reading. She picked up things very quickly. Give Intuitive Natalie a try" ... written by Stickytoffee
She gave very detailed readings!" ... written by Moiz
<" ... written by Shelley
Always wonderful, clear, quick and helpful" ... written by Shelly
great reading" ... written by apple
she is very quick and accurate. love the way she gives reading. thank you so much" ... written by zcy
she seems accurate. she answered all of my questions. just need to give it time to see the accuracy of some of the answers for the future. overall I liked her." ... written by nellymar
quick reader and truthful and genuine" ... written by apple
One of the best readers in this site. Natalie has tunes immediately into my questions and gives me great insight. Excellent! 5 stars!" ... written by :) Love
5 minute reading lol but she was good either way! " ... written by Tabitha
great reading" ... written by apple
Natalie is very quick to connect and very intuitive. She is giving me some insight on a situation that is close to my heart. I will touch base again soon!" ... written by denise
amazing as always.... helps reset me a bit and gives me some hope." ... written by shelly
very good read, she answer all my questions very quickly and to the point...thank yu so much" ... written by misty
wonderful insightful reading the best" ... written by apple
great reading" ... written by apple
good chatting, thanks for the update!" ... written by sirilee
Nice reading. Quick typist and responses. " ... written by Sharlene
Thank u for the update." ... written by sweetsx
great reading" ... written by apple
Great reading." ... written by apple
Always good - right on!" ... written by shelly
My best one here....She is great with her readings!" ... written by tasha_j
focusing on what is going on. very good, I was confused, Thanks! " ... written by me
great teafing" ... written by apple
great unique reading one of the best," ... written by apple
great reading" ... written by apple
lets seee" ... written by ppppppp
She excellent !!!" ... written by Shirlena
Great and on spot as usual!" ... written by Phoenix
Natalie is fast and responds honestly. It's like talking to a patient friend. " ... written by Roxanne
Natalie is always very quick to connect to the situation, and sh givs intuitive and accurate readings." ... written by densie
a unique genuine reading" ... written by apple
Good reading. :)" ... written by mysterious2610
Spot on! Excellent" ... written by Judy
Natalie is the best at providing clarity and helping you clear the fog. She has helped sooooo much and I thank her so much!" ... written by williamsjac09
A wonderful Being. Honest, straightforward, insightful." ... written by Juwezah
She is wonderful. I will be back." ... written by singermcbr
Excellent insights - one of the best readers on Oranum! :)" ... written by Maria
great reading. thank u" ... written by androsea
always so clear and decisive in what she has to tell you, always lifts my spirits " ... written by Katie
great reading" ... written by apple
Natalie is really great at connecting and understanding the situation clearly. She gives lots of great details and insights into what is going on. I will check back in next week. Thanks!" ... written by peachrose
very good, helped ease my mind and provide a more insight into what is ahead for myself and my family. thanks again" ... written by Florence
shes a sweet honest sincere caring fast reader" ... written by apple
to the point .. positive … what I needed to hear. " ... written by Loris
excellent as always !" ... written by bety
Great!!!!!" ... written by Zuzana
she is very clear and quick." ... written by Renee
Good, quick, honest, and clear as always" ... written by Shelly
great reading" ... written by apple
helpful and kind!" ... written by Kiran
very interesting.lots to digest" ... written by michele
natalie is good :) recommend" ... written by cool
good reading" ... written by apple
Natalie is the coolest!! i really like readings from her! She is accurate and great person to speak to :) which is why i come back Thanks!!" ... written by muse
natalie thank u so much, i finally got the answers cause of your are wonderful as always" ... written by IBETH
Great readings every time, I enjoy the hope she give" ... written by Katie
Natalie is great, right on, honest, and quick. Thanks so much!! I couldn't have gotten through the last few weeks without your help. " ... written by Shelly
great reading" ... written by apple
I enjoy her reading every time" ... written by Katie
Always very honest, quick, and clear." ... written by Shelly
Thank you Natalie, I appreciate your honesty and of how fast you tap in the situation. 5 Stars always" ... written by :) Love
greatvreading as always" ... written by apple
unique greatvreading" ... written by apple
she is really good, thanks " ... written by l
great reading as always" ... written by apple
thanks!!!" ... written by czhu
thanks for the reading. always a pleasure" ... written by olivezcy
Natalie was extremely helpful and clear. I always appreciate sound advice and honest practice. Natalie gave me a clear picture and reassurance for my issue and did not waste time. I gave Natalie the most basic information but she came through and that is what I was looking for. I will return. Thanks, Natalie " ... written by sanity53
Love Love Love getting readings fro her" ... written by Katie
great reading" ... written by apple
So amazing and the advice thank you so much love always" ... written by beth
Natalie is pretty intuitive, and connects quickly. She doesn't speak, but does type quickly, and answers questions quickly. I will wait to see if her predictions come true. " ... written by peachrose
wonderful reading" ... written by apple
great reading" ... written by apple
honest n quick to read n good detail n timeframes" ... written by apple
she is so nice.. calm.. insightful.. thankyou Natalie" ... written by donna
great reading" ... written by apple
Thanks for your great intuition and advice." ... written by islander2000
I would definitely go back for more readings from natalie. Can i give 10 stars ,LOL. Im excited aBout the future." ... written by Jay
greatvreading ver unique n honest" ... written by apple
Good reading" ... written by Sparkle Pony
accurate, she picked up on my situation and family situation immediately! very good." ... written by Jenny
great reading" ... written by apple
truthful and very gifted" ... written by tammyj1974
Thank you for the reading!Very good !" ... written by aurelia
She is just wonderful! Has alot of insight on the situation and is great to talk to as well as accurate. awesome!!!" ... written by Muse
She is always there when I need her." ... written by Katie
I think she is very good and I do believe her comments!" ... written by Scott
great reading" ... written by apple
natalie is a good reader" ... written by erika
very good ....great advice too...lets hope the prediction comes true which i believe will ....i will again then give a review...thanks " ... written by voc
good as always, direct and clear" ... written by Shelly
great reading" ... written by apple
Good reading after all...I no what I need to do know. Thank you very much, it's nice to talk with someone." ... written by Monta28
great reading" ... written by apple
Quick and pleasant. Picks up quickly. " ... written by Sha
Such a great and clear reading, I go to her every time" ... written by Katie
Very good and helpful" ... written by fifth
pgreat reading" ... written by apple
as always very unique reading! highly suggest u wont regret give her a try quick to connect n honest no bullshit reading! the real deal!,,," ... written by apple
She is very quick and accurate,a very friendly person.I love coming back to her for updates." ... written by n g
Nat is amazing one of the people i speak to a lot because its great talking to her!! " ... written by Muse
great reading" ... written by apple
I wish I had more time with her. She is always quick to connect to the situation, and gives good info. Definitely worth trying." ... written by peachrose
Clear and to the point, thing make sense when I talk to her " ... written by Katie
Natalie is very quick to connect to my concerns, and she always has good intuition. I definitely recommend her!" ... written by peach
Thank you so much for your help!" ... written by Blonde
Natalie is always direct and see's good." ... written by shelly
she is amazing." ... written by n g
as always a great reading, shes wonderful good insight types fast n connects quick" ... written by apple
Great reading every time!" ... written by Katie
Natalie is fast and honest. She always answers my questions fast and she tries to give me exactly what she sees. She is very good 5 stars!" ... written by :) Love
She knew how i was feeling and I just want to move on but she is right about my boy friend of 3 years." ... written by Annmarie Mckenzie
Picked up on situation. Was quick and didn't waste time." ... written by Sha
always honest and sincere, see clear." ... written by shelly
I feel like she's one of my closest friends. You can talk to her about anything and she reads everything, clear, quick, will not take advantage of you or time. You are very lucky if you get a reading from her:)." ... written by Shelly
Natalie is quick to connect and pretty intuitive. " ... written by peach
Crazy reading! she is always right on target!" ... written by Katie
Awesome reading." ... written by apple
thank u for the reading!" ... written by lynnrmc
She was good" ... written by Janice75
she is very good!! accurate and to the point" ... written by Orionstar
Well she did definitely tell me what i knew already. So she is legit. " ... written by sunshine
Natalie gave me a very intense reading today on a matter that has me concerned at the moment. Her intuition was accurate as she pin-pointed questions I had not asked before and gave me responses not entirely welcome but acceptable. " ... written by sanity53
What can I say? Natalie is very intuitive, and she is quick to provide details. I continue to ask her for insight into a situation I have been dealing with closely. She's good." ... written by Peach
Thanks for the reading, great insight!" ... written by ikroyalak
good reading" ... written by applr
very very accurate. speechless. she is so gifted. Everything she said, I knew is true, and so accurate. Very calm and very patient lady. Loving and caring spirit. Thank you again from my bottom of my heart, a very long session, clear, and got all my answers." ... written by pigletme123
specific and direct, she is good " ... written by munirah
great reader n honest i recomend" ... written by apple
she is quick and awesome" ... written by wtb
great reading" ... written by apple
She is always there for me, and helps put my mind at ease." ... written by Katie
thank you!" ... written by Blonde
Thank you Natalie!" ... written by :) Love
Reads without judgement, and has a quick and clear reading" ... written by Katie
intuitivenatalie was very helpful and connected to my energy. 5 star psycic and great reading. was very helpful. thank you " ... written by barbara
She is super helpful and also accurate! " ... written by Sonnie
great alwaayyys great. natalie is so intuitive and right on my situation. love this girl, thanks so much. xoxoxoxoxxo" ... written by melissa
natalie thanks so much for this reading I needed this. You were accurate and so right about things in my life and very fast at typing. Again thank u so much. I now don't need to feel all worried and stressed. I will be back here soon to have a reading again. thank u xoxo" ... written by melissa
Very good to the point, and accurate! I would highly recommend her..." ... written by Arana
Thanks for the clarity Natalie - highly recommended!" ... written by ikroyala
natalie is best psychic here, sooo fast, sooo accurate, sooo much details, what's now happening she predicted THREE years ago !!!! a great great professional !!" ... written by Peter
She helped me with a situation I had today and it all makes sense." ... written by Blonde
natalie is so honest and is so right on the situation I am going through, I absolutely love love her she really gets me and understands me. so accurate all the time, Very good reading. thank u natalie." ... written by melissa
Hit the nail on the head a couple of times. Confirmed what we already were thinking." ... written by Heather
good reading!" ... written by nf1
thanks for the quick reading" ... written by ~~
grrat reading" ... written by apple
thank u natalie. once again u r amazing girl. thank u for the advice always xoxo" ... written by mel
Very interesting - first time I've done this." ... written by Dave
thanks you again! another lovely read!!! :) " ... written by summer
Very nice reading. Sweet lady. Accurate." ... written by Theresa
She was very helpful! Straight to the point, and was very clear about things whether they were good or bad news. Thanks so much!" ... written by slinky222
She is great, I get clear, quick readings from her that are right on the money " ... written by Katie
honest, caring, types n connects quick very great reader into ur situation n she cares" ... written by apple
Very quick to pick up on things. Will see how things turn out." ... written by AB
great reading strong n positive reader" ... written by apple
good reading" ... written by needfaith1
Nat is great and fast. she is so kind." ... written by lousie
great reading" ... written by apple
Very insightful and calming, I recommend! " ... written by Tony
need time to see what turns out. Seems good answers." ... written by Lyn
thank you for the read. it was insightful and revealing. i suppose i will need to make some decisions of my own somewhere down the line on what i want to do..." ... written by leodragon
great reading n awesome reader" ... written by apple
Natalie put me right at ease. She picked up on my situation and now am feeling very hopeful. Thank you Natalie xx" ... written by LilyCicco
She is great straight forward I recommend her if you want a serious answer." ... written by Mack
she is always clearing things up for me, I love her readings" ... written by Katie
she seem good" ... written by alex
thank you for the reading. hope things will turn out as you say. :)" ... written by leodragon
I can only hope what she says is true.... she did tune into the situation spot on. Loved the insight" ... written by Randi
always there! thanks :)" ... written by nf1
Excellent reader. FAST, succinct, accurate. Many thanks! Five stars." ... written by Flugur
great reading" ... written by apple
very helpful becoming one of my favorites." ... written by shades212
thanks again natalie for helping me with my situation my problems. I kno I get stressed about so much and over worry but u always help me with ur kind words and pick up on my situation. u r always right. thnk u xoxo love and light" ... written by mel
Natalie is straight forward and honest, good reader, and homes into the situation quickly. While honest, she's empathetic and has helped guide me through some hard times. I would recommend her. She's clear and will not take advantage of your time. I would only recommend 2 people and she is one of them." ... written by Shelly
thank you so much. very reassuring read. i will be patient" ... written by leodragon
thank you :)" ... written by summer
she was clear and gave me great info" ... written by lavelle
thank you for the reading. it was insightful as always. :) " ... written by leodragon
Very good. Felt like someone I could really trust." ... written by Brian
I love my readings with her. She picks up on things so quickly and the accuracy is amazing!!" ... written by Randi
excellent readings thank you" ... written by zimerili1
Natalie has never steered me wrong before. She is always very helpful and charming" ... written by Randi
Natalie was insightful and able to connect quickly." ... written by Debbie
awesome fast and clear to the point" ... written by dan
very uplifting reading. she connects fast and does not waste time! highly recommended!" ... written by leodragon
positive and open heart, tells me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear" ... written by Katie
great reading " ... written by veezee
She is amazing :) very true!" ... written by M
thanks for the reading, will look forward to predictions!!!" ... written by jon
nati thank u for a wonderful prvt u r amazing as usual, spot on my situation. xoxo" ... written by melissa
amazing updates...very connected and spot on!!!" ... written by n g
She was a good reader, i had questions that were impossible to answer and she did her best. " ... written by tyler
Natalie is very straight good or bad, and insightful. " ... written by Shelly
great reading" ... written by apple
Good reader" ... written by pinkpather30
Very fast and accurate. Excellent reader." ... written by Fulgur
good" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
good! picked up on stuff without me divulging too much :) - ill be back for more!" ... written by sophie brunson
A real medium. She is gifted and I will go to her again and again. " ... written by Eli
Very insightful, I got answers to what I wanted to know " ... written by Katie
She is amazing. I spent a lot of money tlaking to her and will speak to her again. She knows what she is doing and is very kind. " ... written by Eli Hoffman
thank you. good to know how he is feeling..." ... written by leodragon
great reading" ... written by apple
Great reading!!! Hope everything comes to pass" ... written by Bellezalatina
Great reading, helps know for sure that my knowledge is clear" ... written by Katie
Natalie is very intuitive. I go to her to help guide my understanding of a relationship I am in and it has helped me a great deal. She has a gift that not many people have and she is always very kind. " ... written by Eli
Good, clear, honest... always great insight." ... written by shelly
Great help from her. Feel a little relieved. " ... written by Sony
she's sweet" ... written by Zeigen
Helps me to calm down every time and know whats really going on." ... written by Katie
Her readings are very detailed and she does not ask questions...very impressive....Thank you" ... written by Moiz
Thank you..." ... written by Shelly
Natalie, is great - clear and honest, good perception on the scenario." ... written by Shelly
thank you :)" ... written by hilly
Just what I needed...straight talk!! No frills, etc, just real concise answers. She connected very well to the heart of my questions and issues. Her readings are worth her rate and more! Thumbs Up Lady!" ... written by Cordie167
She's right on!" ... written by N
Natalie - Is gifted and so extremely helpful. I have spoken to many mediums and she is one of the best. I defer to her a lot. She is patient and kind....She tolerates all my questions graciously!" ... written by Eli
She's excellent. Could see the situation right away. Very informative reading. " ... written by L
very good and positive. " ... written by shades
I go to her every time!" ... written by Katie
fantastic and on point reading" ... written by t jones
great readinh" ... written by apple
She was on point and answered questions, quickly, sympathetically and before I could ask them. Straight forward and reassuring. " ... written by Danielle
great reading" ... written by apple
My readings with Natalie are always very straight forward, accurate and fast. she doesn't waste time and cuts straight to the point. always very on point in my life! Thank you!!" ... written by Randi
Natalie - As always insightful and kind. Her readings have kept my anxiety in check because I understand my situation much better. " ... written by Eli
Natalie was very accurate in the things I already felt were the case and has helped me to make a couple of decisions that I was a little uncertain about. She has confirmed my suspicions" ... written by sam
I think she was very accurate....." ... written by Angela
grest resding " ... written by apple
so quick and super accurate, a very good reader." ... written by human
great reading" ... written by apple
Good, fast typer, answered my questions, would recommend." ... written by aw
thanks, will look forward to meeting this girl =]" ... written by jon
Natalie - Is always welcoming, insightful, and kind. Her readings are very accurate. The information she gives me has helped me to view aspects of my life more positively or with greater caution. As always, I keep returning to her for help." ... written by Eli
always accurate and helpful!" ... written by eli
Natalie always calms me with her wisdom. That is why I return to her " ... written by Eli
She was great, everything she said made so much sense!!! " ... written by Ana
Thank you for your reading with me tonight. I have trusted you in the past and you have been on the mark about things happening for me. Thank you for your time tonight." ... written by FC
very good clear and honest " ... written by me
I went to see Natalie last year. She told me that my ex at the time was not for me. As you do when you love someone you only want to hear the good things. Turned out what she said was correct. She picked up everything. I came back to her today and the outcome was what I was hoping for and it was. No sugar coating with Natalie, She is amazing and I will be back for more updates. Thank you Natalie you are worth all the stars. " ... written by Rosa
great reading" ... written by apple
If you want a seriously accurate reading by a kind and thoughtful person, talk to Natalie. She is always there for me. She is so patient and understanding. " ... written by Eli
Always helpful and someone I turn to often!" ... written by Eli
awesome and spot on!" ... written by brunny76
she is straight to the point and direct. I love talking to her. " ... written by eli
Natalie is always there to answer my questions with honesty and thoroughness. She is great." ... written by eli
Good Reading, very understanding." ... written by Sunflower1931
OMG!!! SO accurate!!! Please consult her today." ... written by tamm
Natalie is clear and concise, honest. Tunes in quickly to situations." ... written by Shelly
Thank you so much natalie for putting my mind at rest in this matter Awsome xxxx" ... written by john24521
great reading as always" ... written by apple
nice3 woman. and yes intuitive. also empathic" ... written by a
She is very accurate and to the point. I felt what she said to me was right on." ... written by Leeanne
with natalie.Very positive and informative. Seems to be caring and considerate. Would like to do more readings " ... written by shades212
Very insightful reading...has given me sense of easiness!!!" ... written by aeon_flux
shes very very good and has alot of empathy, love talking to her " ... written by vvd450
Great reading!" ... written by Victoria
Great reading, so glad to have met her" ... written by Katie
accurate reader I return to often" ... written by eli
great resding" ... written by apple
great reading" ... written by apple
Very fast Very accurate ..... always appreciate my readings with Natalie" ... written by Randi
Very good. She knew things about my situation that she couldn't have known unless she was psychic. She was on the money with everything she said. Very informative and to the point. Answered all my questions. I believe she is truly gifted and look forward to her predications. I will definatley be back." ... written by Roseanna
she is amazing helped me so much and what she says is very accurate. :) " ... written by Ana
very good " ... written by loveanddlight
nati thank u again for this wonderful private reading u have given me. Again, u r absolutely wonderful, sweet, honest and right always. Thank u so much. will be back soon with u okay. thanks again xoxo blessings take care " ... written by melissa
Mauvelous!! And she's a redhead, so... lol She's to the point. Great personality. Highly recommend." ... written by Linda
This is the third time I've gotten some insight from Natalie. She's very caring, but doesn't sugar-coat it. Very honest. Great at shedding light on questionable situations. She doesn't rush you. Wonderful psychic. I would definitely recommend her!" ... written by Linda
speechles, because she give me solution make me better much.." ... written by amalia
Straight to the point and i trully cant hardly wait to come again ,,,, see you soon nat..." ... written by amalia
she is fast, clear, and concise. i look forward to what will unfold according to her predictions. " ... written by ccc
great reading" ... written by apple
Accurate reading who is quick and insightful. I touch base with her often" ... written by eli
Always has a good energy, and a clear reading for me" ... written by Katie
great reading" ... written by apple
gracias nati for a great reading thank u. u r fast at connecting and u get down to the point. xoxo hun " ... written by melissa
good reading" ... written by apple
cool and perceptive. Accurate." ... written by Neu
great reading " ... written by apple
great reading " ... written by veezee
Accurate reader who is very kind but speaks with no frills. She gets straight to the point and doesn't waste your time. She is great and I keep returning to her. " ... written by eli
she is really good. helps me a lot with what she sees. she tells u the truth ,.. no sugar coating . thanks so much for ur help" ... written by Ana
Thank you girl. . you really helped a lot" ... written by Blonde
she is very accurate in my first reading with her. I recommend her highly" ... written by Theodora
she hit everything on the nail without me really saying to much " ... written by kr
IntuitiveNatalie is very helpful and very comforting! " ... written by Mark
She picked up on everything that was going on. Thank you!!" ... written by Blonde
again and again...she always have a good motivation for me..." ... written by amalia
unique n honest reading" ... written by apple
Quick and clear reading, I have having time with her" ... written by Katie
Very compassionate. Listened well" ... written by alison
thank u so much nati for the wonderful prvt reading. love to go on prvt with u, ur answers r always correct and truthful. thank u so much xoxo" ... written by melissa
great reading" ... written by apple
ty" ... written by miller41280
Thank you for an insightful reading." ... written by N
very specific, good." ... written by Alan
She gave me some great advice. thank you." ... written by Nicole
direct and honest reading, no waste of words or time ; just honest insight - i'm glad i turned to her (:" ... written by Aureus
She eases your mind through her caring and insightful abilities. Highly recommend." ... written by Linda
Quick and accurate " ... written by Katie
great inisght" ... written by maggielee
Wonderful psychic. Very intuitive. =o)" ... written by Linda
very honest and caring" ... written by gchild001
very helpful, insightful, and compassionate. Tells you the truth in a considerate way. I highly recommend. " ... written by Linda
Excellent psychic. Very informative and caring. " ... written by Linda
very good" ... written by sati11
Natalie is my idol...and i'm her fans trully...see you nat, more succes for you" ... written by amalia
Wonderful reader. Very informative. Highly recommend." ... written by Linda
Excellent and understanding. Patient." ... written by Linda
Very insightful. Gives good advice." ... written by Linda
Great reading and very clear" ... written by Katie
Intuitive Natalie is a fantastic reader. She gives very precise answers to your quesitons, even if they make you want to scream. Whether the answer is sour or sweet, you get it." ... written by Linda
" ... written by Sooriamurthy
WOW!!! What dedication to her craft. Natalie is truly amazing. She should get one of those ribbons you all give the other psychics on here. Very intuitive." ... written by Linda
good to get clarity. thank you. you're always direct which i appreciate. " ... written by leodragon2014
wonderful reader i trust her n been reading w her for years" ... written by apple
great reading" ... written by apple
Very enlightening." ... written by Linda
Very enlightening reading. I highly recommend." ... written by Linda
Everything is so accurate. Cant wait... She is really good and i recommend her" ... written by theodora
A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!!!!" ... written by Linda
Thank you Natalie you are great. :) ! " ... written by Ana
great reading" ... written by apple
Great reading," ... written by pinkpather30
great reader" ... written by apple
Wonderful and insightful." ... written by Linda
was good " ... written by maura
best reader honest, quick and sincere! no bullshit she cares n go extra mile i been see her for last 3 years and i highly recomend she is the real deal!!!" ... written by apple
found comfort in her words. Thank you." ... written by Nicole
She is very honest. if no she would say no and if yes she would say yes. thank you for helping me out " ... written by Francesca
One of my favorite readers on here! This is my third or 4th reading from her, she is accurate!" ... written by HealerFromThEast
Connected quickly and gave me a great deal of information. Saw my situation very clear." ... written by Alex
Very insightful and accurate. I really think she is good, she could predict correctly without me telling her the details. So with that being said, I do like that. I think she is one of the best. " ... written by Roseanna
Connected Quick and had some good insights" ... written by Eve
she was awesome I liked her " ... written by lori
WOW!!! Natalie was spot-on with her reading! What she told me a few months back would happen in the coming months is finally coming to fruition. Exceedingly intuitive. Brilliant reader! I highly recommend! And she has a very lively and entertaining chatroom as well. A+++++ psychic." ... written by Linda
nati thank u a ton, was feeling so under the weather and had to come and see u have this girl time/talk with u thank u for this prvt, for connecting so well to the other person and feeling how they feel and seeing what is going on with my life now. thank u always will be bck. truthful accurate and wonderful blessings" ... written by mel
thanks nati for ur advice, this prvt was helpful. u r always here for me girl. truthful honest and caring. luv u thank u xoxo" ... written by melissa
auick n clear response to the point great reader" ... written by apple
honest, direct, no sugar coated words... excellent!!!" ... written by joy
Amazing psychic! She has a wonderful attitude and provides a very fullfilling experience with her knowledge and insight." ... written by Melissa
Natalie's truthful words help in difficult situations. I highly recommend her." ... written by Linda
quick typer. fast connection. very happy!" ... written by sally
Thank you so much Natalie" ... written by Randi
stellar information. Everything she said lined up perfectly with the current state of life. I hope her predictions for the future do as well" ... written by zentropy
Very personable. Insightful. Highly recommend." ... written by Linda
Straightforward, fast, warm, caring and to the point! very efficient! Recommend her 100%" ... written by Liliana
Clear and precise, love to getting readings with her she sets my heart as ease " ... written by Katie
Good." ... written by T
a great reader, direct and efficient! " ... written by krat13
She is great. inded "intuitive" haha ive had 3 consecutive readings in about a month and she has been on point. Thanks Natalie! " ... written by Ana
Thank you. " ... written by d2k1000
Answered my questions quickly and to the point and with truth. I feel so much better. Thank you very much" ... written by Kris
Nat is fantastic. She is very on point and accurate with what she picks up!! Absolutely amazing reader!! Don't hesitate to get a reading with her!" ... written by Randi
good "listener". gives excellent feedback on questions asked of her. I definitely recommend her." ... written by Linda
fast, answered my questions. seemed honest" ... written by ana
very good" ... written by luckyanna
When I need things affirmed, I always go to Natalie. She is a very accurate reader. " ... written by Eli
great" ... written by AJ
Wonderful reader" ... written by Randi
very laid back down to earth.Gets down to the point and doesant impose any suggestions." ... written by jessica
great reading" ... written by apple
very nice" ... written by luke
great" ... written by great
Natalie is very intuitive and kind. I love going to her cause she is accurate and sweet" ... written by eli
Natalie connects quickly and straight to the point. Very professional and focused. I highly recommend her. " ... written by G
Very positive. She seemed very sweet. " ... written by Eden
great reading, fast, accurate, quick to the point on answers and recommend highly. Will go to again. Thanks" ... written by Maxskyblue
Insightful! Looking forward to seeing the future as she told me. " ... written by Kal
intune....and quite realistic and reassuring....cant wait for things to unfold...." ... written by lovehouston
thanks friendly :) will see if predication will come to past. thank you again. " ... written by watersfree
She was great" ... written by Shirley
great reading quick honest n picks up connection wuick wonderful reader w a gift she my favorite n she honest" ... written by apple
Good reading" ... written by GZRNYC
love her detailed reading!!!!" ... written by olive
thank u nati for a wonderful prvt reading. thanks for the update I haven't been on in a while and just getting on u reconnected with me like that.. very truthful, fast and accurate. will be back thanks again. hoping for the best" ... written by mel
thank you" ... written by watersfree
Natalie is an accurate reader. Straight forward and very kind. " ... written by eli
great reader quick to connect she go extra mile really cares n honest" ... written by apple
thank u so much nati for this prvt always right accurate and on point on what needs to be said without me telling u, u know the answer and everything. I hope for the best and will continue to keep pushing forward. thank u. " ... written by mel
I think shes on it when it comes to me " ... written by amy
nati is great, shes predicted things and have haoppend recently she predicted I would bounce right back from my job position and I did, I honestly didn't think I was going to but I did. I cannot wait for the other predictions. thank u" ... written by mel
Accurate!" ... written by Natalie
Natalie has a wonderful ability to give you insight so as to relax you in any situation that you might be concerned or be stressing about. She's very enlightening and helpful in her guidance. I highly recommend her as a reader/psychic." ... written by Linda
picked up faster and good connected." ... written by happy
She connects very fast! I will come see her again in a couple of weeks with an update. I feel that she is the real deal!! I highly recommend her!!" ... written by 888
Always great having a reading, she is very straight forward and doesn't sugar coat. Also a helpful coach! :)" ... written by Maya
great reading" ... written by aapple
You was right ty " ... written by jason
Natalie is so great and amazing. she read me like an open book and knew things about my past and present that no one can possibly know. she also made future predictions related to career, finances and relationships and other areas. she's so honest and accurate and will tell you everything she sees and feels. she's not only a real deal but so special and so unique and so gifted and blessed. I will always come back to her for answers and recommend her to anyone who needs insights and answers. " ... written by dolefuldoll
Natalie was my first time to get a reading only this site and my first reading in 2 years. Natalie was very quick and through with my general overall read. And the things she siad were very close to home with what I was going through. Thanks Natalie you are very talented, and friendly." ... written by Jessie
nati thank u for another great reading. always picking up on my situation on the person and helping me make the right decisions. u r always accurate honest and great. thank u" ... written by mel
insightful reading as always. hope things turn up soon. " ... written by leodragon2014
Clear reading of comfort " ... written by Katie
fast and quick. I hope what she said is true. 5 stars" ... written by georgiapeach37
Insightful and positive I love getting readings from her" ... written by Katie
Natalie is so sweet...quiet as a mouse, but powerful as a brickhouse. This woman's insight is amazing, she connects quickly and gives it to you....her energy is soothing also, kind of calming effect. Kind of like Yoga and tea with a side of french fries...meaning perfection." ... written by Bronxie
She really helped to ease my mind. Thank you Natalie" ... written by ***
awesome reading" ... written by apple
Interesting - to the point - lets wait and see how correct the outcome will be. But generally happy with the reading." ... written by Brian e Ebden
thanks so much, Great~" ... written by happy
great reading" ... written by apple
Natalie's as perfect as always! This is why I come back to her each and every time! I guarantee you once you have a reading with Natalie, she will be your one and only reader for always because you will be so impressed with her accuracy and witness her predictions come true and unfold just as she described them. She is so perfect in reading your past, present and future and will pick up on everything with details. She's truly the best and no one can compare with her gifts and blessings. She is truly blessed and you will experience it too and feel the same way I feel about her. Simply, she is the queen of all psychics and if it were up to me, she is the psychic of the year 2015 and every year until end of time! May God always bless you Natalie!" ... written by dolefuldoll
great reading, thank you" ... written by Aida
great reading" ... written by apple
I had my first reading with Natalie. She's a very gifted woman. I've seen a few on here and she's amazing! Natalie tries her best to be in great detail and gives good advice and insight. I would definitely recommend everyone to see her for a reading." ... written by Love_Dove
Natalie is the only choice for me. Very intuitive and accurate" ... written by Alice
Thank you!" ... written by CL
great reading" ... written by apple
she is my to go to!!! she is really awesome and fast! she has helped me a lot in the past and being so accurate. thanks Natalie! :)" ... written by Ana
Great reading ty so much!" ... written by Eve
great reading" ... written by apple
great reading awesome detail n quick connection" ... written by apple
great reading" ... written by apple
She is quiet as a mouse...but I promise you - she will give your answers without hesitation. I believe her to be the real deal. 100% Amazingly Natalie!" ... written by Bronxie
Her past prediction came true. She is very accurate and her energy is very comforting. I highly recommend her. " ... written by ***
great reading" ... written by apple
A delight to talk to...She hit everything on the head. " ... written by D
great reading" ... written by apple
Thank you Natalie. Lovely reads.... always enjoy them" ... written by Randi
Weirdest energy ever .... I entered her room and felt immediately calmer. " ... written by Randi
Insightful " ... written by Alejandro Drausal
Natalie was amazing...she really picked up on my situation very clearly. I felt very at ease with her and feel she is very gifted. Appreciate her words and guidance" ... written by Carrie
Nathalie is great :) helps a lot " ... written by Ana
good reading, lets see what happens" ... written by ash
Thank you, again, you are accurate and you just confirmed whatever my gut feelings are. One of the most reliable readers, thank you." ... written by Joseph
Great very helpful with something I was wondering on. Recommended :)" ... written by Bob
Natalie is one of the most gifted person on this site. I love her!" ... written by eli hoffman
nati thank u for this prvt, I kno its been a while since ive been on but u still know my situation and thank u for helping me with this. I will do what u say maybe it is better afterall and I will just hope for the best as for my love I am looking forward to it. thank u xoxo" ... written by melissa
Perfect -- thank you!!" ... written by Kelsey
Her information was quick and to the point; what she said basically confirmed my own feelings on my situation. Which is validating. I would recommend her 100%; I will be coming back again! Thank you!" ... written by Kelsey
3months. i will wait." ... written by sun
honest and accurate reader with a kind heart" ... written by eli
great reading" ... written by apple
reliable insight. i appreciate her candidness and no frills approach. " ... written by leodragon2014
A+ wish i had more time" ... written by aaa
A fast and detailed and honest reading. I would definately recommend IntuitiveNatalie! " ... written by ilgiardino
Natalie is very detailed in her readings. She is very gifted. This has probably been my second or third reading with her. Hopefully what she sees is true" ... written by love_dove
Amazing!" ... written by amrita
nat is always wonderful..... her readings truly speak to me" ... written by Randi
She is fast and I hope that her predictions come true" ... written by georgiapeach37
she spotted on as always!! " ... written by chantelleplein
A very good reading, nice details and things seemed accurate." ... written by Kate
i needed to see and natalie helped a lot" ... written by leigh osborne
Wonderful reader. Very patient and thorough. I highly recommend her. I was very upset when I contacted her, but by the time we had finished the reading, I was calmed down by her insight and clarity. I have come back to her on more than one occasion because she always hits practically dead on each time." ... written by Linda
Its my second time with Natalie, she is really lovey and compassionate, I am hoping that her predictions will come true as her first did..." ... written by 123456
great reader" ... written by apple
She has blessed my life and given me peace on so many things" ... written by Katie
She is very accurate with her readings. Her past prediction came true. She picks up on things very quickly and does not sugar coat anything. " ... written by M
She is an accurate reader who is straightforward and kind. I speak with her often." ... written by eli
Natalie offers a straight for no frills but very accurate reading. She is also very kind" ... written by eli
natalie is an excellent reader. I admire her ability to see into what is being felt but not verbally expressed. it alleviates a lot of confusion. a definite go to if you need clarification. thank you, natalie ~." ... written by leodragon2014
This one was pretty fascinating. Similar insight to the other reading. It is definitely what I wanted to hear--not sure what that means but either way Natalie has a A+ ability to intuitively know what lies in-between what people say. Great performance. " ... written by Kaye
She is very nice to talk to. " ... written by ***
Natalie is an excellent reader. She is straightforward and very kind" ... written by eli
Thanks a mil Natalie, I hope for predictions to come true." ... written by rufus
She may be quiet as a little mouse...but she is powerful for sure" ... written by Bronxie
great reading" ... written by apple
wonderful reading very intuitive" ... written by apple
Natalie was very informative for my first time she put my mind and worries at ease,it was all posative couldnt have asked for a better person to give me my reading it was a feeling you see that connection you have it or you on't she has it thank you Natalie i will be seeing you again God Bless:)" ... written by canadian_grl
great always accurate and definitely picks up on what is going on." ... written by no1thatcares4u
I have spoken to Natalie twice now. SHE IS WONDERFUL!!!!!!" ... written by Sandra
Natalie has always been there when there was an emergency like tonight. She has always been an incredible reader" ... written by eli
Thank you Natalie! I certainly appreciate the insight!" ... written by Randi
great reading" ... written by apple
She connects very well. I love her energy! Thank you Natalei for good reading and the helpful advice." ... written by ***
I love her sooooo much, and the help she has given me is such a blessing" ... written by Katie
Wonderful reader. I highly recommend her. Very insightful." ... written by Linda
sorry it was so short... very quick with her connections and insight which is always extremely extremely accurate" ... written by Randi
Natalie is very thoughtful and insightful. I gained a lot of insight and peace from her reading. I definitely recommend her." ... written by Linda
Never tells me what I want to hear but what I need to hear without taking hope away.... I really do enjoy touching base and connecting with Natalie. I have been going to her for 2 years and do not see that changing" ... written by Randi
Excellent Thank You Natalie" ... written by Matt
asesome reading" ... written by apple
wow, quick as anything! Impressed, will return if all turns out" ... written by effy
Fantastic again! (Had to come back for clarification)" ... written by Randi
she was quick and right on the money." ... written by marissa
I just got done with a follow up reading. She told me earlier this year someone had stopped speaking to me because he ran into personal issues and it had nothing to do with his feelings towards me. " ... written by Randi
Mysterious and in tune" ... written by Angela
very fast " ... written by Nicole
Natalie has often had the final word on what I do. She is that good. " ... written by eli
what a sweetheart, nice, accurate and gave some great advice, thank u" ... written by a
Natalie always give a clear reading and answers tons of questions! She in very intuitive." ... written by peach
wonderful" ... written by ashellbynz
great reading i recomend" ... written by apple
GREAT analysis" ... written by BRIAN
Very good reading. straight on target" ... written by panagiota
Natalie is superb, spot on intuitive, and has some constructive advice. I would feel confident asking her about more issues in the future as ive gotten some good clarity today." ... written by Aloysius Crabtree
i got the answers i was seeking bye thank you" ... written by aundreya
Very nice and open conversation" ... written by Aaron
GREAT READING" ... written by cHLOE
GREAT READING..." ... written by CHLOE
great reading" ... written by apple
She seemed very on point with seeing how things are. Made me feel much better about things." ... written by Jaime
wonderful reading" ... written by apple
wonderful reading as always " ... written by apple
I thank the stars she is here to help" ... written by Katie
Was a bit too general..but perhaps she connected on one person. Okay and fine overall." ... written by lil
Natalie is the best psychic on the website. She is able to answer all of my questions and she's thorough. she's very nice and gives great advice. I prefer to see her than anyone on the site" ... written by Love_Dove
Natalie is truly intuitive...her keen insight is amazing, and her ability to see the whole situation is truly remarkable. Trust, you will like her." ... written by Bronxie
nati thank u for assuring me about everything that has been boggling my mind, I really haven't been able to stop thinking about all this and it upset me, but thank u for giving me a honest, precise answer. u r always amazing thank u xoxo" ... written by melissa
She is very kind and does very thorough and accurate readings. " ... written by eli
Nat is always very straight to the point and reassuring even when what she tells you may not be what you want to hear... she never leaves you without hope. I appreciate that in a reader. She is also very encouraging to play to your own strength!! " ... written by Randi
Wow! Love her, she is really so amazing, I will keep her on my side for sure , for future help, thank-you so much. I will take your advise." ... written by BlueAngel
Natalie is truly gifted. Much love and light xxxx" ... written by N
what's not to love about Natalie...she may be quiet but she is a powerful reader!" ... written by BRONXIE
Natalie is very intuitive and straight to the point with her accurate readings. She also has a huge heart. " ... written by Eli
Thank you Natalie! Always so helpful!" ... written by Randi
Excellent" ... written by nalini menon
thank you for your ears and shoulders i needed a person to hear me out thank you" ... written by m
picked up on key issues without much input. appreciated the reading." ... written by serenity
Intuitive Natalie is fantastic. Good news all around. I will be back!" ... written by Firebird
Good review" ... written by Matt
Thank you Natalie! You are wander full! " ... written by :) Love
very helpful " ... written by c.
She was listening to what I was saying and that calmed me down immediately" ... written by Janet C.
Natalie was quick to pick up :) good reading" ... written by Kundra
Natalie is an EXCEPTIONAL PSYCHIC. She will tell you the absolute truth about something, whether it is good or bad. You can trust what she tells you. She seems to be a very caring person, and can connect with you immediately." ... written by Sandra
very fast and good" ... written by jana
Natalie is such a great psychic and such a nice person! She is very caring and can connect with you immediately. She will tell you the truth about your situation and give you immediate help." ... written by Sandra
she told me the truth which was needed " ... written by aundreya
always accurate in her reading and very kind" ... written by natalie
That was a very informative reading and she picked up on the situation and made predictions too. I will come back to report. " ... written by Katharazz
One of the one's who are gifted on here...and she truly is an amazing reader. She see's what is happening and can tell you...amazing work always!" ... written by Bronxie
It was great talking to you again! Natalie is very kind and honest... she will tell you she feels and not sugar coat it." ... written by Shelly
Natalie is terrific!! She is a nice person and an excellent psychic!! You will be very glad you called her!! She will tell you everything you need to know, and will tell you immediately. I highly recommend her!!" ... written by Sandra
I found Natalie to be very sure in her responses," ... written by tree1212
She is fantastic! " ... written by Ermelinda
Nat is so exact...she doesn't play around, quick, accurate and always professional. A great adviser." ... written by Bronxie
I love Nat...she is quiet as a mouse, but this lady is truly intuitive and an amazing psychic." ... written by Bronxie
Natalie is great... clear and quick to read:). She picks up on the situation and other people. I would recommend her. Thank you as always Natalie!! " ... written by Shelly
Nat is very kind and calms down distress you have over issues with her clear and concise answers. Highly recommended." ... written by Linda
Natalie is always such an excellent psychic. She can connect with you immediately and be able to tell you everything you want to know. She is a caring person and will really help you. I highly, highly recommend her!!" ... written by Sandra
wonderful reader. very thorough and considerate. I highly recommend." ... written by Linda
I got a reading with her a couple of months ago and her predictions came true! She is so accurate with things. Definitely a go to psychic here on Oranum! " ... written by *****
Extremely accurate, detailed and well narrated situation of my previous and current love affairs. Really helped me to see what's going on. Highly recommended reader." ... written by bunebaba
Very good. Was happy about the reading" ... written by Angela
nati is great as usual always giving me the truthful response and is always here for me she is right about things. hopefully things turn out good. thank u" ... written by melissa
I feel she picks up on details very quickly. I have faith in this psychic. Hope what she says comes true:) Thank you for the reading" ... written by Shani
Natalie is always excellent! She will give you an exceptional reading!! She can connect with you immediately and tell you everything you need to know." ... written by Sandra
Thank you Natalie" ... written by Matt
Natalie is tremendous!! PLEASE, PLEASE contact her. You will be very glad you did!!! She is worth your time and money. She can connect with you immediately and tell you everything you need to know. " ... written by Sandra
i was very impressed. very honest and understand my situation extremely well." ... written by hh
:)" ... written by
great reading" ... written by apple
Natalie is very, very, very helpful!! She is an excellent psychic and can connect with you immediately. She will tell you everything you need to know; answer any question you might have. She is also a very caring, kindhearted person. I really, really recommend her!!" ... written by Sandra
Thank you again Natalie! She is wonderful!!" ... written by Randi
She is wonderful, truthful and honest. Very accurate" ... written by *****
thank you friendly and fast typest. " ... written by seeking guidance 2
thank you very much very straight to the point and fast! " ... written by seeking
Great Reading!" ... written by Stephanie
Thank you so much. I have hope now:) What you said seemed true according to everything I have found out myself" ... written by shani
Super accurate and lovely energy :)" ... written by N
reassuring, caring, honest!" ... written by sd
Nat - Is great, compassionate, honest and doesn't sugar coat:).. I would recommend her." ... written by Shelly
Ty - clear, tunes in quick. I would highly recommend getting a reading. She's clear and doesn't waste time." ... written by Nat
Natalie seemed to pick up on my coming situation very well. " ... written by Liz
Fast and to the point. Many thanks." ... written by goodwoman
Love, love, love Nat. Beautiful and gifted, she's the only person I see here." ... written by N
Natalie is so direct and straight forward with her very accurate readings. I go to her often because she is that good. " ... written by eli
Natalie is always quick and clear. She see's into situations, doesn't need anything. You may have to ask questions, but she will get you answers fast... expect truth and as a woman, love her readings... " ... written by Shelly
Natalie is straight to the point and very accurate. I go to her whenever possible. " ... written by eli
Natalie is accurate, straight to the point and very thorough. I go to her regularly. " ... written by eli
i've been to her a few times now. she's sweet! i wish i can hear her voice lol. but her readings are always very accurate, honest, and fast. i always have more clarity. thanks natalie :)" ... written by ale
Thank you very much Natalie. It was very helpful! Thank you!" ... written by Crystal
Natalie - Did my first reading on oranum and I keep going to her for great and accurate readings and advice!" ... written by Eli
Always there to answer all my questions with accuracy and patience." ... written by eli
first reading with natalie and she was very fast, accurate and detailed. Will be back for update....thank you" ... written by faith
great reading" ... written by apple
Natalie is so focused and accurate with her readings. She is someone I rely on. " ... written by eli
Very insightful and direct. Clear and concise ready touching on exactly what I needed." ... written by Teresa
Natalie is an excellent psychic. She will help you immediately, and tell you everything you need to know. She is very much worth your time and money! I highly recommend her to everyone!!" ... written by Sandra
Thank you for a clear reading again Natalie!" ... written by ShellyB
Wow.. she is not wasting time at all!" ... written by Bey
she is great. amazing how fast and accurate" ... written by Ana
Nat's the best here :) " ... written by N
great. her name says it all.. very intuitive said things tat connected to the situation. she is really great." ... written by Ana
Nat is amazing. She's very calming, and answers your questions in a calm and efficient manner. I highly recommend her" ... written by Linda
so far so good" ... written by Bey
Natalie is an insightful reader and isaccurate" ... written by eli
If you want someone who objectively looks and reads your situation, then ask Natalie. She is unbiased and works her hardest to give you the best reading she can. " ... written by ei
she was good" ... written by francis
natalie is very thorough and specific with her readings. I go to her often. " ... written by eli
Wow, she was fast, clear and was able to connect to my situation." ... written by Clover
If you want to get an accurate and straight forward reading by a very thoughtful person, go to Natalie!" ... written by Eli
she picked up on everything right away " ... written by stephanie
Natalie helped me gain insight on my current relationship and gave me sound advice on how to navigate some upcoming challenges. " ... written by shasha91
Thank you Nat as always for a clear and concise reading=)! I would recommend, does not waste time." ... written by shelly
Thanks for a great reading. Natalie has been helping me for a year, she's straight forward and tunes in quickly. She does not waste time." ... written by Shelly
I truly love Natalie! She is very gifted!" ... written by *(
she has helped a lot and been "scary accurate" at times :) she has been very honest and is very fast. any time i have doubts i come to her because she is reliable. i recommend. :) " ... written by Ana
Loved it !!!" ... written by S
Thank you Natalie for your help! I really appreciate it! :) All the best! " ... written by Crystal
natalie is accurate, precise and a very kind person" ... written by eli
woooooot! she's great :D :D :D i love her readings. thanks natalie youre the beest! always left with clarity :)" ... written by alecheme
Very fast...accurate and nice reading!" ... written by Larry
she honest n very quick to connect" ... written by apple
Natalie has clear visions and reads situations logically and straight forward. She is always honest with her readings and a big help. " ... written by eli
my favourite here :)" ... written by N
Thanks Natailie" ... written by Matt
like i said before.. amazing. " ... written by Ana
she is great. very helpful. i love our readings. she is scary accurate in a great way! she is my to go person!! thanks so much." ... written by Ana
:D :D :D " ... written by ale
Top psychic, always a help :)" ... written by B
Great reading as always! Tunes in quick - thx Nat!" ... written by Shelly
very helpful, clear and fast. she doesn't sugar coat, but says things in a nice way, never rude, understanding and has been right in the past. Thank you" ... written by Ana
very patient. detailed. accurate. thanks a lot. :)" ... written by Ana
Nat may be quiet as a mouse...but she truly is an incredible reader and I appreciate her gifts very much. Thanks as always Natalie!" ... written by Bronxie
Good, clear reading as always. Picks up quick and will not waste your time. " ... written by Shelly
Fantastic " ... written by Angela
Awesome guide and person, and an expert psychic ! Answered all my dilemmas along with guidance. I am feeling so much more relaxed now. So very helpful with nothing but straight facts and directions. Highly recommend Natalie for all burning questions. Best :)" ... written by Janta
good reading but ran out of credits" ... written by julie
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Great Reader !! Thanks again " ... written by k
Very informative! Thanx alot!!" ... written by R
Thank you Nat. I needed a boost! It is always a pleasure and you are finally seeing me develop after such a long process! " ... written by Randi
Good insight! Thanx!" ... written by R
Natalie is straight forward, sees clear, and is direct. She will not waste your time. I highly recommend her for a reading. She tunes in too... love her readings." ... written by ShellyB
Natalie has a very unique gift. she is intuitive indeed, and has been right many times. she has helped me a lot with my situations and to understand things that are out of my reach. thank you so much ! :)" ... written by ANA
Wow Natalie connected very quickly and tuned in to my situation I will definitely contact her again..." ... written by Kathy
Thank you just what i need it to hear! deff i will! thanks a lot !" ... written by dg3113
great , very helpful and honest. she is fast fast fast.. answers everything. thank u nat for the help" ... written by Ana
such calm energy in her room. Thanks for your help . will keep you posted. " ... written by k
i felt very good about her reading. first time with her and will be going to her soon. " ... written by ff
great reading very sweet n honest n quick to connect" ... written by apple
i love going to her. theres just something about her that makes feel shes telling me the truth. " ... written by m
Natalie is one of the only people I come back to on here. She's clear, tunes in quick and will not waste your time. You can't go wrong!" ... written by Shelly
Amazing and spot on! Highly recommend!!!" ... written by Meghan
I got a maybe as an answer. I think the answer would be a yes or no since it's whether or not someone is pregnant" ... written by RM
Natalie was very accurate! will update ! xxxx" ... written by Angelica
thanx" ... written by R
great reading!" ... written by Daniela
Thanx natalie...very fast accurate reading... :)" ... written by Karla mercado
Natalie is a always - straight to the point and accurate. Love her." ... written by Eli
Spot on. Accurate and fast. Thanks Natalie. " ... written by Wheat
First time reading. Seems accurate." ... written by Sarah Mohamed
My favourite person here :) xxxx" ... written by N
Nat's quick and honest, as usual:)!" ... written by Shelly
I had to add more credits and continue with my reading. The other part was just as great as the first. She tells the truth, the good with the bad. I'd personally rather know there may be obstacles to overcome than be surprised. Still gives me hope with my progress Excellent reading!" ... written by Amy
Natalie has become my to go to, she is accurate and has proved her abilities many times. i recommend to any one who needs advice on situation. she is soft when saying tough things, but never lies. :) thank you so much for your help. see you next time " ... written by Ana
Natalie is always straight to the point and very honest. I appreciate her on every level. She is very accurate and down to earth. " ... written by Eli
Natalie is a gifted reader. She is accurate and calming at the same time. She is great. I go to her often." ... written by eli
awesome reader :)" ... written by Karla mercado
My favourite here :) xx" ... written by N
she is just incredible, incredible. :) " ... written by Ana
Spoke with Natalie about a month andamp; half ago and she warned me about a deceptive female. Wow! I thought no way, there is no one. Natalie was right, I never saw this person being this way but she was so right! Totally recommend her!!! Thanks" ... written by Amy
Natalie is absolutely amazing!! to the point, and honest!" ... written by sandra
Time flies when you're getting informed! lol lots of good info. I highly recommend." ... written by Linda
Natalie is the best when it comes to feelings." ... written by Matt
Helpful, and understanding" ... written by Katie
good reading very fast. il see if her prediction comes true" ... written by Yam
Absolutely brilliant. connects quickly and doesn't sugar coat anything. One of the best on Oranum." ... written by B
very accurate reading love her " ... written by sanab11
Always, great straight forward reading... quick to see and pick up on events. xoxo Thx Nat!" ... written by Shelly
I love this woman :) such a wonderful, gifted soul :) X" ... written by N
Straight to the point and very accurate as always!" ... written by Eli
She was good, and pretty much on the spot w/ my question.. Look forward to next time. I have more to ask.. " ... written by Tami
Natalie is very intuitive, very correct name! she gave me a lot of insight into my situation and she is really accurate" ... written by Ankita
Very fast and clear. Really enjoyed my reading" ... written by nick
Okay....second reading from this woman. Seriously, she's quick and she gives answers that are......amazing. I honestly love communicating with her. She's helping calm my nerves and set my mind at ease for some time. I'm coming back again tomorrow night. SHE'S JUST AWESOME!!!!!" ... written by Nena
OMG! I needed quick and detailed answers. She was able to do that with the clock ticking. I really am feeling relieved with this. My mind was beginning to lose it again. And now, I feel like there is hope for us. I just need to be patient. She was awesome! Definitely have to do another reading with her." ... written by Nena
NATALIE HAS BEEN SO HONESTY AND ACCURATE ABOUT WHAT SHE SEES. I Appreciate her a great deal" ... written by ELI
Serisouly, I've consulted in a few psychics on here. And I have to say that she gives me quick answers when I am pushing for time (credits). There were some details that I wasn't so sure about when she first did some of my readings. But....they've played out so far. And I find myself waiting to see when she's online. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Nena
great reading" ... written by jh
she was very quick, had a good connection and was a delight to speak with. thank you so much!" ... written by scadoodle
point on" ... written by rishma
Super gifted -- this was my 3rd time ever consulting with her. She answers quickly and tells you exactly what she sees!" ... written by Kelsey
quick and great reader" ... written by apple
Natalie is very good! Very nice to talk to. Some of her predictions have come true, so I feel confident that the others that she has made for me will also come true. " ... written by ******
onpoint!" ... written by Karla mercado
Good accurate answers. 5 stars." ... written by BB
she is good" ... written by eve
great reader" ... written by appl
first time reading....she very intune with the energies....i liked my reading...quite realistic....will wait and see,,,,thank u" ... written by lovehouston
recommended ++++" ... written by Karla
the best!" ... written by jimmyjaimie
Quick and picked up on the situation and explained it well. She confirmed what was happening. Thank u for ur time Natalie xx" ... written by Sam
Thank you Natalie. I appreciate the honesty :)" ... written by Randi
Awesome, going back" ... written by Gammie
There are very few people that I can open up to and trust. But Natalie always gives me quick answers. And it really does help me calm my nerves. Just knowing what I have no ability to know is where she comes in. I have been going crazy all day today and she helped clear things up just enough for me to gain control of my emotions again. I was waiting for her to come online. I find myself always coming back to have her do a reading. Love it!!!!!!" ... written by Nena
Great, quick and to the point, informative and pretty too, always a bonus." ... written by James
Came back for a check up and she just gave me peace. love her!" ... written by Daniela
I guess I will wait and find out if her predictions come true and if her advice is good.." ... written by Lisa
Natalie is intuitive and makes sense. her intuitions are genuine and reads situation well. i recomend her 100 %" ... written by MYSTERY
quick to respond, only types. seems very honest. look forward to predictions to pass" ... written by MV
She is straight to the point and extremely intuitive. I like her!" ... written by softwater
Accurate, insightful and straight to the point! One of the best out here xox" ... written by fishygirl11
Natalie is the best! Some of her predictions in the past have come true, so I know that I can trust her. I highly recommend her to anyone!" ... written by ******
very good as always :)" ... written by Ana
she was awesome as always!! " ... written by Ana
she is fast and go to the point without wasting time. Her prediction came true last time :)" ... written by Bey
:))" ... written by ale
Always a great clear reading from Natalie, no sugar coating, but very compassionate. Thank you as always " ... written by Maya
wonderful as always! thank you and many blessings to you" ... written by scadoodler
I havent spoken to Nat in a long time...but I'm grateful she was online tonight...I needed a voice (even though she's a mouse), but as always she gives a good reading." ... written by Bronxie
My favouritestliest person here :) love and light, always xxxxx" ... written by N
:)" ... written by S
she seemed pretty good. I'll see if it comes true.." ... written by Jnaujo
So far even if time was short, was glad that i manage to get some answers.. thanks alot" ... written by nicholas
Brilliant no false promises" ... written by 1
Very honest and to the point." ... written by Cara
great" ... written by cream
encouraging and helpful" ... written by Katie
great reader and nice" ... written by apple
Thanks Nat! Great as always" ... written by S
I lovelovelove my nat :) xxxx" ... written by N
quick n honest n always will to help" ... written by apple
I came so confused with few questions, but Natalie helped me to clear my mind. She is really intutive in knowing what is on our mind and clears it with positive results and gives us the warnings too. She is really great. Thanks Natalie." ... written by Barani
Natalie is the real thing and I like talking to her" ... written by eli
thank you" ... written by g
Natalie was very good and did make me feel like I was already feeling." ... written by Kim Adams
Thank you Natalie! You amaze me! 10 stars! Will definitely be back!!" ... written by *****
Thank you Natalie! You are a guardian angel!! The best on here!!" ... written by ******
quick reqder n answers" ... written by apple
She is always accurate and is straight to the point. " ... written by Eli
thank you for the update reading" ... written by 11111
Accurate!!! Highly recommend." ... written by Lady Luck
She is always helpful, and set my mind at ease " ... written by Katie
Always spot on, honest, well connected, empathetic and I would recommend her to anyone. Always my go to gal! Thanks Natalie xoxo" ... written by Maya_82
Nat is awesome - accurate and picks up quick. She does not sugar coat and gives you what she sees." ... written by Shelly
beyond awesome, as always :) XXX" ... written by N
Thank you Natalie. A nice heads up and insight into what is to come. She has always been spot on and accurate in the past!!" ... written by R Feebs
great reading quick n fast to connect n clear" ... written by apple
as usual my to go psychic she is awesome! " ... written by Ana
She is great andamp; time saver andamp; direct." ... written by Bey
Great reading. I can't wait to see the prediction unfold. Picked up on some of what was going on." ... written by S
quick to connect n fasr to type i recommend" ... written by apple
straight to the point " ... written by Ashema
Natalie is straight to the point and accurate" ... written by Eli
the best here. " ... written by N
Nat is awesome as always - picks up quick. One of the few I trust here. Thx again! xo" ... written by Jess
Natalie is pretty legit when it comes to reading. I like her insights and guidance!" ... written by Mary
WOW !!! SIMPLY WOWWWWW! I AM SPEECHLESS! " ... written by Stella
very good quick accurate fast" ... written by jana
awsome ty." ... written by davyboii
great reading n quick to connect" ... written by apple
Thank you for fast reading. Answered all my questions and did not judge my situation" ... written by D
Thanks a lot, very positive reading." ... written by Yen
Thanks for the insight Nat! You put my mind at ease and as always pick up quick." ... written by Shelly
All i can say is that i can connect with Natalie. She has really good connection and is insync with my own timeframe. Go her! :)" ... written by Mary
ty - as always a great reading" ... written by SB
Natalie is quick and honest and insightful." ... written by softwater
Natalie is very very good at what she does! I recommend her." ... written by softwater
she was great and to the point i trust her " ... written by caz
she is straight to the point, accurate, and kind" ... written by eli
thank you" ... written by g
She's great ... always accurate and on spot. Thanks again Natalie ... talk soon xoxo" ... written by Maya_82
Natalie - is straight to the point and very accurate. She is also good with timelines" ... written by eli
The bestestestliestest here :) XX" ... written by N
thank you Nat...." ... written by g
Extraordinary quick. " ... written by TheHangedWoman
very good, hopefully predictions come true" ... written by shar
awesome totally recommended" ... written by E
thank you Nat.. thank you for all the help.. speak sooner than you think :) " ... written by g
Natalie is a great psychic. She has helped me several times before. She will tell you the exact truth with almost no information from you. She will connect with you immediately and be able to answer any questions you have." ... written by Sandra
not necessarily what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear :(" ... written by Cara
Great person and great readings.....always!! She is quite accurate and connects very well. She's my favorite on here!" ... written by Mags
Shes good in her insights. Glad to have her online" ... written by Mary
she is straight to the point, really i like her readings " ... written by Salamaa
wow thank you and cant wait" ... written by g
quick to connect and great reader i recomend " ... written by apple
good reading " ... written by Ana
Thanks Nat!" ... written by SN
should reconnect in 3-4 weeks. Let see if this happens." ... written by bouncylady
Nat always makes me feel better when things in my life come into question and I call on her assistance for "lighting" the situation for me. She gives very thorough and in-depth answers. She doesn't leave you feeling as though you've been mis-led. She's very considerate and kind, but she also gives you the truth and doesn't just tell you what you want to hear. Excellent reader. And her chat room is very enjoyable to be in. She monitors it quite well, and doesn't allow inconsiderate, mouthy people who are just trolling around take over. I have enjoyed spending time chatting there, and never go to another room. I very highly recommend Natalie for a reading. She has all the answers you will need." ... written by Linda
once again :) " ... written by g
She is honest and quick and very intuitive indeed!" ... written by softwater
Nat... thank you :) !!!!!" ... written by g
Thank you for the update" ... written by Deb
Clarity!" ... written by Katie
I really like Natalie. She is calm and empathetic and picks up on things very quickly. She is clear and most honest, I feel. Its kind of magical the way it works. " ... written by softwater
She is very good!" ... written by softwater
what can i say.... Natalie keeps me afloat " ... written by g
The best here. The only person I seek advice from. " ... written by N
Very, very in tune. Amazing." ... written by softwater
N, thank you " ... written by g
Excellent." ... written by softwater
great reader. very accurate." ... written by apple
thanks for everything....xoxoxo will be back in 3m with update" ... written by kels
Nat thank you very very much " ... written by g
Natalie is so accurate and straight forward!" ... written by Eli
Nat :) !!!!!!" ... written by lgm
Very quick and to the point. Natalie was in tune with me and I look forward to the coming months to see the events take place." ... written by Angie
thank you Nat" ... written by gl
Natalie is one of the first readers I met on this site. She is always straightforward and accurate. I always go back to her for her insight on a situation....she is excellent. " ... written by Eli
I am very impressed with her reading. She is very quick to pick up the situation and advise what she sees." ... written by Melissa
Short time but so far super good details! " ... written by Sherry K
Thank you for that very clear and profound reading!" ... written by Tony
thank you Nat... " ... written by g
Great answers, straight to the point told me what I needed to hear :) " ... written by Sherry K
thanks Nat.. for everything" ... written by g
amazing reader" ... written by Cristina
WOW! great! great great! I will follow advice and the things she can see are so true! wow! thank you very much! " ... written by caroline
dont know how many times i can say thank you... but it is still not enough... " ... written by g
She connects very quickly, and is good!" ... written by softwater
Haven't spoken to Nat in a while...she is always amazing...brought me the answers I need :)" ... written by BRONXIE
Always straight forward and to the point - ty!" ... written by S
NAT!!!!!!!" ... written by lgm
Natalie is always a great reader. She is straight to the point and thorough!" ... written by Eli
Very accurate on the reading. " ... written by Jess
I have spoken to Natalie many times and gotten excellent readings from her each time. I highly recommend her to everyone. She is a very caring, understanding, and friendly person. She can connect with you immediately and answer any question you might have. I really recommend her to everyone." ... written by Sandra
she is always consistent. ill be bak to u nat /!!! thnku" ... written by myst
Natalie is quick and accurate as always. And a prediction she made came to pass today!" ... written by softwater
Natalie is a great person and reader. She is very accurate, kind, and insightful. She is someone I turn to often. " ... written by Eli
thanks Nat" ... written by g
thanks natalie for the reading and information...I will be back in a few weeks with a update..thanks again 5*" ... written by locke
thank you Nat" ... written by gml
she is so helpfull........ thanks a million nat..." ... written by amalia
thank you Nat" ... written by crazy
I appreciate it!!" ... written by
Natalie is very connected. " ... written by softwater
Natalie is very good at what she does." ... written by softwater
thank you Nat" ... written by glen
thanks as always Nat" ... written by M
Natalie is always honest and straightforward. She is great to work with. " ... written by Eli
Natalie is very good, as always." ... written by softwater
IntuitiveNatalie is such a wonderful blessing. She has helped ease my mind on numerous occasions. " ... written by ******
Nat!!!!!" ... written by glen
:) thank you for all the help.. coming back Dec1 " ... written by crazy
Gave me the answers I was looking for" ... written by ajewel
thank you Nat" ... written by new york
I really felt this was spot on. She picked up on things that couldn't have been known outside of the situation. I truly enjoyed my experience! " ... written by amw2501
best " ... written by 1111
She was fast and seemed informed/intuitive. I appreciate her help and will definitely check back in with her!" ... written by Sara
Natalie is swift, succinct, and accurate." ... written by softwater
very accurate and fast... will higly recommend her" ... written by maryam
thank u " ... written by 222222
Great reading " ... written by sweetsx
great reader" ... written by Cristina
I sure hope that what she has seen takes place as fast as predicted because I so want to move away from this town I've been living in for so long. Now that I have a new grandson I just want to be near my family. Natalie was very kind and has very high and positive feedback so I'm truly looking forward to what she shared with me." ... written by Teresa
On good advice.. thank you so much" ... written by JuleWepp
Quick, direct and very good." ... written by softwater
Nattttttttt! thank you " ... written by ny
thank you " ... written by nyc
she is direct andamp; on the point. no wasting time. tnx Natalie " ... written by Bey
thanks a million +1" ... written by nyc
Very honest." ... written by softwater
Excellent reader." ... written by Sabine
Nat thank you thank you thank you " ... written by crazy
Thank you Nat" ... written by ny
Very nice. The reader was fast and answered all my questions. I was pleased with the reading overall." ... written by john
thanks Nat" ... written by 1234
Nat is the best.. period " ... written by ny
Nat thank you for understanding and helping me " ... written by ny ny
best one here and everywhere" ... written by 65400654
Quick and friendly " ... written by M
thank you Natalie" ... written by 1234567
Great advice! confirmed my instincts" ... written by Karina Matias
Thanks Nat" ... written by thanks Nat
thanks Nat" ... written by 45631
Very much in tune!" ... written by softwater
she was the most accurate I have seen so far on here. I highly recommend" ... written by cjay23
thanks natalie for everything will be back later with update thanks again...xoxox 5 star highly recommend!!" ... written by k
Natalie is constant in what she sees." ... written by softwater
Totally awesome. recommended" ... written by B
So well connected!" ... written by softwater
Quite amazing, how she connects!" ... written by softwater
Natalie gave me another excellent reading!! Thanks so much!!!" ... written by Sandra
She is connected and Honest. " ... written by softwater
great reading n quick to connect" ... written by apple
Nice lady, good intuition, and good guidance." ... written by hyde92
Very good reader. Straight to the point and things about person in question that I didn't mention. Thank you Natalie!" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
very accurate. Proven right. great reading." ... written by Jill
Thanks for the reading Nat!" ... written by Shelly
awesome reading...very honest, and spiritual....and very helpful" ... written by andra
i always known nat to be a natural psychic" ... written by D
Amazing reader" ... written by Aaron
thank for giving me some good hints!" ... written by CH
I was always in and out her room, but never had a reading. I read lots of her testimonials and tonight, I decided to ask her questions. She is very fast typer and picking up very quick. Everything I asked for was in future, so now on forward, I will put if all those coming true or not. I am BIG TIME hoping so!!!" ... written by Lastsearch1
grwat reader she been there for me thru years" ... written by apple
she is consistent.lets see" ... written by usa
tnx natalie" ... written by Bey
geniune " ... written by g
she quick and to the point in reading ! " ... written by apple
great reading to the point" ... written by Rosie
Excellent reading. Will see how it translates in my life but I feel that she may be accurate on many points regarding this new man I'm in touch with. We are the 1rst of December and I have been told that J. does like me and wants to meet up (we haven't yet just being in touch online). That there is attraction and the potential of a stable, good relationship. Will come back in a few weeks to let you know how our date went! :-)" ... written by DeeLight73
Awesome thanks" ... written by B
Natalie is always accurate. Her insights help me in how I choose to interact with people close to me. She is always there. Straightforward yet kind. She is great." ... written by Eli
Great" ... written by Hapiness
Awesome!" ... written by BlueAngel
Very the point and very helpful..." ... written by Geri
very good. accurate as usual" ... written by cjay
nat said changes in 3/6 mnths/ keeping finbers crossed" ... written by myst
Amazing.....! Speechless!! Thanks again." ... written by lastsearch1
Natalie was the first psychic I spoke to on Oranum over a year ago and she is still consistent and accurate in her readings. I keep going to back to her because she is straight forward, logical and kind. " ... written by Eli
thanks...xoxoxo highly recommend " ... written by k
great reading n awesome reader" ... written by apple
Also precise readings that are accurate. She tells you what is going on before you know it She is great" ... written by Eli
She is connected for sure - and very nice !" ... written by softwater
I know I can trust Natalie all the way. She has always been very accurate with me. My only problem is that I never seem to have enough credits for her time. She is one that I will most certainly stick with." ... written by *****
Answers questions quickly and clearly. Looking forward to see how everything unfolds. : )" ... written by Monica
I wish I had more coin....Natalie is GREAT, I recommend to everybody!!... but payment method suddenly changed on the screen and I Do NOT Like the new system. If Old way, I can keep coming back, but not for the new system :((" ... written by lastsearch1
Natalie is such an excellent psychic. She is always so helpful to me. I always, always, always get excellent readings from her. She can always see the situation immediately, and connect with me right away without any information from me. I really, really recommend her to everyone. " ... written by Sandra
tnx" ... written by Bey
Natalie was great. This was my first reading with her and she was able to pick up on the person that I asked about. I will try to take her advice. She was a quick reader with no tools. Thank you." ... written by kittychu
Hope still lives..." ... written by Vishwadeep
thanks as always..." ... written by k
really sweet and to the point. " ... written by eva
Natalie was a god-send last night. She helped me understand my situation and listened to me suffer. She was extremely helpful." ... written by Eli
Natalie - Is a straightforward reader who has always been accurate. I go to her when I need perspective on a situation and she is always there. " ... written by Eli
great reading" ... written by apple
Natalie - is always straight to the point and consistent. Her accuracy is pretty amazing. " ... written by Eli
Natalie is always accurate and straight forward. She does a true reading in its purest form." ... written by Eli
Very accurate with the readings. Highly recommend her." ... written by Van
Connected well x" ... written by Cindy
DANG!!!!! whatever she sees always happens..!!!! And all her predictions have come true till date!! about my boyfriend and also about my job!!!! whatever she says happens!! Real psychic!!!!" ... written by Jasmine
She was very accurate and helpful. Very kind" ... written by Wendy
thanks Nat... time expired and i didnt say thank you ) thank you!!!!!" ... written by 111111
Great reading Natalia is lovely to chat with" ... written by David
Natalie is a gifted reader. She weighs each question and does a thorough job with her answer. She is very consistent" ... written by Eli
great reading" ... written by apple
Natalie is so accurate and straightforward. She puts all of her energy into her readings and she is so reliable. " ... written by Eli
Good reading with care and good sound advice" ... written by Paul
amazing reading.. thanks " ... written by Adela
amazing...natalie is very in tune spiritually and is very straight forward....awesome reading!" ... written by sandra
beautiful" ... written by stavros
great reading" ... written by apple
great reading" ... written by apple
Thanks Natalie" ... written by Matt
good reading " ... written by David
Natalie is always so focused and intent on her readings. She is also very accurate. " ... written by Eli
awesome reading!" ... written by sndra
thank you" ... written by JD
Natalie is always accurate, to the point, and insightful!" ... written by Eli
i had a reading with natalie a few months ago about another situation and she was honest to tell me that she didn't feel like it would work out for me, but it didn't mean that there wasn't potential. She was right. I think in anything there is always potential, but doesn't always work out. In this particular reading she was right about my love life and how someone from my past will come back. She is right again as I'm on a break with my bf. She confirmed he will be back and we will reconnect and start new although it won't be smooth, but the potential is there for a successful relationship. I like how she say's potential as we have free will to make it work or not work. She gave me the outcome, but ultimately it is up to us to make it work. Thank you" ... written by dk
She helps when things are block and helps me to see thing clearly. " ... written by Katie
She is really great! She goes in deep consulting all the energy and feelings and then just tells you like it is. She doesn't make the story any more rosy than what the reality is for your situation. Thank You So Much! You are very kind to me! Until next time!" ... written by Brian
WOW, she was better than any of her testimonials! She is very serious and went deep! She picked up on my relationship quickly and got to the heart of the matter. She said that we will have some contact in 2 weeks and that things, if we want them to, will work out. Awesome job considering she knew nothing of my relationship. I appreciate her helping me and guiding me. Very good and sound advice for moving forward. BUT, more IMPORTANTLY SHE is very HONEST and DIRECT... I don't think she could be anything but this with the highest levels of INTEGRETY! BLESS YOU and THANK YOU!" ... written by Brian
Natalie is very quick to connect and is consistant in her readings." ... written by softwater
good information and nice chat with Natalie as always." ... written by David
Thanks Nat! Always quick and to the point:)" ... written by Michelle
She offers clarity and is amazingly quick to connect. Thank you!" ... written by softwater
Natalie was great. We got disconnected, and then reconnected and she was able to give me full accurate readings and actions I need to take." ... written by Van
Again 100% on the spot. " ... written by Van
Natalie is very good. She sees the truth and can answer any of your questions. Ask as many as you can she will give you her visions and not opinions! She is very nice and patient! She is for sure the real deal! Do yourself a favor and consult her!!!!" ... written by Brian
Since I starting going to Oranum, I have had readings with Natalie. She is accurate and thorough. She is direct with her answers and very kind." ... written by Eli
Very good !" ... written by softwater
Natalie consistently gives accurate readings in a direct efficient way." ... written by Eli
Thank you, very good. Will see if it comes true, I'll keep you updated. " ... written by Amanda
She is the best! You ask her a question and you get the answer. She is very insightful and doesn't give you opinions. She tells you only what she sees in her visions. Do not hesitate to contact her for the truth and guidance! " ... written by Brian
She is really good very direct! Thanks for everything!" ... written by Brian
I've been coming to Natalie for a while and I just love her! She gets straight to the point and is always spot on accurate. Her predictions always seem to come true for me, which is what really gives me reason to keep coming back to her." ... written by Someone
She is the nicest and really searches to help you out with your questions and situations. Do not hesitate to contact her." ... written by Brian
I can't say enough good things about Natalie!!! She only tells you what she sees no other far flung interjections are made. Its the facts and only the facts! So no bullshit here!!!! Everyone should consult Natalie; She is the Truth! That is, if you can handle the Truth???? You won't go wrong. Nor will you waste your money! Let Her Guide You!" ... written by Brian
Natalie was very helpful to clarify my questions and right to the point. Thank you dear soul! Barbara" ... written by Barbara von Tobien
She is quick to connect and honest and direct. She has been right in the past, so I believe her to be accurate!" ... written by softwater
Scary spot on, will pick up the present and near future vividly ... highly recommended!!! Thanks Natalie" ... written by Maya_82
Natalie is very direct and intuitive! Looks into situations for you and never questions and reports her findings. I really like that. Ask a question get and answer. Not an opinion! what a breath of fresh air! She Is Great! You'll do yourself a favor by Consulting With Her!!!!!" ... written by Brian
Always straight to the point and kind to answer any question I might have!" ... written by Eli
Natalie's guidance and insight has started to become reality. Natalie said she is still in love with you and she will contact you but it is going to take time. She is working through some feeling and re-balancing. Sure enough, that is exactly what was and is happening and was confirmed today when I was pleasantly surprise and talked her. So contact Natalie if you are looking for guidance and the TRUTH." ... written by Brian
She is straight to the point. And accurate i certainly hope. " ... written by softwater
i always appreciate a session with Natalie" ... written by qp
She is great, great, great. Honestly, she is very accurate." ... written by softwater
Natalie was quick, fast typer answered all questions in detail ...Thanks Natalie looking forward to a positive outcome" ... written by sc
I am very impressed at her ability to read the person I asked about. Natalie was very patient with me and my long question. I will be patient and see what unfolds. " ... written by iamhappy
She is really accurate, and very nice. A prediction she made about my work came to pass!" ... written by softwater
Excellent!" ... written by Sam
Good, she picks up on things quickly and I feel she is right. Thank U :) " ... written by Sam
Very tuned in, honest, sincere, compassionate and always hitting the mark. Thanks again for a lovely reading Natalie xoxoxo" ... written by Maya_82
She is so quick to tap into her visions or senses and to type - it is remarkable. She is also consistant in her predictions." ... written by softwater
good insights and hope all comes to pass soon." ... written by David
She was very right on once again :)" ... written by Van
Thank you Natalie - Always great insight, picks up quick!" ... written by Shelly
Natalie is excellent!" ... written by softwater
thank you for the update" ... written by 1
Informative" ... written by eilly16
Her capacity to connect is remarkable. " ... written by softwater
i felt she was connnected" ... written by eilly16
Thanks Natalie. " ... written by GK
Well I am not sure about the reading let wait and see" ... written by Delphine
Honest. Thank you." ... written by softwater
Thank you." ... written by d2k1000
Natalie was very intuitive - I found her reading most helpful. Thanks Natalie." ... written by Kim
Coming from her reading i felt good and i have an open mind about what is to come. i know i'll have to make a decision about my love life but i received a lot of clarity. " ... written by Bri
Natalie is always accurate and straight to the point. She is great. " ... written by Eli
She is quick to connect as always." ... written by softwater
Still very consistent and accurate! Thank you :)" ... written by Nowk
Thanks Natalie! It is always a pleasure!" ... written by Brian
Excellent reading. Thank you." ... written by Sandra
She is caring on top of being very good." ... written by softwater
She is very quick, direct and confident." ... written by softwater
Natalie is always an accurate reader who is straight to the point and very kind. " ... written by Eli
Natalie was awesome2-3 weeks or sooner contact and reunite for relationship. He will realize the x used him for a transition and we will end up long term. Business in Miami positive as well as my shows. Great beginnings and new opportunities. No struggle in finances..Wow what a reading ;0) i will be contacting her again1 I am lucky in love, blessed in every aspect and have abundance!!" ... written by suzy
Updating from Natalie!!! Thanks for the insight you are the BEST! I hope all your visions are true! Best Wishes!" ... written by Brian
I was very scared when I came to you today and asked if my boyfriend lied. Thank you for helping me to calm down about it and see that in his heart that was the truth even if physically it was a different year. I am glad you saw positive things are coming up for us. I appreciate your honesty in telling me that he needs to heal from the past and that our relationship will take time for trust to develop. I hope that the job opportunity near me comes up soon for him so we can see each other more often! I do hope that works out well for both of us and look forward to our relationship growing. " ... written by Gabrielle
She is absolutely wonderful! I just wish I wouldn't run out of credits!! I highly recommend her" ... written by *****
As always Natalie does a straightforward, kind, and accurate reading. She is gifted. " ... written by Eli
Natalie is always very insightful and very accurate! Thanks Natalie!" ... written by Brian
it was a positive reading but went way too fast...and only got one thing sorted...typing takes too long" ... written by steph
She is quick and honest." ... written by softwater
She is quick and clear." ... written by softwater
I feel Natalie truly connected and feel grateful for her insight. Many blessings to you. Taking in all the positive. :)" ... written by LA Woman
great reader and quick to answer" ... written by apple
She is quick to connect and is very precise. I'm hoping her prediction comes to pass." ... written by softwater
She is patient, she is honest." ... written by softwater
She is patient, honest, clear and quick. May her predictions come to pass!" ... written by softwater
Good reading, always a pleasure chatting with Natalie." ... written by David
gtreat reading brief but informative" ... written by David
she was precise and accurate" ... written by natasha
She answers quickly and I have used her a number of times :)" ... written by Sam
wonderful reader n quick to answer" ... written by apple
Natalie, perfect again! She really goes in deep and brings back the most intense answers... Its mind blowing! Thank You Natalie!" ... written by Brian
Amazing! She was so positive. I'll definitely contact her again to follow up on her comments. " ... written by Lav
great reading. Quick and to the point I loved it" ... written by tyler
thank you" ... written by D
Natalie is a straight forward and accurate reader. She is very kind as well. " ... written by Eli
Exceptional reading as always!!! I can always count on Natalie to give me a totally accurate reading, and to do it quickly without any information from me. She is also a very kind, patient and understanding person. I REALLY, REALLY RECOMMEND HER TO EVERYONE." ... written by Sandra
I love talking to her. She is upfront and honest. Some of her past predictions came to pass and she is always accurate with my current situation. By far one of the best on Oranum!" ... written by *****
Natalie is always there to put things in perspective. She is very gifted with her reading!" ... written by Eli
Natalie is great. Picks up very quickly and extremely clear. You will not regret spending time with her. " ... written by Shelly
Truly my best friend on Oranum! I always feel so much better after consulting with her. She is also quite accurate with her predictions. She's a must try! You won't be disappointed" ... written by *****
She was the best, gave me information that only I knew" ... written by Thomas
Thank You Natalie for the guidance and caring. You helped tremendously! " ... written by Brain
Thanks, Natalie. It did help a bit. Although it was too short. Thank you so much." ... written by Angela
Best on Oranum! Very accurate with her predictions! She is my one to go to " ... written by *****
Amazing. Really just a nice person who just completely made me feel reassured of my current placement in my life. Very happy - and so kind. Insightful reader. Highly recommend. " ... written by Charriza
good session. " ... written by GK
She is a kind soul, consistent in her readings, even after a long while, and very quick to connect." ... written by softwater
She's awesome! :-)" ... written by sweetmarionette
thank you for the update reading" ... written by D
connects n good insight i recommend" ... written by apple
she is straightforward and great" ... written by Bey
Mind blowing. I am so impressed at how quickly she picks things up with just a name. I trust IntuitiveNatalie and hope that her advice is correct. Thank you for your understand, guidance and for not sugar coating the truth. Highly recommend" ... written by B
Thank you." ... written by softwater
Oh Wow - brilliant. Picked up super quickly. I am shocked at how much she saw in such a short time. Highly recommend to everyone! Thank you" ... written by G
Natalie is the best. She just is quick and answers your questions directly. She is the best1 Thank You!" ... written by Brian
good to see and chat with Natalie" ... written by David
Exceptional reading as always!!!! Natalie is always so, so, helpful!! I highly recommend her to everyone! Please contact her!!" ... written by Sandra
Natalie is observant, straightforward, and thorough with her readings. She is always helpful!" ... written by Eli
Thank you Natalie! You are the greatest! Thank you for the insights and wisdom. You did an awesome job for me today and I am in debt to you! Keep Positive My Friends! " ... written by Brian
We shall see, I am hopeful." ... written by Sandra
great reader n auick to type n answer n connect" ... written by apple
Thank you. Wonderful psychic. " ... written by F
great reader!" ... written by apple
How time flies when you are connected... Thank you Natalie!" ... written by Brian
thank you natalie" ... written by softwater
If you would like direct answers to your questions then Natalie is the one for you. She is to the point and HAS ALWAYS BEEN CORRECT! Thank You Natalie!" ... written by Brian
I loved her I will talk with her again someday " ... written by Ann Marie Ducey
thanks you." ... written by kimi
really fast and accurate. :) thanks a lot! " ... written by Ana
No One can go wrong speaking with Natalie. EVERYTHING she has said to me has come true. She speaks her mind clearly and has awesome vision. she has never been wrong. So if you want the truth and insight into your situation contact Natalie... you will be glad you did. And She will guide you to your dreams. Be Positive My Friends!" ... written by Brian
Wow - I am blown away with her insight. One of the best on Oranum. take her into Private, I guarantee you won't regret it. Thank you for your advice. I will take your guidance and will come back and update you. Thank you again." ... written by B
Thank you Natalie!! Simply perfect!" ... written by Brian
Thank you IntuitiveNatalie for your time and help, I look forward to your words coming to path." ... written by cassie
Natalie gave straightforward readings. She gave me a peace of mind by confirming doubts on my grandma's passing. Thanks Natalie!" ... written by Diana
Exactly how you said things would go today! Brilliant! Thank you for all of your insight!" ... written by Brian
Fast and to the point - good reading." ... written by Peter
Very quick and well connected. Kind person." ... written by softwater
Thank you" ... written by faith
remarkably quick to connect, and very focused." ... written by softwater
Connected ... honest and to the point ... always a great reading ... Thank you as always XOXOXO" ... written by Maya_82
thank you natalie. quick connection and honesty as always." ... written by softwater
Natalie thank you very much always right to the point with all the details. Thank you!" ... written by Brian
Thank you for the update Natalie." ... written by Brian
Natalie is always solid, on point, and quick to pick up. I would definitely recommend a reading with her:-). She can give timeframes as well." ... written by ShellyB000
very quick to connect and focused. I'm hoping her predictions come to pass." ... written by softwater
Wow! What a great soul and reader, very accurate and so compassionate - picks up quickly..." ... written by me :-)
Wonderful clarifications! I am sorry we got cut off at the end though - ran out of funds.. I will follow up to let you know what happens :) Thank you again!" ... written by HH
very straight to the point, honest." ... written by Flo
thanks Nat... thank you !!!!" ... written by gl
Thanks Natalie.... You are the Best!" ... written by Brian
Thank you Natalie. Your visions are amazing and very accurate!" ... written by Brian
straight to point very grateful. extremely good readings." ... written by alr
Thank you Natalie for everything!" ... written by Brian
Thank you, Natalie. Quick to connect and confident reading." ... written by softwater
great reader n quick to answer questions" ... written by apple
She is quick and very connected. Very kind reader." ... written by softwater
Whenever I have issues come up or problems that arise, I have come to depend on Natalie to shed light on the situation. She's very direct and insightful. I feel a confidence in her. I believe that she will tell me the truth so that I can make a much more informed decision as to which way to go in my life. If I ever have a question, I always wait to speak with her. I trust her whole heartedly." ... written by Linda
Always on point a must if you want a clear straight answer ... Thank you as Always my favorite Natalie xoxoxoxo " ... written by Maya_82
Don't know what I would do without Natalie! She is the best!! Very accurate and easy to talk to. I know I can always rely on her." ... written by *****
Thank you Natalie for the update it was super." ... written by Brian
Thank you Natalie!!!" ... written by Brian
Thank you Natalie for all your insights. Your most recent insights were very accurate and correct... just as you said! Amazing!" ... written by Brian
She one of a kind very sweet always willing to help give her a try u will like her" ... written by 04apple
Thanks for the reading! really quick and to the point. " ... written by lavie
Nat is great! pick up quick. she sees clear and does not waste your time." ... written by Shelly
Thank you Natalie! She is the one to go to!! " ... written by *****
Thanks Natalie, you are the greatest! Thank you for all of your insights!!" ... written by Brian
Quick and clear readings, that are dead on" ... written by Katie
You were correct about your latest predictions! Thank you Natalie!" ... written by Brian
Thank you Natalie for your insights." ... written by Brian
I have had Natalie read for me once before and I felt at peace coming back to her again for a second reading. She told me the truth. Parts of it are good and parts of it are a bitter pill to accept but at least it was the truth and helped me achieve peace when my personal life had just been rocked. " ... written by Rhonda
Thank you Natalie. Everything you have said has come to pass! Thank you for the guidance!" ... written by Brian
Thank you again!" ... written by Brian
Thank you!" ... written by Brian
Thank you for the update" ... written by DD
wonderful reader she is so great at connection" ... written by apple
Whenever I'm feeling down, Natalie is the one I like to come to. I always feel better after chatting with her. Thank you Natalie" ... written by *****
thank you Natalie your prediction came true again. Funny slowly just like you said everything is taking shape!" ... written by Brian
Very insightful and enlightening. I fully trust Natalie, and feel she sees the truth. I highly recommend." ... written by Linda
IntuitiveNatalie is very accurate and helpful! I'm so grateful for her insights in very important times in my life where I had to verify my feeling towards a certain direction. " ... written by Mark W.
Thank you Natalie very positive!" ... written by Brian
I've been coming to Natalie for quite a long time. She is very accurate with her readings. She is very gifted and always a pleasure. Definitely the one to go to! " ... written by *****
When I'm freaking out, she calms me and helps me know its going to be okay" ... written by Katie
great chat as always " ... written by David
great reading." ... written by Hazy
Thank You Natalie!" ... written by Brian
She's really great! I feel a lot more better after talking to her. Thank you so much, Nat! Will be back and update you again when I get updates :). God bless you." ... written by pr3ciou5one
great reading...very honest and in tune" ... written by sandra
Thank you Natalie very good session!" ... written by Brian
Oh Boy!" ... written by Brian
Thank you again Natalie!" ... written by Brian
Thank you Natalie very nice thoughts." ... written by Brian
gave me answers but didn't really pick up on anything" ... written by christin
Thank you so much Natalie and for the great guidance and help!" ... written by Brian
She is a rockstar! thank you so much, quick, straight to the point and no sugar coating...loved it!" ... written by scadoodle
Natalie answers quick and very detailed." ... written by Elizabeth
Very good." ... written by steph
great reading" ... written by Angela
Amazing" ... written by Angela
She is empathetic and accurate. try her out. you won't be disappointed. she only needs your name" ... written by Julianna
she was very honest and read pretty quickly! thank you very Much!" ... written by shanika jackson
I love talking with her, she helps me to create a clearer path to go on" ... written by Katie
great" ... written by brain
Considering i dont know what im asking actually very interesting" ... written by Craig Anthony Cooper
she is awesome as always!" ... written by scadoodle
She is the real deal. She is quick. to the point, and accurate." ... written by *****
She was awesome!" ... written by Natalie
Honest and straight forward. Eased some worry" ... written by J
Everything that she told me has come to pass and things are better than ever!" ... written by Brian
interesting chat " ... written by David
An amazing reader" ... written by Katie
Very nice! Straight to the point." ... written by D
Natalie is a amazing psychic!! Very high accuracy and she has read me in the past, and I still look at the reading time to time." ... written by lastsearch1
she is a wonderful reader give her a try i recommend" ... written by apple
Highly recommended ... extremely accurate ... empathetic and honest .... thanks as always Natalie xoxo " ... written by Maya_82
when I freaking out she know how to calm me down. the truth hurts but it always helps" ... written by Katie
I only talk to her she is awesome and very accurate with exact timing " ... written by Negin
She is awesome!" ... written by d
she is good" ... written by r
straight and to the point, gave me a lot of ease and comfort about my situation! " ... written by emoonlight
lovely readr. ty " ... written by beautifulwisdom
awesome" ... written by ally
Very detailed" ... written by Elizabeth
Good reading. Thanks" ... written by ALR
good reading!! thansk!" ... written by joeyfriends2
I came to Natalie so often about a situation and every time she predicted the same thing with the date changing (which is expected). However, she said it would happen and it did. I can't wait for the rest to pan out slowly. thank you :)" ... written by nowk
she is good at what she does" ... written by Julianna
She is really good! I love her readings" ... written by Julianna
thank you Natalie" ... written by nik
The best xx" ... written by T
Really quick to pick up on your energies and energies around you to explain the current situation and sheds light on the things you can't see. thank you " ... written by Mon
You can trust Natalie. She is quick and draught forward, very accurite" ... written by Kitsund
She again picked up on my situations very well.. and she was very accurate as usual when it comes to predictions!!!! Her advise is the best!!!! And her psychic connection was so amazing that she told me and predicted so accurately !!!! 5 stars!!!!" ... written by ellen
awesome" ... written by Dorcey
Thanks so much for helping" ... written by MickyMeow
As always, she did a great job communicating things and explaining things. Put me at ease." ... written by d
Really good reading" ... written by Sol
i can always count on her for fast , accurate readings .. she's the best!! 20 million stars for Intuitive Natalie!!!" ... written by tamjones
Still consistent in her reading! She is remarkable with her readings, highly recommend!" ... written by pea
Picked up right away on this situation " ... written by SuperShero
Very postive~" ... written by ALyssa
tnx" ... written by Bey
Went well but it was only first time " ... written by Karma
I feel as tho she knew what i of the situation and can explain it to her best of ability " ... written by Iguafabri
Very good, very grounding" ... written by aumdrey
Describes people very well. She's on the money!" ... written by Elizabeth
She is quick and to the point. Very good reader!" ... written by Dee
Wow that was impressive. I gave her my name and even told her i had not many credits and she was able to read the other person very well. She gave me a lot of details and even a timeframe. I can actually see her prediction coming to pass. Thank you!" ... written by l
She has great intuitive skills!!!! HEr predictions came true again..!!!! simply the best!!!!" ... written by Jasmine11
Wonderful reading! Spot on! Will be back soon :)" ... written by Sophia
Great reading, and always positive" ... written by Katie
Whatever she predicted has come true..!!!! She talked about the feelings of my bf towards me who had broken up.. and whatever and the way she said all came true!!!! All the events unfolded!! Thanks a ton natalie!!!! She is a brilliant psychic!!!! Extraordinary :* :*" ... written by Sarah
I feel she connected to my situation well , hope her predictions will come true!.. thanks x " ... written by Gina
thank you Nat.. as always... thank you... " ... written by gml
Highly recommended ... very sincere and empathetic ... always on spot ... my only go to! Thanks again Natalie :)" ... written by Maya
Thanks Natalie. She has such excellent insight on my situation and great advice. always come back for more" ... written by Julianna
thanks for update" ... written by gk
thanks for update" ... written by gk
very understanding, clarified when needed, honest without being mean, exacly what i needed today :)" ... written by Debra
Helpful and reassuring as I needed a little clarity on the situation! Thank you! " ... written by Danie
Thanks again Natalie. such a lovely person and great reading" ... written by Julianna
Not sure what happened but we got cut off. She is awesome and always gives me authentic and positive vibes.thank you" ... written by Julianna
She is so talented. Same predictions. Still on the same timeframe. Very consistent and she can really connect to the situation and people at hand. Fingers crossed that things happen the way she says and in her timeframe. " ... written by l
Very direct, no sugar coating. I love the straight forwardness." ... written by Ram
Thanks Natalie." ... written by Bey
She is a consistent, healing, accurate reader. Wonderful!" ... written by rhonda
thanks for update. " ... written by gk
Awesome!" ... written by l
thanks for update" ... written by gk
good reading. straight, to the point, very nice person" ... written by Debra
Amazinnggg great and credible!" ... written by H
thanks for the update" ... written by gk
Thanks Natalie" ... written by Bey
Had a great reading. Quick connection and honest. will definitely come back for follow up." ... written by lornalulu
thanks for update" ... written by gk
thanks for the update" ... written by gk
Wonderful lady. Thank you! :) I was very impressed! it was amazing! :) She was very accurate!" ... written by ..
Thank you for helping me. It was great. Really impressed me, she was very accurate and very specific! It was worth to have my second reading with her!! :) " ... written by ...
thanks for update" ... written by gk
quick and concise. thanks for update. " ... written by gk
quick, informative reading" ... written by Debra
she was very quick and informative about answering all of my questions! It was a great experience and I will be visiting again! I can't wait to see the outcome of everything! I really enjoyed my reading!" ... written by Scorpiobaby
Very honest and to the point. I am thankful for her honesty." ... written by Dove
Natalie is amazing at what she does. She'll tell you things that only you would know or maybe NOT know until she brings it up and that's a testament to what she does." ... written by T
thanks for update" ... written by gk
She picked up on good vibes." ... written by Stephanie
Wow, fast answers. Very courteous and respectful of time/credits. I am impressed with this reader overall. I look forward to updating." ... written by .
thanks for update" ... written by gk
Thank you for the honest reading." ... written by hj
thanks for update" ... written by gk
Thank you" ... written by bearthoven
thanks natalie" ... written by gk
she is very quick and accurate." ... written by n
Very wonderful reading and would recommend! Thank you!" ... written by marjoram
thanks for the udpate" ... written by gk
She is just awesome and gives such accurate info to my situation, everytime it's spooky....Thanks Natalie:)" ... written by Julianna
great reading" ... written by thebest
lots of details!!" ... written by Elizabeth
thanks for the update" ... written by gk
awesome lady" ... written by Dorcey
Love love love her. I am addicted to her accurate and precise readings" ... written by Julianna
informative and nice chat always a good reading " ... written by David
thanks for the update" ... written by gk
great and wonderful reading" ... written by apple
we got cut of...but she answered all my questions and i have to say she was very, very accurate, wow." ... written by s.s.
thanks for the update" ... written by gk
thanks" ... written by gk
Thanks for another great reading, it's always a pleasure" ... written by Julianna
thanks" ... written by gk
thanks for the update" ... written by gk
thanks" ... written by gk
Natalie has never been worn and everything she has told has come true!" ... written by Brian
good reading, quick to connect and in tune with my situation." ... written by lornalulu
thanks for the update " ... written by gk
thanks for the update" ... written by gk
she is wonderful, very direct, and to the point! " ... written by scadoodle
thanks for the update" ... written by gk
thanks for the update" ... written by gk
quick, but awesome reading" ... written by debra
thanks " ... written by gk
thanks for the reading!!" ... written by joeyfriends2
Very quick and precise no hanky panky straight answers" ... written by Andaleeb
thanks" ... written by gk
thanks" ... written by gk
thanks" ... written by gk
She's calm. She cuts to the chase. Recommended" ... written by ckeg
totally cool, she is actually brilliant, wow, ten stars!" ... written by icy
thanks" ... written by gk
AMAZING ... empathetic sincere and every SO connected ... Love your reading and guidance always xoxoxo" ... written by Maya_82
She was very quick, clear and straight up. Thankyou very much." ... written by Frances ann
thanks" ... written by gk
THANKS" ... written by GK
thanks" ... written by gk
Very quick to connect and very direct and upfront. Thank you." ... written by Dove
thanks" ... written by gk
thanks" ... written by gk
truly real deal, clear, accurate, perfection!" ... written by miss o.
thanks" ... written by gk
thanks" ... written by gk
straight to the point, accurate, no time wasted " ... written by em
thanks" ... written by gk
thanks" ... written by gk
Correct readings" ... written by Lwp
thanks" ... written by gk
Amazing. Thank you for helping me :) She was accurate :) Great woman and strong" ... written by ....
Thank you!!!!" ... written by Brian
quick and accurite :)" ... written by d
Thank you Natalie for your honest answers." ... written by Rose829
My reading was quite interesting and accurate. I would definitely purchase a reading with Natalie again and highly recommend her. Wonderful reading.. thank you!" ... written by In2itive1
awesome, spot on, omg so good, million stars" ... written by free
wow so great, awesome! 5 stars!" ... written by lorna
Awesome accuracy!" ... written by l
Bless you" ... written by
I love Natalie she is one of my favorites." ... written by vvd450
Great" ... written by Bey
Feeling great after every reading" ... written by Katie
Natalie is truly a kind and intuitive soul! thanks soo much!" ... written by Cassie
5 STARS!!" ... written by l
Natalie is awesome. No sugarcoating, she'd tell as it is. This was my 3rd time reading with her, and definitely will come back when I need more guidance. Thanks, Natalie. " ... written by Angel
THANK YOU" ... written by YELLOW
Natalie is very intuitive! She is great!" ... written by jimmy jaimie
Awesome! What more can I say?! 5 stars!" ... written by l
Did a great job! :)" ... written by N
Quick and precise " ... written by Katie
awesomeness thanks!" ... written by -
Was really quick and helpful answering my questions and seemed really accurate. Thank You " ... written by sher
thanks for your help" ... written by y
She's great!! Lots of details!" ... written by Elizabeth
Very up front and straight forward. I appreciate her kindness and honesty." ... written by Dove
not enough time" ... written by stuart
She knows what she's talking about. Her predictions do come true. She is so in touch with the situation every time." ... written by l
Bless you." ... written by
Great Reading, super accurate! right to the point." ... written by MI
Great!" ... written by Dove
Thx Nat! xoxoxo of light to you! xo" ... written by Shelly
Nice reading" ... written by Lisa
quick, and accurate, as always" ... written by dl
Very nice and calming nature. I will see what happens." ... written by RasheedaW
thanks" ... written by Bey
Correct readings" ... written by Lwp
She is very accurate, tells the truth and gives hints. She is also very nice to speak with. " ... written by Bina
I've tried many psychics. Natalie is one psychic-I like the most. She is on my level of understanding" ... written by Lisa
wow wow wow" ... written by me
Another wonderful reading with Natalie. Thank you! " ... written by In2itive1
Straight forward and to the point. Thank you!" ... written by Dove
She's really fast with her readings, very clear and on point, She's fantastic" ... written by forgetit12
quick, honest reading" ... written by dl
Very kind, revealing, a little scary how real" ... written by Zoe
awesome reading" ... written by dl
Nat was very humorous , very sweet , quick and honest. " ... written by Kalitay
Great!" ... written by Mindy
awesome reading, very specific" ... written by dl
She's good." ... written by Y
Thanks Natalie! Straight forward and to the point as always, quick and clear." ... written by Shelly
Thanks Natt... Always appreciate your insight. xoxooxox... It's weird to say, but every time we talk, you remind me of my sister." ... written by Shelly
really nice reading, caring and considerate" ... written by tracy
Direct - to the point - no sugar coating! " ... written by CB
Thanks for the awesome reading Natalie!! Clear and quick as always." ... written by SB
Thanks soooo much Nat!!" ... written by SB
Always to the point and very honest. Thank you!" ... written by Dove
It was short and sweet. She is very too the point. I really enjoyed this reading. Thanks so much!" ... written by Breanna
awesome" ... written by Mindy
she is very helpful. i feel more confident now about y life" ... written by Mary
thanks Nat... :) " ... written by gl
Bless you Nat" ... written by
Great fast to the point" ... written by Robert
straight to the point doesn't waste your time! thank you !" ... written by dg
Compassionate and caring reader - lovely!" ... written by CB
Quick and to the point." ... written by Dove
Very accurate and helpful!" ... written by Leslie
very quick and informative" ... written by star
The job search is indeed stressful and it is good to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Natalie was able to connect with lightning speed and able to not only provide time frames but give clear indications of what she sees. I appreciate her focus and her ability to answer the question and avoid the decorative information that can distract from what is being sought after. " ... written by Jasmine
wow, I LOVE Intuitive Natalie!!!!" ... written by Annonymous
Very good, quick and great prediction." ... written by apple
tnx" ... written by Bey
Thanks girl for the advice- night!!! xoxoxo" ... written by Shelly
She was great!!" ... written by Sharay
Straight and to the point. :) " ... written by Dove