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Psychic IntuitiveMarahas 15-20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic IntuitiveMarahas recently helped 2807members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about IntuitiveMara's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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** PSYCHIC/EMPATH** Sincere-Honest-Clairvoyant , Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Mediumship, #1 True Automatic Writer on Oranum.

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I’m Intuitive Mara :)

I am an Empathic Medium & Automatic Writer. Premonitions I experience vary from dreams to relationships. Always a people pleaser (being a Cancer ♋), I take joy in helping guide others in times of need.

I myself have had dreams in the past that have come true later on, and have had SEVERAL Dejavu moments. Over the years I’ve predicted even the silliest of things such as the latest food/drink craze; Examples: Blue soda, the chocolate kisses w/ fillings, etc. Other instances leading up to most recently.. my instincts with relationships are much sharper. Also I do have some telekinetic ability as I wind up breaking things when I get frustrated with things or people. Often times I see visions, smell different fragrances and feel aches & pains in the FreeChat.

Having 20+yrs experience w. Divinity, Angel Decks & MORE, working here I feel most gratified using my abilities as an Empath. I thank everyone for encouraging me to look at these gifts (yes gifts) as something to be proud of. I am known for giving excellent advice on matters of the heart. I am WELL KNOWN for doing Mediumships regarding loved ones whom passed away, Spirit guides & Past Life Readings.

Please keep in mind that I'm as Blunt as it comes, so be prepared to hear the truth. I do not sugar coat readings as that is a waste of our time & very misleading. I am here to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Honesty is Always the Best Policy, I always say!

PS: A good pick me up if your having a blah day, I recommend the Angel Oracle Reading.

Blessings & Love,
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"HONESTY 1st!!!!"
"Let The Work Speak For Itself!"
And don't forget to "Trust Your Gut!"
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thank you mara!" ... written by luxxicon
mara is amazing what an awesome update she knew everything that was going on hugs " ... written by ashley
Hope it all comes true..." ... written by fireopal77
She told me things i knew to be true but had shared with no one..kindred spirit" ... written by UncleDee
I LOVE Mara!!... SHE IS VERY ACCURATE!!..." ... written by Lekris22
She was very accurate and quick! First time with her..Thank you Mara... will get back to you with prediction outcomes... Love, x. " ... written by GD
Wow she really did a great job" ... written by Rashelle
Awesome reading again! She's extremely fast! " ... written by S
gr8 reading in 8 mins..very considerate and values your money!!! gives no false hopes/faith...:)" ... written by eshatr
I think she is great, very helpful and right on the money. She helped me out allot would recommend her to everyone :) " ... written by Tabby29
holly crap that was amazing" ... written by brianna
Amazing as always, honest and trustworthy and wants to really help people she is def someone i wold recommend you will not be disappointed" ... written by waiting4myjoey
She is really intuitive, with just a little of information she told me all... Let's see the outcome... Thank you Mara!" ... written by rinagm
Good, honest read thank you." ... written by jswede1149
On target with what I have been going through. She's very thorough and diligent it getting the message across. Thank you!" ... written by barbiesline
three words: interesting, kind, and honest. " ... written by guriwo
love her she funny! and told me what i needed to hear wil come bk to her!" ... written by janjan89
thank u for everything u answered some of my questions.u are great i'll b back soon for another reading." ... written by violet_star
she did a good job" ... written by joey198402
she did a very good job" ... written by hey
I didn't have to ask any questions....she tuned right in. great reading!" ... written by misty
Very happy with my reading " ... written by anotherlostsoul
Very good!!!" ... written by teuauaa
Mara is a great joy to be around. Always positive, no one can come to her chat room unhappy and not leave smiling !!!! Her readings with Archangels cards are always spot on. And her gypsy reading gives alot of info to help you along your path. She is understanding, kind, gentle but to the point with her readings. You will never be disappointed with a reading from her." ... written by Neenee64
Thanks. I will wait and see what the future holds like you said." ... written by dreamgirl30
Awesome!! she is great" ... written by Jessie
She's good - I believe in her and feel she is truly gifted." ... written by Roseanna
She was great! Picked up on some stuff that helped me out, thank you." ... written by iPreferMimi
LoL ... she did a very good job .. awesome .... I give her 5 stars for what she did" ... written by Teuauaa
Good reading thank u :)" ... written by f999111
Terrific! Shes a pleasure to talk to. Honest and Accurate. 5 Star Rating." ... written by swiftcats64
Awesome reading!!! Thanks so much!!! I'll be back again!" ... written by ak3000
She was very insightful and spoke about things I hadn't even asked... definitely worth the time x" ... written by nadeen101
Good! Help me see what's important. " ... written by ElleLynne91
Great!" ... written by MayGirl
Very friendly, gave a lot of much needed insight. Didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear. Much appreciated." ... written by michellels
She was great! Gave me some insight on some situation! Love her!!! Brought up things I was aware of, and brought up some things I'll yet to see if they happens in the future. Looking forward to it, thanks so much!" ... written by ak3000
Shes very accurate and sweet " ... written by ashley11100
She's awesome, always the best!! " ... written by chickenlittle
The single angel card reading is excellent.... right on pace with what has been going on around me lately... vey impressive and insightful... would recommend this to anyone" ... written by valbassist2277
She was very detailed and knew things def the best reading " ... written by ashley11100
What can i say?! except....WOW!!!!! this girl is sooooo absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!! She's incredible!!!!!!! She's right on point, she's reallly reallly reallllllly amazing!!!!!!! Guys, if you have ANY doubts, GO TO THIS WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she will BLOW. YOUR. MIND!!!!! She is sooooooo incredible 5 stars x 5 stars plus 10 more stars!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Aphrodite000
Good exact repeat with additional infor " ... written by ElleLynne91
Wonderful gave me great answers!" ... written by alley1217
Amazing just love her she is amazing, bt ran out of funds! it webt by so fast!!! ill be back for sure u r the nicest woman and so wonderful! xo" ... written by waiting4myjoey
very sweet personality, wants to help you find answers, will see what happens in 2 weeks..." ... written by wendic
Very consistent love her." ... written by ElleLynne91
fast and accurate" ... written by sabrina fulford
Great reading. very informative and understanding." ... written by pinkpather30
Not only is she highly accurate (and has been consistently for me over the past year, a 100% prediction rate), she's also been a constant source of support. Mara tells it as it is but she's never mean, rude or gives you unsolicited advice. She's kind and honest. 5 stars" ... written by starrose
amazing, tapped in right away, and very accurate thank you " ... written by cheese
Very accurate." ... written by mzgg85
I love mara!! she is great very sweet and always there for you no matter what. she is very caring and loves to help people and especially her friends. She does not think of her clients as clients, but more as friends! i truly love her and don't know what i'd do with her! she is the best! " ... written by waiting4myjoey
great reading" ... written by dosanm
great reading. good advice too" ... written by sharon
She was great and right on point for my first time!" ... written by Rai
Connected very quick. Talked to my loved one and it was a good loving experience. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by LIsa q
She's right on and straight forward as always. Thanks so much to you and the guides for your advice." ... written by ShellyB000
What can i say about this nice lady,i am happy that stumbled on to Mara chat.she very warm and caring about people in her chat Thank you so much for reading those parts were sad but i need to know this but in end its for my benefits. PS you wont regret having reading from this beautiful young lady..........:))" ... written by zaidkai
Very good, tunes in immediately." ... written by BarbaA
Thank you, Mara, for your help!" ... written by joey198402
She was very patient and helpful." ... written by sarahsellers1985
The real deal....5 STAR rating " ... written by jade6996
She was amazing!! Really helped me out alot and gave me some great insight as to what was going on. Contact will not be dissapointed!!" ... written by deannbri1126
She is good at what she does she confirmed alot of what i felt already. I have dealt with phonies in the past and I believe her to be real." ... written by luckyirish
Very nice, helpful!" ... written by dieorfight7
Mara always makes me feel so much better about all my life choices!! she is my best friend as well as my advisor! i just love her! thank u mara for sharing your gift!!!" ... written by waiting4myjoey
She is very caring and indepth with her readings tell you everything best reading ive had " ... written by ashley11100
Brill thank you! Really enjoyed it and gave me piece of mind xxxx" ... written by hazelhazel
Amazing, right on! very accurate!! she blows my mind everytime she reads for me and she is so much fun!! u will not be disappointed!" ... written by waiting4myjoey
VERY GIFTED...I trust in what I have gotten in my reading from Tamara - she has a great insight and shares what she sees and how she sees it. There is a softness to her and it comes across in her reading and while she is reading. I know I will be back again, time after time. Talent like hers is real, not made up not fake, I TRUST IN THE WORDS THAT ARE COMING FROM HER MOUTH. Gifts like hers will BLESS those that choose to get a reading. WHITE LIGHT AND BLESSINGS TAMARA - MAY YOUR GIFT BRING LOVE AND HAPPINESS TO THOSE WHOM YOU TOUCH AND WHO HAVE TOUCHED YOUR LIFE....GOD BLESS" ... written by Niwroc-D61
Even though i just had 20credits she was really able to help me and see clearly IntuiveMara is really great and knows what she is talking about ... " ... written by DIIAMONDZZZ
Great to chat with! Quick connection! Will talk with her again. Thank you!" ... written by kalanipuu1
Right on point andamp;amp; VERRRRRRRRY helpful. Mara really cares and made me feel so much better....compassionate----this is the REAL DEAL (A+++)" ... written by Dreamer85
Very honest and easy to talk to. Quick as well!" ... written by c
Another great reading with Mara. Insightful and quick to respond! Thank you." ... written by Patience29
Yeah shes nice and good thank you (: !!" ... written by Lovingthefreedom
Shes always great and insightful. In private even more." ... written by mchaze
I'm very happy with my reading." ... written by anotherlostsoul
Yeah she is intuitive =) great!" ... written by milkyway
Had a demo last time and she was great more than great and the reading just now is spot on thank you xxxx" ... written by tinalouise
Thank you! That was really helpful! It got me out of my struggle with it." ... written by klamecki
Mara is amazing. She honed in on exactly what I needed help with and was very honest. Even after she was very helpful with guidance for whatever was covered in the reafing. I have come away with peace of mind andamp; feel more positive andamp; more certain in what steps I need to take. Words do not do justice,her approach to the reading as well, I felt like I was connecting with an old friend. Thank you sooooo much Mara!" ... written by parastar
Pretty good, for a five minutes reading, would love to hear more." ... written by loriarhi
Good reading." ... written by jswede1149
The tarot reading was great, she answered alot of questions" ... written by bell
She is the best! she has been my savior through my troublesome issues in my life! i love her!" ... written by waiting4myjoeyi
I love mara shes a friend to me she cares shes been there for me since day one means so much to me thanks for my update mara xoxo" ... written by ashley
Maraa is great! had so little credits but she made it through with the most of info and she did great! :) when I have more credits will be back to her :D " ... written by orlem123
quick and to the point" ... written by Hayden
Our chat was cut off, but she was quick and good!" ... written by nayze17
Good..very detailed. Surprisingly" ... written by Nailsaz
Well a great reader. Accuracy and perfectionist..." ... written by habib29
Awesome Mara is very talented with a beautiful heart" ... written by mzgg85
She was extremly friendly she gets to the point and doesn't waste time. She's great, I would love to read with her again!" ... written by studdalishious22
Very accurate, I was waiting on something and had a conversation with a person involved in the situation earlier today about it andamp; the angel cards was totally on point. Great honest person, very real andamp; kind." ... written by Vixen1
Always the BEST to chat with! Thank You my friend!" ... written by kalanipuu1
LIFE SAVERRRRRRR" ... written by 1dgirl
Good reading" ... written by lavendergirl
Great!!" ... written by rachipoo13
Love her!" ... written by ElleLynne91
Good chat, just a bit confused now but I know she will help me get my head around all this!! Thanks, hun!" ... written by waiting4myjoey
Very kind and straight to the point. " ... written by frances345
Very nice" ... written by skf271
Wonderful and caring person to talk to! she's wonderful!" ... written by ak3000
My very first FREE CHAT FRIEND. Did a private today, loved her and she is a lovely caring person." ... written by beautifulmoi
Shes amazing as always made me not give up hope love ya mara :)" ... written by ashley11100
Thank you, the reading was great, loved every min of it and was correct on everything spot on." ... written by tonio73
Wonderful as always, thanks so much hun!" ... written by ak3000
Did a reading for the second time with mara and i was astounded by her precision on the matter. really eased me al lot with some very stressing issues :)" ... written by parastar
A very warm kindhearted person to talk to! She's really great to use! Thank you!" ... written by ak3000
She is really nice and honest.." ... written by nikita89
A real sweetheart!!" ... written by ak3000
Awesome as always... you've always been so helpful! Thank you!" ... written by ak3000
Thank you Mara! I enjoyed my reading. :)" ... written by Chrissy
a good reading lets see what happens, thanx a lot" ... written by zimerili1
5 star reading! Very intuitive and picked up on everything to a tee." ... written by Christine
Honest, quick!!" ... written by Jamie-ann garrison
No denying her gifts and talent. Worth every penny, love her!" ... written by michelle
Wonderful reading as always. She helped restore faith in myself and confidence to get what I want." ... written by Christine
Absolutely outstanding!!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
Thanks for giving me some insights of my situation. You were spot on and I also need to forgive myself I guess. Thanks Mara...I will be back to you for chat some other day." ... written by hemas
She was very good and helpful. Reassured me." ... written by Jennifer
Mara connected with my father and it was pure bliss. Love my girl Mara!" ... written by michelle
She is good, very in tune to me." ... written by lee
Tonight was the night I needed someone, and my girl Mara was here. I have some pull toward her. Her insight and readings are always appropriate, accurate, considerate and truthful. Thank you " ... written by michelle
Wow - quick and spot on." ... written by Freedom2211
I love chatting with Mara. She is such a great reader so give her a try!" ... written by Chrissy
Awesome psychic love her to bits" ... written by wabbit1988
I would recommend her - spot on, quick, and the reading gave me clarity, it reassured what I know in my gut. Thank you! " ... written by ShellyB000
Mara is not only an awesome person, but also a great and accurate reader!" ... written by Patience29
Thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
The best reading i could ever have" ... written by chix219
Very good reading and calming!!!!" ... written by itwillbeok
She answered a question to an emotional issue I was having and really understood with accuracy and details." ... written by michelle
Thank you. Quick and no gimmicks." ... written by Bluebird
i loved her, answered questions fully!! very sweet and honest, to the point.... " ... written by Lisa0003
I love Mara!!!! Get a reading with her, you will not regret it!! She is like my long lost soul sister!!" ... written by waiting4myjoey
Intuitive Marra was wonderful. Gave me info to a question I've been struggling with for some time. Would definitely recommend as told me what I was feeling right away, even used same words I have used. Wonderful experience. " ... written by Lindalaz9913
She is truly amazing! Is almost as if she was reading the answers out of a book. And what I love most is that all her answers are solid without ambiguity. " ... written by Stephanie
lovely woman :) x" ... written by L
Brilliant, she sensed a lot of things about me. Recommend her anytime." ... written by erini
Always great - direct and can be specific." ... written by ShellyB000
Mara is so genuine, peaceful and accepting of all situations. She isn't rude, she won't rush you, she won't push you. I can feel it with every single bone in my body that she is 100% genuine. She is simply amazing and I have the up-most respect for who she is and what she does. I will definitely be speaking with her again. " ... written by jealman
Another great reading with Mara! Very accurate and insightful!" ... written by Patience29
She is outstanding - 5 Stars !!! " ... written by Jennifer
thanks you so much . you are the best . you guide pick up all the right one and you feel my energy . " ... written by sai
spoke to my grandparents, wonderful :)" ... written by L
She seemed awesome. Very to the point and was right about a lot of things that were very specific. " ... written by Sparkle Pony
Great reading again!" ... written by Patience29
the reading was great- quick and to the point. Perfect. Thank u" ... written by Reggie144
she is honest , best and good advice. good energy . " ... written by sai
Amazing" ... written by Brendan Harrelson
mara was amazing and very accurate in her reading and was able to help me with answers to my problems too" ... written by dmw4300
Mara helped me to answer some questions about my father who recently passed away. She was thorough and very genuinely concerned with my situation. HIGHLY recommend!!" ... written by CS
Another great reading, very insightful and to the point!" ... written by Patience29
Very helpful and reassuring " ... written by Jennifer
great thank u " ... written by intuitive amra
Great quick and accurate reading..Uplifting and positive. Looking forward to everything unfolding. would def contact her again. thanks Mara :)" ... written by Bellarose13
i love this girl. I love love her. I have amazing connection and he just puts me at ease like no other. she has a genuine gift and she doesn't have to prove anything because it is written all over ever inch of her personality. she is amazing!" ... written by Joyce Alman
IntuitiveMara is wonderful! =) She is very sweet and straight forward. She doesnt sugar coat anything and was able to connect right away! I only wish we had more time! I look forward to future readings with her! THANK YOU TAM TAM! =P" ... written by momosugah
Wonderful reading. She got right to the point and didn't waste any time!!! " ... written by Danielle
thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
WOW! She Blew my mind away! She just clarifies everything so fast and is SO accurate and precise and fast. Truly remarkable! " ... written by Stephanie
without a doubt!!!! fastest clearest reader here!!! thanks so much!!!!!" ... written by GM
understands everything i am feeling and gives me honest answers and insight to guide me to right path to take. she also has a calming effect and I felt understood. THANK YOU!! Always enjoy our readings. " ... written by Lindalaz9913
Good reading. " ... written by Senem
Well she is right on the money about me, so I am confident that she is right about everything else. Cant wait for everything to fall into place! Thank You Mara!!" ... written by Justme
great! really helped thank you!! :)" ... written by mikki
A very reassuring person and very patience when I was all made of doubts. Truly amazing." ... written by alice
star reading, very accurate, very easy to talk to. I highly recommend her!" ... written by Give_Me_Love
Lots and lots of details and good information. Very good reading, thank you." ... written by Jennifer
Another great reading with Mara! She is always spot on, and answers right away!" ... written by Patience29
had an amazing follow up tonight. She pinpointed my question with amazing accuracy and I was thrilled. Put my fears and doubts aside. Always to the point and on target with answers. Fantastic follow up to an already amazing previous reading. Wonderful job. Will return again and again. " ... written by Lindalaz9913
Love Mara, she's very fast with her readings!" ... written by Chrissy
she is spot onnnn :)) really good" ... written by ashnnka
WOW! She was on point! Will be back." ... written by Mona
Just awesome. Mara can see right into anything, and is extremely accurate! Thanks so much! " ... written by Lynda22
Wow, Thanks. Very helpful." ... written by angloThai
Another 5 star reading. She always puts me at ease and helps me see positive in every situation. I highly recommend her and will be back!" ... written by Christine
Wow what can I say she hit it right on the money of how I was feeling I mean, wow i'm just aww struck at how much she got at so fast she is amazing all I can say" ... written by crevilla98
She is very nice and caring . She helps you with all aspects of your life, you leave feeling better about everything. She is such a good friend as well as a reader. thanks mara" ... written by luckyirish
great reading.... gave me hope for my wish to come true. def. will be back. thank u" ... written by erini
connects well" ... written by nana smith
she is awesome !!!" ... written by Jennifer
great reading as always - thank you mara for your insight. I will be talking to you soon." ... written by Reggie
you are wonderful, thank you" ... written by jessica
Great reading as always! Thank you!" ... written by Patience29
She was awesome thanks so much for your help!!!" ... written by the fool
Mara is a great expert she is so intuned i give her 1000 stars love and light to you Mara namaste" ... written by Adelina
Loved talking to Mara...She is so cool..Will keep her posted and hope her predictions come true..thank u..hugs..xx" ... written by unahh101
Great insight!" ... written by Unluckyinhearts
AMAZING!!!!!" ... written by chix219
Gives such great advice and insight into a situation! 5 stars for accuracy! Very easy to talk to. I highly recommend her! " ... written by Christine
Great for the short time I had" ... written by ash
Reliable, and concise in her reading. Gives good advice. " ... written by youralice
ty so much u r great and many questions were answered" ... written by gloria
Excellent reading!!!! Would see again!!!" ... written by Nicole
good reading! hope predictions come true :)" ... written by kelsey
She was excellent, I simply loved her. A real positive and spiritual soul. Thanks for the reading :)" ... written by itslanos
She was good." ... written by rj
She is awsome" ... written by Shan-Shan
Another great reading with Mara." ... written by Patience29
Blunt. Not really what I wanted to hear but not all bad. She is quicker than some of the others I've heard from. " ... written by ann
AWESOME reading! " ... written by Slinky222
Open very quick and honest, good, doesn't take advantage of time." ... written by Shelly
WONDERFUL AS ALWAYS!!! Update and nothing has changed she has given me the same time frame and advice" ... written by B
She is so kind and has taken good measures to help me get what i needed. really reached her hand out to me. Great reading by the way it was hard to swallow but she is accurate and truthful! thumps up 99 stars." ... written by chey
wonderful...... surprisingly accurate and right on the situation...thank you for your help!!" ... written by rose
She is so awesome! She knew everything, answered quickly and did not waste time. Alot of information covered quickly. One of Oranums Angels for sure." ... written by Pammy826
thank you for your advice and insights!!! =)" ... written by Angelica
fast and reliable :) " ... written by wishesshopes
wow i'm super impressed at my reading with her. just vibing off the questions and she read these people i asked her about correctly!" ... written by luxxicon
Another great reading as always!" ... written by Patience29
Great reading as always!" ... written by Patience29
She’s accurate and doesn’t waste any time nor beats around the bush." ... written by youralice
Good advise" ... written by a
thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
very good" ... written by riya
Great reading as always" ... written by a
thanks girl great demos had a few credits to talk was very fast connected well with me brought up something i related alot to me very good tahnk you i hope all comes true " ... written by adriane
awesome update always to the point fast and knows my situiation thanks mara xoxo" ... written by ashley
thanks again for the update....ill check back in keeping faith that you are right :)" ... written by sunflowers33
Love this girl. We have a strong connection. I trust her completely! Thanks Mara!" ... written by Joyce Alman
one work: AMAZING!!! 100 stars " ... written by b
Thank you mara for a great reading. Was quick and on point as always. " ... written by Reggie
Amazing reading super quick and accurate." ... written by lover
Quickly picked up on my situation. Could tell things about me right off the bat. Good reading. I hope it comes true." ... written by Lela
She picked up on my situation very fast and although it wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear hopefully it will all work out for the better ..." ... written by Bri
great reading will be back" ... written by sweetpea 22
Awesome connection! Knew exact details of situation... extremely gifted! Very happy I had read with her... will be back!" ... written by Tanya
very honest, to the point, and very quick! will be going back to her" ... written by nf1
Great reading. To the point. I have some choices to make. Thanks Mara." ... written by itwillbeok
she is fabulous!!!! OMGosh!!!!! " ... written by Sunflowers33
Another great insightful reading. Thank you!" ... written by Patience29
THANK U SO MUCH" ... written by BETH
She is amazing. Very honest, fast, direct and thorough in her answers." ... written by neke
another wonderful reading she has helped me out so much. I'm very grateful for her honesty and patience to answering my questions. For easy to talk to. " ... written by sunflwers33
The bit that came through was extremely helpful and insightful. Unfortunately the website was having issues and it was a bit hard to communicate at times. However I truly enjoyed my session. Thank you!" ... written by Mgrl
i feel very connected , she is on point, very in tune, positive energy " ... written by angela
:)" ... written by chris
She was awesome!! she picked up fast and connected very well! will be waiting on her predictions!" ... written by BP
thanks for my reading" ... written by nf1
sticking to what she says which is a great thing thank you =)" ... written by adriane
thanks for my reading!" ... written by nf1
I am moved bye what has just taken place. I need time to absorb all this. Maria thank you again!" ... written by david
she is the best ." ... written by sai
Second reading with Mara and she truely is the best reader I've ever met ;) accurate, precise, funny, honest, sure of what she says, no sugarcoating, sweet, smart, did I mention funny? :p" ... written by Annibelle888
she gives me clarity when I need it super fast ... she is a joy.. will update when predictions come to pass " ... written by B
hoping she's right. she was very consoling though. i appreciate her honesty and patience." ... written by ~~
She's very fast. Will wait on her predictions!" ... written by BP
Great reading with Mara!" ... written by Patience29
Thank you so much, wish I could afford more. Genuine psychic!" ... written by librabeauty
I just had a picture reading from Mara and allow me to tell you that it was amazing! It allowed us to talk more in detail of aspects that had not been as clear before. Thank you and will work on all of your recommendations ;)" ... written by Mgrl
Excellent as always!!! Thank you so much! You have put my mind at ease!!!" ... written by Nicole
Another great reading with Mara. " ... written by Patience29
thanks so much for the nice reading. i do appreciate your honesty . i am glad i was able to confirm what i have been thinking about my issue for a long time. I now know what i have to do so i can move on with my life." ... written by whiterosepetals
good reading" ... written by nf1
amazing intuitive straught to the point waisting time, exactly what ou ask you will get an answer , not asking too much questions her" ... written by martinia
thanks for the quick reading" ... written by nf1
Very fast and had a really good first reading! Thanks Mara!" ... written by stuckhere972
fast and direct beating around the that Mara catches to the situation straight away..xx" ... written by motherbear
helped me alot the best of the best " ... written by esteve
great reading.. Mara's seems very in-tuned and was able to answer right away." ... written by l
AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! Beautiful personality, if you're psychic hopping, then STOP, Some of us have learned that hard way, but in one sentence, "She makes me feel extremely relieved!". Genuine, calm, and listens! " ... written by Laura
very awesome" ... written by vell
good update she is always caring and honest never tells me what i want to hear tells me the truth thanks mara xoxo" ... written by ashley
excellent !" ... written by Jenn
thanks you so much . you the best" ... written by sai .
thanks for my update! very quick!!" ... written by needfaith1
I love mara she is always fast and accurate." ... written by gloria
good reading. will see how the predictions go." ... written by jan
amazing reading...very helpful and honest..i appreciate it so much!! Thank you" ... written by Lehua
love her, very real - straight:)" ... written by shelly
very quick!" ... written by nf1
Really fast and thanks!" ... written by Lily
thanks you your guide is the best. " ... written by sai .
will be waiting on her predictions! she's fast!" ... written by BP
Shes fast ..and straight to the point." ... written by diamond
she is very quick." ... written by n g
Very straight to the point, honest, no nonsense reading. Answered all my questions." ... written by jane
OMG, I just had the most amazing reading with Mara. She picked up my grandmother RIGHT away. The way she said things was in the 'mannerisms' my Gram used, even the 'language.' I have been needing this reassurance for years. This ain't no "bullshit" psychic you guys. She is the real deal and I am shocked and so happy. She said things no one could know. " ... written by Nicole (NLovett)
The best reader ever ! So sure of what she's saying and so on it. Mara is amazing :) Love her love her love her" ... written by Annibelle888
i had the same idea answers that she was giving me she basically confirmed it Thankyou :) " ... written by alexandra taylor
thanks for my update! straight to the point!" ... written by needfaith1
SHe was dead on !! Great reading !!" ... written by Pvillegirl
very very good" ... written by cm
Excellent!!! On point as always!!!!! Would see again!!!! " ... written by Nicole
SHe is awesome !!" ... written by ERin
good reading. picked up on the situation quickly. look forward to the upcoming changes." ... written by Deb
Thanks!" ... written by d2k1000
She is very accurate. I was pleasantly surprised!!!" ... written by Cheryl
very fast and on point- thank you for your insight" ... written by maithu
wonderful. simply amazing. picked up perfectly. amazed" ... written by DK
WOW. I finally was able to get credits for a private with Mara." ... written by wishesshopes
Very good energy. Will definitely come back. I hope things do work out." ... written by judi
amazing person..she knows what she is doing ...highly recommended:) " ... written by martinia
so thankful for maras gifts. i trust her 100%" ... written by happy
Love her!! Don't need to see anyone else!! I'll be back for sure" ... written by Mao2111
good reading!" ... written by needfaith1
honest and accurate" ... written by wishesshopes
repeating client. great as usual" ... written by wishesshopes
I'm addicted to intuitivemara ! Love her so much. She is da bestest :)" ... written by Annibelle888
repeating client - great details, accurate, guidance and I feel pretty secure about myself and situation after each reading with her. thanks mara!" ... written by wishesshopes
I found her to be highly perceptive and caring. She gave me great peace of mind and I am very thankful for this!" ... written by -
Thanks Mara for that on point reading about the on goings at my job. Sorry that it got cut off, but I seriously needed it!" ... written by Chyree
Helped reconfirm my suspicions" ... written by nursebluis
thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
great as usual." ... written by wishesshopes
Another great insightful reading with mara!" ... written by Patience29
mara is great i always come back to her b/c of her accuracy each and every time" ... written by glo
Awesome job. I will be back to give an increase within 2 months, nip the friend issue in the bud (she doesn't like me), Business will florid just takes time and focus, 4 children predicted. I will be back with an update. She was right on about the personality of another person that I know...and with me." ... written by SmileyT
Thank you so much ,very gifted and caring lady," ... written by judi
super spot on!!!" ... written by alicia
very fast and direct.thank you for your time and insight" ... written by maithu
she is great" ... written by d
Mara's great. totally worth the money. :) she connects very easily and is straight to the point and blunt. :) i'll come back again. :)" ... written by eternalxdemon
The reading was great had all my questions answered then some, she is very fast in responses. I have had alot going on in all aspects of my life and needed clear guidance she helped answer all of those troubling decisions I have in front of me and gave clear confident guidance." ... written by pinkpather30
WOW!!!! Mara is INCREDIBLE!! She was spot on with the questions that I had and she got it down to a T! I am so impressed and blown away. She definitely gave me clarity! :)" ... written by Jackie S.
Great as alwasys" ... written by dalles
Vey Nice Reading! Thanks So Much!" ... written by Michelle
Excellent, thank you much" ... written by Jodi
thank you" ... written by joey198402
thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
good!" ... written by dee
shes great at tapping in" ... written by s
very intuitive" ... written by s
thank you mara" ... written by needfaith1
Amazed." ... written by a
Great reading, very helpful and understanding. " ... written by a
thank you for the reading" ... written by joey198402
Mara gave alot of information in a short time , she was very detailed. I ran out of credits but I will definitely be back for another reading with her!!!" ... written by Karleighsmom83
Mara is always my to go to psychic if i want the truth." ... written by gloria
thank you" ... written by joey198402
repeating client!!" ... written by wishesshopes
She is very accurate, to the point and does not waste your time and money at all, which is very good. She is a very good psychic. Thanks Mara! =-) " ... written by Soraia
Wanted to follow up with me on a subject very important. Gave me very dire information, and I'll will do my best to follow through with it." ... written by Rebel
good" ... written by leroy clark
As always she is very to the point, which I really like it, don't waste time, tell the true. I used to go to this psychic here on oranum, but I got annoyed, because he would talk too much of things that you can talk in the chat room, I would loose money, and lost patience, too. So I found Mara, had this click, she is great. No sugarcoating, just to the point. Great." ... written by soraia
Very nice, very quick and precise with the answers and caring and patient with your questions. Definitely worth it." ... written by Rebel
informative as always. :) thanks mara!" ... written by eternalxdemon
Excellent as always!! Would recommend to the world!" ... written by Nicole
she was with the answers, " ... written by caroline
Great insightful and accurate reading." ... written by Patience29
First time reading with this lovely lady, her answers were fast and straight to the point. She was amazing x" ... written by mshelli
Very caring and compassionate on the subject." ... written by Rebel
she told me everything that correlated to my intuition! she was very kind and thoughtful and told me a lot to help me. this all made so much sense! highly recommended medium as well!!!!" ... written by amber
Awesome...and true....great reading and honsety" ... written by Anthony
thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
love her ! " ... written by Erin
thanks for the nice reading. i do appreciate it. i appreciate your honesty and caring too" ... written by whiterosepetals
she caught on right away! i love how she can answer quickly. she is very straight forward i love it!" ... written by April
awesome" ... written by lou
great again as always. :) quick and to the point! ;)" ... written by eternalxdemon
OMG She is amazing.... fast and accurate no wasting time and great a must to have a reading with..." ... written by Rosa
Wish she wasn't so expensive! lol but she's good worth the money very straight forward." ... written by nbarnes2
Mara thank you very much for your reading! it was very nice to talk to you again." ... written by Diana
thanks mara" ... written by ~~
WOW Mara was able to see clearly into my situation as if she was there with me. AMAZING and accurate" ... written by Jackie S.
great reading very nice lady." ... written by brownie
Mara's great as always. :) Thanks for the clarity. :)" ... written by eternalxdemon
Told me what I needed to do in a situation with my girlfriend. I'll try my best to live up to it and hopefully, just hopefully my girlfriend makes the right choice." ... written by Rebel
you are the best. you are down to earth and you keep it real." ... written by successgirl
Great as usual" ... written by Tomma
Feeling a little more reassured on the situation I'm in and trying my best to make work." ... written by Rebel
great to the point! =-)" ... written by soraia
Wow, Not exactly what i wanted to hear, but i needed to know. Thanks for the reading. " ... written by Winnie
very quick and to the poiint, thank you" ... written by maithu
as always, nothing to complain, she s is great! and so far everything she said way before this session is happening, she is good. Thanks Mara! xD " ... written by soraia
I received a reading from what is called a divinity deck. Held a lot of meaning to me, given the current situation myself and others are in at this point in time. It also confirmed several things going on as well." ... written by Rebel
OMG I love her updates she has been so spot on her information..... Amamzing" ... written by Rosa
straight forward reading, great!" ... written by hilly
Mara is bang bang fast! :)" ... written by dont worry about it
Mara is great! She connects quickly and knows exactly what you need in your reading, if you are unsure of what you want to know. She is honest and caring. I will def come back for another one soon!!!" ... written by Sarah
I like Mara very quick and fast and thank you for everything. Sorry I ran out of mins. I will come back to chat with you again . I highly recommend she was right on point. " ... written by JoyApples
Amazing as always. :) " ... written by eternalxdemon
she is great, very to the point as always, nothing to complain at all =-)" ... written by soraia
her picture readings are very helpful. :)" ... written by eternalxdemon
5stars" ... written by dionicia
The reading went quick, but well. I need to follow up on some things and see how it goes, but I got a good feeling about her. Thanks for getting so many questions in!" ... written by Ben
very to the point and really made me feel better, I would try my best to leave it be." ... written by angelwings
sweet" ... written by karen
Another insightful reading. Got to talk to a dear friend who has since passed and more reassurance that the woman I love is going to be alright." ... written by Rebel
mara is great always on point" ... written by gloria
very nice reading mara is great.awesome spot on will be back" ... written by sweetpea22
Mara is the real deal! take her private she's worth it! super spirit guide readings will always come back to her :) thanks mara! " ... written by Melro
She reads well, clear. Doesnt bs. " ... written by Shelly
Amazing reading!! Filled me in on important things that were bothering me through out the day. It was like a light thru a tunnel. Thank you so much! I can sleep peacefully tonight :)" ... written by chuchiilopez
ty love!!!! always a good reading with you!" ... written by eternalxdemon
Great reading. Very helpfiul!" ... written by Danielle
wow amzeing reading.she was spot on.higly recomend it.thank you for your godd advice" ... written by enver
Awesome Reading!!" ... written by Bellezalatina
I enjoyed my reading with Mara. She seemed to know a lot regarding my situation and gave me some pretty good advice. I'll definitely be back to get a reading from her again. " ... written by Roseanna
I love her !!! She's my number 1 go to person!" ... written by mao2181
Thank you for the insight. :) " ... written by eternalxdemon
Excelllllent!!!! OMG...Awesome...Off The Hizzy the besyt read ever!!!" ... written by Anthony
Due to my financial instability, I only had about a minute to do my private reading...however, Mara actually got through my (insipid) questions very, very quickly and acutely." ... written by receivinglines
mara gave me the tools to move on. she is such a gift..thank you , she is sooo accurate" ... written by much better
ty love for the update! :)" ... written by eternalxdemon
maea is awesome love her best reader" ... written by sweetpea22
thank you - wish i had credit for longer - will be back" ... written by Alexandra
Made my night!!!! I'm glad I got a private with her FINALLY. I love that she is so gifted that the answers just comes to her instantly. She really worked with the credits I have by encouraging me to have my questions ready ahead of time. I sincerely appreciate that!! The information (that I already knew) was accurate so I cannot doubt what the insights given to what I don't as well as predictions! Thank you Mara; you're beautiful and so gifted :)" ... written by Kelsey
Caring and honest with her answers." ... written by Rebel
While I have some work to do on my part, I know what I need to do. A very good reading" ... written by Rebel
Mara is upfront, honest, and genuinely cares about her clients! She is amazing! I'd definitely consider her for a reading if I were you ;)" ... written by Sarah
i lvdd the reading! it was amazing as always! :)" ... written by Gabriela
Thank you Mara! Very helpful, very fast! " ... written by Kelsey
thank you" ... written by joey198402
Mara connected very fast as usual and provided very helpful insight." ... written by Patience29
She was on point like always!!!! Never fails me!!!! :) Amazing how quick she can pick things up! :)" ... written by Gabriela
Mara is awesome as always! Fast and accurate. Just love her ♥" ... written by Justdancee
Mara is quick to connect and always honest!!! Inquire about her spirit guide readings, one of her best kinds!" ... written by Sarah
Great as always. :)" ... written by eternalxdemon
Amazing!!!! truly truly amazing! :)" ... written by Ixchel
Always great talking with Mara, great asset to the network. Direct and to the point and takes out time to listen and provides guideance that will keep you on track. I will talk with you in the months to come for an update. " ... written by Ms D
Appreciate the info. Look forward to seeing what happens. She was really right on about the person I asked about. Thank you!" ... written by Anny
she is good all i can say" ... written by Kris Frank
Incredible reading!! She picks up on everything super fast and will not waste your money and time. I got everything I needed answered in a short amount of time, and I'm more than happy with what she said. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! " ... written by Rainz77
she was great! I really have a sense she knows what she was saying especially about my relationship!" ... written by nilly
I had a lovely private with Mara! She gave her answer quick and was very accurate. :)" ... written by Tasha
she is was good thanks mara" ... written by Kris Frank
She is very fast and I like her readings. I would do it again." ... written by KhadijaK
5 stars and fast" ... written by georgia peach37
Always on point lol!" ... written by Gabriela
Always on point as usual! She always knows what to say! And how to say it." ... written by Gabriela
lol... TY Mara!! " ... written by Shelly
love her cant wait for my future :)" ... written by victoria
On point as always! :)" ... written by Gabriela
Mara was clear and tuned into the situation quickly. She didn't waste my time." ... written by Shelly
Mara is awesome. She connects quickly and gives very accurate answers. A true empath." ... written by Ashley
I found the reading helpful." ... written by Karen
honest and to the point" ... written by v
great session as always. :) thanks!!!! :)" ... written by eternalxdemon
Mara is light hearted and straight forward, no bs... thanks for the reassurance." ... written by Shelly
Very interesting reading with Mara. Glad I did it" ... written by Feniks76
On Point as usual!!!! :)" ... written by Gabriela
Lovely reading!" ... written by Tasha
Excellent reading" ... written by Opal Flower
Love her readings! She is so blunt and straight forward! Like no b.s. type thing which is what I really like. And she is really on point and answers quickly! :) Thanks Mara" ... written by Gabriela
she was spot on!!!" ... written by brandee
I can always trust her to tell me the truth and be straight up with me! And I love that about mara! Definitely a regular! :)" ... written by Gabriela
Gave more insight on my girlfriends road to treatment, along with questions to ask the doctors about what might can be done to help. Very thankful." ... written by Rebel
as good and fast as always. :)" ... written by eternalxdemon
She is so on point! Always knows whats going on, and how the situation is! :)" ... written by Gabriela
was quick to answer! thnank you:)" ... written by porsche
san antoniovery quick and straight forward" ... written by michelle
As always on point and so quick to answer! I love that! :)" ... written by Gabriela
She gave me lots of clarity on why certain situations were happening, I feel better and more relieved after the private. " ... written by Tasha
Learned about a task that will hopefully help with a loved one. Very informing and I hope I'm able to follow it to the letter." ... written by Rebel
Lovely as always, recommend her to everyone. Answers are quick and precise." ... written by Tasha
She is always so on point! :)" ... written by Gabriela
Mara was so on point. She made me cry tears of Joy. Thank You Thank You Thank You. Awesome." ... written by mc
She was right on it! It was amazing! I can't believe what she told me because its so true lol :)" ... written by gabriela
great as always. :)" ... written by eternal demon
Mara is quick to connect, very honest, and has your best interest at heart! Thank you for another great reading!!!" ... written by Sarah
Always on point! As usual! Which makes me really happy!" ... written by Gabriela
Connected awesomely highly recommend, and suberbly honest." ... written by Malik
Mara is very sweet and oh so very accurate. She connects with the people in question instantly. She is worth every penny!" ... written by Ashley
Always accurate and precise." ... written by Tasha
She was awesome giving me the insights I needed thanks hun." ... written by lori
VERY ON POINT!" ... written by Gabriela
I appreciate the time this reader took to do my reading. I am very happy with the reading" ... written by whiterosepetals
Always quick and accurate. :)" ... written by Tasha
Seems very honest" ... written by Sarah
Talking to IntuitiveMara is like talking to a friend. She's really kind, trustworthy and gives great advice. Her readings are so accurate, even the ones that are related to education and friendships. So much love! ♥" ... written by PixieLove
So, I am already a client, =-) She is directly to the point, and things she told me that would happen they did, but it took a while, but they did. Very accurate as always, pretty nice. " ... written by happy
Was awesome and BLUNT, Which I need more than anything but delivers it as sweet as can be." ... written by Malik
She was extremely connected and amazing, I felt like she was really reading my thoughts, any question I had Mara answered with Accuracy and Honesty especially with details, bless her like a sister I always wanted. Love you Mara your the best." ... written by Malik
Very kind and fast answers as always. One of the best on this site." ... written by Rebel
So, again, still very accurate and the other things that she said would happen maybe a month and a half ago... they are happening already, she is good, will def be her client forever, hahahaha. =-)" ... written by happy angel
thank you so much for your clarity" ... written by mag
Always great" ... written by Tasha
Lovely but blunt and honest answers. " ... written by Sarah
Mara is awesome, the most straight forward psychic I ever came across, love her. (again twice in 1 day)" ... written by Malik
Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!!!" ... written by Malik
awesome very honest " ... written by Emma
Very direct and to the point andamp; nothing but the truth!! That is what I love about her! Thank you!" ... written by Nicole
It was informative :)" ... written by Osk
She was the best ever. I love her whole heartdly." ... written by Malik
quick to the point and had really good advice !!!:)" ... written by tori
quick reader " ... written by tianna
Another amazing reading with Mara, she's terrific, accurate, funny, comforting, I love her readings !" ... written by Annibelle
Thank you for your reading" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Always good and precise" ... written by Tasha
Confirmed a lot of things back to back. Gave me more hope for my situation. Fast, Caring, and Considerate." ... written by Rebel
Mara connected really quick with my situation and was able to clearly see things from my past without asking any questions. Thank you for your recommendations for the future" ... written by Helen
She's great. Clear and honest. Appreciated the fact that I can just ask questions and she give me detailed answers. Thanks Mara, you've helped a lot." ... written by Benny
She was really quick and on point with my issues she really connected and gave me correct answers with little or no information which I believe was very good" ... written by babydolly
Always brilliant and honest. I know you keep reading things like that about psychics but it is true. She is blatantly honest." ... written by Sarah
quick,brilliant" ... written by Doppler
Great reading, answered all questions and I feel she was right on the nose with this. And was very fast and honest.. " ... written by Rick
Straight forward. Sweet and to the point" ... written by T
awesome like always love her readings" ... written by lori
Mara is amazing, I'm very thankful for the reading we had tonight, and i would suggest her to anyone! " ... written by Samantha
5 stars *****" ... written by Sarah
she helped me out heaps and told me things from someone that has personally experienced my situation " ... written by tat
She's the truth. I like her approach." ... written by nbarnes2
She is so accurate and adorable...very good" ... written by cmscarmona
Thanks mara - you r the best as always. " ... written by Reginald
Thank you Mara... you connected very well and very accurate.. Highly recommend Mara for any issue. " ... written by Lynda22
I love listening to her and her advice. Relaxes me all the time " ... written by toni
Made predictions gonna see if they come true :D" ... written by babydoll
great as always will be back" ... written by sweetpea22
Great! I wanted the truth and I got it. Mara picked up on situation very quickly and, although it's not what I wanted to hear exactly it's what I needed. Thank u :)" ... written by nina
awesome reader, and hit the mark. " ... written by Pamela/Cherokeewings
This woman is awesome. Very fast at what she does and very precise. I was very happy with her reading. Also I sat in for a demo and it was great. No one is ever left out in her demos as long as you follow her rules set at the beginning. Once again she is AWESOME!!!" ... written by Lonnise
On-point as always. :)" ... written by Rebel
Good as always, provides answers quickly" ... written by Tasha
She answered quickly and accurately! Recommended 100%" ... written by NatashaJ88
She is always right about everything. I only come to her. Trust me she's worth, not blowing smoke or anything. Other readers on here are good, bad and excellent she goes in the excellent pile haha " ... written by toni
I love her. She's my new bff " ... written by antonia
thanks for the insight" ... written by altima1963
Put my nerves at ease with my girlfriend. Very considerate and fast." ... written by Rebel
Big help, is just too expensive and I am just not able to come and enjoy the time as much as I can like before, but still very good and accurate of course. Thanks!! =-)" ... written by HappyAngel
She's great, but too expensive. Gives advice that makes you feel greater about the situation and sees who and what about your situation clearly." ... written by blah
Mara is extremely intuitive. I would meet with her again anytime, she is that good. " ... written by eli
Gave more reassurance on mine and my girlfriends ongoing situation and helped me relax a bit yet again." ... written by Rebel
She is very accurate and kind" ... written by eli
Direct, fast and to the point. The only psychic/medium I come talk to." ... written by Rebel
Extremely good psychic.. very accurate and kind.. I highly recommend Mara !" ... written by Lynda22
very helpful, let's wait and see things to happen =-)" ... written by happyangel
Accurate and talented reader. I like going to her when I Can. " ... written by eli
Mara is super cool! On point about everything! :)" ... written by Eva
mara is precise with her answers and is accurate. " ... written by eli
she is quick and accurate. very good" ... written by Eli
Quickly tuned into my questions providing answers with good details and information. Everything Mara told me does resonate with me, so I believe it was all accurate. A very good reading overall and I will come back again for updates." ... written by Jennifer
Good reading." ... written by Janice
She is point-blank accurate and doesn't hold back on her readings. " ... written by eli
Great help =-)" ... written by happy angel
she is so sweet! OMG she nailed everything! gave answers very fast. she is very GOOD! you will be very happy with her!" ... written by kat620
very helpful, " ... written by happyangel
WOW! Very, very fast! I love it! She didn't waste time nor money. She was honest and straight to the point. Thank you so much! " ... written by Tiana
Saved me in a moment of panic and was able to tell me about something that I was feeling. So grateful for her help!!!!!" ... written by Eva
So good...answered everything and gave great details. Even picked up on some extra things as well, which was a nice bonus! Excellent reading! Take her private, she is fast, accurate, and consistent!" ... written by Lia
She is amazing. I had a reading with her before and everything came to pass. She is one of the best on the site!" ... written by Enyas
awesome!!!" ... written by Prettygirlny
mara is verrrry fast, very to the point, and verrrrry accurate, seriously my heart and face smiles because i know she knows the truth, im pretty sure , it's too accurate for that , a very very good psychic !! im also intuitive and when i private her my head gets light or heavy, dunno why..." ... written by peter
She is fast and accurate. I love talking to her when I Get the chance" ... written by eli
quick not long enough hoping this comes to pass. thanks heaps." ... written by sung
she on point and direct. I like how she works. " ... written by eli
Lots of details and information, good things to look forward to. A great reading." ... written by LOVE
thank you for the reading" ... written by joey198402
SHES AWESOME" ... written by Cristina
Mara is such an accrurate reader and insightful" ... written by eli
she gave me a prodiction i hope it will come true" ... written by aa
Mara answered my questions regarding a person. Very direct honest answers. Much Appreciated!" ... written by Cathy
She was quick and accurate.:-)" ... written by Steph
The longest reading I've had with her yet, and gave me a lot of info on what needs to be done. 5/5 doesn't say it. 10/10" ... written by Rebel
QUICK READER" ... written by TIANNA
she as so good " ... written by Rene
she gave me a prediction for 2 weeks hope it happens Ill be back to tell" ... written by 1234
Mara is very precise and accurate, really appreciate this recent reading, to clarify some worries that I have. Made me feel much more at ease. Highly recommend Mara! " ... written by Lynda22
She is amazing, sweet and most importantly cute :). She's worth the money per minutes and is very accurate with very little detail given. She's amazing and opened my eyes." ... written by nbarnes
Super good, but I have internet issues and lost connection" ... written by Rick
Mara is super!! Hit on everything and made me feel at ease. She was able to give me some good advise and I look forward to seeing everything happen just as she said!! " ... written by Rick
A quick follow up on a plan in the making. Hopefully this leads to a light at the end of the tunnel." ... written by Rebel
I love IntuitiveMara! She's so accurate with the feelings and thoughts of others and the outcome of any situation. I trust her predictions and they always come true. My favorite! ❤" ... written by PixieLove
A quick follow up to a previous reading. Still good advice and insight that I will try my damnedest to follow" ... written by Rebel
The news was pretty disheartening as to what I've dealing with, but I'll still certain she was on point because everything tied up and answered some unanswered questions." ... written by Rebel
sheis great very quick and to the point i will return to her in the future an kep her updated " ... written by georgianna
Mara confirmed my gut feelings andamp; was spot on. I hope prediction happens too" ... written by vixen
She was correct on what she saw and what was going on in my situation. I appreciate the reading." ... written by knowing2013
mara is so accurate, so genuine. she covered so many topics in just a few minutes. i'm amazed how on point she was. she is direct and warm hearted. thank you!" ... written by nik
Gave me more hope in my situation with my relationship. Very straight forward as always." ... written by Rebel
Mara - She is my girl. Straightforward answers quick and to the point. She is very good. " ... written by eli
Right on the point, she nailed it!" ... written by Brianna T Teel
Quick Fast Good" ... written by Raqual R
Quick Honest and Fast" ... written by Raqual
very nice pin point and accurate" ... written by nbarnes2
Definitely top notch. Will keep her on my list for the foreseeable future. " ... written by Jay
MARA I LOVE YAAAA!!! " ... written by orlem123
Mara is an accurate, quick reader who also has a great sense of humor" ... written by eli
the best, straight forward, expensive so have questions ready " ... written by atlas
thank you so much for the reading. Great reading! On the spot!!!" ... written by pink
On point, as always. Caring and straight forward." ... written by Rebel
she is direct, straight to the point and kind" ... written by eli
Mara is a straight shooter. Her readings are accurate and she provides wisdom. " ... written by eli
on point always with direct precise answers that I appreciate so much!" ... written by eli
Mara Gets you thinking about what your situation is and how you can take care of yourself in the process. " ... written by eli
sheis awesome and quick" ... written by georgianna
Very honest, thank you so much!" ... written by Adel
quick and easy. Please just go to her you'll love it" ... written by tyler
She seemed on point said I will get the position at the Lawton indian hospital and she said three weeks, she said on the southwest airlines credit card the end of July " ... written by tiff
Quick with her answers. Blunt and straight-forward. And she gave me hope that I need right now." ... written by Rebel
lost connection but great so far" ... written by Rick
great reading. wonderful spirit guide reading and gave me a lot of super information.. thanks so much!!!" ... written by Rick
i felt welcome in her room. she gets right to the point. will get a reading with her again" ... written by Jeannie
Awesome, she said sees break up in 2months" ... written by tiff
Awesome. Really really fast and accurate" ... written by Claudia
Straight to the point and honest**" ... written by Trisha
Thank you so much Mara, it helped me a lot and you really saw into the situation. I will be back for an update, it was great to visit your relaxed room, great atmosphere and you are a lovely talented reader. xx" ... written by elinka
Mara - Is very good as a reader especially when giving time and exactly what will happen. She has reassured me on several occastion so I go to her often" ... written by eli
to the point" ... written by stephanie
She was really fast picking up stuff from my past and personality. I barely gave her info and she was right on target. Thank you Mara!" ... written by flower
Blunt and to the point with a wicked sense of humor. She knew everything that I wanted to know about." ... written by Amy
thank you for the reading" ... written by joey198402
pretty cool reading! she is quick to connect to you! thank you again!" ... written by pearberry008
predictions have come true in the past so come for updates and shes really fast and lovely girl to speak to, thankyou again. " ... written by lease
great reading....quick and to the point and i felt she really understood and connected to my situation... I will return" ... written by Penelope
Mara cracks me up whenever we talk. She is incredibly accurate and helped me see relationships differently. She has confirmed that I have made the right moves so far. Shes the best" ... written by Eli
Quick with her answers, as always. Straight forward and honest." ... written by Rebel
I really enjoyed my private reading. intuitivemara is direct and to the " ... written by maryjisblessed
very fast. " ... written by Ana
she is so fast! she can answer questions so fast. love her! I will come back again! she is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very very good!" ... written by sweetangle3
Always straight and to the point with accuracy" ... written by ELI
My Girl - Always has the truth and insights to go with it that make my life a lot easier and more understandable. " ... written by eli
Mara was extremely quick and accurate. She gave me the clarity I needed. She was direct and precise. Thank you Mara.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
great reading !!! :)" ... written by Teisha
I felt I needed spirit guidance and she was able to give me the guidance and to dial into issues that I am having. She is great to talk to and will be back for more." ... written by John
She was great. she knew which person at my job had an issue and the reason why" ... written by hopeful2016
She connects really quickly and doesn't waste time at all.. I recommend getting a reading with Mara if you need help :)" ... written by j
thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
she is my go to person! just love her! she is so AMAZING!!!!!" ... written by sweetangle3
amazing. I highly recommend" ... written by Amy
She is alost always right and cracks me up" ... written by eli
Very direct and accommodating (even after tech issues!). " ... written by Jana
Mara does accurate readings and is always insightful and helpful" ... written by eli
Always straight forward and accurate. She is keeps me focused on what is important" ... written by eli
straight forward.. Helps a LOT" ... written by dlskates
She is very accurate. I go to her for dates and practical information about events to come. " ... written by Eli
straight forward! Nice, but to the point" ... written by Debra
thank you sooo much for you reading ..." ... written by em
She seemed official" ... written by Aqila
Helped me get the last bit of closure that I needed in a very strained relationship." ... written by Rebel
100% on point!! Love her!!" ... written by Kelsey
this was my first reading with Mara and she is awesome. Picks up fast ..really fast and she's clear, honest, caring when she delivers information. She's really sweet and funny too. Puts you at ease right away. You won't regret a reading. xoxoxo " ... written by MB
Amazing. Connects quickly and doesn't waste any time. Excellent reader" ... written by amy
She is accurate and wise and funny. Love her." ... written by eli
Mara is straight to the point and has been very accurate at reading my situation. I have learned from her so much about myself and I have to make relationships happen." ... written by Eli
I love Mara, she's great and honest." ... written by Raychul
Thanks so much for your quick response" ... written by Paula
Mars girl is so accurate and straight to the point I looe her!. " ... written by Eli
Very intuitive, and very sure of herself. Great person to talk to" ... written by Stephanie
thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
Always accurate and straight to the point.....very funny too. " ... written by Eli
thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
Mara is great as always! I really appreciate her guidance and truthfulness!" ... written by ddshine10
thank you" ... written by joey198402
super fast, accurate, detailed and very on point. i got a lot out of my reading! " ... written by starrose
Great reading wow!! She went right into my situation with no details from me about the person involved and everything was VERY spot on to my feelings and what is going on!!! She types so fast and gets straight to the important details, highly recommended. I will definitely update with her and let her know how things pan out. Thanks Mara!!! :) " ... written by S.
amazing and very quick!! i love her!!! " ... written by katie
quick" ... written by lola
super super quick, accurate and detailed as always!" ... written by starrose
love her" ... written by joyce
She is awesome! She can go into more details about what she is feeling" ... written by Ashley
she is my go too person!!!! when I have questions that need to be answered and honest she is the one to go too. if want the truth she is the one to go too. things all happen with what she says!!!! thank you!!! I will update you! You are wonderful!!!!!!" ... written by sweetangle3
Mara, she is so fast, and so accurate on everything. She picks up on so much. I will def. come back!! First reading with her, and I loved it!" ... written by Christine
very quick with answers to questions....super! you could bounce the questions off of her and she was able to answer very directly. Thank you!" ... written by starfish57
connects so fast, very detailed, fun to talk to, thanks! " ... written by starrose
She is awesome. Great to talk to. To the point straighforward and quick :)" ... written by Sabi
good reading and very accurate and good connection " ... written by Lara Blanks
awesome as always " ... written by real love
I just had a quick question to ask her as I was worried about some thing. She put my mind at ease." ... written by John
i love her she's the best! she's super accurate with her predictions and her assessments, the real deal. and the nicest psychic too " ... written by starrose
she's amazing! everyone else told me this guy was for me, she was the one who called him out as a jerk from day one and he was a jerk. she's super super super accurate" ... written by starrose
loved the session! she is very quick to anwser questions and i love the honesty" ... written by Aida Lozano
kk" ... written by kk
Very accurate, fast and honest! I appreciate it! Recommend her to everyone x " ... written by Cindy
Very very good so grateful to be able to hear a message from my loved one!" ... written by Ava
very honest and clear answers. Not what i wanted to hear, but honest." ... written by angelszone
very helpful and informative..calmed my nerves and straight to the point to understand more of my situation. " ... written by mimi
Had a quick spirit guide and the connect was quick, constant and informative." ... written by Rebel
Mara has become my touchstone. She is incredibly accurate. She is also very fun to chat with. She is worth a visit. " ... written by Eli
Mara is always on the money. She very accurate and always fun to talk to." ... written by Eli
wonderful!" ... written by Madison
thank you for reaing" ... written by joey198402
thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
sweet as sugar and honest " ... written by fidaa
thank you great " ... written by fidaa
very good thanks" ... written by janna kadri
good reading on point!!! Connected fast" ... written by gdfgfgfd
Super fast and to the point! Thank you for keeping it so professional." ... written by Mariane
direct, quick and good with answering questions. no nonsense. great! thank you." ... written by starfish57
It was very accurate!" ... written by Brianna Tovah Teel
Mara is awesome and very nice and quick answering my questions and time frame!! I will keep u updated..Thxs for your time and help!! :) xx" ... written by prettyeyez64
She is so fast and she lays it down just like it is. She sees it and calls it, JUST LIKE THAT. Go to her if you want answers and only the facts, maam!!!" ... written by Amazing Maura
mara is THE BEST. she's highly accurate and doesn't sugarcoat, and her predictions for me have come to pass. she also goes out of her way to help you as a person" ... written by starrose
fast to the point and she answered one of my questions using my exact words before i typed it. wow." ... written by christine
mara was the only psychic who called a spade a spade, helped me see a bad relationship for what it was and called out the dude 100% accurately. " ... written by starrose
she is a great honest reader. lightning fast and truthful" ... written by good reader
Mara is so very straight forward..." ... written by Christine
She is always accurate and straight to the point. " ... written by Eli
great reading, she is awesome. " ... written by good reader
she is THE BEST. you're wasting your time if you're not talking to her. she gets people very fast and she's highly accurate, got all my predictions and dates right, plus she's honest and knd. " ... written by starrose
Wonderful. thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
Very very very goood!!! :) thank you!" ... written by Laura
She is always honest and accurate" ... written by Eli
This was very creepy because she seemed to know about my life." ... written by CambieP
She is very nice in her private readings - very gentle and soft spoken. She's also very good at what she does. :) Thank you Mara." ... written by Karishma76
very good fast shes good" ... written by jana
good and very quick connection!" ... written by Andrea
quick to connect and answer" ... written by apple
thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
Mara is highly accurate, and the only psychic I've met with a 100% accuracy rate for me in her prediction and assessments of people. Her readings are very detailed and always accurate. Also a quick and generous reader - you get a lot out of your reading." ... written by starrose
wow I have to say. I kept coming to her room and wanted a reading since her demo even before that. I would leave and come I broke didn't really have the funds but did it anyways. and I was totally stund on how fast she picked up and answered my questions. I just put what ever I had question after question and she followed and answered quickly I hope it all happens and things turn out for the best. very highly recommend." ... written by luka
great reading ! will be back soon" ... written by Aida Lozano
Mara nailed my feelings from past situations and how to move forward, she was great!" ... written by Swede
thank you for the reading" ... written by joey198402
she's HIGHLY accurate at reading people and all her predictions for me keep coming to pass. very empathetic and no-nonsense, a caring reader. " ... written by starrose
excellent, connected very fast! Highly recommend her!" ... written by phyl
Mara connected immediately with my spirit guide, and her reading hit home on so many points, it was a very helpful reading - highly accurate reader and spiritual advisor :)" ... written by starrose
Very quick to answer!" ... written by coolgirl65
She is great. Wastes no time and connects immediately. I highly recommend" ... written by Amy
Straight forward and to the point. A+" ... written by Elisa
gave time frame and was very clear on events to come.." ... written by sabrina fulford
Always stratihg to the point and accurate" ... written by Eli
Accurate!!! Spot on!!! Amazing!!!" ... written by Kelsey
Wow Mara was amazing. She answered all the questions that were consuming me. She clarified everything and told me what I needed to know. I have had a few readings with her and stuff she told me last year came to pass as she said. I know what she told me today will also come to pass. Thank You so much Mara. You are a gift." ... written by Bellina
She is always straight to the point and very accureate!" ... written by eli
hope this pans out, thanks again mara!" ... written by luxxicon
She is very fast and clear! thank you Intuitive Mara" ... written by Brianne
Always straight forward and accurate. " ... written by Eli
Mara is great! natural intuitive, caring, good advices/" ... written by Lammonator
Thanks x" ... written by Cindy
Connects very fast, detailed reading, honest and kind x " ... written by Cindy
Mara is my favourite psychic on this site. She's very quick and detailed, and I've had a 100% accuracy rate with her readings. She accurately predicted that I would get my next gig in three weeks and I did, and she's been on point with the men in my life too." ... written by starrose
if you want accurate affirmation, seek mara. i trust in her!" ... written by candace
quick connection as always. will work on her advise." ... written by jan
Pricey, but she's worth it. Tells it like it is. " ... written by Peaceandcalm23
She is always straight to the point and accurate." ... written by Eli
She direct, accurate, and supportive!" ... written by Eli
always straight forward.. and honest." ... written by Debra
She states the facts, straight to the point, and funny!" ... written by Eli
good reading. quick. covered alot. thank you." ... written by starfish57
Great. Connects quickly and doesn't waste any time. Truly gifted" ... written by Amy
Always straight forward and very accurate!" ... written by Eli
straight to the point and clear...perfect :-)" ... written by Gina
Interesting" ... written by jessica
Fast andamp; Honest." ... written by JustDancee
She's fast, poignant and accurate! Thanks Mara!" ... written by Dee
Highly accurate!" ... written by starrose
I can say with all honesty that Mara is the only psychic who has gotten a 100% accuracy rate for me, consistently. As in all of her predictions for me have 100% come to pass (the ones to date) and she can read a person's character and intentions like a book. Her spirit guide readings are amazing. I've had two, one in private and one in demo, and each time the guidance has been specific to my situation and helped me out tremendously. " ... written by starrose
i had readings with hr before she is the best on here" ... written by oo
very good thanks" ... written by jana
She is always straight forward. Waits no time. Is fun to laugh with and always accurate!" ... written by Eli
she did an amazing job and i want to come back to her when i have the money and she gets 5 stars from me" ... written by Mandie
truthful reading" ... written by rob
fast and accurate" ... written by christine
First I went to the demo! Awesome then did private! Mara is amazing and told me that P would be back. she told me when and told me he does love me everything she said was accurate in descriptions! He needed to do this so when he comes back there are no questions in his mind. I am hoping that the next 2 months or sooner brings us back together and she said he was coming full force. My gramps, nanny rose and dad also had messages that i needed to hear! I need to call her back! Please find her and read with her!" ... written by SUSAN
Mara's a truly great reader, have had a few readings and im never disappointed , quick and intuitive, tells it like it is , caring person." ... written by Reginald Von Reginald
always fast good" ... written by christine
very good 5 stars" ... written by jana
Mara was very accurate she was able to pick up on the situation very well!" ... written by Angelica
very good thank u" ... written by janna kadri
Thank you! she is so fast in answering questions and very good! Mara is must go and have a reading you will be very happy........................................" ... written by kat620
Mara is HIGHLY accurate, she's had a 100% hit accuracy rate for me in all her predictions and character assessments. " ... written by starrose
Mara's prediction came true and needed to update her." ... written by Angelica
Mara picks up great on everything. She has been right in the past with things she had told me. Waiting to see if what she said today comes to pass. Mara is so amazing. Nice reading. Thank You!!!" ... written by bellina
very nice" ... written by karen
Mara was very quick in prvt ..She is very upfront and a Nice Advisior. I love the way that she has control of her Free chat very Structured. She answered all of my questions in prvt . Thanks Mara for being so Sweet. Talk to you soon " ... written by sc
I really enjoy her energy...looking forward to predictions becoming a reality" ... written by SFEarthAngel
fantastic fast to the point rapid rounds. she is very accurate" ... written by christine
excellent as usual" ... written by jana
good reading, specifics were helpful too. thank you." ... written by starfish57
mara's predictions and readings for me have all come to pass, highly accurate and super quick and detailed" ... written by starrose
I keep saying this, but Mara is 100% accurate.Not just about situations and people, but her predictions have been consistent and all come to pass. I can honestly say that she has the best accuracy rate of all the readers I've ever spoken to. Detailed, precise, fast and right. " ... written by starrose
Wonderful reader. Thank you." ... written by Lisa Smith
Once again Mara is the best! she is amazing at what she does :)" ... written by Angelica
love her she's the best! super quick, honest, patient and detailed!" ... written by starrose
very good 5 stars" ... written by jana
thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
Very honest and helped me, thank you. " ... written by Sierra
She is fast and accurate in her readings, doesn't sugar coat a thing, " ... written by Jennifer
Got some insight on the current happenings in the world. I'll use what I can the best way that I can from what I was told" ... written by Rebel
Only one of three readers on this site worth your while. She is generous, very accurate, quick, detailed, and constructive. " ... written by starrose
Mara is highly accurate and very patient as always. Great reader!" ... written by starrose
Mara always does a good solid reading. She is very gifted. " ... written by Eli
Mara is amazing, she knows everything, she said random things that made me laugh, like how could she know these things? LOL she's great." ... written by Rachel
Mara's spirit guide messages are clear, insightful and always on point. They've helped me get out of a funk more than once. Her predictions and readings are very detailed and highly accurate! Definitely recommend this psychic. " ... written by starrose
Intuitive mara was amazing, her preidiction came true once again." ... written by Angelica
excelent as always" ... written by jana
She's very accurate and to the point. Love talking to her. Wish I had more time." ... written by PeaceandCalm23
She is accurate, straightforward and funny!" ... written by Eli
Mara is great at what she does. I am glad I had a reading with her. She answered my questions emeditaly as soon as I supposed them. Straight up yes or no. I will use Mara gain. Thank You again Mara." ... written by Marian
LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! NEW GO TO GIRL, THANK YOU!" ... written by Raychul
Quick, doesn't waste time, most of my reading was about future processes so can't say how accurate they are, with that being said what Mara did tell me resonated with me....this reading felt right, it felt as if she knew how I was feeling about the situation. I would visit with Mara again for sure." ... written by J
She is very straight forward and nice going" ... written by Andrea
Mara is THE BEST. She's the only reader I go to for predictions and spirit guide readings because she's 100% accurate. Her predictions come to pass and her messages are always very helpful, constructive and she is never judgemental or fake. Super amazing reader" ... written by starrose
thank you mara i always wnted a reading with u just had seen her demos which were very accurate and honest hoping the production to come to past " ... written by jas
thanks for the honest reading. i do appreciate it. i know now what path i should be walking on. i have a lot to think about now for the new year. " ... written by romanticgal1
Awesome reading, thank you!" ... written by lm
Ran out of time, but she was so generous and helped me out a lot with detailed answers nonetheless. " ... written by starrose
patient, so insightful, detailed, highly accurate and generous. " ... written by starrose
She is my guide on a literal note!!. Thanks mara.. will come running to you when i need to know something!!.. Highly recommended guys!! Thanks again Mara!! :)" ... written by Harshith
Point blank. Straight. to the point!! Highly recommended!!" ... written by Harshith
very good thank u" ... written by jana
really comforting chat with this lady I havent spoken with her before but it was such an eye opener" ... written by jessica
She is amazing! Can explain exactly what the feelings are around my situation!" ... written by Ashley
Excellent thank you" ... written by jana
super wonderful and quick thank you!" ... written by Ava
Very Detailed and to the point! " ... written by j
Mara is straight to the point! Love it! She really is awesome!" ... written by John
Very quick and accurate. Highly recommended." ... written by Charlie0412
honest, fast, and straight forward. awesome! " ... written by Deb
Need the truth? need a fast fast set of answers (have them ready)? she is the real deal. you can have a fantastic reading with time frames in less than 5 minutes. thank you mara" ... written by christine
I love her readings. She's is quick and accurate" ... written by toni
Mara is the best reader on this site. Generous with her time, always patient, and with a 100% accuracy rate. I highly recommend her, her predictions have 100% come to pass and she is insightful and detailed. Thanks for all the patience and readings!" ... written by starrose
great reading , and fast as always" ... written by deb
Very honest and straight forward answers. And very fast. I will definitely be back for updates soon " ... written by Safiya
WOW. Shes so on point!" ... written by J
Mara mara - omg she's sooo quick and soo spot on! I also did an picture reading with her and wow she's was spot on! thank u so much :) xoxox" ... written by Adis
She connected really fast! Great job.." ... written by Markita
Very quick, kind, honest and specific time frames x" ... written by Cindy
she's the only psychic with a 100% accuracy rate and generous with details and advice. Super kind. Again, the highsest accuracy. " ... written by Starrose
fast, accurate, and honest" ... written by Debra
very gd excellent thank u" ... written by jana
she is so good I only had a few credits and she was quick will get another reading with her agin" ... written by ANESIA
Mara was incredible. I had a quick question regarding an issue personally speaking and she hit the nail right on the head with everything. She is awesome!!! 5 stars (actually 10000) all the way :)" ... written by puertoricanlove2
Very fast and with time frame x" ... written by Cindy
quick, and straight forward as always" ... written by deb
Super fast as always. Very honest and real definitely my go to reader. " ... written by Safiya
Mara is the bomb she always has great demo's lively personality always nice to be in her room she very honest no tools.. TRUTHFUL.. thx u 4 the information.... 5 stars " ... written by queenbee22
Amazing and quick reader, tells you the truth..." ... written by p
Awesome so grateful for this reading I was overwhelmed but i feel better thank you!!!" ... written by Ava
Mara is sweet but stern she will absoluetly not tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear. I will be doing all of my readings with this wonderful woman she is WORTH IT!!!" ... written by Rachel
Fast and honest x" ... written by Cindy
thank you so much for your insight ...hope to keep you updated" ... written by stephany8888
great reading!" ... written by Alice
always quick, always fast readings, very accurate" ... written by Deb
thank you dear" ... written by joey198402
Mara is quick and to the point. Thank You for answering all my questions." ... written by bellina
straight and to the dollar her!" ... written by Gina
always straight forward, and quick with answers." ... written by Debra
straight forward, and quick,. Thanks" ... written by Deb
she was great as always so sweet and caring will keep you update" ... written by ANESIA
quick and amazing! Thanks for everything Mara!" ... written by Hayden
Fast and helpful as always." ... written by Safiya
I enjoyed a reading with Intuitive. She was very straight forward answered all of my questions in a short time period. Gave me great guidance on what to except. I totally recommend her." ... written by pinkpather30
Fast as always and super helpful " ... written by safiya
:-)" ... written by pink
thnk you !answered all my questions fast andamp; accurate" ... written by aida
She is always on point! :)" ... written by Ixchel
very good thank uy" ... written by jana
fast, accurate reading" ... written by Deb
Quick and correct!" ... written by Alice
Love this girl!.. wonderful" ... written by Gina
Wonderful reading answered everything. I love the way she does it. She is very professional. I think her spirit guide readings are amazing. Defiantly one of my favorite people on here. " ... written by Alicia
She is very quick and confident with her answers. " ... written by Heather
fast reader, always straightforward" ... written by DL
Wonderful! Always a pleasure!" ... written by Lisa Smith
A very patient and very accurate reader. Time and again, Mara has proven to be the only 100% accurate reader. And she doesnt' sugar coat but is always patient and generous with her time. The best. " ... written by starrose
Mara is WONDERFUL. She listens to all my questions patiently and always handles it with professionalism and accuracy. She is highly accurate - I cannot stress this enough. " ... written by starrose
quick follow up for time frame! So much fun!" ... written by oracle
WOW WOW WOW easy connector!" ... written by pink
always straight, and quick" ... written by Deb
Mara is so scarily accurate, everything she's predicted for me has always come true 100% to the last detail, even if it seemed improbable at the time. I'm amazed with her accuracy. She's also a generous, very quick, detailed and friendly reader. She's the best psychic I've ever read with and cannot recommend her enough. " ... written by starrose
thank you so much for everything ..I appreciate your insight " ... written by stephany8888
Spot on!" ... written by Melinda
No tools, connects fast, concrete and accurate information, sweet too x" ... written by C
Absolutely wonderful, and incredibly fast with her readings. Predictions still a bit away, but out of all i've heard its the most reasonable and actually sounds real. I have so much faith and Love mara's straightforward attitude. She also made it incredible easy to talk to her, no fishing for info, and as everyone has said definately told it like it is. Even answered questions before i could type it. Thank you so much." ... written by Jessica
she was wonderful!!!" ... written by scadoodle
Great reading very straight to the point! Very helpful and honest thank you I appreciate the advice :) " ... written by Ad
thank you for your help ..I appreciate it :)" ... written by stephany
quick reading and was good" ... written by autumne
Mara was so on point thank you very much you are the best." ... written by Syndia
great , thanks again for the update!" ... written by p
have questions ready she is fast fast accurate and very clear." ... written by christine
awesome reader " ... written by Angie
Wonderful young lady. One of my favorite." ... written by Lisa Smith
She is fast! I trust what she told me. I will be back to update, she seems very real to me, boy, what a gift she has, she just flows with the answers here. Thank you so much for your time, wish I had more time to spend, it goes so fast. Fast, fast and fast!!! I can feel my heart beating from the connection and the quick answers she gave me. I hope all she says happens. Amen." ... written by wowsers
Great reading. Helped clear my mind with the truth and gave great guidance." ... written by pinkpather30
I'm always so happy to get a reading from Mara! She's is patient and open minded, she doesn't sugarcoat or lecture, and she's incredibly accurate. I always say this but I've yet to find another reader who is so on point. All her predictions for me have consistently come to pass. Great reader." ... written by starrose
thank you excellent" ... written by jana
mara is really quick to answer questions!! You won't regret taking her pvt and her timeframes are always right!! Thxs again mara and god bless!! :) xx" ... written by prettyeyez64
she is amazing and quick, love her energy!!" ... written by nicole
she's excellent" ... written by jana
very good thank you" ... written by jana
Great reading, very informative." ... written by pinkpather30
Thank you for your reading!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
Great connection, really fast with answers! :)" ... written by Sam
fast and accurite reading" ... written by deb
I have to say this was one of my better readings. Intuitive Mara is straight forward. to the point and on point. definitely recommend and definitely will be back. " ... written by Kimberly
she is amazing... I have read with her before and she always blows my mind with her way of already knowing things. Let her help you and check out her chat you will see what I am talking about." ... written by cathleen
She's THE BEST. Her predictions always come true for me, even when they didn't seem plausible to me at first - but mara's always right! I can't stress enough how cool and accurate and nice she is. The BEST psychic on this site and anywhere. " ... written by starrose
this girl is amazing!" ... written by Hayden
fast, and accurate.. Mara is serious when she says to have your questions ready.. Also, she will, and does, clarify, which is awesome too" ... written by Deb
Wonderfully insightful, caring. Thank you for the reading!" ... written by rosedust5
love her to death so straight on forward the truth just had to say let me give her 100 stars since she has always been great from the get go " ... written by Edna
Love her. She's very accurate, and patient. She's helped me out of a tight spot many times, her predictions have 100% come to pass and she's been a really great guide for life issues that I've had. Very mature and spiritual reader. " ... written by starrose
SUPER accurate. Highly recommend. A very good, kind, patient and mature reader. " ... written by starrose
quick and straight forward" ... written by debra
Great reading. Always informative." ... written by pinkpather30
Great reading, very informative. Able to have a lot of questions answered in a short amount of time." ... written by pinkpather30
very good thanks" ... written by jane
She was awesome! I will keep a eye out for her claims. " ... written by PeaceLoveLight
Loved her reading, always true n honest" ... written by Romeeta
Great reading, very informative. Have had to start my life over from ground zero and she has always been informative." ... written by pinkpather30
Fast and detailed as always. " ... written by Safiya
very good thank you" ... written by jana
Love her. Her predicts are on the dot." ... written by Romeeta
Always great to have a reading with Mara.. She is so quick to connect and very detailed which is very important for a good reading. Thanks so much! " ... written by Lynda22
fast, accurite, understanding, and can explain" ... written by debra
thank you for your reading!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
Mara is very straight up and no-nonsense, and always positive and kind! She gives great advice, doesn't sugarcoat, always very patient. Most of all she's 100% accurate (past predictions for me have always come to pass), very very quick and detailed. She's the best psychic on this site and I highly recommend a read with her. " ... written by starrose
TOtally worth it each time. Fast and detailed once again. And funny reading that definitely brought my spirits up. " ... written by Safiya
Thank you so much !" ... written by anonymous
To the point, perfect!. if you know, what you want to know, she guarantees that you know it! :) Highly Recommended." ... written by Harshith
very quick with answers and specific. thank you." ... written by starfish57
She's a straight shooter and will answer ever question you throw at her. I recommend her worth talking to to get details." ... written by AS
She's THE BEST she read the people around me like a book" ... written by starrose
quick reading, but accurate. Always glad for very straight answers" ... written by denb
Thank you so much !" ... written by anonymous
WOW!! What a special person she really knew a lot of information about my situation. I will be back to do another reading and encourage others to do so too. She is right on the money. Thank You so much for the guidance you are great!!!" ... written by jaybar11
Love me some Mara!! Try her out!" ... written by Mara
very fast, always straight forward" ... written by DL
Thank you for your reading!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
She's my favourite she's always so super accurate and quick!" ... written by starrose
thank you" ... written by jana
quick, and honest :)" ... written by deb
She was amazing and accurate! " ... written by aquarius
awesome reading, mara is always very straightforward and says what she sees" ... written by Debra
straight forward and honest. awesome reading" ... written by deb
Very nice, interesting and meaningful readings! Thank you!" ... written by kosmosss
Update, the prediction she gave me. It came true!" ... written by RestoSham
Shes a nice girl! and can guide you through, good advise!" ... written by RestoSham