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In ancient times, some schools have grown, along with a doctrine accessible to all other doctrines hidden, reserved for the initiated. In some cultures, the knowledge was jealously guarded by priestly castes and some knowledge was only heritage circles. The problem of transmission through history has resulted in partial or founded traditions in other contexts detached from its primary purposes.
The esoteric was one of the ways in which ancient Greece was given the education that could only be received within schools, and opposed to that for the public and was given outdoors.
The disciples of Pythagoras would have divided into exoteric and esoteric: the first were simple Applicants without endowments, the latter were fully initiated into the real doctrine of the master.
For Plato and Aristotle, exoteric or esoteric characters apply only to the doctrines. Plato would have existed in a dual philosophy: a user-friendly, presented in his dialogues, and another technique, reserved only to the initiated. Aristotle divided his works or acroamáticas esoteric and exoteric. Commentators agree that this distinction is not based on issues or their solutions, but in the format and procedures of exposure. In the exoteric works only give the clearest arguments for the esoteric and reserve the darkest and decisive.
Would like therefore to present and methodical scientific studies of the academies regarding disclosures of such disciplines can be done. The idea of ​​a mysterious doctrine reserved for initiates is observed in many societies such as Freemasonry and Rosicrucian movement.
According to Rene Guenon, all religions have a core esoteric symbolic complexity that remains hidden for most believers, and the real meaning of religious rituals would be only understood by the initiated.

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