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Psychic Glorihas 3years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Glorihas recently helped 0members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Glori's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I am a 43 year old mother of 3. My Grandma and Mother have passed down their sensitive side to me. My mom and I together we found we are psychical stronger together its a wonderful feeling.
I do Mother earth readings and intuition. I worked for the phone for Miss Cleo, I enjoyed it so much until 9/11/2000. I connected so clearly with ....I really don't know how to describe it. This feeling made it hard for me to log in to the network any longer, later I was doing light readings for friends and for my Mom. I have worked and been trained in psy. hospitals and case management as a counselor and I love working with people. I have a great laptop, making it so I can work anywhere. I live 7 miles from Yosemite and love to be outside on my computer watching nature while I do my homework, I'm going to school to for Business management I would love to be at home caring for my family and finishing up school.

A outline of some of my experience;
• UCLA Social and Independent Living Skills and Substance Abuse Management Module
• Home Health Aid
• Fundamentals of Nursing Program
• Assessing Lethality
• Outpatient Treatment and Dual Diagnosis Patients (Randall Kratz, Ph.D)
• Management of Aggressive Behavior
• Chronicity: Family and Therapy and Behind the One Way Mirror (Cloe Madanes)
• Doing Therapy Briefly (Richard Fisch, M.D.)
• Understanding and Treating Personality Disordered Clients (Mary Nowicki, LCSW,BCD)
• Hospital Corpsman
• Crisis Intervention
• Central California Work Readiness Certificate

DeVry University-Business Administration (currently attending) US NAVAL CORPSCHOOL
Brian Crall Company Service writer/office manager November 2009 to Present
• Scheduled work and manage workflow through the shop.
• Draft estimates and consult with customers for needed repairs.
• Manage logistics of parts procurement and sublet labor.
• Manage computers software, trouble shoot software issues and correct the problems.
• Track time spent on jobs, and bill according.
• Perform quality assurance on completed vehicles.
• Manage account receivable and account payable accounts.
• Manage correspondence.
Glori’s Import Service Owner/ Service Writer June 2008 to January 2010
• Same as Brian Crall Co., and addition duties;
• Manage employees.
• Repairs to vehicles.
• Make all operational decisions.
Thunder Valley Casino Blackjack Dealer December 2004-September 2008
• Customer service
• Oversee $50,000.00 and balance at the end of the night.

August 2003 – June 2005
• Case management.
• Manage correspondence.
Turning Point Programs Case Manager
August 2002 - October 2004
• Case Management of 11 adult chronic mentally ill Sacramento County clients.
• Database management.
Visions Unlimited
Case Manager
April 2000 - August 2002
• Case Management of 110 adult chronic mentally ill Sacramento County clients.
• Conduct groups.
• Certified for writing involuntary holds (5150).
Charter Behavioral Health Mental Health Worker February 1992 – June 2000
• Conducting groups.
• Supervise day-to-day functions of six inpatient units.
• Designed and instructed computer course skills for corporate employees.
• Compiling reports for the State of California.
UNITED STATES NAVY Reserve Hospital Corpsman November 1988 - June 1993
• Leadership training and field training.
• Operation Desert Storm I was assigned to Naval Hospital Bremerton, Washington.
• Letters of Dedication to Duty.

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