Psychic GIPSGOLDhas 15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic GIPSGOLDhas recently helped 39members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about GIPSGOLD's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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►Clairvoyant, Astrologer, spiritual coach and tarot reader ◄ guidance◄ I'm 34 years old, and twenty of those I've been learning and developing my skills to be helpful in yours and everybody's life. I'm a Wicca priestess of 3rd grade. arot, past lifes, soulmates, Celtic oracle, astrology, numerology, familiar constellations, biorythms.

Gipsgold has become more than a Psychic in my life. She is my Guru, everything that she has told me have occurred. She is the best Phychic ever. I recommend her with all my heart because she has not only had written my fortune, she has helped to overcome my problems. Thank you!!!" ... written by rinagm
Good reading" ... written by anon
Gipsgold es una tremenda persona con un don tremendo. la recomiendo a quien sea" ... written by Victor Gonzalez Coriano
Thank you Gipsgold, you trully helped me a lot!:)" ... written by Krista
Lovely lady with charm and great reader also. " ... written by estabiz
Thank you!" ... written by Angel168
She is awesome!... right to the point, with just a little of information she was able to tell me all that I needed to know... She is also a pretty good adviser. Try her, you won't regret it!!!" ... written by rinagm
Great!" ... written by MayGirl
Gipsgold is wonderful! she flew straight into the reading and nailed my situation right away. I was very impressed with her accuracy and the ease of her intuition, but most of all her kindness and manner is something you don't find easily these days" ... written by araketanara
Pretty accurate, not sure about the outcome she said, but described each person to the T." ... written by mariabest1
She is very talented reader. Could read my energy and tell me things i need to work upon for the near future. Take care and god bless..One of Oranum's Finest." ... written by NEIL
Thank you for the wonderful reading. It was very knowledgeable and informational. Thank you, again!" ... written by Angel168
good reading" ... written by lindanapora
very good reader ?" ... written by 1212flaming
very nice and very quick typer. i liked her energy" ... written by Sheaniks
Very honest andamp;amp; can really advise you if your going thru any Spiritual mess.. She will have u cleaned up..!!! Just Give her your time to see your issues.. 5 stars" ... written by queenbee22
Thank you for clarifying my situation and for the help" ... written by stargaze82
I liked this woman she is genuine and what she tells u is the truth... a lot of the things she told me I already knew but it was nice with the confirmation. Like her energy xxx" ... written by loverpants
i hope everything comes true. thnak you :) " ... written by anonymous
Nice reading in a short amount of time. Thanks x" ... written by Romaa83
La mejor consulta de mi vida. The best session ever. She was accurate, clear, she confirm me clearly what other psychics said a few month ago. She does it very quick, like a conversation that flows. I recommend her with my eyes closed. " ... written by vjrei01
She was amazing..She read my situation even without asking her my question. She is also sweet and positive." ... written by d2k1000
Will give direct answer..she is great.." ... written by thanya
Very accurate, and precise, will seek her advice again!" ... written by sandy83
Your readings are spot on. Looking forward for march." ... written by jaykay67
I really enjoyed our private psychic reading and thought GIPSGOLD was very insightful! may god bless you :)" ... written by Kenshiro37
Gold, is truly that!!! So sweet, kind. Connected quickly. Great advice to better ME...Thank you so much, and her time frame she gave me has to be right, because there is no way she could have known he would have to come back to San Antonio around that time for a court appearance. Thank You so much Gold. Love and Blessings!" ... written by frustrated67
This was a good reading..Still hurts.." ... written by brownsuga5964
Awesome reading and an amazing person...i will definitely be back...Thank you sooo much!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED..and i have had a lot of other readings on this site but she is THE BEST" ... written by Onica86
SHE IS GOODandamp;lt; VERY FAST..." ... written by ppp
This is one who I now understand why so many leave such great feedback for! She picked up immediately on everything - amazing!! Her guidance and feedback is also wonderful. Gave things for my help and protection - lovely!" ... written by sacredlove71
Olvidense de los otros psychics, aqui esta el verdadero conocimiento, si quieren una experiencia sin igual, conectense con gipsgold.... !!!" ... written by pepestone1
Super nice girl!!!! give her a try =)" ... written by vjrei01
Best reading i ever had.... try her i dare you...:)" ... written by pepestone1
1 word WONDERFUL!!!!!!! will go bk to her most def" ... written by myteewog
very insightful" ... written by deliliah15
Thank you for the wonderful reading. It was great, and I thank you for your time. " ... written by Angel168
I like here very much! Very good reading! I will return for sure :)" ... written by mariela
she isamazing" ... written by tenaye
i didn;t have to say much. she said things that are true and things that have yet to happen so I will be waiting for that. Thank you Gipsgold for being uplifting :)" ... written by ceffie
WOW, she was quick to answer my questions, hope she is right about him. The baby scares me, but shall wait and see. Thank you!" ... written by charmedangelx31
The best." ... written by keepmeinside
shes good nd positive person" ... written by keepmeinside
Beautiful lady, she knows about love and is accurate, precise, assertive, quick and kind. She can tell you the good and bad things very softly." ... written by Tauser
Very nice lady, friendly and super helpful, very clear, she helped me a lot!" ... written by Tauser
She is great!" ... written by tallnurse4551
She was concise and straight forward! I will be back!" ... written by tallnurse4551
She is the best. She shed light on my situation and now i understand. Awesome she deserve her five stars." ... written by IamMeandUisU
Very very fast and accurate!!! 5 stars!" ... written by wingtip
Good!" ... written by spiritualgirl1
She was awesome! FAST! She is definitely worth 5 stars! Giver her a shot! I am going to take her advice for sure! :-) Love her energy! Beautiful person! :-)" ... written by Tishiab
Ask her anything, she is great! " ... written by vjrei01
WOW WOW WOW...AMAZING that is all I can say! Thank you so much :-)!!! Peace and many blessings Goddess!" ... written by smilyV11
Thanks Gips... " ... written by friendlyuser
Great reading!" ... written by MayGirl
Fantastic, amazing insight into my situation. Will definitely be back." ... written by 6marchs
Gips is AWESOME" ... written by friendlyuser
She hit on a lot of things very good reading she is good give her a try." ... written by scorpionqueen
Wonderful woman, the best reader ever. Precise, fast, easy. " ... written by Tauser
Excellent, very comforting and reassuring. I love this girl. Highly recommended. Will be back for updates." ... written by BarbaA
Amazing and wonderful :) she picks up so quickly and sees accurately...and she gives excellent advice and suggestions as well." ... written by sacred
Very helpful. Thank you." ... written by BarbaA
Very interesting reading... I hope it does come gave me a good feeling :)" ... written by halovm
Very good ! I hope everything she said will be how she said it !" ... written by getwellsoon
She was sweet" ... written by cooljoe76
She is one of THE BEST READERS! Sincere patient and straight!" ... written by tallnurse
Simply the best on Oranum.... I was floored with the accuracy :) Thank you Gipsgold!" ... written by pepestone1
Wow what an awesomely amazing lady!!she is sooooo good at what she do,you really need to have reading with her to understand how powerful she is.....GREAT!!!!!" ... written by marsylyttle
I love this woman this woman is usually on the T she has seen things for me in the past that came true. I love her :)" ... written by Katja87
Connected pretty well, will have to see if predictions will come true" ... written by smiley2011
I am writing an update from a reading we had a while ago. You said I would have to fight to get the bank situation sorted out, and it did. I forgot to tell you about that. Now i cannot doubt that your other predictions will not come to pass. They will too! " ... written by charmedangelx31
The best and sexiest tarot reader in the world!!!!!!!" ... written by pepestone1
Thank you for the reading! It was wonderful." ... written by Angel168
Very accurate and fast...fantastic!" ... written by bonnielynn
She is real fast and straight to the point, I think she's great :)" ... written by Anniekins
Thank you" ... written by ciara19
I was chosen for free demo and impressed with Gips easy accuracy and so then i went for private. It was great. Quickly down to the point with soothing clear delivery. Good grasp on facts and a surprising conclusions which really made quite a lot of sense. Good understanding of human psychology. I was really good reading. Try her, she is different but you will not be disappointed." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Again and again.. gipsgold delivers... is too bad the time run out but i want more and more.. she is addictive :)" ... written by pepestone1
AWESOME" ... written by r a
Very on point with my situation. Go private with her. She is great!!!!" ... written by GalTaurus
Beyond amazing! She will blow you away!!!!!! DO A private you won't regrat it that's for sure!!!!!!! She is so good. I still am amazed!" ... written by bubblelove33
She is so cool. Connects fast, and knows her stuff. " ... written by bekahb01
So quick and accurate. she even gave good advice. hopefully all comes to true what she predicts." ... written by sweetjanuary08
Very generous. Very precise and fast. Loads of positive energies. I recommend her." ... written by _Alexis
Thanks so much for everything, it was an amazing reading!!! will come again soon. un abrazo y un beso grande " ... written by robinmoon
Definitely the best! " ... written by robinmoon
She is quick andamp;amp; accurate I feel like I got a lot of details in the amount of time I was about to talk to her." ... written by Brittany
She's the best fortune teller I've ever met... so accurate." ... written by ARC4NUS
Nice accurate reading, she can see everything. " ... written by Tauser
God Bless you thx for all the prayers, the more the better Gracias!! He Needs Help Badly omg this crazy" ... written by queenbee22
Would be lost without her advice! :) thanks a lot" ... written by robinmoon
She gave an awesome reading, a lot of details, and very helpful. " ... written by Lady_Pao81
Gipsgold has a heart of gold! She is truly here to help and gave me some honest advice. I was lucky to have a reading with her today. I trust her insights as they were accurate to my situation and I look forward to her predictions." ... written by iPreferMimi
Informatative, helpful. answered all my questions. fast typer." ... written by becca2312
She is very fast! doesnt waste time!! awesome!! Thank you so much." ... written by stebella009
Omg GipsGold is such an amazing person I wish I had spoken to her alot sooner. She is so sweet and caring and lets not forget her ability to connect with you. She is also very accurate with future predictions andamp;amp; time lines. I didn't even had to mention anything to her, She knew right away my situation. I just found a new friend here on Oranum.. I will definietly keep going to her in the near future. Many Blessings to you......" ... written by Lucy117
Another wonderful reading thank you so much. " ... written by corvettime02
An absolutely amazing reading. Gip is so acurate, and great advise thank you so much. " ... written by corvettime02
5 stars well deserved!!! muchas gracias mi angel!" ... written by robinmoon
Always a great help! " ... written by bekahb01
Great reading, accurate " ... written by vjrei01
Gipsgold is awesome loved the reading she gave me great insight thanks so much. " ... written by marybeth1love
This lady is so charming and beautiful and she told me exactly what my heart needed to know. It was so heart warming. xoxoxo Thank you!" ... written by mashmellowbunni3
Thank you!!!" ... written by robinmoon
She is so good, should try her.." ... written by sabinaa
This woman is so good I just had to take her private again. Thank you mija." ... written by mashmellowbunni3
Great reading very accurate and to the point thank you" ... written by Lorann23
Great as always!" ... written by bekahb01
Your are very quick, so Glad You answered all my questions. GRACIAS." ... written by queenbee22
Thank you for the update! tkm mi angel :)" ... written by robinmoon
She is great!" ... written by mac
Charming lady!" ... written by mashmellowbunni3
Gipsgold has good insights. I have hope in my situation now thank you so much " ... written by marybeth1love
GREAT UPDATE HOPE 4 THE BEST . THX YOU " ... written by queenbee22
This was my second reading with Gipsgold and again she was Awesome with her accuracy and giving much detail, and, let's not forget, time frames. She is absolutely amazing. Will keep going for more updates in the near future. God bless!!!" ... written by Lucy117
One of the best!!!" ... written by robinmoon
She is, in my opinion, a great advisor." ... written by eware1978
Lovely reading enlightening and helpful." ... written by dewdrops007
EXCELENTE! :)" ... written by epa0404
Thank you!" ... written by moon980
Thanks so much! X" ... written by Girlie152
Amazing a true true gift she has. Beautiful person inside and out 10 stars!!" ... written by starsalign21
Very good reading I hope all her predictions come true." ... written by gia1117
Another great reading, thank you so much." ... written by corvettime02
THE BEST HEALER IN THE WORLD EVER!!!" ... written by gokce7
Another great reading by Gips, she is awesome." ... written by corvettime02
Overall great reading!" ... written by yvettepandora
Great, thank you, God bless!" ... written by queenbee22
God Bless You Lovely update Gracias " ... written by queenbee22
Loads of help and prediction, I am going to follow what she told me and wait for the results!!!!!!! Hope for the best and I will do my best to clear me. TY an d bless u!!!!!! Oh obviously I strongly recommend her!!!!" ... written by rossel
Another amazing reading, thank you." ... written by corvettime02
She confirmed my suspicions, and the reading correlated with one I had from a different reader, I'm looking forward to her predictions!" ... written by dalilahflores
WOW!!! Awesome!" ... written by suzy101
Great!" ... written by Skyranger333
GIPSGOLD has a heart of gold. Visited her in private many times and I got honest, great advice. Amazing! Number 1 psychic xxx " ... written by starsalign21
Reading was good, I appreciate the advice, not everyone on here is good, but she picked up on some things that she could not have known otherwise. Good stuff!" ... written by king_seti
Very, very accurate..." ... written by nautax
Awesome reading, accurate 100%" ... written by vjrei01
Thank you gold, you have confirmed everything I already knew. Honest, and quick!" ... written by frustrated67
Thanks so much Gips! Great as always!" ... written by bekahb01
Thank you so much, very gifted and talented reader." ... written by ikroyal
Thanks again hun! Great as always!" ... written by bekahb01
Honest lady x" ... written by Layla
Really enjoyed this reading. She gave predictions as well as reading into current situations. Looking forward to see everything unfold. x" ... written by librabeauty
A truly amazing and healing time I experienced with Gipsgold.. . She settled my mind and my heart. Praise God. Thank you for your care and quick response... Many blessings... and well wishes." ... written by beautywithinone
Thanks GIPSGOLD! You are a great reader, I cannot see you on much but very, very good reader. Thanks again!" ... written by King_Seti
She is amazing reader I highly recommend you get a reading with her you will be thoroughly amazed." ... written by ikroyalal
Totally amazing I was able to get a lot of help from her. She is amazing and picked up on my situation very accurately. Thank you so much!" ... written by karla
Accurate, detailed, informative, insightful read. Detailed future predictions with descriptive places and persons. Caring andamp; compassionate advice. Enlightening and empowering advice. Patient and kind. Very gifted person andamp; a pleasant experience! Thank You, GIPSGOLD!" ... written by sk
Very quick and accurate with answers. " ... written by Mshelli
She was great!!!!" ... written by china
Great as always " ... written by lisaa
Great as always!" ... written by bekahb01
She is an outstanding reader, quick connection and straight to the point! Definitely 5 stars!" ... written by MissyAmethyst
Once again you helped me to overcome a bad situation. I don't have enough words to thank you. I appreciate your honesty and kindness. I will come back for updates." ... written by Airam25
Great! Fast, fab, quick and accurate." ... written by fretan
Accurate, detailed read. Time frames" ... written by sk
Excellent reading, she knew exactly what was going on. She was great!" ... written by moon1leo1
Good reading as always, my favorite. " ... written by Rei
Fantastic lady!!! I loved the reading! I will be back again for sure! Thank you so much Gipsgold! You are amazing! God bless you always! Deserves tons of stars!!! The best psychic of ORANUM!!! Big hug!" ... written by Erikaafs
Amazing reader, really connected to my situation and gave me the guidance I feel I really needed at this time, thank you so much, I will return again and again." ... written by Willowtear
Very insightful and accurate reading." ... written by janesi
always so nice to talk to. and very accurate. thank you so much." ... written by karla
Excellent and fast. Muy buena, se la recomiendo!" ... written by Edwin
Accurate detailed read. Awesome healer. Caring, compassionate guidance." ... written by sk
She is an excellent card reader. She was spot on with everything about what's going on! Quite accurate!" ... written by P
Great reading thanx, I enjoyed it very much." ... written by zimerili1
Great reading. Recommended. " ... written by Rei
Thanks for the read." ... written by d2k1000
Nice reading." ... written by greatjoy
Thanks for the reading sorry we got cut off " ... written by ikropyal
Wow! Absolutely outstanding! Gipsgold's knowledge is off the charts! A true psychic master. I was amazed at her powers and what she could sense about my past, present and future. She knew things about me that I've never told anyone. I wholeheartedly recommend her, and give her the highest rating possible! " ... written by AsothPeace
Good reading, she is a good friend. Accurate, fast, good explanations. I had like 30 readings with her already." ... written by Rei
She is truly amazing you must get a reading with her!!" ... written by ikroyaln
Was awesome :)" ... written by dan
Loyal client!! Always accurate fast and spot on about past , present AND future! Can go in detail about everything you ask for and she is honest about everything too!" ... written by littleone3
She is a 5 stars! She is 99% accurate. Fast reading. She is a brilliant and gifted woman. Highly recommended !" ... written by Oolong
Wow, what a reading. This lady is so intuitive and right on target with the advise. I have done many privates with here and she is always perfectly accurate. " ... written by Tom
Perfect, 100000000000000000 points in my book very very accurate :)" ... written by cynthia n monterroso
AMAZING! Nailed everything. Very accurate and sure of her reading. Very fast and does not waste time." ... written by sylvestri
She's lightning fast. She gets to the point and accurate. She knows her gift and cards. Excellent." ... written by love
GipsGold is a very good reader. Hope her predictions come true! I give her 5 star." ... written by Coockiejan
great update very positive woman" ... written by zimerili1
pure gold, this one. incredible" ... written by t.
WOW! OFF THE CHARTS AMAZING! Gipsgold is the master of masters. Every reading I have with her gets better each time. Her energy is so powerful. The intricate details she knows about my life are astonishing. She's the best in the business. As far as ratings go, she deserves every star in the universe. Gipsgold is truly a blessing and a treasure. I wholeheartedly recommend her! " ... written by AsothPeace
Thanks gyps! :)" ... written by littleone
awesome!!!!" ... written by t.
Outstanding! Amazing! Astonishing! Gipsgold is a master psychic. She knew everything about me and the exact events going on in my life. She just gave me the most accurate reading I've ever had in my life! She's so incredible you can feel her power and aura through the screen. She's the absolute best there is! I wholeheartedly recommend her. " ... written by AsothPeace
Outstanding! " ... written by AsothPeace
Thank you so much for your positive words of encouragement! Thank you for all of your advice! Thank you for not overcharging me and forcing me to have privates! Thank you for your kindness, honesty and gentle spirit. I know that I have a bit of a wait but patience is something that I have. Waiting for something good is something that I can do. I look forward to your prediction coming true! I can't wait for the next 1-2 months to come to pass. Take care my friend and I thank you for everything! I wish you many blessings!!!!! :)" ... written by Kayeluv1
Thank you so much for the reading, your honesty, kind words and advice! I will await your email and I look forward to your prediction coming true and I can't wait. You have given me something positive to look forward to. Thank you and I am wishing you many blessings! Take care. :)" ... written by Kayeluv1
Very informative and cleared many doubts. I will be back to speak with you soon." ... written by planejane7
very quick connection. Very fast with answers and does not waste your time. I feel she is genuine and would recommend." ... written by angelszone
I recommend her, she's a good card reader and gives a lot of information. Speaks Spanish too. Muchas gracias!" ... written by C
Excellent reading " ... written by Nidal
I love Gisgold. She gets to the point and doesn't waste your time. Great! Would highly recommend!" ... written by April
Very good reading. Recommended. " ... written by vjrei01
was well detailed thanks a lot for the reading blessing to you " ... written by gipsgold
She is amazing! i am speechless" ... written by serena
she is great!!!!!!!!!!!! wow, she was on target with my situation. " ... written by bem
Very quick and detailed astrology chart given. She was very insightful and accurate. Thank you Gips.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
great fast! not a lot of credits and she delivered answers quickly! excited for her predictions to come " ... written by love love
Wow.. Wow. she is awesome i didnt have to say anything she knew everything.. does not waste time she knows her stuff.. and I know if people do.. I have been around and do my own readings .. she is over the top I will definitely call on her again.. " ... written by Sheila
Great reading with honesty and insight. She gave me details about my situation as well!" ... written by janesi
Thank you so much for the reading that you provided. It was truly insightful and beautifully honest. Thank you also for all the advices on energy clearing. Will do them shortly! " ... written by Adrienne
is awesome - great reader... thanks natalie, later :) all the best , andamp; have great day" ... written by batdancer
wow. im impressed." ... written by diamond
good answers, honest insight and guidance. " ... written by goldnaura
good straight answers, quick, advice and good guidance" ... written by starryeyes
she's great" ... written by Cristina
Perfecto" ... written by cheryl
Fast Accurate" ... written by Jay
Fast Accurate" ... written by Jay
gracias" ... written by judy
Amazing Accuracy! She is direct and quick, positive and friendly/ caring. She doesnt waste your money and keeps the reading to the point and short. Definitely gifted. I will be back for sure. Enjoyed the reading with her and got a lot of information and details. Thank you " ... written by G
she is wonderful, just awesome!!!" ... written by bem
She was very friendly and I was very satisfied with the reading she gave me." ... written by Rob
A very honest and insightful reading." ... written by janesi
she was great, on point with my reading 10 stars" ... written by bem
she gve me clarity, we will see what happens" ... written by bemu
Great person and great reading enjoyed!" ... written by tlsimms2008
excellent read" ... written by gregg
good guidance and advice, perfect insight into situation. 5 star reader. " ... written by golden
very to the point inspiring, she's my favorite" ... written by birdmn42
Very intuitive and right on point. She was accurate on her reading. Helped me tremendously. Looking forward to updating her on 9/14. " ... written by Vilma
Incredible" ... written by Dasani
amazing" ... written by mark
amazing and incredible " ... written by unknown
good answers, fast. explains situation" ... written by gldnaura
Amazzing reading! thank you so much " ... written by big
Gips was very accurate last reading ...her predictions came true ....incredible...Love her very much ..." ... written by G
Thank you Gips for all your help, insight and support!!! " ... written by LostGirl
thank you wondering puros :)" ... written by judith
Thank you so much for all the help and everything you are doing for me Gips!! You are the best! :) " ... written by LostGirl
Gips is amazing!!! She is helping me so much and she has so much insight into my situation! Thank you! " ... written by LostGirl
Thanks a lot Gips for all your help!!!!! I really really appreciate it! :) " ... written by LostGirl
Insightful reader:)" ... written by Omeros
She was fast, accurate and on point!" ... written by Gracie
Great reader. Just waiting for the time lines!!!" ... written by kary
I love her too bits! Thank you , you are a gift ! Love and Light!" ... written by ieva
thank u" ... written by judy
She is awesome. the tobacco reading is good, it was different but i believe in it now. She is good with the situation and feelings. " ... written by Great Tobacco REader
Tobacco reading...Very good. I will get future readings from her...Thanks Gips!!!" ... written by SFEarthAngel
can i just say she is the best ever!!! I mean really!!! undeniable gift !!! blessings to you GIPSGOLD !!! thank you!!! 10 million stars for you , 5 isn't enough!!!" ... written by tamalaa74
She is awesome! Uses tobacco for love spells. It's great and I believe it. " ... written by Great Reader
She is the best! Love her, love spells through tobacco readings. Do it and you won't regret it. " ... written by AMAZING READING
Good reading" ... written by Ybnema
Gips is really cool reader....i love the tobacco readings and she was spot on about my issues and healing. great person and reader/healer. five stars" ... written by Zbigniew Brzezinski
she got through to me and told me what I have been denying. I like this woman. she is a keeper. " ... written by shawn Romarine
Amazing reading and accurate! thank you so much you're the best! " ... written by big
gracias amiga :)" ... written by jm
gracias amigia 1000" ... written by yuri
5 star for you amiga. very good " ... written by yuri
thank u wonderful reader! :)" ... written by judy
great on point!!!" ... written by kary
Great on the money!!!" ... written by kary
thank u so much. i love ur reading. everything she said on point" ... written by angie
She was very nice, and hoping her prediction is right!!" ... written by jnaujo00
thank you for giving me clarity. " ... written by md
fenix is just an angel send by god" ... written by mimiliebe
such a sweet lady and gave me wonderful insight:) " ... written by dominique
Sweet girl" ... written by gregg
She is great. Answered all my question and very fast typer...:) Thank you. " ... written by Monisha
Muchas gracias me gustaba hablar con ti y todo lo que dijo esta verdad. excelente" ... written by A
Amazing" ... written by Dasani
she is great!! awesome!!! 10 stars " ... written by bm
Highly recommendable !! she was very clear and to the point." ... written by Laura
is very good;)" ... written by janbuc88
She was amazing " ... written by taya
she is the best ! Very accurate very knowledgeable . Connects to your situation very fast and advises accordingly. She is a blessing . Thank you Gips" ... written by dani
omg I am just addicted to her aura and readings. Please take the time to get a reading from her. I just love her" ... written by Julianna
I am just in awe of her. She gives you spiritual strength and excellent insight on my situation. Lovelove love her" ... written by Julianna
Good reading" ... written by Chris
LOVE YOU, thank you." ... written by kevin
pretty coool" ... written by kalitay
she is amazing I really like her I be back she tell you all you need to know and is very kind and nice to. I really like her." ... written by H
Wonderful! " ... written by A
was great to join her, such a sweety n so carin!" ... written by john
she is so nice and great reader and amazing I she was the best. I will come back" ... written by hope
gips is very good she is the best on oranum" ... written by dani
exclellent!!! she is amazing!!!!!!! :)" ... written by bem
great energy, very connected and insightful with much information about the situation " ... written by lara
WOW! So awesome!!!! I LOVE HER! She is soooo fast! and I love her smile too! She is really legit! She was accurate the whole way through and she gave me great prediction with some advice I will do my best to uphold! I would highly recommend her to anyone that is a skeptic or need guidance with any life matter! Fabulous THANK YOU XOXO!" ... written by Lynne
love her" ... written by Julianna
Great reading, very comforting. New exactly what I was happening, and gave great advice. Will come back" ... written by Mi
this lady has talent, a fantastic reading with precision" ... written by Andy
Really quick reading with a lot of detail enjoyed it a lot. Thank You " ... written by Cher
She was very in tune and helpful, thank you." ... written by stargaze82
very sweet and detailed." ... written by Elizabeth
It was great catching up with Gips!! She was right on her predictions in the past and I really trust her. She is wonderful!! Thank you Gips! " ... written by M
Great reading, will come back. Accurate" ... written by MI
thanks for the reading...gave me some clarification." ... written by Taytay0809