About Faith24

Psychic Faith24has 10years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Faith24has recently helped 39members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Faith24's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Hi everyone, .please begin by focusing on your question or mentioning the area of your life in which you seek support. One of my main skills is energy readings; reading intentions and emotions of individuals. I have assisted many with my specialization in love and spirituality, and withmy strong gift of clairvoyance

Faith is always so great. She is so pleasant to talk to and she is always spot on. She connects quickly and gives the answers you need, which are not always the ones you want. Great reading time and time again." ... written by Answers
she was good!!! " ... written by khloezen300
She was amazing! She knew exactly what is happening in my live. Gave me great advice." ... written by Mi
Faith is amazing she gave me answers and details galore in very short time...thank you Faith will be back again." ... written by marionlyttle
Faith is so wonderful, able to see so much, very talented. You get the feel that she really in interested in helping you with all your problems and will take the time to help you out. " ... written by Rick
good reading" ... written by rosebud77
very good thank you" ... written by adriane
thank you will keep you posted" ... written by rs
Intuitive, connected, recommend!" ... written by B
Faith is so good, she sees and senses things that you will not believe. She is awesome. I would and DO highly recommend for you to get a reading from her if you want to know what is going on with you and where you need to turn!!!" ... written by Rick
If you ever have any doubts, Faith is one person that you REALLY need to talk with, she is so awesome!!!!" ... written by Rick
Great reader. Really intuitive and sure of herself. Highly recommend." ... written by sylvestri
lovely lady had a nice reading with her recommend" ... written by lu4me
Thanks Faith for a brilliant update....sorry we got disconnected" ... written by marionlyttle
She is Very Professional with her readings to make sure that you understand, of the past present future ..she is a very good to talk too also in matters ..Thank you Faith..will keep you updated.." ... written by sunshinec
Wow, Faith is awesome, she not only does the intuitive stuff she will rock your world in numerology also!!! Thanks so much!!!" ... written by Rick
She was good and connected with me and my situation. " ... written by Danielle
Very honest and straight to the point and help me fix what I needed to fix thank you so much." ... written by Scillybear
great reading but kept freezing" ... written by angela
very quick and to point, connects fast great reading!" ... written by pauly61
Excellent reading, very accurate descriptions and look forward to prediction" ... written by Pete
She was amazing!" ... written by Jennifer
awesome really got true deep insights" ... written by angela
Intutive, connected" ... written by B
thank you" ... written by artist524
Thank you again Faith!! I really enjoy our readings, no sugar coating, just tell me how it is :-) xxxx" ... written by sara
Faith is so right on and always helps make you relaxed and think straight about things you are completely off on. She is so very good!!!" ... written by Rick
Wow, first day on and has already blown me away!! She is so very talented and picked up on so much and so willing to help out in anyway she can!!" ... written by Rick
Faith you are so gifted and what a caring reader, thank you so much, you made my day.!! You are more than five stars!! I'm so happy that I met you, I will be back and I certainly recommend her. She is amazing!! Love you xoxoxox" ... written by Angelsent21
Excellent reading about my relationship.. she understood "him" right away and gave great advice.. Thanks, Faith24 !! " ... written by Lynda22
Amazing first reading with this lovely lady, please give her a try she is brilliant. You will not be disappointed x" ... written by Mshelli
She is awesome and so accurate! " ... written by April
Great lady - G.W." ... written by g.w.
The most accurate and gentle on this website. She is real." ... written by Christian
Told me what i wanted to hear. I feel very relieved right now." ... written by Rory
thank you faith that was great!! xoxo I will be back!" ... written by Heather
awesome reading!! thank you faith, our time ran out. I will come back soon :)" ... written by angelsent21
No sense on what she said. Situation is BAD and she see it beautiful, if you know what i mean. Connect was awful also...she had to type it all. sorry about it" ... written by m4luk4
Faith is so wonderful. I am so glad that she is so willing to help me out in everyway possible." ... written by Rick
She is simply wonderful!! So on point, and she connects so easy. and very accurate. Thank you so much!! :)" ... written by Angelsent21
she is a great psychics" ... written by sweet461
You are amazing!!! THank you so much!!! xoxo" ... written by heather
Thank you accurate so grat! xoxo" ... written by heather
She was nice." ... written by mizzimoo
Faith is absolutely great!!! Answers every question with precision!! So glad I met her here and will continue to come back for more readings!!! Right on the money!" ... written by Rick
I Believe that Faith is a wonderful pshycic!!! She intuitive and kind!!! Thanks Faith!!!!!! ...I appreciate!!! - G.W." ... written by g.w.
Thank you!" ... written by EVERGREEN
Always cheerful and thoughtful... reading is the same time frame and pick up extremely fast.... Thanks!" ... written by William
Thanks so much hun..! Cant wait to get to the finish line..! huff puff " ... written by SS
Wow Faith24 is just awesome.... Can't wait to see her predictions to come to Pass...." ... written by Lucy117
Very accurate and helpful" ... written by Nikolay
Faith is always incredible...helping me with a complicated situation with a man I love. She is helping me sooo much. I appreciate her compassion and willingness to go the extra mile to help... Faith I am so happy u helped me getting us back together. Lov ya xoxox Blessings :)" ... written by angelsent21
wow really like her and answered my questions very quickly! Highly recommend her very sweet lady! And she tells you straight forward what she sees! I was amazed!!!" ... written by goddess70
you are the best!! xox" ... written by heather
this woman gets it ...u hear me lol she gets it awesome awesome reader" ... written by angela
Thank you faith, you picked up on everything." ... written by J
She is amazing!!! She was spot on :) im glad i got to get a reading done with her..:)" ... written by Adiz
great" ... written by angela
Great reading.......Seemed to understand the situation. I am truly grateful and appreciative of the reading. I hope things work out." ... written by itwillbeok
such a beautiful lady" ... written by donna
Thank you for your insight! I really appreciate it!! " ... written by heather
her predition came true in an unexpected way and she even said it wud b unexpected lol wow and she is really caring about us her clients this reader ty faith " ... written by angela
Faith is a wonderful and real pshycic - as always great advice!!!! Thanks Faith!!!! - G.W." ... written by g.w.
Thankyou so much! That was great! " ... written by heather
Very good reading. She is very insightful. Loved it." ... written by itwillbeok
Brilliant follow up reading with this lovely lady. So spot on and fast with her responses. " ... written by Mshelli
Like talking to her - she understands my situation very well and hoe I feel! Thanks Faith!!! - G.W." ... written by g.w.
Faith is right on the money all the time. Sees things and helps guide you to the correct path. " ... written by Rick
As always a pleasure to chat to! Amazing women!!!Thanks Faith!!! - G.W." ... written by g.w.
very good reading. accruate.Thank u" ... written by PIGLETME
Had a bad connection at first, she was good. I will wait for predictions." ... written by bm
outstanding insights" ... written by angela
wonderful reader gets great insites and trys hard for her clients" ... written by angela
Amazing girl!!! true to herself and insightful!!! expresses herself with warmth and clarity!!! Thank you!!!" ... written by Liliana
tHANK YOU!!! yOU ARE THE BEST!! XOXO" ... written by heather
Very deep and useful readings and she is honest. Lets you know the truth no fairytails." ... written by angela
Always a pleasure never regretted a reading with her." ... written by angela
She is great as allways!!!!! Thanks.....G.W." ... written by g.w.
Had a great few minutes with her!" ... written by Gabriel
Amazing!!!!!!! Dead on about EVERYTHING I am going through! Love this girl " ... written by Michelle
She is amazing!!! 10 starts" ... written by Liliana
Great reading very detailed very insightful and accurate" ... written by ikroyalaq
gr8 reading straight to the point ." ... written by palmerston
Picked up on everything fast... loved the reading!!!!!!" ... written by Ash
shes great" ... written by gbassar
Amazing. Spot on." ... written by Mogboy
She is lovely, lovely, lovely!" ... written by Liliana
Very good, very intuitive even with no tools." ... written by Chelsey
Great reading very intuitive!" ... written by Chelsey
Amazing!" ... written by Liliana
I love talking to this women - she is great!!!!!! - God Bless You!!- Thanks!!!!!!! - G.W." ... written by g.w.
Faith gave me honesty which I appreciated and helped me with my understanding of my relationship and has given me hope for the future. Thank you Faith!" ... written by Paul
Thank you for the information look forward on talking to you more about this matter" ... written by John Deane
Very good and thoughtful reading. Thank you" ... written by itwillbeok
Like always great to chat too!!!! - Thanks Faith!!! - G.W." ... written by g.w.
Just brilliant. So helpful, direct and good to talk to." ... written by Rene
Brilliant!" ... written by rene
a great update, always an excellent expert, thanx." ... written by zimerili1
She was amazing. She is honest and I enjoy just talking to her. I will be back again. Thank you!!" ... written by roseanna
Love her!! - she is great although the truth hurts!!! - G.W." ... written by frilled
Thanks Faith!!!!! - G.W." ... written by frilled
great reader" ... written by smiley2011
Great reading, did not have to say a thing she told me everything I needed to know 5+ stars from me thank you again god bless :)" ... written by libsta
Wonderful reading!!! Right on top of everything!!! I will provide her with an update once it all happens!!! Will be returning!" ... written by Bellezahispana
Good Reading with Faith. She is very understanding" ... written by itwillbeok
Thanks are a great women!!! - G.W." ... written by frilled
brilliant, kind and honest. really helped me to align my thoughts and put things in to perspective. Thank you Faith." ... written by rene
She was awesome! It's like she knew everything about me." ... written by sunshine
Thank you Faith your insight and guidance. You are helping me, my heart and my lady even is she does not know it now. God bless you Paul" ... written by Paul
She is a fake reader. She will tell you "there is a connection even when there is distance"... generic stuff for the ones that fall into it. " ... written by vjrei01
Nice reading. Truthful. And truly appreciated. Thank you." ... written by itwillbeok
She was amazing! I can't wait for things to start happening!" ... written by sunshine
faith is all heart and pieces of hope; she is adorable to talk to and her ways of delivering bad news is so cushioned that you don't even acknowledge it; and then come the propositions for getting over - priceless!!!" ... written by liliana
Thank you for your guidance and light. you have an innate ability to see things no once can. Thank you somuch i will keep you posted!" ... written by heather
I like faith- she is goodhearted and always helps me....please don't leave bad testimonials ...she is a good psychic!Been with her for a couple of months...she always gives me great advice!Great can go to her with an open mind...she will tell you the truth..if you can handle it! -G.W." ... written by gunther
great reader, honest reader great job made me feel a lot better. " ... written by ziacha
Very high level of clarity, fast typing, a good help in your situation." ... written by Nikolay
Thanks for the read. " ... written by d2k1000
excellent update thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Wow! She is very intuitive and sensed so much and knew exactly, I mean, exactly about who I was asking about. And she gave me good advice. I am very glad I chatted with her. Thank you!" ... written by mary rose
Always brilliant. Direct and very clear insights. My favourite on Oranum." ... written by rene
thank you Faith!! You are great!! The timeframes and even the things you told me now you have told them previously in another reading maybe a couple months ago! Everything remains the same which is very reassuring :-) xxx" ... written by sara
Faith is extremely helpful to me. Her power and knowledge is helping me go forward with my lady after a difficult time. Thank you Faith" ... written by Paul
Very spot on. Been looking for someone that connects with me this well. HAPPY : )" ... written by PISCES44
Thank you Faith for your help and assitance Faith in my quest to save my lady and our friendship and relationship!" ... written by Paul
no stone left unturned. She exceeded expectations and accurately so." ... written by callme
great, calm reader" ... written by smiley2011
Great reading and was able to connect quickly!" ... written by Angel
Thanks faith-----G.W." ... written by frilled
brilliant" ... written by rene
very nice reading just wish that i had more time to talk to her on this problem" ... written by John Deane
Thank you sooo much Faith!! I trust you and love our readings :-)" ... written by sara
superb reading superb expert thanx a million" ... written by zimerili1
She is a wonderful human being with an open heart and mind. I always trust her judgement because she is straightforward and senses the weaknesses of communication. Beautiful creature! Love talking to her! God bless her!" ... written by Liliana
lovely and accurate as always" ... written by brenda
Good reading!" ... written by Rigo
thank you for honest answer! i will go after your advice. Look forward to see my future evolving and keep on updating you. " ... written by Alicja
very nice reading, very honest with my situation andamp; tell it as it is. no tools psychic also; highly recommended to others." ... written by Amer
she was clear and straight to the point. I highly recommend " ... written by Tyler
ty u again sis ur wonderful and ur my sis TOO so ur awesome as well ;) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! " ... written by disturbed86
faith was so accurate and spot on with everything that's happening, so glad I had a reading with her" ... written by dmw4300
Definitely sees things as they are and has predicted step by step what would happen in my relationship so far. It would have been impossibly difficult to get through it without her guidance!!!" ... written by BRENDA
Faith does just that gives me Faith and encouragement in my goal for the love in my life. I will keep my belief for my lady no matter how long it takes. Thank you Faith!" ... written by Paul
wow shes amazing!!!! shes right on everything. I TRUST HER. i HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!!!! shes honest, she corrects me whn i think other wise. she is truly gifted and thanks to her i feel better now. Im at ease and i feel calm. I'll keep you updated faith!! ty so much XOXOXOXOX" ... written by disturbed86
Thank you!" ... written by d2k1000
Thank you again Faith! I always enjoy our readings :-) xxx" ... written by sara
Faith as always been great!!! I had quite a few readings with her and she is very consistent!! I like that :-) xxxx" ... written by sara
faith is wonderful!! there isint enough words to explain how gifted and genuine she is :) shes like a sister that i can talk to about anything even when it has nothing to do with a reading. Gotta love her company!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AND SHES WAY MORE THEN FIVE STARS. thanks sis ;) XOXOX Faiths my one and only now!!" ... written by disturbed86
Really a great reading and spot on as well, felt comfortable speaking with her as well :) Highly Reccomended :) A+++++" ... written by LOUIS
Thank you very much Faith for a fantastic reading, I will be back for an update, many blessings xox" ... written by libsta
She's a lovely reader, non judgmental and we'll see if the predictions happen! got my situation accurately! " ... written by Drummergirl
Helpful, caring and soooo accurate as always. She has made my life so much easier to handle with advice too. If you want clear, quick and caring advice you've come to the right place!!!" ... written by B
happy" ... written by brenda
Thank you again dear Faith!! xxx" ... written by sara
once again great reading! shes amazing , honest, fast , and gives great advice.!! ty so much sis IM SO GLAD I FOUND YOU!!!" ... written by disturbed86
= )" ... written by B
thank you!" ... written by hilly
Helping caring and healing always" ... written by Brenda
Faith is gives me just that Faith in my quest to bring the love I have for my lady back into my life. Thank you for your help Faith! I believe!!!" ... written by Paul
kyou for my reading Faith xxxx" ... written by t
ty sis once again for th truth..... it hurts like a knife in my back.... idk im speechless.... " ... written by disturbed86
Thank you dear Faith!!! And you always make me laugh as well!!! :-)))))" ... written by sara
Amazing!!!! No words can describe what god has given her the ability to channel to peoples energy.. Thank god I found you. Speechless!... Awesome!" ... written by hermestarr
Faith is amazing in private....she is quick to connect and delivers accurate details of situation." ... written by marion
My first reading with Faith, She was very quick and extremely honest. No sugar coating, pure honesty and fast connection. She was correct about everything. " ... written by tiffany
Faith is one of the best on here. I always appreciate her confidence and the way she does her readings. I can't wait until I can come back and say that her predictions came to pass. " ... written by Jennifer
Again, very accurate...will wit and see if predictions come true." ... written by Jen
very gifted! quick with answers and extremely accurate! will def. come back for updates! thank you, Faith! xo" ... written by whit
good reader" ... written by smiley2011
She is great! I hope what she said comes true!! :)" ... written by Caroline
She was very quick to connect . Gave me lots of hope and homework to do. Amazing! " ... written by tb
spot on. great clarity. encouraging." ... written by jamie
Thank you again dear Faith :-) You are amazing as usual!! xxx" ... written by sara
thank you so much faith for everything!" ... written by Brianaaf2
she's great! Will be back for updates. Thank you for the thoughtful reading." ... written by Robin
OMG, Faith was able to get into my situation accurately. she was spot on... Will definitely go back to her...xoxo M" ... written by HMR
thanx" ... written by zimerili1
She was definitely on point. i just wish the pricetag wasn't so steep." ... written by Tara
wonderful, intuitive reader, picks up on many things and details...provides clarity....just awesome!!!" ... written by OHSO
Thank you for the reading." ... written by Jason
she was very accurate and looking forward to her predictions! Didnt have to ask her anything just name dob !! Thank you faith!!" ... written by nikiiii
Thank you Faith24, lovely warm person. Open and honest great connection. Great reader!" ... written by Sunflower201
Thank you Faith for another clarifying update!" ... written by marion
Just wanna say that faith24 is amazing. point each and each problem around me. She knew details without asking me anything. Really good reader. Very serious in her work. 5 star really. Thank a lot Faith. " ... written by Salima27
Shes truthful and nice lady. Very busy too, i hope she finds time to relax too" ... written by vanja
Thank you for the update" ... written by Faith
Thanks as always!!" ... written by BRENDA
Good advice and insights" ... written by Nikolay
Thank you Faith for your encouragement. It really helps in my quest for my lady!" ... written by Paul
I think see was very much on point and gave me clear guidance that I needed. She was spot on in all the current things going on. Faith24 gave me insight to things coming my way. I am grateful for her time. Thank you once again :)" ... written by zzzspark
It was truly an amazing reading! " ... written by luckystar5
Truly blessed, guided me in the right direction. Thank you so much." ... written by Marcia
She is very accurate. A great reader. AAA+" ... written by Cheryl
Very good:)" ... written by Nikolay
She was very good,,, Sorry i ran out of funds" ... written by s
Awesome beautiful soul and very understanding. Everything i was concerned about Faith was already sensing it." ... written by Secunda
Absolutely, fantastic. Not everything was what I wanted to hear but I think she is fantastic all the same. I will be back. 10 stars" ... written by Flirty Bee
Awesome" ... written by Secunda
Thank you Faith!" ... written by Paul
Very nice reading and hope the timeframes given by Faith come true soon. She is very fast typist and answers all your questions very quickly." ... written by Such
Great reading from Faith, thank you, will keep you posted. :)" ... written by M
Thank you Faith for another great update!!" ... written by marion lyttle
She is so amazing and picks up on every little detail! I highly recommend her shes great! " ... written by Nadia
Thanks, nice reading." ... written by rebecca
Awesome reading! Faith24 has a very soothing and calmly affect!" ... written by Terri
Quick and good I must say to all she give me no false hope. and the answer which i was looking for not a good or bad answer just the right one for me. thanks." ... written by Andrrew
Yes very happy with reading " ... written by Rutinha133
Wonderful reading, she is the real deal. No bullshit and right on point." ... written by alotlikedorothy
Excellent reading...she was very fast and very detailed. I will definitely come back to see her... She is worth every dime!!!" ... written by Lynn
hope and have faith!! in faith that i believe that everything will fall into place. what an awesome reading.. Brilliant! " ... written by hermestarr
Faith is the best!!! As usual : )" ... written by BRENDA
Faith is awesome! She helped me see so much of what is going on. Thank you Faith and I can't wait to talk to you again!" ... written by a
Very good and quick too" ... written by Vivienne
thank you for the updates" ... written by luvu
Thank you Faith for your help as always!" ... written by Paul
Positive" ... written by William
Faith is a very gifted psychic and is a friend who cares about your situation. She has so much patience and understanding and will always be there for you." ... written by B
I had a blast talking to her! I was giving her a hard time about my life, but that's just because I am dramatic. She was on point with what is going on in my life and what she saw in my future. I wish she could have told me what I wanted to hear... but hey that's life haha. She was amazing and I would recommend her to anyone. I will be keeping in touch with her for future readings!!" ... written by Marissa
great reading pick up on me and made some perdictions" ... written by luvuchaluka
love her!!! so accurate" ... written by N
Faith is amazing at what she does , She connects very fast and doesn't sugar coat . Looking forward to more future readings with her. Blessings" ... written by Lucy117
thank you" ... written by luvechaluka
great advice... and insightful and supportive reading... try her and see for yourself." ... written by truth
Thank you Faith for your belief in me and my lady. Your positive words are helping me get stronger for my lady and to be there for her when the opportunity arises. Thank you dear Faith!" ... written by Paul
great reader connects well" ... written by smiley2011
Really in tune, picked up on the questions and situation very easily and was able to accurately describe things and give me answers to all my questions. This was my first time reading with Faith and I really found the information and details helpful. I will be back for sure once things progress as she says." ... written by J.
Faith is getting more and more popular on this site I have noticed. Come in and you will see why!!" ... written by brenda
Thank you my sister!!!" ... written by BRENDA
She is wonderful and really picks up on the situation right away. Highly recommend! she knows what she is talking about " ... written by Nadia
A great reader and I recommend her to everyone, she was right on the button with me and I definitely will be back for an update, thank you so very much Faith I love you xoxoxox" ... written by Libsta
so sweet" ... written by rebecca
Ran out of time, but she seem pretty fast. " ... written by Sarah
She is so on it. I gave her four to choose from and she got the two right. That was on point. Also the marriage. thanks again." ... written by james
she is great so sweed and understanding thank you" ... written by gogo
she is wonderful! very accurate and to the point! just love her she is so good!" ... written by kat620
thank you feel better " ... written by luvuchaluka
WOW" ... written by Tiffany
good reading, lets wait and see" ... written by sweets
Awesome! Get a reading from her now! :D" ... written by Drohem
Very good and honest.... Accurate too" ... written by Vivienne
connected very very well to the issue and gave me good insight and understanding of something that i keep coming back to since I struggle with grasping it in full, big help!! thankyou dear!" ... written by c
Wow! She's very nice!! I really like her. She's very accurate of her reading. She have so many prediction in my future I can't wait to see come to pass. I will definitely comeback to her" ... written by Eva
very great right on the head honest, I enjoy my time with her wonderful highly recommended " ... written by antoinette
thank you did connect....unfortunately we ran out of time." ... written by Irelandirish
Faith was very accurate, I loved that she didn't sugar coat anything. I am a new fan of hers. I will definitely choose Faith again.." ... written by Tami
Faith is a wonderful life coach in helping me understand the way I need to be. Thank you Faith" ... written by Paul
THANK YOU" ... written by ras
Again, awesome read!! thank you" ... written by Tami
Her help has gotten me through the darkest of days and has kept a relationship that is very important to me alive." ... written by B
Very good at what she does. Was honest!" ... written by Angela
Faith is simply amazing! And so lovely and understanding xxx I would say have a reading with Faith and see. And you will see how great she is. Blessings" ... written by Liz
thank you for all your time I hope things get better for me" ... written by ras
wow, she totally calmed me down, she connects very fast and accurate and is genuine. God given talents, no sugar coating." ... written by tiffany
Thank you faith awesome as usual...will be back" ... written by marion
thank you and ill try" ... written by rebecca
thank you " ... written by rebecca
Faith really sees what is going on in my situation and it gives me a picture of which way i should turn and the decisions are much easier. It calms me down every time." ... written by B
Thank you faith" ... written by Paul
She was accurate and spot on!" ... written by Tie
Faith is an amazing psychic. She has held me greatly and I appreciate her. Thank you Faith!!!" ... written by Paul
She was great! I see so clearly now what I must do to succeed! I will recommend Faith24 to all my people! I have conformation on so many fronts. She was very intuitive, and very good! I will be back to see her again. Thanks again for all your Work Faith 24." ... written by michael caldwell
Pick up situation really quickly and correctly :) detailed analysis and advice." ... written by Tiffany
I really liked my reading with Faith. She picked up on my situation perfectly and helped me decide what to do moving forward:)A nice lady:)" ... written by Marygoldpink
Thank you, Faith, for my first experience on Oranum. It was very to the point with time frames as well. She was extremely sincere, and I will return to vouch any of her predictions if they come true! " ... written by Theresa
she is such a great reader! love her:) always can rely on her for advice" ... written by nadia
Always spot on highly reccomended" ... written by rubz
a truly amazing psychic!" ... written by Terri
thank you " ... written by goloka
she is the best on oranum she is to the point she connect fast and she know what she is doing " ... written by ohood
really nice reading, she is great" ... written by greek
Faith is a very helpful psychic and spiritual guide and has helped me greatly. Thank you Faith." ... written by Paul
Thank you Faith for a great reading" ... written by marion
She saved my vacation!!! What more do I need to say lol. :-). Thanks again!" ... written by Marissa
always a pleasure! comforting and insightful" ... written by terri
Faith is a very generous soul. She will not tell you what you want to hear but she will share the truth and give you insight to your situation. She will give you strength and share her wisdom. Lovely reader and woman!" ... written by Fishygirl11
she is amazing she know what she is doing ,she is to the point :)" ... written by ohood
Absolutely amazing reading...couldn't have been more accurate on the details. Will definitely be back!" ... written by Angel
I cant believe how much she helped me. I have a new prospective on my situation. She was truly amazing and i couldn't have asked for more." ... written by Matthew
Faith has been helping me through a difficult situation for a LONG time and we have seen positive progress in my direction because of her guidance. I couldn't have done it without her.!!!" ... written by B
she is accurate and she know what she do :)" ... written by ohood
Just one of the best on this site. Plase give her a chane she does tell it like it is whether good or bad she is the real deal." ... written by sandi
she is good and accurate " ... written by ohood
Insightful, helpful and trustworthy" ... written by Ry
i love her she is very good and accurate she know what she is doing " ... written by ohood
She is quick to connect and doesn't waste time! :) She made a prediction and looking forward to it :)" ... written by S
Faith is amazing in pvt!!" ... written by marion
she is the best in oranum " ... written by ohood
Faith is very helpful and supportive and her readings are always right on. She has told me many things in advance and they do happen. Faith is a loving powerful lady and I apprecicate her very much!" ... written by Paul
Thank you as always Faith for your words." ... written by Paul
Fast, honest, humble x" ... written by Cindy
second half of 2016, phew long time :)" ... written by myst
right on faith! thanks so much. will let you know again!!! " ... written by k
she is very good " ... written by ohood
Thank you Faith for listening to me and your help! Your friend Paul" ... written by Paul
accurate in picking situation , professional, easy to talk to... prediction is accurate...thanks" ... written by Melissa
Great reading! thanks " ... written by kerri hermary
Hopefully prediction comes true!!" ... written by jnaujo00
This girl is AMAZING! I'm so happy to have read with her today! she tells you all, the good and bad and you will leave feeling positive and uplifted. Definitely recommend to anyone not afraid of the truth." ... written by sahreen
As always a very good reading. I truly appreciate her time. She sees it and has been right on a number of things." ... written by itwillbeok
Wonderful person! she answered all my questions and said things that where so true. will wait to see what happens thank you!" ... written by kat620
xoxoxoxoxox" ... written by
Thanks for your guidance..!" ... written by SS
Pretty quick and fast... very nice. Thanks!" ... written by William
Faith is an amazing Psychic. She has been always right on and I appreciate all of her help. One of the best to speak too! and to get help" ... written by Paul
Thanks for the feedback and honesty. its what i needed to hear." ... written by flowerlotus
Thanks..!" ... written by S
Really good :)" ... written by Autumne
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