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I am young guy that knows alot of things about spirituality and things between them and of course i can work with anytype of work that are given to me. I am good person, had anything bad in my life. I have full time to work at home with a computer and also can spend full time doing anything really. Im really outgoing and happy person. I like to do anything with you guys and im really nice. My life is good. No problem whasoever. Born to help. I am a psychotic person since the age of 16 and it really helps me in things . I like astronomy and all kinds of spiritual related things. I am very caring about any person and i would love to help anybody as such. Like giving help to those are poor i could actually help them aswell but not as much since they have to pay. Im really good literally at anything based on my statistic of problems and solved problems and i would love to join programs to get better in college since im doing technical school and studying to be a psychologist. I lovepeople and caring to anyone that offers quality time with me i will be ok with the person. My name is Ian Stuart Rubio Zima and im glad to help any one.

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