Psychic FLOWERPOWERTAROThas 16years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic FLOWERPOWERTAROThas recently helped 53members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about FLOWERPOWERTAROT's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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PROFESSIONAL PSYCHIC MEDIUM & CHANNEL Since 2007 * Answer-Only Readings with Speed, Accuracy, & Integrity * I use only YOUR FIRST NAME & AGE (to connect through), & YOUR QUESTION. * If your question is about someone else I will also need THEIR FIRST NAME * I don't need any other background info. * Give me your info and question in FREE CHAT, or once we get to PRIVATE CHAT. On Oranum since 2011.

You have blessed my day! Thank you so much!" ... written by NaGaSnaKe
She was able to see some things, but not the connection with the guides I was looking for. I like her, she would be nice to converse with on a non pay basis. Very interesting well read woman." ... written by lifeismosaic
I thought she was informative and gave me some insight on my situation" ... written by kprattis
Very helpful, thanx flower!!!!!" ... written by blessed05
She was very insightful of the information that she gave me in regards to my situation" ... written by kprattis
She was very helpful.Gave me hope.I just need more info about a person but the time ran out.Thank you so much." ... written by candee
Absolutely wonderful, best reading I've ever had and perfectly accurate. Thank you so much!" ... written by Naseth
Flowerpower is honest in a kind way. While not all news is good news, she tempers it with ways to make things healthy for you. I enjoyed the reading …. and the personality" ... written by Jingles
Very intuitive and seems to have a gift. Well worth it!" ... written by celticfreckles
Very thorough reading gave me some hope ty so much xx" ... written by maz1972
Fast details...type quick amp; have your questions ready !" ... written by Shea67
She was wonderful, great reading. She is very cool." ... written by swhope999
she is wonderful. she cleared my mind what i needed to know and helped me with the spirit that i needed to talk to for over 10years. I thank her to give me an opportunity that i was able to talk to her. She is great!" ... written by snoopeanuts5
Adorable, generous, positive, light and very well grounded. Lovely experience." ... written by OpenDoors
Simply Divine..." ... written by beautywithinone
Truly an powerfull and amazing connect instantly. She was simply magniiicent...I am very pleased..and was very blessed by Flowerpower" ... written by beautywithinone
I recommend Flowerpower highly...she is truly a gifted soul...we connected instantly. I am grateful.." ... written by beautywithinone
She is good. Gave me good answers to my many doubts that i had in my life. " ... written by Walky27
Awesome!!" ... written by colleen417
OMG she was amazing, she new everything about me and all i told her was my name and age, she got everything on the spot. I WILL BEE BACK THIS LADY IS REAL!" ... written by denean22
she was spot on! you must get a reading with Flowerpower! its so worth it......" ... written by sparklejules
She and I connected well. She is excellent hope what she says comes to fruition. thx." ... written by rcr646
Lovely person and very accurate. Told me the truth. I really appreciate it! Thanks!" ... written by Naseth
She is good as always,,,,thanks Dear" ... written by soosanmh59
She is great!!!!!" ... written by k1mm19655
She is so good, and a nice person, so positive! You should try her reading! I'll back soon! Thanks!" ... written by soosanmh59
Thank you so much..." ... written by Malia26
She connected with me in the chat room regarding a family issue that had recently happened. I gave her no clues whatsover regarding this issue. I went into private chat to continue the conversation and she was right on it. She has a lovely personality that I picked up right away in the free chat room. Thank you Flower Power for your reading it will help put this issue to rest. " ... written by mj1963
She connected well with me...and answered my questions very well. Highly recommended." ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
she connected with me in free chat which she does the best on here cus she knows shes gifted enough to prove shes a good reader, very impressive with her connection technique! then the private went well too and she was way accurate with the info on here typing is hard to do and other readings i tried on here they kept saying they needed more info to pic up and flower didnt do that at all she just kept on rambling out what spirit needed me to hear...totally recommend her! yay" ... written by nae423
she is one of the very best here, i am so very impressed with her precision. thank u." ... written by blanca84
very accurate, wonderful reading." ... written by dmic16
Great Reading! One of the best on the site! I will be going to her again." ... written by Riggergirl17
Awesome woman! I had a feeling about her and she was right on." ... written by bethanylael
she is a nice and positive lady..." ... written by soosanmh59
Precise andamp; straight to the point :)" ... written by liindee-lou
She is very nice and friendly and very helpful. Easy to talk to. I will use her again when possible." ... written by dkgardner
First time reading with Flowerpowertarot, and she was so good! I had a demo with her in free chat, and she was spot on, so I had to try a private with her. Also, spot on! OMG, I'm going to tell my friends about her! Highly recommend! VERY worth it!" ... written by wing-mei
thank you so much" ... written by sassiie
As always, wonderfully accurate and enlightening, THANK YOU LINDA!!" ... written by Naseth
I believe that there are some gifted individuals and others scam so I am sceptical. She said things that were not vague and were accurate. There was no way she would of known certain things and I can honestly say she is the real thing." ... written by PC
Her connection reading in free chat was freakishly amazing - so accurate. i went into private and she predicted things that i hope do come true. I will see and let her know how it turns out. She is very nice and very easy to talk to. She seems to be a very good psychic so I will be back. Thank you Flower...." ... written by ceffie
Awesome reading...she knew my life!" ... written by Darlene02
SHE IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! HER READING WAS DEAD ON! I was very hesitant because it was my first time, but she did an amazing job that I had to keep topping up my credits so I can continue our session. Please, if you are reading this, you have landed on the right girl! Highly recommend her!! Thank you so much for making me feel alot better about my life!!! " ... written by meleiah
Thank you. Hope things improve." ... written by stars2024
She was very good but I run out of time..." ... written by judyalla
Great, wish I had more time." ... written by newcomer72
Fast-paced reading, answered the questions I wanted to know, and was very nice and friendly. I will do a longer reading with her next time." ... written by lostintwinpeaks
Great reading! I loved it. Thanks again." ... written by Daniel79
Absolutely awesome! Will follow her advice and let her know where things stand. :)" ... written by matriarch
I had to ask Flowerpower about my situation, and she was sooo fast and good! I loved it! She's so good! Doesn't waste your credits and just goes right down to the nitty gritty. I look forward to seeing her predictions come to pass! Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
Very informative time just ran out too quickly i am on a budget will come back for more when I can " ... written by HappyGoLucky83
her previous prediction came true within the time frame she specified. that is why i am back. she read something else this time and couldn't wait until the time comes.... thank you flower! ur awesome!" ... written by ceffie
Very accurate and Fast! Thank you Flowerpowertarot :)" ... written by mozzy123
great reading!" ... written by aisha
I love her! She gave direction and a timeline, and some other resources to help me on the way. But the most powerful part of her reading, was reminding me that I need to make the effort and be accountable... and I needed to hear that... I will visit her again with a report in a few months :) you have to read with her!!!! trust me!!!!" ... written by wunluv96
After waiting forever to speak with Flowerpowertarot I finally was able to speak with her. She is one of a kind, wonderful, awesome!! I hope to speak with her again soon. Try her she is great!!" ... written by Angelsent21
Such a lovely person, psychic, medium, empath. She was able to see and feel my situation even if i did not have a webcam. I am amazed by her gifts and she is well worth 3.99. This was a beautiful and emotional reading for me. I felt that she truly cared and she did. She has a smile that bring peace to your mind. Furthermore, her advice were down to earth and so appropriate. I recommend her strongly for a private in order to clarify your situation and issues. I will be back." ... written by milona
very awesome lady, great, accurate, fast, and no bs i will be back" ... written by new
Very accurate, thank you!" ... written by rainbow1111
She is such a wonderful reader - very gifted and helps clarify things really well! Gives great guidance :)!" ... written by sacredlove71
Fantastic, very quick and accurate, always right on the money. I'm a regular client of hers and I am always thrilled with her ability! This lady is the real deal!" ... written by Naseth
Wow - she is the real deal! She really has an amazing gift for picking up on things and her medium skills are incredible!! WOW WOW WOW!!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Awesome... Thanks :D" ... written by girlytomboy3665
She is great right on point but i didn't have enough credits to finish...try her " ... written by ashley10
Well, it wasn't positive news really but still maybe the truth - we will see in the future! Thanks :)" ... written by emotions
She gave information that I identified with however, we were typing and it wasn't the same for me as if we were actually speaking to each other. I would like to contact her again." ... written by hopedell66
Wow She is great. I will be back for an update." ... written by brownsuga5964
Good reading I am kinda confused but it was still a good reading. thank you so much " ... written by leon4smiles
Will be right back need to reboot. But she is great.." ... written by brownsuga5964
Wow!!! I love her fast and insightful reading. She was very quick and to the point with her advice. I wish I could have given her a big hug. I will definitely be returning to just her and hope that she will not leave. Blessings to you Flower!!! " ... written by deelit47
She is absolutely AMAZING!!!!! She hit everything on the head and I will DEFINITELY follow all advice and will be back!! AMAZING!!!" ... written by jnb803
Fabulous!!! she is great, highly recommend her!!" ... written by bbdo1234
She was GREAT!!! honest, caring,i will definatly read w her again. ty flower" ... written by wingtip
She is very good at what she does, Gives thourogh reading and very polite and understanding. Actually reads the cards and explains results of them. Will definitly be back." ... written by Mznursie
Thank you lovely for the reading. This lady gave me the advise that was more practical.....self help....Thank you! I will read the book and will come back for another reading....I am going to order this now....Thank you and much love xxxx" ... written by Jade50
Very quick" ... written by Kazgra
Spot on with the situation... Very very clear insight. Fast typer... Very grateful for the time i spent with her.. helped me rest my mind of course, but also gave perspective and insight for future occurrences in a pressing situation. Thank you Flower! :)" ... written by AngelVisions
Good" ... written by hushhu
Great reader! Very accurate and quick to connect." ... written by iPreferMimi
Good reading good advice.. suggested a book to help me shift energy... will take the advice and see what happens" ... written by soul2love
Amazing!!!!!!!!!! I have the affirmation I needed!!!! She hit the nail right on the head and made me wake up to the reality of the situation and the control I need to take in my life---Thank you!!!!!" ... written by tammelane
Flower has always been great to me in free chat and it was the first reading I have ever had she was really good and her reading was awesome." ... written by karen58
Connected very well with me and gave me honest outlook and advice on my situation even though it wasn't all sunshine and roses it was beneficial for me and my growth and could very well impact the situation which was the focus of my question. thanks!" ... written by crzdnem
She has the light, and helps you turn it on." ... written by Granola2
Wow" ... written by noiro711981
Accurate" ... written by noiro711981
Very quick and to the point.. i loved her no nonsence attitude..as well as her connection to me..she was very good..wish i had more money to spend.." ... written by vonnie03
Can you handle the truth, no really can you? If not, choose another medium because FlowerPot gives it to you straight, no chaser!" ... written by mz_realitychecka
I am very impressed of your warm and insight words ! And for sure I will be back !" ... written by agnete
Flowerpowertarot was right on the target with my question. Thank you!" ... written by Jabezzy
Not enough time but accurate regarding the situation i was asking about" ... written by thgil1988
All there is to say is wow!" ... written by stephy01012
Thank you, I can't afford more credits now, but I thank you so much for your honesty and insight, and I will keep in mind everything you told me." ... written by creative45
Quite perceptive and empathetic as well. A first time reading so awaiting the results" ... written by newperson
Love her!" ... written by kitchenhappy3
I love her!" ... written by kitchenhappy3
Excellent!!! Do a private reading!!!! :)" ... written by jasminetheflower
Very good and interesting reading. Thank you." ... written by BarbaA
Sadly my PC crashed and I missed part of what was said...but a lovely lady who has given me some things to think about." ... written by netttyh65
I urge all customers to take this wonderful woman's advise, she means what she says and I should know, I have been following her advise, please don't dismiss them, she is here to help us!! Like an Angel xxx" ... written by Jade50
A darling reader, instead of her telling me what is going to happen, she gave me the best advise...to help myself by recommending a book to read which is for WOMEN...!!!!! Since I have read this, I have empowered myself, she makes complete sense, and I wish I could see her in the flesh to give her a hug, love you and thank you xxxxxx" ... written by Jade50
Amazing woman, Thank you so much xxxx" ... written by Jade50
She is soooo goood and acurate :)" ... written by justchary1
She is AMAZING!! Very insightful and very compassionate about what she does!!! She is a truth teller above all else and that is what matters most!!!! She has become a shoulder to lean on in a very difficult time in my life and I will continue to contact her as time and money permits!! Thank you so much for all your support .... you truly are an amazing person!!!!" ... written by lairjr01
She is accurate, helpful and fast. I like her" ... written by watergirl
She is very quick and insightful." ... written by bluelovemoon
She is amazing! So accurate!" ... written by rainbow1111
Thank you, I will take your advice." ... written by katie46
Flowerpowertarot is awesome. I am so glad that I found her! I feel that she is right on and sees things in my life that is true. " ... written by Sweetls
Spoke very quickly, to get more in for my credits. I appreciate that. was insightful and helpful with the bad part. thank you!" ... written by cathyq
Thank you for your help" ... written by joey198402
Thank you for the help!" ... written by joey198402
Thank you so much! You are a wonderful reader! :)" ... written by Create71
Thanks for the help." ... written by joey198402
Few credits but awesome reader and quick connection. The cards and her guides presented me a better outcome in my future. Thank you so much" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Wonderful reading. gave straightforward answers. definitely has me excited for the next few weeks!" ... written by ewieder92
Flower power was wonderful gave me the chills, she was right on...LOVE her..." ... written by wonderfulriggs
Amazing! I was really pleased with her help." ... written by auntsugar1351
She is VERY GOOD!!! I recommend her highly!!!" ... written by kitchenhappy3
Wonderful wonderful wonderful! flower is so insightful accurate in her seeing and helpful in her advising. love to you flower...xooxo bless bless." ... written by divinegoodness
Excellent! Only wish I could have heard her, I do not know how to get the mike to work on my end. I would sign up for more if I knew that." ... written by pipsey75
She is great! God bless you and lots of love. " ... written by tatianasmile
Wow! Yayyy" ... written by JerriAnne
Love her!" ... written by JerriAnne
The time seemed to go very quickly, but the information given matched information I know to be true." ... written by nickelnm
Yayyy! Love her." ... written by JerriAnne
Thank you. You are awesome :) xx" ... written by Jodyleelee
She is great!!! :)" ... written by thatsteneisha
Lost contact love her though!" ... written by JerriAnne
Lovely, clear, warm reader, thank you!" ... written by Denisenewz
Brilliant, got him to a tee. Made me feel at ease with everything, thanks so much. " ... written by sapphiredream
Love her as always :-))" ... written by JerriAnne
Always love her." ... written by JerriAnne
Thank you for your insight." ... written by chris87571
Awesome woman!" ... written by angel98765
She is always on target and awesome." ... written by JerriAnne
Super lady... Has knowledge, strong info. Highly recommended. Thanx again!" ... written by zimerili1
Thanks so much!" ... written by mmd1990
She's always so insightful!" ... written by JerriAnne
Absolutely, positively the best!! Over a year ago I was looking for answers about love and she described the man I would meet in the future. I met him within one month of my reading. We have been together now for a year and it's wonderful. Now I came back to Flowerpottarot for guidance about my career and she gave me the answers I was looking for. She is Awesome and I would recommend her to anyone." ... written by 1972Taylor
Flowerpowertarot is very insightful. Helps very much to get guidance from her. " ... written by Sweetls
Awesome as usual." ... written by JerriAnne
She's so awesome :-)" ... written by JerriAnne
Awesome! Very on point!" ... written by chellemira2
She's just great, I love her! xxx" ... written by sapphiredream
Excellent reading. She really nailed it! " ... written by Uni
Very insightful and wise. Look forward to reporting back with my progress. " ... written by Sweetls
Awesome!" ... written by JerriAnne
Very good guidance spot on !!!Thank you for book suggestion!" ... written by jacqueline1966
She is awesome! It's worth the money. I feel good about what she was able to tell me. It was very informative and I was able to make decisions based on the information." ... written by marcumanderson
I was confused and had no idea which way to turn, I feel confident now about which way I should go." ... written by magrutzmacher
She is good! " ... written by amnarashid
Always a pleasure, even if I don't hear what I want... I hear what I need. Thank you. " ... written by Sweetls
Always on spot." ... written by JerriAnne
Very fast very good. Great time frames. " ... written by TonetteShilo
Best on Oranum. She helped to confirm what I suspected. I now have the ability to move forward and not look back. She gave me insight on other things in my life and encouraged me on " ... written by Penny
Spot on with everything. I'm speechless. Knew what I was going to say before i said it, everything was accurate down to a t. Amazing!" ... written by mini
She was very good. Very quick." ... written by beetlenut
Very accurate, no bs here." ... written by rosebud77
She's great! On point on everything." ... written by Onyx
She is awesome! Saw situation immediately and way forward. Thanks, Flower!" ... written by nathalie
Great reader...picked up on stuff with very little information. Knew my situation before I told her about it." ... written by axia
Good reading! Will be back to see if all comes to passs :)" ... written by leebee4
I loved my reading with her!!! she is very amazing!!!" ... written by misty
Thanks for the reading." ... written by tan
Very quick connection. Gives timeframes and advice on improving your life." ... written by Angelszone
Looove this woman. She is the real deal. Can offer specific info. " ... written by Nate
I liked her, very honest." ... written by Susan Kelly
Thanks for the advice" ... written by Jodi Beach
She was great!" ... written by Taylor
Absolutely brilliant!! Will let you know how it goes on Friday." ... written by CrystalSky
Good reading." ... written by rosebud77
Good reading!!" ... written by Lily
good reading" ... written by rosebud77
Fantastic reading, extremely accurate! Thank you so much." ... written by thebewls
Gave me the reassurance I needed. Thank you!" ... written by jessywhat
Very clear andamp; to the point. Solid predictions, not generalized fluff. " ... written by Brandy
Good advice!" ... written by rosebud77
very good" ... written by StacyR
Answered my question quickly. Thanks!" ... written by TravlFunLove
Very interesting approach to reading. She was quite accurate and insightful in both areas of questions; love and career. Thank you for the reading!" ... written by crystal
Always fabulous, always delightful, ALWAYS right on about everything. Thank you LINDA!" ... written by Naseth
(((hugs)))" ... written by susan2013
Excellent reading, will come back!" ... written by cindy
She read him pretty quick..." ... written by intrigued88
Real good, she made me feel so safe, bless her heart! Ty so much, hope to talk to her soon ty ty ty..." ... written by bena
Great insight and information. Gave me hope and understanding into my situation. Also, got a very surprising confirmation to a suspicion I had. Recommended!" ... written by Seeker1200
She is wonderful - gave me a huge understanding of things that are happening to myself and my children. Very strong connection with her. Simply amazing!" ... written by Pam
Good reading!" ... written by sman
She is awesome, she picked up on me right away." ... written by annieleigh
She did see into the situation and answered my questions. I wish I could have had more time. She gave me some very good insight into the situation." ... written by PM
She is BRILLIANT!!!!!" ... written by Regina Reams
Good reading!" ... written by rosebud77
She is very accurate and gives real informaiton." ... written by erika
Very good read. Picked up on a lot in a short period of time." ... written by Kate
Very insightful and intuitive." ... written by Tammy
Had a very quick reading, answered my questions, very happy." ... written by Lauren
Great read!" ... written by Jamaal
Thank you very much, all the feelings I had, were confirmed. " ... written by M. Garcia
Quick and to the point gives negative and how to shift the outcome" ... written by christine
Great experience. She was dead on about my dates of travel and plans and I could sense that she knew me and my thoughts in regards to my relationship." ... written by Anna
I was in FlowerPower Tarot's room and got a connection with her via a demo reading. I was not actually looking to get a reading initially. However, the connection was bang on target. I was so shocked by the accuracy of it, that I decided to get a reading. FlowerPower Tarot gave me some excellent advice and helped me to see what I need to focus on. She has an excellent connection to Spirit. WOW!" ... written by Justin
Lovely lady although not enough time with her" ... written by Zara
She's right on the money. Very focused, clear, and tuned in." ... written by Ahz
Phenomenal as always, such an adrenaline rush to peek into the not yet known realm of my destiny." ... written by Brandy
She is amazing..the best psychic on here....honest...straight forward." ... written by Gina
I've been a client of Linda's for years and she is AWESOME. Totally worth every penny and very straight to the point and VERY gifted. If you can catch up with her during her busy schedule, it is ENTIRELY worth it!!! Thank you Linda!" ... written by Naseth
Good reading!" ... written by rosebud77
She was pretty good" ... written by joanne
Very nice reading!! Good advise. Thank you! :)" ... written by Meohmy7
Wow, very powerful! Never felt like this before!" ... written by rosy
Can't say enough good things about Linda, she's always great and happy and makes everything clear and quick. DEFINITELY worth every penny and more!!!" ... written by Tracy
Very very powerful msg!" ... written by rose
Thanks for the read." ... written by d2k1000
She was amazing and made me feel very comfortable." ... written by FlorAce27
Good reading" ... written by rosebud77
Great insight. Described person accurately!" ... written by consom
She's great!" ... written by Jmarte1987
Hi, thank you for your guidance, I was told that I will start work in the next 6 months but I am not moving house soon as we just moved into this place two months ago, and yes, I do have money coming in around november. Thank you!" ... written by cheryl
Great energy, straight forward." ... written by Anabella
Good reading!" ... written by awareness
After months of searching for a legit reader/guide I found one. This lady is funny, fast, honest. Does not sugar coat, delivers the truth at all costs. Did not ask questions, answered mine clearly. My mind is now clear, I know what direction to move in. Finally. I thank her more than she knows. Highly, highly recommended. " ... written by christine
She wastes no time. She is completely spontaneous and innocent. No preconception. This is important, so important for those with her gift. Complete integrity." ... written by Carrie
Very nice, did not waste time. Gave useful suggestions. " ... written by Lori
Very helpful." ... written by susanne
Very in tuned, I would recommend her, always has very good in tuned answers!" ... written by misty
A fantastic reading." ... written by zimerili1
True sight on situation and gives good advice... Highly recommended!!!" ... written by smole
She helped me out so much. Showed me things I wasn't aware of and pined my kids personalities... She's the best." ... written by Ashli
Thanks for the reading very detailed very connected. Awesome!" ... written by ikroyalakrkr
Got really good advices and some books to read. Thanks for all the help and support. See you soon!" ... written by Raphael
Thank you!" ... written by Denise
So wonderful to talk to flowerpowertarot. She gave great answers from the beginning, really clear...and wonderful additional advice. I love." ... written by akashicgirl
Worth your money and she gives great advice!" ... written by Catpearl
Thanks Linda you made me feel better .. I have been feeling so blue today ... You honestly lifted my spirits .. Thank you!!!" ... written by Geri
I will let you know how this turns out, thanks so much for the guidance, am energised already!" ... written by ikroyalakr
I am soooo glad that I met F P T today! She is a truly beautiful kind soul, and very very psychic. She is a pure channel. Definitely. She is really great. I totally recommend her and will come back again!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Beautiful, wonderful, and very helpful. Accurate and fantastic, worth every moment and penny." ... written by Nasethy
Very straight to the point, and said things that were true! Thank you for the reading. :)" ... written by betsy
Outstanding lady, picked up moment i went into private, very accurate. Amazing u must try her." ... written by beauts
Very good reading!" ... written by Jennifer
She was very connected and read into my situation really well!!! She described me and the person to a t! Bravo!! Cannot wait to come back for feedback." ... written by Artisa
Lovely reading, very honest; great connection - she was really spot on." ... written by Ammer
Very clarifying. Thank you so much!! ♥" ... written by Carmen
She was wonderful, I was so nervous and I didn't know what to expect but she made me feel much better about what was going on." ... written by Courtney
I LOVED HER! She confirmed what I had been suspecting the whole time! Even said something the same time I was asking it! Confirmed other things for me too about a death of my birds that I had suspected right away. Wonderful reading!" ... written by Nikki
Very caring and accurate!" ... written by Kimberly
Great reading!" ... written by April
Very informative about spiritual guidance, will go back!" ... written by Petrina Simpson
I had to come back for more, the information she gave me is just AMAZING! I still can't believe how accurate she is!!!" ... written by nutty00bunny
Another great reading, thank you very much!" ... written by thebewls
Awesome women, dead on, I will be back to chat with her again and I will be recommending her to my friends... " ... written by Chimere
Quite dead on, looking foward to this year, and the next couple of months." ... written by Sandra
OMG, she is SO ACCURATE, I didn't even have to say anything!!! She immediately picked up on two people who are having an influence in my life right now :)" ... written by nutty00bunny
shes very straight forward, and honest! I feel so much better after talking to her!" ... written by Serina
amazing smart fast good energy " ... written by melinda
very connected to my situation and i love her energy very precise and very quick thanks flower" ... written by gr8tday
I only done a quick reading but was good from what i got in that time :-)" ... written by briegeann
Accurate, experienced, fun! Lovely reading!" ... written by P
awesome" ... written by candace
Quick and to the point. " ... written by K
Got a quick update from her and she was fast and accurate as usual :)" ... written by nutty00bunny
This lady is the real deal! xx So happy she proved what she knew was real! xx" ... written by smiffy76
She's always very accurate on facts and details. Sometimes tells you tough truth but very good. " ... written by HJ
Thanks so much for the guidance and the homework! 10 stars." ... written by ikroyalakrk
This was my first reading with Linda. I met her briefly in her chat room and I was intrigued by her demo, so I stopped by to have a private reading with her. She is very easy to talk to, and offered me some idea of some things that may come to pass. " ... written by BlackDeuce
I'm so happy to have spoken to Flower! she has given me so much hope for the future and so much more, no sugarcoating,no beating around the bush, she's direct and precise as well as incredibly accurate. Everything she told me about present situations were just so correct, and she even picked up on a plan that I already had in the works! Her advice is worth more than it's weight in gold, give her a try, you will not regret it!" ... written by Ahi
OMG, such an amazing woman! Connected quickly! Things that came up were like meant to be said type of things. Truly taken back! Very accurate! Lots of taken back moments during the reading. Couldn't have asked for any more info, she stated all that I need to know now, and even more. You will not be disappointed! " ... written by Tiffany
Dead on and knew what the real deal was. Definitely worth the time and credits! Do not worry about not receiving a connection cause shell be dead on!" ... written by Jesus
Very accurate fast reading straight to the point! " ... written by gina
Very nice and to the point. got some homework to do so we will see how it goes in the next few months:)" ... written by beth
Another great reading with Linda , she always makes me feel secure i would reccomen her for your love situation" ... written by julie
She's great - gives a lot of information, quickly. Very good reading." ... written by Ahz
Terrific as always, kind, fast, accurate, and very helpful. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give her an 11. THANK YOU LINDA!" ... written by Naseth
Excellent and on point! Quick and accurate. Will be back again!!" ... written by Amanda P
Very knowledgeable and has a lot of insight. Great to talk with!" ... written by kendra
She was able to give me a timeframe of something important to me that i wanted to know. She gave me a fast reading when I did not have much time, and she connects very fast with you, will definitely have a follow up reading with her!" ... written by BP
Wonderful reading! She's great! Tuned into a lot... Thanks!" ... written by Jan
Very nice! Thank you for your sweet answer! " ... written by Study
Amazing, highly recommended, will definitely be going back soon." ... written by Ashley
Smart, true, articulate, honest, quick, thorough, insightful....! : ) I want to come back to her. Tunes in so quick and hits the spot." ... written by k
super awesome! and right on point" ... written by kristen
Thank you so much for answering all my questions. The suggestions are greatly appreciated." ... written by Joa
Helpful with answering things that have been confusing to me. Feel much better after I talk to her." ... written by B
Great reading, thanks..." ... written by Jean
Great reader!" ... written by Jean
She was great thank you for the clarity...Many Blessings..." ... written by j
Excellent as always." ... written by beauts
Enjoyed her reading. Seems to connect really well with my situations." ... written by kendra
She read into my situation without me providing any information. Insightful. " ... written by intrigued 88
AMAZING... So so quick! This was my first reading and she picked up on everything I needed to no. Thank you for a great reading off to top up ready to come back :) x" ... written by Emma
SHE IS THE REAL DEAL!!!! Super awesome thank you" ... written by kristen
Great update, wonderful lady, thanx!" ... written by zimerili1
I just love this lady! She's amazing!! She just needs or Has little information to go on... it's like she's living your life! AMAZING!" ... written by Emma
she really helped me get over a pastlover!" ... written by heather
Thanks so much for contacting my mother! xoxoxo" ... written by joseph
Very helpful and kind." ... written by cnsa8094
Great reading. Thank you." ... written by DianeClow
Very fast and great info :-) Thnx a lot and see you again :-)" ... written by Spiritonloose
Always such a pleasure!" ... written by KG
WELCOME BACK LINDA THANK YOU!" ... written by Naseth
I only had enough time for 3 minutes and she answered everything fast and I got everything I needed to know! She's excellent!" ... written by BP
My time was super short! But amazed how informative she is! I am DEFINITELY rescheduling! Very worth it! " ... written by Laura
Great reading, very good spiritual connection. I do recommend her!!!!!!!!" ... written by sara
Always awesome!" ... written by kristen
She's great, told me what I needed which is awesome!" ... written by Noura
Great!!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Lovely lady... Informative... Let's hope the advice helps x" ... written by Carly
She gave me predictions, we'll see." ... written by Mary
fabulous reader. insightful and warm. is clear about predictions and messages coming for you. thanks linda!!!!!! what a treat!" ... written by divine
very nice reading thank you" ... written by amanda
Very quick in response time, on point, seems very gifted. Really liked her!! This was my very first reading." ... written by Lisa
Great reading. Honest. To the point. Earthy." ... written by Deborah Ebbers
AMAZING, she knew, she just knew!" ... written by Ashley
Always reassuring and wonderful. Great advice, great insight, perfect." ... written by Naseth
Great Connection. My questions are life changing decision. FlowerPower gave me insightful answer that I know is the right one. * Highly Recommended* *" ... written by Lovingcompassion
great. really caring honest individual. highly recommend" ... written by amy
Thank you very much very accurate and pleasant to speak with. Very nice person. I highly recommend her" ... written by kristen
excellent" ... written by gabi
Great reading and spot on!" ... written by Melissa
thank you" ... written by joseph
im enjoying the reading." ... written by Hulaan
Precise!!!no words." ... written by S.A.
Flower power told me things that only I could have known, there is authentic spiritual connection and work here." ... written by gn
I was a bit scared because this is my first time! The system was confusing but she was good! A lot of thing I had planned on my mined she did mention it. Definitely I will be back. She's on my contact list now!" ... written by Sakurapompom
She was fast, accurate and to the point! Great reading!" ... written by Jules
her reading concurs with others, thanks." ... written by frag
Good reading " ... written by Sparkle Pony
Spot on reading, truly helpful and now looking forward to the future." ... written by Mgrl45
helpful and clear, thank you" ... written by t
wow, amazing to the point!! Greatly recommended" ... written by angelique
Thank you so much for the helpful information!" ... written by Courtney Martinez
Great insight!" ... written by Barbara
Fast Accurate!!" ... written by Johnny
She's amazing and so accurate, worth far more than what she charges. Thank you Linda!!" ... written by Sarpha
very good and accurate as always" ... written by S.A.
she was good! I only asked 1 question, but she helped me confirm what I was feeling." ... written by gemmie
She is a good reader." ... written by erika
good reading." ... written by rosebud77
wow, spot on" ... written by nicole
Thanks for answering my questions! " ... written by Sunflower1931
Sweet lady. Made a lot of sense." ... written by Amy
Flowerpower is great, very accurate about situations in my life and gave good guidance. Much appreciated!" ... written by YH
Awesome Read!" ... written by Diana
came back for an update...she never lets me down!!" ... written by d01
Thank you, this is my second reading and he seems to pick up well on my energy. Thanks, will be back again." ... written by AB
Awesome reading and needed some advice.. will update you soon! thanks! " ... written by me
wow she picked up on everything!!!" ... written by Lina
I guess we will see .... i think she is right =)" ... written by Susan
great reading on an issue I have.. will see how it works out. Thanks flower! " ... written by Lynda22
Great to talk to, very pleasant and straight forward... looking forward to talking to her again." ... written by Mimi
I loved her readings she helped me to focus on what I need to do in my career" ... written by angelsrwithus2
Very Accurate" ... written by Priyanka Sharma
I love her so much, funny and right to the point. " ... written by Shoshanna
thank you u seem to know a good bit " ... written by ebba
Amazing! From tears to hope! God Bless" ... written by Mary71466
thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
Thanks" ... written by Don
Amazing. She was spot on. will be speaking with her again soon. " ... written by Erica
she is the best, that is all xxxx" ... written by tenchi
Excellent reading, thanks!" ... written by Matt
AWESOME!!!!" ... written by Allison
This woman really seems to know what she's talking about. Connected right away and was able to provide me with valuable information. I will definatley repeat with her. I really enjoyed her reading she was on the money with everything. She Rocks!" ... written by Roseanna
great fast, wonderful!! answered my question and gave me advice to help. Will 100% be back! best ever! iv'e been looking for someone who could actually connect with me and she did. " ... written by Rachelle
I really appreciated how honest she was and that she remembered me from before. She seems very real and like she genuinely wants to help. Def recommend her." ... written by Holly
very insightful and caring :) will see what happens!" ... written by Anupama
Flower was lovely, thankyou x" ... written by John Caulfield
Great reader!!!!" ... written by kkkk
amazing reading" ... written by Diana
spot on.. described the man im interested in to a t" ... written by melissa
Great connection with linda brilliant reading.Thank you so much really appreciate it " ... written by roseanna
wow she is a beautiful soul. quick to help and straight to the point. positive and energetic feel. it was easy to relax and communicate. beautiful lady" ... written by tan
she is awesome.. she sees so much into my situation" ... written by melissa
Excellent advice" ... written by Carolina
She was accurate I believe she is 100% right about the future. Gave me advice..." ... written by opto
Very very good " ... written by ikki
spot on!" ... written by shelettm
FLOWERPOWERTAROT is one of the best at Oranum! She's been massively helpful" ... written by CrystalSky11
good" ... written by Antonio
I accidentally ended up in the chat! Ran out of minutes, but she was Spot on. I have tried out alot of people recently and in the SHORT time she seemed to really get to it." ... written by Nicole
I like her" ... written by cutiepattootie
great update" ... written by zimerili1
Right on spot. Great reading! Many Thanks. " ... written by T
very straight forward honest and receptive. " ... written by alicia
Thank you" ... written by Slade
amazing i will be back with an update " ... written by sara
Awesome reader and very connected to people " ... written by me
lovely lady i had my question and time frame ready and she was quick to respond, so will wait to see the outcome , thank you zoo much xxx" ... written by Lisa
She is awesome" ... written by Lora
Thanks, as I needed that! " ... written by Tie
best reading loved" ... written by beautiful
Awesome reading well worth it" ... written by MrMarra
she gave me faith and power to proceed what I want now" ... written by ft
very direct and confident. no sugar coating." ... written by ft
AMAZING !!! kind heart and amazing reader.. Thank you for all your help and guidance. I will for sure be back !!" ... written by shawna10
Wow. Really great. Very pleased." ... written by uuuu
very great connection with my sister today...." ... written by Mary
She is amazing :) A++ Super sweet person" ... written by Mia
Chills. I've been read a few times here and no one has hit the nail on the head except her! FAST and to the point. PLUS she gives great ideas on what to do, or books to read, etc! Great, amazing, and I cannot WAIT to see what happens in my future!!!" ... written by TO
Great to talk too. We connected easily and I got some great advice and ready to see some predictions come true!" ... written by Catherine
she's good! very direct and connected" ... written by sometimes4321
she is great.. spot on.. always connects with my situation" ... written by melissa
AWESOME! Very scary in accuracy." ... written by Tim
Tells it like it is and had some awesome advice for me regarding what I need to do in the next few months. Will definitely be reporting back to her with my progress! :)" ... written by Brianne
She was very good made a connection in free chat and it was really good so I went to private and she really started hitting things right on. I will definitely be back for a follow uo" ... written by raym 57
Nailed it! Thank you" ... written by k
Very very good!!!!" ... written by malinka88
i was comfortable with her, she was connected" ... written by kathleen
very direct with not just insight but concrete recommendations and more options for later. connected first before going to private that was nice. will be back." ... written by Jen
Her reading was amazing! Not only was it amazing but it was super quick and efficient as well. Wow, I'm thoroughly impressed!!!" ... written by Kyle
felt refreshed after her reading very to the point and meaningful!!! I am excited to act on her advise. I will absolutely come back to flower power!!!! " ... written by Melissa
*****VERY ACCURATE***** Loved the reading! I would definitely use her again!!!" ... written by Erika
great reading" ... written by zimerili1
Very Good. I am impressed." ... written by kkkk
Developed a strong connection right away and she really saw things clearly. Appreciate her guidance and looking forward to picking up the book she recommended. Great reader!" ... written by Carrie
Very efficient and accurate! Recommended!" ... written by Kyle
Love her, very nice and understanding. she helped clear some things up" ... written by Krystle
Wonderful reading and very quick.. thank you so very much !!!" ... written by shawna10
great job, connected fast. very accurate and is honest. I recommend for sure! " ... written by jim
Feel better about choices I am facing," ... written by Teresa
I hope shes accuarate on time will tell. She was accurate 2 years ago." ... written by teatree77
She really does what she say in her description. Accurate, answers your question and really nice too." ... written by Pauline H.
Very good. I am very impressed." ... written by 555
wow, amazing thanks" ... written by tracy
she's awesome" ... written by Cristina
she was right about her past predictions, will see what happens now!" ... written by BP
I liked FlowerPower, she definitely picks up things quick! I was happy I spoke to her today!" ... written by Henry C
Awesome! very spot on 100% truthful definitely answers your question honestly." ... written by Helen
nice insight thanks" ... written by moonstone
Thank you so much you totally clarified so much with my situation and made me understand things. thank you 10 stars awesome " ... written by Edna
Linda was very helpful" ... written by Ally
amazinggggggggggggggggggg" ... written by ai
connection made" ... written by spankydeedee
She is amazing! I definitely recommend her!" ... written by Mary
This was my first reading with Flowerpowertarot and she was terrific :) It was just what I needed to get through a horrible crisis I'm having at the moment! " ... written by Champers11
Great reading, made a connection before entering private, Will be back again" ... written by Bon
I think that this woman is very insightful and helpful and i would love to do another reading with her in the future :)" ... written by Emma
She is a very interesting person. Gave me a couple of books to read. She connected with my Dad who passed. I will return. She told me things that she would not know unless she is blessed with a gift." ... written by Beverly
Very nice, and open with me" ... written by Rachel
excellent reader. she was quick sorry i did not have more funds" ... written by maria
She is brilliant, if you need real advise get in touch with her." ... written by tenchi
Linda connected with me and was right on!" ... written by Helen
shes great.. quick connect" ... written by melissa
Excellent! Very fast, connected and accurate - gave me several great resources to tap into." ... written by Seeker1200
Will definetly come back to this lady... good on future. !" ... written by Sharon8910
very great connection. extremely detailed. wonderful woman, great advice. can't wait to get started on her book and mp3 that she advised. Looking to the future" ... written by tiffany`
Very nice, she was right about everything thank you" ... written by la veneziana
she is great. gave me good feedback and stuff that I can use." ... written by debbie
She was great, spot on. It was fantastic! I recommend her greatly!" ... written by Takhia
Thank you so much!!!!!" ... written by K
Extremely good , accurate, sweet and helpful!! Will be back soon" ... written by isabellissima
very clear. cares about you and whatever questions you come to her with" ... written by tyler
she was awesome I like that" ... written by lori
Fantastic!!" ... written by Sonia
I love linda!" ... written by toomuchkarma
She is amazing! Her insight is spot on!!" ... written by r3dmangoes
Great reading - fast and went through all the questions I had with good clarity and description. :)" ... written by Melinda
wonderful reading!" ... written by Jaz
She seemed very connected. I would recommend." ... written by m
thanks for the reading, quick to connect, good information as to what is happening in my situation, thanks again, :)" ... written by dakota
great reading! very genuine and spot on. she connects very fast and gets straight to the point. i love her energy! thank you so much!! " ... written by al
Spot on! She is great! " ... written by Ashley
She was fantastic! " ... written by Ashley
Very inspiring and accurate. Ruthless but says what needs to be said. Would fully recommend with all my heart" ... written by Matthew
Always great !!!XO" ... written by Anastasia
she is always accurate" ... written by melissa
she is great and connects well. really good reading." ... written by wren1414
very insightful i will let u know how the mantra goes thank u for ur time i will be back wen i get more credits :)" ... written by jenna
very spot on! like her a lot" ... written by sonia
Love her , always helpful and honest" ... written by Susan
very positive" ... written by geeinus
excellent " ... written by cookie
very honest no fluff" ... written by Kay
Great ! Accurate ! Great ! Shes so insightful in general !! XO" ... written by Anasta
WOW that was the most amazing reading ive ever had on oranum! i am defantly looking forward to working with u, thank u x x" ... written by lydia
She was amazing...spot on! she ehlped me to look at both sides. She was generous in sharing her personal life experiences...this was not a sale...or at least I don't think so...this was about saving my life...Thank You FlowerPower!" ... written by USA
She was super awesome and absolutely correct with everything I asked about. She knew details I didn't even give her, to include hair color. Simply amazing! I will definitely use her again in the future!" ... written by Dolphie Jr
she's great" ... written by Cristina
Uplifting, fun reading! Linda reminded me of my inner strength, and advised me that I handled a situation exactly the way I should have. Phew! Looking forward to watching things progress :)" ... written by Unlocked
Great reading, have a specific question ready to ask her so she can connect with your spirits and answer it for you. :)" ... written by Camille
she calmed me down so much. thank you. " ... written by jc
very quick to connect for a reading. great information shared to help me , thanks again" ... written by dakota
thanks for your reading it was helpful and thanks for listening" ... written by irelandirish
fabulous, intuitive, kind, to the point, loving, has a real gift!" ... written by marya
She accurately predicted events in my life. I highly recommend listening to her. " ... written by queenofwands
I watched a demo and was very impressed. I had to go back and ask questions. I really like her energy!" ... written by Beth
THE BEST" ... written by kkbinid
So accurate its scary. Absolutely worth every minute and every penny. Thank you Linda!!!!" ... written by Naseth
Thank you great reading" ... written by Lil
what an amazing woman! She was spot on and very kind about it. Hard to hear some things, but ultimately.. the truth shall set you free. Thank you for you guidance and kindness! Really enjoyed our time together xx" ... written by LISA
Thank you, nice reading. I appreciate the help." ... written by Bree
Very quick connection and very positive :)" ... written by Adis
Linda was so on point. She connected so well.. She was insightful and luving every step of the reading.. I so appreciate u trying and succeeding Linda.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
She's amazing" ... written by kkbinid
Nice lady and works quickly" ... written by Sarah
very fast and understanding. will give predictions when things will happen, like that. " ... written by bekind1961
amazing. So fun, so accurate and so honest. This reader ROCKS!" ... written by kkbinid
Fast and connected. Told me how exactly how I was feeling and directly answered my questions. Lovely lady with great energy!! " ... written by Juanita
She connected very fast which I appreciated, I will definitely be back soon! :) " ... written by Cera
she was awesome!" ... written by renee
Wow. This lady connected with my grandparents straight away very accurately. She was able to give me spot on advice about my situation and excellent and wise spiritual guidance, I'm glad my spirit guides led me to her! I dont have readings very often but im so glad i had one with her tonight. The reading blessed me! xxxx" ... written by Emily
wow she is fast and detailed!!! I had to know of a certain situation and she gave me dates and people to look out for! Thanks for the reading I will come back!" ... written by pearberry008
Quite helpful and shed light on things prospectively!! Gave me some great help in making a decision when it comes to my love situation!! Keep you posted as well :-) Many thanks!!" ... written by Dragon_83
Wonderful as always" ... written by K
great reading!" ... written by K
She is amazing. Spot on!! Many Thanks!!" ... written by Dignity
wooohoooo! thank you so much! i need to remember to go to you in january! i think i will put it in my calendar. but next week i will update you on what happens regarding your prediction! another thing i want to say here is I had a demo with you last week and you were accurate about that too! thank you!!! " ... written by pearberry008
Very good! knows a lot without of info about your self and others you ask about." ... written by l
A+++++" ... written by Linda
Awesome reading!" ... written by K
always practical clear and inspired" ... written by qp
Fantastic as always, Thank you Linda!!!!!!!!!!!! :)" ... written by Tracy
She is amazing and very intuitive, she hit the problem right on!!" ... written by Firestarfly
My reading with Flower Power Tarot was very quick and to the point. She is very knowledgeable and has a wonderful gift. " ... written by Love_Dove
i needed help on making a decision and she helped me see clarity on the situation especially what to avoid. Thank you for your guidance!" ... written by pearberry008
Linda nails it... she see the situation and gets right to the point." ... written by judythhill
Very enlightening..fast accurate time and answered all questions,,,fast.....she does not fool around people.." ... written by Terry
She's a wonderful powerful positive presence." ... written by Louise
she connects quickly and is always spot on. great reader" ... written by melissa
I had her help connect my ex fiancé to his brother who took his life only one thing doesn't make sense to him but everything else was right on. " ... written by angeiallen3
She was spot on about my ex fiances brother and how he died. Was glad to hear that he is okay now and is with family. I was happy to hear what she had to say about me and my ex being able to works things out and she was so right on the both of us as well. Truly amazing worth the money!! Will come back" ... written by Angieallen3
Always fantastic and helpful." ... written by kkbinid
Excellent friendly professional straight up as is direct to issues definitely value doesn't waste your time and money." ... written by Julie Wilson
shes always spot on" ... written by melissa
So very helpful, and accurate. I can't thank her enough! She really helped me work through my problem, and get a different perspective outside of myself." ... written by anewday18
Linda is amazing! Love talking to her. Wish I could afford more!" ... written by kkbinid
She was a nice reader! was able to pick up on the situation." ... written by Angelica
less flowery woo woo stuff. more straight forward and realistic. I prefer that. Too much pie the sky makes me suspicious. She seems grounded in reality which I like and prefer. Thank you FLOWERPOWERTAROT!" ... written by giggles
Wonderful reader!" ... written by K
Always pleasant, fast, accurate!" ... written by kkbinid
she seemed accurate.will be back !!" ... written by spirit
thanks so much... I really appreciate ur input here... many blessings, I will let u know what happens.. thanks once again" ... written by இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ—
absolutely spot on! very friendly and so nice to chat to...THANK YOU" ... written by Kacha
Love this lady. Very accurate and easy to talk to... KNOWS stuff!" ... written by kkbinid
I am always impressed with the great readings I get from her. She is practical and wise and has real solid leads to investigate." ... written by 1-
Love her quick insight... to the point, honest, and with strong energy. Thank you!! " ... written by Juanita
linda is fantastic. Her predictions are always accurate, and time frames as well... she has a very close connection with the other side. She reads fast , thank you Linda for the clarity." ... written by kate
I love FlowerPower. She is amazing. Accurate and to the point quickly. No beating about the bush. I am so grateful for the readings I have had from her, and will certainly come back again in the future. :-) Thank you so much!" ... written by IndigoMoon
She is wonderful! I visit as much as I can afford." ... written by kkbinid
she is great!" ... written by wren1414
Wonderful reading, this lady is top notch :) " ... written by Gem
Amazing lady, very very helpful" ... written by Gem
Always great to get Linda's insight positive experience :-)" ... written by Julie Wilson
Linda is so good...so reasonable and so tuned in. Very helpful...." ... written by kkbinid
Great as always!" ... written by kkbinid
Wonderful wonderful reader!" ... written by K
Fast, insightful, and great energy. Remembered me after only one reading and gets right to the point with future readings. " ... written by Juanita
great and clear" ... written by suzanne
Fantastic as usual!!" ... written by Tracy
this woman is direct, wise and very connected. she will tell u straight up what's going on and you will definitely feel she is getting to the bottom of ur situation. great read." ... written by wren1414
Very good and on point. Gave me good advice!" ... written by Johnny
accurate, accomdating and fast. Recommended" ... written by HH
Very kind and good reader" ... written by Valerie
flowerpower is a beautiful lady with a beautiful mind. she is realistic and i really do honestly believe in her tarot card reading. do try her out because she is definitely not a scammer :)" ... written by flo
shes great!" ... written by wren1414
fantastic!" ... written by peach
thank you so much , you are brilliant..as i did question him today so at least whatever he is thinking of doing he better think twice..i am so relief as I have been worried..So who say there is no angel on earth helping out the distress. i love you to bits..and i would recommend you to anyone who needed help.. Much love to you..and blessing" ... written by kathy
I really like Linda... very helpful, straight, clear and spot on." ... written by kkbinid
Thanks for the clear, coherent, insightful and helpful reading. You showed that you knew things that only I know and very deep things too. I really think you have helped me with this very difficult issue. Thanks again." ... written by cathy
She's always sweet and very accurate. " ... written by Hazan
Fantastic, very quick, and completely accurate!" ... written by Naseth
Thanks for the reading and insight. will have to wait for predictions" ... written by Moon
Really enjoyed my reading and am excited to see if her predictions come true in the future" ... written by Kristal
Very accurate..." ... written by do
Really enjoyed this lady. She was super helpful, straight to the point and saw things I needed answers to. Gave me some great advice and ideas and tools to use. I will keep her posted and definitely come back for an update from her!" ... written by Trickynic1971
Flower power was amazing very quick to connect to my energy, in fact I felt it! Very strong!! She had great advice which I will take!! I appreciate ur help my dear and for sharing ur extraordinary gift with all of us!! Blessings, Love and Light!! 8) " ... written by LibraDragon11
5 stars she is so sweet and caring she help me a lot will come back again" ... written by ANESIA
Flowerpowertarot is fast and truthful and she gives you ways to improve things in your life. you actually walk away feeling better and hopeful with her." ... written by apple blossom
The BEST" ... written by kkbinid
wonderfully present and articulate reader. Honest, quick, helpful. great communicator." ... written by prose
good reading" ... written by teatree77
Excellent as always!" ... written by Kate K
Linda is simply amazing. Remembers me, doesn't waste time, cuts to the chase and is accurate...." ... written by kkbinid
Thanks for the affirmations..! Hope things get better. " ... written by SS
She definitely sees into the situation!!! No way she would know the things she sees unless she is a legitimate psychic. AND SHE IS. Gives great advice as well.! Thank you Linda : )" ... written by B
Highly accurate...a genuine psychic" ... written by Melissa
so inisightful with both practical and expansive advice and observations." ... written by qp
great " ... written by Nicole
Calm and calming spirit." ... written by AnnicB1
Excellent, quick fast and very helpful." ... written by truespender
Very helpful and insightful." ... written by truespender
Wonderful reading very fast and to the point :) " ... written by Jennifer
Very good with mediumships. Excellent!" ... written by MaryAnn
good update." ... written by wren1414
Very interesting" ... written by Tamara100
she is honest and accurate" ... written by eve
AWESOME! Thank you Linda!!!" ... written by Tracy
She's a rock star! Right so far.... looking forward to seeing how this plays out! THank you!" ... written by kkbinid
calm reading. professional, and direct. thank you linda" ... written by holly jensen
You are very quick. Very nice lady and on point with many things. The rest I will have to wait and see." ... written by 1specialme
Great! Connected. " ... written by jojojobean
always spot on.. I love her readings" ... written by melissa
Thank you. " ... written by d2k1000
Always very nice and accurate. I would highly recommend" ... written by Hazan
Thank you linda. I will update you" ... written by beautyqueen1001
Well you were right! Prediction came true ;) Thank you" ... written by pearberry008
i love checking in with her regarding so many things that are going on in my life right now! she is very fast in reading and typing if needed." ... written by pearberry008
great reading" ... written by stacy
She was an absolute delight to get a reading from. Was quick and too the point. thank you so much" ... written by scadoodle
I loved it! so fast and accurate" ... written by me
Very sweet and helpful" ... written by Vonne
great chat as always" ... written by david
she's always great--quickly tunes in and answers your questions." ... written by wren1414
she connects fast.. knows her stuff... always helps guide me to the right decisions" ... written by melissa
Great advice. " ... written by HJ
amazing as usual" ... written by HJ
What a wonderful reading thank you so much you are amazing" ... written by Lorann
she was very quick to pick up on things and without any information except for my name and age. lots of helpful guidance as well. i will definitely be back in touch to let you know how it goes. thanks again." ... written by paula
connects quickly, always spot on" ... written by linda
Thanks again for the insight! You are so quick to provide accurate answers!" ... written by pearberry008
Fantastic!" ... written by Tracy
thank you for your honesty!" ... written by stephanie
Great!" ... written by Tracy
Linda is the best! It's the system that's tough to work with. Buying credits, getting back to talk to her afterward and then the system freezes up. Very frustrating." ... written by kkbinid
very fast, wish i had more credits, accuracy was on point " ... written by emoonlight
Right on the money. Worth every penny. Write your questions down. She is super fast. Awesome!" ... written by Carrie
FlowerPowerTarot is GREAT! She picked up on my situation and felt certain things even before I brought it up to her. The compassion and insight of her reading gave me things to think about, as well as reassure me of certain things I felt/thought myself. She was quick to pick up on things and gave much needed details. I will definitely come back and recommend her. " ... written by Nikki
A great reader! Very clear and down to earth--information comes fast--many insights and helpful advice." ... written by Pearl
sweet and accurate :)" ... written by hazan
She really connects, is very articulate, and has a lot of information. " ... written by Joanna
perfection reading!!! shes really gooooood !!! beyond!!" ... written by tamjones
Fantastic! Always on point!" ... written by Tracy
connects quickly .always right on with me" ... written by melissa