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Psychic EnlightenedMarcohas 5-10years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic EnlightenedMarcohas recently helped 150members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about EnlightenedMarco's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Does He or She love me?, How will my year turn out, when is the best time to apply for a new job? What day of a certain month should I try to have a baby? When will I marry, Will I be moving , these are just a few samples of questions I have had from clients around the World, Hello, my name is Enlightened Marco & I have extensive experience in ALL things occult or HIDDEN, I follow the Western Traditions. I do pray to my Angels and advise you to learn who your Angels are because they ARE real!I love to give Love readings and I can conduct, Numerology, Dream Interpretation, and other mystical readings, I am also very good healer, and I can help people with most issues threw Holistic means...I have been conducting readings professionally with clients on the internet, for 7 years now, I do use Pendulum & other Magical Sciences, Runes to get answers quickly and effortlessly. I can even just talk to you and tell you the impressions I get from my Angels. You can arrange actual video calls to speak and see me now. I prefer to do these late at night, please have a candle ready. You must have a candle and a quiet place, and we will have some really interesting fun…I do not like to use Tarot as it uses up to much valuable time, my preferred method is a Pendulum or Runes, as they are accurate and fast! If your wanting to contact me during the day, and you see that I am available, then write to me or send me a message.I does matter what day you conduct that meeting, or first date, find out if your problems are just because you don't know the dates! I am one of the best ASTROLOGERS and I can tell you just with my monthly charts what to expect and when to sign and when to run! Discover your destiny accurately and quickly now!

Im glad i gave this reader a chance!New to Oranum asked my question and he just let the answers flow like he was typing a book of my life!Awesome insight!Highly recommended!" ... written by rattail1
the greatest most accurate i will surely come back many times" ... written by suga-slim
my best friend is all i have to say" ... written by suga-slim
Insightful and useful! I will visit Marco again!" ... written by librabeauty
Great guy! I really enjoyed my session with him. Will let you know how everything turns out. :)" ... written by aisha
WOW " ... written by Woman
awesome right on with everything!" ... written by ghostface1983
good with astrology" ... written by maryannepav
thanks good reading!" ... written by blueberrypigs
i get great vibes from this guy the best yet i will be sure to come back" ... written by suga-slim
He is Amazing he answered all my Questions and more..... I definitely Recommend him to anyone that needs help with their situation.... God bless and thank you so much :)" ... written by greeneyedgirl
Very nice person, I believe he is right about everything, great advice! Thank you! " ... written by MRod130, Magdy
He was amazing. If nothing else, he is a great counselor." ... written by spiritualgirl1
Wow Marco just needed my dob and off he went making lots of sense and giving me predictions too. Give him a try you won't be dissappointed but enlightened !" ... written by SCB4001
VERY HELPFUL! He's great!" ... written by ghostface1983
Thank you for the wonderful reading and helping me with my problem. Thanks, again!" ... written by Angel168
accurate and very informative " ... written by suga-slim
Thank you for the reading. I really enjoyed myself and it was very informaional. Thank you again for the important information." ... written by Angel168
i LOVE marco!! he teaches me so much the past few days i have come to his chat!! my private reading was beautiful! we connected so well he is the real deal and such an amazing person, you inspire me so much!!! " ... written by Sharna100
He is a good reader, My reading was great! very helpful. He is good with astrology also. " ... written by Vivi15
Thank you! the birth chart showed me, me. all my highs and lows and what to put positive energy towards. this was a good way for me to see that what im going through, is ME. and it will get better. marco was great." ... written by kaymorr
He is the greatest. He's refreshing. " ... written by MrsChung1
I want to private reading with Marco, for one thing and ended up with somthing diffrent, WOW no words at all to express what this reading has done for me and my Mum, completely and utterly mind blowing... I just need to Thank You Marco from the bottom of my Heart and Mum sends her Love and Blessing to you... Love And Light Always Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ To all Oranum Members please do not miss out having a reading with Marco, you never konw what he'll pick up for you... Love And Light To All ;o)" ... written by Nina
Oh this guy is totally amazing! He is so much fun. But of course he is also a great source of information! Do you wanna know about a particultar day? Just tell him the date - and he will surprise you! Highly recommened! 5 *****" ... written by hugs2020
He is the most knowledge, helpful psychic on here. His gifts are blessed and he is right on the money. WOW! I can say this because i also have gifts and work on this site. BEST READING I HAVE EVER HAD. OMG. He is cool! I will be back! LOL!" ... written by swhope999
Thanks for the reading...." ... written by Angel168
Again great reading and a lot of help; A lot of info and a great insight on a lot of things.... Again words can not express the way we have that help from Marco, this was my 2nd time and I lnow it won't be the last...." ... written by Nina
Seems very genuine, was fast, and try him if you have burning questions that need simple and straight answers." ... written by snickers96
Thank you for your confirmation. Thank you for listening. " ... written by M.E.
This guy is fabulous. I would suggest to anyone, you should get a reading from him. He's one of the good ones on here. Worth every penny and more. " ... written by MrsChung1
U definately enjoyed my reading. He was extremely nice and I certainly hope things pan out as he describes. My future is bright." ... written by foreverblessed
will be back very informative" ... written by suga-slim
great insight. we will see how things play out!" ... written by ginger
Namaste, enlightened marco. thank you for another great reading. blessed be and blessed are the blessed be. fox" ... written by ladyfoxglove
He's very good, will come back to him again. " ... written by MagaskaweeAlgoma
good. =)" ... written by daniellef12
WOW! A wealth of knowledge and information. Truly a life coach! You should do a reading with him - you will not be sorry!" ... written by scaredtolose
Really good guy, wow" ... written by DARLING1
Gifted Reader. Reading.. very accurate. Excellent advice and very helpful information. Thank you :) " ... written by Destiny68
I just love him, he give me great advice. Guides me in the right direction. " ... written by MrsChung1
Very clear and to the point - picks up on things right away. Great reader!" ... written by sacredlove71
Very Compassionate... Good advice" ... written by Mary Ellen Bucko
Geez...I love this guy..very straight and to the point..very realistic" ... written by dreamer65
very enlightening, great information" ... written by swhope999
Thank you for the update. It's always good to talk to you. Thank you, again! " ... written by Angel168
Great guy, if you have burning questions you need straighforward answers for, go to him, he can use a pendulum or other tools and he'll be honest." ... written by Andriy
He is really good. Amazing!" ... written by swhope999
Thanks for the wonderful reading as always! It was great to chat with you. Thank you for the advice and suggestions! Talk to you later! " ... written by Angel168
great !!!!!" ... written by DARLING1
Loved my reading. Marco is awesome!" ... written by marsylyttle
Thank you for the reading! Good times as always! Talk to you later!" ... written by Angel168
Really interesting learning some good experiences . I give him 5 star rate :)" ... written by anniekazmi88
Another Great reading. Thank you for sharing your knowledge." ... written by Destiny68
Awesome awesome! no BS, straight to the point. Really enjoyed him. Give him a try, he is honest and quick to give accurate answers." ... written by skthomas2