About Elpida

Psychic Elpidahas 10-15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Elpidahas recently helped 97members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Elpida's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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"Shes Really a great physic.Shes the best and she was really helpful.".."She was accurate."..
"She was so nice and everything she talked about was right on!"

Hello :) ,My name is Elpida. (It means „hope” in greek, I believe there is always hope.)

I am clairvoyant I use many kind of cards , use pendulum also. My cards are accurate. You do not need to me ask aybout it. :)



-ENERGY CLEANSING - you will feel so great ,you will have lot of energie like before ...
- LOVE CANDLES - find your soul mate, get back your ex, fix problems in your relation etc...
- PROTECTIONS - from "bad eye", protection for you, for your family , for kids etc.

I HAVE HELPED LOTS OF PEOPLE SO FAR IN MY LIFE! For different problems i use different candles.
Any problems you have there is a solution for it . Do not hesitate to ask me more about in in FREE CHAT.

Lets see more about what i do ;

I know how to read / do ;

- gipsy cards
- an other kind of „mystic” cards called „window” cards ( Only some people know how to read this mystic „window” cards in my country .)
- angel cards
- I - ching

Also, I have the ability to communicate with angels and do

Angel Therapy.
(Angel Therapy is a spiritual healing method, that helps us to harmonise our life. Angels can help to fix our problems with emotions, relationships, families, career, finances problems and another life areas.)

When I read cards, I am able to see your past, present and your future at the same time. All this together, give me a whole „image” why many things has happend in your life.
In this way, I can help you to understand more yourself, your life and it gives you a special power to lead your carrier, your love life, your life path.

Below there are only some categories I can give any advise on;

-Confusions etc.

I can read for you or for a third person.
I can tell you information about a situation or what will happen in the next months, in the next year or years if you wish.

I can give you piece of advice, but please remember for that, you will take the decisions. You are the one who is responsible for any action what you take in your life.
Do not worry we will do it together, and we will find out how you can be happier day by day.

If you are down or have bad mood, you are stressed or „just” do not know what to do in your life ask me and I gladly help you.
We will find out how to lead your life, how to solve everyday problems.

Do you remember ? There is always hope. That means there is always a solution for any problem. We should leave behind us worries and negative way of thinking.

Try to be positive most of the time and always think the best. It gives you a great way of thinking, a way of behaving with you can lead your life and makes it much better.

If you believe it or not it really goes like that.

Thanks for your attention,

I hope we will meet in my chat room and you will give me a chance, to find out more about you, about your life and make it more calm, happy together.

My psychic recommendation:


Maximum 4000 characters..." ... written by Pixiewolf
People! She is great! Serioulsy! I am 100% positive you will enjoy a reading with her as much as I did - very detailed, accurate, no sugar-coating, and makes so much sence. Cool reading - give her 5*****. Highly recommended! and STAY POSITIVE! :D" ... written by thetruthseeker
Thank you, you help me a lot" ... written by Gabriela30
She is veyr kind and gives great advice (both from personal exprience and spirutal advice). Even when she gives you bad news she tries to remain postive (and realistic) and show you the good things that may come from the situation. She was also pretty accurate and I enjoyed the reading :)" ... written by Guriwo
A great reader who says exactly what she sees. I think see did see my situation very well, and has given me exact situations to be aware of in the future in my love life. Please make sure you can try her out in private sessions as she is good. " ... written by turkindian
That was so very awesome.. Elpida connected with the situation remarkably! The reading answered many, many questions without me having to ask. I was stunned and healed. She totally picked up on the kind of person he is and I am and what is going on now and what she strongly see's to happen in the future. Candles meditation was a plus to learn more from her and I was so pleased, I even wrote down most of what she said. Thank you" ... written by katharazz
She is so good and caring ,gave me all the right information...highly recommended!!! xxxxx" ... written by roop83
Shes Really a great physic. Shes the best and she was really helpful. She was right on about the predictions. Shes awesomeness. Shes nice and caring as well which helps. She is there to help you and she does it well. " ... written by XTurtleManX
Gave a very detailed and helpful reading. I was very impressed with her knowledge. I'll be back!!!" ... written by Dizzy
Thank you so much, needed that update really bad, I was going crazy, validated my feelings to whats going on. " ... written by Mailo000
Elpida's is excellent. i will definitely talk to her again. she helped me alot and was very honest. please get a reading from her and you will understand what i am saying." ... written by marie21
She was so nice and everything she talked about was right on!" ... written by jaybird1966
A great help. I will definitely be back. she lifted my spirits just by talking to me. :)" ... written by lil21lucky
Very good .." ... written by odehamd
OMG!!! i feel sooo much better now!!!Elpida you rock!!!you've saved me by answering the questions i would've never got the answers too!!!It was driving me insane!!!Love you much!!!xo" ... written by rattail1
Excellent reading! spot on on the current situation. Will come back again. " ... written by irinabrs
She was very helpfull. Had alot of insight and understanding. Expalined things clearly to me and gave me some direction. Thanks alot I will definitelly see her again." ... written by maryannepav
I accept the way Elpida's advice and help is changing me. The process can have it's ups and downs but worth it. She is genuine and real. Thanks again Elpida, talk to you soon! :)" ... written by Carlo
This was my first reading ever, and I was amazed!!! Elpida is unbelievably spot on!! Thank you so much for your words and I couldn't believe how nice you are!! " ... written by weissinha
very fast and quick.... i like her help... thanks again elpida" ... written by buzysignal
very good reading like the way she explains what she sees very good very very good" ... written by blessing4sharron
no bad. i can't not say more...i have to wait and see. thank you elpida!" ... written by ouranos345
Elpida was very clear and concise. I would recommend her for a reading. She's also very honest which anyone can appreciate, especially from such a service where many people come to find solace from difficult problems." ... written by lia_11
Elpida is very good..I really loved the reading..will come back to her:)" ... written by LittleStar5
Delightful Lady with wonderful cards. A must for a new experience." ... written by estabiz
Thank you so much. I wish I could have talked longer to find out more. You have no idea how long this has been eating me alive. I need answers to this mess. I hope to chat again." ... written by Dumbfounded
She is great and fast with answers. She is a favorite of mine on oranum!!" ... written by jaybird1966
She was right on spot and shes quite amazing with her readings. You could not regret seeing her shes the most amazing woman I have seen with the readings. Shes always on top and always on the spot. You will not regret her! See her!" ... written by XTurtleManX