Psychic ESTHERLIBRAhas 15-20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic ESTHERLIBRAhas recently helped 680members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about ESTHERLIBRA's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hi Folks.


So if you had a live reading with me before and love me - you still can have a reading with me but as an e-mail reading only for the next few months as still do not have such a pretty face - still recovering from major surgery to my lower right jaw.

PLEASE NOTE - I AM NOT! A MEDIUM, NOR PSYCHIC and do not work with spirits in anyway NOR DO SPELLS.




My astrological services are: Birth Charts; Compatibility; Future trends as when is it a good time to travel, start a new business, new romances coming etc. or even best not to proceed.
I have been a astrologer for over 18 years. Astrological questions are in-depth e-mail readings.

Gypsy and Playing Cards; Tarot Readings are:
Career, Financial and Relationship readings.

I am a person who tends to be direct in my readings and have a dislike for the romantic novels that causes people to believe a person who is not good for them can become their model partner.

I love the work on the line and look forward to assisting you find the answering with your problems. At all times the final decision is yours to make and choose your own destiny.

All the best


Went into private reading, because as soon as she pulled my cards out during free chat before going into private, I already knew she was going to give me great feedback. I believe she knew what she was talking about when she pulled from the playing cards. After I went into private chat once I was comfortable with her level of acquaintance with talents. Overall, she gave me a good reading. Just wish I would have had time to ask more questions. Be prepared, because she will leave you wanting to know more!" ... written by jslabrada
EstherLibra Was amazing! Spot on and straight to the point. In the two readings I had with her she hit the nail on the had in terms of a few aspects of my life. Lovely lady and someone I highly respect. " ... written by AlysiumDream
Precise, precise, precise! I enjoyed the reading very much :) hightly recommend especially if you need specific details. Thanks Esther! :)))" ... written by thetruthseeker
Esther was amazingly accurate with her reading. She was honest and very supportive. She helped me a lot indeed. I can only recommend." ... written by Syches
Esther told me the truth. Did not sugar coat. Thank you!" ... written by missmel2011
Very quick, precise, no sugar-coating. Liked the reading and would recommend her to everybody! Smart investment! 5*****" ... written by hugs2020
Esther, you are a wonderful, BIG-hearted person. You give really good advices and your card reading is awesome. Thank you!" ... written by marxis79
Wow, this lady was amazing and she gave her reading was very quickly. " ... written by lIZETTE NOEL
I just LOVE Esther :))) she is always straight forward, concrete and gives practical advices. Strongly recommend!!!" ... written by thetruthseeker
Very to the point an honest. " ... written by Simondk
Very honest and quick and accurate." ... written by Rachelle
well, the cards she pulled were right on key." ... written by Amanda
I'm glad that I had reading with this lady! She doesn't spend time - she answers your questions!!" ... written by kosmosss
very nice lady recommend her reading" ... written by cinlorri
Very direct in what she sees regarding your situation, recieved good info, will follow up in few weeks. Thank you!" ... written by queenbee16
Very straight forward and quick... I like her. Thank you for your advice" ... written by answers28
She was right on the spot, with all the things she said! And was very very helpful too!" ... written by willneverend
Wonderful! She is very accurate. Loved it! One of my favorites to go to." ... written by Chicoca587
quick and doesn't sugar coat!" ... written by enterchange
OMG... amazing..she was very on point quick and accurate. Answered all of my questions and was very straight forward. The best experience I had thus far." ... written by sweetz84
Fantastic, love her style!" ... written by Sandy
she diid very good job right to the pont" ... written by joey198402
good reading" ... written by 1212flaming
Great!!" ... written by Isis
Nice, fast reading! Answered my question! Thank you!" ... written by rattail1
Very nice reading. It was nice to have different methods to choose from. Short, but very precise. Thank you." ... written by Riggergirl17
Real accurate, waiting so see if her predictions come true." ... written by Linda
Great reading...straight to the point!" ... written by toshia33
Thank you for your honesty !" ... written by adriana07
Was very polite, answered my question in great detail with a timeline. I highly recommend for a reading. Thank you!" ... written by shypisces
Good, honest and straight to the point." ... written by rhonda2508
good reading" ... written by stonefox
Esther gave me good guidance - she nailed a major flaw of mine, gave a clear description of what to look for re my query and no bullsh*%. She knew where I was at. Talking to her lifted my spirits and gave me an energy boost which was sorely needed. I recommend this friendly, honest and accurate reader to everyone." ... written by Danielle2911
Clarity is what I was looking for and it is exactly what she gave me. Lovely energy here. " ... written by jellybean77
Just wanting to leave honest feedback! If you like a tarot expert who knows her cards she is the one for you. She does state that in her bio, that she doesnt talk to guides and shes not a medium, so she relies 100 percent on the cards meaning with no help from spirits or such. So impressive on her tarot talent however!" ... written by niki316
Good, uses same cards as I, wish I had more time with her. Thank you ***** star" ... written by sleepysnugs
Very speedy readings which is a big plus when paying by the minute. " ... written by AgentMagpie
good reading" ... written by stonefox
She's adorable!" ... written by Madspoon23
She is very good with readings. Works efficiently and has a wonderful charm. I would ask for another reading from Esther any day. Very pot on and accurate. " ... written by Madspoon23
Didn't hear what I wanted to hear, but she was right describing who he really is, so I guess she is right, I will keep in touch to see if things change " ... written by deb
Good with the cards and truthful even when it's not what you want to hear. Kind and helpful." ... written by scaredtolose
Thank you EstherLibra....Spot on!!!" ... written by reeree1
She was amazing!!!!! Exactly what i needed to hear even if it was not what i wanted to hear. She cleared up my confusion and i feel more at ease with myself. It was a great reading.. she got everything right off the bat! i will definitely come back for another reading! If you would like a reading or help in a situation i would definitely recommend her all the way! You will not regret it! :)" ... written by Carocakee
very quick response" ... written by dragonfly8022
oooh this is the best personal reading thank you and remember live life and as she says go-go-go...." ... written by reyna66
great!" ... written by flower08
Estherlibra is down to earth, straight-forward and honest. She is a wonderful reader and all around GREAT person, I always enjoy her readings." ... written by Ldoone
She is a very nice person and her email reading was very good and i would recommend everyone to get a reading from her, i look forward to what she has said for me in the next few months" ... written by mimi0129
Loved this Lady very truthful very insightful. you must let her read for you. Once again thanks Esther." ... written by lovinglifalone
She is very straightforward, no sugar coating at all - very direct and does not waste your credits. Moreover, very accurate. Strongly recommend!" ... written by hugs2020
ESTHERLIBRA is the best! She explained things really well and was accurate. She gave me the information I needed and I feel at ease. I trust her!" ... written by BuildingAMystery
She is wonderful. Just like always direct, very good. Thanks Esther." ... written by lovinglifalone
what a delightful reading, Esther is very direct and very genuine soul, God Bless You and Happy New Year!" ... written by Mandalalight
Very nice reader. fast! Gives good advice. Once u get to know her, she really is a treat. She definetly knows what she is doing....I recommend a reading." ... written by ssgkboo
i like her she was on the spot what i was talking bout." ... written by shell4248
Thank you Estherlibra, =) lovely, friendly and caring lady gave alot of detail very quick to answer my questions and has already helped me out reccommend to everyone =)" ... written by HoneyBeehere
Wonderful as always. I will keep coming back to her, she's great" ... written by lovinglifalone
I loved her she was direct and knew exactly how to help me even if it was not what I wanted to hear, Thank you!!" ... written by rebecca67
She is spot on. Highly recommended." ... written by lauralu23
Very nice and caring. Right to the point. Didn't waste extra time" ... written by happy4eva
I use EstherLibra a lot for all those fast yes and no questions. Traditionally Esther has been right on the money. Very Accurate! She is also very quick with a response. She is a fast typer and has always given me excellent advice. I will keep coming back to her and recommend her. She is excellent!" ... written by KB
Very fast and to the point." ... written by Marietjiepie
Ah! She is just GREAT!!! One of the BEST card readers on Oranum! She did a 10-card general spead for me - the one she designed by herself! Accurate, fast, straight-forward, easy to chat with. Get a reading with ESTHERLIBRA, and you will not regret! Approved :) " ... written by hugs2020
Thanks, an honest reader." ... written by mini150980
Lovely friendly lady, helped a lot, got cut off at end but I will b back, thank you xxx" ... written by nkip84
Great reading" ... written by mfurney
Thank you Estherlibra. Eventhough it's sad to hear but it's accurate." ... written by Neina26
She was way off in reading the situations with cards. She asked many things that were not applicable to me at all." ... written by jswede1149
Great!" ... written by MayGirl
Quick, on a spot, have answer for all my questions. AMAZING! I always come back to Esther if I need accurate card reading. " ... written by hugs2020
She is amazing!!!!!!! So accurate its amazing!!!!!!!" ... written by nena95690
Very good , fast and picked up on things in a secound:) , will do another reading:)" ... written by v21
Great as always" ... written by nena95690
Thanks" ... written by OleanderLightDee
Very nice lady to the point and very understanding." ... written by hellzbellz
Good 1" ... written by ytahiliani
Great reader, very blunt!!" ... written by magdalena38lant
Good stuff." ... written by bluesky10
Thanks for the reading Esther. she is very quick and clear and she follows with a more comprehensive e-mail reading which I like - a personal touch that is sometimes amiss on Oranum. xx" ... written by random_diamond
She is very sweet...." ... written by aprilsmo
Thanks for being completely honest with me esther" ... written by missmel2012
Highly recomend her, she is straight and to the point she doesn't waste your time. She will tell you what she see's in the cards and gives great suggestions on how to get through current struggles you may be encountering. I have now had an email reading with her, and also a private reading in the past. The readers on here are to do a job, please don't waste their time in the free chats looking for free answers. Go private and do a one on one and I am sure you will be amazed with the information that your are given when your not in public view. Thank you Esther for all you have done for me!!!! She is one great lady!" ... written by momlama1229
Very direct, very quick to catch on, will be consulting her again! :)" ... written by POLANEGRI2013
She was great!" ... written by oalanis
She was right on point, told me I would get my heart broke if I went after J , 'cause he was dealing with some type of marriage , which was true he did just get out of a marriage type setting. So thank you for the heads up it helped me deal with it alot better then if I didn't know. :)" ... written by vamp2110
Very accurate and nice, love her!" ... written by Dphsgo93
She is right on the money!" ... written by lovestosmile
Fantastic and to the point. Excellent clairvoyance about what I was seeking to know." ... written by outlook2013
She was right to the point and gave zeroed in on my question. Very sweet! Thank you Esther" ... written by colleen417
I thought she was great on point quick lovely. Thank you!" ... written by iceprincess29
I appreciate your straight forwardness. Thank you, she picked up on me right away." ... written by javawriter001
Very helpful!" ... written by penstar
She's very thorough and caring. Wonderful reading wonderful person :) " ... written by Madspoon23
She was right on the money ,she told me things noone would ever know . she truly is amazing and good at what she does." ... written by JDMatice
Second reading. Excellent again. Combined questions, Tarot reading, general but important advice, and general conversation. Enjoyable and informative! Recommended! Thank you :)" ... written by flotsamandjetsam
ESTHERLIBRA was so down to Earth and wonderful! She knew my hopes and fears before I ever wrote them down! 100% satisfied!" ... written by rbaxsw71
Thank you for the wonderful email reading with the New Vision cards. I really appreciate it, well written and nice to upload the photos to the email. I will come back at end of month and let you know how things work out with the monthly spread. Recommended highly. 5 stars." ... written by New Vision
She really seemed to be right on the money. Very good reading. Thank you." ... written by Sweetls
By far the best! Nailed it! Very happy with this she was super honest!" ... written by greendragonfly82
Fast, accurate, detailed. Answered all questions with Tarot and talked me through process. Also gave some very practical advice. I will return! Highly recommended! 5 Stars left" ... written by flotsamandjetsam
Brilliant!!" ... written by Sam
Straight to point no nonsense reading, can really recommend her and she knows her stuff. Thanks Estherlibra for your guidance. " ... written by Kazytc57
Esther was accurate and very honest - although not really all I wanted to hear... but that only indicates she's honest." ... written by el
She was it to the T. Thanks for helping me. Kudos to you!" ... written by julia4
Quick and to the point. She is very helpful and pleasant to converse with. Hightly recomend." ... written by Sweetls
Lovely Lady, tells it how it is. Definitely would recommend :)" ... written by ladybird05
Great reader, wonderful woman." ... written by gemluvr70
I liked her. Very amusing lady and seems pretty accurate. " ... written by geminijcp
Thank you for your help dear." ... written by joey198402
She is good. Give her a try, you won't be disappointed!!!" ... written by Ray
She was personable, very animated. I felt she was quite helpful with a challenging question. I recommend her highly." ... written by sinago
Wow! Her cards are so accurate ! Before i could say anything , the card came out as shown of his status! Thank you very much for the advice ! " ... written by reicaa
Wonderful and completely intuitive about my concerns. She revealed secrets and information that I tired to keep hidden. You won't be disappointed. Contact her for a truthful reading!!" ... written by Chloe28
She is Just Wonderful. So intuitive. The Real deal. Loved chatting with her. " ... written by kvasa7
Very nice " ... written by lifetime1974
Very insightlful reader... well worth the time :)" ... written by judith
Good." ... written by jessiea2640
I really liked her even though this is the first time I have actually been online on this website. I will contact her again soon." ... written by cukypheffs
The reading was great! Esther is not only a warm person but also she is going straight to the point! I can only recommend her!" ... written by luna78
Thank you so much Estherlibra! It's amazing how you caught things so quickly. Great reading. Was of great help! " ... written by AnaForero
Thank you for my reading." ... written by mickcory564
Esther is awesome and as a fellow psychic I greatly reccomend her. God Bless Her always" ... written by greeneyes71121
Spot on!" ... written by aa0991
Thank you for the reading" ... written by joey198402
She was good." ... written by andrea555
Thanks for the help. Also very funnny." ... written by schici
Very nice lady but you have to have specific questions ready." ... written by mouchoir10
Esttherlibra is a wonderful reader. She is direct and to the point. I always enjoy her readings." ... written by Ldoone
She is really fun and very sweet:) We had a wonderful chat!" ... written by LoveElly
Quite good." ... written by LeoRising88
Excellent reader, even more so a wonderful person. She help me see my issues and was spot on with what she told me. Thank you so much, I will definitely be back. A truly wonderful lady." ... written by rivalry
Not what I wanted to hear but what I needed to hear probably." ... written by katie46
Precise, spot on and straight to the point." ... written by reeree1
She was very honest and gave me great advice! I really enjoyed my reading with her!!! " ... written by Shortcak
Very helpful thanks!" ... written by maryannepav
Thanks for the help dear." ... written by joey198402
Ugh I ran out of minutes! But you are great! I have to come back." ... written by mrivera
Thank you for the reading, great clarity and accuracy." ... written by ikroyal
She is right on the money!! Awesome!!!" ... written by Steph
She was very good. Doesn't mince words. I would recommend her. " ... written by Leona
A charming lady!!" ... written by Londo
Very fast, very accurate, very straight forward reading. Picked up on a lot. I enjoyed the reading. " ... written by AK
real good typer and good advisor" ... written by loveboo314
Great reading!!" ... written by Aryastark
Very honest, great reading ." ... written by nat
Accurate reading. " ... written by sk
Great personality. Spot on about a lot of things. Great help." ... written by cupkatie
She was enjoyable and very accurate about current events. I will be in touch as things progress." ... written by Christine
WOW! I forgot how great Esther is. She doesn't put on any airs, or pretend to have supernatural powers. If you're like me and you prefer card readings, you will love her. She's quick, efficient, answered all my questions, gave timeframes, and even managed to fit in some delightful banter. She doesn't claim to be psychic, but I think she's probably more psychic than many here, as through her intuition and cards, I had several "wow" moments. This lady deserves to get more readings. She's really awesome. 5 stars all the way! Highly recommended." ... written by affogato
She seemed to hit on most things she said. Thank you. :) I will be back!" ... written by Natasha
Very knowledgeable about tarot and gypsy cards. Esther answered my questions directly and honestly. " ... written by Kathleen
She is so quick and to the point..Love her ... What a lady!! Awesome" ... written by Niha
so good to see Esther back....she tells the truth and explains why and what the cards mean....glad she is back" ... written by k
Very honest and delightful! " ... written by KaitlynnJFord
Etti is a very genuine and accurate astrologer. I have had multiple" ... written by niharika_1985
i was surprised to hear when she said "polio " as one of the illness in my family ...she was exact and accurate and true :-) highly recommend her ....thanks " ... written by prajakta
Very quick and nice." ... written by AY
thank you so much love you are so right on the money! yay! to knowing the truth justice rides all! :) you are amazing" ... written by m
very good indeed" ... written by trishy1
Very good!" ... written by Leslie Kay
wow, she is awesome!@!! she really picked up on all my stuff.. amazing. 5 stars" ... written by bm
Esther does it again! Great reading, full of insight, with honesty and clarity. Many Blessings " ... written by S
Amazing lady, and great strenght" ... written by Matt
Amazing woman!! So glad she is back." ... written by LeoRising88
very nice " ... written by walter
you are so funny and right on the money " ... written by m
australia and the UK wow. what a lovely lady coudnt say anything bad" ... written by Matt
v good" ... written by neil
was very interesting person. I like her accent she was very good and fast.. " ... written by Nancy
That was my second reading with ESTHERLIBRA. She is absolutely amazing - she made this very cool chart for me :)) very accurate - I love the way she reads! You definitely should take her to Private - worth every credit! 5***** - again and again!" ... written by hugs2020
Esther was really great - explained her reading quickly as she went. I appreciate and am grateful. Thank you" ... written by Amy