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Psychic DrSunnyMariehas 30-years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic DrSunnyMariehas recently helped 1395members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about DrSunnyMarie's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Rare and Gifted~ Prodigy endowed w exceptional qualities,and abilities wisdom,discernment,guidance,truth for your life,Love,and Spirit. 37 yrs. Relationship Counselor MA,LCSW,Comm.Pathologist,Toxic-Clearing,Spiritual Strongholds!Her warmth, integrity and honesty compliments her amazing God given gifts of a Powerful Visionary, and profound healing abilities, is exceptionally detailed, and in-depth! World Renown~ Expert and Counselor for Couples/Expert in Soul Mate/Twin Flame relationships / Marriage / Separation / divorces. finances/ prosperity!Poverty Consciousness,stop listening to those accusing voices in side! Dr Sunny is a gifted Visionary/Counselor / Healer/Teacher,and Mentor for 37 yrs! Your Here to get help ~solutions~resolve with Peace of Mind!. Not to feel more confused then when you started, or mixed signals, or smoke screens!
Dr Sunny is a Spiritual visionary/ Doctor of psychology/communication Pathologist. Dr Holistic healing medicines for emotions, unconscious ruminating negative thoughts of the mind, spirit,soul.She is a born visionary,and prophesies within the Creator of the Universe.Dr Sunny after 37 yrs has,become a world renown teacher of enlightenment and spiritual evolving, along with mentoring study program for Universal laws.Dr Sunny's life had come to a halt at seventeen yrs old, from a direct hit of an on coming vehicle on a foggy Sunday morning! Dr Sunny experienced what everyone wants to know! What is God like,and what is it truly like in the Spirit world, and is there really a Heaven! Dr Sunny's had first hand experience,and knowledge.I can assure you there is more then what we see hear, on the Earth! I sharing a one on one Intimate conversation with The "Creator" of this Universe! We talked of my purpose in being, and that if I would want to return, I could help many people, and I could impact many lives,with healing,guidance, direction to Creator, life,love and meaning! because of what I have seen and experienced First hand! Clearly, as you know, I made my decision!
My "soul" reason in being here... is to bring Detailed Clear focus and guided understanding of your relationship to a higher positive Level.(There is a reason for everything that is happening in your life). I will also Provide directed Steps to bring forth abundance,release blocks and fear caused by(poverty consciousness, and past pain in your life).We will work together to strengthen your spiritual Core of your being. As we are Spiritual Beings first and for most then emotions, mind, and physical flow with that foundation, so the universe can accompany us with assisting in identifying and removing the blockages and barriers preventing you from rising to your highest degree
of Creativity and empowerment in your Spirit...love... Life... Prosperity, and your very soul. Dr Sunny has experiences many divine encounters, and life sustaining experiences. Her love and dedication to helping and rescue horses, brought forth another direct intervention with Creator.Sunny was test riding a horse in need of a home,a man using a sodding iron, creating flames caught the attention and spooked the horse, she bolted as Dr sunny was dismounting, with on hand holding on to her mane, and half way off the horse, aloud voice said with clarity and Great authority! Tuck and roll,NOW! The Horse was in a full run across and open field,Dr sunny's saddle was turning under her, and with not a minute to spare, she leaped, and had landed on her shoulder had she not tucked and rolled as Creator instructed, she would have broken her neck! Sunny came through with a concision, and ripped ligaments in the neck,instead of going back to the Creator. Dr Sunny encountered a thief,at the grocery store in Albany NY at 10 pm at night,he approached her vehicle,and warned her he had a gun in his pocket, and instructed her to move over so he could enter the car.Again the Voice of the creator had spoken to her, and stated it is not a gun do not fear! As clear as a voice can be!Authoritative all know God.Bringing forth a feeling of peace and no fear, laying her hand on the horn and yelled out for help!He then fled on foot from fear!The police abducted him a week later, at another grocery store. It is indisputably Clear, Dr Sunny is truly meant to be here with us! Dr Sunny is known around the world lives her life devoted to teaching, how to clearly here ,listen,and act on our higher spiritual Integrity. When you allow spiritual self to be with you all the time. You can Rely and lean upon their light to heal you protect you in all aspects of your life,regarding relationships with family, friends and intimate partners.This protection and direction is here for all of us, for your healing of your spirit, health, wealth, and prosperity. We Did not come here by our self's ! Without Universal Guidance, and direction and a purpose of being.We are not alone here on the earth, and we do not leave alone! The Divine and all the guardians, are here with us.All the time! Dr Sunny in all of these major life altering experiences has been guided to look at psychology from a whole new perspective, her natural born clairvoyance assisted her in clarity and strength in presenting a new approach combining her background in psychology with her Spirituality,for Divine and directed Instruction to help mankind alike. Dr Sunny is here to help you,in Spirit, emotion ,mind,and body.She will offer you truth with clear direction, divinely instructed, for your life situations personally. No matter what you are struggling with! Her rates are not cheap, that is because she is worth her weight in Gold, and then some! She will change your life,provide positive loving insight, guidance, and gifts to your heart,and soul!

* Depression
* Grief counseling
* Relationships
* Prosperity
* Spiritual enlightenment & guidance
* In depth insight to parenting support
* Couples counseling and beyond.
* Registered Parapsychologist
* In depth studies in paranormal entities, Analysis in private dwellings and removal of spirit and poltergeist activity and paranormal activity.
* Certified in Metapsychical studies, at the Institute of metaphysical Sciences, Orlando Florida Experience:

*Teacher/Mentor Universal Laws, Understand the Universe is always listening to everything you think, feel, and say! You are a Creator, you create through your thoughts. Your mind is a battery force, capable of unbelievable tasks, and seeming miracles out of no where! "For as he thinks within himself, so he is."

* Verification of Soul mates / Twin Flame relation are they to stay a life time, or just to help you out of your own blocks, or limitations from within or both. I provide coping skills with in depth direction to go forward!

*Therapist/Analytic Behavioral Specialist,BS, MA, LCSW Counseling for your Spirit, emotions,mind,soul.Work involves addressing behavioral issues, unconscious patterns, Using positive Spiritual psychology, in the realms of divine masters, angels and Creator infusing healing with Couples, relationships, marriage, family,divorce,reconciliation.With Great success!

* Dream Analysis: Your dreams will give you in depth enlightenment as to where you are. Full analysis of what your dream is telling you ,and how to Integrate it into your conscious mind, to help you more deeply understand yourself, and your situation. Your Dreams are just an extension of you!

*Parapsychologist: Parapsychology is the scientific and scholarly study of certain unusual events associated with human experience. I am a Scholar who is seriously interested in the "paranormal. "three general categories apply here, ESP (terms explained if needed) PK, and phenomena suggestive of survival after bodily death, including near-death experiences, apparitions, and reincarnation.

*Certified Metaphysical Scientific Studies: principle objective is to discover the laws of nature for which we must adjust. clarity of thought and moral insight are necessary because all processes, including those of thought, rest on the firm foundation of truth. By living day to day with metaphysical principles through the awareness of personal thoughts, one discovers we are not “victims” of circumstance. Instead, embrace the acknowledgement that life actually follows a natural pattern according to conscious and subconscious thoughts! The Law of thinking.

*Natural Born Clairvoyant: No training.I have always been this way! I thought up until 15 yrs. old, everyone was this way! There for I don't use cards~ they are created by another persons interpretations' use my God Given Gifts and my clarity comes directly from the Creator, I just get out of the way.

* Pet therapy Analysis: When we speak to the animals, they will speak to us. They have many gifts to offer us, we only need to listen to learn! My spiritual journey to the other side deeply enhanced my communication with animals.
Well my friend, Your journey begins here! leave uncertainty, conflict, and confusion behind. I will show you how... I am here for you, with highly evolved spiritual integrity and enlightenment. That will inspire you, enhance your creativity, enthusiasm, ingenuity, and confidence so you can live your life as you have been intended too! In the relationship you want and desire, achieve the prosperity you deserve, the loving partnership you wish for, along with inner peace, and happiness. Today is the beginning of something wonderful happening in your world, it is the day you come face to face with the "I AM" in you! I am here to help you get there, and that is what I will do! my promise to you=) I'm Now Online, or arrange a callback with me.*** Ask me about my mentoring private program Teaching Universal laws Gods Blessings, and Love To your World!

Nice read." ... written by spiritualgirl1
She was very compassionate and ACCURATE " ... written by jayr3264
Excellent reading, clear, intuitive and quick" ... written by maryannepav
SHE IS WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!VERY ACCURATE AND KIND!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweets123
She was very good. Answered my questions good. I will be back." ... written by nannapower07
DrSunnyMarie was really amazing! She connected to my situation very well and gave me some great advice. Thank you, I will be back! :)" ... written by courtneybdraper
I WENT FOR A PRIVATE READING AND SHE WAS NOT EVEN THERE ON HER SEAT!!!!!!!!! LO!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweets123
Really nice lady, gave very helpful advice " ... written by Amir
Gave me wonderful advice regarding relationships and self-healing, will use again! :-)" ... written by ashley4857
Vrey ncie and understanding. She is getting the situation very well. Very patient too." ... written by nk063011
Very good psychic. Thank you for help." ... written by sillybubble
Wonderful...amazing...light and positive!" ... written by sacred
Very insightful, positive!!!!" ... written by jaykun
Good reading - positive input from her and very insightful" ... written by Nancycyd
Wonderful...connected immediately and saw things accurately and with great detail! wonderful reader!!" ... written by yas
She is great..very empathetic, intuitive, and validating. I really enjoyed her. She'll be on my favorite list." ... written by celticfreckles
Thank you for a great reading, very compassionate and knowledgable." ... written by crystalrei
She is amazing." ... written by courtnee8497
In 1 word shes just amazing !!! have a great time with here in private ,, told me a lot of think that i know they are true. Thank u so muchhh Luff Yaa Hugss *-*" ... written by simona15
Dr Sunny can see right into the situation. She gives sound advice, and is very honest and gentle and sweet. I will be back to talk with her soon. Thank You for the prayers. " ... written by frustrated67
She is very comforting and easy to talk to and helps sees things clear" ... written by Carebear32
DrSunnyMarie has really good energy! She is also very connected!" ... written by courtneybdraper
She is great" ... written by tiffsmom
She is really awesome, really spot on the question that i have ask , and answer very clearly. really Amazing soul. " ... written by hot and cold
DrSunnyMarie, thank you for your help and advice! This psychic is spot on and I believe what she says is true, connected very fast and told me where I was going wrong I understand this. Thank you!" ... written by f999111
Very nice! Thanks for the reading!" ... written by missgreeneyes
Really careing direct, will see again." ... written by febuary
The Nicest Person. Very Helpful. Honest and Accurate. 5 Star Rating." ... written by swiftcats64
Wonderful help exactly what i needed. very down to earth. i will let you know how i get on thank you!" ... written by hardeep21
She was great as always! :)" ... written by courtneybdraper
Thanks for the help today :)x " ... written by shortcake2012
Very friendly, answered all questions asked." ... written by xcharlotte00x
Thank you so much to this woman who is so gifted beyond words.She has given me so much hope in looking towards my future. God bless Sandra-xo :) " ... written by Sandra-xo
No bs ... to the point. No airy fairy stuff ... she gets you prepared to move into success!" ... written by gummigummi
Great reading!" ... written by Stephen7241967
Thank you so much for your reading. Very straight forward to answering all questions. Kind and generous and to the point. Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Marie is awsome and she has helped me think through some things wish i could do more time but what she left me with has given me plenty of time to reflect on my own. THANKS Marie. " ... written by tbabynorris
Absolutely fantastic....thank you a milion times " ... written by dreamer65
WOW, I just loved my reading with DrSunnyMarie! she is terrific so peaceful." ... written by sparklejules
Amazing! Decided to come back for another reading after her prediction came true. Will be back for more for sure!" ... written by courtneybdraper
Thank you again for a great reading! Always a pleasure" ... written by greekgoddess71
Love consulting DrSunnyMarie! Her predictions for me ALWAYS come true so that is why I keep coming back! Thank you so much always!" ... written by courtneybdraper
DrSunnyMarie is always so positive. She does an amazing job at guiding people in the right direction. I can always feel her positive energy! Thanks again for a wonderful reading!" ... written by courtneybdraper
Such a positive spirit! I really enjoyed talking to her.. she made me feel much better and gave me the advice I needed to hear :)" ... written by iPreferMimi
Looked deep into situation! Thank you thank you!" ... written by romanmm01
Thank you" ... written by cammyboo
She was so so good just what I need because I was about to give up." ... written by luella05
Awesome lady wish i hadnt run outta credits!" ... written by noopie_99
Very fast and straight to the point. Many thanks for the reading." ... written by lala86
Great reader, gave me a lot of clarity and the strength to move forward. I would recommend this reader. I now feel positive about how to handle my future. Thanks" ... written by Prabjot1
Dr. Sunny is very Positive and uplifting, real and up front.. She spoke to the core of my soul. Thank you." ... written by jadelioness01
Feel much better after my chat." ... written by penny24
Excellent reading. Very sincere and motivating. I will be speaking with her again soon." ... written by blessedxthree
She is just wonderful!!!" ... written by tendollars
Brilliant experience, love and light to you!" ... written by sammya
Great advice, she really helped me be positive and forward looking." ... written by shameless12
Awesome!! Great advices and very clear!! and Lots of love!! thanks" ... written by fresiaflower
She was very honest about the subject we were talking about" ... written by aspearson49
Great energy." ... written by shameless12
I took her lesson. She's fabulous, and gives you so many tools to work with. I highly recommend her!" ... written by CountryGirl
Really helped me!! Gave me clear insight that everything's going to be okay... And clarity. " ... written by ashleenalvin
Excellent reading. Connected very quickly to my situation and gave great guidance " ... written by NICKY1212
Very intuitive! Kind, caring, and listens well! Some things she knew without any prior knowledge. Thank you!" ... written by lionking13
She is so great!" ... written by carlitosgame787
Outstanding!!!!!!!!!" ... written by tendollars
Very accurate - will definitely come back for an update." ... written by fasina
Very good and caring soul.... I really enjoy her reading!" ... written by Martinel-16
Always good! Thank you so much!" ... written by courtneybdraper
Very good. Very helpful. Thank you. " ... written by LMN3374
Compassionate!! Excellent insight! " ... written by lionking13
You were really helpful and knew what situation I was in. Thank you!" ... written by alondra1991
Great positive energy!" ... written by maxmusclegirl1
Love Drsunny she is absolutely great!!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
I had a really bad mind space before I spoke to you, thank you so much for the inspiration and insight! I so needed that. I will certainly be back on a regular basis and can't wait to learn more from you, thank you so much!" ... written by Zulu11
She was very insightful! I loved her energy and her patience. " ... written by Positivelyaura24
Wonderful!!!!!Totally uplifting experience!!!!!!!fantastic insights!!!!!!Love her!!!!!!!!" ... written by tendollars
Thankyou so much :-))) very good energy you feel in the room " ... written by ale510
Made a big difference" ... written by smileygurl
Good insight. Just what I was looking for. Thank you. Will keep in touch!" ... written by Charlie0605
Top class reader !!!!!I thoroughly enjoy her readings!!!!!!!" ... written by tendollars
Thank you for the reading. It was very encouraging and uplifting! I will keep you up-to-date on my situation. Thank you, again!" ... written by Angel168
Thank you for your help!" ... written by Angel168
Very good " ... written by rblack77
Amazing, she is knowledgeable about your situation and gives excellent guidance on how to address the problems. You have GOT to take her private!!" ... written by FrankJ
Shes great she made me feel bettah" ... written by purple20
Thank you so much!!!!!!" ... written by Lucy2011
AMAZING!" ... written by ethan cottey andamp;quot;illumicotteyandamp;
I think she had a nice energy. I hope it's accurate information. Thank you" ... written by Indielove
She was great as always!" ... written by courtneybdraper
Great reading, very informative and great insight. Very kind and attentive person to talk to, explains things very clearly with a lot of depth and understanding. Really enjoyed talking to her and listening." ... written by warrenkitty83
Dr. Sunny gave me much clarity on my situation and how to help us to get it moving forward. She helped me to understand my part from a distance in keeping the positive energy going. I will definitely be using the tools and ideas that she gave me and will come back for a follow-up when I can. Thanks, Dr. Sunny!!!" ... written by CristinaLynn1
Gentle, loving guidance from a remarkable soul. A true honour and privilege. Accurate straight to the point. Worth every cent. " ... written by HawaiiGene
Great as ever" ... written by courtneybdraper
Came back because she gave me a wonderful demo. She is very intuitive and picked up without saying much. Also gave me great advice. Take her private because you won't regret it." ... written by florwer85
Great as always." ... written by courtneybdraper
Very kind and caring. I have went private and even though it was only for a short while I felt instantly uplifted and guided on the right path. Thank you Dr Sunny. I will be back :)" ... written by ShaunaB
Omg, very accurate. :D Lovely to read with and she connected right off the bat." ... written by hope2321
Very fun to talk with very informative and skilled worth every cent spent :)" ... written by Snowscape
I live in alaska and im not able to use the chat well but the one question i was able to get an answer too was very accurate thank you!" ... written by lynseylenae
Marie was spot-on when interpreting my reading. In the brief instance I spent conversing with her, I felt more at ease with my current standing. :-)" ... written by spiritual_seeker
Dr.SunnyMarie is great, always!" ... written by courtneybdraper
All of DrSunnnyMarie's predictions always come true for me. Thanks so much for all of your help!" ... written by courtneybdraper
Very, very positive and I am happy with that reading." ... written by shaz77
I love Sunny:) She knows the solution to any situation and she will give you the best advice you can get. She is also very sophisticated and she has knowledge. She is an amazingly diverse person." ... written by rainbowwarrior
Ran out of money :(...But Dr. Sunny Marie is wonderful...always on point and doesn't need any tools. Her predictions for me always come true and look forward to talking to her soon!" ... written by courtneybdraper
I had a great reading as always and her predictions for me always come true so I will just wait for this one." ... written by courtneybdraper
Good advice." ... written by shaz77
Was so worry about my job, but after talking to her I feel peace and I will let you all know how it goes... I do believe she said the truth and I will continue talking to her." ... written by kharmenv
Good" ... written by druvina1973
You were very on point about how we feel about each other and the situation." ... written by bresmith_22
She is really in tuned with spirit. She gives clear and concise answers but more improtantly she udnerstands. She gave great advice but also conencted well to my situation and concerns. She is a great source of comfort when discussing those who have passed and what is beyond in physical realm. I really really enjoyed this conversaiton and every second of it was a blesing. she helped me a lot!" ... written by daydreamer246
Thank you. I have new word bibel Holy. Writes book I read and saying everthing open in my room." ... written by paulosergio78
Excellent insight that gives me the confidence to keep moving forward and how to tweak what it is I am doing. " ... written by Jacquebig
Very helpful very wise words! I just wished I had more time with her!" ... written by shenalp2905
Very nice. Thank you!" ... written by denisebrook4
Thanks, needed to hear that!! " ... written by fresiaflower
I love you sunny, your such a beautiful soul and I thank God for you! Thank you so much!♥♥" ... written by Libra26
She gave me peace of mind about my mothers passing. Really made me feel better about my thoughts on what really happened!" ... written by CrystalPistol
Sunny was amazing, very insightful, could see what my root issue was and I am very grateful for her insight!" ... written by thisjourney
Two words - Excellent again!" ... written by Angelwingss7
Brought me to tears. I can't explain why. It just did. She is a true healer. Thank you." ... written by littledog162
Just lovely...good person, top psychic here." ... written by slinkyminky3
One word - Excellent." ... written by Angelwingss7
Awesome as always! Know's it all with out even asking! :)" ... written by courtneybdraper
Not sure what happened to the connenction... but WOW she took words out of my mouth before I could ask questions. I will be back to tell you what happens on the house sale! Thanks so much! Try her!" ... written by pinkoraclelilly
Wow... she is amazing... confident and very accurate... very helpful... well worth the reading.. thank you!" ... written by Moondancer61
Shes awesome and helpful cares about your feelings doesnt sugar coat .. Gave me hope." ... written by starlight699
Excellent session thank you so much." ... written by AngelRainbows
AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by adonnelly76
Sunny Marie has a wonderful positive energy and aura in her, unfortunately my credit has ended too quickly, will definitely come back to her!" ... written by Elisa1976
Thank u, you are amazing:) But too little time :(" ... written by fanndisa28
I would love more time with you! It was brief, but you hit on some feelings I had instantly! Thank you!" ... written by missymaym
Dr Sunny Marie was warm and straight to the point of things... She made me feel really comfortable and gave great insights..." ... written by loves12
Shes awesome on point." ... written by sandra
Fabulous as always, thank you!!" ... written by courtneybdraper
Excellent reading with Dr. Sunny. She was able to confirm many things that others here have told me. She has a wonderful healing energy. Thank you!" ... written by peter9225
Very insightful and picks up on energies real well. I was pleased with the reading I received from her!" ... written by Destiny_Love
She gave me a lot :)" ... written by HeidiKristiina
Spot on !! Very helpful!!!" ... written by jacqueline1966
So accurate!!! She is so calming and lovely too. She confirmed everything for me. Highly recommend!" ... written by ali
Good!" ... written by Sugar
Right on the money shes amazing" ... written by starlight699
Wonderful as always!" ... written by slinkyminky3
Excellent reading. I had a demo with Dr.SunnyMarie and now a private. You won't be disappointed." ... written by janesi
Very healing, truthful, insightful, and warm, all that I needed, thank you!" ... written by Stephanie
She is wonderful very caring and very understanding. Very soothing voice and very knowledgeable " ... written by chloe161
Wonderful as always. 1000 times over hun:)" ... written by Snowscape
She is very accurate and a really loving, caring person. " ... written by lightmom
Wow. What a great reading! I just had a ton of weight lifted from my shoulders. Thank you so much, insight, answers and tools for change. No gimmicks, just help." ... written by lavenderlilly13
Dr sunny as always is wonderful. She is one of the best and is always right about picking up your energy. And knows how to put your mind at ease. Thanks again for your insight. " ... written by Chloe
Very spot on thank you so much!" ... written by damian1482
My husband and I joke all the time, and I tell him all about my animal rescue I am going to start when I get out of college, no one else knows about this little story I tell my husband, but DrSunnyMarie! did. She told me it would be a reality, without me ever having mentioned it.....She is great!" ... written by wdenesday13
I love DrSunnyMarie. Thank you for being there to help me with life's chaos. You always make me feel better. You rock. :)" ... written by lavenderlilly13
She is a good reader... " ... written by MyLuvv
Thank you!" ... written by Ruth Seltzer
She picked up on me the minute I walked into the chat room. It was pretty amazing to hear what she had to say. She made me feel so much better after having a bad day and put me at ease with her knowledge. THANK YOU DR SUNNY!. Amazing. Can't wait to hear what else is in store." ... written by DannieGIRL7
Love her! Thank you." ... written by Krisitna
Just got started ... can't really say anything until they come true!" ... written by trapper50
Love Love Love!!!!! She's my girl!!" ... written by misty
Love her very compassionate!!!" ... written by misty
Wonderful reading!" ... written by Silentsong
She's great! Wonderful and honest. On point with her info. Very helpful." ... written by anita
Shes i so awessssommmmmme!" ... written by ali
I liked her! She was smart and intuitive so I will see how it goes and if she is correct." ... written by Ann S
Great read." ... written by misty
SO helpful, thank you so much." ... written by Lauren
BRILLIANT" ... written by Lauren
Positive! Positive! Positive! She gets me and my circumstance right on point. I feel healing whenever I talk with her!!! 100 stars" ... written by misty
I used up time because I did not understand how the system works. But I like the lady." ... written by JoAnn
I haven't talked to DrSunnyMarie in a very long time and it was a pleasure to reconnect! Thank you so much!!" ... written by Courtney
Amazing! I would give the sky of stars if I could. " ... written by luckystar222
DrSunny is very gifted and I am glad I came across her today." ... written by victoria111
Dr. Sunny is pretty neat.. so positive!" ... written by Taylor
Looking forward to connecting with Dr. Sunny Marie more!!! Thank you!!!" ... written by Debra
Dr Sunny keeps you focused on your path. She isn't telling you what you wanna hear, but what you have to know. thanks again DR:)))" ... written by shay
Wonderful positive energy and caring advice... " ... written by Sunshine0105
Awesome" ... written by brandi
Thanks, hope you can help with my guides." ... written by guiseppe
She did a great job interpreting dream. Very comforting." ... written by emily
Amazing." ... written by luckystar222
This is my second reading with Marie, and again I am filled up with the good energy and advises, she picks up easily and very accurate. Thanks a lot. Just what I needed tonight. " ... written by fresialower
Went back for more. ..:)" ... written by emily
She's simply amazing!" ... written by Jennifer
What a wonderful medium and person SunnyMarie is. It was one of the best readings here on Oranum! And I received so much light and love and guidance from her, that I feel ready to go on with an open heart. Thank you!" ... written by sara
Very helpful, what she said made sense for my situation. I feel she was truly connected to my spirit." ... written by Lorie
worth every penny!" ... written by Starchildsmom
Dr. Sunny was great, I'm going to try what she suggested to me!" ... written by angelkt6
Very sweet spirit! Loved her!" ... written by Victoria
I am so grateful for connecting with Dr Sunny. Her insight is amazingly accurate and her advice is so very precious to me. Her energy is just so peaceful to be present with!! Thanks!" ... written by intrigue
Thanks so much for the future outlook. :)" ... written by Amber
Very kind, gentle, healing. Also straightforward. A loving spirit and human being." ... written by Robin
She is highly priced because she offers the best service. She is absolutely amazing!! Connects to the speed of light, and tells u exactly what is the matter of the problem...I highly recommend her." ... written by LoveLove
What a genuine woman." ... written by Danielle
Very direct, good read. Will continue to use her." ... written by ssparedes
She was very on point! It was scary!" ... written by Natasha
She was very good, I felt she was genuine and very in tune with me. I would have liked a little more time, wish she was a little more precise on my topic, she touched on it and made some suggestions so will see how things go, overall she was good." ... written by Scott
Thank you for strong energy and beautiful mantra!" ... written by P
Works well with the Universal Power, very understanding. Gave me info. I already knew but, it was nice to have it confirmed Will call again :)" ... written by Storm
She is great! Really knows what's best. She has a lot of power! :)" ... written by Angela
Very good intuitive and confirmed my feelings about the situation. " ... written by celticfreckles
Very powerful!" ... written by De
Doctor Sunny Marie is a very professional Lady and helps as much as she can....have to say lots of respect to her for, her holy guidance....love Doctor Sunny for the fact feel connected with her a lot and on the same wave length...ps hope it snows for you in the USA,,,,love Federation7....thank you....." ... written by Federation7
Right on target, knows what she is doing , picked up on things only I know" ... written by kcw1433
I think DrSunnyMarie is very good! She helped find answers on things I was confused on." ... written by Nicole
She was amazing and dead on!" ... written by Crichelle Smith
Amazing reader, she wowed me. Bless you sunny much love. " ... written by spiritessense
Amazing woman everything she said was true. xxxx" ... written by nicola dalby
OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! She confirmed what that special someone was feeling for me!!! I'm sooo excited!!!" ... written by rafael2687
She was great, right on with what is going on in my situation. Very helpful advice." ... written by valerie
Wow this psychic is amazing!! I love every word she told me." ... written by daniela
Really helpful with regards to my work situ and making me feel positive about my life in general - highly recommend. Thank you x " ... written by Tinker
Wonderful reading with her, very calming effect and spot on with what she said." ... written by badbonster
Direct, seems to know things and give good advice forward! :)" ... written by Mariell
Such a great reading, picked up on everything so quickly. Told me things without saying a word. Very impressed." ... written by Pete
She is wonderful, very accurate and spot on!! So compassionate, I will most deff return for another reading in the near future! Thanks so much Dr.Sunny xoxox " ... written by Libra26
She is a no fluff, smoke or mirrors kind of girl. She really is different from anyone here on Oranum. She connects so quickly, and has such a calming energy about her that this reading was a real treat. Thanks Dr SunnyMarie!" ... written by JellyBell
She is right on the money with everything. I wish I had more time to spend with her." ... written by Pamela C.
a true professional.. and it shows..i will come back for her reading.. she doesnt fluff around... thankyou so much DR.." ... written by donna
DrSunny was wonderful, we connected very well and she is so compassionate and giving. Loved my reading! Thank you Dr. !!! " ... written by Lynda22
She was amazing! She saw the situation completely. I'll let you know if her prediction comes to be." ... written by Bari
excellent " ... written by kani34
She is as quick and lovely as ever. The real deal and worth every penny! :) I come back to her all the time" ... written by jellybell
Fingers crossed everything happens the way Sunny said. It's difficult situation, but I have to believe it's possible" ... written by Fenix
great " ... written by ken
Great insite, Much needed direction." ... written by Ashton
simply lovely... always brings peace to me!" ... written by skroses638
awesome ty ty so much" ... written by Mary
Fantastic and gifted , kindred spirit.. thanks so much for your insight, into my life and main soul issues.. and helping/advice was awesome!! Highly recommend Dr. SunnyMarie! " ... written by Lynda22
Lovely person. Wise and caring. I will definitely come visit with Dr. Sunny Marie again!" ... written by Christy
Great reading with practical and useful advice. She really gets into the heart of things and knows how to improve the situation. Just fantastic!" ... written by Jennifer
Connection good" ... written by s
Sometimes we just need help when we need help. What a dear kind help Dr Sunny Marie is for the seeker of help. OTHER TIMES: BASKETBALL COURT + LAW COURT = SUCCESS AND ANOTHER REASON FOR DR SUNNY MARIE TO BE SOUGHT FOR HELP AND KINDNESS." ... written by JANWORDS
email me . heal me . thank you so so so so much ." ... written by anonymous
Super intuitive and just knows. I don't have to tell her much and she just starts telling me the exact things I want to know. Another very informative and excellent reading with Dr Sunny. Love ya, thank you." ... written by Jennifer
thank you its what i needed to hear .. I'm on this path now... to focus on myself what should be will be" ... written by mariah
She is very sympathetic and wise. She tells it like it is and I think that is a very good quality. She is very beautiful--the face of a gypsy (meant in the most positive way). " ... written by Stacey Skirpan
good" ... written by d
Felt more like good advice for a heavy price. " ... written by inlovewithhim
I think she's amazing... Definitely connects very fast and she's truly honest and has a great personality. I love her.. She's one of my new faves out of the few here or ORANUM... " ... written by Dejuir
absolutely amazzing...real deal!" ... written by t
fantastic" ... written by Phil
A really amazing reading, great details and lots of information. Quickly and accurately described the relationship and what will be coming up for us. Sunny answered all of my questions with complete confidence and kindness. Thank you" ... written by Jennifer
incredibly accurate to the point that its scary." ... written by Gabby
answered all of my concerns i enjoyed it " ... written by vell
shes great" ... written by shnaz abdul
amazing" ... written by shnaz abdul
she's very fast and fluent. i am very amazed by her ability." ... written by olivezcy
She is a nice person i will recommend her!" ... written by Chinese Flower
she is honest , helpful , not enough time ." ... written by anonymous
thank you for the suggestions, really appreciate it xx" ... written by d
I love her she's on it she know what she's doing" ... written by Stacy
Wonderful! I can't wait to come back! :-) Was definitely accurate! :-)" ... written by SmileyT
she is just amazing. Every time i go to see her she makes me feel comfortable, and she is so quick! She doesnt need any information either because she is the real deal. Worth every single penny :) Ill be back again!" ... written by JellyBell
thank you so much sunny!! i loved my reaidng now i will be looking forward to it :)" ... written by daniela
She was lovely connected right away gave me predictions and timeframes to happen soon. Didn't need much info from me she saw what others have also predicted and Im excited. I recommend her." ... written by Ace
waiting for great results" ... written by sheribear
I am all fire up for my vision to come true " ... written by sheribear
wonderful reading, very honest and precise with details" ... written by Ammer
Very good, very calming, I enjoyed my reading with Dr Sunny. I felt very reassured by her. Excellent!" ... written by S
She is worth every penny, and always so kind and gentle. I love reading with her" ... written by Jellybell
She was great. Connected right away. " ... written by AB
I found her very good..." ... written by Sparkle Pony
Enormously talented! Extraordinary. Wonderful, calming, caring..." ... written by isabellissima
Thank you so much for the reading. Appreciate your time" ... written by Andrea
Awesome reading. the best on here." ... written by V
So awesome! Luv her :)" ... written by V