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Psychic DrNightengale4Uhas 25-30years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic DrNightengale4Uhas recently helped 10members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about DrNightengale4U's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Greetings & Blessings Upon You & Yours! My name is Dr. Nightengale. "Appointed and Anointed". "Dedicated and Delighted" to help you enhance your quality of life, love, and living. I want you to achieve your destiny and calling; assist you in taking back control of your life; and celebrate your accomplishments once we work on a real positive plan of action in your life!.

The choppy seas of "life, love and loss" can be overwhelming without an anchor or device that keeps you from flailing around or being sucked under the torrential currents or tide. Let me help you get through life's challenges. Let's work together so that the "rest of your life" IS the "BEST" of your life .

I am here to comfort the afflicted, uplift those who are down, give light to those who are in darkness while nurturing and using my intuitive talent to assist you in making the rest of your life be the "BEST" of your life.

Let's look into your past, present, and future with a private session. Connect with me right now!! Let me assist you in answering the questions that have been causing you sleepless nights, restlessness, uncertainty, feelings of despair.

Gaining control over our lives takes more than intelligence, hard work, education or competence. Even gifted and ambitious people can sometimes get "caught up" or confused or frustrated over unforeseeable and uncontrollable events and circumstances. Sometimes we can become victims. Sometimes we just need confirmation, and at times we just need a listening ear without judgment. I am here for you.

Types of Services:Life Coaching,Career Counseling, Relationship Revelations, Tarot Readings: Angel Therapy, Zen, Money & The Law of Attraction, Medicine Woman, Mayan; Runes: Stone People Medicine, Cosmic Initiation; I provide group spreads for family and friends; Spiritual Insight/foresight; Group Texts Therapy;

I can help you in times of need, despair, trouble, confusion, anxiety etc... It’s an honor to provide you with superlative one-on-one consultation and advice by: foretelling events; supporting you in working out solutions to your problems, inspiring and motivating you to take positive action; delivering insightful information and communication; entertaining you with an empowering and enlightening Chat room.

2012 Let's be Passionate About Life & Love

* Rules of Dr. Nightengale’s Oranum Chat Room:
1. Please register.
2. Please do not interrupt others as I will get to you in an orderly fashion.
3. Please enter with a positive mental attitude as this is a sacred place for all who seek an ethereal presence of
spirituality or "God the Creator".
4. Please know I am here to help everyone that I can. I prefer regular 10 min sessions.
5. Please support those who truly are seeking answers by being patient.
6. Please understand that Oranum rules preclude me from obtaining info about you (phone,address,email).
7. Please visit often and frequently so we can connect (light seekers and workers understand energy).
8. Please buy credits to make your personal reading session just that “personal” as it is unprofessional to
expose your personal situation amongst others.
9. Please participate in our activities as you are welcome to have fun!
10. Please share my chat room with your loved ones and friends who are also searching for answers too.


I have been psychic or prophetic since I was 4 years old. My Great Cherokee Grandmother who started the Church of God In Christ in a little Midwest town worked for over 85 years in the ministry. She also was a gifted psychic and healer and was anointed of God as well. She prophesied to my mother that I would be anointed by God and do the same spiritual works as she did. I am a modest Oracle. I kept my gifts mostly to myself out of fear of rejection as people always associated these gifts as being super natural, spooky and sometimes scary. I worked in the Church of God In Christ where I was able to develop my talents and gifts of interpretation, speaking in tongues, laying of hands, anointing of the sick and infirmed, discernment, and even performed spiritual exorcisms.

The "Great Spirit Guide" that some identify as "God Almighty" has blessed me with a variety of spiritual skill-sets and "God-ordained" mystical, musical, and spiritual talents since I was knee high to a grasshopper! LOL

I'm a 3rd-generation Cherokee Shaman and Spiritual Guide. I'm an upbeat and motivating Psychic and Life Coach that's been in the business to help those who seek answers to burning questions and want true guidance. Your journey of discovering confirmation, peace, harmony, love and light begins here.

I have over 30+ years’ expertise in providing spiritually successful clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient readings. I utilize a variety of tarot spreads, tarot cards, runes, affirmations, and meditations, music and psalm to assist you in becoming the fully-self actualized being you were meant to be.

I am a spiritual entity- I work with God as my "pilot" God doesn't need a co-pilot.

I have used my gift(s) to solve missing or murdered persons cases; find lost items; formulate strategies for $uccess; inspire others to action; uplift the down-trodden and heavy laden; and motivate those who suffer from physical, mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual maladies. Throughout history, humans have struggled to control the invisible elements in destiny. I believe in "divine" intervention and am proud to be a servant of God as an Oracle 4 U.

Spirit Guides are constantly around us supporting us as we traverse or travail. I employ only positive words of affirmations, spiritual anointing from the Great Creator, and divine wisdom to assist me in your daily readings. I am able to give you sound and prudent counsel about love & relationships, your secret self, work & vocation, personal and professional enrichment.

I provide personal and private life coaching, goal setting, dream interpretation, distance healing, chakra cleansing, while incorporating humor and laughter as the best medicines. Move out of the darkness and into your light and "life being" as you were created to be!

I am an oracle with a tell-it-like-it-is persona and positive attitude. I've received a Doctorate of Divinity and have been prophesied to do the work that my Cherokee Great Grandmother and "Seer” did over 100 years ago.
The Bible says: " ..Many are called but "few" are chosen". I have been anointed and appointed by God to help those who are in need; those who are forlorn; those who have burning desires and questions about their future; and those who just want to have someone "hear" them without having a judgmental attitude or deaf ear.

* My work has been utilized in police investigations; lost and found (people and items); Career & Vocation; Spiritual Advice; Counseling; Relationships (personal, professional, inner self); and Life & Loss. I've received several Governor-awards for enhancing the quality of life for citizens; Mayoral keys-to-the-city for community service works; appeared on National, local, and international tv and radio. I also write and receive grants for self-improvement and entrepreneurial programs. I was selected to appear and testify before President Clinton’s subcommittee on Women & the Glass Ceiling and have received Governor’s Awards for community service in the Midwest.

I am a published author, former Managing Editor for a Non-denominational news periodical, an award-winning journalist, and have appeared on “Good Morning America” for my exemplary work with youth and the poor in the Midwest.

Other Work:
Multi-Media Journalist~Motivational Speaker~Grant Writer~ABC~NBC~ Van Guard Airlines~NPR Affiliate~Youth Minister (KS)~ Office of the Mayor (KS)~ Executive Director WYCO Communications Project.

2011 Doctorate of Divinity (Seattle, Washington) 2005 Women’s Leadership Institute (Overland Park, KS) 2000 Penn Valley Community College Liberal Arts Studies / Spanish (KCMO) 1982 Topeka Broadcast School for Minorities (Topeka, KS) 1978 Washburn University (pre-med/pre-law)

I am affiliated with various organizations promoting spiritual empowerment, healthy choices and lifestyles, human rights, economic empowerment, upward mobility, and serve on various philanthropic boards. I am a Motivational Speaker, Thespian, Poet, Musician, Muse, Shawoman, Art-Lover & Oracle.
We are all Children of the Same Universe! We are still works in progress! Take back control of your emotions, your environment, your excitement about life and LIVE! You'll get your daily dose of inspiration, motivation, and entertainment starting @ 8AM CST with a host that's a real person helping you solve your real puzzles in real time with real genuine feelings and a dedication and commitment to your becoming the best you can be. The opportunities for self-growth and self-love and lotsa' fun are infinite.Work out your cycle of luck! Gain insight into your personality and relationships, making decisions, and defining your goals and more. Let's make the "Rest" of your life be the "BEST" of your life!

Schedule of Events: Monday thru Friday Midnight to 3AM Open chat room
Saturday & Sunday: Private readings/ Email readings/

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