About DoctorRinki

Psychic DoctorRinkihas 5-10years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic DoctorRinkihas recently helped 12members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about DoctorRinki's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Dr.Rinki Srivastav

REIKI GRAND MASTER, Behavioural Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Dowsing Expert, Theta Practitioner, Meditation Consultant in Schools.

1. She Conducts regular workshops to train people in Reiki, Dowsing, Meditations and use their positive energies for their and social betterment.
2. She has initiated hundreds of Channels and students in Reiki along with the energies of various guides and bring out their inherent positive qualities and enjoy better quality life.
3. She has been counseling people and helps them.
4. She runs her training centre in India by the name Oorja Reiki Shakti (ORS).

Rinki's Honors & Awards:


* Awarded Honorary Doctorate Degree by Indian Institute of Complimentary Medicine (IICM), Hyderabad (India).

* Gold Medalist, Awarded as best Master Reiki Healer by Reiki Healing foundation, London (U.K. Chapter) (India).

Doctor Rinki is patient andamp; helpful if you need to discuss a problem she will" ... written by Kaz
very helpful very much appreciated thanks very much." ... written by melodicblues
My sister-in-law slipped from the dancing floor and got hurt very badly. She was complaining that she has pain in her chest . We went to the doctor but she did not get any relief and the pain persists for many days. I did meditation and send her Reiki healing. After only one session of Reiki, she got healed and the pain did not occur again. I want to thank ORS from where I get Reiki attunements and the training to heal self and others" ... written by Amajeet
ORS - a place where Reiki helped me to redefine myself. I could overcome all my negative thoughts, fear, anxiety, frustration and depression, Migraine - all lead to a very poor health. Due to which I was neglecting my children. It is all because of Reiki and Mrs. Rinki Srivastav who worked a lot on me to overcome these hurdles of my life. Thank you very much to her" ... written by Renu Jain
I feel 100% relief in my problems after Reiki Healing. Earlier I was facing so many problems like Lack of memory, concentration and confidence, I used to be very depressed and frustrated along with the feelings of fear. I had the suicidal tendency. I was so unhappy with all my problems that I wanted to commit suicide. Fortunately, I came to ORS and took few healing sessions. Hard to believe now I am feeling very light and happy. My attitude towards life is very positive that now I have learned Reiki from here do practice a lot." ... written by Binu Chug
After taking 3 days healing sessions I noticed improvement in myself. I was an emotional and a negative thinker. I had many diseases at emotional level. I used to be depressed always and wanted to be alone. I had migraine, I always felt weakness, body-ache and frustration. After Reiki healing I am totally positive and got cured . I live my life in a new way. Now Me and my husband both have learned Reiki from Ms Rinki Srivastav. We do reiki very dedicatedly. Now I give reiki to my son. He is also improving a lot , earlier he was always keeping sick" ... written by Anuradha
I am very much satisfied with Reiki . Lot many things in my life have been improved with this healing power. I am still practicing and learning the higher degrees of the same. Thanks to Reiki and all the divine powers which made my life easy" ... written by Surinder Kaur
After learning Reiki I put into practice in my own life and got wonderful result. The cosmic energy is everywhere but you can learn through Reiki-which is a Japanese form of healing - how to use it in your day to day life. Infact Reiki unfold the secrets of energy created but God prevailing in whole universe. If you or your relative is in a state of depression, suffering from chronic ailments not cured by allopathic, Ayurvedic or homeopathic medicine, facing crunch of funds, facing disappointment and frustration in your life, please do not fail to attend Reiki Classes and learn the secret how to use Reiki Shakti to overcome these problems. I recommend that every-body interested in his own welfare and welfare of his kith and kin to attend reiki course organized by Dr.Rinki ." ... written by Advocate Mann
I was afraid andamp; confused as my mass communication exams are going to start. I did not prepare any subject and was worried about the results. Ms. Rinki gave me a crystal charged through reiki and I wore it. The result was unbelievable. I read my book once before by exam and I memorized everything. It boosts up my confidence level, concentration and sharpen the memory as well. Thankyou reiki, crystal and Ms Rinki" ... written by Rashmi
I had a severe cold, headache and chest congestion. I took a glass of water andamp; charged it with the Reiki healing energies as told by Dr. Rinki. After few minutes I was surprised as no congestion, cold and headache vanished. Amazing !!" ... written by Sangeeta
I was very short tempered. I used to get angry quite often with no reasons. After learning Reiki, I find myself changed. Now I handle situations very easily without getting angry. Due to this I can do my work in a much better way, be it in home or in office. I find myself much relax and stressfree. Thanks to you" ... written by Preeti
Miracle of Psychic Surgery HEART BLOCKAGES CURED THROUGH REIKI. My chest was continuously paining. ECG was not normal. Doctors advised me to get admitted in the hospital. They diagnosed heart blockages and referred for surgery. My BP was also high. Then I tried Psychic surgery, which I learnt only few days before. The results were marvelous. Not only my BP got controlled but also the biggest thing that I achieve was I got cured totally. I myself removed heart blockages, as when I went for checkup after psychic surgery, the reports came out were normal. Even doctors were surprised as how can it be possible because the last report was showing a very serious heart condition with so many blockages but now the latest report is showing that there is not even a single blockage in my heart. I am totally healed and healthy. Thanks to Reiki." ... written by Amajeet