About Dlight

Psychic Dlighthas 10-15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Dlighthas recently helped 105members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Dlight's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I have always had the gift of sight. I have been doing readings for friends and family since the age of 18 when I realized that I wasn't crazy but instead had a gift I should share. I began doing readings for random people I didn't know such as co workers, strangers, friends of friends, etc. back in 2007. I began using the Tarot this same year. It is the same deck I use till this day and is always accurate. I can do readings with or without it but prefer to use the tarot when doing face to face readings. I like that it gives the party I'm reading something to look at besides me. lol. I decided to sign up for this psychic service to challenge myself. I usually pass out business cards and get referrals mainly through word of mouth. This is easy business and lately I have become bored with it. I figure joining the online world to share my gift will spice things up a bit. Besides the latter I would also welcome the opportunity to share my gift with as many people as possible. I love the phone calls and emails I get detailing how I have helped people. It makes me feel like I am already fulfilling my purpose in life. I know that the information I bestow does not come from me but through me. I love being a channel for the messages conveyed and feel guilty when I receive information meant for other people but don't share it. During this day and age I feel it important that people know ahead of time what to expect. Being that I can definitely help in that matter, I would welcome the opportunity to help with any questions or concerns you have regarding your future.

Bright Blessings Always,

P.S. ***Please do not ask for free readings or cards in the Free Chat area. Free chat is for you to get to know me better if you wish. You may ask general questions pertaining to my particular skill set if you wish. I do not answer questions for free in free chat. It is not for this purpose. This practice is against Oranum policy. Please request a private chat for any questions pertaining to personal matters. Thank you.***

She was very sweet - good reading" ... written by dmariae
Wonderful psychic, she really cares, will come back to her. Thank you " ... written by pepita24
She is awesome and accurate!!!!!!" ... written by donnaluna
Dlight is a true light, she really has a way with words and is very precise and straight to the point. Try her out. " ... written by mzhope13
absolutely spot on, would highly recommend and go back for more." ... written by chelle54
very good reader, accurrate reading." ... written by 1212flaming
She is so wise and helpful! She is a real blessing!" ... written by mimizi
Maximum 4000 characters..." ... written by MayGirl
Dead on! Will be back!" ... written by blessed05
Dlight, was very personal and professional she stayed on task and was patient." ... written by ramona1972
Very good reading she helped me on my purpose in life so i am going to get to work soon and focus on myself for now" ... written by kprattis
Very kind person, good information, I like her!" ... written by Angel6776
She is intuitive and can feel your pain;..and give the best applicable advice possible for ur situation..truly a Dlight" ... written by UncleDee
Good Reading.....THNX A MILLION " ... written by divinedaughter
Always a pleasure..very warm and kindred..like a sister, but brutally honest like that auntie that everyone thinks is crazy.." ... written by UncleDee3
She was very direct to the point. I feel relive of issues." ... written by COCOA17