About DionFortune

Psychic DionFortunehas 5-10years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic DionFortunehas recently helped 537members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about DionFortune's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Please Read Before Asking a Question:

A lot of people ask me to pull random tarot cards for them when they first enter my room. I will typically not do this because I do not believe that there is any instrumental function in the cards unless I have made a connection to them personally. Connections infrequently occur passively - they are something I need to focus on, and without a guide or personall connection, the cards are useless. Please allow me to make a connection with you before asking for a card. Thanks :)

Hi, I'm Dion!

I am a fourth generation clairvoyant although spirituality and esoteric teachings have been very important in my family of practitioners for as far back as I can trace - I have used my gift for about 12 years and it has granted me insight into matters both physical and spiritual – because of this, I am a natural counselor and teacher. Along my path I have learned to communicate with my angels - I talk to them every day and they act as a liaison between me and my clients’ angels. I also practice divination - mainly with tarot cards, but only if I feel it completely necessary. I often help my clients achieve insights without them, but I do recognize them as a tool. I am well studied in the Qabalah and derive many of my beliefs and practices from the teaching of Hermes.
I am currently a teacher of English literature - a school is somewhere where talking about spirituality is discouraged - so I'm here to help others and keep my clairvoyance sharp. I specialize in relationships (am a certified counselor with emphasis on addictions) but can also help with matters of finance, health, business and relocation. It is of great important that I offer practical guidance along side my readings instead of hurling my friends into confusion and increased stress. If we don't take action towards healthy, balanced lives, the All will force balance upon us.
I am here to help you achieve balance - Taking me into private helps me focus on YOU and contact your personal angels. Please do not ask me to answer a question [in detail] in the free chat area. My insight comes from a direct angelic or spiritual connection, and for a clear / detailed reading it's vitally important that I can focus.
Thanks for hanging out with me!

- Dion

A really nice guy, I recommend him!" ... written by Miroch
Really great! Unfortunately I was short on time but he gave me good information, he seems very serious and he knows what he's doing." ... written by CracklingWater
He is very helpful, kind and really sensitive. I highly recommend to take him to a private reading!" ... written by mimizi
Loved the reading, amazing psychic...he really helped me...thank you again." ... written by pepita24
Amazing reading! It feels to me he's very secure with the great gift he possesses. He makes his readings flow with such ease and understanding. Overall I'm very satisfied with the messages he brought forth. He is so gifted!. " ... written by mercury_003
It was an amazing experience ! I wish I had more credit in my account. He's truly gifted." ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
wow wow wow. Well, that was such a ... chat. Dion really knows what he is talking about. He was right about everything, also gave me very good advice, like he knows me personally. So if you need some truth (and you do if you are here)... grab the chance to talk to him. I did and I am more than ok now, because I know what I have to do.. Thanks to him. Hug, Dion. Thank you again." ... written by Sabina68
Best psychic on here. Impressively on point, amazing. CHOOSE HIM! He is ridiculously on point. " ... written by LindsayLoo1
ty :)" ... written by mozzy123
hi, thanks so much! you are really helpful!" ... written by rosa55
Thank you for your wonderful reading. You were quick to answer all questions and gave me clarity. Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
I love his energy I need talk back with him again!!" ... written by erinangel
Extraordinary and Excellent!!!!!!!! Accurate and helpful. Enjoyed reading from him!!!!!!" ... written by sweets123
Very sweet guy.. picks up on a lot of stuff with you... very much worth the reading... xx thank you dion" ... written by butterflywings10
I like talking with him very much !! and ill keep chating with him because he makes me feel safe!!! he is my angel guide now!!" ... written by erinangel
Dion is a lovely chap and the reading was very positive. Here's hoping for the fruition of the reading :-))" ... written by tickleme2011
Wow. he is true psychic!! thank you." ... written by JL
I had tow readings with Dion and he is right on the money! market a true psychic !! easy to understand and very pleasant to talk with! he even new my name that my family only calls me by Sandra! I'm still shocked!! " ... written by erinangel
He is very good, gave some great advice, thank you!!!!" ... written by cammyboo
Dion is great. He is honest and straightforward. If you want an honest interpretation of your questions ....come see him!" ... written by tara
This guy is very awesome. and he is funny. He saw things that i was trying to hide......great job on present and future!!!!!" ... written by makaylalarayn1
He was right on and he did a very detail reading for and put my mind at peace.. He is the real deal...Thank you." ... written by nk063011
HE WAS AWESOME ORANUM YOU HAVE FINE GOOD PEOPLE ON THIS SITE. Thank you for hiring him. " ... written by bam486943
He's cool and he helped me by explaining things to me, thank you dion :)" ... written by Dphsgo93
All I can say is Dion is just Amazing!!!! 10 **** to him!" ... written by Lucy117
Dion is GREAT! Will definitely come back." ... written by marion
He's quick, to the point, accurate, and easy to understand. I *really* enjoyed my reading with him and will be back for more conversation and updates. He's definitely worth your credits!" ... written by daydreamer246
He was great!" ... written by oalanis
He is %100 accurate totally right on! He did not miss anything.He is really true deal guys! Do not waste your time with other psychics. I would highly recommend him." ... written by burningdesire201
Dion is an excellent reader. We had some technical difficulties, but from what I got out of him, he can zero in on what is going on. He was able to get right to the heart of some issues for me. Definitely want to come back soon." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Very satisfied answerd all questions. Was right on the money with many of the questions. Enjoyed our reading very insightful. very helpful." ... written by becca2312
Totally picked up on me! " ... written by sillygirl1198
Honest, kind, and fun talking to. He gives advice based not only on what he senses but personal opinion and logic too." ... written by kavintee
Super accurate and really fun to talk to! Really tapped into my questions from the start, great energy, felt like I was consulting a good friend who also happened to be an accurate psychic. 5 stars!" ... written by moonstone2
Connected. Intuitive. Highly recommended!" ... written by Bhanu
Omg, so good!!! I recommend her to everyone! Get him while he's cheap!!" ... written by himynameis
Thank you so much." ... written by lenard
Dion is a very gifted young man. Such a charming fun personality to talk with. His intelligence gives reading much depth. He picked up the complicated situation easily and described people's emotions and motives to a T!! A powerful reader. I love my reading!! Thank you Dion! xoxox" ... written by psymeow
Good reading....Spot on. Highly recommend." ... written by Mojana
He was very helpful" ... written by marshmall
Awesome reader. Love this guy. I highly recommend him. So glad he's back." ... written by bridget mckenna
Connected really quickly and gave a lot of good, concise information. Very direct and said what he saw. " ... written by kendra
Amazing reading!" ... written by greenmachine2991
AWEEESOMEEEE!!!" ... written by greenmachine2991
Thanks for the reading Dion...sorry about the lag...thanks for your advice on things....I know you are right...just will take time to get there...thanks. Recommended...." ... written by sweetpea333
My first time reading with Dion and I think he's really cool. He had no problem connecting to my energy and he made me feel so comfortable. He was spot on with my situation. Will definitely read with him again. Try him sometime, you'll see what I mean." ... written by Delor63
Dion is terrific...a good listener and gives good advice and helps to see direction in life! 5 stars....!" ... written by sweetpea333
Thanks for the reading Dion....it helped to talk things out and to try to see the future and what I can make of it after I get through this rough patch. Thanks!" ... written by sweetpea333
He's really awesome!" ... written by Nicky
Thanks for the reading Dion.... You always make sense and helps me to see things clearly.... Thanks... Really.... And your newsletter was very interesting...." ... written by sweetpea333
Nice personality. Brief but interesting reading." ... written by exyzee
Lag issues but this time it worked! Dion is a great reader and I enjoy his sense of humor and his readings....Thank you!!" ... written by sweetpea333
Thanks Dion for insightful reading and helping me deal with issues in life.... I will get to where I need to go... Just takes time.... ok? Thanks and you always so kind... Appreciate your help." ... written by sweetpea333
Dion is great! " ... written by sweetpea333
He was an honest upfront reader.. Thanks for advice ..see you soon" ... written by sunshinec
Dion is very personable and genuine. I received a very pleasant tarot reading. " ... written by Caitlin
I like talking with him. He is straight forward and doesn't waste time. " ... written by kendra
Helps to talk it out!!! Thanks you are a special person and u make a difference." ... written by s
Fantastic reading!" ... written by Nicky
Dion is an awesome reader....and helps to see the bright side of things....thank you ...thank you." ... written by sweetpea333
Spoke out my full situation in just pieces of info he got from me!!! He was so accurate and professional!! Very knowledgeable regarding my situation and gave sound advice! Highly recommended!!! Thank you Dion!! =)" ... written by Sleepydreamer
Thanks for guidance...just a hard week is all...and u are great....." ... written by sweetpea333
Thanks for your advice...and esp for listening....helps...really." ... written by sweetpea333
Thanks for the reading Dion... Guess you're my new favorite reader. Thanks...Helps to talk about issues." ... written by sweetpea333
OMG, he is the most amazing wonderful man I have spoken to on here. I am very happy that I got the chance to speak with him. I will most definitely be back to speak with him again. Have a blessed night and please give this wonderful man a chance :)" ... written by confused3330
Thanks for the reading Dion...it is always nice talking to you and helping me get some clarity in life...much appreciated." ... written by sweetpea333
great guy to talk to and gave me great advice " ... written by queenmarge
Dude, gnarly. He's awesome." ... written by greenmachine2991
Really funny and animated guy... He can read with or without cards. If you want an entertaining reading, chat with him :)" ... written by Chelsey
Dion is a friendly and compassionate person and enjoy his readings and his personality.... Thanks." ... written by s
Thanks for insightful reading and trying to help.... Yo do.... Really." ... written by s
He made me smile!" ... written by Nicky
Gave predictions and let's see." ... written by ......
Thanks! You always help.... And thanks for trying to get me on the right path.... I getting there... Really..." ... written by sweetpea333
Dion was a nice guy. He did pinpoint a lot of what I have been going through. Will keep you posted. Blessings" ... written by Rana
Thank you!!! Your the best on here by far! lol" ... written by sweetpea333
Thanks for your help...helping to detox from this situation and appreciate your help really! Baby steps." ... written by s
Awesome reader, love this guy! Ty for coming back dion, you were missed. So glad your back, ty for awesome reading, you rock man. BAMM486943" ... written by bridget mckenna
good reading! quick honest and to the point!" ... written by flow
Dion is helps to work on issues in life and think about the long term and things to accomplish..and things he sees...also very nice man....give him a try." ... written by sweetpea333
Dion is a good reader and help to bring up my spirits when I am down.... And see things for what they really are.... And move forward.... Thx." ... written by sweetpea333
He is a very kind person telling the truth without you telling him anything. He was very helpful just confirmed what I felt already. Thank you " ... written by Brigitta111
Love this reading with him, thank you for coming back dion." ... written by bridget mckenna
Thanks for listening and giving me guidance in my issues....you help a lot....glad to know you." ... written by s
Dion is great...recommend him. Thank u for helping." ... written by sweetpea333
Wonderful reader, thank you for an awesome reader." ... written by bridget mckenna
Always a pleasure to talk with you...you always help to see the brighter side of things... Thank you." ... written by s
Awesome read from him he rocks!" ... written by bridget mckenna
Thanks.....things to work through...thanks for your advice and help.....thx....u are awesome." ... written by sweetpea333
awesome reading he really makes you feel about yourself and pickes up yoru engery right away. thank you dion." ... written by bridget mckenna
A caring and compassionate reader.....give him a try." ... written by s
Very cool, nice to talk to and relaxed while understanding your situation. Very frank and insightful." ... written by agablue
He is very encouraging! And very to the point!" ... written by Margarita
Helps to talk out issues....i know what they are...just how to overcome....so a bright future....thank u...thank u." ... written by s
Thanks for guidance n u inspire me to get better...to be better in many areas....thank you." ... written by sweetpea333
Ty for awesome reading, definitely coming back." ... written by bridget mckenna
He is a great reader......recommend." ... written by someone
Wow, seems to get what's going on pretty quick, thanks!" ... written by Ben
Dion has been a lifesaver for me....he is really helping me turn my life around...thank you so much...really." ... written by sweetpea333
excellent reader...give him a try" ... written by ann
Thanks for the reading on advice on personal life....thanks for being there..." ... written by sweetpea333
Thanks for the reading... Things are getting better and appreciate your insight." ... written by s
Dion is a special person... He lifts you up when you are down and tries to make you see what is going on in your life and in your mind... to help to see a more positive way of life... I recommend him." ... written by anonymous
Awesome and kind, go for a private! it is worth it so much! :) " ... written by Marion
Thanks for the reading Dion....you help to settle my mind and help me to see if i am on the right path...thank you...thank u..." ... written by s
Dion is the most, I am not trying to boast, he always brightens people's day, is not enuf i can say, we all luv him so, and hate when he has to go! Lol...hahahah..how is that quick poetry...lol..thanks for the reading Dion!!!!" ... written by sweetpea333
Dion is a very sweet and mellow guy! He's accurate and will always point out the best direction for a solution. He gives sound advice and very friendly =). " ... written by Sleepydreamer
He is quick and gives good information. I have gone to see him many times. " ... written by kendra
An awesome read love this guy he brightens my day." ... written by bridget mckenna
Thanks for the reading Dion....is always interesting to hear what you have to say......and enjoy your personality." ... written by ann
Awesome reader, he gives so much insight comfortably. Wonderful smile and wonderful person! " ... written by Marion
Awesome read, this person rocks, he is the man." ... written by bridget mckenna
Thanks for the reading...you are so kind and you help to see how to deal with issues....thanks. Give Dion a try!" ... written by us
Thanks for the reading...u made me feel better n lighter...thx for the energy....and talk." ... written by Ann
Dion is an excellent reader and enjoyed his style of reading... Thank you." ... written by renee
Thanks.....for reading and for your insight....u are a compassionate person...thank you." ... written by ann
You are awesome!! Thanks for the clarity.....it helps to see thru the fog...." ... written by sierra
Very great advisor! Will connect quickly and definitely accurately answers questions and helps give best direction to a dilemma. " ... written by Sleepydreamer
wow, dion is able to give you a quick reading when really needed, he gets straight to the point with alot of insight. helps one to stay calm and to go with the flow. super happy and excited for things to go my way. thanks again dion" ... written by Samsam
love this person ty for making me feel better." ... written by bridget mckenna
Thanks for helping me with issues...I appreciate you.... It helps to get clarity on things...." ... written by sweetpea333
Thank you Dion... You help to get my life in order.... Thank you very much for your time and patience." ... written by sierra
Dion is a one of a kind....a compassionate reader and helps to see a different way of thinking....to change your life....and grow...thank you...." ... written by ann
Excellent reader." ... written by ali
Awesome read, thank you for coming back! Love the card spread you hit write on the button." ... written by bridget mckenna
Very good with his cards, lots of psychic ability, thanks!" ... written by b
You are marvelous!! Thank u for all your continued support....thank u." ... written by sweetpea333
Very good!" ... written by Sarah
Great reader...give him a try." ... written by alycia
Dion is amazing...give him a try...." ... written by val
Good!" ... written by Sarah
Seems to know things before I say it...the first person I ran into so far able to do that...Good!" ... written by Sarah
Dion is the best....always helps....recommend him!" ... written by sweetpea333
Awesome read. Thank you dion you hit again i enjoy the tarot reading you hit every point." ... written by bridget mckenna
Dion is an interesting and compassionate reader ....can help with difficulties in your life...." ... written by jackie
Thanks for your insight....into life's issues...thank you...you are great..." ... written by ana
Very good!" ... written by Sarah
AWESOME READ ty guy rocks so glad he's back online please get a reading from him if you havn't Yet" ... written by bridget mckenna
Appreciate your time and guidance on my life. Thank you for the reading and advice." ... written by Laura
Dion is a good reader.....very engaging and helpful...thank you......" ... written by Lisa
Thank you dion...you are awesome." ... written by Ann
Thank you so much, and I would love any help I can get. Thank you again~" ... written by RockieHeart
Thank you Dion... You are the voice of reason..." ... written by s
Thank you for your time... Ad your patience... And your compassion.... It is much appreciated. Recommend Dion!" ... written by ana
Dion is a great reader and appreciate his insight and guidance." ... written by renee
You are always a wonderful reader.... Thank you for your time and patience. I would recommend Dion!" ... written by ann
First time reading is so spot on! Love the male perspective... Awesome!" ... written by rosy
GREAT reader!!! He was so on point and helped me a lot. Also offered great advice!!! EVERYONE should go and read with him I swear he's the BEST! :)" ... written by Jackie
Yes! I'm lucky 300! What do I get... lol.... Seriously thank u for help over time..... Glad I have gotten to know u and for all your advice." ... written by sweetpea333
Thanks you.....5 stars......" ... written by carol
Thanks Dion for the reading and trying to help me figure out path I need to take... Thank you. Recommend Dion!!!!!" ... written by karen
Very nice guy. Spot on with my situation. Would recommend a reading to everyone. Thanks again." ... written by angloThai
Thank you for reading and listening..... always appreciate you." ... written by s
Dion is awesome....always has helpful advice.....read with him...really." ... written by sweetpea333
dions a nice guy! read with him!" ... written by sallyboozarr
A sweet , honest and intuitive man . Always on spot, and very clear with symbolism. He has a giant compassionate heart. Worth every minute of time! Get him before he gets taken away in free chat. Because he does! XXXXXX Absolutely adore this psychic! Master tarot card reader indeed! X" ... written by Marion
You are a good reader and thanks for being compassionate and positive it is what i need at this time." ... written by chris
Wow. Impressive. You are really good. I highly recommend a reading to everyone. Thanks again." ... written by angloThai
AWESOME READER always be my favortie reader." ... written by bridget mckenna
Dion is a wonderful reader and helps to clear things up in my life and have me deal. thanks." ... written by lisa
Awesome read he is the most wonderful reader he's my number one reader on here five stars." ... written by bridget mckenna
I love Dion :)" ... written by kendra
very good! :) " ... written by mimi
Quick and accurate, made me feel a lot better about my situation!" ... written by Lana
Always nice to talk to you about things and thanks for being there. xoxo" ... written by sweetpea333
I asked some challenging questions in our reading, but Dion delivered without hesitation and with great accuracy. He gave me very precise timescales that I feel very confident will happen. He is fast, accurate and very compassionate. I highly recommend this guy, I for sure will return for a future reading. Give him a try, you won't be disappointed. " ... written by Mshelli
Dion thanks for help over time...you do make a difference and feel you have helped me get my life back on track and make changes...thank you!! really." ... written by sweetpea333
ANOTHER AWESOME READ LOVE HIS PREDICATIONS HES ROCKS dion is the man." ... written by bridget mckenna
Time will tell" ... written by Sparkle Pony
awesome read ty for the update you are the man. " ... written by bridget mckenna
Great reader! Thank you for helping me to see what I need to change to get to a good space in my life." ... written by stephanie
Kind and compassionate man. Thank you for insights." ... written by ana
Awsome read ty so much for the message from my mom he's reader on oranum." ... written by bridget mckenna
Thank you for the reading Dion...you help to clear up issues in my life and i appreciate your time. Always a good reader and helps....xoxo" ... written by sweetpea333
Interesting reading with DionFortune. He can help to see what things are blocking you and how to overcome issues in your life." ... written by c
awesome! amazing connection. highly recommended!" ... written by t.
terrific reading very sensitive and understanding. On point with my life. thank you so much" ... written by jane
Thank you Dion for the read into my life. Enjoyed hearing your thoughts on what is ahead for me." ... written by vie
awesome read" ... written by bridget mckenna
Dion is a great reader!! Gave me great advice with my situation!! so on point and accurate :)" ... written by Jackie
Great reader...was correct without me telling him much info at all. Thank you!!!!! Give him a try!!!" ... written by sandy
Excellent reader! Helped to see what decisions i need to make and the options i can take. Thank you!!!" ... written by jill
Wonderful reader. Thank you for your insights." ... written by susan
Wonderful reader! Thank you Dion." ... written by chris
Thank you Dion for listening and for guidance in life issues...helps to see more clearly...xox" ... written by sweetpea333
Thank you! You helped to me a lot and appreciate your time and guidance." ... written by amy
Thanks for the reading Dion! You are always great and thanks for look into future....kk." ... written by sweetpea333
Dion is a kind and compassionate reader. That being said, he will not sugar coat his answers or predictions. Give him a try and you will not be disappointed." ... written by c
l like he has made me feel much better about the choices I have made in my life career wise and relationship. I felt that he understood where I was coming from and was empowering in following my desires and passions in my life. Also helped emphasized that I follow through with my prophetic dreams and intuitions." ... written by Sidney
Dion in a great reader and helps to see the future and what can happen. Also great at talk therapy....give him a try...." ... written by ana
Dion is wonderful in pvt!!!! had update with him and he is spot on with everything and consistent with outcome!!" ... written by marionlyttle
Thanks for the reading Dion. Always good to talk of issues in life and get clarity...thx." ... written by sweetpea333
AWESOME READ ty dion you are the best anyone who comes to the room for the first time he's worth taking pvt." ... written by bridget mckenna
Thanks Dion for magnificent reading! Appreciate your guidance." ... written by ana
Great reader and a compassionate guy. 5 stars." ... written by Julie
Thanks Dion for the reading. Life can be so confusing at times and helps to try to see the way." ... written by c
Charming chap with good advice" ... written by Suzie
I loved our reading tonight again. We talked about my feelings surrounding a situation and helped understand some more. It can be difficult, but it is nice to hear that I have support and understanding from him and that people care about me!" ... written by Sidney
He was quick, accurate and helpful !" ... written by Jennifer
Dion sees how your life is and areas where you are stuck. Helps to see how to move past blocks in your life and move forward and how to be happy. Thanks." ... written by alycia
Dion ty for the awesome read you are the best reader on here you this sight so much better since you'd came on. ty for being there. FIVE STARS " ... written by bridget mckenna
very nice and direct. Great advice and quick. Makes a lot of sense about situations. I would recommend him. :)" ... written by bellarose13
What can i say about Dion fortune....when others on this site tried to help me with a serious issue...they could not...he has helped me turn my life around in a lot of ways...and make me see things in a different way and that i was not seeing things as they really are in my life. I thank you dearly Dion...you have been a blessing in my life and you help...thx...xoxo" ... written by sweetpea333
Thanks for the reading...you are always awesome to see the future." ... written by s
Awesome psychic, sweet and comforting, great at dream interpretation also fast answers! When you need counseling he is the man to go too!. A great mentor as well. 1000 stars. X" ... written by Marion
nice job! x" ... written by fragrant
Dion is an interesting man and psychic....will look forward to his predictions about future and hope and trust they are true." ... written by ana
What a nice young man! 5 stars! Great price for readings and gives sound advice to a problem. Very accurate and kind. I see things from a different perspective, which is going to help me stay away from toxic relationships. Won't waste your time and money! I highly recommend him." ... written by Christine
He was great, he explain everything to me. he told me about each cards what the meaning. He was quick about it, didn't took long at all. waiting for the time frame to work. " ... written by california
Told me something I did not want to hear but which makes sense, so it was very convincing. Will have to see how it goes from here. Thank you Dion" ... written by Guardevoir
Thanks for the chat about life issues...you are great." ... written by c
Dion is a wonderful reader and helps to see where you are at in life and how to overcome obstacles in your path....give him a try." ... written by ann
Thank you for your insight into problems and how to fix them. You are appreciated." ... written by cest la vie
5 stars!" ... written by sweetpea333
super fast reader and overall a super nice guy. he was able to answer my questions quickly and accurately. thanks for the 20sec dance party =)" ... written by m
Dion is so ACCURATE! This guy is pretty rad." ... written by Virgo
Thanks for listening...just too much on my plate maybe lol and confusion reigns..haha...thx...u are always a great reader." ... written by s
Thank you for the wonderful general reading that you gave me with your favorite deck! It is reassuring to know that I am doing all the right things in my life right now, and that I am on the right track." ... written by Sidney
...great reader...5 stars.." ... written by sweetpea333
DionFortune gave me a very good reading he seemed to have a lot of insight and I felt very motivated from his overall reading. I do believe he connected with spirit although because I knew very little of the person coming through it was a little tricky for me to relate but he was very much aware of this fact. Many thanks Dion. x " ... written by Nexusphase
Lag a lot...i will try again" ... written by sue
He's warm, beautiful smile is medicinal to me, a natural artist, counsellor and I KNEW he does theater improv. " ... written by jerdine
terrific reading. on the mark very compassionate person" ... written by jane
Dion gives good messages and insight. He's uses multiple decks for different questions and the cards he pulled relayed accurately to my questions. thanks for the reading! def recommend him for a reading. " ... written by Megan T
Dion thanks for the reading on life. You help to see the way to deal." ... written by lisa
really great read lots of great energy and got a lot accomplished." ... written by chris
Thanks for the great reading about life." ... written by renee
Dion is the most decent reader on this sight i highly recommend him when you first come into his room. He picks up stuff right away. No sugarcoating. hes one of my favorite readers on here. So Please enjoy a Reading with DionFortune. " ... written by bridget mckenna
5 star reading! On point and accurate as usual. It's good to hear some good things are on the horizon. I highly recommend him! Best price on oranum andamp; an excellent quality reading!" ... written by Christine
Have never really spoken to Dion before the private, but he told me a lot of information about my current situation. He made a lot of sense. It was also a tricky question, so I give him that. Thank you, Dion." ... written by Kaitlin
Thanks for the reading and your insight. I will try to follow the advice given and appreciate your time discussing the topics that are difficult. Give Dion a try as he is a good reader." ... written by cestlavie24
Thanks Dion! Good reading what we did talk of." ... written by sweetpea333
Thanks for the reading..you are always great....and bummer about lag...maybe it is my computer." ... written by s
A great person to talk too. I wish the world had more people like Dion. Someone you can feel comfortable to talk about your circumstances. He is very accurate and in-tuned with your feelings." ... written by Gabrielle
Thanks for the reading dion...sorry about the sound not sure what happened there but thanks for reading none the less...." ... written by ana
great reader" ... written by c
Thanks for the reading Dion...you are a voice of reason to me." ... written by ana
AWESOME READ ty dion you are the rock. " ... written by bridget mckenna
Thank you for the reading. You are always great." ... written by c
Great detailed reading as always. 5 stars! Helped instill some confidence in me. " ... written by Chrstine
Hey, this dude is the real deal. Hes adorable and friggin awesome. " ... written by Fiona
awesome read dion so glad your back ty for the update and the reading you truly have the gift for your talents" ... written by bridget mckenna
I appreciate reading on life; you are great and help to clear things up." ... written by c
Thanks for the reading Dion and update on things...good to have u back online..missed ya!" ... written by sweetpea
amazing.... so easy to work with...just so comfortable...." ... written by brian
5 stars! What a nice young man andamp; good advice to offer. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Christine
AWESOME READER welcome back dion you have been missed. ty for the update." ... written by bridget mckenna
great reading " ... written by renata
Good reader. Thank you for reading on life and problem areas in life." ... written by amelia
Great as ever xx" ... written by Lana
Wonderful reader and kind man, give Dion a try. Thank you for insight." ... written by chloe
very accurate reading. very nice to have you back. amazing reading" ... written by glitter
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