About DianaMoon

Psychic DianaMoonhas 5-10years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic DianaMoonhas recently helped 303members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about DianaMoon's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

MIKAMIKA i came on for you today, you didn't show!!! Meet me, sunday 6/31 at 1230am MY TIME (which is 1130am your time) I will come on FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!


I schedule consultations if another time and day would be more convenient to you, so just let me know what day/time you'd like, and I'll schedule you in, just note, that I only wait 20 minutes for you....if you do not show, i will NOT schedule another consultation with you, and when I am OFFLINE--I do EMAIL READINGS, so please take part in email readings for only $14.99!

●☆● ☆● ☆● ☆● Lets get one thing straight away, I am NOT psychic, i do not claim to be! I am a medium, and intuitive. There's a difference between seeing the future, and just knowing something is to be. So please do not ask me stupid questions like "If you're real, what color shirt am i wearing!"
●☆● ☆● ☆● ☆●I have known from a very early age, about 6 yrs old... that I was intuitive! I always knew things were going to happen, before they did, or I'd describe someone I've never seen or met, and they'd be a real person, who had passed on!! Since realizing I was different, I have honed my skills, and sharpened my clarity! I have worked closely in this field for about 8 years now, honing in on my abilities. I am Pagan, I love the metaphysical...
●☆● ☆● ☆● ☆●I have worked with people from all over the world giving them peace of mind and uplifting their spirits knowing that i can talk to their departed love ones. I hold a great respect for those who have past on and for those who feel there loss! I feel blessed and honored daily by this amazing gift!
(▒)(▓)(▒)__ ███__ ██████ (░)(▒)(░)
_(▒)(▒)___██____███▒████ (░)(░)
___________██____ █▒▒▒♥__(░)(▒)
____________ ██____▒▒_____(░)(▒)
________█✯ _██ ▓▓▓▒▒▒▓____█_█
_(░)(░)___███_ ▓▓_▓▓▓▓▓▓__ █▀
_(░)(░)_____ _▓▓_▓▓▓▓▓_____ █
___________ ▓▓__▓▓▓▓_▓____▒░
__________ ▓▓__▓▓▓▓___▓__▓▒
_________ ▓▓___███❋█__▓▓_
________▒▒__ ♥▒▒♥▒▒♥▒
_______░___ ♥▒▒♥▒▒♥▒▒♥
__________ ♥▒▒♥▒▒♥▒▒♥▒▒
______ ♥▒▒♥▒▒♥▒▒♥▒▒♥▒▒♥▒▒
_______________▓▓ ▓▓
_(▒)(▒)_________▓▓__ ▓▓
_______________▓▓ ▓▓
______███____ ██__ (░)(▒)(░)



────(♥)(♥)(♥)────(♥)(♥)(♥) __ ɪƒ ƴσυ'ʀє αʟσηє,
──(♥)██████(♥)(♥)██████(♥) ɪ'ʟʟ ɓє ƴσυʀ ѕɧα∂σѡ.
─(♥)████████(♥)████████(♥) ɪƒ ƴσυ ѡαηт тσ cʀƴ,
─(♥)██████████████████(♥) ɪ'ʟʟ ɓє ƴσυʀ ѕɧσυʟ∂єʀ.
──(♥)████████████████(♥) ɪƒ ƴσυ ѡαηт α ɧυɢ,
────(♥)████████████(♥) __ ɪ'ʟʟ ɓє ƴσυʀ ρɪʟʟσѡ.
──────(♥)████████(♥) ɪƒ ƴσυ ηєє∂ тσ ɓє ɧαρρƴ,
────────(♥)████(♥) __ ɪ'ʟʟ ɓє ƴσυʀ ѕɱɪʟє.
─────────(♥)██(♥) ɓυт αηƴтɪɱє ƴσυ ηєє∂ α ƒʀɪєη∂,
───────────(♥) __ ɪ'ʟʟ ʝυѕт ɓє ɱє.

I cannot answer Questions about PREGNANCY, or any MEDICAL condition as I am NOT a Dr, and cannot give any sound medical advice, so please, DO NOT ASK!

For $3.99/min I will do Spell Removal, and Spell Casting for you! I will do most any spell, except Love or Money. I will not cast a love spell on someone, however, I will do a spell to help you find love (with no one specific person named) I will do Prosperity Spells, meaning to wish you wealth, but not in a harmful way. For instance, if you want a spell for MONEY---you could succumb to a terrible accident, but receive lots of money (to state an example) However, if you do a spell for Prosperity, you may come into weath, without all the terrible consequences. Spells do NOT gurantee the outcome you want, it's like Prayer, it helps, but it's not a magic Genie with a belly you can rub! Please let me know IN ADVANCE that this is the type of reading you want, so that I can prepare accordingly! Thank-you!!

_____¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ ¶¶
_¶¶ ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶
___ ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ [█]¶¶¶¶¶
____¶¶¶¶¶ [█] ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶
__¶¶¶¶¶’¤’¤’¤’¤’¤I T.’¤’¤’¤’¶¶¶¶¶¶
¶¶____ ¶¶¶¶¶’¤’¤’¤’¤’¶¶¶¶¶____ ¶¶
¶¶_____ ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶____¶¶


♈ - Aries (The Ram)
♉ - Taurus (The bull)
♊ - Gemini (The Twins)
♋ - Cancer (The Crab)
♌ - Leo (The Lion)
♍ - Virgo (The Virgin)
♎ - Libra (The Scales)
♏ - Scorpio (The Scorpion)
♐ - Sagittarius (Centaur The Archer)
♑ - Capricorn (Goat-horned, The sea goat)
♒ - Aquarius (The water bearer)
♓ - Pisces (The fish)

☉ Sun
☽ ☾ ● ◯ Moon
☿ Mercury
♀ Venus
⊕ ♁ Earth
♂ Mars
♃ Jupiter
♄ Saturn
♅ Uranus
♆ Neptune
♇ Pluto
⚳ Ceres
☄ Comet

**For entertainment Purposes only!**

Wow I've had a few readings but i was blown away by diana...she didnt even asked for names and picked up on things i didn't tell her about...there were so many things she knew...amazing...very kind and helpful...straightforward...doesn't sugarcoat but very gentle and compassionate in delivery....highly recommend her!" ... written by sphinx777
It is like having a best friend sitting next you, no cards, no questions, just raw talent, warmth and caring...very accurate and very comfortable... highly and strongly recommend a reading!!!" ... written by jp
Thanks for the insight...the reading and direction given was very helpful. i will keep you posted" ... written by Bolley
I really enjoyed the reading, she is wonderful. " ... written by pepita24
very very nice ...and she was pretty accurate as well thank u" ... written by julznycles
Really friendly, connected with someone I know to be real and around me..made me feel comfortable and cared for, and helping me to stand up again.." ... written by lovnlight
She was great! very pleasant and calm. I didn't have to say much, she confirmed my suspicion. " ... written by sagittarius24
WOOOW this lady is sooo precise and up to the point!! She can connect with you so easily and tell you what you need to know!!! I recommend her warmly as she is GREAT!!! will be back " ... written by Sirena22
She really connected to my situation well. I was amazed by her accuracy. She put my situation in better words than what I could have. She also gave me some pretty good advice on something I was being really stubborn about and helped me see my fault in the situation. Wow someone who can make me look at myself is a great person. She a was shuttle in her delivery and I really absorbed everything she said. What a sweet and gifted lady! Thank You!!" ... written by sensitivityisanx
Omg omg omg ... i cant believe how accurately she picked up on me and my situation ... had a teaser in chat when i won a demo, and i am so glad i continued in private chat ... highly recommended." ... written by Donna333
She is awesome i cant wait to see her again" ... written by julznycles
Such an amazing, beautiful, sweet lady.. worth every cent to speak to her... thank you so much Diana " ... written by butterflywings10
My reading was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING...5 stars is not enough. There is no one else that I will have a reading with on here. I have found my personal reader. She picked up on EVERYTHING that I was feeling and the feelings of people involved, all I had to do was confirm. No questions, no DOB needed, nothing, just a topic and she FELT EVERYTHING. I am not exaggerating when I say she is AMAZING. My breath is taken and I am completely speechless. It gets NO better than her and she is such a dream. Thank you soooo much, will definitely be back soon" ... written by angelloverose
She is a great reader....very accurate....i recommend her...." ... written by EmpathAllisonEB5
Thank you so much for your help!!!!" ... written by blessed05
I have known Diana for many months, but this was my first reading with her. Actually this was only my third reading here on Oranum and she was awesome. She picked up on a couple of things that no one knew about and made me feel really good. She answered my question and even her Tarot Card pull matched her answers. I highly recommend Diana Moon." ... written by Psychic Arthur James
OMG!!!!!! God I luv you girl:) You have made my heart skip a beat with all that you told me baby girl!!! I knew from the beginning it was the right choice to talk to you as well!!! Blessings baby girl. You know what I've been going through and you know how ive been feeling lately!! You will always be in my heart baby girl!! I owe you a great deal, my love!!! Wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me, baby girl! You always seem to know when I need a shoulder to cry on or someone to listen to me!!! I will always be here for you as well girl whenever you need me!!! Your mom has got your back girl - always and forever!! You mean the world to me and you know how much I wish I had you closer to me!!! This distance thing really sux!!! I do appreciate all the time you have spent talking to me girl!! Luv you as if you were my very own!! Will be back to see you again - for sure!! Luv ya always!!! Love and light baby girl xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by sexybunny69
This lady is wonderful. She told me about my spirit guides, I did not tell her anything, she picked up on things without me giving any imformation. Was a superior reading..She is very kind, comassionate, and gentle in here readings. She tells it like it is. I will be coming back to get more insight and give my updates. Thank you so much my dear, God Bless and AngelCare always and forever more." ... written by oceansandjoy1
she is good..i like her lol....jamming to her music..and typing so fast lol i never seen any one like that..she is an amazing person..lol...serious you types so fast ...can you please teach me lol,,,,she is good every one try her ok....lol......god bless you sweety and we all love you......lol...and yea....i love you to....peace" ... written by jithv1987(jithin varghes)
She was so sweet and positive! Good read!" ... written by beth0582
WOW! This lady read me like an open book!!! She picked up on my energy in the free chat and while in private I let her just tell me everything that came to her. I was not disappointed!! She was describing me in ways that I would describe myself...she had a full understanding of me and my current situation and it was nice to have someone put into words exactly what I am feeling and going through. I highly encourage a reading from Diana!!! She also gave me some fantastic advice!! " ... written by Nona29
DianaMoon was super AWESOME! She picked up on things I didn't mention, and gave me predictions that made a whole lot of sense. It was so much fun talking to her in the reading! She's caring, kind, funny, and so insightful! I'm prepping my boxing gloves, as I write this, whirly girly! lol HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" ... written by wing-mei
I dont allow others to read for me often at all, but I sensed a strong connection to DiannaMoon from the first time I seen her. She was able to pick up on so much without me saying a word at all. She knew about My nickname from Grand Ma without me saying that she even passed. Knew my past and present. I do tend to be rather private, she knew what no one but me knows. I loved her insight and advice." ... written by Jasmine1979
wow on point with everything ..will deff be having another reading soon" ... written by coco420
Very insightful. I really enjoyed my reading with her. She picked up on a lot regarding my situation. I am happy and hopefully things will come to pass. Thank you." ... written by enamorada
5 Stars" ... written by anamaria_marrero
she was awesome and awsered everything i needed to know. i highly recomend her" ... written by hide_n_seek
She was great!!!! I would recommend her to anyone." ... written by LunaBear
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have no idea how you just made me feel right now!!! I'm so happy and excited that i got the chance to talk to you again!!! Im deliriously happy and its all because of YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Words cannot describe how you make me feel every time i talk to you. Thank you for understanding me like you always do. I will always love you and treasure you as if you where my very own!! Thank you for not letting me give up on the one thing that means the absolute world to me. Cos, i know deep down if i did do that - i would've destroyed the both of us!! Apart from my husband and my two boys, you, my girl, are the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life. And i praise God every day for letting this happen!!! Namaste!!! Love and light!! Blessed be baby girl!!! You will ALWAYS be in my heart and on my mind. Luv ya to bits!!!" ... written by sexybunny69
DianaMoon was FANTASTIC once again. She interpreted my dream and told me exactly what it meant. All I can say is thank goodness I have her, because my dream was CRAZY! It involved baldness, goodbyes, hugs, and whatnot, but the interpretation was so different from what I thought it was! Weird! Thanks DianaMoon! Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
she connected very well with me ..i will be back, she worth the money" ... written by julznycles
Instantly connected and picked up on my emotions...she is really truthful about things..It was gr8 having a reading with her...thank you so much!" ... written by TrustGod
Thanks for you help you were very in tune with my situation. Very accurate with what's currently going on." ... written by evolvie
Very good...she felt me energy immediately." ... written by anamaria_marrero
Very positive and energetic! Told me so much without asking question :) I liked a lot this reading and her style of reading cards. And she also passed some messages from my great grandma :))) You should take her to Private if you haven't done it yet! Strongly recommend - 5*****" ... written by hugs2020
Straightforward and correct reading. Give her a try :)" ... written by funchallady
You're a fool if you miss out on her =)" ... written by ghent2011
Very intuitive and good at picking up on your situation. Give her a chance!!!!" ... written by enamorada
Great connection." ... written by _Alexis
She amazes me every time!" ... written by dawbaby0514
I have been in Diana's (Tricia's) room a number of times and have wanted to do a pvt reading but either didn't have funds at the time or else she was busy! She is hugely popular and now I know why firsthand. She does have calming influence and fabulous insight. I will come back again soon as I really enjoyed chatting with her. I truly felt as though she cared deeply thru the reading and truly wants me to update her about how things are going. I will see about her predictions and will be happy to come back and update soon. She is really worth taking time to do private chat. I highly recommend her!" ... written by sparkly1
This girl is good! Her predictions come to pass trust me :) " ... written by florwer85
I love her. Shes wonderful person with a great heart. She was wonderful with her reading and right on target. I would recommend her. " ... written by XTurtleManX
DianaMoon was such a great help with my tarot reading. Not only did she pinpoint everything in my life, she also brought tears to my eyes in such a positive way." ... written by Espionage-
This is my second private with Diana and I am happy to say I was her 100th person helped. She helped me get peace of mind and answered a lot of things I wanted to know. She is my friend, my sister and just a great person to have in my life. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great reading. Thank you again Plum, LOVE YOU!" ... written by Psychic Arthur James
Omg!!!!! WOW!!!!..Now i see why i call her my baby girl....Cos she's truly the most amazing, wonderful, person, to talk to...about anything and everything..She means the world to me and she knws it...by far... I can always turn to her, when i need someone to talk to...even if its just for a few minutes..She's absolutely worth it..Like she says, she doesnt sugar coat things, and i do prefer to know the truth about things anyway. Whether it be good or bad, happy or sad...i wanna know..She's my girl..and she will always be...no matter where i am. Blessings always!!!!! xoxoxoxoxox Love and light. Luv ya from the bottom of my heart " ... written by sexybunny69
Thank you so much! She is able to connect easily and gives answer fast!!! Awesome reading! Recommend!!!" ... written by Sirena22
I used my free credits on DianaMoon, and so should you! Great reading with the tarot cards, and my situation is a HOT MESS! She was able to nail my situation down to a T with them cards! Get yourself a reading with her! Well worth it!" ... written by wing-mei
Great reading - connected right into the situation and saw things very accurately! Excellent reader!!" ... written by sacredlove71
very darn accurate!!" ... written by hope2321
Spot on... like had insight and SAW the situation... amazing.. i will be back for sure!! xxxxx thanku! " ... written by AngelVisions
I really enjoyed my reading. Everything she said was basically everything i am going threw. I plan to keep in touch with her." ... written by AmandaMichelle
Very good and accurate insight!" ... written by tommtim77
Wonderful" ... written by Jillian40
Talking to Diana is the next best thing to ask the person you are interested in knowing what the heck is going on inside his/her brain. It's almost miraculous how she can even pick up these little details about my friend and i am quite in a shock still. she's a legit accurate psychic. I highly recommend her to everyone. " ... written by fairytale
She was awesome ... helped with everything i needed to know could relate to me and listened very well about everything I had to say and gave me as much time and energy as she could I recommend her 100% . She is definitely one of the best ." ... written by krissylovesu21
Informative readdng" ... written by Nelendel
Incredible demo with DianaMoon on Valentines Day. No cards pulled nothing just a relative burst in and interrupted free chat to come through to me with message of love. Description of them to a T. Fantastic! " ... written by Littleone73
Diana is very intuitive and understanding. Gives good advice. Will come back soon when I have news :) " ... written by Sarah
Very sweet and caring tunes into your situation quite well. I will be back soon. Thank you!" ... written by enamorada
Thank you so much, you were quite good and help me with some details, very good to see the tarot card for the situation, thanks, bless you!" ... written by Ishaya
She is very Awesome with her accuracy readings. Defiineitly wiill come and see her again. Highly recommended!" ... written by Lucy117
EVERYTHING SPOT ON!!!!!!" ... written by IsabelleMay
Wonderful...she nailed my relationship down to a t. I hope she is right about job because I'm tired of filling out applications...lol" ... written by mrhansen30
She was right on target she knew what she was talking about. From my life to my questions i had thanks!!!" ... written by candym
Great, as always! Fan-friggin-tastic! Couldn't have wanted any more! Always good to top off and see how things are going. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" ... written by wing-mei
My reading with Tricia was amazing. Connected with me instantly didn't have to say a word. She knew of my current situation and guided me towards the ending. She gave me wonderful advise that is to be followed. Thank you and I look forward to another reading soon." ... written by greekgoddess71
I just came back to give an update...it came true lke you said it would...I was patient...thanks for everythng...will come back for another reading soon...thanks number 1 psyichic friend :))" ... written by mika20
I love me some Tricia... She's so friggin' awesome." ... written by wing-mei
She is very very good at being able to immediately pick up on your energy and what is going on with you.. I highly recommend her , will definitely be back :) Thanks Diana." ... written by rolinsand
Got an Email reading and she was great!" ... written by courtneybdraper
Diana speaks and types fast so you'll get excellent value for your reading! She is very insightful, with a wonderfully warm energy and a pleasant, enjoyable sense of humor. All in all, she has a good vibe, and I highly recommend a reading with her. I will have another reading with her in the future. Thanks Diana!" ... written by lostintwinpeaks
Very nice, caring person, reading was great...Thank you!" ... written by babydoll33
WOW. On point! WILL be back for sure! thank you! -Raina" ... written by charmedangelx31
Tricia is awesome! i love her and i've waited to be able to finally have a reading with her.I totally enjoyed it,and she picked right up on the cards with things that are happening now. She's just awesome, tell your friends,get some credits and just let Tricia give you a reading. andamp;lt;3" ... written by Beth78
TY for an excellent reading :)" ... written by mozzy123
Pretty good." ... written by spiritualgirl1
She's still really good!" ... written by courtneybdraper
GREAT! picked up on my issue so quickly!!! Was very helpful and fun to read with!!! She's awesome!" ... written by skier8001
Love everything...lke a new best friend:) got everything i needed to knw....truly an angel...my num 1 psychic:))" ... written by mika20
She was great, picked up a name and everything. Give her a try, she's a 5star reader for a reason. She's very, very good." ... written by ringsofsaturn11
EXCELLENT" ... written by jessicar123
I love me some DianaMoon. She is the awesome. That's all that needs to be said, because it's true. Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
She's just awesome! give her a try!" ... written by dawbaby0514
Such great energy and connection. This girl is amazing! I ran out of credits and had to go back because it was such a detail orientated reading. She was SO specific! She was speaking the same words I was thinking. Truly gifted, Diana. So happy to have met you! I will be back to update you! Thanks again!" ... written by dawbaby0514
She was on point and awesome! love her! will be back!" ... written by dawbaby0514
Incredible" ... written by littleone73
Diana helped me tremendously! Extremely Honest andamp;amp; Accurate. She's the best! I Love Her! The nicest person! 5 Star Rating!" ... written by swiftcats64
I was completely amazed by this medium she connected with my loved ones and was on point she gave my goosebumps, goosebumps accurate will be back :)" ... written by purplehaze76
I was surprised what she picked up on, and that she zeroed in on it instantly. I like this expert!" ... written by Liora633
Amazingly perceptive so far!" ... written by Liora633
Accurate.. interesting definate connection. Thank you." ... written by sweetsorrows
Amazing and accurate psychic!she connected with my loved ones and gave me chills!" ... written by purplehaze76
Love her! she's so good! give her a try!" ... written by dawbaby0514
Truly awesome!!! She is not only accurate but she has a calming spirit... there is just something about the truth, when you hear it you know, and what can be more calming than that!!! She connected so well to me and my situation my emotions and to all that surrounds me. I am at peace with what she told me about my current situation and with what will happen 4 years down the line. Excellent excellent reading... I kept going back for more!!! I would definitely give her a try and if you don't believe me believe her 5 star rating and look at that amount of people she's helped! Unbeatable!!! :) TY DianaMoon!" ... written by cnae12
Awesome as usual :-)" ... written by cnae12
Excellent!!! I am hoping to get back in since time expired" ... written by cnae12
So very sweet. Very accurate. Will be back!" ... written by SAchickie
Great!" ... written by sparkly1
Happy to connect with diana again..helped provide clarity..will see what happens.." ... written by sparkly1
Wow...I saw her do a demo a week ago, and I was floored by what she picked up for that person. So, I've been looking to do a reading with her for over a week. Finally got a chance to read with her and she is amazingly accurate. Her ability to connect and pinpoint the situation is astounding." ... written by yas
Really accurate on what to expect." ... written by Ammer
Thanks Diana u answer my questions with clarity and i appreciate that!!!!!!! thank u again 5 stars" ... written by michele6099
Ten stars as always!" ... written by princessmaker
I truly feel a real connection with her. Diana could read me much better than anyone else, not even I could understand my own feelings. Although my question was different from what I had been thinking, she addressed my needs and wants and told me how to get it that way. You don't know how much you mean to me Diana! You're the person I've been looking for a long while :) Thank you so much for everything!!" ... written by Angeldust99
For the first time I hope she's wrong! hahaha amazing the stuff she picks up on" ... written by dawbaby0514
Thanks again...I just adore diana...she knows everything...first prediction came by...lets see what goin to happen nxt...thanks a lot for your help...I'll be down alot...and ur jst a gifted person from god...that I needed to talk too on here for help...thanks bestie psychic..." ... written by mika20
Wow...this girl blew my mind! I seriously just gave her a subject in my life and she started telling me details! What a great reading. She is great!" ... written by florwer85
She predicted something very specific that happened during my weekend. absolutely amazing! can't wait to see what happens next! xo" ... written by dawbaby0514
Soooooo thankful that I caught diana online tonight...she has helped me so incredibly much. It is like she has known me for a long time. It is like she is the psychic sister who guides me toward the right paths and sets my mind at ease every time. I have to tell you her prediction for me came true on the exact day she said I would hear from a guy, I did hear from him. It didn't happen exactly as I expected, but when it did happen I was like omg...diana was right!!! She is as good as others have noted. She is simply amazing..so glad I chose to go to prvt with her. You will not be disappointed." ... written by sparkly1
Once again another prediction...thanks so much for ur help even wen i felt down..i know i can believe in you...will always come back to you....thanks bestie psychic:)))" ... written by mika20
Wow she was so spot on and totally honest!couldn't have asked for better!!!!" ... written by marsylyttle
Thank you for your help.. You are someone to count on... Ready for another reading.. You are truly gifted... Thanks, bestie psychic...:)))))))" ... written by mika20
OMgoodness, she was amazing! So kind and straight up honest! I am coming again.." ... written by BraunWynn
Very insightful." ... written by Liora633
Thanks once again bestie psychic...i enjoy the reading...i jst gtta hve faith that it will cme true..but ur always good no mattter what....will be bak soon:)))" ... written by mika20
Omg, if you want a real reading, go to her, the best I ever had on this site, trust me!!!" ... written by Cache23
She gave me a lot of information and she was pretty good...she didn't ask me any information before she started and everything she told me was right.. Thanks!" ... written by bubblygirl
Amazing!!! AWESOME!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!! VERY TRUE!!! :D" ... written by TheLEGENDofME
Great reading!" ... written by MayGirl
Good" ... written by skyray883
Too tired to write much, but was helpful" ... written by sparkly1
I love her, she is great and so different from others. She's worth your time..." ... written by Cache23
She helped me once again..so grateful..now I know why she has such high ratings and great recommendations." ... written by sparkly1
Hii bestie psychic..thanks for everythng..will tlk wit u soon...:)))" ... written by mika20
Ran out of credits but picked up on my situation, and gve honest answers and insight. Thanks." ... written by warrenkitty83
What can I say?? Or should I say... Freakin outstanding.. kind, accurate, and she is very skilled in her gift. I am coming back..." ... written by Happilyeverafter
Hii bestie psychic...so ready for another prvt reading to catch up on things..talk to u soon:))" ... written by mika20
The kindest and very in tune. I would come again for sure." ... written by BraunWynn
Once again a good private reading...thanks for everything...bestie psychic! :))" ... written by mika20
Thank you very much:)" ... written by brian82
Thank you Diana! - spot on and feels and sees what is going on around you. Recommend her highly!" ... written by BraunWynn
Thank you so much for the reading, shes the best, very ACCURATE , picked up on my situation very quickly, knew about health a health concern with my grandfather and about my past with my x, just a very wonderful, beautiful person very kind .. Keeps your spirits up.. She will tell you the truth ppl.. One of the best oranum has on here. Thanks a million." ... written by Klaudyna27
Very helpful to me and she was also very kind and she felt everything I was feeling inside she is good. I will come back again :)" ... written by unique2011
Great lady to talk to! Great sense of humor. Recommended!!!" ... written by tash1921
she really hit home with her reading...gets right to the meat and bones....her connection to the spirit world is very eye opening...truly enjoyed her reading....thanks diana" ... written by ttgal50