About Danissima1

Psychic Danissima1has 17years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Danissima1has recently helped 9183members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Danissima1's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I can help you with any question that you have. I read energy, see visions, use angel tarot, communicate with angels, spirit guides, and I'll describe why, where, & when. :) Love and Light xo Danissima1

Very nice warm empathetic reader, really connected. " ... written by Gabriel
oh wow. Dani is a real gem. total natural and has a natural grace about her too, to be sure. very insightful indeed. quick to pick up on situation(s). definitely quite intuitive - to say the least. and so for sure...to be recommended. cheers danissima , chat again later." ... written by sean
She is very soft-spoken and nice to talk do very direct and understandable look forward to connecting again soon..Thank you " ... written by sunshinec
Danissima did I quick but thorough reading. I wanted career info - she told me who will call for interview and who won't. I then asked about a boyfriend - she needed no names or birthdate -- but she perfectly described him. So excited to get this call for the interview ! " ... written by curiousDEE
Wow, Picked up on alot. Very good reading. Thanks again." ... written by angloThai
oh wow.great again...one of the real magical readers on site sure..with amazing intuitive andamp; clairvoyant powers, very special indeed...cheers! " ... written by batdancer
shes soo sweet!!" ... written by bj
omg soooooo nice and friendly! and extremely accurate on picking up minor and specific details about people and situations! love her and enjoyed my reading very much" ... written by m
Gosh, after having a private reading with her I felt so uplifted. She is so caring, and understanding and gives clear readings. She truly is here to help and I can't wait for my next reading with her. Thank you again SO much. " ... written by megdizzlez
short and to the point quick to connect...." ... written by bean
Thanks dani you have answered my question clearly and precisely and given me the peace of mind. You are very nice and friendly as well. Thanks a lot, Love." ... written by Vivian
sweet like talking to a bff" ... written by cindy
very beautiful reading, I enjoyed her energy. She's very connected and definitely gives you the answer to the questions. I'll come back " ... written by Bibi123
Wow, she is good." ... written by oldsoul713
SHe is great!! very intuitive and amazing person!! I like her soo much!!" ... written by Lily
Thank you Dani! I really appreciate your advice!!" ... written by m
Very good insight and very nice reading." ... written by harold
She was very good, very knowledgeable and really helped with my problems. I definitely will be returning" ... written by miles
Very intuitive and helpfully. Gave me the insight I needed" ... written by cwills22
excellent,, very helpful, highly recommend" ... written by ron
excellent, very thorough and very clear" ... written by ron
shes serious the best! so sweet and understanding thank you!" ... written by happpppy
Great energy. Enjoyed my read with her. " ... written by d2k1000
it was great reading she was very kind and open and looking forward to working with u " ... written by clearblu
She is so sweet and great!" ... written by Lily
Thank you Dani" ... written by marion
Danissima is very easy going and intuitive. She set me at ease right away and her personality draws you in to think about what the best direction to go in is. I highly recommend, a great reader! " ... written by Ben
always in the dot! sh eis soo good! and so nice!!!" ... written by llily
thank you very good" ... written by linda
always so sweet and so comprehensive and specially honest!!! She is so amazing and so down to earth!!! thank you soo much!!! " ... written by Lily
excellent reading and will wait for predictions to happen" ... written by j
Danissima1 was 100% accurate about everything i didnt tell her what was wrong or anything she is amazing." ... written by Kamini Thanki
thank you for the hilirious honest laugh omg lol so true but hey its reality! thank you and will update you soon" ... written by mag
WOW! I love her! She is so amazing, such a sweetheart and very soft spoken. Makes you feel comfortable and is accurate to your situation. She can pick up on things and help you to feel ten times better about the situation. Def. recommend! " ... written by Kinisha Lewis
Very honest, and on point about how im feeling. Even though its not what I hoped to hear its still a good reading" ... written by Desiree
she is a very serious and great reading, she is always ready to tell you positive things and also tell you to prevent the negative stuffs in your life." ... written by spencer
Danissima1 is very friendly and intuitive. She connects fast and won't waste your time." ... written by Ashley
first reading and she nailed it! so specific and spoke of things no one new about!" ... written by luckylibra
Told me consistent with others, I will know this week if I got it." ... written by Karen
GREAT!!!!!" ... written by Sunny bear
amazing as always" ... written by lili
She was dead on!!!! OMG!!! I will see her again!!!" ... written by Sunny bear
thank you :)" ... written by lina
Danissima1 is very kind and give Awesome Insight.... I will come again Soon... Great Experience.......!" ... written by Cre
Very quick connection and clear honest guidance. Would recommend." ... written by angelszone
She was extremely awesome and incredible gifted well beyond her years. Although she uses cards at times she didn't even need to refer to them. Very good at picking up on people's energies." ... written by FancyAParis
Thank you. " ... written by d2k1000
intuitive and insightful" ... written by ron
awesome on point " ... written by Bria
Danissima is so great... i was throwing a bit bits at her rapid fire today - but she was able to handle everything no probs....cheers dani, nice one. " ... written by batdancer
She is very sweet and I really appreciated her insight! Much love!" ... written by TreDeleon
love danissima's readings...she is so calm and wise and puts things into great perspective for sure..and good honesty too.. - -also - super all round person to boot! ok cheers again dani, nice one. " ... written by batdancer
Dani is so so amazing and everything she has said is so so accurate before i tell her anything she says it before me." ... written by Kamini Joshi
She was very nice and honest and accurate! She described each person's thinking, feeling, and personality to a T! I really enjoyed the reading with her. She made me feel comfortable and her personality is very sweet. Thank you dani!" ... written by sleepydreamer
Awesome" ... written by bria
She is sooo sweet!! she is always right. And always on the spot!" ... written by Lily
she is really cool, and a great person to read with." ... written by peter
she is awesome. thank you thank you thank you :) 2nd reading from her and will definitely come back for more :) " ... written by lina
Awesome reader" ... written by Bria
very great as always,, ...thank u dani...chat later.." ... written by batdancer
Really needed that thank you" ... written by l
Danissima...so great once again... so reasonable and easy to talk to...also no nonsense stuff - just very focused and down to earth...but great/fascinating insight too - always! ok cheers Dani, catch up later :)" ... written by batdancer
Love her " ... written by Bria
SPOT ON!!!! LOve her xoxo" ... written by l.s
WoW we connected really good. " ... written by Roses
very good again..thanks dani - cheers." ... written by batdancer
Okay this girl is AMAZING!!! She picks up on so much that she could not even possibly know. This is the best reading I have had anywhere. She could describe things about people that she could not know at all. Wow just wow!! " ... written by Summer
Great Psychic," ... written by Mihaela
perfect reader" ... written by Yam
Excellent! She described a situation and the person involved perfectly. I don't know what else to say, Danissima is awesome!" ... written by nina
Seemed very on target and was able to physically describe him." ... written by Fishmonkey114
Great Reading n Fast, definitely gifted reader!!" ... written by T
Dannisima1 seem to connect quick and fast. I will have to wait to see how true the predictions are in October to December. " ... written by faye
thank you dani! you picked up on the situation at hand and you were able to inuit everything and give great answers that i can now use to be successful." ... written by GigZ
Dani is always very sweet and kind. She is accurate in describing feelings, situations, and objects if they come up in her readings. She is very perceptive and always tells the truth. Thank you dani!" ... written by sleepydreamer4
She was very great! I wish i had more time! thanks for keeping it real!" ... written by Sunflower
Thank you so much for the strong connection! Extremely genuine! " ... written by Tiffany
She was fast in picking up situation :)" ... written by Sal
She is quick, but I am not sure if she picked up correctly on tht person. " ... written by kool
Dani was so on point, very nice, calm and positive energy about her! She picked up on things accurately and also gave me predictions to look forward to :) Def will be coming back and do recommend her " ... written by A
Thank you for your insight! was right about the distance between myself and another person." ... written by luv
She was so helpful and confirmed a lot of the things of was feeling but needed directions of which way to go. She definitely picked things right up and gave me solutions. I am solution oriented...it one things to know what is happening or going to happened but its definitely 10x better when you leave a reading with a plan for a solution. Thank you Dani! :) lots of kisses. Nervous about the plan but I'll keep you posted ;)" ... written by Slim RAD
Calming energy from her. Spot on reading, thank you. (:" ... written by Tatiana
Dani does amazing readings and always knows what i want and which area which is amazing." ... written by Kamini Thanki
Very accurate , and very inspired. " ... written by Mihaela
thak you so much, you described the person i asked about so accurately, i wish i had more credits" ... written by Alicja
Wow, Thanks for a wonderful reading. Brought me alot of clarity. Thanks again." ... written by angloThai
she was really good" ... written by loveboo314
Wow, Great reading. Thanks again. 5 stars. Very super nice woman. " ... written by angloThai
Good insight, she can feel the heart of the issue, and she can see facets of he story very wide in time and space.A lovely person with pure energy, i feel cleansed after talking to her" ... written by mihaela
awsum spot on picked up on me easy" ... written by wilbo
Got great tips from reading and will follow up with feedback. Dani is a very good reader andamp; I will come back to her again Thank you Danny" ... written by Callie44
She was fast to connect and was tuned in to the situation accurately! :)" ... written by Sal
She is so wonderful said things only i would know. Thank you so much for your beautiful spirit" ... written by Ava
she was good ..Thank you Danissima" ... written by sc
This reader is very precise and right on picked right up on my situation! I highly recommend her! " ... written by Wayne Wright
thank you" ... written by Callie44
This woman is extremely gifted she is one of the rare psychics on here and does most of the talking she picked up on things i never would have." ... written by FancyAParis
very good reading" ... written by angelique
Very nice and accurate angelic reading with Danissma. She is god gifted, compassionate, and kind. I will be back when I have more credits for sure. God bless you Dani x" ... written by G
thank you for your insight! " ... written by md
Wonderful and marvelous as always. A wise and beautiful soul no end, thanks dani...catch up later. :) " ... written by batdancer
Thank you again. Danissima is very gifted and is giving me hope. " ... written by AJ
Dani is great she is very informative and she is honest. She see the vision and uses her cards its very rewarding to hear her readings." ... written by Cosumel
Dani is simply the best and the kindest. No tools she sees it all..God bless you dear Dani Love you" ... written by G
was able to pick up on issues around me gv me very positive information. will gv time for all to unfold in positive way " ... written by queenbee22
Awesome read as always she is sooo dead on." ... written by FancyAParis
very sweet and kind. gave me insight will see if predictions pass" ... written by z
Dani helped me realize a lot of things going on in my situation. She is very accurate and have my best interest in mind. Very real and informative." ... written by Cosumel
Accurate. I loved talking to her and will talk to her again. Thank you soo much! " ... written by Samantha
You are so beautiful and you have a wonderful spirit thank you so very much!" ... written by Ava
Very intuitive. Spot on with my specific questions. Refreshing and confident. Also very calming during the reading. Give Dani a try...You will be satisfied" ... written by Nia J.
EXCELLENT" ... written by julesanne
Wonderful reading! " ... written by Eva
The sweetest girl, great reader. 5 stars" ... written by Anne
a calm reading, but acurate, i like it" ... written by c
she's excellent!!!! highly recommend. " ... written by julieanne
shes so sweet, picked up on the person right away! really liked her" ... written by belivenlove
great reading, really talented." ... written by julieanne
very good reader who explains things well" ... written by G
Always gives the best advice and points me to the right direction. xxx" ... written by Kamini Thanki
Very good !!!" ... written by nina
excellent excellent" ... written by jag
great reading" ... written by TNC44i
SO GREAT! Loved her...she was so spot on! Am glad I found her:) Great intuitive!" ... written by Carrie
Awesome and spot on without any information. She is joy to talk to and has an uplifting feel about her. I definitely will return for future readings!! Thank you again :-)" ... written by April
great " ... written by vincent