About DaVinciCode

Psychic DaVinciCodehas 16years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic DaVinciCodehas recently helped 38members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about DaVinciCode's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I am queen of spells,my rituals work with divin energy.Would you like to know more about yourself? Are you not sati

This expert is amazing! in very few words she told me everything!! I am shocked! No blah-blah, just very exact facts, people, dates.. Def. coming back!" ... written by Emma
A great reading, truthful and honest. I liked that she did not sugar coat the information and was very good at providing solutions. Will recommend her anytime." ... written by jewelw203
Wonderful reading you helped me so much! Lots of hearts and shining stars for you. I highly recommend Davincicode!!" ... written by Lorann23
She was great, thank you with all I am and have. God bless you and all who you love, you really did help me." ... written by freebecca
she is very sharp in the things she said to me.... I never thought she will know so many things of me and my girl so exact she is helping me i will keep coming back" ... written by pepestone1
kind and helpful." ... written by rockhoundcarrie
sorry we could not have more time" ... written by nazlymaria
wow...simply amaizing...i told her very little and she knew ALOT. she truly has an inner gift." ... written by joselansas55
she really knows her astrological charts and was able to accurately identify personality characteristics and compatibility" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
I loved her reading. She was right about a lot of things and she gave me hope to my situation. I will definitely contact her again. " ... written by 01PRECIOUS012
Thank you for your time. I will take your words under consideration. Thanks again." ... written by Kuzza60
She was very helpful, nice and sweet and very thorough with everything. It was a pleasure to talk to her. I will call her again. " ... written by Aquarius15
Good insights, but will need to go back when I have a bit more credits. " ... written by sparkly1
Very good but ran out of credit...:(" ... written by sharron21
Excelent the reading was at the point and very precise amazing DAVINCICODE is one of the best I will be back soon for her guidance" ... written by roadrunner335
Terrific...patient...observant. Caring!" ... written by joselansas55
Thank you!" ... written by xerox999
Always a pleasure. She is wonderful and spot on!!! Highly recommended." ... written by tash1921
Davincicode is great. I recommend her to anyone. I will come back for another reading soon. " ... written by Missleo
It was more astrology. She went through the whole month. Not what I was expecting... but will see if any of this actually happens. If so I will truly be back. What I wanted answered we did not get to due to going into the a whole month of astrology. But I will be back.... Thank you." ... written by topcop14
Always gives me hope :)" ... written by joselansas55
excellent very fast unfortunately ran out of credits" ... written by keyboo
Good reading, I ll come back again. Thank you" ... written by roop83
Great! " ... written by MayGirl
Lovely lady. Spent so long working with me both doing a reading then spell work. 5 stars." ... written by wicca78
Great reading as usual, Try her!!!" ... written by tash1921
Fantastic reading was spot on. I highly recommend." ... written by Lorann23
Very intelligent lady, I really enjoyed the reading with her!" ... written by novforsic
LOVE LOVE LOVE" ... written by rattail1
I LOVE DAVINCI!!!I come to her often! :)" ... written by rattail1
Amazing lady!! Great reading with lots of information. She doesn't ask lots of questions just gives you loads of feedback..which is gr8. Cant wait to be back for my next reading:-)" ... written by tash1921
very fabilous" ... written by guess1953
Great as always!!! Very mysterious woman who can read stones , she knows it all )))))) Thx Da ,will be back) xxxx" ... written by Kumira
andamp;lt;3" ... written by rattail1
You have been a blessing to me .. we have connected so deeply on many levels .. i feel so connected to you as I would a mother.. and you are so wonderful to work with.. your advice has been exactly as you have told me.. may you be blessed in all that you do :)) lots of love to you my dear.. and look forward to working with you much more!" ... written by aimee78
I Love her she made me feel really good about myself and she gave me some positive answers." ... written by Chellian
Good :)" ... written by zarnab
Great reading, very powerful Reader!! Will be back defo! Thank you Davinchi! " ... written by Aaslesha
What a super nice, spiritual, and gifted lady!! She has given me much help and comfort. I will follow her words and pray it helps my situation very soon!! I await the outcome with anticipation...it cannot come soon enough!! God Bless you dear lady!! " ... written by Dumbfounded
Davincicode IS Wonderful!! I Will be back to Her as soon as i can " ... written by flipper88
WOW WOW WOW my goodness she is GOOD she told me stuff i never thought would happen or ever imagine that may happen ..got more to do but with everything she said i hope, pray and believe it will be ok thx so much im in ur debt forever davinci xxxxx" ... written by allyb5
she has a different style of reading, interesting lady " ... written by blanca84
A very talented reader. I like how she is talking to the customers." ... written by ghosakul
thank you very much, i dont want to lose her again, if she comes back. you gave me hope, noe i have to be patient and do what ineed to do.....thank you" ... written by jannarino
Wonderful lady, I have really taken to heart all her information she has given. I will be in contact with her soon. let her do a reading for you she is amazing" ... written by Denise
Very informative I really have connected with her, she is wonderful and gave me so much information." ... written by yolanda63
great!!" ... written by keepmeinside
very good...ran out of credits" ... written by kellourex
fantastic, thanks " ... written by joanne
Very accurate reading and good advice. Thank you for all your help! " ... written by mswings
lovely lady , has been a great help , l look forward to talking again with my good news , bless you xxx talk soon " ... written by joanne
Very good advice, very sweet lady. Wish i speak english well. very good !!!" ... written by J.
lovely lady , has been a great help , l look forward to talking again with my good news , bless you xxx talk soon " ... written by joanne
she is really good....I really like her very much....I will come back for u soon....God bless u:)" ... written by silent143
she is the best! love u" ... written by neg
Davincicode is great. She is always on target. I hope my predictions will come true." ... written by Missleo
Very happy with my readings ,I will be back as always very enlighten" ... written by Jdhova3659
Lovely lady very very accurate." ... written by anastasiaseal
Thank you so much for all of your help.. your spell has brought peace to my life .. you are a blessing to me .. much love to you xxx" ... written by Aimee
precise reading ,very thorough kind person with the real desire to help" ... written by regina
Was really good!!!" ... written by elsa1979
Wow! Very insightful and honest. Ty Davinicicode." ... written by mozzy123
Very nice reading" ... written by JSerrano0304
She was good as I also ran of credit will get back to her again. God bless." ... written by gr2359
She's cool, I ran out of credits though. :(" ... written by Girly521
once more time she prove me she is great" ... written by cinlorri
The best reading ever! uses lots of tools, is chilled to talk to and answers all of your questions! come to her if you have any concerns about anything and you will be amazed! happy halloween xxx" ... written by rosa55
interesting reading" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Fantasic , ordered spell , to get rid of negative energy , has already started to work , thanks xxxx" ... written by Joanne
tank you very good" ... written by johnkidd
Just got the rest of what i have to do! FANTASTIC! Going to give it everything in me! Thank you so much!" ... written by allyb5
Have to try her she is absolutly great!" ... written by simsima
Try her out, she knows everything without me saying anything!" ... written by kotshy
She is very good!" ... written by kotshy
Always willing to help! She is a God send!!!" ... written by joselansas55
she was most honest and helpful" ... written by newzealand78
the best!" ... written by queenbee22
Well I went back for more she on point in what she sees, she will not disappoint you !" ... written by queenbee22
well she has a system of her own, 1st time in her room well I will see how it goes.." ... written by queenbee22
awsome" ... written by LorenaAries
GREATE!!!! HIGHLY RECOMEND" ... written by LorenaAries
Very good. i will be back for the love spell" ... written by uzma02
thank you for all of your help dear, much love to you xxx " ... written by aimee78
Very Intrigued.. want to take a second reading :)" ... written by Neil
Wonderful reading with lots of details, She doesnt ask many questions and gives lots of information. Really appreciate the reading, such a gifted woman:-) " ... written by tash1921
Fantastic, seemed to know a few details. Will definantley be returning for more. Thank you " ... written by Biby80
AWESOME AWESOME. VERY GOOD " ... written by mary558
Good, but took a bit long and I ran out of credits...." ... written by mizbeez
She connected with me and was very focused. " ... written by LadyL5
Magical and practical at the same time,very kind and compassionate!" ... written by reginagrin
Hope we can talk soon." ... written by 10faygo71
thank you very much:)" ... written by brian82
Very nice, very giving. Wonderfully accurate and helpful. Eagerly awaiting my new spell. =]" ... written by beccixy
I would definately recommend a private chat with DAVINCICODE. Connection was great, lovely lady, warmed my heart, thank you x" ... written by Kelly242
I absolutely love DaVincicode readings......it is unique but she always picks up on my energy and she was right on one of her predictions......I am waiting for her other prediction. I will be back" ... written by amr0268
Always a pleasure reading with her!!!" ... written by tash1921
Fantastic!" ... written by MissCB7
Thanks for the guidance..." ... written by Anniekins
Omg this is amazing... took time for me to write but i'm hopeful at the end its going to be fruitful Thank you..." ... written by Anniekins
After getting a very good reading from her i started feeling better. Thank you for your good reading." ... written by Emilum1
She is very kind and her reading was good." ... written by Emilum1
prediction came true, regards to contact from work company. thank you!" ... written by babydoll
very nice lady, very happy with reading. thankyou!" ... written by babydoll
Good, very good reading!" ... written by ghulaka
Very awesome!!! I mean, I cant describe it. I am speechless. Thank you so much." ... written by davis1984
I would recommend Davincicode in private reading she was very nice and patient. will to explain if you don't understand. I am waiting on the predictions but what she has predicted for me is something good and I hope will occur. I wish I had more money or time cause I could have went on a lot long with her.. Thank you so much and I will return. " ... written by sherry0404
Very good reading she was very nice xx" ... written by DebbieBee
Excellent!!!!!" ... written by volhaban
awesome as usual" ... written by amr0268
she was so right on, i will absolutly be back to visit with her" ... written by Jewls8107
She was very helpful. Gave me what I needed to know and started work right away to help me! I will come back! she is absolutely wonderful! I would definitely recommend her. :) " ... written by Carocakee
Davincicode is fascinating! True magic she does! " ... written by sita108
A Very interesting reading we shall have to wait and see what happens, but details were correct, the outcome a lot of that depends on what i choose to do at the time. but it was good getting an insight to it all. i will keep you posted on events." ... written by JEAN
she looks into every aspect of ur life with detail and gives u indepth answers to ur questions. Davinci knows what is real and what isnt. She is a very good reader. thank you Davincicode ill be back again ." ... written by murdocca
time to shoort" ... written by flammsan
m greatfull she has done good job and now its my turn.....hope to get good results, no body told me wahtever she has and m shocked....thanks a lot and god bless...:)" ... written by kaur001
In details, she is good,..." ... written by ppp
Thank you Da vinci it all went just the way you predicted all your guidance and support was much appreciated i had the best xmas in years... i will be back..." ... written by Anniekins
She is the real deal, no fooling with this lady. She is on the ball for sure! Love you DaVinci!" ... written by Neptunes-Child
I love talking to DaVinci" ... written by 10faygo71
Thank you for your honesty and understanding x" ... written by starshine234
She is amazing..." ... written by Anniekins
Great reading and helpful!" ... written by Lourdy
She was very insightful and honest....got off to a slow star, but was worth it..I will be back" ... written by jazzyme
Good reading!" ... written by carbon14
The most incredible experience... very divine" ... written by CDMIXERS
she is always nice and polite and her reading is in depth and accurate. She is a genuine reader. You must try and find out for yourself." ... written by murdocca
She is an absolutely wonderful woman!!! Her predictions are starting to come true ! she is a great help and she is very insightful! She truly cares about your situation and will help you! If you choose to have spells made for you.. she will help you greatly with this and take you step by step on what to do! i would definitely recommend her! She is a wonderful woman! :D" ... written by Carocakee
My reading was great. She was very informstive and helped me with my situation" ... written by jnm1121
Very nice and she is very calm, get to answers quickly: Thank you!" ... written by Geri
She is helpfull and i hope i will get good results after this consultation. hopw i will be out of confusion and i will be back soon to see her for the next step.......god bless" ... written by kaur001
thank you so much. YOU HAVE HELPED ALOT" ... written by carmela01
always tell truth and accurate" ... written by irahow777
Davincicode was awesome! This was my second reading and I will be back!" ... written by AFCSHER
All you need know, she has for you.." ... written by CDMIXERS
Hold her very dear, she is the truth..." ... written by CDMIXERS
Thank you Thank you it worked the spell worked I'm so happy it worked just as you said... I highly recommend DaVinciCode to everybody with doubts I have tried and succeeded. I'm her happiest client...thank you again. " ... written by Anniekins
She gave me a lot of information told me how the whole year will look like I hope for the best THANKS DAVINICI!" ... written by simsima88
Thank you, if u want clarity talk with Davinci. She tells u the truth! Don't go to someone else. " ... written by kotshy
Try her, u will not regret. She is very helpful and really want to help u and tells the truth. Thank you!!" ... written by kotshy
WOW! i found out so many things i will be looking forward to. the information she gives you is in great detail. she knew things about my life that no one else could possibly know. i am very impressed and i recommend a reading with her!!!! " ... written by lilmaemae
I am satisfied with the reading. I feel encouraged to move forward. Gave me great advice." ... written by LadyCandy
DaVinci is wonderful ! " ... written by Leslie
What a fantastic way of doing things step by step and we are done so now await the results... will be back with good news :) Thanks Da vinci " ... written by Anniekins
She is awesome as usual i love her guidance..." ... written by Anniekins
Thank you, i still do not know who to choose, and i guess i will just have to be with this. I appreciate your time. be well" ... written by rootedinlove
She is awesome and very kind. " ... written by lesliehampton
Ran out of time, but very good, spoke the truth" ... written by sycammer781
She truly knows all the present and how to improve the future...Thanks a lot!" ... written by sita108
Very, very excellent!" ... written by iwanttoloveme
Would like to continue again :) very great and caring ." ... written by livelovelaugh88
Amazing reader!! Gave a lot of good advice :)" ... written by iPreferMimi
Excellent reader!" ... written by iPreferMimi
Good reading." ... written by femme77
I liked her because she seems trustworthy I just wish her English skills were better. " ... written by Katja87
good reading. " ... written by crystal86
Very helpful. Thank you" ... written by jasminepapas
Very good." ... written by hushhu
grewat, fast , accurate, will be back thank u" ... written by new
:)" ... written by timkoh
Good!" ... written by hushhu
She is AMAZING!!!!!! You have to contact her. She really picked up on my situation and really gave me insight as to what was going on in my life. She gave me details and gave me information that was right on point. She is such a beautiful person and really has a true gift!! 5 Stars is not enough for this lady..she is fabulous!!!!!!!" ... written by deannbri1126
Thank you so much for everything :D amazing ..." ... written by artajashari
Didnt get reading finished but she is really good! thank you :) xx" ... written by Jodyleelee
I look forward to my future, Davinci was excellent with answering my question! " ... written by Lindsey30
Simply Amazing! Right on target. Very nice woman. Honest and accurate. Very Intuitive! Great Reading! 5 Star Rating!" ... written by swiftcats64
I am very pleased talking to her. She is very insightful and seems to have insight to the questions I have asked. I hope that all works the way it is supposed to and will check back again with her." ... written by geoff007
I think it was a very insightful reading definitely on mark. Thank you DavinciCode!" ... written by myob7777
I wish u had not left u were good ty very good" ... written by truthplease
Nice, friendly, relatively clear... hope she is right" ... written by Muchacha79
Good reader :D" ... written by little_lion
Good advice, precise and honest" ... written by katarina5
Excellent! " ... written by shell456
Really great!" ... written by marsylyttle
Very nice but ended very fast :)" ... written by sunandmusic
Excellent reading. I enjoyed it and feel that she was right on the dot! Thank you!" ... written by twinkle76
GOOD !!!" ... written by ppp
Good reading." ... written by bri_22
She was good." ... written by Waterjuice
Run out of time :( :(" ... written by livelovelaugh88
Waited a long time to speak w Davinci again!Was well worth it!She is fantastic and one of a very few genuine reader.I will visit her again.She knows things that nobody else could know.EXCELLENT.7 STARS RATING!" ... written by fretan
You are the best the connection is fantastic and i love you honesty and your super guidance love Davinci a must try for all..." ... written by Anniekins
She's sweet. Ran out of funds too quickly :(" ... written by Summer84
It took a long time for her to deal cards and answer questions. " ... written by mary5890
She was very helpful to me :)" ... written by Zee125
She was so right on the money it was scarey, from so far away it was like she lived here and was going through it with me " ... written by tiffsmom
5 starr rating! She is Awesome, loving and caring! Im overwhelmed and so grateful!" ... written by senita0816
She is caring and so accurate! 5 star rating for her. I had been waiting checking everyday for her and it was worth the wait. " ... written by senita0816
Very good and informative. Thank you." ... written by BarbaA
Thankyou DaVinci I really appreciate your reading and you saw him exactly as he is with his job and travel etc " ... written by missygirly
She takes a long time doing the cards but she seems pretty accurate in what she says. I had twenty credits and she had time to answer 3-4 simple questions (yes/no format)" ... written by Katja87
Always a pleasure and always an exceptional reading. thanks " ... written by tash1921
Superb! " ... written by blanca84
Superb! " ... written by blanca84
Superb! " ... written by blanca84
Thanks!" ... written by wildone1234
She was very pleasant to talk to and accurate I hope :)" ... written by maria50t
Amazing woman !! xx" ... written by forme123
Lovely woman! Full of clarity!" ... written by shell456
The news was good. I hope it's true?" ... written by Judy06779
Excellent as always! 5 stars!" ... written by Lindsey30
She is amazing and honest. I love her readings!!!" ... written by tash1921
She was right on the money. The spells she gave me worked like they were supposed to and my husband came back on April 12. " ... written by tiffsmom
What she predicts is always very accurate. Even if your situation seems impossible or hopeless she will tell you the right things to do to turn everything around. She's one of the best!!!" ... written by Zee125
She was fast, and worked with the time I had." ... written by anehave
She's amazing! So kind and very right! She has told me things only I know about myself!" ... written by ellied3105
She's a very insightful woman, it was an accurate reading, I must say, she was informative and fast. I would def read with her again!" ... written by candyla
She always helps me no matter what...she picked up on things i never told her! The reading was accurate and right on target. I will definitely be returning to read with her again. Gave me hope...insight into everything." ... written by candyla
I love the session with her. so little time, so many things she told me. made me feel much better knowing more a person i cared a lot . thanks dear, will definitely return" ... written by ellen00
5 Star! She is great!" ... written by senita0816
5 star rating! She is so genuine and patience, love her!" ... written by senita0816
Wonderful reading!" ... written by gemmie
She is patient ....she listened to what i had to say then she took it from there! Absolutely Amazing reading....... be patient with her, she really looks into the situation you wont regret it after you read wit her! She is one of the best on this site! Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no regrets will be back again!" ... written by candyla
IT WAS REALLY GOOD ALL OF IT WAS TRUE! " ... written by Emochick101
Dear, i'm out of credits in my bank haha, im so poor but i want to know more about him, i guess ill return next time. at the meantime, THANKS SO MUCH, i hope my prayers, ours will work and help him to surpass his bad times. THANKS, Lots of here from V~" ... written by ellen00
100% good real work not fake" ... written by lailasharoon
Very Accurate!" ... written by mizzsuzo21
Such a kind lady. Helpful and full of kind words and advise. In a time when I need help, I really felt like she understood my issues and wanted to help." ... written by redmouse
Very kind and treats you like family! She is spot on and I look forward to working with her in the future. " ... written by mhharview
Thank you very much for the reading will catch up with you the chatroom" ... written by Charlie0605
Great reading. Right on... Honest and accurate!" ... written by vz
Very very nice reading will come to her again" ... written by scorpio4real
I look forward again. I can't explain to you all what im experiencing. But all in all I can highly recommend her. Trust. She is the real deal and there's no lie to that. She is added to my favorite. " ... written by toni808
She is great. All her predictions came true!" ... written by tiffsmom
LOVELY WILL RETURN" ... written by ellen00
Dear, i'm out of credits in my bank haha, im so poor but i want to know more about him, i guess ill return next time. at the meantime, THANKS SO MUCH, i hope my prayers, ours will work and help him to surpass his bad times. THANKS, Lots of here from V~" ... written by ellen00
Very Good! She is very personable and has great adviceandamp;gt;" ... written by mhharview
Da Vinci is the best, although she takes her time with the readings.......they give great accurate results and answers. She connects with the situation well and knows how to advise. Be patient....let her do what she does best..which is give answers to the problems.....i will always talk with her.....she is very caring and she connects with my situation everytime i tak with her! try her you wont have any regrets." ... written by candyla
Great reading, veryhelpful, thank you" ... written by crystalrei
Thank you soo much for your guidens. I will be taking action and moving on with my life. No more brown eyes for me hahaha. God Bless - HUGS" ... written by Charlie0605
Was really shocked with what she said." ... written by misa91668
Was really shocked with what she said." ... written by misa91668
This was the very first advisor i spoke with on this site....after a reading with her, i felt assured, confident ...at peace. She gave me great insight into my situation....she was patient and understanding, she does not sugar coat she tells it like it is and so far i am happy i met her. Her readings have been nothing but accurate! She even told me what to expect, i will always turn to her for advice and help she is truly gifted and just amazing! Thank You Da Vinci" ... written by candyla
Soooo accurate, was so amazed at this reading" ... written by tchave11
Maybe need to go and do what she told and see, will fill in after." ... written by Darrantong74
Was really shocked with what she said." ... written by misa91668
Thank you. I really needed more time. " ... written by Heatherj28
She had patience and explained to me everything i needed, i will be back to u to check how things works out for me, thank u :)" ... written by simsima25
Always great!!!!" ... written by mhharview
Good, honest readings." ... written by Zee125
Davinci is awesome five stars!" ... written by Zee125
Love love love Davinci!! I will always come to her for advise and information! " ... written by Lindsey30
Lovely reading but i didnt have enough credit " ... written by katriona
Very detailed and informative. Gives me a direction to choose. Thanks a lot!!!" ... written by Bojanovic
Wow...amazing reading!!!!!!!! thanks I'll be back for more." ... written by happy20
Fascinating reading. Have bought spells from her, it will be interesting to see how they work. Veyr indepth and curious. I will try them. " ... written by Angelandy
She is quick, kind and good =)" ... written by agatajen
Very good reader with true intentions of helping her clients. 5 *****" ... written by LuvNDN
She is awesome always... i was glad to see her back on:)" ... written by Anniekins
HER PREDICTION CAME THROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!....ok so I was dealing with this problem where I felt hopeless the person and I were not talking he just stopped! I spoke to DAVINCI! AND SHE SAID HE WILL CONTACT ME AT TWO POINTS.......guess what? He sooo did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just when I was about to give up she gave me hope....... she gave me details.....things I didn't have a clue about ....she knew the situation! She truly cares about her clients! Please pple if you read this give her a try! She took the weight off my shoulders! Truly one of the BEST!!!!" ... written by candyla
My situation was not any ordinary....one....she helped me! She gave me details....I love Da vinci!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is wonderful and most important, accurate!" ... written by candyla
Prediction is bound to happen! Thanks!!" ... written by ellen00
Incredibly useful." ... written by wolfhelix
Revealed something that happened in the past. Quite interesting. " ... written by Babygirl05
She is so terrific, fast and accurate. She game me the time frame and it came true. She is to the point and no sugar coated. I love her. I enjoyed her readings.Thanks again. I'll be back for more." ... written by happy20
Clear and good." ... written by preetydhish
OMG if I tell you I was so sleepy she took my name and told me what's going on and then she said my boyfriend's name and woke me up to where I had to get a reading I think I found my new pyschic she is accurate and needs to be #1 on here. Great reading." ... written by Cache23
Was excellent..... I will be back again... mad because I ran out of credits." ... written by ml4063
Thank you! You were wonderful!" ... written by Superdimples
Great follow up from a while ago 100% will come back and let you know... Thanks!" ... written by Darrantong74
Great reader, very honest and straight to the point, answered all my questions no matter how difficult. Has gave me hope when i was ready to give up, lost connection hope to speak again soon xx" ... written by cb1987
GREAT!!!" ... written by mhharview
She was good" ... written by Emilum1
A lovely + sweet lady!! she gives soooo much info that is TRUE!!! looking fwd to seeing what she predicted for the future...:) ty very much dear DaVinciCode you are wonderful :) xo" ... written by lila88
she got things rt on the money" ... written by Jnaujo00
Great reading!" ... written by meldove777
First time talking with her. She is very good and accurate right from the start. I'd recommend" ... written by brunei79
Thank you !" ... written by SistahMaria
Wonderful reader!!" ... written by Chloe28
Very thorough reading, I found her to be very helpful and quite accurate at depicting my present state of being. She is definitely going to be added to my favourites! Thank you so much, DaVinciCode!" ... written by wolfhelix
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
she is so good I am speech less she goes to detail and tells you all I can not do with out her she is amazing . she is always correct. she is the best of best I always come back to her always. thank you." ... written by H
Thanks for Davinci for reading! Wait and see what will happen..." ... written by Angela
Spot on..." ... written by essonbabe
Good reading, thank you." ... written by will0wtree
Great follow up Thanks Again.." ... written by Darrantong74
Amazing lady - can't wait until wednesday until DaVinviCode can help me further - god bless you" ... written by Kazzi819
Shes really nice" ... written by lilnicky23
My internet cut connection:( excellent reader, so accurate! thank you" ... written by 4ngeld0rothy
Very good reading." ... written by duckkait
There's a reason I keep coming back to her..........Ever since I did my first reading with her she was accurate and extremely detailed! Her predictions CAME THROUGH! She gets into the situation, tells you everything you need to know, DAvinci is one of the most gifted people on this site please try her i've been seeking her advice and readings a while now and so far i have not been disappointed!" ... written by candyla
Davince, is very kind and lovely person, her reading is accurate and she's guide you when you lost.. Am so happy, chat with her! You are awesome ..5 strar !" ... written by february72
Very accurate thank you for the reading." ... written by serinaserina
Very interesting and reassuring. Thanks" ... written by newperson
Gave me a reading of 3 cards...hmm, interesting." ... written by Babygirl05
Thanks again I am sure I will come back." ... written by serinaserina
Very good, fantastic reader.. amazes me with everything that she knows great lady, a must try 10 stars!!!" ... written by Klaudyna27
Very good. " ... written by Dymples2
Good!" ... written by xxDrikenxx
I am thankful for your patience and guidance..." ... written by Niha
Thank you." ... written by alexandra11
Waiting to see things happen!" ... written by newperson
Good and friendly so bad I didnt have enouugh money and we didnt finish. " ... written by merowe
Stunning.. accurate... fast... Thank you so much!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
I was completely satisfied with my reading! i will gladly be back. Thanks alot :)" ... written by NiseyB
I had two readings with her and she was one of the few readers who predicted an event I was inquiring about correctly. I needed to make a decision on if I should do or not do something. She also gave me a free 3 card email reading the next day after my private with her. One of her predictions in that reading actually came true before I had read her email and the other two cards reflected my current situation. She does take a bit of time doing the readings, so make sure you have enough credits. In the end, most of her predictions have already occurred within 1-3 day time span. Thanks DaVinci! " ... written by Nona29
Thank you Davinci for the nice reading, will keep you updated as and when the predictions come true." ... written by person
She is amazing, wonderful and to the point. Thanks again for your help." ... written by happy20
Thank you, but I will have to say I , I don't have a partner and was very vague on my questions. " ... written by jewelbug17
Thanks great update 100% c u soon" ... written by Darrantong74
Ill be back to her soon to report on the predictions she gave me, thoroughly enjoyed her read, its just a shame she doesnt have great english, as i prefer to hear, but its all good :)" ... written by john0907
She is very good" ... written by bridges19
Davinci is very good and help you a lot 5 star" ... written by february72
Once again another outstanding reading with her! she is veryy accurate with what she has told me soo far im happy i do readings with her! Her predictions have always come through!!!!!!!!!! please try her you wont regret!!!!!!!!!!!!! honest! accurate and will help you with any situation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by candyla
This was a great reading and I love what I have been told about my future. I had been waiting to get a reading with davinci the moment I saw the reviews and she seems to be very trustworthy and accurate with her words. Thanks again davinci :-)" ... written by Lee4214
Thanks for your help Davinci and also for the reading will give you an update hopefully soon." ... written by panget0823
Let's see what happens tonight then will know all" ... written by irahow777
She was so helpfully and nice she was right about me and my life will get another reading of her soon. She is so sweet, thanks again." ... written by annegirl
Always love coming to Davinci - 3rd reading!!Great:)" ... written by rattail1
She was very clear, very kind. I am quite sad of the news I got, but it is what it is. I wll be back in the future with updates. " ... written by coyoteroper
Davinci is very nice lady...and briliant..5 star spell" ... written by february72
She was an awesome lady. I will visit her after a month once the spell comes true." ... written by 1285597
DaVinciCode was very honest and understanding. I was absolutely amazed when she told me about my situation and what can be done to help it. I have never felt more comfortable with a psychic than I did with DaVinciCode. Many thanks! :)" ... written by ma2g3ic2012
She was wonderful. Very accurate and detailed. Thank you for your help!" ... written by yemoon910
Thank you, thank you, thank you she is very nice and honest. God bless you and lots of love" ... written by tatianasmile
She helped me once before. then i waited patiently for things to fall in place,well it did. many, many thanks and blessings to you.:))" ... written by toni808
She was ok didn't get all the info i wanted about the ppl i was interested in but oh well...she was still good" ... written by luckycharms312
DaVinciCode is on point and does a great job ! I recommend her...she is willing to answer and questions and is a great help" ... written by Dani0987
Thank you for a great reading!" ... written by justjenn1970
Good reading!" ... written by Ryan747
She is amazing " ... written by catherinemarie
Great! Great! Great!" ... written by skier8001
Great reader" ... written by Destiny68
Always a pleasure doing s reading with Da Vinci! she is honest accurate and one of the best this site has to offer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she picks up everything in my situation! Her predictions always come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by candyla
She picked up things that no one would know. She is great." ... written by moniquea
Great reading" ... written by MALIHONEY
She was a lot of fun in the reading. I really enjoyed the session and she was very thorough. She answered every question I had, and though there is a time line before I'll be figuring anything out, it was good to have a heads up on what I should expect. I would most certainly have another reading with her. " ... written by Erica89
You're amazing! Highly Commendable!" ... written by gayheart
I loved her very on point" ... written by ckayx69
So accurate and my first reading everything she said came true one of the best on here:)" ... written by Cache23
Thank you for the wonderful reading. Thank you for your help!" ... written by Angel168
One of the most detailed... accurate person on this site! I have done many readings with Da Vinci! she has helped me with my situations and also given me guidance on wht to do, HER PREDICTIONS HAVE COME TO PASS. I will always return to her she cares about her clients and she really gives details about everything !!!!!!!!! SHE DESERVES MORE THAN 5 STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS THE BEST" ... written by candyla
It was a nice, truthful and helpful reading. Lorette is really able to see the situation. Thank you so much Lorette! :)" ... written by LoveElly
She is a beautiful soul that gives you real guidance on your life path! I am looking forward on getting more readings with her :) " ... written by vanessailgms11
Very good got my situation straight away would definitely recomend for a reading." ... written by jackiei
I have much to look forward to in my future. Thank you for the reading!" ... written by dismusbda1
Good and helpful reading! Thanks" ... written by Kerubo
Really good and fast, thank you!!!" ... written by smiley2011
She was very helpful. Her insights were amazing. Will definatly come back to her." ... written by nero315
Amazing insights. Spot on." ... written by nero315
You was very very good. Very accurate and on point. I needed to know everything you told me and I am very pleased and happy with my reading. I will take you again in pvt. You are worth the money and more. Thank you very much and may God continue to bless you with your gift. Thank you again. 10 stars for you." ... written by patricia47
Great" ... written by eurbaez438
Thanks for update wait and see thanks again." ... written by Darrantong74
Very nice, thank you! " ... written by karolinkush
TRULY AMAZING!!!! LOVE YOU!!!" ... written by lila88
Thank you so much. I will be back." ... written by katie46
Lorette is a nice person and 100% accurate in her all predictions and readings :)" ... written by vanessailgms11
Thank you. Great and very professional reading." ... written by Leslie
Amazing as usual...:)" ... written by lila88
Mystery woman interesting reading." ... written by mashmellowbunni3
Great....thank you!!" ... written by lila88
Very honest and straightforward. Good info." ... written by 04apple
Very straight forward lady. She saw the situation. " ... written by reena2323
Great! Very clear direct. Nice lady." ... written by fretan
Good, thank you. Have to wait and see for predictions to come true." ... written by smiley2011
Thank you for your reading. A lot of good information, she knew a lot and was very helpful." ... written by 04apple
Great!" ... written by Samsam_27
Can't go wrong with her. She is a great reader, also my favourite." ... written by Anniekins
Precise!" ... written by gem1974
Great reading with Davinci. She was very kind and understanding and empowering with her words. Thank you for all of your advice." ... written by BellaDecadance
I loved the reading... hidden gem she is!" ... written by jp4242
Very very good!" ... written by newperson
Great as always..." ... written by Dymples2
Insightful" ... written by JerriAnne
Thank you again. wonderful and so sincere." ... written by marciamia
Amazing how accurate she was at describing my situation. very genuine and really knows what's going on. will definitely add her to my favorites and come back to her for more :)" ... written by marciamia
Love Her She Is The Best No Words But Try and See For Your Self She Worth Every Penny:)" ... written by Cache23
GRAZIE.... THANK YOU... " ... written by SaintlyCat123
She accurate, very honest and to point" ... written by 04apple
Very personal and accurate reading. Astonishing and lucky I caught the Happy Hour too!! Da Vinci is very fast, covered a lot of ground and gave specific details about future happenings and people involved. Confirmed what I have known but not wanting to acknowledge until now. Will certainly seek her advice again!" ... written by ikroyal
Know details about things and was point on, very great! And gave me peace of mind on things I was worrying about." ... written by JaySora3
Wonderful wonderful! Thanks again and I will be returning :)" ... written by marciamia
Lovely." ... written by marciamia
She has the power if you need to see the truth, and if you need spells;)" ... written by LoveElly
Quick reading and good one.Thank you" ... written by whishes43
Wonderful wonderful wonderful! So spot on!!" ... written by marciamia
Accurate again. I appreciate it!! Will definitely return." ... written by marciamia
Awsome.great" ... written by druvina1973
I came back after I just left just because reading was so real and very accurate and I learned alot about myself and boyfriend thanks your the best:)" ... written by Cache23
Very accurate reading. She knew exactly the issue I was dealing with and gave excellent advice on how to clear things up." ... written by lauriesmalley
DaVinci is very insightful, the real deal! Absolutely lovely. Thank you to her!" ... written by pamwedow
Davinci just hit the nail on the head and hit the exact root of my problem within seconds. trust her people...she is the real deal. thank you so much for your wisdom and time and sharing your energy with me. I will be back." ... written by raven981
Great, helpful!" ... written by SuzOKeeffe
Good!" ... written by SuzOKeeffe
She was good and gave me lot of details with time frames. I will wait and see if they come true. Lot of things which she highlighted was true and somewhere I knew it.." ... written by bubblygirl
Thanks for the reading!!! Was great to speak to you!!" ... written by gm
I had a reading with her and I think she was really amazing. I couldn't provide the birthday of a person I was asking about but she used an alternative method to find out about him and somehow she knew everything about the situation. She even knew another person's exact eye color who is involved in this situation. Unfortunately, time ran out but I hope to see her again. " ... written by james9534
Thanks." ... written by serinaserina
She told me that my boss would talk to me about money soon. I was surpised when the next day I went to work and my boss told me he would be giving me a raise in about a week or 2, his said his noticed me working hard/ better. " ... written by JaySora3
Can only wait and see, but as always very honest, and picks up well on my situation." ... written by cb1987
YOU ARE THE BEST!!! MILLION STARS!!! xo" ... written by lila88
Vey gifted cant wait to go back." ... written by starsalign21
Very nice reading! Thank you!" ... written by dushka
The best! Very honest and sincere." ... written by olenka
She gives you hope." ... written by lewisg123
She's very accurate! She predicted my pregnancy.." ... written by vanessa
Great thank you very much wished it will be longer to talk to you." ... written by serinaserina
Gentle and kind-hearted..that is the impression I get from DaVina.....She tells the truth with compassion and good advice...Listen. I knew that she would be good." ... written by Uvrs53
Picked up on my energy and feelings will go back soon!" ... written by Nightowl75
Thank you for your feedback on the negative energy I have around me. I will do everything you explained for me to do. I will try and get back on soon to get the last one. Thanks again. Picked up on my life so quickly." ... written by jazolvera01
Great! lots of insight - all correct. Good feeling now after getting a lot of tips." ... written by generaldirection
Very good reading!" ... written by sweetsx
Great reading! DaVinciCode was extremely accurate with me. Her vision is amazing, she knew it all and I didn't have to tell her a thing. " ... written by MorningStar8
Great Feedback and very accurate!" ... written by gemini241
OMG. LOVVVVVE HER!!!" ... written by DEMIII
You want details and clarity? Go to her." ... written by generaldirection
Very interesting and informative, thank you." ... written by Pamela20
Awesome... highly recommend... " ... written by JUAN
Love you! :)... You are the best!! xo" ... written by lila88
Very good to know I still have a chance to get my ex husband back one day." ... written by tanyacrockett20
Av consulted Da Vinci and she is on point about everything she says.. She gives good advice too... She is the best...You shouldn't look any further.. Consult Da Vinci. Thanks Da Vinci!!" ... written by kachimbi1
She is a lovely and very honest person. Her energy is magnetizing and her readings are very very accurate. She won't tell you what you want to hear instead she will say what is actually happenning around you. Thank you" ... written by rainbowwarrior
Once again another excellent reading with the best on this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by candyla
Had a lovely reading, hope the predictions will come true. Really caring and nice Psychic, recommend her a lot!" ... written by malinda2011
Very nice reading from DaVinciCode. very insightful and connects very well. Very nice to talk too, and gives detail info. 5 stars~~~" ... written by Tanny6
She is good. Takes her time but worth it." ... written by zimerili1
Thanks so much for reading.. thanks for the very detailed and informative reading.. and all the helpful advice!" ... written by thanya
You are the best... Thank you, I felt very comfortable... like I had my grandmother with me... Excellent person to engage, 5 stars.." ... written by JUAN
Excellent reading." ... written by spiritual_seeker
I will continue on with her." ... written by spiritual_seeker
OMG! She is so good, she told me and the thing is happening now!!" ... written by serinaserina
Thanks so much for your reading..." ... written by JuzDream
She is awsome!" ... written by apolly
Many thanks for your advice. " ... written by ema
Amazing reader. Tells you a lot of details about thinks you already knew, and thing you didn't. Accurate description of personality of the person I asked, with only name dob and such. Real deal i`m happy I found you." ... written by apolly
Great reading!" ... written by lifetime1974
Awesome first reading!" ... written by lifetime1974
Wonderful. Very detailed!!" ... written by marciamia
DaVinciCode is the real deal." ... written by Buffygrrl
Very positive, thank you." ... written by nikkigt06
She is very insightful and gives great advice! Gave me great guidance on certain aspects in my life." ... written by carlos
No need to tell, she knows it all! :)" ... written by hellokittylynii
Thank you! The world is at my finger tips. Thank you, thank you!" ... written by dumplinl
This woman is great and amazing....." ... written by KateyKat_1984
Great connection, must continue. " ... written by Mare578
Great reading and advise, thank you." ... written by corvettime02
I feel this woman is the real deal and I love her compassion. I think that you are talented and have heart. I love you and will come back! God Bless you!" ... written by olive51ed
Thanks! Was a very interesting reading!" ... written by serinaserina
Fantastic, honest, always fast and speaks from ages of experience and truth. Try this reader, she will help you, I promise you!" ... written by raven981
Was insightful and amazing! Opened my heart to the possibilities that awaits." ... written by Catchi
She was great. She predicted that I would hear from the person we were talking about in 6 points (hours or days), and I was contacted on the first hour of the 6th day from her prediction. I owe this feedback to her. Really great senses, I was shocked." ... written by octavus1212
Quick and the best!" ... written by ganny5891
Very good!" ... written by SuzOKeeffe
Thank you!" ... written by Phuong_phan2610
She did a reading telling me I would have help at work from a blonde girl with long hair, and 2 weeks later I have a new employee that fits the same description! Will be back soon!!" ... written by jazolvera01
Great as usual." ... written by ema
Very powerful spells to help yu. Highly recommend." ... written by Armande
She was awesome thanks alot" ... written by mzgg85
She is good, will consult her again." ... written by ss1960
Great as ever!!!" ... written by olenka
Thank you Davinci! Quick and detailed reading!!" ... written by alazazzera
The information that I received, I know it to be true. But, I will continue to pray for the protection of the holy spirit. Thank you!" ... written by KEILOVE
Great!" ... written by Zaptex
Really great reading. Has a read grasp on the situation and good advice." ... written by Armande
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!" ... written by marciamia
Wonderful! She was straight to the point!" ... written by sincere4
Just amazing. I am in awe at how she was able to see things without me telling her anything!! She knew personal details and described the situation exactly. Many stars for you, DaVinci!" ... written by marciamia
Very insightful. Great accurate." ... written by jamira76
Thank you she is fantastic very spiritual and accurate. Highly recommended." ... written by ikroyal
Thanks. very good!" ... written by mzgg85
Thanks, my reading was wonderful!" ... written by mzgg85
Was really honest and accurate :) She connected with me and did felt and know things." ... written by Crab1993
This was my first reading and it was amazing., The details that she gives are incredible.Very good positive reading. Thank you" ... written by leogirl
Loved the reading. Looking forward to all the things she told me. It was right on target." ... written by kathyrh
Great reading." ... written by irahow777
Awesome!" ... written by Agapelove7
This women was amazing, she was able to answer all the questions I had, and was able to put my mind at ease...I know that I will definitely be consulting with her sometime soon again! WOW!!! I am going to have an excellent Christmas now!" ... written by Gabaza01
Great insight! :)" ... written by crabgirl83
I think she was great and had very positive energy!" ... written by Lucky6878
Great reading." ... written by veezee
Amazing!!!!! The cards speak it all!!!!" ... written by dallascowboys8
Amazing!!!! " ... written by starsalign21
She is very helpful and always patient, she loves to help people!" ... written by Delila_shula_777
I Love talking to her and she answer all my question and she is understanding do all my pain and feel how my heart is wanting to push forward to have a better life." ... written by Delila_shula_777
Great inspiration. I loved her reading. Thank you. " ... written by peace808
Very nice and sweet!" ... written by sharphandz247
I want know more from this woman!" ... written by lorryvie
Madam DaVinci is amazing. I have had a lot of success following her advice and spells. What I like is she first checks the cards to see what is the right thing to do, who is the right person for you. Then she gives you the spells to clear the way for what is supposed to happen. Not to force what was never to be. She has helped me and is continuing to help me work out a very difficult situation. And the spells are working to remove all the negativity and obstacles standing in my way. And, she is also very knowledgeable in how a woman can be irresistible to a man. Little things to do to attract your special man and make him stay." ... written by Armande
She's amazing. I didn't have to tell her anything!" ... written by ninilove2290
Thanks a lot for everything and for your advice." ... written by cubis78
Very interesting. Good reading. To be seen about her predictions. :)" ... written by lilliableu
Best reading I had on Oranum. I had an amazing reading. She was very insightful and answered all queries I had. Her answers were direct and to the point. Will definitely come back for another reading. Highly recommended!!!!" ... written by prettyg
Excellent reading!" ... written by Blackjane2614
GREAT! I will be back!!!" ... written by sunshine48169
Great, I enjoyed, will be back again." ... written by veezee
You have to come to talk to her, she is very very friendly and is understanding. I always come to her for any questions. LOVE YA, DAVINCICODE! =D" ... written by Delila_shula_777
Awesome lady! Sensed lots of things that were going on in my life and painted a very clear picture for the future ahead!! SHE MAYBE EVEN HELPED ME MADE THE DECISIONS THAT I NEED TO MAKE" ... written by alijane1
Davinci told me things that no one else did before. Don't know whether that is true now or not. She did say some things that were true but I'm not sure about the future." ... written by dijana77
Great reading but I ran out of time." ... written by annetteraquel10
She is amazing, she is very good and very helpful, she has helped me so much and I will see her every time I come on." ... written by suenpetewright
Thanks for your kind reading. Much blessings. xo" ... written by fiona
Very good." ... written by Nightowl75
ORANUM #1 I see DA VINCI quite alot because shes HONEST TRUTHFUL THE BEST!!!! 1MILLION STARS" ... written by starsalign21
Very good." ... written by DDDaniela
She is a truly amazing, she knows exactly what she's talking about and she is honest. Very easy to talk to and such a wonderful person. She is 110% accurate!" ... written by raee11
Very accurate, great, wonderful insightful reading." ... written by veezee
Powerful High deep level reading, great accurate, coming back to her a lot times" ... written by veezee
DAVINCI DAVINCI SHE IS THE BEST CHUCK OUT THE REST! ORANUMS TOP PSYCHIC! AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!!!! I see her frequently because she gives me the correct answers I want. 100 stars... xxxxx" ... written by starsalign21
Very good! I'm looking for the next session." ... written by bradleyL
Thank you! Helpful!" ... written by NicoleDaniel2013
Very lovely, very accurate!" ... written by Jaybar199
ORANUM'S BEST!!! You want the truth, you want clarity, you want answers?" ... written by starsalign21
Accurate and amazing reading as usual, I love having a reading with DaVinciCode, she always helps me and gives me things to look forward to. Thank you!" ... written by cb1987
Thank you for the great reading. You pick up so quickly and with such details." ... written by leogirl
Very helpful. Accurate with the cards. I'm surprised. " ... written by makalohi
She has great abilities and sharp supernatural mind. " ... written by aviatrix75
Thank you. I have to breath and I will come back and write. Thank you!" ... written by simonvanstyle
Excellent... Very insightful and attentive to my questions and needs... Good energy in her readings!" ... written by designjmr
Excellent reader!" ... written by designjmr
Very accurate in reading the situation-- will use again (: " ... written by Sam_Hope2
Thank you for your help so far, it will be interesting to see what will come out of this, I do recommend you! Kiaraem" ... written by kiaraem
Very great, patient, loving, helpful, truth, loving motherly character knows what she is talking will recommend her for any one will come back awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by meloye123
Great insight! Very initiative. Looking for real advise! Davincicode will not stir you in the wrong direction. Highly recommended!" ... written by botime
Thank you Lorette. " ... written by leogirl
She is insightful !!!" ... written by jaykun
Thank you." ... written by roselilly5
Incredibly accurate on timing.. she was right every time!" ... written by veezee
We shall yet to see... " ... written by mimithinking
She was so helpful and very thorough with her reading. Thanks so much for giving clarification! :-)" ... written by lolagreen0684
Ran out of time but it was insightful....thanks again !!!!!" ... written by jaykun
She is great, wise and she is so powerful! I trust her words!" ... written by iliveinbahrain
I was intrigued...Totally. I could sit and listen to you all day. Thank you I am grateful. Your reading of my situation, astounded me and if it proves true, I will call you up and let u know.... And give you a fantastic rating. I was disappointed that my credit had run out before I got an answer to 'who he chooses'; I will have to come back. I hopeyou remember all you've told me so I can and will come back for another reading. As I said I could listen to you for hours.... Very interesting lady, you gave sooo much information. It was a pleasure to communicate with you... Brilliant.. Thank you again!" ... written by humblefitz8
Great, accurate, excellent, outstanding. Highly recommend her." ... written by veezee
What a sweet, touching reading. Reads from the heart. 5 STARS!" ... written by Zeigen
I've done several reading with Loreta, I find her very helpful, nice, I cant wait to finish my readings, I will be back!" ... written by meloye123
Fantastic, ORANUM'S BEST!!!!" ... written by starsalign21
She is the best, accurate even to the time, and very kind generous lady. My number one choice all the time. :)" ... written by veezee
She is very good. Can't wait to finish my reading." ... written by gagirl31
Thank you very much." ... written by lorryvie
Thanks for your reading, very helpful!" ... written by hotmhh
Always amazing reading with her. You'll get more than what you bargained for! Thank you.x" ... written by tash1921
Great honest, and accurate.... one of the best psychic in there, I m already back to her many times. " ... written by veezee
Wow she was able to see everything it was great!!! I will be back!! Wonderful!!" ... written by kelley1267
Good! She was able to read the situation correctly and will start to work with her on releasing the negative energies. Looking forward to it!" ... written by Marialuis
I trust Davinci completely...her predictions and wisdom has always been dead on and when I am worried or have a choice to make that is huge I come to her because I know she knows, and I will be safe. Thank you ....so glad you are out there. xxx" ... written by raven981
Great as always thanks." ... written by serinaserina
There is something very sacred about her reading. I enjoyed it very much." ... written by TravlFunLove
Love to read with her too much, she is too detailly accurate, and generous, kind. " ... written by veezee
She was absolutely wondering!! " ... written by marciamia
Very good and good advice." ... written by krismic2
Loretta is very compassionate, and I like her readings because she is honest, but only wishes you the best. " ... written by jazolvera01
I have tears rolling down my cheek, I think you know how much this means to me. I just hope he realises everything too and has courage soon. You are amazing and always pick up energy so well for me. around my situation. ii has been a long journey both sad and incredible at same time, and do not regret anything even though so much pain,..." ... written by tanyaolivia64
She's the real deal." ... written by artisticfreakk
She was very very good hopefully it works." ... written by rr51194
Accurate and always very honest!" ... written by olenka
Fun ...liked the part of past lives and I wish form one more question but not yet." ... written by cselovsk
Now I have going back to her almost for all my questions. :) she is the big trusted and honest psychic for me !! " ... written by veezee
Great, accurate, and always honest reading. Highly recommended!" ... written by veezee
Thank you so much! Great Reading!" ... written by nkumar
I am very thankful to you for helping me. You are very profound in the way you guide me and answer the questions that are troubling me.... You have given me faith to trust my feelings, as you have confirmed things to me which I am hoping for. I think the step for me is ready as I just realised 2 people only can make it work and thank you for giving me strength. I think I will feel better once I do this. God bless xxxxx" ... written by tanyaolivia64
Very patient, wise and kind... She is willing to be clear and compassionate at the same time... Blessings and lovely!" ... written by blocpress
Sounds promising!" ... written by irahow777
She gave me better insight into my personal matters. I recommend her." ... written by sweetsiren0072
Very good good. We have started a work to be finished and I am looking forward to working with her. She is mysterious, kind and effective." ... written by Uvrs53
Pretty nice lady. Most of what she said is correct. I have to see the predictions. " ... written by renaji
I found here to be very informative. You should try her." ... written by KitKat02
Best great reading always, and ever... " ... written by veezee
Great reading! Will wait now for event to happen. Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
Very good reading. Thank you!" ... written by nkumar
Great reading." ... written by irahow777
The best psychic I ever had, not only the best, also the kindest, I wil come back to her all the time now....highly recommend her to everybody." ... written by veezee
Awesome..." ... written by QueenofAngels
Excellent reading - lots of details. Will definitely read with her again. Highly recommend." ... written by lilwildspirit
She will always help you even after your reading or if you need follow up! caring person, you will love her!" ... written by Marialuis
Very complete reading...she was able to give me solid, actionable advice on a very complicated relationship subject. Thank you!" ... written by MJTVgirl
Thank you for the very interesting reading and insightful details about my situation. You always give me more clarity and peace and hope too by the positive outcome you sense for me. I am very happy that you feel things will be changing soon and you always help me understand the bigger picture. Look forward to the next reading and hope I may have news to bring you, God bless and thanks so much xx" ... written by tanyaolivia64
I had a great reading from DaVinci. She looked into my past lives and gave me amazing details. " ... written by curiosity24
Very good. I really love her." ... written by Joanna
My reading with DaVinci was very informative. She was insightful and was patient when I wanted her to look at the same problem from several different angles. Thank you for your insight" ... written by curiosity24
She is wonderful, serious and true! Thank you!!" ... written by mcssm5
Amazing love her" ... written by tiwababe
Very insightful." ... written by Dame914
Great follow up on whats gone on and spread light on what was needed Thanks x" ... written by Darrantong74
I feel confident with her, she really helps me with my difficult issues, and I do everything she ask me to and it feels better. She is kind and generous and sincere. I do recommend her with all my heart!" ... written by Kiaraem
Nice reading" ... written by HappyKellyGirl
Amazing reading. She picked up on a trip I am taking and described it and the people I am going with! Really amazes me every time!" ... written by Armande
Is always nice to talk to her, hope predictions will come true." ... written by serinaserina
Nice lady, good guide." ... written by azvik13
Gives very good advice and quickly." ... written by Armande
Excellent. Thank you." ... written by jeraldryan
Thanks again for the reading, sure I will keep you updated." ... written by serinaserina
She is very clear - honest - honourable!" ... written by sunshine
Always on point this woman is the best!!! I always come to her cause she has never failed me! Truly a blessing and always on target with everything I love her." ... written by candyla
Amazing" ... written by Rwan
Great work, quick and honest" ... written by Rwan
Great start , great help great views" ... written by Rwan
really nice and warm lady i liked her" ... written by rose
she was very helpful " ... written by Raven
Shes great she really helps me." ... written by Raven
Great accurate reading as always. Fast connection!" ... written by veezee
She always brings me clarity in such a confusing situation, i feel at ease whenever i seek her for all my unanswered questions she is straight to the point and accurate. She has never been wrong THE BEST ON THIS SITE!!!!!!!!! 5 stars isnt enough!!" ... written by candyla
I would like a skript to read this again." ... written by mette
Very helpful insight. She is very calming and accurate on details. I needed more advice and she had plenty to offer. More than just how everyone involved was feeling about the situation - she offered advice on what to do. Thank you dear. " ... written by Crawfist
Great reading, accurate, still the best!" ... written by veezee
Amazing, will write back when these spells work!" ... written by Rwan
What a blessing! I've not only been given insight to the cause of my current struggle, all aspects of each contributing factor to the conflict, all personalities involved but opportunity bring about peace andamp; harmony through the most detailed in depth reading I have ever received. Not just standard "you feel this, he feels that, but I can help you both come to share the same feelings for one another. She not only prepared me for what the future holds , but is willing to assist in creating the future I've been praying for." ... written by Brandy
Great reading!" ... written by starchild700
Wonderful! Let's see how spell works :)" ... written by Alizuna
As always I am happy with the reading with you, I feel so much better when I have spoken to you. I really do recommend DaVinciCode for everybody, accurate, trustful, and you feel that she likes her work. Looking forward to next reading. xx" ... written by Kiaraem
Thanks Lorette so much for helping me understand the situation more clearly. I am hoping with all my heart it will unveil in the way you see with the cards :) I drae strength every time I have a reading with you and I know you understand me. Take care. xx" ... written by Tanya
I will try the spells. I am looking forward to the outcome..." ... written by Velvet Luv
I looking forward to see the out come!" ... written by Velvet Luv
Very in depth reading and honest. She is truly gifted." ... written by sara
Very encouraging andamp; enlightening reading. Have new positive perspective. Such a gift of love!" ... written by Brandy330
She is very clever. She gave me very good advice. I am grateful for that." ... written by Joanna
Lorette is caring, she knows how to fix a bad situation. I have faith in her. She always comes through. Put your trust in her." ... written by aviatrix75
Very generous lady, helpful, trustworthy and understanding. Provided easy to understand remedies and resolutions for problem issues. Took time to clarify any and all terms clearly. Made sure I understood the advice andamp; procedures. Accurate read every-time. DaVinciCode is one of the superb on Oranum. I am a very grateful, happy customer." ... written by sk
This reader, 1000 stars!!! Why didn't I meet her earlier???" ... written by Ian
She is fast and accurate and gives excellent advice. If she says something will be, it will be." ... written by Armande
Thorough reading..interesting way of pulling the cards. I feel she would tell you bad news or good...luckily in my case I heard good news." ... written by axia100
She has an amazing gift with all the cards she uses, she was able to see and know exactly!!! what is going on. Very, very amazing!!!" ... written by twinkee344
Always the great one, and very detail and accurate." ... written by veezee
We will see how accurate she was" ... written by hr
Pretty cool," ... written by mystical
Great reading!!" ... written by Vin
Beautiful woman! Cannot wait for my next reading xxxx" ... written by Lauren
DaVinciCode is a brilliant lady with accuracy and confidence in her predictions. Hope to see myself on the success path she told in some time soon.Thanks...Cheers." ... written by Shruthi
The only one I really trust!" ... written by hotmhh
Very quick reader. Will wait for a month to see." ... written by Monisha
She is so nice and kind and excellent in her readings and she really offer advice and tries to help. Talking to her gives me positive energy and inspires me. I will always remember her with her nice smile." ... written by hadeel
Fantastic reading! Very nice sweet lady! " ... written by Erikaafs
She is great!" ... written by arezoo
AMAZING" ... written by AMANDA
Thank you for your kind words and the help you provided. I believe it will see me through" ... written by yimzid
Wow. I hope all comes true. She said 2 weeks. We shall see. She picked up on his demeanor...so she was right in that aspect. " ... written by jazzy
Good reading " ... written by howard
Good!" ... written by K
Accurate and very compassionate" ... written by koel
Thank you!!!" ... written by Seeking74
Lorette is the Best, she is very kind hearted and she really does care. I recommend her for result and victory. she is always Right." ... written by avaitrix75
Very good and concise and compassionate!" ... written by koel
OMG! She is one word: AWESOME !!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!" ... written by diana077
Awesome reading, great positive insight and can't wait for things to unfold in a positive manner..." ... written by Sammyjoe02
Thanks for the in depth details that you provided today. Very helpful!!!!" ... written by leogirl
I have a lot of work ahead of me. I am looking forward to the results. I believe it is going to be good for me. Thank you my friend." ... written by Velvet Luv
A very definitive and succinct response to my questions!!" ... written by Clarence01
Special woman. Thank you for your help! xxxxxxxx" ... written by LAUREN
Thank you for your help and telling me!" ... written by pinky55
Good Reading!" ... written by d
She is very caring. I had an Emergency and she was there for me. Strong SPELLS, it works believe me! ask for her help!" ... written by aviatrix75
Picked on my case right away...great reeading!" ... written by serbboy3
DaVinchi very classy lady, She told me exactly what I was looking for very precise. Very calming. I just had a very bad reading from someone else. She uplifted in a few minutes. She is very gifted. Thank you Lorretta DaVinchi for you calm expertise." ... written by bnjpangels
Loved the reading!! " ... written by QueenRochelle1
Great reading, will come again." ... written by dilianika
Awesome reading, must check her out!!" ... written by seerat
Wow!! She was great!! I couldn't believe the amount of new information she was able to uncover. She is amazing!!! Five stars of course!!" ... written by Martank
I LOOOOVVVVVEEEEE DaVinci. Her reading is accurate and amazing. She is truly gifted and worth having a reading with. Very kind and gentle, and insightful! Highly Recommended." ... written by iconnect
Was great!! Love love love her!!" ... written by QueenRochelle1
Thank you so much, you are the only one that gave me hope, I get back to you soon." ... written by maria
Very accurate." ... written by gabriel
Wow, wow, she is so good!" ... written by Mai
Great Read!!! She is very detailed oriented. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
WOW! WOW! WOW! Amazingly accurate!!!" ... written by LisaB
Great" ... written by Brian
She is amazing.. she picked up his name, and his and my astrology signs without me mentioning anything. I am waiting for two more months to see what she predicted is true or not... " ... written by Grace
Very caring Lady!! She knows what you need. 5 star rating of course." ... written by Martank
Loretta is always very caring and comforting. I can't help but consult with here when she's online. She's fantastic!" ... written by Moonchild59
WOW!! She is the real deal! Has great advice. Direct and detailed. 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
Accurate, detailed read. Provided easy to understand remedies and resolutions for problem issues. Patient andamp; understanding. Caring andamp; compassionate advice Empowering and enlightening guidance. Spiritually gifted person and a pleasant experience. Thank You DaVinciCode. :)" ... written by sk
Great as always! :-)" ... written by sun
Very spiritually gifted person. Caring, understanding andamp; compassionate guidance. Thank You, DaVinciCode." ... written by S
Wow, great read!!! Some unfortunate things, but can be worked out. 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
I think Lorette is the greatest. She's honest and helps you greatly. Kisses to you my friend" ... written by VelvetLuv
Had her do a reading on a new person in my life. She gave an awesome reading of the person, their life, their personality and our compatibility. I think she saved me a lot of grief! Thank you" ... written by Armande
100 % accurate reading. Straight to the point. Highly recommended. A++++ " ... written by Marcin Szyling
She helped me out so much with my life! Thank you soo much! She is so accurate! :-)" ... written by ashana217
Excellent" ... written by Paulina
She is amazing, she makes you feel so good, she is so helpful!" ... written by Viviann
Very Good very helpful and a delight to work with" ... written by Viviann
Kind and generous lady." ... written by s
insightful" ... written by k
Very good." ... written by Viviann
Very good " ... written by Viviann
Thank you so much" ... written by termo
Fantastic guidance and intuition. Her work is amazing." ... written by ikroyaln
I think you are very amazing and you help me so much. I always feel a big relief after our session. Love you much. She is AWESOME!!!! Hugs and Kisses!" ... written by Brenda
Very good Reading, very understanding of the situation" ... written by Lanaishere
Good information provided, now time to decide. Very informative and able to help." ... written by Marie
Amazing, thank you for your time!" ... written by Lanaishere
Excellent, I recommend her to all ! 5 stars!" ... written by Rene067
Thank you! Very good experience" ... written by Rene067
Wish I could afford more. I love your work." ... written by VelvetLuv
Interesting!" ... written by PAUL
She is great and very helpful!" ... written by Viviann
Oh wow, she's good, wish I had more credits." ... written by spiritessense
Lorette has powerful spells they all work. My saved relationship and my new found happiness is a testament to that. Lorette is the very best." ... written by aviatrix75
She helped me out soo much! Thank You! :-)" ... written by ashana217
Very encouraging reading," ... written by Paul
She is the best!!! Very clear and very accurate!!!" ... written by rosy
Good reading." ... written by Aisha
Lovely woman. I really enjoyed my reading with her." ... written by Lucidity954
Very encouraging reader, she deserves faith in her." ... written by Paul
she is great!!!!! love her!" ... written by sharon
She is very great. Worth every penny." ... written by Jackie
Great readings." ... written by Venus
Very helpful very nice will always go back to her" ... written by Viviann
She is very nice and intriguing. She has my attention." ... written by Mamma
Excellent extremely helpful and on point...i recommend her..:)" ... written by whitney
you are amazing...thank you dear!" ... written by lila88
Great private! Very pleased and will return!" ... written by Michelle
Got me the answers to questions." ... written by gigi
Lorette Davincicode has super spells and amazing insights into future, she could always see the truth. She could always bring positive and happiness. Thank you lorette you are SUPER." ... written by aviatrix75
Thank you for a very in depth reading, you gave me a lot of truths into my love life.....it was interesting to hear this. Love is not easy, but then again nor is life itself....thank you again for being so open and honest with me. I will return soon and let you know how things go, much love and blessings xxxx" ... written by Jde50
She has the strongest spells, and they work, I am a true sample of their powers. She is the best." ... written by aviatrix75
Amazing simply amazing woman and an amazing reading" ... written by almedina
Wow!!! Great Read!! Powerful information I didn't know before. So very interesting. She is so direct. She has such an unusual style. 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
She is very good very helpful and wonderful person I wish I could spend more time with her since I am not working but she is wonderful and helpful in every way Love her" ... written by Viviann
Outstanding gifted lady!" ... written by Jean
Very hellpful wonderful lady Love her. Thank you" ... written by Viviann
Outstanding!" ... written by Jean
Outstanding Reading.......! You are surely genuine.....and a gift for me and my heart......" ... written by Jean
Excellent what else can I say. She was spot on with many things, and the readings were very in-depth." ... written by Stickytoffee
Great Read!! Always interesting with her. She is very direct and to the point with her answers. 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
Thank you!" ... written by Maria
Wonderful helpful lady. xx Thank you! x" ... written by mandie50
Beautiful lady - thank you - will let you know how it goes. Hope to have great results. Love to you xxxx" ... written by Jill
Great Reading and insight to the situation was able to see the situation clearly and provide insightful advice. Would recommend! " ... written by LA
Interesting." ... written by s
Great!" ... written by Jean
She's very good. Knew my feelings and what I thinking and doing at the time. " ... written by Kim
DaVinciCode has special gift and thank you for sharing it with me. Your reading is very insightful. You gave me more understanding of what am facing. * ** * 5 Stars * **" ... written by izzy98027
Very interesting reading, very different from others I've been to. Thank you." ... written by jaqueline
She was good and helpful!" ... written by lucy
She is darn good!" ... written by jzme
Awesome!!! Very fast and accurate reading.Thank you very much, hugs darling." ... written by whishes43
Loretta's spells really work but you also have to believe in what you do with her. She is amazing, anything you need in life Loretta has a magic spell for that will render you your wish. No one is like her, I am so blessed that I got a chance to meet her and make my dream come true. Your lost love will come back!!! Do not give up ever! Fight for it! Now we are working on bringing me more wealth in life and I believe it will work!!! True miracle! I love you Loretta so very much! You became my dear best friend too!!! Love, love, love!!! Your friend forever Alla" ... written by Alla
Very accurate and fast.... " ... written by sunshine0105
She use DOB and software to see compatibility.. still nice person thank you." ... written by lady
She is amazing I love her and will always consult in her. She is an amazing lady. Will always go back to her" ... written by Viviann
GREAT reading. She sees everything. " ... written by Regina
Loretta is great as always. Her ability to cast a spell is magnificent, in addition to that she can easily figure out future by reading tarot and using numbers. I will always consult her in every life situation. That's where magic becomes reality!!! 5 star psychic!!!" ... written by Alla
She encouraged me very well, and found the answers i was looking for." ... written by Eliza
ur stuff works....." ... written by u awesome
Good reading....picked up on a lot of details." ... written by vine
I love Loretta. She is the light in the end of the tunnel. I had a bad day from hell today and she lifted my spirits because she can see truth. She is a God sent to save me!" ... written by Alla
Honest readings" ... written by sarah
Excellent reading, much insight.. " ... written by Mark
Thank you Loretta. It was awesome as always. Great spell magic! Very powerful! Great energy! Consistent 5 star reading. Thank you dear, Love, Alla." ... written by Alla
Very wise woman, very good." ... written by Jason
She is simply amazing, 5 stars to her. accurate, good advice, and straight to the point reading! WONDERFUL." ... written by Maria
great reading / soothing." ... written by coraline
Very wonderful Lady, very helpful, a great friend. Love her, will always go back to her. " ... written by Viviann
Great Read!! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Wow! Great Read. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Wow amazing!!!!" ... written by Tina
Lorette is amazing! Her predictions in the past came true. I can't wait for today's reading to come to pass. Thank you so much, Lorette, for clearing my mind. Kiss :)" ... written by Moonchild59
It was a thorough reading, and her confidence in success has given me the confidence to try!" ... written by Alice
Thanks for the reading." ... written by sara
Thanks" ... written by luv
She is a 5 stars! She is the best on ORANUM. Truthful and accurate. Doesn't play games. Doesn't waste your money. She gets right to the point. Very Highly Recommended!" ... written by oolong
Lorette's spells are magic, they make your wishes come true, she also cares about the person it is not only business it is friendship and compassion. Thank you Lorette and God bless you." ... written by aviatrix75
She is the BEST at Oranum. A five stars. Very fast and accurate. Highly Recommended! " ... written by oolong
She is wonderful the Best so very helpful and so pleasant to work with. I will always go back to her. She is a great friend Kisses and hugs to her." ... written by Viviann
She gave me a forecast for my 2014 and it was very clear and to the point. She always has a clear vision about me. I love her. She is the best. Thank you Beautiful Lorette!" ... written by aviatrix75
She is really great wonderful and so helpful and nice. Love and Kisses to her always. I will always go to her and consult with her. Thank you" ... written by Viviann DOnofrio
Davinci gave good reading" ... written by Astra Sbizzirri
She is a very nice lady with a strong intuition. I feel a very nice aura in" ... written by aquavenus
Thanks so much! I hope your prediction comes true! Will definitely return for another reading!" ... written by Kristi
She is wonderful very caring and helpful will always go back to her" ... written by Viviann DOnofrio
SHE WAS SUPER GREAT!!" ... written by M.B.
Very nice lady good vibe accurate" ... written by cubis78
Wow! Great Read! Good information. Surprised me with something I never heard in a reading. She is very direct, and has good advice. 5 stars!" ... written by Martank
5*,Thank you" ... written by J
Excellent stuff." ... written by Jamal Abel Lewis-Service
Very wonderful lady Love and Kisses to her always." ... written by Viviann DOnofrio
What an incredibly gifted woman! An amazing talent. " ... written by SAL9768
Thank you so much , crazy clarity! :)" ... written by unknownjourney1
Gave me advice and predictions and offered to help me with my situation. Very lovely woman, God bless I will be back" ... written by musha1
She motivated me and I felt like an energy when she was doing my reading, can't wait to do more readings with her." ... written by katiuska abreu
Thank you for your reading!!!! Appreciate it!" ... written by kingpi
Thank you so much, will be back soon." ... written by planejane7
Good insight into reading, very straightforward and accurate. She is a kind Woman with a proven track record for her readings. I gave her a 5star because she deserves it. " ... written by ambi
Thank you for your reading and help. I am looking forward to talking to you soon. I really appreciate." ... written by Bibi123
<" ... written by Vaneya
ACCURATE READING WITH DETAILS, thank you!!! hugs" ... written by whishes43
I am so Amazed. I love her spells, as soon as she started I can already feel the uplift of my energy change I am so glad I decided to get a reading from her. I will definitely be getting more readings from her. Right on with the accuracy of whats going on in my life. THANKYOU FOR HELPING ME , kisses love ya." ... written by Vaneya
Thank you for your in-depth reading. I appreciate your insight into my situation. I will let you know what happens in April/October. " ... written by Suzanne1980
This woman is awesome! I was very hesitant about spending my money but I am so glad I did. Just right after the first reading, something BIG happened. I am already seeing lots coming my way in my relationship, I can feel it and now moving with positive thoughts. I strongly recommend her. If you need a serious outcome from your relationship issue, just try her and follow her instructions; you'll be happy" ... written by bibi123
Very extensive and thorough reading on personal relationship - will definitely go back for update!" ... written by Clarence01
She is very fast and very knowing.. She understands the character very well.... Her readings are always spot on." ... written by sunshine0105
This woman is amazing and very accurate, couldn't believe what she predicted? Wow!" ... written by Bradley_2
She is a 5 stars! She is 98% accurate. No doubt about it. She is worth every penny. Give her a try. Highly recommended!" ... written by Oolong
She answered my questions and finally got an answer I was looking for direct and to the point, nothing round about here!!! Recommend!!!" ... written by Jennifer
She is always great. I recommend" ... written by Bibi123
Thank you DaVinciCode Thank you so much for your help so recommended to all and didn't even think I would get such help, indebted to you my dear friend and always God bless." ... written by Debbie
EXCELLENT READING AND READER AS USUAL. I CONFIRM PRECEDENT READING I DONE with Lorette, all events she told me are true true. Thank you, hugs" ... written by whishes43
Wow my session with you was awesome, I hope to keep on talking to you because you really helped me." ... written by diana
good" ... written by Staci
I wonder if its evil or a gift, does the truth become distorted. I wonder if its demonic. I don't know if I trust it since information can be twisted. I was called to God and am psychic myself. I wonder if she can help me sort things out. She is smart and wise but what is her source." ... written by helen
very good reading, she is very kind and intuitive. Thanks!" ... written by leelee32384
She is a 5 Stars! She is 98% accurate. She is top on Oranum. A brilliant and gifted woman. She is fast and very positive. Also she is a blessing. Highly Recommended !" ... written by Oolong
Thanks for the reading, it's always a pleasure talking to you. You are so helpful and I am looking forward to see the results. I will always come back" ... written by bibi123
Nice read!" ... written by Louisa
She is great...she sees all!!!" ... written by seakat
thank yu so much. i will be back to see u." ... written by planejane7
Accurate and clarifies a lot of things, fantastic woman, very friendly and lovely to work with." ... written by Bradley_2
Orsome lady, worth every cent, and busy getting the job done" ... written by debbie
Patience is a virtue. Honest, straight to the point, understanding and very skilled lady for goodness." ... written by debbie
It was great follow up, thank you so much. Top 10 reading as always. I will be back next time. Love you" ... written by alla
THE BEST BEST BEST!!!! " ... written by pinky
Very unique reading." ... written by Colleen
She is a 5 Stars! She is an amazing woman. Incredible reader. Very Highly Recommended !" ... written by Oolong
First time and was very helpful, thank you." ... written by seeker
good" ... written by NIKKI
Loretta is absolutely gorgeous with an amazing spirit and pure insight to situations she would not know about. Again, set my mind at ease. Thank you loretta!" ... written by Jennifer
great" ... written by jordan
Very nice Lady very helpful will always consult in herand go back to her " ... written by Viviann
Very accurate. Very kind and unique. Will recommend to people want to solve difficulties and amazing" ... written by PIGLETME
Reads your situation like a book.Will see how it pans out." ... written by QTyrone
orsome as always and worth a thousand times over for DaVinciCodes work, so warming, loving, caring,, as I have always said beautiful lady wisdom, understanding straight to the point infact This lady is the ONLY women I believe in. DaVinciCode I believe in you, a thousand times over, " ... written by debbie
Most respected lady and precise, on the job, no hesitation with DaVinciCode at all recommended to any person persons, And I will always come back so divine and beautiful" ... written by debbie
Very accurate prediction." ... written by Pyarelal
Very interesting. Kind of what I thought was going on." ... written by Kelley
THE VERY BEST! THANKS!!!!!!!" ... written by pinky
very Helpful lady will always confide in her" ... written by Viviann
She is a 5 Stars! The best on Oranum. Amazing woman. Very fast and positive. Highly Recommended !" ... written by Oolong
Very wonderful person and very helpful thank you again." ... written by Viviann
A wonderful lady, I can always trust her. She tells you everything and gives you guidance. She is beautiful IN and OUT/ I strongly recommend her. Thank you DavinciCode. :)" ... written by Bibi123
She was dead on point." ... written by Tamika36
Fast and to the point reading." ... written by bob
She new a lot of things.... very gifted woman. I am thankful for her help. Blessings and love." ... written by joanna
it was good i wish i had more credit" ... written by lamees
It was amazing." ... written by dan
Lorette is always spot on with her readings. Always accurate that's why I keep coming back for updates. Thank you again, Lorette!" ... written by Moonchild59
Very powerful woman. She can definitely help you realize and balance the spiritual with the material. " ... written by Michael
i talk to you again tommorow,thank you" ... written by shnazabdul
amazing" ... written by shnaz abdul
Detailed, thank you." ... written by Matty
Excellent! She was right on .... specifics were correct!!! Easily 5 stars!" ... written by Ann
Very helpful, insightful, and kind." ... written by Chelsey
I have gone to Da Vinci couple of times now..she gives me positive advice andamp; tells the truth.." ... written by aqua
She puts in belief in you and confidence and i think thats the greatest success Thank you Lorette !" ... written by jyoshna mishra
DaVinciCode is an excellently accurate reader. She was very forthright about intuiting truths. I very much recommend her for illuminating truths and for her insights." ... written by Michael
Thank you so much. She told me everything I needed to know....Let see how it all pans out." ... written by Tamika36
Thank you Lorette, another good reading with you that I enjoyed. I'll keep you posted when I am back. Take care, kiss." ... written by Bibi123
Very interesting and lovely :). " ... written by Anushka Arya
She is so freaking awesome and dead on point!!!" ... written by Tamika36
Very informative reading and answered all of my questions and really reassured me. Would definitely recommend a reading with DaVinciCode." ... written by weeyinx
Very wonderful woman very helpful and very insincere will always consult in her." ... written by Viviann
Lorette is a great person, very helpful. Today was just not my day. Thanks you for your help, I will come back." ... written by Bibi123
Very Nice Lady very helpful" ... written by Viviann
Amazing!She is absolutely awesome!Thank you so much for your help!" ... written by Aurelia
Very good reading! She is very straight forward.You will hear the truth only. I highly recommend her.Give her a try, you wont be disappointed!" ... written by Aurelia
thank you so much the stress I've been feeling lately has been over welling. i immediately began to feel relaxes when DaVinci started her reading. she gave me hope. thank you so much." ... written by christa
I think she was spot on. Clarified the people around me. I think she was good but only time will tell and I will be back to let her know if what she says is true. Thank you. " ... written by MD
wow she is good..i wasn't expecting that...thanks will come again" ... written by nick
good reading" ... written by sweetsx
- she always helps me out..she always clarifies me..she is very accurate and good at what she does" ... written by Aileen
Accurate in what she does, very helpful and encouraging." ... written by Bradley_2
Very truthful this time, I so loved the reading today. No sugar coat at all. she tended to be superficial but went deeper in her reading this time. I recommend her but one thing: ask question and ask her to tell you the truth because we pay money for this shit man! She was awesome" ... written by bibi123
She is a 5 Stars! Her accuracy is amazing. She is top on Oranum. She is down to earth with every questions and no sugar coating. A gifted reader. Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
She was very helpful an grateful an made understand what was going on around me an who was doing with me an I no with her help ill be happy again soon." ... written by Erin Stephns
Very on point. Very detailed and encouraging reading I will be back!! Very exciting and accurate!!! :-) :-)" ... written by Coyqueen3
Lorette was simply astounding and correct to the point without asking much she could read the situation correctly and i believe her She has been amazing . I completely recommend her !" ... written by Jyoshna Mishra
Her prediction are accurate. I can't wait the out come to pass. Thank you Miss Loretta. You're so sweet and very nice lady! :)" ... written by MsLina76
she is great will be back for sure thank you so much god bless you:))" ... written by pauly61
my long time secret keeper and advisor, she is so good I always come to her private session to seek the best answers possible." ... written by astrogirll
She's completely awesome !!!Can't wait for the results :)" ... written by joban77
lookig forward to do the spells with her! " ... written by lala
thank u great reading" ... written by benina
She is kind hearted, genuine, precise, and amazingly accurate! " ... written by grace
Very helpful very wonderful person always remembers will always consult in her" ... written by Viviann
She is a 5 Stars! She is very positive and amazing reader. She only tells the truth and no sugar coating. Highly recommended !" ... written by Oolong
thank you" ... written by Ladyseeking
THE BEST!!!!!!!!" ... written by pinky
Top notch, professional, accurate. Well worth your time. She helped me out tremendously! " ... written by Lburg
My opinion, pretty straight forward, this lady is very kind, great and accurate, have no hesitations in recommending her." ... written by Bradley_2
THE BEST!!!" ... written by pinky
Good reading....I wont go for the spell...As much as I want my mate Helena back.good reading" ... written by Peter
What a honest reading wow! :) Thank you soo much.... it gave me lesson for life. " ... written by Marcin
This lady is the real deal! HIGHLY RECOMMEND" ... written by JDM
she is truly my GOOD FAIRY, she updates me all the time, keeps me posted about new developments in my life. Things I should be aware of, I could not Accomplish such a close watch if I even had an ARMY of my Own. Thank You Lorette, God Bless You. " ... written by astrogirll
Accurate...Honesty...Caring...What more could you ask for?" ... written by J
Thank you soo much for your help as always :) Truly amazing " ... written by nxm
Competent reader who always predict me real events, thank you dear Davinci for this good reading.Hugs" ... written by whishes43
She is great, amazing, quick and kind. Great reading. " ... written by PAIGE
Wow amazing. Truly gifted wonderful woman. Thank you sooo much for this :)) Blessings " ... written by M
If you really need help -she is the one she'll clean your channels and guide you and she is really good in interpretations from the card she could accurately read mine and i was so surprised that it was true .She is really the best and trust me you wont be disappointed " ... written by jyoshna mishra
very truthful this time, I so loved the reading today. No sugar coat. she tended to be superficial but went very deep in her reading this time. I recommend her but one thing: ask question and ask her to tell you the truth because we pay money for this shit man! She was awesome" ... written by Bibi123
Great reading, very uplifting. So filled with motivation after the reading" ... written by Bibi123
very good, she was right on. excellent reading in private" ... written by marianna
very nice and patient lady" ... written by R
brilliant, thanks a million" ... written by focus
She is really a God sent fairy. She listened to my problems very patiently, took me out of my closet and filled me with hope again. Her predictions were accurate and precise. 5 star easily !" ... written by Anant
In depth reader. knows a lot. Excellent!" ... written by Marianna
quick and easy." ... written by cindy
good reader answered very accurate" ... written by cindy
I really enjoyed this reading very interesting !" ... written by Suzie
Loretta is very good, direct and kind hearted, she was very clear in my reading about my situation and gave me an in-depth understanding of it which was extremely accurate and helpful. I will definitely be visiting again for updates! Thanks Loretta" ... written by hphoenix
very very good ! love her" ... written by suzie
Very profound reading, accurate and to the point. Good spirited person, who reads tarot very well and also gives sensible advise. recommended" ... written by tushkan0710
Thank you very much!!!! I enjoy the reading with you. Hope it will come true!" ... written by wonderlife
good" ... written by antonio
She is very good with time frames and details. Love her!!" ... written by Aria
she is a true friend I always need to hear and know about future and she tells me all." ... written by astrogirll
She is a 5 STARS!!! She is 98% accurate. Amazing and Gifted woman. Highly Recommended!" ... written by Oolong
amazing reading...very powerful ...thank you" ... written by missvika
outstanding! " ... written by Spearhead2011
Fast and lots of details" ... written by Johnny
Happy! Everytime.....thanks...." ... written by Tina
She is a 5 STARS! Amazing and Gifted woman. Highly Recommended !!!" ... written by Oolong
Lorette has been helping me for few years now, I know her for a long time, her insight and clarity is unique to her powers. she sees the future and gives you the answers right there and then. her honestly with her private readings is truly is amazing , and in her free chat she always welcomes me and responds accordingly I never feel left out. she has been a true friend and advocate of super powers in my life. see it for yourself." ... written by astrogirll
She is amazing..... I was scared to have a reading with her again as a year and half ago I didn't want to see the truth about my past relationships. A year and a half on she was right.... I wish I listened to her back then and I would have saved myself a lot of hurt..... I just had the most positive reading with Davinci and now I know she is 100% ACCURATE.....A must to have a reading with ....truly amazing" ... written by Rosa
excellent reading and very true and on point with what she has told me about my situation...I thank you and will return for updates. I will protect him and be strong..blessings and prosperity to you too.." ... written by Bianca
very nice lady, looking forward to all the good news she has given me she has uplifted my spirit to keep hope and i cant wait for her predictions to come true, thank you so much i will be back" ... written by Ryan
She was very nice, and let me take my time to get over my nerves. i wish i could have had a long session. " ... written by Kat
Awesome reading and reader, thank you darling Lorette, hugs and kisses,see you." ... written by whishes43
Cant wait for all to come true, will always return as she is a great lady and always willing to help" ... written by Ryan
I have a built a long term relationship with lorette . her magic spells have always opened doors for me and brought excellent results . I cant find such a precise help anywhere else . she always remembers my needs and saves me lots of explaining as I have been with her for years. I feel special because she treats me such. Thank you Lorette my Pretty Godess." ... written by astrogirll
She was rght on track" ... written by jelisa
Very good, helpful and understanding!" ... written by HPhoenix
fantastic reading and very accurate. enjoyed it very much " ... written by tink
She was great" ... written by justme0234
WOW! HONEST! Great Insight! " ... written by mg
Very honest and accurate reading. Blown away. Will keep everything in mind. God bless you :) " ... written by Athlean
Always a pleasure . thank you Maddam :) " ... written by Athlean
Honest and accurate reading to my situation. Wow amazing reading. Highly recommended :) " ... written by Athlean
very calm and accurate.." ... written by claudia
I love her!! the best!" ... written by shellie1275
lovely lady. she has been helping me alot. have nothing but good things to say. i recommend" ... written by gio
She reads cards. Felt she was slow pulling them considering she was $4.99 a minute :-/ A lot of time to get them out. She was clear with her reading but only time will tell if they will ring true!" ... written by Sparkle Pony
she is great,, i cant say enough.. she is accurate and most importantly caring.. She has a heart of gold." ... written by steph
DavinciCode has helped me so much and she is continuing to help me" ... written by Steph
That was some reading wow! " ... written by Athlean
thank you so much for an awesome reading....look forward to chat again soon!" ... written by lehua
She is very very good.. She told me things that I did not tell her at all.. I didn't even mention them and she had them. She had the other persons personality right on point and what was going on. You will love her." ... written by Steph
I really like DaVinciCode.... (Lorrette)? She has lots of knowledge and a sweet aura! I enjoyed my private reading and her advice. " ... written by Trinnity1
she was awesome, accurate straight to the point " ... written by blessing
Accurate. " ... written by lillieana
Thank you for a very good and indepth reading. I received some very important information!" ... written by Charlie
Great Reading!" ... written by Ladybug
very skilled and accurate with cards, looking forward to the future!" ... written by jon
Excellent advice, got into the details, loving lady, 100%" ... written by miami_doc
Insightful and encouraging." ... written by Chantal
Thank you Lorette you are awesome, i always love coming to do privates with you as you always help me stay sane and always accurate, look forward to returning :)" ... written by Ryan
it was good, but the time was up before i got my answer :-(" ... written by joanne atkinson
Very good private session, felt the support and I am hopeful my problems will solve. Thank you very much." ... written by fruitofpassion
she was awesome in giving me life advise and reading. thank you" ... written by ZeeZee12
OMG!!! She is a 5 STARS!!! Wonderful predictions with the BEST knowledge and skills on ORANUM. Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
gave me so much clarity, shes awesome" ... written by t
Awesome reading with very excellent reader. Thank you so much! Hugs!" ... written by whishes43
Thank YoU!" ... written by Bobbin
wow, she amaze me with her excellent skills and abilities, wise woman with so much good advice, wonderful reader!" ... written by ohso
Excellent" ... written by Bubbles
Spot on" ... written by Bubbles
loves the update..." ... written by rosy
Her readings are always excellent. Quick and clear answers with kindness, understanding and humour. " ... written by spiderlilli
Great and to the point!" ... written by Jennifer
Friendly and straight forward" ... written by Paul
very good reader. i like her methods" ... written by sometimes4321
good reading! thank you" ... written by kat620
Thank you for an interesting and informative reading!" ... written by Charlie
ok" ... written by davyboii
OMG!!! She is a 5 STARS!!! Brilliant with her guidance and gifted with her predictions. Very Highly Recommended!!!!" ... written by Oolong
She was quick and concise. She gave me some positive answers. I can not wait until it comes true. Im ready for a new and productive life. Thank to her i have clarity! totally recommend her!" ... written by Shereice
Excellent" ... written by Starlight
Gifted ,Accurate, caring professional ." ... written by Nova
Absoultely amazing " ... written by Kamini Thanki
Sweet lady. Quick and to the point. " ... written by Amy
OMG!!! She is absolutely the BEST on Oranum. Excellent as always with her genuine gift and brilliant predictions. Very Highly Recommended !!!" ... written by Oolong
Very enlightening!!... " ... written by Janese
Excellent reader, always very happy about the reading with her. Thank you my darling,kisses." ... written by whishes43
thank you. she is calm reader and accurate" ... written by M
thank you for the help" ... written by princess1218
Very intuitive and accurate card reading. She is VERY VERY good!" ... written by HPI
OMG!!! A 5 STARS!!! She is FABULOUS!!! The Best on Clarity and Guidance. Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
Good reading" ... written by Karen Wedding
Watched your demo and I was impressed, so I went to private with limited funds hoping to figure some things out, but then I needed more money that I didn't have for the energy healing we spoke about all through our private. I was bummed." ... written by familyhelper
had a past life reading and it made a lot of sense, it also confirmed what I thought one of them was. " ... written by andrew
Good physic. I am impressed. Will use again." ... written by yyyyyyy
nice lady . reading was ok . " ... written by missblossom
very interesting reading :) thank you very much." ... written by loveisendless
very nice and very good at what she does" ... written by johnny cruz
She was helpful. THank you " ... written by justme0234
great accurate all the time" ... written by veezee
very good and accurate!!!" ... written by jonh
Very good" ... written by Dominic Bardill
Great!" ... written by Margaret
helped me in knowing about my brother death" ... written by shammma
She has a positive and warm spirit, and her readings make you more calm. Her answers were clear and specific, so I will be looking to see if they come true." ... written by Lisa
excellent, thanks a million" ... written by pjez
thank you for good reading" ... written by judith
Wonderful reader!" ... written by Jennifer
WONDERFUL reader, thank you,KISS" ... written by whishes
this lady is great and very kind, and give the great reading" ... written by veezee
Fantastic reading ! she is warm and nice much love x" ... written by Harmony
Thank you for the detailed read. " ... written by d2k1000
she is good and helpful and accurate" ... written by bluestarz14
good reading!" ... written by smsleepingbeauty
Loretta was very insightful and very helpful! Definately will be back to see her again." ... written by Samantha
amazing!" ... written by amrita
great reading! will come back!" ... written by smsleepingbeauty
good reader" ... written by chan
very good" ... written by alo
very spiritual and kind, straightforward, thank you!" ... written by hopeful
I am so glad I came for a reading...this lovely lady is detailed, accurate and has many interesting card decks. definitely a favourite. Thank you Loretta!" ... written by ginbellen
thanks..... can't say more than that" ... written by Abigail
great! wonderfilled powerfull" ... written by Abigail
great reading! answer all questions. very accurate!" ... written by stephanie
had small reading and did/explain how how to do 2 spells. very patient and easy to understand. will return!" ... written by smsleepingbeauty
very accurate! will speak with again!" ... written by smsleepingbeauty
She´s really good!!" ... written by Karla
came back again and had a great reading!" ... written by stephanie
Thanks Loretta. That was a very good reading and a chat! Life is not easy." ... written by Charlie
Always great. " ... written by spiderlilli
Excellent Reader and reading, i love her so much ." ... written by whishes
great reader! been working with Loretta for about a month. Spells work!" ... written by stephanie
thank you... we will see the answer in5 hours ... Merci " ... written by karen
great reading and spell work!" ... written by stephanie
I loved her. She is so sweet and her reading right on." ... written by janote
very helpful thank!" ... written by Abigail
Interesting reading with details and profiles of the man to come into my life, she paints a beautiful picture with what she sees. Recommended!" ... written by Ala
This woman is helping me heal. Miracles can happen. I believe in her power and in my own. Thank you Señora DaVinci... " ... written by Abigail Rudner
wonderful reading!" ... written by smsleepingbeauty
Very good reading. She is going to do some work for me. I have much confidence in her ability. She is spot on with what she tells you." ... written by janote
great reading!" ... written by stephanie
great" ... written by david
Lorretta always is very honest and powerful reader" ... written by bnjpangels
very good she give u positive results and try to help where she can" ... written by ida
good reading and clear reading" ... written by lo
first chance to read with her...seems caring and accurate" ... written by low
great spell work!" ... written by smsleepingbeauty
Thank you very much! I will see you later :) All the best!!" ... written by Crystal
Thank you DaVinciCode! Thank you for everything that you've done for me. :) " ... written by Crystal
Thank you very much for your help! It was very nice and precise, hope to get another reading with you soon :) Thank you!" ... written by Crystal
great reading! really knows how to lift your spirits!" ... written by stephanie
Detail reading. Hope my dreams come true" ... written by Victor
she is kind and considerate guides u in the right direction" ... written by adi
Perfect " ... written by moonz
Very nice lady to talk too. Cleared up some things for me." ... written by mikosama
great reading!" ... written by stephanie
very imforative,..interesting reader" ... written by david
great reading!" ... written by stephanie
I have consulted DaVinciCode previously, what she told me happened, that's why I have come back for other information." ... written by apple
This is my second reading with her for update. She provided me the information that I was looking for. Now I will wait and see how it turns out. She is very good at what she does. " ... written by jm
Amazing as always" ... written by Oceania30
Thank you for your professional session, i hoppe we meet again :-)" ... written by Monika
great reading!" ... written by stephanie
thanks" ... written by judith
great reading!" ... written by stephanie
very helpful and spiritual lady, very indept details given, must give her a go in private" ... written by emy
" ... written by judith
very nice lady, worth going to talk to she will give you guidance for everything and anything" ... written by emy
hopeing for a positive results after lovely ritual" ... written by emy
great reader, lots of insight and advise, worth having a reading you wont be disappointed" ... written by emy
another great ritual :)" ... written by thank you
Very professional! Expert" ... written by Mike
Didn't have enough credits so reading cut out in middle ha ha ... she got straight to the point and wasted no time. For the little time I spent with her, I learned a lot about myself!" ... written by arcadic
very accurate reader" ... written by emy
Great continuation of reading. Thank you" ... written by Mike
Very good reading as usual" ... written by Michael
Great update and reading; always on point and lovely person to speak to. Will be back. Thank You " ... written by Sher
very interesting and cards were correct everytime, she has unique card style but what she divined was correct adn she gave advice to best outcome. " ... written by gldn
very nice pleasant friendly reader." ... written by m
lovely lady with big heart, always a pleasure talking with her" ... written by emy
very good reader with lots of details" ... written by thank you
Very caring and willing to help" ... written by Bob
excellent reader!!!!" ... written by super
Very present and interesting reader." ... written by softwater
she was attentive and helpful, kind, if you need advice and to be soothed, she will help! " ... written by STARS
told me something waiting for them to happen seems good" ... written by son
thank yo ufor your reading... internet was very slow in my side , but all i needed is good msg to keep hoping for best in my life and you gave it to me .. as I wouldn't be nothing without the hope ,that there are changes coming into my life .. :) " ... written by ieva
ok" ... written by ss
she is good and accurate :)" ... written by ohood
Thank you so much,, that really a great reading , I was very impress, very accurate you are best reader,,, " ... written by hanna
Very good spell using! thank you" ... written by jack
great reading! answer all questions with clarity! " ... written by Stephanie
This was the most genuine reading i have had here so far" ... written by Brianna
Did spell and had reading. Lorette is very thorough. Really enjoy my time with her. :-)" ... written by stephanie
Lorette is very intuitive, and her predictions are always correct. She is highly recommended." ... written by glokin
Awesome....and straight to point on now..future and times:))" ... written by TC1957
Lorette is an excellent reader, she is very spiritual, compassionate, helpful and on point with her reading. I was truly amazed at her skills and I highly recommend her. " ... written by glokin
amazing , beautiful reading !!!! i will be back for another!!!!" ... written by tamalaa74
Lorette is a wonderful reader and put me at my ease immediately. She has very strong intuition, feelings and assumptions, all of which are true. I am hoping to see what happens. It was a great reading and I will come back for more. " ... written by Sanity53
she is very good and accurate " ... written by ohood
she is good she has done good spell she know what she is doing " ... written by ohood
my first reading with her. i hope everything unfolds like she's predicting. thank you" ... written by luxxicon
woooooow" ... written by han
thank you so much for the great reading and the solution," ... written by han
very accurate helpful reading" ... written by trevka
Nice and informative...waiting on predictions:))" ... written by TC1957
very loving and compassionate reading" ... written by Lisa
great reading!" ... written by Stephanie
Great reading, excellent manner and very precise" ... written by Andy
lovely person , go see her" ... written by hannah
I had a very good reading, straight to the point and accurate" ... written by glokin
I'm very happy as every time when i did a private reading with Lorette, an excellent and very clever reader who i recommend for every one because you will not be disappointed at all. Thank you very much my darling. See you; Kiss" ... written by Whishes43
She predicted I would get the job offer, and I did. She is amazing! I would recommend her!" ... written by phyllis
thank you so much! She was wonderful!" ... written by phyllis
Ms. DaVinciCode was fabulous!!!! My reading was absolutely on the mark! I will definitely consult her again!!!! Thank you!" ... written by NurseJen
I have come across maybe around 15 psychics through my entire life but I have never said so little to one, and received so much in return. This morning I was confused and as I leave the private reading I am so grateful to have come across DaVinci. She is truly talented and will tell you things the way they are. She is friendly, funny, nice and who doesn't love italians? Thank you for the reading that I had to extend because of your talent. I'll take all your advice closely and I will travel to London on thursday to fix the problem with my sister :) ! Thank you so much. " ... written by Sam
So insightful! :) such a great experience" ... written by Sana
Thank you so much for the great reading," ... written by Yleo
extremely insightful and clearly eager to turn any situation into a positive. you can tell she feels for you. honest and hopeful. now one of my favourites. " ... written by lavvy
Thank you for your honest opinion." ... written by Sumikshya
Very reassuring and straightforward, I very much enjoyed her reading. " ... written by Mimi
Very much enjoyed DaVinciCode, she is very compassionate, clear and detailed." ... written by Marianne
she was right when we had a reading a long time ago and now ill be waiting for her future predictions!" ... written by BP
she is good and accurate " ... written by ohood
Excellent reading from a lovely lady " ... written by Caroline
OMG! She is a 5 STARS! " ... written by Oolong
very quick and friendly." ... written by hpch123
thanks for your help..will be back with updates" ... written by kels
very interesting reading; almost more like a conversation than a straight reading but does get specific information conveyed regarding questions. She picked up on much from the past. It will be interesting to see if her predictions come true. I enjoyed the reading. Very fascinating. thank you." ... written by starfish57
Very nice, accurate and quick" ... written by Alexus
Great reading!!!!" ... written by Cache23
she is good " ... written by ohood
I always knew she is blessed, took her for the first time in private.. she is precise an amazing to the point. She gave me tips as well.. and put me to ease of my situation. Thank u so much, i'm so glad ..i will be bak again. People out there she is the real deal. With much love. Merisha" ... written by Merisha
she is the best psychic, and very accurate" ... written by julie
Good reading. Was accurate description of person I asked question about, and she had valuable insight :) Thank you!!" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
No opinion, but get reading." ... written by Lesa
very good " ... written by julie
very in depth reading, right on point! Great reading!" ... written by legrande1202
She uses card and needs time for spread but very soothing to communicate. thank you for reading." ... written by Ellis
Thank you so much," ... written by yleo
interesting" ... written by Ang
This lady is a genuine psychic ...she's spot on with all that she says...very easy to talk to...gives sound, unbias advice andamp; I highly recommend her...she's worth every penny you spend...thank you once again for your advice : )" ... written by Melissa
great reading! thx so much! :-)" ... written by stephanie
It was good" ... written by Lisa
she is the best " ... written by ohood
she is the best on oranum :)" ... written by ohood
Very fast reading and very clever reader, thank you darling, kisses." ... written by Whishes43
thank you my dear" ... written by judy
very great reading love reading with her she is so indept with her answers " ... written by sandra
excellent reading " ... written by reem
she is the best :)" ... written by ohood
Genuine, authentic, psychic reader. Very warm and friendly, honest and sincere. Thank you for the lovely reading. Many happy returns :)" ... written by JoJoOH47
great reading!" ... written by Stephanie
First time reading and she's great :)" ... written by Adis
thank you for your reading. very interesting." ... written by gotham1234
she is great " ... written by julie
spot on!" ... written by Ryzette
my confidant, I do listen carefully as I understand she has the sight to see the clear path with her vision. truly gifted. " ... written by astrogirll
very quick, thankyou" ... written by wewillsee
good reading" ... written by kw365kw
Was an amazing reading!!! I loved it, super interesting too bad credits ran out but I will be back! Thank you can't wait for predictions to happen " ... written by Sherry
excellent" ... written by jana
Davinci is great, highly recommended!" ... written by kw
she is amazing so good i am speechless every one should give her reading she is the best very detail and true person kind and careing" ... written by H
excellent reading" ... written by jana
she is very awesome and accurate. ty" ... written by cof
She is spot on! very precise with everything. I enjoyed the reading o much... very detailed...very good advice/guidance" ... written by kraka1234
She is imformative" ... written by SweetS
Was very interesting reading, ran out of time but enjoyed it!" ... written by SameAsToday
Was spot on with reading... very interesting" ... written by Ang
Very interesting. Will see what develops. Will be back and thank you" ... written by Ma
Davinci, is amazing. she grasped the situation beautifully and was very explicit on all matters. I am so excited to wait for the prediction to come toss, and will be back. She tell the whole truth, I recommend her to everyone " ... written by Lovelady
accurate as always :) " ... written by Serra
for who want the real, come her" ... written by iza 528
she is great I di update she is truly so amazing she has very good vision and get to point. thank you every one should give her reading and see it them self . thank you" ... written by H
Very Accurate! Amazing Power! 100% sure" ... written by Ana
What DaVinci told me hit a cord. I am very glad I had a reading with her, and I hope to take heed of her advice. :)" ... written by Ed
she is very good and see's very good and clear every things " ... written by H
she is the best still " ... written by julie
great awsome reading" ... written by aliene love-word
very good, thank you" ... written by jeff
There were some technical issues like the voice was lagging. Otherwise, it was good. Thank you!" ... written by Light grid
VERY GOOD DEAILED READING, accurqte" ... written by d
thanks you will be back!" ... written by .....
she is fantastic and great reader she has great vision she answer any thing you ask her she is amazing so correct and very helpful. I am speechless. I suggest her to others. thank you. " ... written by H
she is wonderful, can't wait to see what happens." ... written by Ryan
Great! Not exactly what I wanted to hear, but very happy to know truth. I had feelings about a certain situation, and DaVinciCode confirmed some things without asking me a bunch of questions. Thank you very much. :)" ... written by nina
very comprehensive reading! excellent" ... written by lokey123
My besty" ... written by Ryzette
Spot on !!! as always" ... written by Ryzette
very lovely and nice lady. very friendly and good sense of humor. " ... written by jeanet
Excellent reading !! answered all my questions very quickly" ... written by sap
I do not know what I would do without her... Super grateful... thank you... " ... written by Ileana
I had up date she is very good and amazing she tell you all and very correct I suggest her to every one." ... written by H
First time reading very informative... I learned a lot about myself and can't wait to come back. " ... written by cathleen
Great reading. She was very patient and kind and right on the money" ... written by Jim
she is very insightful. Highly recommend her private readings. she is one of the best I have been coming to her for years because she produces results." ... written by astra
Loretta is very calm and calming, with great energy. Would that the cards are correct!" ... written by AnnicB1
good, fast, knows what shes doing" ... written by lavie
5 star" ... written by ryan
Spot on as always, and fast" ... written by Ryzette
My Angel over here for me when i need her... thank you for you advice... it always make me smile... thank you... " ... written by Ileana
she is spot on everytime and really gives me guidande when i need it. brilliant" ... written by deepermeaning
Lorette, is alway on point... she does not stop to amaze me... thank you for this amazing reading... I am super grateful... " ... written by Ileana
Best Spot on... :)" ... written by Abhijit Rath
Loved the reading!! so accurate a lot of detail was so sweet and supportive really recommend :) Thank you!! " ... written by Sherry
I cannot say anything but good thing... where would i be with out her... thank you DaVinci for all you have done... thank you... " ... written by Ileana
So Honest and truthful... love her... " ... written by Ileana
cannot express how grateful I am with everything you say and do... " ... written by Ileana
I do not have words to express how special she is become to me... I am grateful that I have found her...I thank her soon much for all her help... thank you... you are my Angel!!!! " ... written by Ileana
Loretta DaVinci is a delight, very helpful and sincere. She can really get to the point of things. Thank you!" ... written by AstridArvillard
Great, thank you" ... written by p
Very enjoyable reading " ... written by Onslow_Cracker
Good reading thank you " ... written by Andrea
I highly recommend her. She understands my situation very well." ... written by Ram
Her advice are my light and little voice of positive inside... I am so grateful for her... and her caring ways... love her... thank you... a million a one time... " ... written by Ileana
I do not know what I would have done with DaVinci in my Life. Her clearness for knowing thing and get them to me are my light at the end of the Tunnel. Thank you for guiding me... thank you... " ... written by Ileana
She really hit it on the nail... my guardian angel... " ... written by Ileana
very helpful" ... written by shell
very helpful" ... written by shell
she is one of kind you need help come to her she tell you what to do and listen to her it works thank you." ... written by H
she is very good reader and great has great vision she is kind and caring. she is best ,amazing . thank you. " ... written by H
Very good reading. It ended a little fast." ... written by Nina
Amazing to have a reading with her" ... written by Jeffrey
She is probably very good, but she is way to expensive and works to slow. You can probably spend your money more wise by picking anthor, faster psychic." ... written by Hubbelman
The time is so short, that one question I ask for, time have run out so fast. Still didn't get full answer. " ... written by Shanti
Best " ... written by L
very helpful with everthing" ... written by Joe murillo
she is good, I do trust her readings" ... written by bluestarz14
Hope everything is good and hope things work out well. " ... written by Shanti
As usual, fast and accurate" ... written by Ryzette
we had up date again she is the best reader detail and great tells me all I want to know in detail and has good vision and sheis always correct. thank you" ... written by H
she is amazing very kind and to point and correct she is best reader I suggest her to all . she is truly amazing. thank you. " ... written by hope
She was very helpful to me in determining what comes next in my life. " ... written by Megan
It's always such a pleasure having a reading with her. She gives you a lot of information. She is very caring and gives good advice. I will certainly return in the future. " ... written by RAM
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