Psychic DRVINCEhas 15-20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic DRVINCEhas recently helped 1465members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about DRVINCE's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I use a wide range of abilities to give you the information that you need. As a medium I am able to connect with those who have crossed over and give you any messages they have for you. I can also help you continue the connection with your loved ones and show you that love never dies. As an energy reader I can tap into your energy and the energy of those around you to see who the right person is for you to share your life with. As a tarot card reader i am able to connect with you and bring depth, insight and clarity to many of life situations. As a psychic healer I am able to scan your body for imbalances. I can balance and align your chakras. Therefore restoring your body's harmony and fixing many problems you may be having.

My spirit guides give me the information I need to give you the answers that help you make the best decisions for your life. I have a wide range of abilities. I posses over 20 years extensive experience with satisfied clients all over the world. I give readings through my spirits guides. I connect with your energy to give you the answers that you need. I will provide you with clear, honest and direct answers to your questions to help you make the best decisions in life. I have helped many people all over the world in matters of love, career, money, relationships and much more. Let me help you today!!!!

The techniques I utilize include but are not limited to:

Mediumship: I am able to connect with those who have crossed over and give you any messages they have for you. I can give you the opportunity communicate with your loved ones.

Tarot Card Reader: With the use of Tarot cards i am able to connect with you and bring depth, insight and clarity to many of life situations

Energy Reader: Many of us encounter people in our lives and do not understand their purpose or why we connect to them. By reading your energy I can help you to recognize your soul mates. These are people who you have known in a past-life. Twin flames are the male or female that we share a mental physical emotional and spiritual connection with this person is the other half of your soul. By reading your energy and the energy of those around you I can help you find the right people to share your life with.

Psychic Healing / Energy Work: I am able to scan your body for imbalances. I can balance and align your chakras. Therefore restoring your body's harmony and fixing many problems you may be having. I am not a medical doctor. If you have a medical condition please see your doctor for treatment. Then come see me for a psychic healing to put your body back into harmony with itself.

I promise If I cannot answer your questions in a private reading, I will end the reading to save your credits.

FREE CHAT RULES: Free chat is for general chat and is for clients that have follow up questions after a reading or in between private readings. Please wait to be called before typing other than to say hi, I know you are in the room. This will help reduce confusion. Come on in and say hello and I will be happy to answer your questions in a private reading.

But don't just take my word for it check out what members have to say about their readings!!

DrVince was spot on when he gave me the demo. and I kept feeling I needed to talk with him I think he is awesome

Melysong, Poplar Bluff Missouri

Great reading! told me everything i needed to know and hear. he made me feel at ease with myself and my situation. i will stay positive. he is always very accurate so i am looking forward for this prediction to come true :)

MissDecemburr, yonkers

Just love Dr. Vince. he is so laid back, and I belive to the point. Good reading...

soul2love, USA

Great reading!!! got a lot of things cleared out!!!!! thanks so much.. feel much better.. :-)

lauralozano, Houston

Simply FABULOUS! Answers were very accurate and to the point.

4Shar1, Dothan

very excellent and direct!" ... written by chunsie00
Great!" ... written by MayGirl
I enjoyed the reading very much...thank u vince" ... written by coffin11
Dr.Vince is the most kindest honest man i think i ve ever met...private chat with him was such a remarkable experience,...he was saying things that is going on before he even saw my question..i was amazed...he also told me truth about everything i was inquiring about..WOW..HE IS AMAZING:))" ... written by qndiva
Vince is a kind and gentle man , very accurate w/ his readings. Looking forward to have another w/ him soon." ... written by Lucy117
Wow! Such a great guy! He was very nice and I really enjoyed his reading...definitely recommend him. He has great energy and is so kind. Thanks, Vince!" ... written by missgreeneyes
Very sweet, nice calm way of speaking and focused on positive....liked reading. TY" ... written by wendic
Great" ... written by jostens
Excellent reader, connects easily and very well." ... written by Tanny6
Very easy to talk to....awesome communication....." ... written by Amanda
Dr.Vince is always AWESOME...he answers all my questions without hesitation.....extremely incredible!!!!!!!will definitely b back again:)" ... written by qndiva
Very good reader!" ... written by 1212flaming
Dr.Vince is so GREAT!!!!!!!!! I really appreciate u for ur wonderful insight an warm kind demeanor Vince...:) Pls have a pvt chat with this man..u will not regret it!!!!!!!!!!!!AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by qndiva
I hope his premonitions come true. Ill let you know!" ... written by brendathomp33
Very insightful, very caring, told me things that I really didn't want to hear, so I could heal. Will definitely have him read for me again!" ... written by devoyne
Dr. Vince's reading was with empathy, warmth and positive. He is thoughtful and has a gentle demeanor, hoping for the best. " ... written by medics_girl
He is wonderful!!!!!!! He has excellent insight and was very encouraging. I recommend him highly." ... written by dianalj
He is really sweet. His voice is really calming. If you have any doubts on which psychic to choose, go with DRVINCE! He's really wonderful, he hit the nail on the head directly with what i needed to be told, and he really helped to put things into prospective for me!!! DO NOT DOUBT THIS MAN!!!! He's INCREDIBLE!!!! " ... written by Aphrodite000
He is really cool and calm ! Try him guys !" ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
VINCE IS SPECTACULAR! He gave me timelines and told me all was well.....AND I BELIEVE HIM :) He is really good at what he does.....give him a shot....HE DOES NOT DISAPPOINT :) " ... written by divinedaughter
he is awesome always able to connect quickly answers all questions" ... written by vc1976
What I wonderful reading I had and he is a very nice man and he was great just what I wanted to hear choice I will come back for another reading thank you so much your the man *****+++++ AAAAA" ... written by Bluelady9
Wow...he was great! Never expected such accuracy and very confident about his insights. Highly recommended to anyone trying to find balance in their life." ... written by nns12291981
Very calm... gave me timeline... cannot wait to see if all comes to pass. I am very optomistic. Thank you" ... written by answers28
Dr. Vince is spot on. He can be relied on to give a sense of timeframes and gets right to the heart of the matter quickly." ... written by Lia
He was great! Thank you! " ... written by mahogany247
Thank you for the insightful reading. You gave me an excellent reading and I will be looking forward to talking with you again! I am a little freeked out that you could describe me. WOW" ... written by dragontail_
drvince is awesome i enjoyed the reading and i highly reccomend him" ... written by darkangel1992
Thank you for your reading. It gave me reassurance and insight on what's to come. " ... written by amhjth
He immediately picked up on my situation of loss....so accurately............then rest was history..... barrriiiiiliant..." ... written by Ninason
very caring gave great advise hope it all comes true" ... written by tiger5762
Very nice gentleman. Positive in his readings. I would recommend him to everyone." ... written by oceansandjoy1
Thank you!" ... written by Angel168
great, thanks!" ... written by colleen417
Great!!!!" ... written by Edwardcali21
Awsone the best reading I have ever had! Thank you Dr. Vince " ... written by vinman3477
Very good reading! Thank you :) " ... written by AquariSun
AWSOME READING.WILL BE BACK AGAIN." ... written by michelleball
Awsone the best reading I have ever had! Thank you Dr. Vince" ... written by vinman3477
Very good insight...very detailed...with specific times and date...happy that I chat with him..." ... written by kristen8017
love to talk to Dr. Vince, this is my second reading with him....I only had 5 credits, but he is efficient and made every second count....Thank you!" ... written by wendic
dr vince is awesome ...cant wait for this to happin will deff be back for more readings..." ... written by coco420
It was Great, the sound was messed up. Certainly not his fault. " ... written by kathleenkats
He is very good!!!" ... written by dianalj
Dr Vince is great!! " ... written by lala615
Dr Vince is the BEST!!! He is very calm and sweet. Honest and good hearted! THANK YOU!!! " ... written by blueeyedaries
well done with timings, very strong with his gifts." ... written by kelila
I love Dr. Vince!! He is very positive in his readings!! " ... written by diamondbaby
DrVince was just so calm and straight to the point this man has quite a gift. It was like he was simply reading an open book fanatastic. I would definately recommend him and will be having a another pvt chat with him. Thank you DrVince." ... written by Makenomistake
I really like my reading that DRVINCE did for me he was straight forward and I would get another reading with him that is for sure!!" ... written by goddess70
He was very thorough and reassuring. I really like that he was so calm and collected and knew exactly what he was talking about. He answered all of my questions wonderfully. I would most definitely get a reading from him again. " ... written by rand0m4
He was to the point and gave me a timeline to deal with. I will watch and get back to with him. All good. " ... written by tobebilled
Vince is a humble but very talented adviser. He gets right to the point quickly and is very supportive. I recommend him 100%" ... written by lia_11
Very fast and precise. Answers all questions thoroughly. LOVE HIM!!!!" ... written by diamondbaby
He is very relaxed, calm, and i liked what he had to say. I heard all his predictions definately come true, and i know what he told me will come true too. just waiting for this to happen :)" ... written by Evilpigeonn
Very good reading!" ... written by mccabe
A pleasure." ... written by lia_11
Very cool guy, was calm and has such a smooth voice. Also was straight to the point, would recommend him for sure." ... written by Aperture Science
He is the best what he told me in private reading was true! I recommend him definitely!!" ... written by Blanca
Had to receive reassurance and will write more when it happens :) He stays with the same timeline" ... written by kelila
Very helpful as usual! Big thanks to drvince." ... written by rand0m4
He is a awesome spirit. Very nice and he told me exactly what I asked he was spot on now I'm waiting on what he said to manifest which I'm sure it will such as sweetheart (((HUG))" ... written by babiicakes
on the spot!!!!11 he was great" ... written by AngelaEtwaroo199
Dr. Vince was great, alleviated most of my worries! I highly recommend him :)" ... written by jutani
Another great reading from dr vince im soo excited i cant wait ...thank you dr vince" ... written by coco420
Awesome!" ... written by lia_11
worst one ever. NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT i love D VINCE so much!! he is the best one so far..along with being compassionate i can see he genuinly loves helping people and hes just adorable (i swear im not creepy) and he picked up on situations and i hopee his predictions come true! acutally i predict they will lol ilovehimilovehimilovehim :D be back once i get money hahah recommand him! " ... written by astrology22
Just to touch base to see if situation has changed...confirmed upon date. Everything is going as predicted..Good advice...Thanks alot." ... written by kristen8017
THANK YOU SO MUCH ...HONEST AND RIGHT" ... written by summermoon
well he answered everything i needed to know, he was brilliant, spot on about my partner and what he was like,and what the rest of my future with him.. thank you so much.. i would recommend him.. take that reading with DRVINCE " ... written by debs1962
He was great! Thank you again! :-)" ... written by sweetstephy31
Thank you very much...answered my questions straight up..no hesitation or waste of time..Thank you " ... written by dreamer65
Supportive and mild mannered. puts me at ease. Great reading. Definitely recommended. Thanks DrVince." ... written by ceffie
I think he was very good, he hit on a few key things that were important...I will be back!" ... written by carebear3072
DrVince was right in there and pickedup on personal things he was good, sorry time ran out on us, but I will do another pvt cht with him for sure" ... written by whateverittakes
thanks for the info" ... written by abby096911
Thank you for a wonderful reading, so nice, calm and such a great person. Thank you and I will definitely have another reading with him..." ... written by Anniekins
Fantastic and very friendly, he put my mind at rest and made me feel very comfortable about the questions I want to ask. Very clear answers and was very willing to explain anything i didnt quite understand. I would highly recommened DRVINCE to anyone brilliant and a lovely gentleman. " ... written by littleheart25
Very fast an d to the point, did not waste my time like others did in the past :) Thanks " ... written by dalilahflores
bloody brilliant xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by fire fire
Loved his tarot reading so much, I am so excited to face the future now. Can't wait to do it again." ... written by sister1
All questions answered clearly and honestly. Great. Thank you" ... written by Someone
He was so helpful I will definitely recommend him to anyone." ... written by velvia
He's just adorable, and he's so cute. Nice and easy to talk to (very openminded). I hope his prediction comes true (which I'm sure it will)." ... written by toshia33
He is by far the greatest! " ... written by abc
As usual ....great advice" ... written by kristen8017
Vince is very gifted and I recommend him as one of Oranum's best. He doesn't need any tools, he is the real deal." ... written by lia_11
I love him so much. He exzudes positivity. Very friendly, straight to the point and very honest....Best on the site. I will certainly come back!!" ... written by toshia33
great reading!!" ... written by Mystick
very good and to the point" ... written by goodgyrl8
His spirit animal may be the turtle, but he can read fast! encouraging, and supportive!" ... written by AgentOrange69
He was calm and relaxed and he answered my question with ease. I can't wait for all his predictions to come true." ... written by tipp18
He was very nice and gave me a lot of answers, he was quick and wonderful!" ... written by KC
He is amazing!!!!" ... written by supermom051959
was very sweet and helpful. Thanks!! " ... written by rose1621
Was very sweet and helpful! Thanks!!! " ... written by rose1621
thanks again Dr. Vince..as always ...very good advice" ... written by kristen8017
He was very on point and answered allot of things I needed to know. Thank you so much!" ... written by classychazy
brilliant thank you xxxxxxxxxx" ... written by fire
great reader, would highly recommend." ... written by 1212flaming
He was awesome, really answered my questions and didn't waste any time. He is a great guy!" ... written by hellzbellz
He is awesome. Gets straight to the point and readings are very clear. " ... written by goddesseyes
calm, cool, collected, quick. thx for the hope vince...see you in a week!" ... written by anonymous
Nothing less than PERFECT! " ... written by Around there
He was awesome!!! He was right on point and he was able to bring some closer on the passing of my father. I would recommend him to my family and friends. On a scale of 1-10 I would give him 10+!" ... written by classychazy
Amazing reading with Dr. Vince... Gave me so much insight and clarity! Spot on!!!! I will definitely be back for more readings!" ... written by Sarahcupcake21
Absolutely amazing reading. So detailed and to the point. Made a great connection with him right away. Through his reading I was able to have peace of mind." ... written by Goldenlight1
he's a good reader very clear" ... written by waterbaby
Very accurate! Wonderful Man. Loved my reading." ... written by JSerrano0304
Very Relaxing Vibe and Very Accurate. Highly Recommend. Thank you Drvince :) " ... written by mozzy123
Always honest and sincere." ... written by answers28
Dr. was very helpful and insightful" ... written by dutchgirl1328
He was very helpful and a gave specifics about the situation.. He gave me clarity, and help lead in the right direction. " ... written by abby096911
Answers questions quickly and is honest. Another excellent reading!!!!!" ... written by dianalj
Wonderful psychic fast and accurate I really liked the reading, very worth going to" ... written by Jaredg248
was good :) really lifted ma spirit thank u sooo much!" ... written by baby_dolly9
wow i just got a reading and he told me things i knew and dint know he is really good i will get a reading again with him he is accurate on everything thank you so much i be waiting for the rest to happen like you say ,,XXXX " ... written by sheskajefy
Even though i already knew the answer to my question he still answered it with assurance ;).. he made me feel calm and comfortable throughout the reading. He's really nice and fast. I am very happy with my reading.. Thanks Drvince" ... written by ehall88
Excellent!! enjoyed very much in fact was blown away by the accuracy don't hesitate he the go to guy a million stars!!!" ... written by 1Nation
Great session. Powerful connect to my situation right away....I highly recommended reader...I am better for having met Dr Vince... " ... written by beautywithinone
He was super chill, I like hearing his voice it's really calming! Thanks for the reading! It was such good news! I hope things do work out! " ... written by tln292
great read!" ... written by chantelle
it was good needed more time . but great" ... written by Pinky101
He is good and I would tell others to have him do a reading. He will amaze you." ... written by sweetspirit
Thank you again! :-)" ... written by sweetstephy31
Very Gifted man i love him....... 5 stars.....please try him out....he's great. Blessings x" ... written by kissed
Dr Vince is always the best! He is the only one I would do a private reading with! I cannot say enough good things about him. He is a genuine person! Thank You Dr Vince!! I will be back for another reading. " ... written by blueeyedaries
Here's a Rap of how much i like dr. vince" ... written by hihihiX3
Very patient and kind willing to help , Dr.Vince is genuinely caring and honest he was right on the money with the information he gave me about my life and concerns, happy that i came to know this pyschic and i hope others will get the opportunity to get a private reading from this genuine soul :) peace and love" ... written by baby_dolly9
He couldn't have helped me more! Thank you!" ... written by hoosiergirl19
Love this men he is so awesome...I will be back to have him read for me... HE IS FAST AND TO THE POINT DOES NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY." ... written by sweetspirit
He cleared up a situation that was bugging me that I heard of from another psychic. He let me know that details were right about it. Thank you so much!" ... written by RisaHonda1
I see him as being honest and he seem true to what he is telling Thank you I feel better" ... written by LoveisMine40
your awesome thank youuu" ... written by sexyegyptian2
excellent " ... written by positivelivin
Awesome reading!! Gave me great hope!" ... written by jufields
He was accurate--especially on the reasons that caused my recent break-up. The reading was quick and to the point. Definitely doesn't waste your time or leave you hanging. I definitely recommend a reading. It's not a waste of time or money!" ... written by leapenn
DRVINCE is the best!! what he told me is so true and I definitely recommend him !!! He is worth every time! thank you so much drvince I will be back to do another reading! He is very good!!" ... written by goddess70
He was very direct and honest. Got right down to the things I wanted to know and was accurate. " ... written by slick82
had a touch in with him..very consistent reading eerything was the same andamp;lt;---look a mature review!!! :D REMIXX yo yo yo i touched upon with dr v he aint bad dont mess with me accuracy of 100 % i know what he said is what he ment WORD. kay i love him bye. xx" ... written by hihihiX3
He was very precise and confirmed everything!" ... written by Lourdy
Very understanding and compassion fast and great..xx thank you" ... written by new
Excellent as always. I highly recommend DrVince. I will continue coming back to him. Thank you and Merry Christmas" ... written by dianalj
Terrific. Highly recommended!" ... written by dreamer
He was awesome! Answered all my questions and was very clear. Will defiantly return !" ... written by florwer85
Thank you very much. All you said was true. " ... written by tweety87
Very good reader and fast!" ... written by we,we
He was absolutely awesome. He has a super soothing voice and it very calming demeanor. I will definitely come back to him in future." ... written by Antygone
DrVince is excellelnt as always!!!!! I continue to come back to him. He will not disappoint you." ... written by dianalj
didnt have enough credits to continue but he answered what i needed to know :)! thanks" ... written by baby_dolly9
A to the M to the A to the ZINGG This guy is freakin amazing he touched upon everythang he makes my life look like a beautiful thing makes me wana sing hes a million and one diamond rings So we only had 2minutees..only 2 and he touched upon 4 topics 2 minutes and 4 topics how amazing iss that? Along with very good accuracy and his predictions came true in the past with more to come :) xx" ... written by drvindahouse
he is always great help one of my go to's" ... written by Lourdy
Thank you good reading will be back xx" ... written by Theresa123
good guy" ... written by spiritualgirl1
As always, Dr. Vince is awsome!! He is quick with his answers and a caring person. I keep coming back to him." ... written by dianalj
Direct and to the point. Very good. Will see how things work out." ... written by Berkeley13
First class reader 5 stars try him for yourself :)" ... written by Theresa123
dr vince is awessome he made me feel so awesome thank you so much" ... written by cindy46
Was nice and fast.. Thank you" ... written by answers28
My go to man. very helpful and a good friend. I recommend him. " ... written by Lourdy
ayy, its me again im dvincez 400 i aint feline any dread i like the thoughts he puts into my head accurate predictions over and over he's even better then a four leaf clover wussup?! so dr vince is the best psychic. he is one of the two i trust 100% his past couple predictions have been scarily accurate with a spot on time line. I had 3 privates with him within the past 2 months. and he is also very consistent. he also has a genuine and caring personality in which it helped us hold a strong connection. i will ovisbly come back for more. xx" ... written by wahh44
he was great and write on with things i will have to see at the first of the year if things go like he says i like him he very friendly and up front i highly recomand him for a reading " ... written by joni203 joni standish
Thanks for that :) a bit more peace of mind x" ... written by cancergirl1990
He was straight to the point and went into good detail. Very nice guy. Definitely will recommend him." ... written by beckyjane
Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think he is awesome" ... written by blueyze
quick with the answers, his prediction should be coming this week so i will let you know..." ... written by ***
DRVINCE was awesome!! Thanks so much, I have a big smile on my face!!" ... written by afcsher
uhm normall i write raps for dr vince but imma make this a paragraph like a normal person. :) So i absolutley reccomand dr. vince. I always go to him for any problem and he always has my answr. not to mention my first couple readings he was right on with the dates of communication i was shockedd! so i reccomand him :) hes my bro..were bros for life broing it up " ... written by astrology22
Straight to the point and no mucking around. I really appreciate that. Thanks" ... written by araketanara
fab thank you xxx" ... written by firefly12
heh I have an addiction to privates...mine and my bros 7th one? that says alot about this man..now I'm going to pretend this is a college essay and make it smart..Dear College, Dr V is a real man. He is genuinely nice and funny. we bacme so close that were bro and sis...now his abilities..I would say hes spot on becuase 3 of my readings came true as he said he would i am waiting on a couple more he is very fast with his cards and if you ask he will sing for you ;p he is also very caring and nice im too lazy for a rap crazy for a trap and hazy for a map DRVINCE IS THE BEST " ... written by astrology22
He's awsome as always. He's worth every penny." ... written by dianalj
really good try for yourself " ... written by Theresa123
Thank you so much for the reading. Sorry I didn't have more credits to continue on. With the information I did receive, it gave me great ease of mind. I will most def come back at a later date for another reading and let you know if your time line you gave me comes true. Thanks again. Have a blessed and healthy new year. xo" ... written by Lisa
As always doc told me what i needed to know was very patient, kind and understanding gave detailed answers to my questions :) thanks again doc * * * * * 5 stars" ... written by baby_dolly9
try him, he's good" ... written by dianalj
Connected quickly and saw some great cards. Did a fantastic reading. Recommended!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Awesome!!! " ... written by aquarius12
Awesome on point!" ... written by witchgoddess
So, this is basically my 10th reading possibly more with DRVINCE. He is amazing every time. Still waiting on predictions to come true but his previous predictions were right on with an accurate time line. I highly reccomend him. On his way to 500 GOOD LUCK BRO. (: " ... written by Astrology22
Great readng for 2012 he is really good with the tarot cards, wish I had more time with him. Would recommend him and 5 stars to you DRVince. I hope everything comes true as you saw it. Will wait and hope........." ... written by snowriver71
Once again a wonderful reading from Vince and looking forward for the amazing new year! Oh, well I can't wait! He is the BEST!" ... written by AngelaEtwaroo199
He is an amazing reader, my go to guy. i go to different psychics but vince is the one i keep going back to after i go see another psychic he brings clarity to me and is very helpful. i wold highly recommend and i love him so much. it is more then 1000000000000% likely i will be back for a reading...possibly tonight haha " ... written by astrology22
Very good!" ... written by jessicar123
He was great.. told me everything I needed to know and gave me great insight on my situation! I will definitely come back! I would totally recommend him to anyone who would want a reading! he is amazing! :) " ... written by Carocakee
He was straight to the point and gave great detail. He doesn't sugar coat tells you want you need to know not what you want. I was very pleased and will be returning. I will also be keeping updates on his predictions :) Thank you Dr Vince !" ... written by Darkdov
Thanks! He was honest and straight-forward. I like that in a reader." ... written by mariejo
HE NEEDS TO START COMING ON EARLIER cause he is such a good psychic (: he is my #1 and i love him..honetly i tried a couple and he is my top i keep going back to him. There is something about him i love and keep coming back to! hopefully..like i said his past predictioins came true so im waiting on a few more! (: " ... written by Astro22
He is great in private !!! He answers your questions !! ] " ... written by Darkdov
very good well connected" ... written by debsch67
as always great reading with Dr. Vince....he is so caring and positive, don't let his calm demeanor fool you, he gives rapid and efficient responses to your questions!" ... written by wendic
He was great!!!! He was understanding and took his time to give me the best and quickest reading possible. Will do it again. He helped give me clarity in my relationship. He is awesome and kind." ... written by sparklehail
Great Reading and Clairvoyant!!!!!!!!!!! The best I've found on Oranum. " ... written by dianalj
AMAZING!!!!THANKS....XX" ... written by scoops09
By far, a total ray of brilliant, insightful Light into my life... the beautiful connection was SO evident to me, my heart and soul... the cards with him are never empty handed and at the same time, he Doesn't Need the cards.. very natural, cozy reading... he's like a teddy bear,too! You can feel comforted, trust this gifted man... he is gifted and always helpful. (= " ... written by LuckySunflowers7
Drvince, Was detailed and straight forward. He connected with me and started the reading fast. He is genuine and here to help people. " ... written by Darkdov
:D ye I got credits he gave me some advice and I'm satisfied THANK YOU OOOOXO" ... written by baby_dolly9
good but i didnt have enough credits to continue. thanks again doctor vince :)" ... written by baby_dolly9
This was my second reading w Dr. Vince. Once again, he eased my mind and was very straight forward with what he saw. I really appreciate all that he said, and I'm looking forward to my future. Thanks again, Dr. Vince. " ... written by lisamarie28
He was very helpful and answered my questions. He was also picked up details. Thanks A+++" ... written by debsch67
Very helpful, clear and precise." ... written by maryannepav
Dear Oranum, members and DrVince, DrVince is a truly genuine psychic as well as a geniuine brother. He cares about your problems and will help you. In private he is wicked fast and answers all questions. His previous predictions have come to pass, and i am waiting for more. So i highly reccomand drvince. Love, Astro22" ... written by cutie314
very understanding. great reading." ... written by lindanapora
First time, exactly how it is, down to earth, nice, good reader. Right on target." ... written by necklace15
Thank you for the reading, appreciate it." ... written by sharona315
Great hope!" ... written by jufields
Dr. Vince was very good and helpful will come back love him love and light many blessing to u thanks harriet19" ... written by harriet 19
Love this guy! Like a best buddy, a brother, great readings!" ... written by xl_HaVoKk_lx
He was very in tuned! I'm really happy with my reading" ... written by aeon1234
OMG, he makes a WHOLE lot of sense! Helped me clarify things that confused me, and he was quick and fast and pretty darn accurate! I will definitely go back to him in the future! I can't wait to see his predictions unfold. Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
Answered my question and was right on the spot. Will be back soon!" ... written by Bamababe16
enjoyed the reading" ... written by myteewog
Just had my first reading with Drvince Will definitely be back.. he answered all my questions honestly and said things I know to be true.. I will be back.. Thank you Drvince!" ... written by soul2love
Great guy, and very, very accurate, predictions and what he saw has come to pass! He's more like a brother than anything" ... written by xl_HaVoKk_lx
Once again he was wonderful. If you have not had a reading with Vince, you really should. Thankyou Vince, God Bless! I believe this was my 3rd time with him!" ... written by sweetstephy31
He's an awesome psychic, very accurate and funny too!" ... written by lavendergirl
Drvince is so good in his predictions I really like the way he goes straight to the situation. I definitely recommend him I will come back that is for sure!!! " ... written by goddess70
Great guy awesome advice will chat again" ... written by nicole
As usual the accurate and wonderful energy of grace keeps me coming back to him...always a blessing." ... written by beautywithinone
I should of asked more questions but everything was just on point. great expierence. " ... written by fourever4
He was awesome! Great reading and a lot of help! Thank you!" ... written by Jenna87
Excellent reader - gave great advice and wonderful feedback :)! Hope all predictions come true!!" ... written by sacredlove71
He is pretty darn good... he is very quick with the cards and very sweet.. he picked up on things that are going on with me and my current situation.. Speak with him he is amazing :) TY Dr. Vince " ... written by butterflywings10
Great reading as always. I highly recommend Dr. Vince." ... written by dianalj
Very good. Easy to talk with. He picked up on my situation fast and hope what he says does happen! Will talk to him again. Give him a try, he s fast and does not waste your time. " ... written by Scorplady02
Wonderful... accurate guy... :)" ... written by butterflywings10
Quick and to the point! He immediately picked up the personalities involved. Thank you for your guidance." ... written by iPreferMimi
Fast. Didn't even have to use cards for my 2nd question! Definitely a good reader!" ... written by BayAreaBabe
Best of the best!" ... written by Bojan99
Drvince is a great guy .. i enjoy the reading .... very helpful ... thank you Drvince " ... written by Giittuu
I really like DrVince readings in private he is straight forward and let me know what is going on with my situation. I definitely recommend him great psychic. Also email readings he does really truthful and recommend him for email requests. " ... written by goddess70
Pulls no punches and agrees with what other psychics said. He is also very well mannered which I appreciated." ... written by jswede1149
Dr.Vince is really amazing. He made me look forward to greet myself into my future. He is point blank on point andamp; he is one to trust. Thank You Dr.Vince :D" ... written by At112209
Thanks again!!!" ... written by sassylove09
He is awesome i will talk with him again i recommend him highly to anyone. hes spot on!!!!. thank you so much for your help" ... written by hide_n_seek
Wonderful reading with Dr. Vince. I highly recommend him. He was spot on about my relationship!" ... written by Sarahcupcake21
He is just fantastic!!!!!" ... written by KKBABY11
It was a really good reading. Clear, decisive, detailed and very intuitive. DrVince got my situation really well and mixed in enough psychology into his answers that it left me with no doubt about his abilities to see really well into my past and hence trust the predictions for the future. Thanks so much, Five stars it is." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Great reading. Got some answers needed." ... written by someone
ThanksVince! Totally honest and a great reader " ... written by debsch67
Awesome, made me really happy to know where life could lead as long as i do what is right and what i feel." ... written by CampinCarl
It was ok. " ... written by vjrei01
Hes incredible best reading i have ever gotten he was so quick and he picked up on all the people i inquired about i have hope now love you dr vince i will come back to update you my friend" ... written by osheakca
My prediction didn't come to pass by valentine's day but he's still good. " ... written by tipp18
Fast reader. Tells you exactly what you want to know. Hopefully what he told me will come true. Thank you so much!! (:" ... written by bri_22
VERY ACCUARATE- excited to see what he says florish, very fast reader..." ... written by aspect24
Wow! He was very quick, very clear, and had really good suggestions! Excellent reading!" ... written by Penelope2
Fast and clear. sounds brilliant and predictions are close by so i can update very soon! thank you" ... written by danamy75
Thank-you so much for your help! I'll probably come back to you again because we seem to be on the same page with what my thoughts are and your energy is so positive it has me smile. But thank-you I kind of hope that this guy in my life now will last long. We're not really together now but we're committed to each other just not labelled as boy friend and girlfriend But I hope he's the man I'll marry. Thank-you again!" ... written by Jazzy_J2594
Always picks right up on everything and gives such a great confirmation of things. Is comforting and doesn't waste time or credits...caring and accurate!!" ... written by mah
Is an awesome guy!" ... written by bradspet
Very Helpful..excited for things to unfold!" ... written by drea451
Awesome reading!!! hit everything on the nose.. gave me confidence and reassurance.. love this guy!!!!!!" ... written by waianae_girl
Very helpful and caring...is awesome man..." ... written by bradspet
Good reading felt like a pretty decent connection. Vince gave me some outlook on a situation with a former love. He gave a few time lines that aren't too far off so we'll see if they come to pass :) ty!" ... written by crzdnem
Thanks, kind, caring and intuitive, I need a longer reading!" ... written by eirene1982
Absolutely Wonderful!!!!!!!" ... written by sweets123
Absolutely amazinggg!!! Cant thank u enough! Im glad i did a reading. Highly recommended! AAAAAA++++" ... written by onagirl
Very good.(:" ... written by Danielle104333
Great reading, hope that what he said is true...looking forward to my future..." ... written by someone
HE WAS CONCISE AND VERY KIND. I hope his predictions come true, will let you know." ... written by 1979aet
Vince is so easy to speak to. He calms my nerves. I am so happy Oranum has brought us together :)" ... written by Donna500
Vince answer my question I will be coming back to vince for all my readings " ... written by Lynn8833
Vince is really good he answer all my questions. I will be coming back to vince for all my readings" ... written by Lynn8833
Good good" ... written by osheakca
Vince is really good he answer all my questions. I will be coming back to vince for all my readings " ... written by Lynn8833
Great!!!" ... written by chevchelios069
Amen!!" ... written by onagirl
This is my 3rd reading GREAT as always!!!!!" ... written by erika
I was a great reading" ... written by shelleboys
This guy is amazing! everything he told me is what i've been feeling forever" ... written by damusicprincess1
I had a private with vince about a week ago, i was amazed at how quick he picked my situation up and how correct he was, he also predicted something with regards to my problem which is starting to happen now, so please give vince a go, he is very gifted. thank you vince" ... written by msaries
O M G Drvince is sooooooo GOOD at what he does i will definitely have another reading with him and would encourage you all to take time and have one with him too!he lovely gentleman." ... written by marsylyttle
Vince is the best and he will help you in anyway you can think off !!!" ... written by -eminem-
He is amazing he hit everything on the head" ... written by confusedinlove87
He's so great. Always helpful and quick with his work. Just adore him and am so glad when I see he's online!" ... written by mah
Always Excellent!! He picks up my situation quickly and in depth. I highly recommend Dr. Vince." ... written by dianalj
Very good read. Straight to the point. Thanks BroskI!" ... written by BrokenJakk
He is so great always! Picks up so well and is accurate with his predictions...really always glad to see him on here" ... written by yas
DrVince is precise and accurate. He is kind, friendly and positive. Straightforward without waisting time or your money. He is a very intuitive man you can feel the vibration through his voice. I highly recommend him. Thank you DrVince :)." ... written by silviabr
DRVINCE - Fair. As with all my sessions with Oranum psychics, I give them absolutely no information. No names. No birthdates. No specific question. Each psychic is given 10 minutes to show their stuff. For those who feel 10 minutes is not enough, I disagree. It may not be enough to establish a strong connection for mediums, but there should be no problem otherwise. DRVINCE did a pretty good job. He was very clear in explaining what each of his tarot cards mean and how they may relate to me and my situation. He moves quickly and doesn't waste time. DRVINCE was able to offer insightful information about my future. He is confident and comfortable. I do recommend a reading with this psychic. " ... written by RealReviews
Wonderful as always...he is so quick and super helpful! Love reading with him!!" ... written by sacred
Very easy to talk to and shows you the cards as he explains their meaning . . . . Will definitely use him again." ... written by kitty83
Extraordinary!!! " ... written by sweets123
Completely wonderful! I'd recomend him to ANYONE. Truly Magnificent at his work!" ... written by Nateblake1
Wonderful. " ... written by Frescoo
Very accurate! " ... written by goldylox423
Thankyou for the free reading. it was so accurate I was blown away awesome" ... written by Tracie
Always great" ... written by dianalj
Doc again provided with me with support and kindness thank u dr vince i really appreciate it :D xoxoxox" ... written by baby_dolly9
Vince you are always accurate! if ever i am unsure about anything i know i can come to you and get some clarity! thank you for your help!" ... written by tiffany29
Thank you Vince, you were fast, and got to the point and clarified my thoughts. I hope what you said comes to pass. Have a nice day!" ... written by AppleBite707
Defintiely the best! The best they come." ... written by ilandradove
Gave me hope for future in a particular situation. Said he guarantees things will improve. I am looking forward to coming weeks and will be back about updates." ... written by sparkly1
He was very sweet and very precise" ... written by cheneal
Omg omg ... straight to the point ... picked up A LOT of DETAIL very QUICKLY. I will be a regular for sure." ... written by bonnielynn
He is so great to read with :) I am always glad to see him online!" ... written by sacredlove71
Quick, doesn't waste any time, answered ALL my questions. Oh pleeeeease be right DocVince!" ... written by anon
Thank you!" ... written by djordan6898
Still every bit as amazing!" ... written by marionlyttle
Straight forward and honest, picked up on things quickly. Recommended for a reading." ... written by Jim
This chap is lovely! So muich positivity in a reading, he exudes his ability by tuning in so well recommended and so looking forward to telling him about a potential blooming relationship xx" ... written by tickleme2011
I sure hope he is right! time will tell and i appreciate the positve energy!" ... written by blueoceandiver
Great, definitely will come back for another reading." ... written by D1c9f9m2
Help full and thank you for the advice " ... written by TigerJump
So good answered quickly and kept pace going." ... written by soulsurvivor54
Great reading! Really caring guy. This is my 2nd reading and I have the same answers cant get much more accurate than that! I am feeling very hopeful for the future indeed :) thank u x" ... written by Lalima
Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by kevinw08
He was amazing :) " ... written by brandyallison
Fantastic as usual." ... written by cristina39
Best reading ever!" ... written by Jewls8107
Bro you always know. Love you. :)" ... written by iquestionlife
Honest and amazing" ... written by BeeYourself7786
He was quick, precise and right on. So worth and so awesome!" ... written by sparklehail
Kind ....good reading .....:)" ... written by AdorableShreya
Dr Vince is very sweet and calm, I will let you know how it goes with mystery man." ... written by hoofer13
A pleasure to have a reading with Dr. Vince.. Have not been able to catch him in a while.... Thank you Dr. V" ... written by soul2love
Thanks again!" ... written by kissed
Very in detail reading with Dr. Vince.. he is so kind and laid back.. just like chatting with a friend... thank you Dr. Vince!" ... written by soul2love
DrVince was very accurate on his reading, very impressed ." ... written by lutonian
I appreciate All of Dr.Vinces predictions, and he brought alot of insight into my world. I appreciate all of his information and recommend him to all in the future" ... written by lolapstar91
Was quick and to the point. Assured me that things were still going to happen like they are supposed to. Very honest and made me feel better. Definitely worth it." ... written by sparklehail
Quick, straight forward and to the point. feel very informed about what is going on. he is awesome♥" ... written by sparklehail
You are awesome" ... written by friendly22
Thank you again" ... written by Pixie013
Doc gave me some advice while I visited his room and I want to let everyone know that he was very accurate with all he told me. Including getting back with my ex and I didn't think that would ever happen but he hit it right on. Thanks Doc" ... written by raym57
Very sweet,kind helpful and always right" ... written by beaut
Great helped alot" ... written by darkhawk9
I enjoyed it...thank you" ... written by maijo2012
Wow, very good...thorough and sweet!" ... written by piscesmoonshine
He is amazing! " ... written by tessluv29
Very very good. quite on point!!" ... written by vitaminstephy
DRVINCE IS AWESOME!" ... written by everytime19
Very helpful and descriptive in my current situation towards career path and love....thank you !!" ... written by Music4life
Thank you so much! Your reading really helped put my heart back in the right place!! Thank you!!! xoxo" ... written by loveinthemoment
Good job!" ... written by lavendergirl
Very helpful and descriptive in my current situation towards career path and love....thank you !!" ... written by Music4life
Dr. Vince is one of the best psychics I have ever met and am always grateful for his help and advice." ... written by vinman3477
He helped me, know I'm on the right path and he gave me straight answers to my questions." ... written by kerry3690
He was fast, spot on and acurate. I would definitely recommend him to anyone seeking advice :)" ... written by Wolfspirit85
You were right on the nail with everything and I really appreciated the accuracy you had. Very very helpful. I wish I had more $ to talk longer! :)" ... written by cb0073
Ok, so I meant to have 3 reviews like this for Doctor Vince so far. He is the first and main reason that I joined. His first reading for me was perfect. Actually he got me when I was a guest. Just the way he talked to me, I could feel his relaxed and clear vibe. He has told me things that I am sure will happen and they were reinforced by other proven psychics here and elsewhere. I really think Dr. Vince is great and obviously so do many of his fans that come to his room regularly. Love how he mixes Tarot and his own abilities. WOW. He is really awesome!!!" ... written by MerkabahMan
I love coming to DrVince...he always makes me feel better and helps me to understand the feelings I have as well as the one I ask about." ... written by piscesmoonshine
My heart was heavy...Dr Vince put it back in the right place, for sure! Kind, compassionate...and spot on! Thank you Dr!! You're the best!! xodm~" ... written by tuckahin2
Sweet guy, can't wait for the predictions, thank you, Vince :)" ... written by osheakca
He was very accurate and picked up on my energy right away. " ... written by Kim1971
Vince answered a lot of questions about my love Life. He made me feel a lot better about my Boyfriend." ... written by Lynn8833
My heart was heavy... Dr Vince put it back in the right place, for sure! Kind, compassionate...and spot on! Thank you, Dr!! You're the best!! xodm~ " ... written by tuckahin2
He was right on about a lot of things in my life!" ... written by angelbear815
Thank you." ... written by jeneye21
He is very consistent and clear with his insights and message and it calmed me that he still sees the same situation for me." ... written by MerkabahMan633
He is amazingg!!... He helped me alot!...Will most definitely get another reading." ... written by bethy3412
I think he is a great reader. Thank you for everything!" ... written by strawberry1992
Very very in tune with what was needed to be said. very to the point!! i will see him again for sure!! Thanks Vince!!!" ... written by Dejera
He was very helpful and understanding" ... written by cosmoem88
It was ok" ... written by annehusky77
Great to Talk with You DRV, amazing insights. Thank you so much:-)" ... written by lisch12
Very awsome alot of positive things said hit everything on point in my life love this guy thanks alot for giveing me a reading " ... written by rezjanna2011
As always DrVince is truly as realised master spirit. I appreciate him..blessings and light!!" ... written by beautywithinone
Amazing i will definately be back sometime in the future! Thank you so much!" ... written by vickixxoo
Very good - very patient - very specific - easy and fun. I encourage you to try him." ... written by dmbertault1
Great!" ... written by jenny2221
Love DrvVince! .. Very helpful." ... written by cin007
Thank you so much seriously made me the happiest girl ever (: He's the only guy I can see myself with forever and you made me happy with everything you told me I've been down about it and you gave me hope into knowing we are meant for each other thank you once again you are great and helped me a lot!" ... written by hellolinds123
Great" ... written by vz
He was good, and nice kinda open my eyes to something personal i didnt relize" ... written by Devi12
Absolutely amazing, definitely worth every cent dollar whatever." ... written by brandonisaboss2
Absolutely on point!!! Great job!" ... written by erzulie34
Amazing!" ... written by jpferreira51291
He is straight forward and hoping all the prediction will come true,,thank u so much dr. vince" ... written by onagirl
He is amazing! helped me so much! " ... written by princessbrittany
He was straight forward and to the point. Well worth the time! Thanks, Dr!!" ... written by duckkait
Straight to the point,seems very nice just that ran out of credits but I will recommend someone for him.x" ... written by moshmosh1990
He was AMAZING and really helped me out. I'm struggling and he gave me so much hope. You are truly a blessing thank you so much dr!!!!" ... written by Shortcak
I felt relaxed and got hope from the reading. Fingers crossed all works out as he said :)" ... written by marzep
Great energy, wonderfull answers. amazing!!!" ... written by madison54725
Very helpful thank you again, I feel better and I know I shouldn't worry so much. Positivity and Light. " ... written by TigerJump
Very good " ... written by brandigirl420
He is always so insightful :)" ... written by cosmoem88
Thank you, that was good to hear. " ... written by LMN3374
Thank you! :)" ... written by cin007
Very good, will come again!" ... written by AshleyMcgoldrick
Very good!! He was very patient and helpful!" ... written by Johnay91
He's a very nice gentle man and he's accurate" ... written by amandestiny92
Awesome reading and what I wanted to hear...... recommend everyone to take Vince to a private.. also a great guy" ... written by Femmes0s0fatale
Thank You so much DrVince I appreciate your reading more than anything and it gave me a real perspective on how the things are in my current situation." ... written by bananawaffles
Awesome. " ... written by fitchchic5
Simply FABULOUS! Answers were very accurate and to the point." ... written by 4Shar1
He was very very awsome i perfer him for everyone" ... written by dede2121
DRVINCE gave me a very insightful reading with lots of useful advice and information definitely comforted by the gentle and interaction connection." ... written by blackLiquid
Wow...not much to say cause was really amazed by the reading.. " ... written by kilroy7
Great reading!!! got a lot of things cleared out!!!!! thanks so much.. feel much better.. :-) " ... written by lauralozano
Vince is so good my boyfriend broke up with me today. He told me that everything would work out for us in the end. We would get back together and Have a Happy ending together." ... written by Darvell88
He answered questions straightforwardly. Does not give alot of insight. Good reading overall." ... written by mlbhag38
DrVince was spot on when he gave me the demo. and I kept feeling I needed to talk with him I think he is awesome" ... written by Melysong
Great reading! told me everything i needed to know and hear. he made me feel at ease with myself and my situation. i will stay positive. he is always very accurate so i am looking forward for this prediction to come true :)" ... written by MissDecemburr
Just love Dr. Vince. he is so laid back, and I belive to the point. Good reading..." ... written by soul2love
Quick, clear and straight to the point. He understood my fears and gave me sound advice on my love life and career concerns. Fingers crossed his predictions come true. There was no messy around with this reader, I found I ran out of questions because he answered them so promptly. Excellent!!! I will return in a month hopefully saying "HE WAS RIGHT !" Many thanks x" ... written by apollobay
I love you " ... written by s0flyy
Very Respectful Kid andamp; Honest. He Helped Me Out A Lot." ... written by EdsonFreshSoles
Great, great, great! Dr. Vince was the first to say all the great info I have been receiving. I feel comforted by his latest predictions which will tie it all together. Thanks Dr. V!!!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
A ditto what my other favs said...... today I just needed that ventilator or I'd have died.....vince gave that to me..thnx vince" ... written by beautifulmoi
Good reading with Dr Vince... I feel he is honest and sincere, caring... Will be back!" ... written by soul2love
Im Amazed and Lost for words...." ... written by dansheena
He is good and always helps me out." ... written by dcoventry
Totally awesome ! He is caring and sure about what he says ! " ... written by sillygirl1198
Yes it was a good private reading got a bit more convidence in meself about what we have talked thankyou. " ... written by Sharonnn1
Thank you for a great reading." ... written by sharon1111688
Sp amazed at his centerdness and clarity. Honestly. He is the reason I became a happy and loyal Oranum customer in the first place!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Drvince was so nice new about my son he was very good will be back for another reading so nice. Thanks again Drvince xxxxxx" ... written by annegirl
A 10 on 10.....AMAZING ACCURATE READING...he was the very first i went to for a reading on oranum......POSITIVE BEAUTIFUL CARDS...whata way to start my day.........HE KNEW IT ALL....SO IT WAS A DOUBLE CONFIRMATION..thnx doc" ... written by beautifulmoi
Great Read! Always!" ... written by seventhheaven
Thank you very much and have s blessing day" ... written by dolphinluv72
My man my man " ... written by Astrology22
Very helpful and put my mind at ease. Love is easy going manner. Feels like talking to a friend. Enjoyed it very much and confirmed what I was feeling already." ... written by kathyrh
First Reading ......Thanks Doc for information about my daughter...she was sooo excited even though she is skeptical she cannot wait. Also i cannot wait for your insights/predictions/ forsights to come and pass also......we will be impatiently waiting for this to come true. God Bless...again you are one doctor I dont mind coming/going to ....laughing jokingly!" ... written by 2_peek
As always, you are great! Thank you so much!" ... written by cin007
Drvince was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by adriane005
I was completely blown away by DrVince...he was so spot on it brought me to tears. I would highly recommend him to everyone..xxx" ... written by lgrimes
Will add to it when l see an out come " ... written by jennie62
Thank you so much you are awsome" ... written by ermillot
Very helpful." ... written by JWG2000
Great news for me, hope all his predictions and timeframe will come true..He was very quick in connecting and focused well on my situation." ... written by acealways
Very intuitive and honest. great insight. " ... written by vatoga
Omg he is alsome i like him" ... written by justloveme23
Awesome! Thank you so much for connecting me to my grandpa. :)" ... written by henotsurepsychic
Very accurate and very fast reader thanks Vince." ... written by Jalissa_Brown
Always Excellent, quick, honest, caring. I highly recommend Dr. Vince!!!" ... written by dianalj
Wow what can I say. He is fantastic." ... written by lorichad36
Totally rocks." ... written by 83toronto
WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW! I took him private just for connections only and it was awesome! Gave him no information about anyone he just started talking about who was there and it was amazing they passed on things to him that let me know they were really there. This was a wonderful experience I have never tried connecting before it always made me nervous so glad that I did. Dr. Vince totally connects to the other side." ... written by mj
Wow he amazes me! Every time accurate." ... written by alondra1991
You are awesome" ... written by GeminiLord
DrVince really connects with the spirit world. He is very calm and gentle in his readings. Easy to understand. I recommend him." ... written by RavNLynx
Will keep you posted on how things turn out. Great vibe in his free chat." ... written by zzcat0404
Thank you my good friend." ... written by GeminiLord
Great! Very nice reading. compassionate." ... written by 1megrogan1
I had try him before and everything came true and I always look for him here. I trust his reading. I am recommending him, he is great." ... written by sheskajefy1313
Great!" ... written by danaleigh1437
Very good.......... very helpful!" ... written by freespirit321
YOU ARE RIGHT ON" ... written by mfurney
Very helpful and insightful, told me what I needed to know." ... written by dfeary1526
DrVince kept telling me to hold on and just wait for things to workout between my boyfriend and me and today all of the things he has been telling me so far happened. It is the best feeling in the world to know that you have been told the truth. He definitely told me the truth. Hope the rest comes true♥" ... written by sparklehail
DrVince was kind, compassionate, insightful and concise. Even in a short time, I feel like he really shed light on my situation and brought me a lot of peace about it. I'd recommend him to anyone." ... written by QuinineKiss
Great Reading.... Dr. Vince was great. Very informative ...thanks a lot." ... written by Scorpio1112
He is amazing as always. I would highly recommend him and will be getting a reading with him again soon." ... written by june71
I love Vince! hes so nice, and he gets straight to the point. " ... written by sydsyddively25
Loved the reading very straight forward and fast, which I like... Hopefully everything works out great... Thank you." ... written by Mrod130
You Rock and make me feel so much better .... Thank you DrV... Enjoy your summer." ... written by Giittuu
Practical advice." ... written by searchingsoul1
My second reading with him and always on point and straight to the point! Very calm and relaxed and makes you feel comfortable. He's someone you will def want to seek out again!" ... written by kitty83
One of the nicest guys on oranum. Has time for everyone. Accurate too. Thanks Dr Vince xx" ... written by Bondibeauty
Really good reading really kind !!" ... written by julia7777777
He is very calm and fast in his readings and sees a lot of things/feelings around the issues youre asking about. He is really a nice guy and im hoping what he said comes true!!! :)" ... written by emotions
Very positive, felt he knew me and connected right away. Accurate and very down to earth, would DEFINITELY go meet when he tours. Thank You :)" ... written by marlenalena
Thank you Dr. V so much for all your help! Your the BEST! So, honest and so amazing! What would we all do without you. :)" ... written by Annde25
Wow i had a reading and dr vice had told me that my lawyer was going to make some kind of demand and that is happening right know, hopefully will happen soon." ... written by sheskajefy1313
He knew it!!" ... written by sharroncd
Very matter of fact. Gave me a timeline and other specifics. Great!" ... written by Uvrs53
Had a great READ! Will see him again!" ... written by darlinhun
I love this guy!!! He is so awesome and honest. He gives the best reading by far. Very straightforward and to the point. He is my Favorite and always will be. Its nice to find someone so down to earth and friendly. Love you Vince :)" ... written by aquariusj11
Thank you!" ... written by KC0716
Easy to talk to, clear, up front, cares about you, wants to help with your question or issue that brought you. Very nice man." ... written by michelelyn
I always come out of a reading with smiles..BRILLIANT FANTASTIC CARDS AS ALWAYS..interpreted with great confidence." ... written by beautifulmoi
Gave me insight as to what I should do with a situation I am currently in. Was spot on with everything. " ... written by responder343
Wow i had great reading with Dr. Vince. he put all my fears and worries to rest. I will have all my reading with DrVince " ... written by Deannalynn
Very fast and detailed. I will be back." ... written by Scorpio1112
Very accurate!" ... written by BeyondtheVeil808
Highly recommend this reader." ... written by Lyne37
Honest and good psychic!" ... written by ownway
Great personality, great reading, give it a try!" ... written by lonestargee
Great advice, really seem to know what your talking about!!!! " ... written by vixxoo
Thanks." ... written by sabinaa
He's the best he's always reading what's in my past an present life he's the best." ... written by alondra1991
Enjoyed reading spot on with what he had to till me gave me something to look forward to very helpful and I'd use him again for sure 5 stars from me " ... written by sharon121
He was amazing, He calmed my nerves in like minute's with answer's that sit so well with your soul." ... written by wirlwind11
Awesome first reading! Can't wait to see if predictions come true!" ... written by lifetime1974
Great reading. Drvince was very calm and comforting, will definitely be coming back for more readings." ... written by 00september
Very nurturing and insightful. Thank you!" ... written by natcatangel
He's great and answers what you ask for without going around in circles. I recommend him." ... written by DeepAbyss
Direct and to the point, Dr. Vince is the go to person for truthful answers. Thank you for your time and honesty.Till we meet again!" ... written by pinchofsalt
Thank you for update and clearing things up for me i hope all comes ot pass....thanks doc. as always you are one doctor i dont mind coming to see...God bless." ... written by 2_peek
Very nice. Accurate reading! " ... written by wrinkles20
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