About CupidsPsychicAim

Psychic CupidsPsychicAimhas 15-20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic CupidsPsychicAimhas recently helped 700members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about CupidsPsychicAim's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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We are all looking for answers to life's toughest questions, especially when it comes to love and relationships. As a collective, humanity is constantly engaged in an endless and time consuming search for clarity and facts. We feel the warmth of security and safety in knowing what lies before us, so we can place ourselves in a place of ease.

This seemingly ever illusive quest for truth can end today, if you will it to be...I believe there is no such thing as a coincidence, as you have been guided to my page for a reason...

Ideally, we would all like to obtain as much insight and information into our situation as possible
to make the best decisions we can. I use my spirit guide Xviiola, my clairvoyance, clairaudience, and empathic gifts to acquire this knowledge for you.

Here is a list of my various spiritual services :

Love and Relationship Readings
Career and Workplace Readings
Interpersonal Dynamic Readings
Money and Financial Readings
Family and Parenting Readings
Spiritual Health and Wellness Readings
Spiritual Evolution Readings
Life Path Readings
Pet Whispering Readings
Karma Readings
Soulmate Readings
Psychic Development and Mentorship
Manifestational Magic
Relationship Counseling

I am a natural born psychic who arrived in this world on Valentine’s Day and feels it is my divine mission in life to help others explore the world of the unseen, so that they may gain insight and clarity on all the issues that trouble hearts and minds. My readings employ the gifts of clairaudience, and clairvoyance, clairsentience, and empathy while channeling the messages of my spirit guide, Xviiola.

Through a series of divine, synchronistic experiences, I have been receiving messages from beyond this realm since the age of four. The “little voice” that was always with me from the time I was a little girl is my spirit guide Xviiola (pronounced Zi-o-la). Xviiola is an intricate part of my readings, and her participation with you in your reading varies from person to person. I do ask Xviiola questions out loud during my readings so that she may answer me, so please don’t be afraid if it sounds like I'm having a conversation with myself, as I am not…

In 2008, I became the “founding futurist” of my company, Cupid’s Healing Hearts, founded in the Spring of 2008. Since then, I have been employed in the psychic field full time, reading for people around the world. I also work as a medium and can communicate with the dearly departed and I frequently use my talents as a paranormal investigator. I have travelled extensively, exploring haunted prisons, mental asylums, and private residences all across the United States in my work.

After gaining a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology from De Sales University Magna Cum Laude and 6 years of experience in the corporate world as a sales and marketing manager in the travel and hospitality industries, I finally decided to commit my life fully to helping others with my gifts. I really love my work and the very personal connections I make with my clients. I am also is a self-taught tarot card reader and rune reader, so if you are fond of tools, please let me know! I have been reading the tarot for almost twenty years.

I feel I bring a high level of integrity to each and every reading I conduct. Although the truth is sometimes hard to accept, it can also be very liberating. I will not sugar coat the truth for you so please be ready to hear only the truth when you decide to read with me. Good or bad, I will only tell you what I am seeing, hearing, and sensing, nothing more, nothing less. I am extremely confident in my abilities to tell you about your situation without any background information, clarifying questions, or insight from you. I pride myself in being extremely honest in my work and will only tell the absolute truth when reading for you. I deliver all messages with compassion and empathy.

Please keep in mind that many times I do disagree with other readers and I do not hold a belief in the law of averages. I put my faith in the accuracy of the outcome I predict for you. All I ask of you is the possession of an open mind, and a willingness to let time be the true judge of any reading's outcome.

I am extremely accurate but do not believe in predestination, as your free will choices can influence the future.
Please keep this in mind, your actions do influence your outcome. I can direct you to the best course of action in your best interest to capitalize on this.

Let me help you gain priceless insight into the hidden influences at play that affect your present situation or relationships with others so that you can move forward confidently with peace. If you allow me to, I can help point you in the direction of your heart's desires and finding true happiness in your life and relationships. So stop worrying and get truthful answers to the questions plaguing your mind and heart...

~ I am committed in every way to giving you the peace of mind you seek ~

awesome xxxxx" ... written by kellourex
awesome xxxxx" ... written by kellourex
I'm GLAD that i had reading with her!! She has very positive ENERGY and definitely gifted!! will be back, Recommended!" ... written by kosmosss
thank you very much you were good and accated" ... written by brian82
Excellent reading!!!Highly recommended!Thankyou so much!" ... written by rattail1
Very compassionate and calming reading. Accurate and precise. Will definitely come back. Thank you!" ... written by flower74
She's good!!!" ... written by welobey1
She is excellent!!" ... written by candy25
Gave a honest answer to my question(s). Was very helpful, thanks." ... written by InTheMeantime
It wasn't something that I would like to hear from Amy, but she wasn't sugar coating anything just straight answers. But i do hope she's wrong about the reading!! Nothing bad about her just wasn't what i expected from her reading. Overall, she's a very nice person to talk to and sweet too! " ... written by jess1981
You can tell she really had a gift! great reading, and accurate!" ... written by steff
i really enjoy my reading with you and I will be back and let you know how things are going. I feel good about it." ... written by VelvetLuv
Thank you, great reading and so friendly, highly recommended." ... written by kinas182
Thanks so much for your help! Great energy and I recommend her for a reading." ... written by missgreeneyes
The most awesome reading I had till date!!" ... written by trustgod
She is almost too good. I couldn't believe how much she was able to see into situations. Absolutely positively blown away. She has helped me so much, I am very grateful for her help." ... written by Josh
Talking to her about my feelings was the best thing..even though I had no nothing in detail to ask..just talking to her made me feel Awesome..Amy you rock!! It was awesome talking to you!!" ... written by TrustGod
WOW!. Just WOW! Excellent reading, So accurate i got goosebumps! She is very kind and honest, not just trying to blow smoke. I was really amazed at her reading, she is the real thing, no BS. Highly recommend!!" ... written by thewritegrl
Very honest. Told me the good and bad, ill come back for sure. Definitely recommended." ... written by missmel2011
She is up there as now one of my favorite psychics. She told me something about my subject that i have never mentioned in any of my readings. This was confirmation that she is indeed a real!!!Please if anything should pop up in your mind about you know who please email me in the mean time!!" ... written by Halovm
Very honest and quick... Will come back and talk to her again. Thank you for your honesty. :)" ... written by answers28
you were very help full. thank you" ... written by sabrinag
She was very nice and honest and wanted to do everything to help. She helped me look into what I need to think about more and hopefully I will stop being so stubborn and look at it...I would HIGHLY recommend her. " ... written by sensitive1
Great reading. Very gifted! I appreciated that she answered all my questions, and could read others energies to help me through some tough emotional and relationship struggles. I didn't even give her any information other than ask her questions!!! I will certainly visit with her again!" ... written by coebie12
excellent !!" ... written by nazlymaria
Great reading!!! Ty! " ... written by necklace15
nice reading. great talk. Very honest, and great energy. " ... written by MrsChung1
Second reading and brill yet again im so happy thank you sooooooooooo much xxxxxxxxxx" ... written by hazelhazel
Got the advice. She hit the nail. :) Thanks hun.. take care and god bless" ... written by NEIL
Wonderful!!! Very accurate and gives great advice!!" ... written by NiVanya
Highly in-tuned and helpful. Was able to connect with me immediately. Given me some great insights and tips. Very impressive! Thumbs up!" ... written by E-Motion
she is the best reader , she connected instantly and was very fast in answering the questions. i highly recommend her, she KNOWS it all . thank you cupidspsychicaim you helped a great deal . :)" ... written by marmoura
Wow, connection right away and accurate....thanks" ... written by wendic
lovely, engaging and to the point! great! thank you!" ... written by lavalamp81
Well, lovely Cupid:) She seizes your situation so fast and she is able to give you sound advices by using solely your first name. She is gifted, nice and honest. Thus, she is one wonderful being and I strongly recommend a reading with her if you want to clarify your preoccupations." ... written by milona
i have had tons of reading recntly and i must say that shes the best. i mean everything she told abt me and the person i asked her about was absolutely correct. i am absolutely amazed by her psychic ability. willl defo come back for another reading. " ... written by xxx
nice reading" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
great super !!! loved it!!" ... written by stephsocali
Connected. totally!" ... written by mizbeez
Again, another great reading!" ... written by coebie12
She is the best!" ... written by tony
Pretty amazing..." ... written by spiritualgirl1
She is an excellent reader!!!! very accurate and specific!!!!!Love her!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweets123
EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweets123
I am a very good psychic myself, but sometimes i struggle with my opinions vs my psychic powers. I need someone very good to do readings for me. Many times I have gone to a psychic and I can feel that I have a better understanding of the situation, so their advice won't help. This is not the case with CupidPsychicAim. She is REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD. She will tell me the truth good or bad, and there has been some bad. Sometimes we all need someone to be honest with us so we can move forward and make the proper choices in our life. I feel very lucky to have received readings from CupidPsychicAim. She helps clarify the situation and explains subtleties that even I have missed. I very much appreciate all her help." ... written by james
cupidpsychicaim, was right on with everything. she amazed me. she was able to give me information on what my guy was feeling how he was feeling, getting the information i got from her is going to help me be able to make a final decision on what to do next. again thank you very much" ... written by KungFuPony
Very accurate with the reading :) thanks " ... written by cleoham87
Very good. very intuitive with my situation." ... written by startosunand
Wow, that's all I can say. I've had a million readings here the last few days and she is, BY FAR, the best. Worth every freaking penny. " ... written by Jules213
Awesome reading! Very detailed. Lots of great advice... at a time where i needed it. Thanks so much love! " ... written by pagirl15601
She did a dead on demo for me a few weeks ago. I came back for a few follow up questions and she mentioned things that there is no way she could have know. OMG. I AM TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY BY HER!" ... written by jswede1149
Excellent... " ... written by Jupiter01
Thank you. Picked up on the person in question very well" ... written by nickmcgyver
She delivered the truth in such a kind way. She was extremely helpful and understanding. Her style is very fun and upbeat. She's someone I would definitely have a prvt with again. " ... written by daydreamer246
AWESOME short reading...Told me the truth.. She is soooo right! Will definitely come back with more money. " ... written by elite4_tpt
Very fast, honest, smart reader. " ... written by viv
She was brilliant she picked up on me perfectly very good psychic will give her a go in the future for sure." ... written by PinkBeatle10
On the button!" ... written by rosariopatric
Very insightful reading. Thank you so much! I will keep the advice in mind." ... written by BellaDecadance
Had her read someone in my life and she nailed his personality.... like... super nailed it. She gave me a lot of insight into how to best understand how to deal with it. I waited for over a week to be able to speak to Amy - she's amazing and I highly recommend her if you need to know about someone else - or even yourself. She's Ah - Maze - Zing! :) " ... written by pagirl15601
Holy mother of something!!! Talk about blow me away. THE BEST READING I have ever ever had. Like I am seeing and talking to the monster in the closet himself.. I cant say enough or thank you enough. 1000 stars is not enough. Please stay here on Oranum so others can be blessed by your insight and wisdom. I think I just met God, and she's amazing!!!!" ... written by ikroyalakr
She connects directly" ... written by candy
One of the best readings I've had. Wonderful woman." ... written by katie46
WOW! This was a reading like no other!" ... written by Virgo
Fast clear and accurate love the reading tks" ... written by Lety79
Thank you for your time and deep accurate insights. Simply great!" ... written by maithu
Did not connect with me but was gracious about it." ... written by toucan2
She was helpful and on point!" ... written by libra
Very good reading and advice" ... written by rosebud77
Thanks." ... written by indigoteddy
Amy is spot on with details and doesn't sugarcoat, if you want true, honest reading then go pvt with Amy!" ... written by marionlyttle
She helped me out. She know a lot. Thank you" ... written by maria
Perfect" ... written by pragathi
She's amazing. She read me accurately. I will see her for guidance again." ... written by Victoria
Cupids was fast, coherent and accurate. No hesitation, straight messages from spirit. Thank you very much cupid." ... written by Fulgur
Awesome Reading and spot on! I will definitely come again." ... written by April
She's awesome! She and her spirit guide hit the nail on the head with my pressing questions. They helped me put my mind at ease." ... written by Zeigen
Thank you, everything you said was true. Very fast and accurate. " ... written by charlie2111
Excellent!!! Superstar Reader!!! Should have way more recognition!!! Thanks Cupid!!!" ... written by Taylor
I have been on Oranum for quite sometime and CupidsPsychicAim has been by far the best connection. THank you so very much" ... written by east
Awesome reading." ... written by krixou
Pretty good, she's not bad!" ... written by c
Quite accurate... Clear, and right on, clear and clean response." ... written by bpress
This women rocks! Love this women! Thank you for the an awesome reading. Give her another star." ... written by bridget mckenna
Excellent psychic! Spot on readings, and also extremely nice too!" ... written by Eric Cortright
She's fantastic! connected quickly, great reading. Thanks!" ... written by Tiffany
Awesome :)" ... written by Autumne
My gut feeling is that Amy has very good intuition and connection with her guide. She read the situation accurately without me divulging a lot of details, so I would say I trust her connection." ... written by AY
She's awesome, connects straight away, very accurate, highly recommend a reading from them both. :)" ... written by mum25kids2013
Amazing reading. Really spot on. I didn't have to tell her anything about my situation for her to know exactly what was going on, down to the smaller details. Very highly recommend her." ... written by Jess
Freaking amazing! Xviola and Amy were spot on completely! Much love and appreciation for their gifts. :)" ... written by Drohem
So insightful, and compassionate. A level of reading I haven't experienced on ORANUM before. Very, very good!" ... written by Radiant
I love her. .. seriously. .. I could feel her guide tapping in. .. and it was amazing. .. soo much love. .. I recommend her for private. .. not because I've said so. .. but.. because she is true." ... written by emily
She is AMAZING!!!! She won't tell you what you wanna hear but the real answer! She is the best one that I ever had!!! " ... written by Grace
Amazing reading! Very well connected. Felt like she was part of the situation! Thank you!" ... written by Patience29
Great, thanks!" ... written by Freedom2211
Cupid is very fast and accurate. Her reading is clear and her answers are spot on. Highly recommend." ... written by Fulgur
Thank you so much for your time. I can't even begin to explain the deep connection I felt to everything you where saying. Amazing. " ... written by VonHoneybird
SHE IS AMAZING! Totally hit the nail on the head." ... written by Chris
Fantastic reading, she knows so much! Thank you, hunni. :)" ... written by Natasha
I could talk to her all day. Lol. Thank you so much." ... written by emerleeann
She's seriously amazing. .. I wish I could say more.. but.. you'll just have to take her private for yourself. .. " ... written by emily
Dead on. Dead on!" ... written by Aaron
Awesome!!!!" ... written by Kerry
Really good." ... written by natalee
She was great had a great reading and got my answers asked very helpful" ... written by luckycharms312
Thank you for the good reading!" ... written by zimerili1
Thanks for the clarity!" ... written by Jonathan
Not the answers that I wanted... But definitely spot on with everything! Thanks Aim and Xviiola! So much :)" ... written by _LoveHim
Amy is a super duper cool girl that connects in a way that makes you feel comfortable and she is always on the dot. " ... written by Ari
She was spot on thank you " ... written by t
ONCE AGAIN AN AMAZING READING!" ... written by holynesto
It was my very first reading with her. I've always been attracted to her room but never had a reading and for some reason decided to and I don't regret it. Her predictions were pretty accurate based on my personality. Didn't really get too much detail on time frame and such since I had lack of credit and time but overall it was a good experience." ... written by Linh
Thanks so much, Amy!" ... written by caligal91
Awesome! Very quick and to the point. " ... written by cj
Such a cool chick! Great reading! :)" ... written by Zeigen
Will have to see how it all pans out. Pretty accurate for what she did give as current. " ... written by scorpio2346
Well connected good insight and help with issues I am working through." ... written by penny
OMG She is the BEST! Totally knew everything without any questions! Confirmed what I had a sense was going on. Very validating and helpful! I will be back for more reading... Absolutely! I recommend her to EVERYONE Who is looking for someone who has a true gift!" ... written by Ali G
AWESOME" ... written by Stephanie Taylor
Awesome lady and accurate reading without me revealing anything to her and i am looking forward to more in the future." ... written by c
Great reading as always!" ... written by Patience29
Great." ... written by allie
Always awesome! Quick connection and great insight! " ... written by Ali G
Very good reading, on spot. Quick and gets to the real answers of your most secret of questions with out even asking her. Highly recommend." ... written by Theodoric
Thank you for the reading. It really made me open my eyes to my situation. I am still confused about it all but im gonna see where it takes me. Thank you again you were very helpful. I will be back for another reading. " ... written by Priscilla
Very helpful and very spot on. I recommend Aim to everyone seeking guidance :D" ... written by A
She's wonderful~they're wonderful. .. thank you.~~" ... written by emily
Fabulous! Very quick and absolutely lovely to speak with. Recommended!" ... written by C
AMAZING! and so helpful. She is truly gifted! Thank you so much for the insight." ... written by Jacki
She was right on target about everything about current situation. I hope the ending turns out more positive that it sounded though. that was very disappointing." ... written by Pammy826
I must say that I am really impressed with the level of wisdom and compassion this psychic works with. Amy and her spirit guide Xviiola are really switched-on! I received very accurate answers to my questions which provided me with some profound insights into the collective whole. I can truly say that she left me in a better place after the reading. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to this wonderful lady. Namaste" ... written by Tree Of Life
Very accurate on the situation." ... written by Alaa
Great connection andamp; spot on without requiring much input on my part. " ... written by Brandy
Thanks so much for the clarity, I've had an epiphany and with your help can truly see my pathway from here. 100 stars!" ... written by ikroyalakr
Have been coming back to amy and... xiola? They're wonderful (why I keep coming back!) =] I will give you an example: my ex phillip. That she knew nothing about. I bring up his name. That is all. And she says "fanclub" "alls phillip wants is a fan club" phillip is an aspiring rapper. =] take her private! Not only are you getting awesome, accurate answers! You're helping amy's dreams come true! -- 5 stars." ... written by emily
She was amazing, right on to my life. Will be back in the future to see what else my life has in store. " ... written by dreamer
Very nice reading. She's wonderful and I highly recommend her and her guide for those who really need clarity." ... written by qndiva
Wow! 2 readings and she's been spot on! I think I've found my favorite psychic, I will never go to anyone else again. I felt very at ease in this reading. I got a demo by chance at first and then proceeded to private where she told me so much about myself and my personal life without anything more than my name. I can feel the honesty from CupidsPsychicAim and the genuine connection with her guide is profound. I absolutely love it! " ... written by Sahreen
Very friendly and gave me precise answers. " ... written by Michael
Both of them got it spot on... I know what to do now." ... written by Angeleene
Thank you so much Aim andamp; XViiola for your time. I had ran out of time. :( Enjoy your Halloween. Many blessings." ... written by T
Amy was amazing! She definitely helped me to see that the choices that I have made in life were the right ones for me...I know they hurt other people but she did validate that my decision and my actions were the right ones for me. She's amazing!!! I would totally recommend her for any life decisions that you are facing!" ... written by Michael
Thanks." ... written by JD
Good!" ... written by Shirlena
Oh my gosh it was like someone opened the door of my life and took a peak, I love her and I love her guide too. Thank you so much. " ... written by Ari
Too the point... Super fast. On the spot. Very accurate :)" ... written by kimmm2
Very good understanding." ... written by robin
Very helpful and intuitive. I'm def becoming a regular." ... written by Noah LaLonde
OMG AWESOME !" ... written by DRE
Great reading. Extremely helpful!" ... written by nita
She was good, she knew what was going on with me, too bad I didnt have enough time!" ... written by lunamoon
AWESOME !!!!!!" ... written by Deandre
Again Amy was absolutely spot on.... We talked about a couple different topics and she really opened my eyes and confirmed a lot of things! Would recommend again and again!" ... written by Michael Robbins
Amy and her guide are so loving and compassionate. I love that I feel protected, yet probed by them. There is a deep connection and I love that. It isn't just jibberish, it's real and enlighting. Thank you so much. " ... written by Zachary
Great reading as always!" ... written by Patience29
Great as always." ... written by emily
Always a great reading! She's fast and to the point! She has great insight. Doesn't just give you the happy answers. She tell you what you need to know." ... written by Ali G
Great! Thanks so much!" ... written by Zeigen
The reading was very good and it helped clarify some things I needed to clarify. Great Job." ... written by Athea
Amy, again you are my hero!! I really appreciate the insight and the direction...I definitely know where I need to go!" ... written by Michael
Cupids helped me in this time of confusion. I needed some clarity on what I needed to do and she definitely helped me. Highly recommend cupids" ... written by troy
It was very helpful, she is great and funny! :-)" ... written by Soraia
Thanks that was a very interesting reading... I felt like they both read me very well." ... written by xxsunkist84xx
THE BEST" ... written by rEYNA
Great reading from Amy as always!" ... written by Patience29
Helpful!" ... written by Jennifer
Pretty good, basically what I expected to hear, but it was cool to hear her say it." ... written by chris
Wow, I had chills all over my body. Just wow. So very on point and accurate. She's very clear, precise and detailed.. Just wow" ... written by DeJuir
She was fantastic. I had a very short reading, but she got to the point. She was very honest in a good way. Nothing was too harsh. And her guide is entertaining. :)" ... written by Shayna
It was a really nice reading, Aimee tells you the truth. I know that, because I read with her before and she was right. Thank you! " ... written by sanya
I really love this lady she is the absolute truth." ... written by loveg
Aim was correct in our first reading. She's accurate!" ... written by Virgo
Great reading!!!!!!!" ... written by apple
Thank you. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
Very caring and empathetic. :)" ... written by Jessica
She was very nice and I liked the reading alot. " ... written by Laura
well done" ... written by k
Beautiful spirit. Awesome reading!! Connected with me very well and was extremely helpful with my situations. Thank You!! " ... written by Lynda22
Incredible reading!! Im so glad I came in today. Honestly one of the best readings Ive had here. She was spot on in terms of the personalities and feelings involved. I believe she was being very honest and accurate.. very helpful and brought much clarity to my situation." ... written by Mimi J
I've been waiting for this reading for loooooong time! So happy to had it... even if it's not good technical conditions... You are AMAZING cupid! Thank you VERY much! Wish to talk to you again soon... :)" ... written by SophieCatwo
love her" ... written by rhonda
Your sooo good! Completely nailed it, and really made me understand the situation so much better. She really knows how to dwell into the emotions and factors concerning a situation. Shes just great! Thank you so much! Fully deserved 5 stars xxxx " ... written by Moon
she was ok..gave a timeline..lets see" ... written by aquavenus
Hit the nail on the head with the situation i asked about. thanks for your help!" ... written by Kevin