About Cryptids

Psychic Cryptidshas 13years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Cryptidshas recently helped 10308members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Cryptids's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Intuitive clairvoyant / clairsentience, paranormal Investigator and a Hypnotherapist. Has helped thousands of people with over 15+ years reading experience. Been with Oranum since it launched!

Cryptids is great -- I love his personality.... witty... highly intelligent... hes just all around super cool. and he wont WASTE your time in his privates... I'll be back 2 see him....Slowly I've been picking through a few psychics to find MY psychic..... and Cryptid impressed me....Great Job ... Thanks...." ... written by Spare2012
Really nice insight into my situation and valuable advice too. Could read the situation correct and predict the right things too." ... written by dcnair
When you feel that things are falling down in your life and you can’t see in your path Crytips is the guy who can give you clarifications to your mind from all the fogs. He lifts your soul to continue to move forward. " ... written by vegabonded
My reading with Cryptids was right on exactly what I am experiencing. He was honest and precise. I t was like he knew me. I look forward to another reading soon. Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Wonderful. Thank you. Will come back. " ... written by LotusRacer74
Time went very quickly.....Very in tune and in touch....Real" ... written by goddess11
He was pretty accurate." ... written by Bettyanne
He was pretty accurate." ... written by Bettyanne
He was pretty accurate." ... written by Bettyanne
He was really spot on!! The best I've ever talked to. Would recommend him over anyone!! Will have to come back in a month and do a reading, to leave feedback to let you guys know if what he says actually happens, and I'm sure it will. I trust him.. :)" ... written by black_pearl
Very knowledgeable!" ... written by JesMeIam
he helped me to answers my questions which i don't know what direction to take. i will stick with his advice (card) and wait to see the results. Thanks" ... written by vivaviva889
I was nervous and scared about my private reading however Cryptids allowed me to realise that. He was Still able to connect and highlight issues. I related to this connection and appreciated his way of interaction. He did not try to divert my reading therefore I was in control of my time with him. I would advise, to credit max credit before reading with Cryptids because time flies when your having insightful fun... " ... written by goddess11
Very Accurate clear and compassionate." ... written by coconut1980
Very Accurate clear and compassionate." ... written by coconut1980
Cryptids is always great. He always shares very insightful information. Thumbs up!" ... written by Joanna93
Really informative!" ... written by foxynav7
Cryptids was right on point, he's very good and yes i would very much suggest him to anyone! very informative reading and cant wait to have another reading. Thank you! Cryptids " ... written by Saylinz
cryptid is great i appreciate his guidance . Very wise man" ... written by Shannandawn
cryptid is great i appreciate his guidance . Very wise man" ... written by Shannandawn
thank you for the reading...its much appreciated! " ... written by loveable1390
amazing reader, so assertive" ... written by IsisGoddess
One of the best!!" ... written by vegabonded
No words can express how i feel when i talked to him. He gave me hope and told me what i wanted to know. I highly recommend CRYPTIDS he is worth your time and money. And i will be coming back for more reading. Thank you and God bless." ... written by Joan84
That was a really cool reading :) Cryptids knows what he is talking about! enjoyed a lot! Thanks!" ... written by thetruthseeker
Will discuss an issue as in depth as possible. Gives advice and is pretty accurate." ... written by guriwo
Accurate, very detailed." ... written by lilyforyou
Thanks, that was very helpful, at least now I have some direction!" ... written by dobbslove
Is always refreshing to come back and receive the great insights he has to offer to move forward in life. " ... written by vegabonded
Very detailed like how he explained everything he is friendly and makes u feel conferrable..Easy to talk to." ... written by lilyforyou
Awesome read! He picked up straight away on the situation at hand, Spot On!! Thank you Cryptids!!" ... written by weezie
Wow he is right on. No joke. He's real ." ... written by sunshinemj916
Thank you Cryptids you were very helpful." ... written by coconut1980
Most accurate guy I have met! So correct with everything he says! Really worth getting a reading done....Thankyou so much for helping me with everything.....X" ... written by Noglasses
Absolutely spot on!!" ... written by ladybird05
Well, I found him very real. Helped me a lot. Did not promise me moon but gave me the way to it. Thanks, you are doing a great job!!!" ... written by smitalovely_2001
FIRST CLASS PSYCHIC!!" ... written by PsychicLa
Aweome as Always:) Thank you Cryptids!! Always spot on when he has read for me! He is a First Class Psychic!!" ... written by PsychicLa
he is defintely a must try!! intelligent, wise advice, and down to earth. " ... written by marianazly
Great psychic....worth every penny. Tells you everything you need to know! x" ... written by Specialone
Amazing. He is simply incredible. I am at a loss for words...and that never happens with me. He is simply incredible. I heart you!" ... written by momosugah
Provided dates and insight he couldn't have known unless I told him." ... written by anne
Wonderful. I so heart him! =D" ... written by momosugah
Not bad, not bad at all :) " ... written by AlysiumDream
Norty!!! Cryptids is an amazing psychic! You will be completely blown away! He's the real deal! I heart you! =D *MUAH*" ... written by momosugah
He's the real deal.. He told so much. First what I came for then stuff I just needed to know!" ... written by porkchop777
Wow thank you so much Cryptids you are amazing. He is good and I will definitely come back again for a reading. Thank you!!! " ... written by pollyblueeyes
Fast reader, gets to the point quickly, does not waste your time/credits. Provided lots of information in a short period of time, both info i asked about and other stuff he was getting. I feel better and looking forward to seeing what is to come. TRY CRYPTIDS!" ... written by fireopal77
Great reading, would recommend!!!" ... written by tash1921
Very insightful...Highly RECOMMEND.....Thank you for All the possitive Energy and Accurate answers....:)" ... written by sweetlymystic
He's a wonderful guidance for future endeavors. Thanks again Cryptids." ... written by vegabonded
He was great. Really accurate. I wish I wouldn't have wasted time going anywhere else." ... written by adep12
right on point!!!!" ... written by welobey1
i wish i had more money!!! lol" ... written by welobey1
i wish i can have more time with him love it! " ... written by nazlymaria
Wow, excellent and accurate. He confirmed the thoughts I already had in my mind. I appreciate how he works within the credit time available, quick to respond and is respectful of time! Straightforward, tells it like it is. I will definitely return for future readings. Thank you Cryptids!" ... written by alicia77
Amazing, totally amazing and spot on with reading. " ... written by shadow35
Good, excellent, accurate!!!" ... written by tkamran
He is honest, great.. thank you for the tips!" ... written by Jessicajameson
He was really good, he picked up on how I've been feeling about a lot of things. Told me my energy was good, but I need to stop over thinking things so much. He also told me I know what to do and be more moment to moment. I enjoyed my reading with Cryptids very much and would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good caring Psychic/Advisor. Thank you for the reading my friend, it was very much appreciated." ... written by ArthurJames
He was really great. Very Professional!!" ... written by augustvenus7
This was a great reading. And I will come back for more reading and advice." ... written by luckygirl40
Great high regards!" ... written by jostens
pin pointed everything once in the groove... wonderful experince and one of a kind very highly recommended!!" ... written by jostens
Another wonderful reading, make me feel confident about my situation that is coming ahead. Thank you for your help, as always." ... written by greekgoddess71
very good and very to the point. did great job smoothing out the wrinkles like a well built iron..." ... written by jostens
He is wonderful!" ... written by Special1wWings
I love Cryptids as my psychic he's the BEST; accurate and sincere." ... written by vegabonded
Really clear and very helpful. Thanks so much for your time and good advice." ... written by teadragonLisa
Great reader always a good help. If your not sure get a reading trust me you will be happy." ... written by september_rain
Really good! Very nice!" ... written by Ontheblue
Very spot-on.. very intelligent and quick and humble." ... written by Lindz0000
Straight to the point. Makes you feel comfortable. Thank you for your help. " ... written by Cynsupernova
He is very accurate and positive. I recommend cryptids to anyone who is looking for true answers!" ... written by royal-rebel
Great! Thank you, good feedback!" ... written by Shea67
Honest, fast and very good...highly recommended" ... written by pepita24
He was very accurate. No hesitations. Amazing!!! I highly recommend him." ... written by sweetstephy31
Thank you for the reading!" ... written by Angel168
He's amazing!" ... written by Special1wWings
Very good reading, gave me some really good advice! Thank you!" ... written by chelcee
fast and honest" ... written by greek lady
Cryptids was very fast with his reading andamp; very accurate , can't wait to see the results of his future predictions. He is highly recommended." ... written by Lucy117
Crypp is the best!!!.... xoxooo... awesome reading" ... written by sexyegyptian2
Very good and enlightening." ... written by pollyblueeyes
Very open, very honest. Tuned right in. Didn't waste time or attempt to sugar coat anything. Highly recommend reading with him." ... written by Vanatru
cant put into words how good he is amazing i would come see him again love sallyanne37 xxxxx" ... written by sallyanne37
Very helpful. Thank you! :)" ... written by chelcee
Second reading...he's straight forward and caring ! Highly recommended ! Thanks for the links!" ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
Very good reading ! I'll come back again . Thanks" ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
HAHAHAHAHAHA! UM, i must say one word AMAZING!! He is not only hot, but he is very gifted. He knew exactly what I was doing in the moment about making come up with new projects i just started doing! He is physically beyond words, and is very confident with what he says!! Must respect too him!!! Luv ya Crypt you were def on point! And the things you said I saw myself doing as well! )))))HUGS(((((" ... written by SpiritualMaria
he picked up on everything.......right away ! he is truly fantastic! I highly recommend everyone to get a reading from him!! Hes wonderful !" ... written by JessicaT37
Fabulous reading! Thank you." ... written by L-boggie
Ok, that was unbelievable! He could say so much about me that i start to feel that i do not have privacy any more :) Everyone should Try his reading! Recommended!" ... written by kosmosss
Excellent Psychic. One of the best Oranum has to offer" ... written by KatjaNesbitt
Had a great reading, very focussed and to the point. worth the money I spent." ... written by TrustGod
Thank you for your reading.. I will come back to talk to you soon as you made a lot of sense. Sorry couldn't carry on today but I want to thank you for your quick connection and help." ... written by Bertie123
He was very helpful, I liked his reading, amazing person!Thanks!" ... written by Carl
Cryp is the best!!!" ... written by sexyegyptian2
Awesome reading... he helped me to have clarity over many things I had been worrying about. All good guidance and advice. So incredibly accurate...I highly recommend Cryptids." ... written by alicia77
Thanks for helping all my questions that was very helpful." ... written by mbuttar
good psychic sweet person" ... written by purplehaze76
Cryptids connected right away. He is fast and incredibly accurate. Oranums best! " ... written by RealReviews
amazing reading!!!! right on with everything he picked up on...he answered questions before i could even ask them!!!! Highly recommend you pick him for a reading you won't regret it!!!! I will be back" ... written by lostpenny
good psychic insightful and kind honest " ... written by purplehaze76
Thank you for the knowledge. It was very helpful and good. Thank you as always!" ... written by Angel168
This guy is the real deal! 100% on the Money!" ... written by DIONNELANG
Crypt was awesome and LIGHTENING FAST! " ... written by divinedaughter
insightful" ... written by purplehaze76
Amazing Reader! One of the few I go to for a personal reading. Sweet Guy, doesnt hold back anything and will tell you what he sees regardless if it is what you want to hear or not. Thank you Cryptids!!!!!" ... written by PsychicLa
Thank you!" ... written by Angel168
Cryptids is awesome, so dead on with everything pretty scary actually!" ... written by owright30
He is extremely professional and fast in reading! He connects easily and tells you things that are true about you, plus his advices proved to be correct for me. High recommended!!!" ... written by Sirena22
Best as always!!!" ... written by JoeytheOne
GREAT!!! " ... written by luv01_2008
He was great...Thanks!" ... written by Maryesther
Cryptids is Great. I recommend private with him to anyone!" ... written by jaybird1966
Very very good!" ... written by skamal
i waited a LONG time to have a reading with this man....and it was much different than what i thought it would be...." ... written by Aphrodite000
Good reading! He was picking up my energy well. Thanks =) " ... written by toyah123
Very good, very clear. This is my second reading with him, always on the spot! Best one on Oranum!" ... written by Vanatru
Very professional,fast helping hands,excellent!" ... written by guess1953
Crypt is so cool!!!!! Thanks !!" ... written by jaybird1966
OMG, I couldve listened to him all night, thank you for sharing everything with me. I couldn't be happier right know, I can't wait to speak to you again." ... written by baabebel
WOW! He really picked up a lot. Thanks for the advice! I'll wait ;)" ... written by godlike69
Very insightful caring psychic. Will take him to private again." ... written by Ena
He is a very good reader. Could see my current situation very easily and giving the best answers." ... written by Daniel
a lot of info thx cryptids u da man!" ... written by frizzle441
Was hard to catch him for a follow up and didn't have to get into any details before he knew what my questions were. I'm glad to be on track again." ... written by vegabonded
he reads very quickly. he ais asking about the topic i am interested in then he starts. A lot of what he said was true and the rest made very good sense. Thanks Cryptids. Will be back." ... written by ceffie
wow" ... written by Suzzieq72
he is really good, and speaks on alot of things without even being led. he was able to describe some ppl in my life that i know he had no knowledge of " ... written by adep12
Ran out of time but good" ... written by meredith28
Crytids was on the ball, very fast. Not what I expected him to be (in a good way... he was way better). He has a strong connection, would defo recommend him, his for real..... thanks for the awesome reading and connection ♥☺" ... written by lovnlight
Very, very good. :)" ... written by LotusRacer74
Good reading!" ... written by anne
I love my readings with Cryptids. He doesn't sugar quote anything if things are not going smoothly with you. His accuracy gives you clarity to continue to move forward. Thanks again." ... written by vegabonded
I really had a good time having the consultation with him. He was really honest about the result. Let's see what will happen next... :)" ... written by SWA2709
Awesome Reading! He will astound you, he tells it like it is, doesnt hold back, he is one AMAZING Reader!!!!! He went straight to the heart of the matter at hand, no fluff, no sugar coating. Cryptids is Wonderful!" ... written by CrueSlut
He is a good psychic, an honest reader." ... written by purplehaze76
Great!!!" ... written by cowboyup1
thanks. He was very quick and to the point. sorry i got kicked off." ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Very well done, I hope to be as confident as him. " ... written by bizzybbest
Cryptids is a wonderful psychic! You will not be disappointed. He is amazing!" ... written by momosugah
Session with Cryptids was good. He answered questions real quick without wasting any time. Thank you for that reading." ... written by Person2011
A BLESSING!!!!" ... written by GODDESS-NINE
He was very nice to talk to. answered all my questions as i asked them, very helpful. gave me good advice. seemed to have a good understanding of what he was talking about. this was my first time chatting with him and i dont usually by extra credits than planned but he made it worth wile!" ... written by hazeleyes09
I feel so much better after a reading with Cryptids. Thanks again. " ... written by vegabonded
Really helped me feel better. Can't wait to see if his predictions come true." ... written by taniatania
he was really on point about me without asking me questions. picked up on my vibes and did really well!!" ... written by jmhiter
Ran out of time..very intuitive and very excellent. Makes you feel at ease. Relieves a lot of stress and anxiety. Very good." ... written by Berkeley13
Always a pleasure to chat with him. Awesome reader. Will come back again if I have any other questions." ... written by xxsunkist84xx
awesome!!!!!!!!! i will be back you were right on!!!" ... written by ghostface1983
He hit on some specifics. Very impressive." ... written by tangerinedream
Thx Cryps wish I had more time " ... written by mredel
Thanks!! Very honest and supportive reading. You clarified a lot of my doubts! I'll see you again!" ... written by rach82
Thank you for the reading. I've learned a lot from this reading. I know what I need to do now, and I feel good about everything that was said. I feel better about the choices that I need to make within the coming months. Thank you, again!" ... written by Angel168
You made me feel so secure in myself now - Thank You :) I trust everything is going to turn out great!" ... written by Sirena22
He is very quick to pick up on your situation. He does not waist time.." ... written by friendlyuser
Surprising, excellent, on target:) Need I say more...." ... written by milona
Love my readings with him! Thank you!" ... written by SAchick
Thanks for the peace of mind. :)" ... written by pilcrow37
ALWAYS THE BEST:) thank you cryppy" ... written by sexyegyptian2
Thank you for the reassurance!!" ... written by rach82
Thank you! Was straight to the point..gave me a lot of insight and detail on the situation..was very helpful and accurate about the person in question..thanks again!" ... written by rosha05
I will come back to see his time fram but he is excellent , to the point!" ... written by ema
He's a great one!!! Genuine, Kind and right on the point. Always glad to talk with him." ... written by jaybird1966
Wow he was so accurate! Thank u for the reading, God Bless." ... written by randumb
Thank you for your help!" ... written by Angel168
kind of long, i rather rate later to say what happened was accurate. however it was a long reading. friendly guy. " ... written by daydreamer
OMG AWESOME!!! Picked up on a lot of things so accurate and didn't have to say anything.To bad I ran out of time but for sure coming again for another private. So worth the time" ... written by babylove84
very honest " ... written by icamill
very accurate!! I've had a few readings with him. He is very to the point doesn't waste your time and he is very honest." ... written by xxsunkist84xx
To the point and can really get a good read on you as a person and those in your life you are wanting to know about as well." ... written by mylifenanutshell
thank you cryp always a great reading." ... written by sexyegyptian2
Cryps is really good at what he does! i trust him, he's very honest, and sincere at the same time. " ... written by zoeyzoey
andamp;quot;Although our intellect always longs for clarity and certainty, our nature often finds uncertainty fascinating.andamp;quot; Cryptids is there to help you remain focus through your life goals with clarity. Thanks so much for the reading." ... written by vegabonded
All i can say is AMAZING !!!!!! No need for anything he just picked up on so much without asking about me,just my question..He is well worth the money and time and if i would have ran out of credits would have stayed longer. Cant wait to have another private with him Thanks so much Cryp" ... written by Babylove84
Awesome!!!" ... written by ghostface1983
Nice reader!" ... written by necklace15
Thank you!!! :)" ... written by LotusRacer74
Good reading. I liked him. don't take my word for try for yourself. He was great." ... written by eford2005
Another wonderful reading from Cryptids. Didn't say a word as soon as I entered private he just starting saying what was happening and what will be happening. I feel confident more and more. Thank you Cryptids" ... written by greekgoddess71
On Point and he's a great reader. Pick up on my problem fast. EXCELLENT!!" ... written by nike05
Second reading with Cryptids and it was better than the first; and the first was incredible. I am satisfied with his clarity, his speed, his awareness. He is a real empath and i recommend him for a private any time. Especially, if your life is complicated. You will feel better I assure you. Thanks again:)))))" ... written by milona
awesome!!!" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
he's so good he shocked me. - i'll be his regular. " ... written by clouds
TY Cryp for another excellent reading :)" ... written by mozzy123
Excellent every time! Thank you!!" ... written by alicia77
Awesome professional readings! He's best of the best!" ... written by vegabonded
Very insightful, Very Accurate. The real deal. I highly recommend. " ... written by mozzy123
Thank you very much, it was really nice! Sometimes we just feel without confidence, but always remember in between two people is possible to arrange things.. Thank you, i think i will keep in touch sometimes :) Everything the best for you." ... written by majae77
Thank you for the reading!" ... written by Angel168
wish i had more time with him, it was just getting good. im going to have to go buy more credits. thanks cryptids :)" ... written by ilovetacos
He tells you as it is - no sugar coating and that is great. I highly recommend him." ... written by murdocca
He was right on point about everything I was going through. Thank you." ... written by estania1
This guy is fabulous. Gets to the point quickly and picks up quick. My favorite on Oranum" ... written by dstufra1
he so clear and to the point no messing around with answers he covers all areas about the situation.. I love his forthright and clear manner in answering my questions thank you" ... written by murdocca
LOVE LOVE Him!! So honest and so very helpful! I so Heart him!" ... written by CrueSlut
5 stars to Cryptids from me. He is very extremely professional and from past readings, so so accurate!!!" ... written by leogirl
Thanks so much for your help." ... written by inusah12
Thank you, as always! You're great!!!!" ... written by Angel168
Love his honesty and high standards of ethics. very professional" ... written by PsychicLa
amazeing lovely my favorite on oranum sallyanne xx" ... written by sallyanne37
He's amazing. I wanted to let him know about his predictions that have come true. He told me about them in July of 2011. He gave me dates as to when these things would happen and he was right! He's amazing! I so heart Cryptids!" ... written by momosugah
Very good psychic, fast and to the point I really liked this psychic " ... written by Predict
Calm n Collective.....Relaxed me and gave good insight!" ... written by GODDESS-NINE
Lovely reading. Can't wait 4 them 4 materialise. Wil def come back" ... written by Jennifer786
connected quickly, detailed, and I wish I was prepared for this cause I wasn't expecting someone the predictions that he gave me. nicely done. Thank you :)" ... written by sharona315
Fabulous. Can't wait to report back on his accuracy. Felt very comfortable. " ... written by braveee
Incredible. You will not be disappointed. " ... written by momosugah
Great reader nice person accurate and good and fast :)" ... written by purplehaze76
Was wonderful gave me hope lifed my spirits. Thank you for a great reading" ... written by parentrep
Simply Amazing. On point. Very positive. Thank you again. :)" ... written by sweetstephy31
Amazing reader!! He was spot on and accurate about the present situation :)" ... written by iPreferMimi
Cryptids is always great to speak great insights and is very reassuring. Thanks for another great reading! D" ... written by dstufra1
Cryptids is extremely gifted. He never ceases to amaze me. The validations he gives is mind blowing! He was able to identify key people by name and even...smells. Yes, you read that correctly...SMELLS! WOW! hahahaha!" ... written by momosugah
Good reading" ... written by snowwhite75
He is a Psychic Rockstar! so professional, he does not tell you things to suffice you, he tells you the truth! Love him!" ... written by weezie
He was very good...time will tell with a few issues coming up if he's completely accurate...but overall im impressed with his speed of thought and general reading style! " ... written by magicboy777
Good reader :)" ... written by purplehaze76
Great Reader .. very quick an to the point at answering your questions .. would recommend him :) " ... written by polly1979
I liked the reading. He is good." ... written by sillybubble
I liked the reading. Very helpful and accurate. Thank you. " ... written by sillybubble
Very accurate, tells it like it is, and is dead on when it comes to know you." ... written by sunset777
Overall understood what he was saying and he was very accurate with his reading for me. Highly recommend!" ... written by peace2u2
LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM!!!!" ... written by lilbowpeep
OMG he's sooooo hot....and...yummy..and an awesome reader.....give him a try...he;s totes worth it" ... written by Aphrodite000
He is absolutely fantastic. he knew the answers to my questions before i even asked. 5 stars for sure!" ... written by peace2u2
Wow! Extremely accurate about the person involved in my reading. I'll let you know when predictions come true" ... written by jasminepapas
He is very quick to pick up and answer your questions... " ... written by friendlyuser
He is the best and deserves to be recognized for his psychic abilities:) Truly empathic, genuine and fast. Highly recommend!" ... written by milona
Good reading." ... written by sillybubble
Cryptids answered my Questions talk to him you will enjoy your reading." ... written by lyle134
Great reading good reader accurate..." ... written by purplehaze76
Very good I enjoyed the reading he seemed very trusting and accurate. He a nice guy and easy to talk to which is always good when you need a little guidance. " ... written by beautiful_redd
5 stars no question asked!" ... written by morbid_knight
Good Job. Thanks." ... written by ThinkDeep
:D nice" ... written by GIPSYSAGITARIANA
Made me feel so much better about the situation i will be in tonight and gave me some good guidance on how to handle the situation. By the way...his predictions are coming to light. One at a a time =)" ... written by jasminepapas
He was Greattt!!! He was on point with a lot of things and I hadn't told him much at all... I would talk to him if I ever need to again... Awesome!!!" ... written by msladybaries
Thankyou, he was spot on about everything " ... written by De5pina
Thanks for the clarity Cryp! Needed it. Its been a while since my last reading" ... written by jasminepapas
I need more time with him.. " ... written by sharona315
Not enough time to talk more." ... written by Twinheart
Wonderful as always!!!" ... written by Angel168
Cryptids is the best damn psychic ever. Period." ... written by momosugah
Wonderful!" ... written by Venus
Thank you for helping me." ... written by Angel168
Wow hes good.... picked up on things i didnt even say or mentioned... he is the real deal.. thanks for the reading..." ... written by gerritmarx
Fantastic as always." ... written by De5pina
He is cleaver smart psychic, and I know he will be have more light to give it. Isay to cryptdis god bless you and thank yo for give that contact " ... written by azzasaye
Sensational thanks" ... written by De5pina
Awesome, got straight into it and picked up on everything :) thank you. " ... written by Jodyleelee
I really like his energy and he was right about a lot things going on in my life. I feel relieved and I will get another reading from him again. Thank you." ... written by zforever
Brilliant! As usual! " ... written by guesswhosback2
Excellent and amazing as always! Wow is he accurate, and very sweet. I can't wait to see his predictions come true. I will be back very soon for a follow up. Thank you! " ... written by Gherkin
Very good and detailed reading. Thank you. Highly recommended." ... written by zimerili1
Loved him, the best five stars all the way." ... written by anoymous
Thank you for a wonderful reading. " ... written by ModelChristina
Accurate!" ... written by druvina1973
Good!" ... written by druvina1973
Great read! " ... written by Imsoserious
Thank you, you are the real deal and I am happy that you are back. Cryptids is worth 5 stars and I do recommend a reading with him. He is thorough, accurate, fast and the real deal." ... written by lemon
SPECIFIC, DETAILED insight into situation. Gives point by point breakdown of situation and things to come. So if you're someone that prefers logical , down to earth explanations MINUS THE doom andamp; gloom predictions or magical predictions I'd RECOMMEND him. Best wishes..." ... written by belladonna8
A session that was truly a blessing. Fast connection and directly from the throneroom of God. I am thoroughly blessed by his warm, caring loving gift. So very blessed by this angel of light. I will be back." ... written by beautywithinone
Cryp was great like I knew he would be. MUCH-LOVE Candace" ... written by branigan11
Well done." ... written by Bierizgoud14
Pretty spot on about a lot of things. Good advice to thank you :) " ... written by AlysiumDream
Wonderful help :) Thank you!" ... written by Jodyleelee
Wow he is really good... I have never had a private with him and I am really happy that I did.. HE iS AMAZING.. " ... written by butterflywings10
Like always he is an amazing reader and great, god bless you!" ... written by azzasaye
AWESOME.....!" ... written by buddy0914
A blessing! I am so grateful for this grace.." ... written by beautywithinone
Amazing teacher!!!" ... written by student
Awesome reading. Gave me some info for the future that I do hope will happen. His predictions have always happened up until this point." ... written by jasminepapas
Thank you for the advice. It was good to have an update." ... written by novMoon
He is one of the best on here! " ... written by Aaa
All I can say is WOW. Very in-tuned with my situation and boy, he does give very good advice! Very spot-on!! Can't wait for his predictions to unfold (: " ... written by calliopegirl
Great, thank you!" ... written by Denisenz
Thanks! Quick and didn't need any info from me up front. Would consult him again!" ... written by Plutogirl
He is really good had a general reading with him and he saw me really clearly. Thank you." ... written by lightmom
Had a reading with Cryptids months ago, everything he said came true. I just wanted to update my review. He is truly talented, the Real, Real Deal." ... written by anothersoul1
It was good! :)" ... written by samnimadov
Thank you Crypt. You are very kind." ... written by prismedwhole
All I have to say about Cryptids is that he's very gifted and intuned in his abilities. He calls it as he sees it whether it be good or bad. Cryptids has a way of putting things in perspective to help calm one self and not have one worry. He is a very genuine, wise, humble and straight forward psychic and friend.Thank You Cryptids aka Aladdin :)" ... written by Nina
Like talking to two different guys at once. Initially playful but quiet. Let's you really think about wanting a reading with him. Checks in with you during the debating process... Then the choice is made and you're whisked away into Cryptidsville. From there on out, he's all business. Works very quickly and andamp; looks at you like he is starting through to the couch back behind you. Intense. He doesn't fluff the info, gives it to you in black and white. He allows for questions but really there isn't much to ask, he has it delivered on a silver platter and so much of it. You'll need a doggy bag but not in an overwhelming way." ... written by AleahRyder
He is Excellent! He would start describing situation correctly without any input. Can answer every questions. A lot of information and details given." ... written by PM
Excellent reading!" ... written by PM
Great Reading!" ... written by Jennifer
I liked my reading. Considering that he does not know who is on the other side of the screen, he is quite brilliant." ... written by iconnect
Brilliant as always, as psychic as always!! " ... written by Pickles
All I can say is wow! " ... written by veesvibe
Insightful reading." ... written by Heather
Simply amazing." ... written by veesvibe
Great reading....VERY accurate.." ... written by xoxox
Thank you." ... written by Heart
Crytpids is under the guidance of his spirits and he moves between inside and outside as he speaks. I felt he answered me in more than one way, using claivoyance and cards. I needed reassurance and he told me that he felt I am on the right tract and i need to stay focused and calm. I will have some challenges and I need to stay calm and flexible. So I was good with that. Thanks Cyrptids. S" ... written by Misshoneypotbear
I love my readings with Cryp. His predictions always happen and he gives me the right advice and tells me what actions I should take." ... written by jasminepapas
Thank you for your reading and honesty. Really appreciate it! " ... written by woodencloud
AMAZING READING!!! I feel like im back on track, Cryptids helped clear the confusion and gave me hope for the future. Thank you." ... written by Changeling
Ya.. he is good." ... written by cat
I love talking with cryptids, he is simply amazing." ... written by vicky
wonderful guy positive attitude" ... written by nshan
Cryptids is just amazing, he is truly gifted. I never have to ask anything he always knows what im going threw. I can not pick enough words to even say how wonderful he is. I think everyone should have at least one reading a month with him, even if for just guidance. Thank you! Thank you so much. " ... written by vicky
Blessing to you. Great reading. A*****" ... written by sweet461
He's always spot on, I highly recommend him." ... written by veesvibe
Thank you." ... written by kelly
hes so good, never had a runes reading before, it was fun " ... written by michelle
so good thanks c you got to keep being on so we can chat again " ... written by me
He's great at what he does. My first reading with him and i can def say he's the real deal. Great advices and clarity on my situation. 5 stars is not enough :)" ... written by PurpleIris
Thanks, good insight." ... written by bc0608
very detailed reading..hope his predictions will happen!!! definitely will get back for another reading.." ... written by crystalrbleu
I enjoyed my reading. It gave me a peace of mind." ... written by naye
Very intuitive, connected immediately, highly recommend!" ... written by B
First time having a reading with this guy , i have to say he is really good at tuning in and knowing what is going on with you at that time. I would recommend him and he puts you at ease when your having a hard time, good psychic " ... written by star
This man is the real deal! Cryptids picks up fast and doesn't play any games. He's been with us for a long time. He needs to come on Oranum more often andamp; also has a wonderful personality andamp; very funny. " ... written by TamaraAquarius
good and fast" ... written by kiera123
omg he blew my mind" ... written by vees
The BEST!! Thank you so much for your wonderful reading. It gave me lots of great advise to follow. Blessings to you :) xxx" ... written by Ester
10 stars" ... written by victoria
very good reading" ... written by gusessendon
10 stars" ... written by vicky
very good. honest and accurate. like him." ... written by swift
Cryptids has been on Oranum for as long as I have been a member and today, after more than 2+ years is the first time I opted to take him private. I wasn't disappointed. He seemed to clearly be able to pick up on the situation and what's going on and was able to give me a timeframe, that I look forward to seeing if will come to pass. Cryptids was quick and easy to talk to and didn't waste my time. I'm glad that I took a chance on him today....I feel relieved!!" ... written by Jettagirl
He was direct and to the poin." ... written by Angela
I really like cryptids, he's very accurate and provides so much clarity." ... written by Purple Iris
seemed good at answering specific questions and gave honest answers" ... written by amy
cryptids is so honest and fast, always accurate, his reading are always on point. " ... written by victoria
Connection seemed pretty strong... described situation and people involved to a T. Will follow up as predictions occur. Looking forward to it." ... written by T.
Genius reader, as always!!! As. Always!! Thanks Cryptids, his psychic/medium/healing abilities are very strong, more accurate than anyone else, and he's so calming and peaceful. Thanks again!" ... written by Evil-Doer
hes amzing" ... written by vees
Very fast and qucik connection. Very clear reading. Thank you." ... written by pigletme123