About Creashea

Psychic Creasheahas 10-15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Creasheahas recently helped 142members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Creashea's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.


Welcome To The Honest Chat room

And for the people that come on to give me agro personally my angels will deal with you DIRECTLY without my know how!!! THAT'S HOW IT WORKS FOR ME I'M TOLD! BY THEM.
Also Based on the channel of SKY TV 886

Spiritual consultations can be through the internet, web cam, email.
I aim to provide a spiritual information service that operates on honesty. Having understanding and empathy for
people has helped me to realize why I was given a gift.

I surprised by myself when I gave my first reading to a women, even though she was a grandmother herself.
I could see her grandmother and her clothing etc, once I described the lady and told her of a ring that was given to her sister by her grandmother and to the day her sister felt guilty, until this reading took place.
This gave me proof that what was seeing was accurate and though I new I could communicate with spirit before this reading. At the stage I had received several readings over the years.
I ran upstairs into the bathroom and locked myself in thinking did that just happen while looking I the mirror.
A bit like Whoopi Goldberg is with Patrick Swayze in the film Ghost. Ha ha
I do find it funny now, and it is also fun communicating with spirit. I am a genuine clairvoyant/medium.
I have not read books about clairvoyant readings to enable me to do readings.
Life and losing close loved ones has shown me, only Usui Reiki Healing level 1&2 was taught to me.

Why have a private consultation? Why not?

Close your eyes and ask yourself yes or no, all I ask is your to listen to your instincts. People have a private consultation to get a higher perspective of a situation or person, if they are on the earth plane or not.
All around advice is given I feel like an agony aunt with spiritual guidance. Some areas covered have been due to addiction, bereavement, business matters, debt problem, depression, career options, general reading, reiki healing, relationship issues, and spiritual lessons.

Clairvoyance & Medium-ship

For me came naturally and I automatically knew that I would continue to do work with spirit to help; I pick up feelings of people and translate picture messages and images to clients with story telling from late loved ones happens to fill gaps.

Tea Leaf Reading

I gave this reading to a gentleman this year, as I kept a picture and he is a friend I noticed that other images would appear as time went on or I never saw them earlier one or the other. I could see a bull sitting on top of a hill.
He was a Taurus and his house was on top of a hill, the reading did go deeper though that is confidential, he has agreed for me to show this as he was happy with the results.

Tarot & Ascended Masters Cards

I use these to give the client some control over what is said, as they tell me when to stop shuffling the deck of cards. I find these cards refreshing and they have been a success.

Reiki Healing level 1 & 2

Reiki Treatment involves of laying the hands on, just over or distant healing can be given for physical pain and emotional needs. Spirit helps me to heal while doing distant healing via the telephone. Personal home exercises given to complete in your own time. Reiki does really work, if there is a desire to be healed. I see reiki is like when a parent hugs a crying child, and then the child automatically stops crying that simple.

A Spiritual Guide Lessons Through Oranum

After communicating with thousands of people I noticed that a high percentage have wanted to understand their own spiritual development or to develop it to a further stage.
We are looking for people who know they have some given gift and want to take it further.
Training is given for personal spiritual development reasons, or to want to help others and train with A.S.G and gain employment. As it is a given gift not all people.
I will not be able to accept all applications. I must be honest to students as I live up to the company name A Spiritual Guide. The client’s welfare is the reason why this company is here, customer care and quality through people is the focus. Students and staff will be policies of customer care and quality through people to ensure standards remain at a supreme standard.

I will guide my client’s to having a genuine reading from A Spiritual Guide.
Having worked for a lot of companies over the years, and knowing how they work and how they have treated me. It has helped me to make a company unlike them, as I care for the client and my staff.

Apply for A.S.G
An introduction to the course and a multiple choice questionnaire will be given to allow A.S.G to put you on a level.

Different levels will be discussed between the student and I, when both are happy training will take place.

People who want to train in these area's Clairvoyants, Mediums & Tarot readers can contact the office to arrange their tests.

You can channel yourself at your own pace with a little helping hand , I offer my knowledge and advice for those who want to further their spiritual development.
My guide is with me always; my given gift has taught me to see that love never dies. I promote this each given day.

SHE DID GREAT FOR SHORT TIME" ... written by hicml2
So amaizing, will come back again in the future. " ... written by RLM1977
We lost connection in the middle of the reading.. i'm trying to get her back" ... written by jen1210
This woman is so amazing .. She could pick up on things about your life without me saying anything. Thank you so much for the hope in finding this person who came back into my life 24 years after. And you saw him, while i said nothing. Thank you for explaining the reason why we had to wait this long to re-find one another to appreciate each other. Thank you and God bless you in all areas of you life!" ... written by sandra-xo
She was wonderful! " ... written by d2k1000
She gave a lot of staff to think about. And it was lot of sense for me. Did tell truth which i could feel inside of me. Know things like they are truthfully. I can say only good things about her." ... written by epil
Gave a really great reading. Rather than just giving answers. She helped me work through my questions. I feel lighter and definitely understand my situation better. She's great help! If you haven`t tried her yet, please do :)" ... written by daydreamer246
Excellent reading. Straight to the point. Very well explained. Not like other readings where the expert wasted space by writing irrelevant things. I was skeptical at first but I am glad I gave her a try. I got more than I paid for and she was so accurate." ... written by sweetie12
Good!" ... written by druvina1973
Thanks so much, Creashea!! It was a great reading...I'll be back soon:)" ... written by westcoast00
She was great. Picked up on everything." ... written by cjay23
Thank you for the help you were wonderful! God bless! x" ... written by EliseMay
Great reading..she is very sincere and picked up on my situation, thanks. " ... written by tash1921
Real deal, she's good." ... written by bp
Genuine, accurate, seemed to pick up very well on my situation." ... written by np
Good." ... written by goldfish12
Right on!" ... written by goldfish12
Was very nice talking with you! : ) :) :) I learned a lot." ... written by King_Seti
All I can say is wow! She was very accurate, very beautiful and funny. I will be getting another reading from her soon." ... written by Adrien
She is very great, and she picks up on every detail." ... written by sarah
Great reading, picked up lots of very intimate important things." ... written by Ngozi07
Great reading" ... written by Unknown
She is very very good. Realistic and careful. No false hope!" ... written by PM
She was Okay! " ... written by unknown
Thank you so much, for the reassurance I will come back" ... written by mimi
I am so happy to have met you. Thank you so much for squeezing in as much as you did, for the time I had. You were so in tune... you made me laugh. I will be back when I have more credits. I felt so comfortable with you... like you are my friend lol.. thanks again for sharing your gift with all of us!" ... written by AbbieMae
I love the reading even though she couldnt help with my overall question." ... written by Scott369
amazin xx" ... written by blackcat06
VERY GOOD 5 STARS!!!" ... written by blessings121
Very kind . Nice advice!!" ... written by julznycles
Very lovely lady. Amazing, try her !!" ... written by justweemejo