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Psychic ColleenMirandahas 15-20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic ColleenMirandahas recently helped 188members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about ColleenMiranda's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Broadcasting to you from Green Bay, Wisconsin United States


~~~Will you ever find TRUE love?~~~
~~~Will the situation improve with your current love?~~~
~~~What can YOU do to deal with the situation to achieve the best possible outcome?~~~

Our lives are ever changing, at times it seems at such a fast pace
that we get confused and Feel pressure that keeps us stagnant.
Let me help you see with new eyes how to
take the path that is right For You!

♥ Expert Tarot Card Reader
♥ Love and Relationship Specialist
♥ Careers and Finance
♥ Reuniting Lost Lovers
♥ Karma and Balance Techniques

I am very well skilled in the areas of matters of the heart. Many of my clients seek my advice on marriages, lost loves, cheating lovers and reuniting soul mates.Continuing guidance and advise is also offered by me to help provide on-going clarity and direction concerning interpersonal, financial, and relationship areas. This type of session can offer healing and decisiveness when faced with emotional change and trying times.



Hello Spiritual Friends !

Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to read at my profile. I’m a Psychic, Empath and Deep Issue Tarot Card Reader. At a very young age, I realized my inherited psychic gift and the presence of my spiritual Guides through my dreams. In my early 20's, I started my Astrological studies--discovering that the combination of using Tarot and Astrology as tools, greatly enhanced my natural clairvoyant abilities. I understand how important your concerns are and that you are looking for the truth. Specializing in love, I have the uncanny ability to accurately tune right into the energies of your current relationship with your lover or the object of your desire.

~~~Will you ever find TRUE love?~~~
~~~Will the situation improve with your current love?~~~
~~~What can YOU do to deal with the situation to achieve the best possible outcome?~~~

I work closely with my Guides, Cards and Psychic Energy connections to reveal these answers to you. Let me help assist you for the BEST possible outcome for all your love and relationship concerns. The time to change your life is now!

Walk in the light always,

♥Colleen Miranda♥

Great reading!!" ... written by MayGirl
She was wonderful!!" ... written by mariabeingmaria
She was very sweet in her Reading. Gave me some good insight of what is coming for me in the future. Can't wait to see the outcome. Looking forward to more readings with her." ... written by Lucy117
Nice reading....on target on a lot of things...." ... written by dstufra1
ColleenMiranda, our session was so exact. I felt as though you were reading the cards through my experiences andamp;amp; my heart. Thank you very much." ... written by MysticNexus
She is wonderful she look at every card very careful and guide me to the right path. Thank you soooo much i will be back reading with her again." ... written by TUSHAN
This lady takes her job seriously! I think her insights were very accurate. It wasn't about her telling me what I wanted to hear she gave me the truth. Yet she gave me hope letting me know things can change. What she reveled to me was very accurate with what is going on right now in the current. Except she told me what to do about how to deal with it and the person in questions feelings. her insight gave me the power to move forward in the right direction and focus on myself. If it is meant to be it will be. Her confirmation was very helpful!" ... written by sensitivityisanx
She put my mind at ease. I love this woman." ... written by luckygirl40
She is very honest and shows what she is doing. Very great. She should look at her monitor a bit more in case of questions :)" ... written by jswede1149
Loved the reading - and the camera is set up in a way that you can see all the cards in a spread - AWESOME! 5 *****" ... written by hugs2020
Excellent reading" ... written by Katsi36
Very nice...thank you" ... written by dreamer65
Thank you and i will keep you posted." ... written by luckygirl40
ran out of time...always good reads with ColleenMiranda..." ... written by wendic Fantastic." ... written by steffleblanc
She is always accurate and honest. The real deal" ... written by stephanie
Very good and insighful - will be back again. x" ... written by starlight22
Fantastic reader. Very accurate. Highly recommended. " ... written by clairejane33
thank you. her readings are detailed and accurate!" ... written by coolchickie
Awesome reading - very gifted with the cards! Gives great feedback and guidance and provides lots of specific information to help. Excellent!" ... written by sacredlove71
great reading......." ... written by amr0268
Very helpful, very intuitive. Picked up on a completely different problem to the one I thought I had. Very impressed. =]" ... written by beccixy
very positive reading, always wanted to have a reading with colleen and i'm very happy i did it today. thank" ... written by missdeane
very helpfull and accurate, thank you" ... written by mander28
Simply amazing. She was right on the spot and could tell me everything 100% sure! Thank you." ... written by coolka
Accurate!! excellent!" ... written by Katsi36
Colleen was so gentle and accurate and kind doesn't tel you what you want to hear she tells you the truth. She is a very very good tarot reader and I highly recommend her to anyone. Try you won't be disappointed." ... written by murdocca
Very good advise.. thank you" ... written by kristen8017
thank you so much for my reading really did help a lot and i will not give up hope! " ... written by lucy29
Very promising and i'm now very hopeful :D " ... written by Justmebeingme
Great reading and thanks for your help. she is good ppl she is good :)" ... written by vwlovah10
She was so nice and very helpful. Also very kind. I felt much better after her reading. A lot of it was correct." ... written by Lisa
I've tried many here. She IS THE BEST!" ... written by kotshy
Just wanted to inform I had a reading from her and in it she told me to be careful, I could lose some money. I was so grateful for the warning from her because twice there were glitches with my debit card that if I had not gotten a reading with her and was forewarned, I wouldn't have been more watchful of my transactions and caught these two incidents :) THANK YOU COLLEEN MIRANDA! She is good. Peoples predictions do occur and hopefully her other ones do too! xoxo" ... written by niki316
Thank you very very much for your help.. i love you" ... written by scorpionsarita
She is very good, I hope she will come online soon, it been a while now." ... written by kotshy
Had update with ColeenMiranda and she is consistent in what she said before ,she helps put my mind at rest every time!" ... written by marionlyttle
ColleenMiranda is very good, am really waiting for her to come on-line. " ... written by kotshy
Fantastic reading - feeling better - thank you!" ... written by clairejane33
I like her readings. I always love to have privates with Colleen, she is very talented. " ... written by kotshy
Gave accurate reading and caught on m situation very well.highly recommended to others." ... written by Ammer
thank you great reading" ... written by sexyegyptian2
Accurate wonderfull reading" ... written by sapphiremoon
Great" ... written by MayGirl
Good reading and interesting." ... written by maryannepav
Great reading, very accurate and practical help. She's awesome!" ... written by ikroyal
Great reading, fast and accurate, I recommend her to everyone :)" ... written by BeautyWithin24
Totally speechless at how amazing ColleenMiranda was in the details she gave about my situation and she described other person like she knew them!!! She is awesome and i will be back...thank you ColleenMiranda for a sensational reading!!! xx" ... written by marionlyttle
Very caring and empathetic...." ... written by wendic
Fabulous right to the point!" ... written by MALEX3007
Great insight!" ... written by jeraldryan
This woman is very honest and can see past and present situations going on and future. I love her for being honest and it was a great reading. I will be back soon." ... written by luckygirl40
Brilliant reading, completely spot on, helped me put my mind to rest. Awesome! xx" ... written by cb1987
Very caring person, lovely reading, will visit her again." ... written by LittleStar5