About CloudSong

Psychic CloudSonghas 16years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic CloudSonghas recently helped 29members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about CloudSong's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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My name is CloudSong. I am a Medium, Clairvoyant, Empath and Intuitive.

What an absolutely wonderful woman to talk to! Very funny, very kind, very sweet, I was drawn into her room by her warmth, I won a free demo, and from that I just thought it would be nice to talk to her for a while in private so I could have her full attention. The time spent with her really cheered me up, and her empath skills were excellent. She has now become my wingwoman, so let's see where that leads! ;)" ... written by Alice
Enjoyed my reading!" ... written by PinkBeatle
Amazing reading!!! She was spot on and such a lovely person!" ... written by Patience29
Thank you so much for the reading. You gave me strength to live my life. I will carry on and not worry about anything. Thank you hun! " ... written by awareness
Terrific reading. thanks!!" ... written by user86
Very accurate!!! Thank you for advices you are very nice!!!" ... written by cataddick
She is so nice and funny, too! Very good reading!" ... written by Me
she is a great empath and psychic. i always come back to her bc she has been right in the past . love her" ... written by Ana M Forero
She was very helpful too and gave me some insight on some stuff." ... written by lewis
FANBLOODYTASTIC" ... written by Tammy
Thanks! " ... written by Stang93
Thank You so much, you are such an awesome person and helped open my eyes a lot. I enjoyed our time and appreciate what you said, you opened my eyes. You are amazing." ... written by Neo
She has wonderful cards and does a great read... Wish I could of had longer... I would recommend her." ... written by Kim
Honest, insightful, graceful and shines a light on the issues." ... written by prince
She was great ..big help really knew what she was talking about very caring and honest good psychic" ... written by joey
The reading was right on with what I was feeling. She does a great job. Thanks." ... written by Stang93
A wonderful reading, beautiful soul. :) Thank you. xx" ... written by Jossiaustralia
GOOD" ... written by MAXIME
It was my first reading with Cloudsong, and I was in her free chat and see seemed very sweet and trusting and intuitive, she hit what is going on right on the nail and just confirmed things that I had already been thinking about. It was like talking to a best friend that knows you really well. I enjoyed her reading and I'm looking forward to keeping her updated, me coming back for updates and for another reading Soon :) Thank you so much." ... written by Raechel
I was so much worried at the start. Thank you Cloudsong. :)" ... written by Naseer
A very genuine sweet lady!!! The reading was awesome, she picked up and tuned into my situation quickly. I will be contacting her again. Thanks so much CloudSong!" ... written by Lady E
She was great when I urgently needed desperate answers. You will not be disappointed. :)" ... written by lizbeth
Wow...what a lovely and brilliant reading! CloudSong is really a beautiful reader and explains it all with such great clarity. I am so happy we talked tonight. She kept saying and describing things in my life before I could finish typing it. Guess she didn't need my input, haha. Big Hugs, Lots of Love and Many Thanks! xoxo" ... written by DaisyLoveee
She is awesome I love her ." ... written by kind heart
Compassionate and gives great encouragement. Many blessings to CloudSong. Beautiful woman." ... written by meags
She's really great has great connections, thanks so much for a great reading!" ... written by aquariusgirl1935
It was a great reading, always right!" ... written by Scoop
She is awesome, thank you so much for your clarity...." ... written by j
OMG I felt so connected to CloudSong! I cannot explain it but she just knew how I was feeling and I will be back very soon!" ... written by Donna
CloundSong, gave me a beautiful and very positive reading and settled my mind and gave me very positive answers to my questions. I believe her gift is genuine and I leave her with 5 stars and thumbs up. Thank you again for recognizing what my gifts are. I will be back to see you, I promise..." ... written by Jean
Professional and very gifted. You will enjoy a reading from her." ... written by GRT
Excellent reading! It was amazing. I have been in oranum for awhile trying to get my confirmation. She told me exactly what I have already know but just need a little push on my side. Thank you!" ... written by Aish
She was very accurate." ... written by Staci
Awesome!!! Thank you for the guidance. She picked up on my situation right away, and knew what was going on. Thank you for your help today." ... written by Heather
She knows and has a strong psychic ability to tell and know your story of the presence and the future she delivered results I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to experience this." ... written by sunnyday30
Cloud you are amazing, thank you so much, I needed this reading, I needed to be calmed down and you did just that. You have an amazing ability and I appreciate all you have done" ... written by Neo
She is so wonderful! Clear, accurate..." ... written by Blessedblue
CloudSong is so awsom and she is sooo accurate! She just knows and understands! If you have not talked with her you should! Hugs and be blessed!" ... written by Donna
She was so spot on and I was so amazed with her reading. She is 10 stars and if you want clarity read with her. Fabulous!! " ... written by jeter28
She is great! Thank you for your feedback and clarity." ... written by j
Very very good reading! EXCELLENT!" ... written by cf
WOW, just WOW. Very intense and so accurate! I am so thankful for CloudSong! The messages she delivered tonight that were exactly in line with my life right now and what I needed to hear. Sometimes things come up that weren't asked about, but are needed to move forward. Cloudsong is so patient and answers everything with such clarity and kindness. She is a true blessing in my life. Many Thanks and Much Love!" ... written by DaisyLoveee
Very good...accurate." ... written by spankyy
Great connection." ... written by S
Intuitive and thoughtful... Connected with me and confirmed some things for me.... Thanks!" ... written by mags0123
Excellent reader... she connects well... I feel she is accurate and real deal!" ... written by Ann
Excellent, was tuned in to me , knew things only I and one other person knew!" ... written by kcw1433
Excellent reader, genuine, and warm, sharp connecting abilities, you can be assured of the authenticity and talent." ... written by miami_doc
Good reading, calm and defined." ... written by Chris De Silva
I think she is wonderful and knows what she is doing." ... written by Les-Leigh
Love CloudSong and Grandma! Everything they tell me in always in line with what is going on or about to happen. So happy we got to talk tonight! Merry Christmas!" ... written by Daisy
I appreciate your words with me. :)" ... written by Dopplersonograph
The most wonderful reading..." ... written by Blessedblue
Very caring, accurate, highly recommended!" ... written by vivianv73
Cloud is such a beautiful reader. she is a wonderful person and has a very strong intuition. I definitely recommend this dear lady. 5 stars all the way" ... written by faerierose
Cloudsong is very lovely. She was accurate and had given me a lot of advises. And I appreciate it!" ... written by R
Thank you so much, you helped out a lot, you are always so helpful and sweet. you are so accurate and brought up things that you couldn't have possibly know, I will give you an update when things start to happen." ... written by Neo
Thank you so much, it is wonderful to have a reading with you." ... written by Blue
Very warm and friendly. Spot on with things. Made so much sense . Will definitely keep you updated with things as they happen. Thank you..xx" ... written by hana
Great card pulls , love her angel cards." ... written by kcw1433
SHES AWESOME! She's very intuitive andamp; understands me well. She taught some great things and helped me very much. Thank you. " ... written by Jazmine
Very good reading - fast, precise and present." ... written by erik
She was awesome I love her she was GREAT I was in touch with the entire reading. Thank you Cloud Song" ... written by jessgiron88
You are a beautiful soul, thank you for your help and encouragement, I appreciate your guidance." ... written by Michael
Accurate, helpful, sweet and kind, she is one of the best on the site, I will definitely be back." ... written by Jericho
Very personable excellent reading! Thanks" ... written by Anon
Such an amazing reader, she was right on target with everything, very informative, very helpful. Thank You for everything." ... written by Neo
Informative, helpful to the point clear and precise, so accurate and helpful." ... written by Viktor
Excellent! Highly recommended. " ... written by Tiffany
I wasted some money hopping in and out of rooms. CloudSong I entered 3 different times, with a total of over 50 mins of reading. This gifted women WILL answer and Read your spiritual side perfect. Definitely worth giving it a try....Comment back and let me know just how right I was. " ... written by ritm23
She picked the perfect arch angel Michael card for me :) Thanks Cloudsong" ... written by Kundra
I can not say enough about this woman. She is so clear and right on. ." ... written by rose
On point... worth your money for sure." ... written by rose
I love Cloudsong, always helpful and inspiring xx" ... written by Jossi Australia
Cloud you are always so helpful I am thankful for all your help and for telling me how it is and not sugar coating it. That's what I need and You know it. Thank you" ... written by Neo
OMG! That reading was spot-on. So great! Loving Barnabus and the Prince. I'm glad to know my destiny is closer than I thought. Because of all I've been going through trying to get over my ex, I thought that would take at least a few years cuz it was so traumatic for me. CloudSong, I don't know how being a psychic lines up with religion, but I thank God for you today! " ... written by wanttruth209521
CloudSong, you are amazing. You saw my life over the last six months and the accuracy was phenomenal leaving me with butterflies. I totally see the path you mention as it seems to be moving in that direction. Thank you for clarifying and making it clear that it's okay what I'm feeling. You are amazingly intuitive and I loved our reading. I will be back for an update on my life. Say a prayer and light a candle that it's happy. Much love, " ... written by familyhelper
She confirmed everything for me and then some...Thank you so much for the beautiful reading...Hugs." ... written by jeter28
Just love her... love how she could calm me and my worries down with her personality and her answers in reading!! JUST LOVE HER cause she can talk to you like a mother, friend or sister!! I will be back!! " ... written by lolabunny84
Really great reading with the cards. Really knows the cards well. I liked a lot. " ... written by Angelina
luv spirit " ... written by renea
great reading" ... written by renea
perfection***********great reading" ... written by renae
Thank You for everything, it is really appreciated everything you do." ... written by Neo
Cloud you are amazing, simply the best on the site!" ... written by Neo
She is amazing, truly the best!" ... written by Michael
SHE IS THE BEST ON THIS SITE." ... written by Viktor
Great!" ... written by Stacey
She is so nice and seems to know what is going on. Used great cards that I had not seen before and I feel like she picked up on my situation right away. Great reading! :)" ... written by A.S.
She is so in tune, as always. So encouraging, and very good guidance." ... written by Sammy
She did a fantastic job. Everything was just right." ... written by Sassy
She was soo kind and so positive, she picked up on my energy so well!!!! I LOVE HER!" ... written by chelsa
Very good reading, showed me that there is possibilities!" ... written by blanche
Very good reading. Her tarot cards were very moving and touched me. I will be back." ... written by FindingPeace
One of the most meaningful experiences I have ever had. Knew my pain without having to voice it. Very lucky to have found her.... She has definitely given me a peace I never knew." ... written by Kaley
Great reader, love her! Will be back always!" ... written by familyhelper
She's wonderful. She's so much help andamp; support. I love her. " ... written by Jazmine
Thank you very much…you have no idea how much you helped" ... written by malika
Outstanding reading and I really appreciate your gift and thanks for sharing it with me. I am loving your locked jaws. (lol)" ... written by Anna Jean Robertson
OMG amazing and very on point. I love her like family shes the best and just amazing. The brightest angel I know LOVE LOVE LOVE cloud!" ... written by Kayla
I would say she is a gifted person, an amazing reader. She is sweet, caring and open and gives the best advise. She tuned-in right away with me and on the spot ... I hope she knows that she has helped me tremendously. I would definitely come back and consult her again in the coming days. She is wonderful and highly recommended." ... written by nanerelle
Very well done happy with answers" ... written by penny
She is very insightful and I enjoy her energy so much. Thank you so much for the clarity... Hugs and many blessings...." ... written by j
Very lovely reading, she is really an empath picks up on so many feelings. Just loved talking to her, she connects so quickly and is spot-on. Highly recommended" ... written by Sammy
Cloud is a very sweet and lovely lady. Unfortunately however, she wasn't able to connect with me, regarding my situation. " ... written by BlackDeuce
Very insightful..... Thank you!" ... written by itwillbeok
Very good." ... written by stacey
She was awesome very intuitive and picked up my energy right away. She was very accurate and helpful!" ... written by Beatriz
Awesome Awesome... she was very spot on with me.. and I will diffidently be back!!! " ... written by Jessica
Fabulous, as always!!!! She catches on to what is going so quickly...She is just lovely to talk with" ... written by Sammy
So clear, precise and to the point, she knows her cards and read everything spot on. One of the best her on Oranum. I will be back!" ... written by Viktor
You are amazing, very clear very helpful. Thank you for everything." ... written by Michael
She is amazing, very quick and accurate, clear and precise with her reading." ... written by Neo
So thankful for this chat tonight. CloudSong is so compassionate and literally felt and expressed the pains and emotions I am feeling. She is such a wonderful, honest person with integrity and a true gift. What an enormous help and blessing she is in my life. Many thanks and much love from both of us!" ... written by DaisyLove
She was spot on with readings and situation. Very nice lady. I would recommend her to everyone." ... written by angloThai
Loved it, I'm so grateful I choose to talk to her.. Words can't express. Very accurate" ... written by ROSESHANDA
Very sweet and amazing spirit." ... written by gt
Great!" ... written by stacey
WOW, she is fantastic, spot on with everything. I'm amazed how much she know about my situation WOW, WOW. I recommend her to anyone. Give her a try, and you'll be amazed. Thank you ClousSoung. xoxoxoxo" ... written by sweet84
Cloud you are amazing, I always come out of there with more clarity and feeling better about things. Thank you for all your help, I appreciate it. You are one of the best on the site and most accurate." ... written by Michael
OMG!! She is fantastic!! Extremely intuitive/empathic and accurate. Got the whole situation exactly right and gave me so much hope. Highly recommended!!" ... written by Seeker1200
CloudSong, your warm positive energy and spirit get to me and i hope everything will come true. Great, compassionate, accurate!! Thank you! :)" ... written by Lefleur5
Excellent. Cloud connected fast and picked up on my situations or rather situations. I really like her personality, the way she presents her answers. I feel her to be honest, clear, no fairy tales. She picked up my energy as to how I was feeling. I would highly recommend her for a reading. Very decent, kind, understanding, felt very at ease. Blessings. " ... written by Passionate
She is wonderful and honestly, 100 percent on the bullseye on the reading. Thank you cloud, she deserves kudos and a lot of admiration for her caring and diligence in fine reading! She is a fine wine ready to be aged with love ad be opened with the delicacy of wisdom. I love her! Thank you!" ... written by matthew
It was the coolest reading ever. And i liked when she talked to grandma. It was very interesting and she was very good at picking up my emotions. " ... written by cookie
Thank you girl, you are so good, such a awesome soul, I recommend her to you will love her, thanks again, god bless!" ... written by candace
I cant say enough good things about cloud shes just amazing and a dear friend of mine. If your looking for honesty, compassion and clarity come see her. " ... written by Kayla
she is amazing. very nice and lovely personality. I love her spirit. Recommend her. I will be back for future readings wither." ... written by angloThai
Cloud is an amazing psychic with many gifts. She is very intuitive and empathic and is able to bring clarity to many things." ... written by FP
I think she was very helpful to me out everyone else she knew I was shy but she thinks I can do it and work things out and I appreciate the help hope to chat with her again soon!!" ... written by Devon
She is on point and accurate. I adore her." ... written by pixiecandi
Cloudsong is awesome and amazing and answered all my questions and got to the point!" ... written by Mike Schmidt
Cloud is pretty damn awesome if I do say so myself. She said things that she couldn't know. Impossible. I will have a reading with her any day of the week. Great read. Love her and you won't regret." ... written by LIsa
You are wonderful at what you do.You are a great person very truthful." ... written by Sassy
A great friend and reader. She makes me feel so much better when I talk to you. She's compassionate, but tunes right into your situation. Thanks Cloud. Love you!" ... written by familyhelper
She is awesome, just awesome." ... written by Butterfly77lady
Cloud is more connected than most of the psychics in Oranum. She has a pure channel to the higher angel realms. Her cards are amazingly accurate and line up for deeper truth and messages than with a Rider Waite deck." ... written by Sarah Bashin
Thank you so much for your insight." ... written by ROSESHANDA
Cloudsong is a wonderful lady and she can make you feel very relaxed. Her readings are very good." ... written by Donna
she was good. had lots of good energy! cant wait to see what happens" ... written by amoura88
Thank you for the clarity....As always spot on and wonderful." ... written by j
I LOVE This Psychic for how compassionate and empathetic she is. She can connect intuitively on an extremely deep level. She is a professional and knows her trade exceptionally well. Her cards are amazing- you will know what angels are helping you and why. I can go on- her pendulum, her psychic channeling. She is a true treasure to fine in this site." ... written by Sarah
I love Cloud! She is the most amazing human being! Take her to private, she is worth every single penny!" ... written by Athena
Wow really life changing and inspiring :)" ... written by Thenewclassic44i
Loved every min of my reading. Great reader and empath. " ... written by samantha J valentin
Awesome as usual!!! I just have no words to describe how helpful she is, love talking to her." ... written by Sammy
Thank you so much! I appreciate your feedback and the fact that you are spot on with my information...many blessings." ... written by j
She's very direct and open and knows what's wrong. She's very sweet and thoughtful. Thank you for the advice." ... written by calvin
She is good humored and a quick and accurate read." ... written by pixiecandi
Thank you so much for your reading, darling! I was very satisfied. :) I have to thank your grandmother most of all! Tell her thank you for my fast answers!" ... written by Al Parra
Great reading. Thank you. " ... written by PIGLETME
Very good...right one!" ... written by susan
Highly recommended as always." ... written by Sammy
Very nice and positive." ... written by angloThai
Good read :) " ... written by ashley
Great job! See you soon!" ... written by JAQUADA
Great as always!!" ... written by Sarah Bashin
She's very very helpful, love talking to her so much. We just love her" ... written by Sammy
Cloudsong is the most uplifting beautiful person to talk to. She is supportive and loving in dealing w my situation. Thank you and many blessings. :) " ... written by Rana
Very nice reading with Cloud Song. She was very good in tapping into my situation. I am looking forward in 2 months when this will begin. I'll keep you updated about the situation. Tysm" ... written by Tanny6
Very kind, gentle and wonderful reader. Her energy was so positive and warm. She was a total sweetheart from start to finish and works hard to answer questions. She dived deep. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!" ... written by Butterflysun7
Excellent update!! Picked up on the exact feelings and thoughts that happened recently. She even identified/described my reaction to a T!! Highly recommended!!" ... written by Seeker1200
Wow! CloudSong is so good. She is very intuitive, an empath and natural healer herself..... she is spot on with physical ailments. She has such a lovely nature and kind, unconditional love energy. I will definitely be back for another reading and I will let you know how we go. Be in touch again soon. Love, light and blessings to you always. Namaste :)" ... written by Melissa
Awesome and too the point doesn't beat around the bush! Won't steal your money by rambling on and doesn't need a bunch of questions answered to read for you... Thanks again!!!" ... written by cjderrick2014
Amazing connection!" ... written by livinglife99
You make me feel like I can conquer the world with your insight, positive spirit and guidance. Thank you so much. I love every one of our readings. I take so much from them to help with where I'm going. Love and hugs." ... written by Familyhelper
She is awesome, I cannot be more thankful to have find her, I can tell you that I will only do readings with her for she is very accurate on her readings. She is definitely worth it." ... written by Beatriz
Very encouraging and uplifting...Was my first reading ...will be back!!" ... written by msk
My first time. She was a sweetheart and great with her insight .." ... written by b
OK I am hooked! Cloud is super awesome! Positive energy and love all around. Because of her encouragement and support I know will make it through my situation. Love and light always!!!" ... written by Rana
Cloud is such a blessing for me. She strengthens me in all ways. Got love her as a friend and adviser. She surely is number 1! Blessings!!!" ... written by Rana
Thank you so much. :) I really appreciate your words..." ... written by maria
I love her she is great. Spot on and very positive. Helped me a whole lot. Thank you and Best wishes!!!" ... written by JPM
Good advice sweet for the woman soul" ... written by s
She helped me when I was really depressed and lifted my spirit. She does not just read the cards, she made me feel good about myself in a very good way. She was accurate about a lot of things!!" ... written by sexy
Awesome and accurate. Wonderful." ... written by Nita
What a beautiful soul makes you so comfy and awesome insight. " ... written by b
Wonderful reader and positive energy, I love Cloud!!!!!!!" ... written by Lefleur5
True." ... written by sms
Like a best friend. She understands me and I can't live without her positive spirit and uplifting advice. We are so connected and she's really helped me understand myself. Thanks, Cloud. Love You!" ... written by familyhelper
She was awesome!!!! 5 STARS!! Warm, lovely and honest. Great for a nervous, skeptical newbie like me. I would recommend her to anyone. Wishing her the best. xoxox - M :D" ... written by mycaniche71
Cloud is the best ever!!!" ... written by Sammy
Cloud really is a great person. Sincere, honest and a great in private. Thank you!!!! Blessings!" ... written by Rana
CloudSong was great. Thank you." ... written by Tia
She is a great reader... outstanding!! I just kept coming back for more...Thank you. Blessings. " ... written by Tara
Very good, in-depth." ... written by Tara
She was my answer, that I had been searching for. She had the answer, she felt what I had dealt with for so long when no one else understood she did, with no words. She expressed to me what I needed to know with care and concern. I will be coming back to her. Right after this post for more." ... written by Tara
Great reading, thank you so much for your time and energy!!!" ... written by Cheryl
Loved the cards that cloud pulled, and she is very understanding and intuitive. Gives a great calming feeling to talk with Cloud. She confirmed thoughts I was already having which is always nice to hear in any situation. " ... written by Jamie
Cloud is amazing person..... you are an sweet angel cloud....." ... written by Ronen
She was wonderful and very quick, as usual!" ... written by Sammy
Amazing." ... written by livinglife99
Amazing reading every time." ... written by livinglife97
Very good reading. Her cards picked up on the situation really well. Will definitely return for an update!" ... written by pinkster11
Loving her." ... written by shauna66
Very good. Got me started off well and sent me in ways to move forward-thanks!" ... written by Adalan
Awesome, awesome, awesome....... connects right to me every time...and very love love, nicole!" ... written by lilmom
She is so real. She has the gift to find what we really want to hear from her helpers." ... written by daniel morris
She was amazing! Picked up on a lot of details." ... written by Peggy
Very warm. Does a mix of angel cards and then seems to communicate with her grandma who has passed for guidance. " ... written by Danielle
Does angel card readings...warm and straightforward" ... written by Danielle
Outstanding reading and right on point..." ... written by Jean
My first reading with Cloud and it was very emotional and very up lifting. Thank you very much Cloud " ... written by BonniJeane
Wonderful read, I received so much information and everything I needed answers to were given, I left with more knowledge then I've had in along time. " ... written by Pinkpather30
She was really good about the situation. I really liked what she told me. :)" ... written by Krista Pederson
Very sweet kind lady, gooooooooooood reader!" ... written by lmiiswonderwomen
I really enjoyed her reading. Very accurate. She is very sweet and caring." ... written by Michelle
She was great to the point and talked directly to my soul." ... written by heliax
Helped me make firm decisions, difficult situation." ... written by pinkpather30
Compassionate, truthful and I believe accurate. I will be back! x" ... written by gokelly
Loving, caring, strong support. Accurate with her info she shared with me! xx Thank you! x" ... written by gokelly
She was awesome thank you so was spot on and exactly what I was feeling also. Hugs!" ... written by j
She is always so awesome and kind... I love her." ... written by Kat
She's really good. :)" ... written by g
Cloud is my confident. I have trust in her as a best friend. She is always worth taking to private. XOXOOXO's :)" ... written by Rana
CloudSong is great! She was right on for me! Her reading gave me so much hope. She's is a REAL person, and means what she says. She was so passionately involved in my reading. I think she is a true empath." ... written by Margaret
She was good I hope she's right! :)" ... written by catzupe
Gooooood." ... written by kevin
WOW this lady is so accurate, thank you so much! I needed this so deeply to move forward; not sweet and magic words to keep me in a dream world but TRUTH, what I exactly needed for a very new beginning. I knew this lady had something before I even spoke with her. Thanks a lot, I'll come back for the update." ... written by bibi123
Always my favorite women to do a private with I have never met anyone like her she is truly amazing and accurate. She's a gift from god and will always remain a dear friend to me. I'm lucky that god lead me to her for help and guidance which is exactly what she did she saved me in more ways than one. Please take her private she can help and save you too." ... written by Kayla
Fantastic reading and fantastic lady! She gave me a lot of wonderful advice, honesty and hope on a love problem that I have been having. I will certainly be back again for any problems that I'm having. I highly recommend her!!!" ... written by raynejae57
Cloud Song knew exactly what to do....and the cards were right on the money as well as her explanations. I do recommend her-highly. I like that she is able to explain thoroughly what the card means in terms of someone's unique situation. VERY impressed." ... written by Meredith
Amazing reading. I love Cloudsong. She is very understanding and can connected to my situation right away. Thanks again for everything!!!" ... written by heather
She was amazing and worth 10 stars. Always accurate" ... written by livinglife97
Awesome, fun and insightful. Well worth it. Wonderful psychic!" ... written by stacey and tracey
Cloud is awesome as always! She is always on spot. Love her like family! :)" ... written by Rana
You rock thank you so much....Spot on." ... written by j
WOW! I love you cloudsong! :) Just what I needed to hear. I am amazed amazed. This was my very FIRST experience and I am glad I did it. " ... written by heidi
Cloud is my go to girl. She is always there for me in all times. Love you! And many blessings!" ... written by Rana
Omg, thank you Coud :)" ... written by chocolate85
Love love love her updates 10 stars!!!! Thank you!!" ... written by amoura88
Very honest truthful great sweet." ... written by misswonderwomen
amazing connection" ... written by livinglife97
The best reading I have ever had on Oranum. Didn't tell me what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear. Thank you, CloudSong, you are the best reader on Oranum!" ... written by Sapphire
She is good. I like her!" ... written by Peggy
Cloudsong was so helpful. I cannot even describe. If you are in a time of need, she will help you through it. She is so strong personally, she was meant to be a healer. I would highly recommend her private readings. They are at a reasonable rate too. " ... written by Adalan
This woman has help my relationship tremendously. You need help or advice she is the one to go too." ... written by livinglife97
She is sooo good, always helpful, she's our rock." ... written by Sammy
Amazing connection!" ... written by livinglife97
I loved her. She was very insightful. She is very sweet too. And speaks to you directly doesn't even type and makes it faster to answer questions. I definitely want to see her again." ... written by Sunshine
Thank you! Your not only extremely freaking loveable and funny, you are also an amazing psychic. Wow. You are truly something! I feel encouraged now. You sister, you are gifted!! Kisses. " ... written by Confusious
Great, Got a lot of information. I recommend a reading to everyone." ... written by angloThai
Lovely session!!! Will have to see how predictions pan out, but she seems authentic and very personable - hard to find these qualities in every advisor. Will keep you posted! xx" ... written by positivity08
She's so cool. Gives great advice. and is very kind hearted and shows empathy." ... written by sunshine
She is amazing. " ... written by Ronen
I love her honesty she picked up on a lot in such little time." ... written by moni
Scary how good she is! I overthink everything and she kind of helped me realize more." ... written by Alexis
She gets better every time! Love you Cloud. You're my energy. Thanks so much." ... written by familyhelper
She rocks!!!!!! Thank you so much Cloud.... I appreciate you and all that you do..." ... written by c
She is soooooo uplifting when you're down... It always helps to talk to her when I have one of my moods!" ... written by Sammy
Thank you cloud... You rock... " ... written by j
Very helpful." ... written by Laura
She's so lovely and so helpful... Always love talking to her :)" ... written by Sammy
She is so helpful, I love her readings. " ... written by fallin
Cloud is Brilliant in all senses of this word, she loves and cares but at the same time gives a professional reading. I can rely on her in every aspect, I love her very much " ... written by Lefleur
She was great! Probably one of the best Psychics I've spoken to in awhile. Love her. I couldn't stop talking to her and she was right on with her information. " ... written by Amee
GOD!Thank you this is what my mom has been waiting for!!!!" ... written by Heidi
Was nice talking to you, thank you for the amazing reading. I'll come back." ... written by bibi123
Super sweet, and dead-on with her reading. Great." ... written by Ahz
She was wonderful as usual! Thanks cloudy!" ... written by Sammy Kat
Love you Cloud. You're an amazing friend. Thanks for your support. Don't know what I'd do without you. :(" ... written by familyhelper
I loved the reading with her. She was able to get me right from the beginning." ... written by jaqline
Loved you.. you were awesome!!!" ... written by maria
Only a true empathy can read another empathy. Be careful of the energy you bring into her space. She is highly sensitive. This is who you need to talk too :).The real deal from a life long reader. " ... written by Glitterday
By far the best on here...and i've had some good ones before she got on here" ... written by Stacey
Love you! Amazed at our session. Thank you. We have been connected for a reason. :) " ... written by heidi
She was great. Sweet and provided lots of good information. " ... written by kendra
She looks like my mum. And she is very very great helper. She feels others' problems" ... written by Arpan
awwwwwwwwwwwsome lady" ... written by misswonderwomen
Thank you cloud " ... written by chocolate85
Oh my god, she is so good!! Very empathic and detailed and picks up on the exact feelings and thoughts of me and the other person. Fantastic!! Highly recommended!! " ... written by Seeker1200
Talking to cloud always helps so soo much" ... written by Sammy
Right to the point, supportive and excellent advice xx" ... written by gokelly
Cloud is a great person, I had to come back right after our first reading because there was so much to be said. Thank you so much, I'll follow your advice ;)" ... written by Bibi123
I really enjoyed the reading i had. Helped me to understand my situation better. I would like to recommend a reading with her to everyone. Thanks again cloudsong." ... written by angloThai
Cloud is so lovely. I really don't know what I would do without her. Thank you my friend! Kisses. " ... written by Rana
There are no words to describe how I feel because Cloud always lifts me up whenever I talk with her. She is a blessing! " ... written by Rana
very good reading like her alot.. i will be back for update" ... written by starzz
Wow!!! amazing reading I will be back to update soon. " ... written by starzz
The best reading ever! Thank you Cloud. You are amazingly wonderful. Thank you for your direction. Helped me turn my life around! " ... written by Heidi
thanks dear very good" ... written by misswonderwomen
What can I say, I swear she's my spirit guide! Love her so much!" ... written by familyhelper
Great reading, she is right on the dot. Very quickly connected with what I was asking her, and provided me very helpful information. I will definitely be back for another reading. Thank you so much CloudSong... much love, light and peace to you! " ... written by Sonia
Very helpful. I love the reading I get from her every time. Thank you very much. " ... written by angloThai
Well one of her predictions came to past :). Ready for the rest of them, love her." ... written by starzz
Cloud was awesome, she was very spot on with everything... Gave great insight into situations... So accurate, thank you so much, Cloud!!!!!!! xxx" ... written by Sarah
OUTSTANDING!! So extremely accurate, intuitive and empathic that it's mind blowing! She sees the truth in a situation and dives deep to get you the most intricate details about thoughts and motivations that you need to know. Her insight and guidance has kept me on the right path and for that I am so very grateful. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!" ... written by Seeker1200
I need to improve myself so it's been a great pleasure getting updates from Cloud. She's been very helpful. She's such an angel. Thank you for your help Cloud ;)" ... written by bibi123
Very spot on with my situation. Very direct and honest. I would recommend a reading for everyone. Thank you again." ... written by angloThai
Love readings with her." ... written by Amee
Cloud is so unique, absolutely beautiful inside and out, I love her personality so much that's why I keep come back to her. I was amazed from what dear Cloud had to say to me, very unexpected answers but honest and truthful. God Bless your Soul! xoxoxoxo" ... written by Lefleur5
5 Stars. Love her to death. Best reader here by far. Would get tones more readings if I were rich. Honest and very trust worthy. Love ya Cloud " ... written by Kory
Love the reading. Very clear and direct. Would recommend to anyone. Love It." ... written by angloThai
Oh my stars. I really had a negative situation happen to me, and I needed some serious guidance. Cloud really helped me out with that guidance from Archangel Michael. Cloud reminded me to stay true to myself and what is meant for me, that may not be meant for anyone else. I should pray and ask for guidance in all situations and lay any problem at God's feet, for he is sure to take care of it. Some how, I forgot that along the way, but thank you Cloud for being open to the loving light and helping me get back on track. Love and light to everyone that Cloud encounters and most of all to Cloud!" ... written by Amberdeedledee
Only one thing to say - She's the best of the best.... She can make someone in as much turmoil as I have been actually end up laughing about the situation, while still coming to serious realizations. I believe in her gift wholeheartedly....." ... written by Susan
Guided me beautifully, has supported me to become more empowered, which is changing my life xx I also knew what she said was correct, I just needed confirmation xx" ... written by gokelly
Great, Wow. I highly recommend a reading to everyone. Thanks again cloud. Your the best." ... written by angloThai
Cloud is my go to person...she's been my rock of Gibraltar whenever I have needed her.." ... written by Sammy
Great! Thank you so much I really enjoyed the reading. A lot of positive energy." ... written by V
Lovely, Lovely Lady. She always gives me insight on things that I hadn't even told her about, but she already knew and knew my question regarding the issue. She is truly a real intuitive physic. I treasure her info." ... written by raynejae57
She was very accurate and explained everything in dept. I recommend her!" ... written by Maria
Great" ... written by Sarah
Amazing and so powerful every time." ... written by livinglife97
Wooow, very great, calmed my nerves, so happy I spoke with her." ... written by hazel
Awesome! :) " ... written by cheryl
O Cloud, we love you to pieces!!!" ... written by Sammy
Cloud is my backbone! She is the most precious gift to me. I really love her as a person and mentor. She has brought me hope and has encouraged me to be a better me! Thank you for your kindness and support! Blessings, love, and light. :)" ... written by Rana
She's so awesome. Tunes right in and GETS IT. She helped explain a difficult situation to me." ... written by ahz
Wish I could spend all day listening to CloudSong!" ... written by librabeauty
Excellent! She is amazing! Genuinely gifted and a true psychic!" ... written by librabeauty
Accurate n quick." ... written by Patricia
I really enjoyed this reading. It's weird because I was trying my best not to think of love and it came up anyway. With all my thoughts attached as well. This reading told me some very truthful things. I really recommend CloudSong. Really really really great reading. : )" ... written by RockieHeart
See kids in my life. Will certain develop a deep relationship w new guy J. Watch out for communication problem. Baby blue cards popped out. 2 kids, and will get married again. Future husband will take well care of me. Not happy w/ current job, will find something new and better. Won't worry abt money.. Can't wait for CloudSong's prediction come true:) " ... written by Kirsten
Well, I love this lady before i even had a reading.. Okay so after the reading I was more than blown away. I cannot express the accuracy, details, power of her abilities.... I feel so blessed to have pressed that yellow button. oooooxxxxxx to you Cloud ! " ... written by Beth (justcallmebeth)
She is such a wonderful lady and very accurate. Thank you so every much for reading. Will def. be back" ... written by erini.
Our connection is through the wall. She is simply amazing!" ... written by livinglife97
Love her, she is great. " ... written by Sarah
She is so sweet and gives god advice. Light and blessings to you to Cloud." ... written by ora
Simply the very best!" ... written by Val
She is always amazing and hits the nail right on the head explains clearly and leaven me feeling warmer and more positive. . " ... written by Mia_Koda
Very Positive. I love getting a reading from her. She is truly one of the best on here. Everything she told me came true. Thanks again cloud. Love ya." ... written by angloThai
Cloud is amazing, not only that she is good at what she does, she is a beautiful person inside. No doubt she is my favorite here. She deserves more than 5 stars. I strongly recommend her. Go private with her, she will tell you what is right for you and recommend what you need to do. You're the best Cloud!" ... written by Bibi123
love her-- very good reading" ... written by starzz
Very, very good reading. Quick, accurate, and detailed answers to all my questions. Accurate description of what is currently going on and what is coming down the road. I really enjoyed the reading. Thank you so much and I'll be in touch." ... written by Jennifer
Cloud….you're the thank you so much for such a accurate reading delivered with so much love….appreciate that very much!!" ... written by Malika
The real deal! Thank you for your time CloudSong. " ... written by Kat
She's really good. Excellent reading! :)" ... written by shad
She's always sooo goooood!!! Love you Cloudy!!!" ... written by Sammy
I love CloudSong :) She really delves into what I ask her about. She tunes right in - she FEELS the situation. She is very empathic and gives very clear readings. Just great!!!" ... written by Ahz
awesome accurate and on point. she knows all and will tell all. I love her had 3 readings tonight awesome awesome awesome do not miss out on her she is fantastic!!!" ... written by ladymoons
Cloud was amazing. She connected with me without tools and it was all so very accurate. Thank you so much!" ... written by Virgo
Cloud is someone that I can always talk to. She is always accurate and coaches me to better always. Love, light, and happiness to her! :)" ... written by Rana
Always a joy and a pleasure to get a reading from this lovely lady. I feel as though I have a caring friend giving me loving advice from the heart. Thank you and I hope everyone gets to know the joy of having a reading from you." ... written by raynejae57
She is always so great with her advice and knowledge. I always feel better when we talk!" ... written by DONNA
Amazing reading tonight, cloud! I love you dearly!!!! You're amazing! " ... written by Heidi
brilliant as usual!" ... written by kcw1433
Right on point and I got so emotional. Thank you for your kind words!!!!!!!" ... written by Trisha
opened my eyes to a lot very sweet person good reader" ... written by misswonderwomen
Cloud is really helpful and patient and very loving." ... written by Sammy
Great as always. Love ya lots cloud." ... written by anglOThai
Amazing!" ... written by sunshine
Wonderful as always. Light and Blessing. Love ya." ... written by angloThai
Cloudsong is awesome told me so much and put me at ease with a lot that I needed to know Go and get a reading! Cloudsong is GREAT I will be getting readings from Cloudsong in the future!" ... written by Kelly
I love her! She is so cute! She giggles all the time. I love that about her. It reminds me of me! Aside form that she is great she knows what she is talking about. And she is correct." ... written by sunshine
Very helpful. Love you cloud. Light and blessing. " ... written by AngloThai
Cloud is the most comfortable person to talk to. She has helped me from beyond the words I can really say. Thank you and many blessings. XOXOXO" ... written by Rana
Awesome! Cant wait for auditions to start! " ... written by Dillan
Lovesong was absolutely on target and knew my questions before I even asked them. She is also very fast and direct in her reading. I will be returning to her for another reading soon." ... written by dmw4300
My favorite friend in the whole wide world. Life wouldn't be the same without you! You are my biggest inspiration to moving forward. Love you!" ... written by familyhelper
Very uplifting. Very positive. Love her energy. Will come back for more readings. Would recommend her to everyone. Thanks again." ... written by angloThai
I love that she tells you what she sees but never tells you what to do. It is my life and she made a good point that no matter what she sees, good or bad, it is ultimately my decision to make. I'll be back. " ... written by L
Love Love Loveee cloudy!!!" ... written by Sammy
Very helpful. Thanks again cloud. Light and blessing. " ... written by angloThai
She was very helpful...genuine and uplifting." ... written by Mona
Cloud is just amazing! She can feel exactly what is going on in a situation even before you say anything! She has been my rock these past few weeks and her guidance has kept me sane and focused. It's no wonder she is always in a private! " ... written by Seeker1200
Amazing as always! Cloud is wonderful as a reader and person. Connects really well, very intuitive and answers as it is..very honestly. I love her dearly! =)" ... written by Lefleur5
I just love cloud. thank you so much for such a positive reading and the laughter was awesome and very much needed. 10 inch pole can go away lol. was a great reading for a follow up and will do again real soon. always on track with what is happening with me. thank you" ... written by LIsa q
She's so sweet and loving and caring, love you cloudy!!" ... written by Sammy
Very helpful. Thanks again cloud. " ... written by angloThai
Very Helpful. Love your energy and thanks for helping me with mine." ... written by AngloThai
You are so wonderful, a tear just rolled down my cheek. Thank you for your insight. I will contact you in a few months to let you know how everything went;)." ... written by happy
She is so genuine! Truly cares for her clients. Thank you Cloud. We are grateful for all your prayers. " ... written by Val
Cloud is great, she can tell when something is bad. she is definitely so correct in her feelings; her intuition is deeply so true. Thank you for your reading. I'll come back" ... written by Bibi123
She is amazing as usual.... cloud is a blessing angel....:)" ... written by Ron
loved" ... written by zinnia
cooooooooooool reader" ... written by lindsey
I love her! She's so cute! Very accurate too!" ... written by Sunshine
She's awesome!" ... written by sunshine
Cloud is so right, she said exactly what will happen so many weeks ago. She is right about the who, the how and the where :) Love you cloudy!!" ... written by Sammy
She is the best and a blessing" ... written by Michael Schmidt
shes simply the best!" ... written by val
great!!!!!" ... written by susan
Very Spot on. Love you energy cloud. Your one of the best. I recommend a reading to everyone. Thanks again cloud." ... written by angloThai
Love you forever, Cloud!" ... written by familyhelper
Cloud is absolutely amazing! Extremely empathic, compassionate, accurate and a total sweetheart. She literally/physically felt and described a specific health condition that has been a concern for my friend with out any info from me whatsoever! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!" ... written by SoulDesire1
I love cloudsong. She is so sweet and her readings are right on" ... written by Michelle
very well knowledgeable and very comforting." ... written by bonnie buice
She did a great job in working with limited time and getting the answer done quickly." ... written by kendra
She is so helpful and compassion, she is the great person and psychic, one of the best!" ... written by veezee
Great, best and nice reader" ... written by veezee
CloudSong is such an amazing person/reader. Picked up on my situation, and nailed everything on the head. Thank you, many blessings :) " ... written by Roy
she's right spot on" ... written by jaqline
Cloud is one of the best readers on here. Love her to death! Thank you for your support and encouragement through all my chaos that I have been through! Love! Light! And good health for you always! " ... written by Rana
WOW!!! Awesome reading I luv it!! Connected very well and fast!! I will keep u updated...Blessings (((hugs))) luv and light!! :)" ... written by prettyeyez64
Love cloud, she's been so accurate on so many things...just gets us through a lot" ... written by Sammy
Cloud is awesome as always lol." ... written by Amee
Cloud is very beautiful, inspiring, honest and accurate reader!!! I love her energy and personality! Will come back again! Thank you Cloud so much " ... written by Lefleur5
She's awesome" ... written by Sammy
She has absolutely on-point insight. She knows her cards and what they meant to me. " ... written by Bobby
Wow you gave me a lot of info in a tiny bit of time" ... written by jody
Another amazing readin! I love speaking with Cloud, she is my dear friend and always there for me to help, soothe my soul and give a sound advice. Cloud is highly intuitive, tunes into the situation deeply and answers every question honestly. Take he to private without any doubts! " ... written by Lefleur5
She's really good" ... written by Sammy
Cloudsong was good she was in tune and pretty much knew what she was doing and gave me some really good insight" ... written by Bella
Cloud, is beyond awesome and has been more than accurate on many occasions. Go to her, before you go to any other psychic. love you cloud!" ... written by Amee
Very nice reading. Would recommend to everyone. Thanks again cloud. Light and Blessing." ... written by anglOThai
you are amazing, we click..! ;)" ... written by jaqline
Excellent reading she is very gifted" ... written by FP
love her updates.following her advice completelly. i know the right path to take now.Thank you" ... written by amoura88
Just great and easy to talk with and a wonderful help!" ... written by David
Wonderful insight." ... written by Pam
love her and her honesty. she told me a lot of things I felt to be true all along." ... written by fallin
awesome awesome awesome" ... written by hamster
Excellent! She is kind and very accurate. Thank you so much." ... written by Starshine34
I love to talk to Cloud sooooooooooo muchhhh, she is genuine, wonderful, amazing, kind, accurate, honest and this list can go on and on. Cloud is very consistent with what she says every single time. She is my go to psychic! Highly recommended!!!" ... written by Lefleur5
She was wonderful! All the things she said would happen are happening! :)" ... written by Sammy Kat
Good as always" ... written by Amee
Awesome as always" ... written by Amee
Very Uplifting reading, you are the best. Not only you are awesome but you know what you're doing. I love the fact that you're never distracted but work hard to give the best of yourself. Thanks again!" ... written by Bibi123
amazing, patient, gifted -- the best! thank you for everything." ... written by cotton
CloudSong is genuine!" ... written by luna
She was very detailed and helpful, very insightful into my situation. Answered all of my questions, a pleasure to talk to! I look forward to seeing what happens!" ... written by Gina2269
Cloud is number 1 in my book! She has always been there for me in every situation! She is my rock and cloud! he he! XOXOXo" ... written by Rana
Great reading. My wish.... I hope it does come true. I will always use cloud" ... written by Carmen
Cloud is absolutely wonderful, she is quick, clear and brings a lot of clarity into situations ... Clouds insight is astonishing.... Thank you so much Cloud ♥" ... written by MissSobriety
Great reading, made my day. I enjoyed the update, very encouraging, no sugarcoat. Cloud is amazing, so far the only one whose predictions has come true and well detailed. Thanks a lot!" ... written by Bibi123
i hv very little time. but she tried very hard to explain everything to me. wonderful." ... written by leanora
Shes making me feel like she got exactly how i feel.. I feel the motivation to do this better for myself to turn my life around" ... written by Linn115
Excellent reader. I could relate to everything that this reader said - never have I had such an accurate, in-depth and personal reading. Highly recommended! :) " ... written by Maria
loooove her" ... written by fallin
Wow. I love you cloud. Your the best. Love and light." ... written by angloThai
amazing " ... written by nana smith
Supportive as always xxx" ... written by gokelly
Maybe it's just me, but I felt a strong connection with this wonderful lady. This sure was no cold reading, nothing cold about it. She is warm and empathic and truly benevolent. Accurate, described situations in my life and an actual physical complaint I have even though I never spoke to her before. Amazing, and amazingly compassionate!" ... written by OndeMystere
Lovely advises." ... written by Gurpreet Kaur
Wow, Amazing is how I would describe this reading. She was head on. This was my first ever reading on Oranum. Glad I choose CloudSong. So Passionate and felt her emotions, as she was reading.." ... written by Terri
great!! :)" ... written by Amee
shes spot her" ... written by amoura88
always my go to lady" ... written by nana smith
Excellent as always" ... written by librabeauty
Cloud is so awesome!! She's always accurate and knows what we're saying and doing!! " ... written by Sammy
she is the best ive seen on here so far" ... written by olivia
Wow! Really amazed at the insight CloudSong had about my entire situation. She truly understood through and through. I'm glad I found her. Truly appreciate her help and advice. Highly recommended!" ... written by Patricia
She is so AMAZING! Always feels and sees what is happening at such a deep level... Love her!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" ... written by SoulDesire1
We love cloud...and she'd really good at everything she does" ... written by Sammy
Love Cloud to the clouds and back down to the earth! She is just so awesome!!!! XOXOXOOX!" ... written by Rana
Great reading. She was very thorough. Will definitely come back for updates." ... written by tilthe
Love her. She's just amazing. Hugs" ... written by familyhelper
CloudSong is a very strong and highly accurate psychic ladies and gentleman. Great energy, compassionate, easy to talk to. I had a very good reading with her, she helped me calm down about my situation. Definitely one of my favorite psychics on Oranum! " ... written by jessica
She is amazing, she is simply amazing! knows everything just from cards! omg!!!! i love her!!!!" ... written by Jess
Can't say enough. Love you Cloud. You have been my heart and soul, my answers and my ability to understand. Life has been hard, and you make it bearable and understandable. Many, many hugs and much love...." ... written by familyhelper
WOWWWW!! CloudSong is one truly amazinggggggg person!! She picked on my situation and feelings so accurately that I'm blown awayyyy. Everything she said was spot onnnnn. No sugar coating at allll, and I mean at all. She is brilliant, million start. Highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you so so much CloudSong and god bless you.OXOXOXOXO" ... written by sweet84
thanks" ... written by lucky983
love her! " ... written by Amee
Good reader!" ... written by Brenda
Cloud is very lovely and very helpful....she puts you at ease quickly" ... written by Sammykat
Wonderful update." ... written by Pam
Cloud is an amazing person, walks with you down your path to a greater life. She is very accurate, honest and focused on what she does. I strongly recommend her. She is very fast and straight to the point" ... written by Bibi123
thanks alot" ... written by bonnie buice
See how it unfolds, thank you. It was a different reading than most :)" ... written by littleone3
Very nice reading as always, Cloud is straightforward, fast and honest. Genuinely cares about her clients. Thank you so much xoxo" ... written by Le
thanks so much for being good friend. and you are so in touch with me. I enjoy our time together." ... written by bonnie buice
I love her so much she is awesome really awesome " ... written by Kayla
Cloud is always amazing! Super accurate in explaining what is going on and how others are feeling. She keeps me on track and centered. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!" ... written by Seeker1200
GREAT AS ALWAYS" ... written by Jodella
you are just AMAZING!" ... written by Jodella
loooove her !!!!! she is so honest" ... written by fallin
Looking forward to your prediction. Thanks Cloud." ... written by K
I absolutely love Cloud's openness and great care for her clients!!! I have read with her multiple times and every time she is correct!! Cloud will answer any question that's buzzing your head. She always provides honest, fast, accurate answers and doesnt waste your time. Cloud was correct with a time frame! Highly Recommended! 100000 stars....Thank you Cloud for your help!!!! xoxox" ... written by Lefleur5
I appreciate your words with me. :))" ... written by Dopplersonograph
excellent what she read" ... written by maria
Cloud is so awesome in everything, perfectly accurate and really loving, we love you cloudy!!!" ... written by SammtKat
Wow. Amazing. Love your energy. Light and blessing." ... written by angloThai
Good! :)" ... written by Amee
wow. thanks for the reading." ... written by angloThai
Wonderful, marvelous, beyond words." ... written by Pam
Love You!" ... written by familyhelper
She is very accurate and got straight to the point. I noticed that she did not flower it up or anything like that. Honest person. Thank you" ... written by Angela
You're amazing. such a great friend" ... written by familyhelper
a kind and wonderful person , very gifted" ... written by k
So caring, understood where I was coming from with everything." ... written by Pam
very helpful ur amazing" ... written by patricia
My lovely cloud, i never feel so good with someone like in your reading, you are so accurate and so warm, I love you so much cloudsong you are my angel" ... written by Ron
I read with her all the time she is amazing. :)" ... written by Nana Smih
she is awesome. she is filled will positive energy. she is very good reader trust me ;)" ... written by Mo
Wow. She is no sweet and caring and to the point as well as accurate. Will definitely come back for an update. 5 stars" ... written by Joanna
Wow. Thanks for a reading. Great as usual. " ... written by angloThai
Her reading was so much on point that it freaked me out! Words can't explain how much she made me realize things. Thanks again! " ... written by blanche
Very caring and intuitive. Gave me the answers that I was looking for." ... written by krixou
It's like talking to a knowledgeable friend with great insight." ... written by Pam
Awesome is the only word for it." ... written by Pam
Thanks for your support cloud. Love the reading. You are truely a wonderful and blessed soul. " ... written by angloThai
Cloud is as always outstanding!!!" ... written by Lefleur5
great as usual" ... written by HAZEL
Simply amazing. What a beautiful person! Talking to Cloud is like talking to your very best friend. That person in your life who only wants the very best for you. Cloud's energy is vibrant and she gives of herself entirely during the reading. She answered all of my questions and gave me hope for the future. I will certainly visit Cloud again as things unfold. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift." ... written by AuntieM
We love cloudy! she's just such a beautiful loving person." ... written by Sammykat
Very caring, understanding. I love cloud she is really a good friend of mine. I recommend a reading for everyone. What a beautiful lady. Thank you so much cloud. Love and Blessing to you dear." ... written by angloThai
CloudSong is absolutely wonderful! She is accurate, helpful, detailed and friendly. Definitely a must call!" ... written by Starshine34
Great and sweet as always!" ... written by HAZEL
Cloud's lovely and helpful" ... written by Sammykat
full of positive energy that brings clarity and peace. more than great experience. " ... written by jony
Wonderful!!!" ... written by Pam
She is awesome! :)" ... written by Dorothy
Awesome!" ... written by Dorothy
Thanks cloud. Love ya." ... written by angloThai
she is so good i love her! she gives me insight on everything. Bless your heart!" ... written by amoura88
good lady. I like her readings. thank you" ... written by bonnie buice
Cloud is number one in my book! I truly love her inside and out! She really is one of the best readers here on Oranum! She will lift your spirits up beyond the clouds for sure. I pray that Cloud has a wonderful life here in this world and the hereafter! Many many blessings and love to you Cloud! XOXOOX!" ... written by Rana
thanks so much for being my friend. " ... written by bonnie buice
Wow, Very nice reading. Thanks again cloud. Love and Light." ... written by angloThai
Wow Cloudsong amazes me every time. She gives me details that i haven't even shared with her. She's really in tune, picking up on things i knew but never suspected were related to my questions. She knows what's going on. I'll be back for more readings and insight." ... written by Lady La
I had 3 readings with cloud and I just love this woman she knows what she is talking about and answers very well to where anyone can understand her." ... written by Mia_Koda
Very sweet and gentle. Confirmed a lot of things that others have told me so it was a really nice reassurance. Thank you for the lovely read." ... written by carosh
I have had several readings with CloudSong and I just love her." ... written by Michelle
You are my heart and soul. Thank you so much for all your guidance and most of all your friendship. Love you!!" ... written by familyhelper
Cloud is the best! Love her! Thank you always for the reading! CXOXOOXOXO!" ... written by Rana
love her, she is so right on the spot" ... written by jaqline
so glad i caught cloud tonight helped me with a major situation got all my answers in a quick amount of time" ... written by jessica
Great - so happy I saw her" ... written by sylvia812
she was spot on.." ... written by aqua
Cloud, you are my angel, I wish i will be able to bring you back what you do for me, i love you so much cloud with all my heart, you are accurate and smart.... god bless you and his angels will be with you all the time,,, I love you cloud" ... written by ron
Cloud is my friend, adviser, confident! Love her and her readings! oxoxoxo!" ... written by Rana
So glad i waited for cloud! A very accurate read very positive and helpful as always! Cloudsong is at the top of my oranum list =)" ... written by Jessica
awwwwwwwwwwwwsome good reader you'll love her " ... written by lindsey
Very nice reading. Great as always. Thanks for understand and caring. love and light." ... written by angloThai
love her she is always honest with me." ... written by fallin
She is always spot on... everything she said is all happening. You're awesome cloud! " ... written by Sammy Kat
Amazing reading!" ... written by CA
insight + wisdom" ... written by john
She is great!!! Just GREAT! she feels the things in a such strong way, and say everything even if it was not easy. I really and TOTALLY feel the connection with her. I TOTALLY RECOMMEND HER.Thanks Cloudsong! Thx a loooot! " ... written by Aby
She is truly amazing, gave amazing advise that I need so so bad, I'm def gonna follow her advise and work on things. Thank you so much Cloud I'll def come back.." ... written by sweet
shes awesome my go to :)!" ... written by classic pixie
Cloud is awesome - have not had anyone have such a deep connection with my situation." ... written by Pam
she is so honest loving and caring. she is my go to gal when I need to know the truth. " ... written by fallin
Great reading and follow up. Thanks, I'll come back." ... written by Bibi123
Cloud is very caring and lovable person, she makes me feel more confident! Love her " ... written by L
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Excellent and thorough as always!" ... written by Maria
amazing woman and best connection there is. " ... written by nana smith
Wonderful as always" ... written by Pam
thank you so much. You are for real." ... written by bonnie buice
Cloud I wish I will be able to return you back what you are doing for me, You are my angel, you are a blessing from god that sending you to help people, God bless you angel" ... written by Ronen
awesome accurate fast reading! 100 recommended! she is such a down to earth angle! I love her!" ... written by Alicia
amazing and connects so well" ... written by nana smith
amazing woman" ... written by nana smith
There is just no way to ever thank you for all you do for me, both in private readings and in free chat. You are a true inspiration in my life. The light that surrounds you and all you do for others makes me see the beauty in the world. Your energy is so pure. I was blessed the day I wandered into your room. To those that might be reading this review ... If you want a good accurate reading that has the added bonus of a true blessing in your life ... click private and be ready to be amazed!!" ... written by Cheryl
Love Cloud! She is always awesome to read with! Worth every penny for sure! XOXOXOXO" ... written by Rana
Cloud is very accurate and to the point...she is just lovely and very supportive, a great person to have on your side :)" ... written by Sammykat
she's been great always love how she give awesome advice she's very caring and good positive person." ... written by calvin
fast accurate and is really detailed with her readings. No tools unless requested! awesome awesome awesome!!!" ... written by ally
Love Cloud. She just gets it and understands it all the time." ... written by familyhelper
Cloud is always very helpful!! and accurate" ... written by Sammykat
She was very supportive and wonderful as usual" ... written by Sammykat
Cloud you are amazing and I love you so much, you are accurate, you are my angel" ... written by ron
Great reading, very accurate. Love it, thanks" ... written by Bibi123
Cloud is one of the few that can give me quick fast answers when i'm low on credits! not what i wanted to hear but it was honest and i value that" ... written by jessica
AMAZING!!!" ... written by DF
Best reading, always an awesome reader. I'll come back again, thanks!" ... written by Bibi123
Amazing woman. Helps with worries and fears and gives insight and hope for future. Knows exactly what is going on " ... written by Suzanne1201
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Amazing is cloud!! :)" ... written by Amee
beautiful soul and very caring" ... written by kali
cloud u are truly a good friend u are so amazing answer my questions and gave me good advice!! Thank u so much for the update and ur help!! Luv and Light (((hugs))) :)" ... written by prettyeyez64
Cloud was accurate, tuned in instantly, and knew what to do with me!! Feeling stronger and better now xx" ... written by gokelly
Thank you very much! Was accurate and caring. great reading thank you!" ... written by melissa
i wuld not have spend money in other psychics if i would have " ... written by maria
I like her she's very nice and accurate ….i like when she connect to my mother ….i will give her 5 stars ……." ... written by Elisa Deriada
Really nice reading, everything was spot on accurate. Good advice for future potential encounters and what is currently going on. Thank you!" ... written by Jennifer
amazing :)" ... written by nana smith
Cloud is amazing as always :)" ... written by Amee
Excellent - as always!" ... written by Maria
Cloud is always good, and very helpful. We love her!!" ... written by SammyKat
You are truly amazing and sweet. Thank you for all you said :) you are my angel!" ... written by Eva
very intuitive, caring and fast. Love her" ... written by Gina
Always wonderful." ... written by Pam
An amazing person! Thanks for your help this entire year!" ... written by familyhelper
cloudsong was once again amazing in her accurate reading she is always honest and direct I depend on his guidance in all matters in my life" ... written by dmw4300
Love love love her she is so good! I love her updates! so so calming! Thanks a bunches." ... written by amoura88
thank you cloud" ... written by chocolate
CloudSong is a wonderful reader and person. Her energy is beautiful and pure, and she really cares about all her clients." ... written by Faerie Liz
So helpful" ... written by Pam
Thank you cloud." ... written by chocolate
amazin" ... written by nana
You were awesome. Right on point. Still have answers though. Will come back to u. " ... written by Nicole Wagner
Cloudsong is so very intuitive. she knows what is going on with you and has such good advice. she is a very good friend to have. I love talking to her." ... written by bonnie buice
shes the ultimate ....very friendly and receptive shes the best psychic ever 5 stars ........the queen of all psychics she is truly a blessed psychic " ... written by joeymas343
great first session with the lady xx" ... written by B
wonderful" ... written by Pam
My love cloud, there are no words that can describe how much I love you, you are a gift from god, you are so accurate and amazing Pearson, You are an angel that light my life again, give me the boost to keep moving and brought me the hope again, the hope for the good for the happiness for the love, Cloud angel, I just wanna say thank you, for everything you doing for me as you are amazing and will always be the best ever.... " ... written by Ron
amazing woman" ... written by nana smith
this woman is the best" ... written by nana smith
thank you very much. easy to talk to and listen. She was a great listener as well and answered a lot of my questions. thank you" ... written by sunflowers33
At this rate, you'll be at 2,000 readings soon! Love You! Hugs!" ... written by familyhelper
Love you Cloud! You're amazing as always!" ... written by familyhelper
excellent she is so amazing" ... written by gamali adewuyi
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Reassuring" ... written by Pam
Nice" ... written by Pam
Wonderful inside and out." ... written by Pam
Amazing" ... written by Pam
I have no words that can describe how sweet is this angel, and how much she is accurate... I just love her :) " ... written by Ron
Thx" ... written by Pam
Cloudsong is the best, very intuitive and very accurate and very honest and very helpful" ... written by SammyKat
Wonderful as always. " ... written by Sarah
she was right on the money to what was and is going on chat with her I will again" ... written by runmustratt
Awesome as always." ... written by Pam
thank you so much and i hope your predictions turn out right." ... written by bonnie buice
good reading" ... written by bonnie buice
Thx." ... written by Pam
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Tuned in straight away to the problem and gave me clarification on what I need to know xxxx" ... written by gokelly
I love Cloudsong! She rocks! She helped me so much and brought me positive so many times when I felt negative or lost. Thank you so much! She even inspired me to move forward with a career that I love! So, I can never thank her enough! Amen!" ... written by Amber Dee
Excellent, tuned in straight away, she gave me more info than i asked, which shed more light on the situation. Very good. xxx" ... written by gokelly
I chatted with her for about an hour and all I can say is that she was just amazing with her readings...she pinned it right on the dot with all my issues and relationship. She could not have been any more in tuned with me and was able to really pick up everything I have been going through. She is very detailed and really give you the most information about the cards to make you understand better what is going on. I will definitely be reading with her again. Thank you so much Cloud Song for giving me hope and for showing me that there is light at the end of the tunnel....100 Stars for You!!!" ... written by Deanne
amazing" ... written by nana smith
You're an amazing friend and psychic. Thanks for everything!" ... written by familiyhelper
love you forever, you're amazing as always!" ... written by familyhelper
Wonderful" ... written by Pam
great connection" ... written by nana smith
amazing" ... written by nana smith
I love Cloud!!!! Every time i have a private with her she is so spot on!!! Fast, honest, accurate warm readings!!! Thank you!!!!" ... written by Lefleur
Cloud is always and will always be here for me through every situation. She is awesome! :)" ... written by Rana
Excellent as always - my favorite reader on Oranum and very gentle and warm to speak to! :)" ... written by Maria
I love her. She has so much love and light. She is a beautiful soul inside and out. One of the happiest people I know. Thank you for the update. Hugs...xoxo" ... written by j
Awesome." ... written by Pam
Amazing." ... written by Pam
Awesome" ... written by Pam
Cloud is amazing, and has always been right!" ... written by Amee
She is amazing. Gives you insight to your deepest question and worries. Gives you direction and guidance to follow your life's path. I trust in her guidance" ... written by Suzanne1201
OMGosh!!! was sooo awesome and nailed everything before i even finished the questions :) I cannot wait to come back for an update. Everything she stated the last reading a couple of weeks ago did happen...and that has never happened before! I'm excited,joyous, and happy how everything is turning out. Thank you again :D " ... written by sunflowers33
LOOOOOOVe her!" ... written by Rana
Awesome! Funny and warm. I loved her. Thank you! :)" ... written by Study
Thx so much for all that you do." ... written by Pam
Cloud is number one! Gotta love her! She has helped me so much through all my struggles. She is a blessing that I will never forget. :)" ... written by Rana
excellent " ... written by maria
thank you" ... written by yummychocolate85
Cloud is superb. If you want a kind, truthful reading.. go to her!" ... written by Amee
You are a miracle worker Cloud. It's amazing to me." ... written by familyhelper
Awesome is the word to describe cloudy!!! its the only word to describe her" ... written by SammtKat
Wonderful as always." ... written by Pam
Cloud is my rock I always go to! Love her and her readings. She never lets me down! Thank you and many blessings! :)" ... written by Rana
amazing woman" ... written by nana smith
She is very intuitive and caring. She can read with cards and without! Thank you :)" ... written by Chelsey
Beautiful soul" ... written by Pam
cloudsong was once again accurate and direct in her reading she is always guiding me along a rough road" ... written by dm4300
Accurate, positive and caring. What more could u want??" ... written by gokelly
good reading" ... written by apple
Cloudy is awesome, we love her. She's very accurate and honest and uplifting." ... written by SammyKat
Awesome reader! She gave me cold chills! Very quick to pick up on everything!" ... written by Teressa
amazing! :)" ... written by Amee
i love her updates. She totally rocks!!!! and she is awsome!!!! she gives out good energy and makes u feel better about yourself too. 10 stars!" ... written by amoura88
I wish I had words to describe how much this angel cloud is amazing person and how much I love her.... God bless you cloud... you are a blessing from god to all of us.... love you" ... written by Ron
Lovely" ... written by Pam
she was very accurate" ... written by Staci
She is awesome, always spot on and tells you how it is. I would recommend going to her. She never sugar coats anything. " ... written by Sw
Awesommmmee! :)" ... written by Amee
SHe is amazing" ... written by Ron
Great." ... written by Pam
Cloud is just wonderful and accurate and very giving and connects so well with any situation... Highly recommend her for any questions.. she CAN handle it!!! Thank You and will come back soon! " ... written by Lynda22
Awesome as always.. great reading and got what I needed to hear.. many blessings!!! muahh" ... written by Lynda22
I love talking with Cloud Song. Her attitude is so great." ... written by Donna
answered my question andamp; was already speaking to me before cards were even laid out" ... written by stacey
amazing woman" ... written by nana smith
amazing" ... written by nana smith
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Another great reading, ty so much!!! blessings! " ... written by Lynda22
nice!!" ... written by Zeigen
So warm and lovely. Does Angel type card reading. Very enjoyable" ... written by Sparkle Pony
Awesome" ... written by Pam
great as always light and blessing." ... written by Hazel
You are my rock :0)" ... written by Pam
amazing" ... written by nana smith
great follow up xx" ... written by B
Lovely" ... written by Pam
:)" ... written by Pam
Cloudy is the best, she's awesome, uplifting and loving, she's accurate and has never been wrong!!" ... written by SammyKat
Great" ... written by Pam
Great" ... written by Pam
Cloud is amazing as always." ... written by Amee
great!!! just so awesome !!!!" ... written by sunflowers33
cloud is awesome and so helpful.....................just love her to peices" ... written by Sammykat
great reading every time" ... written by nana smith
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Cloud Song gave me a very detailed and helpful reading. It was very positive and encouraging." ... written by AJ
She was so awesome and so sweet! I love her!!!!!" ... written by Sammykat
Cloud is very intuitive and I so appreciate her reading" ... written by FindingPeace
right on target one of the best" ... written by devene
amazing" ... written by Amee
Picked on the situation, advice and knowing was accurate. Always excellent advice for me xxx" ... written by gokelly
Awesome" ... written by Pam
:)" ... written by Pam
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Awesommmmee.." ... written by Amee
First i was skeptical, but she was awesome. Gave me goosebumps. I'm definitely taking Cloud song's advice. " ... written by Jay
Fantastic reading! CloudSong connected to my situation so quickly without any tools! She drew one card that was a really helpful prayer to help with my situation. Thanks so much and I'll be back again!" ... written by cherryblossom10
Really picked up on my situation. CloudSong is awesome!" ... written by Starshine34
thank you" ... written by spno
Thank you Cloud for your supportive words, you are wonderful soul!!! Very warm, accurate, honest, genuine...very good with time frames. Blessings!!!" ... written by L
She is very accurate... and informative. I liked her reading. " ... written by june
:0)" ... written by Pam
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Wonderful" ... written by Pam
Awesome" ... written by Pam
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Cloud is awesome and very quick" ... written by SammyKat
Excellent!!! Love her xxx" ... written by gokelly
:0)" ... written by Pam
Amazing :)" ... written by Amee
Cloud is so spot on it is scary! I appreciate her so much!!!!! Hugs." ... written by Donna
I just love love love cloud!!!!!" ... written by Donna
Another great reading! She took away my headache too! I'm very grateful to have known this special psychic which i highly recommend to anyone " ... written by Jessica
u rock my world! now i have someone so beautiful and truthful to run to now! awesome read" ... written by rosy
Thank you Cloud. I hope things get better for me. " ... written by G
so sweet so nice so fast " ... written by kiki
She was great and answer my question. Very on point!" ... written by sondra
Precise, to the point and gave me understanding of my situation. Thank u xxxx" ... written by gokelly
love her she is my second mother giving me guy advice lol i love her so much she is awsome" ... written by amoura88
brilliant work loving her always she's well gifted blessings dear your info was well well on point XD" ... written by daniel morris
Wonderful as always." ... written by Pam
Amazing reading" ... written by Angel Denner
You're so amazing. It's mind boggling to me how you could be that good. Love everything you've done for me over the past year. You are indeed such a good advisor and now a friend." ... written by familyhelper
Excellent...she keeps on telling me the same thing!! Don't know how she has the patience!! But I am progressing towards a better life. Thanks Cloud" ... written by gokelly
Wonderful read gave me great advise" ... written by pinkpather30
:)" ... written by Pam
My favorite person in the whole wide world! Love you Cloud." ... written by familyhelper
:)" ... written by Pam
Enlightening" ... written by Pam
There aren't words to express my gratitude for all you've done for me with your insight, positive energy and guidance. You have made me a stronger person and have given me the confidence to move on with my life. Thank you most sincerely. Much love..." ... written by familyhelper
Wonderful" ... written by Pam
Great and insightful as always. Nobody comes close to reading me this well and never has. Thanks" ... written by Cheryl
Great" ... written by Pam
Awesome" ... written by Pam
Great" ... written by Pam
Lovely lady :0)" ... written by Pam
Thank you so much for the guidance and your knowledge of all that is right. I can't say how much I appreciate your being here for me. Awesome readings and a true good heart." ... written by bonnie buice
she is just awesome, she NAILED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by bm
Cloud was accurate, precise and supportive xx" ... written by gokelly
Awesome" ... written by Pam
:-)" ... written by Pam
I love cloud with all my heart shes amazing " ... written by Kayla
SHe is amazing as usual, I love her so much :)" ... written by Ron
readings with cloud are always spot on! " ... written by Jessica
SHe is GREAT!!!!!!! CloudSong is the great great. Incredible I must say" ... written by bm
she is soooo great!!! Ten stars in my book " ... written by bm
Awesome , awesome awesome!!! she really helped see the big picture, " ... written by sunflowers33
Great update." ... written by Pam
very helpful, straight forward and to the point. Will definitely seek her advice in the future." ... written by Brad
Great reading. Fun too. Like her style." ... written by L
You are the light aand show me the way more than you know. Thanks for your time. " ... written by Bonnie buice
Cloud is amazing as always." ... written by Amee
Awesome" ... written by Pam
Awesomeeee!!" ... written by Amee
Marvelous" ... written by Pam
Great and wonderful as usual, puts me at ease. love her" ... written by bbb
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Just simply put, thanks so much for being my friend." ... written by bonnie buice
Wonderful as always" ... written by Pam
I appreciate Cloudsong so much. I am so tired o wondering and feeling like I do not matter and she lets me know that I do. That is a great gift." ... written by Donna
Really interesting reading, loved it!" ... written by Maria
:0)" ... written by Pam
cloud song is awesome." ... written by sunshine
Cloudsong is so amazing very nice and sweet person to talk too!! I will keep u updated about my situation. Thanks for ur time and help!! Love and light (((hugs))) :)" ... written by prettyeyez64
Amazing" ... written by Pam
cloud song is so wonderful-warm, friendly, good sense of humor. Easy to talk to and totally right on in her readings. highly recommend her." ... written by Sylvia 812
cloudsong was once again so amazingly accurate with her reading. She always is direct but is understanding as well." ... written by dmw4300
Great." ... written by Pam
Beautiful." ... written by Pam
Very nice to talk to and seemed to know what she was talking about" ... written by Vicki Dombroskie
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Wow, Love ya cloud. Great reading as always. " ... written by anglloThai
My best friend ever!" ... written by familyhelper
I could spend my life savings talking to you. You give me so much insight and guidance. You're an amazing empath and friend. I can't thank you enough for all you do for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Many hugs!" ... written by familyhelper
She was very good one of the best reading I have ever had." ... written by Joseph
Marvelous" ... written by Pam
:0)" ... written by Pam
Most amazing woman in the world" ... written by Mia_Koda
I highly recommend her. She helped a lot." ... written by Racquel
I appreciate your words with me." ... written by Dopplersonograph
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Understanding" ... written by Pam
Always wonderful " ... written by Sparkle Pony
awesome:)" ... written by Amee
thanks for your advice and I will do what you say because I know you are right." ... written by bonnie buice
:0)" ... written by Pam
Understanding" ... written by Pam
Cloud did an excellent reading for me. I wish I would have had more time! " ... written by Kelly
Awesome." ... written by Pam
Great" ... written by Pam
Reassuring" ... written by Pam
very helpful person, amazing insight. Highly recommend her" ... written by Bibi123
Insightful and helpful. Very kind and comforting as well. I always enjoy our readings." ... written by AJ
very good" ... written by abby
loved her energy and she was spot on - wonderful reading and I trust what she tells me - will be back soon :)" ... written by Deb
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
Supportive" ... written by Pam
Always positive and uplifting." ... written by Pam
i love cloud every situation she picks up on......10 stars!!!!" ... written by amoura88
Cloud Song is intuitive and caring. Her readings are helpful and give clarity." ... written by AJ
CloudSong always provides awesome direction and guidance." ... written by Pam
amazing" ... written by nana smith
again the best...thanks so much she is accurate and quick!! thanks" ... written by amoura88
Awesome" ... written by Pam
Understanding" ... written by Pam
:-)" ... written by Pam
thank you again for help :)" ... written by fireflyies
she’s very cool, direct and accurate and a sweet heart, positive influence. " ... written by calvin
Thanks Cloud. Amazing as usual.!!!" ... written by familyhelper
Great." ... written by Pam
:0)" ... written by Pam
cloudsong was once again amazing with her reading she is always so accurate and straightforward too I will continue to seek her guidance " ... written by dmw4300
She has always been so very wonderful. Weather in free chat or in private. I really love her readings. She is the best no ifs and's or buts about it." ... written by Joseph
Great." ... written by Pam
Great reading.." ... written by Ginbella
:0)" ... written by Pam
I love cloud shes my saving grace." ... written by Kayla
Reassuring" ... written by Pam
my absolute best friend. love you cloud. you are mind boggling amazing." ... written by familyhelper
great" ... written by Amee
I love CloudSong a bunch she is great. If this happens within the next two weeks I will send her a dozen red roses!" ... written by Donna
Got closure with my Mother who had passed and talked with my father who had also passed. CloudSong gave me a lot of understanding and a chance to heal my heart from a lifetime of hurt. I can't thank her or recommend her enough." ... written by Jayne Martin
ugh shes so sweet i cant even handle it! clear and accurate reading, very honest and articulate. thank u :)" ... written by tk
love our talks thank you." ... written by bonnie buice
Awesome" ... written by Pam
Marvelous" ... written by Pam
Such a beautiful soul." ... written by Pam
She has such a beautiful soul and I saw orbs floating behind her! She is guided by some pretty amazing spirits and receives information in such detail that I would have never told anyone but she still knew it! I just highly recommend anyone in need of guidance to take her private, well worth the money!" ... written by Della
you are so beautiful cloud and the way you receive your info is just spectacular. i will be back very soon." ... written by Velora
She's a beautiful soul - very caring and very gentle. Spot on with everything she told me. So happy I came to her. Highly recommend. Thank you again." ... written by Thuy
she is gifted, but her best gift is her heart...if you get over my wall thats something and she did, wish had more time" ... written by tragicIntuition
So friendly and is so on point about everything! Defiantly recommend! Thank you for everything! you have given me clarity!!!!" ... written by Sierra142
She was so amazing and so very talented and gifted, was able to hit right on my situation without any tools at all! Definitely 5*****'s and highly recommend! " ... written by Amanda
Great reader. Could see a lot into my issues" ... written by lynn
Oh my gosh spot on hit everything on the head and didnt even need to tell her anything!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! " ... written by Joyce
I JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU CLOUDSONG! Thank you so much for your insight and guidance! I WILL DEFINITELY BE BACK!!!" ... written by JoAnn
Where do I even begin to describe Cloudsong? You can't! She is just an amazing amazing amazing person who's very talented and gifted! I don't know how you do it Cloud, but thank you for the much needed insight!" ... written by Angelica
AWESOME" ... written by Marie
amazing ty " ... written by littlestar
Compassionate, loving, and very special. Everyone should come get one of her readings,.. many stars!" ... written by Marie
very great, thank you " ... written by hundley
:)" ... written by Pam
Enlightening" ... written by Pam
Revealing" ... written by Pam
Loved her!! So accurate, genuine! One of the best readings I have gotten on Oranum! " ... written by Michelle
Awesome reading like always! " ... written by jessica s
Amazing" ... written by Pam
Very informative reading. She's great." ... written by L
Caring" ... written by Pam
Awesome." ... written by Amee
Amazing." ... written by nana smith
Amazing." ... written by nana smith
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Clou d is amazing and has provided me with amazing support .Keep your amazing spirit going!" ... written by livinglife97
Wonderful" ... written by Pam
Super Duper :0)" ... written by Pam
Thank you cloud for being accurate and so caring. Cloud has helped me through a lot of hard times." ... written by Amee
Awesome" ... written by Pam
Loving my cloud , she is spot on without saying anything x" ... written by B
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Awesome :)" ... written by Amee
She is good at least I like what she said but she is good." ... written by Robin
Awesome :)" ... written by Amee
amazing :)" ... written by nana smith
great" ... written by nana smith
Revealing" ... written by Pam
:)" ... written by Pam
Amazing" ... written by Pam
Thanks for the reading. Your awesome." ... written by angloThai
Very helpful and connected. Now I can rest and relax tonight before beginning another morning." ... written by Give_Me_Love
she’s a friend and very thoughtful caring person, give great advice." ... written by calvin
updates me on everything i need to know and lets me know too aalwyas good" ... written by amoura88
Amazing and very gifted , she picked up on everything out of no where :) truly amazed and feel very helped " ... written by Rachael
Awesome" ... written by Pam
she is very caring and great in reading" ... written by veezee
I LOVE this woman! She gives you the raw truth, and what you need to love YOU and to succeed. Exactly what I needed! Thanks so much Cloudsong!! :)" ... written by Karma
Wonderful" ... written by Pam
Cloud picked on the situation quickly and accurately. Her advice was clear, direct and very helpful!! Thanks again Cloud xx" ... written by gokelly
I am so much enjoying the time we talk together nd it makes me feel so good to know you are here for me. Truelly a great friend. " ... written by bonnie buice
Amazing :)" ... written by Amee
Wonderful reader she knew right away that I had abilities also and gave me alot of perspective and knowledge" ... written by pinkpather30
She is so sweet...I did not speak a thing and she spoke all!!!!" ... written by clara
:)" ... written by Pam
Great" ... written by Pam
thank you so much for being there." ... written by bonnie buice
She is so lovely - and she picked up on my situation very well. Only time will tell if it unfolds as she predicted :) " ... written by Sparkle Pony
she is such a sweet soul to talk to,i feel so much positive about everything." ... written by n g
she issss the most awesome adivor i can speak to " ... written by maria
Thank you so much for the great and strong reading. I will be back to talk again soon! " ... written by Amanda
Thank you so much for connecting me with my grandfather and my best friend! You do not know what you have done for me! Thank you so much Cloud!" ... written by David
:)" ... written by Pam
Advice was spot on and usual xx" ... written by gokelly
cloud is awsome!!!! another update another great time in private!!" ... written by amoura88
Awesome" ... written by Pam
TY so much CloudSong you always help me so much. You read me like a book" ... written by Donna
thank you cloud" ... written by chocolate
Amazing." ... written by Amee
I love our time together, thanks for all your help. If you need me send me a message. I will be there, like you are here for me." ... written by bonnie buice
Cloud is an awesome person in all aspects. She is a marvelous reader and a great guide. She is able to provide you with straight forward answers in a kind and heartfelt manner. I am never disappointed with the time I spend with Cloud. Hugs." ... written by Pam
I enjoyed my time." ... written by tcc
:0)" ... written by Pam
cloud, is great as usual.. very intuitive and concise. Thank you !" ... written by Lynda22
thanks for all that you do for me." ... written by bonnie buice
Awesome" ... written by Pam
I appreciate the help of Cloudsong, I needed to know about love, she helped me realize that I have to work on me first before love can ever occur...Thank you for that! :)" ... written by calliopeblyu
I wanted to know about a girl in my life that has been popping in and out. I just found out that she really does love me and I have to get to know her a lot better than I think I do. She is the one for me and I need to show her that, then things will start popping back into place. Thank you, Cloud. Thank you!" ... written by Will
I appreciate the help. I know I can be a pain sometimes and I appreciate the honesty and how things work. Law of attraction! It has to be me and my thoughts! Recommend her to any and everyone! Thank you, Cloud!" ... written by Nikki
I recommend Cloud to everyone who needs to know about how to make a change in their life. Also, she is a great medium too and I was hoping to speak with my great grandmother, she helped me connect fast and accurately! Wow, thank you for that, Cloud. Blessings!" ... written by Daniella
Things happen for a reason and I have been able to see that now thanks to, Cloud! I know that I have to work on a lot of things that happen in my life and not because they are bad situations but mostly because I do not trust in myself. Thank you, Cloud!" ... written by Frankie
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Wonderful, spot on. Perfect reading with sound advice" ... written by Lburg5
Thank you so much for asking the Arch angels my questions. It was enlightining" ... written by Bonnie buice
She always helps understand. She's a great positive person with positive messages. Thanks Cloud." ... written by familyhelper
Amazing" ... written by familyhelper
She is amazing!!!!! She is my reader of choice. She is always on point and very accurate. Must talk to her. Very nice and very sweet. Will tell you how it is : ))))) Thank you!!!" ... written by Deanne
You're a great listener and a great friend. You give great advice and am always head on with everything." ... written by familyhelper
You're amazing Cloud. Your insight really hits it right on every time. Love you. Will be back many times again and again for updates." ... written by familyhelper
awesome!" ... written by Gina
All I can say is WOW. Very intuned lady. Didn't have to feed info to her, She was spot on everything. God has truly Blessed you!!!" ... written by Judi
amaazing" ... written by nane smith
Always wonderful" ... written by Pam
She was really focused and good at answering my questions. Thank You." ... written by Angelwingss7
WOW so awesome i was so re-leaved at all the help and so far everything she has said has in fact came to pass!!! Thank you cant wait for another great update. :) " ... written by summertines
She is great... more than a counsellor provides clear insight into our ways to go... and scenarios for the future... very nice and attentive as well... I will definitely come back and strongly recommend..." ... written by Alexandre Caldas
Wonderful" ... written by Pam
:)" ... written by Pam
:0)" ... written by Pam
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Wonderful reader, good intentioned, quick and honest. I highly recommend her." ... written by Sylvia812
As usual, a wonderful reading with a kind and generous person. She is always a joy to talk with and I treasure her insight into my situations." ... written by Jayne
amazing" ... written by nana smith
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Insightful" ... written by Pam
Such a beautiful spirit and a wonderful reader. I always feel blessed by what CloudSong shares with me. She is insightful and kind hearted." ... written by AJ
Love you, love you, love you!!!" ... written by familyhelper
Great" ... written by Pam
Great reading, great insight with a well detailed message. Thank you Cloud, always nice being here" ... written by Bibi123
Awesome" ... written by Pam
thank you for being my friend. I will follow your advice and take care of it. thanks" ... written by bonnie buice
Centering" ... written by Pam
You are my best friend, Cloud. Love you so much! Thanks for the guidance and love and support!" ... written by familyhelper
So touching felt like I was in the clouds as she talked. She is a very gentle person and very caring in her words as she speaks. Yet says the truth. " ... written by Marie
:)" ... written by Pam
Comforting" ... written by Pam
I really appreciate CloudSong's help. I get kinda in a limbo form and not sure what to do." ... written by Donna
Optimistic" ... written by Pam
needed to hear those messages tonight. I am so glad i took cloud pvt. awesome reading." ... written by H
amazing" ... written by nana smith
A very special person and friend. Thanks." ... written by familyhelper
amazing" ... written by nana smith
We had a great reading.......CloudSong answered my questions, using clairvoyance and cards. There was comfort in knowing what to expect. She is so hospitable and caring. Great experience - thank you CloudSong. " ... written by wisesongbird
Awesome." ... written by Pam
BFF's! Love you. Wait till you see the beautiful lotus flower I'm getting! Thanks for the advice, support, guidance, positive thinking and everything else you bring to my life. Love you. Hugs." ... written by cloudsong
WOW WOW WOW. No other words necessary. Trust her. She's good at what she does. I'm about to start crying...tears of joy!" ... written by l
awesomee " ... written by maria
Excellent as always!" ... written by AJ
she was right on and amazing" ... written by Tara
she’s great and very friendly always give positive insight in towards living life and making the most of it. " ... written by calvin
Love my readings with cloud.. she connects so well and is very compassionate and has great advise. thank you Cloud!!! xoxox" ... written by Lynda22
Great" ... written by Pam
Excellent. Accurate. Quick. She gave the 'missing' information I needed. " ... written by gokelly
i love my reading with her sshe is great a lot info this time " ... written by maria
Awesome :)" ... written by Amee
Awesome" ... written by Pam
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Great" ... written by Pam
What else can I say about Cloud other than she's shear magic in everything she does and says. Love you, Cloud." ... written by familyhelper
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
Amazing as usual!" ... written by famlyhelper
Always connects so well, understands and delivers as usual." ... written by familyhelper
another great update always a pleasure to speak with :) " ... written by summertimes
Deep" ... written by Pam
Thank you for being my friend and for being so smart. LOVE to you and yours." ... written by Bonnie buice
A wonderful person, a thoughtful and truthful reader, quick to connect and very respectful of time and money. HIGHLY RECOMMEND." ... written by Sylvia 812
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
love her energy for the millionth she shows me the path but never tells me which one to follow, just the opputonities i can follow...thank you so much xoxo" ... written by amoura88
Awesome" ... written by Pam
Wonderful" ... written by Pam
AWESOME!!!!!" ... written by clara
thank you!" ... written by tara
Love you. You're amazing." ... written by familyhelper
You are one of the best readers on this site and one of the most loved! You're amazingly on point and connect so quickly. All my past predictions have come true." ... written by familyhelper
She's the BEST!! I love her candid and extremely informational readings!!" ... written by Karma
Enlightening" ... written by Pam
Wonderful reading!! " ... written by luckystar5
I just love our conersations. you can tap into my mind all the time. thank you" ... written by bonniebuice
She's great! Very warm, caring, friendly. Feels like I've known her forever!" ... written by Tammy
thank you!" ... written by chocolate
thank you for ll you have done for me." ... written by bonnie buice
Awesome" ... written by Pam
Great" ... written by Pam
amazing" ... written by nana smith
my third reading with her this week.. shes awesome!" ... written by Tammy
Always wonderful, Thank you for your wonderful cards!! " ... written by Marie
Accurate, insightful, very helpful xxx" ... written by gokelly
great reading" ... written by nana smith
wonderful" ... written by Pam
I just love this lady she is so sweet. thank you for the lovely readings." ... written by bonniebuice
she was amazing the reading gave me all the answers I needed will definitely get another reading....she is very gifted and insightful" ... written by auntiecarol
Awesome" ... written by Pam
she will tell you every detail about whats going on." ... written by jose
thank you" ... written by chocolate
Awesome" ... written by Pam
she is by far the best." ... written by jose
Amazing!!! Great reading with plenty of insightful details. Connect with my current situation rapidly. Five stars. Namaste. xoxoxo" ... written by rosen.
gooooooooooooodalways a blessing" ... written by misswonderwomen
5 stars..She is very ..Thanks a lot for your guidance" ... written by Saumya
She was great, even though she didn't feel good! I really appreciate her time!" ... written by Tabby
thanks for your insights. I feel better everytime" ... written by bonnie buice
Amazing" ... written by Pam
Thanks Cloud. Amazing as usual. All right on target. Thanks." ... written by familyhelper
Love you Cloud. You're the light of my life." ... written by familyhelper
She is very good and connects with angels which is what I like. Thanks Cloud." ... written by Amanda
great and wonderful reading" ... written by char
Wonderful as always." ... written by Pam
Cloud is awesome :)" ... written by Amee
Cloud has definitely sensed without using any tools my current thoughts and feelings during my reading. She is very intuitive and friendly. She gives as much information as possible and loves to ensure that you are recognizing the situation fully with compassion and an open mind. Wonderful reader!" ... written by Sleepydreamer
Clarifying" ... written by Pam
She is always great? " ... written by Sparkle Pony
Awesome" ... written by Pam
I love her readings. She is wonderful and caring" ... written by Michelle
Great" ... written by Pam
Insightful" ... written by Pam
Most kind, loving, supportive psychic that I talk to on this website. Has own ways of reading which is unique and comforting to all the situations that I give. " ... written by ranasimh1
Great" ... written by Pam
amazing!!!" ... written by jose
excellent reading very accurate. Very loving and compassionate reader!" ... written by mohena
thank you for all that you do for me. I have a true friend. Love ya." ... written by bonniebuice
Cloud is wonderful as always and I feel much more in tune and positive about my decisions and life path. This is important to be healthy." ... written by Donna
Quick, non judmental, current predictions are accurate. Future prediction, shall see..... BUT she answered so much with a very short time. She knows her cards. Genuine great reader. " ... written by hope
Accurate, quick and honest :) " ... written by gokelly
great reading loved the knowledge" ... written by classic44i
Wonderful reading and really accurate with some of the things that happened and what I was feeling. Thank you!" ... written by Astarintheocean
Awesome" ... written by Pam
you are my sunshine. thanks for all you do for me. " ... written by bonniebuice
another awesome reading to calm my nerves!" ... written by Jessica
thanks very sweet lady " ... written by misswonderwomen
amazing" ... written by nana smith
once again I am amazed by Cloudsong!!! She never fails to deliver the most accurate and direct readings. She always leaves me with the peace of mind I need." ... written by dmw4300
clear, honest and accurate, as always" ... written by gokelly
quick honest great!" ... written by gokelly
Awesome" ... written by Pam
Awesome" ... written by Pam
thank you!" ... written by chocolate
Cloud is a good lady and a great reader. I appreciate her so much." ... written by Donna
Great" ... written by Pam
thank you so much for your kind words and your wisdom. it is always like talking to my best friend." ... written by bonniebuice
thank you so much for your honesty." ... written by bonniebuice
She did a great card spread. She was really good at explaining what will happen. Super sweet and on top of the whole situation. Really pretty amazing overall. " ... written by Sara
such a real person. forever friends." ... written by bonnie buice
AWESOME ! AWESOME ! AWESOME !" ... written by claraa
amazing" ... written by nana smith
spot on, would I have expected anything less, absolutely not. Wish i would have had more time, but I got a lot out of it. Cloud is wonderful, and knows the situation without me saying anything. I loved my reading. Will have an update in a month or two" ... written by Lisa
Superb" ... written by Pam
she is THE BEST !" ... written by clara
Great" ... written by Pam
Cloudsong is one of the best on here! She has brought me through so many trials where I cannot thank her enough for her help. Thank you infinity times Cloud. Love and blessings always. :) " ... written by Rana
great very nice reader honest " ... written by isswonderwomen
Awesome" ... written by Pam
Cloudsong has provided clear guidance and comfort for moving on...she is sharp and very clear... we can trust things will happen and the way to move on our way. I will definetely recommend her very strongly. I will let her know of real progress..." ... written by Alexandre Caldas
She terrific in EVERY sense of the word. Great reading, once more!! :)" ... written by Karma
when I have a problem I talk to you. it is my comfort and my saneness place. thank you so much." ... written by bonnie buice
Marvelous" ... written by Pam
greatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt" ... written by H
Great" ... written by Pam
Kind, caring. She knew what was happening and delivered it in a very gentle manner. Thanks Cloud x" ... written by Kelly
so much comes out of me when we talk. I love our time together. You are amazing with your knowledge and your sweetness. we are forever friends. hugs to you my friend." ... written by bonniebuice
Enlightening" ... written by Pam
Cloudsong is more than a blessing in my life. She truly has remarkable gifts from God. I admire her presence and just her as a human being. All of her predictions have always been on spot. Thank you for your love and kindness that you have given to me always. May God protect and give you good health and happiness always." ... written by ranasimh1
such a wonderful person, she is caring and handles your situation great. She is very positive and understanding." ... written by jose
amazing" ... written by nana smith
I wish I could tell you how much I appreciate it. you are my sanity. it is important to discuss with someone my feelings. thank you." ... written by bonniebuice
thank you for being there for me." ... written by bonniebuice
thank you for your patients with me." ... written by bonnie buice
thank for all that you do." ... written by bonniebuice
my greatest fear is that you will not be here for me. I enjoy our readings," ... written by bonniebuice
thank you for all that you do and it is a previledge to talk to you. " ... written by bonniebuice
She is as awesome and as quick as always ... love coming and getting a private reading with her!!" ... written by Sammykat
She was awesome as always! Very accurate, positive and such a great personality. :) Would recommend to anyone and will def be hitting her up soon." ... written by Mickey
thanks puts your mind at rest nice lady " ... written by misswonderwomen
thank you for being my friend. I love ya." ... written by bonnie buice
Great" ... written by Pam
awesome" ... written by Pam
great" ... written by Pam
Love Cloud. She's an amazing person, so connected, all helps me in the right direction. You cleared me and made me feel so much better tonight, Cloud!!! Hugs!" ... written by familyhelper
awssssssssome reader " ... written by misswonderwomen
awesome" ... written by Pam
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
Awesome" ... written by Pam
thank you for the advice. I will believe that you are right with all my heart. and if I fail, at least I tried." ... written by bonniebuice
great reading! look fwd to further updates" ... written by Melissa
thank you" ... written by tara
Fabulous as always!! So empathic it's unbelievable, and such a sweetheart! Very highly recommended!!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Maybe the most thorough reading I have ever had. She is so authentic and really worked through all the cards with me, explaining them. She gave me important info, backed up by other readers I have been to, but with even more details and she's just the real deal." ... written by HamonRye
thanks so much. you have infinite powers yourself and you have inspired me to say the least. " ... written by bonniebuice
Wonderful reading as always. She is amazing. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help you gave me. Love and Light." ... written by anglothai
All makes sens :) nothing else to add. i know what to do. thanks. I go back to u later. " ... written by Tokinha13
always my friend and confidant. thank you and hugs to you." ... written by bonniebuice
Awesome" ... written by Pam
So sweet!! Empowering, love her. Going to be back very soon. She is amazing. " ... written by syn
Awesome, awesome, awesome!! Will come back as long as she's here!" ... written by Anny
such an amazing woman. you teach me so much about things. thank you." ... written by bonniebuice
there are not words to describe the wisdom of this kind lady. I will always be her friend." ... written by bonniebuice
WOW she is AMAZING!!! Her spirit is awesome and so full of positive energy. Accurate and precise with everything she said, and I did not say much, she picked up on everything. I am most definitely coming back. I know good things come with time, at times you have to become the most POSITIVE person for POSITIVE things to happen. Thanks a BILLION Love :)" ... written by confused3330
I have had several readings with her and love her soo much" ... written by Michelle
another great reading helped out with some answers and some confusion" ... written by jessica
thanks always a joy" ... written by misswonderwomen
thanks cloud awesome reader " ... written by misswonderwomen
Quick, accurate, supportive and beautiful. Over time Cloud has supported me to this wonderful new time of my life. I would like to thank you for this Cloud. xxxx" ... written by Kelly
All I can say is it was weird how the cards can tell so much without even telling her anything. I am glad I did a reading with her." ... written by Amanda
she iss awessoooommmmeee!!!!!" ... written by kayla
She was great! Knew me better than I know myself!!" ... written by justme0234
Marvelous" ... written by Pam
SHES THE BESTTT LOVE HER! Spot on! Great Read!" ... written by melB
She's one of the best on here. She really does know how to use her cards and she also has the best intuitive skills to go with the tarot. She picks up on everything! And confirms the things I have strong feelings about. She brought up something tonight that reminded me of something I really need to get back to. I will take her advice and continue to come back to her for insight! Love and Light xxxx" ... written by l
gave me such big insight on things and told me what i needed to hear!!! I honestly think cloud was in my past life for some reason or another. Love you my second mother" ... written by amoura88
Wow, Thanks for the wonderful reading and understanding. I am always amazed by your wisdom and love. Thank You cloud. I recommend to everyone. " ... written by angloThai
thaks cloud awwwwwwwwwwwwsome" ... written by misswonderwomen
Wow! Amazing!" ... written by Stacy
it is so amazing how we connect. we can talk and everything is clear. thank you my friend." ... written by bonniebuice
she is soooooo sweet and so caring and genuine i love it" ... written by sawsan_xo
Such an amazing reading learned about my guides, and gave me important information about intuitive..Thanks so much" ... written by happy
Awesome! Love her and her amazing gift! She is sooooo talented and gifted and she knows what is going on around her. I love her to the moon and back three times! I recommend her to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Amberdeedledee
BFF's forever. You're great. Love you and your amazing readings." ... written by familyhelper
thanks nice reader" ... written by misswonderwomen
We love cloudy...she's right on spot, and very accurate, quick and incredibly intuitive" ... written by Fluerdesil
I love this woman and I hope we will meet someday. hugs to ya." ... written by bonniebuice
I was very confused about a dream I had and Cloud helped me through it. I have a lot to think about. A LOT. I'm so glad she was here to help me. Thank you so much, Cloud!" ... written by Racquel
I am so happy when we talk. you are the one who cheers me up. thank you. and your little friend too." ... written by bonniebuice
Wonderful." ... written by Pam
Had double session with Cloud, and Wings of Topaz. They were great. Got a lot of important insights." ... written by L
I am so proud to have this lady for my guide she is awesome." ... written by bonniebuice
thanks cloud sooooooooomuch" ... written by misswonderwomen
Supportive" ... written by Pam
we have something special. Thanks for being there for me." ... written by bonniebuice
thank you for the readings and we are such good friends" ... written by bonniebuice
Great" ... written by Pam
Great" ... written by Pam
Amazinggg" ... written by Amee
very good reader anyone what thee true go to cloud she great awesome energy " ... written by lindsey
Awesome" ... written by Pam
thanks for the talks we have. it is the highlight of my day" ... written by bonniebuice
Always so calming and reassuring! Thank you. Maybe some day I will start trusting myself. And she always is right on with everything." ... written by Anny
Marveloous" ... written by Pam
Great" ... written by Pam
Cloudy is awesomeee" ... written by Amee
thank you for our talks" ... written by bonniebuice
SPOT ON picked up on everything I was experiencing! " ... written by Lana
spot on " ... written by jose
thank you for all you do. It is a special thing. Always making me smile." ... written by bonniebuice
Marvelous" ... written by Pam
we have so many hours together I feel like you are my sister. thank you for the kind caring heart you have. hugs and blessings." ... written by bonniebuice
You would really want to talk to this lady about anything. she is great. I talk to her all the time" ... written by bonniebuice
thanks cloud you always help me get threw hardtimes vertruthful good person very god gifted psychic" ... written by lindsey
Thank you once again for the great connection. You are a blessing to those of us who really need it. Blessings to you" ... written by judi
She is amazing!She picked very good on everything. Good vibes! I will be back!" ... written by Aurelia
Great update reading!" ... written by luckystar5
Marvelous" ... written by Pam
Cloudy is amazing as always." ... written by Amee
awesome" ... written by Pam
Love Cloud, She is beautiful and Wise and speaks directly from spirit, with the most compassion and love possible. Never a disappointment. I love you Cloud. Take her to Private." ... written by Taries
cloudsong makes me feel good and happy...she provides a clear vision also for future...will keep sharing things with her" ... written by alexandre caldas
She was so accurate, it amazed me. I didn't have to tell her much at all and she already knew. It was my first reading with her and I was impressed. I can't wait to keep her updated. She really was on point and her energy, and attitude was so bubbly, positive and comforting! Thank you cloud!" ... written by Gabriela
She is great! Felt like big sister" ... written by Suzy
hahaha you make me laugh so hard. it is really funny how much we are alike. thanks for being here." ... written by bonniebuice
She was so wonderful. I REALLY had connection. I wish she could be my sister cause I felt that vibe with her." ... written by suzy
WOW SHES AMAZING!!!!!!" ... written by Slad.
Awsome person!Amazing reader!She was right with her predictions!Than k you so much!" ... written by Aurelia
wonderful woman, very nice... She cares about you. She understands :)" ... written by pee pee man
such a great listener and wonderful friend." ... written by bbonniebuice
thanks for being my friend. I enjoy our friendship and I am feeling better about myself and my life. thanks to you." ... written by bonniebuice
GREAT" ... written by nicole
Awesome" ... written by Pam
thanks for all the laughs. it is really good to have a friend to talk to." ... written by bonniebuice
you are the friend I always wanted. so true and amazing. thank you for all the hugs too." ... written by bonniebuice
She's really good at what she does. Great insight and vibe. 5/5 stars :)" ... written by Yiara
please ask her, truthful reDING AND knew info I didn't tell her" ... written by brandy
I like her a lot she helped me with and continues to help me" ... written by jasmin
beautiful reading and so specific!! definitely worth it!" ... written by bjoyangelb
encouraging..... fast, hopeful!" ... written by bb
Awesome" ... written by Pam
great" ... written by Pam
Cloud is amazing :)" ... written by Amee
Awesome" ... written by Pam
She knows me better than I know myself. Always opens my eyes to the things I fail to see in myself. I'm try to take her advice, as always, and see what happens. Very genuine, love her like a sister " ... written by l
I just love our conversations. love and hugs friend." ... written by bonniebuice
Wonderful" ... written by Pam
great" ... written by Pam
Always love Cloud! She hits every subject right on and confirms what I already know. Very positive and love her energy. Thank you!" ... written by Anny
Cloud is an amazing friend and reader. She is always on spot and has a heart of gold. Thank you love!!! Blessings!" ... written by Rana
Very honest, informative" ... written by stef
i love her energy!!! everryone should go to her. she is right on love her" ... written by amoura88
wonderful as always." ... written by kay
Always a super gal and gives insight in her readings. I can't recommend her enough." ... written by Jayne Martin
Nice to catch up " ... written by v
Great reading, very accurate and insightful. non judgmental and a pleasure to be with" ... written by bob
she's divine, a real sweet heart working in the light!" ... written by gst
neded closure on a situation and she helped me grt through it thanks so much!!" ... written by amoura88
Excellent" ... written by Pam
Excellent reading! Cloudsong's insight and clarity are always helpful." ... written by AJ
such a wonderful feeling just to talk to you. thank you and great big hugs," ... written by bonniebuice
thank you for all your help. I love our talks" ... written by bonniebuice
Cloud is the bomb! Love her to the max! Thank you so much for all that you do! XOXOXOXOXO's! " ... written by Rana
Awesome" ... written by Pam
greaat" ... written by Pam
thank you for all that you do for me. and I love ya." ... written by bonniebuice
Always right, you just get it every time. I could never express how much you've helped me over the years. Thank you so much. Much love," ... written by familyhelper
i enjoyed clouds reading ...she picked up on a lot and i enjoyed my experience. " ... written by lavelle
She's very sweet and very helpful. I like her. Gave good advice." ... written by Eileen
Great as always! " ... written by luckystar5
absolutely amazing and so accurate that its scary... highly recommend her!!" ... written by DENISE
the best reader out there" ... written by nana smith
Great" ... written by Pam
Cloud has a great personality and will touch upon the issues you need most help in. The cards were on point and beautiful!(:" ... written by AyaneVenusx3
great" ... written by cris
she was spot on and very quick which was amazing :)! Definitely coming back again :)" ... written by Adiz
Love this wonderful lady, she is amazing in every possible way. Things she told me months ago came true, even though they didn't make sense at the time. Her attitude and approach are amazing." ... written by OndeMystere
I love having readings with her she is so warm and honest I could speak to her all day!! xx" ... written by Lana
Gotta love Cloud. I take her in maybe twice a week. Thank you so much for your love and support!" ... written by Rana
Great" ... written by Pam
Second time, thank you again. " ... written by J and J
You are very wonderful. Thank you so much. You were absolutely correct." ... written by Joseph
It was a great reading! Really liked it. " ... written by Amirisu
Love you Cloud!" ... written by familyhelper
cloudsong provides inspiring and very focused advice. identifying the right path to follow (charisma and confidence) as right and critical things to focus i suspect will change everything. I trust her reading and continue to ask for her support." ... written by Alexandre Caldas
thank you so much for being there for me. I enjoy every minute" ... written by bonniebuice
amazing!! accurate and honest and great connection" ... written by anna
It is so wonderful to have a good friend and you are so wise too. Hugs and blessings." ... written by Bonniebuice
Absolutely love cloud! shes amazing, definately give her 5 stars! " ... written by Samantha
Awesome" ... written by Pam
Absolutely fantastic! She picked up my blocks and I can fix them now , thank goodness :)" ... written by Anna
so many times I have needed a good friend. now I have the best. thank you" ... written by bonnie buice
Great" ... written by Pam
Beautiful lady, beautiful energy. lots of good vibes and very nice angelic connection" ... written by pinklady
Great read very help full she truly cares" ... written by luis
Cloud is my go to gal. She really is sincere and makes life so much nicer when I get to talk to her. Love her sincerlyyyyyyy! :)" ... written by Rana
CloudSong is awesome!!! tremendous help! able to pin point issue immediately! extremely accurate!" ... written by Mel
great channeler 5 stars!!" ... written by amoura88
Cloud is always on spot! Great readings, great person! Gotta love her! :)" ... written by Rana
the best person on this site and a dear friend. thank you cloud. God bless." ... written by bonniebuice
Great" ... written by ANN
amazing" ... written by nana smith
so good to talk to you again and to get rid of all the frustrations and turning them into good times again. thank you." ... written by bonniebuice
Marvelous" ... written by Pam
It was a great read and gave me hopes for the future I was really down and after talking to her I now have hopes for the future." ... written by Natasha
beautiful soul! can't ask for more, I suggest her to anyone!!!" ... written by elliss
thank u very much cloud" ... written by lavelle
thank you for all that you do for me. It is so comforting to me." ... written by bonnie buice
She was very accurate and helpful with her reading. Really helped me." ... written by Cassie
She is AWESOME!!!!! Thank you :)" ... written by Dorothy
you are my bestest friend. I hope you enjoy our talks like I do." ... written by bonnie buice
thank you so much for all the joy we share." ... written by bonnie buice
Wonderful" ... written by Pam
i really enjoyed my talk with cloud i feel so much better" ... written by lavelle
Great" ... written by Pam
Thanks Cloud. Your there for me as always. I love you lots my dear friend. " ... written by angloThai
Thanks as always. You're amazingly gifted." ... written by familyhelper
Excellent reading as always" ... written by Opal flower
I feel better each time we talk. thank you for helping me." ... written by bonniebuice
thank you for the healing. I know that it is better now." ... written by bonniebuice
Love CloudSong this lady is so nice and I recommend her to everybody and anybody, she knows exactly what's going on!!! " ... written by Addie
the best psychic on here end of story " ... written by joey
Great" ... written by Pam
Cloud is awesome in every way! She is sweet as pie and is always on spot! Thank you and many blessings always! :)" ... written by Rana
Great gal, great help and I highly recommend her!!" ... written by JayneR
cloud is amazing and i love her!! she updates me and helps guide e through. thank you xoxo" ... written by amoura88
Absolutely love Cloudsong. She's not only a warmhearted, caring person you can talk to like a friend, she's on target with her readings. She's brought me clarity and peace of mind on my road ahead." ... written by BD
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
Gifted Reader she is a great person with a kind heart really looking to help people just great!! please try her if you want a real reading! Thanks Cloud!!" ... written by Kris Frank
just great!" ... written by Sylvia812
Awesome!!! you are very helpful thank you so much!" ... written by MMarmalade
Always right on! Very accurate and gives good insight." ... written by Cassie
Love her so funny and awesome to speak with, she knows things without me saying anything. I love it thank you soo much :)" ... written by confused3330
You guys are great! Amazing! Would move in with you two if I could.... Thanks for the guidance. Love you!" ... written by familyhelper
she is amazing and wings of topaz was great too. thank you so much" ... written by amoura88
she provides a clear and foresight vision for what will happen and how to continue to deal with it" ... written by Alexandre Caldas
She is really good! Spot on and made me smile the entire private session! If only i'm one of the kardashian sisters that could buy credits all day, i would definitely be buying credits over and over! but over all, She is seriously the best! " ... written by Celine
Always understands me the best! :)" ... written by Gabriela
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
CloudSong is great, her energy is so beautiful it inspires. Loved the reading and her recommendations. She was right on point with everything she told me, I was amazed. blessings to her and her guides." ... written by j
it is always good to talk to you. thanks" ... written by bonnie
love her updates.....ur the only one i go to on this site..ty so much" ... written by amoura88
As always, you were so good and accurate, you provided a very friendly atmosphere. You were also helpful and guided me on how to go through some challenges." ... written by Joseph
i love her thanks again!!! shes the best" ... written by amoura88
She is great, 5 stars and more. Very accurate, detailed, well worth the time and energy. Highly recommend as she is the best" ... written by nick
thank for the readings and our talks. It is very comforting to me. " ... written by bonnie
thank u ms cloud" ... written by lavelle
Awesome" ... written by Pam
Great" ... written by Pam
Excellent readings! CloudSong is always positive, encouraging, and helpful!" ... written by AJ
I love you cloud; you always giving me helpful readings. Thank you so much." ... written by Mia_Koda
Wonderful reading as always! " ... written by luckystar5
Great" ... written by Pam
love her had to assist with someones heart opening up..thank you bunchees" ... written by amoura88
thank u so much i appreciate everything. u are a lifesaver " ... written by lavelle
very good words cant explain how i feel it was worth it and will do it again soon she is the best she dont rush you she takes her time" ... written by rashana
She's simply the best!" ... written by jaqline
Went to this lovely lady on a recommendation......left feeling peaceful and empowered....who could ask for more??!! Thankyou x" ... written by Bella
Cloudsong is the most amazing psychic on Oranum. There are so many to choose from and sometimes you make the wrong choice on who to seek out help from, but so many times, Cloudsong has come through for me. I am blessed beyond measure to have this opportunity and even to connect with her and I recommend her to everyone! " ... written by Daphnie
Always so helpful! She scared me by telling me a specific name I never mentioned without me saying anything about him." ... written by Cassie
This was awesome tonite and so uplifting. I am amazed how the time goes so quickly. thank you. hugs and love." ... written by bonnie
very nice reading the update" ... written by rosy
Thank you for that wonderful reading. It was so fantastic." ... written by Joseph
Cloud is awesome, I absolutely love her!! " ... written by confused3330
Great" ... written by Pam
good reading" ... written by mls
Great reading and insight.. Very accurate and also very exciting. Thanks so much Cloudsong.. Highly recommend you! " ... written by Lynda22
you are my rock that I lean on. the heavens told me that you are my friend and my confidant. Thank you for being you, and having the sweet heart that I needed. We shall always be friends. love ya." ... written by bonnie
thanks so much for the talks and the info. love ya and hugs." ... written by bonnie
cloudsong provides real insight and transparent readings for the future...a clear vision for what should be happening and how things will be progressing" ... written by alexandre caldas
I love cloud, she is the best of all time..she wonderful in every single way. I love you cloud!!" ... written by Taries
love the update!!!! thank you so much... u make me laugh when im down " ... written by amoura88
I can't express enough how much I love to talk to you. you are so kind and generous and uplifting. You make my heart sing when I am down and make me laugh when I need it. You are a child of God. And I am so glad you are here for me. A million thanks and hugs." ... written by bonnie
So incredibly accurate and amazing. My mind was blown. Thanks so much for the reading. I've needed so much clarity, and I will forever appreciate this reading! :)" ... written by Kara
Cloudsong is a wonderful person and psychic. She has helped me through lots of my dilemmas and questions that I needed to be answered. She is comforting and supportive at all times. She really is my go to person for every situation. Many blessings, love and light. " ... written by Rana
this lady is great would recommend her to anyone" ... written by R
So AMAZING and ACCURATE all the time. The only one I speak with because she knows exactly what is going on and what to expect. Also gives great advice on what to do and things will happen. Thank you with all my heard Cloud :) Love ya " ... written by confused3330
Simply the best." ... written by R
She is awesome and helps a lot." ... written by R
shes awesome and unbelievably accurate" ... written by R
she i awesome" ... written by R
ty so much for all of ur help" ... written by R
Cloudsong is a wonderful person! I love her dearly. If you take her private, you will be at peace. Thank you and many blessings." ... written by Rana
What a joyful session!! xx" ... written by Bella
these awesome dont go see anyone else" ... written by R
I love our talks and the insights you have amaze me sometimes. I love our friendship and our time together. Hugs and blessings to you and your house this holiday season." ... written by bonnie
Very calming, helpful,and insightful. Thank you Thank you!" ... written by Melissa
i love cloud she is the best on here!!! she is my go to person..10 stars!! She even told me more then i went in for!!" ... written by amoura88
Cloud is amazing and wonderful. I love her, she knows so much and has been extremely accurate with things that she has said to me. I always go back and speak with her because she has been right about EVERYTHING!!!! have an amazing nite :) Love enchanted :))" ... written by enchanted2634
thank you for being here. just saying. love ya and many hugs." ... written by bonnie
Always amazing!" ... written by familyhelper
AS always, accurate and hit on the nail readings. I always love to come back to you for readings!!!" ... written by Joseph
Great as always!" ... written by familyhelper
Awesome" ... written by Pam
good like always ... i love her" ... written by TheNewclassic44i
I absolutely adore cloud, she is the most positive and amazing person i have ever met. She picks up on everything and is highly accurate on EVERYTHING!!! talk to you soon :)" ... written by enchanted2634
It is the most incredible thing the power to see things you have. It is a gift from heaven and I love the fact that the arch angels are always here for us looking after us and guiding us in our journey. It is a blessing to know you my friend. I would be lost without you. Many blessing to you." ... written by bonnie
Wonderful" ... written by Pam
Great" ... written by Pam
love my cloud but i started to lag :" ... written by amoura88
Super" ... written by Pam
Great" ... written by Pam
great as always i love her honesty and ways of explaining" ... written by l
thanks for all the time we spend together and for giving me the insight to handle things. It is a comfort to have you as a friend. thanks." ... written by bonnie
shes flipping awesome" ... written by R
Awesome" ... written by Pam
Great" ... written by Pam
shes great would recommend her to anyone" ... written by r
Pure sunshine!!! xxx" ... written by Bella
This was the funniest readings I ever had even though I am at my lowest moment. Thanks so much, my dear friend." ... written by Joseph
Wonderful talking to CloudSong each and every time. She is wonderful. I needed confirmation on a class I wanted to take and she gave it to me without me asking. " ... written by jewelw203
Very helpful and loving all the time, and also able to tell me about situations in my life with great accuracy." ... written by Cassie
Cloudsong is a beautiful soul. Love her to pieces. She is worth every penny for private. Thank you and many blessings! " ... written by Rana
Give this lady a try, you won't be sorry! " ... written by Bella
shes great thank u so much for all of ur help 1 million gold stars" ... written by R
thank you for the insights. I love ya. hugs to you and merry Christmas." ... written by bonnie
I love CloudSong and her gifts!!! I was the winner of 10 free credits, yay !! Thank you so much. :)" ... written by Amanda
Stella!!!!!!" ... written by Bella
shes my favorite person on here every one should come see her" ... written by R
She is very insightful, intuitive and good at what she does. She taps into your right away and is able to answer all questions. I highly recommend her. I will be coming to her for years to come. " ... written by roseanna
Cloud is a great reader! She never lets me down! My confident forever! XOXOXOXO" ... written by Rana
fasvorite person on here everyone should come see her" ... written by R
Great" ... written by Pam
shes awesome.. best person here" ... written by R
Mwahhhhhh!!" ... written by Bella
Cloud is awesome... extremely accurate and helps so much shes great everyone should come see her." ... written by R
Thank you, my dear friend. You never know how much I appreciate your help to me..." ... written by Joseph
merry Christmas and I wish you to stay happy and healthy my friend. we are the light and well blessed. let's celebrate one day from all the joy and happiness we can stand. hugs," ... written by bonnie
Cloud is great.. all I can say is mind blown." ... written by R
She is great." ... written by R
Love to talk to you and we have the greatest thing in the world. hugs." ... written by bonnie
She is wonderful I truly enjoy this woman she's the real deal and has so many special abilities. I will keep coming to her for years to come im sure. " ... written by Roseanna
shes great. extremely accurate and awesome person" ... written by r
Love Cloudsong! She rocks always on point and her predictions always come true for me! Thank you for sharing your awesome God given gift with me! You are wonderful! :)" ... written by Neon
I love Cloudsong! She is quick and to the point! Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)" ... written by NeonGenie
thank you cloud for be nice and support for me... love you :)" ... written by Ron
Nice" ... written by Pam
WOOOOOWWW!! what an amazing reading and experience!!! she honestly helped me connect to my guide and get clarity! Readers like her are rare! so if you get the chance to work with her you'll understand what a privilege it is" ... written by Manuel
Excellent as always!" ... written by AJ
cloud is the best she makes me feel at ease and she just lets me know just to listen to my inner self.. 5 stars" ... written by amoura88
GREAT GREAT GREAT!" ... written by l
Great reading right on...about the subject we talked about...i will be back...blessings" ... written by tammy
I love taking to my bestest friend. thank you" ... written by bonnie
shes great.... always there when u need her.... extremely accurate " ... written by R
as always a good talk. thank you." ... written by bonnie
thanks for all that you do cloud. Hugs to you." ... written by bonnie
shes great 1million gold stars" ... written by R
Shes great...really accurate and tells the truth what more could u ask 4" ... written by R
Thank you so much. I was badly in need of someone to connect to." ... written by Joseph
I love her soo much. I can feel her energy. She is great" ... written by Michelle
Great" ... written by Pam
Very intuitive, honest, and accurate. She is very personable, and hits the nail on the head. " ... written by Chelsey
Great" ... written by Pam
I need to get some sleep but I acnt rest until I talk to you everynite. I sleep better that way. goodnite and sweet dreams." ... written by bonnie
She is great thank u!!" ... written by lina
So glad I found our friendship. You are amazing in everything, your guidance, understanding and insight astound me. Thank you so much. Hugs. " ... written by familyhelper
Great reader! " ... written by luckystar5
Thank you, you are so good and accurate. Never a miss with every readings." ... written by Joseph
shes awesome everyomne go to her NOW" ... written by R
thanks for the chats and the advice. I love you and wish you a very good year." ... written by bonnie
So kind and very talented. Provided me with a lot of insight in a short amount of time and provided a warm, welcoming atmosphere. " ... written by Taylor Burch
She is amazing!! Such a calm spirit and such an insightful reading, love her!" ... written by tj
exceptional!!!" ... written by roseanna
Hi there! Just wanted to say that Cloudsong is really a blessing in my life. She has been doing readings for me for as long as I can remember. Her predictions have always been on spot! She cares from deep within her heart and will never let you down. Thank you and many blessings, love and light! " ... written by ranasimh1
cloud is great if u havnt gone to her u need to " ... written by R
Love her I really connected with CloudSong more than some others I felt like the reading was spectacular!!!! " ... written by Christy
Wonderful as always " ... written by Christy
Just started coming to her and i see why she always so busy, an absolutely amazing reader!!" ... written by Tj
shes great, superb fabulous" ... written by R
Cloudsong is the bomb. Gotta love her and her great readings! She is always on spot and is kind as can be! Worth every penny! " ... written by Rana
CloudSong is an excellent reader! She is kind and caring as well. I enjoy connecting with her." ... written by AJ
ty for the update cloud you rock i will keep you updated." ... written by bridget mckenna
I will go get some sleep now that I have talked to you. you make my dreams better. love ya and hugs." ... written by bonnie
Very caring spirit. Really wants to serve you and does a fantastic job. Kind, helpful, very warm, nurturing energy. On point, very informative and gifted. " ... written by taylor
hugs and lots of happy thoughts. thank you." ... written by bonnie
shes awesome everyone come see her" ... written by R
thank you so much love! i am so clear and so happy! that you guided me to closure just what i needed. i am much happier now thank you so much! So dead on! i will update you after i ask the bar/restaurant def update you thank you so so much! much love to you " ... written by mag
You are such a fun to have a reading with, taking off some heavy stuff from me. Always accurate and fun with some extra efforts placed. Thank you. I will never forget you." ... written by Joseph
clouds awesome " ... written by R
Cloudsong is awesome and picks up everything. she is sincere and a great help. " ... written by chefg
cloud is flipping awesome..." ... written by R
Thanks, see ya later. hugs." ... written by bonnie
Wow... is all i can say. She picked up on everything that is going on with me. She said things that are currently happening and what the outcome will be.all I can say is mind blown " ... written by jacky R
thanks for being here and hugs and love to you." ... written by bonnie
she is one of the best on oranum. she can reason out any problems or feelings you have and the strength is great. she gives me power over my life. thank you for being honest and true." ... written by bonnie
she is always the best" ... written by deanne
CloudSon is the real deal. Very gifted and extremely intuitive. She answers all your questions and then some. I would highly recommend her. " ... written by Roseanna
amazing, everything came true...i couldn't believe it. highly recommended." ... written by ana babin
she is so good that we all keep on suing to get her..!" ... written by jaqline
thank you for all the advice and many hugs to you." ... written by bonnie
cloud is fantastic..she always helps me with my problems and helps me understand the meanings of them and helps draw a conclusion as to how to solve them i give her 10 gold stars" ... written by tom
Super Duper" ... written by Pam
the messages tonite from the angels were awesome. It almost made me cry. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I applaude you all." ... written by Bonnie
Awesome" ... written by Pam
Great" ... written by Pam
Always an excellent and helpful reading!" ... written by AJ
we got the omen tonite and it is very strange but so true. amazing isn't it? love you and big hugs " ... written by bonnie
She is Awesome! :) " ... written by Dorothy
My goshh!! What can I say?!? this woman was able to tell me all that I needed to work on for the good things to come into my life. And here I am one week later and man! have the cards changed! they showed how far I've come and it's all been thanks to CloudSong relaying the msgs from spirit. She cares sooo much for those that come seeking help, and help, guidance, support, and sooo much love is def what you're gonna get. This woman is amazing!! Love her :D" ... written by AyaneVenusx3
OMG! What can be said about cloudsong other than shes amazing at helping people connect to spirit and makes it in a way that is relatable! and even more importantly shes so warming and caring you feel right at home when in her chat and even more so in private! I HIGHLY recommend her! " ... written by dharmiclion
I wish i could express my gratitude i have for cloud.. ive been going through a pretty rough month plus....and shes been there for me every step of the way..... yes she is extremely accurate,yes she may tell u something you dont want to hear....but whatever it is its the truth.... tbh i didnt ever see my self coming to a place like this let alone believeing someone could tell what was to come...but im a believer now...and am truely lucky to have made a friend like her" ... written by Rob
loveee her!!! she is a true blue!!! ACCURATE!!! " ... written by Angel
very fast! will be waiting for her predictions!" ... written by BP
we always have good talks. you give me courage and strength. Thank you for helping me see my brother too. that is a treasure in it's self to me. love ya and hugs." ... written by bonnie
clouds great...shes extremely accurate and an awesome person" ... written by R
I got spiritual guidance!!! Lol cannot thank cloudsong enough. she's truly an amazing reader that I can count on!" ... written by Ayane
cloud is my favorite person out here extremely accurate and friendly " ... written by R
Great" ... written by Pam
cloud is awesome" ... written by r
Awesome" ... written by Pam
Love you. You're the best there is! I will visit you forever, so don't ever leave Oranum! LOL" ... written by familyhelper
omg the reading was good like always people .. cloud is super COOL like YUMTICIOUS AND THANKS CLOUDSONG SISTA LMAO love ya :)" ... written by TheNewclassic44i
As always, thank you so much. Always have the right person to go to especially when I need some clarity. You are so good and accurate. I have seek you so many times and never did it fail. The future still is about to happen but I am positive about it. Thank you, dear friend." ... written by Joseph
I think we are connected. that's right. hugs" ... written by bonnie
so much has happened since we started talking a year ago. and a lot has come true and some we are still waiting on but it is all amazing to me. and many blessings are coming. I just have to be patient. Thank you Cloudsong. I often look to the clouds in the sky now and I can feel the angels presence around me. And I find inner peace." ... written by bonnie
She is fantastic and amazing" ... written by Hamster
Cloud is the most lovely lady on here! Love her and her readings! Her predictions always come true and will never let you down! XOXOXOXO" ... written by Rana
I feel so good when we talk about things. It really makes me happy. thanks clod." ... written by bonnie
i love how clear you are love even though things came to be how it did i'm still happy to have you to guide and be a positive light and energy for me thank you so much" ... written by m
she's the best..!" ... written by jaqline
when we talk I get smarter and feel better. hahahaha thank you for all the support and good things we share." ... written by bonnie
love her updates!!! mwah shes the best" ... written by amoura88
Love you! You're the best there is..." ... written by familyhelper
cloud is my favorite person here.....shes helped me in more ways that i can express...and i wouldnt b where i am right now with out her...just listen to what she says and follow it " ... written by R
so nice to have a good conversation. thank you. stay happy and well." ... written by bonnie
♥ Cloudsong, she's amazing and awesome personality plus a good reader on top!" ... written by tj
I love her!!! so much fun. Accurate and the real deal! x" ... written by L
Wow, just wow. I love your personality, her love, her appreciation for all that is of the light and her gift. She is vibrant, glowing with love and light, and happy! I appreciate her with all my heart for helping me out. Thank you so much, CloudSong! :)" ... written by Amber
Cloud is always great! She is my go to psychic and friend! She never lets me down and is always straight on with her predictions! Gotta love her! :)" ... written by Rana
mrs cloud is the best she always knows jus what to say to make me feel better about what evers goin on and it doesnt hurt that shes spot on with her perdictions.." ... written by Jane M
one of the best I could imagine. thank you." ... written by bonnie
we have so much in common and we are great friends. Love you Cloud. God bless." ... written by bonnie
Cloud is an amazing reader!! Very accurate and nothing gets past her! lol" ... written by A
cloud is such a lovely lady...she helps me with all my problems.. i donno what id do with out her" ... written by june
came to cloud for the first timetoday im very impressed she was able to give me alot of insite about the problems that have been occuring in my life today a provide me with clarity and solutions" ... written by amy
I needed to be rebased, the reading was accurate and honest. I would highly recommend her, and will be going back myself." ... written by Debbie Bennett
she is literally one of the best people on here anyone and everyone should come talk to her" ... written by natasha
awesome" ... written by Pam
I loved her she is honest and fun" ... written by Jasmin
always good to talk to my friend. thanks" ... written by bonnie
I think she has it--a true empathic!" ... written by
As ever, fun filled reading yet true and accurate. Always somebody I could lean on to for clarity and truth. Thank you always." ... written by Joseph
As always you are the best. Thank you" ... written by bonnie
i love cloud shes great. would recommend to everyone" ... written by amanda
awesome" ... written by Pam
i LOVE cloud.. shes always here to help me" ... written by amanda
Wow, Thanks cloud. Your really great." ... written by angloThai
Love this woman to pieces!! She's been able to help me out with my path immensely and its def no coincidence that I come to see her at the right times. I knew i was uneasy and she's helped me put those worries to rest... thanks cloud!" ... written by Ayane
Cloudsong is a sweetie! She is caring and always answers my questions. She feels deeply about any situation. Never will you ever doubt in what she advises you. Much love light and hugs! " ... written by Rana
sooo glad you are feeling better and we can talk again. please take care. And remember, we are like sisters. Love ya." ... written by bonnie
cloud is amazing she gives the best readings" ... written by anna
We have so much to talk about. good grief. Love ya and hugs" ... written by Bonnie
amazing conversations. thank you" ... written by bonnie
shes awesome " ... written by greg
Cloud is a blessing, a joy, a friend. I love her and her readings! :)" ... written by Rana
There are no words to express how thankful I am for your help cloud. You have truly shown me the light in this dark tunnel I've been traversing for the past week... Together with Arch Michael, you were able to see the situation through my eyes and guide me accordingly. Next time I come back, I will be in a much better place in my life(:" ... written by AyaneVenusx3
cloud is flipping awesome" ... written by tommy
Always there is a bonus when I get a reading with you. Aside from the accurateness of the reading and your being a trustworthy person, the reading is filled with fun and laughter. Takes away the tension and nervousness. Thank you my friend, as always... :)" ... written by Joseph
I love her readings. She is always right on target and says the right things. I love her" ... written by Michelle
Cloudsong is wonderful and amazing!!! very quick and instantly pics up on my situation always. " ... written by Mel
Cloudsong is awesomeeeeeeee! She is always a blessing to talk to. Thank you for your support always! XOOXOXO" ... written by Rana
Very insightful, she hit everything on the head. I will be back!" ... written by maria m
i come to see cloudsong whenever i have a problem she gives great advise" ... written by jim
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
Great reading inspiring" ... written by pinkpather30
Great reading" ... written by pinkpather30
Awesome" ... written by Pam
Great" ... written by Pam
wonderful to have a confidant and a good friend. Thanks for the talks. Take care." ... written by bonnie
1st time visiting with cloudsong very informative cant wait for updates" ... written by rich
i love updating you and talking to you thanks babe! you are my motivator and positive light" ... written by m
I love to talk to you." ... written by bonne
Love ya guts baby! xxx" ... written by Up The Creek Without A Paddle
such great talks. it is amazing." ... written by bonnie
It's either a famine or a feast! Bring on the feast!" ... written by Just Singing In The Rain
Wooooo Doggie! xxx" ... written by Horny Little Devil
Cloud is lovely! She is always the best to go! She is an inspiration, a light, a mentor, and a friend for life! :)" ... written by Rana
wow how things change over time. Everything looks so bright and clear now. We go thru so many things in life. and sometimes all it takes is a good friend to help us go thru it. Thank you so much for being there. Love ya." ... written by bonnie
Awesome" ... written by Pam
1st time speaking with cloudsong, first i would like to say is is is a extremely nice woman. she talked with me for over an hr about what was going on and gave me clarity to the current situation going on...cant wait to see what happens... i will be back" ... written by ruth
Great" ... written by Pam
cloud is extremely accurate and gives great advise id recomend to anyone" ... written by will
:P xxx" ... written by Dirty Deeds
cloud is very intuitive and insightful..always gives a clear and percise understanding of what is going on in the current situation" ... written by bill
1st time speaking with cloudsong she was very insightful and gave me alot of good advice" ... written by cathy
i love talking to cloudsong she gives great advice and is extremely accurate" ... written by jenny
Cloud is one of THE BEST experts on this site. She cares sooo much about her clients and makes sure to give you the support and msgs you need at anytime, no matter if you're at your best or down right worst time in your life. With her by your side, you know you'll pull through..." ... written by AyaneVenusx3
wonderful to know that my friend is here. love ya." ... written by bonnie
such conflicts in the world today. we don't realize what the universe has in store for us. many trials in this lifetime. But I am happy and smiling and hopeful that it is all worth it. thanks cloud. love you." ... written by bonnie
she is the sweetest! :) i've only had one reading with her but she's accurate with what she's read for me. will see how things come to play" ... written by sehneo
cloud is my favoite person here extremely accurate" ... written by amanda
Happy valentines day!!!" ... written by bonnie
i love her positive energy...she always helps me out and shows me a clear path to follow in order to reach my goals" ... written by Jane M
cloud is my favorite reader on here!!" ... written by amy
Awesome as always!!!" ... written by Metaro22
What more can I say? Thank you for everything, always making every readings fun and light while it maintain its accurateness and truthfulness. Thank you for being honest for always, never hesitating to say, good or bad, in the readings." ... written by Joseph
I so much enjoy our conversations. YOU are awesome." ... written by bonnie
Great" ... written by Pam
Cloudsong is wonderful. Her predictions have always come true.. She really is a blessing in my life! Love, light, and more love! :)" ... written by Rana
Blown away from the expert level of energy work and Kindness of Cloudsong!!! A true life changer for the better. If you have struggled and seek relief you deserve to have her help. Give yourself the Gift of time and Help by taking a private with her and watch how much better you feel!! " ... written by MeTaro22
it has been a wonderful experience with you, Cloud. Thanks a million." ... written by bonnie
So beyond words. Solutions that work! Answers that are true! Quick and Clear. If you want peace and healing this is the person to help you." ... written by Metaro22
She is absolutely Awesome!!! Thank you so much!! Powerful connection with the source and helps you with your troubles and concerns." ... written by Metaro22
glorious news. I feel better now. thanks" ... written by bonnie
waoo waooo waooo waoooo what a great readerrrr oranum watch out with this woman. She is trulllyyyyyy a gifted one. She knows her stuff, and boy when u said about gabyyyy and jorge u blew me awayyyyyy " ... written by maria
so good to talk to you again. thanks." ... written by bonnie
ty for the updat cloud hun" ... written by bridget mckenna
Wooow, i am so speechless right now! First time reading with cloudsong and she is amazing I mean just remarkably on top of her game and so accurate about everything she said. I was like in awe and surprised that she knew so much without me saying a word and she even got down to precise detailed descriptions so couldn't have had a better reading. I will come back more and advise you guys to have a reading with her well worth it. Hugs andamp; Kisses!!" ... written by Belle
Love talking with cloud since she has this way of connecting with ppl that lets them know that she knows what they're going through and knows just the right things to say to make it better =) She is a real blessing" ... written by AyaneVenusx3
whenever i have a problem i always come to see mrs cloud..she provides me with clarity and valuable insite to the issues that are currently going on." ... written by amanda
Very good, strong connections and honest." ... written by Metaro22
great times with you. see you soon." ... written by bonnie
Awesome" ... written by Pam
she is amazing accurate and to the tee" ... written by nanasmith
thanx for reading" ... written by zimerili1
Al always, you are very accurate and truthful, never will get tired of coming to you for a reading. Thank you, my dear friend." ... written by Joseph
cloudsong is the best simply put" ... written by amy
soo much to talk about and so little time. we will meet again soon. thanks." ... written by bonnie
cloudsong is very informative..this is my first time on this site and i cant wait to see how her perdictions come true" ... written by todd
spot on!" ... written by chantelleplein
Wow is all I can think of to say. The cards are so aligned with my life and the messages are so amazing it gave me chills. I am so happy. and so grateful. I am full of love and a feeling of great warmth. Thank you." ... written by bonnie
I'm trying to be patient....honest!!!! xxx" ... written by Here's Mud In Your Eye
cloud is awesome " ... written by amy
Cloud is the bomb. Love her and her readings! Always the best!" ... written by Rana
The best reader on here. Absolutely amazing!" ... written by familyhelper
Can't make me move!!!! haha xxx" ... written by Stopping Still
Cloudsong is great. i always come to see her when there is an issue..she always gives me clear concise information that allows me to make the most educated decisions possible to travel on the path i want to go on..THANK U SO MUCH for all you've done for me" ... written by karen
so good to talk to you. thanks" ... written by bonnie
My absolute favorite friend and psychic on here. You help me when I'm feeling the worst. Thank you, Cloud. " ... written by familyhelper
Love you, you are amazing, so gifted, with a picture to my life. Thank you for all you have given me over the past two years. I feel balanced because you're a great reader, but because you've become a great friend. Many hugs and kisses xxoxox" ... written by familyhelper
Cloudsong is the most uplifting lovely person to take private! She is worth every penny! Love and blessings! XOXOXOX" ... written by Rana
cloud is great. shes the best" ... written by tommy
1st time speaking with cloudsong she is a very friendly person and was very helpfull with giving me a clear picture of the current situation..i will update when the story unfolds" ... written by jim
If you are looking for honesty, and some one will not just charge you for the sake of charging! thats the one you should go for, she's full of beautiful energy that will light up your day in any blue day!" ... written by jaqline
Amazing person. Amazing reader." ... written by familyhelper
first time visiting cloudsong shes great" ... written by ted
very accurate and awesome energy to speak with. accurate information in person in question! i will be back for more!" ... written by stellachan
cloud always gives me great advice... will return for sure" ... written by claire
mrs cloud is great..she always gives great advice" ... written by andrea
Setting my clock now, to get up and run tomorrow ;)" ... written by mainstreem20
Amazing!" ... written by Amrita
she is accurate and straight to the point. she has never given me a false reading and I will always continue to utilize her services!" ... written by lady
I always come to cloudsong whenever theres an issue..she is always a great adviser and helps give solutions to the problem at hand" ... written by jamie
cloudsong is my favorite reader on here..she always gives great advice... I would recommend her to anyone" ... written by june
first time with miss cloudsong..she was very nice and gave alot of good informtion" ... written by amy
You are absolutely amazing. Thank you for the hug in the end. I needed that! Love you!" ... written by family
great energy level cloudsong has...gave me what I needed without asking..lifted my energy level up in seconds of talking to her...and as always I love the music she plays in free chat. " ... written by cherie
Toothpaste smells better than poo! :P xxx" ... written by Positive Princess
Cloudsong is AMAZING" ... written by Jane M
Cloud is the best. I love her to the moon and back. Take her private!!! OXOXOXO" ... written by Rana
1st time visiting cloud she is a very nice lady. cant wait to come back with updates" ... written by jerry
You are amazing!" ... written by familyhelper
cloudsong is great. she gives me great, clear and concise advice whenever i need it. i would tell anyone to go see her" ... written by chloe
She is great! Quick! can tell you everything!" ... written by shutumdown
She's great as always" ... written by Tisa
Glad I have you to talk to about things. Otherwise I would go nuts. love ya." ... written by Bonnie
Baby when you're gone......I realize I'm in looooovvvveee!" ... written by No Flies On Me
I love her so much. I have had several readings with her and she is always spot on." ... written by Michelle
Cloudsong had accurately described a dream i had and it was amazing! she could count the details and surroudings in it! She is very sweet and perceptive and always gives you very good advice. She is accurate in describing the situation, feelings, and thoughts and gives out the best solution at hand with the guidance of the angels. Thank you so much Cloud!" ... written by sleepydreamer
Great!" ... written by Amanda
cloud song is great i always come to her when i have a problem" ... written by r
Talking to this beautiful soul is like nothing I have ever experienced before, she talks to me as if we are sitting face to face, she's so connected, we had also the same exact cards (for part of the reading) come out, which was incredible and creepy but also awesome. She's amazing, I have a few fav readers, but she's definitly on my top favorites. Worth every penny, worth every second. thank you so much you are awesome. Love andamp; Light. " ... written by mainstreem20
Cloud is always lovely. She pinpoints anything I am going through and helps me through it. Love her! Blessings and love" ... written by Rana
wow what a great time we have . thanks " ... written by bonnie
I will tell ya when I get there! xxx" ... written by One Direction
As always, you are so good and accurate, and always keep a very friendly environment during reading. Thank you very much, you are one of those I go to for accurate reading." ... written by Joseph
thank so much for the private readings. It gives me great joy. " ... written by bonnie
Love her and so on point and really really helpful! Her soul is the brightest and the sweetest and I am thankful to know her and have her help me and share her beautiful gifts with me! She is a true gem among gems! I recommend her to any and everyone who is willing to listen and ready to take action in their lives! Blessings to you miss CloudSong and everyone you encounter! :)" ... written by Amber
Amazing, accurate reading!!!!" ... written by amrita
Always a pleasure to talk to CloudSong. She knows exactly what I'm going to ask about even before I do! Her insight into my situations are always right on. I have talked with her prior and will definitely do so again and again! A real joy!!!" ... written by Jayne
She is such a sweet and caring person! She is uplifting and her readings are great! I love her energy!! She was so in tune to my situation !" ... written by c
Love CloudSong she is great!!! " ... written by Neon
Wonderful" ... written by Pam
Great" ... written by Pam
great reading ran out of credit...poooo" ... written by cherie
cloud song is great i love coming to her for advise" ... written by jimmy
cloudsong is great she always helps me with my problems no matter how big or small would recommend to anyone" ... written by mary
Love when I can connect with you. It gives me so much strength and happiness. Thanks, Cloud." ... written by familyhelper
first time visiting cloudsong she was very nice and insightfull cant wait to come back" ... written by jorge
cloud song es great i always love talking to her and getting advise" ... written by george
She is amazing! Took care of many things quickly. Strong energy, Kind and quick. Clear information. Very beneficial!!! " ... written by MEtaro22
she is so fun!!! i wish i had 100000 credits to just chat all night. she's really good" ... written by kg
I just have to say that CloudSong really is a rare and magnificent jewel! I come to her a lot when I am at my wits end and I feel like life has left my body and my soul, and when I am at the bottom of the pit, searching for that light, CloudSong helps by shining her own light so that I can find mine again, and from this I am able to burst back into life once again and start all over. We die a thousand times in one lifetime and each time we rise like the Phoenix for a whole new adventure. I recommend CloudSong to any and everyone who needs a little bit of hope to ignite their fires again, and love to warm their hearts, and the truth to be set before them in a very stern and loving manner. Thank you for everything! :)" ... written by Amber
Mwahhhh xxx" ... written by Purple People Eater
Thank you! You've been a great help! :) " ... written by Ariana
She is always helpful, and is able to tune into my feelings as well as others!" ... written by c
cloudsong is great i always come to talk to her.would recomend her to anyone" ... written by gene
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
She is amazing and so spot on and helpful!" ... written by ANna
CLoudsong is the best on oranum I don't care what anybody says. She is a good friend and a great person. She has a heart. Thank you so much." ... written by Bonnie
She always picks up on everything, its so awesome!" ... written by Anna
Cloudsong is a life saver. Literally. She helps me get out of overthinking" ... written by Anna
Thank you :) Once again CloudSong has been a great help! :)" ... written by Ariana
For a change, we had a very wonderful, different reading- fun, exciting and full of laughter. Thank you for everything, thank you for being with me during this journey." ... written by Joseph
Great!" ... written by Amanda
She really does get into things, and let me know whats really going on" ... written by Anna
cloudsong is great..i luv our conversations she always gives the best advice." ... written by gene
------" ... written by Feedback
Thank you once again... It was nice to share the developments with you. I need someone to share this with somebody. I will see you again and again..." ... written by Joseph
I am impressed thank you! Wow, best reader on Oranum! Thank you!" ... written by Sally
I am reader here on Oranum and I just have to say thank you for your help and your gifts!!! " ... written by Tricia
Wow my first time with her so awesome! Thank you for the help!! " ... written by Maria
She helped me get a sight in love and where I need to go! THank you!" ... written by NeonGenie
Love talking to Cloudsong!!!" ... written by NeonGenie
xxx" ... written by Uno
This was pretty awesome, and I must recommend her to each and everyone under the sun and the moon. She will give you a lot of hope, and a lot of understanding, and everything she has told me has come to pass and I am grateful! :) Love CloudSong!" ... written by NeonGenie
thanks for the advice. I will think on it and let you see what to do next. " ... written by bonnie
She read me like a book, Cloud was spot on and knew exactly what I was feeling and dealing with. She is awesome!" ... written by Swede
spot on " ... written by ken
Straw into Gold! xxx" ... written by Rumplestiltskin
Cloudsong's predictions always comes true. She is a healing, loving spirit! Never has she ever let me down. Many blessings, love and light to her and whomever takes her private. :) :)" ... written by Rana
thanks for the reading. " ... written by bonnie
Cloud is accurate and strait to the point!" ... written by carla
I have had a lot of things going on in my life and now I have so much more clarity and I appreciate her insight. I will have to come back for an update. I pray that everything I have been told will come to pass. Thanks, Cloud." ... written by Angelina
I love her to the moon and back!!! She really makes me soooo happy! I am in awe at her awesomeness and I want her to know I lover her and her amazing skill!" ... written by Leon
Awesome as always!!!" ... written by Metaro22
She's amazing and on point as always " ... written by anna
she is fun and sweet, and very sensitive to energies, picks up a lot on things- THANK U!!! " ... written by Heidi
great" ... written by angela morgan
the best honeslty nobody on here compares to her" ... written by sim
she is vert nice" ... written by s
Great talk. We have got this under control. Hugs." ... written by Bonnie
Can I?? xxx" ... written by Twilight Zone
shes awasome" ... written by s
cloud honestly is the best ever" ... written by sim
Wonderful reading. Thank you so much :)" ... written by Alexandra
Thank you so very much CloudSong. You rock so hard and you are awesome! Thank you so much for your help! I seriously appreciate all you do for me." ... written by NeonGenie
I really love Cloud-to-my-song! :)" ... written by Neon
warrnambool" ... written by gusessendon
CloudSong is just an amazing reader. Love her dearly. I talk to her just about every day and she gives me insight and inspiration. Thanks for everything you've given all of us Cloud. We love you." ... written by familyhelper
Amazing!! She was spot on and she really lifted a weight off my shoulders!! I have found the one that truly connects with me and I for sure will be returning!! So kind and so caring!!" ... written by baby342us
you really are a good friend and you make me smile a lot. thanks for the time we spend together.HUgs and love always." ... written by Bonnie
Amazingly gifted. Love you Cloud." ... written by familyhelper
OMG you were Great and dead on, Thank You" ... written by Steve
She's an amazingly gifted reader who taps into energies that I just can't explain, but that's okay because she's always accurate with her thoughts of the situation. Cloud is just a blessing. Thanks Cloud." ... written by familyhelper
Love CloudSong!!! she has been spot on and truly amazing!!! so unbelievably gifted. she is able to tune in to me and read me so well... she literally see every thing as it happens. " ... written by Melissa
Amazing read again!! Just so clear and understand and i left with everything i was feeling to be right and just made it so much easier. Highly recommend!! Will be returning" ... written by baby342us
great chat as usual" ... written by jessica
All the cards/readings have been good lately, thank you for all the help and guidance. I will always come and do readings with you. " ... written by Joseph
I believe in you like you believe in me! xxx" ... written by Autumn
had the best reading of my life! Keeping my thoughts positive about this" ... written by Jessica
Thanks cloud. Very nice reading. Hope your right. Time will tell. Love ya. A++++ " ... written by angloThai
she was great tonight! lets see the prdictions ill come back for an update" ... written by Unna
THanks for the advice and info. I can go to sleep now with peaceful dreams and a full heart. Thanks." ... written by Bonnie
She's always a great reader, and tells me what I need to hear" ... written by Anna
Such a sweetheart! Always on point. I trust her a lot. Many blessings to you, Cloud " ... written by Celine
good advice, understanding and intuitive " ... written by alex
thoughtful and intuitive " ... written by alexandra
great energy and on point. true instinct " ... written by alexandra
she was so sweet and patient. i loved my reading" ... written by askme2001
she gave me a wakeup call. she did give me advice that were similar to others predictions but she also gave me advice which i feel is necessary. " ... written by jo
Cloud is an angel, very accurate and clear details." ... written by Amee
She didn't need the cards she just tuned in and literally knew everything about me. Very sweet and compassionate... very. She knew what was best for me and even though I knew it also, she confirmed it 200% just because of the fact of her picking it up without me telling her. I have lots of hope and feel better after my reading. Thank you so much!" ... written by Jon
Readings with CloudSong are always wonderful. SHe is accurate and caring. Very encouraging too!" ... written by AJ
cloud song is great she always gives me great advise..recommend to anyone" ... written by jim
Awesome she said will get program support assistant job in 2 weeks :) May for commissary possibly and 87% chance will be approved for frontier airlines credit card in june" ... written by tiff
Love you Cloud. You're amazing as a reader and friend." ... written by familyhelper
Amazing reader. Love her accuracy and gift." ... written by familyhelper
She is so sweet and her laugh is infectious. I think I gave her a headache but she really zones in, so...she's a real one. I like her style besides she's a dazzling Scorpio too, we rule in this stuff and she ruled with her readings for me :)" ... written by Bronxie
it was a wonderful reading!" ... written by o.
she never fail me down, she's simply the best. and worth waiting for her" ... written by jaqline
cloud is my favorite reader here... she always provides clarity to my situation and gives very accurate advice" ... written by amy
cloudsong is great i always love the advise she gives and great insite" ... written by amy
So spot on and accurate. Gets it, tunes in and really calls it out. So genuine and caring. Thanks so much." ... written by familyhelper
Amazing reader. So accurate. Compassionate and caring." ... written by familyhelper
she is the besttt, helped me feel so much better, cant wait for whats to come" ... written by s
shes awesome she really helps" ... written by s
Mwah! xxx" ... written by Soft Kitty Warm Kitty
Thank you for the fun and yet accurate reading. I always look forward to having a reading with you because you are so good and yet, a friend when having one. You make things easy to understand. Thank you and I thank God for leading me to you." ... written by Joseph
Always a joy and a pleasure to chat and work on my situation with CloudSong. She gives me valuable insight." ... written by Jayne Martin
sweet as always " ... written by askme
My time ran out as she was talking but she was really refreshing to speak with. Some people take sooo long to shuffle and answer! She was fast and even brought up things before I asked her. Kind of like she was reading my mind. But I def got what I needed out of our time and plan on talking to her again soon. She was so nice ! And gives good advice too :):)" ... written by Darlene
CLoud is amazing, and so good at connecting! :)" ... written by ANna
loe getting updates from her!!" ... written by sammiexoxo88
love as always" ... written by askme2001
I love her" ... written by Bey
Always the best. Love you cloud!!" ... written by Taries
Great reader with such amazing accuracy." ... written by familyhelper
CloudSong is amazing! Not only does she have psychic ability, but she also has medium ability. Cloud is patient, kind and knowledgeable about her craft and I would recommend her to anyone. " ... written by Dorothy
Cloud is a Goddess, i love her for always and always. she will respect you and understand you and support and help you. Do yourself a favor and go see her. thanks cloud. You are the best. i will always love you." ... written by Tariespower
SO amazing as always. I was in free chat and she could tell something was off but would not say much went into private and she knew right away what it was and that it was with my son. My son I do not talk about but she knew something was wrong and I am so blessed that she was able to pick up on it and tell me what was going on. So amazing and I love her so much!! Not a minute wasted and so worth spending money to be able to hear from here. Love you Ms. Cloudsong!! I will be back for more!!" ... written by Kimberly
Very nice! Very insightful and gave me a lot of optimism." ... written by Brian
she is such a light, do a reading just to get the positivity and love. so worth it." ... written by askme2001
Thank you for the clarity and guidance. Always somebody who will say it straight and honestly. I will always come back to you for readings. Thanks much... :)" ... written by Joseph
OMG awesome having those 2 bouncing off eachother's energies for a reading! Really great and accurate overall and very warm and welcoming environment! Thank you guys! =)" ... written by sleepydreamer4
i just love her. she is a calm spirit and she is honest and straight forward. i don't know what i would do without her" ... written by askme2001
thank you this was great and i needed it" ... written by emjoma
love her to death, she is an amazing reader. welcomes you like a friend. very warm." ... written by askme2001
She's always a treasure and makes the reading a real pleasure. Thank you so very much." ... written by Jayne Martin
Cloud is simply amazing, she is my mamacita and I love her to death. Always on point and knows everything. She picks up on things so quickly. I wish you many blessings and love mama." ... written by Dan
How can I thank you for your insight, guidance, love, compassion and honesty. You are truly amazing, and I look for your heartfelt gifts and great personality every day. Love you, Cloud." ... written by familyhelper
cloud is the best, shes helped me through shuch a tough time and i really apreciate that, shes helping me become a better person" ... written by sim
Excellent, accurate reading!" ... written by deva delight
The right person to go to at this time when I have heavy thoughts bugging me. Thank you for always being there for me especially when I need you. Till next reading" ... written by Joseph
Cloud is always so spot on, blown away with what this woman and pick up!" ... written by Bella
I love CloudSong! She helps me so much!!! :)" ... written by Neon
so good to talk and get it all straight. you have so much insight into things and can help figure out anything. Thank you for your guidance." ... written by bonnie
Awesome" ... written by Pam
my mind is blown" ... written by askme2001
love her to pieces. she is the truth" ... written by askme2001
she is so much fun" ... written by askme2001
Ohhh she is right on the money!" ... written by MeTaro22
She awesome as allways! Helpful, clear information and to the point. " ... written by Metaro22
One of the best...she is genuine and has a heat of integrity. Her laugh is great too :)" ... written by Bronxie
great VISION!" ... written by HENDERSON
Almost always perfect. Very understanding and always a pleasure. I come back time after time. thank you." ... written by Bonnie
she's such a light" ... written by askme2001
so much fun to talk to and just so real--she is fantastic thank you again" ... written by seeking
Cloud was spot on with her prediction from my last reading, just came to prepare for a big event!! xxx" ... written by Boom Baby Boom
You're an amazingly, gifted person. Thank you. Wow! I've gone to people here for two years and no one is as spot on and accurate as you. Seriously, how do you do that!!! Love you. Will be back for sure." ... written by familyhelper
sport on . accurate. " ... written by sam
she is the best hands down!" ... written by askme2001
she's the best. i can't stand it she's so sweet but still honest and straight. give her a shot." ... written by askme2001
she is my light" ... written by askme2001
always a great pleasure and a great psychic. thanks" ... written by bonnie
cleared up issue I been dealing with should have come to Cloud nights ago..thank you" ... written by cherie
This woman is tha her pieces. Always on point. My support system, my rock, my sista, my angel, my momma." ... written by Dan
amazing" ... written by nana
Cloud has helped me lots of time when I'm lost and in need of advice. She makes me feel happier and sure after talking to her! That's why I always come to see her :)" ... written by Ariana
shes awesome" ... written by sim
Thanks so much for your help on my question, you nailed it! I appreciate your help!" ... written by Swede
She is spot on. I have gained more clarity speaking with her than I have with anyone else." ... written by Felisha
great talking about things. Cloudsong is great. such a real person, and such unnnderstanding. thank you. hugs !" ... written by Bonnie
Great" ... written by Pam
Super" ... written by Pam
Awesome" ... written by Pam
I love her she is amazing " ... written by Marie
Awesome ...cleared up some issues very quickly." ... written by Metaro22
she is honestly so awesome" ... written by sim
she's a lifesaver" ... written by askme2001
amazing" ... written by nana smith
wonderful news and you always give me strength. thank you." ... written by bonnie
great connection...positive energy and never been told wrong " ... written by cherie
She is awesome!" ... written by DP
Her personality is infectious...always a party to have a reading by CloudSong." ... written by Bronxie
Cloudy is the best, love her and she is very accurate!" ... written by Amee
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Wonderful" ... written by Pam
Great" ... written by Pam
thanks a lot. you know what decisions I have to make, and I know you will help me figure it out. love and hugs." ... written by bonnie
awesome as always" ... written by seeking
She was great and right on!! Love her readings. " ... written by Lisa
Excellent" ... written by Pam
Great" ... written by Pam
Thanks sweetie. You're amazing." ... written by familyhelper
amazing" ... written by nana smith
amazing" ... written by nana smith
as always i am very happy with my reading. she is such a light and she is so much fun." ... written by askme2001
please please please read with her. you won't regret it at all" ... written by askme2001
she is a delight to talk to and gives very good insight" ... written by CHEFG
Excellent as always." ... written by Metaro22
Great as always! " ... written by luckystar5
thanks for the help and all that you do." ... written by bonnie
best readings ever. she can be serious and she can be lighthearted but you will always get quality. never a bad reading." ... written by askme2001
thank for all you have done." ... written by bonnie
Thank you for clarifying about the new guy, I a glad you felt his energy. It's a big work in progress and hopefully it's worth it. Will keep you updated." ... written by Joseph
shes awesome, and the information is amazing. mind blowing when she conncects with deceased." ... written by Ana
amazing" ... written by nanasmith
excellent reading, I needed to hear that." ... written by Sue
Great" ... written by Pam
Love, Love, Love her kind words of support. She doesn't blow smoke up your behind, she gives you the truth and how to deal with it. I'll keep coming back, every time I have an issue I need help with. Always a joy and pleasure." ... written by Jayne Martin
Excellent" ... written by Pam
amazign" ... written by nana smith
cloud is amazing, very honest and accurate." ... written by amee
amazing" ... written by nana smith
so much too talk about and so good to have you here for me. thanks." ... written by bonnie buice
amazing" ... written by nana smith
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Awesome" ... written by Pam
A great reading." ... written by Julia
Cloud Song is authentic, intuitive and a beautiful spirit, no phoney here. I am from NJ and we can spot phoneys. Very gifted with a nurturing, soothing guidance. I will be sure to tell all my friends. She is a bright, beautiful light and the world should be filled with more like her" ... written by openspiritinnj
She's awesome, so insightful and right on point!! Picked up directly on my situation and practically answered my questions before I could eve ask!! Love it :)" ... written by tj
shes really sweet. and she connects with such ease it seems natural talking to her. Thanks for the info. I will look forward to one month from yesterday :) " ... written by A
She's amazing!" ... written by tj
many blessings to you and yours." ... written by bonnie
Super" ... written by Pam
WOW today was awful but it is all better when we talk. Thanks for everything." ... written by BONNIE
Thank you cloud, your very good at what you do. I will keep you updated with my situation. Love you." ... written by angloThai
i just love cloud, she is amazing." ... written by askme2001
Thanks for calming my worries and knowing the plan of attack, I appreciate your help!" ... written by Swede
Thank you so much cloud for giving me great insight and talking to me like a very good friend. I appreciate the kind words and wisdom you offer each time. The accuracy on the situation is always on point and i pray that everything will work out in the end. Thank you!" ... written by sleepydreamer4
Truly gifted and amazing" ... written by familyhelper
Amazing, truly amazing." ... written by familyhelper
haent had a reading in so long...but she reassures me all the time!!!! love cloud, she is the best on here and i dont go to anyone else for readings" ... written by amoura
great" ... written by Pam
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Awesome" ... written by Pam
amazign" ... written by nana smith
amazing, wonderful, accurate" ... written by amee
Cloud is awesome! She knew exactly what was on my mind when I came in, I appreciate that. Thanks so much for your help!" ... written by Swede
so many things are happening around me and you help me think straight. thanks a million. love and hugs." ... written by bonnie
Amazing and right on point as always. What she said was so true and I still need to work on me. Never go wrong with her readings. Just amazing and would suggest if you can to get a reading with CloudSong as you will trully be happy. Hugs dear and thank you so much!!!" ... written by Kimberly
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Great reading, always gives great guidance" ... written by pinkpather30
Excellent as always ... Enough Said!" ... written by Cheryl
thank you so much for the guidance and the figuring me out. hahaha " ... written by bonnie
love love love her 5555 stars the best ever" ... written by sammiexoxo
My BFF. Thanks for untangling my head. You're amazing." ... written by familyhelper
Super" ... written by Pam
honest and sport on . dont waste the credit . " ... written by sam
thank you so much cloud..." ... written by Ron
Awesome" ... written by Pam
Great" ... written by Pam
she is my guide for many things i would be lost without her. " ... written by askme2001
wow what a great reading. Everything is making such great sense and is wonderful to know. I have such a great feeling inside. thank you so much." ... written by bonnie
awesomeeeeeee. she is so right on. how can they be so great together. I really enjoy every reading i have this cloudsong" ... written by maria
Thanks so much for validating my feelings around so much confusion. You nailed it!" ... written by Swede
thanks for the insight. ya'll are awesome team. " ... written by bonnie
Awesome" ... written by Pam
I am so amazed at what you two can come up with. It is very enlightening to me. Makes me happy. thanks." ... written by bonnie
Wow, Love the reading. It just gets better and better every time. Spot on and to the point. Thanks cloud." ... written by angloThai
i love her. she is just an amazing reader. i can stay in private with her for hours if i could. def won't let you down." ... written by askme2001
I love Cloud she is always honest with me. Wings of Topaz was nice also.." ... written by Donna
As always, going into private with Cloud was amazing. This time I had a reading from WingsTopaz and she was very accurate with everything. Cloud in what she wanted to say time and time again and it was a very enjoyable reading. Please come have a reading with Cloud either by herself or with Wings. You won't regret either, I promise!" ... written by RockieHeart
Shes super!!! She tunes into my energy and her visions are beautiful. She makes my day to be honest and I love validating things with her. There are times when I am low and cant see things clearly for myself, she helps put things into perspective. In my heart i know what she said is spot on. And some details she picked on.. omg.. i was surprised to say the least! pleasantly ofcourse. beautiful energy ... so so glad u were online at this point? i needed this chat! god bless u!" ... written by A
love her!" ... written by Celine
Thanks so much for the help, you are amazing!" ... written by Swede
love her and her partner in 10 stars all the way" ... written by sammiexoxo
I know it was hard an emotional to tap into that but I appreciate it, you never steer me wrong and you give me strength thank you so Much I love you guys" ... written by Mia_Koda
she is my favoriteeeeeeee she nails it everytime " ... written by maria
good times . that was funny." ... written by bonnie
shes great" ... written by Jane M
Awesome" ... written by Pam
Great" ... written by Pam
she is awesome" ... written by askme2001
she is the best. she has helped me through some hard times and she has given me the truth. she is one of the best readers here. very uplifting and positive energy." ... written by askme2001
Wonderful" ... written by Pam
Great" ... written by Pam
Thanks so much for untangling my head, I appreciate the help and you were definitely spot on with the situation." ... written by Swede
she is awesome" ... written by princess candicake
Love you. You are so amazing. You have always help guide me with your insight and have given me so much strength and confidence that what I was doing was right. I will touch base with you in a couple of days. Love you, Cloud." ... written by familyhelper
Truly gifted." ... written by familyhelper
Amazingly gifted." ... written by familyhelper
Thanks cloud and wings. Love the reading. Very helpful. God Bless." ... written by angloThai
Wonderful as usual. Both Wings andamp; Cloud are great and have true insight into my situation. Blessings on them both." ... written by Jayne Martin
Cloud and Wings were spot on! Wow what a great duo, they are amazing!" ... written by Swede
Thanks so much for the help, you and Wings nailed it!" ... written by Swede
Cloudsong and Wingsoftopaz together are funny, warm, and most of all there's a good energy of checks and balances between each other so that they can give you the most accurate reading! They are both very friendly and fun and definitely give you a really great reading together. Thank you so much guys, love you both! =)" ... written by sleepydreamer4
amazing connection" ... written by nana smith
Cloud is amazing! Totally knew everything without me saying a word, I was blown away! Cloud knows!!" ... written by Swede
we talk about a lot of things and everything just makes sense. thanks" ... written by bonnie
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Great" ... written by Pam
tuned in right away, thank you cloud, exactly what I needed to hear tonight." ... written by Sue
She was great! on point and I enjoyed the reading." ... written by Grace
Very accurate !" ... written by sweetpetal1
We love cloud, she's accurate and quick and honest." ... written by Sammykat
Thanks again cloudie :) my fav like always " ... written by TheNewClassic44i
Awesome as usual :)" ... written by DP
Cloud knew I was in a funk coming into the room, took her to private and she knew how I was feeling and gave me a game plan to move forward. " ... written by Swede
amazing" ... written by nana smith
shes great" ... written by amanda
amazing" ... written by nana smith
shes great" ... written by gene
love her !!! she helps me out so much she is my mom here on oranum!! 10 stars" ... written by sammiexoxo88
Thanks so much for your help! I appreciate it, your the best!" ... written by Swede
Thanks for sharing your gift with us. You are amazing, and such a good friend." ... written by familyhelper
thanks for all the time we spend together. it helps to know what we are supposed to be doing and to make the right choices." ... written by bonnie
Awesome" ... written by Pam
Great" ... written by Pam
always top notch" ... written by gene
I love it will be back for more" ... written by Ashley
I really enjoyed talking to CloudSong. She was able to clear up a lot of confusion for me and gave me some good insight. One of my favorites. " ... written by b00ked22
shes awesome" ... written by gene
Thanks Cloud for the help, you knew exactly what was going on and read me as I was coming into the room. Thanks so much!" ... written by Swede
Wow, Thanks cloud. Will keep you updated. " ... written by angloThai
i heart cloud. she is amazing every reading is healing and comforting." ... written by askme2001
Great" ... written by Pam
Good. boston" ... written by nana
happiness. joy. and peace to all. goodnite." ... written by bonnie
no words, always leave readings happy" ... written by askme2001
she's amazing" ... written by askme2001
Wonderful" ... written by Pam
cloud always is the best i love talking with her and she gives the best advice" ... written by sammy
cloud is always the best" ... written by jim
overwhelming amounts of helpful info. my mind gets blown sometimes. very good reading" ... written by askme2001
She is awesome!!! She connected with me right away i did not give her any info! 10 starssss all the wayy she picked up on me as if she was my mirror i am sooo speechless omg !!!!The reallest reading i have had in my life" ... written by A
cloud is awesome" ... written by jim
Thanks so much for the talk, I appreciate your help!" ... written by Swede
Cloud knows what's up!" ... written by Swede
cloud is grat always get the best advice from her" ... written by gene
love cloud she is the best " ... written by sammiexoxo88
Awesome" ... written by Pam
Great" ... written by Pam
shes awesome" ... written by gene
Wonderful" ... written by Pam
Great" ... written by Pam
amazing" ... written by nana smith
glad to have a friend." ... written by bonnie
Awsome" ... written by Pam
thanks for the readings. it is all good. hugs." ... written by bonnie
talk to her. she is a great reader." ... written by askme
Cloud is amazing as always." ... written by Amee
many times I wonder things and never had anyone to explain them to me until I met you. Now I have piece of mind. thank you so much for being my friend. love ya. hugs and blessings," ... written by bonnie
Thank you Cloud! I'm always saved by your positive energy and enthusiasm! I can always go to you when I need guidance :)" ... written by Ariana
You told me everything that I needed to hear. Thank you so much for the honesty. " ... written by Andrea
A great reader. Very loving and caring." ... written by familyhelper
we have some good laughs sometimes. hahaha" ... written by bonnie
cool reading as always" ... written by w
I always enjoy my chats with Cloud, she immediately knows what is going on with me. Cloud is amazing and helps me get on to a better path. Thanks so much Cloud!" ... written by Swede
she is the best lets me know what os going on before they happen 10 stars!!!!" ... written by sammiexoxo88
awesome as usual" ... written by Sue
she's amazing. i always love to read with her. never let down." ... written by askme
Well this was a great lady with good advice and very good reader will have to wait for a little bit but if I work on what I need to the time with pass quickly and she was very nice and easy to talk to. Will return for updates" ... written by Raym57
Awesome! " ... written by DD
Love her. She's amazing. Great energy and connection." ... written by c
She's a dear !!!! Such a love, and a great reader. Love her energy." ... written by L
thanks for the talk. we always figure things out and it makes sense. thank you" ... written by bonnie
ty for update cloud your the best my friend." ... written by Bridget
Fast connect, always dead on ... what can I say .... none better" ... written by Pink
amazing!" ... written by nana smith
Thanks so much Cloud, you are amazing!" ... written by Swede
Im grateful I found her..truely a blessing!" ... written by terri
great news. we click, hahahaha" ... written by bonnie
so good to talk things over with you. everything just falls into place when we talk." ... written by bonnie
first reading with the clouds....was so coool i loved it cloud should do this more often 10 stars" ... written by sammiexoxo88
Helpful..truely a empath! I like the combination of cards she uses! Very comforting !" ... written by Terri
Awesome :))))" ... written by tiff
Awesome" ... written by tiff
Thanks Cloud. Amazing as always. Hugs" ... written by familyhelper
thanks cloud i sure needed that read " ... written by lavelle
best reader ever.!!!!!" ... written by jaqline
so healing and comforting ! always a pleasure ! such a unique reading! " ... written by Terri
Thanks for the reading! You were spot on everything, you are amazing! I love the reading we have, you are the best!" ... written by Swede
i love her !! she good and to the point " ... written by CloudSong
CloudSong is fantastic. Everything she told me was true. Can't wait til we talk again." ... written by kim1962
Wow, Thanks for an awesome reading. Love your energy as always. " ... written by anglo Thai
awesome!!!!!!the best!!!" ... written by deva delight
amazing" ... written by nana smith
amazing" ... written by nana smith
loved her " ... written by lisa
Wow Cloud is so quick in giving out information. She is very sweet in delivering the message and is so accurate in what she is seeing. I trust everything she told me, it will come to pass as she is amazing at what she does. she is one of the best readers on here, you deserve five stars every time :)" ... written by Andrew
the best!!! 10 stars" ... written by sammie
Thanks a bunch cloud. I love you as always. Very understanding. " ... written by angloThai
Great" ... written by Pam
amazing" ... written by nana
shes awesomely great" ... written by Jane M
Strong energy and describes what she sees as it comes." ... written by angelszone
The most awesome clouding. I have never had one done but she showed me the sky (clouds) and I saw it with my own eyes." ... written by KP
Very patient and answered so many questions in a short time. Fascinating different type of reading. Try it." ... written by angelszone
cloudsong is great she always gives the best advice" ... written by amy
Amazing is all i can say" ... written by CT
cloud is awesome" ... written by gene
amaxing" ... written by nana smith
Cloud is best! She knows what's going on and how to move forward, she totally understands me and what I'm going through. Cloud is so accurate and just knows!" ... written by Swede
amazing" ... written by nana smith
shes great" ... written by amy
what a wonderful thing it is to have good friends like you. hugs," ... written by Bonnie
thanks for all you do. I need your help and support, thanks" ... written by bonnie
amazing" ... written by nana smith
cloudsong is lovely.. first reading shes so kind and awesome xx" ... written by vkk
amazing" ... written by nanasmith
She is a beautiful and kind woman and incredible spirit. I feel the angels around that she sent to help my situation. " ... written by Sparkly1
A BIG HUG AND THANK YOU! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!" ... written by Zuzu
Cloud... You Are SO SO GOOD! You Nailed it ! GOSH! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !" ... written by Zuzu
Cloud is amazing! Do a private with her!" ... written by Swede
Thank you thank you Cloud! You are AMAZING! and always spot on with me.... :)" ... written by Stephanie
I love cloud." ... written by Phoenix
So awesome and accurate. I love this lady !" ... written by Beth
Dear sweet cloud, I love you so much, as always you are very accurate and a person that it is so nice to talk with, and also they way you explain your reading it is just amazing..... thank you dear from the bottom of my heart...." ... written by Ron
cloud is the best" ... written by Jane M
shes greeeeeat" ... written by gene
amazing" ... written by nana smith
shes awesome" ... written by amy
cloud is amazing" ... written by amy
shes the best" ... written by gene
good taking to you ladies again. hope too see you soon." ... written by bonnie
Thanks so much for putting my mind at ease, you are the best!" ... written by Swede
thank you cloud for this help beyond amazing " ... written by vikki
SHES IS AMAZING!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!!! " ... written by Tori M
She is very fast and straight to the point. Very good reader. " ... written by Alissa
Thank you so much cloud for your accuracy, you are one of a kind sweet cloud and everything you saying always coming thru. " ... written by Ron
Cloud read my mind coming in! She is amazing, take her to private!!" ... written by Swede
I feel so much better everytime we talk. it's just comforting to hear your voice. thanks for everything. hugs." ... written by bonnie
Cloud! Thank you so much! You are such a positive person and you calm me down :) Also you help a LOT!" ... written by Ariana
Thank you so much cloud for your prayers and for the amazing reading, you were right as always the accurate person ever, thank you again for everything you did for me....." ... written by Ron
thanks so much cloud" ... written by lavelle
Cloud! You are awesome as always :) its like you can read my mind from where you are! " ... written by Ariana
i got so much clarity!1 i did a cloud reading with her 10 starts!!" ... written by sammie
Thank you! Spot on! " ... written by Jocelynn
pleasure talking to her. she doesn't waste your time andamp; accurate!" ... written by sehneo
great as always xx" ... written by vikki
Cloud is amazing, she totally knows!" ... written by Swede
amazing" ... written by nana smith
love you cloud... and thank you for cutting my chords feel so r3eleased now your an angel sent from god !!" ... written by vikki
awesome" ... written by Pam
Great" ... written by Pam
Thank you Cloud! You are always so calming and positive! I simply love talking to you :)" ... written by Ariana
She was great and on point" ... written by Tracy
shes great" ... written by todd
" ... written by
Wonderful reading as always! " ... written by luckystar5
thanks cloud ...i always go for that angelic stamp. " ... written by lavelle
FABULOUS! Very Accurate! Helpful! Compassionate! She's one of my missing link in the spiritual world." ... written by Zuzu
many things happen in this lifetime. and then you meet a good friend to share it with. that would be you. Love you girl. thanks" ... written by bonnie
thanks cloud" ... written by v
Thanks for listening cloud. " ... written by angloThai
Thanks so much for the reading, you were spot on and knew what I was feeling!" ... written by Swede
She is awesome!! She is quick and kind and so compassionate. I love my readings with her!! " ... written by Alycia
my readings are getting of a more serious nature and you really help me get focused. thanks for all the advice and guidance. hugs." ... written by bonnie
Great reader and very non-judgmental about things which makes it easy to talk to her. " ... written by celticfreckles
We got kicked out in the middle of the reading. So far Excellent!! Going to continue and see what more the cloud has to show us." ... written by Zuzu
They don't come much better than CloudSong. She really cares about her clients and takes the time to make sure they are ok. She can tune into a situation before you can finish typing the question. Worth every credit." ... written by Neisha
She's really nice. And very good. I liked her...she made me smile by the time I left coz I went in with tears. So Thank You. And Bless You. :)" ... written by Karishma 76
Cloud! Thank you! Thank you! You are amazing as always :) I will keep you updated! Hugs! Hugs!" ... written by Ariana
She was great as always" ... written by sweeteaaa08
awesome :)))" ... written by tiff
People ask me why do you talk to psychics.? Well ,sometimes the angels tell me to talk to you and they are around me when we talk. You give me a calmness and an understanding of things happening around me. You help me figure out myself as well as others. We are alike in many ways. Thank you for being here and helping me to understand and be a better person. hugs." ... written by bonnie
amazing" ... written by nana smith
i love cloud!!!! she peps me up when im down!!!! 10 stars all the way!!" ... written by sammie
always satisfied. no complaints , straight forward. " ... written by bella
Cloud! Thank you so so very much for your reading! Your predictions are always spot on! And I love your energy. So positive and encouraging. " ... written by Ariana
Wow CloudSong was amazing! She gave me everything I needed and was so accurate. She got straight to the point and told me what I needed to hear while being kind and compassionate. I will definitely be talking to her again!" ... written by Katherine
wow, thanks cloud. I will follow your advice. Will see what happens with this one. Great reading as always. Love ya" ... written by angloThai
amazing" ... written by nana smith
OMGOSH she was amazing I loved this reading she was on point and she gave me good instructions. She was so funny and i look forward to getting more accurate and on point readings with her , this was a blessing to read with her" ... written by sweeteaaa08
thanks :P" ... written by TheNewclassic44i
TRULY AMAZING!!! My First Cloud reading. An EXCELLENT reading. It amazed me what messages the clouds have in store for us. CloudSong really amazed me. Most of The messages from the clouds was about my future. I can't wait to update her when they happen. EXCELLENT!!! Highly recommended to see our future. Thank you again. Hugs!" ... written by Zuzu
Thanks for the push that I needed, you are awesome!" ... written by Swede
Meeting you was an experience. Your energy was so vibrant and uplifting. You had me laughing and I really cant wait to get some feedback to let you know. You were really quick and was sharing details after details and i reallly really really had a blast. !!! Its like before i can even get to say anything you got it out. You knew everything without me saying anything. You are a Master at what you do :) I'm glad I had a chance to have a long session because it was worth every coin !!" ... written by Vee Elle
she reassures me all the love cloud!!" ... written by sammie
Great" ... written by Pam
I love her... :) sweet woman " ... written by KLOVE
cloud is simply hands down the best" ... written by amanda
cloud song by far is one of the most amazing people ive met..not only is she extremely accurate(shes about 90% correct with me on predictions).. but at least from my personal experience and pretty much from what ive seen with all the people in her room, when ur really down and out and need help cloud is always there for you...i would highly recommend anyone to get a reading with her" ... written by Jane M
cloud is z best" ... written by amy
Thanks for the clearing, I appreciate the help!" ... written by Swede
She is so, so worth the reading. Cloud was able to pick up on my current situation to a tee, and picked up on my emotions. Very gifted reader. I will be back for sure!!! " ... written by mama
Cloud has amazing gifts and I am thankful she shares those gifts with me! Thank you so much!" ... written by Neon
i really loved your personality! you have such a wonderful heart, i pray to find my way soon through this hard time but thank you for helping me see the positive side of my situation!" ... written by Ava
Amazing!!!" ... written by luckystar5
I love love love love love this WOMAN. You always paint a smile on my face. Your energy is so loving and dramatic and I adore that about you :) You shed light on every aspect of a situation and you stay true to everything. I appreciate everything you have done for me and I cannot thank you enough. You are very honest and you are a sun goddess ! Very Fluent and soulful!!" ... written by Vee Elle
so quick to connect and to see things i didn't even mention! dazed and amazed. " ... written by leodragon2014
she was really sweet and told me things about my work that were pretty spot on. i wish i had more time with her!!" ... written by fa
You always keep things interesting and bring new things to the table , I love what you do , i love your moments , we get side tracked a little but thats great too, because we always get our work settled. I feel like noone knows me the way you do apart from my sister !! Everything you said has been proven accurate and I love your soul !!!" ... written by Vee Elle
Amazing!!! I didn't have to tell her a thing once I entered private. She knew why I took her to private and that it dealt with love. Looking forward to her prediction of contact coming true. Thank you so much!!!! " ... written by --
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Just Fantastic! She gives so much until she can't even breathe. Love you Cloud!" ... written by Zuzu
confirmed everything dead on!" ... written by summa
Good job. " ... written by Trevor
Wonderful" ... written by Pam
Great" ... written by Pam
great" ... written by Pam
Spot on reading with my current issue. Thank you to you and all the angels with helping me with my situation. And thank you for the prayers and candle for my loved one. :)" ... written by Elizabeth
love my cloud!!! everything comes to pass 10 stars all the way" ... written by sammmie
Thank you for taking away my fears and worries away with my relationship. And thank you for telling me who my angel and spirit guides are. :)" ... written by Elizabeth
AWESOME READ cloud ty hun" ... written by Bridget
love cloud :)))) she da best!!! 10 stars all the time.....shes the only one i trust on here :)" ... written by sammie
GREAT" ... written by KLOVE94
Sometimes in life we have to talk to other people to get things straight in our heads, and this is what you do for me. thanks for the readings and for being here to help me." ... written by bonnie
awesome read " ... written by Bridget
quick to connect. great insight as always. thanks a mil. " ... written by leodragon
amazing reading" ... written by nana smith
What a treat it is to speak with you. Helped me through the darkest of times in my life and any doubt I may have you bring peace to my worry. I thank you for your gift as it has guided me to a place where I did not think was imaginable in my life. I plan on striving forward and whenever in doubt, I will be finding you again. Many blessings xoxoxx" ... written by Andrea
she has been the best reader ever" ... written by jaqline
She is sooo awesome. When i was lost and confused, she made my night even when i was going nuts. Her reading and support provide more contribution to what is going to happen in the future. Will come back to update" ... written by Mary
love love love love my cloudie!!!!!!!! 100 stars " ... written by sammie
Much Love as always xooxoxo .. great reader love her work so much and especially her " ... written by TheNewClassic44i
such a good person and always on cue. " ... written by Bonnie
amazing" ... written by nana smith
amazing!" ... written by nana smith
cloud eases my her 500 percent" ... written by sammie
Cloud! Cloud! You are so amazing :) I love coming to your for advice because you are understanding, wise and really nice! I will keep you updated for sure :)" ... written by Ariana
Great" ... written by Pam
I love her!! Really honest and to the point,very sincere, no sugar coating at alll." ... written by tj
Thankyou for that breif reading, I am so glad you came back , I really am glad I met you :) You are a dazzling diamond" ... written by Vee Elle
Words does not describe.. How heavenly this person has helped me. Has guided me. I really recommend her. She made me truly happy with your healing/praying powers." ... written by mary
wonderful talking to you. we always figure it out." ... written by betty
wonderful readings" ... written by candace miller
Cloud, thank you! You are so positive and encouraging! I love my readings with you :)" ... written by Ariana
nice update love you mama" ... written by sammie
such wonderful insight. so fast to connect. i really appreciate it. " ... written by leodragon2014
Love Cloud, I had her check my energy because I was feeling off. Cloud nailed it and cleared all the negativity away, Cloud is awesome, take her to private!" ... written by Swede
cloudsong is very dear ands she is sooo awesome. I just needed some clarification and she gave me the insights i need!" ... written by Mary
Grreat" ... written by Pam
love love my second mother!!!!! tells it like it is 10 stars" ... written by sammie
Great" ... written by Pam
Great" ... written by Pam
Cloudsong is like my oranum mom because she looks out for me in very" ... written by mawriealert
awesome :)" ... written by t
she really helped me and I would recommend her, she is a great empath and the real deal!" ... written by Classygirl2
Another excellent read by the best reader on oranum" ... written by Cheryl
I am glad i went to cloudsong for the night. She reassures me a lot and gives me advice on my situation" ... written by mary
love her and her updates!!!!!! thankx so much" ... written by sammie
Thank you, amazing! all i needed " ... written by Vicky
Cloudsong teaches me a bit of candle reading and such. She is also an angel reader as well! I enjoy her time" ... written by Mary
She is great, on the mark with everything she said and didn't even have to give her any information." ... written by LB
amazing accuracy!!!" ... written by nana smith
What can I say about Cloud except for the luving and compassionate and caring direction she has given me. She was very connected and gave me directives I needed. Thank you Cloud.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
Cloud was very open about everything and didnt sugar coat about the information she was giving me. I had a great reading with her, and I am excited to see the results to come true. " ... written by Shelbee
She's awesome, love her!!" ... written by tj
Thank you Cloud." ... written by Amanda
Fast reader. Another good reading. Thanks Cloud!" ... written by Shelbee
Great session with her she is beautiful thank you." ... written by Amanda
Very compassionate and point me to the right direction, ALWAYS. And she's Always right. You are awesome Cloud! Hugs" ... written by Zu
she was great!! picked up exactly everything!!" ... written by katie
love my cloudsong!! she is truly the best on here, love u mamacita!!" ... written by sammie
omg she surprised me !! she is the real deal here!!! amazing accurate reading. thank you so much! " ... written by Ana
all of your readings are always good. they help a lot. and here's a hug.!!!" ... written by bonnie
she's the best" ... written by askme89
it is so good to have you on my side. thank you my friend." ... written by bonnie
great" ... written by Pam
Another good reading... Thanks cloud." ... written by Shelbee
she is amazing i will be back, surprisingly good!! real deal one of the few I can trust here!! thank yu so much!! " ... written by Ana
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Thank you cloud or your amazing reading , I love you cloud" ... written by ron
thanks for all that you do. and for being here for me. hugs !!!" ... written by bonnie
amazing accuracy ! i love this lady always on point!" ... written by nana smith
amazing" ... written by nana smith
this lady is the truth! years with her and hasn't steered me wrong" ... written by nana smith
She is fantastic!" ... written by Melissa
She is terrific." ... written by Melissa
spot on all the time!!! love her shell be sick and still give it her all" ... written by sammie
very fun reading with cloudsong. very good conversation, we really connected in the faery realm." ... written by L
cloudsongs the best" ... written by gene
i may not hear from him anymore if i do it will be a text in the next couple of months." ... written by bouncylady
Cloud is awesome! Thank you for another good reading. Love you" ... written by Shelbee
she is by far the best reader i have ever had, since 3 years ago I keep on coming back to her for every thing i need." ... written by jaqline
ty so much " ... written by newbabe
LOL... ty so much " ... written by new
shes great" ... written by gene
thanks so much for the great reading. I now know what path I should be walking on. I am going to give what you said a lot of thought" ... written by angelwhisper1
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Wow, Thanks cloud. Your the best as always. Love you." ... written by angloThai
can i give this lady 1000 stars? cloud deserves many many good returns sent back to her!!! love you mamas!" ... written by sammie
great" ... written by Pam
quick connect - 5 star review! straight to the point no sugar" ... written by da
Thank you cloud ♥" ... written by Shelbee
wow, talked to my mother. Got details. Amazing." ... written by L
Great positive energy, she answered every question promptly, and in details, recommended to everyone........." ... written by Faith
She's a very Amazing person" ... written by Breanna's Wish List
absolutely the best!!" ... written by tj
shes great" ... written by Jane M
thanks for the very honest reading. I do appreciate everything you told me and I now know what path to walk on. I am planning on coming back for another reading soon" ... written by angelwhisper1
she is very gifted and giving. I appreciate knowing her and for sharing her gifts with me. thank you. :)" ... written by Amanda
Cloudsong is awesome! She is a great reader, channeler and her time frames are solid!" ... written by Mary
Cloud and Wings are doing a duo reading session and it was amazing how Wings were doing a good pick up reading on my part. Please take them to private is this is a one time thing!" ... written by Mary
loving the reading. i always find out more about myself when i do read with cloud. she is top notch." ... written by ask89
she is my lifesaver" ... written by askme89
shes the best" ... written by amy
Ran out of time but she was very quick" ... written by Sarah
Cloudsong is the best. Very detailed information from beyond." ... written by L
shes great" ... written by Jane M
great reading as always fast " ... written by w
Great" ... written by Pam
Thank you." ... written by Amanda
amazing" ... written by nana smith
shes great" ... written by amy
Love Cloud Song. She's never been off mark. :) Never. And she does it with such love, energy, and compassion. She's simply amazing! Bless you much!!" ... written by Karishma 76
ty so much for the insight :) " ... written by new
ww" ... written by dd
kkkk" ... written by ...
...." ... written by ,...
...." ... written by ...
i am finally coming to the end of the tunnel and seeing the light and i couldnt have dowith anyone else but with this wonderful and inspiring lady, cloudsong is more than just a reader but she deeply cares about you and you can feel that in her readings.. Yet again she is dserving od 10 plus more stars " ... written by sammie
5 stars" ... written by Amanda
ty so much dear :) " ... written by new
Thank you so much cloud for your guidance =) i appreciate the help with tracking down the good the bad and the ugly! lol" ... written by sleepydreamer4
Thank you again. :)" ... written by Amanda
amazing" ... written by nana smith
amazing" ... written by nana smith
She is amazing as always ... Thank you so much gain lovey lady" ... written by Raven
she was great and right on point, I can't wait to see the outcome, she is so nice too and understanding." ... written by deerbambi
Wow, Cloud you did it again. Thank you sweet lady. Love you lots. " ... written by angloThai
Wow, Thanks cloud. Your the best as always. Love you lots." ... written by angloThai
Thanks for the prayers and the reading. I so need it. Need to figure it out. Being lost is not a good feeling. Thanks for being my friend. " ... written by familyhelper
You make it seem so simple. It's just amazing to me. You just always have the answers, and they're the right answers and things always come true. That's why you're so amazing, and we love love you!" ... written by familyhelper
best reader i ever had" ... written by jaqline
she is very good, can reach down to areas you don't even think about or you think are over,but maybe not." ... written by yvonne
Very good medium/channeler. I keep returning to her because of her accuracy and wonderful personality. She is a gem and a talent in one. 5 stars!" ... written by nocassandra
wonderful" ... written by Pam
Great" ... written by Pam
Always spot on and amazing. Love her to death and she gives me so much clarification and guidance and helps me to get where I need to be when I feel I can not do it no more. Love cloud and she has become a big part of my small family. Hugs and Blessings and Love Beautiful." ... written by Kimberly
ty " ... written by new
Cloudsong is "scary" accurate. she has been right in the past, and was on point with the reading this time. you barely need to tell her info. sometimes she says what you are about to type. She is truly connected to something more to what eyes can see. My eyes cried for having such an inner experience with her. She is my to go to person when i have something of real importance that i need to consult about. I recommend her, give her a shot. you won't regret. " ... written by Ana
She provided really good insight. And she is unbelievable! Thank you so much for your guidance and wisdom!" ... written by Mary
Cloudsong is awesomee!!!" ... written by Mary
ty so much " ... written by new
ty so much lol " ... written by newbabe
ty so much dear always a blessing talking to you :) " ... written by new
ty so much for all that encouragement you have told me dear :) " ... written by new
sure love this lady she cracks me up and guides me in the right direction. highly recommended " ... written by new
amazing" ... written by nana smith
please read with her! i will say no more." ... written by ask89
love her!!!! 10 stars!!!!!" ... written by sammie
she is my savior lol. but not seriously she is one of the best here and she will make you so comfortable. " ... written by ask89
Genuine medium :) Thank you again.!" ... written by Amanda
she never lets me down" ... written by jaqline
love my readings with her" ... written by jaqline
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Beautiful, gifted woman. A true psychic and medium. I am so touched by her and her readings. Thank you, Cloudsong. With love, Nocassandra... " ... written by nocassandra
amazing!" ... written by nana smith
Amazing as always. When I talk with her everything is so much clearer and I feel at peace and always spot on about everythings. Only one I go to for readings and so glad she has come into my life. Amazing person and a true blessing!!" ... written by Kimberly
Cloud is AWESOME" ... written by dpiper
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Cloud was spot on, she is amazing!!" ... written by Swede
lovely lady, thank you for connecting with my nan x" ... written by chloe
love her!!! so great reading " ... written by estella
She is the best advisor on Oranum and is truly divine! Thank you!!" ... written by Amanda
ty so much dear ... " ... written by new
shes great" ... written by amy
She's great! Very positive and to the point." ... written by Itsuramo
she is helping me find a large objet lets see if i can find it shes a great help 5 stars" ... written by sammie
ty so much dear" ... written by new
love her readings and love wings as well!!!!! They are so great 10 stars!!!" ... written by sammie
Wonderful" ... written by Pam
Great" ... written by Pam
My first reading with her and she was on point. She is accurate and very fun to talk to! " ... written by Eli
straight to the point, didn't beat around the bush, and such a fun personality :)" ... written by tori
Cloudsong is an accurate reader and was very spot on wtih my situation!" ... written by mawriealert
Thank you cloud for your guidance and wisdom in our reading. I feel comfortable taking action on the decisions i'm going to make and thank you for helping me understand reasons of always doing the right thing. =)" ... written by sleepydreamer4
Got disconnnected but cloudsong is the best at what she does and she is highly connected to archangels. Her message were really clear!" ... written by Mary
thanks so much!" ... written by Ava
Always wonderful love connecting with you!" ... written by Ava
Cloud is always there when I need to talk and share my worries. She's supportive, kind and comforting. Thank you so much! I will get back to you always ;) :)" ... written by Ariana
I have had a couple readings with CloudSong and she picks up on things i never mention. She is saying the thought while I am typing the thought. I have never had such an experience with a reader like this before. she is funny as hell and very accurate. " ... written by Eli
i had a past life with her. took me back.. i go to cloud for everything and alot of my past explains why i am and who i am today" ... written by sammie
I thought she was amazing, I can't wait until her predictions come true.You all should try her." ... written by deerbambi
love u cloud!!!!! love her updates!!! 10 stars" ... written by sammie
I loved it she was so spot on!" ... written by Kasherr
Thanks so much for the read, I appreciate your help." ... written by Swede
Phenomenal reader andamp; medium. I only use Cloudsong. She has proven herself to be the most gifted psychic I have met. 5 stars hardly seems enough!" ... written by nocassandra
Cloud is amazing!! She definitely picked up on alot and remembers from the last time i spoke to her which was about a year ago. Listen everyone if you want someone to tell you the TRUTH please choose Cloud she is always straight forward and honest. I love her :) thanks sooooo much for the magnificent reading. " ... written by enchanted2634
she is the best!!!! updates u on everything 10 stars" ... written by sammie
thank you so much cloud, as always you are accurate and it is so good to have readings with you." ... written by Ron
thank you. i wait for the prediction/timeframe to pass and will be back to confirm. loved your joyfullness ... made me feel so positive" ... written by gotham1234
awesome" ... written by jrose35
amazing" ... written by nana smith
ty again " ... written by new
Cloud is always amazing! " ... written by DD
ty " ... written by new
Awesome as always :)" ... written by dp
love her !!!!!!! 100 stars she is the best on here!!" ... written by sammie
Still the best on Oranum. I'm almost afraid to let it be known publically, because Cloudsong is in such demand that I must wait in line for a private reading. But, wow, she is so worth it ! She's better than any 5 star reader." ... written by nocassandra
Thanks for the read, I appreciate the help and you were definitely accurate on the situation." ... written by Swede
Great!" ... written by Nina
she is great - and I hope she is right I will know more tomorrow" ... written by eleana
everything is winding down like cloud said in thebeginning. everything is starting to make sense and the pulepieces are starting to fit. TY s much cloud!" ... written by sammie
ty so so so so much always put that smile on my face :) " ... written by new
She is such a great reader. Very truthful!!! 100 stars. simply the best" ... written by deva delight
It was sooooo amazingggggggg! perfectly told me everything that i needed to know!!!!!!!!!! wowwwwww!" ... written by Nina
ty so so so much again lol " ... written by new
amazing" ... written by nana smith
she is always nice to talk to" ... written by jaqline
cloudsong is simply the most amazing person on here. honestly the best!" ... written by Paul
awesome.... simply the best" ... written by paul
simply amazing reading great chemistry and spot on." ... written by Paul
LOL... awesome session with this lady.. ill come back and let her do reading with my gram again love you cloud and thank you so so so much ... " ... written by new
I am so very grateful for cloud, I have never met someone more real and sincere. Thank u for helping me!!!" ... written by Ava
AMAZINGGGGGG LOVEEE will be back for moreeee!!!" ... written by Nina
:)" ... written by Pam
Great" ... written by Pam
ty " ... written by B
Aamazing and fast connection! loved everything about it ! so amazinggggggg!" ... written by Nina
ty so much lol gotta love grandma " ... written by new
Spot on and so helpful and give me so much clarity. I never go wrong with my readings or updates. She is the best and I will not read with no one else. She is way more than five stars. Must get a reading if you want the truth. Hugs Blessings and much love dear." ... written by Kimberly
AMAZINGG spot on!!! will be back for more" ... written by NINA
LOL... got this lady nervous again... love her face expression when it happens " ... written by new
Thank you, Cloud! As always you make me feel at ease and help me a lot! :) I will keep you updated!!" ... written by Ariana
lol ty so much dear " ... written by new
Thanks alot dear much needed this talk tonight :) " ... written by newbabe
ty " ... written by new
cloudie is the bestie!!!!! 100 stars for her she deserves every one!!!" ... written by sammie
great" ... written by Pam
ty for the update cloud your an awesome reader on oranum. Keepp up the good work." ... written by BRIDGET MCKENNA
ty much dear " ... written by new
Amazing and will be back for moreee!" ... written by Nina
you are the best love ya... " ... written by newbabe
ty so much " ... written by new
LOL... ty " ... written by new
Amazing! 5 stars!" ... written by Behina
Will be back for more! Loved it! " ... written by Bahina
love you so much for all the help you do for us... many blessings to you and your family. you showed all the love you have and all the encouragement. where would this lead us where would we end up at. i never thank you enough for all this. keep up the awesome job you do for me and everyone else in many situations. what a big stress reliever. :) love you cloudsong. " ... written by new
ty ty ty ty so good to see you again :) " ... written by new
5 stars! will be back for more!" ... written by Lilly
always love my updates!!!! 10 stars alll the way" ... written by sammie
she's always amazing :)" ... written by tj
WIll be backkkkk! " ... written by Ceanok
great" ... written by Pam
ty ty ty like always " ... written by new
ty ty ty" ... written by new
Thank you sooo much! i have come a long way with this beautiful soul! so thankful to god for her!" ... written by GGSJ
ty ty ty so much " ... written by new
5 stars will be back for more!!!!" ... written by SUNNYLILLY
this is my 2nd reading tonight with cloud and love her bunches!!!! she is my second mother helping me in situations that i cant figurre out on my you mamas!!" ... written by sammie
GREATTTTTT will be back for moreeeee!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Nina
great connection, great inspiration, can't wait to see results." ... written by hb
Amazing. so accurate! wil be back for more!" ... written by Guru
she is the best. hands down." ... written by askme
the last few months have been tough but now that the holidays are over, I can plan on next year. I need your expertise in the plan. Love and hugs. thank you" ... written by bonnie
She's always great!" ... written by usa
5 stars!" ... written by Sunny
She's awesome!!" ... written by tj
It was a beautiful reading. I love her loads. I cherish every moment i have with her. It is worth every penny! " ... written by RiceRoses
10 starssss!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Bahina
THe reading was incredible! " ... written by PrettyRoses
ive been coming to cloud for updates ever since i culd remember. i love cloud he is the bet and she gave me a prediction for this yr that i wanted to happen in such a long time hope it comes true!!! 5 stars!!!" ... written by sammie
ty ty ty so much " ... written by new
Awesome... loved the reading with her.. it was wonderful.. will be back for more.." ... written by Bebebell
Loved it ! will be back for more!!!!" ... written by Nina
AMAZINGGGG" ... written by Ceanok
amazing connection, fast accurate, on point! just fabulous" ... written by Bill
incredible" ... written by honesty
100 stars!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Nina
AMAZING" ... written by Bahina
Time i spend with cloudsong will forever be cherished. The help, the love, the energy, the lessons, will forever be indescribable. Thank you for all that you have done." ... written by Zora
Cloudie! Thank you so much for the reading, support and prayers :) I feel better and thankful! I will of course keep you updated :) " ... written by Ariana
5 stars! Will be back for more! Worth every penny!" ... written by Bahina
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Amazing!" ... written by familyhelper
You're so amazing. Thanks so much." ... written by familiyhelper
I will forever be greatful for this women! my life has been so much better!" ... written by LoveLight
Great! will be back for more!" ... written by NINA
This reading couldnt have gotten any better. worth every dime" ... written by Jim
10 stars!!!! love you cloud!!!" ... written by sammie
love going o cloud for updates!!!! 10 stars!!!!" ... written by sammie
Cloud is great! TY " ... written by DD
good " ... written by tj
Great and accurate reading! 100 stars!" ... written by Dan
lol ty so much " ... written by new
Beautiful, accurate, mind blowing!" ... written by Zorawar
Beautiful reading. 5 stars" ... written by honesty
great reading 100 stars!" ... written by Amber
amazinggggggg" ... written by ALy
Connected to my spirit guides so fast! everything is just accurate!" ... written by John
Amazinggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Nina
Great as always." ... written by Amanda
amazing" ... written by nana smith
love her tons and so accurate" ... written by nana smith
love clouds updates!!!! shes been telling me ll along about this situation and my intuition is finally kicking in about the situation, about to do my happy dance. Thank you so much" ... written by sammie
lore cloudie updates!!!! shes the best!!!!! 10 stars" ... written by sammie
incredible! 5 stars!" ... written by Ceanok
Seriously she is the number one on oranum. I have been to many yet no one has satisfied me with all the accurate details and predictions. I can truly say hands down shes the only one i go to and the only one i ever will go to." ... written by blue
Cloud is awesome like always! Thanks woman! " ... written by DD
Shes the awesomest ever" ... written by Kat
amazing reader and accurate" ... written by nana smith
I love this lady, what more can I say." ... written by LB
Incredible psychic and a great friend. She connects to my guides so fast i love it!" ... written by alex
so amazing. Cloud knew what I was going to say before I said it...she is that good and that isn't the first time she did that! I am sure her prediction will also come true. " ... written by sparkly1
she is amazing, catches up so fast, she is telling u things before u can type! so clear such great advice and insight ! i always come back to her because i know she is right! amazing healing and sessions with her. she is a truly gifted person. im sure no one regrets having a session with her. " ... written by Ana
great" ... written by Pam
i can not thank this women enough. Love her to pieces!" ... written by rose
she was great as usual. love the updates. so insightful. very good reader and on point. you would be surprised. thatnk you a lot. xoxox" ... written by Ana
AMAZINGGGG!" ... written by NINA
she is so amazing its crazy,. she picks up on energy and things that are happening so fast that is scary! scary in a good way haha!. i love coming to her she is my to go person always. so loving and caring but honest to death. thank you for all ur help :) XOXO" ... written by Ana
remarkable. gifted. special. a five star reader!" ... written by nocassandra
cloud is awomeauce!!" ... written by sammie
Always amazing. Truly a gifted person with a huge heart! Love you." ... written by familyhelper
One of the predicitions came true within a week! amazinggggggg!" ... written by ;p
Quick accurate reading. CLoud song help to relieve my tension and 'm looking forward to predictions" ... written by Nia J.
Great reading. Must try. And you will love her'" ... written by Jim
Thank you beautiful Cloudsong :)" ... written by Amanda
she's awesome!" ... written by tj
AWESOME!!!" ... written by nocassandra
Always super amazing !!!!!!!!!" ... written by Ava
amazing as always. the absolute best on here. makes me so happy to get readings from her xoxo" ... written by Brianna
So very talented and intelligent. but very in demand! This woman has the gift and is a 5 star reader. " ... written by nocassandra
we went from talking about what i wanted to, to something else in my life that i needed to know! love you cloud" ... written by sammie
beautiful!" ... written by nian
thanks for the update cloud is the best" ... written by ssmmie
AMAZINGGGGGG" ... written by alycia
Wonderful reading." ... written by Amanda
The stuff she picks up on, nobody on oranum can do that. " ... written by me
omg love cloud so much!! this long story is unfolding and blindfolds are finally coming off and truth is being reveiled!!!! thanks a bunches cloud" ... written by sammie
5 stars" ... written by alex
great reading!" ... written by nina
MUST TRY HER!" ... written by truth
Thank you so so so so much " ... written by ataun
thank you sooooo much cloud song for a good reading and you are such a truthful soul" ... written by jaqline
love reading with her. wish i had more time" ... written by ask
Thank you so much !!!" ... written by ataun
Thank you so much for the advice, you are wonderful and always so clear. amazingly good and gifted. ill be back to let u know how it goes. xoxo Ana" ... written by Ana
thans cloudie! you rock and is the best!!" ... written by sammie
Great psychic i must say" ... written by prithy
great reading! shes the only one on here i go too!" ... written by LoveLight
spot on" ... written by nana
ty so much dear " ... written by ataun
"Deep breath! This lady scares me so much - and in the bestest way possible - coz she is freaking accurate. Everything she said is going on in my life right now. There was nothing she said that has not already occurred or about to occur in the near future. If you want reality with a dose of humour, love andamp; compassion - Cloud Song is the person you need to speak to. She's lovely. And I always have a good laugh when I head into her room and always come out feeling very loved. Bless you Cloud! You truly are as beautiful as your moniker. :)))"" ... written by karishma76
I just want to say that this women is amazing. She makes my day, she tells everything as it is. She doesn't sugar coat things. Love you!" ... written by Jen
amazing she is just amazing. i am always back because of how accurate she is. i love our readings. and i am greatful for so much she has helped me see. always evertyhing she says comes true. " ... written by Ana
full circle!!! thanks clod, she the best def take her advice on things!!!!!" ... written by sammie
Definitely very helpful and worth it. " ... written by Safiya
cloud is awsome!!! plain and simple" ... written by sammie
have to give her a shot" ... written by Nina
love my mama!! i go to her for advice and all thins in my life" ... written by sammie
cloudy never lets me down, she is very sincere in her readings and honest" ... written by jaqline
Cloudie! Thank you so so much! I adore your caring and understanding nature. Also your positivity! It is always good to have a long talk with you! I will give you an update definitely! Love you, Cloud! Hugs!" ... written by Ariana
Would suggest for others. She has given September time frame for a thing to happen in my life. will definitly get back with feedback on the time frames. she is nice , empathetic and connects well" ... written by cloud-aries
she is my heart. can you just read with her? for me. she is great, she's a healer and she is just a very bright light. but see for yourself." ... written by askme
Truly amazing, everything she picked up was on point she was so accurate and the predictions came true!" ... written by Bahina
Thanks. Accurate always about everything. Time to figure out life." ... written by familyhelper
What a beautiful much delicious energy.." ... written by cuddle
Thank you so much :) " ... written by my life
good reading" ... written by Samantha
great" ... written by great
you are the one cloud, accurate and amazing" ... written by Ron
100 stars for cloudie!!!!!!" ... written by sammie
so grateful for this women. love you!" ... written by angel
i feel like im coming to you anyways cloud is the go to girlie. can i order a mini cloudsong for my pocket?" ... written by sammie
cloud is amazing. our readings are another level. this woman is fantastic! has helped me through so much! xoxoxo love to u! " ... written by Ana
Everything is spot on and accurate!" ... written by lee
totally worth every penny" ... written by song
AMAXINGGG" ... written by LOVE
i hate the situation i am in right now but cloud always helps me through them!!!! thanks mama" ... written by sammie
Amazing!" ... written by nocassandra
Thanks alot dear much needed that :) " ... written by ataun
INCREDIBLEEE" ... written by anne
she's the only one i go to on oranum. The realist" ... written by guest
Cloudsong is truly an inspirational psychic medium. I return to her time and again because she is accurate, insightful, direct, and very, very gifted. I go to no other reader here anymore. I have no need since I found Miss Cloudsong. She has given me sight where I had none." ... written by nocassandra
My tap in so easily and your accuracy is just amazing. For the past three years, everything has come true, unfortunately, simply because I continue to do stupid things even though you warn me. Love you. Hugs." ... written by familyhelpe
i hate that this situation is so confusing but cloud always helps me out!!!!!! 100 stars :))" ... written by sammie
100 stars are not enough for her!" ... written by light
Amazing as always!! Love her to pieces, thanks cloud for your guidance and words of wisdom. :)" ... written by enchanted2634
Cloud is like my mama! She is so understanding, caring and so very loving. Not to mention positive! I feed off of her positivity and kindness :) Thank you! Thank you!" ... written by Ariana
Always connects and gives guidance" ... written by pinkpather30
Cloud is amazing. Her predictions for me since the last time I spoke to her came true and I am sooooo happyy. Thanks for being there for you and your inspirational readings, I absolutely love them muahzzz!!" ... written by enchanted2634
Cloud, thank you! Thank you for being positive, understanding and being there. I love your energy always! And I love you!" ... written by Ariana
love cloud!!!!! i got positivety from her" ... written by sammie
Just amazed" ... written by amazed
2000 stars for cloudie!!!!! you're the best mamas :))" ... written by sammie
AMAZINGGGG" ... written by seratim
Only one i trust on here and i go to. " ... written by Leo
cloud always make me feel better!! love u mamas!!" ... written by sammie
Her intuition has gotten stronger...she picks vibes quickly and goes into it right away...great reading as always!" ... written by Br
Love you. You make it sound so matter of fact, and you're always right. Hasn't been a time that you tuned in and got it wrong....and it's been three years!" ... written by familyhelper
THANK YOU CLOUD" ... written by Ron
thank you so much you are amazing. always have been there and always accurate" ... written by Ana
Cloud is always wonderful! " ... written by DD
Cloudie! Thank you so much for your constant positivity, support, love and care! I love you!! Hugs!! " ... written by Ariana
great!" ... written by nina
I can not thank this women enough. she has saved my life" ... written by singer
love love her 100 stars!!!" ... written by sammie
she is amazing truly amazing. Her readings are something else. another level and so accurate i tend not to believe her as much, and bam surprise everything happens, that's why i keep coming it's so funny and great at the same time. " ... written by Ana
love talking to her. 100 stars" ... written by singing
great as always. will reccomend her to everyone" ... written by tangles
she was on point with every detail! love this women" ... written by teller
love her updates!!!! she brings positive vies int o her readings!!! Thanks mamas" ... written by sammie
AMAZINGGGGGG" ... written by Amazed
THESE GIRLIES ARE AMAZINGGG" ... written by LoveTopez
i can not say this enough but i love this women to pieces. Highly recommend her" ... written by LOVE THIS WOMEN
more than a million stars to her. everything is so accurate" ... written by Zee
Thank you Cloud! I love you so much! Our private time together means a lot :) :)" ... written by Ariana
Wow how the truth really sets you free. Had a powerful clarification with Cloud and Wings of Topaz. these women are amazing. Life changing, and they are so gifted. I am so grateful for the reading I had tonight. I feel the biggest weight lifted.... the funny part is... it wasn't sugar coated good news... Really it is what I didn't want to hear.... But it is the truth. now I move forward." ... written by cathleen
Amazing as always and so spot on." ... written by Kimberly
This was very emotional and truly made me realize that i can go back to this women every time for a GREAT reading." ... written by beans
love her " ... written by bella
Cloud! Thank you so so much! You are always so positive and caring! I appreciate our privates :)" ... written by Ariana
Everything she predicted happened. Amazing!" ... written by raj
Wonderful read. Great guidance and gave a clear view." ... written by pinkpather30
Only one on Oranum i go to and the best of them all." ... written by Heena
100 million stars" ... written by Angel
Honestly, she made me feel much better. 5 stars to this psychic" ... written by Honestly
love getting updates from her!!!!! thank you so much cloud os the best!!!!!" ... written by sammie
cloud and topa r so great and make a great team!! TY GUYS::))" ... written by s
5 stars for this women" ... written by alex
Wonderful a great fun personality and always great connection " ... written by Wolfy
she has a wonderful spirit!!! she got through to my mother and was spot on about my ex boyfriend!!! she made me feel so safe " ... written by Samantha
this was a great reading. will be back for more" ... written by aman
AMAZING=BEST ONE ON HERE" ... written by Jeter
Amazing! they are a true blessing...such beautiful gifts that they SHARE...thank you both, million and one stars..." ... written by milena
everthing is accurate and i will now go to her only" ... written by heera
cloud picks so many things up love her" ... written by sammie
Great reading excellent! honest and truthful insight. I love that they shared this time with me and gave me perspective ... cloudsong is amazing." ... written by cathleen
AMZING" ... written by Pretty
Just popped in to ask a question about something good that came up today. Things are much lighter for me today since they have already helped my over the biggest hurdle I have had in about 10 years. So To Cloud and Wings I am so grateful to have in you in my life and that you share your gifts with me. Thank you thank you thank you! You both are amazing.... And for all of you let them help you... It will be the best thing you do for yourself...." ... written by cathleen
thank you cloud" ... written by ron
WOW always amazing!! I am so happy for the wonderful changes and knowing that I am doing things right. Thanks so much ladies it was amazing speaking with the both of you :). have a Fabulous night!!" ... written by enchanted2634
Thank you so much for your help!!!!" ... written by Andrea
always on point" ... written by light
Well what can I say another great reading... on a lighter note this time but I love the advise.... Cloud and Wings have really helped me lately... give then a try!" ... written by cathleen
amazing" ... written by nane
Great" ... written by Pam
thank you so much.... I loved that you are so quick to pick up on things. I am so grateful for the way you and Wings have be so helpful through my trying time. People you really need to visit them1 they are awesome" ... written by cathleen
love cloud so much!!!!!! shes amazing!!!! go to her" ... written by sammie
Was Great" ... written by V
I love cloud and wings.... no bologna... just the facts... and they are both so intuitive to what is going on... like tonight a conversation I had was quoted per batum... there is no way that could just happen they are so in tune... the have been just spot on with me and I owe them a lot for the help this past 2 weeks... Check them out in chat and go private you will have a life changing moment I promise...." ... written by cathleen
BEST ONE ON ORANUM " ... written by NINA
Cloud has done it again...zoom-bang! She took it there gave me an incredible intuitive reading-dead on (as always!)" ... written by Bronxie
Favorite reading so far. Fantastic empathetic abilities! She truly cares and her abilities are scary good. " ... written by Kayla
love you cloude!!!!! 1000000000000 stars for her" ... written by sammie
great" ... written by Pam
THE BEST. PERFECT TO THE T" ... written by Beans
Seriously, im speechless, that is how amazing cloudsong is " ... written by Jim
did a chakra aligning and healing!!! eel so much better" ... written by sammie
cloudsong is always amazing!!" ... written by tj
Great" ... written by Pam
excellent reading. very in-depth. lots of information and accurately read my current situation. Highly recommended!" ... written by leodragon2014
She is very powerful thank you!" ... written by Amanda
She's always so helpful!!" ... written by J
Thank you Cloud and Topaz! You both are so positive and nice!! :) I love my readings with you both :) I will keep you updated of course" ... written by Ariana
was a great reading" ... written by nabs
These two are great and spot on! :)" ... written by Anna
Excellent advice and definitely uplifting especially when you are down. Wings and cloud are amazing. " ... written by Safiya
Cloud was amazing she is so sweet always and so helpful. it gives me chills sometimes because of how accurate she is. has always been right in the past. everything she says falls into place. i adore her. thank you very much! " ... written by Ana
100 stars" ... written by nina
Perfect to the T" ... written by loves
love updates wih cloud!!!!" ... written by sammie
She is one of the best.. good reader.. would definitely suggest for others to take and see..." ... written by cloud aries..
WOW.AMAZING." ... written by samia
I enjoyed speaking with these amazing ladies. Thank you so much for speaking with me and letting me know what is going on. You are MAGNIFICENT!!!" ... written by enchanted2634
the best reading ever! so fun and positive and truthful. that's hard to get in one reading. I loved it!" ... written by brandy
Very down to earth!! Loved my reading!!" ... written by Danielle
amazing" ... written by nana smith
incredible " ... written by bahina
So nice catching up with Cloud and getting updates!" ... written by Swede
INCREDIABLEEEE" ... written by inspiration
she is amazing. a great guide. she has been accurate in the past, and she catches on things of the present that i don't even hint on. i truly recommend her, she has amazing talent and is terribly honest. she is my to go to. xoxo to you cloud" ... written by Ana
100 stars, she was truly amazing" ... written by truth
A very good reader with lots of insightful knowledge. " ... written by David
amazing i love her, so sweet and helpful as always. so accurate haha she some times even say what im about to type," ... written by ana
She is so beautiful inside and outside a truly gifted reader and much more thank you :)" ... written by Amanda
love updates!!!!! 5 stars" ... written by sammie
Such beautiful women God has blessed this earth with." ... written by Cuddless
Definitely accurate and a strong connection. Wings and cloud are exceptional and one of a kind " ... written by Safiya
Love you. You are amazing. You just always know the answers, which is why I keep coming back after three years! Hugs." ... written by familyhelper
Cloud is excellent as always!" ... written by DD
They were FIERCE!!!! Awesome duo! Luv the reading!" ... written by Mona
Amazing as usually thank you both!!!!!" ... written by ava
100 stars! on point" ... written by raj
So awesome to get advice from cloud, love her!" ... written by tj
on the spot, accurate reader, and friendly." ... written by Raine
This women is the best on oranum" ... written by bella
AMAZING!" ... written by nocassandra
she did an exceptional job!" ... written by nana
Not the answer i wanted but i trust them so oh well life goes on. " ... written by Safiya
Back at it again. Definitely a honest reading and helpful reader" ... written by Safiya
she's the best so accurate" ... written by nina
Thank you Cloud and Topaz! Always so good to talk to you both :) :) I will of course keep you updated ;)" ... written by Ariana
AMAZING" ... written by graham
she was on spot." ... written by jets
cloud deserves a gold star!!!" ... written by sammie
Cloudy is the besttttttt " ... written by cloudy
amazing" ... written by nana
amazing reading!" ... written by nana
Always spot on and is the best. I have been coming to cloud for over two years now and she has never lead me wrong at all. What she says is so true and spot on I would never think about going to someone else. Her energy is so uplifting and positive and I know when I am having an off day coming to her room just changes it completely around for me. She was my life saver when I was at my darkest hour and understood me better than my family. Amazing and the more she gets to know the better the readings are. You can not go wrong with having a reading done with her. " ... written by Kimberly
I love these two ladies they are the best." ... written by LB
always trusting her with my life" ... written by jim
good reading ... loved " ... written by TheNewClassic44i
Thanks so much for the confirmation, you are awesome!" ... written by Swede
the best on oranum" ... written by nina
love the duo" ... written by sammie
Wonderful like USUAL! TY CLOUD!" ... written by DD
divinely" ... written by bliss
Love doing readings with Cloud, she knows what's up before I say anything!" ... written by Swede
Every penny is worth it" ... written by elkin
great!" ... written by jim
Thank you, Cloud! You always bring peace into my mind and your advice is always so so helpful! :)" ... written by Ariana
Cloud is the best." ... written by LB
loove cloud!!! she is the only one go to on here!!!!! Thank you :)))" ... written by sammie
Cloud is always awesome :)" ... written by tj
Always wonderful to talk to you! Thank you!" ... written by Amanda
amazing!" ... written by nana smith
Thank you for the great read! That was all I had unfortunately. " ... written by Sahar
so on point" ... written by sukh
Cloud and wings are awesome!!" ... written by tj
SHES THE BEST ON ORANUM!" ... written by nina
thank you ladies!" ... written by caligal91
Cloud and Topaz were so incredible.. They answered all of my questions quickly clearly and concisely.. Thank you guys ever so much.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
Wonderful like always! " ... written by DD
Oh how i missed you cloud :) it was nice to see wingzoftopaz there too :) You guys are great and very honest and accurate. I love you guys and will be back !!! xoxoxo" ... written by VB
My two favourite and positive ladies! Thank you so so much! :D you both are always so positive and nice! Love talking to the two of you :D Will be back with updates!" ... written by Ariana
Blessings to you CloudSong. Love your readings since they're always so accurate. You always pick up on the energy so very well and leave room for much laughter and joy no matter what the cards say. So thank you and Wings for your support, love and energy that you both so generously share no matter what. Mmmmuah!" ... written by karishma76
love my cloud updates!!!" ... written by sammie
She is amazing! I love how she write down what she picks up off my energy when im coming into the room and her readings are so spot on!" ... written by Ashley
she had me in tears. she knew so much. I cant even express in words how accurate she is. she knew my skin complexion without even seeing me. I felt so connected to her. " ... written by Z
he's pretty good i tell you. i recommend her to everyone" ... written by henna
amazing!!!" ... written by nana smith
Cloudie!! Thank you :) I appreciate our time together and you helped me so much!" ... written by Ariana
amazing both of them" ... written by rose
truely the best" ... written by truth
WHERE HAS SHE BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!?!" ... written by meera
i think everyone needs to go to her. please do. just incredible " ... written by preet
Wonderful and accurate as always XOXO" ... written by Lily
One of the top readers on this site . Amazing as always !!! fast accurate and compassionate . " ... written by Rose
AWESOME SAUCE !!!" ... written by Rose
She is my go to psychic. The best on Oranum!!!" ... written by deva delight
THE BESTESTTTTT" ... written by nina
My first itme she is good" ... written by L
Wonderful energy! Amazingly intuitive and psychic. " ... written by RainbowsnoW
Thank you so much." ... written by Amanda
thank you sweet cloud" ... written by ron
thank you so much cloud :)" ... written by caligal91
Thank you cloud for the advice you gave :) it was very influential and helpful :) love ya cloud will be back soon :)" ... written by VB
she is great. we always talk and its always good she has real talent and is very accurate thats why i keep coming to her . " ... written by Ana
They were both excellent! Wow!" ... written by Graciej
Best as usual, such a sweetheart and a real empath with talent" ... written by Kayla
she really changed my life for the better. i will always look up to her and go to her" ... written by sage
Excellent reading as always. I trust her advise and guidance." ... written by pinkpather30
love clouds updates!!!!!! best on oranum!!!!!!! hands down thanks so much, i dont go to anyone else" ... written by sammie
Good reading" ... written by pinkpather30
truly amazing!" ... written by clods
seemed to pick up well. thank you for connecting." ... written by s
Cloud and Topaz are awesome! Love reading with them!" ... written by Swede
the most amazing women anyone can genuine and straight from the heart are their blessings.." ... written by Cuddles
predictions are spot on!" ... written by rose
The honesty and compassion this women has is amazing. Of course cloudsong says it how it is but which so much love and understanding" ... written by lilly
Answered quickly. I just hope things manifest itself. " ... written by Safiya
WOWZERRRR" ... written by nikki
Thanks so much for the reading and heads up!" ... written by Swede
amazing" ... written by nana
both of these women are incredible and are always on point. Always ready to help" ... written by helen
very good reading. :)" ... written by e
amazing!" ... written by nana smith
Thanks so much for the talk, I appreciate the help. You were so right on a lot of things." ... written by Swede
I think she is very empathetic and understanding.And i respect her for her honesty." ... written by molly
Cloudie and Topaz! Thank you! I love talking to you both since you're so positive and helpful! You gave me guidance and is so spot on with everything. I'm going to take your advice and just focus on me :)" ... written by Ariana
Definitely always makes me feel comfortable and gives answers quickly. " ... written by Safiya
Thankyou Wingz andamp; Cloud for validating everything to be true." ... written by V
AWESOME!!!!!!!WHAT MORE CAN I SAY?" ... written by sammie
she is amazing psychic. wonderful reading love her" ... written by cof
thanks cloud and wings ... awesome reading :)" ... written by TheNewClassic44i
it's been a while but she's still got it! Thank you!!" ... written by l
Fantastic. She connected so well and beyond accurate of things and people in my life! " ... written by Tiffany
So on point on the situation before I even asked, Cloudsong is amazing." ... written by Swede31
the best!!!!! duo is perfect. thanks for the update" ... written by sammie
Truly amazing. Thanks for all the insight. You're always right about everything, time after time. Love you!" ... written by familyhelper
amazing! i feel it was pure fate to get a reading with her.." ... written by natural
amazing" ... written by nana smih
Fantastic" ... written by Bernadette
Awesome and on point. Great psychic" ... written by Doug
Great connection...answered my questions, and was right on what she picked up.." ... written by ME
good reading" ... written by ash
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
she was great, thanks!!" ... written by B
Thanks so much for the help in sorting things out, I appreciate the help!" ... written by Swede
Best reading I have had , fast accurate and picked up on things I never said out loud . It was scary and liberating all at the same time . So much clarity !" ... written by Juliet
omg, amazing reading, her dream interpretation was out of this world amazing!" ... written by debbie
amazing" ... written by nana smith
she was so accurate and fast!!! i love her!!!" ... written by Kasherr
Amazing as always!! Thanks for a great reading, very blessed to have you read for me this evening. You are just the absolute BEST at what you do and you get everything accurate that its amazing every time we speak. Thanks again and we will speak soon :) " ... written by enchanted2634
Always great- thankyou" ... written by Bernadette
just unbelievable. very honest, passionate, and sincere. tells it like it is -- in a kind way. Explains things realistically so not to give false hope, just truth. I feel like a different person who made a real connection. I will be back to follow up. thanks!" ... written by lornalulu
Thanks so much for the read, I really appreciated it!" ... written by Swede
im always rest assured with her readngs" ... written by sammie
Thanks" ... written by Bernadette
i love love it she was so spot on with things" ... written by Kasherr
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
always puts me at ease" ... written by Katie
amazing" ... written by nana smith
You are just amazing in every way Cloud." ... written by Looksie
amazing reader" ... written by nana smith
amazing!" ... written by nanasmith
Correct readings" ... written by Lwp
amazing!" ... written by nana smith
AMAZING!!!!! I love her beyond !!! treat yourself and let her read you !! no sugar coating !! honest andamp; full of pure clarity!!! xoxo" ... written by tamjones
amazing reader and on point!!!" ... written by nana smith
She is a good reader and was able to give me alot of information on my current situation" ... written by Ashley
I just love this lady she is the best and is always on the mark." ... written by LB
Cloud Song is awesome! quick connection, truthful, funny and in tune with my situation. Give her a try!" ... written by lornalulu
Fabulous as always thank you so so so much" ... written by Ravenqueen91
Fabulous as always and very very warm and friendly" ... written by Ravenqueen91
amazing as always!!! thanks love!!! :)" ... written by e
Great reading as always, Cloud just hits the mark with my situation and what is going on and what is coming up. Also very great with dream interpretations. " ... written by DEBBIE
wow , went to her room and she picked up on something that I had only found out about a few hours earlier." ... written by kcw
I LOVE YOU!!!!" ... written by cece
loove her updates!!!! thanks so much mamas :)" ... written by sammie
Awesome! Cloud nailed everything! Can't wait to update her. " ... written by Zu
amazing" ... written by nana smith
accurate been with her for 3 years!" ... written by nana smith
Wow, we really connected and I just loved her. She picked up on many things and will be back to give her an update. Awesome, connected, helpful reading." ... written by Rdee
loved my reading." ... written by ilovedog
I love how she connects so well and fast with me!" ... written by Kasherr
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Cloud always makes me feel at ease. She is very honest and forthcoming with all info" ... written by Anna
She is spot on! love her readings" ... written by Lisa
Thanks so much for letting me talk it out and let you get a feel for the situation. Thanks for your help and I will keep you updated!" ... written by Swede
Thanks so much for the read, I appreciate the help!" ... written by Swede
Great reading!!! She's awesome :)" ... written by V
Cloud is amazing!! Always accurate and spot on!" ... written by tj
Cloud is always awesome!! :)" ... written by tj
always genuine and excat" ... written by monoagapi
Amazing woman!!! Amazing reader!!! OMG!!! I love her!!!" ... written by lynn
Spot on and very helpful " ... written by Safiya
Wow, Thanks cloud you gave me the message that i needed....very good reading as always. " ... written by angloThai
loe her readings......ive been her loyal customer, i ee no one else but for cloud!!!!! we did 2 readings in one bc i finally got her at one of her sales lol" ... written by sammie
greatest reader" ... written by Lys
Thanks so much for the reading, I appreciate the help and talking things through." ... written by Swede
Definitely would suggest for others … Though the news was not good for me.. she did pick my energy so well.. " ... written by cloud - aries
Fast and helpful as always. " ... written by Safiya
What a fantastic reading, so connected, in tune to the situation, fun and honest! Give Cloudsong a try! you won't be sorry!" ... written by lornalulu
Cloudsong was awesome and helpful sorting out my situation" ... written by Rdee
loved it!!! so much accurate insight and helpfullness!!! :) " ... written by e
What an amazing lady and i so recommend Cloud for a private any time...more than 5 stars." ... written by mygentleheart
She really has an amazing energy. Love talking to her :)" ... written by V
amazing reading" ... written by nana smith
I have to give credit to Cloud. She told me something about six months ago that has now come true and it was a warning that I passed along to someone I love. Unfortunately, that person didn't heed the warning and now things are a terrible mess. I found out through others after the reading too and I gave that information to the person as well. Unfortunately, I think when someone's pride gets in the way of things, it can result in disaster. It certainly has in this case. I hope this will be a wake up call for him, so he will do what is needed to be done. " ... written by sparkly1
Amazing and extremely helpful as well. She is the best person to talk to when you're down and need to be uplifted. And her predictions come to pass about 99% of the time so she is definitely worth your time and credits. " ... written by Safiya
amazing" ... written by e
Amazing! I love talking with her! bad or good, she gives it to you. So worth it! thank u XOXO!" ... written by brandy
She is amazing as always . Picked up things no one could possibly know with out a gift . Love her to death !!! " ... written by Rose
Cloudsong picked up on a lot of things I never told her, even though I visited her a lot in free chat but never got a reading with her until now! She is caring and honest. I will be back for another reading again. Thank you, Cloudy!! xoxo" ... written by Sarbear
Definitely makes you feel comfortable no matter what. Looking forward to taking her advice " ... written by Safiya
Literally love this woman, everything about her, her energy and her always telling the truth. I believe everything she says, I am in her chat rooms every single night, she has the biggest heart. If i had a ton of money then i would be talking private with her every single day, never change ! xoxox thank u " ... written by Melissa
Good reading,informative" ... written by pinkpather30
always amazing. :)" ... written by e
amazing" ... written by gg
Cloud is always amazing! Everything she hit was dead on!" ... written by Maggiechap
amazing" ... written by nana smith
had a great chat and looked into a few things. Life is changing so much but I feel at ease now. As always. She is awesome! " ... written by cathleen
First time WOW" ... written by InnerSoul5
I LOVED IT" ... written by Ashcakez
Awesome as allways. Thanks cloud. Will be back." ... written by angloThai
loved the reading, I wish we had more time. " ... written by anna
love u and ur privates!!!!" ... written by sammie
always amazing , honest andamp; dead on !!! love her" ... written by tamjones
amazing" ... written by nana smith
I so appreciate your help and listening to me. LOL, i feel so emotionally unstable and you were there to catch and help me. I cannot wait for your predictions to pass" ... written by winnie
Thanks so much for the special reading, I appreciate it to help me move forward." ... written by Swede
amazing" ... written by nana smih
Very uplifting woman. I appreciate her honesty and genuineness! Thank you cloudsong!!!! You are awesome in every way!" ... written by Ignacio
Again, excellent woman...hit the nail on the head so many times! Super accurate and I like her cards!" ... written by Ignacio
I love her energy and her vibrant joy for people! Great woman!" ... written by Ignacio
I miss my mama Cloudie! She is as positive as ever and I love talking to her because every time I get out of her private there is always a smile on my face be it a good/bad news :) " ... written by Ariana
always amazing. :)" ... written by e
I LOVE Cloud!!!! Love her accuracy and her energy! Will be back!!" ... written by dalaimama
2 readings tonight with Cloud and she was amazing. She has such an amazing talent and heart. " ... written by Megan
Cloudy's message omg was insanely amazing!!!" ... written by winnie
She is always awesome and sooooo giving with the information she gets feel she is correct! She said that I will be able too get my dream car may-june of next year " ... written by tiff
Always nail it! Cloud is Amazing!! Will update her soon." ... written by Zu
I really enjoyed my reading with her. She is awesome and pls take her private when you get the chance. Sweet and honest lady. Will come back for updates. Thank u sweetie" ... written by tc
Thanks for the talk, it was so needed to get my head on straight with what happened!" ... written by Swede
great :)" ... written by Heather Lynn
she is awesome. love her, always right . very clear. amazing reading every time" ... written by Ana
cloud is my second mama!!!! love her and her readings" ... written by sammie
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Just had to talk out a situation since Cloud gets the situation, it was so helpful and eased my mind to move forward. I would be lost without Cloud!" ... written by H
Love you so much. You're a gift from God. Your accuracy astounds me, and timeframes. OMG." ... written by familyhelper
Thanks for the laugh and the advice on the situation, I appreciate the help" ... written by H
Just had to do an update as a prediction happened, love doing readings with Cloud to keep me on my path. " ... written by Swede
Thank you, Mama Cloudie! Always so good to talk to you in private and hear your advice. Spot on as always :)" ... written by Ariana
Cloud is SPOT ON. Always and she is amazing and caring :)" ... written by Anna
helped me with some serious questions" ... written by jessica
Beautiful lady and reading :)" ... written by Heather Lynn
I freaking love her .. She's so on it everytime and her updates are amazing!! xoxo" ... written by tamjones
You are going to help me set my soul free from the pain I feel and the blockages that are holding me back. You are a good friend who has helped me through the toughest times. I take for granted all the accurate advice and insight, but I never doubt anything you tell me because it always comes to pass. I just need to stop getting hung-up and take your advice. Things would be so much easier had I been following what you say all these years. Thank you from my heart. Hugs XOXO" ... written by familyhelper
Thanks so much for the reading, I appreciate it and talking everything out!" ... written by H-
Love her :)" ... written by Heather Lynn
the best on here" ... written by sammie
love cloud readings!!!" ... written by sammie
CloudSong is a wonderful reader. she is caring and very intuitive. I definitely recommend her. " ... written by fairykisses
excellent, she is for real!" ... written by angus1972
She is great. SHe is holy. She is blessful. Take her to private!" ... written by Mary Nguyen
Thanks so much for the talk, I appreciate the help and calming my mind and nerves!" ... written by Swede
Thanks for the talk, I appreciate the help and guidance on moving forward." ... written by H
VEry good psychic " ... written by bella
Cloudsong hit my situation right on target" ... written by debbie
Definitely was not what i wanted to hear and was like a conversation filled with advice rather than predictions but only time will tell.. " ... written by Safiya
Cloud i always amazing. Her reading are dead on and always honest. " ... written by Megan
wonderful as always!!" ... written by Heather Lynn
Received confirmation about a few things and great advice about another subject matter." ... written by Jessica
she is the best, amazing reader i love her to pieces. so intuitive, knows details without me saying a word. like impossible things for her to know without having a real ability. i always come back to her bc of how good she is " ... written by Ana M Forero
Shes awesome" ... written by tiff
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Great as always and an amazing listener " ... written by Safiya
she is awsome!!!!" ... written by sammie
Thanks so much for the confirmation, I appreciate the help!" ... written by Just Me
love cloud!!!! sorry to be confusing in my reading today...going back and" ... written by sammie
cloud is amazing. so crazy accurate. always keep coming up to her bc she connects very well , she is the real deal here, is very straightforward and cares for your well being without just saying things to make u feel well. she tells u how things are, she is intuitive up to the toes its crazy! " ... written by Ana M Forero
very friendly and sweet! thank you so much for the reading!" ... written by caligal91
It cut off but she's still always amazing " ... written by Safiya
Cloud's help is awesome, she always knows what is going on before I go in!" ... written by Swede
love her readings!!!!! 100 stars!!" ... written by sammie
Thank you such a joy to speak with you great insight and on point" ... written by Karla
She's good" ... written by Katie
she is great . :) helped me for a long time . " ... written by Ana M Forero
Omg, Cloud you are beyond awesome, I am so beyond speechless, you just tuned in like nobodies business, you are amazing, My second trusted now. I so appreciate you and your amazing reading, I know what you said will truly come to pass, i just feel it. Your Incredible, im glad to have read with you, will be coming back, again and again." ... written by ben
great insight! I love love love her!" ... written by Heather Lynn
cloud is awesooome!!" ... written by tj
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
I always love to have a reading with her. She is always accurate. She gives good advice and is very empathic. " ... written by R
cloud is always awesome and spot on!! love, love, LOVE her!" ... written by tj
Thanks so much Cloud for your guidance and insight...much appreciated! Really a great one!!!" ... written by Bronx
I LOVE HER!!!" ... written by Erika
love cloud!!!!! shes the best" ... written by sammie
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
<" ... written by tj
Great reading, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
she is phenomenal. right on the money with everything " ... written by Erika
she is amazing :) thank you again!! " ... written by Erika
Great reading" ... written by Amanda
Thank you!" ... written by d2k1000
Amazingly accurate!" ... written by Ashley
always gives me chills becasue she is SO SPOT ON.. my aboslute favorite... " ... written by Brianna
Wow. To the point, super fast, saw my EXTREMELY complicated picture very clearly... couldn't have asked for more." ... written by Cynthia
good reading!!! spot on terrific" ... written by jgjjggh
She is so loving and awesome...very emotional intuitive which I love. But gives you clear answers..." ... written by sarahgreene13
love her :)" ... written by eeka
Love Cloud! great person and reader!" ... written by Heather Lynn
cloud is awesome!!" ... written by tj
cloud eases my mind!!! 100 stars to ms cloudsongs!!!" ... written by sammie
cloud help me tremendously today! past predictions came true and she helped me continue my self healing journey!" ... written by Jessica
Great Guidance, very informative.." ... written by pinkpather30
she is awesome. My go to psychic." ... written by deva delight
clouding is one the best readers i have ever been with, i love how honest she is, and boosts my radiations to a higher level, she is very compassionate and considerate " ... written by jaqline
First read - i loved it. Very straight to the point and quick. " ... written by Gina
Had to check in with Cloud and she was very accurate on the situation. Love Cloud!" ... written by Swede
Great reading. Very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Disclaimer: im a really hard person to read for. Most of the readers on here miss that and can't connect at all with me. Cloudsong is the real deal... she picked up on that and was able to tune into me quite well." ... written by risky
i love you guys!!" ... written by meree
blew me away, i love them so much. very emotional amazing reading. i love you guys. " ... written by meree
Reading was very accurate. Cloudsong is also very caring and knowledgeable." ... written by Cloudsong
She is awesome... I got hit she got hit.....she felt everything i felt.. this lady is no joke" ... written by Lizb65
amazing" ... written by nana smith
EXCELLENT ALL OF THE TIME!!!" ... written by tamjones
Love her to pieces !! get yourself read by this gifted woman!! she is beyond amazing!!!" ... written by tamjones
I love these two ladies they are the best." ... written by LB
excelllent as usual!!!!" ... written by tamjones
i love cloud. thank you for everything :)" ... written by Erika
Readings are always amazing! I love her so much XoXo!!" ... written by brandy
Great session.. always a lot of help." ... written by pinkpather30
Thank you for the reading. You nailed it!" ... written by Stang93
good :) love it!! good reading!!" ... written by hl
Great reading, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Thanks for the help, I appreciate it!" ... written by Swede
Good reading.." ... written by pinkpather30
love the updates!!!!" ... written by sammie
good update!! thank you!" ... written by tiffany
Intense, passionate reader! we spoke a long time. I am deeply appreciative of her insights and advice." ... written by Pearl
Its as if she stepped inside my soul and felt exactly what i felt !! She is truly one of a kind !! Thank you from the bottom of my heart" ... written by shawna