About Cirrias

Psychic Cirriashas 30-years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Cirriashas recently helped 761members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Cirrias's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I cannot do Twin Flame Readings for you, using the E-MAIL Reading function. Twin Flame Readings require a lot of time and E-Mail Readings are for one Question only. It is not possible to just answer with yes or no, if you ask me; is he/she my Twin Flame. Please schedule an appointment for a private reading with me, or purchase at least 4 Horoscope Readings if you want a Twin Flame Reading. Thank you
The Reading is usually between 5-7 pages
For many of you who got to know me here on Oranum, it is pretty clear what my abilities are and how I can use them to help you with questions from all areas of life.
As a Soul Coach I work with you on removing all Blocks from the deepest part of your being, healing your Soul, and helping you to live your life in; Peace, Harmony and Love.
As the Spiritual Teacher I help you to awaken the inner you, the one that knows that nothing is impossible, if you believe in yourself and the Universe. Using the Law of Attraction; you will learn to manifest anything you need and want in to your life.
As your Psychic Advisor I will help you with all the questions you do not have the right answer for and you are unsure about what your next step should be.
I truly believe in the importance of honesty and openness between the Seekers (you) and the Advisor (me). Without total honesty from both sides, a reading and consultation can never be beneficial for you and me. I have said many times in the Free Chat Area; if you want a good reading, ask the right questions, straight out without holding back. Psychic abilities no matter how strong, work much better when the psychic clearly knows about the answers you seek.
I don’t believe a “General Reading” to be of great value for you; telling you things about yourself that you already know, seems more like verification about the psychic being “real” than being beneficial for you.
So if you are truly seeking answers, and would like to know what to do in a situation when you feel you are no longer in charge of; please let me help you finding the right answers.

Confused about the difference between soul mate and twin flame ASK ME

Find your Twin Flame NOW Nothing compares to Twin Flame Love!! Come and see me in Free Chat

Experienced, compassionate and Insightful You will Be Inspired and Uplifted!

************* Soul Coaching and Twin Flame Relationships are just one of my specialties!! **************

Welcome to my Spirit Realm, I am Cirrias.


For many years I have worked as a Life Coach, Spiritual Coach and Soul Coach!! I am now making these Services available here on Oranum.

I am a natural born Psychic, from the early age of 5 I started making predictions.

In my over 45 years of working as a Medium, Psychic Reader, Spiritual and Soul Coach; I have helped thousands of Clients

I am honest, straight forward and don't sugar coat, I am not judgmental and I have great respect for all of my customers. The most important thing about getting an excellent reading and advice is; keep an open and positive mind during the session. Don't close yourself up to possibilities you cannot see happening at the present time. Ask clear and important questions, if you trying hide things to test the reader it will only result in blocking the reader from seeing what is really important. If you ask a real question you will get a fast and accurate answer. Spirit, God, and Source works through me and as the channel I pass on the message to you. Often your Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel shows up during the reading; this is usually of great benefit for the client, there is always an important message when they show up.

If you do a private session with me and after we finish I feel there is anything else you need to know, I will send you a follow-up e-mail.

I offer E-mail Readings, Horoscope and Palm Readings

Channeled Readings about important questions, regarding; love, finance, career etc.

Soul Coaching to heal your Soul and make you whole

Empathic Readings

I’m a psychic medium and a channel medium. I hear, see and sense spirits so I can connect with your crossed over loved ones

Intuitive Readings from Spirit through me!!!

Twin Flame and Soul Mate Readings; have you crossed path before are you ready to reunite with your Twin Flame?

→ Past Life Readings
→ Cosmic Origins Readings
→ Reiki Healing and other Energy Healing
→ Karma Cord Cutting
→ Connecting you with your Guide
→ Soul Coach and Spiritual Coach
→ Chakra Balancing
→ Reiki Master/Teacher I can teach you and attune you to Reiki up to Reiki Master

Healer by the Grace of the Universal Source of Love and Light

Reader of the Akashic Hall of Records and Cosmic Library

Twin Flames Readings and Re-Uniting Facilitator

For 45 years I have helped people to see what is really keeping them from moving on;
I can guide you to find that happy and loving life you deserve and the financial freedom you need.



Thank you once again for your advice and guidance. I appreciate her down to earth attitude. She makes you relax and really ties into your energy to give you a quick and accurate reading." ... written by wee318
Fantastic reading!" ... written by valeriej
She's the REAL DEAL. Period. Not much to say - simply she's my light and will be for a very long time. Love her!" ... written by wasnotsoadouchebag
Really good , actually in shock of how accurate she really is . Can be recommend warmly ! " ... written by jannicke1
100% the best, most useful reading I have ever had... I look forward to returning :)" ... written by rolinsand
I liked Cirria a lot she is very good and very precise in what she describes... she is recommended truly." ... written by loverpants
It is not my first reading with Cirrias and it is always GREAT!! She really gives you FULL answer and in very clear way! Will come back more!! Recommended!!!" ... written by kosmosss
Great reading on my past lives. Each live discribed my personality that I always carried even in today's life. Very interesting." ... written by vegabonded
very good thank you!" ... written by rcr646
Just had another long session with the amazing Cirrias. I'm going through some truly life changing experience with her. Without telling her a thing, she just knows who I am and what I am thinking probably better than anyone who knows me on this planet and this is no joke; she again read my mind even better than I do myself, and confirmed everything today. Now I can calm myself down with what she told me about me and my future career and I will run towards the future without ever stopping again (and check back with Cirrias from time to time of course!). I just made one of the most important decisions in my life with her incredible help. Thank you. - from a scientist who used to think there is absolutely no such thing as psychic abilities. " ... written by CC
She again has allowed me to awaken... so grateful for her honesty and genuine nature in simply helping andamp; being there andamp; guiding... " ... written by rolinsand
I can honestly say Cirrias connected with my situation very well:)" ... written by Omeros
She was very good as always , and sees the situation very fast! " ... written by jannicke1
She channeled my (passed on) mom....she immediately smelled the perfume that my mom used to wear and was very accurate. Very comforting...wish it wasn't as much $$$ but still worth every penny. THANK YOU I feel better....." ... written by CJ12125
Truthful lady..tells it the way it is as she sees it :)" ... written by Sapphire86
Well had great reading, was very exact about my issues at hand.. will call again" ... written by queenbee16
My superstar!!!!" ... written by ghent2011
I had a wonderful reading with this psychic. She is always down to earth and is so easy to talk to. She gives quick answers to my concerns. I will continue to seek her for guidance. " ... written by wee318
OMG SHES AMAZING!!! I will have to come back for favorite for sure!!! " ... written by Angelwings626
I really liked Cirrias even though we had a hard time talking to each other. She gave me insight into my problem. I will follow her advice. she'll definitely be talking with me again." ... written by debjuno123
She could tell me everything about my beautiful Italian girlfriend and she calmed me down that everything will be okay in a couple of weeks. I appreciate her experience!" ... written by MarkCH
Cirras has a wonderful energy! Makes you somehow feel at ease. Talk to this lady, " ... written by andtheskyisgrey
Simply the best psychic there is. " ... written by waffles
Cirrias is so connected... every time i've spoken with her, i've gained more insight and confidence to move forward in life. Thank you so much! :)" ... written by rolinsand
I don't think I have this much relied on another person's opinion in making the most important decisions in my life than now I on a regular basis do with Cirrias. She's surely a gift from God to me." ... written by whiteroses
she was lovely. will contact her in a few days and we shall see what happends with mike" ... written by noelsun99
OMG!!! Thank you so much...she was really correct and picked up on a lot of things...great advice...I will def add to my favorites list :)" ... written by dreamer65
Cirrias is very gifted at her craft very professional and will not lie to you. She is a student of her craft always learning and honing what she does. Very experienced and does not hesitate when you ask her a question. I really enjoyed her telling me about my past lives. Most Psychics can not do this however Cirrias is very gifted in this area. Please dont hesitate to talk with her it was a pleasure talking with her and anybody will enjoy her." ... written by kprattis
Wonderful lady. Spot on. Thank you!!" ... written by bridgetteml
Very helpfull and kind." ... written by maryannepav
Accurate reading! Ty :)" ... written by mozzy123
Wow! Wonderful. Spot on, direct, honest, no beating round the bush. I think Cirrias will be my personal psychic from now on!" ... written by goghing123
Picked up on energies right away. And the cards validated what she said. Wonderful!!!" ... written by Faith
Lovee her! Great reading great advice :)" ... written by swtprncss
She is good... very confident in her reading....." ... written by roa_gene
Wonderful and caring - picks up right away. Excellent reading and felt well taken care of with her." ... written by scaredtolose
Great spiritual advisor" ... written by vegabonded
Connected right away!!!!! Very gifted psychic, was very helpful and nice, reading was spot on! look forward to talking to her again soon " ... written by chrondo
Perfect!" ... written by farzin
Cirrias is such a wonderful reader. She's very accurate and calming. Thank you so much. I will keep u updated. She doesn't ask a lot of questions, just overflows with answers." ... written by Lovepassenger
I m truly happy and satisfied..." ... written by richa143
hope she is right!" ... written by Knoxie1
As always, accurate, fast, reliable, and amazing! Don't know what I would do without you :)" ... written by ghent2011
She could see my deepest intentions. She could clear my mind and now I will not mess up something good;) Thank you Cirrias!" ... written by zebrabeat
Wow! Cleared up all the confusion in my life. She has a gift! She read into my situation quickly and told me things other Psychics had told me. She is amazing!!" ... written by enterchange
Has been great and supportive and insightful, thanks!" ... written by lizzy
She is just amazing. Cleared my confusion. The best help ever. She absolutly see the truth. Thank you very much to Cirrias." ... written by symartin
My 15th session? She is a God-send psychic - legit and accurate. " ... written by snowman
Great. Spot on." ... written by sarebear991
She picked up right away on the situation and she gave some great details about how things are going. She is also great about giving positive energies and helping the situation. Great reading - recommend her!! 5 STARS" ... written by sacredlove71
always a 5 star! she's scary accurate - i find myself tell her this everysingle time i talk to her. " ... written by birthdaygirl
She is very kind and caring" ... written by CONNIE1966
She picks up on things so well and sees them right away - very quick at seeing the situation and gives amazing guidance!" ... written by sacredlove71
She was very accurate in what she had to tell me. I will be back." ... written by Pamela Moore
Absolutely amazing reader!" ... written by vokalos
Look no further cuz she's the best." ... written by mellowedout
I absolutely love Cirrias.. She is a spot on psychicwho gives you hope. She will explain if you do not understand something. She is so wonderful and really cares about people and it shows in her readings! 5 stars is not enough for her. Try a reading with her, you will be amazed and happy you did! My favorite and I will keep coming back to her!! " ... written by draigwenci
Wonderful!" ... written by Gemini29
Thank you Cirrias. Your readings are great and very accurate. Positive advise too. Worth the time and money. Thank you so much. Much love" ... written by jaykay67
She is good." ... written by jswede1149
Muahhhhh!" ... written by gymfreak
Very Nice Lady. Very Good Reading. " ... written by swiftcats64
The only psychic I 100% trust!" ... written by candy
Cirrias is awesome!" ... written by marsylyttle
Luvvvvvvvvv" ... written by roses
Tuned in immediately, no time wasted, all answers instantly and to the point. Fingers and toes are crossed for next few weeks. I will be back!! Many thanks. I love you. xx" ... written by BarbaA
Cirrias is such an inspiration and guiding light. I'm truly grateful for each interaction I have with her. Thank you Cirrias!" ... written by rolinsand
She's a good Psychic. Not only is she capable to give you good advice, she is so honest. Thank you so much, my dear. " ... written by rosemb70
Cirrias is an amazing and accurate reader and very kind, she's the real deal, she's genuine and takes her readings seriously and is an excellent reader!" ... written by purplehaze76
Thank you so much. Very honest and truthful, thank you." ... written by tmarie83
Excellent reading, Thank you.." ... written by Bojan99
Excellent reading!" ... written by Bojan99
She is good!" ... written by swhope999
Excellent reading :-))) as always :-))" ... written by Bojan99
I won't say much - she's legit and I love her!" ... written by ghent2011
AMAZING!!!!!You are just great! that was an amazing reading and I felt so good after." ... written by Ryan747
Great!!!" ... written by MayGirl
I just gave her names and she picked up on everything! So much clarity!!!! Thank you so much...." ... written by mhharview
Very positive reading! I really enjoyed it. She tuned into my situation in Free chat, and we continued in private! Highly recommend to everyone - 5***** reading!" ... written by hugs2020
She was too the point!" ... written by mylifenanutshell
Cirrias was amazing. I'm still in awe over her accuracy and kindness! " ... written by krissy525
Once again Cirrias is right on point!! She is one of the best on here and most of what she has said is already happening!! You want the truth? Look no further she will tell you truth!! " ... written by draigwenci
THANK YOU CIRRIAS AS PER USUAL! I really appreciate all your time andamp; energy... Thanks for everything :) :) " ... written by rolinsand
Half way through me typing the question cirrias was saying the answer. unbelieveable great reading will definately be back 5 stars all the way xxxx " ... written by zena1967
Very insightful andamp;caring! Will return again for a visit." ... written by scarlet007
She connected with me very well. Even knew that I had a question for her in the free chat room, before I had even made any indications of my intentions to request a private chat with her. Highly reccomended!!" ... written by mazur354
I AM GLAD I MET Cirrias!! She is really PROFESSIONAL and feel much better after reading with her!!! Will be back ! THank you Cirrias!" ... written by severaltimes
Very ACCURATE she even knew names I did not give her ahead of time, super sweet, thanks so much!" ... written by myste1679
Once again excellent reading, one of the best on Oranum. Thank You again :-)" ... written by Bojan99
Clear, concise and loving guidance. Readings with Cirrias is worth every cent. " ... written by HawaiiGene
She always talks alot of sense gave me great new ideas of how to make my business work, higly reccomend especailly if you need advice on work matter....Thank you Cirrias" ... written by shenalp2905
Great and reassuring reading!" ... written by xl_HaVoKk_lx
Great reading. " ... written by meldove777
Everything cirrias says happens she never needs to look at the cards for me she is always spot on especially with business/ work advice.She is always genuine and sincere Thankyou soo much by far she is my favorite xx" ... written by shenalp2905
Very good and correct 10/10 cant wait for my reconnection " ... written by tonio73
Thank you very much:) You was very helpfull::)! I highly recommend:)!" ... written by katarzbl
I knew I likes her from the moment she spoke. I didnt read her profile either I was just drawn to her. I love her alot!!! I plan to stick with her!" ... written by curiousstanley
Theres not enough stars to decribe how good this lady is she ive had many readings with her and she continues to give me the best advice always xxxxx thankyou cirrias xxxx" ... written by shenalp2010
Thank you so much! She makes me feel so much better after our talks. It is so postive and beautiful." ... written by mhharview
Absolutely amazing reading !!! no fluff, direct, clear and answered question very quickly. Cirrias told me straight what was happening and I really understood her well. I look forward to updating her and fingers crossed I be sharing the good news. I felt she connected very well. Highly recommended" ... written by apollobay
Lovely lady - i will back - love you kindly mwaaaaaaa" ... written by wonderwoman29
Excellent reading! She picked up on a lot and I believe she is spot on. Thank you for your insights and your time." ... written by iPreferMimi
Amazing knowledge and great advice. Very positive feeling from her , lots of good energy, dynamic." ... written by oiseau67
Excellent reading - Spot on with everything she said x." ... written by Kazzi819
Very accurate!" ... written by Belle1
Amazing loved her " ... written by vvd450
Thank you very much." ... written by jerin2000
Great reading!!" ... written by Bojan99
Very good, honest and sweet lady was able to help me and the situation I asked about. Would recommend!" ... written by mereladriana
Straight forward, and kind. I really enjoyed this experience. I'd definitely chat with Cirrias again." ... written by 2thepoint
An old soul who is young at heart :) She was incredibly accurate, positive and no sugar coating. Told me facts straight as they were, but with a dash of positive life advice. Thank you! xoxo" ... written by moonstone2
She was very accurate, helped my soul to rest about my grandparents." ... written by DayDreamer77
She was very comforting in this hard time in my life." ... written by chandragomes3
Amazing reader!!!" ... written by purplehaze36
Excellent reading will come to her again" ... written by luvbug77
Accurate." ... written by druvina1973
Great reading. Gave me a lot of insight and clarity in my situation. Helped me put things in perspective. Definitely recommend." ... written by zephyr1983
Awesome.." ... written by slinkyminky3
She is lovely intuitive and very strong. I highly recommend her!! Thank you for your time Cirrias!!!" ... written by fresiaflower
Hooo Boy.... Lots of information in a short period of time.... Great! Thanks Cirrias" ... written by Uvrs53
She is good and kind. Picked up and didn't leave me confused." ... written by LaSheaLove72
I love this woman! She is so good to talk to, gives great advice and is so pure hearted! " ... written by katani
Fantastic... Spot on and really amazing, thank you so much, I look forward to hearing more." ... written by Beccaboo72
HOPE :)" ... written by Cynthiamoon
Cirrias is real deal!!!! I loved my reading she is quick to connect and answers honestly. You must give her a try!" ... written by marion
Just another prefect reading! Thank you!" ... written by Bojan99
Unbelievably comforting. Happy to hear the truth!" ... written by Cynthiamoon
Thank you!" ... written by phantomnot
Good." ... written by Majoma
I haven't spoken to her in a while but still sees the same thing has given me hope." ... written by cg4
I always enjoy Cirrias readings! She is so genuin and easy to talk to. Gives great advice and brings calm!" ... written by katani
Wonderful reading as always!" ... written by Bojan99
Great reading! " ... written by Amanda993
I had a great reading with Cirrias. She is gifted seer and helped me understand Twin Soul phenomenon that I am currently experiencing. Thank you!" ... written by peter9225
So much knowledge!! She is one of the very few that really made me understand what is going on right now!! I can't wait to go back to her and update her and get more insight!" ... written by swaimz
Thank you for helping! It was very good readings, right on the point and very clear! " ... written by kosmosss
Wonderful reading with this psychic. She is so easy to talk to. She was right on point about a job situation she told me about in June. Everything happened just like she said. I was extremely surprised. Extremely accurate and compassionate. I will come back to seek her advice again." ... written by wee318
You are brilliant... compassionate, understanding and warm. Thank you, thank you, thank you xx" ... written by Rosie218
Great reading. She is very compassionate, warm and accurate. She gets to the point quickly and does not waste your time. I am happy that I had a chance to read with her and will return again for more advice. " ... written by wee318
A kind heart and a good psychic!!" ... written by purplehaze76
great psychic and a sweet person" ... written by purplehaze76
Interesting reading, very nice lady." ... written by tash1921
Cirrias calmed me down. Thanks so much. I trust your prediction. Last time you were right, i'm sure you are right again. Thank you and talk to you soon." ... written by missmel2011
Very fabulous,excellent!" ... written by guess1953
She is unbelievable, so positive, so kind! " ... written by willneverend
She is amazing, very accurate...thank you so much!!!" ... written by sassiie
amazing... loved her reading!!!!!!!!!" ... written by AV
Thank you, darling. You are always on point!" ... written by coconut1980
My first time with cirrias. She seems honest. Time will tell. But I did get that she was genuinely trying to help me. Thanks a lot. I will be back to you soon." ... written by missmel2011
Very nice lady. Her reading was a little different from the other psychics. I will wait to see who is correct. She did seem genuine in her desire to help me. " ... written by wee318
Wonderful reading! Loved to know about my previous lives and find aspects of those lives in this one I'm living now. I finally understood why I hate spiders! Everyone should try this. :)" ... written by funchallady
It was very nice talking to CIRRIAS! She told me that I was anold soul and gave me my names in past lifes and also hints about places where I could find traces of me, and things I've done. I could relate these things she told me, to what I am today." ... written by atelmo
Wonderful and caring very focused " ... written by LadyL5
She is just amazing! Now I see clear, and I know what to do, and how to do! Thank you so much!" ... written by mimizi
Genuine spirit, very spot on accurate, will get you again, my love." ... written by coconut1980
She is great :-) " ... written by adhaura
Nice readingg :))" ... written by fatiimadw
She is the best ,she gave me new hope i ll come back to her ....xxxx " ... written by roop83
Extremely accurate and straight to the point. Great reading!" ... written by rainbow0419
Nice job with the reading. You were a big help. Will Call again!" ... written by coconut1980
There are no words to describe what just happened. It was throughly incredible.. What an amazing lady! The faith that she has is overwhelming. She has the ability to see light and brilliance in you even when you can't.. Thank you so very very much.. My journey begins today." ... written by AlysiumDream