About Christina1981

Psychic Christina1981has 5-10years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Christina1981has recently helped 434members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Christina1981's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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First up, the rules.
NO FREE READINGS. NO YES OR NO QUESTIONS. The reason that we offer the option for a private reading is so that you can discuss your issues with me PRIVATELY. Second. DO NOT ASK ME ABOUT DEMO’S OR MENTION THEM even when I am due to give one. I do not like being asked about them and there is only one rule in my chat to allow yourself to get picked for a demo… and that is DO NOT ASK ABOUT DEMO’S. The whole idea is that it is a SURPRISE!!

So…. Why do you want to come and see me? Well, you’d better be prepared for a few home truth’s. I will not lie to you, or fabricate a story where there isn’t one. I AM HERE TO HELP YOU REGAIN CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE AND LEARN HOW TRULY MAGICAL IT CAN BE.

If you want this… if you are sick of sitting in a rut, you want REAL answers, then come and see me. I can help you to understand “Why?”, what YOU can do next to get involved in your own existence and face the truth within you. The beautiful shining and sparkling light that you are and deserve to be.

If you are ready to face your destiny, come and see me.


Informative reading! Thanks so much for your time!" ... written by BrittyW
Awesome. And generous.. She is like the mermaid that guides you to the treasure trove of your future..." ... written by aum3aum3aum3
Absolutely amazing, so intuitive and caring! Loved every moment and i will never forget it " ... written by alysiumdream
Wonderful!! She knows what she doing." ... written by donnamendis
Good reading, good info and good energy!!!" ... written by Cryptids
absolutely on the spot...very true, no fairy tales just the truth. thank you so much." ... written by gingergarlic
So far so good!" ... written by uneasy
nice to know she can ease my mind... whether or not its what i wanted to hear, she is able to express it in a manner easy for me to accept. she is honest and straight forward... very caring... " ... written by che2m2
I love Christina she is my favorite psychic on this site. she encourages me and tells me wonderful things to better myself!" ... written by beth0582
Christina1981 is BANG ON. She knew my situation and put into words what I couldn't easily express myself. She even know how others involved are and how they are reacting to my situation from my perspective and exactly what I was thinking. Then, she is able to explain things to me in a manner that is easy for me to accept. After each private reading with her, she left me calm and collective...almost in a happy frame of mind.. at ease. She was able to help me control muy anxiousness and anxiety. Thank you for being there Christina!" ... written by che2m2
Amazing reading, gave me hope. I'm glad i had a reading with Christina she is worth every minute. i will be back to do more reading to see whats happening." ... written by Joan84
She is a very sincere an accurate person. " ... written by Lucy117
Thank you for your help. You were spot on in everything you said. I really recommend you. Thanks again i will be back." ... written by Lorann23
she's wonderful :)" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Great reader. You will be amazed, how accurate she is. Try her out!" ... written by Daniel79
Christine is a superstar, dont need anymore words!" ... written by TwinklyDove
Very kind hear-ted and has a good insight of whats going on!" ... written by thenewblack
OMG!!!! WOW!!!! You are the most amazing person!! Thank you once again for all your help and advice girl!!! Im so glad you cleared up everything for me once again!!! I cant find the words to describe how wonderful it is to be able to talk to you and to have you guide me in the right direction. Yes, you're right im very grateful for the things i have. And i count my blessings daily!!! Thank you girl for everything you have done for me. I appreciate everything. Namaste!! Love and light!! And Blessings to you and your abilities girl!! You mean the world to me!! and i thank you!!" ... written by sexybunny69
soo helpful " ... written by maggie86
Omg... I do love this girl..indeed!!!! Her advice has been so reassuring and so calming!!! I not only see her as an advisor, but a also as a really close friend that you can talk anything about with!!!! She's been absolutely spot on with her readings and with her guidance. If, it wasn't for her faith in me and her support, I have no idea where I would be right now. She has been my rock and my friend from the very first day I joined this site. Namaste!!! Love and light girl!!! Blessings always!!! May your dreams and wishes be fulfilled to your hearts desire. You deserve the best because you most certainly are the best. At, least to me, anyway. xxxxxxxxxx" ... written by sexybunny69
Great!" ... written by MayGirl
beautiful woman...Christina is awesome!!! Great reading:)" ... written by sexyegyptian2
OMG, thanx girl, for the reassurance!! Needed that!! If it wasn't for you, by my side, I'm sure id be going mad by now:( U mean the world to me Chris and you know that!! Namaste!! God Bless you and your abilities girl:) Thank you for guiding me in the right path and keeping me sane!! You have been my rock through this from the very beginning, and, I have no way to repay you for being so gracious with your words of wisdom!!! Looking forward to always keeping you posted and updated as things progress!! Luv u girl:)" ... written by sexybunny69
love it! love you, love the whole thing! " ... written by AlysiumDream
a++++++++" ... written by adonis
This truly amazing!!!!!!! I love the idea of being able to talk freely with her about anything thats bothering me..or worrying me at any time!!!!! She is more like my best friend, rather than my advisor!!!!!..I do feel a strong attachment to her.......i truly value her advice and her abilities!!!! I feel so blessed to have her in my life..right now... She's definitely one of my favs, i must admit!!!!! So spot on and so open and honest with her answers......Namaste!!!! Love and light to you precious girl......xoxoxoxox Luv ya always....Bunny " ... written by sexybunny69
i love her. enough said :)" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
All First In Life are Speciall Moments. So has been her my first reader at oranum. She was very very accurate, and now she is also doing my email reading. I am excited :) thanks and god bless" ... written by geminineil2011
some time angels walk the Earth that guide you thru ..and she was one among them ..a perfectly guided reading " ... written by aum3aum3aum3
Thanks for being there for me. You are the best. " ... written by brazilgirl1
christ she is so loving and caring..she pick up so many things about me and tht was true ,,she really contected wid me i ll come back to her ,,thx for everythng xxxxxxxxxxxxx " ... written by roop83
THE BEST READING I HAVE EVER HAD! She is incredible. She picks up on things that others havnt. She is such a kind soul, but also let you know what you need to know. And she is very funny as well.. Thank u so much, from the bottom of my heart for everything. You are a blessing in my life. I look forward to our next chat. xoxox" ... written by brazilgirl1
Awesome,she gave me dates and info of those days:)" ... written by Redspice66
Thanks Christine, the 5 stars are for you. You certainly seemed to pick up a lot that was going on with my situation, although it was hard for you to convey this to me. " ... written by MelissaH
I really enjoyed her reading. She accurate about alot of things that are currently going on my life and also gave me great news. I loved her reading and I will be contacting her again." ... written by 01PRECIOUS012
very supportive... remembers my situation clearly and very understanding.... she made my private readings even more personable that she made me feel she truly cares... thanks for the chats!!! For being there as my friend!" ... written by che2m2
Wonderful reading. Fun and cheerful young lady. She hit the nail on the head with everything. Pleasantly surprised. 100% Recommended!!!" ... written by tash1921
Thank you!" ... written by kosmosss
FANTASTIC...she really connected with me...I had so much fun and was incredibly helpful." ... written by parkernin
She is just simply awsome and punctual. Everything she has predicted came true! Thank you so much - i will come back again! ^_^" ... written by luisa84
Always wonderful. Comforting helpful and kind. I learned exactly what I needed to know and feel at peace again. " ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Very friendly and informative psychic. She gave information about my career situation. I hope this comes true. I will read with her again." ... written by wee318
I'm glad I got to meet Christina. She helped me feel a lot better. Told me thing I needed to hear to get me through this part of my lifes journey. " ... written by coorsmann
Thank you for the reading and special card. I hope I can get over this too. I recommend her. She is good and she does truly care." ... written by katnguyen
Angels on Earth .. A mermaid whom I would always bet my Trust on , Thank you !!!" ... written by aum3aum3aum3
So lovely and down to earth. Really helped me feel better when I was going through a very sad time. Can't wait to see if her predictions come true." ... written by pixi78
Lovely as always. Suprising! " ... written by parkernin
This Lady is AMAZZZZZZZINGGGGGG! She really helps and shes right on target about the readings. Shes read my life a book even about things I did not even ask about. Shes really helpful and I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥ Highly recommend going to her. Love youuuuu Christina, Tristan " ... written by XTurtleManX
Christina1981 is wonderful and nice to be able to hear someone understands what I am going through finally! 5 stars as usual Chris, you are a gift!" ... written by AlysiumDream
possibly the MOST helpful private session I have EVER had! She is a wonderful counselor and psychic. Use her to help you sort out WHY you are having so many issues" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
I would highly recommend !! I had two questions and she went in to them and nailed everything right on. I had my puzzling questions answered. And she helped me with my fear. If you give her a try you WILL be pleased!" ... written by porkchop777
Wonderful reading.very accurate on my current situations...worth the credits!:)" ... written by Bellyrox
Oh, she was so positive. " ... written by mouser2345
Given me a shoulder to cry one. Sympathetic and understanding" ... written by rooster051
She was very helpful accurate, gentle, caring and loving. I really enjoyed her reading. xo" ... written by maryannepav
I love u. " ... written by brazilgirl1
Always a joy to talk to. She is accurate, trustworthy, and kind. The perfect person to talk to :)" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
it was so great talking to her, she was so exact and clarified wot i needed to hear." ... written by spoon1967
WOW she read me like an open book she told me what I wanted to hear. She gave me great advice and I hope everything would be better now. THANK YOU!" ... written by fatiimadw
Someone you can talk to as your friend, makes you feel comfortable and happy. She made me feel great about her answers. Money well spent. Thank you so much!" ... written by Cynsupernova
Excellent as always... glad to have reconnected with her... i have been waiting to talk to her again... will come back for more!" ... written by che2m2
Amazing as usual.... i missed her sooo much when she's away.... a lot has happend and yet, she seems to know.... like, she was never gone. She was able to get me to understand the reasons for my feelings and give them a different perspective that i find easier for me to accept and move on. THANKS SOOO MUCH Chris!!! You are the BEST!!" ... written by che2m2
Christina predicted a new relationship was around the corner for me, and it was. I had a choice to make, I could stay on the path I was on, or take the chance for new... She was so right... I am on the new path and it is worth it...." ... written by friendlyuser
Very accurate and to the point. Full of insight to the fullest of possibilities" ... written by jostens
Thank you so much girl for always being there for me. MWAHH, I love you. xoxo" ... written by brazilgirl1
OMG what a girl and what a reading :) Will always love you for your faith and support in me Chris :) You mean the world to me and you know it :) I will definitely keep in mind all that you said to me :) I will be back to talk to you again soon - i promise :) Bless you and your abilities girl :) May you always have the gift to be able to help all in need. I wish you from the bottom of my heart all the very best. Love and light to you always Chris - mwahhhh" ... written by sexybunny69
Very good and accurate medium connected with my father right away and gave me some good advice." ... written by kprattis
She is such a beautiful person inside and out! Christina has helped me very much...She is amazing!!! Thank you:)" ... written by sexyegyptian2
OMG what an amazing girl - again:) Thank you for being there for me girl - again :) You have just given me the strength to continue to stay positive and i love u for it:) Without to pull me up and to tell me how things are i will certainly be lost :) I m so glad to have met you on here Chris:) You will always be my rock and i will continue to keep you up to date!! Love and light girl Namaste XXXXXXXX (((((hugs)))))))))" ... written by sexybunny69
My darling girl, you have no idea how much I'm indebted to you!!!! OMG the feeling of hopelessness has now gone from me. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there for me in my time of need!!! I will never forget everything you have done for me Chris!! This is not how I wanna repay you for being there for me girl!! You mean more to me than just a person i go to for advice and guidance. You have been my rock from the beginning of this mess and I thank you for the time you have taken to listen to me!!! Namaste!!! you blessed soul!!! Wish I had you closer to me though!!! Love and light always my darling girl!! Luv ya Chris xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by sexybunny69
Good reader, nice girl!" ... written by purplehaze76
she was honest and even though she had bad news she wasn't afraid to deliver it. She was kind about it though. " ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Thank you so much. You honest yet very understanding and somehow even though you didn't tell me my life was going to easy breezy, I felt so much relief just talking to you! I can't thank you enough. You are wonderful!!!" ... written by BarelyBreathing
Just had my 2nd reading and I'm thankful for her time and advice. I will be back for more. Highly recommended" ... written by Joan84
That reading was amazing. I'm very glad I went through with it, and I'm happy with the results. Thank you so much. " ... written by lovemebravely
As sweet and helpful as ever.xo" ... written by maryannepav
A caring reader! Thank you." ... written by eloquent31
She is brilliant thank u so much!" ... written by misty1982
Besides being very accurate, she was soothing to my heart. Thank You " ... written by positivelivin
Christina is an amazing person! She is a great reader, and totally sincere and accurate in what she does. Very good reading! Havent talked to her yet? Then what are you waiting for? Highly recommend! 5*****" ... written by hugs2020
Awesome reading and i will be back! Cheers!" ... written by kristalmagic
I truly LOVE this girl...with all my heart!!! She is the most amazing advisor and friend that anyone could ever want..... I'm so blessed to have her in my life, and at a time in my life when i need her the most!!! I'm truly grateful, for knowing her and for having her be a part of my life!!!! Namaste my darling and light to you always... You are a true blessing in disguise and i thank you for everything you have done for me so far.........." ... written by sexybunny69
Omg!!! This girl is truly amazing!!! I can't believe how clear and honest and precise her answers are. I'm truly in aver of her abilities and her gentleness and kindness in being able to explain everything to me, so that I'm able to understand without being confused. I will definitely admit that she would have to be one of my favourites from this site. Christina has been my rock from the very first day I became a member on here. Without her guidance, without her support, I truly do not know where I would be right now. I thank you from the bottom of my heart girl. Namaste!!! Love and light and Blessings to you always..xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo" ... written by sexybunny69
completely awesome!!!.... picked up on my mood the moment i signed on.... helped me get through my negative emotions through meditation... now i feel less anxious and relaxed... no longer feeling awkward of weird.... thanks sooo much!!!" ... written by che2m2
she was really good...not enough credit with me....definately next time i'll see her....she cares a lot....i would give a salute for her work....thank you christina " ... written by renuka1
MISSED HER SOO MUCH WHEN SHE'S AWAY.... she is wonderful as always... a friend indeed!!!!... she helps me stay in tune with myself. Thank you. For being frank, giving me the just-of-it... making things clearer / forcing me to not just focus on what i see and make judgment of it (emotionally) but to also see the reasons behind the things that are happening. Again, allowing me to be able to get a clear understanding and resulting to not being to hard on myself. THANK YOU!!!!" ... written by che2m2
great reading, she was on point. she read my mind. great reading." ... written by MrsChung1
She was great right on the money about everything. I'm one of those people you just can't tell me anything and I'll believe you but I didn't have to tell her anything. She told me that's what a real reader does. So if you're looking for answers she's a great person and a great reading. She's the WOMAN for the job." ... written by iriseabove
Thank you so much Christine for a clear reading tonight! Thank you for explaining the situation in depth to me and helping me understand where things are going and also what I need to do to work on myself in the meantime. Confirmation of things to come was great to have. Wonderful reading and I will be back in future. " ... written by MelissaH
God brought me to this girl, she looked like me when I was younger, she new the most funniest fact about my situation that no one could ever get. Really enjoyed talking to very special, sweet and defo recommending a lot of people to her. The girls deserves credit she knew my situation inside out so happy and excited woop woop :) love and light xxxx" ... written by Bunnygirl1980
Christina is an honest Psychic with natural abilities to connect to you and your loved ones who have passed on. She is really gifted and I would take her to private a many times as you can. Christina really cares for her clients and has a genuine respect for them. You wont be disappointed. " ... written by kprattis
Very intelliegent and wise lady. I love her. " ... written by maryannepav
I love her she is lovely and helpful and very intuitive xo" ... written by maryannepav
ABSOLUTELY PHENONMENAL!as i thought! every on the dot, all made perfect sense 200% thank you mwuah darlin, may you always keep on growin' on your spiritual journey xx i will keep ya posted darlin xx" ... written by saidenthewolf
Love HUR!!! she is amazing" ... written by parkernin
Wonderful as always! xxx" ... written by AlysiumDream
Wonderful as always xx Thank you for your time lovely, 5 stars as usual :) " ... written by AlysiumDream
She gave me the confirmation I needed, I just needed to know that I was on the right track. Thank you!!" ... written by OjosDeCoyote
Shes amazing!!!!!! come see her! I love you christina I am your squishy boy!" ... written by XTurtleManX
Shes a very gifted, talented, sweet hearted person. She helped me with everything and she truely cares about me. She is so amazing. " ... written by XTurtleManX
She answered all my questions! highly reccomended!" ... written by vc1976
She was great.. very fast.." ... written by brownsuga5964
Quick and accurate reading! Ty and God Bless" ... written by mozzy123
Connects quickly, understands the situation fully and goes into as much detail as possible. She tells you things in a timely manner and has such a nice personality. Most importantly, she's honest. She doesnt tell you want you want to hear but what oyu need to know. Will definitely come back :)" ... written by Noelani
awsome lady helped me with my questions i know where something is heading now mmmmm exciting lol will be back for sure , " ... written by newzealand78
1st reading was the best, I guess this time i didn't hear what I wanted to hear. But I will consult with her again and I would highly recommend her." ... written by jmerritts
She is absolutely heart-felt and caring. Pick a direction and she will show you what might be the outcome good or bad. Reguardless of the situation, she will be there for you no matter the circumstances. Geniune and Unique." ... written by Sekimori
Thanks for better there again Christina. You bring comfort to when I need it most. I feel I have gone the right path and with your continued support and guidance, I feel I am reaching my ultimate goal... to be me again and be happy. Thanks!" ... written by che2m2
Wonderful and nice to talk to someone who understands what I am going through. 5 stars again" ... written by AlysiumDream
This turned out to be a very good connection and the reader was very positive. " ... written by JayhawkGatorGuy1
Very good and nice reader. Thank you, I really appreciate her." ... written by Daniel Anderson