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Security Officer, Mentor, Life Advisor. US Army Vietnam Era Veteran Ft Hood Texas 1974-1989. Personnel Administrtor. Jail Administrator. Born in San Antonio Texas. I am Hispanic-Mexican American, native American, Spanish, Italion. I was taught Roman-Catholic religion. I believe in god, Jesus Christ. I have been to Germany, Korea, I speak some Mex-Spanish. I like dogs, cats, horses. I like dancing, texting, chatting. I like doing surveys, commenting, mentoring, advising, protecting. I have worked at Jet Engine repair Kelly AFB. I like new technologies. I like listening to Roy Masters, Art Bell at Coast to Coast AM. I believe in saving the enviroment, living green, using natural resorces. I been marred four times. They cheated on me. I been a musician, stageband drummer country and western, mexican music. I like traing dogs, horses. I like raising farm animals, chickens, ducks, goats, lambs. I like growing vegetables. -------------------------------------------------------

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