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Psychic CarolineMystichas 5-10years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic CarolineMystichas recently helped 28members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about CarolineMystic's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I am a natural Empath by birth, an extreme Sensitive and Psychic since I was a young girl. I only began to understand these gifts as I got older and began to study the Esoteric Sciences, and devote myself to Meditation and Yoga. My mother is also gifted with Psychic gifts, as was her mother before her,

Having always felt something of a social mis-fit due to my sensitivity and Psychic gifts, it took me time to realize why I couldn't fit in so easily, and why other "normal" children found it much easier than me to fit in to the social network of friends.

As I have grown older, meeting my partner, A clairvoyant and born Medium, I have learned about my gifts and how I can use them to benefit others, and myself, giving me a purpose in this world. I traveled with him to India and met with Sadhus (Holy men) during our long pilgrimages in the Himalayas, practicing austerities and meditation, and studying both the Eastern and Western Esoteric Sciences, learning the Vedic Chakra System along side the Kabalist System, which is where my study of the Tarot really began.

During my practices I experienced a great deal of "back-lash" as the Conditioning from School and society began to unravel. I am as such an expert for those experiencing the emotional and mental difficulties that all too often occur during the process of awakening. As someone who feels things incredibly deeply, I am no stranger at all to the most feared cards in the deck, the 9 and 10 of swords for example, Despair, Cruelty and Ruin are a major part of my learning! I empathize completely with those suffering from traumatic emotional memory from abuse, broken hearts, lost lovers and family problems.

Often in life we are faced with choices, sometime those choices will change the course of our life forever. With my intuitive guidance and experience, I can help you discover the best path to take, and when the best time is to take action. Often the solution to our problems, whether, emotional or vocational lie in finding out how we really feel about the situation, our selves and those others involved. This can involve facing our pasts with honesty and impartiality. When the difficult and unbearable feelings arise, this is a sign of an emotional blockage, being discovered, and gives us the chance to heal even those suppressed traumas form childhood, and further back into the realms of past lives.

I work with intuition, using the Rider Waites Tarot and the Fairy Tarot.
I use a pendulum for dowsing
My Intuition works with the Guidance from The Holy Guardian Angel, that is the Higher Self. I can help you to tune into your own Guardian Angel, the voice of your own sacred Intuition, that Still, Small Voice within.

I am a Spiritual Healer, and can work with you for distance healing, or for those you love.

I can help you with Chord Cutting for Relationships that have ended, or to help ease the pain of a broken heart or un-fulfilling Marriage, partnership etc. In extreme cases I am able to assist in Spiritual Divorce.

I work with the Chakra System, and the Tree of Life and can give you Readings based upon the activity of your energy centres. I am an energy Healer, so I can cleanse the Aura and Chakras even at a distance, and a great deal of my work involves distance healing through intention, visualization and the power of love and thought.

Thank you for the reading. It was really good. " ... written by Angel168
Excellent reader!" ... written by Sana
Thank you so much fot her reading and your help! After the reading I felt more secure andcalm about my future! Very nice and warm persont to talk to!" ... written by Sirena22
She is very caring, wise, helpful and accurate. I am grateful for every minute :)" ... written by willneverend
Very nice person ..... good advice!!! " ... written by mystic lady
Thank you for the wonderfull reading. You were very clear with things and you explained everything to me. I fully understand what I need to do, and how I need to do it. I feel very safe and surcurre with you. Thank you, again. " ... written by Angel168
She was so helpful accurate, supportive kind and clear. I will definitelly come back to see her again." ... written by maryannepav
She is WONDERFUL! So nice and sensitive! I highly recommend to take her to a private reading!" ... written by mimizi
She is truly gifted. She was there with me to the end. True empathy and guidance. You can feel her soul and her desire to help you. She made me realize things that are truly going to help me and give me strength. She was connected with me from beginning to end. She is deeply committed to helping and feeling you as a soul. I am so glad i had the time with her." ... written by Kayne12345