About Brama1

Psychic Brama1has 20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Brama1has recently helped 36members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Brama1's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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This guy is very interesting......learned alot about Chakras that I didn't know.....will go back" ... written by dstufra1
really nice person, worked with my energy, very helpful." ... written by sycammer781
I dont know if its accurate but conforting none the less, im hopeful. " ... written by Varela01
2-19-12 Big impact physically and on shifting mental formations. Recommendations easy to follow as I find my path. Anam Cara " ... written by teresasan
He is really good at balancing people's energy. I would recommend him for example to balance your energy when you are going through bad times, or before a major event. He will send you the energy you need to do well. Thank you! " ... written by HopeForTheFuture
He has the energy..he knows what he is doing....he can feel exactly what you feel...i just didnt have much credits thank you........" ... written by delmark
I loved his reading ... of my energy and felt completely connect with him. He is filled with great love....and did help me to identify which areas of energy are blocked. I am coming back for another reading. " ... written by Panina
Wow, the chakra balance and cleansing was incredible. He is truly gifted as a healer and he gives great advice. Highly recommended!! I feel a million times better than when I first came in. " ... written by yas
Loved his interection...he is Great...will be back." ... written by vrinda113
This is the next day from making a connection with my chakra's and I am very sensitive to energy work, and today I am now feeling ... a relaxation in the chakra's that both acknowledged were blocked a bit, and I hear some of the words he said to help me. I am focused now on making those changes, one step at a time. Releasing that 1st chakra is huge. I have to come back to him so we can work together. I felt one with him, his presence in melding and healing is strongly felt today. Thank you Brahma, I will be back. Love and many blessings to you, every day, in all you do. HUGS!!!" ... written by Panina
Pleas come and have a private chat with Brama1 he is very gifted. He tuned into my energy and brought to the surface so things I thought I had gotten over. Come experience Brama1 you won't be sorry!!!!!!!!" ... written by myteewog
Once again, a fantastic session in which I opened my soul, and saw how to unblock myself in the area of romance. Many blessings! I feel much more peaceful. Thank you, I will be back. Namaste!!" ... written by Panina
Brama1 is a gentle-man and highly intuitive person. He is very effective in sensing in-balances and locating the corresponding chakra. After 2 sessions I know he is a gifted healer. He is connected to white light and is an open channel - I have benefited greatly and wish to thank him for his assistance. My journey has begun. " ... written by teresasan
He calmed me down a bit and i am grateful for it" ... written by magickmagick
I loved his reading. He was very nurturing caring and a great listener. I would request him again. Thank you Brama!!!" ... written by lesiajones80
Very nice reading " ... written by katehrine1965
Terrific call. " ... written by starshine34
Thank you, great reading " ... written by cammyboo
Very nice person and good energy! I enjoyed the reading very much! 5 stars! :)" ... written by Joey
Very informative." ... written by FRANCIS27
Wow, he is wonderful and his healing is spectacular :)! So happy to have found him here. Namaste!!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Wonderful wonderful always!! his energy work is a god send!!!" ... written by yas
He is a gifted healer...I love to have sessions with him. No matter what is ailing me, he finds a way to help!" ... written by yas
Amazing energy work. Love him so much! He is wonderful and I feel so much lighter when we work together. five stars always!" ... written by yas
Beautiful beautiful honest man!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gets no better!" ... written by lyriclove
Wonderful energy work always. I feel so amazing with the work from him!!! Highly recommended!!" ... written by yas
He is wonderful, compassionate and caring and once he is connected with you, he can surely sees what is happening and you can also feel his energy." ... written by virgo2
AWESOME!!! will come back" ... written by vineir08
He is a very insightful person, i would like to have more conversations with him, thanks you for your help and your teachings i will be back for more " ... written by purpledove37
Thanks" ... written by friendly22
Wonderful energy work always!! Everyone should do energy healing with him :)!" ... written by yas
Very nice guy to chat with!" ... written by kalanipuu1
5 star" ... written by jpferreira51291
Great advice and caring man so helpful!" ... written by marsylyttle
Very helpful, excellent energy." ... written by lovegal
Very helpful in energy work... I shall return thank you" ... written by lovegal
Wow! What a wonderful man. So accurate with his energy readings and state of chakras. I totally enjoyed my consult with him and fully recommend Mr B. He is totally loving and non-judgemental. Please stop by and have a consult with Mr B!" ... written by mdemos
Very awesome just dead on. " ... written by Marlaval
Wow! What a wonderful man. So accurate with his energy readings and state of chakras. I totally enjoyed my consult with him and fully recommend Mr B. He is totally loving and non-judgemental. Please stop by and have a consult with Mr B!" ... written by mdemos
WOW! He can really energize and connect to my heart chakra! My heart feels like it's still stuck in the Astral Realem. Please try. :)" ... written by fuzzy64
He was sweet, helped heal some things, I'll certainly come back in the future." ... written by beetlenut
Very nice man, connects very easily to you accurate and fast." ... written by Heart
Love this guy .......Always reassures me .. n makes my day ..:)" ... written by Auspicious31
Fantastic! his energy work brings me up so much!" ... written by mina
I have missed working with him sooo much! I'd almost forgotten how special his gifts are. Thank you so much!! I feel a million times better from his energy work!" ... written by yas
Great help in situation." ... written by lovegal
HE IS GOOD andamp; NEW PERSPECTIVE" ... written by ppp
Love to work with him on energy! He is so great and helps me to up my energy levels :)..." ... written by yas
Love to work with him! He gives such great advice and the energy work leaves me feeling a million times better!! xoxoxox" ... written by sacredlove71
Great job!" ... written by dstufra1
Thank you Bram! Your heart is right there,for all to see,I thank you for your keen insight " ... written by Bluesword
You were right on with things and I would love to chat more!" ... written by hanks12
Thank you for the informational reading. it was very interesting and I will think about the message. Thank You!" ... written by Angel168
Love to do the energy work with him...I always feel a million times better when I work with him!!! A million stars to him :)!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Great connection " ... written by cnae12
Awesome!" ... written by ra
He has really helped my energy levels rise! Thank you!" ... written by shameless12
He is a dream to work with :) the energy exchange is fantastic and makes me feel so much better every time! Love to visit him whenever I can :)!" ... written by sacredlove71
Brama is a clean spirit with a clean heat. He felt my energy and the energy of my dilemma. He assessed the situation through, his heart gave an accurate sense of the current situation and the hopeful outcome. I recommend him for spiritual guidance." ... written by lenny99
He is very caring and honest and straight to the point ,and has very nice energy, thank you so much ,:-)" ... written by ale510
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU..." ... written by javawriter001
He is gooooood wow " ... written by loverboy
Wow, what I wonderful spirit! Very easy to connect to! Added to favourites immediately." ... written by afcsher
Wonderful experience. I felt the connection. He is wonderful to work with" ... written by laural
Brama1 is amazing!!!" ... written by bonnielynn
Brama1 is the best on Oranum. It is a deep experience and you must be open to clarity, to renewal, to a deeper understand of yourself and of life itself. Use all the resources recommended. " ... written by khrustypas
Thank you so much for a fabulous reading and help." ... written by starshine34
Good reading!" ... written by starshine34
Wow this is one amaizing man! He is full of love and can give you pease and selfconfidance. I felt his energy very strong and he gave me very precious insights. Treat yourself with Brama1! 1000 stars!" ... written by SadSong
Feels like my heart was lead to Brama1, for a reason. My journey now begins to open up and understand myself. 5 stars! " ... written by angel_hugs
Good man, speak with him, he knows some good things on life" ... written by miz lady
Brama the energy was are an amazing soul.....thankyou.....highly recommend bramas work...You must try,you will not be disappointed :)))" ... written by suzana01
He helps me sooo much :)!" ... written by sacredlove71
Really wonderful energy. that's all I can say, see for yourself." ... written by beetlenut
He is the best!!!" ... written by khrustypas
Very accurate reader!" ... written by fasina
He is always great! Please try him, he's worth it." ... written by myteewog
Connected to me well :) " ... written by rumi628
He is superb in his readings and gave out the best solutions. Hope it works to my interest. " ... written by sandyaravi
Awesome" ... written by mzgg85
Very helpful." ... written by amethyst88
He was right on the spot of what I was feeling. I have never encountered such energy. He knew what I was feeling and thoughts. Very good advisor and will come back again. Trust to me is very big deal and Brama is someone I can trust. thank you!" ... written by Rowapache81
Very sensitive man and full of love!" ... written by BIOBIL
Great!" ... written by VZ
He was able to identify some issues with my heart chakra. He gave great recommendations. I look forward to more healing sessions with him." ... written by goodnight2345
He is very good at what he is doing! We worked together on my chakras and I felt everything - EVERYTHING! He is amazing! After the session I felt relaxed and light. He worth every credit - try him out! Highly recommend! ~~~~ hugssss~~~~" ... written by hugs2020
Good energy......just wonderful!" ... written by mmc6002
Five stars says it all. Great energy healer - he can bring miracles into your life. " ... written by somebodysgirl
I am so pleased with the reading. Thank you so much for your help! I will come again :) Many many blessings to you!" ... written by manijhe
I know my credits were free , but why didn't u understand me u answered my ? but i didn't get much feedback from u " ... written by elizabeth81
Very good. And helped out. thank you very much." ... written by pray4love
He is divinely blessed and extremely good at connecting with chakras. I recommend you should go to him for accurate insight and guidance. Excellent ! Thank God I did ..divine connection.Thanks a lot for the healing :)" ... written by bunu123
He was very informative and helpful. Very straightforward. " ... written by cobaltmistress
Wonderful man! Gives very positive energy and guides me down a better path." ... written by afcsher
Was absolutely thrilled with his abilities and help. Once my homework is done that he gave me I am calling back to have him finish my work. He was very patient and kind with a true passion to want to help with your problems. I felt him connect immediately." ... written by PennyF
Very compassionate and caring with guidance on my situation. A+++++ Will be back soon :)" ... written by jainut1
I am relax yay" ... written by Sandi86
Healing energy. Was lead to him. Very awesome dude," ... written by PunkieBrewster
Very sensitive and tuned in. Clear spot on and great energy healer and transmitter. Also a great advisor. Thank you" ... written by wightfox
Good, he really helped." ... written by heidipatterson31
Brama is amazing. he was right on the money. And he made me feel at ease with my thoughts and emotions. Love him already" ... written by 21naybay
Understanding andamp; caring!! Thank you so much!" ... written by twenty1stars
Amazing energy lessons. He truely feels. Thank you for your kindness and emapathy! Keep being sweet and energetic. I hope to continue to chat!" ... written by djordan6898
He was clear and very straightforward... Enjoyed the reading very much... Thanks!!" ... written by eb
I am a loyal follower of Brama and have experienced miracles in my life because of his energy work with me. My world has been transformed, and I owe so much to this gifted man for sharing his gifts, his philosophy about life, and the values we should strive to live by in this world. " ... written by somebodysgirl
Calmed me down, connected fast and I actually felt his energy, I feel so much more relaxed now" ... written by RoonilWazlib
Different, but very good!" ... written by dd41783
Brama you took me to a wonderful peaceful place. Such beautiful energy. Thanks for your healing. Brama you're simply amazing. Highly recommended...hvala :))" ... written by suzana01
Brama was very good and caring. He seemed insightful and seemed to be able to dive in and read about who I was inside, also about the person I love. I felt very understood in my reading, and he also offered good follow-up advice." ... written by lucinde
He is so kind and feeling - i feel so much better " ... written by coyoteroper
He gave great advice and exercises to get my heart energy flowing to the woman I love. Much apprecaited! I would reccomend Brama." ... written by ramongalbert
His healings actually work, my back feels better already!!!!" ... written by 4_shots_floor
Great connection with me, very accurate, very understanding and passionate about his work!" ... written by Mel0Dee
Very nice connection and good advice!" ... written by Muchacha79
Wow, I feel so much energy right now... He is so helpful in gives such a good insights. Try yourself with this man. 5 stars!" ... written by SadSong
AWESOME! Will definitely come back!" ... written by P
I am so glad I went to private with Brama, he was fantastic... so accurate and intuitive! 100 stars! " ... written by kel2
Wonderful session. could feel my heart burning was so amazing. such a nice gentleman. i will def be back for another reading like that" ... written by wishingsmi
Very good private with great insight to getting a great result . beautiful thank you" ... written by tonio73
There's always a heart to heart connection to all of my readings with him. He gives great insight and clearing my chakras when is needed. Always happy to see him online and talking to him. " ... written by tumyheart10
Really helped me to relax and put things in perspective." ... written by starshine34
First time with this psychic, was a nice experience!!" ... written by GM
Very good reading, I felt better and relaxed! Give him a try!" ... written by Aryastark
Thank you for your reading, hopefully will be ok." ... written by cb1987
Very interesting session... Thank you for the insight andamp; exercise for cleansing energy/heart chakra :)" ... written by rolinsand
Lets the healling of my heart starts finish !" ... written by Lovely
Thank you so much!" ... written by HollyB123
I continue to grow and change every day with the guidence of Brama. He truly cares about his clients and is always so encouraging. My life has experienced so many miracles since I began working with Brama and doing chakra energy work. He is the best!" ... written by somebodysgirl
Very good energy and quick to connect, thank you brama." ... written by fasina
After doing a reading with Brama, I feel alot more stable, not as confused as I was before, I feel much more calmer and wise. Thank you Brama " ... written by wishingstars1111
I understand what your saying and thank you." ... written by glendie
Love him.. so sweet and really helpful. i will be back. " ... written by fitchchic5
Excellent as always" ... written by beetlenut
Very helpful and sees into the heart, literally, of the matter. Had some practical suggestions on helping myself which I appreciate. Thanks Brama." ... written by rockyjill
Positive energy... I will be back after I do some exercises that were recommended... I felt a lot better after speaking with him... I will be back!" ... written by leti8989
Brama is awesome!!!! He really connects and even describes how you and anyone else in situation is truly feeling...I will definitely be back for more of his help...thank you Brama you're worth all the stars******" ... written by marionlyttle
He touches right on the point, and knows what to heal. Will be back for more. Just love him as a very very best friend...Thank you!" ... written by angel_hugs
Very accurate and true...thank you!" ... written by rani4you
I just can't describe enough, how helpful Brama. is. He has beautiful energy and he knows how to help. During session you can feel him and he gives very good insights. Thank you Brama! A thousand stars!" ... written by SadSong
Brama has done work with me that has set me on a life path that I will continue on now. Thank you so very much Brama for being such a wonderful support and for believing in me. xo" ... written by mdemos
Quality service with him every time. Brama's energy is wonderful. He cleanse my third and fourth chakras. He is definitely an authority to master energy healing. . I'm looking forward to next session for energy maintenance. Love you BRAMA!!! " ... written by khrustypas
After speaking with Brama1, I felt as if my soul had been reborn and and I no longer had the feeling of fear or sadness. I was told multiple times that my chakra was disrupt Brama1 pulled all the negative energy out of my body. He connected myself with the man I adore and brought our energies together and even after our private chat, I can see feel the energy. Very excellent experience. :)" ... written by teebsgb15
Thank you Brama for helping me today." ... written by somebodysgirl
Brama, you are so insightful and centered thank you for today's session." ... written by somebodysgirl
He is very excellent. His chakra healing is amazing. I will keep coming back!" ... written by Berkeley13
Very informative information he gives me... 5 Star *****" ... written by Loverboy
Thank you Brama for another uplfting session. It is so freeing, as I begin to think anything is possible, I know it is available. T" ... written by somebodysgirl
Very good. I will be back." ... written by Berkeley13
Another great session with Brama - energy exchange was perfect! thank you again Brama. -T" ... written by somebodysgirl
Accurate Reading! He can read your energy and anyone else's energy too! Will return for more. Thank you again BRAMA! :)" ... written by khrustypas
This was very interesting for me, because I have always wondered about my energies. I found brama1 to be exceptionally accurate in reading aspects about myself that I already knew, and very helpful answers to my questions. I definitely would recommend to anyone who wants to know more about themselves and/or their loves." ... written by wolfmutt
Very interesting private, shared some tips that I will try. Felt his energy connection...thank you!" ... written by wendic
Wow, that was a very nice experience. Very different then what I expected and what I needed more then I knew. I will speak with Brama again. This feels like just the beginning of something really good and healthy for me." ... written by lifeismosaic
Excellent reading - lovely gentleman would have another" ... written by Kazzi819
Another good reading." ... written by Berkeley13
Hes Is very good, accurate. I got the answers I need:)" ... written by Promise88
Such a nice man and helped me with doing so much healing within... and understanding my chakras... very kind soul ... give him a try he is great" ... written by murdocca
Brama was very insighful and really helped to put my mind at ease on an issue that was keeping me up at night. I will most definately be back for another reading. Thank you Brama" ... written by lenorajane
Brama as usual you never let me down.Highly recommend you and your work...I feel like a world has been lifted off my shoulders.hvala puno xxx" ... written by suzana01
Wonderful connection...Thanks a lot!!!" ... written by Nika
Such a wonderful experience!" ... written by betsysue
Good healing. Positive. No judgement. You are awesome. Thank you." ... written by GeorgieGirlie201
Thank you, you have made my day!" ... written by mylinh
I feel alot better about everything, and a bit refreshed. " ... written by Sandi86
Great connetion, would suggest" ... written by jonnypc123
Amzzing " ... written by sweetheart4249
WOW! Brama knew exactly what was going on. I'm very impressed!" ... written by LeslieKay
Thanks dear for you kindness. I do hope for better future and try to think about all you said.." ... written by Minnie12
A lot of help. Helped explain and clear chakras and clear them. Has a very calming personality. I'm coming back for more energy clearings and help!" ... written by moriah
Felt the connection and the healing..." ... written by lovnlight
Thanks so much :)" ... written by HollyB123
He was very generous in spirit and energy with me and helped tremendously." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Very Very powerful process! " ... written by gurushek
Thank you for your honesty, helped me a lot." ... written by Lattice3
I always feel like I get so much and he is so kind and astute. He works directly with any issues at play and I feel like what he teaches me helps me to find my own answers at times. Very powerful, very good, you sense he truly wants to help, I would recommend him to anyone trying to figure themselves out, whether they are in a relationship or not!" ... written by wolfhelix
Wow thanks for that you made me feel so much better. i will be visiting you regularly. thanks again. " ... written by hurtingalot
Being an intuitive and healer myself, I value Brama's energetic chakra healing immensely. Within minutes I felt the emotional and physical pain leaving (not completely but considerably). Also Brama's psychic abilities are extraordinary. He is definitely a true empath. I can only say, try it out. Full star rating here. Thanks again." ... written by wightfox
Brama is very helpfull make my tears drop because his kindness 5 star!" ... written by february72
Very insightful and clear." ... written by brunei79
Very accurate love his reading, 5 star" ... written by sherry1973
Great loving bloke , very sweet , and honest." ... written by net240
The best! I need another session. " ... written by khrustypas
I feel very much better all the way around, and more lifted. Thank You!" ... written by Sandi86
Good energy work. It takes time which can be expensive but can also work to do just a little bit every week. Provided excellent resources to do follow up work after the session. " ... written by Armande
Thank you Brama for another great energy exchange. This is so healing as it brings calm and serenity me. -T " ... written by somebodysgirl
Very good" ... written by gracerose29
Thank you, thank you, thank you! He is very very good and he will definitely help you. You deserve more than 5 stars! Lots of love and God bless you! " ... written by tatianasmile
Feel great after having chakra cleared with brama! He is great." ... written by marion
Always wonderful. Thank you so much." ... written by starshine34
Very nice!" ... written by lifetime1974
I enjoyed my private reading and look forward to more!" ... written by dutchess2700
Really understanding " ... written by deathbetrayer
Brama was great. Very informative. I will be back." ... written by Scorpio1112
Thank you so much you deserve more than 5 star!" ... written by tatianasmile
Very good meditations. I find peace quickly when I'm with him. Worth the time to visit often." ... written by Armande
I would just like to thank you now I truly understand everything that you told me...those studies that u requested for me to do are amazing and I can see clearly on instead in a haze...thank you so much for your guidance I truly appreciate it and i am working on me now and no one else. thanks again you are a true eye opener." ... written by gabriella82012
Thank you soo much! " ... written by gurushek
I feel so much better. Thank you for working with my chakras. " ... written by gurushek
Very kind and in tune :)" ... written by kkultgen
Wow, awesome energy session. I used to consult with psychologist in times of confusion, weakness, and doubt. Energy healing is something I discovered with the help of Brama and my life has never been the same. Every session is a good one. Thank you for the energy. Your the best Brama~ " ... written by khrustypas
Great energy reading everytime. :) Thank you Brama." ... written by fasina
Understanding." ... written by deathbetrayer
He is really good in connecting.. he gives advices that enlighten my about what my partner is feeling towards me... he helped me lessen the burden that im feeling in my heart... its really too bad I wasnt able to have a longer time with his private reading.. He is really patient and really understands what and how you feel.. thanks brama.. Next time I will put more credit in my account..." ... written by wrixter
He is a very good man and he helps!" ... written by pametnacura1
Nice session!!!" ... written by hashmi84
Came to him very anxious - for no reason but I was upset and worried and anxious. In 5 minutes I already felt much much better. Like a miracle." ... written by Armande
Exellent healing session, loved his openess and energy. It helped so much:) I highly recomend Brama to everyone :) " ... written by manystars
Wonderful energy worker, i wish i could hav the pleasure of working with u everyday brama thank you, " ... written by fasina
Great way to start the day and get a positive focus." ... written by Armande
Thank you Brama! " ... written by gurushek
Felt when he started trying to read me, and felt his energy. I always confuse people on how I look on the outside including him. They think I'm a happy person, but once he read me he knew I'm not. He sent me his energy, I feel relieved, don't know how long it will last but I hope it it for a while. I recommend him." ... written by nancenance2012
Great Reading full of Energy !" ... written by kiki228
Thanks a lot, Brama!!!! I feel so much better, and much more happier. That is a great energy! Thank you all your great support, advices, it is so nice talking to you.....I can't even explain!" ... written by gershuin19
Thank you, you are so helpful to me." ... written by Lattice3
Wonderful reading. He really tapped into me and understood what I was dealing with and helped me start to unblock myself. I definitely recommend him and will be back. My heart feels a thousand times better after working with him. " ... written by LaurenNicole15
Thank you Brama, a great connection I was pleased with the reading, you reiterated my feelings well with regards to work… Fast and most certainly on the right track…" ... written by Isislily
Great enegry work everytime, Amazing, thank you brama." ... written by fasina
Thank you Brama - fly me to the moon!!" ... written by somebodysgirl
He's really awesome and very helpful. We are so well connected! Will be back for sure!" ... written by bluemarlin2012
Thank you again, such a help, such a energy...I even can't explain it." ... written by gershuin19
Very nice reading, I certainly recommend him :)" ... written by edysica
Thank you Brama for another insightful session. Best always- teresa" ... written by somebodysgirl
AMAZING. That's all I can say. AMAZING. " ... written by Calliopie
5 * Stars!! He is wonderful with a very STRONG energy!! He's honest and very nice. I liked my reading! and I will get back to him soon. Thanks Ellie" ... written by Ellie11
He has such a nice energy to work with. I feel blessed to have had time with him. thank you so much." ... written by CountryDaisy
I felt a sense of healing with him. He’s great." ... written by cupkatie
Great great advices. Thank you!" ... written by gershuin19
Very good and powerful" ... written by termo11
Thank you again!" ... written by gershuin
Good reading had to cut it short." ... written by bulldog10111982
Thank you for your help today i will speak to you again very soon" ... written by k16grh
He changes my life after chakra. i will come back if i need more help" ... written by fishy023
I am never disappointed, and I always feel so much better and so much more... aware after a session with this gentleman." ... written by wolfhelix
Insightful did good energy work. " ... written by becca2312
Good with energies work. Very helpful." ... written by becca2312
He was good!" ... written by tasha_j
Great as aways!!!!" ... written by gershuin
Interesting and lot of useful advice, thank you" ... written by porscha
Good reading, he always picks up my energy." ... written by betsysue
Very caring!" ... written by SiobhanS
It was amazing...i felt so energized...i couldn't stop smiling and he was so sweet and honest and caring about my stiutation that i didnt want to leave...Ty Brama...i will be back! Much love to u!" ... written by Valerie71
Great energy work, I'm so proud. Thankyou!!!" ... written by gershuin
I wish I had more credits.... will be back!" ... written by sabinaa
Great energy!" ... written by koelneogy
He was good!" ... written by StacyR
Very good highly recommend " ... written by Lyne37
Was quick" ... written by nananancy
Very wonderful... very understanding of my energy and the ones i feel for." ... written by losttrack123
Worked more on energies. Very helpful!" ... written by becca2312
Thank you Brama for your support and patience. I am grateful for all you have done to help me." ... written by somebodysgirl
Good reading, did energies." ... written by becca2312
So much healing. feel better. Positive vibes. Brama will make you feel better about your life.xo" ... written by Nancy
Hes so interesting - but i have to talk more to him to make an opinion. but i think he was so right about husband. i will talk to him again for sure " ... written by cap1960
I would give him 10 stars if I could." ... written by Hazamoon
Great session as always, Brama is truely a master energy worker, highly recommended!" ... written by fasina
Always very insightful." ... written by koelneogy
Brama is an awesome healer. He has excellent energy and a lovely disposition. He is genuinely in tune. :) Lovely." ... written by PunkieBrewster
Thank You soo Much Brama looking forward to working with you in the Future." ... written by Rudi33
Very positive psychic. He was able to work with my chakras and see what was going on. He also gave me good advice and book recommendations. Very sincere desire to help people become happy." ... written by persephonestears
Energized vitality!!" ... written by somebodysgirl
Very nice and understanding. Had a good session with him. Thanks your charming and sweet. Best of luck!" ... written by beautifuless
I feel so much better. Thank you so much." ... written by katie46
Best reading I've ever had by far. I've found my new favorite. What an amazing, gifted medium. Thank you so much!!" ... written by lavenderlilly13
Works on making sure you do what's best for you." ... written by kavintee
Wonderful reading, thank you for your help :) I will be back!! " ... written by Jodyleelee
Great Chakra work. I could feel the energy grow as we worked together. Highly recommended. " ... written by Lily
Cannot explain in words how great brama is with energy, amazing man, pleasure every time." ... written by fasina
Powerful experience. I am utterly speechless because the moment was powerful with our energies. Might sound a little insane, but you feel it definitely. Wonderful reading, wonderful wonderful, 50 stars" ... written by moosuga
we did energy his very good and we did card 2nd session his best thank you I suggest him to others thank you" ... written by H
his very good reader and help full i am thank full to him he is deital.thanks you" ... written by h
Thank you!" ... written by Leyasaku
Unique " ... written by gem1974
You are great!" ... written by ema
God Bless! I love your insight on my issues you have given me MUCH HOPE! THANK YOU!!!" ... written by queenbee22
Thanks brama your wonderful :)" ... written by Jodyleelee
Amazing reading. I don't know that its better to contact with brama by camera when I used my pc but he do a nice job without it. Very wondeful informations about tantra. Keep update with him sure." ... written by Ayshaue
Amazing energy work 10stars highly reccomend." ... written by fasina
Again great sension." ... written by ema
An amazing connection and a kind blessing is brama. He was fast and was able to pick up on my situation. i recommend him highly" ... written by beautywithinone
Very strong connection " ... written by junior92
Always helpful as always thanks Brama nice man" ... written by ninariv1
My energy teacher! Oh wow I have learn to give my all to this life. He has helped me stay focused and aware and gives me energy to keep loving life unconditionally. My relationships especially with my soulmate has improved 1000 fold! Brama is my life coach and special friend. :)" ... written by khrustypas
Brama has so much patience and truly cares about his clients and their well being. He is a precious gift to everyone he comes in contact with. " ... written by somebodysgirl
He is very good, and very quick... Never had a reading like that before.. I really enjoyed it.." ... written by butterflywings10
He's realy helpfull." ... written by suz1031
Was very nice and time longer...thank you and I will try to use this deep informations:)HVALA" ... written by Gaby11
Honestly, very calming but I do not know what to think...We will see. " ... written by harlemomajors1
Love the help." ... written by suz1031
Thank you so much." ... written by Sandi86
Great session for clearing negative emotions thank you Brama I feel balanced now. " ... written by somebodysgirl
Brama is an awesome and gifted healer. He is someone to have a healing session with for sure! Feel his pure energy, and allow him to help you!" ... written by PunkieBrewster
He is great !!! fast and very respectful " ... written by sharika84
10 stars, it is amazing and powerful. Thank you, Brama!!!" ... written by gershuin19
Fantastic energy cleaning, thank you for the advice, I shall most definitely work on my heart chakra and keep you posted. Thank you! " ... written by MicheeTen
You gave me the best insight ever, you make love seem even more amazing... Thank you." ... written by Sammyjoe02
I loved the session with him!" ... written by finelace
5 Stars all the way !!! Great exchange of energy and so uplifting-thank you Brama" ... written by somebodysgirl
Wonderful an strong psychic! Power!" ... written by Sweet111111
Extremely great reading, was very powerful, would recommend to anyone" ... written by nanobytecure
Great energy work, no more pain, thank you Brama!!!!" ... written by gershuin
He was very nice and I look forward to reading the material on tantra and opening my heart chakra more. " ... written by hmitchell1229
Thank you very much Brama, enjoyed my session with you. Very good when working with energy. Sending and cleansing energy. Awesome work. Will surely be in touch again. God bless!" ... written by gr2359
Wow So Much TO Learn God Bless your very helpful" ... written by queenbee22
If you are looking for someone who can help you with your energy and to see how you can really love someone without pain you can try him ,he is a master! thanks!" ... written by lonestar200
Always great to have a energy session with Brama1. So kind and friendly." ... written by kreuzen
WOW!! Brama1 is fantastic. He hit all of the key points that I have been wondering about with my life and how to change them...Thank you so much! You are the best!" ... written by nickycat2012
Good interaction and helpful." ... written by sudeepinfo
He made me feel really good. I enjoyed speaking to him, highly recommended :)" ... written by LeslieKoko
Oh my goodness!! What a lovely warm hearted man! Brama is number 1 in my book! He took all the pain from my heart and cleansed it for me, I felt so warm inside. Very good chakra channeler and healer. I highly recommend Brama :)" ... written by LizNorway
Lovely energy and very positive man. Thanksssss!" ... written by sanjam
Again, Brama just blows me away! What a lovely personality!! So warm and kind, and he is a chakra expert!! I feel all warm and tingly over my chest when he connects with my heart chakra! Amazing. Thank you again Brama! :o))" ... written by LizNorway
Amazing energy worker...... words not enough 10 stars everytime:-)" ... written by fasina
Thank you Brama, you helped me lot...." ... written by gershuin19
Very sincere and genuine, I can't find words to describe how lovely. Very empathetic and wondrous with chakras." ... written by Kera
Amazing accurate insight, he could honestly feel what was going on in me as it happened. A true gift with a very warm loving persona :-)" ... written by Xanjius
Excellent, clear pickup and read thank you!" ... written by Denisenz
Thank you for all your support guidance and healing, I won't forget your words. Thank you, Many Blessings!" ... written by Ceeclouds77
Our energy session was vey helpful and I feel energized and rejuvinated. It is alwas a success story with Brama!!! Thank you - " ... written by somebodysgirl
Thank you for your help." ... written by linn115
Today was a special session on this day of the holy souls. Brama transforms the ordinaries bringing us home to our true nature, to the pure land, the garden of love." ... written by somebodysgirl
Truly a master energy worker. Such a kind energy very caring an wants to help. Energy you can feel, if you are open." ... written by fasina
Unique reading, will be back !!" ... written by jaykun
Has very good insight. Helped me out a lot. Will definitely come back to have another reading." ... written by fairmemories
Energy work today was like a cool evening breeze over the sand and sea. So refreshing, so very peaceful. Thank you Brama1!" ... written by somebodysgirl
Awesome session! Brama thank you for all your energy. I feel good and will fast on meat at least once a week. Thanks!! " ... written by khrustypas
Such a wonderful man :o))) He is so warm hearted and his energy and chakra healing is just amazing!! Thank you so much again Brama for a great session! :o)))" ... written by LizNorway
Very nice person." ... written by TimDov
Excellent, thank you! :D" ... written by Nicole212
It has been a while since a reading with him, and he is really great." ... written by lifetime1974
Wow! Brama, you are amazing. I very much appreciated the time you took with me. I will read the book you are sending me. Much love, Elizabeth!" ... written by feelingtops
Thank you Brama, he has helped me with some new insights and all. Very kind and caring!" ... written by katie
Brama is so gifted. He has shown me parts of myself that I paid so little attention to. He has been such a positive influence in my life. I will forever be grateful for all he has taught me. " ... written by somebodysgirl
I'm very impressed with Brama, he was amazing! I will be back for a reading with him very soon." ... written by Esterlee02
Been going to him for every reading and every energy reading and I've never been disappointed!" ... written by fairmemories
Thank You!" ... written by Phuong_phan2610
Good energy work. Great, gives you insight on your problem and trying to find a solution." ... written by sanjam
Thanks Brama - nice session today!" ... written by somebodysgirl
GReat way to start the day, esp when feeling down. Give him 10 minutes to start the day right." ... written by Armande
Excellent! Thank you so much." ... written by starshine34
Thank you for all your help Brama!!!" ... written by gershuin
What a sweet session! Brama is the best energy healer and teacher. " ... written by khrustypas
Always amazing, honest and kind!" ... written by fairmemories
Thank you Brama for this energy session. I feel balanced and ready to face the challenges before me." ... written by somebodysgirl
You're the best Brama... " ... written by khrustypas
Thank you for the honest and kind reading!" ... written by jeremyes
Lovely connection, thank you!" ... written by khrustypas
There are no words for this... thank you a lot, Brama!" ... written by gershuin
Lovely energy sessions. :)" ... written by Jodyleelee
Very interesting chakra session. Good energy. Thank you!" ... written by RUBYRED2020
He really opened me up. Had an amazing energy experience!" ... written by beetlenut
Great!" ... written by tracysestin
Was good, I need to do 'homework' - but this is a good thing. I do feel more at peace." ... written by marmoser7
Brama has given me strength to endure a life tragedy and has helped me to rebuild my life and to open my heart to this journey. " ... written by somebodysgirl
Good reading!" ... written by kellycalifornia
He has helped me so much over time! His energy is great and allows me to move forward with my life!" ... written by fairmemories
You should go to him if you want to be lifted up. Because no matter how down you feel, he will give you a lift that will last, and give you the tools to do it yourself for yourself and for others." ... written by Armande
He is very funny and talks to you like a friend who wants the best for you. He is always very insightful and guides you to make the best decisions for yourself." ... written by fairmemories
Amazing advice and he wants the best for you." ... written by fairmemories
Good but it was too short. " ... written by kerrdoodle
Wonderful soothing energy. A lovely reading session. A lovely soul. Gave me some good tips. Bless xx" ... written by TwinSoul15
Very very good! Can't wait to come back for more!!!! Thank you!" ... written by starsalign21
Very helpful... thanks!" ... written by Zeigen
What a wonderful session I had. I really enjoyed my session with him. I was able to be myself with no judgement. He is really helping me grow. The connection is unexplainable. I love it! Thanks, Brama. I knew you would understand. " ... written by khrustypas
Thank you Brama - your sound advice and insight was very helpful. " ... written by somebodysgirl
Very nice person very nice readings, seems very truthful very good highly recommended" ... written by ninariv1
Thank you so much mr. Brama. I feel I finally can do something with the love I feel. I will come to you for more learning about energy, that is one thing you can be certain about. What you taught me was precisely what I needed at this moment in my life. I feel much gratitude. Dana." ... written by leililaloo
I cannot even explain the satisfaction of this session. :) I am truly blessed to experience Brama as my energy healer. Thank God! Being open and aware is wonderful. " ... written by khrustypas
Thank you for the energy. I really needed it. You always know how to get the good woman out of me. My life coach. :)" ... written by khrustypas
I have worked with Brama before and I have no complaints. He is an exceptional caring soul. He is very accurate and passionate. I recommend him to anyone!" ... written by b3aut1fuldr3am
Very direct, and extremely strong at picking up someone else's energy through you, never experienced anything like it. " ... written by serenity34
Thanks!" ... written by 1980nikki
Thank you Brama, you uplift my spirit!" ... written by somebodysgirl
Bram is completely accurate and has been wth me for months on seeing my future spot on." ... written by torresk1978
Definitely spot on about the energies around me." ... written by AnxiousLover
This reading was verry informative and helped me address my problems. " ... written by 3427n8qbb
Wonderful...great experience...calmed me down" ... written by cm
Excellent speechless." ... written by meloye123
Brama has taught me the most precious gift - to believe in myself." ... written by somebodysgirl
Helpful!" ... written by scarlettjane
Satisfied!" ... written by meloye123
Brama1 taught me some great lessons about energy. He was very generous with our time and with further study for me to check out after the private." ... written by anothersoul1
Brama has worked with me for almost 1 year now and oh such growth I have experienced! My internal life is so rich now, I am resonating at a much higher vibrational frequency, and all of my friends and family see this change. They say things like there's something different about you- what is it? I smile and say I am connecting to my life's purpose, what could be more profoundly life altering than that! The change is always internal first. Once I changed, those around me changed or they simply went away. No effort, no work, it is a very naturally occurring result of connecting with source and finding your life's purpose. Once you are there it is heaven on earth. Thank You Brama for your expert guidance and most of all your genuine care for others. - Teresa " ... written by somebodysgirl
Brama has been helping me for a very long time! And everything he says is absolutely accurate and true. He gives out detailed readings and tries his best to give you advice to better your life. Definitely an amazing person and will always go back to him for help." ... written by fairmemories
Amazing!!!" ... written by aa
Master energy worker, quick connection and always great energy :-) thanx brama" ... written by fasina
Amazing!!!! There is nothing better than to feel how your energy is flowing inside you. Thank you Brama for showing me this beauty and that you helped me to open my heart!!!!" ... written by gershuin19
Great teacher, patientandamp; gentle. He doesn`t just predict future , helps you learn to make it as great as you can imagine it." ... written by Brandy330
Pretty accurate and spot on with everything. Truly amazing." ... written by fairmemories
GREAT ENERGY WORK! THANK YOU" ... written by newness
Will wait and see what happens. He did connect with me." ... written by bmurillo
Very nice session! I loved it!" ... written by Priya16
For the time we had, he was very good" ... written by JusJayne01
Interesting reading!" ... written by wtbh2011
Today wa sa refreshing energy session with Brama. He has taught me so much over the past year about understanding our heart energy and it's higher properties. I am now able to center myself and use it to help others. Thank you Brama" ... written by somebodysgirl
Great reading, the best so far!" ... written by Taurus357
Another great session of healing and love." ... written by Brandy330
A teacher." ... written by wtbh2011
Very very healing energy and good medium, understood immediately " ... written by vvd450
Amazing as usual" ... written by aa
Great reading!" ... written by theozz123
Very good energy and has a great calming effect. Thank you very much!" ... written by Marialuis
Brama and I had a sweet session. He is like a protective big brother, that reminds how wonderful life can really be. He helps me manage my energies and keeps me "awake", when I tend to fall asleep. He is a wise man and and helps me turn my fear into faith. He speaks the truth and I always learn something new. Thank you Brama! " ... written by khrustypas
The reading was very calming and I he gave me alot of good info to read. I followed his guidance and already received the call I was waiting on." ... written by Pearlgirl2013
Very insightful. Thanks again!!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Great with Energy work. Enjoyed it." ... written by jeter28
Unbelievable! He could feel my energy. Very helpful, very positive. He can literally change your mood and energy. Highly recommend!" ... written by christina
Great lesson on energy! Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
Such a nice guy, clear and calm!" ... written by mi
Very good. He took away all my negative energy. I feel a lot better. Thank You!" ... written by dee
Thank you. I feel wonderful after that." ... written by krismic2
Brama is the best and will always be the best." ... written by Agapelove7
amazing" ... written by cablegirl27
:) I loved it. very relaxing. very calming, soothing...the 1st reading without predictions and answers and yet i am very happy. i will sleep well tonight :)" ... written by Sanna
Once again awesome, positive energy. Brama is the best chakra healer and is great on connecting possitive energies thru past love flames and current ones. ;) Love you Bram!! YOURE THE BEST!!! xoxoxo" ... written by torresk1978
He helped me get in tune with my chakras I will definitely recommend." ... written by Srunion
Fantastic!" ... written by Steph
Very open and honest. I will continue with Brama. He is great." ... written by Bracamontes
Hadn't quite finished but taken on board all that was said and feel stronger!" ... written by cimba1
You can feel a difference." ... written by hadassah
Thanks for the advice, you were great Brama!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Truly inspiring and very accurate, reads energy so well!!! Truly spiritual." ... written by vvd450
Awesome!" ... written by sosevere
Another amazing session, I leave his room a better, stronger woman. " ... written by Brandy330
Each session with Brama is a new adventure! He helped me so much today. Thank you!" ... written by somebodysgirl
Brama is the greatest!" ... written by Agapelove7
Yes, it's all about LOVE!!!! Thank you!!" ... written by shopgirl
Amazing as always!!" ... written by cj1984
Oh my goodness... the most amazing experience I have ever felt in my entire life. Brama is the best, hands down. He's awesome, my experience words can't even describe. I learned and expereienced an out of this world feeling... I'm going to him every day." ... written by donorak
Fabulous healing with Brama, I felt so relaxed and calm after it. I will be back again for sure. Excellent. " ... written by Suzanna
Very uplifting. Felt great after. Thank you so much. Many blessings to you." ... written by Grace035
Helpful, I will come back." ... written by Savannah
Brama is the best healer i have every met. This was my second session. The first session was an outter body type experience with working with my energy.. the things he shows you with you energy is powerful. The potential you have in life to get what you want out of life is there, you just need the right guide, that person is Brama. The first time I was skeptical and after the first session i was totally amazed and lost for words... months later I come back for another and wow even more meaningful and intense. As long as you have an open mind, Brama will make sure he does what he can to help you reach happiness. Thanks so much Brama!." ... written by Donorak
After each session, my heart feels lighter, warmer, and more open. Brama has such positive energy, and helps mine. He is my spiritual guru!" ... written by cj1984
Tonight Brama's energy work was amazing. I left all of my worries and cares with the world and journeyed to the place where where I was surrounded with loving kindness. Thank you Brama- " ... written by somebodysgirl
Keeping my heart's fire burning as always, what better way to start your day week month?" ... written by Brandy330
Very good energy work in a very short time. Very caring and helpful always. " ... written by Armande
He's awesome..." ... written by lovestruck12
He was very insightful. He gives the truth and light to help you move forward. " ... written by pbutterfly37
Working with Brama has changed my life. His energy work has helped me become a more open, loving person, and seems to have affected others around me and loved ones closer to me. From the bottom of my 4th chakra, THANK YOU, BRAMA!" ... written by christina
He is truly gifted and legitimate . He truly truly cares for your issues and wants to help you! He's really gifted!" ... written by peaceand
He is very in tune and in touch, very insightful reading. " ... written by Chanel
I go to Brama and only Brama for chakra sessions. He's a master, and he's the best at it. I got to him daily, every session we tap deeper and deeper into the energy and he teaches you how you can control it. He only wants the best for you and also wants you to know and understand it and not just do it. He's a great teacher. Very very awesome. " ... written by Donorak
Great place if you want to meditate ." ... written by luckystar222
Amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing. Went for one session after the other. First time. Could definitely feel the energy. Omg" ... written by CaarahH
Beautiful energy session, fills my heart with love andamp; light to get me through another week. :)" ... written by Brandy330
He is so sweet and kind very focused great energy!" ... written by kira
He is wonderful - a true healer - magical help for all of us. His purity is a joy." ... written by June
Thanks again." ... written by CaarahH
Very good, Excellent!" ... written by ambrose
Thank you for everything." ... written by ronelle myburgh
Amazing as always - he clears my stress and helps me find my heart center again! Brilliant!" ... written by June
Take this intuitive reader in private. He is very warm and empathic person willing to help you in all fields needed! All the best!" ... written by dajemenimalo123
He is the best...simply the best!" ... written by June
Very good and calming." ... written by Mina10
Thank you Brama...." ... written by gurushek
Thanks for the healing" ... written by tan
Great reading." ... written by hazelziggy
Thank you Brama for another uplifting energy exchange. I feel refreshed and renewed. You are so gifted - I am grateful for having found you on Oranum. Thank You." ... written by somebodysgirl
Always the best - such incredible energy work with him - just love it!" ... written by mina
Helped me to open up some very good energy!!!! I am sure this will help with my relationship. Will report back with outcome : )" ... written by Lorie
Waiting to see what will happen." ... written by firechick1619
Oh thank you very much for your help, I'll come back your awesome. God Bless!" ... written by SDV2013
He is incredible! I love his readings!" ... written by nalita18
I love connecting with Brama1 for energy healing! He's extremely calming and helps ease my anxieties. Thank you for the reading materials a videos as well." ... written by cherryblossom10
He's amazing! So helpful and accurate!" ... written by NIta
Very nice picked up my energy right away and situation!" ... written by Lyn
Wonderful energy work always!!!" ... written by always
very kind and helpful man xx" ... written by Lauren
He was really helpful." ... written by jo
Great! " ... written by mystical
Awesome!" ... written by Munevera
Had my energy check up andamp; chakras recharged for another week!" ... written by Brandy
Great." ... written by glen
Very interesting. Learned a lot. :) Thank you very much! " ... written by Sharon
Amazing and very generous, compassionate, wants to give me energy. Work amazing" ... written by hamijetlobo
Great! Thank you for the Chakra work. Wonderful! :)" ... written by Grace035
I love this guy, he taught me alot. " ... written by leah
Great healing and energy work. Feel more relaxed now and feeling better. 5 stars" ... written by indiabonita
Very accurate and soothing reading! Felt like I was in therapy with someone who could read my heart and mind!! Beautiful reading!! Highly recommend" ... written by AB
Great reading! Very clear and concise with next steps in place. Gave homework to help healing. " ... written by funinmck
I would like to see him more often... he is the best chakra healer! " ... written by Kura
Brama has helped me to shift my own energies to a higher level which benefits me in so many ways in between sessions. He helps me to gain clear insight into my actions and the intentions of those around me. He is an expert of the highest degree!!" ... written by Somebodysgirl
Very intuitive, highly accurate and a great connection energetically. He helped me know where I am at with my chakras and where I needed work, how to visualize in a way to correct a problem and he was very helpful. Thank you Brama!" ... written by LightnLove2u
Good reader!" ... written by need2know5
Awesome!!" ... written by Mayank
:)" ... written by Marie5290
Amazing energy, uplifting, consoling, spiritual energy, guidance, great chakra, healing amazing work. Thanks." ... written by Hamijetlobo
Brama1 helped me first about a year ago, and his help has stayed with me ever since, helping me along through difficult times. I came back today to show him the progress I had made, as well as ask for advice on a new topic, and he is still such a wise, gentle soul with so much helpful words. He genuinely cares, and I can't thank him enough." ... written by Amaya
He is great person, understanding, educated and deeply helpful person, Thank you for your great advice, Ampy" ... written by Ampily
I love and adore Brama! He has been my energy healer on and off for over one year. He is truly gifted and has opened my heart and soul to healing and growth. He is focused on clearing out all the bad and negative energy in the chakras. The quality of our healing sessions gets better as he continues to be there for me. " ... written by krustypas
wow thanks so much :-)" ... written by alex
He has a special gift! We will see how this goes for me! 5 stars!" ... written by AnnS
Amazing sums him up." ... written by tuna3005
People, Brama has so wonderful gift it is not just a white spell it is better - Energy work bring you in the sky and bring at the place where you want leave it. USE this man to help you to see the difference and he will teach you all the rest. We are all only energy and water, be like a water and let your energy to do the rest, to be the person who can change the world, your world!!!" ... written by gershuin19
Very insightful. Nice reading, helped a lot!" ... written by Daisy
Mindblowing." ... written by tuna3005
Thank you so much for all your help and beautiful energy. You rely know how to help and heal. Thank you and bless you. " ... written by ZetaTheshiny
Very good and knowledgable." ... written by Jennifer
Great reading, Brama was able to pick up on past hurts. i feel like a weight has been lifted off of me. The rage that I brought into the room has dissipated." ... written by Deliciaw
2 thumbs up!!!" ... written by Jazmine
Wonderful!" ... written by davidtjl
Wonderful experience xx" ... written by Lauren
Great" ... written by Jamisha
Needed my energy cleared andamp; restored, fresh new perspective andamp; loving outlook. " ... written by Brandy
Very interesting and relaxing. First time with brama but I feel he has something to offer" ... written by Bill
Very nice and very informative" ... written by Helen
He was very helpful and let me know there was a negative black spell being put on me.....he healed me and my love interest from it thank you so much brama will definitely be back" ... written by love
Finally I have reached a higher and more wonderful consciousness. I couldn't do it without Brama1. He is one of the most genuine souls on Oranum. I am truly blessed to experience his energy and all his guidance. " ... written by khrustypas
Mind blowing and powerful. Great guidance. I laughed again, I felt connected to my soul mate - wow thank you. xxxxx" ... written by Jill
Always awesome!" ... written by AnxiousLover
Amazing! He really touched me energy and read me accurately." ... written by Drohem
Like coming back - always good, healing energy - Thank you!" ... written by Jill
He has been one of my favourite people for over a year and never ceases to help in one way or an other. Never disappointed here!" ... written by Ammy
He has very good energy. His reading is very deep. You have to take some time to truly connect with him." ... written by Kim
Wonderful man xxx!" ... written by Lauren
Brama is a wonderful healer. This is my 2nd session with him and really help me give me relief. :)" ... written by Rana
Very helpful healing! I agree with always working on the self before anything else - and he nailed it!!" ... written by Geraldine
100000 stars the best healer in the world, touched on what no other psychic did. I can't thank you enough.. I will be in touch. Take care!" ... written by PB1923
Very understanding, good connection." ... written by Barbie
WHAO. Excellent. Made me realize I was sending the wrong energy to my beloved. Thanks!!!" ... written by Jose
Great. Right to point" ... written by joanne
Time ran out! But can totally feel the energy work!" ... written by Geraldine
Always a great reading :) He's always a great listener and very very helpful." ... written by bruin19
Brama is extremely nice and helpful! He gave me a lot of insight into my situation too! I feel so much better after an energy session with him!! Do recommend! " ... written by Mimi
Good lesson good teacher....positive energy I will need to have." ... written by one drop
What a night to remember will be back with more energy to come....Thanks Brama1" ... written by one_drop
Brama has absolutely helped me work on my chakras, change them completely for the better and to be a happier person. thanks so much Brama." ... written by delight17
Very good." ... written by gittyup1945
Alternate but rewarding." ... written by Bebs
Caring deep person, very honest and straight forward." ... written by mohogany3
Thank you so much for your help." ... written by maryanne
He was wonderful and caring and really wants to help." ... written by sherrielynn
very good. Kind man. knowledgable " ... written by vm
Wonderful healing energy - moving session." ... written by Pam
As usual, a very helpful session. And Brama is a considerate man who uses only the time needed for private session. Never abuses and is always conscious of the time used. Thanks Brama for your help. I will continue to look for you. Regards, Jose" ... written by Jose
Very nice and helpful advice :)" ... written by elena
Brama was very helpful to me." ... written by shideh
Good test to see if camera and mic worked. And it did, Look forward to next reading when I have more credits." ... written by Sarah
Great! Really connects!" ... written by Iza
Thank you for the excellent reading. I feel so much better now!" ... written by :) Love
Great Reading! Love the energy and helped my heart feel eased. Thank you so much!!" ... written by slynn0043
Great spiritual connection." ... written by Pam
Great awesome" ... written by jamira76
Very compassionate and strong excellent healing energy." ... written by bloc
Excellent." ... written by noknickerssue69
As usual. Excellent help. " ... written by jose
Very soothing." ... written by Sarah
Focuses on clearing mind, very on point and cares deeply." ... written by mohogany33
Excellent, caring, warm, gifted, knowledgeable, wise" ... written by bluebird08
Great." ... written by samantha
Really helpful, has helped me a lot this week. My mind is so much more clearer and focused. Not obsessing so much anymore and I feel nothing but love for everyone. He did say I was feeling pain when I wasn't but that is the only thing that was off. The rest of the reading was very good. " ... written by Sarah
Good!!! :)" ... written by sadhana
Connects well, talks through steps really well. Caring but doesn't sugar coat." ... written by Freedom2211
He is so kind and has helped me greatly. I feel such a drastic change in myself when I get done speaking with him... He is an amazing healer and gives great guidance. " ... written by Sarah
Thank you so much. My heart feels so much clearer and I now know where I must go and what I must do with the feelings in my heart. I need to follow the path I'm on and not look back, as scary as that may seem." ... written by familyhelper
Brama is great with healing and sending out energy. My heart and mind were in chaos from heartache. He helped me get through. He taught me what I should do everyday on my own or with him when he is online. He didn't want me to spend money on private chat so we started in chat room. He is genuine and honest. He deserves 5 stars. I will be going back to continue with chakra healing and updates. Thank you, Brama!" ... written by Moonchild59
Very helpful " ... written by sunflowerfairy
Healing and Tantra energy healer. Focused on energy" ... written by anna
Thank you very much i feel like i might have connected with him today. Thank you!" ... written by pk
Amazing, gave me something i thought i had lost forever HOPE. I can change its a choice between love and fear. Opening my chakra's to the truth and giving me a purpose. Thank you kindly." ... written by jamil
Good reading!" ... written by moon1leo1
Very good!" ... written by lopezina
Thank you that feels amazing. " ... written by PK
always good with opening the heart" ... written by qp
Brama has been an incredible help to my relationship. He helps to improve things by making sure unconditional love is present and felt by all involved. His work is commendable and full of love in itself. I am very thankful for his help." ... written by Jose
Excellent!!!!" ... written by Maribel
Thank you, I feel the connection again. " ... written by pk
lovely person to talk with and get a healing energy. thank you so much for your guidance x" ... written by matilda
I like him. He is good." ... written by moongirl777
So helpful. A+++++" ... written by michelle
Thank you for your energy work and help." ... written by pk
Very helpful!!! Thank you!" ... written by rose
Very accurate and spiritual. " ... written by D
Interesting reading, but interesting." ... written by nbarnes2
hes pretty good" ... written by jesse
Turned negatives into positives and sought to give hope where I couldn't see any. Very good at reading and teaching...very personable and compassionate! I am looking forward to seeing my future. " ... written by LC
Thank you very much that. Made me very relaxed as well as help me believe there is a chance. " ... written by PK
Brama has a heart of gold, I always enjoy his readings and healings. " ... written by michelle
Amazing connection had with him, could feel the beautiful energy and healing, thank you so much " ... written by Radhi
he is awesome" ... written by deepakish
Very interesting and good. Looking forward to work with him and see what heppanes. Thank you" ... written by Lil
Great energy, excellent advice and helped me realize a lot about my chakras! I will be back!" ... written by shabnam
he connect fast nice will come back ." ... written by lady
Thanks Brama, I do as you say x" ... written by Nina
he knows exactly how you feel and when you are not doing what he has instructed...awesome" ... written by L
He was wonderful as always." ... written by beetlenut
awesome...he knows it all" ... written by rani
Very fruitful and beautiful experience." ... written by Tony
very interesting reading.." ... written by sonia
Brama is wonderful. I am certain he helped me in changing my attitude which led me to the love of my life. Thank you Brama for making a difference " ... written by Elisabeth
Love, Divine, Great connection, lightning speed connection, highly recommended" ... written by Sooriamurthy
he's really good" ... written by starrose
Excellent reading, very truthful, understanding and to the point!" ... written by WeeFreeWoman
the real deal. very powerful with energy and cleansing. i've had many energy cleanses with him, and he's definitely genuine" ... written by starrose
Thank you" ... written by kelly
Fantastic!!!" ... written by Quest
Wow! I've had a couple of meditation sessions that made me feel amazing for days afterwards. Brama radiates positivity and wisdom, and he is happy to share his knowledge with anyone who asks for guidance. Loved connecting with him :)" ... written by Violette
i can say his great i suggest him to every one thank you" ... written by h
Thank you Brama for the amazing energy work." ... written by Tony
great energy reader, connects well an gives good advice" ... written by H
very energetic thanks" ... written by hannah
we did have another session it was very good we are getting good at it and closer to my goal. his very good thank you.:)" ... written by H
Had a wonderful session on opening my Chakara Thank you so much !" ... written by ava
great interesting reading, will be back for more." ... written by David
thanks barma , feel a lot better now :)" ... written by hannah
we did another session energy was strong, his good I really like him teaching me I suggest him to others its different world. thank you.:)" ... written by H
his very good thanks" ... written by h
His very, very good he see a lot and tells you what you ask I go back to him for many thing . thank you" ... written by H
his very, good and fantastic reader and energy sender" ... written by H
people take him pvt. he is real all I can say...! very impressed" ... written by sap
very informative" ... written by ray
I feel some peace after talking with Brama1. He seems to be very caring and empathetic to others." ... written by -T
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Credit ran out but was an interesting reading and picked up on feelings really quickly, which I hope are true. Thank You " ... written by sher