About Borostyan

Psychic Borostyanhas 10-15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Borostyanhas recently helped 1350members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Borostyan's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I am a Spiritual Guide, Life Coach, Tarot and Intuitive Reader.

My mother tongue is Hungarian, which makes me feel blessed because of the encoded nature of this beautiful language, and though I have been speaking it for 38 years, I am still exploring its wonders every day.

I can be a bit dreamy at times, which is great because we create with our dreams. I adore reading, singing and playing my musical instruments, the violin, the guitar and the piano. I also love long-long walks, especially in forests and at watery places – spiritual channeling is just wonderful when we are out in Nature. I am also a hobby writer and I hope one day my books will be available for public.

My Zodiac sign is Capricorn, and I feel it to be my mission to help people recognize how our life changes when we consciously connect our resonances to Mother Earth – also by crystals that She gives us for a healthier and better-balanced life.

I have been working as a Spiritual Guide for nine years, though my addiction to spirituality has been on since my childhood. I use my natural gifts and super sharp intuition also in my own life and for helping others – you can bravely trust my Guides as they I never mistaken, and I am able to channel them in the clearest way.

I am gifted in:

Crystal Healing
Reiki Healing
Spiritual Healing
Tarot Reading

I can help you in questions regarding:

Love (marriage, break-up, divorce, dating, Tantra, distant relationships, same sex relationships, Twin Flames, Soul Mates, and most importanly, loving yourself)
Life Path
Family Life
Lost and Found

I believe in the Law of Karma – the Ultimate Law of Life and its cycles; also that there is only one religion, that of God; that there is one language, that of Love.

My motto is that Life is a big Playground where something is either good or it is for us, and once we commonly made up the rules, but basically, there are just three that we should follow: Work, Serve and Love.

I am keen on psychodrama and Hellinger Family Constellation – both of them help me a lot in understanding the Human Psyche and Soul better.

I work with a very high accuracy – please read my Testimonials, as well.

Note that the more precise your question is, the more precise answers will be!

I am able to give you time frames, place events in a row, and the great thing in Tarot is that it can perfectly pick up the resonances of the past, the present and the future, thus consequences can be seen - and this way you can also avoid negative consequences if you make changes in time!

If you are looking for a real Expert and you feel I can help you, welcome to a reading with me! You will like it and I will do my best for you. Peace & Love to you, Boro

"Lord, make me a channel of thy Peace;
that where there is hatred, I may bring Love;
that where there is wrong, I may bring the Spirit of Forgiveness;
that where there is discord, I may bring Harmony;
that where there is error, I may bring Truth;
that where there is doubt, I may bring Faith;
that where there is despair, I may bring Hope;
that where there are shadows, I may bring Light;
that where there is sadness, I may bring Joy.

Lord, grant that I may seek rather to comfort than to be comforted;
to understand than to be understood;
to love than to be loved.
For it is by self-forgetting that one finds themselves.
It is by forgiving that one is forgiven.
It is by dying that one awakens to Eternal Life." (St. Francis)

I simply lover her smile and friendly face and a caring voice. but most importantly the warmth from the bottom of her heart. The reading is like super correct. I almost want her to become my friend. She actually could be my soul mate. :)" ... written by Peteerr
The reading was uplifting and informative. I knew part of what I was told already (ie: past situations), however time will tell regarding future events. I'll follow the advise and will see. If I have future concerns i am very likely to be back." ... written by Don
Very Helpful. Much love to you. I really appreciate it. x" ... written by stormysunshine
very sweet lady...she left me feeling confident i hope what she sees is true :)" ... written by julznycles
very good" ... written by sairakhan1
She was great...told me just about everything...Thanks" ... written by kristen8017
very sweet and accurate. i i trust her." ... written by swhope999
thank you" ... written by AndrewBarber
What a calming voice, I loved every words she said. Keep smiling!!!:)" ... written by Paul
She is a very friendly and nice person. I like her smile and her tenderness. Great reading we had." ... written by Nadiel67
She's the one. No joke. The real deal. " ... written by whenboyswhousedtolikeboyslikegirls
The kindest person I ever met! Moreover, detailed, accurate and to the point. Highly recommended!" ... written by hugs2020
She is wonderful..just wonderful..I really enjoyed the reading.." ... written by LittleStar5
Very friendly and warm voice. She gave me comfort about my path. I wil take here advice and look forward to the future. I will read with this psychic again." ... written by wee318
A very accurate reading, must try!" ... written by mimosa33
Very in touch. Excellent! Will have to see about the new job and phycial distance." ... written by Plunkie
very honest but in a sweet way. I believe she told me the truth while other just told me what I wanted to hear. The information was disappointing but has prepared me better. I do recomment her." ... written by dianalj
Thanks will see what happens in feb :)" ... written by rockonlife
I'm so very touched by how accurate she was. Exactly what I needed to calm all the change coming my way. She was fantastic and the real deal. I will be back for sure and you should not let her pass you by. " ... written by minniemouse14
I think she can see everything soooo clearly, she can read your mind...just unbelievable!! If you are at a lost what to do, you can always ask for advice because she can show you the right way how to do it and when to do it. She can tell everything what you would like to know. She can describe you or any other people and she knows your feelings as she knew you. She is very kind and she thinks positive. If you would like to know the reality, the truth, if you need guidance in your life, I recommend her for you. " ... written by Incike
Borostyan is just awesome !!!!!!!!!! Hey guys don't miss out.. She is a real talent in reading !! " ... written by Editke
Very insightful and full of advice." ... written by fireopal77
She was very accurate and I feel like she captured my dilemma perfectly and accurately! Highly recommended!" ... written by Kitabanana
She really made my worries calm down, and helped me with what i should do next! " ... written by marielam
Wow!!!! she was sooo accurate. Bless her" ... written by meralla
You are so great! Thank you" ... written by roa_gene
thanks for your reading... You boost my spirit and making me feel good about myself... She's indeed great... God bless! =)" ... written by babe28
She is lovely, her reading was very accurate. I loved talking to her. I felt angry and confused but she cleared my mind. You can say she tells you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. I definitely recommend her and will come back for another reading soon. =)" ... written by katnguyen
great reading!! :)" ... written by aabyqf
thanks again for a great reading with me!!! you were so on target and gave me hope for the future!!! hope to talk to you soon ok.... Karen" ... written by kresh43181
Love her very accurate and helpful and very kind and supportive" ... written by saskia82
WOW! Really loved this reading. She hit on all the major points and was very accurate and she gave some great advice and tools for me. I came away with the reading rejuvenated and feelings positive and ready to tackle anything that comes my way. Thank you again...highly recommended! " ... written by Nona29
She is so nice and supportive" ... written by pretoucheka19
most accurate psychic I've talked with. very honest and supportive." ... written by dianalj
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
Borostyan is a gentle spirit who is so very intuitive and wise and compassion and very honest in her reading with me. she looked at my relationship with open eyes and read the cards and told me exactly at it is...thank you so much Borostyan for your reading and kindness and honesty. 5 Stars!" ... written by doloann
Great read...Happy with her." ... written by d2k1000
I have read with lots of psychics all over the world. and honestly, Boro is amazing! She knew deep things that I couldn't explain to others. She is accurate and insightful! I absolutely love her and I do look up to her. andamp;quot;Thank you so much Boro, my life is more fulfilled because of you!andamp;quot; I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her! " ... written by NESA617430
I have read with lots of psychics all over the world. and honestly, Boro is amazing! She knew deep things that I couldn't explain to others. She is accurate and insightful! I absolutely love her and I do look up to her. andamp;quot;Thank you so much Boro, my life is more fulfilled because of you!andamp;quot; I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her! " ... written by NESA617430
Helped a lot thank you!" ... written by PastLove
You were great and like living with me , like hearing you and talking to you , will surely come back soon , thanks a lot , wish you a great day " ... written by meshana3
She is truly delightful!!! Thank you so very much for the sweet, sensitive, insightful reading!" ... written by Meredith11
Quite amazing" ... written by Muchacha79
Her predicton became true that's why I came back to her. I trusted her with my heart, Thank you so much for your advice." ... written by Pam_mie
it was perfect, very nice lady, made me feel alot better about the situation, great advice on how to handle my current situation... thankyou again... i really enjoyed talking to you." ... written by babydoll33
Thank you! The best help I have had. Very lovely lady andamp;amp; easy to ''talk'' to. " ... written by Helgaz
VY VY GOOOD LOVED EVERY SECOND!!!!" ... written by wabbit1988
Very wonderful reading. I look forward to seeing Borostyan some more in the near future. I also love the pumpkin hat:)" ... written by Lia
thank u my dear once again for helping my dream... She said thanks for your wonderful reading because everything is accurate... take care. god bless! She feels good now and it clears her mind... " ... written by babe28
She is nice !!!" ... written by Melody
I love her she is sweet and help me with every thing thank you all me love...MELODY" ... written by melody8
She is always calm, sweet and very accurate. Very positive energy! Would highly recommend, And you have to love that laugh...pure joy!!!" ... written by shia12
very accurate..coincide with my intuition too. she help clear my mind" ... written by freziegene
So sweet and insightful :) She helped clarify many things. She gave me truth." ... written by iwatchthesunrise
Sweet and kind .....very good to talk to and give you great clarity! :)" ... written by Isabella110511
good energy. am coming back!!" ... written by mizbeez
Boro is very good and has a lot to say about your situation. She was very accurate with her descriptions of certain people; especially the way they feel or behave. " ... written by leapenn
i really like her. really really do. she's great." ... written by mizbeez
Great reading, thank you" ... written by grateful_happy
Very warm and caring lady " ... written by Jillian40
Thank you for a wonderful and accurate reading!" ... written by gchiker
Thanks for the reading, very accurate. I will come back to you." ... written by Pam_mie
Had a great reading for 2012, things are changing for the better I am so looking forward to her predictions, there will be some bumps alone the way so i have to prepare myself she is able to give you month by month of what to expect.. had a great connection!!!!! " ... written by queenbee22
This was my first reading with her andamp;amp; I absolutely loved it... extremely accurate andamp; honest... thank you so very much." ... written by rolinsand
This beautiful and soothing voice:) She is a gift to mankind. I saw her in free chat quite often, but she is incredible in private. She is an empath and a counselor. Thank you for clearing my head, Boro:) Lots, of love and lights:))))))" ... written by milona
Had an emergency and thankfully Borostyan was on to help me! This is only my 2nd reading with Borostyan, but she was just as wonderful as the first time. She has great insight, energy, and excellent advice and her predictions come to pass! Highly Recommended!!" ... written by Nona29
amazing as always. highly recommended! " ... written by eon
Very accurate in a short amount of time and able to describe my personal situation as it is. It's my second reading with her and she is realistic, an empath, a psychic and a superb being. " ... written by milona
Wow how sweet and calming you are Borostyan... omg I loved our talk thank you so much my dear...settled my nerves and made me feel as if we were life-long friends, plz try her, she is heart is feeling a lot calmer now, thanks tons!" ... written by wow wee
Best empath, psychic and she knows her craft well:)" ... written by milona
Thank you..very nice" ... written by dreamer65
She is very accurate...i strongly recommend her for a reading!!!!" ... written by weissinha
She is the nicest person I have ever met!Her reading was so good, thank you very much for everything Miss Borostyan!" ... written by Robert
just one word PERFECT, sweet, the best love her my favourite xx real gift" ... written by andreika
She is a very special and friendly Psychic. Her reading was full of deep emotions and very good thoughts. I definitely recommend her as she will help you solving your concerns immediately. Thank you!" ... written by marxis79
Very helpful :) quite amazing" ... written by remixx_3
Borostyan is very sweet and accurate. Definitely give her a call." ... written by starshine34
She is so sweet and soft in her delivery. It makes you feel really safe regardless of what she is saying. Awesome. D" ... written by dstufra1
Thank u my dear for everything... Your reading always uplift me... God Bless... ... hugs... =)" ... written by babe28
THE BEST!!!!! I'm speechless! :) :) heidy" ... written by Joey
Love her! Excellent reading as always! She is very wise and great with relationship matters! She gives a very complete reading with lots of accurate insights as to what is going on. Definitely worth getting a reading with! Her predictions have come to pass for me as well! Highly recommended!!" ... written by Nona29
Always clears my mind and makes me hopefull and positive answeres all my questions no sugar coating just as they r very humble honest and kind" ... written by vc1976
Helpful, informative, caring, a good experience ! thanks" ... written by PhoenixUno
Thankyou so much ran out credit she was very honest" ... written by lonely1966
You're awesome! Thank you so much!" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
This has been by far the best reading ever, she hit the smallest of details!! WOW Thank you so much!" ... written by faith4me777
Very helpful, thank you and god bless!" ... written by kenyadr
Very helpful, and God Bless!!" ... written by kenyadr
Thank you so much for your help. You gave me some clarities that I was missing in my situation. You are so wonderful, God bless!" ... written by doralice
She is awesome really awesome...she is really accurate." ... written by bonitajulie
always the best !" ... written by Pam
great reader, nice....thanks boro" ... written by mette
Borostyan is the best! She is, hands down, my favorite advisor!" ... written by patvanvalen
Was very good really accurate " ... written by riversophia
Thanks" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Borostyan is very insightful and gifted and intelligent." ... written by irelandirish
Excellent very detailed mooorrre than enough detail. give it a go." ... written by hope
Thank you so much for doing reading for my friend Juan." ... written by leny
This lady told the story of my live life as if she was my ex herself. This is all I needed to learn and know, I will be reading with her again. Don't miss a chance to talk to her." ... written by angela
She's very good, accurate about the past and present!! Now just going to wait for the future. Thank you" ... written by Pam_mie
Excellent reading" ... written by mimatisse
She was so fantastic and understanding of my situation. Very spot-on about everything and I will always come back to get readings from her!" ... written by ohhsnapitsrachel
Honest, open and straight forward private reading:) 5 stars indeed:)" ... written by LoveElly
Once again, Boro, you were absolutely amazing! You hit the nail on the head with everything, I feel and you really eased worries I had about my situation! Thank you so much!" ... written by Rachel
The reading was wonderful! Borostyan is so loving and caring and very accurate." ... written by gemmie
I love you. Thank you for your insight as always. xoxo" ... written by LoveEternal
Great! insightful. calming." ... written by fretan
Well worth the money she's amazing!" ... written by ikroya
She is such a sweetheart, so intuitive and focused! Very gifted reader with a big heat. Excellent reading!!" ... written by TheGirl
Fantastic in every respect" ... written by zimerili1
Amazing as always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you xxxxx" ... written by Olga
Finally someone good and clear. Thank you! Will be back." ... written by Elo
Bless your heart sweet friend. You always have been spot on with me. Our energies connect so well. :) So happy to have seen you today. Much love and light. :) xx" ... written by BeautifulSoul
Sweet." ... written by Chantel
Lovely" ... written by irelandirish
Bori is lovely, gentle and compassionate and wise. Good insight and advice" ... written by irelandirish
Boro is lovely, highly intellectual, intuitive and my friend. I have an affinity with her and she with me. She is so soothing and comforting and can see through everything. She sees through things and is so so kind." ... written by irelandirish
Borostyan is amazing! Many STARS! ***** She is the best! Such an angel! Sweet voice and accurate reading!" ... written by Erikaafs
Thank you so much are very helpful in insightful." ... written by irelandirish
She is so deep and honest really a helpful reading always and very accurate" ... written by angela
Boro is kind and insightful and very intuitive. thank you Boro." ... written by irelandirish
Good. " ... written by bradcambridge201
Boro has given me an in depth reading for the following 18 months. Everything in previous readings has come true. So I know she is very gifted and coupled with her high intelligence. A great guide. I have now an understanding of what is happening now, how to deal with it and what the long term result with be. Many thanks Boro. " ... written by irelandirish
OMG she is Excellent!! " ... written by elle11
Boro is a higher thinking lovely spirit and a great guide. Thank you once again." ... written by irelandirish
Very kind and generous reader. I believe she was honest with me.. she told me the good with the bad. I got a few rough months coming up ahead but I guess we gotta go through the bad times to appreciate the good. I hope it all pans out as she says. She definitely gave me the hope and confidence to move forward." ... written by Mimi
Thank you are great." ... written by irelandirish
Brilliant!! Thank you so much wonderful reading alot of clarity and guidance very very insightful and lots of detail. Much appreciated - 100 stars!!!" ... written by ikroyalakr
AMAZING!" ... written by okiedokie
Lovely reading." ... written by beautinessoo
Picks up well" ... written by smiley2011
Thanks Boro yet again." ... written by irelandirish
She is so amazing. Calmed me down completely and gave me wonderful insight into a situation that had me all frazzled. I so appreciate her help and guidance. She is just wonderful!" ... written by Piz
She was awesome very true i was told before what she told me i know everything she said well come true thank u so much " ... written by Emily Kechego
Boro Boro You are lovely and the best. I always come back to you." ... written by irelandirish
Borostyan is very helpful and caring. With good advice!" ... written by Paul
Most clear reading i've ever had." ... written by angela
She is so sweet! And very fast answers! :)" ... written by Krissy
Borostyan showed me my future for the new year. She was very accurate and clear. She made very honest predictions. She directed me regarding my prospective job endeavors. Thank you love and pure light. Blessings." ... written by Janine
Very gifted." ... written by angela
Very good session." ... written by luckystars
She was very good and on point!" ... written by Mona
BEAUTIFUL!" ... written by diamond
Absolutely compassionate and detailed!" ... written by Leo_80
Very good reading. Hit it right in the head. Just wanted to be sure I was right on my feelings. " ... written by DanaFielder
Wow. Now I know exactly who I will be seeing more often on Oranum. Borostyan is so kind hearted, direct and positive. Very clear and accurate details without me having to say or provide much lead information. Blessings to you Borostyan. I am now a big FAN! Love andamp; Light." ... written by Empress_V
Whew, time was short! But I am definitely going to come back for more. :) That did enlighten me a little bit though, thank you!" ... written by Joanna
She is the best on Oranum in my opinion. She always tells me the truth and it does become fact. When you have the truth, whichever way it goes, it makes the daily struggles so much easier. I highly recommend Borostyan!" ... written by Rose and thorns
Awesome reading so clear and helpfull" ... written by angela
Thanks again for the guidance and understanding. Wonderful reading!" ... written by ikroyalakr
Good update, thanks." ... written by zimerili1
Superb reading, fast andamp; clear, giving clarity to my situation :)x" ... written by Tash
Absolutely spot on and made me feel so clear about everything I asked. Will be in touch again." ... written by shideh
WOW, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!! Such a fast speaker, picked up on my situation in free chat :) and from that went to private and she went on.... Good reading! Very informative, and very fast!!! " ... written by NVA123
Always so accurate and insightful love her readings " ... written by angela
She is fast...on spot..blessings" ... written by Gaby11
She is just awesome woman to speak to! Wonderful fun, and warm personality and is very caring. Great psychic, too!" ... written by AGirl
Very lovely lady, very good insightful reading thank you so much. " ... written by kay
One of the most gifted readers I've known she picks up secrets very well" ... written by angela
Borostyan was very accurate and also very kind in her reading. She helped me to find some answers not only for myself, but for my daughter and my husband. Thank you so much." ... written by countryliving1
Wow I love her to bits, she is perfect." ... written by mp
Very clear reading. I really appreciate this woman, she is lovely and precise. Has a very calming tone, made me really comfortable. More or less soothed my hurting. I would definately reccomend her to all who are hurting from heartbreak. She is amazing." ... written by Paulaisfine
This was really good reading and fast on point ." ... written by chamo30
I highly recommend Borostyan to everyone. I wish I had more time but she is a very gifted reader, and gives deep insights on situations in a sweet and kind way. Thank you!" ... written by sara
Nice reading very calm, detailed." ... written by TR
Boro thank you so much. You have actually spoken what I have in my heart. " ... written by irelandirish
lovely lady" ... written by lisagio
Excellent. Accurate. Highly recommended." ... written by petal
Excellent again!" ... written by petal
Amazingly accurate and direct. She was honest and answered each question so that I could understand her reading." ... written by dmw4300
Thank you so much Boro... You give me insight and solace." ... written by irelandirish
Thanks boro" ... written by irelandirish
She gave me some predictions. Let's see what happens." ... written by eclark3
She was very accurate with my situation..brought in a lot of detail and clarity." ... written by Sleepydreamer
Very well spoken, in depth with the truth of things as they are and understanding in expressing solutions and meanings. " ... written by Jodi C
Thanks Boro...." ... written by irelandirish
Always awesome, very deep and accurate. " ... written by angela
Such a sweet lovely lady...and gifted too!" ... written by Freedom2211
Wonderful reading! Royal Buttercup is very accurate, her price deserves more than what she charge now, five stars and appreciate her work!" ... written by Mai
Thank you Boro you have helped a lot." ... written by irelandirish
First reading with her, very genuine, sweet, connected quickly! hope things will come true well the positive ones. would read with her again" ... written by tiffany
This woman is the best.... if you are looking only for predictions then please don't come to her...but if you want to understand the crux of the problem and get to the route....she is the woman... Her predictions have always come true and the fact that she is so compassionate while reading, makes her stand out from the rest of you Boo. :)" ... written by Leo1080
Thanks Boro for the update." ... written by irelandirish
Great reading. Very clear." ... written by palnni
Confirming and connected. Thank you. :)" ... written by Starlight12
Always amazing, my fourth reading! lolz" ... written by affinity
Thank you Boro you make me feel peaceful and secure. And thank you for your positive vision!!" ... written by irelandirish
Very calm and fast " ... written by Ryzette
Great, lovely, so nice and great reader........." ... written by mette44
Good reading and she was able to see things a bit deeper." ... written by SS
Love you lots are the best!!" ... written by Leo1080
Thank you Boro.....the story unfolds and I know you are right I feel it too." ... written by irelandirish
She is on the money bang on, you must have a reading with her! She just knows it all. Awesome!" ... written by beauts
Very good and indepth reading" ... written by SS
thank you so much" ... written by planejane7
I have had many readings on this site, and while its nice to hear things that can sorta fit in, it is an absolutely mind-blowing to connect with raw psychic power, and actually understand that its REAL - that its THERE, and that someone that possesses this, is willing to share that gift! This is the case with this fine psychic - she is just mind-blowing. I have no idea how she does it, but she is so connected and if i ever doubted that Oranum actually offers a true psychic experience - well, i have been reborn then. I am so grateful. Information and encouragement was so needed. THANK YOU!!!!! " ... written by www
so great and nice and honest.....thank you" ... written by mette44
I love her readings, so honest and kind.... Will guarantied come back...." ... written by mette44
Thank you." ... written by Rahul Tiwari
great reading got to wait march/april to confirm readings :)" ... written by serbboy3
Thank you :) " ... written by butterflysun
Light and shine to you. " ... written by Ryzette
Always so great in the readings, all the answers I need...... Thanks soooo much.." ... written by mette44
awesome and accurate to the t " ... written by b
Super, great, thank you very, very much!" ... written by Thomas
Boro, you have always helped me, and you really got to the heart of my situation here today and I really appreciate it! You always put me at ease and help me see things a different way." ... written by Rachel
Very, very good........I know a lot now....I like her...." ... written by mette44
Very nice! She opened up to everything I asked and gave lengthy details that were accurate with the situation =)" ... written by Sleepydreamer
Straight to the point and doesn't waste your time!" ... written by mla
Exceptional as always." ... written by b
This is the first tarot reader here on oranum who has given me details. I mean reads in so much depth like a no tool user. She is absolutely great in reading her card so much, depth that u are amazed!" ... written by b
Very accurate!" ... written by krisglofan
Again.... Very nice...." ... written by mette44
On point!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by ms. meme 1981
So great, so lovely and honest....and gives very good advice..." ... written by mette44
Awesome, lovely, sensational insight! Beautiful lady!" ... written by B
Truly EXCELLENT!!!!!" ... written by denise
Very peaceful, encouraging and calming... Gave me hope!" ... written by BB
Absolutely spot on! Very detailed and so accurate!" ... written by rosy
Love u! You have given me a lot of insight to my situation and I thank u and my sister 4 ur help million stars 4 u!!! Love u again!!!!" ... written by saskia82
Very very very great and good a million stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by saskia82
She's the most detailed tarot reader. Very gifted and knows her stuff. " ... written by person
she was splendid calling spade a spade" ... written by bill
Wow! Just wow." ... written by fragrant
Very precise. Accurate, like her very much! Very warm and kind lady." ... written by PIGLETME
Boro is very talented and wonderfully insightful! She is also very empathetic, and reveals things that would only be known through superpowers. She has been helping me with a particular situation, and I am gaining clarity. I can't wait to touch base with her again very soon!" ... written by denise
Just amazing, she was kind, out spoken, detailed and on point! Thank you!" ... written by Redd
Nice sweet lady, I felt a connection as soon as she spoke to me. It was a nice calm reading. Everything she said went smoothly and makes sense. I will read with her again." ... written by Michelange9
Out of this world!! I can not say enough how knowledgeable and insightful reading Borostyan provided. I can not get any clearer advice that explains the unexplainable as she can. Wow, I now understand more what having a 3rd eye means. She sees things that I feel. That is why I know she is truly accurate." ... written by Lovingcompassion
Great reading. Thank you." ... written by Lovingcompassion
Excellent,very accurate, thank you" ... written by n/a
Kind, honest, and right on target. " ... written by LJC
She is soft spoken, and Awesome love the way she reads the cards ..Good reader. .Thank you Borostyan see you soon." ... written by susnhinec
Thank you so much! " ... written by Tiana
Wow. Amazing. Love you energy. Thank you so much. I recommend a reading for everyone who wants to better understand of self. Thanks again." ... written by angloThai
Thank you!" ... written by Rizette
Boro is extremely intuitive and really connects with details effortlessly. Thanks!" ... written by denise
Awesome and very insightful. Very honest and accurate too! I needed to hear it all. Thanks!" ... written by janesi
Wow, she is amazing. I would recommend a reading to everyone. She is truely gifted. Thank you so much." ... written by angloThai
Borostyan is such a lovely, sensitive and intuitve reader! I really enjoyed my first reading with her and will definitely return. " ... written by Champers11
Thank you Boro....." ... written by irelandirish
Boro, it was so great to talk with you again. You are so intuitive. Thank you for connecting with me about this situation that is near and dear to my heart. I will follow up soon. " ... written by newnrg
She is awesome, very positive. sorry i ran out of minutes. But will return for another reading. :)" ... written by Emmy
Borostyan is a gentle and kind lady. I really enjoyed my reading and will have further readings with her. I believe Borostyan helps you move on to a better path in life." ... written by LarimarGem
Boro advice was very helpful so I could understand why certain things were happening in my life. I will do as she suggests." ... written by countryliving1
Thankyou so true and yet so sad for me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by t
the most honest, spot on gentle soul. I have had readings from a few psychics on oranum and Boro is by far someone I can resonate with. I feel she has a very gentle way of approaching any conflict you are going through and she genuinely wants to help you. Thank you so much for your uplifting words!" ... written by Nina
Boro is an amazing reading and extremely intuitive!! She is far worth what she charges per hour. Thank you" ... written by FindingPeace
Amazing " ... written by Trevino
She is awesome. Borostyan is a compassionate person and will tell you what she sees. I love this reading. She kept me calm. Very nice person." ... written by Michelange9
very nice exceptional healer :)" ... written by aquavenus
The fact that I keep going to her all the time, shows that she is a rockstar... everything she has said until now has come true... love u boo" ... written by leo1080
Thank you so much my friend and confidante. Your description of my situation is so in depth, it helps to heal the wound provide clarity and opens the door for new decisions and greater understanding. Love and blessings to you for your wisdom and for the power that brings to my life!!!" ... written by ikroyalaq
Always excellent, my go to person on Oranum! :)" ... written by denise
* * Excellent as usual * * This is my follow up reading with Borostyan. She is very good and gave me excellent insight to a very complicated issue. Now, with Borostyan's help, I should be able to chose the right path." ... written by Lovingcompassion
Has been and will always be right in my situation. I love her and she is my go to girl always :) " ... written by leo1080
Lots and lots of details, and the reading was very good. Not exactly everything I would have liked to hear, but she told me the truth. Very good. Thank you." ... written by Jennifer
Amazing as always. Boro you rock." ... written by n/a
wow is all I can say. she is the real deal. a gift like I haven't seen." ... written by liz
can tsay how much i apresiate wise, nice and tells the truth as i want...." ... written by mette
some deep soul searching... everything was bang on accurate... very enlightening the way it was delivered... goes into different perspectives and angles of the situation... ty!!" ... written by ragingwaters
awesome!!!!" ... written by Ann
Boro is the best psychic on Oranum!!! She has great insight, connects quickly, and gives lots of detail. Thanks!" ... written by denise
All I can say is if I come back to her all the time, that itself is testimony to the fact that she is the real deal, and the best I have ever ever spoken to. She reads you like a book :) " ... written by leo1080
Boro is very intuitive and continues to help me see into a particular situation. She is very accurate." ... written by peachrose
Very good." ... written by ...
Simply the best here! I trust and love you Borostyan. Thank you" ... written by Pammy
always straightforward and kind, her cards tell the story" ... written by fragrant
she is awesome my first time and she got to the point " ... written by krest
Good reading" ... written by BB
Boro is the BEST!!!! Always!!! :)" ... written by peachrose
Borostyan , First of all she is a kind human being a sweet person and a kind soul. " ... written by Nidal
absolutely awesome! her cards are so well in tune with us!" ... written by rosy
She is absolutely amazing... by far my favorite person to read with." ... written by patvanvalen
very honest no sugar coating, supportive, caring and accurate" ... written by petal
thanks borostyan, honest as usuall, as i like it...." ... written by mette44
Great reading, she was very good at explaining exactly what was going on, and was dead on about the person in question." ... written by Slinky222
she's so good with little time omg she has blown me away . amazing reader 5 star. " ... written by littlespice
omg this girl is amazing . 10.0000 stars for her , I have never met such genuine psychic that is so kind and accurate she got me all Goosebumps down my back. if u want an accurate reading who will tell u the truth take this girl. oranum are so lucky to have her ... xxx love this girl." ... written by littlespice786
thanks Boro...lovely to talk with you again........" ... written by irelandirish
Thank you Boro......The time went amazingingly quickly....." ... written by irelandirish
Awesome reading. We'll see in 2 months. thanks boro!" ... written by CA
spot on...aweome!" ... written by kw
AMAZING!!! in person and in demo OMG!!!!" ... written by china
Borostyan is an amazing reader. She was able to see my situation and provided the insight. 5 Stars! Will definitely come back!" ... written by pmk2005
" ... written by Traceyb2
Excellent!! She is my go-to psychic on Oranum! Very clear and detailed! " ... written by Peach
she has always been right and will always continue to be right... I love you Boro :) " ... written by leo1080
What can i say this lady has a heart of gold 5***** all the way.One in a million.Very generous, fantstique reading.Please try her you will not regret." ... written by wenda
thnaks for a truthfully reading...." ... written by mette
Boro is the best!!!! Always on and always correct!! I highly recommend her, you won't be sorry!!!!" ... written by peach
Really good reading. Very clear, direct and informative. :)" ... written by Mary Anne Serino
another good reading. Very accruate as usual. Thank you Borostysan. " ... written by PIGLETME
i have been consulting her almost year now... the fact that I have been coming back to her... speaks volumes about her.. she is the most gorgeous soul I have ever met :) love u boo" ... written by leo1080
She's just amazing. My first reading with her and she was extremely accurate about my situation and she gave me much needed clarity. 1000 stars :)" ... written by Yiara
She's a beautiful angel!!!!!!!!! She will help you so much:)" ... written by Lyric
helpful thank you :)" ... written by cowgirl_up
Borostyan is my absolute favorite adviser. She is accurate, intelligent, compassionate, and professional. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking clarity on any situation." ... written by patvanvalen
Boro is ALWAYS awesome! Very quick to connect and very intuitive --- and give lots of detail!" ... written by peach
thank you Boro for your soothing help." ... written by irelandirish
She was a very sweet lady to speak with and connected with me very well. She keen observer, extremely helpful.Thank you for your time and the reading was great. YOU connected very well with me." ... written by Nabeel Ahmad
thanks dear for ur lovely reading! :)" ... written by babe28
She's very sweet and honest reader. And very accurate. Thank you again. " ... written by Thuy
Excellent reader. So kind and intuitive. " ... written by sometimes4321
Every time I am fotunate the chance to speak to Borostyan, she speaks to my soul. I feel very thankful that I found her here on Oranum. I have had other readings on this site, but something about her energy is so pure andamp; kind that I feel the necessary connection." ... written by Halo
She was so kind and gentle, and thoroughly went through everything I needed to know. Thankyou so much :) " ... written by Amelia
I keep coming back to her simply cause she is always right....always always right :) " ... written by leo1080
fantastic update" ... written by zimerili1
Oh Boro, i love you soooo much!!! Nobody told me same thinks yet, about my past lifes! And i can feel deep inside you absolutely right! " ... written by happyhippo135
Great as always!" ... written by K
detailed and so accurate" ... written by e
amazing reader" ... written by bec
Brilliant ...fantastic.." ... written by tasha_j
a detailed amazing reading" ... written by earthlings
What can I say? Boro has been giving me insight on a particular situation which is near and dear to my heart since last February. She has been very helpful, and shares lots of information on the topic. Boro has been very compassionate and patient with me, forgiving me for my insecurities and worries, and inspiring me to read and educate myself on this difficult topic. Perhaps she has inspired a book? Thanks, Boro!" ... written by peach
again so kind, and a great truthfull reader........calm and human, love it,.thanks borostyan." ... written by mette
very gentle and sweet. she picked up on some things in my past and some things in my present. a lot of insight. " ... written by cute_cookie
Wow ! Simply Wow ! I did not tell her anything about my situation and what i was feeling about it and she told me everything with such precision ! I am stunned ! Wish I could give more than five stars to her !!!" ... written by starry
Such a compassionate reader... and always crystal clear... love her to bits " ... written by leo1080
boro is darn good...her cards speak to me accurately! and she was right about me always..." ... written by Rosy
great reading" ... written by veezee
nice, great, human, great reader....thanks" ... written by mette
She amazes me.... Her genuine nature, compassion, ability to remember details, kindness, caring, helpfulness, andamp; accuracy... One of my absolute favorite experts on here andamp; truly people in this Universe... Thank you!!" ... written by Robyn
very good reading. She is always accurate. It is so sad what she told me, But i knew it is truth. She is very honest. Thanks again" ... written by gugu58
great, nice, human....thanks" ... written by mette
she's amazing. so clear. she gave me clarity and so many details. No confusion or false hope or doubts. She's also so accurate. " ... written by eve
always love my update with much truth and accuracy. her predictions and "warnings" also right..validating and confirming for u xoxo" ... written by rosy
she's so soft spoken and she calmed me down, but i know she never sugarcoats and also her previous prediction came true for me. she's a beautiful spirit " ... written by jazzychic7
super update" ... written by zimerili1
It was a wonderful reading with you again! Thank you Boro, i love your personality. xoxox" ... written by shreeshree888
Very very good and accurate reading." ... written by Sindy
such awesome update! love our boro can always connect with me..she is my blessing!" ... written by rosyy
Boro is a sweet soul, so kind and generous and very gifted. She is always so connected to my situation. I will keep coming back :)" ... written by liz
Great lady glad i had a reading with her, made me get clear on my life " ... written by star
such a lovely person full of good advice and insight " ... written by jazzychic
* ** 5 Stars * * * Always excellent reading. Borostyan read for me many times and always very deep and helped me get through my hurdles. Accurate. Thank youxoxox" ... written by Lovingcompassion
very detailed, accurate and compassonate." ... written by angels