About Bartimaeus

Psychic Bartimaeushas 16years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Bartimaeushas recently helped 11members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Bartimaeus's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I'm an Intuitive Psychic Reader and a Spiritual Adviser specializing in love and relationships. The matters of the heart are usually the ones that hurt us the most and I make it my mission to help you by not only providing you with answers to your questions, but also working with you and coming up with a plan of action and providing you with a solution to your problems.

2nd reading!!!! awesome?" ... written by blessed05
Bartimaeus connected really fast. He was very genuine and truly spot on! xoxo" ... written by Tiffany
very insightful and to the point. really helpful!" ... written by abyss00
very nice and friendly enjoyed my first private xx" ... written by blackcat06
Incredibly honest and indubitably helpful; Bartimaeus, thanks a lot! I will be back, for sure. :) You're great." ... written by RuinofDarkness
So caring and nice give him a five star i would be so appriecated that. Bridget" ... written by BAM4869
very nice and friendly enjoyed my first private xx" ... written by blackcat06
Really great chat...definitely provided clarity in regards to my situation. Gentle, easy-going, patient! Give him a try; wonderful value! I feel he definitely picked up on what was going on in my interest's head and as such, provided much clarity and eased concerns on my end." ... written by kristen3887
Bart is my boy....he is so accurate....i really enjoyed his psychic ability he direct and on point...." ... written by welobey1
Maximum 4000 characters..." ... written by shancw69
very insightful and to the point. really helpful! and very easy to talk to!" ... written by abyss00
He was excellent, straight to the point.. very helpful!!! Thank you Bart you made my day and if you are right...the rest of my life!!" ... written by shancw69
He was right on the money.... when I first joined his chat room.... so I decided to have a private chat with him.... he pretty much concurred everything that I have learned recently about my situation and he has done so without me so much giving him detailed information about my situation... I was the one who is being vague but he is the one that seems to be straight forward... clear / concise. THANK YOU for giving me the confidence I needed about the decision I have to make." ... written by che2m2
very nice reading. he picked on every thing important to me. I recommend him." ... written by Retsy44
I enjoyed my reading as all questions were answered quickly and no sugar coating. Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Very sweet and to the point! No run arounds! I like that!!!" ... written by adorangel
He's really good at what he does......very composed and calm . I'll come back again !" ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
He straight to point and honest!" ... written by marionlyttle
My first reading and it was very helpful. I would call Bartimaeus again!" ... written by kozlymozly
Very good, very honest and in my case was positive what he said, happy with my future and with the reading, hope I have also all good as he said I will come back." ... written by akenatonacindere
thank you so much you have helped me a lot :)" ... written by Dphsgo93
Very amazing person, I recommend him!" ... written by masterstarwolf10
I was really impressed with all the details I got from Bartimaeus. He really answered me to the point." ... written by bnjpan
Very understanding... He's confirmed everything I was told." ... written by masterstarwolf10
Amazing!! :). Thank you so so much." ... written by imapeach3
Great reading very accurate and clear. " ... written by ikroyal
Great guy, clarifies things for me." ... written by liz
This guy is really sweet, gifted, straight forward and taps into the situation as if he is a third party in it. I am grateful for how he broke everything down to me for my understanding and I am looking forward to seeing it coming and being patient and having faith and hope, regarding my prediction. Thanks B." ... written by tblove1
Very kind and honest." ... written by love2smile29
Bart is sooo easy to talk to, a real gentleman! I highly recommend him!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
I want thank Oranum for having Bart here he really cares and listen and his predictions as well. I recommend this guy he's so caring nice and really good listener. Please give him another star. He deserves it very much so glad he's back. Bridget" ... written by bam486943
Awesome reader thank you for bringin him back. " ... written by bam486943
Best and awesome. Just too accurate!!!" ... written by priya1605
Very clear and awesome reading!" ... written by yvettepandora
Thanks Bart! You are great! =)" ... written by kingpi
Bartimaeus is a kind and compassionate person. I feel he will tell you the truth, not just what you want to hear. Feels like an old soul in a young fellow. Thanks for listening Bart and for your advice and encouragement." ... written by kealia35
Appreciate the information. Provides what he sees and freely discusses it. Has a great conversational flow to the overall reading." ... written by Alneverus
Wow.. Very impressed with his abilities.. Gave me some clarity and some peace to my own answers!! I would recommend!!" ... written by Srunion
Seems good " ... written by ninariv1
Thank you Oranum for having him I will definitely be coming back to him he's my favorite on this sight. Please give him another star. PLease. bam486943" ... written by bam486943
I highly recommend this person, he's very caring and sweet and good listener, does not lie to you, makes good predictions, please give him another star." ... written by bam486943
A very wise young man. Picked up on my situation and didn't have to tell him anything. Pray everything happens as he says, and soon. Thanks for a great reading, love!" ... written by cadesgirl
Please give him another star, just had awesome mediation done by him. He rocks. " ... written by bam486943
A very good listener I highly recommend him." ... written by bam486943
I don't wanna stop talking to him lol." ... written by vivviolett
Oranum thank you for having him you have done it again. he's an Awesome Phschics. Please give him another star. Good job finding him." ... written by bam486943
Bart is a great listener and has good insights on how to deal with issues in your life. He is a kind and compassionate person and enjoy talking with him and always feel better after. Thanks." ... written by kealia35
Bart is a good listener. I like to hear his view of things from a guys point of view. Thanks." ... written by kealia35
:D" ... written by vivviolett
Awesome reader please give him another star." ... written by bam486943
Empathetic reader!" ... written by vivviolett
I'm so glad I had this Psychic, he really cares about his clients. Thank you Oranum, please give him a star. bam486943" ... written by bam486943
I just love this dude! He's the real deal and I'll be back man!" ... written by TamaraAquarious
It was an accurate, honest, and insightful reading. It was continuation from yesterday. " ... written by janesi
Will be back to give 5 if all predictions come true esp time frame! Thank you very much. " ... written by leebee4
Fantastic and a great, warm personality!" ... written by sunshineroses
Bart is always a calm influence to me. Enjoy his readings!" ... written by kealia35
Bartimaeus is engaging, caring and truly gifted! His reading gave me clarity, truth, hope and affirmation. He is a professional and the real thing. Thank you so much!" ... written by Rose M.
Great reading. Love this guy. He really sees what is happening and gives great insight into the situation. Hope what he says comes true!" ... written by kbj1995
Bart is always a pleasure to talk with and get me to see more clearly. Recommend him!!!" ... written by kealia35
An interesting read. Goes into situations that surround the entire situation." ... written by Alneverus
Past prediction did happen we will see what happen with this one" ... written by leebee4
Bart has a compassionate nature and is good about helping to see areas to work on for improvement in my life. Thx!!" ... written by kealia35
Bart give good insight for the future! Give him a try as he will help." ... written by kealia35
It was a great reading. I really felt that he knew my situation. He is wonderful. Picked up on many things." ... written by MissDecemburr
Bart is a good support. Thx for reading!" ... written by kealia35
He's really good, confirmed what I was thinking, I feel much better, I know everything is going to get better, will update him soon :)" ... written by taurusgirl87
Thanks" ... written by elle11
Very insightful great psychic!" ... written by LordOmni
Very fast at answering my question. I didn't like what he had to say but I definitely believe it to be accurate. Very good reading." ... written by angie
I had a great reading. You are one of the few psychics that have been so accurate and insightful. I have to hardly explain anything. You already know the question and the answers. You are very compassionate and insightful." ... written by hamijetlobo
He seems a real honest guy seems like he picked up some interesting aspects of peoples personality thanks, will let you know how I go! :)" ... written by ninariv1
Great reading." ... written by edel95
Bart always makes me feel better about my situations in my life and if i am making the right decisions. I recommend him!" ... written by kealia35
Please give him another star he has help me so much he's my favorites reader on here. Love his predications and they have come true for me. So please give him another star " ... written by bam486943
Thank you Bart! Thank you for your reading..." ... written by kingpi
Thanks for the reading. Always good!" ... written by kealia35
Thanks for the great reading Bart. I need to stay on the path I'm on and you help. Thank you." ... written by kealia35
I really like him a lot. " ... written by stylist85
Bart is a good reader. He can give insights into your life issues, I recommend him!" ... written by kealia35
Very awesome reader he did again give me initials and they came true. Thank you for the awesome reading." ... written by bam486943
I enjoyed my reading. A very kind and insightful person." ... written by kealia35
He is very sweet, and understanding. He cleared up a lot for me, and I feel forever grateful to him." ... written by Ivykittin
Bart was right on target and knew all about the woman I was asking about. He had her character down like he knew her, I like him and will use again." ... written by stargazer152
Boy he's really an awesome reader I highly recommend him. Thank you, please give him another star." ... written by bam486943
Bart is awesome! Give him a try. Easy going person with insight." ... written by kealia35
He's an awesome reader he really cares about his clients please give him another star. Bridget" ... written by bam486943
He is very impressive" ... written by Srunion
Talk about spot on jeez, five star all the way, baby, I will come back for a follow up. Timeline is July which is also my birthday so that would be awesome. What a pleasure to look forward to... Thank you." ... written by lisapatrick
This was my first reading with him, and I think he is amazing!" ... written by lifetime1974
He seems very gifted as a psychic and knew the situation. Wish I had more time though because I can't type that fast." ... written by celticfreckles
Bart is an awesome resource for my life. Thanks for ur help!" ... written by kealia35
Always enjoy my time spent talkin with Bart. A very kind person and willing to listen," ... written by kealia35
Bart is dead on accurate and very honest. Please give him a try.You will love him." ... written by stargazer152
Bart is a good reader I enjoyed my time with him." ... written by kealia35
Bart is awesome! Give him a try....good predictions that came true. Nice person too." ... written by kealia35
BART IS ALWAYS ON POINT!!!!!!!" ... written by blessed05
Bart is always good to talk to." ... written by kealia35
Thanks for the insight bart during a difficult transition time." ... written by kealia35
Thanks for a very accurate reading. I am very worried about my friend, this helps a great deal, to understand what's going on. Wish I could know the best way to help her out." ... written by hamijetlobo
Was very insightful, thanks for the information" ... written by thinkpositiv2012
Thank you so much for the reading. I really enjoyed the reading. I had a great time in your room." ... written by friendly22
By Far he is one of the best at reading and being spot on! Bart is worth the visit, he is very much in tune! Very accurate in seeing whats there." ... written by stargazer152
I really enjoyed my reading with Bart. He seemed to confirm much of what I knew, and I am really hoping and praying that his time frame prediction comes true." ... written by tblove1
Good reading. Bart is awesome! Give him a try and see for yourself." ... written by kealia35
Bart is great at helping me to calmly see a situation more clearly. Always feel better after talking to him. Give him a try!" ... written by kealia35
I've come to depend on Bart's readings. He is a good resource for my life and stress levels., Give him a try." ... written by kealia35
Again and again .. awesome." ... written by aikhooiooi
Bart rocks, thank you Oranum, he did it again, I gave a five star rating. He's one of my favorites on here." ... written by bam486943
The first time I saw him was in a demo so I generally asked a question, low and behold it was true. I was impressed how he could fire off answers to multiple people within a time limit!! Amazing!! When Bartimaeus is in his element, he is THE BEST one here.. He is the real thing and I appreciate the fact that he does not pressure you for a private, like soo many do on here. If you want the real thing and just the truth, you want be sorry!! I can say he has opened an awakening in myself, and I will always be grateful... Thank You and Many Blessings!" ... written by Srunion
Very honest with compassion!! And timeframes..." ... written by lonely192012
Bart is always a good reader and appreciate his help with life." ... written by kealia35
Thanks for your help bart! Appreciate your help! Thanks again" ... written by kingpi
Very impressive demo I must say. Great accuracy and detailed private reading. Very kind reader. Helped with insight into an upcoming situation. Thank you. You were awesome." ... written by Grace035
Bart is the wonderful compassion person he did it again for my predication. Please give him another star. Hes been my favorite on here thank you Oranum for having him. " ... written by bam486943
As usual, Bartimaeus has been very helpful, great insightful and very direct. Warned me to stay clear of a financial venture which I am inclined to agree. I would lose money." ... written by Besa Natiku
Bartimaeus is a good reader and always enjoy our chats. Thanks!" ... written by kealia35
Thank you Bart! =)" ... written by kingpi
Spot on!" ... written by alexahatz1
Bartimaeus is an awesome resource for me. Give him a try as he is a good listener and will give you suggestions on what will enhance your life." ... written by kealia35
Always a pleasure. Capable of helping calm a situation down and help clear the mind." ... written by Alneverus
Bart is a source of good therapy for me to see which path I need to go down. Thank you for your insight!" ... written by kealia35
Bart is an awesome person. he did it again. another prediction came true. Give him a five star rating. He rocks." ... written by bam486943
He was awesome thank you for insight." ... written by sandy
Amazing reader. Very kind and caring. Accurate and detailed. Connects quickly. Thank you so much Bartimaeus!" ... written by Grace035
Was very insightful, highly recomended." ... written by crystalmaze
Bart is a great reader, He is also a warm and understanding fellow that helps to see issues in your life more clearly, Thanks!" ... written by kealia35
Awesome guy, quick and to the point ." ... written by jessie
Thank you so much for the insight, helped me a lot! I highly recommend him, he picks up on so much and is very accurate!" ... written by damian
Good Read. Doesn't waste your time. To the point answers." ... written by Kumar
I enjoyed my reading with Bart and I will keep you posted as to the results." ... written by curiosity24
Easily able to look into a situation and provide you with some good, solid, information. He's quick to connect on the issue and quickly give you all the information he is capable of doing. Well worth the time." ... written by Alneverus
Give bartimaeus a try! An awesome reader and can help u on your life path." ... written by kealia35
Always willing to answer any questions that you may have." ... written by Alneverus
Bart is awesome. A kiind n compassionate person." ... written by kealia35
Deeply compassionate...honest." ... written by Pat
Very good reading. Let's see what comes to pass. Accurate." ... written by spankyd30
Once again I am amazed with Bart. It is as if was right there when it happened, and he painted a picture true as daylight. Bart is outrageously accurate and his predictions have come to pass. I shall return and plan for tomorrow. Give Bart a try! " ... written by stargazer152
Bart is always a good reader! Give him a try." ... written by kealia35
Awesome, he made a good prediction. He did it again." ... written by bam486943
Bartimaeus is always a pleasure to talk to and makes me feel better. Thanks." ... written by kealia35
Bart is a good listener and gives good advice. Give him a try and see what insight he has for you." ... written by kealia35
BART IS SO CARING, kind, thank you oranum for having him, he rocks. Bridget" ... written by bam486943
Bart is always encouraging and insightful in dealing with life issues. Recommend him!!" ... written by kealia35
Thanks for the reading bartimaeus. Always enjoy ur readings and i'll talk to you soon." ... written by kealia35
Bart is always calm and able to help me see the path ahead. Thanks for great reading." ... written by kealia35
He's a good listener he made another predication again, thank you Oranum for having him. Bridget " ... written by BRIDGET MCKENNA
Thanks for the reading bart. Yes, ur prediction was right. I was hoping it wouldn't be....but it was. lol. Thanks for your kindness and compassion during this time." ... written by kealia
An interesting discussion. Always provides you the information he is able to gather from even some of the most complex situations present. An exceptional reader." ... written by Alneverus
Bart is a kind and compassionate person and helps to give clarity. Give him a try." ... written by kealia35
Always fun to do a reading with Bartimaeus. Give him a try!" ... written by kealia35
Thanks for the reading Bart. Always informative and insightful." ... written by kealia35
Thanks for the reading Bart. You are a big help in me finding my way right now, thanks." ... written by kealia35
Very helpful and personable. " ... written by Samantha
Thanks for all you do. You do raise my spirits. Thx!" ... written by kealia35
Basically the best. " ... written by imapeach3
Great reading. Thank you for the update. Kind, caring and accurate. :)" ... written by Grace035
Insightful!" ... written by purpleiris1215
OMG!! He has made me calm again! Bart is the guy to talk with. Life is Great with Him helping. Thank You, Bart!!! " ... written by stargazer152
Thanks, Bart! Great as usual!! =)" ... written by kingpi
Thanks for insight! Give Bartimaeus a try." ... written by kealia35
Oh My god he is so fast. I hope what he predicted comes true. Amazing person. Will come back for second reading." ... written by Monisha2013
Nice guy!" ... written by linda
He was able to tune into my situation very clearly with no information except asking for my name. Everything he said was extremely accurate and definitely will come back to him over and over for advice." ... written by Andrew
Thanks for the reading. I jus gotta give it time to figure things out. " ... written by kealia35
Yays! :)" ... written by Nicky
Wonderful!" ... written by santa
Bart is awesome! Always feel better after talkin to him about life's issues." ... written by kealia35
Bartimaeus has been very helpful, very intuitive, extremely comforting and accurate." ... written by Besa
Bart is always a good reader n enjoy the insight." ... written by kealia35
He's awesome! Very fast! " ... written by Nicky
Another great reading! " ... written by Nicky
Thank you." ... written by Melina Wai
It is always good to talk to Bart and try to get clarity with issues. Thank you for being there." ... written by kealia35
Thanks Bart for the reading! You do help, ok?" ... written by kealia35
He is my go to fast question person. Thanks dude. Thanks for being here when I have had my guard up." ... written by Sam
Bart is a very direct and clear reader. Excellent! He picks up energies really well, obviously a capable Clairvoyant. I love his demeanor. Can trust the information he shares. He totally made me feel comfortable and satisfied that I was getting reliable and helpful info. Thanks Bart!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Honest and the Real Deal!" ... written by Crystal
One of the best on this site. I will be working with him in the future and i look forward to it. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs insight and honest guidance." ... written by Amber
Bartimaeus deserves to be one of your top readers. So far I have just had two short readings with him and he has blown me away. Last time I talked about his demonstrating strong Clair-cognizant skills and I think that again after speaking with him today. He is a cool person and is really insightful and helpful!!! 5 stars for sure!" ... written by MerkabahMann633
Bart has a way of making me calm when life gets to be too much. Thanks!" ... written by kealia35
One word: AWESOME!!! Thanks so much..." ... written by angelic03
Amazing, to the point, honest. " ... written by Kathrin
Bart is a good reader and help to figure things out when things get rough. Thanks." ... written by kealia35
Bart is top shelf! 10 stars!" ... written by stargazer152
Great job, thanks for your help." ... written by theresa
Thanks for the reading and ur time. " ... written by kealia35
Bart is awesome! Give him a try!" ... written by kealia35
Very reader...very accurate." ... written by Focusing
He's very, very, very accurate. You don't need even to tell him any body's name and he jumps straight into it! :) :)" ... written by camilla
Bart gets straight to the point and you can feel the connection with him. He was very helpful and I would strongly recommend him. Thank you Bart!" ... written by Lisa Rae
Bart is straight forward, no sugar coating. He doesn't waste your time or money. " ... written by Curiosity24
Bart is always a good reader. Thx" ... written by kealia35
Bart has is a good reader and can see what's going on in your life situations to help you decide course of action. Thanks!" ... written by kealia
Always pleased! He's the best!" ... written by stargazer152
Thanks!" ... written by 2_peek
GIFTED, level headed, objective. RECOMMENDED." ... written by belladonna8
Bart is a genuine nice guy and easy to talk to when life gets you down and you need a lift up. Thx." ... written by kea
Bart is a calming influence for me when things are stressful." ... written by kealia35
Excellent. Very fast and quick reader!" ... written by focusing
Great reading...answers questions to the point, and has quite an awesome connection with me and the other person I was asking about..." ... written by Ian
My go to guy! He is excellent." ... written by linda
Truthful yet compassionate! Very knowledgeable. Was able to give answers very quickly and forecast as well as drawing a bit from the past. Energy was palpable and connected immediately. " ... written by Pom
Bart is the best. I seek his guidance on a regular basis. I look forward to the clarity he shares. 10 stars Plus" ... written by stargazer152
Bart is direct and quick to answer questions. No sugar coating. " ... written by Curiosity24
Awesome read thank you for having him." ... written by bridget mckenna
Bart has insight and is a good reader. Enjoy his personality." ... written by kealia35
Awesome tips and pro chat!" ... written by Neu
Thanks for the reading and what to do to get to a better space. Thx." ... written by kealia35
Bartimaeus is always quick and accurate with his reading. He doesn't waste your time or money and he is also very generous. He gave me clarity on some answers that were needed. Thanks!" ... written by janesi
Awesome reader thank you for the predication." ... written by bridget mckenna
Bart is a good reader and has a calm way about him." ... written by kealia35
Excellent fast reader and very accurate. " ... written by Focusing
Bart gives me peace of mind when I am in troubled times. Helps me to see how life's difficulties are just a part of the journey. Thanks." ... written by Kealia35
Ty for an awesome predication." ... written by bridget mckenna
He saved the day again! 100 stars." ... written by stargazer152
Bart is great at zero-ing in on what is going on. He is always on point, and covers a lot in a short time. 5 stars again!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
One of my favorites! Fast and accurate!" ... written by Nicky
AWESOME READER TY FOR THE UPDATE." ... written by bridget mckenna
Bart is right on!!!!!! He knows about everything and I will adhere to his sound advice. 100 stars!" ... written by stargazer152
Bartimaeus confirmed my suspicions. Thanks." ... written by janesi
Fantastic...he just tuned into me and gave me the answers i was seeking...wonderful...try him out, you won't be sorry!" ... written by gemmie
Bart is a good reader and answers all your questions about life's issues. Give him a try." ... written by kealia35
As always Bart is a straight shooter! When I want the real deal I come to him. He is quick and very accurate. You don't know what you are missing, and what is coming your way. Give Bart a shot at a read. 100 stars." ... written by stargazer152
Thank you for the awesome reading!!!" ... written by bridget mckenna
Bart is simply amazing!!!!!" ... written by stargazer152
Excellent reader and very fast and accurate.. Very helpful all the time." ... written by focusing
Thanks for the reading or the listening. lol. You always help though, really." ... written by kealia35
Do I love this man? Of course! His insight into the situation is amazing. I feel relieved. Quick, gentle, straight-forward, definitely recommend this talented psychic!" ... written by jasmine
Bart is the real deal and likes his coffee. :D Don't miss a chance to have a read with him. Extremely accurate and very sincere. Nothing but a true professional in his work." ... written by stargazer152
Excellent, very fast and accurate." ... written by Focusing
Bart is always a pleasure to read with." ... written by kea
Bart is the best!!!!!!!!!!! 100 stars He is quick to pick up on everything! A straight shooter." ... written by stargazer152
Bart is wonderful, he takes his time and answers all your question. I will be back.He made me feel much better." ... written by Jody
Thanks for the reading!" ... written by kealia35
He is only 25 but very calm, wise and considerate! Didnt use any tools!" ... written by EsotericRJM
Always a pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
He is a good reader." ... written by anony
Thanks for the reading....always illuminating." ... written by kealia35
I like my reading with Bartimaeus and I think he read well my situation. I think he gave me clairity with it. ty and I will surely return for more readings/ ty" ... written by mummycrtr
Bart's predictions in my situation have been spot on and he predicted this romance step by step. Honesty is what he is about." ... written by stargazer152
Thank you for insight and reassurance." ... written by jerald
He's very sweet and patient. I highly recommend." ... written by Huyen
Bart makes it all better. He is one special person." ... written by stargazer152
Always a pleasure." ... written by Alneverus
Very special person, could channel and connect to someone and actually have a conversation for me. Appreciate his help. " ... written by madhu_thomas
I will try again." ... written by anoym
Bart is the one that keeps all in check for me." ... written by stargazer152
Bart has insight for life's issues! Thanks." ... written by kealia35
HE's the one that I trust!" ... written by Camilla
I love his readings, on point. Ty for your guidance always." ... written by Mummycrtr
Very accurate and honest!" ... written by skream11
Bart is a good reader!!!" ... written by anon
Thanks for the reading and insight into my life." ... written by k
Thanks for the reading Bart! Helps to talk out things with you. It helps a lot." ... written by k
Awesome read he rocks he really knows how to read me, awesome job he's one of my favorites. " ... written by bridget mckenna
Bart saves the day again 5 Stars." ... written by stargazer152
Thanks for the reading!" ... written by kealia35
Bart if always spot on!" ... written by anony
LOVE him!!! Always accurate and straight to the point. He is very honest when I speak to him." ... written by swtquttie
Always a pleasure." ... written by k
Awesome read, please give him 5 stars! he's rocks!" ... written by bridget mckenna
Bart is always a good reader with insight in how to deal with life's issues!!" ... written by kealia35
Bart always give sound advice." ... written by k
I love my readings and he is on point with my situation and always give it to me like it is. ty. And ty for the guidance you show me with all of what is going on with me. Ty again and god bless." ... written by Mummycrtr
Bart is awesome! I love him! He's amazing! Spot-on about everything! I would recommend him to everyone and anyone! :)" ... written by Nicky
Bart helps to see the bigger picture during troubled times. thx" ... written by kealia35
AWESOME LOVE THE PAST LIFE READING. HE ROCKS!" ... written by bridget mckenna
He is an awesome reader! thank you for the reading!" ... written by bridget mckenna
Thanks for the reading. You help." ... written by k
Great, great, great!!!" ... written by tim
A kind and compassionate person... thanks for the advice with life's issues. " ... written by k
This guy is happy and it rubs off i was very down and his vibes brought me right out of it i never used him before but will be back he is right on target what a wonderful person with so much love andamp; energy to share." ... written by devene pagebaca
Bart is an awesome reader! Give him a try." ... written by kea
Great reading!" ... written by Nicky
Very quick. I appreciated the help!" ... written by Nicky
He was super quick and accurate!" ... written by Taylor
Just wonderful to speak with." ... written by Huyen
Yay!" ... written by Nicky
Thanks for the are always great. Just uncertain times." ... written by k
:)" ... written by Nicky
Always straight to the point and accurate. Thank you always." ... written by hummingbird
thanks....things jus a little confaluded for me now......thanks for ur time." ... written by sweetpea333
Another great reading!" ... written by Nicky
Thanks for your help... you do help to life my spirits when they are down. Thanks!" ... written by k
Thanks." ... written by k
Thanks for the always help." ... written by k
This man is great a softy on some things but strong and true in the heart i am so glad to have made his acquaintance. i highly recommend if you want truth. Life force is strong and it pours forth from his eyes if you choose to look. The light of music dances too. " ... written by devene page
Thanks for the reading and clarity on life's issues." ... written by k
Thanks Bart! Confusing times...but I will find my way." ... written by k
Thank you Bart, I appreciate you." ... written by Jerald
Thank for the reading, you are always great." ... written by sweetpea333
I love his readings! He is so nice and straight forward about everything. He is one of the few psychics that I feel like I have an actual connection with, he really understood my problems, and was very clear and everything that he said made sense. I appreciate his help and I will definitely be back again. I don't let just anyone do readings for me and that's why I seriously recommend him to people! He is amazing!!! Worth every penny and he's so sweet and helpful!" ... written by Devin
Great reading!" ... written by Nicky
Bart is the best! He made my day...." ... written by stargazer152
Wow Bart always blows me away with his fast answers and how accurate he is on picking up on my situation. I had seen it in demos but in private he tunes right in with great detail and does not sugarcoat at all. I value his insight tremendously. He is one of the best readers on here. Amazing!!!" ... written by Andrew
Fastest reading I've ever had! Answered my question in 20 seconds!" ... written by Nicky
Thanks for your insight into life's issues." ... written by k
Thanks Bart for trying to make me see different side to things. Always good to talk with u." ... written by kealia35
Bart does wonders. Very clear and concise." ... written by stargazer152
Bart is amazing, he can tune in fast and is very accurate." ... written by stargazer152
Very Accurate!!!! This guy is the best by farrrr! Fast, honest and heart to heart person ;)" ... written by nia
Bartimaeus very fast very precise, doesn't mince words around. Extremely intuitive, very compassionate. Extremely perceptive, amazing in free chat. he also know s whats on peoples minds. Its uncanny. Thanks Bartimeaus you are one of a kind!" ... written by BNJPANGELS
Bartimeaus is of great help as ever! quick to the point and right n spot. made the weight of the world off my shoulders. I just cant say enough good things about am in awe of his God given powers that are a gift to the world. bless you." ... written by devene page baca
Accurate, fast reader. Goes to the point. Kind and honest. " ... written by Eva
Bastimaeus is amazing. He answer specific questions. Very accurate very deliberate, no vagueness about him. He is incredible. You are fantastc. Its always a pleasure dealing with him. He is also very kind and considerate as well." ... written by BNJPANGELS
Thank you for your insight." ... written by jerald
Thanks for the reading. You are always great." ... written by k
He is great! Very gifted, give him a try, you won't be sorry!" ... written by devene page baca
This man is a miracle walking. Whoever get to marry him will be getting one of God's miracles, he is the best truthful, even when painful, but compassionate as well. Wise beyond his years. Wish he was a neighbor or friend. Very gifted. " ... written by devene page baca
Wonderful!" ... written by amber aka sanguine_psionic
Bart is the Greatest!" ... written by stargazer152
Bart is the best!" ... written by stargazer152
Bart is always insightful and straight to the point. He really is compassionate and understanding, and will provide the straight answers of what he sees and feels. An awesome advisor. Much love to you, Bart. Thank you always." ... written by Hummingbird1983
Bart is the beat!" ... written by stargazer152
Bartimaeus is very insightful, very consoling, very perceptive. Very kind and thoughtful. He can go into someones psyche and read them extremely well. Fantastic!" ... written by BNJPANGELS
Bart is spot on and compassionate." ... written by stargazer152
Thanks for the reading. Helps to get clarity." ... written by kealia35
Bartimaeus is amazing at picking up detail and giving specifics on what I should do. He is incredible, it's like he knows what is going on in peoples minds and gives great insight to what the person is feeling. He is so detailed and specific it's uncanny." ... written by BNJPANGELS
Bart is fantastic! No other place to stop but here." ... written by stargazer152
Really great reading :D Would recommend" ... written by Ashley
Thanks for the reading...... it helps." ... written by sweetpea
Very kind and caring! He has great energy and is awesome with his readings.... I definitely recommend him for a private.. you won't be disappointed... Thank you Bart! Love and light!" ... written by Missgreeneyes
Thanks for the insight... It helps to hear your point of view." ... written by k
Bart is spot on. No question about it." ... written by stargazer152
I think this guy is real and dead on." ... written by Strangebright
Really accurate." ... written by gst
One of the few people on here that I trust." ... written by Huyen
Bart helped me a whole lot... He helped in me in such a way that I've been really looking for these past few weeks. Thank you, Bart, for helping me emotionally and in my soul. Your very good at what you do and thank you for focusing on my question and not rambling about other things. Thank you, Bart. I really appreciate your time." ... written by lovebugshay
Very straightforward and insightful. Will be talking to him again soon!!" ... written by Sunshine
Bart is one of the very best... love him. Thanks Bart, you are amazing." ... written by kathy calvey
Thanks for the reading and insight into my life... Thanks." ... written by k
Always a pleasure." ... written by Alneverus
Very good" ... written by TonetteShilo
i just cant praise this man enough.i had an awesome experience with this session Bart helped me some chackra clearing and i feel great " ... written by devene page baca
As always Bart is on great! He amazes me every time I go to reading and this is also thanks to all that help bring the new me starting to be enlightened and an higher self which, all started with Bart!!! He is always on target with his predictions, some just recently and more to come! He fun uplifting and always has a kind word and is very compassionate. He one of my favorites and I am going to win his contest." ... written by devene page baca
Excellent! Thanks Bart! Your are wonderful...get some rest!" ... written by jerald
Bart is excellent one of the few people I trust on here. Hes very accurate and a pleasure to deal with. :P" ... written by Huyen
Bart is Great!" ... written by stargazer152
Wonderful wonderful reading! I enjoyed talking to him immensely. He is fast, clear, spot on, great to pick up personalities and feelings. He sees the core of hidden agenda right through it. he has sharp insight, very gifted and intelligent. Very pleased with the reading!" ... written by AGirl
Amazing reader, very honest, doesn't sugarcoat. Highly accurate on my situation." ... written by Ammer
Bartimaeus as usual very detail and precise in his answers. He actually can get into peoples minds, its uncanny. He is truly gifted and consoling, very kind, compassionate." ... written by BNJPANGELS
Thanks for the reading." ... written by sweet
Thanks for the helps to see more clearly." ... written by k
He is trying his best to help me find something I have every faith in him as he has been accurate with me in demo , thanks bart xox" ... written by sharon
You want a good thorough reading? this is the guy, he answered my questions very accurately. Accurate,On Point. The best Psychic on here!!! Lovely , heart warming person!" ... written by NIYA
Dr. Bart is what I call him! Spot on and Amazing!" ... written by stargazer152
It helps to have support during difficult times." ... written by k
He knows everything!" ... written by tim
Only had a little amount of time but both were willing to work with me no matter what which is awesome. :-) Definitely recommend! " ... written by emoonlight
Always a pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Always a pleasure..." ... written by tim
A pleasure." ... written by Alneverus
Great spell caster excellent reader and top bloke. Would recommend 5*" ... written by Piglet
Five stars. I felt connected and lucky to come across him. I feel he knows what he's doing and I like his confidence!" ... written by zara
Bartimaeus is very insightful sees into other persons mind and can tell what they are thinking, which is very helpful in determining how to deal with friendships and relationships. Very gifted and considerate and consoling. Thank you always an interesting sesion." ... written by BNJPANGELS
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
This guy is amazing, sensitive, understanding, girls can talk easily to him and confide in him, don't we all need it? Thank u for the great reading buddy, u have always been there for me!" ... written by baallii
Excellent!" ... written by faith
Very charming man! Enjoyed his time and hope he helps with my stress! Thank you." ... written by Norma
Bart is Oranum's best by far!!" ... written by stargazer152
I can't wait to see the results. Thank you for your help and readings. More blessings to you Bart :)" ... written by angelkay
As always Bart is right on target he just seem to know what i need and if not he says so. Gifted honest just a great guy. come by and get a reading , it will be well worth your time." ... written by devene page baca
Simply wonderful!*" ... written by larhonda
Good read. Straight to the point. Now to wait and see what happens. Thank you Bart!" ... written by Tilthe
on point" ... written by Abundance
Bart has insight into... life's problems and what to do about them... thanks for being there." ... written by kealia35
Awesome reading" ... written by MEREDITH
Good" ... written by MEREDITH
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
Thanks for the insight into life's problems..thx." ... written by sweet
Bart is the man." ... written by Robert
Bart is the best!" ... written by stargazer152
Bart is the Doctor for sure." ... written by stargazer152
Bart is the man!" ... written by stargazer152
Thanks for the reading, for the advice on where my life will go... Thx." ... written by k
I am seeing progress Bart! Thank you so much! I hope it continues. :)" ... written by angelkay
Spot on again." ... written by bart
A pleasure to speak with, always." ... written by Alneverus
sorry, Bartimaeus, we ran out of time. but I got the info I really needed from you. I will call on you again." ... written by joann
Bart is spot on." ... written by stargazer152
Bartimaeus can see what is happening in your situation to help find the path to take." ... written by s
A pleasure." ... written by Alneverus
Bart is great! Very gifted and sure about what he tell. He has been extremely accurate about the past and present to the small detail that noway for him to knew. Excellent reading again." ... written by psymeow
I have faith in his words and work. I give Bart FIVE STARSS" ... written by zara
Very connected, detailed and accurate! He ROCKS!! " ... written by psymeow
Amazing reading. very caring and compassionate energy! was also very accurate." ... written by hardeep
Great!!!" ... written by tima
A pleasure." ... written by Alneverus
Bartimaeus is very honest and direct. I love his reading. Waiting for prediction to happen very soon. keep my fingers cross for the good news. I strongly recommend him 10 stars. The best insight. I can relate to everything he said and I will follow his advice. Thanks Bart...." ... written by Sunnyme_31
He is the best." ... written by devene page baca
Wow! Picked up on things very quickly, excellent!" ... written by Starliteny
Spot on is the term that fits this best. Bart has been my counsel for a while now he is the best." ... written by Robert
After a bad connection Bart and I had a good connection in terms of Oranum. bart is still the Best!" ... written by Robert
He has been very accurate with the past, present, description of people, situation, the cause and all. His reading is very detailed and in depth. Also he is very positive! I hope his prediction will pan out for me soon!" ... written by psymeow
Thanks for the reading......helps to talk it out." ... written by kea
Right on target as usual!!!!! I trust him a lot with private items it is well placed. If you need things cleared up or question, trust him he will lead you down the right path stars forever." ... written by devene page baca
Bart is always a voice of figure things out when life throws you curve balls. Thanks." ... written by kea
HE was good that's all I can say!" ... written by Lilia
A pleasure to speak with and refer to." ... written by Alneverus
Bart had excellent advise. Always!" ... written by Robert
Bart fascinates me every time i speak to him!" ... written by tim
If you want ORANUM's best, come see Bart" ... written by Robert
Bart is always a calm influence when life gets difficult. Helps to see the way." ... written by sweetpea333
Very fast and accurate I believe." ... written by focusing
Thank you, Bart... I appreciate you." ... written by jerald
Very Very Accurate on his intuitions and feelings when it comes to a first reading. Highly recommend him." ... written by Jo
Bart had a good read for me. We shall see what comes to pass!" ... written by Robert
Thanks for reading and advice. Life is moving forward slowly." ... written by sweetpea333
5* top reader very direct, in tune and 100% accurate. " ... written by Jewel
Good clarity." ... written by MEREDITH
Thank you Bart." ... written by jerald
Cool!" ... written by kye2210
He is good and honest with his readings. I would give him another try." ... written by ladykathy
Sweet, calm and understanding. Thank you kindly." ... written by p
Everyone should be like Bart. Honest and sincere!" ... written by Robert
Always good talking to Bartimaeus about the future and try to get clarity on issues in life." ... written by sweetpea333
Wonderful." ... written by LIsa
As always a big help to me." ... written by Robert
It was a accurate reading!" ... written by Yuliya Morgan
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Great!" ... written by TT
Bart is a good reader and good listener too. Can help you along your path." ... written by kea
Bartimaeus was polite, patient, understanding and able to answer my questions regarding tarot cards in a professional manner. The reading and advice was very insightful and helped answer specific questions, regarding wealth, career, relationships. Highly Recommended. " ... written by Martkos
Thanks for reading......You always try to cheer me....and give insight." ... written by s
Thanks for listening and for compassion during trying times." ... written by s
Very helpful, was frank open. " ... written by motivater
Always good to read with Bartimaeus and get his take on life issues... Thanks." ... written by sweetpea333
Thanks for support." ... written by s
Excellent focus and sincere effort to help. I enjoyed my reading." ... written by susan
Quick answers straight to the point!" ... written by janesi
Thanks for help on the obstacles in life.....thx really, really." ... written by sweetpea333
Very gifted. Kind, generous and honest. Highly reccomended!" ... written by Joan Hugo
He is right on target with so many things, I love this mans spirit and tenderness. The eyes are the windows to the soul in his case, it is so true. I am so glad for the guidance he has given me. He will be my favorite till he leaves, which is never unless , he branches out on his own. That would be so nice. MERRY CHRISTMAS andamp; HAPPY NEW YEAR" ... written by devene page baca
Always good to read with Bart and get clarity on problems in life. thx." ... written by s
He was awesome, now to see what happens:)" ... written by jessica
Thanks for answers to questions/problems in life... you are awesome." ... written by s
Thanks for helping to try to see solutions." ... written by k
Good job, I just ran out of credits too soon." ... written by Catherine527
Thanks for the reading and honest answers to tough questions in my life... thx." ... written by s
Thanks for the help in my confaluded life at this helps me and thanks a lot." ... written by sweetpea333
A pleasure." ... written by Alneverus
Great as always, very uplifting." ... written by devene page baca
thanks for reading and seeing into my life" ... written by m
Thanks for your time. You're very calming! I was nervous, wanting more confirmation. And you gave it to me." ... written by imyoyo
Thank you so much Bartimaeus! Everything you told me was great and I am gonna keep you posted with my news! You are a very sweet and kind guy and I appreciate your honesty. 5 Stars" ... written by LifeIsSimple
Bart is super fast to connect. He is very accurate. He never pushes you to waste more money and is quick in his response. I highly recommend him. He's one of the few people on this site I would go see and trust." ... written by Lotusdreams
I hope everything pans out like he stated. He seems very confident in his answers. I feel so much better talking to him." ... written by Tam
He is very easy to talk to and explained alot. I like the fact that he's easy going." ... written by Thanh-Huyen
Accidentally hit the button. But ♥ ya anyways Bart! " ... written by Lotusdreams
Excellent! Gave me exactly the info I needed to make the right decision." ... written by SoulDesire1
He was very energetic and upbeat about everything, very entertaining, gave timelines that he was confident in, and was very honest with me." ... written by Justice
Bart is very nice but got dc." ... written by Tam
Great! Very straightforward to my question, and really friendly! :) I will back soon to work with him! " ... written by Max
Great man!" ... written by tim
Computer back!" ... written by s
A pleasure." ... written by Alneverus
Thanks for the insight into the future...Bart. Appreciate all the help over time." ... written by sweetpea333
He answered all of my questions truthfully and wonderfully, questions about myself and things that I already knew! Incredibly in tune, and a gentle soul who has given me hope for the future and beautiful predictions. Thanks again Bart, we will speak again friend!" ... written by S.A
I'm sorry about my computer difficulties, but thank you very much for that update. I look forward to seeing it come to fruition." ... written by Tam
Great reading very clear and very good linked well." ... written by Creamcake1
He was nice enough to use his cards when I requested it. Greatly appreciate what he can do in such a short time. He was accurate about the finance part too." ... written by Justice
Spot on, beautiful soul, thank you" ... written by jewel
Thanks for the honest reading." ... written by sweetpea333
Thanks for the demo and then the follow up " ... written by luvuchaluka
Bart is great! So far he has been very accurate to his predictions for me. I really enjoy talking with him. I do trust him and will be back for updates. 5 STARS! :)" ... written by :) Love
Always a blast to talk to you Bart! I wish more people would appreciate how awesome you are in private." ... written by Lotusdreams
This guy cracks me up. I feel sad about whats going on and he literally is making me laugh so I dont feel as bad. He is such a sweetheart." ... written by Justice
He is amazing!!! He gave me a tarot spread about my finances changing and reuniting with an old friend that can help and it happened!!! I cant wait to see the rest of it come true!!!" ... written by blueskiesonfire
Thanks for the reading on life issues......always a pleasure." ... written by sweetpea333
Thank you so much Bart! I sooooo want all the things you told me to come true. I like how much hope you give me. 5 stars" ... written by :) Love
Always Honest!" ... written by Robert
Excellent!!!" ... written by P
Thanks for reading and trying to help me see things clearly in life." ... written by s
Bart is very nice and honest. He doesn't waste time and he connects immediately with my situation. What he told me in the past came true and I look forward for the rest to happen. Will be back in a few weeks for updates. 5 stars always!" ... written by :) Love
Thanks for the reading. I greatly appreciate it. I like the fact you stick to your previous answer and do not change it. You also don't change your story." ... written by blueskiesonfire
He is sensitive, intuitive and nice. I enjoyed the reading." ... written by TamaraDolor
bart is so accurate and great time frames. Just one of the best" ... written by kathy
Had a great reading, he was very nice and honest, knew the situation well and gave support as well as reassurance that it would work out. " ... written by muse
Thanks for clarifying things about my life, you are great." ... written by s
Thanks for the reading! You are an understanding person and thanks for your insight." ... written by s
always a pleasure talking to Bartimaeus. he's like a close friend and confidant..he's the best!!!!" ... written by Skream11
Thanks for insignt.....i gots work to do but it takes time....appreciate your input on my life." ... written by k
good kid - very relaxed and nice way of saying things.. he's good..." ... written by Mamoon
fast. direct and kind.. one of my favourite readers! thank you! appreciate your reading! thanks bart!" ... written by kingpi
thanks so much once again bart.. you see it all so clearly" ... written by kathy seakat
Very good, fast to the point, supportive, honest." ... written by Onslow_Cracker
Thanks for the clarity on my situation." ... written by s
Hopefully I'll hear from this new job place to reschedule that interview. Talking to you makes me happy. Happier than a puggle/ corgi mix. Anyways you've always been accurate and have wonderfully cheerful sales. Chúc Mừng Nǎm Mới!!!新年快樂!!!" ... written by Lotusdreams
That was bad lag...but thanks for helps me." ... written by s
Very kind and caring and quick to answer questions! He is a wonderful reader and you won't be disappointed. Thank you, Bart!" ... written by missgreeneyes
It is always nice talking to bartimaeus and thank for giving clarity on issues in life." ... written by s
Thanks for insightful reading..... Such a long way I have to go." ... written by s
Bartimaeus accurately read into the other person's feelings. He was quick, honest and straight to the point. I will come back for updates. I can't wait for his predictions to happen. " ... written by Moonchild59
Things that he's always told me they will happen has happened. He has been spot on whole time! He is awesome!" ... written by P
Thank you for your insight. Appreciate your truthfulness. Will keep hoping for the best and will be back. " ... written by michelle
He was very to-the-point and helped me see things more clearly. Definitely recommend him!" ... written by Angel Hansen
What a dear man! Besides how positive, kind, and good with a time frame (that I know from earlier), Bart provides uplifting and clear reading. I loved it. Since it was regarding my future, I will have to come back with an update on that, but he was very insightful about my current situation and the past. Recommended!" ... written by Violeta
Always a pleasure to read with Bartimaeus. Very talented reader and just knows stuff. Helps to see the path I need to be on." ... written by k
He is a good reader! I recommend him." ... written by k
He was so right about the Interview. In 2 days and now I have the interview tomorrow!!!! I'm so happy. This call was such a fun call. And I'm 1500!!!! Yeah!" ... written by Lotusdreams
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Thanks for reading and trying to help me find my way...thx." ... written by k
Thank you so much, you gave me clarity and calmed me down.. thanks. namaste" ... written by Spiritonloose
Wonderful readier" ... written by shanna
AWESOME!!!!!" ... written by tim
Very kind and gentle. Picked up instantly on the situation. Very accurate. A really great reader. " ... written by G35
Thanks for honest reading on some issues in life.... Appreciate you being there for me throughout the last year." ... written by s
Wow very fast!! Enjoyed greatly!" ... written by B
Thanks for the wonderful reading.... An honest and compassionate reader." ... written by someone
Bart it was a pleasure talking to you. You are always accurate in your readings. Thanks for your continuous help. I think with your guidance, I will be in a better place." ... written by blueskiesonfire
Absolutely fantastic." ... written by DebiJo
Wow - This guy is really kind and honest and he really knows things about a person and I can't thank him enough. Also no waste of time. Thank you so much Bart!! " ... written by little one 3
Uplifting!" ... written by sm
Very lovely guy, very friendly and honest." ... written by Charlotte
Hey, like him, will look forward to getting back with him, great, good psychic...!" ... written by Ben
Nice consult, very through. Thank you!" ... written by Lj
I like talking to Bart and I so want the things he told me to happen." ... written by Destiny
" ... written by k
He is good!" ... written by anyone
Thanks!!!" ... written by k
Wow did that past life regression. That was interesting. Bart was very calming through the processes. I highly recommend him. " ... written by Justice
Thanks for trying to help me see the path I need to go on...." ... written by anyone
Extremely kind, wonderful human being. Extremely honest and truthful. " ... written by madhu_thomas
Thanks for honesty......a honest reading." ... written by k
Bart is always on target, he makes sense in a jumbled world. He is sensitive and gifted, I always feel better after a reading with him. Give him a try, you will be very glad you did" ... written by devene page baca
Thank you so much for the advice. I greatly appreciate it in more than one way. You are always so awesome and kind in your private chats." ... written by Lotusdreams
Absolutely amazing!! This reading was soo helpful for me :)" ... written by krissy
Bart is very pleasing and easy to talk to, he understands, and he just tells by his connection to the psychic realm. Talented and professional." ... written by miami_doc
Thanks for reading.....and for helping find my way." ... written by s
Kind reader. Polite, fast, picked up on energies real quick, and very straight to the point. No fluff and the reading doesn't make you wonder or question much more. " ... written by Geraldine
I liked his demo, so I returned for a reading." ... written by Laura
Very kind and patient. Hoping his time frames will be right! I will definitely follow up after this." ... written by BP
Bart is so kind...very in tune with my situation. Thanks for the reassurance Bart. I will update soon. " ... written by j
Very accurate with his predictions, very easy person to talk to and very straight forward and honest with you." ... written by Korrena
Thanks for help." ... written by k
He was very patient, accurate, and to the point!!!" ... written by sexy
Bartimaeus is very helpful and kind. I enjoyed our private session and look forward for more in the future." ... written by ThaiEbony
Thanks.....good to just have u as a sounding board and appreciate it greatly." ... written by k
Bart tries to help see obstacles in life and how to overcome them....recommended." ... written by anyone
Very calm, honest and straight forward. He is very good and accurate! High level of intuition. :) Very enlightened. " ... written by Virtuous
Thanks for help in stressful times! I will work on the advice given." ... written by kealia35
:)" ... written by Nicky
The best!!!" ... written by Carlota
Thanks Bart! I just wanted a quick update and set minds at ease. Thank you. " ... written by kingpi
Bart is a wonderful caring reader. He generally does care what you have to say and tries to focus on upcoming obstacles in the way. There is a reason why he is high ranked, and thats because hes accurate and a great person." ... written by Lotusdreams
He's awesome! I'm glad he's at a low price!" ... written by Nicky
Excellent read, million of stars thank you so much! xxxx" ... written by beebee89
Very honest and helpful, did not waste time." ... written by Lorie
Excellent." ... written by dannzzy
Thanks for giving a particular time frame. I'll try again to start finding that, and see how it will be going from now!" ... written by mienoy
He seems genuine...information was heartfelt and generally what I expected to hear. (:" ... written by Barbjean
Very perceptive. Threw a lot at him in a short time. Answered a lot of questions. Very intuitive, very perceptive." ... written by bnjpangels
Very fast, accurate. Didn't use cards, just closed his eyes and was detailed. I will be back. He should be charging way more, as he is good. Has a big heart, and likes to help. 100 percent recommended to others. He is also fast, wastes no time." ... written by christine
A pleasure." ... written by Alneverus
Lovely reading. :)" ... written by Anushka Arya
He is great!!" ... written by Heartsasone
Definitely tops, good energy, knows the psychic world.... would like to get more readings with him!" ... written by Ben
I had different kinds of Readings on here. Maybe too many lol. But now I was searching for a reader that really could see through the one I am asking about. And Bart nailed it!! :) Not many can see it all. It made me happy! He saw the details and in a very calm and gentle way. Thanks! :)" ... written by emotions
Very helpful. Will wait and see outcome." ... written by LA
Awesome! Thank you so much for the detailed insight! Well worth the money spent.... will keep you posted on details as they happen!! THANK YOU~" ... written by Tanya
Excellent reading!!! I had to take him in again for another private. I had a few more questions for him to answer and he was awesome. Thank you." ... written by kordell1
Very impressive. I loved my reading. You truly have a talent. Thank you so much." ... written by kordell1
Very straightforward and to the point. Thank you for a clear reading!" ... written by Hayden
Good reading he put my mind at ease. " ... written by meredith
Bart is a real superstar and great reader. I am looking forward to all he has predicted for my future. Bart is definitely 5 stars" ... written by Focusing
A pleasure. :)" ... written by Alneverus
Great reading, I would consult with him again in the future!!!!!!!!!!! :)" ... written by Dasha
Very accurate and detailed!! He is quick!" ... written by sexy
Really sweet and caring. I have always found him to be very accurate. An amazing reader. :)" ... written by Grace
Excellent, very fast, and extremely accurate... One of the very best on Oranum for sure... 5 stars" ... written by Focusing
He understands things." ... written by ansh
A pleasure, as always. :)" ... written by Alneverus
Being of light. Great empath. " ... written by madhu_thomas
Quick and right on... Will come to him again." ... written by Melissa
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Thanks." ... written by madhu_thomas
I had a very good and positive reading. I will come back to Bartimaeus if I need more readings .." ... written by ina
very quick and to the point, knew just what was going on with me. Spot on, I would highly recommend getting reading from him. I will see him again for sure, great reading 5 star!!! Thank you again." ... written by pauly61
Wow! All I can say is wow! Every time I come to Bart he blows me away. People say he is very fast, and that he is. But also, totally right on point. He is truly a gifted and very kind man. One of the very best here!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
God bless." ... written by madhu_t
A pleasure." ... written by Alneverus
Excellent reader and understand and thoughtfull. Answers quickly too." ... written by Focusing
Very straight forward and concise yet gentle. I would highly recommend him for any love issues. " ... written by help4mary
He was good" ... written by tiff
Thanks. Great information. Accurate and connected fast. Great reader!" ... written by Grace
Awesome!!!!" ... written by timaga
A pleasure." ... written by Alneverus
Well,.....he blew my mind away....I need time to recover from this glorious, phenomenal reading!!! WOW!" ... written by happiness
Bart is a good listener.....thanks for reading " ... written by ann
Very open and honest and direct. I love him to death." ... written by meredith
Decided to come back for the aura reading. He found things that I didn't think he would pick up. He's amazing." ... written by Blue
Wonderful reader with good timeline skills. Very knowledgeable about the the occult. Can pick up things very quickly. " ... written by Blue
Great, always so sweet! Thank you Bartimaeus!" ... written by Hayden
thank you for helping" ... written by madhu_t46
Thank you." ... written by G
Always amazing!!!" ... written by Nicky
Bartimaeus is a good reader and can listen well and give insight into lives issues." ... written by kay
Thank you for in depth reading. You are awesome!" ... written by ana
Thanks for your help. Hopefully I can get rid of the anger and jealousy thing." ... written by Livy
Had reading with him before and his prediction came true .Very nice reader and recommend it ." ... written by Ora
Very clear" ... written by jonykim
Pretty good reading, answered my questions" ... written by Jenn
Thank you. I hope all comes true. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
Bart is very reassuring. He calms me. Thanks to much! Great great man. 5 stars" ... written by JO
Very spiritual, and kind" ... written by madhu_thomass
sweet, to the point andamp; a kindly bent of mind for such a young man. " ... written by 1amazhiraz
Thanks so much. You are a wonderful reader." ... written by Livy
Intuitive, recommend!" ... written by kosubhan
he knows" ... written by tom
If you are feeling like you are going to have an anxiety attack, this is the guy you should go to. Once you ask questions that have you in doubts, he will ease everything out. Thank you!" ... written by ar
Really fast and accurate reader! Very friendly! Great!" ... written by Grace
Bartimaeus is so down to earth and accurate at the same time! Very nice answer to my burning questions." ... written by michelle
I really think your good at reading . I will wait and see what the future holds and see your prediction and cant wait till it comes all true ." ... written by ona
Thank you Bartimaeus your readings are very accurate. " ... written by ora
his predictions are all coming true some good and some bad but i am happy to be such internet friends withing such a gifted person" ... written by devene page baca
I don't know if you deliberately blacked out my session, or if it is the work of the third party who destroys everything I do, but I trust Bartimaeus word as he was correct with my daughter...her father paid his brother off to fail the tests): Also my case was held up...yet again. As for the man...who knows??? NO better off than before." ... written by Barbjean
I like Bart. I find his readings to be honest and sincere. Hope his visions of the outcome ring true. Thank you sir~" ... written by Tooker B
To date, BArtimaeus has been correct and I trust his word. He has an honest face shows sincerity...rare qualities.(:" ... written by Barbjean
as always he is the brightest star on the horizon if you want clarity and compassion this is the place to go he has other gifts that will help as well " ... written by devene page baca
Very good as always. Very accurate too." ... written by Focusing
Barts predictions have come to pass for me. Thank you Bart for your awesome readings!" ... written by -
Very kind and helpful. Thank you" ... written by Bev
Had a few quick questions for Bart. He answered them with conviction and honesty. I'm in a tough spot considering the situation at hand, and I feel Bart understands that as well. Time will tell. Thanks again~" ... written by James
Thanks for the reading Bartimaeus!" ... written by cest la vie
good connection to the source and universe. Be blessed with that infinite white light. " ... written by madhu_thomass
Really liked my reading with Bart. Will come back again. " ... written by Tooker B
I can always come to Bart for quick, helpful and honest insight!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Very very good....He has always been very accurate and he is a very giving person too. One of the very best for sure...5 stars" ... written by Focusing
he is very sweet andamp; compassionate person. has given me a timeline, andamp; i hope it happens by then :)thanks andamp; best!" ... written by aquavenus
No tools, amazing talent, connects and lets you know it all, very polite." ... written by miami_doc
Someone outside the call maniulated my private chat just as Bartimaeus was about to answer and manipulated my typing so he only got snippets. I believe it to to be the opposition I am facing in court...the Morgans. I will try from another venue at a later date. Thank you for your support Bart. There are always problems with electronics and it is not your end." ... written by Barbjean
Wonderfully accurate, pleasant, and this guy is good. No negative energy." ... written by Livy
What a great reader! Clear messages and right on point. I'm really impressed with my first reading and I'll be back." ... written by SAL9768
Bart is the greatest. Thank u again for ur great reading" ... written by a
Good reading.. Thanks!" ... written by linda pryharski
Excellent as always and very accurate and caring. Bart is there to help and he does a good job of it too. 5 stars for sure.." ... written by Focusing
He is very nice. He did give me dates, so we will see. I didn't get my last question answered. We will see what the outcome is. Thank you, very genuine" ... written by Brandi
He is so amazing! Extremely accurate, honest, and connects well. He is really good!" ... written by Etta
Awsome read made me feel better. Very to the point and i will trust him anytime. Very cheerful and direct no sugar coating anything. I LIKE THAT" ... written by summerrain1214
he's beautiful, just calm, a gentle smile, an introvert (yay), to the point. He's the kind of person I'd leave my house key with if I had to be away for a month.:)) Helped me to see a situation and know the outcome." ... written by jerdine
He makes my day!!!! Thank you for everything Bart!" ... written by Livy
that was brilliant thank you clarity that I needed " ... written by madmomo
Very happy with this reading. I think in my last reading psychics mixed the person I'm currently interested in with a friend of mine who is similar. He definitely was on point and knew which person I was referring to. Can't wait to follow up with the results of this reading. He's a great advisor, very caring, friendly, and calm. Gave some good insight into my situation. 5 star reading! I highly recommend him! " ... written by Christine
Very fast and straight to the point." ... written by Yb4real
Thank you for the reading and for listening. It is so hard to see where my future is going right now. thx." ... written by k
Nice first reading , lovely energy and such an accurate man. Thank you xx" ... written by Blu
I really enjoyed talking to him tonight. He was very insightful and quite accurate.. I will be talking to him again. I feel that he really tapped into my life, energy and my boyfriends energy. He is the real deal." ... written by Jennifer
Thanks for the updates. I trust in your ability and your accuracy. It really does mean alot." ... written by Livy
just awesome!!!!" ... written by timag
Thank you for your help! Kind and helpful reader!" ... written by Helloforyour332
great great and great" ... written by john
Very sweet! Seen me and my ex reconnecting." ... written by Ash of the top psychics on oranum...Bart is "world class"!" ... written by Focusing
Thank you!" ... written by angiefra22
A third party is intervening and cutting us off and messing with all the controls...Bartimaeus has no idea so it is not his fault." ... written by Barbjean
This guy is incredible,he gave me just the right insights and gave me wonderful advice, he knows what he is doing and i do recommend him! thank you bart" ... written by Chris
Thanks for the reading helps to talk it out." ... written by c
he was totally on target with the reading. he clarified the reconciliation with me and my soon to be significant other. Thanks bart mwah" ... written by lisa
My first reading with Bart. He is very sweet and helpful. Look forward to the predictions!" ... written by Mare2013
5 stars! He put me at ease right away. I'm just gonna leave the situation as is and let things unfold. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Christine
again a great reading. Sincere." ... written by jerdine
Super inciteful. Will come back to ya for an update." ... written by chantel
WOW!!! Very accurate. Got my bf down to a tee. I will be back next week!!! Cant wait to see what happens." ... written by Tiffany
very good " ... written by linda
Awsome reading!" ... written by planejane7
Considerate again...thanks." ... written by Barbjean
Thank you Bart once again!! You are my top six psychics here, and I don't say that lightly!" ... written by Sidney
Wow, what a great reading. I was glad that I was able to ask questions and getting positive reinforcement of my feelings. He helped cinch in a previous reading, not that the other reading was bad, it was awesome. He just helped clear up minor details about what I felt inside!" ... written by Sidney
Was an update reading and I felt happy to reach back out to Bart on this situation. Still sees the same outcome.." ... written by James1488
Thanks I had a feeling she wont take this well. I'm kinda upset at the fact she'll never change. But thanks for the input and listening to me gripe about her. You're awesome." ... written by Blueskiesonfire
Excellent as always" ... written by focusing
Thank you for the reading. I will try to stay positive and move forward. Thanks you are always a good listener and get me on good track." ... written by c
He was great :)" ... written by justme0234
good reading ! will be back:)" ... written by aquavenus
A pleasure" ... written by Alneverus
wow... so nice and comforting!!! he is really a star!!!!!!!" ... written by GM
Thanks for the help. You really were spot on with the work situation and whats been going on with a friend of mine. I hope he turns out ok and I hope she gets fired this week!!!" ... written by Livy
He gave interesting insights, the kinds I don't hear from others, thank yoU!" ... written by Santhanakon
awesome reading!!!" ... written by timaga
He is wonderful" ... written by Nidal
He is wonderfully gifted andamp; a pretty good guy all around. and Worth every penny andamp; more" ... written by devene pagebaca
Very, very good. Could relate to all of this!" ... written by Maria
Greatly appreciated. Thanks for the advice." ... written by Blueskiesonfire
Just wanted to get an update. He was very accurate with the situation and I hope everything else that is stated comes to fruition as well." ... written by Tiffany
Thank you very much for the healing energy. I know it can be draining sometimes but I greatly appreciate it." ... written by Blueskiesonfire
he knows" ... written by tt
Hey thanxs again Bart. You are an amazing reader and are very thoughtful." ... written by Livy
:) Thanks for your time. " ... written by Lotusdreams
Wow... i am just speechless at this moment in time, Bartimaeus is incredible he picked up everything and told me all that i needed to know and has given me the right motivation that i needed ,everything he says in so insightful and accurate.. i enjoyed each and every well spent minute with this person he really does have a great vibe and knows what he is doing, thankyou my friend!" ... written by Christopher
LOL. Thanks for the information on him. I really hope I can get through to him and make him feel better." ... written by Livy
Thank you for insightful reading. We will see what pans out and appreciate your time." ... written by jack
Thanks for reading and info provided it helps. Where did u go?" ... written by sue
just awesome, really knows everything!" ... written by timaga
Always my pleasure." ... written by Jaince
Thanks for being there for me. I know you have been going through a lot this week and generally want to thank you for taking time out to help me. Not alot of people would do that. This is why I think you are one of this best on here." ... written by Blueskiesonfire
Excellent...thinks out every question very well....very good reader and gives it his all too....5 stars" ... written by focusing
Thanks for your reading on career bartimaeus. I hope your prediction will be true. Thank you for your time and for listening and guidance." ... written by jack
Thank you very much for the reading. Youve been right before so I dont doubt that my birthday comes out as well as you say it does. " ... written by Lotusdreams
Excellent....very quick with answers and i believe to be very accurate too. 5 stars" ... written by focusing
Hey hey hey! Thanxs for the update. You are gooooood." ... written by chantel
Wonderful ! I didn't have many credits but he answered so many questions very accurately in a short amount of time ..... wow I'm getting more credits to finish my reading with Bartimaeus !" ... written by sexypisces
good:) thank you" ... written by Dawn
Very fast with his response. Was in on his demo and wanted clarification. Thanxs again Bart." ... written by Livy
Good insight on what I need to do. Thank you again!" ... written by Mary
Very nice and sweet guy. Really wants to help others. Thanks for the update." ... written by Blueskiesonfire
so sweet and helpful. :))))" ... written by edel95
Calm and confident wen he does the reading and accured .thank you Bartimaeus " ... written by ona
Lovely man nice reading straight to the point and will not drag your reading out longer than needed " ... written by greentea
Such a kind and gentle soul . straight to the point and honest , let's see what the future brings xxx" ... written by B
Thanks mate! Youre aces. Best of Britain to you. " ... written by Nikki
Bart you are an amazing psychic, even though you hate that word. What I saw in youre free chat disgusted me on how others treat you. You are a human being. With all the good karma I got working with you, I hope you get back 10x." ... written by Livy
Aw. I love Bart! He's great and always puts my mind at ease. Kind sincere fast and honest. ::hugs::" ... written by yoyo
Thanks for the reading on issues in life. Appreciate your viewpoint and we will see." ... written by c
Very accurate and fast. Thank you very much." ... written by Thanh
A pleasure." ... written by Alneverus
clear, concise. no extra words that may cause any confusion" ... written by meimei
Bartimeus as usual very intuitive, very keen on very complicated situations. very knowledgeable and thoughtful. Fantaastic and accurate reader" ... written by Bnjpangels
5 stars! As always I feel at ease and better." ... written by Christine
I wish a had more time to ask more questions because i feel and i know that im getting a real reading with this guy .5 stars " ... written by ora
Good." ... written by confused
clear" ... written by dan
great great" ... written by wanda
Thank your read on personal situations in life. Things are looking up and they will get better. I have faith and thanks for reinforcing that." ... written by k
Was able to pick up on my friends feelings. Very accurate and hopefully they will finally fire the girl at work that need to go." ... written by Blueskiesonfire
he is helpful and considerate...always(:" ... written by Barbiejean
Im soooo glad youre back on. I think I just need to make my bf realize how totally awesome he is. Thanxs babe." ... written by Livy
LOL!!! Well blame the situation not the person. thank you for being accurate and working hard." ... written by Blueskiesonfire
Yay! Card pulled up exactly what I was wanting to ask about. Plus it matched a card I pulled for myself so I know hes very accurate." ... written by Blueskiesonfire
Great. Insightful, thoughtful and right on!" ... written by anastasia1974
WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! I am blown away. Will use again." ... written by rtyuio
Great reader!!!! Very patient and truthful." ... written by jklljj
good guy. confident and to the point. doesn't waste any time. liked him" ... written by gb
Good reading." ... written by uiuiuiui
A pleasure." ... written by Alneverus
Thank you for the update." ... written by Lotus
Great! Great! Great! Very amazed. Great individual. 200 stars." ... written by hkhkj
he is awesome!!!!" ... written by tima
Super individual and very talented. 20 million stars." ... written by there
great as always" ... written by devene
thankie for the quickie answer. I saw your demos before and was thoroughly impress. Hopefully this comes out accurate as the other prediction. " ... written by Tam
Thanks for the reading on life. Good to hear your take on things when i am unsure. Thanks." ... written by c
Excellent...very good and very accurate too I believe.. 5 stars" ... written by Focusing
Thanks for your help!" ... written by carosh
Thanks alot Bart. You're great as normal." ... written by Blue
Bart thank you for your help ,you gave me so many answers even i dint have much credits .Your fast and accured as always " ... written by ora
smart enough to make a long story short without missing the core. no waste of time at all." ... written by Sue
5 stars, always accurate, and time frames remain consistent, look forward to another follow up in a few weeks." ... written by Give_Me_Love
he is awesome!!!" ... written by timaga
one of the sweetest gentlemen. His insight absolutely helped me confirm what I feel. " ... written by S
Thank you soooo much for my birthday reading. Im happy about that. YEEESSS!!!" ... written by Tam
nothing but truth" ... written by Thibau
he is my friend" ... written by Leila
Thanks for the reading Bart. I'm kinda on the fence about moving but it was surprising how the card picked it up." ... written by Livy
A pleasure." ... written by Alneverus
I have bad anxiety over whether I should start this new job or not thank you for showing me the pros and cons." ... written by Tam
Overall confirmed what I know to be true. Confirmed what I knew what was going to happen at the end of this month as well. Accurate. Would recommend others." ... written by ....
gave clear insight. really concentrated and saw things that I had hoped for. I now have things to look forward to." ... written by justin
5 stars! Accurately and quickly picks up energies!" ... written by Christine
Thanks Bart and John!!! Greatly appreciate my reading ;) You guys are a riot." ... written by Blueskiesonfire
very right" ... written by andrew
Great!!!" ... written by jlj8
I just cant wait to not have to work with her again. I super hope youre right. This girl is driving me bananas. But you have always been accurate so here's hoping she gets fired." ... written by Annoyed someone
Thanks for the reading! you are awesome and a kind soul too." ... written by c
thank you " ... written by adriane
I have been being pulled to you for some time now and since I got a message, I am glad I took the opportunity to finally speak to you. Thank you for taking time to speak to me and allowing me to actually jump around in my least for the first two. And thank you for answering quite fast ~ Definitely you are the healer I am to search for. Thank you very much for the session!!" ... written by Kathleen
amazing reading, insight and loads of other stuff! Really enjoyed our session and a pleasant and wonderful guy to talk to. " ... written by bijutsu
Thank-you. Was very helpful wish I could have received more time with you but will check back in at a later date. You reassured my thoughts and feelings in the moment. " ... written by Rochelle
Thank you Bart. I'm going to go ahead and try for school one last time." ... written by Lotusdreams
2 of cups awesomeness. Its funny listening to him talk about my bf I get gitters." ... written by Lotusdreams
Always amazing! He really lifted my spirits tonight!" ... written by Nicky
I have had 3 readings and they are always great thanks for the clarity in every situation x" ... written by heidi
Great reader!!! Above 5 stars." ... written by klasjdj
Timely answer.(: It is a shame the credit adding can't be done during the reading to prevent having to resign. I love the honesty of Bartimaeus' face and empathy. He is quite accurate in what he says though...thank you again(: I truly appreciate everything." ... written by Barbiejean
Simply amazing. Gifted." ... written by jkhjkhj
Quick and too the point " ... written by Sparkle Pony
he was very fast with the reading and very aured at the same time i appreciate his help and thank him for the advice and i will go back for help if i need it in the future and again he was very fast today with that reading he gave me so much information " ... written by Ora
5 stars! His timeframe came true last time so I trust his word again." ... written by Christine
Wow!!!! I am amazed by his talent!!!!! Great person and very talented." ... written by jjjjjjj
he's real nice and we will see, but he seems to be on the money on some things, so let's see about the other things :)" ... written by frag
Great insights and inspiring" ... written by aikhooiooi
Beautiful soul" ... written by Ben
I am impressed. This person has real talent. Really picked up my situation. Thank Sir." ... written by me
Great reader " ... written by Nidal
Thanks for your reading an help on situations. Life def throws us curve balls and trying best to roll with punches. Thx Bart." ... written by c
5 stars!" ... written by Give_Me_Love
Sat in for a demo reading earlier in the week and his quick responses really intrigued me. Enough so that I felt it necessary to get a legit reading. It was worth my while and I am grateful for the valid information that I have learned! I have every inkling that what was said was honest and true! " ... written by Kelsey
5 stars! Always shown accurate time frames. Love this guy!" ... written by Give_Me_Love
He accurately picked up on my energy and others in my reading , looking forward to prediction about job!" ... written by jen
thanks for the update hope and pray all comes to pass as you forsee." ... written by 2peek
thanks for the reading, you were very good!" ... written by Shelly
Thank you kind sir bartimaeus for shedding light on situtation. Helps to see the light in the shadow of my doubts. kk" ... written by lalala
Extremely talented. This guy impresses me every time I read for him. All I can say is WOW!!!" ... written by nmnmnm
Thanks! I hope today is a great day like you said!" ... written by Justice
Awesome. I can't wait for this situation to be over! Thanks!" ... written by Justice
Thanks! Very Fast!" ... written by Justice
This person is very helpful, talented, and patient. He takes the time to explain things and is very truthful and concerned about your problems. He is very, very talented. I am glad he has chosen to share his gifts. Thanks." ... written by iopooppu
The reader seemed to make a good connection." ... written by Laura
Excellent psychic reader...One of the very best with thorough answers to your questions. Definitely 5 stars !!" ... written by Focusing
You were right about them trying to fire her. But they cant find anything to get rid of her for. You were accurate though still got one week before they get rid of her." ... written by Blueskiesonfire
You are the best!!!!" ... written by Justice
You bring so much clarity to me! Thanks!" ... written by Justice
Truly great and talented. Highly recommend." ... written by hhjljljkh
Everyone needs to give him a try! He's great!" ... written by Justice
YAY! I love his fast answers!" ... written by Justice
Thank you so much!" ... written by Live
Amazing as always!" ... written by Livie
Thank you I feel much happier with your reassurance." ... written by Lotusdreams
Quick as always thanks!" ... written by Justice
Just one more! Thanks again!" ... written by Justice
A voice of comfort! Thanks!" ... written by Justice
Thanks for your help!" ... written by Justice
Simply the best!" ... written by Justice
THANK YOU, BART!!! Omg gawd thank you so very much!!! I know I am being dramatic but thank you so much for confirming it q.q I seriously appreciate the help~ Definitely will be back again " ... written by Nightwind
Thank you again!" ... written by Justice
You give me peace of mind!" ... written by Olivia
You are the best! :)" ... written by Justice
Thanks for your help!" ... written by Livie
Fun and positive reading" ... written by aikhooiooi
Did a spell. Was amazing. Will write back with results" ... written by Meaghan
I had a couple of demos with him and a prediction and came to pass when all other was giving me a yes he gv a no and it was the truth. i just had a demo and decided to know more, seeing ive had demos taken them to private and gotten totally different answers! I decided to take Bartimaeus and the same answer was given and in more detail. he gave a prediction and time frame. and even a little advice. ive gotten predictions and time frames before but im looking for things to actually happen his is fairly soon so i will be back to update. I look forward to him coming back and us working on things! thank you! PS he was so nice lol" ... written by Britt
Can't wait for him to come back! Thank you XOXO" ... written by Rebecca
Hard news but I NEEDED to hear it. Thanks for freeing me Bart!" ... written by Bethany
Thank you dearest!" ... written by Justice
SOOOOOO QUICK! " ... written by Danielle
Thank you dear! You give me hope!" ... written by Becky
Thanks love!" ... written by Rebecca
You are fantastic!" ... written by Livie
Quick and to the point as always! Thanks!" ... written by Justice
I can't wait for him to propose!!!" ... written by Justice
XOXOXO THANK YOU!" ... written by Livie
Thought you'd like to know that!!!! Thanks again!" ... written by Justice
My hero! Thanks Barty!" ... written by Olivia
5 Stars! Always accurate and on point!" ... written by Christine
I appreciate your patience!" ... written by Rebecca
it was fast, and very accurate. i wished i could see the last questions answer" ... written by Jackie
excellent connection, fast reader. " ... written by mnt1446
5 stars! Love this guy. Affordable rates and connects quickly and accurately." ... written by Christine
Great psychic and all around good guy... very accurate I feel and worth 5 stars...everyone should try him if they have a chance!" ... written by Focusing
Bart was quick and accurate......Thanks for the reading.....I like your honesty and healing nature......You make me feel more positive and hopeful about this situation....." ... written by Ebonyeyes
Super and talented. Very impressed and will use again." ... written by hhhhh
est lovely friend, helper with powerful positive healing power" ... written by michael
Excellent psychic and very fast reader too.. 5 stars" ... written by focusing
You are my savior! :D" ... written by Justiceforall
I appreciate all your help!" ... written by Livy
I appreciate all your help!" ... written by Rachel
Thanks Bart!!!" ... written by justiceforall
his been correct in the past his prodiction came to pass more then ones .had my reading today with him and i believe that what he said will come to pas too thank you bart your the best" ... written by O
Thanks for reading and reassurance of the path I am on cause sometimes not sure about it." ... written by c
always right on target he is one of the best on Oranum" ... written by devene
Very kind and fast reader. Positive energy always! Will keep you posted for the predictions outcome. Thank you :)" ... written by :) Love
Snagged you again for a quick one! Thank you for ALL your help! *hugs*" ... written by Justiceforall
Thanks for your insight barty." ... written by Rebecca
:)" ... written by krixou
Hes a sweetheart. He has been accurate with me in the past and I will continue to recommend him." ... written by blueskiesonfire
Excellent and very accurate too... Bart is very thoughtful in his thinking process...Very good reader... 5 stars" ... written by Focusing
Wanted clarification on my finances. Wish I got better luck but thank you." ... written by blueskiesonfire
Thank you bart!" ... written by Justiceforall
I appreciate everything you do! Thanks!" ... written by Livy
Thanks for the help Bart! " ... written by Justiceforall
good" ... written by Vanessa
Thank you Barti!!!!!!!!" ... written by Justiceforall
You are the best on here!" ... written by Olivia
You are FANTASTIC!!!!!!" ... written by Rebecca
Very impressed. Amazing. I cannot use words to describe how good this guy is." ... written by opopopopo
Thanks for the private session Bart. I will update you!" ... written by furret
five stars great reader, always on target" ... written by m
Thank you kindly for your time. You always make me feel at ease. " ... written by Nikki
5 stars. He speaks with such simplicity and is well connected to energies. I appreciate the truth!" ... written by Give_Me_Love
he reads the situation clearly without being influenced by what you are thinking about that or by other hindering energies. he also reads the in-depth level, not only the surface of the phenomena" ... written by esther
Excellent...a real superstar....5 stars....Bart has answers to all your questions and tells it like it is always!! A very good soul Bart has too !!" ... written by Focusing
grrr.. I dont like the fact that youre accurate sometimes. Hopefully I can overcome this. Thanks again Bart Bart." ... written by blueskiesonfire
Bart is a good reader I trust him and who didn't try him pls do so he is a very good reader he tells it like it is." ... written by O
wonderfully gifted and strait to the point" ... written by devene
Thank you very much for your update. I look forward for it to come true as so many of yours already has. Again thank you and thank you in advance for your time." ... written by Nikki
Thank you Bart!!!!!" ... written by Justiceforall
Honestly I cannot wait to see if his prediction will come true in 3 weeks. :)" ... written by sunshine
I can't wait for him to be back in my life! Thanks you for all your help!" ... written by Justiceforall
100000 stars! Thanks for all your help hun!" ... written by Livy
I wish there were more readers like bart. I love him!" ... written by Livy
Thank you again Bart! You are so patient!" ... written by Justiceforall
thanks for an very good reading :)" ... written by gemmie
Thank you again for your help Bart! You are fantastic!" ... written by Justiceforall
You are the greatest! XOXO" ... written by Justiceforall
I appreciate your help!" ... written by Live
You never disappoint! The BEST" ... written by Livy
You keep my head on straight!!!" ... written by Livy
Bart is wonderful, always to the point and honest. i come to him for down to earth insight and he always delivers with exceptional clarity. he is a gem on this site." ... written by amber aka sanguine_psionic
he knows how to communicate with the client. he answers to the client's questions not simply talking about general situation and give advice from his own perspective. at a decisive moment, he strongly places emphasis on who we are and what would be good/bad for us." ... written by esra
always accurate, and kind. God be with you always. " ... written by mnt1446
A pleasure to speak with, as always." ... written by Alneverus
He is awesome... always! " ... written by tim...
great. very helpful" ... written by jj
Thanks for the quick update Bart....gave me hope and clarified what i needed to know" ... written by -
Amazing reading , quick" ... written by unknown
Another fantastic reading!" ... written by Nicky
thank you for being a good person and understanding this situation well. Excellent reader. " ... written by mn
I needed a little reassuring about a subject and he gave me a quick answer, I will be back if predictions come to pass he gave me a "yes 100%" so I will see what happens. I pray he is right on it all no hit and misses. But I will be back I see a lot of reviews on how they help but no actual testimonies about predictions coming to pass. but I will be back to let everyone know. I have a gut feeling he is right so we shall see. *FINGERS CROSSED* Thank you Bart!" ... written by B
in my gut some how I believe Bart time will tell I have had many predictions on this site and none have come to happen. I pray Bart is right. I will give the real if its not! btw THANKs he was fast too!" ... written by b
Thanks for the reading on obstacles in life...someday i get it together...ha ha. thx." ... written by cestlavie
Hope I don't annoy you, I just always have more quick questions! " ... written by Justiceforall
At least you are always honest! That's why we love you!" ... written by Justiceforall
I appreciate all your help! 1000 Stars!" ... written by Nancy
Thank you so much Barty! XOXO" ... written by Justiceforall
Mahalo. He is a genuine sweetheart. Very awesome kane. Everyone should read from him!!! Hes wikiwiki fast, funny, and cares about his customers." ... written by Blue
Sorry to bug you, but you are simply THE BEST!" ... written by Justiceforall
Thank you Bart appreciate your help!" ... written by Justiceforall
Bart was quick and decisive in his answers. Very friendly and personable. Hes very accurate and Im glad to have met him. Will recommend to others." ... written by Lotusdreams
Thank you again Bart you are seriously AMAZING!" ... written by Nancy
I always appreciate everything you do. Thank you so much Bartimaeus." ... written by Nancy
Thank you so much you are the best!" ... written by Justiceforall
It's POKEMON DAY!!!!! Thank you Bart I hope you enjoyed that! I know I did!" ... written by Justiceforall
Bart is great and accurate as usual. Very kind." ... written by kathy
Fantastic. Simply Amazing!" ... written by Rachel
Thank you, Bart. It was fast but greatly appreciated. I'll come back with more funds and will most ardently inform my friends. " ... written by Nikki
excellent" ... written by lina111
Interesting convo on name and origins. Maybe next time you can tell me more on those alien dreams...Mahalo." ... written by blueskiesonfire
Thank you Bart for listening to my story and answering my key question. It helped me pleanty. ~ " ... written by Nightwind
Very good reading. Impressive." ... written by tyytyyty
Great!!!! Very accurate!!!! Will use again!!!!" ... written by meeeee
Good reading. Got some things right that I didn't even mention." ... written by Sav
Very talented. Highly impressed. Will use again." ... written by ytytytyty
Thanks for the reading on life n just talk....u get me to see positive side...n yes i am relaxin here n having a gd time." ... written by sp
I really enjoy coming to him to talk. He is very clear with my situation and always helps me without a doubt!!!!" ... written by Ash
Pinpointed quickly, accurately an exceptional reading." ... written by callme_ambi
5 stars! Always so accurately in tune with his intuition and with what he sees. Every one of his timelines has come to pass. One of the very few I trust on oranum. Won't sugar coat. Will be back again soon!" ... written by Christine
Thanks for the reading; just cloudy times for me and thank you." ... written by c
5 stars, fast , thank you" ... written by happy
5 stars!" ... written by Christine
5 stars. Great reading as always." ... written by Christine
bart is the best, what can I say." ... written by robert
very good" ... written by s
good" ... written by s
Thank you very much for that. I will set them up. they seem good for one another." ... written by Lotusdreams
great" ... written by lina
yeah was accurate not that we had much time " ... written by xxKahlanxx
excellent" ... written by lina
he is amazing!!!" ... written by timaga
thank you for the reading" ... written by ora111
excellent" ... written by lina
Thanks for reading Bart!" ... written by c
he is amazing! " ... written by timag
Great connection, to the point, recommend!!" ... written by atlantis111
WOW...he is super amazing..WOW" ... written by t
Spectacular reader and I feel he was very accurate. Has always been a very kind and fast reader who doesn't sugarcoat. Really great!" ... written by Grace
Thank you, you are so helpful and amazing! Truly gifted!" ... written by Mary
You are lightning fast and amazing. Thank you!" ... written by Sarah
Thank you for keeping my head above water. You are always around when I need you. A million stars!" ... written by Mark
I love how he needs almost no information to just dive right into my problems! Thank you!" ... written by Deborah
very great connection, fast :)" ... written by happy
I appreciate all your help man!" ... written by Robert
Excellent reading. Thank you and I look forward to what the future holds for me. Bless you for that. Very quick answers." ... written by Angela
I love to get readings from you! Positively put my mind at ease! Thank you a thousand times!" ... written by Deborah
he is the most person here" ... written by deeven
predicitons didnt happen - changed the entire reading and outcome from just a week ago. will never call again." ... written by carol
Thank you for your time, good clear information. " ... written by kim
Always brilliant.." ... written by t
let see the predictions don't know " ... written by us
5 stars! Amazing as always." ... written by Christine
Great reader. I am very satisfied." ... written by uuuuuu
very fast and accurate" ... written by Marie
Very Accurate and clear" ... written by Brooke
Thank you for your quick answers I always appreciate your help!" ... written by Rebecca
Friendly and quick, I enjoyed our reading. " ... written by Sporetobemore
Good" ... written by Hanna
Quick and straightforward. " ... written by Sporetobemore
bart is always honest and comforting. very good " ... written by mary
awesome" ... written by Nisarg
extremely great reading.." ... written by t
awesome!" ... written by bubbles
Wow. really good. really able to pick up on things." ... written by susan
Wow, He gave me the chills when he was reading for me. Its pretty intense with what he knows. I recommend him to anyone who wants to find out the truth. Thanks again." ... written by angloThai
fantastic!" ... written by jab
super duper." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
Great reading" ... written by jopope
Wow!! very impressed!!! He is very talented!!! " ... written by defr
Thank you bart I appreciate your insight!" ... written by blueskiesonfire
Thank you for confirming that. You made my night!" ... written by blueskiesonfire
You are lightning fast! I LOVE IT!!! XOXO" ... written by Mary
great" ... written by christina44443
Thank you for all your help dearest!" ... written by M
Thank you bart you make me sooooo happy with your readings!" ... written by Mary
Wicked reading" ... written by Neu
OMG thank you sooo much. Im just so tired right now. I appreciate you reading so quickly and thanks again for not judging." ... written by Nikki
very connected, perfect advise" ... written by happy
I can't wait. I need to find a way to speed up time! You are the greatest! XOXO" ... written by blueskiesonfire
The best reader on here! 1000 Stars!" ... written by Rebecca
Thank you as the clarity came through. " ... written by Tie
As always good" ... written by Hanna
He was very nice and answered my questions well. straight to the point. :)" ... written by Rachelle
Great reading, quick and straight to the point." ... written by Gina
Quick and Straight to the point. " ... written by Monique
Great reading. Satisfied. Will return." ... written by piute
i think he's honest and insightful. he answers direct questions and very to the point. no waffle what so ever." ... written by j
REALLY awesome reader, awesome guy! From my first reading, awhile ago, he has amazed me with his clear insight. He gets to the core of any question or issue. He is so sincere and really cares. I totally trust what Bart says. He has told me so many things that really resonate with me. I am very happy that I saw him today for my recent update. Readings with Bart are so well worth it! I will remember this reading very positively. " ... written by MerkabahMan633
Thank you for a very precise reading , I feel a lot better now. Awesome." ... written by john24521
Honest person even though it hurt. He was really comforting and would speak to him again. " ... written by Cinnadoll
GREAT" ... written by mara montclair
Thank you bart! I really appreciate the insight!" ... written by blueskiesonfire
You are a shining star! Thanks for being up so late to help me!" ... written by Mary
Great guy. Really listens and takes time to answer clearly, helpful and constructive." ... written by rene
Thank you very much for listening. Sometimes I just need someone to listen. Anyways thanks for letting me know what to expect." ... written by Justiceforall
perfect" ... written by jay
Very amazing things in my future!!! He is very nice. Totally worth your time. :)" ... written by TaylorSwift1989
Good reader" ... written by pinkpather30
He was amazing! Highly recommended! Very kind and very specific! 5 stars for sure :)" ... written by Lauren
Really, really good. He is able to tell you exact details that he could not have known. He is the real deal." ... written by susan
Thanks for the insight. I will hope all turns out well. Thanks again." ... written by familyhelper
thank you for inspiring feedback for the future!.... looking forward to the outcome...god bless your talents" ... written by sirilee
great reading" ... written by maria
Let us see if the predictions unfold." ... written by Kosheema
Bartimaeus is a wonderful guy. I am glad I met him here. Almost too good for this place... Bless you. " ... written by yuji
He is awesome!!!! Right on key!!!! I will talk to him again!!!!" ... written by Nicole
gave the card pulling, it really sounds like he is going by his own gifts and intuition. Will post on wall if prediction does or does not happen." ... written by A
The truth hurts sometimes, but it wasn't unexpected. With Bartimaeus' help i am going to continue on my own path of self discovery and self mastery until i get to a place where i am content and happy regardless of the chaos happening around me. He is insightful and honest and i appreciate him and his wisdom." ... written by amber aka sanguine_psionic
Great as usual. will come back. GIFTED!!!!" ... written by syuuosi
nice guy" ... written by donna
He seems sincere , I hope what he saw really does happen" ... written by Rae
Bart remains a very consistent and solid reader. His predictions don't change all that much, even when things seem to be changing all around. He said I would get back with my ex boyfriend, and through years of turmoil and other's saying I would not. Bart was right." ... written by kate
He was on the ball about the situation. He is straight to the point. Knows what he is talking about. I am sure his predictions will come true! Thank you so much..." ... written by RaRaRads393
Excellent...5 stars....very very good and accurate too" ... written by Focusing
Thanks for the reading and to talk it out when life gets hard. thx" ... written by c
Bartimaeus you are frankly the best on here! I'll see you soon!" ... written by Rebecca
Thank you Bart! You help me out every day so much I appreciate it!" ... written by Mary
good reading. quick to connect." ... written by Deb
He is very much a straight shooter and very accurate. Had really good timelines. I'm hoping they all come to pass." ... written by Cheryl
He was a really sweet person, and he got right down to what my questions were. I got to ask all of my questions and even had time to get a dream interpreted by him and I'm pretty sure I still have money left. He was a really good reader, will definitely come back in the future." ... written by Persephone742
He was great just amazing !" ... written by kayla
fast responses; excellent psychic!" ... written by lavi
Feeling good about what was said" ... written by Chanelle1961
seems sincere. will see what happens tomorrow. will be back with an update tomorrow :)" ... written by bagrosso
Good reader. Thanks so much." ... written by familyhelper
Good" ... written by Hanna
Excellent...accurate too....5 stars" ... written by Focusing
Bart, is clear with accurate details and quick intel." ... written by LOVELY LADY
Beyond words....this guy's talented gift. YOU MUST TRY!! Sincere and needs no help with tools....gave first names only and he read the situation as I already know it. SO of course the predictions are exciting as well!!! HAPPY : )" ... written by BRENDA
he was just coming out of a demo but when he tuned in he was very right on. he is understanding and can give you a sense of the larger picture of what you are working on." ... written by wren1414
Great reading, Great individual!!!!" ... written by jhjuy
great psychic as always!" ... written by lav
what happened i took you to private and you left" ... written by edna
thank you so very much for your wonderful insight great intuition and i loved him " ... written by Edna
I asked him about two different individuals and he totally connected with them and their issues. Always amazing!!!" ... written by RaRaRads393
he was good i enjoyed our session . what he said made sense" ... written by Ana
thoughtful with much kindness good reading " ... written by jean jones
answers questions very much to the point. he reads right thru people" ... written by BNJPANGELS
Excellent...5 stars...very accurate reader" ... written by Focusing
Was my first time coming to him and wasnt sure. He puts my fears to rest and reassured me. It was a quick connection and excellent reading. He connected quickly to my guides and was very comfortable to have a private with. I would recommend him to anyone." ... written by Jen
Bart is so kind and is so helpful. I feel he is honest and straight forward. I have been in his demos so today I spoke with him and found him to be very helpful and insightful. I will definitely be back. Let him help you out as well. You will be glad you did." ... written by cathleen
He really has a gift. You should get a reading for sure!!!!" ... written by BRENDA
Told me pretty much all I needed to know. I am so happy I had this pvt session with him. Worth every penny and minute. Highly recommended! :)" ... written by Boo-yah
helpful! but i think our internet connection wasnt too great. i got cut off. it wasnt his fault though.. his reading was still good :)" ... written by krissy
good as always" ... written by Juicy
Bartimaues is amazing:) First time reading with him...He connected right away and I have to say was straight on point. He gave me some great advice and I look forward to seeing what happens. Great guy! Highly Recommend for a reading:)" ... written by Carrie
I was surprised about this outcome...a lot of thing I didn't know and now my mind is clear..." ... written by Latisha
superb and quick." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
Excellent...very fast reader and a very accurate reader too. 5 stars" ... written by Focusing
You are just the sweetest guy. Most calming relaxing person. Thank you for everything." ... written by yoyo
HIS VERY GOOD" ... written by AN
Well I only trust about 5 psychics and he is one of them he is very good he knew exactly what I was feeling etc and gave me positive messages that made me believe them especially after he knew just what I felt etc. He is really good he is the real deal really you should give him your money he actually deserves it!" ... written by jane
Bartimaeus is great! I loved his connection with the situations and I completely liked his punctual responses! I would defiantly recommend others!" ... written by Katie
he's been right for me before in demo readings. this is my first actual reading, and hopefully it turns out like the demos!" ... written by ashleigh
Always a pleasure!" ... written by Martha
5 stars! always accurately connected!" ... written by christine
bart gave me a good reading.hoping for all of it to develop now!" ... written by cass
5 stars! Always accurately connected!" ... written by christine
Good as always to come back to again!" ... written by Hanna
5 stars! Always accurately connected!" ... written by Christine
you're awesome.. thanks for being straightforward. though speak up a little bit more! and put in more information :D" ... written by MMarmalade
he was right in his predictions before, went back to ask a followup, and got good news, so hopefully it pans out." ... written by ashleigh
Thanks Bart, you calmed me down, been having a rough few weeks. thanks for all ur help" ... written by sweet
Give him a try :-)!" ... written by Hanna
Thank you again dear! You are the best!" ... written by Martha
Bart you are 1000 stars. Thank you." ... written by Rebecca
Bart you are the best reader! Thank you!" ... written by Rebecca
Thank you for the reading. It was very helpful!" ... written by Verona865
Awesome. Adorable. Time will tell." ... written by Christine Meeusen
Great update with Bartimaeus. Always enjoy reading with him. Very knowledgable, caring, informative, and understanding. :-)" ... written by han720518
Bartimaeus was right on pint with a lot of what he said. I really like talking to this psychic. I will definitely go back to him." ... written by Gumbini
THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!" ... written by Martha
Good" ... written by Beauty
Thank you for being there in my time of need. " ... written by Tie
good and quick" ... written by kary
very accurate reading fantastic" ... written by bnjpangels
very detailed accurate really sees into the situation" ... written by bnjpangels
Thank you again Bartimaeus! You are amazing!" ... written by Rebecca
Thank you so much for your kind words!" ... written by Martha
Very accurate reader...5 stars..... Super star....A world class psychic !!" ... written by focusing
he really looked into my situation and provided some assurance " ... written by brightsoul84
very helpful! his predictions always came true, cant wait for new once :)" ... written by happy
He is awesome and affordable. Try him !" ... written by Yellowlily79
Fantastic reader. " ... written by Angela
Good :)" ... written by ebbo86
5 stars! Always accurately connected." ... written by Christine
Thank you for your time and I hope you get through what you need to as well :)" ... written by Tie
Quick and to the point. Hopefully his prediction is right. " ... written by Amy
Superb! Check him out seriously. " ... written by Ms. Unpatient.
he is very good and to the point he is very honest and he nice" ... written by loveboo
Very pleased with his help and insights!! He gets more than 5 stars, good energy and vibes!" ... written by Bienny
You are amazing!" ... written by Rebecca
My Session was ended before I could get a chance to talk to him!" ... written by Heather
Bart was honest with the reading and does not waste your time in private.. " ... written by Pooja
I look forward from hearing from each and every time. Your in sight is great. Thank you for a great reading." ... written by Tie
Bartimaeus has a way of making you feel better after a reading. So far what he has said as come to pass and it just started. He's great. This is my second reading with him and I will definitely go back." ... written by Gumbini
Very good, I only had a short time for credits in a private reading. He connected quickly and answered my question about what he sees ahead for me in career. Thank you!" ... written by Lilly
thank you" ... written by nicola
Bartimaeus has a great sense of passion for his card readings! great helpful advice." ... written by Happpy
If you haven't been into private with this guy YOU HAVE to give it try. No tools...just real intuition. The guidance is so helpful." ... written by BRENDA
thank u" ... written by happy
Thanks for the reading,, its really help a lot,,," ... written by yLeo
Always an honest reading. No sugar coating. Quick and straight to the point. Thank you!" ... written by Helen
Always a great in sight and enjoy your honesty :) Thank you" ... written by Tie
awesome really sweet and caring person" ... written by Believe IN LOVE
Great person. Experience his talents. Will come back. Thanks for caring and patience. More than 5 stars!!!!!" ... written by me
Very caring and very nice! I've had several readings with him already. The very first reading, he saw right into the situation very well without any information from me except names. As always thank you so much Bart, it's always a pleasure and happy Thanksgiving!! :) " ... written by Lilly
good" ... written by jojo
quick reading, with quick straight forward answers, I've got few weeks before things start to progress " ... written by 2818
quick reading that was well worth my time. thank you " ... written by tyler
Seems to have a very good connection. I appreciate his answers to my questions. Thank you! " ... written by Lynda22
He is nice ,, and kind" ... written by yleo
Great!!!! Will use again!!!" ... written by ppppppp
Excellent,,, very accurate... great psychic....5 stars for sure" ... written by Focusing
I love to have a reading with him! His prediction of a contact did happen rather quickly as he said it would! Now for the rest to infold as I wish it will! I will be sure to come back for updates! Thank you as always! :) " ... written by Lilly1217
5 stars....Very thoughtful and thorough...Very accurate too...excellent psychic" ... written by Focusing
he remembered me, we only had one reading in the past, he was detailed and everything he said was relate-able and made sense. Brings peace. Understands I would like to know they whys not just what is to come/has been. Thanks again. " ... written by M
Thank you Bart,,," ... written by Leo
Great reading was quite quick and to the point. Thanks" ... written by M
Excellent....5 stars....wonderful psychic" ... written by Focusing
Thank you Bart,,, its a nice reading" ... written by Leo
Great. Seem connected. Thanks." ... written by jkjkjk
Love Bartimaeus! His readings are always accurate. Doesn't waste time and always gives positive energy. Instant favorite!" ... written by PixieLove
Fast connection and great reading as always" ... written by Lavi
great reading with good insight " ... written by P
Thank you Bart,," ... written by Leonissa
Awesome!" ... written by S. Chocolate
Excellent... 5 stars... Great reader and look forward to his predictions. Bart is one of the best on Oranum for sure." ... written by Focusing
5 Stars...very quick....accurate too I believe" ... written by Focusing
Very informative geed reader" ... written by pinkpather30
Bartimaeus, as always, is dead accurate. i highly recommend everyone to go to him. He does not mince words and his honesty is refreshing. thank you, Bart" ... written by amber aka sanguine_psionic
i i have found over the years; that Bart is truly amazing." ... written by kate
One of the best psychics on here! Very straight forward" ... written by ***
5 Stars....Excellent psychic...a true super star !! world class" ... written by Focusing
i am so relieved, he is the most gifted person on this site. thank you Bart" ... written by amber aka sanguine_psionic
Amazing psychic as always! He offered the perfect advice into a tough situation that I've been needing this whole time." ... written by Lav
Great reading, picked up on a lot without me giving him any information at all! Thanks so much Bart, I'll definitely return. :)" ... written by Brianne
He connects very quickly and is very accurate with picking up on what's going on with current situation. If he's this accurate with my current situation, then I am feeling very good about my future predictions. I will surely return to give a report. Wonderful man to chat with! I highly recommend!!!" ... written by Mags
5 STARS...a very great psychic and accurate reader too...Bart is always "spot on"..." ... written by Focusing
two thumbs up " ... written by cc
Great psychic as always!" ... written by Lav
Excellent psychic....5 stars....Extremely accurate in his readings!!!" ... written by Focusing
Very direct and to the point. Quick connection" ... written by Stephanie
Was accurate and fast. Very honest and kind reading." ... written by DOnna
Thanks for your reading and insight into lifes problems." ... written by c
so nice! and kind! awesome!" ... written by sin
5 stars....very accurate reader...He is spot on with all of his predictions..." ... written by Focusing
Thanks Bart. Great reading. You connected easily and was on point with the circumstances. " ... written by familyhelper
if you have a question, he answers it without needing any further information!!! no need for name or DOB. he is quite wonderful!!!" ... written by pearberry008
It was a great reading! " ... written by Anna
I asked him to hep me find my hair extensions and a few hours later i had found them! They were in a place that that he described and wrapped in a towel. He really did narrowed down my search!" ... written by Enyas
he is really good" ... written by dana
he is very sweet" ... written by DANA
Very relationship focused. Soothing demeanor and helpful insight." ... written by serenity
Bart always pulls through with amazing insight and encouragement. He is truly one of the best." ... written by MerkabahMan633
great reading he connects quickly.very easy to talk to" ... written by M
Another good psychic reading!!" ... written by Lav
love him!" ... written by Abigail
Another great reading " ... written by Lav
He has predicted that I will be with my guy in three weeks. Oh I hope so. Thank you for the reading." ... written by Angela
Great reading that put my mind at ease" ... written by Lavi
thank you and so glad you are back on here bart! " ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
Excellent psychic and extremely accurate...5 stars" ... written by Focusing
he is the best!" ... written by DANA
very good new just what I was talking about and the situation. very nice to talk to understanding and truthful." ... written by sd
Bart predicted few things for me...he seemed pretty accurate...will return for sure if prediction come to pass." ... written by nami
Thank you so much for your guidance-i feel the information i needed just flowe-and vey surprising, I hope to get results soon. Its a shame i ran out ot credits." ... written by Callie44
Great tips as always" ... written by Lavi
Interesting. We shall see - he is very calm and im crossing my fingers and toes what he did will work lol. Feeling a tad calmer right now. Once things come to pass, I will write on his hall page. Blessings and thank you." ... written by L
5 on....very accurate reader" ... written by Focusing
Thanks again i just pray this new guidance works - will give you results" ... written by Callie44
He is super good. Naturally gifted for sure. Thank you will come back" ... written by Porco
Good reading" ... written by pinkpather30
5 stars!!!! Great guidance. Excited to see how things will unfold. Thank you so much. Love and Blessings." ... written by rose
Good reading. Reassuring and kind. I will come to him again :)" ... written by Kmkm777
5 stars...a very great reader too" ... written by Focusing
thanks B, " ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
5 stars....superstar Bart is...very accurate too" ... written by Focusing
Glad with a positive reading.." ... written by pm
I really love to have a reading with him, he is very nice and tune into someones energy very well, but my connection is very very bad today, so, I will try later, Thank you so much, recommend him, highly. thank you." ... written by Rose
It feels really good to talk to him, he's a big help. Some of his past predictions have come to fruit, so I am really hoping the rest will come about as well" ... written by *****
Great reading and advice as always" ... written by Lavi
He is still the best!" ... written by Robert
Excellent and very spot on about all things... Predictions look good he has talked to me about.... 5 STARS for sure" ... written by Focusing
great reading as always" ... written by Lavi
awesome read. thanks again!" ... written by Marvin
I had reading with Bartimaeus. I feel better after a reading with him. Thankyou so much for your help , Bartimaeus !" ... written by gaston165
What a great reading! Straight to the point and dead on! No small talk here; only questions answered!" ... written by SamanthaSmiles
he is awesome!" ... written by timag
Super star...5 on and very accurate" ... written by Focusing
great read...not what I was hoping for but he told me the truth..." ... written by cheirr
5 stars....very good reader" ... written by Focusing
Thank you for your help..... Great reading" ... written by Evenstar
it was frezzing wile i was doing the reading but he is good psychic" ... written by aa
great reading" ... written by Lavi
fast connection, quick typist . good adviser . will be back again for another reading." ... written by oth
Great, concise reading.. hope he's right!" ... written by AK
He was right about a man coming into my life down to the Month. Now I look forward to the next prediction. " ... written by Jennifer
He really understands my situation and connects so quickly. Thank you so much " ... written by Evenstar
5 stars....very good as always" ... written by Focusing
i think every time i had a reading with him he was right about things " ... written by aa
Great session as always" ... written by Lavi
Good session" ... written by Lavi
Thanks for the great advice. I feel more confident moving forward." ... written by serenity
He is awesome!" ... written by timag
clear answers and guidance" ... written by irene
I thank bart for his honesty and open ness and do believe he will not deceive the people he reads for. told me a year ago that an ex was cheating and I didn't believe it but it was true!!!!! and now came back for a new guy that ive been in a relationship with. thank you bart! he is so honest!!!" ... written by pure
5 stars.....Great advice....thoughtful and great reader" ... written by focusing
Always honest ...someone i always trust on this site!!!" ... written by Nami
Great reading, very helpful! :)" ... written by Brianne
He is very good. Bartimeus predicted always something that I saw coming true. There were exact month when things happened. I trust him. " ... written by kosh
was specific in answering my concerns! quick'" ... written by kw
always helpful " ... written by paris
Excellent! put the love back into my soul!" ... written by daniel
You good. Especially enjoyed the timeframes. " ... written by carl
Came back for second session and even better" ... written by daniel
execellent and clear with timelines..." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
Bart is the best one of the best readers.. He replies the questions straight to the point and provides accurate timelines. Thank you and i will sure come back" ... written by CM
Bart's really good at giving direct, quick answers." ... written by sunshine
I was pleased with my reading and he was on point with the things I asked him about. I will be calling him again and I recommend you give him a call. " ... written by MsAccentric
Bartimaeus was great. Thank you for your insight because this issue has been giving me concerns for a while. I really needed the clarity that you provided today. Thank you." ... written by Ladymysterious
gave me a better range than other readings..ill be back in two weeks to leave an update..ty" ... written by n
my 1st reading w/ Bart. he connects easily, spot on w/ my current situation." ... written by HMR
good friend. thanks" ... written by saul
clear and clear" ... written by paris
He sees through you. " ... written by haille
helped me so much. thank u." ... written by ar
Had a pvt. with Bart, was quick to pick up on what I had going on and gave me fast accurate info. " ... written by Rick
5 stars.....a true superstar" ... written by Focusing
I started having HEALING sessions with Bartimaeus and each session been powerful! A spiritual healing that bores inside my spirit to let go of closed blockages. 5 Stars" ... written by ladydove
good reading" ... written by *
articulate " ... written by ellie
great" ... written by travis malaniuk
Such a sweet man, very kind and very accurate. I really felt that he was absolutely spot on with his reading." ... written by M
Bartimaeus - I am blown away that he knew what the core of my healing needs. 5 Stars" ... written by dustyrose
love his intelligence as well as spiritual talent" ... written by peter
great" ... written by travis
5 stars...very accurate reader and very thoughtful" ... written by Focusing
He's like having a good friend and is really there for you when you need someone. Also a very accurate psychic! " ... written by ****
love his clear and precise use of language" ... written by jeff
Excellent...5 stars.....great predictions to come" ... written by Focusing
great insights, practically focused." ... written by serenity
he gave a great update! He sees the situation as it is." ... written by Sonia
Bartimaeus is extremely psychic and does not need any tools. I have many issues but he was able to find the answers to the one we decided to focus on." ... written by ladydove
Excellent spiritual awakenings andamp; HEALINGS with Bartimaeus. He is a the real deal. ---Light andamp; Love." ... written by ladydove
very very good" ... written by travis malaniuk
Good Person, give me comfort in most necessary time." ... written by Matthew
Another great session of master healing, enlightment and empathy!" ... written by ladydove
He is a MASTER psychic, healer, and empath." ... written by NanC
Thank you so much Bart" ... written by Han
satisfied. very.." ... written by fiona
thank you Bart" ... written by han
Will see how things work out." ... written by foolishgirl
unparalleled" ... written by pedros
Bartimaeus - for me has energy to pull out from my heart what is broken, frees it andamp; the abilities to let me see, feel and mend. He is a peace warrior." ... written by ladydove
reads straight through the mind and situation" ... written by Angie
clear eyes, mind and spirit. what else do we need?" ... written by seha
Very accurate with his info. I know I can trust him. I really like his energy. Sometimes it's nice to just come say hello." ... written by *****
thank you Bart! Love reading with you :)) you deserve all 110 stars not just 5 stars. " ... written by edel95
5 Stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by MissN
thank you Bart! Love reading with you :)) you deserve all 110 stars not just 5 stars. " ... written by edel95
thank you Bart! Love reading with you :)) you deserve all 110 stars not just 5 stars. " ... written by edel95
thank you Bart! Love reading with you :)) you deserve all 110 stars not just 5 stars. " ... written by edel95
5 STAR SUPERSTAR!!! Very accurate always with his readings" ... written by focusing
5 stars and a great reader" ... written by Focusing
he was great" ... written by lori
5 stars....very accurate with his predictions..." ... written by Focusing
another super powerful healing session - this man is a master in all his gifts and he really cares." ... written by ladydove
thank you Bart! Love reading with you :)) you deserve all 110 stars not just 5 stars. " ... written by edel95
thank you Bart! Love reading with you :)) you deserve all 110 stars not just 5 stars. " ... written by edel95
thank you for delivery of good news" ... written by edel95
found that he was right about the man after a year. clear seeing and interpretations with integrity. " ... written by stephanie
I've been coming to him for awhile now. He's been right for me in the past. Thank you! :) *big hugs* " ... written by Shoshana
he reads every different and complicated facet of one's mind and emotion and has talent to elaborate it in a brief yet articulate way. reason why i consult only with him." ... written by Nicole
Honest, passionate, warm and lovely. Above all, he is right on." ... written by Isabell
Bartimaeus is a master - he is super gifted andamp; gives his ALL to a reading...even if the truth hurts...he has a natural ability to deliver the psychic truth with care for me. I am so awed by his cosmic energy that heals me. Thank you again. " ... written by LadyDove
Bartimaeus has the gifts to draw out of my heart andamp; soul the scars andamp; blocks and he heals them every so brillantly, lovingly with a super psychic sonic energy. " ... written by nanci
it was good" ... written by travis
lots of emotinal energy andamp; blockages released - Bartimaeus - recieved cleansing, clarity, understanding, compassion - I cannot say enough how gifted he is. He gives his all, all the time. Thank you. " ... written by ladydove
5 stars " ... written by mystery
Bartimaeu is in tune with strong vibrations and electric spiritual engergies that can find the right switch in the dark for me. Everytime~ Everytime~ I am always amazed andamp; enlightened. zillions of stars" ... written by ladydove
Great guidance is what I needed today...and Bartimaeus helped me so much. Thank you." ... written by LadyD
precious. talented" ... written by Jamie
Bartimaeus - he has healed, predicted and guided me with truth and care. Thank you!" ... written by ladydove
Thank you so much Bart," ... written by Han
unrivalled" ... written by Adriana
Master Healer, Master Psychic. Master of so many spiritual gifts. I highly recommend him." ... written by Miss N
5 stars....deep thinker who gives good answers to questions..." ... written by Focusing
Bartimaeus - that I can't express enough how powerful his gifts are. His predictions have come true for me andamp; that is real truth andamp; proof. He knows - well, he is really psychic! He puts his 'all' into his readings and spiritual healings. " ... written by Nannie
I had a private with Bartimaeus a few weeks ago and he saw and described someone from my past contacting me. At the time, I couldn't think of who that would be or what impact it would have on my life." ... written by ladydove
Bartimaeus transcends all his positive energies from deep withing that have once again healed me deep within the core of being. He is full of truth, phenomonal psychic power. He is a real shining star. He is light. He pulls forth what ails me. Love, Light, Peace " ... written by nanci
Wow I wasn't expecting that news. I was expecting bad news. thank you Bartimaeus..... you're a star and my life line..... :) xx" ... written by Evenstar
5 Stars" ... written by misunderstood
Bartimaeus - my heart." ... written by ladydove
As always he has helped me out and gave me a clear vision of whats coming on my way....i highly recommend him...he is really truly gifted" ... written by nami
important communicator. catches the core of one's mind" ... written by Jamie
Master Healer, Super Psychi Energy!!!!" ... written by ladydove
Energy Psychic! Accurate, Amazing reader andamp; healer." ... written by Ms Ms
Thanks for the reassurance Bart...speak to u soon" ... written by ak
Super Amazing Psychic!! Energy Healer! So many true gifts. Revelations. Thank you. zillions of stars " ... written by bostongirl
Coming back to him after a year because he was the only one who was completely right. Especially he was/is right about the person's character, how s/he would behave and most of all what/whom I deserve. No fairy tale at all. Different." ... written by Freya
5 stars...Fantastic" ... written by Focusing
5 stars" ... written by 2love
5 stars...very fast reader....super star" ... written by Focusing
A bittersweet reading. 5 Stars" ... written by ladydove
sees-through as if he had a super crystal ball in his minds. maybe he does." ... written by marshmallow
thank you! will wait for your predictions :)" ... written by Alicja
I have done all my readings with Bartimaeus and he is always accurate! He tells the truth, not what you want to hear. But the truth does set me free andamp; the truth he sees saves me from making bad choices, of course I always have free will, but I trust his guidance. He is the best! " ... written by nan
I wasn't expecting such fantastic, unexpected news to be revealed. I find it amazing that Bartimaeus uncovers future events that I am not even aware of...and in the past they have come true. Always with so many gifts, Bartimaeus is the best! Thank you again and again. Peace andamp; Love." ... written by nanciana
superb....5 stars" ... written by focusing
brief and concise but not simplistic at all. his choice of words are very precise and interpretations hold many layers and nuances as is the case with most people's personalities and situations. sometimes he gives predictions, other times provides thorough interpretations for higher probability, which in my case was absolutely helpful to make a good decision." ... written by danielle
The Truth is out there and you will find it from Bartimaeus." ... written by ladydove
Bart is always so easy to talk to. He's very quick to pick up on the situation and clarify what he see's. Thank you so much :)" ... written by Evenstar
Helped me open the eyes. Very smart guide with great clarity. Finally he became my counselor." ... written by Sean
Bart gave some great information. I look forward to things happening like he said. Great read.. Thx so much. " ... written by r
Thank you so much Bart" ... written by Han
clear attentive caring" ... written by saul
It was very eye opening. thank you Bart!" ... written by Roderic
5 stars....fantastic reader and very accurate too" ... written by focusing
Excellent reading and quick as always!" ... written by Lav
Bartimaeus always works on something new. He is so gifted. Today's reading opened my eyes, very insightful and always psychic. He just knows. He is amazing. Stars!!" ... written by ladydove
He was straight forward no gimmicks" ... written by kmathis
Always good to talk to" ... written by *****
This psychis is so intense, smart, kind, and the real deal." ... written by ladydove
Very good reading. Kind, caring spot on." ... written by countrygirl
10 Stars! Highly Recommended." ... written by humanbeing
Amazing psychic healing! Perfect." ... written by ladydove
thank you.. always" ... written by esra
5 stars...deep thoughts by Bart bring answers to your questions... Spot on every time !!" ... written by Focusing
feel warm and sincere" ... written by irene
Fast and accurate reading as always!" ... written by Lav
Such a sweet guy! Gives good advice and is accurate" ... written by ******
He takes a while to do the reading.. But thank you. " ... written by CA
Readings with him are very powerful andamp; the truth. 10 stars." ... written by blue
Master Expert!! " ... written by luv01
In the matter of relationship, he catches the subtle changes of feelings daily and/or monthly.. there is nothing set in stone so. In the past, many other experts talked about what kind of guy (whom I was interested in then) he was and general compatibility and future direction toward somewhere as if there were definite destiny. However, he said differently--more about what kind of person he is "to me", including how he would treat me, which is completely different from general compatibility, and which turned out to be right. His reading is lucid intuition + intelligent interpretations. I feel I've become stronger and more confident about myself after consulting with him. (Highly recommend)" ... written by Sophie
He has always been very accurate. I hope what he predicted is right. The only thing is the delay to give an answer." ... written by k
Another amazing reading with Bartimaeus. Among his many gifts, today I asked for a prediction - will see and update how it turns out. I wanted the answer to be sooner as far as time frame, but he gives the truth. Also, even though I did not specifically ask for a healing - I felt uplifted and healed when I was done." ... written by ladydove
Great reader! He is very on point!" ... written by Carrie
He is honest and unwaving in his predictions. Super psychic. Great read." ... written by n
I like his style and honesty. He picks up on things right away but is thoughtful in his answers. I hope to get another reading with him again. 5 Stars" ... written by 5 Decades
Another amazing session! So gifted, intelligent and psychic. " ... written by ladydove
highly well connected. helpful to have confidence.. always. thanks-" ... written by anna
always a good reading, always." ... written by bostonred
5 stars...very accurate reader" ... written by Focusing
thank you" ... written by kosi harris
His predictions have come true. His psychic connection to me has proved accurate regarding my past. " ... written by nanci
his intuition confirmed what i was thinking/feeling" ... written by bihar
He IS my guide, my psychic, my healer. I have had many sessions with Bartimaeus and hope to continue with him. His predictions have come true, he is healing me more each time. I recommend him highly. " ... written by ladydove
Thank you Bart as you have helped restore my patience's and will let you know what happens. " ... written by T
Relaxed reading. Very honest. Quick to pick up. A great reading. Thank you." ... written by librangirl
Super reading!" ... written by ladydove
Good reading, informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Very good reading informative" ... written by pinkpather30
The real deal! A gentleman, psychic and compassionate. Felt comfortable sharing anything with him. He really is psychic and I am very skeptical. " ... written by MissN
I think it possibly accurate as much as I didn't like the answer I got?! However - now that I'm reviewing my question versus answer - I realize i asked when but the answer was not related! Just realized that." ... written by Rebecca
Fast, accurate reader! 10 Stars" ... written by ladydove
Thanks for tuning in so very well. " ... written by Charlie
Oh had such a great reading. He answered every one of my questions and cards. He validated everything I been feeling and getting. I will recommend him. " ... written by Marian
clear clear clear" ... written by Everlyn
Real truth, accurate psycic ability andamp; gifts that guide to clarity and truth. " ... written by ladydove
He is so gifted, quick and gets right to the core of the problem or problems. He has been a lifeline to me." ... written by ladydove
5 stars...superstar...I recommend Bart to on" ... written by Fousing
Thank you for the reading. " ... written by United
Bartimaeus is a super psychic! And he truly cares about his clients. " ... written by L.D.
Bartimaeus was born with a natural psychic connection. He just knows what the answers are andamp; communicates with accurate guidance andamp; clarity. 10 stars" ... written by ladydove
Thank you for everything. I will keep you posted. :)" ... written by T
Amazing reader who picks right up on what you need. He contemplates the issue...but when he is a complete accurate, long descriptive wrap-up of the question/s." ... written by Nancy
Emotional reading but brought a lot of enlightment. Thank you for your patience andamp; using your psychic gifts once again, Bartimaeus. " ... written by ladydove
always well connected, confirmed my thoughts and feelings. no nonsense story telling. only the solid fact, powerful control of positive energy balance which affects me too." ... written by Isabell
Good reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
good reading" ... written by pinkpather30
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
5 stars...I recommend Bartimaeus to everyone...super psychic" ... written by Focusing
excellent and fast reader! loved his directness and honesty with the reading...a must try! you won't regret!" ... written by dreamz25
Thanks Bart, that's really wonderful." ... written by Leo
heard answers and predictions" ... written by Isabell
thanks bartilic....u awesome" ... written by k
got answers all very quickly" ... written by jeff
Very caring, healing, intuitive." ... written by D
Thank you! Will keep you posted!" ... written by T
Lol, so grateful for the insights :)" ... written by T
Contining reading that is enlightening me to a higher level. Bartimaeus really is a true psychic. " ... written by Rose_Red
Excellent reading! Very gifted. Accurate and a deep, true connection. " ... written by Rose_Red
thanks for the quickie update,,,,," ... written by 2peek
I had a Tarot reading with Bartimaeus and he saw the past in all it's truth! He is deep, gifted and very psychic. He really connects andamp; cares. " ... written by Gwenivere
I had a very long amazing reading with Bartimaeus. He is the best !" ... written by N
5 Stars! Execellent Expert." ... written by Rose_Red
Very empathatic,, accurate andamp; personable. Highly psychic!" ... written by bostongirl
Fast and accurate as always!!" ... written by Lav
5 stars...vey fast....I would recommend Bart to all" ... written by Focusing
relieved. keen insight as always" ... written by tt
I believe I was given the truth to help me but I am very sad at what I heard. 5 Stars" ... written by Charmed3
Strong spiritual forces and guidance. 5 Stars" ... written by Charmed3
great reader very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
5 stars....very accurate reader...I recommend Bartimaeus to everyone..Spot on with predictions..." ... written by focusing
Accurate and soooo helpful. " ... written by Regina
I am a frequent client of Bartimaeus because he is extremely gifted in so many areas. He is also very accurate and his predictions have come true. " ... written by ladydove
Good advise, informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Thank you Bart, its a great reading" ... written by leo
Bart is such a sweet guy, I look forward to his outcomes :)" ... written by f
Thank you bart for your advice on the matter." ... written by c
loved the reading! His answers are concise and he is very caring. i watched his demo and everyone involved confirmed his accuracy so i had to try him. happy i did." ... written by asd
feel i got the answer" ... written by esra
He is amazing!" ... written by timag
heard all answers" ... written by tired
Thanks for a short n sweet update - honed right in! Thank you" ... written by f
Thank you for all the insight as I cant wait! Will keep you posted!" ... written by T
fantastic bart.." ... written by wiki
Thank you." ... written by d2k1000
This guy is on it! one cool dude and quick and to the point." ... written by David
Thanks for the insight into life's issues. You are the best." ... written by c
Thank you" ... written by Tony
great reading as always" ... written by Lav
thanks" ... written by duff
brief answer but that has always been on point. no ungrounded advice, while opening up the free will, which makes me acknowledge and be aware of the situation by myself. he is looking at the complexities of one's mind, which is the very essence of human beings and all of our situations. interpretations require intelligence as well as talents, and he has both. " ... written by ellie
Thank you so much for the in sight you have provided and helping me a long the way!" ... written by T
he is awesome!" ... written by timag
5 stars" ... written by focusing
I was afraid to ask my question but got the most calming response. Thank you so much" ... written by Holly
Bartimaeus looks at straight through to one's heart, mind, characteristics and tendencies, which are commplicated, precarious and many layered. To my experiences, he has an unrivalled energy reading and empathic ability and intelligence to interprete it in a laconic way, which is hard to find. I have never heard him saying ambiguously (e.g. positive or negarive energy is around etc.) " ... written by stradlin
I've been reading with him for a long time now and he connects to my situation well while also being very understanding and non judgmental. He's very caring too. I am still waiting for things to fully pan out. Past predictions have happened even if not always within the exact time frame. I had issues with the chat freezing and I lost a few minutes of credits because of that. Thank you Bart. *big hugs* " ... written by Lilly1217
this guy is good, quick and to the point no BS Ill be back" ... written by David
great reading!" ... written by K
Thanks for the reading on life issues. You always have a calm way about you and give solid advice." ... written by c
thanks!" ... written by va
Great reading he's a cool dude and to the point" ... written by David
5 stars...very on with predictions too" ... written by Focusing
amazing reader " ... written by cristina
great reading very informative, Bart is one cool guy." ... written by David
Thank you once again for always being there for me!! I have been reading with Bart for over a year now and I trust him a lot. He's very caring and sweet. *Big hugs* " ... written by Lilly1217
thanks. always on point. " ... written by yoyo
I have been looking for someone just like him, hes quick and doesn't ask me for any details or information. just fast honest information. he doesn't tell long stories or sell fairy tales he answers directly and is honest in what he sees and doesn't see. thank you an I will definitely be back and recommend. " ... written by Tierra
no one describes the situation or person as precisely as possible like him. he tells all in detail with clear brevity, which is the reason he is the only counselor of mine. more importantly, he has been right on. " ... written by sophie
he is very fast reader You can ask many question in short time and all answers are accurate. worth to give a try . definitely I will come back " ... written by ladycini
He's spot-on! Everyone should come visit him!" ... written by NEH
Great reading good advice and caring guy" ... written by dave
great!" ... written by timag
good reading as always, Bart is a great guy " ... written by David
high inspiration with down to earth mind. warm hearted friend.." ... written by nomad
always quickly gives me clarity about specific issues" ... written by chris
Thank you for your time. I will consider what you've said. " ... written by Tatiana
He always confirms me about the situation. No hesitation, no exaggeration at all but deep care and warmth. Wonderful adviser*****" ... written by Jamie
5 on......excellent psychic" ... written by Focusing
very friendly and accurate" ... written by kittybarra
Thanks for your insight and reassurance helps to talk about life's issues...thx." ... written by c
so nice and understanding" ... written by latorya ross
Truly gifted on his specializations on clearings and shielding me up.Been attacked by people I know and not know on named it I have it all..members and readers as well sadly!!Thank you sooo much and really appreciate your help~Hope you gonna have a wonderful time on this lovely season coming up!!;-P" ... written by Sexay
amazing! he connects right away! you have to try him!" ... written by timag
What a great guy, always friendly willing to help and genuinely cares about others. i will be back for sure, hes a real gem, full of good advice." ... written by David
Bartimaeus was great help andamp; eased my mind!" ... written by Mrusso
such a good guy to get a reading with. so calm and understanding w/out being judgemental" ... written by Justine
He is an excellent reader, will trust his energy. I see good person and trustworthy individual. Great psychic skills. Blessings. " ... written by mintleaf
no doubt about his answers. always good connection and makes me feel relieved with clarity" ... written by jane
great reading Bart is great for a chat and is very reassuring, lovely guy " ... written by David
5 stars....very good and spot on as always " ... written by Focusing
Great insight as always! Recommended! x" ... written by Cindy
good chat with Bart, hes the real deal" ... written by David
Very gifted! Great insight as always, very accurate and detailed! Thanks x" ... written by Cindy
great reading will be back for updates" ... written by m
5 stars....very good" ... written by focusing
Honest, fast and detailed, no games no sugar c! Thanks for the reading x" ... written by Cindy
Fast, calm, kind and no tools! Thanks x " ... written by Cindy
Fast reader, detailed insight, thanks x" ... written by Cindy
Thanks x " ... written by Cindy
have a great read. Thank you" ... written by marian
great reading as usual, Bart is one cool guy. well worth visiting, I highly recommend " ... written by David
5 on every time all the time...." ... written by Focusing
Pretty accurate guy, interesting.." ... written by HH
Bart is one cool dude, always a pleasure to visit and chat." ... written by David
Bartimaeus is wonderful. He was accurate and honest. He was also comforting and down to earth. Probably one of the most genuine and real readings I have ever gotten. Thanks you so much. Your insight and guidance truly helped in my situation and made it all the better. " ... written by Jcp08108
Having a private reading with Bartimaeus was like talking with one of your best friends. He was able to answer the questions I asked in a calm and quiet matter." ... written by sheri19
great reading hope all comes to pass " ... written by david
Bartimaeus is a really cool guy, who gives great positive readings, I enjoy our chats very much and am grateful for his time" ... written by David
I really liked Bartimaues' approach. He is very friendly, genuine and seems to really care and take the time to answer you." ... written by Kaitlin
5 stars....Thank you" ... written by focusing
Don't hesitate, get in and have a chat with Bart he's the man" ... written by David
5 stars....thoughtful and gives good direction too. recommend him too..." ... written by Focusing
5 stars...very accurate with his spot on predictions...recommend Bart to eveyone..." ... written by Focusing
It was great to have help andamp; insight from Bart again." ... written by Marie
5 stars...very good and spot on for sure" ... written by Focusing
5 on with predictions too" ... written by Focusing
Bart has helped once again!" ... written by M
good reading with relevant information" ... written by David
great reading very calm and reassuring is Bart" ... written by David
Thanks for the quick reading just after we got done i text to him then finally he replied so as you stated he did reply." ... written by 2_peek
5 stars....very on" ... written by Focusing
good chat with Bart as always." ... written by david
wonderful helped clear a question from a demo and all made sense and place me back at ease. " ... written by Lesa
Thank you so much for always being there for me :) I wish the reading could have been longer but that's all I have for now. I can't even count how many readings I've had with him nor put into words how much he has helped me to stay positive and focused during rough patches in my life. I will be back if I ever need anything else.*big hugs* :) " ... written by Lilly1217
Bartimaeus is a caring, accurate psychic. He really focuses and I am astounded at how he can really see people in my life without knowing them. He really picks up on them. Thank you" ... written by LadyRose
Very nice and Thanks!" ... written by Pam
5 stars...very fast and spot on with his predictions too...recommend him to all who want the truth." ... written by Focusing
5 stars....very good and spot on with predictions" ... written by Focusing
good reading, always a nice chat with Bart" ... written by David
5 on with predictions.... excellent psychic ..." ... written by Focusing
great to see you again Bartimaeus, always a pleasure to visit and chat. " ... written by David
Thanks, Bart!" ... written by M
His clear and positive energy helps me a lot always. He seems to see things straight through" ... written by Jamie
short but good reading" ... written by david
He connected very quickly, and was very clear and to the point. His predictions have come to pass before, and I'm looking forward to these too! " ... written by Starliteny
great chat with Bartimaeus, always a pleasure" ... written by David
great chat with bartimaeus, always a good experience, ill be back " ... written by David
Kind and very helpful. " ... written by Kathren
Awesome reading with Bart! Connected straight away with plenty of details! " ... written by Sam
interesting chat with Bart, always a pleasure I will be back " ... written by David
He picks up quick and mentioned about some changes in my life.I will be in touch with him to let him know of any that may happen. :)" ... written by cittylove
great reading" ... written by hmr
Grateful for his insight! He is also straightforward and doesn't take long. Highly recommended!" ... written by Patricia
He was great but didn't know how he was able to connect. He didn't seem to be concentrating on what I ask. But anyway what he said made sense to me.. Thanks" ... written by randi1158
I love this guy, he always makes me smile!" ... written by TIMAG
good reading informative!" ... written by David
He's always good at tuning in andamp; connecting. Great to turn to for advice!" ... written by M
I haven't had a reading with Bartimaeus in soooooo long!!! I've been a client of his for a few years now and many of his predictions have come to pass for me. I'm so happy to finally give you the those positive updates! :) Thank you so much Bart for always being there for me and helping me to remain confident that things will get better and continue to get better :) " ... written by Lilly1217
Keen answer and warm advice. !hat a beautiful energy-. Always helpful so-- much" ... written by Irene
Bartimaeus is a gifted reader who uncovered truths for me that were on my mind. He made it possible for me let go of being overactive in my thinking. 5 Stars" ... written by LadyRose1
5 on" ... written by Focusing
He is such a nice guy. I highly recommend him. He gives very quick answers. He doesn't waste your time at all." ... written by RAM
Very helpful, do try a session with this very gifted gentleman! " ... written by Mary
5 stars....he will guide and help you....fantastic reader" ... written by Focusing
Very helpful and gave me a time frame. We will have to see what comes of it. Thanks so much " ... written by Dani
5 on ....extremely good" ... written by Focusing
This reading was a great relief!" ... written by Laura Phipps
Bartimaeus has born a multitude of psychic gifts that keep getting stronger. His spiritual guidance has me evolving and awakening. He really cares and will give you the truth, not what you want to hear but what will help you. 10 Stars" ... written by rosered__
Bartimaeus gives the Total Package in one short reading: Predictions, Timeframes, Healing andamp; his psychic gift knew all about my issues and more. He is a caring person that makes you feel so comfortable. Thank you." ... written by RoseRed_
thanks for the updates!!!" ... written by Lesa
I like how Bartimaeus is down to earth and practical. Thank you sooo much!!" ... written by awesomeness
Very good ! Thanks" ... written by tatianasmile
5 on" ... written by Focusing
very good" ... written by zui
Thankyou for the session :) i really enjoyed your calm vibes and open minded energy. I felt relaxed in your room.I feel like you connected well and everything. Great !!! I look forward to updating you soon. Nice smile btw xoxo" ... written by VB
It was a good reading" ... written by Tea
Always a good read with Bartimaeus..." ... written by Kim Zolciak
Bartimaeus is spot on! will come back to him :)" ... written by HMR
he is so great and funny... lol" ... written by timag
interesting chat always a good experience" ... written by david
my long-time consultant. reading straight away and very clear" ... written by mare
nothing but clarity. takes no time. no beating around the bush. he's been right on for two years." ... written by jamie
good as always" ... written by sally
it was a good reading" ... written by Pinky
I always feel I can rely on his honesty. I recommend him to anyone looking for someone reliable." ... written by Gypsyheartdancer
5 stars...very good and spot on with his predictions too" ... written by Focusing
He is a lovely person to talk to and helpful. " ... written by Monica
He was insightful and helpful!" ... written by A
Simply the best!!! Accurate. Helpful. " ... written by rdamaso1
Really wanted to give a 5 star but i want to wait for the predictions to come true. Easy to talk to , fast connection. " ... written by Kalitay
great!" ... written by timag
Very long time client of his! Bart is awesome! It was great to update with him. He's always there when I need updates and reassurance about a particular situation flowing in the right direction. I'm glad that this time i finally turned on my camera so you can see me too :) Speak to you again sometime soon when I have updates! Bye for now. *big hugs* Lilly " ... written by Lilly
I thought bartimus was just wonderful :)) he made my day talking with him.It made me fill so warm and touched.He is very caring and honest as well.And he will get right into what you want from him,so if you want awsome here it is." ... written by kathy
he didn't hesitate one second to answer my query last time on my grant issue -- he was right as always. and today he gave me a very precise analysis about a person and confidence about what i have to do. i feel this is clarity." ... written by jamie
Bartimaeus is very good...really loved the reading.. " ... written by pepita24
Good reading. Very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Not sure if it was computer connection, but took long to answer questions. He was accurate about person i asked about." ... written by sha
Great reading, and accurate......came back for a second reading, hoping for the same results in a few weeks :)" ... written by Hopeful2782
He is the first one that brought me onto Oranum I am still here.. He is SPOT ON and we have differences but despite them, I came back after 5 or 6 years He is highly intelligent and very gifted when he is ON his game The BEST" ... written by sheilah
our family councelor for years in matters of parents' housing, sister, brother and even my friend's life issues as well as mine because he has been right. " ... written by Ellie
Regular for years. What I like about him is that he does not advice what to do or what not to do; instead he makes me realize where I should be headed. Anyone who wants precise interpretations with concise yet exactly appropriate use of language (save time), highly recommend. " ... written by mare
Great reading with Bart. Very fast answers. Thank you!" ... written by S
5 stars...highly recommend" ... written by Focusing
very thoughtful and helpful reader. I appreciated his insights and advice" ... written by pearl