About AstroPsychicSidu

Psychic AstroPsychicSiduhas 20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic AstroPsychicSiduhas recently helped 47members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about AstroPsychicSidu's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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He gave me lot of info and I am hoping it will come true. Dates and all seems to be pretty good. I am waiting for the results. Thank You." ... written by rajav
Good reading. I feel a lot better about things. I was happy with the fact that he seemed to take more effort than most readers to be on target with timing." ... written by Christine Yee
Excellent and right on point. I will contact again." ... written by aj11
Very good session. Loads of advice given in a short space of time" ... written by eve79
very very good reading. unfortunately my money ran out but he is worth the money" ... written by eve79
so many stars! great session!!!!" ... written by joyfulglow
another great encounter!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by joyfulglow
THis was an excellent reading... Thank you very much for this reading.." ... written by marshallj12
I got very accurate answers. If they come true, I will come back for sure to thank him :)" ... written by lonelygal
Haha he was in wording but nonetheless the reading was brilliant ;o) He connected with the situation and was able to answer my important questions ;o) Thanks!!!!" ... written by Phoxee
Actually reading is very accurate about the person in mind. I recommend AstroPsychicSidu to everyone." ... written by Sam0224
again, i have had a very positive experience with astro psychic sidu. he gives accurate predictions and genuine advice. he really wants to help and has the best intentions. he sees and feels everything clearly and tells you like it is. very wise,compassionate and kind. a true spiritual healer. thanks for all of your good work. highly recommended!" ... written by sweetvibration
Really great connection andamp; gave plenty of time to return when he was ready - I couldn't recommend highly enough and when I ran out of credit I had to get more to finish my reading! Fantastic! A+++++" ... written by Silvery Moon
AstroPsychicSidu was really good and reliable. He did a good match compatibility for me and i am now waiting for his predictions to come true by end of the Month." ... written by Jini86
Excellent couldnt ask for anything better." ... written by paramorekam7
Continuing from last session. Good points in astrology reading. All very interesting, but we need to do another reading...because you asked me to rate you before finishing up my personal reading with the new info I'll be giving you. Of course, nice person and good details." ... written by Khiev
Very good,spot on,good insight, accurate and fast typer,good understanding.Very inspiring and a very good reader,I recommend him." ... written by mona1982
Thank you! You are outstanding. Lets see what results I get in 15 days :)" ... written by SammyW
This was a very insightful session-very honest, helpful, empathetic, direct, and knew things about me before I even told him my occupation. Highly recommended-one of the best on Oranum." ... written by wantedtoknow
FANTASTIC!! Will ask for time to properly and thoroughly read our chart before beginning the rating. Incredible insight and precise with comments. BEST reading over! Thank you" ... written by Sally2000
AstroPsychicSidu was very thorough with the information he calculated for me. He was also very intuned with my situaion and the person involved. Thank you for your advice." ... written by Teressa
AstropshychicSidu was great. He was very knowledgable and kind. A pleasure to talk." ... written by Joanna93
really tries to help!" ... written by selvi3
he picked up on things about my guy!" ... written by selvi3
He is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by stefanmagnolia
Seems to be very knowledgeable" ... written by b-lizabeth
he is great i got almos all my anwsers except one" ... written by Cherryhaylo
My life seems promising now :)" ... written by Peter
A good man easy to understand his message. he is very confident in his room" ... written by arntgh
trustworthy!" ... written by blanca84
Very good advise!" ... written by nina1619
good session. he answered my questions quickly and completely. i will come back for more assistance when needed. i like the experience and can recommend him to all!" ... written by joyfulglow
Thank you for he reading. You were very helpful. Thanks, again! " ... written by Angel168
I continue to seek the words of AstroPsychicSidu because I feel he has a great combination of skills...professional and kind. Clear and compassionate. And wants to serve the highest purpose for all people....very nice and very respectful." ... written by sweetvibration
He is a skillful astrologer and man of vision. He gives useful and compassionate advice. Also, he has a good energy and I feel much more positive mentally and physically after speaking with him! I really feel like he gives every effort! Thank you so much for all of your good help! " ... written by divinegoodness
this is the one plp stop looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he is good." ... written by loveme28
Very good reader. Take him for a private then you will know for yourself. He's worth for a private. Thank you once again, god bless." ... written by gr2359
Sidu was very accurate. Great reader." ... written by Joanna93
This guy clarified a very long standing situation that wasn't making complete sense to me.... on our first meeting and with complete ease. Spot on, very accurate and to the point. It was great, hearing it from a man's point of view too! Thank You! xxx" ... written by cybertyper
GOOD!" ... written by butterfly81
This guy clarified a very long standing situation that wasn't making complete sense to me.... on our first meeting and with complete ease. Spot on, very accurate and to the point. It was great, hearing it from a man's point of view too! Thank You! xxx" ... written by cybertyper
Was able to give specific details about my current situation and valid statements that were true. I wish I had more credits to finish our reading, but I am limited. " ... written by Mrose128
Great reading...I recommend Sidu.. thanks again!" ... written by loveable1390
Thank you for the reading was amazing all that you said was so true. I highly recommend Astropsychicsidu." ... written by Lorann23
good reading" ... written by gemma26
He was helpful. " ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Good physic and adviser to talk to. I recommend him very much." ... written by rinagm
He asked me good questions in order to get a handle on my situation. He asked me to come back in a few minutes after he puts together a full horoscope for me and I am looking forward to that. He is a very nice and kind man." ... written by NancyKH
he is a good reader i like it sofar specially that he reads palm i feel he see the things " ... written by soosanmh59
Great reader, very accurate to my situation and was able to give me insight. " ... written by Mrose128
He was very good. Brutally honest but very fair. If you want to know the facts he's good!" ... written by porkchop777
he is really good " ... written by soosanmh59
i got a good reading from him and feel it.... " ... written by soosanmh59
Good taped into so many things that are true around me." ... written by tinwoman
Absolutely brilliant. He picked up on all the things that I and others had picked up on, and gave me a little more insight. Very friendly and very good!!" ... written by Elvenpixie30
Astropsychicsidu is the best to help lear up any confusion that a person may have in there life, mind and relationships" ... written by LaylaM
Astrossychicsidu is truly amazing. It was as if he knew me and his reading was totally accurate" ... written by LaylaM
Truly great! Good advice and sage counsel. Everything he said resonated deeply and I will follow the advice he has given. i HIGHLY reccomend Astropsychicsidu." ... written by contractor68
I like the matter that Astropyschicidui handle the session, I felt very comfortable talking with him. I felt like I was talking to my grandfather. He wore a hat with glasses." ... written by COCOA17
Astropsychicsidu is always accurate and he is always helpful to me with any problems -- he SEES them and is very clear" ... written by LaylaM
This man is very kind and is very accurate thank you very much, For giving me great news. :)" ... written by tilly40218
great reader, gave great advise" ... written by tilly40218
accurate as always" ... written by tilly40218
he is nice and straight, and tell whatever he has to say...i like it" ... written by soosanmh59
excellent advisor and healer! please do not miss a chance to take advantage of his skills! very good man and kind. i will return again! " ... written by joyfulglow
He is really good!" ... written by soosanmh59
Very good reading - was able to pick up on energy very fast. Will try again" ... written by dmariae
Very good , straight to the point" ... written by muddywaters
He is very accurate and fast reader. Good advice. I give him 5 stars." ... written by mssweet
My session with AstroPsychicSidu was exceptional. I had to connect with him after he looked at my chart and he gave so much information. It was an important time for me, and I really appreciate his expert detailed guidance." ... written by delacy
He is my favorite psychic...with a good feeling...and give me more energy...thanks I come back soon!" ... written by soosanmh59
such a kind and good person. wants to help in all ways. his expertise is very good!" ... written by divinegoodness
Very insightful. I look forward speaking with him again!!!" ... written by vegabonded
it was a good reading" ... written by joybrennan08
astro psychic sidu is so kind and gentle. i really value his warm and caring style and ability to see clearly and convey his guidance quickly. chatting with him gives you a good positive feeling!" ... written by sweetvibration
He is so great and soothing. I had a very positive experience again!" ... written by sweetvibration
yes, this man is the best! try him and feel better immediately. good counsel. good psychic. ty and all the best to you!" ... written by divinegoodness
I came for updates and he was able to provide me timelines. Lets see what happens. I will come back for another session after the timeline." ... written by Seema
He was a friendly person and gave some solid advice. " ... written by wee318
Astropsychicsidu is definitely my favorite advisor! I enjoy each session we have. he is a positive energy in this world and wants to be helpful....always. " ... written by sweetvibration
Wonderful and gracious advisor. Really i have so much respect for him. He has a depth of knowledge, wisdom and humility. Divine blessings flow through him." ... written by sweetvibration
I love the way he communicates and made the session so personal. Can't wait to hear the result of his readings...!" ... written by SWA2709
This man is a fatherly figure to me and by gods grace he touches the lifes of those who seek. " ... written by GODDESS-NINE
This is a genuine man. Very helpful in my situation." ... written by tilly40218
i was very uncofussed about things that happened today but he helped me to see lot better for my work and issues i was having and also its great now to have a time line with things " ... written by lorifoster
beautiful session!!!!!!!!" ... written by divinegoodness
great great great session!!! utilize him!!!!" ... written by devoted one
He was very good at understanding situations and give a right direction...." ... written by afsha21
Very nice reading - saw things well. Good!" ... written by loveconquersall
excellent session, as always. useful, accurate and so very kind...:))) " ... written by divinegoodness
very acurate " ... written by jpferreira51291
very very good session! i have consulted with him before and always sees clearly and guides effortlessly. what he has predicted has come to pass. thank you dear astropsychicsidu...god bless you! :)" ... written by tracey
excellent!!!!! if you are looking for real help please try him! more than 5 stars!!!!!!!" ... written by sweetvibration
He has helped to illuminate the best way to think about things and helps to find the practical solutions to your problem. very compassionate as well. god bless you. " ... written by sweetvibration
Beautiful person and nice skills for predicting and healing. highly recommended" ... written by divinegoodness
Thank you ;) soulful greetings!" ... written by aikaterinilove
what a wonderful warm and caring adviser. he has very interesting view point to share and completely compassionate and kind. helpful in all ways!" ... written by sweetvibration
Gave a great yoga healing that was relaxing and helped to calm my nerves. Excellent reader and gifted healer!" ... written by sacredlove71
Did a great chart reading and gave good advice and guidance on remedies. Great session!" ... written by sacredlove71
He hit the nail on the head. " ... written by fivemen
Lovely and kind" ... written by leekylis
very wise words and compassionate view. he has gift from god to help with words, sight and energy. i feel clear and happy after seeing him. xo" ... written by divinegoodness
Very good connection. Very gifted psychic. Connects well to my energy and energy around my situation. Very accurate and homest insights and professional reading. Thank you" ... written by tanyaolivia64
Wonderful wonderful wonderful" ... written by divinegoodness
I'm excited for yoga healing. He is gifted whit his predictions." ... written by yoga healings
Very precise...and indepth. Will come back again..." ... written by Iaeizel
nice connection and response. very very helpful every time i come!!! god bless you!" ... written by divinegoodness
Great simply amazing right to the point!" ... written by aritra
Great advise to all here :)" ... written by aritra
he was till now the only one that knew were he was talking about thank you i will come back " ... written by telleke
Sidu is good at what he does, try him you will be amazed !" ... written by angelica79
Fabulous!!!!!!!! Very clear and quick answers and gentle nature. Thank you!" ... written by puredevotion
Great great session! He is a powerful guide and healer." ... written by divinegoodness
this session was amazing! he has a powerful gift for healing in addition to his knowledge and insight. very quick and effective! what a warm and caring soul. god bless you astropsychic! " ... written by sweetvibration
very considerate man." ... written by tilly40218
Very nice session! Good words and good feeling. I feel he has a healing presence and is definitely blessed with insight. " ... written by puredevotion
good reader" ... written by 1212flaming
very good experience. straight and to the point. he communicates simply and clearly. excellent advisor and guide! as always!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweetvibration
such a good chat. i am always completely pleased with the results of my sessions with astropsychic sidu...he really knows what your situation is and finds a way to help you through the confusion to clarity" ... written by sweetvibration
very insightful..deff helpful thank you astro " ... written by sexyegyptian2
I can't believe how precise he was... The money spent was worthy...!" ... written by SWA2709
I must say that Mr Astro was very honest and sensitive to my needs. He was non-judgemental and willing to look at differenent avenues in order to help me with my issues. Please try him as you will be pleasantly surprised. Blesss Goddess-nine" ... written by GODDESS-NINE
loved it!!!!!!!!! great resource...i recommend to all to use him for every kind of advice and remedy! he has not let me down yet. i will continue to utilize his service." ... written by tracey
Was great!" ... written by Prettylightxoxo
great reading and to the point thank you" ... written by jublilee
wow! astropsychicsidu is really so helpful each time i come. amazing clarity and direct answers. plus he can give a powerful healing. he is thoughtful, kind and humble. really really beautiful experience. god bless you!" ... written by puredevotion
good pyschic!" ... written by ohgirl1
A very helpful fatherly figure, A MUST reading recommended!!!!!" ... written by GODDESS-NINE
helpful" ... written by Miabia16
Very insightful.. very helpful.. A+++++++ ty so much for your help :) will definitely be back :))" ... written by Aimee
He's really good!" ... written by brivers39
Very exciting. . . " ... written by EL1106
He's sweet." ... written by Girly521
Amazing, this guy is straight to the point! My second time consulting with him, and is not going to be the last one." ... written by Ruby
Again I find him very helpful and quick to give me the answers to my questions. Very professional, kind and supportive. I definitely recommend him!!!!" ... written by tracey
Good astrologer! Recommend him to everyone out there!!" ... written by Banzman
was amazing ,think he is a must if you want to go for private.thanks" ... written by gr2359
He is good clear and precise " ... written by roa_gene
Very-very good and friendly man. Thank you AstroPsychicSidu!" ... written by DanDosta
Excellent reading, need not much info to connect and right to the point" ... written by Ar
Thank you Astro! You are good with readings! Will keep you updated as it comes to pass! Thank you." ... written by Amy
He's very good. Good details, good insight. Seems to be very helpful. Very calming." ... written by lillie23
thank you...insightful about personalities..." ... written by wendic
Interesting technique; he seems to be right on. I will probably be back for more." ... written by lillie23
I continue to come for his blessing and advice. Very kind, loving and practical. A genuine person. 5 stars!" ... written by divinegoodness
He's very good. I recommend him." ... written by dianalj
Excellent insight - he picked up on my situation and relationship issue right away." ... written by dianalj
Worth exploring, I would recommend." ... written by mmf0512
Nice guy, accurate. " ... written by vjrei01
I felt it was a pretty good reading and things that he said were true and made me feel a lot better in myself." ... written by AMANDAjane13
Reliable, Quick, Will provide answer to every question you have, also the provide the remedy too. Next time I am talking to him for sure!" ... written by Wannaknow30
Always a great and helpful encounter. he is kind and humble. his words speak the wisdom of the pure knowledge.. an enlightening experience! :) " ... written by divinegoodness
This man is a powerful healer! Ask him for healing energies to help you with all of your problems. God bless you!" ... written by divinegoodness
Thanks for the quick message with the last of my credits x" ... written by shortcake2012
You toughed my heart and I'm happy you gave exacally i needed. i want to find love so bad and yet I turn it away because I don't want to be hurt due to past relationships but I really thank you for my reading." ... written by mfrancis82
Thank you!" ... written by nettie05
His the best! He is so good at the readings and love it!" ... written by Harry9219
Wonderful reading, very insightful! I will be back for sure." ... written by trentboy2
Truthful, honest, humble and strong strong powers of perception and healing energies. Very kind man. 5 stars plus!" ... written by happy happy
Very helpful and honest. I highly recommend talking to him and i will again very soon." ... written by rk651961
Great job!" ... written by KristiW1969
I really enjoyed the reading, it just took a minute for us to really connect. I don't know if it was computer problems stalling the system or what....but it was good? Thanks so much AstroPsychic Sidu...your the best!!!" ... written by jeanata
Pretty good, reading is short but good." ... written by Klaudyna27
I really did enjoy his reading he confirmed what my inner spirit man had confirmed instilled in me. I feel great!" ... written by tallnurse
Wonderful, warm, wise! more than 5 stars!!!!!" ... written by puredevotion
Great help and very informational! Thanks a lot!!!!" ... written by agnieska13
Very quick and nice! Thank you!" ... written by agnieska13
AstroPsychicSidu is very intuative. I highly recommend his yoga healing as I already feel the benefits!" ... written by judith76
LOVED HIM!!! " ... written by tmeek25
Good reading." ... written by essa32
Great tender and loving." ... written by gem1974
Very easy communicate with Sidu! Thank you!" ... written by yolanta1966
Great! he makes a soulful connection and gives the highest quality advice." ... written by a friend
Wonderful sincere session. full of love and heart. " ... written by divinegoodness
Astropsychic Sidu is a very nice man and gives very accurate reading. What I liked about him was that he doesn't waste my money and so while he calculates he logs off and tells me to come back after 15 minutes. That saves so much time and money for me. He seems to be an extremely honest man and is here to give his expertise. I have asked his advice many times and I shall as time goes along. Thanks!" ... written by nainamilan
Looks good so far." ... written by jp4242
Amazingly precise... Thinks of the clients first -- honest healer... whether good or bad.... the real deal amongst many scammers -- this site is great! Thank you for your help." ... written by jp4242
Very good" ... written by amidala
A bit hard to understand at times, but was good. He answered my questions and was very polite. Thanks again." ... written by scadoodle
Great so far, still continuing the conversation for the next session, so will give my full review next. " ... written by nepala
he seems to knw what he's doing even though am yet to receive my reading but I do feel confident about him" ... written by aybee
Wise and accurate." ... written by memememe
Very nice reading" ... written by michelle0940
Great person. Excellent reading." ... written by shen1111
Bought guidence, got a little in the short time we had. Will be in contact again :)" ... written by Lori2910
Thank you!" ... written by maiga1
I had a great reading..." ... written by moon76
Very good reading, to the point, excellent psychic, has given very useful and helpful advice." ... written by Kim1601
Wonderful refreshing experience each time. ***********" ... written by a good friend
Very helpful and healing vibes. *****" ... written by fan
He is good at what he does......... " ... written by rango_25
Good." ... written by joans358
Clear reading, very accurate." ... written by behrholmes
Awesome job.. highly recommend..." ... written by JUAN
Still waiting on results, but very professional and polite." ... written by SonIII19
Thank you for your help!" ... written by Nataly
Kind and compassionate vision and counsel. profound knowledge of the highest truths. what a blessing!" ... written by repeat client
Not bad." ... written by gerald5575
Straight forward and direct. Very simple and accurate answers. ;) !!!" ... written by jadensmamma09
Good, accurate." ... written by nagajothi
It was amazing. Thank you so much for the clear message. He was able to provide me guidance!" ... written by dladie42
Wonderful... Enjoyably helpful!!" ... written by one
First time that I use this site and I had a very positive consultation with AstroPsychicSidu! I will definitely consult with him again. " ... written by rosabella419
Remarkable! Kind,truthful and helpful always! Very professional yet warm and compassionate. Wonderful experience!" ... written by divinegoodness
I have been seeking his guidance and advice for over one year now and he is always accurate and gives wise counsel. *****" ... written by fond friend
Good!" ... written by invinciblesurd6
Thank you for helping me to walk away." ... written by SummerLeoGirl
I have consulted with this adviser many times and he has never let me down. helpful and compassionate always. " ... written by warm
Insightful!" ... written by koelneogy
Good.. and quick." ... written by 04apple
He knew details I did not give him. He was accurate and gave good information. :)" ... written by Darkdov
Wonderful wonderful person and advisor!" ... written by soma
Truthful and admirable reader. I feel he has the client's best interest in his mind at all times. Refreshing!" ... written by lovelove
He is very nice. And keeps to the point." ... written by Aamy
Good Reader!" ... written by Need2know5
So kind so full of hope, it makes me truly happy and i am grateful for your words deeply. everything you say makes sense and i deeply appreciate it!!! " ... written by bunny222222
So heartgiving and honest thankyou so much for all your help you know your stuff very well!!" ... written by bunny222222
All I can say is wow" ... written by Carolyn101
Very honest man - don't quite understand how he calculates relationships based on math but he got facts correct! Will have to call back again after more calculations!" ... written by ReshmiMM
Excellent!" ... written by Carolyn101
Excellent Reader, Highly Recommendable, Will go back to him." ... written by need2know5
Thank you for reading, it was interesting." ... written by zimerili1
Good." ... written by dl
Excellent 5 stars!!" ... written by Renee
Wow so nice and very real reading, just fab : 5 star" ... written by millyloves22
Quick and to the point" ... written by Cherie
Wonderful man very talented and accurate. Highly recommended. I will be back later ty" ... written by PB1923
Excellent reading." ... written by Alysia
Good connection, he knows the details and is giving me answers that make sense. Good reader!" ... written by Penny
Sidu has the skills and tantric healing knowlege, mantras, gemstones, and is a good psychic reader, no tools, just sees what is...but he also know astrology well. I appreciate his skills." ... written by Franklin Crenwick
Ok reading!" ... written by s
Very insightful and helpful." ... written by davidtjl
He is accomodating, He pay attention on all my questions." ... written by vi
Astropsychicsidu is a 5 star psychic. His prediction comes true and he is very talented in his work. My energy shifted by a lot after leaving his private session. I'm a new person now and want to see more of his prediction happen. I took him private regarding a love issue and told me that the love would come back and to be patient and I waited for a long time. But eventually it came back." ... written by jay
So far so good. He is calculating more things for me and let me check out while he is doing that. " ... written by PM
What a positive encounter. I have received the yoga healing and accurate information from him each time I have come. Excellent excellent! ********" ... written by divine
good reader " ... written by Av
He was spot on during the reading. There was no sugar coating and he helped me see things more clearly." ... written by Flirty Bee
excellent" ... written by ron
I was impressed to the point answers all questions" ... written by yfk
Mr. Astro was quick with his connections - he provided a time frame for when things will be up-graded for me. Thanks" ... written by 1828
Nice man, but never answered my questions. Kind of waste of time and money. Sorry!" ... written by madeinsweden
quick and decent! good fellow" ... written by pjgovind
He had connections with me." ... written by Edna
Awesome reader. " ... written by sumits
He is very good and spot on about everything!!!!!!!!! (:" ... written by Ash
Great!" ... written by lynne
Had insight, good." ... written by jennifer
Direct and Positive..." ... written by Anthony
Took a while, time will tell :-)" ... written by Rawinia Elsmore
Very good. Fast connection. Would recommend." ... written by angelszone
He is really great and to the point. God bless his gift... 50 stars..." ... written by Rose
Thank you. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
He did not know a thing about what I was asking. It would have been ok for him to say so. I would not have been upset. " ... written by Joelle
very good thank you. :)" ... written by anon
he has been extremely helpful and definitely 5 star rating for sure. " ... written by s
Very good. i recommend him." ... written by Shelly61
Fantastic healing yoga session,Im tingling all over.Wonderful experience.So excited about everything that is to come. Thank you AstroPsychicSidu " ... written by FnL
Did say some truths but will wait and see what happens . " ... written by Jyoshna Mishra
He was straightforward and clear with his readings. I enjoyed chatting with him!" ... written by Denver Girl
very nice reading! recommended..thank you! will be back later." ... written by Think Blue
Great reading. He gives your great details and provides specific dates for you to look out for. I will definitely be keeping him posted. He types fast and gets straight to the point. Thank u so much! Very quick and clear! I highly appreciate your tips! God bless u! Hope what u told me will come true!" ... written by Think Blue
Great guy...good reading..." ... written by Nag
veda astrology reading gave me hope" ... written by Shereen19
thank you astropsychicsidus for your time and energy i plan to take your advice you where very helpful i understand what i need to do." ... written by KasaFlame
thank u so much. " ... written by thinkblue
hope his predictions come true" ... written by humility
Sidu has deep vision , he sees right away , he showed me many details, accurate too about my life and others around me. I would come back as hes quite good. thanks Sidu!! " ... written by Glenn Campbell
Thank you" ... written by Tony
Sidu is for real and genuine psychic, sees the goings on an tells the truth, hes helped me a lot" ... written by Lamont Lumiere
Again a worthwhile time spent in private. i like to take his blessings and healing energy" ... written by soulful
Picked up on a lot of things and facts." ... written by angelszone
OMG!! Sidu was spot on with my situation!! I couldn't believe the details he was giving. I have seen him on this site for years and never had gone into his room. Wow!! I have been missing a lot" ... written by shelle97
great i liked his accuracy thank u a lot sidu ill come back again" ... written by roaa
Sidu read my situation quite well ive come back a few times and hes always spot on. Freindly and nice person, he's the real deal." ... written by Grenville Crenwick
Thanks this was a very in tuned reading and gave me lots of information. Blessings! " ... written by Charlie
AstroPsychicSidu was very good! I recommend him!" ... written by W
very genuine person and no wasting of time " ... written by CHINTAN
Interesting detailed reading with some interesting insight. Thanks " ... written by Shei
Great Reading...honest and true" ... written by Sab
This gentleman gave me an extraordinary reading! Very perceptive. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Wayne Wright
Sidu is direct andamp; straight forward. good reader!" ... written by W
alright expericne, worth a shot, so I would recommend trying. " ... written by ron
Thank you Sidu!" ... written by Amy
intersting experience, hard working and look forward to visiting again" ... written by ron
10 Stars for your Sir!" ... written by AR
good astrologer and questions answered, i just wish he typed faster" ... written by ron
Thank you Sir! Very good reading and how to remedy the situation. We will definitely chat again soon. 10 Stars!" ... written by AR
He is detailed ... and very sure of his predictions... he is in tune with my issues. Thank you." ... written by ikmpeace
good" ... written by as
hoping for the best" ... written by zote
Amazing reading, spot on a true psychic was so accurate about everything. " ... written by Lorann23
very good straightforward answers, thank you" ... written by sabrina60