About AskSelene79

Psychic AskSelene79has 15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic AskSelene79has recently helped 39members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about AskSelene79's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Nice person, " ... written by Helpme67
Great reading with AskSelene 79, very good insight!" ... written by James Bluntz
Well she definietly dosen't waste your time...straight to the haert of your question or issue. She is very accurate and gives clarity on the interpretation of tarot cards pullled for you. I'd definielty return for anothe reading. Got any pressing decisions to make this is the lady to help bring clarity!!" ... written by Cordie167
Again, my microphone didn't work. But I'll get it fixed one day!" ... written by Miranda
She is so accurate " ... written by humility
Amazing and intuitive. " ... written by Javier
She gives positive and accurate reading." ... written by Lisa
very sweet and very helpful" ... written by Jennifer
Very insightful, thought-provoking read. Great stuff. " ... written by George
Excellent - a lot of the information presented resonated with me a lot and made sense. Highly recommended and lovely and easy to talk to :)" ... written by Maria Pritchard
She is amazing, quick and spot on" ... written by David
What a reader. She knows what she's doing, and she knows how to help you out. If you're having trouble with relationships, if you're having trouble with finances, seek her out. She'll give you and your future the best help she can." ... written by Anthony
Selene was truly spot on with her reading. Gave me insight and things to heed in the future. She knew things about my family and marriage she couldn't have known prior. She is truly a gifted accurate reader. Thank you. Namaste" ... written by Janine
She is wonderful - i enjoyed her!!" ... written by g.w.
She is a very nice psychic..I wish i had more credits.." ... written by aqua
I had a good reading ,i will know with in a few months hopefully how it will go ,,,,thanks very much Kerry " ... written by Kerry
Top rate, top notch. She's very informative." ... written by George
i love selene.... tells you what she sees and is fast and helpful in explaining what is going on with the reading and how to proceed.... very sweet. i feel like she really wants to help you and make the best of your situations." ... written by lisa0003
She's incredible!" ... written by Me
very sweet and insightful" ... written by Stephanie
Thank you fro the reading." ... written by Jason
xoxo really great advice" ... written by miguel
nice and fast reading. ty" ... written by william
She's is the best. Get a reading you will not regret it!" ... written by Ernest
Very good reading and excellent advice. I am glad that I spoke to her. She gave some very good insight." ... written by Bhavna
Very encouraging and looking forward" ... written by Maria
She is a very nice lady. Thanks a lot for such a nice reading :)" ... written by Pooja
Oh my dear beautiful Selene , all ur predicitions are happening for me , even when i thought they won't , i really really trust every word u say and every advise u give , coz sooner or later everything happens. I wish the major n the biggest one happens soon , so i can relax n stay calm. Love u xoxox ur so beautiful n loveliest person .. please stay Happy ..n smile always.." ... written by n
She is amazing, i really mean it." ... written by diginity
Thanks Selene for your good reading again :) hope to get back with updates.. " ... written by Pooja
A marvelous reading...this psychic will take the time to listen and give you honest feedback, no matter the problem." ... written by Miranda
Once again, an outstanding reading from an honest, heartfelt psychic. Even if the answer isn't immediately apparent, she'll dig to find the truth and heart of your problems, no matter the effort." ... written by Miranda
good psychic,,,nice and friendly." ... written by joseph
i think selene79 is wonderful Great at what she does" ... written by ally1117
I look forward to seeing her predictions come true for me." ... written by Angela
Wow! What a great reading! So to the point and exactly correct! It was very sobering in a way because I received information to help me and my family. Thank you so much!!!" ... written by summerbreeze888
wonderful reading" ... written by I
She went to the point, very straightforward and loving. " ... written by Mgrl
Celene is amazing and very sweet reader, she is very very accurate as well she know how to put the things very simple to understand." ... written by Ron
good" ... written by krickett
She is amazing. I mean she knew exactly what was happening. I cannot believe it. Feeling so blessed I consulted with her." ... written by HamonRye
Great reading with limited time. Read the situation accurately." ... written by Alexandra
Awesome. Very insightful. Told me exactly what she read and it actually helped clear my mind so I could focus. " ... written by raxxillion
She is a very good tarot reader. Gave me many predictions and time frames. I will see how they will pan out. Recommended!" ... written by P
she seem good...saw things..very goos with cards" ... written by marialla
Selene is the perfect balance between reliable, always accurate, doesn't sugar coat, but also remains honest with her advice and feedback and you feel carefree after a reading with her." ... written by Mammaldodging
A very extraordinary psychic. She delves to the heart of the problem and doesn't ever give up. Find the truth with her." ... written by Miranda
sweet lady, i will recommend her highly. Excellent reader. " ... written by mnt1446
selene is always on target... fast and accurate" ... written by lisa
Great lady!!!! - Thanks Selena.....G.W." ... written by g.w.
Absolutely awesome lady with a gift of power. Thank you and I look forward to the follow up reading. " ... written by Tom
Absolutely love her! Her honesty and ability are fantastic. You will not be disappointed. I will be back to visit with her again. :)" ... written by Jackiblue
Great lady - thanks!!!!! - G.W." ... written by frilled
accurate, helpful, precise. you guys should try." ... written by melody
She's amazing, quick and very detailed!" ... written by Fernanda
Selene was very good with my situation, very understanding and emphatic. She saw the current situation accurately, try her." ... written by Merc
Selene is very good as usual!" ... written by Dignity
Good." ... written by Eileen
Great lady...Like chatting to her...thanks Selena...- frilled" ... written by frilled
Selene, you are my angel and I don't have words to describe how much you are accurate and sweet..... thank you for everything you doing for me... I love you so much :) " ... written by Ron
She is just fabulous!" ... written by Nadia
Good reading! " ... written by Sparkle Pony
Great lady - thanks Selena!!" ... written by frilled
Loved her reading ! beautiful connection ! beautiful conversation ! very positive ! one of the best psychics on here :)" ... written by Stephanie
This reader is always amazing and always, even when i doubt, she is accurate. It is really amazing that's why i keep coming back. " ... written by allbright
Always nice chatting to her! - Thanks Selena....." ... written by frilled
selene is such a sweetheart :) very fast with her readings as well. can't wait for the fall! " ... written by be
My first reading with Selene, she gave me some good insight. We will see how things go. Blessings" ... written by snowflake
Selene was so right/" ... written by Dignity
What a nice lady!!! she is really sweet!! give her a try!!!!!!!!!! she makes me smile and she isn't fake!!! Gracias !!!!!!! " ... written by L
Thanks Selena - great lady - frilled" ... written by frilled
Pretty accurate on the situation and answered my questions with ease, clarity, and honesty. A very nice reading indeed." ... written by Jennifer
WOW...she is fantastic!" ... written by tasha_j
Very helpful. Thank you" ... written by bizzybbest
She was spot on the first time. Told me my partner was interested in buying a house, taking care of family... He bought a house within 2 months. I just asked him if he ever cheated on me or would be unfaithful. She said no... Hope she is right again!!" ... written by HamonRye
she is just nice.. well, will see what will happen next" ... written by cw
She is a great women - love her- thanks Selena! - G.W." ... written by frilled
Very insightful reader, highly recommend her. " ... written by Denise
thank you selene for the reading :) it was so much help, and i will keep my eye out for those features!" ... written by j
lovely reassuring but honest - great reader" ... written by adele
She is fast and accurate...100 %" ... written by tasha_j
Thanks Selena....frilled" ... written by frilled
I enjoy her - she is a great women. - frilled" ... written by frilled
She is amazing. Very good and informative reader. Empowering, and very detailed. She picked up on exactly what's going on. I will be contacting Selene again!" ... written by janice
what a lovely lovely reader, no time wasting and she confirmed things other psychics have told me " ... written by TrACEY
awesome....true and accurate..." ... written by rani
thank u! love reading with selene :)" ... written by j
She is great! Very honest and strong! Very positive and good reading!" ... written by malinka88
* Great Reading * I recommend. " ... written by LovingCompassion
She was really kind,accurate and helpful.. She gave a personal reading.." ... written by femi
Wow! she was so positive to talk to and was so energetic and you can feel her excitement and very genuine to talk too. 5 stars!!!! highly recommended." ... written by megabee9
thank you as always selene!!" ... written by jb
GREAT READING! AS ALWAYS" ... written by :)
WONDERFUL" ... written by maria
thank you for being so honest. You did a wonderful job and im very happy. Talk to you soon." ... written by awareness
Very quick with cards, did not waste time. Did not ask a lot of questions, only needed first name. Need time to see if reading accurate, but feel that it will be. Will check back with this reader for update. " ... written by Lorie
Great reading. Gives time frames. " ... written by L
very accurate" ... written by 808smiles
wow she was really good. better than i expected. pleasant surprise! i will come back for other readings :)" ... written by Ana
Wow! She is a 5 STARS!!! She is the BEST on ORANUM. Very Honest and Positive predictions. Excellent with Time Frame. Very detailed and insightful. AMAZING and Gifted woman. Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
thanx for a good read" ... written by zimerili1
She was very good with her predictions and I am so excited to see what unfolds with all of this. Thank you so much for the clarity." ... written by Stephanie
OMG! i have never met anyone so awesome...she's is the best !!!" ... written by sin
great lady - love her!.....frilled" ... written by frilled
very accurate" ... written by trustanduwillsee
OMG!!! Wow! Her time frame is right on the money. Her predictions is 98% accurate. She is AMAZING!!! If you need time frame come to her for your reading and you will not be disappointed. Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
She was fantastic! Fast, on-point, no-nonsense and very accurate. Identified the exact obstacles and described the situation so well with no information from me at all. Very giving and compassionate. Great outcome and time frame predicted. Highly Recommended!!" ... written by SoulDesire1
wow..thanks so much" ... written by sin
Always nice chatting to her - great women - thanks Selena - frilled" ... written by frilled
she delivered clear information" ... written by Micaela
she is so sweet and fast understanding me. very well read " ... written by kim
Sweet lady" ... written by Sin
She is very lovely, kind and warm. Lol and it's alright Selene, I know little ones can be a handful xoxo" ... written by Me
She was very accurate and tuned in so quickly. She answered all my questions and I left with clarity and peace of mind. I hope all her predictions and time frames will come to pass. Thank you" ... written by dk
Very good reading :) Thank-you." ... written by Roberta De Bellis
she is lovely genuine good" ... written by cristina341970
great lady - love her ...thanks - frilled" ... written by frilled
An inspiring psychic...someone who knows how to solve problems and prevent future ones from happening...she's such a talented and caring psychic." ... written by Hugo
She is really amazing. And her predictions have happened. They happened as she said. More than once..." ... written by allbright
Her reading blew me away, hit on all that I really wanted to know. I am so excited and can't wait for what she told me to come true!!!" ... written by Rick
Very honest and direct to the point. Will come back again" ... written by claudia
Awesome. I am so so sorry!! I ran out of credits but her reading was phenomenal!!! She did a great job. I will give her 10 million stars if I could.!!! Thank you so much!" ... written by Bellezalatina
thank you again for a fantastic and very informative reading! five stars :)" ... written by gemmie
She is incredibly nice caring sweet and genuine" ... written by Cristina4413
She is really fantastic!" ... written by allbright
Thank you selene for my reading" ... written by marionlyttle
Thank you. You are wonderful!" ... written by Betty
Good reading!" ... written by Martin
good reader" ... written by smiley2011
Very interesting reading that clarified a lot for me, she was very on point with the question and the answer and I'm very pleased with the enlightenment she shed on my situation! :)" ... written by Domino
wow seemed so accurae will wat for prediciotns ot come ot pass" ... written by tracey
confirmed all of my instincts - dead on accuracy - do give her a try." ... written by lotus
Selene was accurate on her reading. Very good insight.!!" ... written by Tim
Selene was great in pvt,she was indepth and accurate in my current situation.....highly recomend her for pvt!" ... written by marion
love having readings with selene, she always gives wonderful advices. thank you!" ... written by b
Excellent reading. She was very accurate, and told me things that are true though I did not mention. I asked for a prediction, and it seems that she is was on to something, shall be back to let her know how it goes." ... written by BN
She is amazing!" ... written by Mammal
first time read..very spot on about him..i believe she is right" ... written by rosy
we will see the accuracy when the time comes" ... written by omage1984
Incredibly helpful and caring!" ... written by Mammal
Selene was spot on with minimum info from me. Waiting to see her predictions come to pass. Thank you Selene." ... written by M
Patient and she knows what she's talking about. No falsehood or pretend feelings here. A great psychic." ... written by Hugo
Very thorough reading. She's great. " ... written by Ahz
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
I really like her..she is a great person...frilled" ... written by frilled
Wow. I had a quick reading with Selene and she told me EVERYTHING I needed to know in a very short amount of time! She's absolutely amazing. Get's straight to the point and explains every answer thoroughly. I'll definitely be coming back :) Thank you!" ... written by JJ
Wonderful on with her info and quick....very insightful ...looking forward to more readings with her!!" ... written by Penelope
Selene did her best with the amount of time we had. Great job! I will be back for further information as this was first experience with this service." ... written by Yvonne
I'm her regular client." ... written by Diginity
pretty straightforward, sounds right, will see if predictions are accurate. Many thanks" ... written by Sparkly1
this lady is freakin awesoem!" ... written by sin
Good reader, picked up very sensitive information.Nice Highly recommended" ... written by Sooriamurthy
I love Selena..she is a great person..with a pure heart...frilled" ... written by frilled
saw things in addition to what I asked for" ... written by Gabyjaby
what a great reader. spot on. accurate. love her energy. go check her out, she knows what she's talking about." ... written by Marvin
extremely precise." ... written by maria
she is always magnificent. always accurate. " ... written by allbright
she is really the best. she is so accurate. and she has helped me through such a stressful time. thank you so much selene. " ... written by allbright
wow I love Selinas readings shes one of my favourites on here and I soooo hope her prediction is right i will updates as I feel it will her last prediction came true x Thanks a million Selina" ... written by Tracey
was spot on about how i was feeling and going through at the moment. and was still consistent from what she said in our last reading and now just waiting for things to fall through for me. thank you selene" ... written by DK81
selene is great as always. will see if her prediction happens. will update you." ... written by mini
She was on Point straight to the problem, Reassuring , even things I didn ask she confirmed for me .. Thsi Woman is amazin .... Thank U soooo Much !!!" ... written by Nessa
Great woman..I like her a lot ..thanks Selena..frilled" ... written by frilled
OMG, this woman is something!!!" ... written by nb
She predicted a lot without being prompted-excellent read. I just hope she is right. Will def return after to see if she was on task." ... written by LAW
Awesome reader." ... written by Annie
Great reader - enjoy talking to her - thanks Selena!!!" ... written by frilled
very good and gives very good advice!" ... written by xxx
Wow! She says she's certain of her predictions. We will see what happens. According to her life will change drastically very soon. I will be back to update her!" ... written by t
She is very good. She is definitely accurate about the current situation. I will have to wait about future predictions. But I have a lot of confidence in her predictions since she knows things about the present that are very very accurate and she knows them without my telling her. " ... written by allbright
great reader" ... written by smiley2011
Selene is so accurate that it is almost hard to believe. But she is really that accurate. The things she predicts happen. And her time frames are also accurate. I don't know how she does it. " ... written by allbright
she was very quick and accurate...hoping for the predictions to come true" ... written by n g
pick up many things that i did not tell her. also made predictions that ll hopefully happen. She is very gifted." ... written by marie
Wonderful reading with a lot of good energy. Selene is able to answer questions quickly and with accuracy. " ... written by Ben
she was on point I will wait for her prediction to come to light" ... written by miguel
good knowledge of cards, gave prediction, i will come back and report on hall if they manifest or not. Thank you." ... written by A
Great reader, I am very excited and happy her predictions came true. Highly recommended, will come back to her for more readings." ... written by Sooriamurthy
So she made predictions about last night and they happened. They happened as she said. She has been so accurate. Thank you Selene" ... written by allbright
She's hands down the best, predictions always come to fruition! " ... written by :)
Selene is excellent, I am very excited to know that her predictions are still holding the same, I can't wait until January to see all come true." ... written by Rick
She has been so accurate. I hope this reading is as accurate as the others. " ... written by allbright
She's quick and I would say accurate as well." ... written by Santhanakon
Thank u!" ... written by nolulamo
thank you again as always. Love." ... written by awareness
Very helpful and meaningful reading. I shall follow the advice and will await the response, to let how my relationship goes!" ... written by BN
thank u soo much for being there for me I highly recommend it " ... written by miguel
A trust-worthy, worth-while psychic. If you're curious about anything in your life, she's the one to go to." ... written by Miranda
I like her style. She gives timeframes and explains how she got to it. She was very in tune with my situation. I am waiting to see if her predictions come true in the way she says they will." ... written by l
She has been really accurate. And her predictions have happened. " ... written by allbright
So spot on. Love it" ... written by Ashton
she is totally amazing. " ... written by albright
Thank you so much for your advice. I will keep in touch. Love andamp; Light, Judy" ... written by JudyattheBeach
She is totally amazing. " ... written by allbright
she is fantastic" ... written by allbright
Very nice lad." ... written by k
Thank u so much her predictions are coming out to light." ... written by miguel
amazing!" ... written by allbright
wish i had more cash and more time lol loved it" ... written by Ashton
Quite direct, simple, still very powerful, convincing.. Thanks a lot!" ... written by Kyungwon
Selene is always the best, great reader, all her predictions came true. Highly recommended." ... written by Sooriamurthy
made predictions for the new year. let's see" ... written by SG
She is just amazing,she predicted that my ex would be back this month and he returned :) ,She is so accurate about people and situations and predictions.i am so happy!!!thank you selene!" ... written by n g
really, she is so accurate. so so accurate. " ... written by albright
A thorough and informative woman...who helped me through a troubling time in my life and helped to restore balance to my universe." ... written by Alex
She is an exceptional reader! I do believe her every single word. She is always right. She is so good and accurate. 10 out of 10 stars again. Many thanks, Selene!" ... written by Diginity
Very helpful,, did not wast time. Explained cards. " ... written by LA
Lovely reading with Selene. Thank you very much. I will let you know. Bless you" ... written by Diana
Always a spot on reading. " ... written by Ashton
Selene is amazing person, I like the readings with her.... :)" ... written by Ron
thank you for your advice " ... written by miguel
she is totally amazing. and her predictions happen. they really happen. over and over what she tells me comes to pass. " ... written by allbright
great women..just love her..thanks...frilled" ... written by frilled
thank u soo much " ... written by miguel
super fast, lovely energy, and i got some good predictions so i'm excited to see the upcoming future. " ... written by cute_cookie
She was very accurate with the description of the person I asked about. She is also very fast and gives great detail. I will chat with her again. Thank you!" ... written by Anny
She is a great woman..I enjoy her..and a great psychic..frilled" ... written by frilled
Selene is always right. Amazing. " ... written by allbright
Selene has provided me with so much help in the past year I'm not sure how to repay her. I have had many readings and have seen what she has said come to pass." ... written by mammal
Yes, she is consistent with other readings I have had and seems like a lovely lady too :) xxxxxxx I await predictions " ... written by Me
Awesome! The most accurate advisor I have encountered." ... written by SAR
Thanks so much Selene for always making me feel better. I am going thru this tough time , bt i m sure gonna come out happy , u much n ur energy..hope evrtyhign goes as u predicted , ur previous predictions always came u xoxoxox" ... written by n
I know that I can always get the truth and an answer to my need with Selene. Her heart and her head are together and always gives me good direction. A really great soul !" ... written by Thomas
So I leave a lot of feedback. And I read with Selene a lot. This is because ALL of her predictions have happened. Even when I don't believe it, seems impossible, it happens. She is totally amazing. " ... written by allbright
She is dedicated and kind, and her predictions are strong and clear. I'm now waiting for them to come to pass." ... written by ilgiardino
EXCELLENT! I LOVE HER!!!" ... written by freeandlove23
Selena is a pure hearted women..I love her..thanks Selena - frilledXXXX" ... written by frilled
Selene is always right. Why do I doubt. She is totally right!! Her predictions happen, repeatedly. She is amazing. Really. Her predictions happen. " ... written by allbright
Thank u so much dear , your prediction for me came true about when and how a certain thing wud happen right to the date u predicted it to happn. you are very pretty and nice person . May god bless u :)" ... written by nv
She seems very confident with her predictions. I know others say that they do happen in her timeframe so I'm hoping that happens for me as well. Had a reading with her 2 months ago and I'm sure she doesn't remember some of the smaller questions I asked. Her timeframes then were very specific for that and today, even though they weren't as specific, they pretty much are the same. I'm so curious to see how this all works out. I'm feeling confident about them. Thanks Selene. I'll be back!" ... written by l
amazing and gifted" ... written by katie
Great reading!!! Selene has told me some great time lines, I will be watching them with eagle eyes and am sure they will happen. " ... written by Rick
awesome as always" ... written by sin
Great reading with AskSelene79" ... written by Bonus Mattias
thank you for the reading!" ... written by George
I'm a her regular clinet. How can I say.., She is really good and always guide me in right direction. She is my mentor. I need to improve on my social skill. She is such a wise adviser. She always make me overseeing the situation from a different aspect. What a great reader. 10 out of 10 stars again!" ... written by Diginity
Excellent as usual" ... written by Diginity
she's the best by far" ... written by KATIE
She is was very accurate...only time will tell on the predictions but not too long to wait!! I am excited...thank you!" ... written by Miszy
She is the sweetest woman here .., really...but that doesn't mean at all that she will sugar coat , she just has a hard tme delivering bad news , but she does in a way that it won't hurt as much...and once again her prediction came true for me.. her preediciotns do happen people , really they do. love u Selene xo" ... written by n
Selene is the best!" ... written by raj
she truly is amazing person i can't thank her enough. HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER." ... written by katie
She is always right, somehow. It is sometimes hard for me to believe what she reads, but she always ends up being right. " ... written by allbright
A very good reader, spot on!!!!" ... written by claudia
very fast and nice" ... written by cool
I LOVE this lady! I have been coming to her for the past few months and she is spot on with her readings. So sweet and kind and very honest about what she sees. She has helped me a lot and i highly recommend her. She's worth every penny! " ... written by charlotte
So far a few of selenes predictions came true! will be back!" ... written by mini
Thanks a lot. ur predcition again came true. I am j looking forward to to her predictions coming true ..its tough to wait for so long , but I willl try be patient ....ur a wonderful woman and so pretty..God bless u!!" ... written by Niha
Excellent reader as usual!" ... written by Diginity
it was really quick...I really hope the sunshine you have shown me really pass soon. you have given me hope and I will wait and come back soon. You are great" ... written by mahima
omg! can u belive , while we wree doing prvate , she said my guy is thinking about me right now and wil text me very very soon , and u know what , while we were in the private talkign , he messaged me ...thisis like scary , she is soo soo accurate..she has done some other predicitons in th past too which came true i realy trust her ..she is so damn just waiting for my other future predicitons to coem true." ... written by Nk
omg she an amazing person she touch my heart and soul.. highly recommended 5 star all the way " ... written by miguel
Selene is an extraordinary person. I'm waiting for predictions to happen, but reading so many of her testimonials tells me that her predictions will indeed come to pass. She is honest, generous, accurate and very dedicated to her work. " ... written by ilgiardino
She amazing and warm reader not those rude 9,99 araishaa reader here robbing you off by not seeing anything spesific." ... written by amelia
Selene is the best. Accurate and honest. Her prediction comes true one by one. Its more to come and im so exited. :-) " ... written by Jeanetteg
selene is the best" ... written by raj
she is amazing" ... written by allbright
Good reading. Was very helpful. We will see how things go from here." ... written by Jan
will see how the things goes in next 4 months. she is fast nad nice but I do not know yet if her predictions are true or not" ... written by N
Lovely lady and confirms what eveyone has been saying. xo" ... written by Sarah
selene is amazing" ... written by raj
very nice thank you soo much. wonderful and accurate" ... written by loveisinlalaland
I came back for an update as she had advsed me, she remembered me, amazing, I brought her to private and she said, "i told you i'd do it for free", she's so generous, but I felt like someone like her definitly deserves to be paid for her time. She didn't waste my time. I will definitly be back for updates. She's a gem, worth every penny. " ... written by mainstreem20
My first time reading with Selene. I don't know, she just has a very straight forward yet comforting energy about her. She was so quick, didn't drag the reading to waste my time. I really liked that, bc I have had reading with other psychics and they drag it on and make you buy more and more coins to continue or repeat the same thing over and over. I will be waiting to see what happens, but she also offered for me to go to her free chat in a week for a check in for body has ever done that. I have a really good feeling about her and I will definitly be back!!! Thank you Selene. " ... written by Mainstreem20
It was a good reading and was very helpful. She gave me insight and what she said seems to be in line with what I know to be true." ... written by shades
she has, so far, been spot on every time. " ... written by allbright
She is truly truly amazing and so accurate!" ... written by Katie
She is direct and to the point. I just need to wait and see if here prediction will come true. " ... written by Chris
Selene was right at everything , from text to meeting to everything...I really respect her ! " ... written by nk
Despite the overabundance of technical problems I encountered, Selene remained diligent, patient, and extremely loving throughout the process. She's one of if not the best on the website and I am happy to consult her. So much has already come true from her readings, and so much more has yet to come that not only am I excited but she's excited too. :)" ... written by mammaldodging
well she keeps being right. even when i doubt. she keeps being right. " ... written by allbright
She is zoo mic and beautiful woman. Eveyrthing she told me in the previous readings came true word by word. I am zoo excited for the future predictions .. her predictions are really really accurate , including time frames and the way a certain thing will happen , and the objects around .. she is wonderful..thanks a lot for being patient ..lots of love xoxoxox" ... written by nk
I dont know what I would do without Selene. She always calm me down and make me see the positive. Her prediction have been coming true but there is yet a lot to come and I know she is right about that to. :-) " ... written by Jeanetteg
I am definitly a repeat client, this woman is so generous and authentic. I can't say enough great things about you. You already know how I feel about you,becuase I keep coming back to you. Thank you. WIll be back to check in as we planned..thank you again for always taking your time to help me. " ... written by mainstreem20
waiting for that moment to come" ... written by miguel
So she said some woman would help me. And i would get a contracted job that would make me really happy. And i didn't really believe this, because things around work have been really rough. But out of the blue, an old friend (a woman) called me and offered me exactly the job that I want the most... with a contract... Why do I doubt any more??? Selene is always right. " ... written by allbright
Selene is GREAT! I received an email reading and came back for a live reading -- she is very very talented!" ... written by d
She is very good..waiting for some big predictions to happen..I ll let you know ones they happen..." ... written by dasha
Selene continues to be my go to when things get tough. Accurate, caring, and inspiring confidence." ... written by Raj
She was very quick and the answers from the last reading were still the same in this reading so i'm very hopeful and know what she has predicted will come to pass. Thank you so much!" ... written by dk81
All good and great... always believe in her readings. I have faith that everything will resolve on its own time and target. Highly recommended." ... written by Sooriamurthy
Selene is beautiful, tells it as it is. " ... written by Sooriamurthy
excellent reader .. very accurate .. highly recommended " ... written by d
She is so so nice. I have no words. I wish everything for the Job situation falls in place soon. thats the biggest blockage now. Love u much , ur very very accurate and what u have predicted has come to pass. Iw isn you best in everything u do..and keep smiling n stay happy always ..beautiful lady love ya xo" ... written by nv
m falling in love with this woman , she is soo nice , never seen a selfless psychic like her , she loves n cares for her clients so much , when she is there i know even if something bad happens , she will show me light and give me b strong n u selene , really n wish best for u xo...take care ur god sent" ... written by n
she was really good" ... written by matt
A great reader as usual! She is always spot on!" ... written by Diginity
One of the best readers here..She is just so positive. I came in with so much anxiety about a situation and Selene was amazing. She is such a beautiful, caring person, she really cares becasue she always offers for me to come back and do a quick check-in for free....she is so generous and it's because she truely cares about her clients. I am so glad I got a chance to speak with her today. Thank you so much Selene, you are an angel. " ... written by mainstreem20
Amazing reader, was very clear and fast, i wish all readers were like her, and was also amazing how she picked up on something with out me telling her....i mean what are the odds of very impressed" ... written by carlos
thumbs up again! " ... written by ginbellen
has a good interpretation of cards. gave me prediction will come back if it comes true. I think she is a very good psychic." ... written by A
She is the best on Oranum. Always kind and accurate." ... written by Anne
Selene is the best. She always calm me down when I need it. And also have given some really good advice. Some of her prediction also have come true. Im waiting for the last to happen and I cant wait :-) " ... written by Jeanetteg
Fantastic reading with Aske Selene79" ... written by Mattias
Selene is always amazing never fails, always accurate. Selene is always right xxxxxx" ... written by Me
THE BEST!! AS ALWAYS!!" ... written by C
she's helpful and supportive in a variety of fields and questions I may have. when i'm in doubt i always end up asking selene and feel assured that the answer will come :)" ... written by mammalddodging
she is wonderful as always...full of positive vibes!!! " ... written by n g
thank you " ... written by mig
she is really great. so far, her predictions all happen. i doubt her sometimes, but then the prediction happens.... " ... written by allbright
I am guilty of having a few favorites on Oranum but Selene"s predictions and insight are real. She picks up very well on the situation and so I have to keep coming back to her. She's among the most genuine on the site. " ... written by l
brilliant very detailed and accurate, like hit the nail on the head with my career also, shes fast also , come and have a reading with her shes one of the best I have been to on here , just brilliant xxx" ... written by Lisa
so proud to have her as a reader.. she really great and on point thank you soo much " ... written by miguel
Selene is almost too good to be true. But goodness does exist. She is living proof!" ... written by allskies
She is a wonderful, gifted, caring reader. I feel luck to have been incontact with her." ... written by allskies
Very accurate and fast. Highly recommend. " ... written by Maryann
im blowed away right now and freaked out this woman was telling me what I wanted to ask her before I even asked and she told me what was going on in my life AT THIS MOMENT as well as the person I was asking about as far as jobs and trips being really hoping the predictions come true thank you so much selene you truly have a blessing and are not faking it AT ALL!" ... written by love
thank you soo much " ... written by miguel
she is outstanding" ... written by allbright
thank so much for a great advice and on point " ... written by miguell
We had such a good connection and such good cards! the same message came up over and over using different decks. I would definitely recommend this lovely lady...she is fast, sincere and explains what she sees very clearly. a fav of mind for sure:)" ... written by ginbellen
This reader is caring, generous, and amazingly accurate! " ... written by allskies
first time with her and she was good. i hope her prediction comes true." ... written by linny
She is wonderful. Full of presence and energy and and transparency. I believe she is right on the spot. I felt better after a reading with her - and not bcs of sugar coating! I highly recommend her." ... written by allskies
thank you very much" ... written by t
Selene is so amazing. I have been coming to her quiet often, checking on someting which we are hoping to happen soon. She is so patient with me and so generous. She is such a beautiful soul and definitly one of favotires. I trust this woman and her intuition. She's right on!! Selene, I will be back to check in. thank you agian, you are wonderful xoxoxo" ... written by mainstreem20
Brilliant reading, we had a good connection and I will now wait for the results to manifest. Will definitely be using this reader again! xxx" ... written by loevly123
thank u sooo much selene " ... written by mig
thank u " ... written by miguel
Her prediction for me came true again , this is at least the 5th or 6th prediction that has come true . And she is a very beautiful person , i really really like her . she reads u like an open book , and her preciitons come to pass :)" ... written by n
very good!!" ... written by freeandlove23
Really recommend Selena, several of her predictions have come to pass" ... written by tB
on point thank you " ... written by miguel
Selene is very very good. I'm still waiting for an important prediction to happen, and have seen the time frame pushed further ahead, which is difficult to deal with, but i somehow still believe her prediction will happen. i believe she actually senses things about people quite deeply and is spot on." ... written by ilgiardino
her predictions were diff from the last time we spoke so I'm a little confused and our internet connection was very distorted but overall she was helpful" ... written by linh
Selene is very, precise, detailed and generous. She offers many predictions." ... written by ilgiardino
Thanks so much my sweet lady , u never get tired of listening to my problems , and ur so accurate , u read things so accurately , its almost like a u take care xoxox" ... written by nv
I think Selene is wonderful. I'm still waiting for predictions to come to pass, but feel quite confident they will." ... written by ilgiardino
Great as always...she is definitly my to go person and one of my favorite people here. She's awesome, that's why I keep coming back. Thank you so much and I will come back for updates. " ... written by mainstreem20
thank you soo much " ... written by miguel
thank you. you were very great. had a good connection" ... written by kim
She is the sweetest but one of the mist accurate ones here. but her sweetness doesn't mean that she sugar coats, coz she doesn't really sugar coat at all. she will deliver news as is , even if it is bad news , she will be just sweet enough so it doesn't hurt that much." ... written by nv
Excellent! She has predicted so many times. I'm a her regular client. Many thanks" ... written by Diginity
She is wonderful!" ... written by Miszy
amazing she on point and target.. thank you selene" ... written by miguel
love her!!!!!" ... written by freeandlove23
She's amazing!" ... written by ME
Selene is the very best. She have seen so much that is happening. And before things have been happen she have also given me so many good advice I have followed. :-) Im so glad to have her :-) " ... written by Jeanetteg
not what I wanted to hear but very honest and what I suspected" ... written by Tracey
Wow wow wow love this woman, shes funny and very accurate. several prediciotns have happened and i keep coming back for more" ... written by Tracey
Selene is fantastic always right xxxxx" ... written by Me
Impressive, patient, thourough reading. Selene is excellent. Am waiting on predictions now." ... written by ilgiardino
she really great" ... written by miguel
always helpful always good!" ... written by mammalddodging
She had a lot of really positive things for me. Very quick. I look forward to the next few months. Selene read for me before and what she said did happen. " ... written by Anniri
I LOVE YOU SELENE! You are truly the best. you see things exactly as they are the moment we start. I trust you so much!! " ... written by Linda
She never lets me down! I can't wait to see what happens now :/" ... written by l
Selene is so damn good. :-) She is right again about what she saw. I really dont know what I had done without her good advice and also honesty. :-) She is worth every penny. So I you want clarity and the truth go to her. :-) " ... written by Jeanetteg
She is very detailed and honest. I really enjoyed the reading. I will contact her again." ... written by Sunday
great reading" ... written by julie
Best xxxxxx" ... written by ME
Very good reader, the best on the site. Accurate, all predictions came true." ... written by Ray
Always FANTASTIC xxxxxxxxxxxxxx " ... written by Me
good reading, she is very nice" ... written by Ash
INCREDIBLE always on point, trusted completely. Selene is always right! xxxxxxxxx" ... written by Me
She got me to believe in myself! Selene is always right!" ... written by mammalddodging
thanks" ... written by AlR
I really dont know what I would do if Selene was not here. Lately have had some really hard times in beetween positive things she have seen and have happen. Thanks to her I know what I should do and not. And I know that things will work out in the end. Love her. " ... written by Jeanetteg
great my advisor :))" ... written by miguel
I was worried about a job interview that I just had. Selene told me to stop worrying because I will get the job. So, I just have wait and hope that prediction will come true." ... written by Chris
My dreams are coming true and it's all because of the guidance Selene has offered me! Thank you! I love you Selene! Highly recommended!" ... written by Raj
thank u she sooo on point " ... written by miguel
Very very good!!! The things you said match very well!! hope things will turn out as you´ve predicted." ... written by Sonia
selene is very accurate.. and kind" ... written by r
accurate!!! always on point" ... written by caaatt
always trust this ladys advice, she's fantastic" ... written by Tracey
thank you foreverything " ... written by miguel
She still says things are in my favor despite everything going on. I rely cannot wait until the end result. its been a long time coming. Thanks again Selene!" ... written by l
SELENE IS ALWAYS RIGHT! :) xxxxx" ... written by ME
Selene is incredibly accurate, her predictions happen time and again, she is my soul sister, my angel and my guide. I love her deeply!!! xxxxxxxxx" ... written by Me
thank you so much hon you always help me thank you!" ... written by askselene79
she seemed to know about a current problem immediately and told me the truth quickly. Then she also helped with a sick loved one and finally is working on my love life. I was impressed with the answers Selene provided. I am looking for to the profile " ... written by Bill
She's incredible! do take her private " ... written by Me
thank you so much im waiting for my moment to happen. She really great and also must say a great advisor" ... written by miguel
she gave me a prediction for may waiting to see if it happens will come back and let her know" ... written by 1234
I'm in the middle of seeing changes in my life, most of which Selene predicted happening has really started happening. It's amazing. and she's always there for help and guidance and she really cares." ... written by mam
Thanks for the reading! i hope it does happen" ... written by luckystars
She's outstandingly accurate. " ... written by Me
She's always on point! Amazing reader!! " ... written by Luke
So many of her predictions have happened and keep happening that it's no wonder it's nearly impossible to get a reading with her 1/2 the time. she's honest, loving, and caring. and always right." ... written by mammalddodging
she is accurate and kind. always on track. genuine." ... written by SAR
Incredible as always xxxxxxxxxx" ... written by Me
great reading" ... written by -
LOVE HE3R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by japancity
Always amazing xxxxxx" ... written by me
Thanks so mch!" ... written by
Selene is the best. Everything happens but off course with some surprices. I dont know what i had done without her. She is honest and true. " ... written by Jeanetteg
She's incredible!!!!!! xxxxxxx" ... written by Me
you are awesome i love you! so positive" ... written by m
Good. interested to see if it comes to pass" ... written by yin
Selene is a great reader will pick up on a lot of things. what can i say just a great reader!!! highly recommend her." ... written by rosie64
Her predictions don't change. One particular thing she predicts really scares me. The time never changes and she is sure that this will happen. The good thing is I can prevent it and will do my best to make sure that it does not happen. Thanks for being patient with me Selene. I come back time and time again asking a lot of the same questions and you still take the time to reassure me that things will be okay." ... written by l
loved her" ... written by maria
thank you so much. " ... written by miguel
I hope that things can just find its way. I just feel like I need to just get away. thank you " ... written by miguel
not wahat I wanted to hear but v hinest" ... written by tracey
Incredible! " ... written by Venus
Selene is ALWAYS right! xxxxxxxxxx" ... written by Me
Fantastic xxxx" ... written by Ship
She's a GOD send. I love this women so much, incredibly accurate, consistent, and majorly claircognizant (clear knowing) xxxxxxxxx on point all the time " ... written by Me
Very concise, very good experience. She is honest and thorough." ... written by Jim
Selene is incredible. xxxxxx" ... written by Juliet
Everything Selene has told me has come to fruition!" ... written by RIS
Great reading. Fast and encouraging." ... written by Ricky
The best! Brilliant reader. I had a free question over a year ago and Selene was spot on, and I knew she'd be good - but now I tried Selene I can tell you she doesn't waste credits at all, speaks very quick, and reads cards like the one of very few greats! I loved the energy Selene shared with me. Thank you so much for your time, I really appreciate you taking the time to read for me. I will be back! THANK YOU" ... written by Rebecca
INCREDIBLE! Selene is always right, predictions have happened over and over again!!!!" ... written by Juliet
Everything she's predicted has either happened or is starting to happen" ... written by mammalddodging
Selene is the best of the best. Another prediction came true. She was spot on with time and all. Im soo happy. And the rest of her prediction is around the corner. She also have given me some good advice so i will follow them as well so the outcome will be good :-) If yu want the truth then use Selene. " ... written by Jeanetteg
excellent" ... written by maria
What a very good reading. She answered all my questions spot on, and I know the predictions will happen for sure. I cannot believe its taken me all this time to find a really good reader, I cam across another a short while ago also." ... written by Sticky
Yes, she's on point as always, incredible reader " ... written by Juliet
Wonderful as always. Thank you sweetheart! " ... written by Tiana
I love selene, she is so accurate, so consistent, time frames and what she sees. Defo recommend a reading with her xxxxxx" ... written by Juliet
Always accurate, always the best. I love you Selene." ... written by gabbbi
She's amazing. i love her xxxx" ... written by me
I am so please to have read with her. Quick and specific reader. Very specific. Gave me so much clarity. No beating around the bush, long delays, and gentle way of reading. Answered questions for me with ease and confidence. Will definitely be back within a few days to finish from the 10 minute reading I had. My top reader now, and I've had SO many. Thanks! " ... written by havelterberg
Kind, charming , and into the point." ... written by Ashton
best psychic on here :)" ... written by mammalddodging
Amazing reading. recommended. " ... written by vjrei01
She is nice and kind. She can predict well." ... written by Etoilee8
I love selene she's amazing xxxx" ... written by Me
selene is always wonderful and spot on love her" ... written by lisa
Superb as always " ... written by Venus
a life saver" ... written by mammalddodging
Amazing" ... written by Rider
She's the best xxxx" ... written by me
She's always right, predictions happen over and over xxxxx" ... written by SD
life changing" ... written by mammaldodging
always accurate" ... written by raj
Selene is wonderful! I am so glad I came to her today...she has wonderful energy...and a great connection. I felt like she picked up on the situation quickly and tuned right in...Can't wait to see what happens! Thank you Selene:)" ... written by Carrie
Spot on! Great insight." ... written by Mil
Very good" ... written by Aarongard
Incredible as always xxxxxxx" ... written by ME
Very good reading, will come back" ... written by snowhite
She is great. She is very honest as well." ... written by Etoilee8
She's amazing" ... written by Silence
I felt good after talking to Selene. She was very truthful about my situation. I'm looking forward for the predictions to come to pass. Million thanks to her." ... written by Nanerel
Always so good to have readings with selene. She is honest and also funny and off course spot on with things. :-) " ... written by Jeanetteg
Awesome." ... written by The Ship
She is very honest and straight forward. " ... written by Etoilee8
Always amazing and always accurate. Has been able to describe things that are both relevant to the situation and ongoing." ... written by mammaldodging
This website has wonderful psychics...I have yet to get to know everyone" ... written by Jmoralesc
great reader.. on point! adding to my contacts" ... written by stas
predicted my boo and i coming together, within 3 weeks or 3 months. everythign been ok, marriage summer, and child coming. i trust that this is true." ... written by sundy
She's always amazing. She's on point. " ... written by Truth
She is so sweet and wonderful and accurate. " ... written by sangeeta
She is quick with connection and quick with reading the cards. " ... written by dc8
Selene made correct prediction of when I would get my new job a few months ago so I have come back for another reading and hopefully these predictions will come true also thankyou again, also she is fast and very detailed xxxxx" ... written by Lisa
I am really impressed. I will be back in few months to check the situation." ... written by Mariela
She's my soul sister. Always accurate, predictions happen again and again. Trust her with my life xxxxxxxxx" ... written by undecided
Selena is a great psychic - she picks up on the situation extremely fast without any information! I had a great reading with her and look forward to the prediction coming to fruition. Can't wait for my next reading! Thank you so much Selena!! :)" ... written by Lisa
She's amazing. Do take her private. Accurate and predictions happen." ... written by Me
Selene is an amazing reader. Her predictions have all come true. Love this lady!" ... written by january
She's wonderful. x" ... written by Juliet
Selene is superb in reading the cards picked up on everything and gave me answers and I look forward to what happens" ... written by dc8
Very fast reading and hope the best. No name no birth direct reading what you asking for, and tell you more what you need to hear. " ... written by Linh
Great person to talk to, answers questions openly, sincerely and quickly! I trust her! and I look forward to the predictions...she was also very accurate in describing the person in question....i will definitely be coming back! thank u! " ... written by lovehouston
Selene, is very good, always picks up on how im feeling and whats going on" ... written by Aarongard
Selene was awesome, gave much info as fast as possible and was very truthful in her reading! I would give her 5 stars she really did pinpoint lots of information without any information on my behalf. Wow xxxxx" ... written by Liza
really loved our session...very detailed and realistic...excellent" ... written by lovehouston
thank you selene for helping me on this, awesome reading" ... written by ar00
Okay Selene said that there is no big problems with my cousins health but she saw something growing in her tummy long-term that hasn't been diagnosed yet, and also perhaps some allergies, she says she doesn't like the man that she is in a relationship with and that she's considering leaving him, that they're not married, and that he may cheat on her with someone else, and that there could be some travel in her future." ... written by Mandy
Oh what an amazing reading she is brilliant fantastic fast accurate and spot on " ... written by Lorna
second reading, will wait. coming back thurs or next thurs for sure. " ... written by sundy
Selene is so beautiful...she is an amazing reader! I hope everyone get's a chance to meet her! she will blow you away!" ... written by Jacqueline
Words can't express how grateful Selene is..She is just amazing and that's the reason why I keep coming back! She is so addicting!" ... written by Jacqueline
thank you. it is reassuring to get a positive reading on my situation even if for the time being there are still a lot of challenges ahead. i really appreciate it." ... written by askselena79
thank u and im looking forward to ur predictions" ... written by lavelle
Selene is fantastic with reading the cards. Cards tell the story and all is true." ... written by cd8
This is my second reading with Selene and she was spot on about something she had predicted, it came to light within a week of my first reading." ... written by Sticky toffee
Spot on as usual. Excellent! Many thanks" ... written by Diginity
She's amazing as always xxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by Me
Am so very happy I came to Selene today. Such a much needed and beautiful reading. Her connection is beautiful and her predictions were amazing...I can't wait to keep her posted. She is a wonderful spirit and I'm grateful for her..." ... written by Carrie
life saving and always helpful" ... written by mammaldodging
She was great , she was very accurate in the situation. Very descriptive in what she has to say. " ... written by lee james hadley
great, the best there is!" ... written by Anne
Selene is amazing xxxxx" ... written by Me
Selene is one of the best. Very sweet and intuitive. Always offers good advice to follow. Makes you feel much better about things. " ... written by be
Selena is very fast and informative, she does not sugar coat but does so in a gentle manner. Very intuitive! " ... written by Lisa
wow very great! accurate..precise..answered questions quickly and on point..very great intuition..will let u know what happens..thank u!" ... written by anu
She was very good and positive but truthful." ... written by Ed
Selene is always right. She's incredible x" ... written by Lost
my friend recommended her, and she is absolutely amazing, great with time, and fast in readings. money well spent!" ... written by desi
Very insightful. I also hope she is right." ... written by ED
Great, clear readings. I feel inspired and ready to move on wards with life and spring. You will be surprised, if this is calling to you, then try it out :)" ... written by emma
Selene is one of the best, do take her private." ... written by sister
I ran out of credits, but boy is she fast and connects so quickly. very genuine! great reading" ... written by tiffany
Very impressive reading , I like her reading very detailed. TY Selene xo" ... written by LIVEFOR2DAY
Selene is one of the very best :) Always accurate, I trust her completely xxxxxxx" ... written by Me
very good...very detailed and in tune....always come back to her..." ... written by lovehouston
is is just a wonderful girl pick up on alot of things and things lets see if they work out." ... written by rosie64
Great as usual! Excellent" ... written by Dignity
Selene has helped me time and time again and her predications no matter how dire or hopeful have always come to pass. I cannot recommend her enough." ... written by mammaldodging
she is good " ... written by dooee
she's great" ... written by Cristina
Selene was fast, accurate and entertaining! She connected very well and hit so many things accurately that I will follow-up soon." ... written by Grace
Selene is a very good soul, caring, and compassionate. Intuitive and works to find the right solution for you. A good thinker and easy to get in touch with. " ... written by Ben
Selene is a lifesaver...she really helped me to see everything that has been going on. It validated my emotions, along with helped me to see those of the others involved. Thank you so much! You are so truly gifted!! xxxx" ... written by Carrie
Lots of her prediction came true.She is gifted and a bless psychic" ... written by Nadesh
wow got a great reading and keeping my head up...her reading was very detailed with time excited with what's to come" ... written by pearberry008
Really good reading, and I like what I heard. Positive and I shall keep her posted." ... written by BN
fast and detail reading" ... written by victor
amazing reading today with Selene; most enjoyable with my situations. She was spot on with everything; Above all stars on here! Thank You!" ... written by JImmy
accurate as hell, predictions deal from the grand scheme of things to the minute details. " ... written by raj
thank you!!" ... written by Monique
Excellent!!! am going back...." ... written by Chandra
Very accurate tarot reader with detailed guidance. Excellent reading. Highly recommended!" ... written by Chandra
amazing. thank you so much. you cleared my head and now i can rest easy! everything you said was true and i cant wait for the other predictions " ... written by banana
Super reading!!! with details and explanations and answered all my questions. Superbly recommended !!!" ... written by Ronita
Will wait for things to happen. She's been right before. Thank you!" ... written by Anny
Selene is the best and always feel very calm after a reading with her. She is always honest and if there is anything yu need to be careful about or something else she will say it. :-) She is my beauty bear. :-)" ... written by Jeanetteg
she was very good" ... written by Teresa
THE BEST!!!!!!!!!! Dont hesitate!!!" ... written by Angel
Selene thank You so much. You are the best: " ... written by Carmine
I was frustrated with my reading and I took it out on Selene, but she is always right. I need to learn to be patient!" ... written by Jacqueline
Very good reading; really hits the spots; impressed with how the cards read; very direct on question with all I asked; top grade" ... written by Jimmy
lifesaver" ... written by raj
Great reading and very nice connection" ... written by Cooper
Spot on with details and hoping her insight is correct. I am yet to find out, Lovely lady x" ... written by Carly
really like coming back for updates...v intune" ... written by lovehouston
Honestly, I was wondering first time: Is she really good to pay my credits? My answer is YES! I didn't say much about it. When I asked her "I have a trouble at my work place." She found out in a min about my bosses, job problems, even new jobs I applied! (I really didn't tell her)" ... written by Stella
I said this to others too , she is brilliant!!!... She saw contact andamp; it came within reading! How brilliant is that! TY Selene xoxo" ... written by LIVEFOR2DAY
I always love talking to Selene... she has been very accurate in all of my private sessions. She is definite;y one of my favorite readers" ... written by Monique
Selene is soooo freakin awesome.......she read for me eventho she was sick and not feeling well......she's soo detailed and fast and very generous with her time!! she's soo kind and sweet......" ... written by sa
Another great reading. I have had a few already but wanted some clarity on some concerns. She Selene is a natural born psychic, the information just flows." ... written by Sticky toffee
Selene is the best reader on the site!!!!" ... written by raj
Always a pleasure to speak with and great insight. I always walk away from Selene happy and more enlightened." ... written by Duzes
Back for more insight, she seems to amaze with her readings. Thank you again you are great! xoxo" ... written by live
shes v kind n helpful" ... written by stars
Selene is an absolute gem! She is supper fast and does not waste time. Her readings are insightful and right on target, she reads into the situation very quickly. Will be back with updates! :)" ... written by Lisa
always helpful" ... written by mammaldodging
She is so genuine!! Definitley One of the best there is here!" ... written by LIVE
Genuine reader....give yourself a chance listening to her " ... written by victor
WOW! This is a true proffessional! She really gives you your moneys worth as she works really, really fast. She gives clear answers and she also shows you the card spread of specific events. She is a true professional and if you are in need of answer - GO TO HER!!! You will NOT regret it. Spot on, 10 out of 10!!!! :D God bless" ... written by Gus
Selene is the best reader on this site, incredibly accurate, and is able to see and outline events she has no possible way of knowing about prior in real time. There is a reason I am a repeat customer." ... written by raj
lovely catch up with Selena as always" ... written by Tricky
Selene blows me away all the time. She is the perfect psychic. Very gifted and talented. " ... written by Jacqueline
I love this connection Selene you are wonderful. Thank you" ... written by Pax
She was excellent! I really enjoyed her direct and very accurate view of the situation." ... written by Monique
Really knows the cards and very accurate. My Favorite" ... written by Jay
always amazing" ... written by mammaldodging
Very good reader very accurate and fast" ... written by Maia
She is amazingly accurate, fast lots of details. My favorite" ... written by Jay
Thank you for the wonderful reading. It was intuitive, smart, and straight forward, no wasted time. Just what I needed. Great reader. " ... written by Ben
Very good reading, always know whats going on in my life, she keeps telling me not to give up" ... written by Aarongard
she is brilliant xxxx" ... written by live
Had an amazing ready with Selene; she is spot on with my life. I will say she was very detailed as always and precise. I always return for follow ups. Awesome" ... written by Jimmy
her predictions always come true! " ... written by l
I love coming to Selene, she always calms me down and never sugar coats anything. I just wish she was closer to where I live. Her predictions always come true." ... written by Jacqueline
Selene is the best. She is right about the things she see. If she gives you a warning about some in a reading dont take it for granted. She is always right. " ... written by Jeanetteg
Outstanding, Fast Accurate.. " ... written by Jay
Selene Was very honest in her readings." ... written by Ed
Always an insightful chat." ... written by Pax
She is so good as usual. I'm going to see her more often. Thanks alot! You are the best!!" ... written by Diginity
She is awesome. Great reading. She is always right. Try her and you will see for yourself" ... written by Nadesh
I love Selene always honest" ... written by Jacqueline
She is wonderful. Thank you. " ... written by d2k1000
she was very good" ... written by LaVonya Molin
Excellent! Very good as usual! Many thanks, Selene!" ... written by Diginity
She was very very tuned in and on point! Accurately scary in a good way!" ... written by Mona
I keep coming back to Selene because quite honestly she is the best, extremely helpful and thoughtful, and has helped me guide my life during it's roughest patches." ... written by mammaldodging
5 stares to Askselene79 for todays private reading that I had. She is great Reader!!!" ... written by mariela3009
Selene is wonderful as always!" ... written by Jacqueline
always great readings with selene" ... written by duzes
She is the best! I love her, always accurate, fast reading, all predictions come true exactly!" ... written by cathy
I had my first reading with AskSelene79, and she was very positive, and I believe honest. She gave me a very quick reading in the short time I had. She types quickly and didn't waste my time or minutes. She has always been friendly, and respectful in free chat. Today, I finally was able to get a reading with her. Thank you, and I love your hair!;) Honest!" ... written by redsox44
Seems very connected and knows the situation well" ... written by Vu
Selene is always great with her readings." ... written by Jacqueline
thank you selene" ... written by allbright
Selene is always very clear and explains well in her readings... thank you!!" ... written by Monique
thank" ... written by brink
Friend told me to go to her, she is amazing! love her, quick reading dont waste time." ... written by gabby
She's amazing. She picks up on everything and her past predictions have come true for me. i can't to see what else she correctly predicts for me! " ... written by l
She is excellent! I was soo happy after reading. she pulls card really fast, says a lot in such a short time, and give amazing details. she does not waste time or money and uses all her decks to give soo much information. I am happy with reading and I will see you again Selene! thank you soo much!" ... written by gabby
Had to finish the last reading and she was very helpful!" ... written by Myia
She was fast and very accurate!" ... written by Myia
She is accurate, quick readings, AND HER PREDICTIONS COME TRUE! her timing is amazing, right down to the month! Worth every penny!" ... written by gabby
Always a pleasure" ... written by Paxton
love her readings, she is top one here for sure" ... written by gem
Selene is always brilliant thank you." ... written by Rebecca
awesome! very fast! :)" ... written by k
I love Selene, she is full of surprises. Number one in my book!" ... written by Jacqueline
fantastic" ... written by maddie
Brilliant reading very accurate thank you Selene" ... written by Lorna
Selene is quick, to the point and sees lots and lots of things. I believe too that her predictions are accurate." ... written by softwater
Very nice, very patient person - and extremely detailed reading!" ... written by WeeFreeWoman
She was very good and I thank her for the reading. Things will happen I know it and i have the faith they will. Thanks a billion Selene you are so sweet and I enjoyed the reading very much." ... written by enchanted2634
amazing amazing. all was true so true. I hope things work with me." ... written by elen
ALL HER PREDICTIONS COME TRUE!! been with her for a year and she never fails. worth every penny! love her!" ... written by cassie
Awesome!! My Favorite" ... written by Jay
sorry time ran out but thankyou you was excellent i look forward to your predictions xxx" ... written by lisa
I checked back for another reading to see all is on track, and it is. Selene always flows with the reading and really does connect. What she predicted or saw in the cards sounds right as it fits in with certain time frames on my end so we shall see..." ... written by stickytoffee
great reading" ... written by Mhairi
I loved this reading Selene was so accurate about what was happening i will definitely talk to her again. Thank you so much for your kind words i understand a lot better now xx" ... written by Doozie82
Selene is very fast, very accurate and very precise." ... written by Jwandy
I'm so excited. Thank you Selene for putting some rest to my mind. I will remain positive with the awful work experience and I look forward to the outcomes. Last fortnight I got a reading and you were right I got 3 surprises in one week, 2 good and 1 bad. I look forward to speaking with you again soon." ... written by Rebecca
Very detailed and accurate" ... written by Julisa
I love Selene, she is always right and wise. Her predictions always come to pass." ... written by Jacqueline
Thank you Selene" ... written by allbright
great visit" ... written by paxton
pretty intune with energies...quite sobering i may add, not what i would have liked to hear...will be back to update,,thank u" ... written by lovehouston
will she ever came hear " ... written by Antonio Marcelino
Nice and she was nice enough to explain a lot. " ... written by Jane
Selene is soooo great her predictions always come true. She is very honest and does not sugar coat anything." ... written by Jacqueline
Selene is so great! She is so honest and connects fast. What a sweet spirit...She has been a trustworthy reader for me and I continue to come to her, when I need clarification. Her cards are on the money...Thank you Selene!" ... written by Carrie
she is so good, the best, i so trust her, and she is so accurate.... I find her all the time" ... written by julie
Always a pleasure. thank you!" ... written by Pax
Selene is incredible" ... written by mammaldodging
Once again Selene is always right. That woman is extremely gifted. I just can't believe her predictions,but it happens 100% happens!" ... written by Jacqueline
Another wonderful reading as usual, I just wanted to check if all was well and what was going to develop in October." ... written by Sticky toffee
selene is the best reader on this site bar none" ... written by raj
Interesting reading, unexpected news. Will wait to see if predictions occur!" ... written by lili
Fast reader, all her predictions happen!" ... written by freeandlove
Excellent reading! we had a very good connection, she is quick and doesnt not waste time in her reading. She gives a lot of information, and she is very detailed. She knew things about me and I didnt say a word. Thank you Selene!!! I will come back :)" ... written by gabriella
Selene is constant in her awesomeness. She is serious and smart and caring. Quite an exceptional person. I believe her predictions to be accurate as well." ... written by softwater
Spot on accurate! She is excellent." ... written by softwater
Selene is right about so many things - it's quite impressive. And she cares." ... written by softwater
Selene is the best, she is always so accurate. She is able to answer questions very directly and I trust her 100%!!!" ... written by HamonRye
i went back to her for a second private reading.. to tell her that all her predictions caem true. spot on, days, and i will meet a guy with brown hair n brown eyes." ... written by jh
very spot on, can't wait to see if predictions come to play " ... written by emoonlight
good positive energy felt when talking to her. She knows her stuff." ... written by shades212
Selene is so wonderful...I'm telling you people she is the best! No one can replace her, she is for real and her predictions always I mean always come true..hands down!" ... written by Jacqueline
Spot on as usual!" ... written by Paxton
always great" ... written by paxton
WOW she picked up on peronality and charecteristics perfectly!" ... written by Ava
Selene was very insightful about an up coming meeting" ... written by Ed
This my 5th time coming to her, and each and every single time her predictions come true! every single detail happens, and she pulls the card really fast and does not need anything to read for you. Best tarot card reader here!! Thank you soo much Selene!!!" ... written by cathy
accurate, fast reading, she is my only trusted reader in Oranum." ... written by vic
Thank you Selene for a great reading, I will be back with the feedback." ... written by Johanna
Thank you Selene for all your help and insight into my situation!! I really appreciate it! " ... written by LostGirl
A very good reading, Selene always gets straight to the point and is able to give clear answers. She has made a few predictions, its just a matter of seeing what unfolds." ... written by sticky
She was spot on!! I'm looking forward to the future. " ... written by Angela
thank you so much selene" ... written by allbright
she is fantastic as always!" ... written by softwater
she is excellent catching the situation. Always great great. thanks. " ... written by elen
really nice reading " ... written by space
Selene was quick and quite accurate, did not waste time and told me everything I needed. Thank You! " ... written by Sherry K
Always a pleasure!" ... written by Pax
very much intune and insightful...and realistic....hoping for prediction to happen....thank u :)" ... written by lovehouston
Selene simply is the best reader on this site" ... written by mammaldodging
very good reading, as usual she picked up on exactly what is happening around me" ... written by Sticky
quick and to the point, good reading and she said things about others that were right on. I will be back" ... written by David
Selene is fantastic! She is so accurate with her readings! She gave a few predictions which I hope comes to pass. I only asked one question and she gave a full reading which answered every question I wanted to ask before I asked them! OMG she is great! She is confident, fast and is ahead of what I wanted to know. I will definitely come back for updates! Thank you very very much, Selene!" ... written by Moonchild59
She is super good, totally recommended. " ... written by vjrei01
ACCURATE EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!! love her!!!!!!" ... written by gabby
SHE IS GREAT " ... written by julie
she is very dedicated, patient, accurate, and makes predictions that come to pass. she has a true gift." ... written by softwater
Amazing reading from Selene about a new love interest. She captures his personality exactly. I am excited for the future!! Thanks Selene, she is certainly ALWAYS right!!!!!" ... written by HamonRye
she saw a predictions that happened. One was a big one and happened today. I did not beleave it would happen so fast." ... written by startsun
Selene is absolutely the best!" ... written by softwater
Very good readings" ... written by Boris
friend told me to come to her, and she was right, very accurate!" ... written by catherine
She is good, good, good! Five stars!" ... written by softwater
loved my reading with her. she is so nice, fast, and accurate. thank you soo much Selene!!" ... written by catherine
Excellent!! she is quick, fast reading, and absolutely accurate. my friend told me to come to her, and I'm happy I got a reading from her. I will be coming back again Selene! Thank you for an amazing reading :)" ... written by cat
She is a remarkable reader, with predictions that come to pass. :)" ... written by softwater
She is a number one psychic, and she cares!" ... written by softwater
She is so wise and so spot on - fantastic!" ... written by softwater
Excellent!" ... written by softwater
I just love Selene...she is my savior and healer! Hands down!" ... written by Jacqueline
Selene is wonderful, and very accurate." ... written by softwater
1st of all very bright energy, light and comforting. Love her voice, and accent. She is beautiful inside and out and we had a great connection. She is spot on the entire time. She showed me the tarots cards and explain each situation thoroughly with me. I very much enjoyed her! I will come back to tell her all about her predictions! xoxo! Thank you! God Bless You!" ... written by Lynn
she is the best " ... written by julie
She is constant in her updates, and excellent, as always!" ... written by softwater
she is great so fast and accurate" ... written by julie
Wonderful lady...great psychic...thanks Selena!!..Blessings..frilled" ... written by frilled
Thank you so much Selene for all your insights and guidance! I really appreciate your help! " ... written by LostGirl
She is absolutely remarkable!" ... written by softwater
Selene is a real accurate one. not a scam artist like Jeter, who is rude also." ... written by peter
Sweet lady, enjoyed the reading, ill be back! " ... written by Leti
Wow, she is really good, thank you so much!" ... written by Melissa
excellent reading...v intune.....and hopeful....." ... written by lovehouston
Selene is remarkably good at what she does. She is gifted, honest and very professional.Thank you!!!" ... written by softwater
Very accurate and helpful" ... written by Juliewepp
Always nice!" ... written by Pax
She is very good as always!" ... written by softwater
She is very helpful!" ... written by softwater
Amazing reader she is always correct. I will only use Selene." ... written by HamonRye
thank you" ... written by all
She is fast and accurate. Good reading" ... written by Brianne
I love Selene so much she is a beautiful person and always right!" ... written by Jacqueline
she is the best" ... written by julie
excellent reading! she is fast, quick and accurate!" ... written by gabby
There are so many words to express how I feel about Selene and I find her extraordinary and beautiful." ... written by Jacqueline
Her predictions come true!!! she is fast and gives detailed readings, best one on Oranum! thank you soo much Selene" ... written by gabby
Selene is right on target every time!!!!" ... written by softwater
I believe Selene's readings are truly worth every penny. " ... written by softwater
she is excellent. very detailed and very confident. " ... written by softwater
Always the best discussion" ... written by pax
very right on. Great reading thank you" ... written by Brendah84
great reader" ... written by mppp
AskSelene70 went into great detail to help answer my questions. Deeper than I ever thought she would." ... written by Ed
another very good and detailed reading with selene. she is consistant and simplpy fabulous!" ... written by softwater
she is always right and accurate on the situation. many prediction came through. thank you. " ... written by sms
A very honest and detailed reading. Not what I had wishe dto hear, but probably accurate." ... written by softwater
Selene is a very special and gifted person." ... written by softwater
intune with energies....hope she's right ...thanks :)" ... written by lovehouston
Such a fantastic catch up with Selena her predictions are slwatys soo good. Really miswssed our chats xx" ... written by Tracey
She is right on target!" ... written by softwater
Her predictions always come true, right down to the time frames. Truly incredible!!! thank you soo much Selene!" ... written by freelove
Very detailed, very honest - lovely!" ... written by softwater
She is simply wonderful!" ... written by softwater
she really good. one of the best here." ... written by she
WONDERFUL READINGS ALWAYS WITH SELENE. She is truly pyschic. Very charming and truthful in what she sees. Her predications have come to light multiple times, and I'm lucky to have had her guidance and advice before hand. " ... written by marhaban
She is truly gifted, full of information, and very honest. " ... written by softwater
Wow! I loved her reading, very nice lady, she pulls the cards fast, and the reading was very detailed even though i dont have a lot of credit. she pulled a lot of cards and did not waste time. enjoyed my reading soo much! thank you selene!" ... written by cathy
she is very very accurate.very precise. 5 stars" ... written by myst
Selene is a wonderful reader. I believe her predictions to be on spot, and she is also very interesting." ... written by softwater
Selene is the only psychic I will go to or will ever go to. She is incredible. She has made very specific predictions and described people's situations accurately. I love talking to her. She has always given me the truth." ... written by HamonRye
Thank u so much for the honest reading and telling me the truth. I hope the prediction comes to pass. I will update you" ... written by beautyqueen
Predictions always happen, everything she say is accurate. best one on oranum!" ... written by cathy
She is exceptionally good at what she does, and is honest and helpful, and a lovely person as well!!!!!!" ... written by softwater
she is the best" ... written by julie
Selene's predictions happen! She is an excellent reader with lots of intuition and care." ... written by softwater
Selene has an amazing gift; she is truly outstanding at what she does. She can be trusted 100% !" ... written by softwater
She is fantastic!! This is second reading I had from her!! She hits things rt on the money and her prediction came true for my readings!" ... written by Jnaujo00
Selene is genuine gentle and an honest Psychic. She is up to the point and no BS. She will read you and will use the right deck for the right question and her vision is strong. God bless her as she deserves to be the number1. " ... written by Jake
She is so very good at what she does - it is AMAZING!" ... written by softwater
Selene is spot on and freakishly accurate. She knew I had three children and their gender. She also knew all about my love life. I didn't even need to talk to her, she knew it from cards." ... written by Julia
Wonderful! Truly." ... written by softwater
Seems like a nice person and knows what she is talking about. I would recommend." ... written by Mike
Very very very good reader. She is number 1 for sure!" ... written by softwater
she is a genuine psychic. so accurate" ... written by myst
Excellent. Honest. Wise. Psychic!!!" ... written by softwater
great!" ... written by Carla VItaloni
Selene is great. Definitely the best psychic on this site. She picked up my situation immediately. I DIDN'T SAY A WORD!!!" ... written by Ulysses
she is consistent. im waiting " ... written by myst
she was accurate and good" ... written by peacegal
She is always right !" ... written by softwater
Thanks for the reading. I will let you know when your predictions came true. Kisses, M." ... written by Margaritha
Perfect. I'm speechless. She's sooo accurate. She knew things I told nobody." ... written by Monica
Beautiful as always!" ... written by Jacqueline
she iis one of the best knew me and the situtaiton I do trust what she has told me for I do know some of it is true by my own means give her a chat you will not be sorry says it ike it is I cannot thank her enogh" ... written by sd
thank you great reading" ... written by a
She is truly REMARKABLE!" ... written by softwater
ALL HER PREDICTIONS CAME TRUE FOR ME! every single one she mentioned came true, her details are accurate to the point! great reading!!" ... written by gabby
she's very very good and intune....." ... written by lovehouston
I truly am in lack of words to describe the quality and depth of this reader. She also has integrity. " ... written by softwater
very intune and my readings with her...thank u" ... written by lovehouston
I love this woman so much! Tells the truth all the time ...She is always right and her predictions always come to pass!" ... written by Jacqueline
Always right on target. And her predictions come true !!!!" ... written by softwater
OMG, never met such emphatic psychic, she is very lovely and very spot on to my current situation." ... written by onlyforlove
Excellent reading, she types really fast if you have no audio so she dont waste money, and she write a lot. Thank you soo much for great reading!" ... written by gabby
She cares very much and is veru very good." ... written by softwater
She is the best!" ... written by softwater
great reading" ... written by spacemonkey
very good usual...." ... written by lovehouston
Did a very good job in reading the situation with my husband. Got answers to my questions but ran out of time. Thanks so much Selene" ... written by Nadia
always love to talk with selene she is very uplifting" ... written by pax
She says it all, says it as it is. Helped me a lot, straight to the point. " ... written by Iman
thank you selene" ... written by allbright
Thank you selene for a great reading." ... written by BN
she is always accurate and her cards said all. amazing. hope the best. " ... written by samr
she is always same. very honest" ... written by yst
reassuring and insightful....always back..." ... written by lovehouston
Selene has helped me through the toughest situations in my life and has continued to do so, she's a jewel and I'm happy to consult her when needbe." ... written by mammaldodging
Selene was to the point and bluntly honest. She gave me direction and advice. I thank you Selene. Much luv and light,, Namaste" ... written by Janine
thank you selene. you have always been right before. : ))) " ... written by all
First time with Selene, she was really nice and warm, she pulled the cards that gave me hope. She made sure she answered my questions in great detail. Will update when it all pans out xox" ... written by kasia
she is great!! she is amazing. :) " ... written by Nancy
<" ... written by
I want to say thank you for telling me the truth about this guy. Your was wonderful I give you 5 stars thanks a lot." ... written by Patricia
she is really good. one of the best and most accurate here" ... written by dramaqueen
Fast and accurate. This is my second reading with Selene. She was right the first time and knows things about me only my nearest and dearest know. Thanks Selene." ... written by Alicia
Wow, she really impressed me. My first time here and she quickly read card, was so nice and pleasant, and gave timelines for future. I'm soo happy with my reading, better than what I expected. Danke Selene!" ... written by prettylove213
selene is always consistent. her raeings never change" ... written by myst
good reading with love and care shes a sweet one" ... written by David
She is amazing!!! Knows everything!!!" ... written by E
She's great. Not only she knows the future, she can advice on what path to take to get best results. She helped me a lot. Grazie." ... written by Josh
First time customer. She knew everything about my situation. All I told her was my name. Spooky :)" ... written by Philippe
Really lovely lovely person and thanks a million for a reading xox" ... written by kasia
she was brilliant spot on " ... written by mariam
She's amazing. Her predictions always came to be true. She helped me soooo many times. Thanks a lot." ... written by Nicole
Very accurate, always to the point. Predictions happened." ... written by Trisha
Selene is a very good reader. I love her. She help me a lot." ... written by Anna
Thank you for the update. I can't wait for your predictions to happen like it was with your past reading." ... written by Kai
Thank you very much. You gave me hope. I'm sure you're no bulls**t - I felt as if you knew me and my life very well." ... written by Mikey
she's super connected! amazing clarity and intuition...thank u....i'm addicted :)" ... written by lovehouston
brilliant as always....." ... written by lovehouston
She's quick and to the point." ... written by Itsuramo
great reading" ... written by luckystars
always wonderful and great connection, she has been so accurate for long time. " ... written by smar
Amazing reading she confirmed a lot of information and brought me peace. I really enjoyed it. Great JOB!" ... written by Happiness 1964
accurate, consistent and super helpful and honest. her predictions did come true for me." ... written by sd
Selene is the best! She is a genuinely caring women who goes the extra mile to help one in need or broken hearted, And throughout all of her hard work, no one ever sees her fall apart." ... written by Selene
She is very to the point and willnot sugarcoat anything! I really appreciate her honesty. " ... written by Mary
she is consistent, not a single detail changed in her reading.10 wks possible b up." ... written by myst
thank you selene" ... written by all
again spot on. every time she's right. best psychic ever" ... written by bb
Selena has been very supportive and insightful when I've needed it. She reads with her tarot cards like no one else I have met. She is startforward and so kind at that same time. I go to her often!" ... written by Eli
she's the best....she sees the situation so clearly...amazingly gifted and very clear....and no false hope or unrealistic predictions.......i can't get enough...:)" ... written by lovehouston
thanks girl. you helped me again. kisses xxxxx" ... written by Patricia
She gave me hope. She described my scumbag ex husband in every single detail so I believe the new love is really around the corner." ... written by Zoe
Selene is incredibly connected and see's others perspectives. This is my third session with her and all her predictions came true" ... written by Sunjay
This woman is hands down amazing! Literally the best tarot reading I have ever had. She is so uplifting, and specific. Not general. She literally can give specific information and can see specific things about your questions. I am beyond grateful to have talked to her. She is a blessing from God. Totally legit. Selene is the real deal!" ... written by Nita
ALWAYS ACCURATE!!! PREDICTIONS CAME TRUE!! just had a update and the cards were all accurate!!!" ... written by gabby
selene is an excellent psychic .10 starrs" ... written by myst
Reads so many different spreads for you, tells you in details everything. She literally knew what i was thinking!! gives the best advice, and HER PREDICTIONS HAPPEN!!!!!!!! EVERY SINGLE TIME! thank you ssoo much selene. i hope you are surrounded by positive energy for the rest of your life hehe." ... written by gabby
I always love Selenes readings. She has been so right to date, just waiting on the rest to come true." ... written by Rebecca
She is most amazing... It was like she knew me - maybe a little better than i know myself. Her words and advice are spot on and I will definitely contact Selene again! Thank you, Selene, for such an amazing reading!!!!!" ... written by Blue Muse3
1000 PERCENT ACCURATE. she uses soo many decks and gives you such long and detailed responses that are soo accurate. She doesnt waste time, and give you dates, which in the past, have all been accurate in all my readings with her. Thank you soo much Selene." ... written by gabby
Selene is so cool and always hits home with the reading. " ... written by Paxton
Good reader. I ask about love, job and economic things." ... written by Gunnar
lots of great clarity, thanks for your honesty!" ... written by sdd
ALL HER PREDICTIONS COMES TRUE!!! every time i get reading with her , she always surprises me how accurate she is. My god Selene you are the best!!! Blessing to you and your loving family :)" ... written by gabby
I love her so much!" ... written by Jacqueline
thank you selene" ... written by all
super as really glad that i can talk to her :)" ... written by lovehouston
great reader, very reliable and honest." ... written by sd
Selene - She is very insightful. I normally don't go by tarot cards but she uses the cards very well. I was shocked at her accuracy. " ... written by Eli
Always amazing!" ... written by Sione
Very fast! Straight to the question! Very detailed! Recommended! Thanks x" ... written by Cindy
Very nice reading... she connects quick and sees the things u need to ask" ... written by Wolf
She is an excellent reading with the tarot cards. She is accurate and precise. The cards enhance her skills in doing readings. " ... written by Eli
Selene is just an angel. Always doing great readings and giving best advice ever. Shes wonderful. xoxoxo" ... written by Karin
thank you for the wonderful update Selene " ... written by piggy pig
accurate and true" ... written by k
Amazing allways accurate all predictions came true. The best psychic on the side." ... written by Anja
After such a frustrating time, Selena has helped me keep it in perspective. " ... written by Eli
Awesome....." ... written by Happiness1964
She does such a thorough job doing a reading. She thinks of all the questions to ask using the cards to help the client feel at ease. She is very good. " ... written by Eli
selene is the best" ... written by mammaldodging
this was my reading Selene and I was very impressed, I did not have to say anything and she picked up my situation fast, read very accurate, Ill be back for sure !!! Thank you so much" ... written by ladybugg
Selene does such an accurate and thorough reading. She knows what questions to explore before I ask her!" ... written by Eli
very insightful" ... written by Ed
I can't express that there are people like Selene who can tell you the future! I don't know what I would do without her!" ... written by Jacqueline
ACCURATE, ACCURATE, ACCURATE. There is no one better than her! :)" ... written by cathy
Selene is always the best. Very soothing to talk to and her predictions are very correct. " ... written by pax
Like I said before - I don't know anyone who uses tarot cards so well to give an accurate reading. " ... written by Eli
great reading all the time!!" ... written by Jacqueline
Selen is honest and good psychic, no sugar coating ." ... written by spirit
she is always amazing. So accurate on the situation. hope her predictions come true. " ... written by samr
wow...great reading. she is very talented. will read with her again. " ... written by nurseusa02
Nice and good Reader :-)" ... written by Gunnar
Selene the best. Been so accurate with me even if i argue with her sometimes when she sees something I dont like. She amazing person and so accurate with her cards. She uses cards really well and told me details that happened right after so i trust her." ... written by melissa
Selena is amazing reader.. Not one of those evil and uneducated scams. She tells you all and use cards. Good and bad and is also smart and good person. She uses tarot and gypsy cards very well, she not one of those here making up things with no tools like angels777 who is fake and makes up different stories each time u see her...I cant thank her enough. " ... written by madeline
Selene is accurate with her readings. She is very honest and will tell you the truth. She does not sugar coat. Thank you Selene! I will come back for an update." ... written by Moonchild59
amazing. not what i wanted to hear but nothing but the truth. thank you so much. everything you said matched up and now to wait for the rest to fall into place. thank you. " ... written by jess
Selene reads the tarot cards with amazing accuracy - and her predictions are awesome :)" ... written by softwater
Excellent! Selene is always very precise and honest. I love reading and receiving guidance from her. She is absolutely great!" ... written by E
She is a wonderful wonderful reader!" ... written by softwater
She is very very good and smart - as always !" ... written by softwater
Selene has been so patient and kind. She is so comprehensive with her readings and they are accurate. She is so thorough so your reading is viewed from all angles. " ... written by Eli
she was brilliant as usual...very intune" ... written by lovehouston
thank you for the prediction, it was amazing and wat u said it was true, thank u" ... written by husein
she is very very good!!!! I have so much faith in her. she is very talented.. u must try her.. she is amazing women.. " ... written by sue
Selene is the most genuine and gifted person I met here and she is a great friend and a kind soul now. She guided me through tough time and her love and care helped me get out tough situation. " ... written by Jake
She was right on the money. I cannot believe she knew what she did. Very accurate highly recommended. " ... written by Lauren
She's amazing and knows things that I didn't have to even say. Thank you for always being here for me Selena. I am such a happy customer. " ... written by Excellent
Excellent! Right on point!" ... written by E
She is absolutely wonderful - only good things to say about Selene!" ... written by softwater
great " ... written by real love
Wow! What a great experience with Selene as she was spot on with my current relationship and soulmate situation. She was able to confirm everything that I was feeling and knowing in my soul! I would highly recommend Selene as she is straight forward, gentle, non-judgmental, and very understanding while giving a reading!" ... written by E
Selene is the kind soul and very intuitive and her predictions are 100% right!100000 stars for Selene!" ... written by Jake
I feel like my life is going nowhere but talking to Selene makes me feel better all the time. she is like my therapy!" ... written by Jacqueline
ALL HER PREDICTIONS HAVE ALREADY COME TRUE!!! she is always on point to the dot! she gives excellent advice and reads very fast to not waste your money. SOO SOO grateful for all your accurate predictions, you are amazing Selene! XOXOXOXO" ... written by gabby
Just wonderful reading! Selene not only is well connected to situation but thoroughly explains meaning of reading so that you have great clarity! Highly recommended!!!" ... written by E
Very sweet and very good insight on my situation." ... written by Elizabeth
Selene has helped me so much in the past year it's impossible for me to thank her." ... written by mammaldodging
What an excellent reader she is !" ... written by softwater
Selene does comprehensive readings. She is always thoughtful, kind, straightforward, and supportive" ... written by Eli
Selene is extremely accurate. Her predictions come to pass. And she is a beautiful person." ... written by softwater
I love how Selene uses the cards. She is very accurate. She knows what questions to answer before I mention the questions. She is sincere and kind-hearted. " ... written by Eli
She is an excellent reader, so detailed and precise. I am awaiting her predictions but feel sure they will come. Ans she is a very soulful person, as well. All good!" ... written by softwater
She is patient and detailed and consistant in her predictions." ... written by softwater
She is very good !" ... written by softwater
Selene has been there for me providing readings and asking all the questions, I could ever imagine asking to clarify what is happening in my situation. She is quite intelligent and a very giving person." ... written by Eli
Selena is amazing. If you looking for accurate reader, who uses the cards and not guessing go to her. She has seen several happenings and details that happened. She now fishing info. Try her and you ll see what is a real card reader like. Forget the no tools guessers or tarot readers who look tarots from the books. She is also caring and kind. " ... written by melania
She is a dedicated remarkable reader !" ... written by softwater
Very fast and kind x" ... written by Cindy
She is amazing in what she sees and her predictions. I appreciate her guidance tremendously. She reads things very clearly. Thank you selene" ... written by Nadia
She is always very good - very detailed and strong predictions!" ... written by softwater
thank you selene. thank you so much!" ... written by all
Selene uses her cards so well to read what is happening. She is so kind because she will answer all your questions patiently and as accurately as she can. She is wonderful " ... written by Eli
HER READINGS ARE ACCURATE! ACCURATE! ACCURATE! not one detail is off. absolutely incredible!" ... written by gabby
She's really good!" ... written by NEH
Amazing reading. She was right before so I trust she will be right again." ... written by L
love Selena, always a fantasic and thorough reading shes brilliant past predictions have come true " ... written by tracey
Excellent! Highly recommend for relationship guidance." ... written by E
lovely, supportive and kind!!!! And very accurate!" ... written by amrain
she the best reader ever the top one here. She sees the good and bad and her predictions happens" ... written by charlotte
Selene is one of my fav, psycics here and have been for a time now. She is always honest and very spot on. A lot of things she have seen for me have happen also in the time frames. She is worth very penny in the reading. She is also very quick and she is not a person who will trick yu to do more readings than you have to. I would recomend her if you are looking for some good advice and a good reading. " ... written by Jeanetteg
She-s the best psychic here. I have no words to tell you how helpful she is. Many thanks Selene!" ... written by Monica
Thanks Sel. You told me things I was affraid to admit myself. You put me on the right track now. xxx" ... written by Harry
I just love Selene, she calms me in so many ways about my situation and makes me feel like my life will change." ... written by Jacqueline
Spooky " ... written by Angie
AMAZING. I didnt say a word. She picked up everything." ... written by Aga
Spot on. Every detail was true. You helped me Selene very much." ... written by Deb
thanks as ever Selena for your advice " ... written by Tricky
NEVER FAILS!!!! ALL HER PREDICTIONS COME TRUE! I love her personality, how fast she reads, and how accurate she is! My one and only favorite reader on here, thank you soo much." ... written by gabby
Great reading. read fast and spot on on how I feel/" ... written by Moongirl17
She has done readings for me for several weeks. She has been accurate and extremely helpful! " ... written by Eli
thanks for the reading and hope soon i will get promoted, " ... written by Husein
thanks. will use again... much better than other expert. i look forward to spring. " ... written by fiona
Selene is a wonderufl reader with much accuracy. Her predictions are strong." ... written by softwater
Thank you...very good reader, not much for tarot normally but excellent reader with good connection and extensive details, thank you!" ... written by alotlikedorothy
She has not been feeling well, but she has spoken to me on and off all day to help me see the situation accurately and to stay calm" ... written by Eli
Selene has been there for me when I was so vulnerable. She is a very accurate reader and very kind" ... written by Eli
Selene is wonderful and always very correct in her predictions. Its always comforting talking with her even if something bad comes up there is a way through it. " ... written by Pax
Thank you very much. Thank god it was a positive reading. I'm so happy. You calmed me down. I will update you when he contacts . Im sure he will contact soon. " ... written by beautyqueen1001
Good, consistant reading." ... written by softwater
Selene is full of predictions and reads the cards with much confidence and intuition. Her predictions do come to pass." ... written by softwater
I came back because Selene's predictions happened sooner than expected !!! I came today for an update and to see what is next, so far she has been spot on and has really helped me !!! She is very fast and given me much comfort in my situation, til next time !!! Thank you Selene !!!! " ... written by lady
She is excellent !" ... written by softwater
Amazing in reading the situation and how things are progressing in my life. Thank you so much Selene" ... written by Nadia
Amazing! Accurate and simply kind! cannot wait for next one!" ... written by Ashleigh
Very fast and detailed. Excellent." ... written by softwater
In depth reading with lots of predictions. And she sees things as they happen :)" ... written by softwater
She is consistant in her readings and sees amazing details. She answers questions before they are even asked." ... written by softwater
She is simply VERY GOOD at what she does!" ... written by softwater
She is spot on, Always! And she is kind!" ... written by softwater
Selene is lovely like always. She is a person that can really help if you listen!" ... written by Jacqueline
Selene is always fantastic. Her predictions happen and in general she always gives me good things to work with and look to. " ... written by pax
Her predictions come true!!!" ... written by softwater
Excellent! She is always very understanding and gentle which gives me a sense of comfort and peace. I highly recommend!" ... written by E
She is fantastic as always!" ... written by softwater
She was great. Spot on as usual. I'm very happy with the reading." ... written by Lauren
I think her readings have been quite good! she connects quickly and assesses the situation really well.I recommend1" ... written by Romi
amazing always. she knows everything and so true" ... written by sam
she the best here. Herr predicitions do happen. If you try her you ll see what is real and what fake." ... written by lia
She is patient, and consistant in her readings." ... written by softwater
I look forward to her predictions happening ! She is sincere and professional." ... written by softwater
WOW SHE IS GOOD!" ... written by krissy
She is sincere." ... written by softwater
Selene has been very accurate even with time. She is also very supportive and wise. She is a lovely person with whom to do a reading! " ... written by Eli
Reading with a compassionate and lovely psychic" ... written by Rob
She is very professional and is an excellent reader." ... written by softwater
she seems good" ... written by bouncy
Selene is extremely detailed, consistant and caring in her readings. Am now waiting for predictions to become reality. She is very nice person on top of that :)" ... written by softwater
She is a wonderful reader. Only good things to say." ... written by softwater
Selene is remarkable. She is very very good at what she does." ... written by softwater
she was sooo good.. " ... written by Nancy
Thank you for the answers. It helped alot. Even though I'm sad about the person, I'm happy that we will connect again and I am happy about the job. Thank you again Selene. You are amazing!" ... written by lynn
She is simply wonderful !" ... written by softwater
She truly is a fascinating reader. She is very accurate. " ... written by softwater
Very fast, calm and professional. Time ran out quicker than I would've liked, but I will be back soon for another reading by Selene :) " ... written by Shandye
she is really GOOD! " ... written by stylus
aLL i can say is she is very very good, fast, so on point and now I wait to see about her next of predictions !!! Selene is sooo AWESOME, not a waste of time or money !!! Promise, 3rd reading with her and I will be back again and again !!!" ... written by ***
Exceptional reading! Thank you so much!" ... written by Sandra
Impressive." ... written by softwater
She is very very good. She has been accuarte in the past and is accurate again. She knows." ... written by softwater
Excellent! She is always spot on with my situation and provides great clarity!" ... written by E
Selene knows all the questions to inquire about from her cards. She is incredibly accurate. " ... written by Eli
One of the best on the site! Always reads the situation well and has had many predictions come true. Never rude. Always helpful. Thanks Selene for giving me my last reading on Oranum. xoxox" ... written by L
Great reading! Very nice and compassionate." ... written by Laura
thank you selene" ... written by all
She is very very very good what she does. Impressive!" ... written by softwater
Trust her. She receives information naturally- I can see it in the way she does her work. very direct, doesn't waste time and trusts herself as well." ... written by Skyreader
very intuitive. i believe her. something about her seems like she knows what she is doing and it's just coming to her- the predictions..." ... written by Skyreader
She is an amazing reader! And a lovely person!!" ... written by softwater
Today's reading with Selene was exceptional. She predicted that I would receive a text very soon like 9 minutes or 9 hours. It happened in 9 minutes! She is always accurate and gives of her time like a professional." ... written by Eli
Awesome!" ... written by l
Selene has been incredibly insightful and honest when addressing my concerns. Her assistance has taught me a lot. " ... written by Eli
She is an excellent card reader." ... written by softwater
Selene has been so insightful and so supportive. She has taught me many things. Her readings are accurate - even time. " ... written by Eli
Selene gave me great predictions. She picked up on him with an x and she has an x too that shes talking to. yet im his ex and hes thinking about me and we will be back together. By may committed and between now and 8 hours days weeks communication and the beginning of us. Loved her!" ... written by suzy
Selene cares. She is patient and wants the best for her clients. She is super talented, authentic, and does not want us to waste time or money. In turn, I truly wish he the very best. Highly recommend." ... written by softwater
Always kind, always understanding, patient, consistent." ... written by Skyreader
Very kind, compassionate, detailed and accurate reader." ... written by softwater
Selene has been so accurate and quite generous with her time and efforts. " ... written by Eli
Selene is a very positive spirit to connect with. Great insight on my life and very helpful. " ... written by Pax
she is always on the spot. Came back many times but she is the best. very accurate in many ways. " ... written by samr
great reading" ... written by luckystars
She is wonderfuly perceptive with her cards, she gives many details, and is at once both very human and professional in her approach. She can be trusted, I feel sure - 100%" ... written by softwater
Selene always does a very thorough job with her readings. She is accurate and uses her cards exceptionally." ... written by Eli
great reading" ... written by ---
Selene is the best reader on the site, clear, concise, and caring and accurate. She's able to pinpoint the most minute details regarding things in my life that no one else could possibly know about and tell me that they have or are going to occur and they always pan out. 10/10 highly recommend." ... written by mammaldodging
Selene as always has been incredibly supportive and insightful" ... written by Eli
Selene is a wise young woman, accurate reader, with a big heart to match. " ... written by Eli
She is a very dedicated reader, and answers quickly with lots of detail." ... written by softwater
Even when she is not feeling well, she does a reading for me answering all my questions. She is always accurate and honest. " ... written by Eli
great reading" ... written by cheesesticks
she has been very accurate. she is a lovely lady. thank you selene. " ... written by all
Excellent! I really enjoy my time with Selene because she is compassionate, understanding, and non-judgmental. There is a sense of trust I have in her because I believe her guidance come from a place of transparency and truth. I highly recommend!" ... written by E
awesome, accurate and insightful. everything she has said has been spot on check her out!" ... written by sd
ran out of time had so much to ask about but believe Selene is the best so far, everything she has said has happened, I wait now for the next set of things to happen, Thank you so much Selene, you are the best !!!" ... written by ***
She is very very good with her cards. Truly." ... written by softwater
selene is one of a kind and honestly my favorite reader on the site, she has helped me grow spiritually and personally and i would gladly recommend her to anyone" ... written by mammaldodging
She was very helpful in making her predictions and giving guidance. I appreciate her greatly. Thanks Selene" ... written by Nadia
Selene, even when she is sick, had the patience to answer all of my questions. She is so thorough and has been very accurate as always. " ... written by Eli
shes accurate" ... written by cheesesticks
Selene has always been there for me so exceptionally even when sick. She has been accurate with her readings and gives me guidance on how to proceed withe my relationship" ... written by Eli
2nd or 3rd reading and each and every one has been spot on! I really do recommend entering private! I am very choosy with who I go private with but Selene is not one to miss! Thankyou so much! Doesn't sugar coat and tells you the truth! Very friendly and helpful also! Even got my babys gender and birth season ;). I hope you feel better soon Selene! Speak soon! :)" ... written by Ashleigh
truthful and on to the point..." ... written by sharon
very good read." ... written by wren1414
Selene- Is always an accurate reader who uses her tarot cards quite amazingly. She is a kind and generous person who has always been so supportive. " ... written by Eli
First time user. She great. She know all about me. She tell me true. Thank you." ... written by Meenakshi
Great psychic. She told me things she couldn't possibly have known. Thanks Selene xoxoxo" ... written by Mel
Spot on, as always. I'll be back." ... written by Katy
great reading" ... written by cheesesticks
She's simply the best!! amazing" ... written by Aaron
She is confident and very detailed in her readings. She is accurate!" ... written by softwater
She is a dedicated reader full of authenticity and talent." ... written by softwater
Excellent reading!!! thank you so much." ... written by gabby
perfect reading! she connect fast and shows the cards she pulls for the reading. A+" ... written by coolGirl65
she is really good one...sees many things and stuff that ll happen and has happned so far" ... written by angela
yes she was good.. right to the point. " ... written by pauline
SHOCKED!!!!! her predictions come true!!! her details are amazing, and are accurate!! SELENE IS ALWAYS RIGHT!!!!" ... written by gabby
Love love love Selene! No holding back and no sugar coating! Very very friendly and totally 100% real! xx" ... written by Ashleigh
Always there - she does readings so incredibly fast and so comprehensively. She is always accurate. " ... written by Eli
ALL HER PREDICTIONS COME TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " ... written by gabby
she has been so accurate and many her predictions showing in reality. I trust her. thank you. " ... written by samr
great informative reading with Selene. Good advice with care." ... written by David
great reading" ... written by cheesesticks08
She is excellent with her cards." ... written by softwater
Comforting as usual! :) Eventhough I seem silly and ask same questions she never ever hesitates to help and find answers! Ty so much x " ... written by Ashleigh
Dedicated reader." ... written by softwater
Honest, up front, caring, and detailed with her reading. I believe her to be on spot!" ... written by softwater
Great reading" ... written by cheesesticks
ACCURATE!!! you dont even have to tell her everthing, Selene will see it!! all her predictions have come to pass. SELENE IS ALWAYS RIGHT! Danke schon Selene :) :) :)" ... written by gabby
Very good reading." ... written by softwater
she is really the clearest and most reliable. i just feel it every time. let's see how it goes the next few weeks in the subjects we covered" ... written by skyreader
Selene is patient and thoughtful. She does incredibly accurate readings including timelines. She teaches me about myself and how to be the best person I can be and be the best person in my relationships " ... written by Eli
She is helpful and very very experienced with her cards. " ... written by softwater
thank you selene" ... written by all
she is amazing and selene is always right... " ... written by all
Thank you Selene you were right on!!!" ... written by Stephanie
truthful, honest and awesome!" ... written by sdf
Yes you were right!!! This woman amazes me how great she is with her cards!!!!! ahhhh!" ... written by Stephanie
She is so confident with her cards, so experienced. It is a pleasure." ... written by softwater
Selene has been accurate on many things. Even as precise on when I will receive a text message. She is an exceptional reader and I go to her all the time for help. " ... written by Eli
Amazing" ... written by Ashleigh
fantastic" ... written by tamjones
Always there, always accurate, always asking and answering the right questions. She uses her cards incredibly well. " ... written by Eli
She is really very good at what she does!" ... written by softwater
She has been very precise and helpful. " ... written by softwater
Selene has always been a kind, insightful, and supportive. Her readings have helped me a great deal. " ... written by ELi
She is incredibly accurate with her cards, and a very kind person as well!" ... written by softwater
she was so fast and spot on!!!! " ... written by brianaaf2
Thank you selene. Accurate as always" ... written by nadia
she was very fast and didnt waste time, she is also very accurate" ... written by mariam
its a great reading" ... written by cheesesticks
She has been SO accurate. I don't know how she does it. She readings the cards like they are an extension of her. You helps me see what is to come and how to handle the situation until things happen. " ... written by Eli
She read her cards with much detail and confidence. A pleasure!" ... written by softwater
she provided more than perfect service for me. Just wow! She is amazing! It was like she was reading my mind. No scripts, no remember anything from my past, she was truly in my head and in my heart. I am so impressed.!!!" ... written by brianaaf2
she's a great reading" ... written by cheesesticks
WOW WOW WOW WOW so much information.....thank you Selene!!!!!!!!! you are so amazing with your cards!!!!!! :)" ... written by Stephanie
thank you selene" ... written by all
Its always great talking with selene. She is honest and sincere and always very helpful" ... written by pax
Selene is absolutely the best! She is always spot on with my current life goals and challenges while providing encouragement. She is understanding and non-judgmental with a sensitive spirit which makes it comfortable for me to talk with her because we have similar experiences. I highly recommend Selene for anyone who needs guidance and clarity in their life path or destiny!" ... written by E
she's accurate and patient! one of the best here" ... written by cheesesticks08
great reading!! she's good with the cards" ... written by cheesesticks
Very good and detailed reading." ... written by softwater
She is incredibly accurate even with time! Can't believe how she knows what will happen." ... written by Eli
Great reading! I hope its a yes for more dates... got cut off ;p" ... written by cheesesticks
She knows her cards inside out - it is quite remarkable. And she is a lovely person." ... written by softwater
Very good!" ... written by softwater
Selene is by far my fav of all on Oranum! She is time efficient, truthful, doesnt sugar coat and also doesn't run up money. She is super kind and considerate! Just waiting on predictions now! " ... written by Ashleigh
she is very confident with her cards, and a very nice person." ... written by softwater
Selene is such an amazing woman! She always knows how to connect to my situation and give full details on what is going on in the other persons life as well as mine. She is able to relate the two and give a full explanation into things happening and choices being made. I absolutely adore her. She is so sweet and always so accurate! It was almost like she was reading my mind and heart. You will not be disappointed, she gives clarity when you just need answers to questions you cannot seem to get closure on. " ... written by brianaaf2
Selene has always been there, so accurate with her readings that ewe njoy the process so much!" ... written by Eli
Selene is an angel. She is such a gifted reader. She is accurate with time and details. Incredibly intelligent as well. " ... written by Eli
I love Selene, she is so awesome and always on point every time, her time frames too, she knows her cards with out doubt !!! I will be back like always, I really trust her and what she says " ... written by Lady
Selene is soooo talented. She can see through me. She can read me like a book. All predictions come true." ... written by Romana
Finally someone who's not afraid to tell the truth and give good advice. Thanks Sel!" ... written by Johny
Love u Selene!! " ... written by Ashleigh
Thanks selene. You're so sincere and non judgmental. Keep up the good work." ... written by Veronica
Selene is the best" ... written by mammaldodging
Very quick and accurate. Asks few questions and knows things only a gifted person could know." ... written by Emma
she is sooo accurate and so far her words pointed everything. amazing. so much info. " ... written by samr
Great and awesome reading with Selene! We have a strong connection which allows her to give excellent guidance and life possibilities relating to my love life. Highly recommended!" ... written by E
very accurate very good ." ... written by samr
She is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Her predictions do come to pass!" ... written by softwater
She is simply great at what she does !!!!" ... written by softwater
reading is full of details :)" ... written by cheesesticks08
she is always good.." ... written by louis
ALL HER PREDICTIONS COME TRUE!!!! everything she says happen!!! thank you soo much selene!" ... written by gabby
A detailed reading, very consistent with previous ones. She is top notch!" ... written by softwater
Very friendly and calm approach. Connected fast and was straight to the point. Concrete information as well x" ... written by Cindy
As usual, amazing. Friendly connection, no sugar coating. You ask 1 question and she will answer it in depth, sometimes even answering 2 within the 1! Not time consuming and very very considerate! xxx" ... written by Ashleigh
Selene is the most accurate reader I have met so far. She is a strongminded person who is logical and thoughtful. She uses the cards as an extensive of her mind when doing a reading. She is accurate on time and place. " ... written by Eli
great read and fast. a lot of information from Selene. " ... written by SSPP
DANKE SCHON Selene. ALL HER PREDICTIONS COME TRUE! for the past year all her predictions come true, Thank you soo much selene!!!" ... written by Cathy
She is very generous and helpful. And accurate, I'm sure." ... written by softwater
Thank you so much Selene, for calming me" ... written by Nadia
great update as usual" ... written by cheesesticks
Excellent as usual! Highly recommended!" ... written by E
She was great! Tuned in fast and was very accurate!" ... written by Christy
Selene is always there to calm me down and put things in perspective. She is accurate on events and time. She is very gifted. " ... written by Eli
She is lovely and so very good at what she does - it is a pleasure!" ... written by softwater
She's amazing!!!" ... written by CoolGirl65
Fast and quick like always " ... written by cheesesticks08
great reading!" ... written by cheesesticks
She is compassionate and very consistent with predictions." ... written by softwater
Thank you Selene you have calmed me and given me hope and I know you are right. God bless you. i will stay positive and keep being calm...xoxo" ... written by Nadia
thank you so much!" ... written by BrianaAf2
I have been coming to Selene for 2 months now. She is my first choice on Oranum and I feel great connection with her. " ... written by Ashleigh
great reading" ... written by cheesesticks
good session. " ... written by GK
ALL her predictions come true!!!! she is fast and gives you the truth, whether you want to hear it or not. Love her, thank you soo much Selene!!" ... written by gabby
Selene, you are amazing. thank you so much for helping me and keeping me calm. You give me hope and positivity :)" ... written by nadia
she is non-judgemental and her predictions do happen :)" ... written by cheesesticks
i don't know why i ever go to anyone else. i guess it is because sometimes selene isn't here. selene is always right. she is amazing. and kind. and she doesn't take advantage. she cares. and she's always right... " ... written by all
thanks selene. you are always right and you are always the best" ... written by all
She is very generous, very precise, very involved and accurate." ... written by softwater
Thank you so much Selene" ... written by nadia
thank you for the reading!! :)" ... written by cheesesticks08
she is so amazing. thank you selene" ... written by all
she's a great reader! one of the best here!" ... written by cheesesticks
So accurate and its amazing. " ... written by samr
No bull . No pretension (which I think is very rare). HIGHLY recommendable. Thanks for making a difference and sharing your gifts." ... written by sophia
Selene is so accurate. She is really amazing. Thank you Selene. " ... written by all
Very good reading, well connected and detailed. Quite a few predictions!" ... written by softwater
She is sooooo good! Fast and very accurate! I will come back." ... written by Christy
EXCELLENT READING!!!!! absolutely loved it. she says the truth always, thank you soo much Selene!" ... written by gabby
Very detailed and caring reading. " ... written by softwater
awsome " ... written by Moniusco
predictions do happen :)" ... written by cheesesticks
Thank you Sel. Great reading. Selene is always right." ... written by Morning star
My favorite phychic on this site. The best one hands down. She knows things she's not supposed to know. Spooky :)" ... written by Angie
She's the best. Insightful and very positive. I'll come back. xoxoxo" ... written by Mikey
There was a technical glitch, could not finish reading, but she was great, very quick, very detailed!" ... written by softwater
absolutely love her! Thank you" ... written by BrianaAf2
Straight to the point! Doesn't waist your time or money! Polite and with time frame. " ... written by C
great reading! thank you for being here" ... written by cheesesticks
great reading" ... written by cheesesticks08
She said this is one of the best relationship spreads she's ever seen! This makes me so happy!!! Thank you Selene :) Can't wait to come update you :) :) :)" ... written by Stephanie
Selene is just a wonderful person who provides great clarity, insight, and understanding into life situations. She has a wonderful and gentle spirit who also tells you not what you want to hear, but tells you what you're supposed to hear. She is great and highly recommend for anyone needing clarity and direction to the fulfillment of their destiny!" ... written by E
Selene is amazing. so far what she said was all correct. should try her. and always nice and kind. " ... written by smar
great reading" ... written by cheesesticks
Excellent! Selene is the best and provides great detail during readings. I highly recommend!" ... written by E
Selene is helpful, wonderful, and caring" ... written by mammaldodging
She is sooo good! I love her! GReat connecting with me and the info was very accurate." ... written by Anna
Always a refreshing time with you selene thank you." ... written by Pax
Selene is one of my two, if not my very, favorite. She is amazingly accurate. When she says he will contact me, he contacts me. I don't know how she does it. Thank you Selene. " ... written by all
great reading" ... written by cheesesticks
detailed and in depth reading, with much honesty." ... written by softwater
thank you selene" ... written by all
Thank you selene!" ... written by briana
Very connected reading. She's good! Do not have long to wait to confirm predictions!!!" ... written by softwater
she is so accurate all the time!" ... written by n g
I just love Selene . She is wise beyond her years." ... written by J
great reading!" ... written by cheesesticks
I feel like now the best reader on Oranum, Selene, is my best friend now. Her readings are always accurate and fun :) love you selene, thank you soo much." ... written by gabby
very detailed reading. honest !!" ... written by softwater
Very very detailed reading. She is caring!" ... written by softwater
she's one of the nicest reader here" ... written by cheesesticks
Great reading from Selene, she is patient and willing to give you advice and answer questions" ... written by m27inal
thank you selene" ... written by all
She is always on point! Fast, accurate and very detailed. I love Selene's energy and her style of readings." ... written by Gracie
Selene is a beautiful person who is compassionate, non-judgmental, and provides great insight. I highly recommend!" ... written by E
LUV...LUV...LUV her! She is one of the best here." ... written by Mya
thank you selene" ... written by all
Her predictions come true i thought i lost the love of my life forever and she said she still loved me and she would come back and she has !!!!" ... written by Jonathan
Selene has always been there and has been so accurate. She is always supportive and very honest. " ... written by Eli
Thank you Selene :)" ... written by Nadia
she is so good, the best " ... written by julie
thank you so much selene " ... written by all
great job" ... written by sdd
thanks selene. sorry to be so confusing. i am just having a rough morning. your readings were great. thank you so so so much" ... written by all
Thank You, Selene, for this caring and most certianly accurate reading. Take good care." ... written by softwater
Excellent! Her predictions have come true! Selene is absolutely wonderful and highly recommend!" ... written by E
Just completely awesome read as always !!! Selene never lets me down and is always on point !!! Thank you" ... written by lady
Very good reading with Selene. I can't wait to come back to tell her predictions have manifested. " ... written by softwater
Great reading as usual!!" ... written by cheesesticks
great reading" ... written by cheesesticks
She is simply the best here. All her predctions came to true:) So happy that I know her!" ... written by Julia
Great readings as always! So many details in a such a short period of time. Great." ... written by Linda
My favourite on this site:) Love her so much:) I am addicted to her and her readings!" ... written by B
selene is the best." ... written by sky reader
Very challenging reading. But I know her intentions are all good." ... written by softwater
A caring and detailed reading with many wonderful predictions - will be back to confirm as they manifest. Thank you!" ... written by softwater
thank you selene. " ... written by all
great update" ... written by cheesesticks
Very honest, glad for this reading." ... written by Alex
Thank you Selene for calming my happy we got to read again and that I was able to update you...I will come back and try to catch you again soon. Again, best cards she's seen :) xoxoxo" ... written by Stephanie
she is still the best" ... written by julie
Best psychic ever. She could read me like a book!!!" ... written by Norma
Good reading. Fast and to the point. She knows and understands my situation without asking questions. Very good." ... written by Satish
Very quick, doesn't beat around the bush like so many psychics do." ... written by Cattie
Selene is brilliant. She just asked my name and gave me a reading about my past and present. She was 100% correct. I like advice she gave me on how to deal with my boyfriend. Thanks Selene." ... written by Elena
Thank you for your help! I appreciate your being so straight-forward! I will let you know how it all turns out!" ... written by Cyndbear
Well I am amazed!! In our first ever read she told me I would have a house closer to the baby arriving (march) and today that was confirmed!! She is forever telling me 100% what she thinks as well as what she sees! I love coming to Selene for a read, you will too!!" ... written by Ashleigh
thank you for being here!" ... written by cheesesticks08
great update" ... written by cheesesticks08
SELENE IS ALWAYS RIGHHHTTT!!!!! Best tarot reader on oranum!! " ... written by cathy
Thank you for the reading!" ... written by cheesesticks
very quick and fast" ... written by tulipsugar123
another wonderful reading :)" ... written by rob
Selene is always right, doesnt matter what you tell her, her cards see everything!!!! thank you sooo much selene!!!" ... written by gabby
Selene is so spot on...she is a wonderful reader with amazing gifts. I appreciate her honesty and her words of wisdom. " ... written by Carrie
What a lovely girl" ... written by Lilith
Selene is s a very gifted psychic with incredible intuition and empathy and besides shes really cool" ... written by Kinkee
Perfect reading for the first times. Selene didn't know me before this reading but he could tell me my life and was 100% spot on" ... written by Inga
Thank you for the honest reading. Deep down I know that was the truth but I just tried to deny it. You are great! " ... written by cobayangini
Excellent!" ... written by E
Detailed, honest reading." ... written by softwater
she is absolutely amazing. All of what she said was real. very honest. " ... written by smar
Selene is always right! " ... written by iamthatiam
AMAZING! Super fast and helpful! I loved her!" ... written by belivenlove
Great reading. She's really nice :)" ... written by cheesesticks
Even when sick Selene is generous! I hope you feel better soon!" ... written by Ashleigh
Thank you so much" ... written by nadia
very accurate" ... written by Mike
very honest and quick to connect. Thank you for your amazing insight, will keep it in mind for sure" ... written by nick
Thank you Selene for the timeframe on far you have been right on!!!! xoxoxo" ... written by Stephanie
shes awesome as always!" ... written by belivenlove
thank you selene" ... written by all
Selene has always been truthful, helpful, and willing to dole out both the good and the bad news even when it makes both her and the client (me) upset. But if you are returning client she treats you like an old friend. Always helpful and always to the point. Highly recommended " ... written by mammaldodging
she is really wonderful" ... written by all
Thank you so much Selene. You are amazing!" ... written by nadia
Selene is wonderful to speak with because she is non-judgmental, provides a lot of details, and is always very connected to your current situation. She guides you to the best outcome possible. I highly recommend!" ... written by E
good reading, lots of detail. " ... written by softwater
Thank you Selene for the have eased my mind xo" ... written by Stephanie
EXCELLENT!!! all her predictions come true!!!" ... written by gabby
Thank you for the reading :) Good as always... If its ok, can I get your last reply? " ... written by cheesesticks08
Always good to talk with you!" ... written by bri
thank you selene" ... written by all
She's always on point xxxxx" ... written by Me
selene is always right. " ... written by all
thank you selene" ... written by all
ALL HER PREDICTIONS COME TRUE!!! i love selene, so fast in her readings, never waste your time, and always tells the truth! perfect reader on oranum." ... written by gabby
thank you so much selene. please don't forget to put the note for me... oh you are so great selene. thank you so much" ... written by all
I love her so much. I wouldn't know what to do if I didn't have her in my life!" ... written by J
awesome , a true gem!" ... written by sd
Very precise, concise, no spirit/guide/twin flames mambo-jumbo. She reads cards and reads them well. She gave me good advice and didn't try to prolong the reading. Best in Oranum" ... written by Duda
Thank you for being here" ... written by cheesesticks08
I always trust Selene to see the situation. Thank you Selene, great quick ready for me today. I'm sure I'll be back." ... written by Rebecca
Thank you selene" ... written by snowflake
The best psychic on this site. All her predictions came to true - time frame too:) I will highly recommend Selene as a truly gifted peson." ... written by Britney
Very good seer" ... written by Maya
good good ." ... written by Nancy
She sooooo good. Thanks you sweetie. You helped me a lot." ... written by lulu
ASkSelene gave me a very quick but very accurate reading. She correctly read my current situation and gave me good advice. I will come back" ... written by pinky friend
Its always great talking to Selene she is honest and kind and gives very insightful readings. " ... written by Pax
thank you for the update sweetie. cant wait until your predictions happen - as they to every time xoxoxo" ... written by Bernadette
EXCELLENT READING!!!!" ... written by gabby
Selene is always being honest. " ... written by Eli
EXCELLENT READING! Selene is always right!!!! her advice is the best!" ... written by gabby
I like Selene very much. She is the best psychic here. She is wise and insightful." ... written by Pika pika
She worth every penny. Good seer. May gods shower her with blessings!" ... written by Dev Kumar
Great sense of humor, very direct, warm and friendly. She can't be painfully truthful, but always right. As everybody from her channel sais: Selene is always right :)" ... written by Abishek
Like always Selene is always right! It's just hard to accept and hear the truth." ... written by J
great reading" ... written by cheesesticks08
Selene is great, wonderful, non-judgmental, understanding, and has a pure heart. She is always honest and only seeks to assist you in your path to your destiny! I highly recommend!" ... written by E
Thank you selene. You are amazing an dI appreciate you very much. You have helped me so much! Some of her previous predictions have already come to pass with contact and situations. I am looking forward to the overall prediction to happen. God Bless u so much!" ... written by nadia
she is absolutely correct about situations and people.i love her readings.just waiting for the predictions to happen.thank you Selene." ... written by N G
Thank you very much, Selene! You helped me alot. " ... written by Dignity
Selene is amazing as always xxxxxx" ... written by me
she was great, picked up on things very quickly does not waste time. i will be very excited to see her predictions come true. thank you" ... written by paula
good redaing. thanks selene." ... written by softwater
SELENE IS ALWAYS RIGHT!!!!!" ... written by gabby
she is a beautiful reeader and very fast to connect she has amazing insight and is very kind also xx " ... written by tarot
she super accurate and had huge gift...i keep coming back to her since 2 years...." ... written by jennifer
She's really nice to talk to with good advice." ... written by Julie
really good reading" ... written by priyanka
thank you selene" ... written by all
she;s really the best, always connects, always remembers and i trust her" ... written by skyreader
Great reading" ... written by cheesesticks08
Thank you Selene. You are the best in every way!" ... written by J
ever in doubt Selene is the only one to come to !!! She is and has always been on point, just excellent !!! LOVE HER !!! Great spirit, very sweet !!! " ... written by Lady
The best psychic ever. As everybody says: Selene is always right!" ... written by Mia
Truthful, honest and accurate. Knows my past and present and her predictions come true. Very good advisor" ... written by Jenny
You helped me soo much with my girlfriend. You can read us like a book. I'm sure gonna to it. Thanks!!!!" ... written by Les-ley
Thank you Selene. She is accurate in reading my situation and amazingly accurate with time frames as well. God bless u Selene" ... written by Nadia
thank you." ... written by softwater
thank you selene" ... written by all
it was good connection. always very very accurate and honest and to the very point. Thanks " ... written by smr
EXCELLENT READING! Accurate as always!!! Selene is always right!" ... written by gabby
thank you so much Selene. Selene is always right :)) " ... written by allbright
thank you so much" ... written by Jacqueline
Selene is absolutely the best! Her predictions have come to pass and continue to unfold day by day! I highly recommend!!" ... written by E
excellent as always!!" ... written by gabby
Selene is wonderful and very reassuring when giving guidance and direction. She is great and awesome when it comes to making life decisions because she is non-judgmental and has high integrity! " ... written by E
great reading! hope that theres good news soon :)" ... written by cheesesticks
great reading" ... written by cheesesticks
thank you selene" ... written by all
so great, thank you for that insight, very honest" ... written by the world
Selene is one of the best here, if you're a regular she treats you like family and doles out tough love when need be, but it is always from a genuine place. Highly recommended and she's so right all the time you will want to return" ... written by mammaldodging
Sel is the absolute best !!!! " ... written by lady
Sel is great, just great. Each and every single prediction happens. It's almost spooky. Thanks gal" ... written by Johny
You are a godsend Selene. Thank you for all that you do even when u are sick. I truly hope u get well soon :)" ... written by Nadia
wow she is so good. thank you so much Selene. excellent as expected " ... written by jade
She soooooo good. Moon goddess. I love her. Every word true. Thank you goddess!" ... written by Minzi
Thanks for the update. I know that what you're saying is true." ... written by Lila
Thanks Sel. You helped me again. I hope this jerk get what's you predicted. " ... written by Laura
I have been coming to Selene for few months now and she is always amazing. So many details and predictions always come true. Thanks a lot Selene x" ... written by val
Thanks as always!" ... written by HJ
Selene is always helpful" ... written by mammaldodging
thanks, selene." ... written by softwater
Thank you, Selene. Very caring reading." ... written by softwater
Selene is always right xxxxx" ... written by Me
thank you selene" ... written by all
Selene is always very honest and accurate. She shows her concern and is incredibly supportive. " ... written by Eli
she is fab!! wow! was straight onto things without me telling her and she is very very accurate. 10/10 thank you!! Will definently be back x" ... written by Katie
thank you for being there" ... written by cheesesticks08
Every single one of her predictions came true!!! for the past year, everything she said is true!!! " ... written by gabby
EXCELLENT READING" ... written by gabby
Thank you Selene ones again you help me in so many ways. You have helped me emotionally and physically. I just Love you!!!" ... written by J
good!" ... written by Sam
thank u wery much. i will really come back :)))" ... written by mikiiii87
she's a supportive and awesome reader." ... written by cheesesticks08
Good reading." ... written by softwater
Perfect session. Great seer. Thanks a lot Selene!!!!!!!!" ... written by Lucy
Thank you so much Selene. Your predictions are slowly unfolding :) You are the best!!!" ... written by Nadia
great reading" ... written by cheesesticks08
love her!!!" ... written by Brianaaf2
Its always great with you and your readings are very comforting and correct!" ... written by pax
got cut off during the reading but she is always accurate." ... written by N G
Its been a life changing experience with Selene! All is good and she guided me there. " ... written by Pax
thank you for the great reading" ... written by cheesesticks08
great reading as always .." ... written by sd
Wonderful. Straightfoward." ... written by Cierra
Good reader. Quick and precise. Sel gave me good advice. I will be back." ... written by Saurab
Wow, she left me speechless. She knew things about me no one here knows. How many children I have, what's my line of work, what are my goals and even that I need to get a new car!!" ... written by Niki
Selene is always right. everybody says that, it's true. Her last predictions came true in every details. I can't wait until her today's predictions happen. Thanks Selene!!!" ... written by Mikey
Great reading! :)" ... written by cheesesticsk08
She was great in reading will wait and see.. Thanks Selene" ... written by sc
SELENE IS ALWAYS RIGHT!!! Never has her predictions failed, i trust her 100 percent. All things come true with her " ... written by gabby
I just Love Selene, she is always amazingly accurate and predictions come true!" ... written by v
thank you for that amazing reading. She provided very accurate reading and I look forward to what will happen in the future. " ... written by tyler
She is so positive and correct in reading situation. She is awesome at what she does and I appreciate selene so much. Thank you" ... written by Nadia
Selene is the best and I really appreciate her guidance. She is always honest, accurate, and sensitive to your situation. I enjoy speaking with her and getting clarity when necessary. I highly recommend!" ... written by E
Best value for money one can find on Oranum. It took her 3 minutes to answer my three questions and asses my current life situation. Very charming too. I love the accent. " ... written by Patty
Great reading as usual" ... written by cheesesticsk08
thank you selene" ... written by all
Selene makes my day! I wish she was closer to California!" ... written by J
EVERY PREDICTION CAME TRUE!!!! " ... written by cathy
She is exceptional picked up on my situation right away" ... written by wolfy
thank you sorry i ran out of credits but i appreciate the reading many blessings xx" ... written by Josie
Thank you so much Selene" ... written by Nadia
Wow shes amazing, she picked up so much information that its crazy! lol" ... written by babyyy
thank you selene. " ... written by all
All her predictions happened. I didn't have to say anything except from my name. She knew all my issues, just read them from her cards." ... written by Lucy
thank you selene" ... written by all
Excellent as usual! Highly recommend!" ... written by E
Great reading" ... written by cheesesticks08
She very good. Sees all. I don't even need to talk to her, just ask a question and she will answer with all the details. And she doesn't waste your time, quick and to the point." ... written by Ola
Selene79 is very professional and accurate reader. She doesn't wait time asking dozes of questions just to get as much info as possible, she's quick and to the point. Her predictions are honest and happen (I'm her regular customer). She can read my past and present as well and is freakishly on the spot here. I couldn't find a better seer here." ... written by Mikey
pretty cool. she was able to know character traits of people, and other small random but significant things that you cannot just guess. " ... written by Alex
Thank you sooo much Sel. You can always calm me and give perspective on my life. I appreciate that. " ... written by moonprincess
A loving and caring reader, pure heart, always good advice. I am so greatful that I have her in my life." ... written by Laura
thank you selene" ... written by all
Thank u for an assome update." ... written by Kathy
She is the most accurate reader on this site. Always right:)" ... written by Becky
Selene is always right. She gives best advice and her predictions happen. Thanks a lot Selene" ... written by Blubelle
Brutally honest but right. She will not blow sunshine up your ass, she'll tell you how the things really are. Great personality, very open and non-judgemental." ... written by Billy
thank you for the reading" ... written by cheesesticks08
Selene was so helpful...what a wonderful, beautiful connection. I am so grateful for her and her guidance. I appreciate her!!" ... written by Carrie
selene is always right!!!!!" ... written by me
Very accurate as always, very helpful as always, precise as usual. Love this woman with my whole heart." ... written by KL
She is such a wonderful person. Her predictions have come to pass. She is very generous and kind. Always on point. Great reader." ... written by Bee
ALL HER PREDICTIONS COME TRUE!" ... written by gabby
Open, honest and intuitive reading. Good life advice and such a beautiful soul." ... written by Just me
thank you selene" ... written by all
Selene is great and honest. Always spot on, thank you for your help. Love it:)" ... written by Maya
I love her so much!" ... written by J
thank you selene" ... written by all
Thank you so much Selene. I definitely value you advice and you have been extremely supportive and correct on a lot of things that you have told me. " ... written by nadia
Wonderful reading, spot on, quick connection, and very truthful. Very kind and doesn't waste time. Worth the time~" ... written by lornalulu
thank you selene" ... written by all
She is the best! I wish everyone could meet her...I believe every word she says because it does happen! I just Love...Love...Love her!" ... written by J
great reading" ... written by cheese
Really good reading, she gave me a timeframe I will keep her posted." ... written by BN
Selene is the psychic on this site. All her prediction came to truth. ALL of them. Thank you." ... written by Linda
Great reading as always :)" ... written by cheesesticks08
OMG....selene u reading has made me feel so much better. Thank you for the relief you have given me. I have been really stressed. God Bless u :)" ... written by Nadia
She is very honest and nice. She is so accurate as well." ... written by Etoilee8
Shes the best" ... written by the world
great reading" ... written by cheesesticks08
She is just the best!" ... written by Jacqueline
Selene is always right on point and quick to give great guidance. Always a pleaure" ... written by Pax
predictions are appropriate" ... written by sheena
thank you selene. " ... written by all
nice reading what i needed and was clear" ... written by Rhadhannia
loved my reading, honest, but kind and very sweet! Connected right away, very quick with information and seemed very accurate. will be back!" ... written by lornalulu
EXCELLENT READING!" ... written by gabby
Beautiful angel with a beautiful soul. Helped me so many times:) Thank you Selene for the great reading." ... written by Linda
The best reader on this site. Thank you for your help, patience and honesty." ... written by Laura
Selene is great!!! best reader and very honest" ... written by the world
Wow. The reading was absoultely amazing. I am spechless..." ... written by Mike
very sincere and accurate in her readings for me." ... written by sd
Short but excellent read :-)" ... written by Scrol123
I cant believe how she connects and gets the situation so right so clear. Gifted and very very kind!" ... written by Wolfy
thank you selene" ... written by all
She makes my day all the time! She is brilliant at what she does and plain beautiful!" ... written by J
Selene has been so right in her guidance. My husband and I have been separated for 9 mths and she told me we would be back together and he will be coming back to me but I was doubtful and I have to say she was correct. He asked me to come back and be a family again!!! I am so happy. Her predictions are right and she is extremely accurate! Everything she said has come to pass!!!" ... written by Nadia
she is the best" ... written by julie
she is an amazing reader. thank you for putting up with me and my craziness LOL. you are truly the best reader here! thank you selene xox" ... written by the world
thanks Selena always advice I can trust " ... written by Traceu
She relieves my stress for sure...I look forward to more positive changes." ... written by Jacqueline
I love her so much! My stress and nervousness has calm down a lot! Thank you!" ... written by J
The best psychic on this site, all her predictions came to truth. Gentle, loving soul with a lot of patience. Always keep me calm. Love this woman." ... written by Susan
Selene made my day now I can go to work happy! She makes life easier to live in! Many thanks" ... written by J
Thank you Selene. In depth reading and advice" ... written by irelandirish
Time and time again I come back. I trust her. She picks up on the tiniest details and always gets it right!" ... written by M
she is amazing i trust her so much. it always comes true" ... written by katie
Selene provided the truth, which was something i have been waiting for, for a very long time. She does not hesitate, but is very confident and straight forward in her psychic skills. I will without a doubt reconsult with her! " ... written by Miss
Thank you " ... written by bri
Selene is excellent as usual with current insight and how to best navigate your present life. Highly recommend!" ... written by E
Thank you for the reading Selene. It was great. I will be back for sure" ... written by Rachel
She is prompt in her reading and can switch gears very well." ... written by Mahblr
she is the best" ... written by julie
The best!" ... written by the world
fantastic advice as always" ... written by tricky
Very talented reader. Intuitively knows what's going on, doesn't ask many questions like some other psychics do. Quick and friendly. Cheers" ... written by Johny
selene is great! love her readings!" ... written by the world
she's great, quick, to the point and doesn't talk sh**" ... written by Shamona
Its always a good feeling getting a reading from Selene. Very honest and insightful." ... written by pax
Hi Selene. Thanks for info. It helped me a lot. Now, she's finally agreed to see me again. " ... written by Mikey
Thank you Selene for your insights. As always, you speak truth and give me comfort in this difficult time" ... written by Anna
Hi Lovely" ... written by Prince
Thank you sweetie for your support. I did exactly what you told me to and it worked. Keeping my fingers crossed for the future." ... written by Babe
good experience with this free spirit" ... written by Minnie
Very insightful, honest and warm. Thanks for the reading and restoring me back to my happy self" ... written by Lula
My heart breaks because I want something so bad but can't have! Selene tells it how it is and it is so frustrating, but she knows what's best for me!" ... written by J
selene is always right :)" ... written by all
thank you Selene" ... written by Katerina
wonderful, very wonderful, I really like her alot. " ... written by dddDDDDDDDDDDD
Thank you for the update. I'll be back tomorrow" ... written by Minnie
Greetings from Mars" ... written by Noisy
The best seer in the whole Oranum. She knows things only I should know about me. Spooky" ... written by Pixie
Very nice to talk with her all the time" ... written by j
awesome reading so true!" ... written by mariquita
It was great catching up with Selene. So far her predictions have always proved correct, she is really talented and knows what she's talking about" ... written by jesen
you are amazing. I love you so much. you calm me down. " ... written by DD
Very good! " ... written by Zano
She threw my fears out the window! I can breathe now! She makes everything so much better!" ... written by J
Thanks Selene. Very good reading!" ... written by Linda
Fast, lovely and very to the point. Gives best advice!" ... written by Roman
She just makes everything feel better of what she sees! I hope she never leaves Oranum!" ... written by J
She's awesome! She is always right and has been accurate about every prediction so far! Thank you selene!!!" ... written by angelbabyx1231
Thank you for the reading" ... written by Katie
Good reader. Doesn't ask questions, just reads her cards and tells the truth. Thanks." ... written by Ludwig
Thanks Sel. Hope all works out like you said" ... written by Bear
even with technical difficulties, selene was great, as always" ... written by angelbabyx1231
She's really accurate, I remember going to her and she guided me with dates and insights and they came true, every single time. Lets hope this time it will be right again!" ... written by betoolibertie
ALL HER PREDICTIONS COME TRUE!!!!! SOO SHOCKED!!!! Danke shon fraulien Selene :)" ... written by gabby
Nice reading and every piece of information is gathered from the tarot cards in complex spreads. Such job can't be executed by just anyone! Expert." ... written by Romario
she;s the best ...." ... written by skyreader
selene was very accurate about my dads sickness long ago, i like her intuition, very honest and spot on !!!" ... written by search
Thank you so much. You are amazing at what you do and u read my situation accurately. Your time frames for contact is awesome and has always been accurate. Thank you so much my friend" ... written by Nadia
Selene is my favorite reader. Last time I had a reading with her she gave my some advice that literally changed my entire perspective. She is wonderful, caring and loving and I cannot recommend her enough." ... written by mammaldodging
Outstanding" ... written by Jay
Thanks, Selene your readings give me more inspirations in my situation! You are the best!" ... written by j
selene is truly gifted and wonderful. thank you selene. " ... written by all
Thank you so much Selene!!! I will keep you updated." ... written by Eden
Thank you Selene very much. You're truly gifted and your predictions do happen. Cheers. J" ... written by Jon
She great seer and visionary. She know my life good. She know my past good. Many thanks to she" ... written by Dupah
Waiting for my results to come true! but she is always right and it's just me wanting! " ... written by J
very good!" ... written by l
she is the best" ... written by julie
thank you again so much Selene. I know you are right. " ... written by allbright
Selene is wonderful and so accurate. Her predictions happen. Thank you Selene. " ... written by allbright
Selene is so wonderful and so accurate. Her predictions happen. " ... written by all
Sel is just awesome. Thanks for the reading, your advice was very insightful." ... written by Buba
Selene is wonderful and so accurate. Her predictions always happen. " ... written by Ola
Top psychic here, hands down. I'll be back soon!!" ... written by JP
First time here and already hooked, she's great!" ... written by Amin
Thank you so much Selene. You opened my eyes. You have a great gift of seeing things as they truly are - no better and no worse, this helps a lot." ... written by Nicky
Selene is among the elite on Oranum. Her timeframes are pretty much always right. She did it again and I had to comeback and tell her that her prediction and timeframe were right. She never lets me done and definitely has a way with her cards. i don't know how she does it. I will keep coming back to see if her next prediction/timeframe happens like she says it will. I already have no doubts it will! Thanks Selene :)" ... written by LA
Fast Accurate!" ... written by Jay
Selene is amazing. Selene knows things there is no way she could guess. Like when i was sure the flowers were from someone and it turned out they were from someone else and she knew. and everyone else said differently, but only selene knew... Selene is totally to be trusted. " ... written by allbright
Selene makes you think about life and how to go about any situation! I learn so much about myself when she talks to me and she knows me like a book! Amazing reading like always!" ... written by J
Selene is amazing! I've had several readings with her about the same situation and so far it's been accurate!" ... written by coolGirl65
ok." ... written by hannah008800
Thank you so much selene!!!! =)" ... written by Heiden
Thank you!" ... written by
Amazing reading, wow can't wait. I highly recommend her; straight to the point and honest. Thank you" ... written by theodora
has been quite helpful and honest and predictions have come to pass. highly recommend." ... written by sd
She is amazing. She is fantastic. She knows. " ... written by allbright
Selene is absolutely awesome!!! She has been able to accurately predict things for me and she is always right!! Her major prediction about my husband and I reuniting has come to pass and looking forward to other issues that I have coming to pass as well with her predictions. She has always been very supportive and I absolutely love her!!!" ... written by Nadia
Selene is a wonderful person who provides great clarity in any situation. Her willingness to understand and non-judgmental attitude gives a great sense of calm when under stressful life circumstances. I highly recommend her!" ... written by E
She is sooooooo good!!!! My first time with her and so genuine." ... written by D
She was simply super!!!! Excellent" ... written by G
Fast Accurate! Detailed" ... written by Jay
Great, great reader, I come back again and again. " ... written by
Excellent as usual! Very detailed and very connected to situation to provide proper guidance! I highly recommend Selene!! 5-stars" ... written by E
the besets....i had like 20 readings with her...and highly recommend her thank you" ... written by inna
Great reading and fast! first time" ... written by E
She was really nice to me, loved her reading :) thank u!" ... written by Adiz
I love you! You are the most accurate of them all. " ... written by allbright
She is just breath -taking in everything! Wonderful" ... written by J
She is wonderful" ... written by J
Great reader - hope predictions come true" ... written by Maia
Gave me some insights and made some predictions. I will come back in some time to see if they were correct." ... written by M
Very lovely warm energy and connects well - accurate and tuned in very well to feelings and circumstances. " ... written by CB
Selene remains the best" ... written by mammaldodging
wonderful reading and straight!" ... written by chi
"what a pleasure the reading was, she is such a wonderfully gifted lady"" ... written by happy4you7
I love talking to her" ... written by Julie
shes awesome. predictions always come true" ... written by the world
she;s really the best on here. you won't find anyone better and more caring and precise. she will always tell you the truth with care and she has helped me so much" ... written by skyreader
Bless you Selene you are amazing" ... written by
She's the sweetest! Love her!" ... written by l
She is amazing. Consistent outcomes for our readings. Its crazy how much progression there is though. And all good. She really does read well into the situation with her cards and her predictions have come true many times. Thanks for giving me hope again and helping to remove the doubts. " ... written by l
She is amazing. Selene is always right :)" ... written by all
OMG - she knew what I wanted to ask and gave the answers right away! Not only that she described the person and me so accurately - she was reading in me like in a book! She is so fast in connecting - I had lots of readings - but this one knocked me off my socks!!! I´m really impressed!! She does not waste your money - fast to the point- very nice - no sugarcoating! She gave all answers to my non spoken questions! FANTASTIC!!! " ... written by S.
I have no words" ... written by J
i love this woman....shes so nice cool and sweet person...easy to talk to...her predictions come true...i would highly recommend her and thank you for everything " ... written by inna
Thank you Selene...I agree with everything that you said" ... written by Nadia
Very kind and wants the best for people" ... written by J
Always so consistent! And reads her cards well!! Thanks Selene" ... written by L
Thank you so much Selene!!!! =)" ... written by Eden
Its always a pleasure. I love chatting you lift my spirits" ... written by pax
Excellent as usual and always spot on with the emotion or feelings of both people involved in the relationship. Selene is highly intuitive which helps her guide you to a positive outcome and understanding of current situation! 5-stars!!" ... written by E
selene is the best. " ... written by the world
accurate reading" ... written by ained
I had an update with Selene and she is so amazing - she described the situation so precisely ! Just wonderful! " ... written by S.
She is a very special lady. Accurate, dast and wise. No sugar coating. Highly recommend her!" ... written by Eli
Very helpful! All her predictions happend. Guided me into the right direction many times. Thank you Selene:)" ... written by Linda
Quick connection, lots of precise information, very insightful. Thank you " ... written by Pinklight
She is fantastic. I have been reading with her a while. Her accuracy is astounding. " ... written by allbright
Very good Reader that give very good advice :-)" ... written by Gunnar
selene is always right. very supportive and her cards are accurate. she is able to read a situation with such accuracy it is uncanny. do not hesitate to talk read with her " ... written by skyreader
Very frindely, accurate with a lot of great energy. Gives me great advice. Thank your. God bless u. I will speak to you again." ... written by Sandra
Love you Selene! Thank you for your help darling! You are truly the best on this site:)" ... written by KL
I was in a great fear, but Selene helped me through this. Now I'm in a great relationship and very happy. It's all thanks to Selene who guided me. She's amazing." ... written by Mia
Shes very talented reader. I trust her because she helped me a lot in the past. Good job Sel!" ... written by Ashish
Very good magical reading." ... written by Sergio
She beautiful and gifted" ... written by Slavko
she is sooooooo awesome. loved her and loved the reading and she is very talented. and yes beautiful inside and out." ... written by Awakenningbloom
SELENE IS ALWAYS RIGHT! Every single prediction comes true!!! danke schon Selene ;)" ... written by gabby
She picked up on my situation pretty well and was answering my questions before I could even ask them. I love her reading style and would definitely come back." ... written by Mimi
She gave me a really good reading and very good advise. I'm adding her to my contact list. Thank you AskSelene79" ... written by Joenell
Thanks for the update. You are right. AGAIN!!!!" ... written by Jessica
was awesome she was right on target " ... written by joey
One of my favourite readers, so insightful, quid connection and lots of clear precise information. Thank you" ... written by pinklight
Very detailed, spot on, and non-judgmental! 5-stars!!" ... written by E
Selene is amazing. So accurate. Even when I doubt, she is right... Fortunately for me today is such a wonderful reading :)" ... written by allbright
Very sincere psychic" ... written by j
amazing. accurate. selene is always right... for like two years, always right. amazing. don't know how she does it. " ... written by allbright