About AskRick

Psychic AskRickhas 10-15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic AskRickhas recently helped 9members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about AskRick's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I tend to be a bit of a rogue tarot reader, preferring to do readings in lines, at coffee shops, or on the street instead of in a formal setting. I have a very laid back and personal style, and want to help you understand the cards in your reading by helping you understand where they fall into the tarot story.

I've been reading for over 10 years, and am a Certified Tarot Reader (certified by the Tarot Certification Board of America. I am continuously working on all of their certification levels).

The first time I walked into a metaphysical store, the owner wouldn't take her eyes of me. Later, she slipped a deck of tarot cards into my hands and said, "You are very in touch with the other side. It would be a pity to waste your gift."

I wouldn't let her give me the cards for free, so I bought them, and gave my first reading that night. Since then, I haven't been able to learn enough about tarot.

I only have one deck, because I believe a bond is formed between the reader and the cards. I have this odd relationship with my deck, and it rewards me well, by helping me give some of the most accurate readings people have ever had.

My favorite types of questions are those regarding love and relationships, but I'm willing to broach any subject.

I subscribe to a very sincerely written code of ethics, and strive to ensure that my clients get the very best help for their problems and the very best answers to their questions. Please see my code of ethics below. I look forward to working with you!

I will always inspire and empower my clients to make their own decisions by reading the cards with honesty and integrity.

I will not predict the future, because I understand that the future is always changeable by the actions of my client. I will ensure that my client knows that there is no such thing as an outcome that cannot be changed by the choices they make.

I will treat clients equally with love and understanding, without discrimination.

I will never misrepresent my experience, abilities, or tarot certification level (currently it is Certified Tarot Reader, working toward Certified Professional Tarot Reader).

I will not offer medical, legal, financial, psychological, or spiritual advice, but will recommend a professional who can help my client in these areas of their life if they so request.

I will keep all personal information private unless I feel my client is a danger to themselves or others, or as required by law.

I will respect a client’s decision to end a reading at any time. I believe it is important to the quality of the reading that a client decides if and when they want a reading.

I will answer any questions a client has in regards to their reading. I believe a client has a right to have their questions answered fully.

Very Right on the money with things.....very good I was very impressed and with this being the first time I have had a reading done.....will do another reading with him." ... written by waterbaby65
Skilled at explaining the meaning of tarot and the cards. I would love to come back for another reading in the future. " ... written by R.T.
Very sweet and nice :) I liked this reading with Rick a lot. Next time I'll get more credits! Try him out - he worths every credit! 5*****" ... written by hugs2020
He was very honest...I liked the way he explained and see everything. I was totally amazed how well he 'knows' me. I'd recommend him for sure!!!" ... written by horizontall