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Psychic Ashynhas 20-25years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Ashynhas recently helped 1013members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Ashyn's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Specializing in:

Psychic Readings
Medium Readings
Past Life Regression
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My name is Ashyn and I have been a medium for as long as I can remember. My story is one of having it thrust upon me as a small child through a terrible accident. My first experience communicating with another dimension occurred much earlier at the tender age of three when I was hit by a car. Before being pulled out I saw an illuminated being that assured me everything would be alright. A few years later I would come to recognize that as having been an angel. I also began seeing spirit as a small child. For many years I interpreted messages to people around me from their loved ones that have passed on as well as their angels.

I am compelled to share my natural gift with others in an effort to comfort them in the face of seeming death. I derive a tremendous amount of pleasure from being able to help people connect with the people that have passed on and are around them in spirit. I realized early in my life how comforting this could be to the people I witnessed suffering so deeply the loss of loved ones. I enjoy using my gift to help others

I believe that we are all born with some level of natural psychic ability that in many cases just needs to be developed. The ones most familiar to us are;

Clairvoyance: To see
Clairaudience: To hear
Clairsentient: To feel
Clairolfactory: To smell
Clairgustate: To taste.

I have developed all of these senses over the years and love to work with others in helping them do the same. In keeping with the saying that it is better to teach a man to fish rather than give him a fish I feel strongly about teaching people how to unfold their own natural abilities. I do offer classes in psychic and medium un-foldment in private chat.

For years I have been connecting people with their past loved ones, giving information on their relationships, and their possibilities in their jobs. If you are needing validation of life after death by communication with a loved one that has passed on then please take me to private and allow me to tap into your energy and bring forth those messages that will give you comfort.

I am a certified medium and psychic. Here at oranum I bring your loved ones in two different ways, one is spirit centered which is a general mediumship reading or client centered where the client requests information about a particular individual. I require only your first name for a reading.

Certified Reiki Master

Certified Hypnotherapist


**Rules of Chat**

1. NO FREE READINGS – so please don’t ask 
2. Be respectful and mindful of others
3. No foul language

Ashyn is great! I had a great reading with her and she is so honest and straight forward. I highly recommend." ... written by jessicavictoria9
She's a doll and works hard" ... written by southernserenity
Wow. She was great and accurate. She brought forth family members she could not have known. She is definitely a favorite." ... written by jswede1149
Ashyn was great. She made a great connection with my loved one. She had wonderful messages from the other side, for me. Ashyn has helped validate a lot of things and helped to bring me closure. " ... written by AZAlison
AWESOME and GENUINE!" ... written by helenoftroy21
Great readings! Will be back! Thank you" ... written by Futureis
I had a wonder reading with her. she is very accurate and honest. She doesn't waste your any time just go directly ask your question.. :) Highly recommend!" ... written by jessicavictoria9
She's very good give a another star." ... written by BAM4869
She is a lovely reader and she puts heart and soul into the reading she does for you even when u don't want to hear the truth... Top reader" ... written by murdocca
I have faith it will happen" ... written by jasminepapas
Wow, very insightful. knew a lot about the situation." ... written by roselilly6
Thank you Ashyn!! You suprised me I love what you do. and you are so good at it.... Thank you cant wait to have another reading!!!!!!" ... written by Angie143
Great reading!" ... written by MayGirl
Wonderful lady, excellent reading recommend her highly... thank you so much... " ... written by casper36
Great advised me brilliantly cant wait " ... written by MALEX3007
Ashyn is extremely intuitive and entertaining. Not only does she help guide, but she makes you laugh and relates to you so well. I would definitely ask her to do a private reading with me again." ... written by MjOcho
Second consultation. She is great as usual." ... written by jswede1149
Ashyn focused so well on my situation and gave me concrete advice for dealing with things and people. I so appreciated her help tonight. Now, I will keep taking those deep breaths and will change that energy as she advised me." ... written by sparkly1
I found Ashyn to be warm and compassionate. It was helpful to speak with her. She and her guides gave me some good advice. " ... written by sparkly1
Ashyn really cares about the people she does readings for. She is kind and has a personal one on one charm that is very uplifting. Her advice made me feel better about my situation instantly. I will definitely come back for more readings. She told me she doesn't just feel like people are clients, but she feels like they are true friends. Thank you so much Ashyn!" ... written by Zee125
I just love this woman...honest, quick and accurate. Classy lady :) I'll be back!" ... written by dreamer65
Very accurate. Had a passed loved ones reading. I am very pleased with the messages she gave me. Thanks" ... written by debsch67
Very impressed with her reading, so on target. Even more impressed with her kindness and sweet spirit of getting the answers you need to hear. Really a joy to listen to the good and not so good. Thanks will touch back later." ... written by faith4me777
Ashyn :) shes very helpful she understand where i come from and gives me the right info i need :) ill always come back to ashyn for anything i need " ... written by Prophecy2012
Nice girl, honest, realistic and sweet. " ... written by Tauser
Wonderful reading. Shes well worth the pvt session. Very accurate. Thanks :)" ... written by debsch67
Very nice and funny" ... written by cheneal
Great reading, picked up on situation right away, thanks a million!" ... written by shawnb02
Thank you so much for such a great reading!!! You really gave me alot of insight and helped me out a lot. Very acurate and honest!!! My favorite advisor" ... written by deannbri1126
Thank you so much for such a great reading!!! You really gave me alot of insight and helped me out a lot. Very acurate and honest!!! My favorite advisor" ... written by deannbri1126
She rocks! She is so positive and knows what is going on. She brought forward my relatives and confirmed I am empathic healer. Explains a lot." ... written by jswede1149
Very nice! Tells you what she sees and picks up on many things. Very good, will come back again." ... written by HiJinks
What a terrific lady...I just love her...thank you" ... written by dreamer65
Ashyn is one of the best on this site in my opinion. She will definitely help you out with everything that you need to know. you can be sure of it. I never thought I could learn so much!!" ... written by DylanSkyBoat
Shes is sweet and great! i feel much better now" ... written by gstephen
She was very direct and to the point. Appreciate it." ... written by d2k1000
Must have a private with Ashyn, she is truly gifted an in tune." ... written by arlinruth
5 Stars" ... written by Zee125
Straight forward and sincere. She put me at ease. I definitely recommend her." ... written by Faye81
Great...Thanks" ... written by dreamer65
Shes very good" ... written by cowgirlup
Sweet Sweet Ashyn, thanks so much again for the update. You are such a lovely soul it makes life easier to get through. Bless you!!" ... written by faith4me777
Excellent Excellent Excellent !! Thanks Ashyn for the help God Bless" ... written by debsch67
Very good advice. nice to talk to." ... written by presentiment
She was amazing, I am so happy that i spoke with her, she is on top of her game I would reccomend any and everyone to take time to speak to her, she really know whats she talking about she was able to directly on point tell me things goin on in my life. I ve been looking for someone like her for guidance for a long time and thank you so very much asher!!!! I will be back!!!!" ... written by dp
Very sweet, really caring,idk if i felt a connection bt i know she did with whom i was speaking about and was right on! i will def be back for future updates!" ... written by waiting4myjoey
Shes great picks up on things very fast ♥ i will be back for more readings with miss ashyn " ... written by aquasea
Awesome!" ... written by missmia
She helped me with a stacked sign yesterday and helped me prepare for what it meant. She is always so funny but candid. My fav ;)" ... written by jswede1149
Shes so nice thank you for the reading give a star." ... written by BAM4869
Amazing...message from spirit she received was right on! Wow!" ... written by sparkly1
Great!" ... written by OleanderLightDee
Medium abilities uncanny, very nice and comforting to talk to" ... written by jchez03
She is great. Love it." ... written by jswede1149
Very Nice Reading.. i Loved it. I'm glad i came over. And the fact she does such a good job for .99 is great. I can see she is really here to help." ... written by sheylinha86
She is great! She is super sweet and very caring! She really helped me pin point some things and helped me to get a start on meditation. I will definately visit with my new friend again!" ... written by autumndene
She is sweet and helpful. She is helping me heal my back and it was defiantly worth taking her to private. Come see her if you need any type of help. She is great and has motherly advice as well." ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
She is truly amazing and was in touch with my situation straight away. thank you" ... written by De5pina
I can't believe how accurate this reading was!!!! She was able to tell me things that shouldn't have been that easy to pick up. Wow!!!! Thank you!!!" ... written by buffymonet1
Very compassionate and empathetic." ... written by jiafunny
Honest, excellent, hit the nail on the head. Her style is great. Thank you for being straight up!" ... written by Mathews3369
Ashyn is very very good, very truthful and kind. she was very very accurate about things i had not told her. her price is fair and she has been the best reading I have had in a while." ... written by thewritegrl
AMAZING. She knew things I didn't even tell her. I have so much more confidence in my current situation than I did thanks to her and her great advice. I will be back with out a doubt. THANK YOU THANK YOU" ... written by alexsisdawn
Accurate, intuitive reading..delivered with warmth. Highly recommended." ... written by lilliableu
Excellent. Amazing. Thank you for the truth." ... written by Mathews3369
This psychic is awsome really so cool ,sweet and caring and it really shows she loves doing what she does :-) thankyou so much i had an amazing reading !!! i highly recommend her " ... written by ale510
Very kind and sweet. Great advice and was spot on with details" ... written by dcf
Great reader very understanding and caring, able to see things clearly, thanks so much" ... written by verseau
Great reading. Highly recommended!" ... written by Emerald11
Great!" ... written by sparkly1
She is fantastic, thankyou again :) " ... written by De5pina
Shes new here and I believe its a good thing if you give her a try because she will be worth your time, very clear at her explanations and very patient as well, will definitely be back for an update. Thank you for your help!" ... written by saskia82
What a gifted psychic. I love your positive energy. Thanks for all your guidance in regards to my gifts.. I will practice what you told me. Looking forward to more readings with you. " ... written by stargazer7
So wonderful...supportive, really listened and was in tune with exaclty what was going on...the real truth, not just what you may have wanted to hear. Loved how the spiritual guidance was so clear. Thanks alot xx" ... written by cleo77
Very good reading. Was accurate and a positive experience. Very easy to talk to and very nice. We will see what happens in the future. Thank you." ... written by livehappy70
We got cut off, she was really good, would recommend" ... written by peachybeez
A comfort to talk to..accurate sense of my situation. This is my second time and will be back again." ... written by lilliableu
Ashyn was so kind, very nice, verry accurate. " ... written by blueberrypigs
Ashyn is full of light and love. You can tell from just her aura. Big heart and makes you feel very comfortable. Book a session with her, I highly recommend it! " ... written by Sabina723
Ashyn is one word absolutely amazing!!!" ... written by faith4me777
She is the best!!!" ... written by Zee125
Always nice she is a good one thanks for ur advice enjoy speaking with you" ... written by mizlady
Awesome as always love her!!!!!!! Predictions getting close enough to be nervous. Thanks Ashyn your the best!" ... written by faith4me777
Ashyn's prediction came true about when I would get a phone call. " ... written by jswede1149
Ashyn's predictions came true about when I would get a phone call!" ... written by jswede1149
She was very kind and picked up my problems well." ... written by julznycles
Great!!! lifted my spirits up...thanks!!" ... written by arnold4878
So awesome!!!! Amazing!!! made me feel so much better about my situation and gave me great advice on how to improve my situation!!! Love her!" ... written by kal924
Fast honest and very accurate. Thanks Ashyn " ... written by debsch67
She is the best... I'm never ever seeing anyone alse in ORANUM!" ... written by sheylinha86
Excellent reading!!!!" ... written by buffymonet19
Amazing reading, felt so connected... In many ways. Validation was clear with what we talked about. Thank you so much, again soon : )" ... written by voodoogrl
Wonderful reading!!! Thank you!!!" ... written by buffymonet19
She was great and hit the nail on the head. all of it " ... written by aunnttb4
Good! :) Will let you know! " ... written by alexone123
The WOW factor? yeah shes got it. She knew things that blew my mind. she told me specific details only I would know. she is ridiculous!! Thank You!!" ... written by enterchange
She got right to the point and, I think she really helped me with things. You should definitely go to her to help you with things in your future! " ... written by koko24
Thank you very much for the great advice, I appreciate your help and will recommend you to friends :) Have a nice day :) " ... written by redpillbluepill
She is so calming and everything she says makes total sense. I've been in a rough situation and she just brought some clarity to it. Thank you!" ... written by Aphradize
Thank you very much. She is very good." ... written by LoveEternal
Wonderful energy. Try her, she'll put a smile on your face." ... written by beetlenut
She is awesome, Honest and caring. She let me know how it was, and how it will be. Thank you so much." ... written by Sirmatticus1
She is real deal :) I def recommend her." ... written by setmefreeto
She was quick, sweet and I look forward to see what comes to pass..Thank you so much and God Bless You!!!" ... written by Rescume8
She was great and picked up on my situation quick. I will def come back for more. Thank you for your advice. God bless you!" ... written by melaniecz15
Thank you. God bless." ... written by LoveEternal
Ashyn was just amazing how well she connected with me. Told me things way before I had asked her. Looking forward to more readings with her in the Future." ... written by Lucy117
Very positive reading!" ... written by greekgoddess71
She was amazing and I recommend her to everyone who comes into her room! " ... written by BellaLupin
Ashyn is the best! She connects so well and each time it gets better!!" ... written by AZAlison
Think about your psychic bestfriend? that's what she is.. that kind of connection i felt when i had my first reading with her. She gives you the right information that you needed, no sugarcoating but in a very subtle way. She's definitely awesome i can give her 6 stars :)" ... written by blueabyss
She was awesome" ... written by michelle12455
Good great right on" ... written by sassygyrl777
She was incredibly accurate and picked up on everyone around me in spirit that I most wanted to hear from. I strongly recommend a reading with this amazing and loving medium!" ... written by soulanswers
I had a lovely reading with Ashyn. She answered all of my current questions involving my current love life and what to expect and how it is now. She was very nice to talk to. Spoke the truth with kindness. Did not sugarcoat things to make me feel better. I feel better having had my reading with her and would recommend YOU try her out as well :)" ... written by SevasTra
Amazing, kind, and right on everything." ... written by cindi88
She is really amazing and so honest and on course. Shes sweet, loving and kind. 5 star reading. " ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
Thank you.for everything" ... written by Antranae1
Ashyn - was patient with all my questions. She's very quick and sensitive. I look forward to seeing things evolve she spoke about - I think she's great!" ... written by dmbertault1
Excellent all around advice, needed lots of time, but worth it, will recommend to all of my friends." ... written by jerryboy22
She's very sweet and caring, got everything right on target, couldn't ask for a better reading. I highly recommend her!:)" ... written by ashley11100
She is a quick reader. Picked up on some key things right away. Ashyn is well worth your time and credits :)" ... written by Welldread
Loved her... So down to earth. Gave insight to my situation with a time line. Will visit again..." ... written by hopefull11
Fantastic! Absolutely accurate!! five stars" ... written by newperson
Loved it:) she was right on" ... written by Knepper620
Totally on point with details so specific, she didn't even know why she was saying it, but I did. It made perfect sense to me. VERY accurate" ... written by st5sts
Wow Ashyn is amazing and sweet!!! with only a few credits to spare she was able to tune into my situation quick and told me details i did not even mention. i highly recommend Ashyn and advise everyone to take her to private ." ... written by nina
Wow!!! an awesome reader, picked directly up on my situation and it was so coincidental how she knew things or little clues to things without me saying a word! just completely awesome!! highly recommended guys andamp;amp; gals!!" ... written by luvdetercel
Excellent reading!!!" ... written by buffymonet19
Thank you so much. I like your energy and your guides confirmed for me what i was already feeling." ... written by Charlie0605
SPOT ON!!! SO SO LOVELY!!!!" ... written by DCF
She is wonderful and so kind! answered all my questions and picked up on some stuff!! ill def go back to her in the future! thanks Ashyn!" ... written by waiting4myjoey
Very caring and comforting, extremely helpful, and was able to pick up on situation quickly. Will keep Ashyn updated on the situation. Thank you for everything Ashyn" ... written by jim
Always a pleasure to talk to her... I waited for just an hour... but it's always worth the wait... thanks Ashyn... you're just awesome :)" ... written by blueabyss
Lovely person. Loved my reading!!!" ... written by tash1921
She was amazing gave me accurate information =) was very happy with the info about my crush and how I need to watch his body language. Hopefully things will work out between us I need to be the one who initiates more haha which is fine with me =)" ... written by luckycharms312
Accurate and caring....she really finds answers to your problems." ... written by Zee125
She will make any situation better with warmth and guidance. :)))" ... written by Zee125
Excellent advice and insight!! Thank you!!!" ... written by buffymonet19
She is simply amazing. She picked up right away. And she is kind and sweet. I will definitely have another reading with her. Give her a try, you will not be disappointed. Thank you and God bless!" ... written by sweetstephy31
Second medium reading was better than the first." ... written by jchez03
Love her she is awesome very accurate and and sweet!" ... written by cheneal
A lot of the things you said did upset me because I know deep down they are true, was just hard hearing from the outside knowing you an amazing person you give amazing reading. You helped me a lot, I am for ever grateful." ... written by samanthabaybee21
Amazingly accurate. Put me at ease by passing on messages from lost loved ones. Very empathetic and gentle nature. I feel like she has helped so much with my healing process already, beautiful soul, I will be back x" ... written by Kel_Vrol
Ashyn was great. It was a short reading, but she confirmed a lot of things for me in the short time. Thanks so much for your help. " ... written by pagirl15601
Amazing feedback + great person :D" ... written by yum2323
As always, Ashyn is amazingg! Straight forward, fast, and so kind hearted! I absolutely love her personality :D" ... written by luvdetercel
Excellent!!!!!Thanks!!!!" ... written by buffymonet19
This woman is amazing. She helped me clear my chakaras and all negativity from my body with the help of Angels. I love this woman. " ... written by ZackSwift
Excellent Reader!!! quickly connects. Great personality.. look forward to having a reading with her again soon. " ... written by mlafield
Very warm, compassionate, great reader and healer " ... written by LYFE
Wow, she really gave me some insight. And accurate with details. I will defiantly go to her again." ... written by Jadelove
She was great! " ... written by Grace_happens
She is so nice!!! I appreciated her honesty...connected to me better then anyone but im a tough nut to crack but she was able to validate things for me. We talked to the point where we had nothing wlse to talk about lol. Thank YOU " ... written by peanuhbutta
I really enjoyed my reading she was very helpful n positive ty :)))))))))))))))))))))))" ... written by kissedbyangels22
She's an angel :)" ... written by Zee125
Beautiful soul with a beautiful spirit, is Ashyn! Thank you so much for your wonderful reading darls. :)" ... written by mdemos
Amazing! Gave me accurate information and reassured me! She's great!" ... written by Muzik92
Always a good reading! :)))" ... written by Zee125
She is a kind soul and enjoys lifting people's spirits. I would come back for another reading!" ... written by BraunWynn
I loved her, very fast and accurate she knows what she is talking about :) " ... written by StarCrossed29
Thank you so much for your help. You are a wonderful spirit." ... written by doralice
She was amazing! I was very comfortable with her and her energy! I will definitely be back!!! WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by teacherG
Thank was awesome!" ... written by princesslia
Really compassionate and honest!" ... written by kavintee
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
Had yet another amasing session will be back for updates sorry i ran out of credits on you! 5 stars !" ... written by saskia82
Wow! she's REALLY fun! great personality and easy to talk to. FUN!!!!! Could have spent hundreds just hanging out with her :)" ... written by SAchickie
Excellent reading :-)" ... written by Bojan99
Very very helpfull!!!!!" ... written by billphills
Always a pleasure. Thank you for your stead-fast kindness and accuracy." ... written by BraunWynn
Oh wow she was amazing i loved her she was understanding and told me what i should do her words really hepled me i will go to her again not doubt about it" ... written by angelbaby25
She has a great spirit.. Quick answers.. needed more details." ... written by Iam2012
Amazing!" ... written by Maddie11
Very great advice! I will be back to finish my reading since I ran out to time =)" ... written by surggal
Ashyn is amazing as always :) LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her!!! " ... written by luvdetercel
Very good!" ... written by fitchchic5
Ashyn was great. Connected fast and was very precise. Answered questions fast and with details. Will not waste your money. Thanks" ... written by Scorpio1112
She is incredible!! Detailed, validated, know things and picks up on the subtleties of complex situations. TOTALLY AH-MAY-ZING!" ... written by st5sts
I am so skeptical of things like this but Ashyn was right on and she keyed in right away to things I didn't tell her and she couldn't possibly know I will be back she is the real deal and what a sweet energy she has!!! Highly recommend her!!!" ... written by singer40
Loved her, she tells me exactly what I need to know. Confirms my thoughts, and shows me how to handle the situation. Very good psychic :)" ... written by DreamOn29
Thanks ash :) Great reader" ... written by debsch67
Ashyn is such a delight..light-filled and nurturing soul. Very good connection always with her." ... written by lilliableu
WONDERFUL and spot on! Thanks so much for the clarity! I'll definitely be back!" ... written by silvermuse
Vey nice and right on! She is so comforting. Makes me feel at ease." ... written by mhharview
She was pretty good. Enjoyed talking to her again" ... written by Antranae1
She was great! Very wonderful experience. She is positive energy and has a very cute dog Ariella and has a strong vibe with her angels and her spirit guides... I feel certain I will consult with aAhyn again..." ... written by rigel2020
Totally AWESOME experience. HIGHLY recommend. Thank you very much." ... written by winterwitche
Shes so sweet and caring and tells the truth love her will def be back thanks ashyn your right! Will keep you posted :)" ... written by ashley11100
Thank you Ashyn, lovely true and honest and I feel so much better. Picked u on a lot of things that you could only do if you are genuine. I will visit you again soon." ... written by kittywhare
Awesome!!!!!! I am calling back. Ran out of funds!!! CALL HER!!!!" ... written by Jazzylady155
What a stunner!!!! She picked it up on the first second.. Without asking anything.... This is quite amazing!!! Thank you!!!!! WoW!" ... written by gerritmarx
I really enjoyed talking to Ashyn. She takes her time with you during your readings and radiates a beauty from within. I am convinced Ashyn has a true gift and believe she is sincere in sharing it to help others. " ... written by JenniferRS
Shes amazing and funny and kind and awesome and sweet." ... written by ColtonLucas
She is great!!! no words to describe!!! thank you so much!!!!!!" ... written by scadoodle
She was fantastic and super nice!" ... written by lifetime1974
Ashyn is always so great! She connects right away and has such a sweet and kind soul! " ... written by AZAlison
Ashyn was fantastic she was picking up on a lot of things that was going on in my relationship we will wait and see if things come true i am sure they will but she was very good and accurate. I will use her as a regular and she also will be on my favorites list. if you haven't tried her you really should." ... written by raym57
Amazing amazing in every way!!!!!!!!! new so much!!" ... written by haley923
Superb reader!!" ... written by Chloe28
SHE WAS GREAT!!! VERY SWEAT LADY" ... written by DNR2529
Ash is gr8..... she is accurate and kind.... thank u.. definately a gr8 reader!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Thank you for my healing on my ankle and what a lovely reading thank you so much fro all the wonderful information you gave me " ... written by tonio73
WOW AMAZING! She is so good and picked up on my situation so fast.. She is such a beautiful person inside and out... I really enjoyed my reading with her. Her readings are a MUST!!!!! HUGS ASH!!!" ... written by Shortcak
I love talking with Ashy! She is always so helpful and caring. I recommend her to all that are looking for honest words and a connection to those on the other side!" ... written by AZAlison
Ashyn preformed past life reading and helped a lot of things make sense for me. She picked up on a lot and I will definitely be coming back for mentoring and more information :)" ... written by daydreamer246
Very good....She was amazing! Helped me so much! Great reader.....So very nice too!" ... written by babszolla
She’s great, her energy and enthusiasm is amazing. She was spot on. " ... written by cupkatie
UNBELEIVABLE - she is awesome" ... written by sunshine456
Great as always....She is so on target and gives so much positive energy! Thanks!" ... written by babszolla
She's so bubbly and sweet. I have been looking forward to a reading with her and she definitely didn't disappoint. Thanks!" ... written by oneteacher
Excellent reading thanks a lot! xxoo" ... written by maryannepav
She was great !! Very nice and sweet. " ... written by jainey87
She is amazing got right to the point and knew what was going on in my situation. I hope things work out for the good thanks ash hugs!" ... written by ashley11100
Great reading....Ashyn really is a good psychic." ... written by Scorpio1112
Very patient and helpful! Mentorship is something I look forward to developing as well as meditation. :) " ... written by BellaDecadance
Shes Brilliant... picked up where we left off... fantastic!!!! Remembers everything... still accurate..." ... written by gerritmarx
Ashyn was accurate in her readings. She said my twin flame would come to America. He is in the hospital right now in Boston. She said he would propose. He proposed in June of this year. These are a few examples. I am the first client where a session was done bilingually. She does a brilliant job of bring up deceased individuals for validations and the upper self. " ... written by jswede1149
Excellent as usual." ... written by maryannepav
She is very Honest and full of positive energy! She's a lovely Psychic and I highly reccomend her! I loved my reading and will see her soon again!! Thanks Ashyn, Ellie USA" ... written by Ellie11
Great!!!" ... written by corvettime02
I love this woman she is so sweet. She helps me so much and she is great. I love her. Love you Ashyn." ... written by iSpiderman
Thanks a lot for your insight." ... written by moi_encore
Wonderful reading, felt like I was talking to a friend" ... written by victoriansunset
Was very nice and I believe Ashyn was right on the money. I look forward to the next reading." ... written by JustRob
She is so amazing and I just love her to pieces. She confirmed something for me but also got a message for me through the confirmation. :) was wonderful. I love this woman. " ... written by iSpiderman
Excellent help tonight. Very important day today, gave me a good feeling and great advice." ... written by JustRob
For meeting Ashyn...Since her first night on Oranum she's been enhancing my life with her sweetness and generosity and teachings every night she's online. Couldn't ask for a better friend and better psychic. Love you girlie. XOXO" ... written by Pickle
Wow was right on the mark. Thank you! " ... written by k9kerr
She's the BEST!!! all FACTS no FICTION! RECOMENED!! big time life savor. I love her!! " ... written by prettybadd4bz
She is so accurate with what she says.. very quick and an absolute love... xx" ... written by butterflywings10
Helped me feel better about life" ... written by extracrispy09
Absolutely the BEST!!!!" ... written by jvilosipeniza
She was awesome!!! Amazing. I think i'll always come back to her!!" ... written by jvilosipeniza
Not only was she empathetic to the situation, she was able to describe landmarks and very vivid details. I am amazed! She gave me lots of insight and advice to proceed with my current situation. Thanks Ashyn!" ... written by SaintNailo
The most awesome psychic readings ever!! She's definitely my go-to psychic!!" ... written by jvilosipeniza
She is soooo incredibly sweet! There are not enough words to describe how beautiful her energy is. She is warm and compassionate in giving her reading, and most importantly she was very insightful and honest. I would definitely come back :)" ... written by iPreferMimi
Your really nice" ... written by kaitlina1997
VERY sweet lady. Thank you! Will update:)" ... written by Summer84
She is awesome! give her a call and try her out!! :)" ... written by Sandy028
Thank you for the reading :) Can't wait for predictions to pass :) " ... written by Summaluv8
Amazing!" ... written by yum2323
Wonderful person! soooooooo GOOD! VERY VERY GOOD!! A MUST!!!!!!" ... written by kat620
Loved my reading with Ashyn, she is so great! So kind and compassionate and really caring towards the people she works with. Beautiful person inside and out! :) Thank you for your help in my spiritual development!!! X " ... written by BellaDecadance
She was very kind, very very sweet lady. I feel like she knows what she's talking about. Yet for me it was very broad. She did pick up on some decision making. Thank you again! It was nice talking to you." ... written by anastasha
She is so fabolous.... Just love her insights." ... written by babszolla
Awesome, straight up honest! Awesome!" ... written by Mathews3369
Very good and tuned right in for my reading. Spot on with her assessment. Awaiting some predictions now. Would definitely see again. Lovely person. Thank you!" ... written by bacidoll
A very special woman. Very accurate and sensitive. Appreciate her honesty. Will be back!" ... written by susan
Very helpful, had some penetrating insights" ... written by loveoutdoors
Thanks again, your so spot on." ... written by ashlouise1
Thanks heaps!!!!" ... written by ashlouise1
I love this woman, She is so much help. Shes so wonderful. I will take you longer next time Ashyn. :D " ... written by TristanLucas
I just love Ashyn...her insights are so valuable and right on point...She gets it before you ask. I cannot say enough good things about her uncanny abilities. :)" ... written by babszolla
Ashyn is always so awesome!! I love her to pieces :)" ... written by luvdetercel
Great :D" ... written by yum2323
That was amazing she was so good!! I feel so much at ease and feel more connected with passed loved ones and myself." ... written by hmitchell1229
She is AWESOME!!!! Answered everything I had, and hit on things that I needed to know! You are wonderful and thank you so very much!!! It was a pleasure meeting and talking with you!" ... written by scadoodle
Oh what glorious joy and brightness Ashyn was! She made me feel really terrific! it was a pure pleasure to meet her! She is nice as pie! I adore her and her help. I look forward to connecting with her more in the future, she was sweet and delightful and reassuring! Blessings to Ashyn! ;)" ... written by ivory_onyx
Love it when Ashyn calls me out on stuff she knows I need to change, like my neurotic behavior lol! Love you Ashyn! :) You are a wonderful reader!" ... written by PhoenixAshes
What a beautiful soul omg...Cried through the whole reading...Out of goodness...Can't stop. lol...She connected quick...I will be back...I will recommend my friends. Thank you Ashyn very much for this much needed read." ... written by lisapatrick
Oh my God, Ashyn is AMAZING! I've never had so many chills with one person. You will not be disappointed with your reading. Thank you so much for your insight and guidance. I will do what you have recommended. I feel that it is spot on. You are truly gifted. " ... written by rmg010
LOVE THIS WOMAN, we connect so much!" ... written by TristanLucas
Thank you so much, you are a wonderful reader and I'm glad I got to talk to you :)" ... written by manda1127
I had a great reading. she is wonderful cant wait for the next reading" ... written by manda1127
Had a wonderful reading and would go to you again :) luv you Ash :)" ... written by manda1127
Love her." ... written by toccara
Really wonderful...up front... nice...clear... wants to help people. " ... written by michelelyn
Love her, she is spot on. Very instuitive and taps in very quickly. Right on the money as before. " ... written by bacidoll
She picks up on details without cues, very polite, on point. " ... written by inspire234
Shes such an amazing woman. Shes my go to woman when I need help or advice and she has never let me down or been wrong. Shes one wonderful woman." ... written by TristanLucas
I have to say, Ashyn is one of the best gems on Oranum!! She is truly the real deal!! She is able to describe to me my life's situations and even what me and the other person would say!!! I have no doubts about her psychic abilities and accuracy of her predictions! Ashyn is also really caring, understanding and definitely advises me on the things to look out for so things can be smoother in the future. Ashyn is truly a gem on Oranum! Thank you Ashyn! xx" ... written by calliopegirl
I love this women. " ... written by TristanLucas
5 stars and thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Lyne37
Ashyn is very clear and psychic abilities are right on the money. Love talking to her, she gives great insight. Thank you Ashyn!" ... written by bacidoll
I have to say, Oranum you have gotten yourself a WONDROUS gem!! Ashyn is really understanding and cheerful even when I am on my darkest days and as for her psychic abilities, she is the real deal! In our reading, she describes what me and the other person would say or think and also what goes on in my life which blows me off my feet! Ashyn is the real deal and you will not regret getting a reading from her if you ever need clarity in your life! Thank you, Ashyn! You are an angel on earth! xx" ... written by calliopegirl
Thank you for the reading AShyn, you are right on as usual. Love her!" ... written by bacidoll
Very good. Thank you. " ... written by bacidoll
I had an awesome reading with Ashyn. Like usual she did awesome!" ... written by manda1127
Fantastic as always!" ... written by ashlouise1
Always love Ashyn! Only get readings from her! Very down to earth, funny, easy to relate to,. SCARY ACCURATE!! All my thumbs. Recomendations go to Ashyn! She's the best! Hands down! Thumbs up!!! " ... written by prettybadd4bz
She is a blessing as always! My guardian angel! " ... written by prettybadd4bz
Great reading as awlays!" ... written by Bojan99
Very accurate and funny too!!" ... written by sarahg55
Ashyn is gorgeous. She is sweet and kind and very genuine in her guidelines. Fast and to the point. She is the real deal. You can tell she only wants the best for yourself... love her and will be back again xxxx Thank you." ... written by cuddles1960
Very sweet, picked up on a lot. thank you so much !! :)" ... written by Butterfly579
She's nice and very comforting to talk to. It feels like I am talking to just another one of my very good friends who I've known for a long time. I will definitely come back for another reading." ... written by fairmemories
Wow she's great but life is so confusing and so are people.. I have to wait and see if this turns out... Thanks! xx" ... written by cuddles1960
Great energy. will keep ur words in mind" ... written by linn115
She nailed it. what else to say? very on target. great reading" ... written by lavenderlilly13
So positive and insightful! Love it!" ... written by thecaptain82
So on point!" ... written by thecaptain82
This was the most touching wonderful reading I have ever had, she was on point! Beautiful reading .THANK YOU." ... written by punkinpie1201
What a wonderful reading and connection! It was such a blessing to receive the reading I received. Thank you so much! " ... written by Penelope2
As always Ashyn is amazing! She has been with me through all the crazy times and is such a sweet person. Always straight forward, no sugar coating but not harsh in any way. Tells me not what I want to hear, but what I need to hear and that's what I really need. Thank you Ashyn!! :)" ... written by luvdetercel
She was awesome as always!!! Thank you!" ... written by scadoodle
I love this woman. She is so awesome and helpful. She is the greatest ever. She is a mother to me." ... written by TylerFrost
Seems very accurate." ... written by rosebud77
So positive and a joy to talk to. Thank you. :)" ... written by linn115
Omg what is there not to say about Ashyn, she is wonderful, caring, spot on. I will have another reading soon, we shall see, i was given some timelines on my questions and we shall see what comes to pass, i asked her not to sugar coat, that the truth is what i need to hear not what i want to hear, no matter how bad it hurts. thank you Ashyn for what you do for me and others that you talk to. You are awesome, five star as usual." ... written by lisapatrick
Very insightful and helpful!" ... written by loveoutdoors
Fantastic reading again. Always feel better after I have spoken with you." ... written by roselilly5
Ashyn is amazing! Go in private. Amazing and so spot on is all I can say. Amazing!!" ... written by bridgette222
Ashyn is amazing! If you are looking for a medium/psychic on Oranum, she is it. I own a business and am not swayed by bs people. Ashyn is a very real medium and psychic. All the best. All worth whatever you spend. " ... written by bridgette222
I love this woman. She's so amazing and so helpful. She's just so motherly, kind, with great energy. She could never let you down. " ... written by GuardianAngelTy
Good reading!" ... written by rosebud77
Good reading, though short." ... written by KALEOOOO
Always a great reading." ... written by roselilly5
Time will tell, she seems to really care." ... written by ysabeau
Yes i know that... thanks babe. Always great talking to u... gotta grab her and she's always great and finishes my sentences beforre i type it." ... written by linn115
Good reading!" ... written by rosebud77
She was soo quick at giving the details and it was in a calm and positive manner. I was really impressed and will definitely come back!!" ... written by dladie42
Wonderful sweet and caring!" ... written by Jazzylady155
She was honest and told me what I needed to hear. Hope things change for me. Ty ash see you soon :D" ... written by manda1127
Very insightful and it help me to make my decision." ... written by Catgirl31
She is very caring and loving. She tells you what she knows and thinks about something. You should get a reading from her she is great :D" ... written by manda1127
Always reassuring and insightful, thanks Ashyn for confirming what I know I need to do. I will be back to share my progress, great to be back online. x " ... written by Kel_Vrol
Ashyn taps right into my energy and could pick up my situation right from the beginning! Picks up feelings, thoughts and situations about the other person which is remarkable! Absolutely amazing angel that has brought much peace to my heart! Thank you Ashyn!! xx" ... written by calliopegirl
Wheeeeee!!! Bam! Fantabulous session :)" ... written by AleahRyder
Totally sweet and helpful, very down to earth and insightful, I will definitely be back soon." ... written by msvero
Very good reading!" ... written by Lauren
She's simply amazing. Love her way too much!! Thanks Ash Angel xoxooxoxoxo" ... written by Couldn't Love Her More
WOW!!! Definitely one of the best naturally gifted psychics I've ever encountered!!! HIGHLY recommended!" ... written by Taylor
Good reading." ... written by rosebud77
:) She's amazing!" ... written by luckystar222
5 stars are too less for... I wish 500 stars for her!!!" ... written by sprathap10
Wow--just so uplifting and picks up on auras very quickly. Highly recommend! Thank you for helping me calm down a bit! :)" ... written by positivity08
Ashyn is always spot on and to the point and immediate. I just love being able to get information that is helpful and direct. She is the ultimate best, you won't be disappointed in your reading with her. She knows before you ask the question! Thanks Ashyn, many blessing to you!" ... written by Babs
She's very awesome psychic, very descriptive and detailed !!" ... written by Chris
First time to use and I loved her positive energy!!" ... written by done51
This woman is amazing...she was so spot on!!!! Love her. She told me like it is... and even though it hurt me... she confirmed what was in my heart. Beautiful Woman inside and out!!! God Bless you too and I am sending you all my positive vibes!" ... written by Mitzer
Very quick!" ... written by halovm
Simply amazing, very sweet person, and spot on with everything. Thank you. " ... written by sweet84
Love you." ... written by prismedwhole
Wow, she was so much fun in private and quick too!" ... written by sparklejules
I did not have that much time, Mrs. Ashyn answered my question and was truth to the question and informed me of eight months ahead...Thank you, so much!!!!! Mrs. Ashyn" ... written by Tricey12
She is great, and very sweet!! very real and knows what she is talking about." ... written by heather
Interesting read....some good details..thanks." ... written by steven
Really accurate! highly recommended. Thank you so much Ashyn. :) x" ... written by Mark
OMG, it's as if Ashyn crawled into my head and confirmed all of the fears in my heart. She read me like she has known me forever! Strong advice and comforting counsel. Thank you so much! Hugs." ... written by Happy Mango
Ashyn is so sweet! Thank you. :) So warm and kind and very nice to talk to. Good reading! :) " ... written by carrieann1975
So sweet and intuitive :) " ... written by marie5290
Thank you so much for speaking with my sister Linda and I. I don't really ever do these types of things but you were able to answer questions that weighed heavily on me and for that I thank you. Hopefully we will speak soon. Again thank you." ... written by Lisa
One of the best I've spoken to and dealt with. I thought this would be a fluke but I thought I would try it out. Ashyn is so kind and understanding. I highly recommend a session with Ashyn. Thank you. " ... written by nocturnalin
She is wonderful, beautiful and amazing! Great reading!" ... written by psymeow
Great." ... written by sparklejules
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!" ... written by T
Thank you Ashyn, Very comforting and caring. 30 days will let you know. But, I think you will already know lol " ... written by Jim
Great!!" ... written by samantha
she is great." ... written by or
She is a very trustworthy reader. She is excellent at to deliver the message and translate in realistic way. She is cautious with words and articulate. Well experienced, well knowledge and intelligent. Her readings are accurate, very very insightful, detailed and in depth. Her prediction in the past was correct and I'm sure this time again!" ... written by psymeow
Ashyn is simply amazing. :)" ... written by Rox
She is very very gifted.... she can feel and sense your energy ... picked up my situation very quickly..." ... written by raysha
She was great as always! Very in tune, exact, insightful and in depth. She understands and knows people! She is an amazing reader and a human being. Love her! xoxoxo" ... written by psymeow
Amazing, absolutely amazing. Knew a detail that nobody could have known. " ... written by JustRob
She's awesome!!!!!!!!!" ... written by MB
Ashyn is simply amazing." ... written by Rox
Lmaoo Ashyn is wonderful, she sees things right away without you saying. I love that she doesnt use any tools or anything, just goes straight in the reading. she is also so funny and sweet, I loved her! talk to u soon Ashyn!:)" ... written by -
very sweet lady. nice reading" ... written by A
She seemed really good!" ... written by Sparkle Pony
Ashyn is really good and honest reader. she is quick to connect and provides good information to help guide you to your own solution and path. You won't regret a reading with her. " ... written by michele
Love, love, love her!!! Thank you for your help!!!" ... written by Intuitnerd
she did a great job" ... written by wesley