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Psychic ArthurJameshas 30-years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic ArthurJameshas recently helped 4907members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about ArthurJames's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Life is not scripted like the movies, so there is no reason for someone to spin you a fairy tale ending. I am here to give you the truth, no matter how bad or blunt it maybe, I don't believe in feeding people false hope. I received my gifts at the age of 9 and have been doing readings since I was 12. My gifts were revealed as visions during sleep, almost like dreams or nightmares. I was fearful of them at first, but in time I grew to hone them and use them wisely to help others. I am a third generation Psychic, Clairvoyant, Energy Reader and Light Worker. My mother and grandmother also share these same gifts from an early age. I am also the first male to have these gifts in my family and have spent the last couple of years helping my two oldest sons hone theirs.

I will always be honest with you, I will always be blunt about what I have to say and never sugar coat anything that needs to be said. If you want the truth, please come into private chat with me because I promise you I am not here to perform a show, be on the radio or make false claims about what I do. My price is $3.99 a minute because in my shop I charge that same amount. I have helped over 4000 people here on Oranum and have worked for the website for almost 3 full years starting in May about 2 months after the website began. My client testimonials will explain that I am here to make you comfortable, trustworthy of myself and my work and I am always here to help you.

(Monday thru Friday) 11am to 2pm and 5pm to 8pm.
(Saturday and Sunday) 12pm to 2pm and 6pm to 9pm

When not in the free chat area, please look for me in the online or members area. There, I am still available for private session. Or if not seen in either of those three areas, please request an email reading.

+*+ Rules of the Free Chat+*+
1.) No Free Questions or Readings. (Oranum is a paid site and nothing is for free)

2.) No Follow Up Questions (If you would like answers, please see me for private or email readings)

3.) If my rules are not observed and you keep asking for free questions, readings or follow up questions you will be banned out of my room.

4.) If you do not like my rules, please find one of our other psychic's who I'm sure will be glad to help you.

*+*+Readings I Offer On Oranum*+*+

*Psychic Energy Reading* (Picks up on your energy and vibrations. Tells you of your future and what's going on around you.)

*Love & Relationship Reading* (Tells you if your partner is your soul mate or twin flame and if you two are meant to be. Also tells you if the one you are meant for is coming your way.)

*Tarot Card Reading* ( I deal out a ten card spread and tell you what the cards say about your future and current situation.)

*Angel Card Reading* ( I allow you to pick from one of four sets of Angel Cards. Once you choose, I deal out the spread and tell you what your Angels are showing for you.)

*Crystal Reading* ( The Crystal is used as a tool to pick up on your inner most thoughts, feelings and energy)

*Dream Reading* ( Will tell you what your dreams mean and how they effect your current situation)

*Chakra Balancing* ( Helps heal and cleanse all negative energy around you.)

*Aura Cleansing* ( Clears up all unwanted emotions and allows your Aura to be clear.)

*Spell Removal* ( Find out who has done this to you and have any and all bad energy lifted off of you.)

*+*+EMAIL Readings*+*+
*5 Question Reading $14.99*
*10 Question Reading $25.99*
*Tarot Card Reading*
*Picture Reading*
*Palm Reading* (Please Include picture of Palm)

What a fantastic guy... Arthur is a genuine psychic who reads from the heart :) i have had an e mail reading with him and a one to one in a private reading .. with all the info written down ..he was spot on 10/10 arthur he heals you and talks you threw everything that is going on .. thank you from the bottom of my heart sapphire67 :)" ... written by Sapphire67
he was warm and thoughtful gave alot great advice :) he is good and insightful trust me. i was scared but not anymore." ... written by daydreamer97
I was able to get real good answers from Arthur. He is quick and to the point. All my questions were answered and I would come back to seek more guidance very soon. I highly recommend." ... written by jose
My 2nd reading with Arthur, a Tarot reading.. the cards where right on... right on meaning accurate, he explains the cards and the meanings clearly and understandable. A must buy for a Tarot card reader, for that matter a must by for anything that is bothering you... Arthur is a very positive person, he wants the best for everyone he tells the truth good or bad but he wants it to be good " ... written by nbkforever
Arthur James is an awesome person, I really connected with him, I still feel him in my head. He has an amazing gift of making you feel good for no apparent reason. It's like he's fueling you with positiveness! Highly recommended!" ... written by Miroch
Very fast, right on point... Arthur Does not waste credits he gets as much out as possible and as fast as possible ... I'm coming back here again soon for another reading, just trust this guy hes heart is very loving." ... written by nbkforever
Arthur was great! He was very insightful. Great Psychic!" ... written by Joanna93
my opinion is that he is a true spiritual good person and knows a lot. i would recommend him to everyone." ... written by Lucy117
Arthur is great - very sincere... i had a reading earlier ...and was happy with it... but just wanted that lil extra bit of reassurance before ending my night.. so i popped in to visit him and was very pleased.. very kind person... but also very just know that if you want the truth BE READY TO HEAR IT :) ... wether it be good or bad... he will give it to you :) ... his freechat is also fun... he has a great personality and such positive upbeat energy.... well worth your time... please give him a try :) :)" ... written by Amanda
VERY very impressed...THANK you so much for all your words of wisdom...REALLY appreciate it..." ... written by chazbo
Very helpful and very accurate!" ... written by daydreamer97
He was right on point. He gave me insight, things to think about and thing to do. I am going to continue to follow him and talk more with him. " ... written by bryaal
I think he is amazing!!!!!" ... written by angbri
LOL! He's soooooooo good that I did two private readings within an hour! Couldn't help myself! His insight and advice has become a vital tool in my life! I love you, Art!!! =D Thank you so much, ALWAYS for everything! *HUGS* MoMoSuGaH" ... written by momosugah
OMG! I soooooo needed that!!!! Thank you, SO MUCH, Art! I feel so much better! This man is positively angelic! He is so in tune with my energy! Knows me so well!!! He has such a wonderful way of making things clear to me. If I could, I would spend the entire day in private chat with him! All my fears, doubts, questions...he not only answers them, but shows me why I should be positive about my future. His advice is always accurate and helpful! Art is truly gifted and I can't thank him enough! "HUGS" MoMoSuGaH =D" ... written by momosugah
Such a great person. In a very difficult time in my life, he still gives me hope and re-assured me... thanks so much Arthur, God bless your kindness!! ... " ... written by sunny3107
Great...very clear...Thanks" ... written by dreamer65
He is right on the mark!" ... written by delmark
awesome awesome feel so peaceful. Thank you Arthur!" ... written by mary558
I am blown away. Waiting for specific dates. I do see light at the end of the tunnel. I will definitely get more readings. I just can't wait for my idea to take hold. Arthur says it will take off." ... written by Laura Chamberlain
He is such a wonderful man and a great psychic! TRY HIM OUT!!" ... written by Cryptids
nice session" ... written by butterfly11
Picked up a lot of stuff i never expected, very happy with the session I had with arthurjames. Showed me insights to things I didn't quite understand. Thank you!" ... written by Teknicalblonde
very nice reading and meditation, thank you for all your words" ... written by cinlorri
very nice reading and meditation, thank you for all your words" ... written by cinlorri
He was very kind and touched on things that others have told me...gave me hope." ... written by anamaria_marrero
Artie is THE BEST! He calms me down and brings me back to planet earth...What else can I say?? GIVE HIM A TRY...HE DOES NOT DISAPPOINT :)" ... written by divinedaughter
I can never say enough about how kind, caring and spot-on Arthur is! Simply the best!" ... written by RadesGirl
Once again Art is awesome. I couldnt get through without him right now. He reassures me and makes me feel like I can cope. Love you Art" ... written by Tracie
Wow. Wow....James is just a wonderful guy! He answered all my questions clearly and didn't let anything interfere with his reading. He was so very helpful and kind! There is so much that he knew about me and I honestly told him absolutely nothing. Not even my date of birth. Not even my real name! I feel so...light! It honestly feels I've just spoken to an angel! I'm completely amazed. What a spectacular reading! Thank you, Art! I can't thank you enough for being honest and not letting any preconceptions get in the way of my questions and your insight. MUCH MAHALOS! MoMoSuGaH" ... written by momosugah
ArthurJames, you are nothing short of incredible. There is a warmth and genuine nature about you that is so rare these days and I am honored to have been able to experience it. Thank you for giving me your time, and your wisdom. Much, much love to you my friend :) " ... written by AlysiumDream
the best reading ever would do it again, he was very thrutful and everything he said is true." ... written by angelmichael68
i love u you are the best, you gave me great advise and u pin pointed my problems very good :)" ... written by Capricorn_1990
Arthur is very gifted and picks up on your energy very well. He answered all of my question in great detail, and was right on. I was happy to spend all of my credits in a reading with him. Please give your support and try Arthur today, he will not disappoint!" ... written by missred
Correct and accured will be back for a another reading .Five stars.Thanke you very much!!!!!!!!" ... written by betty78
ArthurJames was precise and to the point and very accurate unfortunately for me time ran out too quickly but certainly I would love another read with Arthur becuase he was so clear and concise - well done" ... written by Maybetrue
Answered a lot of question and was very good." ... written by Nik
Answered a lot of question and was very good." ... written by Nik
Hes very positive... i trusted his reading." ... written by love4u4eva23
Wow I love You Art! I feel so much better! Thanks Your Amazing! I'm Speechless ! :D" ... written by iquestionlife
An amazing experience indeed!! Connection was unbelievably strong. Love to do it again and again!!" ... written by sexybunny69
Amazing individual, very humble and honest. Very confident with what he sees. Whenever I'm in his room I feel like the weight on my shoulders have been lifted. Thanks, you and Jasmine are so great and gifted. God Bless." ... written by tony8701
Wow! answered a lot of questions! thank you very much! very positive and awesome! I recommend him. Thank you once again! he talks fast as well which is goood! bye xx" ... written by deiiiz
Simply amazing, very gifted, great energy. Really helped me with my current situation and gave me just the motivation I needed. I will be coming back, FOR SURE!! " ... written by Skylar78
Arthur was very honest about what he saw, I really appreciate it. Quick and to the point, doesn't waste credits. Excited to see what's in store for me :) will be back for another read!!" ... written by j_manthey
5 stars to arthur James he is so on the ball. And so accurate with things its wonderful to get answers. please give him a go. 5 stars" ... written by murdocca
Wow wow woooow! WOW!!! ArthurJames is AMAZING!!! Caring, sincere and very kind. Detailed and specific. Everything he told me and picked up about me is TRUE! every little thing! Recommend without any hesitation! Do not wait - take him to Private consultation! You will not regret a second! Thank you very much, ArthurJames! Love you!" ... written by hugs2020
arthur james is and can only be described as one of gods angels thats it plain and simple ***" ... written by allyb5
Arthur was just fantastic he picked up on many things and even thou i wanted things to happen quickly he was very honest and said that it would take longer but thats ok patience is a virtue. Thank you Arthur for you guidance and help and i will be back. Raym 57" ... written by raym57
Arthur was amazing, his reading was accurate and make me feel better about my situation. I look forward to a future reading with Arthur. He knew my present situation and let me know what to look forward in the future. Thank you Arthur!" ... written by greekgoddess71
sweet as always :)" ... written by daydreamer97
I Had such a strong conexion and it was very worth to have this private reading. He'is very good doing that. " ... written by adhaura
i had a very pleasant reading he even gave me dates and time frames ...ty arthur ur a sweetheart ....i look forward to what you saw for me ....connected with me very very welll" ... written by julznycles
Arthur is really sweet, kind and understanding. He very nicely explained my situation. I felt very good about the reading and hope to have more soon. Thank you Arthur!" ... written by lonelygal
Arthur was simply AMAZING! Not only did he help me understand things that were eating away at me, but now I can fully see the big picture. I hope this back and fourth ends once and for all w/ my recent struggles. The thought that now I've had a twin flame all this time on top of it all is surprising. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PSYCHIC! " ... written by Tamara_Rivera
Thank you once again Arthur!!! I feel rather out of my mind and your reading tonight helped calm me down more. I'm excited for your predictions to pass soon ;o)" ... written by Phoxee
He told me that by Sept 23 that the guy I like and I will be on better terms and talking more and everything. That by the end of the year that we will be together. He explained why he wasn't talking to me. I really don't know what will happen, so we will see and I will give updates around the 23rd!!! " ... written by egg_nog
I have just had a meditation session with ArthurJames and it was such an amazing experience. I feel so serene right now and feel that the future is indeed bright. I would highly recommend taking part in meditation with Arthur. I can't wait for my next session. Thank you Arthur for all that you have done in guiding me." ... written by pixi78
ArthurJames is a wonderful person. He has great insight and truely cares for his clients. He always puts my mind at ease, I like to think of him as a guardian angel :)" ... written by pixi78
AJ: Thanks for your help guiding me in such a difficult time in my life. You have such a strong gift and I wait to see the rest of your predictions come true." ... written by lia_11
One of the best readings I have had. He is very calming and very honest and was really able to connect with me without me telling him very much about my current situation. He actually picked up on my current situation before I even told him what it was. Was able to give me timelines and dates, as well as a lot of reassurance and understanding. I would definitely recommend him, he seems very in touch with his abilities and is able to help. Thank you again! I will make sure to come back and let you know what happens." ... written by chelcee
Very uplifting, still waiting for things to happen! I will keep you updated!" ... written by chandragomes3
Sometimes, I just need to speak to my friend to help walk me through all of the thoughts, feelings and emotions and that is what AJ is to me - a very compassionate, loving man whom I love with my whole heart!! Thank you for taking a few minutes to talk to me tonight as I know there are many people who wish to speak to you... Our little therapy sessions are of enormous help :)" ... written by jettagirl09
All of my fears, anxiety, frustrations, anger and negativity I woke up with today has just melted away and fallen off of me during our private session tonight. I look forward to Adam reconnecting with me very soon and for us to begin our reuniting for us to be back together and for us to stay together. Thank you so much for turning this day into optimism and positivity for me ((((Hugs)))) andamp; Love" ... written by angeldiamond122
You made a wonderful connection, every field in my life you saw was completely correct! Thank you so much, I will come back when I have more questions! I highly recommend Arthur as an Advisor!!! " ... written by Sirena22
I have been waiting soo long to talk to him in private. I sense the connection with him. As soon as we went private, he started to tell me what i am going through and the real reason why I did what i did. He wasn't joking when he said he is blunt. He pretty much called me on everything I feared and tried to hide from people and does not want to admit. In the end, he left me feeling calm and collected... that there is light at the end of my journey. AND given me the confidence to move forward as my choice. Thank you ART!" ... written by che2m2
Non judgmental, makes you feel comfortable and gets everything on point. You did an amazing job and I really appreciate your help. Thank you for a blessed, calm, comfortable and affordable connection to repair my heart." ... written by Cynsupernova
How incredibily insightful and accurate! He really gave me good direction to turn my situation totally around! So grateful as well as hopeful. Can see big picture clearly now. Thx so much!" ... written by mysticscorpion
Wow......this was by far the best reading. he picked up on so much information, and i really did feel his connection. He is so genuine and compassionate, and far from judgmental. Doesn't waste your time! He answered his question before i can even press send!!! FANTASTIC. Thank you." ... written by steffleblanc
Great reading and is very fast and gets to your qs and doesn't fool around! Thanks :D" ... written by AquariSun
You have given me great comfort in my time of need. I need someone to talk with and you are comforting to my heart and soul. Rooster5" ... written by rooster051
This is my 2nd reading with him and again it was great, straight to the point, and very welled answered. I really love having private readings with him cause at the end of it you feel great and more positive. Thanks Arthur!!!" ... written by cowboicasanova
Wonderful experience. quite pleasant and will be adding to favorites list... Brings a sense of well being over yourself and answers hoestly and efficiently. Definitely a little more in tune than others with his abilities... J" ... written by jostens
I was very skeptical to get a reading. After observing his free chat, it was apparent in his personality and skills that he was genuine in his objectives to help others, bring awareness, and guide. He mainly confirmed a lot of things for me and was able to assure me of my future outcomes. He gave me time frames and was very accurate in understanding and relating to my relationship. I would recommend him as a psychic reader. Would certainly come again." ... written by LunaSkye
What can I say about Arthur that hasn't already been said? You want honest, truthful answers? Then take Arthur to private. He connects quickly and accurately. He also doesn't waste your time or money. Thanks Art... Many blessings to you!" ... written by TheEnlightened1
good reading!" ... written by aisha
Comforting as always!" ... written by AquariSun
Oh bother, I ran out of credits. He was great! He gave me clarity on my situation and helped me clear some of the negative energy that's been piling up on me. I look forward to his predictions and will go to him again. Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
wow! He is very kind and I love his energy. I will definitely be back for another reading soon." ... written by missgreeneyes
Arthur, Thank you so much for all of the insight you have given me. You were a big help in a lot of parts of my life that I needed information on. I will be back soon to let you know how everything works out for me. Blessings..." ... written by Elizabeth7264
Art is very insightful. He goes into great detail and is very empathetic. I will definately recommend him. Thank you Art you stopped me from ruining everything!" ... written by Tracie
Arthur is an amazing person! I've had private readings with him before and all of them are just great! We have a really good positive connection in the readings! Thank you so much Arthur! You're awesome!" ... written by cowboicasanova
Arthur is such a sweet heart!!! lov him xoxox He helped me and put my mind at ease...Best Psychic!" ... written by sexyegyptian2
Arthur is always sincere with his words, gives out information exactly as he sees it. Does not sugar coat anything, very sincere and caring with his choice of words. I can feel how much he cares about me and my problems. He has became my friend, gained my trust. God Bless you and Jasmine. " ... written by tony8701
Love this guy. He is straight to the point no sugar coating. If you want a good straight foward reading. He is your guyy" ... written by ardrawes
always helpfull and insightfull....thank you art" ... written by scorpio1980
I just wanted to say that ArthurJames was wonderful! He answered my questions quickly with lots of compassion and detailed information. Such a kind individual. The clarity he gave me was a breath of fresh air during confusing times. Thank you Arthur." ... written by boonelee
Very caring! Wants you to get your money`s worth. Very detailed. Really can pickup your energy and the people involved. I am glad we spoke." ... written by Kameika
he is wonderful. I contact him a lot. he always knows what to say and can see my situation well." ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Interseting read, looking forward to his predictions. Very positive guy. Thanks." ... written by Avisions
Arthur James is the best there is. Very caring thru e-mails and chats. You should give him a shot. If you want the truth, go to him." ... written by tilly40218
He was a great, positive reader! My first experience with the site and I love the way he guided me and told me a lot of things! I will def return to him!!! He is very positive and great!!! " ... written by dorangel
It's always great to get updates from Arhur just to assure me of the things that await me. No matter what topic, he is always able to connect directly with the situation and talk to me about it as if he is actually a part of it. I will be back with a praise report when I get the job as predicted." ... written by tblove1
Always really positive and comforting to talk to! I'm looking forward for the predictions to come and pass!" ... written by joyful222
This was a very good reading. It was the first one I have had on this site. Arthur is very passionate about his work and connected with me very quickly. He let me know that things are working for me and not against me. A true psychic doesn't only predict the future and answer your questions, but delivers relevant tools to move forward with. Arthur James has done this. I would like to see him read in person where he doesn't feel so rushed. The man is truly gifted." ... written by Jennifer
Arthur was awesome...give me some good advise...the connection was excellent....will definitely go back for more...." ... written by kristen8017
Great reading with Authur...he was right on and able to see alot of things that he did not know about . Looking forward to talking to him agian...Thanks and Blessings." ... written by Terri1321
Just had my 2nd reading with Arthur. I am so grateful for his honest empathy and insight. He gave me great advice and even suggested meditation. I see more clearly and positively. Thank you so much Arthur! Blessings andamp; Hope!" ... written by mysticscorpion
Arthur was wonderful!!! You have to try him out!! He picked up on thing that I didn't even prompt him on. Arthur I will be back in the near future and let you know how things are going." ... written by happy4ever
Look no further if you're looking for the real deal. It doesn't matter whether you've been a skeptic your whole life. Just give him your partner's name and birthday, you won't believe your own ears! He's not only scary accurate like he reads my mind from inside, but also he is a terrific person too. I will come back to him more and more. I *highly* recommend him. I don't write reviews and stuff, but with Arthur, I just had to. :)" ... written by claire732
you are so accurate and very helpfull thank u for the reading..karen" ... written by kresh43181
awesome. i will be back." ... written by kmk777
HE IS AWESOME! So accurate and on point! very trustworthy! PLease contact him u wont be disappointed! I will def contact him again!" ... written by PeaceLoveLight
I knew what to do but didn't know how. I feel he has helped me greatly already. Thanks, Arthur!" ... written by Kameika
Wow!!!! This man made me want to cry. Its like he saw right through me. I didnt have to ask him anything. He knew...he just knew...and thats rare that you find someone like this. Highly recommended!!! I will be back. Thank you Arthur." ... written by tash1921
Always a pleasure. He is a very understanding and supportive man. " ... written by Kameika
On point about a lot of my situation. Very direct with his answers, and calming. Will go back to him soon!" ... written by cherie0710
Very insightful and reassuring! He's a great man." ... written by eloquent31
He was very helpful.... he knows information that surprises me... very precise! So, he gained my trust and confidant that he is true / real. I appreciate the honesty! He is very straightforward (no crap)... his no nonsense attitude is a breathe of fresh air! I wish I had connected with him earlier... NEVER MATTERED ABOUT HIS PRICE. He's worth it! Excellent private reading!" ... written by che2m2
ARTHURJAMES IS WONDERFUL!!! SO POSITIVE!!" ... written by Angelpowerpisces
OMG Arthur is terrific... and his price has been lowered for a time being! he was so much fun to talk to.....I will be back to share if was he told me was correct....I really believe that he will be.... I will get the job and want along with a good MAN....YIPPY. My life is complete. God Bless you Arthur....." ... written by sparklejules
Wow he is so amazing!!! and quick!!! thank you so much for grate advice and much positve energy." ... written by daisydukie
Art was a HUGE help when it came to my situation. He saw good things happening for me, which is a big relief. I feel so much better after talking to him and less confused. Thanks, Art! Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
I just love having a reading with Arthur. He just an amazing man andamp; very accurate. I will definitely come back for more readings in the future." ... written by Lucy117
Awesome!" ... written by dinagirl23
ArthurJames is incredible. Caring, on the spot and I dont have enough wonderful words to describe him. You must get a reading from him. I strongly recommend him'" ... written by RadesGirl
Have good conversation. Answer directly to the question I ask. I feel comfortable talking to." ... written by wtc2010
he's wonderful and makes you feel better with any situation. Try him you won't regret it." ... written by tilly40218
Always a delight! Everyone should get a least a reading from Arthur. " ... written by Kameika
This man is genuine and so far he has hit the right readings with me each time what he has said has come true. He is compassionate and not only will read for you but during answering your questions he gives you great advice. I look forward to each reading with him for he gives hope so you have no need to stress." ... written by tinwoman
Great reading. Felt and instant connection with arthur. Told me exactlly whats around me and all the things ive been fighting with in my marriage. Will take his advice. She made me realize that what im fighting for its worth it. Hope to talk to him again." ... written by coorsmann
One word AMAZING!" ... written by tilly40218
ArthurJames is very gifted, authentic, and accurate! I would definitely recommend him to others, because he's absolutely fantastic. I appreciate his straight forward and to the point advice. His words of wisdom helped me think outside of the box. I feel appeased with his help in guidance. Thank you!" ... written by Bennett
LOVE HIM!!!!" ... written by RadesGirl
Short but sweet. He is so understanding." ... written by Kameika
Very comforting! One of my favs and gets to the point and is very honest! :D" ... written by AquariSun
Love you Arthur James!" ... written by RadesGirl
I believe is a messenger. He is human but a messenger. " ... written by Kameika
He confirmed what I was already thinking. He is always very patient. " ... written by Kameika
He is really good at what he says...very accurate...and motivates also a lot at the same time!" ... written by _maverick
Great reading!" ... written by aisha
He is always reassuring. " ... written by Kameika
We had a wonderful meditation session. I really felt like I was there and it was really happening. Arthur is a wonderful man. " ... written by Kameika
wonderful, caring, nails it!" ... written by RadesGirl
I must say that if you want to hear the truth and are really seeking answers and help that Arthur is the great...I've had 2 readings an he has connected an helped me not only with my situation but also helped me to get to a positive place to fix the problem..I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Arthur and blessing to u !!" ... written by Terri1321
Always my pleasure..." ... written by Kameika
wonderful words of wisdom" ... written by tilly40218
ok just fantastic....absolutely the real thing...picks up on your life with no information at all and can help you really see your situation clearly. So happy that I spoke to will not be disappointed he is incredibly gifted and blessed... we are lucky that he shares his gifts...thank you AJ..." ... written by rcr646
Excellent!!!" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
he was perfect. I am so amazed at his memory. He remembers everything we've talked about. I was only going to talk for a minute but then he made me want to keep going. I just love him...One of the best psychics on the site and he has a man's point of view...couldn't ask for anything better!" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
I only had 5 minutes but they were well spent. He said exactly what I needed to hear." ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Just had another meditiation session with ArthurJames, always feel great afterwards and very relaxed. Thank you very much! Definitely talented at what he does. :)" ... written by chelcee
I feel the warmth and feel great after this meditation Arthur just did in private chat definitley will use the affirmation. " ... written by mylife123
Another great session. Thank you for your kindness, compassion and comfort. I really appreciate it. I feel new and happy!" ... written by Cynsupernova
He was so lovely and made me feel a lot better about things....Ill ask you to the wedding if it all turns out like you say :) " ... written by ctrhw6110
Art is so very good for me. He calms me down and gives insightful advice. Art is very accurate and caring. I know I will be back as he enables me to move forward and stop worrying so much. He tells the big picture. Thanks Art your the best." ... written by Tracie
Arthur was amazing , he was spot on with the person my question involved and gave me a clear validation on what i was already feeling and experiencing. I highly recommend him for a reading." ... written by AngelRainbows
Had a meditation session with ArtuhurJames that really helped me a lot. Will be back. Thank you. :)" ... written by chelcee
Great! Love his energy! I recommend him for a reading. Very friendly and is quick to answer questions." ... written by missgreeneyes
Just had another very comforting meditation session with ArthurJames. He always makes an amazing connection and is so postive. Thank you! " ... written by chelcee
Great reading!" ... written by tilly40218
He is wonderful. Reconfirmed everything I already knew! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED :) " ... written by divinedaughter
Another great, calm, comfortable reading. Thanks Arthur! It means the world. My heart and mind are now restored." ... written by Cynsupernova
OMG......he is so awesome I will be back he asked me a couple of questions and he went soaring. I will be back he is awesome and so acurate it was like he was reading my Gotta try him, he is a real psychic it flowed naturally!" ... written by welobey1
Simply the best!" ... written by RadesGirl
WOW is all I can say!!!! This is my first reading and it was such an honor to receive such a great reading with ArthurJames...I wish I would've found him sooner! Relief just poured through me when I read with him.....Thank you!!!" ... written by Phoxee
Arthur, Is wonderful I had a great reading with him and in a month I will let him know how everything is going. This is my second reading and he always tells me the truth and not what I want to hear. I love this man. God is good!" ... written by luckygirl40
ArthurJames is very good at what he does, very calming and friendly to talk with. Always makes a great connection and I always walk away feeling much more positive about everything. Definitely worth the time. Thank you!" ... written by chelcee
I have never been so happy with a reading. He is amazing. Real, honest and spot on. I will be in touch again." ... written by elizabeth63
Great connection right away... great reading and insight! " ... written by MayGirl
He is a delightful psychic. Very nice and accurate..Tells you what you need to know not what you want to hear...A must stop for those that want clarity..Thank you and God Bless." ... written by oceansandjoy1
So kind and nice. loved talking to him." ... written by love2smile29
He was amazing... really clarified things for me. I trusted all that he was saying... felt relieved and comfortable. I will advised you to seek him for advice. He was wonderful..quick to answer. Had insight without me helping him. He is a true blessing. THank you so much. GOD BLESS!" ... written by answers28
Art is one of my favorite readers on this site! He is quick to respond to questions... I definitely recommend him for a reading.... I will be back again, soon!" ... written by missgreeneyes
Very comforting as always, thanks! " ... written by AquariSun
This was my first time having a reading like this" ... written by Bluelady9
His voice is very relaxing. very happy with my reading. Despite being told a lot of work is ahead of me, i still felt pleasant and uplifted after the reading. Will definitely come back:)" ... written by ceffie
Very helpfull and caring. You should go to him. :) And understanding as well." ... written by daydreamer97
This guy is brilliant, try him!!!!!" ... written by Simundo
To the point, caring and focused. Provides much insight. I know he is here to help me. He knows what he is talking about. " ... written by LadyL5
FANTASTIC! RIGHT ON ABOUT EVERYTHING! Deff worth your time andamp; credits! Recommend highly!" ... written by deathvictimx3
Comforting as always and loved the meditation! :) Totally feel better! " ... written by AquariSun
He was good." ... written by jamilee
His reading was really comforting, and it made me smile. He washes all your concerns away" ... written by shesayys
Came back for meditation... well worth it!" ... written by che2m2
thank you so much for putting my mind at ease. i really couldn't wait another day to figure out what is going on. i appreciate your input." ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Great advice. Thank you." ... written by florwer85
its been a while... and yet, he made me feel like we have not lost touch. He seems to be on the money about everything and i didnt really have to tell him much!!! He's the real deal! Thank you once again!" ... written by che2m2
He is very straight up honest with you and answers your questions very quickly and modestly... Thanks Arthur for clearing things up for me. Ur an angel. :)" ... written by Loverpants
This man is bless by god as soon that he began he was on point . i recomend him . he was real and did not beat around the bush. and most important he was on point. thanks man . i dont nee no ther psychic man u are the real thing " ... written by madwillo
Great as always I can rely on him when I'm feeling down on myself :) " ... written by AquariSun
great reading" ... written by tilly40218
Welllllll you see, Arthur was listed as helping 666 people to date and we couldn't have that number so, since I have had so many readings with him and he is so wonderful, I took him in to private chat so we could get to 667! He is too wonderful to be associated with 666!" ... written by radesgirl
He's fast and gets to the point! :) " ... written by AquariSun
WOW he was so on point. I am waiting for that date he gave me. But he was pretty accurate. Thank you Arthur James. God Bless. " ... written by crstsy021204
Will see what happens in 12 days...." ... written by Noosiekins
always helps me :)" ... written by love2smile29
Art is Fan-Friggin-Tastic! Everything he said was spot on, including what's been going on with me so far regarding my business, my love life, EVERYTHING! WOO HOO! I can't wait to see how his predictions unfold, but I have every confidence they will as he says. He even knew about the friend I've been backing away from a bit! WOW! Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
OMG!!!!! Wow!!!!! This man truly knows how to keep me in line. so to speak, and to keep me positive. I love the way, he's able to connect with me and my situation, immediately. I will always have faith in his abilities, his insights and his kindness... He would have to be the only person, I can trust and really be myself with.. He knows me, better than most, and he knows how to keep me smiling continuously. Ultimately, he's the first one i connected with from the very beginning, when i joined this site..A TRUE blessing in disguise.. I most certainly look forward, to keeping him posted and to any information or updates he has for me. I will be forever and eternally grateful, for being given the chance to meet and to talk with this man.. He is my hero, my savior, my one true guide, in my life..Namaste!! Blessings to you and your family!! May you always have love and light in your life... I thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me, up until now..Love always,, your daughter, Bunny..xoxoxoxoxoxox" ... written by sexybunny69
very good reader, good connection." ... written by 1212flaming
AS USUAL.......ART HAS DONE IT AGAIN!! Art helps me maintain my balanced thinking and positivity to continue on my true path. I am SOOOO grateful to him for his insight and encouraging words. It seems all will be well soon and I am looking forward to all of Arts predictions to unfold in the next couple of months. BLESSINGS ON ART AND HIS HOUSE!!! MUUUAHHH......FOREVER INDEBTED TO YOU :) " ... written by divinedaughter
Wow. Amazing. I did not even have to tell him much of anything. He guessed a lot about me that was so on point. i truly believe that his abilities are genuine. I was struggling with a love decision he just put it into prospective for me. He was articulate and conveyed what I need to hear clear. He gave me time frames which I appreciated as a Scorpio. I will definitely come back to him in the future. AMAZING!!!!!" ... written by sheresearache
excellent meditation session... exactly what i needed after a really bad / emotional day. thank you sooo much art!... can't wait for tomorrow's session!" ... written by che2m2
Hey I just want to say that ARTHUR is mind blowing...he is AMAZING, I never told him anything about my relationship and hit everything on....Love the reading with you Arthur I will be coming back again!!" ... written by greeneyedgirl
Arthur made me feel so much better about my situation. Words cannot express how gifted and amazing he is. He is a God sent man, Truly breathtaking, Arthur I will come back to speak to you.... xoxo andamp;lt;3" ... written by beckypaige
I had the most amazing reading with Arthur and it was 1000% right about everything he told me.... I defiantly would advice anyone to get a private reading with a man with A TRUE GIFT! I will be returning more often and I feel that every penny I pay is worth his TRUE GIFT. We are all very skeptical about people who say the have the gift (I was) but Arthur is real and I Thank him for his GREAT GIFT and sharing it with the world. Thank you a million Arthur.... God Bless and Thank you or helping me and Sharon..... xo" ... written by Rodeogirl46
Great reading.....thank you much:..." ... written by qndiva
He is spot on with his readings and straight up, which is highly appreciated. Will definitely be coming back." ... written by ceffie
He was great! very great! straight to the point, very accurate, would highly recommend him!" ... written by lydia40
amazing as always :) " ... written by beckypaige
i felt a connection with him and he made me feel so calm and i will be back. I thoroughly enjoyed our chat!!" ... written by apple12
art is great!!! def reccommend him He is a really good:) Great readinngg!!" ... written by sexyegyptian2
Good Connection, offers help to your situation." ... written by woodhaven
I am in awe with the reading. Arthur is a great psychic and advisor I am going to take what he said and use it for the best. Thanks." ... written by enamorada
my meditation sessions are wonderful...can't wait for my next one!!!...he is wonderful.. and he even lowered his price in between so that i can chat with him about my concerns. This way i won't be paying the same price. I LOVE HIM!!!" ... written by che2m2
I feel great after speaking with Arthur. He gave me the peace I needed tonight." ... written by florwer85
Very helpful...he concluded that there would be no more clouds for bluesky;)" ... written by bluesky10
I am so impressed by this man. He didn't have to ask me my birth date, name, and a whole bunch of questions to give me great answers. Also he gave me dates of when thing might happen and I didn't have to ask him for the dates which was really great. Usually u have to go fishing for them. I feel like I can relax now and not be so on edge because I know what to expect. Arthur James is a kind and funny man and accurate psychic who won't waste your credits and is with every penny. I will be back in the future and I look forward to out next chat and thanks again for everything." ... written by missy123
Always a blessing to have a reading w Arthur james. Always very accurute w his readings. And also his meditations which are a blessing from heaven. Looking foward to more readings w him in the near future. Get a pvt w him u won't be sorry!!!Thx again Arthur" ... written by Lucy117
Every reading I have had with ArthusJames has been a really big help to me. He's always honest, right on the mark and genuinely wants to help. I highly reccommend him if you are looking to have a reading. :)" ... written by chelcee
He is wonderful, quick, and very kind. I love the fact that he can answer anything without using tarot cards. I also really love the fact, that he don't suger coat anything. Simply Amazing! Highly recommended! Thank you again." ... written by sweetstephy31
This is my first meditation with Arthur, he was so genuine. While in mediation I was relaxed and felt so comforting. I was able to see thing while my eyes were close, things that I want in my life that I am suppose to have. I will continue to do my meditation with him. Thanks so much you are truly a gift." ... written by enamorada
this was my second reading with Arthur and it was very relaxing to talk to him and get some things confirmed after a bad night. He told me about love and job as well as whether i have psychic abilities. Thanks i will be back for more someday xoxo" ... written by loverpants
Arthur is a sweetheart and was very accurate and intuitive. I will most likely contact him again in the future. :)" ... written by ChelseaG
Art clarified a lot of things for me. I'm no longer confused about what's going on with things that have been happening recently. There was a good connection, and I look forward to seeing things progress the way he says they will. Boy, will I be busy! Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
ALways accurate!!!!!!! I really appreciate u arthur!" ... written by PeaceLoveLight
Had another great session. Amazing how I dont have to say much and he's on point." ... written by florwer85
very helpful :)" ... written by love2smile29
Second meditation, very calming. Very satisfied with the sessions and will definitely be coming back. Thanks Art!" ... written by ceffie
Extremely accurate and on-point... Was able to pick up on my energy immediately and confirm things for me... also provided specific details andamp; helpful advice. I will definitely be back! Thanks Arthur :)" ... written by rolinsand
he is a nice person, and his reading so positive...thanks dear ...hope the things that u said happenes ,,,i will back soon" ... written by soosanmh59
Wonderful as always...Thank you Arthur, you give me peace and hope. I'll talk to you again soon!" ... written by cherie0710
Really lovely guy, warm and happy, totally brill reading 100 per cent I'll be back." ... written by leshafia
Nice connection to the point." ... written by halovm
Sweet and caring man!" ... written by daydreamer97
Sweet man!" ... written by daydreamer97
meditation session was very relaxing. looking forward to the next one." ... written by ceffie
Very direct and straight to the point. Very helpful and clear on what is going on." ... written by maryannepav
Glad to complete my last meditation session... very emotional indeed.... got me to reminisce and feel once again the love I once had (like it was reborn). Thank you Art... can't wait for what's yet to come my way!" ... written by che2m2
He was great...Gave lots of insight and dates and detail! Was straight to the point I will be back!!" ... written by carmelluv5
Arthur was great to the point honest and very humble very accurate fast reading and on point worth it extraordanary Psychic will be back gave dates and in depth detail " ... written by vc1976
Another great session with Aurthur. He gave me more peace and strenght." ... written by florwer85
Arthur is wonderful. I trust him. He is honest and caring and erverything comes from his heart!" ... written by RadesGirl
I have had many readings with ArthurJames now and everytime he listens and gives me honest and helpful advice. Highly reccommend him. :)" ... written by chelcee
Arthur is amazing. His positive energy flows to you. Caring and Gentle soul. Likes to help people. He his the real deal. I am definetly going to get another reading with him." ... written by Gretchen71
Very good, fast, very helpful...Great read, thank you so much!" ... written by candee
I will be very sincere, Arthur blew me away. He has made me believe in myself again and to trust my spirit guides. Loved the session with him, you feel like you are talking to a long time friend. And that's what he is for me, from this moment on. God keep blessing him, because will his talent he is able to help a lot of people. So please don't hesitate and get a reading with Arthur. You won't regret it. Hugs" ... written by Gretchen71
OMG!!! OMG!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!! Thanx for taking the time out to listen to me and show your understanding and support for me as always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know we havent spoken for a while but i tell you what our talk was worth the wait. Thanx for believing in me and showing faith in me from the first day i met you DAD!!!!!!! You may not be the real thing, but, for me your the next best thing to my real dad!!!! I will always love you and cherish the words of wisdom that you tell me!! i know the connection between us is still strong and i thank you for always being there for me. If i talk to others on this site, dont mean that i ever doubted you!! I dont and i never will!! I attached myself to you from the first day i became a member on this site!! I have always found myself drawn to your room, whether it be for meditation, a chat or just for company. You knew from the start how much of an emotional wreck i was and you helped me to gain my strength again. You will always be in my heart dad!! Namaste!!! Love and light!! Blessings to you and all your family!! God bless you for your amazing abilities. I will keep coming back to you even just to keep you updated as to what is going on!!! I thank you you from the very bottom of my heart, and appreciate everything you have done for me over the past few months." ... written by sexybunny69
one of the most amazing reading he has ever given me. have hours logged with him..." ... written by jostens
Art is wonderful when i need answers hes rite on point i enjoy my sessions with him every time!!! He is awesome and i will continue with him every time i need help with situations!!!! Thanks Art you are the Greatest!!! Try him you wont regret it!!!" ... written by welobey1
oh man...why do I even talk to other psychics? I wish Arthur was online all the times I need him...and that is a lot..I'm pretty messed up :) I love his advice!" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
I felt relieved talking to Arthur, I was worried about something that i couldn't get out of my head. He made me relax and feel calm and I am just waiting on the predictions to com true." ... written by loverpants
I love me some ArthurJames---andamp; great reader:)" ... written by bluesky10
Reading was wonderful and he identified the problems and gave me stability and hope for whatever I wanted." ... written by Esha
he is a good reader,and a kind and positive person...thanks dear back soon" ... written by soosanmh59
Once again my mind feels at ease... i love how I can ask Arthur anything I want and not have to worry about it not being answered. god bless xoxo" ... written by loverpants
always amazing xoxox :)" ... written by love2smile29
four meditation sessions completed. Everything feels lighter and unstressed. thank you art. will definitely see you again in your chat and private sessions..." ... written by ceffie
Arthur was so good and accurate, helped clarify my situations and is very supportive no matter what issue your going through." ... written by awakeinmysleep
always the best!!" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
AWESOME!SPOT ON ABOUT EVERYTHING!" ... written by dinagirl23
OMG thank you Art you easied my mind tonight. This man is Amazing!!!!! He is definately worth every penny. Love you ART. " ... written by MysticalMillette
One word, Amazing. Such a loving and Caring man. After every reading I feel so much calmer and at peace with myself. You should definetly have a reading with Arthur. One of the Best. You will not regret it. Hugs" ... written by Gretchen71
Arthur is the most kind, compassionate man and ever so helpful. He knows. Never doubt; he knows. Thank you so very much Arthur. God's blessings on you always!" ... written by RadesGirl
LOVE HIM!" ... written by RadesGirl
absolutely fantastic and down to earth, great insight, a 5 star reader!" ... written by irishlad6
meditation left me with a light and warm feeling. can't wait fo the next session. two thumbs up. Thanks art." ... written by ceffie
He connected with me VERY VERY well. I am looking forward to predictions wow he was so accurate knew a lot of things. What a sweet man!" ... written by evolvie
ARTHURJAMES - you are the best, I felt so comfortable with the reading. You made my day and its so relaxing to look into ur friendly face. " ... written by marmoura
Arthur is the man - he is always right about anything that he tells you. You can't go wrong getting a reading from this man. He is great! I will always stay in contact with him." ... written by luckygirl40
LOVE HIM!" ... written by dinagirl23
kind gentle man, easy to talk to and reassuring. Hope his predictions come true, he was positive and honest, ty AJ. i will let you know x" ... written by sarajo1
Arthur James gives me the peace I need to handle what Im going through. I will always come back and consult with him!" ... written by florwer85
Help me feel better . Thank u !!" ... written by love2smile29
ArthurJames is wonderful. He is right on target, understanding and helped me in so many ways. He is so clear and focused. I know that his intent is to help others. " ... written by LadyL5
I appreciate that he was very assuring. He read very fast and can answer for any questions I throw at him in detail. lol Love talking to him!" ... written by psymeow
Good." ... written by d
Thank you, Arthur! We were restricted in time, but you were accurate, sincere and honest. Thank you for your guidance and advice. THANK YOU." ... written by Lisa
Thank you so much Arthur for everything! 5 *****" ... written by Amydog
Wow picked up on everything... took my breath away! So accurate and fast ! WOW WOW WOW! " ... written by marie5290
Arthur James definitely one of the best!!! Completely clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and an all around GREAT MAN. I highly recommend him for ANY situation you might be facing. I know psychics... He's the real deal!" ... written by Taylor
Fantastic reading!!" ... written by pixi78
Arthur is great, loved speaking to him :)" ... written by shevva
HE gave me one of the most profound readings that I have EVER had. He picked up on things that nobody could have known! He was very connected to me and the people around me. Left me feeling very satisfied to the point i won't go around checking with other readers to confirm what he said to me. He is very confident with the information he gives and I really appreciate his honesty, bluntness and the encouragement he gave me. Thanks so much Arthur. You know my situation right now but look for me to come back and let you know what's transpiring as soon as I am able! Blessings1" ... written by cocooj
Thanks Arthur so much, you were great to talk to in my time of need. I wish I had more time to talk to you and for the meditation're great! thanks again." ... written by Dumbfounded
Arthur is awesome. Such a sweet and endearing man. I always leave our chats feeling positive and at peace. He is by far my favorite on Oranum." ... written by cherie0710
What can I say? He ROCKS! ArthurJames is the Best! Thank you for your words Bro! I've really enjoyed the reading!" ... written by JoeytheOne
Once again, Arthur has helped me greatly. He direct and honest. I know I will get all my questions answered when I have a session with him." ... written by florwer85
Arthur really helped me to see things in a different way...he is very caring and makes me feel so comfortable!" ... written by carmelluv5
This was my first reading with Arthurjames. He is quick and accurate. He picks up on your situation and gives you sound advice. He makes you feel comfortable and he is easy to talk to. I appreciated his advice and guidance. I will return for more advice later." ... written by wee318
Great Reading, Lovely Guy; Very accurate!" ... written by kellygal77
so many readings with Arthur now...incredible. Always makes me feel better and puts me on the right track. So very helpful with my life!!!! Love you!" ... written by RadesGirl
I love love love Arthur!! he can talk and help about anything and doesn't mind my incessant ramblings about the same concern over and over and over :)" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Arthur was great as usual. Good Advice and 100% accuracy. I will always seek advice from him. Thanks Arthur...God Bless....will keep u posted!" ... written by kristen8017 are soooooooooooooo I had a conversation with you.......He CALLED!!! ...omfg I'm so excited...I hope everything comes to passs!! THANK YOU!!!" ... written by Phoxee
I feel good every time I talk to Arthur, it is almost like I do not care if he is right or wrong. I just love how loving and caring he is and that is what matters the most. He is a great empath n very much needed. xoxo" ... written by loverpants
Great as usual! Thanks, Art for all of your help. You are always amazing and so caring.... God Bless!" ... written by missgreeneyes
Amazing!! right on the was like he knew exactly what I felt and was apart of the situaton... AAA+++" ... written by blueeyedangel74
I love arthur!!!!!! Hes amazing. He is so sweet and compassionate Ill be back. He is truly one of a kind xoxoxoxox" ... written by beckypaige
Love art:))) He is awesome sweet soul and spirit!!!! xoxoxo" ... written by sexyegyptian2
My 3rd or 4th reading with Arthur~ Thank you so much.....after reading with you I breath a sigh of relief a lot of the times because I know that things are slowly coming into fruition and that your prediction will most definitely manifest shortly after ;o) " ... written by Phoxee
ArthurJames was very specific and helpful. I'll definitely use him again! " ... written by Ladonnalove1
Thanks once again Arthur, u amazing!!" ... written by shevva
patient, kind, caring - one big bundle of what you need. Thanks Arthur! You bring me peace!" ... written by RadesGirl
This is my 2nd reading with Arthur and he always seems to hit the nail on the head and this was no exception. Arthur has not only been a Oranum Psychic but also a friend who wants nothing but the best for you. It's well worth it whether you get a Pvt reading or an e mail reading." ... written by raym57
Comforting as always. " ... written by AquariSun
art ur awesome!!! great reading" ... written by sexyegyptian2
very helpfull with lots of insight on my situation always so pleasant , huble and honest answered all my questions thanks art ur the best " ... written by vc1976
Awesome reading. Very direct, quick and thoughtful. Love him. Get read with him ASAP" ... written by Susie27
Goooood reading as always.....thanks Arthur,,,see u soon !!!" ... written by soosanmh59
Very compassionate, and understanding. Focused on helping. He is right on point. I really enjoyed my reading." ... written by LadyL5
As always, Arthur is the greatest. He is a good person that gives good advice. I don't know how Arthur knows these predictions, but I will tell you that he is 100% correct. Thanks Arthur" ... written by kristen8017
Hello Arthur James," ... written by Lia
Arthur is a great person to speak to about your problems. I trust in him." ... written by tilly40218
I love Art! He is amazing and has great energy. I really recommend him for a reading. He is kind and is one of the best readers on here... thanks, Art for all of your help on my questions and doubts! You make my rainy day brighter! :)" ... written by missgreeneyes
He's such a generous person ....great positive energy....genuinely helping and OMG what an accuracy ! Did not tell me months..gave me exact date ! WOW" ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
He is always fast and to the point... " ... written by PeaceLoveLight
Awesome as always thanks :D" ... written by AquariSun
a+" ... written by dinagirl23
This man is absolutely amazing!!!! Without a doubt one of the most caring, honest and pure advisors on this site!!! We are blessed to have him!!! He knows exactly how to make us feel good about ourselves whenever we are down. A true GEM!!! No other words can really describe him." ... written by sexybunny69
WowWow he is so awesome, he gives you the burning answers that you want, quick and very accurate." ... written by TUSHAN
One word, Awesome!!" ... written by cherie0710
The private was awesome and very insightful even in the short amount of time that I had. It made me feel better about my relationship. Arthur was very understanding and thorough with his answers and with the details of the upcoming events. I look forward to what is coming my way very much. I feel very relieved and happy now. He is very awesome and he gets straight to the point. He is worth it. " ... written by sparklehail
Wow, This guy is spot on. And i see now what is going on. Thank you much." ... written by BrokenJakk
omg this man is the most incredible person in the world!!! He is kind. He is considerate. He is thoughtful. He gets right down to what you want to know, even if you dont tell him! His accuracy is scary incredible! This man brought me to tears with a very touchy subject he knew things he couldnt have unless his gift was true. And believe me when i say, it IS! this man is amazing!!!!! If Oranum ever let him go, they'd be losing out on one incredible man!!!!!! Im not even sure my words do this man justice!!!!!! WOW.....WOW....WOW.....INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a MILLION STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Aphrodite000
Arthur was sweet...reassurance again...a friendly person to talk with and give u advice...will definitely talk to him again and again. He is my new best friend!! thanks Arthur..." ... written by kristen8017
Brill yet again, I'm amazed with this man! xxxxxxxxx" ... written by house
Words cant even begin to describe the work this man does. Thank you so much Arthur once again for everything the good and bad. Your honesty is what we all need. God bless you!" ... written by jayr3264
Really knows how to make me feel better and look forward to the future." ... written by Terri1321
Arthur is amazing. He never cease to amaze me with him insight and calming manner. I have had so many readings with him, I can't even count them. Highly recommend Arthur to everyone! You want the best - here he is." ... written by RadesGirl
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just did spiritual meditation with this amazing man and now i feel like a tonne of bricks has been lifted off me!!!!! Wow, the feeling is hard to describe in words. Emotional, warm, full of love and positivity!!!!! I will be forever grateful to you DAD for doing this for me!!! It will appreciate it and luv you til the day i die!!! Namaste!!! Love and light!! Blessings to you and your whole family!!!" ... written by sexybunny69
ArthurJames is a truly wonderful person. He really cares about people and wants them to live happy and fulfilled lives and this is why he shares his gift. I feel so blessed to be able to speak with Arthur and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for someone who speaks clearly, thoughtfully and reassuringly about the great journey of life." ... written by pixi78
Picked up things that others havent.....knew my situation very well..........would recommend!!!" ... written by coacha04
Simply the best. Art is spot on always got a handle on the situation. Thankyou so much. I will be back" ... written by Tracie
Arthur is very caring amp; compassionate when it comes to his readings. Lets not forget how accurate he is on his readings. i would recommend him always." ... written by Lucy117
Arthur is very accurate. I forgot to let him know that something he told me in the free chat came to past. I'm not sure if he even knows how accurate he is. He is very confident of his predictions. Arthur is very authentic, take it from me there is no question in my mind that he is real. He tells me things before I tell him. He never asks me questions to feel out the situation and he values his clients. He doesn't forget who you are remember your situation and is very thoughtful. I can't thank you enough for all of your help and insight regarding my life." ... written by praisehimalwayss
I just finished a reading with ArthurJames and i can't say anything,he left me speechless. He was very accurate right on the dot with my whole situation. Could not ask for a better reading.For sure he is worth taking private and knows what he is saying.Angel sent from heaven.God Bless Arthur.Your truly amazing and a blessing." ... written by babylove84
Thank you for the reading!! I had previous readings with Arthur and the predictions came to pass! I can only hope today's prediction will manifest soon!!! Thank you so much for your guidance w/patience and understanding ;o)" ... written by Phoxee
Art gets me through the days. I would be a mess i it were not for him. Thankyou so much. Beautiful man." ... written by Tracie
arthur is great... Def is very goodd... great reading" ... written by sexyegyptian2
I just didn't want to end our chat. he is so helpful and reassuring. He has become a friend that I look forward to talking with." ... written by rockhoundcarrie
I had a cleansing meditation session. I feel peaceful thankyou you are such a help to me" ... written by Tracie
Clears my mind and makes everything alright. I will always come back to Arthur!!!!" ... written by RadesGirl
I feel up lifted. This person is a wonderful guy who knows what he is talking about. I wish him only the best, as he did for me! He is not only a Person but a Friend. " ... written by BrokenJakk
Very good, straight forward and sweet and wants to help." ... written by 04apple
Great Person...." ... written by eurbaez438
I won a free reading from a drawig, best prize ever, thank you art, for helpig out and talking to me like a true friend. :)" ... written by numberthree3
He gives you a comfort talking to him, and give you good insight to your questions, and wants to help. I have faith in him." ... written by 04apple
I was pleased with Arthur James, he eased my worries and told me what to expect. He was wonderful, God bless him." ... written by Messenger87
Arthur James was very good. Straight to the point and pretty accurate. Thanks again!! " ... written by cwr360
Always amazing." ... written by tilly40218
Very insightful. Kind and caring cant say enough about this man!!" ... written by AmyDog
Always amazing!!! Thanks Big Papa Bear, Love ya :)" ... written by JustAngel77
Amazing man! He has been so helpful and positive!" ... written by afcsher
A wonderful reading with Arthur - aka Uncle Artie, as they call him. He seems to really see things. Some of his predictions came true this past weekend, now the others are on their way! God Bless you Arthur - already looking forward to my next reading." ... written by ChiliP
James, you are a blessing in my life, and so understanding and non-judgmental :) Thank you for lifting my heart on this beautiful day. I am happy :)" ... written by Phoenyx
Arthur is amazing in his gifts. This is one of the best readings I have had on Oranum. He plays no games and tell the truth as he sees it. So, you can count on clarity and professionalism. Arthur, thank you so very much! I love you! " ... written by reena2323
Thanks Art... now your words into action ;))) Thanks for a great reading - I am really more calm." ... written by sanjam
Once again he's right about the progress going on and is taking place as he said it would. He's really great at what he does!" ... written by lotus01121
20 questions in 15 minutes! this guy is very comforting, fast and tells it how it is! I highly recommend! " ... written by AquariSun
Like always....hands down Arthur is the best! I wiill always look for him on this site!" ... written by florwer85
Arthur is such an amazing psychic, very insightful and caring. Whatever problem you have he will help you the best way he can. Thank you for the cleansing I am truly grateful. I feel 10x lighter. Thanks a million" ... written by enamorada
He does wonderful meditation sessions. I feel much better!" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Fast and wonderful :) " ... written by AquariSun
Arthur is an amazing Physic... I will definitely come back for a reading. He is caring, sweet and right to the point. He did a chakra cleansing with me and I am already feeling better. He gave so much positive energy, unbelievable!!! ... You should try him, believe me you will never regret it!!! ... He really has a gift to see things through and an enormous heart. God bless you Arthur!!! " ... written by rinagm
Great! Thank you!" ... written by PeaceLoveLight
Great as always! Can't say enough about Art. He still is one of the best readers. Caring and very down to earth. Don't hesitate to try him out!" ... written by missgreeneyes
Arthur is very accurate and has predicted my questions to the exact day before even in free chat and he works very fast and is caring and trys to ease your mind and heart to the best of his capability, He is my favorite psychic on Oranum when it comes to a future forcast, I would recommend him everytime! :) God bless ArthurJames." ... written by cca0393
OMG!!!! WOW!!!! What am absolutely amazing man!! A true blessing in disguise. I will FOREVER value his insight and his advice. He knows exactly what to say to me to make me feel on top of the world again!!! The connection between us has been strong from the very first day I met him and started talking to him. He knows what I've been going through and he knows how to keep me positive that things will work out. He's the only one that I can depend on for advice, insight into any matter, or just a simple shoulder to cry on. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you have done for me so far. God Bless you and your amazing abilities!! Namaste!!! Love to you and the whole family. Love and light. and ...yes...I will definitely keep you posted." ... written by sexybunny69
My favorite! Thank you!" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
ARTHUR IS A GREAT MAN " ... written by InvalidUsername
Good man...optimistic about the future positivity exudes from his aura...Very nice reading..thanks Art." ... written by UncleDee
Arthur was fast in answering... no delay no beating around the bush... every question I had was answered in a matter of seconds. This was my first reading with him so I will wait and see if his predictions are coming to pass. " ... written by bananaboat19
I just had a reading with Arthur he seemed very genuine in what he said and also very compasionate. There was something he said about a going away date which has already been booked which he meationed this made me realise that he was genuine because there was no way he could have possibly known. I will let know about predictions made for september, i was very pleased with reading." ... written by msaries
He made me calm down he is great!!!!!you must consult him" ... written by fairy24
Arthur was very quick and to the point. He really if gifted and I like his style: to the point but gives you a lot of information to work with." ... written by johnnydeppfan
Thank you! Such a true positive soul. Please try him. U will be glad u did. I am and will be in touch again soon! I've written down the dates n notes so I'll keep u posted on what comes up. THANK YOU! andamp;lt;3" ... written by bellacasey
Arthur is always able to make a connection and pick up on things without me having to say them. Always honest and very easy to speak to. Thank you. :)" ... written by chelcee
the only person in the world that can calm and soothe my soul. Thank you so much Arthur!" ... written by RadesGirl
Arthur's a great guy and very nice to talk to. I hope he's right!" ... written by jb
Great reading as always he always makes me feel good thanks :D I go to him all the time. " ... written by AquariSun
Arthur is the bomb! I will always come by for a reading with him. He knows what he is talking about and is very helpful and caring." ... written by luckygirl40
arthur is an angel sent by God....he does amazing things and I would recommend him to anyone! " ... written by pixi78
Very direct, exact date of outcome and I was really impressed. Thanks Arthur" ... written by ffms01
As always, he is exceptional..Arthur u are the best...Thanks" ... written by kristen8017
just try him and you will not regret it ever" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Once again has calmed me down. I don't know what I would do without Art at the moment. A very wise man. Thank you." ... written by Tracie
Great and fast, very comforting :) " ... written by AquariSun
always a pleasure" ... written by dinagirl23
I just had a meditation with Arthur and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I cried tears of joy and I now feel so ready to begin the next chapter of my life. Thank you Arthur you are truly a gift from God. If you are in a relationship I highly recommend speaking to Arthur he will help your relationship blossom." ... written by pixi78
wow....amazing person, great reader...,,,can't find the right words....he knows it all !!!! thank you ,Art !!! hugs " ... written by Kumira
Artyy... good guy always a great reading.." ... written by sexyegyptian2
Arthur is right on the money. I have talk with other psychics but he is by far the best psychic on the site and of course his wife jasmine. I can't wait until my future prediction comes true to let him know how well it is going." ... written by luckygirl40
An amazing job, very accurate .WOW." ... written by PurpleLife
Very good." ... written by PurpleLife
ArthurJames has always given me great insight and a gentle spirit to guide me my new journey. He has brought me through pits of grief to great joy of walking on cloud nine." ... written by rooster051
Arthur Arthur Arthur.....always brings me peace and tells me like it is. You won't find anyone better!" ... written by RadesGirl
Meditation and chakra cleansing sessions with Arthur are amazing. If you are feeling negative about anything in your life then Arthur will help clear away the negativity and get you on the positive path again. Thank you once again Arthur" ... written by pixi78
Wonderful, kind cleanse - highly recommend!" ... written by Jill
Very quick to connect to a person's spirit. Extremely accurate on current situation and very kind as it's complex. 5 Star Rating - Take him to Private!!!" ... written by Jill L
He is very encouraging and straight to the point! Much calmer and clearer after I speak to him! Thank U Arthur" ... written by Sonia
Fast reader who was able to pick up the situation very quickly. Can give you answers to your question within 30 seconds. Perhaps I'm exaggerating because I didn't have a timer on me, but he's seriously fast!" ... written by Fun_sized
Very clear and concise in readings" ... written by koel
Needed a few minutes to ask for some updates on some questions that I have regarding the situation and his updates, no matter how small or big, really do help me to see the big picture. He's always on the job and ready to lend a helping hand. Thank you again, my friend!!" ... written by Jettagirl09
I love Arthur he is excellent, spot on with his answers " ... written by Angelight67
Thank you Art! Great as usual! wonderful" ... written by kingpi
AJ was wonderful as always! Thank you for you Art and all your help and support. Bless you!" ... written by redrose
I love him ... he is very sweet strait to the point and really was helpful." ... written by Requina Edmond
Compassionate, and detailed." ... written by lotus71
He is so good.. he gives clarity and he knows i just moved before i told him to.. awesome readings" ... written by dreamingabouthim
Positive and a lot insight." ... written by apple
As things continue to unfold, Art is willing to be there to lend an ear and a helping hand. Sometimes, it's just really nice to have someone to listen without providing biased opinions on a situation and that's what AJ does for me on a constant basis. A true friend with a good heart..." ... written by Jettagirl09
Arthur was exactly what I needed at this very moment. We spoke about many dynamics and he confirmed some thoughts and brought new ventures to the tables. I can't wait for his predictions to come true. Very quick read... worth every dime." ... written by NiecyM
He is wonderful and amazing as usual!!!" ... written by GMR
Art is always there to lend an ear as sometimes I just need to vent to a non-judgmental person who can offer me some sound advice...Thank you as always, my friend for being there for me..." ... written by Jettagirl09
Always fast, and helpful... Thanks again! Will keep you posted!" ... written by williaM
Thank you for you AJ! Appreciate you more than you know, and all your support and help. Bless you." ... written by redrose
Thank you AJ!!!" ... written by redrose
great reader. very honest and to the point. Has a great gift." ... written by aerie4
awesome helper with readings and good predictions, and brings peace to you. i highly recomnend." ... written by apple
Always awesome, that's why I keep coming back. ;)" ... written by Anastasia
Amazing, amazing, always picks up my situation straight away.. always happy when I have had my readings with Arthurjames.. highly recommend him... love and light." ... written by Roiseposey
Thank you so much for the reading." ... written by termo
I always feel a sense of calm when I speak to him. He makes me feel at ease about my situation and gives good guidance." ... written by ladyl5
Fast, compassionate, friendly, confident... all that I'm looking for in a psychic. great reading as always. He has never disappointed me. " ... written by steph
Always consistently very good!" ... written by psymeow
Amazing amazing, ArthurJames always picks up my situation straight away with any questions asked. I keep returning for my readings, highly recommend him, stay blessed and of course i will see you soon again, love and light." ... written by Rose
Haha Arthur :) Have a session with him everyone!" ... written by luxxicon
Thank you Arthur for being here for me. You are the best! " ... written by redrose
Good ole Art...gotta love him...very insightful..intuitive..kindred sprirt" ... written by UncleDee
Great meditation as always thanks! :D" ... written by AquariSun
AS USUAL ART HAS DONE IT AGAIN.....Always says exactly what I need to hear....gets to the heart of the matter in no time flat. MUCH LUV TO AND YOURS ARTIE FOR ALL U DO!!!! ((((HUGGGSS)))" ... written by divinedaughter
You are sooo AWESOME ♥ART♥ ty ty ty..." ... written by xox_JENNiFER_xox
This man is brill, brill, brill, he was insightful, he had like a sixth sense which made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck and i felt he knew things without me giving any clues, excellent reading, i was smiling like a cheshire cat when i finished, in the words of Arnold Swarchenegger, i WILL BE BACK.. XX " ... written by pathnow
He definitely tells it like he sees it. I'm glad I have Arthur to set me on the right path to happiness. Thanks Arthur for everything." ... written by kelly1321
Simply the best! I come to see Arthur regularly. He always lifts my spirits :)" ... written by cherie0710
Well, Art confirmed my suspicions, and I just gotta wait to see what the result is. Ugh, I hate waiting, but Art was once again great! Fantastic! Always enjoy my readings with him! I will recommend him until the cows come home! Yay, for Art!" ... written by wing-mei
Thank you so much Arthur, you made me feel more at ease at this tough time in my life. I truly wish i had more credits because time flew. Thanks again you are very good at what you do ." ... written by Laurenk22
Such a delight to talk to. Puts me at ease and makes me feel like i can say anything and it's ok. Can't say thank you enough! Great guy! Congratulations on your 700th reading!!!!!" ... written by ceffie
Another wonderful meditation session with Arthur. I feel very at peace right now. I highly recommend anyone who is worried about anything in their life arrange to have a meditation session with will feel so much better for it. Thanks again are an angel sent by God" ... written by pixi78
Very sweet, comforting and honest. " ... written by AquariSun
My first private reading with ArthurJames... good connection, pleasant to talk to, gave some dates but will have to wait and see .. In general he made it easy for me to open up and felt my concern instantly." ... written by Irina66
Bloody hell i was blown away by the reading Arthur you have just made me complete again ..... I'm so happy but at the same time crying like a baby lol thank you so so so much for everything xxxxxxxxxx " ... written by hazelhazel
WOW!!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!!! This man seriously amazes me!!! Words cannot describe how accurate he is with his forecasts and insights...He's the only one that knows how to keep me positive, all the time...The only one that really knows my life, to date.. the only one i can truly depend on to keep me on the straight and narrow. I dont think I would be able to cope in my life, if I didn't have him to talk to and to confide in. Extremely accurate, extremely insightful, the most, caring, understanding, warm person, I've ever met in my entire life!!!! I will always follow his advice to the letter.....definitely!!! He has a knack of always making me feel appreciated as a person not just as a client!!! I will be forever grateful, for meeting him and having him as part of my life!!!! Namaste!!! Blessings always!!!! Love and light to him and his whole family!!! Thanx dad!!! You know you mean the world to me and i will be eternally indebted to you..Luv always...Bunny xoxoxox" ... written by sexybunny69
Awesome reading. Tapped right into the situation and was spot on. Deep down I already knew the answers but needed the reassurance. Thanks very much for that. Time wise, I appreciate the fact that you were able to give me actual dates. THANK YOU! " ... written by l-boogie
he really shocked me in a good way i will definitely be back for more - watch this space!!" ... written by ladylockside
arthur is always right on time. I know he knows what he is talking about. " ... written by luckygirl40
Great as always! Thanks so much for always helping me out with my problems. You make me feel so much better and to look at things with a different perspective... Hugssss and Happy Birthday!" ... written by missgreeneyes
Arthur was great. This was the first time I spoke to him but he was able to pick up on my situation almost instantly. Give him a call you won't be disappointed. He made me feel much better - I am glad that I called. He truly has a gift. " ... written by dmariae
As always brilliant. Art has become my mentor and guide. He is the best" ... written by Tracie
Arthur is the best psychic on this site. He really is here to help people. He has helped me so much emotionally through a horrific time in my life and I will be forever grateful. He is so spot on about lots of stuff. If you are looking for the truth and kindness he is the man to go to. He is non judgmental and won't steer you wrong. He also will work with u if you are low on money, which most psychics won't. This says a lot about his character. I don't know what I would have done with out your guidance art and thank you for the bottom of my heart. (hugs)" ... written by brazilgirl1
warming, calming, honest, caring and goes a step beyond. On the mark! Thanks for everything Arthur, as usual!!!!!" ... written by RadesGirl
Thanks Arthur ;o) Short reading but it was great! " ... written by Phoxee
Great psychic! everyone should try him out! He will definately help you out!" ... written by Cryptids
My favorite of course! :D " ... written by AquariSun
Great reading very accurate and precise i will b back for another soon!!!! Arthur was under the weather but still managed to help what a character god Bless Him Give him a try u will b satisfied Thank You so much xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxo" ... written by Angelqueen
Thanks very reassuring :)" ... written by AquariSun
Dear Arthur you are truly amazing. It's good to know i have somebody i can count as a friend. Much love to ya Brother!" ... written by BrokenJakk
Arthur has everyone's best interests at heart. He speaks from a place of truth and I trust him with the most important things in my life. Thank you for your guidance." ... written by pixi78
As always Arthur is spot on! Really insightful, such a giving and caring man! Highly recommended!" ... written by pixi78
OMFG!!!!! God I LOVE this man....He is my angel, my saviour, my rock...always was and always will be....He will always be in my heart and i will NEVER stray from what he tells me to do..I love him with all my heart, and the bond between us will never be broken...not under any circumstances... He is the most honest, caring, loving, compassionate, human being i have ever met...Without him in my life, i dont know where i would be right now... My life and my marriage literally depend on him..He is an absolute blessing in disguise..worth the time and effort it takes to talk to him..He has been there for me from the very beginning and he will always be there for me..this i know for sure..Blessings to you always...for being the humanitarian that you are...Love and light to you and to your whole family..May you all prosper and have the love in your hearts to be there for others the same way you have been here for my time of need..Love always....your daughter...Bunny xoxoxox" ... written by sexybunny69
Wish You a Happy B'day again Arthur. " ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
OMG!!!!! I SOOOOOOO LUV this man!!!!!!! There can never be anyone more important in my life, apart from my family, and my dear ol dad!!!!!! I know I can always depend on him to be there for me when I need him the most!!!!! He ALWAYS knows how to cheer me up, keep me positive and make me smile, when I need it the most!!!! I would prefer to have him living next door to me, but, I guess I cant have my cake and eat it too...LMAO!!!!! I will NEVER stray from his advice and his most kind, warm and gentle heart. The compassion this man shows for his clients, cannot be compared....He is ultimately NO MATCH for any of the others I've spoken to...He's my DAD and NO ONE will ever take him away from me again...thats for damn sure... I will always luv him with everything i have in my heart......and will never forget what he has done for me over these past few months...Luv, hugs and kisses to YOU always......Bunny xoxoxoxoxoxox" ... written by sexybunny69
As always a huge help to me. His guidance is gold. Wonderful man xx" ... written by Tracie
Very good insights. His advise is well taken. Thanks again." ... written by ceffie
Arthur is very comforting and understanding. He tells you what you need to hear not what you want and his prediction dates are very accurate. He's very helpful and to the point and gives great advice. " ... written by Lovewarrior
Excellent reader and very recommended." ... written by TiffAlexander
Arthur is an amazing guy. He lifts all your burdens in seconds especially those so close to your heart. His first prediction has already come true as he so confidently had told me and also giving date. He is so caring and compassionate and professional and connects so easily to any situation and illuminates you with knowledge without any need for u to ask any question. If u are after the truth and to feel like u are chatting to a friend u need to talk to him and u will be amazed. He has given me tremendous hope and courage in regards to being positive as very soon I will see all unfold as he has seen outcome so clearly. Arthur is so loving and truly gifted. Thank you so so" ... written by tanyaolivia64
I had a reading with Arthur like two weeks back and I wanted to write a feedback about that private chat after the day he predicted that something would happen and here I am giving the feedback about this awesome man. His predictions so far totally came true including the exact date. I am not lying guys, he is very genuine person who cares about others. Thank you so much Arthur, I will be back for more :-) Highly recommended people." ... written by Person2011
Very honest reader! Picked up on a lot of things accurately. He has given me a date on reconnection. Will pray and stay positive. Will let you know how things go!! Thanks again!!" ... written by rach82
truthful and straight to the point. i very much appreciate his genuine concern towards my well being. not enough words to thank u art ♥" ... written by ceffie
Very insightful! Looking forward to the predictions. Thanks Arthur. :)" ... written by cupcakegirl
great compassionate guy" ... written by suga-slim
always helps me understand " ... written by love2smile29
He's wonderful and gives it straight. Not sugarcoating stuff. He's my brother. If you want straight answers. He's the one you want." ... written by tilly40218
He was understanding and that was the most important part of the discussion. I really appreciate his advice...he gave me advice on a variety of things and he is always accurate and trustworthy" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
feeling better and understand been very right so far" ... written by love2smile29
Wow!!! I feel very calm and reassured after speaking with Arthur ;o) Great readings and my past readings have most definitely manifested and I'm more then positive's reading and future ones will definitely happen ;o) Thank you!!!" ... written by Phoxee
Talk about being left speechless? All i said was MY NAME. and then he just nailed my ENTIRE situation from the day i met my ex until today. i literally had a jaw drop in front of my computer. he is AMAZING! i have no doubt in my mind what he says will happen.. i mean, how can i? this is just amazing! must talk to him if you want some clarity!!!" ... written by monkies
Art is fabulous... one of the best very accurate!!!" ... written by sexyegyptian2
Arthur is always right on the money and his predictions are wonderful. I can't wait to tell him about this prediction that he predicted next." ... written by luckygirl40
OMG...he was dead on!!!!!! dead on!...i cant believe how much he knew! i am soooooo happy...i never knew i could be read like that being a wiccan empath myself!, but he picked up on everything...and it was like i was talking to a wait like my brother! Charming, nice understanding...OMG he was amazing just amazing.....just picking things up from my experience without me saying a word...amazing! i am freaked out.... but happy..thank u ORANUM for allowing us to know such a great spirtual teacher! thank u for bringing Authurjames to us..hes what we needed" ... written by tyesejoy
Wow! Arthur is great his mediation is great you just have to try it. He is wonderful and positive. I was feeling negative before I came to him and now I have hope for things to come and faith. Thank you for everything Arthur I will keep you posted." ... written by luckygirl40
I am so grateful to and for Arturro. He has been helping me through a very difficult time. He tells me what I need to know but also what I can look forward to. Thanks again and blessed be." ... written by brazilgirl1
he is doing this job to help people...not for any other reason...and help he does!" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
very caring honest helpful guy i will return he gives great advice" ... written by suga-slim
WOW!!!! I luv him!!! I luv him!!! I luv him!!! No matter where i am or where i go from here...he will always be there for me..this i know for sure!!!..I will forever be eternally grateful to him, for always having the time to listen to me!!!! There is nothing to big or to small that he cant handle!!!...He's the light of my life and my savior!!! He has been my guide since the very beginning...and not once has he led me down the wrong path!!! He's so calming and so reassuring!!! He would have to be ultimately the best thing that has come into my life and at a time when i needed him the most!!! I will forever hold him close to my heart!!!! love and light to you and your family...xoxoxoxoxox Namaste and blessings to you always...Luv ya always..Bunny ****hugs****" ... written by sexybunny69
He seems very good it hard to tell at the moment because i'll have to wait and see the future. But as far as the reading goes he was nice and easy to talk with." ... written by Lesus01
As Always Arthur is a very compassionite person and very sweet in his readings. I've had several readings with him andamp;amp; I'm always satisfied w/ every single one. Always a delight to have my pvt's with Arthur andamp;amp; lets not forget how accurate he is in his readings. I give him 5******** highly recommend him you wouldn't be dissappointed. Thanks Arthur can wait to see my future predictions..." ... written by Lucy117
If you haven't had a private reading yet with Arthur then why not???? He is honest, straight-forward, answers all yours questions regarding, love, money, work, family but most of all he cares about al of his clients and that is why so many people come back. " ... written by pixi78
Fab .............. Art is always smack on and hes so easy to speak to make you feal at ease .............. Art gives good advice and well tells it how it is ...........he is always smack on and he is straight to the point .......... thank you Art you have one very happy client with a smile from ear to ear xxxxxx" ... written by 69hazel69
Very pleasant and quik reader! I hope his predictions is right! Gave me hope... :)" ... written by Elise79
Thank you Arthur for being kind and being honest about my situation. He wont steer you in the wrong direction. I will tell you he is not one of those Psychics that will tell you what you want to hear to tickle your ear." ... written by kprattis
Best on the site." ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Arthur James is amazing. He knows what he's talking about. He was able to capture what was happening in my life. I highly recommend him. I will definitely go back for a private reading. " ... written by lola32
always helpful" ... written by love2smile29
i will say if it happens so far nothing has happened. but art is nice guy to talk to." ... written by daydreamer97
He is absolutely an amazing soul. This my first reading and I see he is a very genuine person. All your worries go away the moment you enter to his room. I'll definitely came back. Thank you Arthur. " ... written by mauricio
You are the greatest, Art! I can't express enough on how much you help with my questions and make feel so much better about my life in general! You are spot on and I recommend this man for a reading. You won't be disappointed....... " ... written by missgreeneyes
Art has again brought me much happiness from my deceased husband, Keith and assured me that John has come from Keith to return love and happiness back into my life. I also am meant to bring love and happiness into John's life. Thank you for the cleansing and blessing." ... written by rooster051
Art has answered many questions I had about my twin flame. He has told me of future events and the gift from my deceased husband, Keith which is the twin flame,John. Thank you Art for confirming Keith's gift to me and I will always love you Keith." ... written by rooster051
Simply.........the best" ... written by RadesGirl
I truly had an amazing reading with ARTHUR. He" ... written by tanyaolivia64
the most supportive person on the entire site! " ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Arthur is right on the money. He always knows how to calm me down and is very positive and knows past, present and future predictions you should really try him, he is great!!" ... written by luckygirl40
I had a wonderful and enlightening email reading from Arthur a while ago. Not only is Arthur a very compassionate and kind man, but he tunes in very well with your situation and takes every effort to answer all your questions and put your doubts at ease. I look forward to doing many more readings with him in the future and wait in anticipation for his predictions to come true. There is no doubt he is truly a gifted psychic and one of Oranum's best! Thank u so much Arthur and apologies for the delay in posting feedback. Many blessings, Dolly19" ... written by Dolly19
Always connects with me. Accurate, focused and on point. Very caring and leads in best direction." ... written by LadyL5
Very helpful as always!" ... written by love2smile29
Arthur was exact in everything he told me. He has helped me gain some clarity in my relationship. I only wish that I had met him earlier. He brought my inner thoughts out from a place where I never thought anyone would be able to reach them. Anytime I need advice he's going to be one of the first people I go to." ... written by bluedevilsd531
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is all I can say about my private with Arthur. He was absolutely on point and accurate in his reading. He gave me the TRUTH and he gave me even more than I expected. Arthur is a gifted and powerful psychic and he is a true BLESSING!!! Oranum is blessed to have him here because what he gives is no small thing. His spiritual gift is truly not to be under estimated. Arthur is a TRU guide and I will continue to seek his advice and guidance throughout my life. I can't even imagine where to start telling you he went with my energy. He told me things and knew things I did not tell him. This man is BLESSED and you will be BLESSED to be in his presence. Arthur was God's message to me that all I have been through...God has not forgotten me. My heart is filled with THANKS. May God Bless You Arthur James." ... written by peaceofmind3
Art is great. He helps me see the situation crystal clear!" ... written by florwer85
HE IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! Very accurate. Things he's already told me would happen, have happened. Also he saved me from what could've been a disaster with an ex. I'm looking forward to his other predictions. I like that he gives dates andamp; details. He's very gifted andamp; reassuring!! Try him! You will be so pleased!! He's a very warm andamp; kind man with a heart of gold. Will tell you like it is. I wouldn't go to anyone else!:)" ... written by Bellacasey
Pleasure as always andamp; thank you so much..." ... written by cherie0710
He was very quick, to the point, professional and accurate! Thank you so much, dear Art. I hope you your voice gets much better." ... written by evolve
cant say more, jst simply amazing!" ... written by shevva
Amazing guy! would come back again" ... written by shevva
As always a wonderful caring reading from Arthur." ... written by pixi78
Art is my fave on the site i've had a few reading with him andamp;amp; email readings as he always makes me feel at ease and can connect with the things going on with me before i even say anything. Lovely caring man x" ... written by sarah
Once again a fantastic man and mentor. He is the best xx" ... written by Tracie
He's very insightful and sweet." ... written by Girly521
Great as always, honest but sweet :) " ... written by AquariSun
very helpful person. best psychic here I think and so helpful and accurate and truthful too. thank you again." ... written by swphoenix
wow that was amazing a very special person warm, kind and caring thank you art xx" ... written by blackcat06
Great reading ;o)" ... written by Phoxee
Very interesting reading; but what I like the most was being given a timeframe. There is something to look forward to. I hope the energies will be cleared and become more supportive of my situation. Thank you Arthur!" ... written by F
Great to have you back! Thank you as always Arthur." ... written by pixi78
Gives great answers. :)" ... written by tilly40218
Even though it was a while since I spoke to Art, he remembered my situation perfectly! Art doesn't waste time gets right to letting you know whats going on! He's the best!" ... written by florwer85
ArthurJames has done many email readings as he is so straightforward andamp; confident in his readings. I recommend him andamp; trust his gift, he continues to blow me away!" ... written by Sunngirl
Art, I wanted to let you know that I wanted the weekly forecast first for this week (for last private) and then a 10 tarot card spread for next week ( from this private). I think you got it mixed up. I hope you get this message! Thanks and you are great!" ... written by Missgreeneyes
Arthur's predictions have come to pass so far for me!!!!" ... written by leogirl
Art, am so glad you are back! You always make me feel so much better after a reading from you. You are one fantastic guy and an awesome reader! 5 STARS!!" ... written by missgreeneyes
Arthur was very accurate about the situation. He nailed kris to a tee! He gave me specific dates. He also gave me hope. I can't wait for December 12th. Thank you Arthur. xxoo" ... written by SASSY007
He was awesome. i hadn't talked ot him in so long! and then as soon as i did, he caught on my entire situation again and knew exactly what was going on. i just hope what he said happens now cause i really wish it would! thanks Arthur! " ... written by monkies
Arthur James is very comforting. I always appreciate his kind words. I definitely recommend him. I will be back for another reading soon." ... written by lola32
ArthurJames is always very helpful and easy to talk with. Definitely recommend him! " ... written by chelcee
Great as always........" ... written by coacha04
Oh my god this man was so spot on its scary . its so nice that i can stop worrying about my future , i would give this lovely man 10 /10 ." ... written by LISA39
Thank you for the reassurance. I hope you will do email readings in the future. It looks like, for now, you don't have the option. Thanks again." ... written by Laura
wonderful guy :) were are you Arthur... we need Arthur TLC :) hope you are ok. HURRY BACK SOON :)" ... written by Sapphire67
Very positive reading" ... written by Katsi36
He gave accurate descriptions of both and we will see what happens. " ... written by sammn1
Awesome..." ... written by Anniekins
amazing as usual thanks" ... written by chelle54
Thanks :)" ... written by AquariSun
well just had another e -mail reading .yes Arthur is still their folks in the oranum box lol..the e -mail was so detailed , and he has this guy down to a T ..yes he does sit on his bum way to long and think about things i dont want marriage arthur but hey ho one never nows..;) i now what this guy is like and arthur has put my own feeling of what i think this guy will do down in my e mail.. this guy is the really deal...GET AN E -MAIL READING FOLKS .. yes prvt reading are great but you can read your e -mail over and over and he answerd 3 questions for me not one .. and im smiling ... will be back .. HURrY UP BACK ART.. your missed lnl to you and may your troubles be small :)) FAB READING GUYS FAB ..X" ... written by Sapphire67
Loved this reading... encouraged me to wait just a bit longer... hope his prediction comes trues this time because i am at my rope's end.... :P" ... written by ginac6
Guys your search ends here, He is the one you should be looking for.SO just an example" ... written by carbon14
Love talking to Arthur Deff one of the best readings. Helped me so much Love him bunches." ... written by JSerrano0304
Arthur is simply the best. I have had so many readings with him. Always insightful, calms me, explains thoroughly and is on target. Highly recommend you have a reading with him. You will not be disappointed.{{HUGS}}" ... written by RadesGirl
Thank u again Art as always Amazing love to you and ur Family xxx" ... written by shaun100
Accurate, suuportive, helpfull, caring and an excellent psychic." ... written by maryannepav
Spot on. Everything he told me that has been happening he was correct. Will see him again and cannot wait to update him on what he has predicted for me :) Thank you so much Art" ... written by youcantaffordme
Wonderful reading!!!. I will keep him posted and up-to-date on the progress. Thanks Again" ... written by tobebilled
I believe this is my sixth reading with Arthur and everything he has said would happen has happened...God Bless you Arthur!!" ... written by jayr3264
What can I say...If you don't know Uncle Arty by now; then you don't know anything...Cant express the benefits and blessing for knowing such a kind, gentle REAL person...Hes on point and accurate...Thank You uncle arty for being an inspiration for us all!" ... written by witchgoddess
He gave me a date even when I didn't ask for it, that's was awesome!!! He explained to me why I was lacking energy. And also what I needed to do. Talking to me about what he was getting was also great because sometimes we are so involved in our questions that we can't perceive other details around us. Thanks!" ... written by insearch1964
the friendliest, most helpful psychic on the site" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
he's great and gave me the most positive feeling thank you" ... written by suga-slim
Do you know his name? This is Sir Authur One of the best no the best readers on this site ...just look at what everyone says about him...have you ever had a reading from him? No, well let me tell you what you are missing out on..You are missing out on precise timing of events and dead on the spot understanding of things that you didn't even realize, or know yourself until he brought it up... A blessed servant of the people...Sir Arthur brings kindness, loving and caring to all situtions, but he wont suger coat anything. Don't expect him to tell you what you want to hear, cause he wont he will tell you what you need to hear..And all this comes from the bottom of his awesome reader with a heart of GOLD...If you don't know Author then you don't know anything? " ... written by witchgoddess
Can't help but feel as though I've known him for a while.... He tunes into the situation and helps right away... Great sense of humor too! :)" ... written by ginac6
I love that he remembers everything that is going on with my situation! He waste no time in private ! Art is worth every penny. After private I always feel better because I know he tells me exactly whats going on. I'm so happy to be Art's 900th ! Congrats and thanks for all your help!" ... written by florwer85
wow impressed ! Not only was he able to tell me a promising future in love and business, he was able to tell me what he saw around me at the present moment. I find that fascinating. I would love to talk to him again." ... written by Godsangels
Thank you Arthur. He was great. He calmed me down. wow. I feel so much better. awesome." ... written by gramirez
After talking with Arthur I feel more at ease with what's going to happen in my life. He was nothing but positive and offered insight from the heart. He really cleared up somethings that have been bothering me for awhile. Thank you Arthur for all of your help and guidance." ... written by bluedevilsd531
Great reading as always very comforting and honest :) " ... written by AquariSun
Amazing picked up on things he had no business knowing!! Didn't give him any info only my name... Wonderful reading! Gave me dates on different situations. I will be looking to see if they happen. Otherwise he was on the money and I will be back! Thanks so much Arthur." ... written by topcop14
very helpful again, thank you so much arthur:). you been helping me so much with something that I've been waiting a lifetime for. really a kind reader and upfront and honest and tells it as it is. and top 3 in oranum with gold cup:). talk again soon hopefully." ... written by swphoenix
Thank u Athur u av been Amazing with ur help in free and u new wat was going on with me and susan , i look forward to ur predictions for us getting back together ,cant wait ... Recommend U to Everyone here andamp;lt; Plz Visit Athue u wont be Dissappointed ......A Wonderful Man...... God bless u and ur family..." ... written by shaun100
What can I say he is awsome, caring and positive. The meditation was great.Thank you for your help Arthur" ... written by mylife123
Wow! Art you are so awesome! So caring and quick to answer questions..... Thanks again for the millionth time. I will definitely be back.... One great reader!!" ... written by missgreeneyes
wow picked up on my situation straight away.very helpful,will be back" ... written by chelle54
Words can not express how amazing uncle arty is, with his kind caring words he shows you the broader picture without suger coating anything..He shows you the path that you can take..hes always on point.. he never leads you in any direction but shows you what lies ahead...amazing and awesome are words that can be used; but does not seem to be enough...Knowing so many with the gifts as well as myself...uncle arty is the one who connects with the best of us...believe what u want, but uncle arty is the way to go For those who are gifted and non gifted; for those who needs the CORRECT answers he is truly.a gods gift. A gift to us a gods gift!" ... written by witchgoddess
WOW What can i say that i avnt already Arthur is Amazing , He is a truly wonderful person and u wont be dissapointed ,god Bless xx" ... written by shaun100
Arthur was so good with his reading, very comforting. He tries to offer help in every which way. I definitely recommend him for a reading. He is good. =)" ... written by katnguyen
I have had several readings... he is always on point!!1 He has become a friend and I can rely on him in times of doubt!!! Arthur god bless u and thank you1!" ... written by shancw69
He's the best and I will forever be grateful to him." ... written by rockhoundcarrie
artthurrr is the best... thank you:)" ... written by sexyegyptian2
Thanks as always Arthur." ... written by lia_11
Thanks as always :) " ... written by AquariSun
Amazing great man! Had a lovely reading with him and cannot wait for his predictions to pass!" ... written by slz0304
Wow, this has been by far the most Amazing reading ever. He's done it again, Always so accurate in his readings. Many blessings to you Arthur, looking foward to more in the future. I give him a 5****** If your looking to have a pvt then he's the Man for it. Trust me, you won't be disappointed." ... written by Lucy117
Thank you very comforting and a great friend :) " ... written by AquariSun
i felt very calm and hopeful while talking to him. He provided a lot of information with very few questions. He confirmed a lot of things I was told and speculated. He's a great reader and he waste no time telling you things." ... written by ali23m
You said things to me that made me sad and happy. thank you for being very honest. Since the 2 min spirtual cleansing ive felt a whole lot better.. Now as for the dates i guess i sit back and see what unravels in my life.. Im hoping for happy days to come. cause i cant take being unhappy anymore..." ... written by Ntimidress6
Thanks Arthur James:) You've been extremely consistent over the last two months and I really put a lot of stock in your readings." ... written by lia_11
Excellent reading :)" ... written by tilly40218
Thank you Arthur for all you have seen for me and all the hope you have given me. Arthur connects so well to any concerns you have and can see everything so clearly and explain why things are happening in manner they are and so will remove all doubts and fill you with a greater understanding of the bigger picture." ... written by Tanya
Thank Art I missed out chats. Art gives clarity and helps me understand what is going on. He will stand by his prediction as he truly knows the outcome. Love you Art xx" ... written by Tracie
as always a wonderful reading with Arthur. Honest, supportive, non-judgemental. Thank you for your guidance." ... written by pixi78
just did a cleansing, it truely was something. Im looking forward to everything right now. I'll let everyone know with an update. thank you arthur" ... written by ali23m
another great consultation with Arthur. Thank you!" ... written by pixi78
This was my first reading ever - Arthur was spot on about everything and I feel a burden lifted as he has clarified things that were clouding my mind. Thank you so much, I am thrilled to have spent the time with you and I will be back to chat again" ... written by h20skier
art is fabulous.. always a great reading thank you" ... written by sexyegyptian2
Great as always. He tuned into my situation that I am currently going through gave me options of what will happen. I was so frustrated but after talking to Arthur he has now made me calm. I am going to listen to the suggestions he has given me. Patience is a virtue. Thanks so much Arthur. Your truly amazing. " ... written by enamorada
loved the cleansing... totally calming and soothing" ... written by ginac6
wow blown away yet again Arthur is the best on here and hes my hero , thank you so much and i would recommend art to anyone xxxxxxxx" ... written by happy bunny
He was great - very thorough, very friendly, very open. Im VERY impressed and intend to keep coming back for more and more...:) Much love Arthur!!!" ... written by MKSTest
Arthur, cleared up some real gaps in my situation. He gave me clarity and dates to look forward to. I will be in faith with them. He gave me some knowledge as to what he saw around me in the past, present and future. I think arthur is gifted and gives so much!! Thanks Arthur!!" ... written by peaceofmind3
Wow, i feel so at peace after each reading with Arthur. It's like a breath of fresh air. I am so looking forward to the prediction he has made. I will definitely keep him posted on my situation. People he is the real deal, go and have a private reading with this wonderful and caring man, you will not regret it. God Bless you and your family Arthur and i will keep you posted. All my love and sincere Thanks." ... written by Gretchen71
Friggin' awesome! Really great reader! Highly recommend! :D" ... written by wing-mei
Congrats Arthur on helping 1000 clients on Oranum." ... written by Mylife123
I am honored to be the 1000th client :) Anyway thanks so much and it has been a joy meeting with you the last few months and of course I will keep coming to ya thanks :D " ... written by AquariSun
When your heart is torn and you cant see the light at the end of the tunnel...when you have money burdens and are at your wits issues that you cant comprehend..Come to uncle Arty as we call him here on Oranum... not only is he kind, caring, insightful and trust worthy...he is a kind soul that just keeps on giving..Amazing,awesome and god gifted..hes always on point..Every since i found uncle arty; i need no other reader to ask advice not even my grandma who is also a gifted reader for 60 years..Uncle Arty's approach is through heart warming efforts to help you understand life and its purpose of downfalls and happiness..Oranum i am sorry but you would be lost without uncle of the most amazing people that we have been blessed to cross paths with! truly!" ... written by witchgoddess
Just had a cleansing with Art, and I feel light headed! But I also feel good, so this must be a grand thing! Highly recommend! :D" ... written by wing-mei
I had been having a really hard time in my relationship, and he explained to me exactly what was going on and helped clear some things that have been bothering me for awhile. He always has a positive attitude and I could tell that he only wanted what's best for me and my significant other, which is something that means a lot to me personally." ... written by bluedevilsd531
Art you are the bext thank you so so so so much xxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by puff
such a great person to bounce ideas and emotions with. Always gives comfort especially when I need it. THANK YOU my friend." ... written by ceffie
What can I say!! Arthur is truly one of a kind. He is so caring and gentle and his abilities are awesome." ... written by leogirl
I think Arthur really can connect with people's energies." ... written by ali23m
Thank you so much, what a lovely first reading with you, I will come back in December to tell you everything you have predicted has come true! Art is very good with dates and specific too " ... written by rosa55
A.J. was different from everyone else I have spoken too. He listened and took away so many of my worries. He was right to the point, no time wasting, so much insight in a such short reading. He is the **BEST** and I recommend him highly.*** If you are confused than stop here go no further and u will have your answers***" ... written by Unique-S
Arthur.. thank you..Beautiful cleansing your an awesome person...Top physic on the site.." ... written by sexyegyptian2
Finally I got him lol... Great insight" ... written by buzysignal
Excellent as always!" ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
This is the fastest reading ive ever had!! I gave 2 names and he jumped on it so so fast and got the situation spot on!! I'm in shock amazement, thank you for everything and i will be back for my cleansing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Amazing connection amazing gift!! :)" ... written by Sharna100
Brill yet again thanks Art xxxxxxxx" ... written by wooohooo
Love my readings with Arthur...he helps so much...I recommend him to everyone...he is very gifted an he will tell you what you need to know an there will be no sugar coating...just the truth...thanks for another great reading as always." ... written by Terri1321
As always a gentle and kind soul. Love the positive energy that he sends my way after each reading. People you will not regret having a reading with this man.. God Bless you Arthur and your family." ... written by Gretchen71
OMG! his cleansing/meditation worked! Just like you said arthur, within one week, she will be out of his life and will stop stalking him and she DID! shes gone!!!!! he doesn't talk to her, she doesn't talk to him..this is so weirdly amazing...." ... written by monkies
ARTHURJAMES, was wounderful i only had to give him my name he told me the rest he knew what was going on without me telling him. He also gave me dates which is nice to know he also answer questions before i asked them he is also fast and will tell you the truththe reading gave me alot of understanding of what was going on with me and the people in my life, thank you so much ARTHURJAMES, i will do what you have told me to do, Thanks again and again!" ... written by chocolatecity
Awesome as always!!!" ... written by ntimidress6
wonderful as usual " ... written by ntimidress6
Wonderful reading! I was going back and forth on a major decision and he totally picked up on it cannot wait to see if it turns out like he said it would. Picked up on family members and nailed thier personalities to a T. Highly recommend him to anyone he reads fast so you get alot for your money. " ... written by mj1963
Very nice and easy to talk to. Made me feel a lot better about my situation. Loved talking to him. Will come back for a cleansing. I recommned talking to him." ... written by Ontheblue
Arthur is a great psychic he always knows the right things to say. In the future I will come to him for advice and future predictions." ... written by luckygirl40
ArthurJames is very comforting. He is straight forward with his readings. I will definitely go to him again. I highly recommend him." ... written by lola32
Amazing as always! Art, I don't know what I would do without you. You bring so much clarity to my questions. You are the greatest! Do a private with Art, he won't disappoint you!" ... written by missgreeneyes
Art is brilliant, positive and right on the money. Thank you jinette x" ... written by sapphiremoon
Arthur brought tears to my eyes with his reading. its more than what I was hoping for. Right on point picked up on everything is going on with my relationship and above all what he said he is great with dates and numbers. Let's hope it all falls into place and I would in a heart beat come back for more readings." ... written by Joan84
So happy to have Art back!! Even though I'm not in andamp;quot;crisis modeandamp;quot; like I usually am when I am seeking clarity, Art was able to provide additional information regarding my situation. I was also able to better understand what was going on in my life over the past month b/c of the timeframes he provided during our initial consultation. I hope he is just as accurate with his timelines for the upcoming month. Thanks again, Art! " ... written by jettagirl09
had a fabulous reading with arthurjames! straight to the point, answered all my questions! wld recommened him to anyone." ... written by LAYLA76
Arthur gave me another amazing reading. He is able to tap right into the siuation and see it so clearly and what is about to unfold. I believe everything he says to be true and he seems to care about you and genuinely wanting to help. He has answered all questions with ease as well as giving guidance but he does not require any information in order to pick up on matter sclose to your heart. He always manages to unburden my heart and allow me to focus more clearly again and look forward to the happiness which awaits for me. I will continue to be positive and patient and I thank Arthur for comforting me and in doing so giving me strength and hope. I wish him love peace and happiness always. Hei is a true fiend. Please consult with him and u will see for yourself." ... written by tanyaolivia64
Amazing like always...picked up on everything...wonderful just FREAKING amazing!" ... written by witchgoddess
omg picked up right on my situation i feel he knew what he was talkin bout... thank u so much 4 helping me. You r blessed and gifted" ... written by gegee40
ArthurJames is such a wonderful man. He's passionate of ones feelings. He's humble and gracious. I felt a really positive vibe from him. If I could afford to..I would come to him on a regular basis for guidance. He is straight forward and waists no time. He is one of the best in my book and I wish him the best. I pray that he is covered on his journey and in the name of Jesus Christ may our FATHER bless him abundantly..Amen!!" ... written by PROTOTYPEDIVA
Art is tha man! Cheers buddy! You made me smile for the first time in days :D" ... written by FallenOne69
Thank you! He was very comforting as always :) " ... written by AquariSun
as always he was awesome " ... written by ntimidress6
As always, Arthur comforted me about my current circumstances. He eased my mind about everything. He is always truthful, even when I didn't want to hear it. He really cared about me and the things going on in my life right now. I really appreciate everything he's done for me throughout our numerous private sessions together." ... written by bluedevilsd531
Art always sees things so clearly that I know he will give the right advice. He has helped me a lot with my situation and I believe he has helped me take the right steps in improving it." ... written by florwer85
he picked up alot from my energy.......he is great. He gave me dates to keep an eye on, will be back to confirm." ... written by amr0268
i couldn't touch base with him for a while and I MISSED him. So happy I could get his advice again. :)" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Arthur is a fantastic reader spot on very fast and straight to the point. I had several readings with arthur" ... written by Lydia
I love talking to him! He gives clarity and understands my situation completely. Hoping for the good stuff to happen soon!" ... written by monkies
I am truly speechless...I have been trying to get a reading from Authur for a few days now and I finally got through and I must say it was well worth the wait...The cleansing literally brought tears to my eyes...He is so amazing and I am very much looking forward to reconnecting with my soul mate because I know it's meant to be and him confirming that makes me so happy that I didnt give up hope...May God continue to bless you Arthur and again thank you so much for everything!!" ... written by jayr3264
Fab yet again always puts my mind at rest ................. thank you xxx" ... written by fire12
Thank you very much very comforting :) " ... written by AquariSun
Arthur's cleansing was awesome. I was actually getting chills!!" ... written by leogirl
he is awsome and very caring and i felt so comfortable with arthur..he clicked connection straight away ,he is an amazing soul ..god bless you arthur xx" ... written by thalassaki17
Great as always. Very kind and considerate and tuned into my situation very well. Using his psychic ability he was able to provide me with dates of what going to happen and they have come true. Thank you so much Arthur. I know I have to relax but I have you to thank for providing me with the clarity. xoxo E.morada" ... written by enamorada
He's just right. I'll be back to tell about the outcomes, but for sorting things out right now; he was right on with stuff that wasn't andamp;quot;phishedandamp;quot; but must be from his true ability! Thanks so much!" ... written by girlytomboy3665
Arthur is very approachable and seems genuinely concerned with my well being. He is loveable and funny and at the same time serious and considerate. We instantly connected and I am always looking forward to getting in his private room, or just to hang out in his free chat. Overall nice guy and great psychic. Thanks Art!" ... written by ceffie
this man calms my nerves everytime and makes me feel im not loseing the plot xxxxxxxx" ... written by firef
Thanks! He is very comforting and a great friend. " ... written by AquariSun
As usual Art U sooth my soul and make me see thru clear eyes again.......THANK YOU FROM THE DEPTHS OF MY HEART! " ... written by divinedaughter
Arthur was right last reading about someone possibly needing an operation - this looks to be happening now! Thanks, Arthur, always a pleasure!" ... written by from_space
Thanks, Arthur. I'm feeling a little better after this private reading, clears up a lot." ... written by kimmyluv
Thanks so much for telling what I was already feeling about my situation....I just needed reassurance that everything is going to be okay. Thank you!!" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
WOW!!! Amazing!!!! I feel so great and the cleansing was so good. I felt the coolness during the cleansing, I am so excited that he took the time to help me. I feel more positive and will be back to keep updates. Thank you!!!" ... written by MIZZPRETTY
very accurate, highly recommend . straightforward talking no sugarcoating." ... written by aritra
Arthurjames is the man !!!!! nothing more to say !!!" ... written by chocolatecity
He makes me want to be more positive... I hope he's right about everything..." ... written by ali23m
Very insightful and helpful. If I could I would have readings with him on a regular basis. Thank you so much Arthur, I look forward to speaking to you again." ... written by Godsangels
Thanks very comforting as always :)" ... written by AquariSun
Time will tell but I felt he was spot on. Thanks" ... written by dragonfly8022
Wow is all I have to say. Accurate - precise. HIGHLY RECOMMEND to everyone. You are truly gifted and thank you for assistance from the bottom of my heart. GOD BLESS. " ... written by mozzy123
I am been contemplating have a private reading with ArthurJames, and finally it happened. His reading was so on point that it left me looking around the room wondering how did he know all those things about me and my family. His reading was accurate that it includes spefic dates. When I first entered the private reading I was feeling a bit frustrated and a little depressed, but his reading uplifted my spirits. Thank you so much Arthur, and I will definitely return for another reading." ... written by I_Love_Life
Arthur is really amazing, he lifts you up emotionally when you're feeling down, he's accurate with dates and the things he tells you checks out, Highly recommended!" ... written by Miroch
Wow!!!!! He was so right on, what an intuitive soul-unbelievably good. Everyone should have a reading with him! Loved him!!!!!" ... written by gemmie
Fantastic reading. Arthur is very switched on and accurately tunes in to the situation. Also quick and does not waste time. Look forward to speaking again" ... written by anjani48
ArthurJames was reassuring and comforting. He had a good insight on what was going on with my situation. I hope his prediction is correct. I would recommend going to private with him. Thank you ArthurJames." ... written by Lola32
felt a true conection. he understood all the aspects of my questions with out aking questions. very quick as well...feel very positive about things i have been questioning..will most def be back to check in...i would also have to say if your new to this and not sure what to think give him a try sure you wont regret it.....thanks so much love and light everyone" ... written by September
Thank you so much again Art xxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by firef
He's wonderful. Made me feel better" ... written by tilly40218
Arthur, I enjoy our talks... you help me so much. Each time I begin to feel negative or confused.. you help me get back on track. thank you :)" ... written by ali23m
I feel very assured and comforted. Many kisses. Thank you." ... written by Rabs1417
enjoyed reading with him. I hoped the dates he provided me with turns out to be true. He was very fast and to the point and honest and was very caring." ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Arthur is the best!!! there are no words to describe when someone knows what is in your heart without u telling them! we shall see what happens...Nov. 3rd... cannot wait!!! Love u Arthur...God Bless11" ... written by shancw69
Wonderful..thank was a terrific reading and he is right on...." ... written by dreamer65
When i feel down and confused; Uncle Arty always help me to understand there is a cause and effect in life....Amazingly insightful; Ii am always at ease at the out comes..Uncle Arty never every stirs me wrong..Everything he has told me has been confirmed one way or the other...I go to NO one else for advice because there is no need what so ever. .Uncle arty use wit, humor, kindness, love and understanding in every private and chat. .He understands peoples pain and needs. He helps guide people to understanding and calmness...He is warm, helpful, loving caring and awesome..He picks up on emotional stress, pain and worry..and helps you get through it. He has the ability to help with clearing away negative .energy and emotions.:Uncle Arty will never let you down. He is amazing!" ... written by witchgoddess
Art thank you so much!!!!!! your the greatest i appreciate your gift!!!! You give me peace of mind at times that i need it and i look for clarity on things sometimes...Again i say thanks! will always come back to you" ... written by welobey1
My favorite reader on here :) Thank you Arthurjames - ur detailed readings help tremendously. " ... written by mozzy123
Arthur is very honest but he really tries to help people understand what is really going on in the situation you are in. He looks into an in depth approach to how your life is and how other people view you. He is a natural at what he does. Arthur is very gifted and will not tell you what you want to hear. You can see that he has helped thousands of people and he will be able to help you as well." ... written by kprattis
He was so wonderful... I love it when there is no cards involved. Conversation flowed so easily and quickly....He is so sincere and sweet... Gives you dates of events... Definately, will come back and talk to him. Love him again... Thank you so much." ... written by answers28
Author was amazing!!! He was so accurate and he understood everything! I love him!! We have such a wonderful connection! I will talking to him again! Thank You Author sooo much for everything!!! :)" ... written by marlenea64
Great reading from art. Very gifted person. Thank you for your time and wisdom." ... written by coorsmann
He was great. Def told me what I wanted to hear so I'm just hoping that what he says will actually come true! Arthur did seem to be very intuitive and clairvoyant which I much prefer that over tarot cards! Thanks for lifting my spirits Arthur!" ... written by courtney
Art, you are one amazing reader! You are always so kind and caring. I appreciate your help with everything... I will be back again in the near future and will also keep you posted on the outcomes." ... written by Missgreeneyes
Thank you so much! Was spot on and very accurate with my situation. Provided me with a lot of insight and detail and nailed the person in question. A very kind man. Will be back!" ... written by rosha05
I got incredible insight into my situation and know i will be making the right choices with my life. Thanks to ArthurJames, i might even do the cleansing later on as well." ... written by urvi
Waouh!!! That was so amazing an experience. Arthur you managed to see how many children I had and how many were living still with me, and you saw also Alain's children!! I do hope all these wonderful moments you saw for both will happen. You even picked up at the end how I was feeling!! Great person you are. You cheered me up and gave me hope, thanks soooo much" ... written by sunny3107
Very kind and helpful man, I hope and believe that everything what he told me, specially the numbers i am looking forward to see that it is come true.I will back Arthur...I will. Wish you best Arthur!!!" ... written by Zaya21
Arthur James is great. He is fast and straight to the point. He was on target with my situation. I enjoyed my reading with him. I will come back to him for another reading. " ... written by Missleo
This man is my saviour ....................... thank you Art xxxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by firefly12
he is sooooo hard to catch for a private reading............ but right on the money ............ didnt have to say much told everything i needed to know and dates i need to watch for ........ he is great just try him " ... written by juicyred47
Arthur james was right on point, very specific on things. i was happy with the reading i will have another reading once again in the future thanks again arthurjames" ... written by marybeth1love
Thanks Arthur for another fab reading i will keep you updated ..many thanks for your time and patients .. i want to be a happy bunny novemeber :) x" ... written by Sapphire67
best reader.....very reassuring.........gave me the same date as last reading......will let you know......" ... written by coacha04
Thanks!" ... written by girlytomboy3665
Very amazing reading, Accurate, and fast." ... written by carbon14
thank you art xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by fir
Arthur makes all my worries, fears and concerns vanish, but he always keeps it 100%. " ... written by cherie0710
Thanks Art. he knows his stuff and has very sound advice. I will follow his advice again and again." ... written by Tracie
Thank you Arthur.. Your the best..Always an amazing reading. Very accuratee" ... written by sexyegyptian2
Uncle Arty was amazing..just amazing..i was freaked out..he knew about my ..only my family knew and special friends I was pregnant with twins and the one on the left side was not growing and the doctors said having one is better then none. From some mysterious reason started to grow smaller until the third x-ray they did not see anything ..and they said it was due to the other baby (angelrazeil) taken all the the food source; but one was saved because of that happening.. and it only happens once and 100,000 women..and he KNEW.. Uncle arty knew...i got freaked out a bit lol. WOW.WOW.WOW..he also repeated word for word what my boyfriend had said to wow wow..i am totally amazed!!! He read me like a book..and i didn't have to say a thing..amazing..You will feel complete after talking to uncle arty! I swear by it!" ... written by witchgoddess
he is absolutely amazing!" ... written by gemmie
He is quick to pick up your energy Instantly. I'm amazed with his accuracy. Thanks again." ... written by vegabonded
I started welling up it was just so amazing to feel the way he helped me to feel. I highly recommend for anyone having relationship problems!!!" ... written by PastLove
absolutely amazing. The best psychic I've ever worked with. I fully trust him and believe in him. Thank you for Arthur God." ... written by dianalj
he was GREAT, lets see if what he said happens... I sure hope so..." ... written by xxx
Great reading as always very comforting :) " ... written by AquariSun
Arthur is awesome in his readings and in his meditations andamp;amp; cleanses . It was very relaxing like something huge was lifted of of me. I can't wait to start seeing my new positive changes that are heading towards me. Arthur is an amazing man. Get a pvt with him you won't be dissappointed. Highly recommended." ... written by Lucy117
Thx Again Art putting My Mind At ease , A great person who is kind hearted and very caring and is able to see into any situation... recommend to All u wont Be dissappointed .........:)" ... written by shaun100
He was understanding as always and he always puts my mind at ease especially with all of the craziness that has been going on in my life lately. He's no longer just my psychic advisor, he's become a friend who I can come to with any problems that I may be having." ... written by bluedevilsd531
Amazing, serious and projected everything as detailed as possible." ... written by amourxoxo
Arthur is an amazing psychic at Hogwarts! :D Looks like my life as a witch is going to get better this month! :) " ... written by AquariSun
dat's my artha james...i luh me some art!!! He and Jasmine are my two faves...try them you will not be sorry!!!" ... written by bluesky10
Still the best person to talk to to get me off my emotional roller coaster. Thanks Art." ... written by ceffie
Fantastic reading with Arthur....I laughed and cried tears of joy. Thank you my friend." ... written by pixi78
Thank you Arthur...wonderful reading yet again...right on point with it Nov. 24th yet?? LOL...Blessing to glad to have you in my life!! You have become a wonderful source of comfort and a wonderful friend!!" ... written by shancw69
He's amazing he connects to your soul it seems. He knows what your feeling but also what those around you are feeling. He is the best psychic that I've ever come across to help me with relationships." ... written by monkey
I came across Arthur James by coincidence. Listened to him in his free chat and then read all the comments. Decided to go private and there I have been so surprise!! He guessed so many things about me and my love... number of children, their character,.... really amazed by this person and so kind. He was also very good at saying exactly how I was feeling. He was the first psychic I did not say any thing about my situation and he guessed it. An amazing person and I will come back... with great news hopefully xx" ... written by sunny3107
Very helpful. Gave me the information i've been wanting for a long time! He was able to give specific dates of when things will occur and I trust him. thank you!" ... written by zoeyzoey
You are awesome!! Waiting on dates but I feel the confidence." ... written by Laura Chamberlain
always amazing !!!!!! THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN ARTHUR!!!! YOU ARE A BLESSING TO ME FROM GOD!!!!! I can already feel comfort around me.. thank you soooooo much!!! i highly recommend him to everyone with any problems and negativity surrounding u from being happy!!! good work!!" ... written by MIZZPRETTY
Needed to talk; was so uncertain about life happenings...As always uncle picked up on my distress without me saying a word he said "i know this and this and that" And he is and was 100% correct...I swear to you all; he is like family...warm ..honest and direct..and loving...He is a gods blessing, i am so honored to be able to speak to such a kind, giving honest soul.." ... written by witchgoddess
Great as always! 5 stars! Art, I can't tell you enough about how much you have helped me with everything. You are a kind soul and I will be back again in the near future...... will keep you posted!" ... written by missgreeneyes
Thanks a great friend and a great psychic :) " ... written by AquariSun
lovely as always " ... written by ntimidress6
My second reading with Arthur .....wonderful as always, Knows things that no one could know. Amazing, Thank you again! God Bless!" ... written by sweetstephy31
You said I would hear something about the situation by friday and I did. Thank you so much" ... written by lalee0405
Excellent and encouraging as always!" ... written by dlj
confirmed a few of my suspicions about people. I'm looking forward to tonight. Arthur you keep me positive. Each time new questions arise, it feels so nice to have someone to answer them and relieve my mind." ... written by ali23m
as always a wonderful reading, right on and heartfelt. he is my favorite reader on this site!" ... written by gemmie
Arthur is simply the best. Thoughtful, caring, on target and there for you. I have had many readings with him and always come away with a feeling of peace. I highly recommend Arthur if you want honest, truthful answers and to be pointed in the right direction. Thanks again, Arthur!!!!" ... written by RadesGirl
Awesome like always... Uncle Arty was on point...He confirmed everything that my boyfriend said earlier;word for word...My boy friend said he has friends but he does not cross the line and my uncle arty said the same thing ..He said he has female friends around him but he does not talk to them that way...I was amazed as always how he knew and knows certain facts and detail without ; anyone speaking a word..Comforting caring and loving.;He brought my energy back to calming levels...He will tell you no lie, nor will he sugarcoat anything for you...The best of the best..Thank You uncle arty; thank you!" ... written by witchgoddess
Thank yu for the Cleansing Art. As always You Are A great Gut and Highly recommend you to Everyone Lovenlight to you and Your" ... written by Shaun100
Thx Art Great as Always thank you again for uplifting my spirits........................................." ... written by shaun100
very nice reading, quick and indepth..will come back for more thanks arthur :)" ... written by somersetgirl
Arthur you have given me a wonderful reading. Accurate as you picked up everything that is going around me right now in my life. Starting new life with new dreams and your gave me all the insightful information. Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
What can I say? I think he is amazing! Thanks Arthur!" ... written by 1dreamer
Like always your the best!!!!!!" ... written by ntimidress6
Art is the man! Very comforting and tells it how it is!" ... written by LoveWarrior
Art, I would be lost without you! AMAZING as always. Thanks for all that you do for me and for others. I will be back! I highly recommend Art, he is the best!" ... written by missgreeneyes
ArthurJames is by far the best reader I have encountered on here. He was incredibly accurate, grounded and level headed. Im so glad to have had a reading with him. I will certainly be back." ... written by katehrine1965
Authur is the greatest... I am kid in in the candy store right now." ... written by Rabs1417
he is the best and is the best on this website..i like honest and is very genuine.." ... written by thalassaki17
always a pleasure to chat " ... written by ntimidress6
Best of the Best as always!! Thanks Arthur God Bless you!" ... written by jayr3264
I have died and gone to heaven. I am so excited." ... written by Rabs1417
Absoultly great, going to come back today for a little more help again. And hopefully everything predicted comes true!!!" ... written by PastLove
Arthur once again is amazing as always. Just love his readings. Always sweet and caring in his readings and also accuarate. Looking foward to more future readings with him. Thanks Arthur !! 5******" ... written by Lucy117
Fab thank you xxx" ... written by fire
I am like a kid waiting for X-mas morning. The anticipation is killing me. I am eager. Arthur is the greatest!!! I recommend for anyone to get a reading." ... written by Laura
Thank you again, Arthur!" ... written by Rabs1417
Thank you for the clarity! :D I feel 100x better, I know now what I must do!!!" ... written by Girly521
My reading with Arthur was fantastic once again. His advice is so appropriate to what is happening, that it is amazingt!!! If you can get a reading with him, please go for it. Thank you again Arthur for all of your help!!" ... written by leogirl
The BEST READER on this site. If you haven't had a reading from him...You really should. Thank you Aurthur once again :)" ... written by mozzy123
Gave dates that are just around the corner, so we will see then :). " ... written by anonymous
simply great" ... written by simsima
As usual.....PERFECT :) Art is my go to for readings. THNX!!!!! " ... written by divinedaughter
Thanks so much for your insight. Just what I just needed. Talk to you soon :) lots of love" ... written by sunny3107
Thank youu!!! for the wonderful reading!! everything was right on point :} highly satisfied!!! God Bless you :}" ... written by randumb
Arthur ALWAYS eases my mind. His abilities to pick up on my relationship are just amazing. Thanks again Art!" ... written by leogirl
Thank you... thank u!!!!!!!!!!....Uncle arty was amazing like always ...I had a reading and he quoted word for word What my boyfriends said...Yes I did say boy friends..without knowing them and ever meeting them; uncle arty knew every action, words and emotions these two expressed has expressed to me...simple amazing and awesome! thank you!" ... written by witchgoddess
ALWAYS A PLEASURE! Thanks! :) " ... written by dalilahflores
He's great always helpful, tells me every thing i need to know, one of the best on here " ... written by juicyred47
Wow, it's been a long time since I've talked to Arthur. It is truly a blessing to get a reading from this man. So caring and honest. God Bless you Arthur!!!!" ... written by Gretchen71
Yes was very spot on about the topic i brought up . Well worth getting a reading from !" ... written by lisa smith
Very helpful and reassuring!" ... written by youcantaffordme
Very awesome reader. He was so chilled and relaxed it relaxed me and made for an even better read. Looking forward to all he said. No questioning in his voice he knows what he sees. He was able to pick up on several people around me and what i was going through with specifics. Highly recommend." ... written by Tober
WOW!!!!!!!!Please give this man a private reading..He is worth every penny..." ... written by monaverona
arthur is sooooo perfect." ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Arthur is very very good and understanding - able to see the situation fast and accurately. His cleanse certainly got energies moving in a good way! So far things are progressing like he said. Thank you :)" ... written by from_space
Arthur is the best! I know I can always count on him to help me with my issues in a rational and realistic way. :)" ... written by florwer85
Wonderful empathetic man that said some things very accurate. Gives dates, very commited. Hope for all of it to come true!" ... written by emotions
A really nice guy, he is the real deal, he tells you like it is!" ... written by Miroch
Thanks so much as always! :) " ... written by AquariSun
I just did my first reading with Arthur. Wow! He picked up on timetables and gave me a timeframe for things to improve. He really captured my energy within a certain situation and put my mind at ease. He is very straightforward andamp;amp; to the point and doesn't want to waste your time. Plus the price this afternoon andamp;amp; free gifts were a great incentive to speak to him. Thank you Arthur and many blessings to you as well!!" ... written by jettagirl09
Takes time to really connect, and gives you what you need not what you want to hear. Highly recommended. Thank you so much." ... written by Ruchipatel
YOU ARE THE MAN ART!" ... written by jayr3264
thank u, I feel amazing :) " ... written by dalilahflores
:) I keep coming back! " ... written by dalilahflores
He is a great person and friend. Would like him to do a reading again. " ... written by tilly40218
Thank You Arthur. You have cleared things up for me." ... written by tilly40218
Amazing cleanse - lots of tingles! :D" ... written by from_space
brilliant as always thank you so much xx" ... written by firebug
Arthur gave a lot of info very rapidly and gave me a lot to think about! I will be back to check in with him as he picked up on the present situation well!" ... written by from_space
Never fails! Always on point and straight forward! Thanks again AJ :)" ... written by cowboicasanova
As always thank you so much for your advice and guidance. Arthur provides dates and is always spot on. He is kind, funny and compassionate. A friend not just a psychic." ... written by pixi78
once again amazing reading. highly recomended. GOD BLESS YOU ARTHUR. WILL COME BACK FOR MORE FOR SURE " ... written by remedio
i love that he is so quick at answering questions :)" ... written by dalilahflores
Always a pleasure to talk to, Love Art. " ... written by JSerrano0304
Wow!!!!! h" ... written by ntimidress6
Oh my god....This man is just wonderful...pick up on everything with me.." ... written by monaverona
Encouraging and explained my current situation to me.......will wait to see the outcome......always a good friend!!!!" ... written by coacha04
He is consistent with his info-- always makes me feel better! :D" ... written by Girly521
Great as always. Very kind and understood my situation. Gave me great advice and insight. One of my best Psychics on here!! Thanks Art. Happy Holidays." ... written by enamorada
I have returned to Arthur a few times, he remains with what he tells me. He confirmed what I need to do with what I was seeking guidance on. Arthur pinpoints the timing. Sometimes timing and change happens when free will gets involved. Arthur has still remained conclusive to the information he gave me. " ... written by kelila
When I say a WONDERFUL and OUTSTANDING reading; it truly was!!!! One of the best ever. It Shall Come To Pass. He so caring and patience and to the point. What more could you have ask for. Again THANKS A MILLION!!! AND MAY GOD CONTINUE TO SHINE AND POUR HIS BOUNTIFUL BLESSING ON YOU ALWAYS. :-)" ... written by Delightful4U
as always his insight is great. I value his insight so much that T stay up late just to get another reading with him. 10 star rating " ... written by sweetspirit
Wow! Incredibly quick andamp; positive. Very good." ... written by wund
He is a wondeful man that tells the truth and knows what he's saying. Bless you Arthur!" ... written by tilly40218
Another wonderful, calming and informative reading from Arthur. Quick, honest and enlightening. If you haven't had a private with him, do so!" ... written by RadesGirl
Simply amazing!!! Arthur is able to pick up and clarify my concerns in each reading.. His advice has helped me so much and he is such a sweetheart!! Thank you Arthur" ... written by leogirl
Totally objective, doesn't sugar coat anything, tells what you need to hear. Thank you once again Arthur!!!" ... written by leogirl
Thank you Arthur I feel very good and I will follow your advice! You are very good!" ... written by goddess70
He is the best!" ... written by goddess70
Wow! Arthur is the best he has the gift told me the truth and he was straight forward! I will come back and highly recommend him!!! He is the best I feel so good after having the priviate reading! wow!" ... written by goddess70
Absolutely fabulous... There was no sugar coating and no card readings... just used his gifts which was so amazing. I will be back for more :)" ... written by jessjess1
I have been back to see this reader several times. I have just done a cleansing. I really like this reader and adviser. I will return because he is very good with his gifts." ... written by sweetspirit
He was absoutely GREAT!!! Will come back for an update very soon..:-))))" ... written by lushez26
Wow! He is such an exceptional reader! He picked up on so many areas of my life and was so accurate and insightful it made me cry. He is a kind soul and a 5 star reader. I highly recommend him to everyone. " ... written by murdocca
Arthur is a good person and is always open and honest in what he sees. I can't wait to come back an do another reading with him in the future." ... written by luckygirl40
The news i wanted to hear, hopefully it will come true!" ... written by travellingwilber
Once again I am speechless. Amazing reading, thank u Arthur!! God bless." ... written by remedio
Thanks so much for your advice. I love coming back and will come back to let you know when it all starts. Have a great Christmas!" ... written by sunny3107
OMG he made me feel so calm after our pvt I was so worried he told me everything without me saying a word. I apperciate your help and I will for sure come back :)" ... written by simsima88
For anyone that is looking for guidance or insight into their personal life, this men Arthur is for you. Unlike other readers Arthur will give you breaks on the price so that he may help you in your time of need.Futhermore,unlike other readers that sit in their chat room begging someone to take them into private Arthur has a line of people waiting to get read and sometimes you will have to make appointment because there it's enough time for him to read everyone that want a private, Moreover, Arthur is so good with his insights and most of us waiting in line are repeat customers. This can only happen with the truily gifted person Like ArthurJames. Thanks for all the wonderful reading and help you have given me Love and Light to you.May the joy of the HOLIDAYS BE WITH YOU AND YOURS." ... written by sweetspirit
Wow! What a great reading! Thank you for explaining what's going on andamp;amp; how things will be. " ... written by wunder
as always, a great reading. he has a way to make you feel at peace. thanks!" ... written by mizbeez
OMG!!! He is fantastic! He comes from a great family of psychics that are also great! I have been read by them also in person. He gave me such PEACE of MIND. I know that my life is going to change for the better. He gave me the confidence that I am starting to lack. I would highly recommend this man! SO GIFTED. He tells you so much in so lttle time!!! GOD BLESS THIS MAN! He covered all areas of my life so quickly and hit on the important areas. HE was right on target. " ... written by supermom051959
I love having a pvt with art he is just so good :)" ... written by simsima88
he is just great things he tells is so true and accurate, bad that he is not online these days, needs some advice!!! merry xmas arthur :)" ... written by simsima88
Thank you once again Arthur for your guidance. I wish you and your family a very Happy and safe Christmas. " ... written by pixi78
You are highly appreciated! for all the help and the holiday special give away.. Thanks for turning my question marks into biggo clarity! you gave me the information that i should know not what I wanted to know or hear.. I love how you do the reading it keeps me motivated and help me stay positive! Thanks once again and God Bless!" ... written by randumb
This man tells the truth and is accurate on everything he says." ... written by tilly40218
It was so great to connect with Arthur again!!!! He is direct and emphatic in his answers. I so appreciate his readings. Happiest of New Years to you!!!" ... written by leogirl
No questions asked, accurate about the relationship." ... written by jessicar123
Thank you as always! :) :D I am looking forward to this new year!" ... written by AquariSun
Athur James was truly amazing...he was able to pick up on my problem ...can't wait for the outcome.." ... written by monaverona
once again a very good reading, very satisfying hoping all your prediction comes true" ... written by carbon14
Arthur was right on about my relationship. He knew everything and I didn't have to say anything. He also reassured me that everything was going to be okay cause I was very upset. Very awesome reading and I will definitely do it again!!!" ... written by sparklehail
def ended my worries" ... written by bluesky10
I can't say enough about Arthur. He always puts my mind at ease. He's very accurate. When I'm in panic mode, he calms me down and tells me whats coming and I feel so much better knowing I'm on the right track. I have spoken to others psychics on here when I can't reach him and they confirm what he says so I totally believe in his gift and am so thankful to have found him. I'd be lost without you Arthur! Thank you a million times over!! " ... written by bellacasey
Awesome as usual!!! Thanks Uncle Art:))) I am so glad that he is back at Oranum." ... written by leogirl
Thanks Art, always makes me calm down." ... written by simsima88
Thank you again Arthur for giving me clarity to questions that I had. You are fast and to the point and you always watch out for me. I look forward to the upcoming weeks and will keep you posted. Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Always a great reading, thank you!" ... written by mozzy123
he was good he helepd me in clearing my doubts hope prediction really happens" ... written by akash
It was wonderful to see Arthur again!!! As always, he is so direct in his readings, and so comforting. Just love this man:))" ... written by leogirl
Art is one of the best! I always come to him to get clarification on my questions.... Thanks for all that you do, Art! I will definitely be back soon." ... written by missgreeneyes
After a long time of not doing a private with him, i was finally able to get one and it was awesome. He was able to feel my situation even before i got to saying it. I left the private feeling much better. Thank you Art for the wonderful words " ... written by ceffie one can do the things uncle arty can...He always seem to know the situation before you get a chance to speak it...AS always on point; and very aware of the steps to help..Thank you for always understanding and being so are the best!" ... written by witchgoddess
You are amazing! come back online pretty please I need an update and haven't been able to catch you" ... written by jessjess1
you are so so good. I hope to see you back more and that these predictions come true " ... written by jessjess1
Arthur my dear where are you? I hope you come online soon!! I have to update you and I'm concerned about what I heard. I'm so confused!! Hope to see you online soon!!! Hope you are well!! " ... written by bellacasey
Everyone should give him a try...great reading " ... written by monaverona
too good for words. must try him out :)" ... written by jessjess1
Wow - he saw everything without me even telling him . Amazing how he picked up on it all without any input from me! Gave specifics and timeline information with great accuracy. Incredible reader!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Thanks so much Art! You always have been one of my favs since I started coming on this site :D Great reading! and fun! " ... written by AquariSun
Art is very inuitive. No BS.......tells it to you straight. Very good reader......I highly recommend" ... written by dstufra1
Another great reading, cant wait to see what's going to happen" ... written by jayr3264
Thank you Arthur." ... written by kotshy
Wow... knew everything that was going on with me, very quick to type, definitely worth the money to go private with him... He will amaze you with what he knows... WOW!" ... written by Jillian40
Amazing reader! He knew every little detail!! Could not believe all the things he could read about me!!! Thanks Arthur!!!!!" ... written by Kari_nightingale
The bad penny returns Arthur...:) Thank you for putting my mind at easy..kind caring and very patient...what a journey I have been on, thank you for holding my hand some times the journey get a little thanks for your light and guiding me...I pray Mr hot bunny sorts his life out soon...he's the one that I want!" ... written by Sapphire67
Thanks for reading for me again!!! Each time I talk with you..I have renewed faith in things with my bf ;o) " ... written by Phoxee
Arthur you are amazing and always make me feel so comforted and better about my situations!" ... written by cherie0710
Wowee, yet again another wonderful reading from a very gifted psychic advisor and genuine, caring guy. He is able to give me so much details about everything i need to know and boost me up so much with what he sees. He is remarkable as he can give u dates and his visions and insights are very clear. I am so thrilled to have allowed him to connect to my situation and he truly has given me hope and courage to look forward to waht awaits me. Thank u so much Arthur and I truly hope yoou contine to feel better and have a clean bill of health very soon. XXX" ... written by tanyaolivia64
I hope everything will work out as you predicted." ... written by simsima88
You were accurate on your last reading and I hope you are accurate about this one as well. :-) " ... written by kitty 1002
Great reader and positive." ... written by galia
Brilliant again thank you so much xxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by firefly12
Helpful and accurate as always! He is such a gifted reader who provides honest feedback and guidance." ... written by sacredlove71
He's like a friend now...that's very accurate!! " ... written by jayr3264
So good to talk to him again...I needed his advice." ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Great reading as usual......MISSED YOU LOADS! Glad you're back with us! :) " ... written by divinedaughter
Looking forward to the time frame! Always a pleasure to talk! :) Thanks! " ... written by dalilahflores
Great as to talking to your best friend.......sincere and honest......the best!!!" ... written by coacha04
This man was amazing..every reading with him is always on point....Everyone need to give this man a pvt reading" ... written by monaverona
He made me feel great" ... written by tilly40218
Excellent reading, right to the point, helped answer a few questions I really needed answer to without me asking ..." ... written by kellygal77
quick chat to address some worries, as always art was lovely and put me at ease x" ... written by sarah
Always caring and compassionate yet does not beat around the bush. To the point and focused. " ... written by LadyL5
Arthur helps me. He is like a brother to me." ... written by tilly40218
Wow! He is really good. He seemed to grasp the situation right away and gave good counsel that I will be happy to report back upon!" ... written by webbygryl
Thank you, Art. Put my mind at rest which I really needed. Awesome as always! " ... written by blackcat06
Arthur has helped me understand the situation fully and has seen how things will unfold from the first reading, I am so amazed how he picks up everything so accurately and puts me at ease and helps to guide me along the way. Thanks so much for giving me hope and now I just will trust in him and look forward to seeing that all will be happening for me just as he has seen. Thanks and get better soon.xx" ... written by Tanya
My first reading and I am amazed how correct and spot on your insight is dear Arthur. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have helped more then you ever will know and picked up correctly on my situation. 100 % accurate in all you said. I will let you know and I would like to give you a million stars instead of just the 5 here. AMAZING !!! Thank you and god bless xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx " ... written by Angeldarling
Try him out, he is good and calming" ... written by k.
You MUST give Arthur a try I've done online readings and email readings and he is very detailed. You will be amazed for when things come true that he says you look forward to coming back to him to let him know he got it right again!" ... written by tinwoman
Amazing reading ever....will come back to tell you all the predictions." ... written by carbon14
AMAZING AS ALWAYS. THANK YOU ARTHUR!" ... written by remedio
He cleared up everything around me, told me what I needed to know and told me how my year will look like. Thanks Arthur! :)" ... written by simsima88
Thanks Arthur. God bless!" ... written by k.
Thank you yet again. what would I do without you :)" ... written by jessjess1
Just touching back with Arthur to let him know a predication he told me a few months passed had happened exactly when he said it would. He was awesome as usual now waiting for the second part to start happening! " ... written by mj1963
Wonderful as usual, theres a reason hes one of the top readers!" ... written by JSerrano0304
Once again Arthur thank you for you time and patients... 10/10 honest just the way i like it ...i will be back with an update .. lets hope im not single for to much longer wont get much better than this man trust me :)) life is for living and its time i did :)" ... written by Sapphire67
Hello Arthur, I have been trying to find you online but have missed you by min, anyways wanted to share with you about what you told me. Came to pass. I hope to see you online soon to share. You are the best of the best." ... written by sweetspirit
So accurate, I can't believe it." ... written by fortunesdelight
thank your art! you're the best :)" ... written by mozzy123
Dear Arthur James," ... written by rooster051
He is very reassuring and always comforting. I 'm hoping that everything he is predicting for my comes true. So far so good. I will definitely come back." ... written by lola32
So cool, so down to earth-that is Arthur!!!! If you have not had a reading with him, I cannot suggest strongly enough that you do so. You will be a believer!!!!!" ... written by leogirl
Thank you once again Arthur. God Bless :]" ... written by randumb
Arthur is truly an amazing man. He is very understanding of your situation and uses his psychic ability to give you answers. He was spot on with everything. I am so grateful to have him as my psychic advisor. Trust me his in Top 3. Thanks will be back soon!!" ... written by enamorada
this man is amazing!!!!!!! i love him to death, dont even know him. hes right on , loving, caring,direct, sees it all. hes worth every cent. hit the nail on the head w/o me even having to say details. no need to look any furthur, hes the real deal!!!!! art ty so much, may u stay BLSSED!!! oxoxox hes got me as a regular!!" ... written by wingtip
As always, thank you my dear friend. You are simply the best. " ... written by leogirl
Thanks again AJ! As always you're right on point! " ... written by cowboicasanova
Thanks a lot!.. Really! It is to the point, and so neutral. He explains the situation with a very good and clear language, and gives fair advice. It is also very nice that he cares his clients with those kind of promotions. I am looking forward the predictions!.." ... written by Ciklet
Thank you so much as always :) " ... written by AquariSun
Arthur is wonderful! He tells it like it is " ... written by tilly40218
Brilliant! Puts my mind at rest and keeps me grounded ................. thank you so much Art " ... written by firefly12
Art, gets to the core of things...he is always on point with the facts...can't wait to see what happens soon." ... written by monaverona
The guy knows how to put my mind away from stress. As always - thank you art for the support and care you let people feel! I will talk to you later, for sure!!!!!" ... written by ceffie
Art you are amazing! Thanks for always listening and for helping me out with so many questions. You know that I will definitely be back in the near future and will give you an update.... ***** 5 Stars!" ... written by missgreeneyes
Thank you Arthur I got it....Iandamp;quot;m glad I had a reading with you. Thank you so much!!" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Arthur, you are amazing! things you picked up on made the picture so clear!!! I will come back to update you on whether your predictions came to pass! :) xx" ... written by irinairina
Arghh you are so amazing, thanks and fingers crossed!" ... written by jessjess1
I have tears of joy for the visions he's seen for me. What a gifted and caring reader. He sees things so clearly and he remembers. A vision he had the last time I read with him came true!!!!" ... written by sacredlove71
HE WAS SO SPOT ON. WOW! Two minutes in there and he knew what was up! Will be coming back! That was so exciting! Thank you Arthur!" ... written by gwenderella
Arthur is absoluley amazing! His readings are complimented with such professionalisn andamp; compassion that you wish you could chat to him all day :). He is never judgemental nor does he discriminate. If i have any doubts or need clarification i know i can always count on him. It's so uncanny how accurate he is!!! Thanking you ever so kindly for always being here for me when i need you the most! You are truly a blessing xoxo" ... written by Laplusbelle
Arthur :) Thank you for your kind heart and excellent readings. talk soon andamp; God Bless " ... written by mozzy123
Best Psychic on Oranum!!!!! He could see all my concerns right away and was wonderful with his reasurance. He was in sync with me and I highly recommend him!! " ... written by dianalj
WOW Had a greading reading in private and also email reading from this man. He is very postive with dates and knows the situation clearly. I am looking forward to the near future with the predictions eagerly. God Bless. " ... written by dawnmaria
Very straight to the point, hope the predictions will come to pass! will update soon. " ... written by sandy83
He was fast and too the point. He also has such cute cheeks :)" ... written by Bell3745
He was very generous, and hit the nail on the head! " ... written by Raina
I feel lucky to have had a private reading with him. He really assured me about a subject which is rather significant for me. I am looking forward to what he has told, and to come back! Thanks Ar for your true energy!.. Thanks also for your respect to the time and sensitive energies of people!.. " ... written by Ciklet
GREAT as always, love this guy. direct and to the point. thank you A.J." ... written by wingtip
Thanks so much as always :) Been going to you since June-ish or end of May and still one of my def. favorites! :) " ... written by AquariSun
My go to guy.......HUGGS, LUV AND LIGHT TO U MY ROCK! " ... written by divinedaughter
Always love talking to Arthur, he is just so great and direct doesn't waste ur money, i will always come back to u" ... written by simsima88
My favorite, hope prediction comes to pass" ... written by laplusbele
Wonderful.. Still impressed.. :) ,and hopeful again.. Hope your predictions will come true! Ty again! :))" ... written by lorelei3
Thanks again arthur. Here's to hoping about the 20th. I am happy to hear that things are still on track. See ya soon! Guys arthur is awesome." ... written by SASSY007
great as always.........good advise too.....can see what others don't....." ... written by coacha04
Amazing man. Clarity again! No more confusion." ... written by laplusbelle
He's such a nice guy! Third time talking to him. . . He talks to you like a true friend (:" ... written by gwenderella
Wow hes done it again with a spot on reading thanks Aurthur :) " ... written by Theresa123
Although I had little time. He gave me good advice as before. I strongly recommend him." ... written by candee
AJ is the greatest. Gives great knowledge on events. Thank You AJ! :)" ... written by tilly40218
Again wonderful :)" ... written by jessjess1
Nice man. Very direct and open with his reading. Worth the session and will definitely contact him again" ... written by KevPumpkin1
5 stars and this was my second email reading. I enjoy how AJ phrases all his information so positively. Thank you!" ... written by wendic
5 stars always, my favorite." ... written by Mozzy123
Roll up roll.up ...this guy is a wonderful person with a big heart ..he will set you all on the rite path..HELP Arthur get to his goal guys nearly 2000:))...An amazing man ... look no further ..HOW TO LOOSE A GUY IN 10 DAYS ..LOL COME ON GIRLS YOU HAVE ALL SEEN IT :) ARTHUR WILL HELP YOU GET HIM BACK ...:)))meet your go to man :)" ... written by Sapphire67
Thanks again for your reading into my love life ;o) Greatly appreciated!!!" ... written by Phoxee
Can I shrink him and put him in my purse? jk, he's very good and I will be back again (this is my 3rd time)! I feel comfy coming to him with man issues! :) " ... written by Girly521
Made me happy today:)" ... written by tilly40218
I was great, fast and gave me dates as welll. I have been waiting to talk to him as I was advise that he gives timeline... He is quick and compassionate... Thank you so much and God BLess you!" ... written by answers28
Awesome reading like always!! God Bless dear Arthur :]" ... written by randumb
thx. for letting me know u hit right on the issue about whats bothering my half it helps me to understand an it gives me hope..kimmy" ... written by kimmyluv
Amazing. right to the point" ... written by mtb
Great reading as always...glad to reconnect w/ him after awhile." ... written by Ladonnalove1
perfect arthur! thank you so much " ... written by jessjess1
always leave the chat room laughing because of the energy we exchange ! Can't wait for that call in 72 hrs! :) " ... written by dalilahflores
Jamesss..... you not only put a smile on my face but very fast detailed with dates. i hope ur prediction will come true.. .. LOtz of huggzz--- this wasnt my first reading and definately not my last !!! " ... written by Scorpionessa
Thank u arthur u made a big favour :))) will def come back!" ... written by simsima88
What a wonderful person and reader you are. It upset me very much to see someone disrespect you. It was also wonderful to see you keep a balance even when another hid behind a mask of stupidity. Your the best have a wonderful day Arthur." ... written by sweetspirit
Very straight forward, courteous, honest and calm. Picked up on many things, and looking forward to a future conversation.." ... written by stargazer67
He is just the best. He saw things that no one could possibly just guess and those things came true. He gives real and honest predictions AND he will not waste your money or credits. A true and caring reader!!!" ... written by sacredlove71
It's always a comfort talking to ArthurJames. I hope that his predictions come true. I will definitely see him again. " ... written by lola32
Very direct and to the point! A great reader! Guys you will not be disappointed with this guy! Get some creds and have a reading with him :) !" ... written by cleoham87
Wonderful as always. What would Oranum be without him..he is clear honest and give concise information regarding your situation with no sugar coating. Thanks so much. " ... written by enamorada
Always very calming. Such a sweetheart, my go to guy now =)" ... written by charmedangelx31
It's always a comfort talking to ArthurJames. I hope that his predictions come true. I will definitely see him again. " ... written by lola32
Amazing man. Clarity again! No more confusion. He's my now go to guy (:" ... written by gwenderella
Honestly wouldnt know what to do without you. amazing amazing amazing!" ... written by jessjess1
Wonderful reading." ... written by scorpionsarita
Great reading... very detailed we will see what Feb. brings " ... written by plummouse
I've tried a lot of people on oranum and while all talented, not many can match this guy. He is one of the few that can give you a picture of a whole situation and settle your mind. He has such a caring and helpful nature, he connects quickly, and delivers the truth in the best way possible. I've been coming to him on and off for quite some time and he's never led me in the wrong direction. If you've never used a psychic on the site or are in need of true and clear help, please use AuthurJames. :)" ... written by guriwo
Wow this really blew my mind how he was so exact, AMAZING Truely GIFTED THANk YOU so MUCH i wish i had more credit Id talk to you all day !! " ... written by lolita99999
ArthurJames is the real deal straight to the point and no messing i would give him 99 stars and one big one for his his heart blessings to you Arthur youandamp;quot;v always been so polite to everyone in your room and so welcoming i look forward to another reading with you very soon Love Spiritdancer x" ... written by Theresa123
Enjoyed Arthur's helped me immensely and I hope it all come to pass... Thanks for a wonderful reading (part 2) :))...Blessings~" ... written by Barbara
OMG ..Thats all i have to say...Arthur is so insightful..he always know whats happening before you can even get the words out..Amazing ..I was being blocked in all directions by friends being over friendly;and uncle Arthur always have a minds eye on what is needed and how things should be taken cared of...Thank you...Your skills and advice is always on point are Amazing!" ... written by witchgoddess
An amazing man, what was picked up on without me givin any information was amazing. thank you so much" ... written by chelle54
Ty art! Great reading as always :)" ... written by mozzy123
Absolutely awesome - he is always right there and on point with everything. Such a caring reader - he remembers the details and gives specifics about the situation in future. A true GEM!!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Thank you so much Art" ... written by laplusbelle
Had a reading and ceremony with him yesterday - predictions and results already TODAY! WOWWEEE - definitely the REAL DEAL :)! And, as always, very kind about not wasting credits :)..." ... written by sacredlove71
I'm ecstatic!!!! I know he only speaks the truth and his truth has been confirmed by my 2 other faves on here. Makes me know ARTHUR is the REAL DEAL!!!! I trust him completely and know what he says WILL come true bc so far it already has and what he talks about is on point with what is happening. I can't wait til the SPRING!!!!!:D Thank you Arthur!!!! Ur truly a blessing!!!! I needed this good news tonight!!!! xoxo" ... written by bellacasey
Had readings, email and ceremony yesterday. Results due til next month so looking forward to that. Puts my mind at rest and picks up on things quickly. " ... written by dawnmaria
On the ball and not in it for the money. Thank you so much for your generosity. Glad I took another of my favourite readers advise to come talk to you. God Bless" ... written by dawnmaria
Arthur, thxxx :)" ... written by kotshy
Omg Arthur has done it again sweet as always, and lets not forget the accuarcy always on point with details. I'm just amazed at the things he told me. Can't wait to see my predictions to come true. If anyone is looking for answers then he is the right person to go to., Give him a chance, he will certainly blow you away. defineitly looking forward to more pvts in the future.Thanks Arthur!" ... written by Lucy117
I'm so happy for you hitting 2000 soon!!! Awesome, amazing as usual and will keep you posted.Thank you and big hugs!!!" ... written by leogirl
He is incredibly accurate... caring. fun, super to talk to and he gives you points for his service!! Cannot get better than that recommend him? Kids get him! Get his readings while you can!!!" ... written by Tenshi33
Thank-you Arthur for confirming so much thats so important to me...I thank the person that referred you to me...Great reading..:))" ... written by Barbara
Glad to have been the 700th and now the 2,000th reading that Art has done. The guy is awesome, what can I say. Thank you for all the help. See you later :)" ... written by ceffie
I am speechless...can't wait to see what happens." ... written by monaverona
My reading with Arthur James has been wonderful! He is amazing." ... written by webbygryl
Art is so wonderful. Love him to death. He has done so much for me and I appreciate him so much. He is the greatest and will always be the one I come to when I need a little advice or help with a problem... Ty Art love you" ... written by BlackopsMama
Wonderful reading! really happy :) I know the outcome and it's all great:) Wonderful life ahead of me. Thank You my brother AJ! You're the greatest." ... written by tilly40218
Did some great mantra work with him. Such a wonderful reader! Wish there were more than 5 stars :)!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Freaking amazing." ... written by fortunelover
One of my many readings with Arthur, and again he calms my crazy thinking!!! Thank you my friend!!!" ... written by leogirl
He is a God send - truly a great help and a kind and positive reader. The best!" ... written by sacredlove71
he is the best i have ever encountered! love every reading that i have with him-he is very tuned in and right on the money, i will keep coming back for more! love u arthur. :)" ... written by gemmie
Wonderful man he made my day. Will be back is the best to date. Thatnk you" ... written by 1realhipmom
He is awesome, highly recommend him!" ... written by fortunelover
Like I've said before, he's such a nice guy. He puts others before himself as he was really sleepy tonight! Awww haha. Really, speak to this guy. He cares. He speaks the truth. You'll feel really calm and all. You won't regret it!" ... written by gwenderella
Very good call! Definitely give him a try." ... written by starshine34
Thank you for the kind words :) " ... written by babydoll36
What a wonderful reader! His predictions have come true for me three times already. Amazing!! THE BEST!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Very informative and helpful. definitely put me at ease." ... written by fitchchic5
Oh my goodness! You'd be crazy not to try Arthur. He is God's angel on earth in my eyes. He really helped and guided me through one of the worst times of my life. Thank you Arthur" ... written by jasminepapas
As usual A+++++++++" ... written by divinedaughter
Thank you so much AJ for clearing up the situation for me, I was going round in circles in my mind before i spoke to you. I will definately come back to you and let you know how things turn out :) blessings to you xxx" ... written by irinairina
Thank you again Arthur!" ... written by jasminepapas
Thank you again Arthur" ... written by jasminepapas
Awesome...kind and caring..Always calm and loving with is advice.And always on point and correct! Thank you , thank YOU!" ... written by witchgoddess
thanks so much Arthur for your positive energy. You said so many things that were true and you gave me good advice. Will come back to updat you :) thank you again, love xx" ... written by sunny3107
You can talk to him like you've known him for years. He'll give you honest answers and tomorrow is the day one of his predictions is supposed to come... I know it will!" ... written by gwenderella
Very fast and accurate straight to the problem didn't waste time, He tells it like it is :) Very good - I recommend everyone to him." ... written by TheOne29
Words can not say, what this man have given me." ... written by monaverona
Very positive, very accurate, thanks a lot! Looking forward to the predictions and come back. All best!" ... written by Ciklet
As always a pleasure to talk to Art. Sometimes its a reading sometimes its a chat but its always great. Thanks Art xxx" ... written by Tracie
Thank you so much as always! :) " ... written by AquariSun
Uncle Arty! He's very exact always knows whats going on before you can spit it out...Amazing, honest , kind and patient. Uncle arty knows how to calm and sooth you down; while directing you in the right course of actions. Thank you uncle arty!" ... written by witchgoddess
Uncle Arty! He's very exact always knows whats going on before you can spit it out...Amazing, honest , kind and patie. Uncle arty knows how to calm and sooth you down; while directing you in the right course of actions. Thank you uncle arty!" ... written by witchgoddess
Always awesome :)" ... written by sacredlove71
arthur always tells me the truth and is so direct and honest, i hope ur predictions about the contact will be real! ;) thanks" ... written by simsima88
what a gift he was when i needed one. he was accurate and to the point and could relate easily to my situation while making me feel at ease. did not judge and gave clear precise answers before i could even ask the question. i have found my place on here. thank you!!" ... written by missy1311
An absolutely wonderful reading and person! Thank you, Art for all your help. I'll definitely let you know how things go." ... written by Laplusbelle
Predictions came true and not only that but your kindness and positive motivation means so much so ty! Many blessings " ... written by mozzy123
I got tears in My eyes cuz I have been fighting feelings for awhile and its been hard But ArthurJames is a Fabulous , Amazing Guy that Cares for his Clients and Is Accurate . I look for to my predictions Thank U Highly Recommend Him !!!!!!" ... written by Nessa31
Amazing! ill be back to update hopefully positive :)" ... written by jessjess1
Always such a help!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Thanks again art for listening! andamp;l such a nice guy" ... written by gwenderella
He is a very kind soul. Very straight and direct. I appreciated his time. He gave me hope in a very dark time in my life." ... written by tara_mcm
Arthur is always there to reassure. I have hope that he is right" ... written by jasminepapas
Thank you so much for the reading, I really hope that your prediction will come true. Cannot wait until tomorrow, will keep you posted xxx" ... written by irinairina
Working with him is such a comfort. He is amazing!" ... written by sacredlove71
Arthur's generosity of spirit is so awesome!!!! He makes this seem so effortless, while dispelling fears for me. You are truly one of a kind! Huge hugs!" ... written by leogirl
He is a wonderful and calming influence. His work is from God and is always with kindness and honesty." ... written by sacredlove71
Arthur is wonderful. Predictions have come true and now waiting for the big one. Thank you for your patience and kindness." ... written by RadesGirl
He is a very positive psychic. He is my friend and a very good life coach." ... written by tilly40218
Good guy, very involved, good chat. " ... written by vjrei01
Arthur is great very encouraging and popular hard to get hold of these days. My call didn't come today so guess there's been some changes but I expect it will come this month at some point. Need to talk again or maybe get another email reading using my points amazing insight. God bless talk soon x" ... written by dawnmaria
Arthur! Thanks a lot. I feel much better. And, I will try to catch you when you are on for free chat to ask about another e-mail reading. All best! " ... written by Ciklet
Wonderful reader! Oh my gosh! This man was so accurate and amazing. He really gave me great advice and insight. He specific and picked up on my situation right away! Highly recommended! Will be coming back to him again soon!" ... written by NiVanya
He was great, simply amazing. Second time with him, will come again for sure." ... written by aritra
This Man Is Truly Truly amazing God Blessed the right person with this Gift ... He is More then Just a psychic . He is a Friend Who Listens and Warms your Heart .... I will Keep Coming to Him Thank you sooooo Much ArthurJames ... You are God Sent... Highly, Highly Recommended... He is Top Notch " ... written by Nessa31
Fab yet again always puts my mind at rest and calms me down xx" ... written by firefly12
Thank you so much Arthur for your positive view. " ... written by nadouce
Art is my rock......LUV U! " ... written by divinedaughter
Just needed confirmation that I'm headed in the right direction and I've gotten that from Art again today. I am definitely looking forward to the coming months and will be back for a cleanse, I'm sure :D" ... written by jettagirl09
:) " ... written by dalilahflores
Picked up quickly, awesome reading!!!!" ... written by diane1964
Thank you. Very helpful picked up very quickly didn't need anything but a name and did most of the talking which was great! Info was just flowing through fast and most of all it was accurate =)" ... written by A1
He is so great - always sees right into the heart of the matter. Love reading with him!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Wooohoooo Feb 15th, can't wait! :) " ... written by dalilahflores
Thanks Art and I pray its all sorted..ty!" ... written by Barbara
I just want to say for ArthurJames I really enjoyed his email reading :) I think he's awesome, a great friend and person that truly wants to help people and that's what you need in a reader, someone like a life coach and of course a friend! Thank you :) " ... written by AquariSun
was really enjoying my reading :)" ... written by dalilahflores
THE always" ... written by monaverona
Thanks again Arthur. needed that little push" ... written by jasminepapas
He always always always knows of what he speaks andamp; I will always trust in him!!! He is amazing andamp; the real deal!! Don't pass up an opp to do a Private Reading. He is worth every penny!! Thank you Arthur! I will be talking to you soon!!! XOXO" ... written by bellacasey
He always puts me at ease. So accurate and REAL! Go private! He's WORTH IT!!!:) THANK U ARTHUR!" ... written by bellacasey
I have always had a great reading with him..I have had many blessings come true from him.Everyone should try a private with him" ... written by monaverona
There is a reason he is too busy to catch in free chat...everyone wants to do privates with him" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Get cleansing.. giving it 2 weeks ;)" ... written by lalee0405
Arthur was direct and to the point! I enjoyed his reading! He gave excellent in depth information to the scenario. I didn't have to tell him any background information he knew. You can tell he has a great connection with his spirit guide and will have a reading again with him. " ... written by Darkdov
Arthur is absolutely excellent!!! He sees so clearly and is very reassuring. I can always count on him. Well worth every penny you spend with him in private reading." ... written by dianalj
Art, you are a super nice guy. You give great insight and are so quick to answer my questions... " ... written by missgreeneyes
OMG!! He blew me away! We had a great connection! Thank you so much Arthur James!! You gave me hope!! You are a super guy! I will be back!" ... written by Shaniece2011
Tks! :) always a pleasure to speak with Arthur! :) " ... written by dalilahflores
He was was very kind! Picked up on the energies very quickly. He was able to predict some major changes, hope it all works out the way he saw it!" ... written by slskr1
Very reassuring, and positive. i hope his prediction comes true :) " ... written by dalilahflores
I hope things will work out well, thank u Arthur!" ... written by simsima88
Such a wonderful reader - helpful and honest. Gives great advice and really cares about his clients." ... written by sacredlove71
The Best" ... written by monaverona
He is wonderful so kind. Well worth every min. Will be back" ... written by parentrep
Predictions came true. Ty for your kind advice also Art. God Bless" ... written by mozzy123
TY once again for re-assurance AJ, I will definately keep you updated how things progress xxx" ... written by irinairina
Thank you for the chat. I will wait and see what happens this week. I'm losing my patience bc I don't like how cold he gets so we shall see if he comes thru. No i don't want to give up, I just want to SEE something from him to show me he's not moving away from me...I'll keep you posted! THANK YOU ARTHUR!!!!! U always comfort me!!! Ur the greatest!!!" ... written by bellacasey
TY Arthur, such an amazing person to talk to. Sticks to what he has said in the past, let's hope things will turn the way he predicted. xxx" ... written by irinairina
Always a good reading :)" ... written by tilly40218
II's always a pleasure to talking to you Arthur, I will update you for the evolution of all your predictions." ... written by nadouce
I have had quite a few readings with Arthur now and " ... written by leogirl
Awesome as always - his readings and work are amazing. So glad to have found him on here!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Such a fantastic reader and excellent help!! The best!!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Very happy with the reading Many Blessings to you brother." ... written by tilly40218
He is great!!! Prediction came true, so this is follow up.. He is Great!!!" ... written by plat2012
There's only 2 readers on here I will vouch for and Arthur is one of them. He's simply amazing!" ... written by jayr3264
Arthurjames is great he was so detailed he knew exactly what is going on. He gave exact dates I can not wait to see if it happens on march 5th.I will be contacting him again. THANK YOU " ... written by dcoventry
Excellent" ... written by tpat85
He is The Best and Reassures u helps u see Clearly ... It doesn matter how many times u speak to him or ask same Question he will give u anser No Matter what ... Thank U Arthur !!" ... written by Nessa31
Your prediction came true...I passed^_^" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Thanks! Very nice and positive as always!" ... written by Ciklet
He Is The Best !!! I have alot to Look forward to coming up ... all is Gd " ... written by Nessa31
Thank you Arthur:) your always helpful and awesome!" ... written by sexyegyptian2
awesome awesome AWESOME! love talking to him! always sees EVERYTHING in detail. never been wrong! we'll see how the next few days turn out! which i'm sure will be just as positive!!!thanks arttt!!!andamp;lt;3 i'm your virtual stalker from now!" ... written by monkies1
He is a blessing :)! Love having readings with him!!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Fantastic, connected really fast, and told me things that were amazing. I hope they will come true. Will definitely be back for future readings." ... written by 6marchs
Awesome as always...such a great help!! I always look for him and make sure I read with him when he's on!" ... written by sacredlove71
Thx art!" ... written by k.
thanks for the awesome reading as always :)" ... written by AquariSun
amazing as usual, this guy is an absolute must for a reading." ... written by chelle54
Excellent reading and Meditation! God bless :)" ... written by mozzy123
Such an amazing reader...he gives so much help and he is very gifted and accurate. Predictions have happened for me time and time again!" ... written by sacredlove71
He was great and very spot on ;O)" ... written by joanthonyrock
Comforting and sweet :)" ... written by AquariSun
Absolutely fantastic. Tapped into things before I even wrote them down. Terrific Guy, nice, kind and friendly Looking forward to updating him soon" ... written by happy4eva
Picked up on my emotions right away. It was nice not having to say everything and him just knowing. I truly feel better about things now and I hope that what he said truly does come to light. Thank you Arthur" ... written by alexsisdawn
love him :)!" ... written by yas
Worth every penny/credit! Most of his time predictions have come true. Waiting to see how everything pans out :) He's a all-round caring guy and you should give him a shot!" ... written by guriwo
Always a great chat with Art...Have some great insight into the situation.....Time will tell although he has been pretty spot on so far **** He is one of my all time favourite...." ... written by laplusbelle
Thank you for my short but insightful reading. I'm sorry i was at work and you had to end the conversation. I'll need to talk to you again in depth within the next day hopefully to finish the reading. One of Arthur's predictions came true!! He has given me so much hope that my ex and I will reunite soon. He told me that my ex would contact me on Valentines day and he did! I never thought that our meeting that night would go so far either!! I still have hope for the two of us and Arthur has helped me stay positive. Only positive thoughts will help me receive the things that I ask my guides for. Arthur thank you again!!" ... written by jasminepapas
arthur is lika a friend, very good and easy to talk with will always come back :)" ... written by simsima88
We all seem to look for Arthur because he is so comforting and gives such great guidance! He is a God send for us all :)" ... written by sacredlove71
I didn't say anything and He picked Up on Everything that My BF said Today 2-15-2012 6:51pm I am so Amazed he is ... The Real Deal ppl Love U sooo Much Arthur U Are the Best !!!!" ... written by Nessa31
You are so wonderful and right on the ball Arthur!!! you have helped me through this journey...I hope you realize that :)" ... written by jasminepapas
He is accurate on my situation. He always tells me things that I only know. Hope his prediction comes true for me. Try him and you wont regret it" ... written by laplusbelle
Absolutely Excellent as always!!!! Worth every penny. I will return to him again and again. I recommend you do the same." ... written by dianalj
Amazing as usual.. thank you for being so in tune with everything :)" ... written by jessjess1
Talking to Arthur every time gives me the right direction to take in my life , I thank you Arthur from the bottom of my heart. xoxox Nadouce " ... written by nadouce
Thanks as always :D " ... written by AquariSun
Thank you Arthur for all your help and guidance." ... written by pixi78
Ok we'll see what happens! It's all supposed to go down tomorrow! He certainly has an answer for everything :)" ... written by EvaFarm
Thank you Arthur for an awesome reading like always!! God Bless :)" ... written by randumb
Thank you so very very much. I look forward to his predictions and wow he picked up on my situation fast. Calmed me down. Really really enjoyed his energy, excellent Advisor. Felt he was honest and that is what I wanted. Give him a try, you will not be disappointed." ... written by Mathews3369
He is still the best reader on oranum he is in the top 5 favourites...Thank you arthur james" ... written by murdocca
He is amazing i dont believe how he do things he is really amazing no words can describe him" ... written by spa
He is such a having him as a trusted helpful and accurate!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Thanks so much as always :) andamp;lt;3 " ... written by AquariSun
U r such a great person helping me out in my hard time, he is very good i am a regular and will always be thanks art :)" ... written by s88
Thank you Arthur for a wonderful private reading. As always I appreciate your honesty and kindness. " ... written by pixi78
Thanks so much Arthur.... top psychic here 5 stars " ... written by kissed
Thx Art, i will be waiting for the times u've giving me!:)" ... written by k
Hes the best. Always accurate, and also kind." ... written by katehrine1965
Wonderful as glad to see him back online!!" ... written by mina
I definitely enjoyed my reading with Arthur, i hope everything he said does come true. he is a very caring person and just wants to see the best for everyone. hopefully i will be able to catch him online again for another reading" ... written by tpat85
Good reading with Art as always. Thanks my friend" ... written by leogirl
Amazing...warm and has been right about everything over the last year!!! Love Arthur he is the best!!! Thank you for keeping me grounded and keeping the faith Arthur" ... written by shancw69
Perfect as always! Thank you my friend :)" ... written by mozzy123
Thanks for the confirmations and everything :) " ... written by AquariSun
Great guy for sure, email was not as informative by no means as he is in private. His predictions w/me have been 50/50 but I still have 1-2 months to go before I see anything on his new predictions... Thank you Arthur for all your help!!! Cant wait to see what happens... " ... written by ladybugg39
Was on target, explained cards, did not waste time. Shared psychic visions of things he could not have known.." ... written by jswede1149
Quick and straight forward. Thank you!" ... written by answers28
Thanks Art your the best. I dont seem to catch you as much these days but do really enjoy talking to you. Your calming and straightforward and what you have said has been true! Even though the road has been bumpy it ended up where you said. xxxx" ... written by Tracey
Amazing amazing psychic. Very very accurate." ... written by dudynja
OMG! His time table actually came true for me. I asked about employment - he said 'March 26th and I'll start in April' Lo and behold I get a call from a woman who I interviewed with last week - she wants me to come back in on Monday, March 26th to get security clearance stuff taken care of. YAY! :D Thanks Arthur! :D (Ironically when he gave me that date, I was thinking 'Yeah right, it's not happening- no one ever gets my';ETA's right!' well he just did. " ... written by Krissy1210
Great reading... he is the real deal sees so many facts and is detailed in what he sees" ... written by laplusbelle
Wonderful e -mail reading as usual Arthur .. full of information and spot on as always :) thank you x" ... written by Sapphire67
Clear and accurate." ... written by ppp
Thanks for update art. :)" ... written by jessjess1
Arthur is my rock of gibraltar. He is kind and accurate. He is very patient and clear in his predictions. I walked away feeling blessed. Thank You sir." ... written by dicksonrobert
He is very helpful and straight forward. No waste of time, just answers the questions right away." ... written by san
TWO WORDS...GOD'S GIFT!! " ... written by jayr3264
Miss you buddy, haven't been able to catch u online :( " ... written by dalilahflores
Very helpfull...thank you very much...will do it again soon....:)" ... written by ally17
I have had many email readings with Art and finally got onto him on private, and what an amazing session it was. Thankyou so much i will contact you again very soon XXX" ... written by De5pina
:) wonderful at giving guidance and advice. i will wait for the txt and not reply till the next day. April will be a good month for me if this works! Thanks buddy!" ... written by dalilahflores
Hugs and thanks for my amazing reading xx x" ... written by shortcake2012
Arthur is the best on here...... give him a try he sure wont waste your time Thanks again Arthur x" ... written by Theresa123
Thanks :D" ... written by AquariSun
Love to talk to Arthur, he is my sun :) Can not wait to invite you to paris for my wedding, even if it is in 2013. Love u hun kiss with all my heart. p.s : Arthur is one of my favorite on Oranum and he is really accurate in his predictions, always right on the point. I recommend it, you will not be disappointed ! Merci mon Arthur de tout mon coeur de Paris ! " ... written by nadouce
He is an incredible help and a gifted reader!! Just such a kind and helpful soul who sees things accurately and provides great guidance." ... written by sacredlove71
Hi Arthur were are you :) WE all miss you your needed ..hurry back soon plz ...i ..hope you are well ... sending you warm wishes :) x" ... written by Sapphire67
True Predictions with detailed accuracy. You're email readings are wonderful! Thank you my friend once again :)" ... written by mozzy123
Always a great reading! Thank you Art :)" ... written by mozzy345
Thank you so much for the reading! Glad to see you back and everything! We all missed you!" ... written by AquariSun
Fast, helpful, kind and understanding. definitely will come back again and excited for the future. " ... written by fitchchic5
Welcome back Art and so nice to see you again. Thanks as always!" ... written by leogirl
Arthur James is always helpful and I love his reading! Thanks again!" ... written by marybeth1love
...oh and just to add this...I'm looking forward to what ever is happening on 7/21/12 " ... written by Krissy1210
Arthur - Your email readings are wonderful! TY my friend :)" ... written by Mozzy321
Great as always my 1# psychic on here!!" ... written by enamorada
Rite back you belong..:) thanks Arthur..glad to see you on the mend .. what a wonderful guy many thanks for you smiles and up grades keep a spring in my step us bunnies do :) wonderful as usual ..:)" ... written by Sapphire67
Excellent as always!!!! Thank you Art!" ... written by dianalj
Thanks Arthur!!! I'm starting to lose hope...I can't wait for your predictions to past like they have before ;o) " ... written by Phoxee
Very accurate and great reading !!!! " ... written by Darkdov
Came for an update and brilliant as usual " ... written by chelle54
Glad to see your back roll up roll up :) yeah good to have you back ARTHUR ...we all need a bit of ARTHUR TLC ...fantastic psychics guys .... you wont be disappointed ...:) your fried the bunny lady lol" ... written by Sapphire67
Excellent, accurate, straight to the point, says it like it is." ... written by 6marchs
Wow he is awsome!!!!!don't need ask Q he just starts giving details imeaditely and is so accurate,i will definitely be back." ... written by marsylyttle
Secon time with aturjames....h stillvy bit as wesom!" ... written by marsylyttle
WOW is all I have to say! I am truly amazed at his abilities. He picked up on multiple situations in my life without me having to give much information at all. all he needed was my name and dob, as well as my significant other's name, and fully described my current situation. I will definitely keep coming back to him, and highly recommend that others do too!" ... written by MjOcho
So happy Arthur's back on Oranum! I'm grateful for Arthur's reassuring words that I am doing all of the right things at this moment in time in my life. Sometimes I allow for doubt to creep in and Art always brings me back to reality. Looking forward to see what happens over the next several weeks. Thanks again Art!" ... written by jettagirl09
Fab...forgot to press the star rating...Oranum you need 10 stars for Arthur :)" ... written by Sapphire67
Thanks art... good catching up again" ... written by jessjess1
I would like to say ArthurJames is definitely my favorite psychic! I have calculated who has been the most accurate for me and it turns out Arthur is! Not only that but he's a great friend :) " ... written by AquariSun
Arthur.......always there for me.............always, always, always. Thank you so much!" ... written by klementine
He is great ...." ... written by Hersheylover21
He is great ...." ... written by Hersheylover21
Arthur is an amazing person who is more than just a Psychic on this site, he is a Friend who cares and wants to make sure you know your right path and True. Love you Art and Thank you tons." ... written by Nessa31
It is truly unbelievable!, I was about to loose all my fate, when this guy crossed paths with me, clear precise and most of all very empathic person!!! thank you I will follow your advice to the T. and I will keep you posted" ... written by allerena
It is truly unbelievable!, I was about to loose all my fate, when this guy crossed paths with me, clear precise and most of all very empathic person!!! thank you I will follow your advice to the T. and I will keep you posted" ... written by allerena
Thank you ARt:) always a pleasure" ... written by sexyegyptian2
Thank you so much as always :D " ... written by AquariSun
THANK YOU Arthur... Your readings are wonderful, with detailed accuracy and positive motivation. Talk to you soon, God bless :)" ... written by wazzy81
Wonderful to have him back on Oranum! I've missed him soooo much :)!" ... written by mina
It was great to talk to Art again he is always direct and caring " ... written by Tracie
He is wonderful!:) " ... written by tilly40218
ArthurJames was very much like the affectionate big brother I never had.. I feel a lot of my guidance has been distorted because I had not had that positive strong covering in my life.. and in a few short moments he provided just the right sense of andamp;quot;positive protectionandamp;quot; through his calm, understanding, non-judgemental demeanor, though he is truly very up front. Thank you ArthurJames.. I will definitely visit you again!" ... written by jadelioness01
He is amazing! thank you for the insight it really braught peace and clarity!! " ... written by stngy_brat
very nice and really connected with me, go to him for help" ... written by Dphsgo93
He was very kind. i asked about a possible baby will let you all know when it happens for sure. he knew some things that no one else would know. Thanks " ... written by larette
Arthur James was absolutely fantastic..kind, generous, warm and more importantly accurate..there's a reason he's one of the top readers on here, buecause he is excellent at what he does..thank you Arthur x Ciara" ... written by kiera72
Great, as always" ... written by missy
Nice quick reading.. great.. so quick " ... written by ashok12
I had an email reading and have left feedback for that, but decided to splash out on an actual one to one with Arthur..I have to say, hand on my heart, he read my ex-partner very well. It's like he knew him personally!! I will update further when prediction happens, but after speaking with Arthur I have no doubt they will happen. The man is just one huggable, loving, caring and accurate psychic no doubt at all xxx" ... written by Kiera1972
I liked him a lot!!! He sounded right on to the point!!! He is also very nice! Such a great psychic!" ... written by oxdancer
Had a few good laughs with my session today. Thanks for reassuring me on my marriage :) I'll wait for that text or call around the 15th... can't wait to see what happens with mom... " ... written by dalilahflores
Alway great" ... written by Tracie
Thank you for your kind and truthful words! " ... written by rumi628
Wonderful,and very accurate." ... written by katehrine1965
Great :)" ... written by jessjess1
He is my rock. He totally puts me at ease. He knows of what he speaks. Trust in him. He won't steer you wrong! Thank you Arthur!!! Happy Easter!!! I'll talk to you soon my friend!!! :))" ... written by bellacasey
Love him so much :) He is so right on with everything. He has predicted so many things that have happened just as he said they would. Even at times when I have thought it couldn't be right, it was!!! FIVE STARS and more always :)!" ... written by mina
What a kind soul, let me know some insight in my current relationship and offered some sound advice. I will be back in a few weeks to see if indeed his predictions will come to fruition.. however, I can feel they will... highly recommend" ... written by leti8989
Always connect to my situation" ... written by Anonymous
Such a fast reader he doesnt waste any time he gets to the point very quickly... and spot on with his facts... " ... written by murdocca
gave me hope .... waiting to see if his predictions come true .... .. thanks ..:)" ... written by CuddlyShreya
Very insightful reading, he knew about my situation. I will be back. Waiting for predictions to come true!" ... written by ellym3
Very straight to the point, good energy!" ... written by jackiejales
I had a demo with James and came back for a private... James is the man! Wow... Love this guy, and so compassionate and genuine, could talk to him about anything!" ... written by bonnielynn
No words just awsomeee !!! " ... written by martitaa
Brilliant detailed reading thank you" ... written by chelle54
THE BEST !!straight to the point and fast and detailed thankyou soooo much love and light xxx" ... written by ale510
Loveee our privateee!!! hes greattt!!! :)" ... written by oxdancer
Thanks so much for everything :D Will always come to and have been for the past almost a year!" ... written by AquariSun
Arthur was very quick on picking up on my energy, he answered my questions easily in a few min. He is compassionate, and understanding, he will tell you what you ned to know to improve your life. Straight forward he is ! " ... written by Srey
Wonderful, fast and right on as always!" ... written by gemmie
Also so good and reassuring... will keep updating... " ... written by duffy89
Thanks so much for the reading, makes me feel relaxed and what not :) " ... written by AquariSun
Never stop smiling when I talk to him! He's one in a million! Will always speak the truth and be there for you. Once you go private, you'll never go back:) TTYS ARTHUR!!!!" ... written by bellacasey
I had a reading with Artur James in February...I asked him about my ex at the time, and he said he would be around but would not commit until April and he was RIGHT!!!! It was only in April that he started to come around and stay! I feel him more in love than ever...its not perfect, but we are working on it!!! Arthur tells the truth!" ... written by Kitty1002
I love AJ! He is so kind and I always feel soooo much better after speaking with him! And boy did I need that today! THANK YOU AJ!" ... written by wendic
I really needed to talk to Art today and was so happy that he was available to me. He always picks up on things that I don't even have to tell him. It's like he's a "fly on the wall" in helping me to deal with my situation. Art, I truly appreciate your guidance and I am so grateful to have you in my life to help me on my journey!! You're the best!!" ... written by jettagirl09
So nice to catch up - been a while. Thank you Arthur :)" ... written by ceffie
I am so glad that Art is back! He is great and answers questions, quickly! Thanks for all that you do!" ... written by missgreeneyes
I can't say enough how this guy is clear on the messages and right on the issues... Thanks again Arthur, I will keep you posted." ... written by allerena
Comforting and a great friend thank you. :) " ... written by AquariSun
First time reading gave me time spans we'll see seemed to be on course." ... written by Kaly2012
Thanks for the reading :) " ... written by AquariSun
Amazing as always." ... written by De5pina
Great and on the spot. " ... written by daresh12
This man is a very genuine reader he knows what he is on about... don't hesitate to give him a try you won't regret it at all..." ... written by murdocca
He was reaaly good and helped me calm down and feel good." ... written by daresh12
YOU'RE AWESOME!" ... written by taraannesusi
Thank You! He is Truly Amazing!!!!!! You have to do a private. He will tell you what you need and try to give you guidance. Do A private!!!!!!" ... written by bubblelove33
Wow, I love Arthur, I love his energy and I believe in him, he is truely gifted . 5 Stars xxxxx" ... written by angelight67
Thank you for the advice, I look forward for it to come about." ... written by Rescume8
I hope that what he has told me comes to me.I do love Arthur he is a great person and reader" ... written by sweetspirit
Always accurate ty" ... written by lalee0405
Thanks you so much :D Appreciated as always! " ... written by AquariSun
Lovely Man.Warm.Sincere.Straight to point.Precise." ... written by fretan
Thanks Arthur. I will follow the advice and continue with this positive attitude towards the situation, You have no Idea how much your words of encouragement and care mean to me!" ... written by allerena
Wonderful as always " ... written by De5pina
What can I say about Art? He gets dates and timelines spot on...he once called a potential car accident for my hubby and it actually had happened while he was out of town...he is amazingly loving and caring with his clients. And, he is just gifted as can be! Thank God for Art! xoxoxo " ... written by mina
The greatest in the world!!! He knows everything that is going on with my life andamp; love. I trust this man completely. You should too!!! Simply the best!" ... written by bellacasey
He's Nice." ... written by oxdancer
INCREDIBLY the BEST!!! Thank you so much for EVERYTHING! Talk to you again soon!!!!" ... written by LaydeeKim
Brilliant reading thank you so much" ... written by chelle54
Thanks and will see what happens next. Will come back, xx" ... written by sunny3107
Very sweet person.. very accurate on the date. I am so impressed.. love him.. he is amazing" ... written by nk063011
Brilliant as always" ... written by chelle54
He was great, right about everything he told me... highly recommend!!! Thank you" ... written by cammyboo
The ceremony was very interesting....enjoyed it very much. Cant wait to see the results." ... written by aquablu
Great, comforting, to the point, and accurate" ... written by dd41783
Cant get enough! Right on the money! " ... written by LaydeeKim
He is the man... he sees as it is and can't be more encouraging! Thank you sir!" ... written by allerena
Wonderful as always!!! Thanks Art and great to see you again" ... written by leogirl
No messing around with Arthur James, connects really quickly and gives as much detail as possible. A genuine nice guy and always willing to help overcome any issues you may have. Many thanks once again." ... written by mystical23
Arthur is wonderful and as always right on the money!!! Thank you for being such a wonderful blessing in my life. :) Have a private reading you will not be sorry!!!" ... written by shancw69
Amazing as usual, thank you for the update!" ... written by chelle54
He is absolutely amazing." ... written by victoria111
As usual Arthur got straight into the energy around me and gave me dates to watch. I adore reading with Arthur, he makes me laugh and he's completely genuine, open and honest and supportive. 1000 stars! xx" ... written by Kiera1972
Was bored at work and tried him and he confirmed everything and with great detail! WOW!" ... written by lord
An update from a previous reading... About a month Arthur gave me a date of April 26th for something to happen... Well, two days before, on the 24th, it happened... And on the 26th (today) I got confirmation that it did occur... I am truly shocked!!!!" ... written by missy1311
After his very accurate prediction a month ago I came back for a follow up reading today... Arthur is very connected... He will not waste your time or money and is very caring towards you and your situation..." ... written by missy1311
Thanks so much as always!" ... written by AquariSun
He is wonderful!" ... written by webbygryl
LOVE HIM" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Accurate, to the point and extremely quick to connect. Will return, awesome reading." ... written by Kaly2012
Art, you are one amazing reader! No wonder I come back to you time and time again... thanks for always being there!" ... written by missgreeneyes
Arthur is consistently accurate, sweet, intuitive and knowledgeable. He really put me at ease about some situations in my life. Thank you!" ... written by MjOcho
Thanks so much as always dude :) " ... written by AquariSun
Arthur is so connected, a wonderful and insightful man!" ... written by gemmie
AMAZING ACCURACY!!! Trust him!!! Listen to him!!! Believe in him!!! He will NEVER steer you wrong as long as you LISTEN!!!!!! Thank you for being you Arthur!! God bless you!!!! TTYS!!!" ... written by bellacasey
Simply the best!" ... written by bonnielynn
Thank you, my friend!" ... written by allerena
He is always good!!!!! " ... written by thanks2u
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING - 5 STARS" ... written by anon
Loooove this man, you must give him a try!" ... written by bonnielynn
Thank you, Arthur, for your kind advice and detailed insights. You've always helped me tremendously in every single reading. Many blessings to you my friend :)" ... written by mazzy456
He connects so quickly to the situation and is so accurate!!! He's great!" ... written by tiffanymarie212
Very good!!!" ... written by thanks2u
He was very kind, and accurate about things." ... written by beetlenut
Direct to the point, I'm not sure I believe his prediction, but I have come to him on several occasions and he has not changed his readings for me... Provides sound advice and I highly recommend... Has a gentle kind disposition." ... written by leti8989
He was so fantastic, so so accurate and really genuine and caring!! please give him a try! definately 5 stars! " ... written by k2
He is wonderful reader very accurate and direct. He connects fast.. and has great connection with his guides. " ... written by Darkdov
Amazing, he was fantastic!! " ... written by k2
Love him!! he was brilliant! helped me so much! I am so thankful x" ... written by k2
Wish there were more than 5 stars to rate!! looked in inbox but don't think you sent it yet, will keep looking. thanks so much for your help I appreciate it more than you know. " ... written by kel
AMAZING......OMG I didnt have to say a thing....speechless.....I will update!!!!!" ... written by duffy89
He is such a lovely person and his readings are so" ... written by murdocca
He is very good one of the best here love u James ." ... written by akashsabby
What can I my Arthur!! I think I'll give 1000 stars this time I only normally leave about 100!! :))) Thank you Arthur, as always professional, straight into the energies, friendly and well...the best x" ... written by Kiera1972
Met with Art during "happy hour" and it helped to get some clarification on the free Monthly Forecast that I received from him earlier this month. Still hoping to get through all of the roadblocks but am keeping the faith...Thanks again Art for your time, friendship and support!!" ... written by jettagirl09
He was and encouraging...I look forward to see when not if but when things will come to pass. " ... written by Rescume8
He is great! As always, quick and to the point, love him!" ... written by gemmie
Always great, accurate, and quick, not to mention very kind. " ... written by katehrine1965
Art is such a fast reader that I had to keep thinking of more questions to ask. Finally I just had to leave because I still had time, but he answered everything I could think of. Doesn't try to waste your credits or suck your time. I hope he is right. I'll let you know next month! ;)" ... written by anon
Well that was the best news I have received in a while! Wow can't wait for this week to unfold. I hope it happens because I am being patient! He connects really well with people hopefully the predictions will come to pass." ... written by Anonymous
He is so confident in his predictions. gives you hope even when you can't see it." ... written by anon
A wonderful reading on my birthday. Thank you for your insight and support Arthur! If you haven't had a reading with Arthur then please do so, he is fantastic!" ... written by pixi78
The assurance that makes u feel so comfy,he knew it all,and in very kind words made me understand..accurate ,will sure come back" ... written by beauti
He was so accurate and nice. Thank you so much. I really loved his reading. Thank you. :)" ... written by blueberrypigs
Had to say I needed a dose of Arthur today to reassure me a little. He confirmed that my ex travels a lot for work, which he does. I will continue to leave fdbk as my story progresses as prediction dates have not arrived yet. I started to cry and he immediately made me feel at ease...good job to cos I could cry for Ireland and use up all my credits on that!!! :)) Thank you Arthur." ... written by Kiera1972
He is brilliant cutiepie" ... written by akashsabby
AJ as always provided loads of clarity with such an ease. I cannot wait to come back and update you on things very soon xxx" ... written by rivergirl
A brilliant update with so much detail thank you once again x" ... written by chelle54
He is fabulous!!!! He connected very quickly and was right onto my situation. He gave me a clear picture of what to expect going fwd. in the short as well as the long term with a lot of clarity. God Bless you Arthur!" ... written by heartnsoul
Woow! so much detail. very nice reading. I recommend him. " ... written by Retsy44
Love him!!!!!!!!HUGS" ... written by duffy89
I came back because one of Art's predictions came true when he said. It was a little thing but I had a hard time believing it would happen. did. He has made a bigger prediction for later in this month. I am still skeptical, but he is confident. His other prediction coming true makes me believe a little more :)." ... written by sw
Wow!!! thank u. i'll be back for more clarity." ... written by tuda11
A wonderful, empathetic man who really sees things very well. A delight to talk to and gives very plausible predictions." ... written by justinsensei
ArthurJames has given me great insight for my journey and I am always thrilled when his predictions always come true." ... written by rooster051
Outstanding reading, the real deal! Thank you for sharing your gifts with me today !- SistahMaria" ... written by SistahMaria
He was absolutely awesome! He knew everything!" ... written by Melissa6767
OMG!!!! He is awesome!!!! Picked up right away. I was blown away. And believe me I tried a lot of psychics here. lease you will not regret going private with him. Freakin awesome!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by nytango1234
I love AJ. Calms and soothes my soul. And very gifted. Thank you. :D" ... written by Nicky
So precise. I will not bother myself with vague readings anymore" ... written by Retsy44
I just got the most wonderful calming feeling in me... wow... I can't even try to put words together. I am in peace, complete peace. THANK YOU!" ... written by allerena
Wonderful... just wonderful." ... written by anon
Just got married spiritually with my soulmate. It was a great feeling and I can't wait for things to start happening... I know they will and this makes me very excited. Thanks for helping me Art you are a great friend. :)" ... written by Mrs. Q
Such an amazing guy and detailed reading thank you." ... written by chelle54
Was an OK reading, have to see if the predictions what he said come true then I will give update!" ... written by xxcutegirl
Great!" ... written by Kareydon
Thank you so much for the awesome reading as always :) I look forward to things falling into place for me :D " ... written by AquariSun
I am a believer !!! everything will work out fine... I can feel it " ... written by allerena
Once again, this guy is awesome!Every reading I had from each psychic was amazing but I love to get any love and relationship readings from Arthur.Even though he is good at everything lol His last email reading gave me a peace of mind and put me back on the right track with the love of my life, when my mind was attacking me with negativity.He tells you like it is and also gives you a better understanding of your situation in detail.A 150% MUST TRY is what I rate ArthurJames!" ... written by candee
Was so reassuring....coming back sunday and will leave update " ... written by duffy89
Things are still on track will start manifesting!! 48 hrs ahhh!!! This will come to pass and I will write about it here!!! I am so excited." ... written by LA
Hope it comes true!" ... written by duffy89
Arthur is a sweet soul with tremendous abilities. I def recommend a reading with him! He is good hearted and kind." ... written by pioneer3
Wow! He was right on target with my life. Great reading... Many Thanks!" ... written by Tinydrops
Detailed, quick, and accurate! Well worth the money! " ... written by LeslieKay
Wonderful! Lifted my spirits...very caring and accurate." ... written by Flowers2012
Nice and understanding man. Love chatting with him. He gives you comfort and he cares..." ... written by nk063011
Great reading" ... written by vz
GREAT MAN!" ... written by duffy89
Thx as always Art for ur wise words and support and always making me feel better ... 5 stars! shaun" ... written by shaun100
Arthur thank you for putting my heart and soul at peace!" ... written by allerena
Arthur was very fast in answering my question, I like him a lot, glad he is back. I will be back :)" ... written by f999111
Consistency consistency consistency. Although some of Art's predictions are hard to believe, he is not wishy-washy and stands by his predictions. They have come true in the past, so I can trust they will again. Here's hoping!" ... written by anon
Thanks :) I needed this as I'm feeling excited but anxious about stuff :D " ... written by AquariSun
He picks up on everything like it is. He is great and things are happening already. Love this man. Take him private... 6 more days!!! woohooo" ... written by LA
Awesome!" ... written by 6marchs
Arthur is the best. He really had strong feelings as to what was going on and he really helped me alot ." ... written by missnice2
He really helped me :) Thank you so much :) !" ... written by NCD12345
I've already had a couple of readings with Arthur. He is wonderful. He doesn't sugar coat anything, he is honest and helpful. If you have not had a pvt with him yet, give him a try, you won't regret it. Thank you again and God Bless." ... written by sweetstephy31
Thank you for sharing your gifts with me today!" ... written by SistahMaria
Absolutely Excellent!!!!! The best psychic readings I've ever had. I can't say enough good about Art. Thank you God for bringing Art to me at this time in my life." ... written by dianalj
Arthur James has always given me great insight and so many predictions have come true for me. He is a great advisor and has helped me find my way." ... written by rooster051
Fantastic what more can i say 5 stars ....:)" ... written by kissed
Arthur was just magnificent, absolutely magnificent. What do expect from Arthur is that he just tell it like it is. He is also very fast with his readings and very kind person. He just doesn't give your information but he also gives you advice and tells you things that you didn't believe in yourself. Your money will be well spent and trust me, you will find yourself coming back for more like myself." ... written by Gaia_1
Very honest, when he couldn't read what I wanted, he told me straight away." ... written by thenashy112
10000000 stars!!!" ... written by nytango1234
Great reading..." ... written by lavie123
LOVE talking to Arthur! He's so on point and knows what he's talking about. You'd be remiss NOT to go private with him!!! TTYS Arthur! Will keep you posted!!!" ... written by bellacasey
AWESOME! No more needed to be said." ... written by allerena
Love him, he's always there for you when you need him.....and always understanding..." ... written by duffy89
Thank you so much!~ Great READING...Spot on. " ... written by lagirl
Excellent!" ... written by tilly40218
Very fast, didn't take time at all. Thanks, Arthur :) I hope what you say comes true. " ... written by stebella009
You have to love him!!! He is an amazing soul and a friend." ... written by duffy89
As always, he kept my self esteem up and not by sugar-coating but opening my eyes to the situation and looking at it from another perspective. He was very quick and he connected with the situation." ... written by sweetjanuary08
He seemed to give me good advice and connected with me well. I will remain hopeful and will report back to let AJ know how things are going! " ... written by sparkly1
Art is fast. Does not waste credits. You could honestly go to private with art and have your pertinent question answered in less than one minute. He has stayed consistent with a huge prediction. Give him a try." ... written by usa
This was my first experience with a psychic. I was very happy with the reading... He came off very genuine and really cleared the air for me on a couple subjects that have bothering me. Will definitely like to receive another reading in the future. Thanks, Arthur!" ... written by acamso
Amazing as always, thank you x" ... written by chelle54
Things are happening like he predicted!! It is just amazing, I want this next big thing to come to happen too so much, this is just something that my heart is ready for. I am positive and this will happen I can feel it. If you have ever been confused, give this guy a shot. He is just amazing!" ... written by allerena
Thanks so much for the cleanse and everything :) Much needed! " ... written by AquariSun
Art is the best!!! I will take your advice this time as I should have done the last time!!! You are wonderful and kind and you know my situation so well!!! Thank you for being you!!! Take Arthur to will not be sorry!!!" ... written by shancw69
Wanted to talk to my friend Art about what's been going on lately. Things had become a little muddled emotionally but it feels as though things are going to clear up soon. Thank you, Art for reassuring me that things are going to work out!!" ... written by jettagirl09
He is such a lovely reader! So accurate and fast and so giving... 5 stars to Arthur!" ... written by murdocca
As always, he is great and awesome. You can definitely trust him. Things are happening like he predicted. He connects with you and your situation so easily. I trust him a lot and he is so genuine and patient." ... written by sweetjanuary08
God really cant explain , Uncle arty as we all call him on Oranum; is the best ! Everything he mentions happens ..Only out for your well being. he will not fill your head up with false hope or tell u what u want to hear..Actualy he will get on your case like a form of tough love lol.. But thats how u know he is real; everything he relays to u happens regardless ...Not one thing that he has told me ..not one. thing has never came true,always comes true; it really does and never fails. As humans we are.. yes how you say impatient with life..but if u want things to fall in line i am telling u that uncle arty arthurjames) has great wisdom.. Promise you , you will not regret his guidence, wonderful, kind, understanding, patient, caring and very gifted. ..Arthurjames really knows his facts...take a chance you will be happy!" ... written by witchgoddess
I am so happy I tried Arthur!! I was about to break up with my soulmate and he gave me the faith to give him a chance and he stepped up big time! I'm smiling from ear to ear. " ... written by afcsher
I just felt like i wanted to listen to him more and more, amazing reading..defnlty a confidence booster!! spot on and very reassuring!! love to come back with an update soon..." ... written by har
Art is the best, a trusted and kind advisor with spot on detailed accuracy. He has a true gift and I highly recommend to anyone! Many Blessings :-) Talk soon." ... written by mazzy456
He's really fast, like a super jet. Thanks Arthur !" ... written by stebella009
Incredibly wonderful as usual. Thanks Arthur!" ... written by klementine
Thank you for all you have done, I don't know where I would be without you." ... written by duffy89
Great as usual :)" ... written by Nicky
Arthur is a great guy and very straight-forward. I had a choice between many different people to use my credits and my intuition led me to Arthur. He has good energy and is confident in what he does. I look forward to utilizing his expertise in the future. " ... written by RevitalG1986
Absolutely positively appreciate ArthurJames - he is clair-everything, down to details but more importantly in knowing what is really happening. I am so happy with what GentlemanJim recommended me." ... written by MerkabahMan633
He is amazing!!! one of his predictions came true, this was so difficult to actually happen, that I had almost lost hope, but this morning it did!!! i am just so happy that I decided to talk to Arthur. Thank you so much for the guidance and the support." ... written by allerena
Great reading with ArthurJames - very easy going and straight forward with your answers. I will return again for updates. Highly recommended. Thanks again." ... written by Alexsheart
The best!!!!! James is the real deal. I freaking love him! Do not waste your time with anyone else!!" ... written by nytango1234
Thanksssssss for always! Happy 1 year of being on here for us :D I think it's funny still we joined about three days apart lol. " ... written by AquariSun
He is unbelieveable! Do a reading with him - he is amazing!" ... written by bubblelove33
His career prediction for me can to be!! so EXCITED! Thanks again, just waiting on the big one to come thought!!:)" ... written by duffy89
He is the best as usual. Very confident!! I love that in him. Do not ever question his abilities in free chat. Go private!!!! " ... written by nytango1234
He's my angel! Great person - give him a try!" ... written by kissed
Absolutely excellent as always!!!!" ... written by dianalj
Great!" ... written by tanyas3840
What can I say? Love Arthur, he is such a nice person and wonderful reader." ... written by murdocca
Thank you" ... written by duffy89
Amazing as always and helpful. He is always consistent with his readings and remembers his clients!" ... written by sweetjanuary08
Very cool guy, fast in answering and right on point !!!! lets see if the predictions come true :) but he is an awesome person.Thank you Arthur" ... written by roxy614
I would like to say thank you Art, you are amazing soul and I believe that you where send to me, to get rid of all my doubts. You are a gift soul and amazing man. You have help me greatly over the past few week, I dont know where I would be without you.. You and always here for all of us. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amount you have helped.. AND FOR ALL YOU OUT THERE IF YOU NEED A READER HE IS THE ONE TO COME TO HE WILL BE THERE FOR YOU ALL THE WAY THOUGH THE PROCESS WHEN YOU NEED HIM HE IS THERE AND ACCURATE!!! CHOOSING HIM MEANS YOU GET A FRIEND AND A READER. THANK YOU AGAIN ART!!! BE BLESS!! " ... written by duffy89
Caring and nice man... love to chat with him. His insight always comes true.. " ... written by nk063011
Awesome as always!" ... written by ntimidress6
Wonderful and helpful as always." ... written by MerkabahMan633
He is fantastic, wonder ful experience. I am experiencing what ever he has said and I am trusting him so much now." ... written by deepakrishna
It is verified that this man needs not a 5 star rating but a 10 star rating. Arthur you are unbelievable and accurate and quick, he doesn't sugar coat. Arhur my dear friend you are the real deal! " ... written by superwoman86
I can't say enough good about Arthur James. He is my rock and my sanity. Always excellent and compassionate. Thank you God for Arthur." ... written by dianalj
Excellent as always!!! Thank you Arthur :-)" ... written by dianalj
He is great and amazing connect right away.. " ... written by duffy89
Arthur is absolutly amazing!" ... written by superwoman86
Arthur James has always given me great advice which has comfort me in my personal life. " ... written by rooster051
Arthur is absolutely amazing, he is so helpful and always makes me feel better. I did a cleasing with him and it felt wonderful. Def worth the money! A+++++++" ... written by cammyboo
Answered questions promptly didnt waste any time giving answers, picked up on thing....will defo come back with update.....thanks again arthur :)" ... written by aquabloo12
The best always" ... written by thanks2u
No one here like Arthur .. honest.. doesn't sugar coat " ... written by superwoman86
Fabulous as always.....hope is coming " ... written by tiffanyd
Great session!!! Thank you. It is a good thing that I came to see you.. I was really worried and you set me at ease. " ... written by allerena
Clear clear message received and can't wait for this month to be over!!! It is seriously messing up things bad... But your advice is keeping me up and running. Thank you, my friend! This is going to be a test on my nerves as I have never had. Will keep posted!" ... written by allerena
I finally met the person to tell me!!!! All these years of sheltering myself, cooping up myself with all the thoughts, images and dreams on my own...He told me all of my guides. And I've been absently aware!! Arthur, you are the ONLY person who had ever opened my heart for soooo long. I am so grateful and thankful.... Meeting you was the most turning point of my life!!! Thank you so much. I broke into tears so much because it is all so real and true!!! Thank you so much Arthur, you are indeed heaven sent..... Thank you...!!!" ... written by kohiprinsu
WOW this is just amazing!!! how could he know all this things without me even trying to explain the details!!! Thank you Arthur, and I will be telling you the good news pretty soon!!!" ... written by allerena
Best on here." ... written by katehrine1965
Thanks so much as always " ... written by AquariSun
When I feel lost and out of place,I go to Arthur because at some level I feel like I could relate to him and most importantly I don't feel judged what's so ever.He is very honest person and accurate. I advise you to give Arthur a shot and you will see for yourself! You find yourself coming back for more." ... written by Gaia_1
AJ types things before I even ask or respond..he is that good!!! " ... written by sparkly1
Couldn't be better. Absolutely excellent as always!!!!! Thank you God for bringing me Arthur." ... written by dianalj
Gave me shivers because I know that God meant for me to chat with AJ about the topic we discussed tonight...and AJ had some great advice and insight..I will stay on track and will update later on..thanks so much I said you are a special guy just like the guy I asked you about!!! Incredible!!!" ... written by sparkly1
He is great, always puts me at ease and gives lots of great information! Thank you so much, again :)" ... written by cammyboo
A wonderful reading, true to the heart and very much appreciated. Set alot of perspectives in line for me. Made me much at ease in put my heart to rest. Thank you so much for making my life a better place. " ... written by dutchgirl1328
Arthur sent me a month's forecast for being his 2800th customer. Just wanted to leave feedback about it because he could have just sent any little thing, but it was a long, very detailed forecast. Art never seems to forget the little 'gifts' owed to you...he is quite on top of it. Thanks Art!" ... written by am
I was so happy to see Arthur here again today!! He is such a great reader, so consistent!!! " ... written by leogirl
NO ONE LIKE ARTHUR !! YOU ARE THE BEST" ... written by superwoman86
Explain the issues at hand and hoping on the date to come...." ... written by duffy89
I totally think he is 5 stars all the way. So clear and direct and he exudes high level truth and wisdom that you can really feel and sense. I am glad I saw him again today!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Once again...awesome! Consistently helpful, accurate, picks your spirit, and never forgets a customer/friend. without any exaggeration I'm telling you I owe quite a bit to this man and I'm very appreciative of his patience and time. There are a lot of good psychics out there but he is one of the best! I wish him much more success and happiness. see you in free chat, Arty!" ... written by guriwo
Verygood!" ... written by quaz101
Thank you very much Arthur for the positive e-mail reading, will keep you updated on the same." ... written by Person
He is a kind-hearted person. He understands your problem and cares. Just love to talk to him." ... written by nk063011
Thank you Arthur, I have to be honest, and say that this time that you have been away, I have made so many mistakes because of your guidance. I want so bad to come in your room and tell you that everything has worked out!! I will let you know next week. your guidance is great and your reading are reassuring." ... written by allerena
Have not spoken to him lately, however, late last year he predicted that my economical situation would improve and that I would have an sudden windfall of money. I was reluctant to believe him because I did not understand where this could be coming from, but he was correct. In may, AJ also predicted that my hubby would do something for us, to make us gain closeness, and the following month, he booked a trip for us to andamp;quot;re-kindle.andamp;quot; He also thoroughly, and accurately described the situation between my hubby and a woman who was chasing him. So far about 75% of his predictions have come to pass, still waiting on the rest, but I believe they will soon! " ... written by dalilahflores
Where are you Art!! Hope to see you in free chat soon. Blessing." ... written by nytango1234
Once again, another great reading! Arthur really cares about his clients andamp;amp; his clients really care about him as well. He makes sure to help with every last detail of your issue so that you really understand. I really appreciate his help over the years and wish only for him the best. He's a great man, a great friend, and an amazinggg psychic. Whether its love, spiritual, or just someone to talk to---he's got your back. Keeping you in prayers! Be safe and loved Arty!" ... written by daydreamer246
So happy Arthur is back!!! Such a great guy, great advice and I'm waiting for the predictions to come true. But from all the great feedback I know they will come true. Thanks Arthur." ... written by roxy614
He is BRILIANT. If someone wants to feel relax and confertable with own decitions that is the right psychic to help!" ... written by denaglavcheva
Fab, what an amazing reading. Like talking to a friend!! so much more happier, picked up on everything and told me that my job was perfect for me. Thankyou xxx" ... written by numberthree
THE BEST! " ... written by superwoman86
Once again.Thank you for your readings.You are always helpful." ... written by candee
Thankyou, restoed my faith again :) x" ... written by numberthree
Hi Arthur" ... written by nytango1234
Omg you are amazing :-)..Connected so well will definitely come back. Thank you." ... written by honeybee198703
It was so nice to see Arthur James tonight. He added a lot of perspective to the situation that has been around me for awhile. The information feels very accurate, but I don't know what is happeneing. In any case, he has helped me to stay on track with my spiritual and real world approach. Look forward to seeing him again in the future." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Always good to hear what he has to say. " ... written by iquestionlife
He gave me great light into the path that is set for me.. I will be back to confirm his predictions ! Thank you Arthur :)" ... written by Darkdov
Thank you!! He picked up on my energy so well...he knows everything..." ... written by pretty girl
Great reading !! He connects fast and says what he gets with no filtering and gives detail :)" ... written by Darkdov
Arthur is direct, honest and fast with his readying.One my favorite qualities of Arthur is that he is able to go in depth into the future and at the same time you can be sure that you will obtain a detailed readying." ... written by Gaia_1
Omg Arthur did it again, Was very accurate and gave me details on what is to come to me. Can't wait to foresee what is heading for me. I will definietly have more readings w/ Arthur. God Bless" ... written by Lucy117
Simply amazing. Arthur read my situation and significant other so well. I started with one simple concern, and he took the lead from there on, and he answered questions I had before I could ask them. He wastes no time and used no tools on my reading. He stuck to his convictions from the last reading we had, which was quite a while ago. This time, he made a pretty bold prediction. I really hope it comes true, and I will definitely be back to let him know about it. " ... written by Mary Jo
Lovely guy easy to talk too and 100% all the time." ... written by mikeforrest907
Very good, highly recommended." ... written by tanya22
5 stars to arthur, he is such a wonderful reader." ... written by murdocca
James is my man, he knows what he is talking about, big time wow!!! One of the best in here at Oranum top 10. He is truly on stages for you, when you go private with him. 5 BIG STARS love and light always. " ... written by Loverboy
Great Reading, not long enough. Said some things that I hope were true. Gave dates. Very compassionate. Thanks Arthur :-)" ... written by kellysorensen55
He always calms my concerns." ... written by divinedaughter
Arthurjames is a kind hearted person with a very fine energy, sensitive. I had two areas of questions and he answered them very accurate. He is very patient. I am sometimes like a slow turtle on the sand. His love quality is not manipulative but lets free. I am looking forward to the next private session with him to get answers there, where I am not sure to see it right or don´t know further. Thank you, ArthurJames! Good that you are on earth and on oranum!" ... written by mygoodness
Had another reading with AJ for a update. As always wonderful. Love this guy, he tells it like it is. Understands and does not sugar coat at all. Will be be back. Recommend him highly to anyone needing answers. He connects with you and your situation quickly. " ... written by JustAngel77
Wonderful as always! One of my favorites on here. Thanks so much, Art!" ... written by missgreeneyes
That was... WOW!!! Excellent reading!!Always a great read,always a pleasure to talk to him. 5 stars for sure. Thank you Arthur! " ... written by mylife123
Another great reading with Art. Thank you my friend and I'll be back!!!" ... written by leogirl
I always come to arthur for the best advice. Thank you so much for the help. Lets hope all come true." ... written by gerritmarx
Thanks Art..always great" ... written by Tracie
Love him , he is so quick , so sweet, and really feels you !" ... written by superwoman86
Superb, fantastic insight, and will not sugar coat anything, tells it like it is. 5 stars and more :)" ... written by 6marchs
I love this psychic - he is amazing and one of the best on Oranum!! I have missed him but I am glad I waited for him to come back online. So accurate and definitely worth a private. Thanks Arthur. :)" ... written by Nicole212
Thank you, thank you for email forecasts too. " ... written by numberthree
Very good at reading me, hope he is right this time." ... written by ellym3
He gave me all the answers I needed. Thank you so much!!" ... written by Leslieann
His cleanshing was so good. I was so cloudy in my mind. He helps me in cleraing my mind. I am so happy!" ... written by nk063011
He tells you exactly what he sees and feels.. he is accurate and straight forward.. will be back " ... written by Darkdov
Great funny guy !!!! i went back for another reading with him, because he told me some things that came to pass and he was right !!! im waiting for next predictions to come true, so excited !!!! thank you Arthur, 100 starts and we will speak soon" ... written by roxy614
Thank you.....hope all comes to be" ... written by duffy89
Excellent reader. truly fantastic." ... written by trees123
As always, thankyou :) always happy to help everyone. " ... written by numberthree
5 star reader... he deserve more than 5 " ... written by murdocca
He is sooooooo amazing im lost for words feel free to private chat him" ... written by 16539emma123
I was hopng that he would tell me to pack up and move on,, but oh no,,, he told me the opposite... I just have to let go and get the benefots in the end,,, kinda like the saying you let something go and when it comes back it'll mean much more,, thanks for the reading,,,,no tools were needed and thats what I like,,,AJ picked up on the person in question, and gave me a timeframe that i have to wait to come to pass but i must say that i was pleased with the reading because though im tired of waiting for change,, AJ suggested that being patient is the best way to go,, thanks. " ... written by Phasion1
100 starts, so far whatever he said it came to be true. accurate time frames, thank you arth" ... written by roxy614
I love Arthur He is so straight to the point So clear and I have seen his predictions come true !" ... written by superwoman86
Absolutely brilliant" ... written by chantelle12345
Great! predicted what other psychics said .. like intuitive anna andamp; others!!! i'll be back for predictions" ... written by purple20
It's very much likely now that Arthur might be one of those very vital people in your life. And he is much much one of them. I had a great cleansing session with him and felt, indescribably enlightened and I felt so much lighter and happier. It makes me want to cry. Thank you, Arthur." ... written by kohiprinsu
Thanks Arthur, fews months ago you told me that he will come back and months pass and nothing yet BAM !!! He call me and invited me to dinner next week :-) will come back for update other predictions. Thanks Arthur ! " ... written by nadouce
Thank you Arthur made me so happy :-)" ... written by honeybee198703
As always, Arthur is on point!" ... written by moriah
Arthur James is !00% accurate, his readings has never let down. He offers easy understanding words of wisdom. Highly recommended. " ... written by Alexsheart
This man is so kind. He has a lot of wisdom and is just a great friend. Ty for your advice." ... written by Angelwings626
He was simply amazing!! Gave me great hope, love it and from a males perspective. Timeframes matched what other psychic have said. I will be back. Thank you sooo much Arthur :)" ... written by JustAngel77
Wait for thing to happen" ... written by duffy89
My new favorite! So easy to talk to and so confidentin his answers and direction" ... written by afcsher
Art was right about things so far, i will be back to comment if the rest pan out! He is the best. 5 stars!" ... written by ellym3
Arthur is filled with light and love and gave me a cleansing which felt wonderful! I could hear my angels breathing behind me as we did the cleansing, confirming our work! He answered all my questions honestly and directly. He was able to see so many details of my life, it was amazing!!! Thank you!!!" ... written by skier8001
Boy, did he get it! straight forward! Great." ... written by quaz101
Hes so fast, Arthur is a gem! He tells you so many details all at once, he covers everything that you want to know and does it fast without wasting time. He gives accurate dates, and time frams as well! hes amazing, highly recommended!" ... written by stebella009
Wonderful as always! I always come back to Art for a reading... he is very kind and does answer my questions with great clarity. Thank you! " ... written by missgreeneyes
Thank you Arthur James, you gave me peace of mind and clarity on the situation I am in. Hope the predictions come true :)" ... written by Sunjenny1
If you're looking for the truth, Arthur will not disappoint. He is kind, caring and so funny and absolutely one of the best on this site. I would give you more stars if I could!!!!!" ... written by leogirl
He's right! I wish his predictions would work faster ;o) Guess I have to wait like everyone else ;o)" ... written by Phoxee
Thank you so much :) " ... written by numberthree
Great connection, very fast and spot on with the situation. Will read again, u r amazing! thanks a lot! " ... written by peebee12
He is simply fantastic... he is so accurate... he knew about all, and gave advice and feedback on so many things... thank you!!!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Im so shocked i will be coming more often to have a reading with you you are spot on 100% genuine i believe completely, Thank you so much " ... written by melanielove
Arthur, always the best advice... connects so fast... he is great!!! cant wait for his predictions to come to past.... will update asap!!! " ... written by gerritmarx
Tells you everything , even if it hurts. he saved me from a messed up situation--I'm following his advice. thank god I came accross him. he tells you the truth, no sugar coating. arthur is the best!" ... written by stebella009
HE was good very fast to pick op on things truely wow 5 Big Stars wow " ... written by Loverboy
Arthur is one of the few people that I trust, he's friendly, detailed and has been accurate with a lot of things. :) Like BeautifufMoi said, he's definitely a andamp;quot;lullabyandamp;quot; after a long day of troubling thoughts while at work. lol " ... written by Girly521
He was very peaceful and told me what I already knew. I liked his energy and his honesty! Arthur James thank you for the reading and look forward to update you on what is to come to pass!" ... written by Invisible212
Thanks again for the clarity into the situation - it is greatly appreciated. Amazing connection, very fast and so compassionate!" ... written by peebee12
One of the best psychic's in Oranum, highly recommended." ... written by Alexsheart
Arthur or Uncle Arty .....he is amazing ;he makes me laugh! He will get on your case if you are not doing the right things for yourself...All i can say is patients, patients, patients..I know for a fact that i drive him crazy.. But because he is so good and dead on; He is the only one i go to for advice..Even when he was sick and on vaction i was there asking; so what about this and that; and that and this.. And because of his kind heart and loving soul he actually answered me; I will never forget that in life..He knew some how he was the only one i would listen to . And i knew he was pulling out his hairs and saying oooh noooo! ..But he treated and treats everyone with respect and kindness; but he will not tolerate negativity or feeling down on yourself..He does'nt give pity only love and faith.And weather or not you believe it; t just give uncle arty one chance and watch how you also become addicted to his, stern yet kind and honest way of telling you how it really is.. Because uncle Arty don't play or mix words. Everything is straight truth , delivered with love and maybe; just a little sugar and honey to help the bitter truth go down..He wont stear you wrong and he wont tell u what you want to hear either. Take a chance you wont regret it..He has been my advisor for almost a year and my life is better then its ever been ..Thank you ArthurJames (uncle Arty)...One of earths angels!" ... written by witchgoddess
Arthur always helps me out when needed...big hugs Arthur Thanks again x" ... written by kissed
Arthur is wonderful and understanding. Always enjoy talking to him. He clears your mind..." ... written by nk063011
The real deal! He remembers everything he said and what he told me. He picked up the names and situations just like that without me mentioning. He said to me stop worrying. Everything will work out. So far so good. Thanks Arthur!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
It was good to have a reading with you again." ... written by ali23m
When I need to just quot hear myself talk quot; Art is always there to help me sort out my confusion and reminds me to trust my intuition. He's so understanding and non-judgemental that it's comforting andamp;amp; easy to try and navigate through the foggy areas of my life, but especially my relationships. Thank you Art for always being there for your clients!! " ... written by jettagirl09
Thank you." ... written by duffy89
Thanks for the update, thanks for calming me down:) Always fast and sweet, love your positive energy! " ... written by pb
Brilliant reading, thank you so much!" ... written by chelle54
Excellent reading, get it right to the point for every question. HE WAS AMAZING and I tryed a few. REALLY GREAT. Thank you ArhturJames." ... written by sanjam
The private reading was excellent. The best reader that I have been to in a long time. I will be back..." ... written by melenki
Thanks arthur... def good reading." ... written by LOVELYLAUREN1
A great reading! Top Notch!" ... written by quaz101
Great reading! " ... written by shell456
Woah!! Arthur was amazing!! He hit on feelings and emotions and spoke as if he actually knew the person I was asking about." ... written by KarlaSmith
Aj was amazing. Needed clarity about a very aggravating situation and he was great. Of course will be back. Love him. Million stars!!!" ... written by JustAngel77
My dear Arthur...... always there and always helpful. Thank you so much for all your help over the past year and a half of being my advisor. Simply the best." ... written by klementine
AJ second prediction came true... lets see if the third one will .. if so he will be my personal psychic ;)" ... written by purple20
Well, he said the right stuff time will tell" ... written by alidenes
Best so far. " ... written by alidenes
Thank you! I cant wait to see predictions come true. Bless you!" ... written by afcsher
I am so glad that Arthur is back and active again. He is sooo excellent, words cannot express! He is so clear and assured and all he says rings true. Even when I play devil's advocate, with pesky little things called facts, he shines the Light of Spiritual Wisdom into each and every question and comment that I raise in our readings. WOW!!! Thanks Arthur and Thanks Oranum!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
A very postive reading - very accurate insight!!!" ... written by sanjam
I love Arthur, he is the best " ... written by superwoman86
Good positive reading, gotta see if it unfolds. " ... written by roxy614
Remembered me from previous readings done months ago. He has been consistent in what he sees and encouraging. Time frames he's given have been accurate as well. All around wonderful." ... written by missy1311
He is always helpful and patient. Good listener. Very good on prediction too. Very sweet guy to talk to." ... written by nk063011
Very good. Picked up on the situation quickly, I'm satisfied." ... written by Bbrave1
Came for update and arthur blew my mind with how close his predictions are to coming to pass!!!he sticking to what he said originally and i think he is as awesome as always!!!" ... written by marion
He's very kind person and straight up. No wasting of your time, thanks. " ... written by trinigentleman2
WOW !!!! What an amazing reading, Arthur was right on target and picked up on everything. Very kind and gave honest information. I am looking forward to everything unfolding. Thank you Arthur." ... written by kkinney25
SUPERB! He provided an in depth reading and he is really, really fast. Glad I had a session with him." ... written by Kekee9
Wonderful connection very positive and hope all the predictions will come true." ... written by acealways
I love you, Art! You are great as always... I highly recommend him for a reading. He is one of the best on here!" ... written by missgreeneyes
Gave me details to expect for the future and showed me the paths which are ahead," ... written by Darkdov
Thank you waiting out for the next two. Hoping it happens " ... written by duffy89
Hes good, very kind and straight foward.. thanks!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Arthur is always Excellent! Kind, honest and straight forward." ... written by dianalj
Very real very genuine, I will come to him again and again. 50 stars!" ... written by jp
Awesome ready... he picks up on your energy very quickly." ... written by Montice
Wow... did a healing with Arthur.... wow wow wow!!!!!!" ... written by GPB
GREAT READING - loved it!!!!!!" ... written by sanjam
Art was there once again to let me just "talk" about things that were bothering me in my relationship and was able to give good advice that hopefully, I'll be able to follow. It's nice to have a "friend" to chat with and I always look forward to see him online. Thanks again Art for all of your help... I truly appreciate it!!" ... written by jettagirl09
Lovely reading. Arthur James is honest and compassionate! " ... written by mona0520
I will wait to see if the prediction come true" ... written by purple20
This has been a long process that has not been easy but I trust him " ... written by duffy89
Totally compassionate ! And tells you what you need to know, not what you want to hear !! " ... written by sillygirl1198
Always a great reading!!" ... written by dianalj
This man is sent by God. He is so real... he tells it like it is and he always tell you what to expect... he is fantastic... best so far I have ever seen!!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
5 stars to Arthur if I could give him more I would. One of the great readers on Oranum!" ... written by murdocca
Made me feel so much better, thank you arthur you are truely awesome." ... written by Sunshine122
Yet another great reading, feeling pretty good. He is always straight forward and answers everthing you ask. Guys you have to read with him he is great!! " ... written by JustAngel77
So awesome....hes the only one that i will connect with ..Tough love; tough love but he is amazing..Love him to death ..One whole year; and he has amazingly changed my life...god if you only knew. Cant express the greatness of ArthurJames ..So high in demand one of the best if not the best psychic on Oranum; you will not be.disappointed . Love and light" ... written by witchgoddess
5 stars for ArthurJames. Have never felt as better as I do. so thanks for the update, have really enjoyed it yet again xx" ... written by numberthree3
LOVE Him.. totally accurate and wonderful as always" ... written by katehrine1965
Omg he is amazing!!! Non like himmmmm. I will soon come back to him, i thanks to god for giving me gift like arthur james." ... written by fishy023
Arthur has such a great heart - So very clear and straight forward." ... written by coyoteroper
He knew months ago that the people involved in my situation would react the way they are at this time. I couldn't believe it. Thank you Arthur for providing me an outlet for dealing with this. " ... written by missy1311
Very postitive and really trying to HELP you. Thank you Arthur!" ... written by sanjam
AJ does not waste your time. Very honest and clear of what he sees. Looking forward to the predictions. Thanks AJ!" ... written by KC0716
Very understanding, patient, clairvoyant, understanding!" ... written by joyful222
Sheds light even when you feel like its a dark time. So thank you, for honesty and friendship. :) x" ... written by numberthree3
If there is any psychic on oranum, its only Arthur James. If u took 1 time reading with him. you wont go to any other psychic. Because he is Machine of Answers. And all his prediction comes true. " ... written by fishy023
I have been speaking with Arthur for close to a year and he is one of my very favorites. Great psychic and great guy, very caring and supportive. Thank you Arthur for the birthday email" ... written by leogirl
Never ceases to amaze me. Extremely fast; connected very well. He's a very compassionate and speaks in a very calm manner. Thanks so much for the wonderful advice. " ... written by pb
It will will happen..... I was having fears that it wouldnt happen but he make me feel more confident." ... written by duffy89
He was very good." ... written by justloveme23
He is awesome. Connected quickly and gave great clarity to my situation. I was ready to give up. I am so glad I don't have to. Looking forward to your prediction. Thank you very much!" ... written by hopefull11
Thank you for your time. Impressed by your clarity and understanding of the issue. " ... written by Minnie12
Wow, I could tell he is accurate. He said everything the same exact thing that another psychic told me here in oranum. No one has ever done that before. Can't wait for everything to happen. :o)" ... written by Chicoca587
Was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by gill
Another very helpful update from Arthur James. Dealing with two major things right now." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Thanks uncle arthur for the awesome reading and answers. will definately see u soon. Highly recommended!!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Arthur gives great predictions. the dates are very precise and I can't wait for the next 48 hours to see what arthur has said will happen. He is always very friendly and helpful. thank you for another great read arthur!!" ... written by j_manthey
Seems to connect very well, answered all my questions quickly and i ll wait for predictions to come true" ... written by smiley2011
He is and always will be the best.. I cant say more." ... written by witchgoddess
He gave me my reading but not sure what to believe..I have been told two slightly different things but some things are similar. who knows...if his predictions are correct, I will definitely write it on here :) but thank you so much arthur..much love." ... written by redlove7
He is really good, So far 95% of his predictions came thru" ... written by superwoman86
Very very good reading." ... written by martarlyd
All I need to say is... Totally spot on!" ... written by delighted2
As aslways EXTREMELY SATISFIED!!!! " ... written by janayr7
Thank you!!!! Good connection!!! i will wait for his predictions to come true...... wonderful " ... written by mahigill
This man is amazing, I have never met such a gifted, honest heartfelt human being in my life - he is like a gift from God" ... written by coyoteroper
Arthur has been tremendously patient with me. His readings have been uplifting and accurate. I just had a cleanse session with Arthur and it was amazing! I am so grateful for having met Arthur. Thank you so much for everything! " ... written by butterfly1977
If you haven't tried one of Arthur's cleanses you really have to!!!! I have had two and can not begin to tell you how great they have worked. He gave me a timeframe of 3-5 days of when i would begin to see change and the change occurred just as he predicted. By the third day as he stated it was beginning to happen, by the fifth day it had taken full effect. I am still speechless." ... written by missy1311
Reallly good! Didn't know how he knew spot on almost everything in my life! I will definatley be back for more." ... written by geminijaini
Hes is amazing. Love this guy." ... written by katehrine1965
Arthur beyond words. He is kind, understanding, and honest. He has helped to alleviate my fears and has helped me to feel calm and know that i have been moving in the right direction. Thank you Arthur for everything, you are a true blessing. " ... written by kkinney25
Good times for September yay.... will catch you later on in the month xx" ... written by bubblesgalore
He is amazing - there just are no words to describe aruthur - I miss him when he is gone - We are blessed that we have him here on Oranum." ... written by coyoteroper
I have seen everything Uncle Arty has told me was going to happen; happen right in FRONT of my eyes...And when it does, all I could say is OMG. At those moments I remember what Arthur said; and right away I put what he told me to do into action..Then as always everything starts to fall together,like a fine puzzle. So whenever i have a problem or i am not sure of anything, I always come for advice to Uncle arty; he always supports you with kindness,love and directness.. His ability is amazing ; but lots of tough love. The tough love is due only out of concern for your welliness. He wont lie to you; or cheat you by turning tarot cards upside down to make you think something is wrong in your life. Nope he has the answers, knowledge and the insight to guide you on the correct path , or get you on it.. If something is wrong he will tell u the truth, and if nothing is wrong he will show u how to make things even better.. You really cant lose; So take the chance now..You wont regret it! I promise." ... written by witchgoddess
Excellent reading! Will be back!" ... written by mini1214
Heart feels less heavy, less burdened and alot lighter. Thank your mister, I've needed that xxx" ... written by numberthree3
Arthur connect very fast and is very accurate." ... written by oceanwaves23
I love art's nature. He always manages to cheer me up. He gives me hope , when I'm down. To me he is not just a psychic but a friend too. He lifts people's spirits up,myandamp;amp;amp; that itself is a gift. I look forward to his predictions and; finally CHILL at last! " ... written by alwaysgem
Wonderful as always !!" ... written by kkinney25
Cool get a reading from him... " ... written by Bbrave1
FANTASTIC!! he hit the THINGS right on the spot. he is fantastic!!!! try him!!! you will not regret... he does tell it like it is!!!! thanks uncle arthur!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
As always just incredible - will update on predictions" ... written by coyoteroper
Without a doubt, the best, so glad I waited 6 hours hahaha, its been great again. Will be back when I have news for you :) xxxx" ... written by numberthree3
Thank you so much you gave me hope and good news. I WILL BEEXCITED TO SEE THE TURN OUT." ... written by buster0427
Well he was right about a prediction... So I would recommend him seriously... " ... written by Bbrave1
Great reading, very precise with details." ... written by Ameer
He is the best! And he has always been right. I only go to him for advice that's it. He is the only one I know who will give it to you straight but with a kind heart, and with goodwill in mind. I don't trust any other. You can count on him - no worries. Thank you again! " ... written by witchgoddess
Always put me at ease, tells you the truth even if its not so good yet does it ever so compassionately. Definitely, a must call. Thanks so much!" ... written by p
Omg he is great thank you so much!!!!" ... written by kia290542002
Art is always so kind and quick to answer all of my questions. I will definitely keep coming back to him... He is one of the best on here!" ... written by missgreeneyes
Had a follow up with AJ, it was great as always. Connects quickly!! Something major happened in my life and AJ as always calms me down and reassures me. 1000000 stars!! Love ya AJ, Oranum did us a great justice by having you here as a psychic!!" ... written by JustAngel77
Arthur is amazing. Today my private was just to update him with some good news, and to thank him for his and guidance and support. Words cannot express how grateful I am to him. If you have not gone to private with him don't hesitate to do so. If I could I would give him 100 stars. He is calming and most of all honest and accurate. He is a blessing. Thank so very much Arthur." ... written by kkinney25
Just the best, simply :) " ... written by numberthree3
I can recommend this person. i really got a lot of help!" ... written by ownstar
Thank you very much Arthur. For cleansing. I have trusted you so much and belive in you so much. Thanks for all you have done. Five stars for you" ... written by deepakrishna
Just a wonderful compassionate person .... knew everything I was going through.. just a delight... feel alot better thanks so much will be back definitely!" ... written by wowme75
Arthur has the ability to not only see what will happen, he makes sure you understand the right path for you to take to achieve all your wants, needs and desires. Thank you so much...." ... written by missy1311
So many readings with Arthur, I cannot count. That says it all. I totally trust him on everything." ... written by klementine
100% Accurate, knew precise details, Arthur is Genuine and absolutely amazing. I'm astounded!!" ... written by Journ3y
Simply the best, ever. thank you :)" ... written by numberthree3
I absolutely adore Arthur. Kind, compassionate, clear, and honest. He can read the situation so well and helps his client to gain clarity. He has been on target so far and I know without a doubt that things will unfold in a positive way. " ... written by kkinney25
Great reading as always!! No wonder he's so busy!!" ... written by Lori
As always it's like talking to an old friend with psychic abilities. God Bless" ... written by janayr7
I feels so much better after this reading. Arthurjames is awesome!" ... written by ownstar
Well his prediction came true I am sooo happy. Can't wat for the rest of them to as well " ... written by coyoteroper
My pressing questions were answered and my mind is now at rest. My heart was heavy and now it is light as a feather. My journey is one of whimsical and is filled with laughter and joy." ... written by rooster051
It was hard to get together but when we finally did it was a magnificent feeling of love, warmth, and the blue light." ... written by rooster051
He is quick and very helpful. I like him" ... written by silvercoin
Very good. Accurate and fast. Awesome!" ... written by druvina1973
Big hugs art!" ... written by ellym3
Arty is without my top favourite. Ok I favour three on the whole site! But this man I really big up. His predictions to come true. I got a few more before to go before I give him the top man award lol. But no if you feel uncertain try Art, he will make you feel better. I think we're addicted to him lol. In his chat room every day. He even makes you smile at your darkest moments." ... written by gem
Amazing amazing amazing. Highly, highly recommended. THANK YOU VERY MUCH ARTHUR. MAY GOD BLESS YOU!" ... written by remedio
Thankyou for your advice and help. hopefully will now work :) " ... written by numberthree3
Went to AJ again, seems things are going good then I have doubt. Well he reassures me what he see's and feels and makes me feel better. He is just amazing, he tells me things I know or can see happening. He is always spot on. His predictions have come to pass on one and waiting for the others to come soon. I now have the confidence they will come as he says. I will update everyone when they do. Love to all, read with AJ he is wonderful!!!!! " ... written by JustAngel77
I think that he was amazing!!!!! very talented! From now on I will always use him personally!" ... written by Linrenayfisher
I like the way he connected to my situation very quickly. as his reading unfolds for me i will definitely come back to him for another reading, appreciate all the positivity," ... written by sharona315
Always is on point!" ... written by iquestionlife
So so sweet and positive. had so much to say without me saying much. still sees things working out for me. looking forward to the predictions coming to pass. There's alot of truth in the things he says and talks about. thanks ArthurJames!" ... written by joyful222
Wow is all i gotta say." ... written by sag1983
Very helpful" ... written by love2smile29
Very very good man. everyone needs to have a reading with him :) " ... written by numberthree3
SO QUICK andamp;amp; very accurate thank you -highly recommend" ... written by _lorraine
Wonderful man !! He is genuine, kind, and honest. I am so lucky and glad to have found Arthur. Thank you again for everything. Be blessed Arthur." ... written by kkinney25
Really helped me out well worth my time an money!! Thanks arthur!!" ... written by ojaime
Reconfirmed his predictions - confident they will manifest." ... written by Kekee9
Been too long! Amazing :)" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Aj is like living gold. I just can ot say engh great words about him. " ... written by coyoteroper
Just had a cleanse with arthur and look forward to things getting better. Thank you for everything Arthur you are wonderful" ... written by kkinney25
Second reading with Arthur, he reconfirmed several predictions we spoke about in our first reading, several of which have already come true. I just love his compassionate nature, and look forward to future readings." ... written by KarlaSmith
This man is awesome! Prediction came true. Will be back often!" ... written by hopefull11
Did his work for me and made a promise so we shall see but he seems like a real nice guy." ... written by shaz77
Arthur is going to perform some work for me so we shall see." ... written by shaz77
Arthur is amazing and wonderful. So willing to help. He extends himself when he knows you are in need. Thank you so much for tonight Art, I really needed your words and kind, gentle spirit. " ... written by kkinney25
Prediction came true on the exact day he said i would hear about a job. He also predicted more than one interview/call would occur that week and he was correct, out of nowhere an offer for an interview appeared. This was all after a manifestation session i had with him. Up till that point i hadn't seen any movement in my searching. I thank you!!!!" ... written by missy1311
Thank you arthur, you have calmed the storm for me again :) xx" ... written by numberthree3
Another follow up. Again always great, never veers away from what he said in the beginning. He is now making me see all he is predicting unfolding, which is hard for any of us to understand at first, but the way things happen, WOW its amazing, AJ explains....see this is why this happened, so this can happen (even if it's bad), which is ultimately going towards his final outcome. It all make SENSE!! AJ you are wonderful!! Thanks :)" ... written by JustAngel77
Once again just needed to settle my nerves about the future and Art was there for me. He's been a great guide in my time of confusion and things are panning out, slowly, over time. I will continue to seek out Arthur in the future for clarity and advice as I move towards the future. Thank you again Art for all of your guidance and help!" ... written by jettagirl09
Always always always puts my mind to ease - he is so fantastic, even with the warnings - and always sees a solution - there are no words to describe arthur. I am sooo very glad I came to him. " ... written by coyoteroper
You are so spot on all the time; thanks so much!" ... written by P
Such an amazing guy. His readings are always detailed and tunes in very quickly to your situation to offer his help. I always leave privates feeling positive and uplifted. thank you so much. ARTHUR IS A MUST FOR PRIVATE, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!." ... written by shell54
Arthur is the best... 98% of his predictions have happened to me !" ... written by superwoman86
Quite remarkable psychic, simply one of the best!" ... written by Tabethe
Very quick and connected well." ... written by smiley2011
Great as always! Looking forward to the future!" ... written by joyful222
I've been a regular since Aug 2011 so that should tell you something!! He's Great" ... written by janayr7
When you are at your last end and feel you just cant take anymore, and all you think about is just quiting..Uncle Arty as we call him on oranum always point you to a brighter road...Thank you..." ... written by witchgoddess
Just did a cleansing feel really good...waiting patiently for results :)" ... written by janayr7
Thanks art for the cleanse." ... written by leogirl
Thanks for the info uncle arthur!!! Thanks for all the guidance and wisdom you share. He is a definate must on ORANUM!!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Arthur is amazing! So accurate about the entire situation and gives many many details. Hope predictions come true. Give him a try, you definitely won't regret it." ... written by Jhenriquez
Great advice as always... nothing more to say, but simple the best... will be back. Thanks arthur!" ... written by mini1214
Very wonderful knew exactly the date on where I would be getting my staff manager position , very amazing ! Loved the reading. " ... written by Silentlurker3
I am just gong to say he is fantastic " ... written by coyoteroper
Arthur is one of Oranum's very best!! No tools are used and he always sees things clearly and confidently. Predictions happen as well. Thanks Art" ... written by leogirl
I love this guy, he is awesome. And will never steer you wrong." ... written by superwoman86
Always awesome. Doesn't waste my time and most importantly, is super honest." ... written by delighted2
Great, quick, positive!" ... written by eastcoast1
Very fast and sweet. I really enjoyed the reading and I will be back for more." ... written by mimatisse
Wow! Really quick when it comes to tapping in to my situation. That was amazing!" ... written by anehave
Arthur James is amazing!!! He was spot on in my situation, very fast reader and picked up on a lot of information very quickly. Also gave me very precise time frames so I will be back to confirm those!! Excellent reader and extremely fast!! Thank you!! :-)))" ... written by weissinha
Arthur is wonderful. Kind, honest, and for me has been right on target. It's always a pleasure to speak with Arthur. Many days I just come in to say hi in free chat and to get my Arthur fix lol. Thanks Art. You are the best." ... written by kkinney25
He's done it again.... Thank you xxx" ... written by bubblesgalore
Very kind and blessed person!" ... written by trinigentleman2
100% real!" ... written by chandragomes3
5 stars is not enough to show how amazing Arthur is. He's very compassionate and very detailed. Thanks so much!" ... written by P
Positive update." ... written by shaz77
Thank you so much !!!! He is too good. " ... written by manat24
What a lovelyyy man :) him and Jasmie have been fab with me, feels like he actually cares :0 x" ... written by numberthree3
He is too much lol love u Arturo! :D" ... written by iquestionlife
Arthur is amazing.! Tapped in quickly. Time frame came to pass that he gave my first reading. He s so compassionate and kind. He won't steer you wrong." ... written by hopefull11
Wonderful, awesome, caring reader. Uncle Arthur is precise and accurate.. Uncle Arty is the best for the hard core truths of reality.. He directs you positively to the correct actions for your situation.. So kind and caring; modern non judgemental approach towards your situation. Arthur is the one, you need to know would not tell you what you want to know, but what you need to know. Just look at the amount of people he has helped and comes to him...Thank you so much Oranum for ArthurJames!" ... written by witchgoddess
Where nice guy and I liked him a lot " ... written by anwarismaili
Amazing!!!" ... written by lovely1983
AWESOME !!!! THE BEST!!!! Don't think there is anything else that needs to be said beside Arthur, you rock !" ... written by kkinney25
5 stars to him... beautiful soul and reader." ... written by murdocca
Art is wonderful as always. He is always there when you need him. I don't know what I would do without him. He sees things and knows exactly what to say to help his client see things clearly. Thanks as always." ... written by kkinney25
Thank you so much Arthur!!! This man is simply amazing!!!! And soooo fast!!" ... written by weissinha
So happy my prediction from Arthur has finally started to unfold as it has been kinda hectic wondering of the unknown. Very detailed and concerning and puts me at ease every time." ... written by tblove1
Awesome!" ... written by LS
Another countless great meeting!" ... written by janayr7
Mind-blowing experience! The BEST I've ever tried! Worth EVERY credit! Do not waste you time for searching - he is the one! 5*****" ... written by karinatheone
Love this man!" ... written by superwoman86
HE IS THE GREATEST! THAT'S ALL!!! ..YOU HAVE TO SEE FOR YOURSELF!!!!!!!" ... written by witchgoddess
Wow he is just mind blowing as usual! :)" ... written by iquestionlife
As always a great reading, lots of great info, and most of all the truth! thanks arthur!" ... written by mini1214
Art is awesome" ... written by blackcat06
He is the best! doesn't waste your time." ... written by steels2
Arthur is the best " ... written by superwoman86
Great as always...................." ... written by coacha04
Wonderful and always supportive and spot on." ... written by katehrine1965
Fantastic as always." ... written by coyoteroper
Arthur is the best. On target. Knows how to help his clients see what is going on and gives them help seein git from a different perspectives." ... written by kkinney25
Thanks for the update AJ. Always great to speak with you!!!" ... written by leogirl
Art is always a calming voice in my times of anxiety. He'll let me talk/vent about what's going on in my life and offers support in whatever way he can. He anticipates what I'm thinking/feeling before I say it. I enjoy my consultations with Art andamp; continue to return to him for his guidance. Thanks as always!" ... written by jettagirl09
Thank you! First time read with him and picked up on the situation. He was amazing!!!" ... written by steels2
Great energy and good spirit!" ... written by sanjam
Fantastic as always!" ... written by coyoteroper
As always - 500000 stars" ... written by coyoteroper
Finally! takes a while because hes soooo popular, literally fighting for a place to talk hahaha, but yes, everythig so far has come to frutation, thankyou x" ... written by numberthree3
Always great to talk with AJ. Thank you for all your positive words and I hope and pray you're right, as always!" ... written by wendic
Always refreshing. :D" ... written by iquestionlife
Art is wonderful, he is always on target with whats happening in my situation and when i am unsure or worried he brings things to light in a way that i may not have seen. I always feel better after a session with Art and so far everything is working out exactly as he said it would. Thanks Art !!!" ... written by kkinney25
He is very very accurate and I recommend him with high regards." ... written by theodorab
He is very good. " ... written by theodorab
Awesome. xx" ... written by blackcat06
We spoke last week and what he predicted happened on the dates he said would. His timeframes are spot on thus far and so are the events he sees :)" ... written by lotus01121
He was amazing...he pegged my man like he has known him all his life...exactly to a tee!!!! Give him a chance...He even gave me exact dates things would get better...please try him...he is worth it." ... written by jmillerrn
WOW... He is sooo good he knew things before i even told him.. he is very fast at what he does and such a sweet heart... do go private with him .. Thank you." ... written by butterflywings10
Thank You for the cleansing! God Bless." ... written by alexandra11
Another fantastic reading .THANK YOU VERY MUCH ARTHUR . GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS." ... written by remedio
He was clear and concise and honest as always. Thank you so much for your time and patience." ... written by delighted2
Good reading and a big big time frame that is very very close. Let's wait and see, but I'll post a comment if it comes true." ... written by shaz77
Amazing, as always. His predictions are right on target. One of Oranum's best." ... written by KarlaSmith
Thank you so much." ... written by Leyasaku
I love this guy! His readings are so accurate and his kind gentle nature is amazing." ... written by afcsher
Arthur is such a soothing, comforting andamp; friend andamp; and advisor. He is honest and compassionate but he tells you straight what's going on. I love speaking with him, even if it's just to run a quick question/thought by him. You won't be disappointed - he's just a terrific guy!!" ... written by jettagirl09
Excellent!!!..very good!! and very detailed" ... written by sarahsellers1985
Oh my god, that's the best reading I've ever had. Thank you so much Art." ... written by abby096911
Awesome as always." ... written by coyoteroper
Wow, he did it again, manages to calm me down and keep me there. And thank you for my forecast too, got a lot to be happy for. xx" ... written by numberthree3
I can't thank Arthur enough for the reading today. He is not only a psychic but great counselor and friend as well!!!!" ... written by leogirl
Arthur is amazing. he is fast with answering questions and his predictions have come true for me!" ... written by stebella009
Thank you! It was great to get an update for him well see if it comes been waiting a long time for this to happen. " ... written by duffy89
Amazing I love this man!" ... written by ownstar
Fantastic reader!!!!!!!!! thanks Uncle Jim for all the quidance, help and friendship!! on target as per usual....." ... written by gerritmarx
Always a pleasure to talk to in private chat. Very positive and uplifting. Art has helped me so much and has been so right about everything. He is amazing. " ... written by kkinney25
As usual, Art was available to help me see things more clearly than I have been. He is always readily available and able to tap into my innermost emotions to bring out the best in me. I am so blessed to have Art as a friend and advisor in my life. Thank you as always Art! You are truly the best. xo" ... written by jettagirl09
It's all go go go for October. Looking forward to this month. Thank you! xxx" ... written by bubblesgalore
He is just soooo good I love coming to see him.. He has such positive energy and I love that.. Plus the fact that he is soo accurate .. Thank you Arthur I will be back :)" ... written by butterflywings10
Arthur picked up on my situation immanently and was able to give me dates and true positive feedback. Will be back to see him for sure for another private!" ... written by afatur
As always great!" ... written by spiritflower79
Arthur is great, understanding and def one of the best on here. Thank you." ... written by delighted2
Thanks arthur, aother good read. Just hate the place I am in right now." ... written by numberthree3
Five stars, totally awesome and connects so well, will defo recommend." ... written by Layla
Only psychic on Oranum who has 95% guaranteed something good will happen for me and a recent partner. He was so well spoken and assured me, the love is still there and it will happen. Just give her space and let her come to me. Thank you so much AJ, I look forward giving you some well deserved feedback at the end of October! Good luck pal" ... written by shadeykev
Kind person" ... written by mariah88
Always wonderful to speak with... " ... written by ladybugg39
Sir James is right up front with his service here at oranum, He is one of the the top ten Psychic at this site .my opinon . Arthur is the Real Deal !!! very fast to pick up no waste time at all. Arthurjames is a five star Psychic.!!! God bless" ... written by Loverboy
He is always good! For sure!" ... written by bubblelove33
Loved his reading very much. He is quick, positive and honest!!!!" ... written by sanjam
Thanks Arthur again for the excellent reading. I really needed his reassurance and guidance to help me deal with my everyday pressures. I will be back again in the future." ... written by melenki
Very lucky, won 20 free credits and got to have a great reading with arthur who helped me so so much. again :) thankyou!!!!" ... written by numberthree3
As Always AJ is there. Love this man!!! So calming and reassuring. You have to read with him!!" ... written by JustAngel77
Very quick and kind. Will come back for sure, love." ... written by maithu
Wow .....I'm pretty speechless right now and that doesn't happen often. thank you for the hope and the clarity and the and reinforcement. he said so much and I had to say so little...there's just no words. I know a lot of people might blow off oranum and the readers or people here as being ...flighty or cheesy or fill-in-the-blank. but we all wonder about our future or the things we sense but aren't sure of..and if we can sense them then why can't others? especially when they have made it their life's work to help and heal and strengthen that sense in themselves to help you. so i advise you to try it, if you are reading this wondering if readings are a bunch of hooey. it's worth it to listen, to learn, to your own intuition as you listen to theirs. so. glad. i've. come. thank you arthur so much..and thank you oranum." ... written by raven981
He's awesome, I strongly recommend...... " ... written by trinigentleman2
HOPE." ... written by janayr7
GREAT ALL AROUND!" ... written by janayr7
Arthur picks up on my situation and re-assures me all the time. :)" ... written by steels2
Hes awesome and spot on as always. He keeps me reassured. " ... written by abby096911
5 stars." ... written by murdocca
I would be lost without him." ... written by coyoteroper
He was great!! He gave me dates on his predictions and i'm ready for them to come true. I'm glad he was blunt. Will come back, thank you very much. I appreciate the reading. " ... written by oreo978
As always, extremely helpful and has amazing energy. Definitely someone to go to if you really need help getting to the root of anissue or even just to have a good laugh. As always, I recommend a reading with him! You'll enjoy it, promise :)" ... written by daydreamer246
He is wonderful reader tells you the roads in front of you in all subjects. I won 20 free credits and he is wonderful!!! " ... written by Darkdov
I cannot even describe how great it is to hear someone outside of my circumstances describe them with such accuracy, perspective, and encouragement. Very validating. Thank you." ... written by vchalk
He gives great hope that I need. Thank you as always Arthur see you on Monday." ... written by janayr7
Ol' AJ is the best!!!!! Damn he is fast and accurate.... Thanks uncle.... Speaak soon!!!! Great reading thank u!!!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
ArthurJames gave me one of the best readings I have had on this site. I didn't give him much info but he knew everything. I was very happy with my reading amazing 5 stars for me xxxxx" ... written by AngieBaby35
He was very detailed, and honest, and quick...Excellent!!!" ... written by sarahsellers1985
Thank you Uncle. I just, can't say enough. Right now I'm thinking about all you've said. While I'm feeling scared to make a decision, I will remember you. Thank you for everything sir..." ... written by kohiprinsu
He's spot on in all he says a caring person also. Great gift you have AJ, really helped me a lot. x" ... written by AngieBaby35
Arthur is great!!!" ... written by Belle1
He is very kind and puts your mind at ease." ... written by freebird77
Well looks like tomorrow, I'll be back on Sunday to advise if Arthur was right - really hope he is as I've had no luck at all with any predictions." ... written by shaz77
He said around 9, I got the call at 8:44 and a text at 8:59... Can't get any closer than that! This man is amazing with time frames!! Awesome guy! Thank you Arthur as always :)" ... written by lotus01121
Ahhhh thanks AJ, have you guys tried him? HE is so totally right so far!! " ... written by numberthree3
I love Uncle Arty, let me explain to you all.... he's like that one slice of cake you don't want to eat right away...... you just cant get enough...Once you have a reading you will never want it to end.. So much positive energy and love you can honestly feel it from him ... And lord knows I drive him crazy; but he never shows it; he has become so important to me and Oranum.... He does everything with kindness , concern, love and admiration. He's truly really one of gods greatest. He is the only one I trust with my personal problems; because he knows just what to do and how. Not only does he have a clear path to help you get to; he is protective and caring while guiding you through it... I cant stress this enough; If you want truth without the spin; then uncle Arty as Oranuim family call him. Then Uncle Arty is the one for you . Truly serious, just look at how many he has helped in a one year time period. YOU ARE THE GREATEST!.. I hate when you are always right though lol...." ... written by witchgoddess
ARTHUR, you truly are one of the best PSYCHICS on here. Not to mention you are RIGHT ON WITH EVERYTHING you say. You have helped me with my life over the last YEAR AND A HALF and you have NEVER let me down! You know what to SAY to make anyone FEEL better even IF it's not what they want to HEAR because you mean the ABSOLUTE BEST. I didn't listen to you once and boy did I sure REGRET that. You have helped make my life WORTH enjoying and not only that you are so genuine and kind. Thank you for EVERYTHING! It HAS been worth every penny! UNTIL next time! :D " ... written by Kelly1321
Wonderful reading. Very insightful." ... written by AmyDog
Keeping hope and faith that he's right" ... written by janayr7
Very kind and honest as well as to the point. he gave me a lot of confidence and made me feel like i knew what i was doing." ... written by ewieder92
Wonderful reading. Very Insightful" ... written by AmyDog
Amazingly brilliant. I wish I could give 20 stars or something may be I need to buy some from the market, I guess because Oranum got only 5 starts. lol" ... written by remedio
Just wonderful reading, thanks a lot :-)" ... written by Bojan99
ArthurJames is the best. Very Accurate. " ... written by MorningStar8
OMG!! Love this man. He is not only a psychic, he is now and has been my friend. He is so caring and supportive and just amazing. AJ, I will always be indebted to you. Love you!! Guys, AJ is a must read, he gives you what you need, and won't sugar-coat it. AJ is a gift from god and I thank him for allowing us to brace in AJ's gifts. Again, thank you, AJ. Much love to you." ... written by JustAngel77
Nice, caring man. Always great to talk to. Always spot on!" ... written by AmyDog
Was really good and helpful." ... written by sagkgill1983
Very good and honest reading. He is THE BEST. Has very good and positive energy and is right to the point. Thanks, Art." ... written by sanjam
The best!" ... written by giselle18
Great reading... He is straight to the point and helps me clear my mind! I will wait and see how it turns out! Thanks for your help Arthur!" ... written by kingpi
Precise and accurate. Thank you" ... written by delighted2
Great reading, thanks a lot!" ... written by P
Very good at what he does! He is always so kind and quick to answer my questions. Thanks, Art!" ... written by missgreeneyes
UNBELIEVABLE! Asked if it was my ex who called ,and he confirmed by telling me he only let it ring twice which was 10000% true! lol Amazing man!" ... written by giselle18
Always nice to chat to Arthur! Reassuring!" ... written by mona0520
He is very thoughtful and kind. I asked a lot of questions and he answered all of them. I find him accurate as well as uplifting. I will definitely be returning to him soon." ... written by midnightlily777
Thank you for clearing all this." ... written by Twinheart
Arthur was quick to answer and seemed to really see and assess the situation. He saw A LOT - now I can wish and hope and pray that it all manifests. God Bless you Arthur." ... written by ChiliP
Very helpful! I hope the predictions will come true." ... written by happy in love
Wooow you're awesome, you told me every thing that is going on in my life without me even saying anything :) Also everything that happened in my past will definitely be coming back." ... written by alondra1991
Very kind and caring man. Sincere and straight to the point. Would highly recommend" ... written by AmyDog
This was one of so many readings I have had with Arthur and as usual, he is helpful and kind hearted." ... written by leogirl
Always wonderful. Has been so on target about my situation and has helped guide me through one of the most difficult times of my life. Absolutely love Art. Highly recommend." ... written by kkinney25
Thanks" ... written by shaz77
Though it took a little time coming arthur was right in his predictions... and im excited and hoping it remains this way cause im looking forward to the future" ... written by Bbrave1
He is awesome and on target as well..... he is a must see on Oranum!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D" ... written by gerritmarx
Such a warm caring man. Very insightful. " ... written by AmyDog
Sometimes it's just so nice to have Art to talk too. He reaffirms to me what he sees and what I do know to be true, but can't always wrap my head around. Thanks for always being there!" ... written by jettagirl09
Always a pleasure talking to you. Very fast and very compassionate and calming. Thanks so much!" ... written by P
As always he is fantastic " ... written by coyoteroper
Pretty good read. Would like to have more!" ... written by conniebo11
He was quick and straight to the point first reading with him and he was great will come back." ... written by MISTIE1
He always clears things up for me. I can't wait to see his predictions come true." ... written by steels2
Another great session." ... written by Kekee9
Wonderful to talk to. Feels like I am talking to a friend." ... written by AmyDog
Lovely psychic, very straightforward. Doesn't waste your time!" ... written by finelace
Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sagkgill1983
I have been reading with Arthur for a long time. Each time I feel as if i am talking to a trusted friend. His assessment of a situation for me last week was spot on 100% despite all appearances. He always has my back:))" ... written by leogirl
He was really intuitive and very kind. What I loved most was that he was relaxed and warm, like a friend! But like a friend who knows EVERYTHING about you! Haha. I didn't feel like it was some over the top hoopla like most psychic readings are, and this is coming from a once-skeptic. He is amazing, and I just felt all this positive energy off of him as well. Great stuff. I will be contacting him again!" ... written by midnightdistract
Thank you" ... written by Twinheart
Arthur is an Angel sent by God. I am eternally grateful for his wisdom and works to help people achieve their dreams. " ... written by Montice
As always he came through!!!! " ... written by janayr7
Arthur is wonderful. He has been there for me through a very difficult time and that gave me the strength to be patient and get through it all. He has been an amazing strength for me and was absolutely right about how things would unfold. Thanks Art." ... written by kkinney25
I loved this guy!! although it was quick we had a fantastic connection and he reassured the things my inner voice was telling me all this time...with no information provided..gave me also an exact date which i'm very anxious to see if the prediction comes true..something telsl me that it will..i think he is a real psychic and can pick up energy..thank you!! will let you in the future :)" ... written by kellycalifornia
This guy is truly a champ. He even lowered his rate for me, which was very nice. He had a lot of information, and one or two of the things he said, truly clicked. I believe the others will fall into place. God Bless you Arthur, or Uncle Artie as I see they call you. Thank you again." ... written by ChiliP
Very patient and understanding and positive. " ... written by curielpatricia
He was very good and told me some things that seemed very accurate about myself and family great reading!" ... written by martarlyd
Believe in him! thank you." ... written by kingpi
Awesome and still a favorite! :) " ... written by AquariSun
Arthur is wonderful and always there when I need him. He's been right on many occasions and I trust he will be this time as well :)" ... written by lotus01121
Yes another one of AJ's predictions came true for me, This man is truly a gift from god. He is so caring and understanding. He gets it!! Explains it!! and really connects with you. I will remember mustard seed lol I will keep the faith and with AJ's predictions coming true, I am more positive now, just need confrimaion every so often, after all I am a woman hahahaha, See go into private upset, come back out with clarity and now I am back to being ME!! Much love you to AJ. Everything will be okay!!" ... written by JustAngel77
Amazing very thorough and detailed!" ... written by koelneogy
I have been talking with Arthur for a while now :-) he always gives me reassurance and I think he is the best on Oranum :-)) Thank you so much Arthur for all your patience :-)" ... written by weissinha
Awesome, Awesome, Awesome is all I can say about this man! First time reading with him, and he is the real deal!" ... written by lifetime1974
Always a pleasure, like I said he has been right and I have had readings for years from the worst to the so called best and honestly, hes the only one who at least had one prediction come to past which is the only subject I continue the make progress on... So fingers crossed as I look ahead to a great future...:)" ... written by Bbrave1
As always just amazing - spot on and always puts my mnd at ease" ... written by coyoteroper
I just love him, he is soo good at what he does, so quick with his answers and extremely accurate.. When he says someone will call, they call :) " ... written by butterflywings10
He was spot on with everything... I will sure come back to keep him updated." ... written by stakiss
I enjoy the chat with him. " ... written by newname777
He just did some cleansing for me... I feel much better and can not wait for the outcome... Thank you Arthur.. he is amazing.. :)" ... written by butterflywings10
Wonderful reading as always. So good to talk to." ... written by AmyDog
Thanks art." ... written by abby096911
Amazing reading with James. He gave happy andamp;amp; hope for my future. Waiting to all of his words to come true." ... written by Ayshaue
Always good speaking to Arthur... I definitely would say get a reading from him..." ... written by Bbrave1
As always a great reading from Arthur, he is warm, straight to the point and ever so spot on." ... written by delighted2
2nd reading because I forget question and mr.James give me frame time to see the future. He is very quick to answer in my wesome reading. bless you." ... written by Ayshaue
Very helpful straight to the point and accurate and compassionate " ... written by curielpatricia
Splendid. Look forward to the end of 3 weeks. :) Thanks so much for everything Arthur." ... written by delighted2
Wonderful reading!" ... written by AmyDog
He is an amazing person. Great reading as always." ... written by delighted2
Even as a storm is bearing down on his location, he still finds a way to make time for his clients... Truly amazing that a person can care so much about people he has never met face-to-face. AJ keeps me grounded when I panic and am so lucky; blessed to have this man in my life!!! Love him SO much!!" ... written by jettagirl09
Very helpful, picked up energy fast. Thank you! " ... written by someoneinutah
He is so open, accurate and honest. Awesome." ... written by delighted2
I am so much pain, suffering, heartache and heartbreak that you have lifted off of me tonight during our session. I am so happy that Adam will be contacting me very soon and we will begin to reunite our loving, faithful, loyal, honest and affectionate relationship with each other!! I have such tears of joy!! I look forward to your updates and I look forward to updating you as well as we progress towards Adam and I reconciling together and our staying together forever. You are absolutely comforting, kind, sweet, so wonderful to talk to and work with. Thank you so very much!! ((((Hugs))))" ... written by angeldiamond122
I have to say that although I have a very select few that I like on this site, Arthur said some things months ago that are completely true. It took a long time for facts to surface, but what he picks up is just astounding. He is honest and I feel like I am talking with a trusted friend." ... written by leogirl
He is fantastic. thanks so much for the update and all the info givven.. i look foward to all of it... once again a pleasure talking to u...." ... written by gerritmarx
Arthur was very quick and easily and effortlessly picked up on me and what I'm all about. He spoke of what is and what is to come as if he were watching it unfold right before him. I will be back. :)" ... written by Tober1387
That was great. Thank you so much." ... written by katie46
I feel very excited and I have confidence that he will come through for me. I feel good!" ... written by irenebeltran25
I cant thank Arthur enough for all he does for me in a troubled time!" ... written by afcsher
Awesome!" ... written by delighted2
Amazing.....thats the only word that needs to be said. If you have not had a private with Arthur and need guidance I highly suggest you give him a try. He has been absolutely on target with my situation and I am so thankful to have had him by my side through all of this. Hugs and blessings Art, you make my world brighter." ... written by kkinney25
Thumbs up" ... written by Bbrave1
Arthur is by far my favorite. He is always on top of everything and when I have no hope, he makes sure it's there again because he is usual right in what he says...Thanks Arthur! :D" ... written by lotus01121
Makes me feel alot better when I really need it" ... written by Kelly1321
Wonderful rreading, thank you :-)" ... written by Bojan99
Thank you as always my friend!! Much love xoxo" ... written by jettagirl09
Arthur is fantastic as usual. Sometimes you just need an objective place to vent or question and he's such a warm and caring man. I love him to pieces!!" ... written by jettagirl09
Wow he is simply amazing. He is so caring and understanding. Love this man!! Will stay with AJ for anything. He is a must read for anyone. The connection is so powerful, I am always a mess going into private and come out calm and collected. Thanks so much AJ." ... written by Bubbles4me
Very straight forward to the point, and provides dates. And quick response. Insightful...." ... written by 04apple
Thank you so much. Iwill keep in touch" ... written by katie46
Great guy...FAst connection...Pick up my situation quickly and was right on. He is Mr popular...Try him may need to wait in line but totally worth it. " ... written by TheEnlightened1
Very sweet with good spirit and wants to help and i have faith..." ... written by 04apple
Very sweet, honest, and straight forward, great help." ... written by 04apple
Being deployed and away from family and friends isnt easy but ive found a friend in this man. God Bless and keep doing great work!!" ... written by janayr7
Such a warm and caring man." ... written by AmyDog
Was really good, and was on point....thank you" ... written by sagkgill1983
Simply amazing!! Love this man. Thanks AJ!! He is the real deal. Predictions coming true as speak!!! Can't wait for all to come to me. Love ya!!" ... written by Bubbles4me
Another information-packed reading with Uncle Artie - Past predictions have come true. Can't wait until MORE OF THEM manifest! God Bless you Arthur James!! :)" ... written by ChiliP
Very intuitive reader! On target!" ... written by Lovingheart118
Remembered my name from the last reading. Wonderful energy with a big heart. Extremely gifted who is quick to connect to the situation. Highly, highly recommend Arthur. " ... written by TheEnlightened1
Thank you so much, finally I got to talk to Art. :) Always so fast and reassuring and compassionate. Excellent as always!" ... written by P
Love him. Accurate!!!!!" ... written by steffleblanc
Wonderful!!!!" ... written by msahadeo
Gifted on earth - is what this man is - honest and true. Adore him! xoxoxoxo" ... written by wonderwoman29
Art is the best, he is right on target all the time. His advise has really helped and everything he has seen has come to happen. Thanks Art." ... written by kkinney25
Wonderful reading as always." ... written by AmyDog
Thanks a bunchies, as always!" ... written by AquariSun
He is simply amazing! And very very accurate and consistent with his readings. " ... written by amnarashid
Wonderful, wonderful Arthur. Always on point and always helpful. Simply the best. 5 stars 100 times over!" ... written by klementine
Always awesome!!! AJ you are simply the best!! Guys he is a must read. ALL and I mean ALL of his predictions are coming TRUE!! " ... written by Bubbles4me
Thank you on such a quick and wonderful connection! I am happy to hear what you told me! AJ is very quick and very accurate! He gave me wonderful news and time frame. The real deal for sure, made sure of it 2nd time around with him. " ... written by fishyone
Sweet and very clairvoyant. Always reassuring and positive. Eagerly waiting for predictions to come true! " ... written by joyful222
Arthur inspires me so much clear but detailed insight. He has been accurate about so many things and so he has helped me to stay hopeful!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Thank you, as usual I will let you know how it goes." ... written by shaz77
I have never had such an amazing reading. He didnt have to use no tools or anything! and was on point!" ... written by beautiful_redd
Lovely reading." ... written by anon
Very calming and clear, will def be back!" ... written by koelneogy
Wow wow wow! The most accurate one. His is amazing! Just try him. WOW!" ... written by amnarashid
Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!" ... written by delighted2
Excellent reader! I am very pleased with his level of accuracy. First prediction already happened, more to come!" ... written by reena2323
Great reading!" ... written by mmd1990
Thank you, Arthur for all your help. You are definitely one of god's angels. Please, let him know how much I appreciate him, using you as his earth angel. :) Thank you lord for everything you do and giving Arthur the ability to help us here on earth. :) " ... written by curielpatricia
Thank you!" ... written by Twinheart
Thank you Arthur for being right with your timing. I feel very positive now about next week and the jobs coming!" ... written by lotus01121
OMG I love this man. Not for just his readings but his honesty and advice. Def will come back to again." ... written by Tober1387
Another in-depth reading with Arthur. I am taking his advice." ... written by ChiliP
Bessst!!!!! " ... written by trinigentleman2
Amazing beyond words; brings relief and calms the nerves. Better then a cold glass of wine. With tough love; and a dose of sugar to help it go down! Uncle Arty holds the crown; because he's the most gifted ,loving man around! Love you Uncle Arty, once again you saved the day!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥" ... written by witchgoddess
I was so lucky to win a free reading in Arthurs's drawing!!!! He is so on target with me, even when I can't see the forest for the trees. Amazingly accurate and he is such a great guy also. Try him and you will be pleased I'm sure." ... written by leogirl
Thanks Art! You are very honest and detailed insight.. I will definitely be back.. =)" ... written by kingpi
Very accurate and effective." ... written by druvina1973
Very good, effective." ... written by druvina1973
Thank you Art, always good to have reassurance and feel loads better. xx" ... written by numberthree3
I feel very comfortable with the reading. He said I would get communication by this weekend , and I did. ...thank you " ... written by irenebeltran25
The best on Oranum!" ... written by gerritmarx
AJ is always there for me. Such a great guy!! Excellent reader. Great connection. Love ya AJ!! Thanks so much." ... written by JustAngel77
Always a great reading!" ... written by reena2323
Great reading as always!" ... written by AmyDog
He always gives you a sense of calmness and has good answers to all your questions. Patient, and quick to respond." ... written by 04apple
Thank you ArthurJames for always answering and being there for me. Giving me positive energy !!!! :) " ... written by curielpatricia
Speechless! This man is amazing with positive vibration. TY, Art! " ... written by reena2323
Great reading! x" ... written by delighted2
Once again, Arthur helped me make sense of things in my life that I couldn't figure out for myself. He is such a warm heart who will listen and I am so lucky and blessed to have him in my life...Thanks as always for your gift of friendship!! Hugs!!" ... written by jettagirl09
Warm hearted and accurate as usual." ... written by TheEnlightened1
Excellent reader!" ... written by Lovingheart118
Excellent!" ... written by Lovingheart118
In depth, reassuring and always honest!" ... written by koelneogy
This man is truly amazing!! I really am thankful to god for giving him to us. A sense of calmness and clarity and easement with him is just amazing. AJ shows you what is what and why is why. Love you AJ, you are truly in my debt forever!! Predictions are coming true and many more to come. Thanks so much!!" ... written by JustAngel77
Once again, Arthur managed to come through on what he said would take place on Monday. It did!" ... written by lotus01121
Another great reading, fingers crossed now x" ... written by numberthree3
5 stars." ... written by delighted2
Great reading, seemed very accurate. " ... written by Danigirl64
Arthur is very calm and helpful =) A session with Arthur is very excellent. Thank you Arthur! =) Appreciate what you are doing. Thank you!" ... written by kingpi
Fantastic and positive as always. Will definitely be back. Thank you Arthur! xx" ... written by Layla
Amazing amazing amazing! THANK YOU AS ALWAYS ARTHUR. GOD BLESS YOU!" ... written by remedio
He gives exact dates and is so refreshing.. He knew exactly how my love was feeling it was dead on and told me almost exactly what he said...I will be back in Nov..." ... written by jmillerrn
AJ is such an amazing man and friend! When I feel silly and stressed, he calms and reassures me that everything is proceeding on the right path.Thank you for all you do for me; for becoming such an special part of my life. xoxo" ... written by jettagirl09
As always ArthurJames is there. Thanks so much. Never veers away from his original reading and feels so strongly about what he says. Predictions are coming true, just need my patience to hold out. . ArthurJames love you and again Thanks so much. " ... written by JustAngel77
I'm just going to have to ride out this time frame, it's tough, but Arthur is 100% sure it will happen. I'll just have to wait." ... written by shaz77
He is gifted. He used no tools, and was able to pick lots of stuff up. Hes insights were in alignment with what another very gifted psychic told me. He's got the light." ... written by 1searcher
Lovely reading, will come back to update next week. Thank you!" ... written by calibabe23
Amazing!" ... written by chandragomes3
A wonderful reading with Arthur - it made a lot of sense, and I feel so much better. God Bless you Arthur!" ... written by ChiliP
Fantastic guy!!!!! Awesome awesome awesome!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Dear James made made made made my day! Not only was I able to use 20 free credits for being his 4,000th customer, but he broke some amazing news to me! I am so excited to see the news happen! It's time for my world to go round, it's been sitting too long! Love you James, too much! :)" ... written by Phoenyx
Spot on as always!" ... written by abby096911
He is great like always and very nice and understanding. Very sweet person!" ... written by MISTIE1
Arthur is the best!!!!!" ... written by delighted2
Very insightful. Thank you:)" ... written by luvbug77
Incredible reading... Arthur told me somethings I never knew, Thank you for everything..." ... written by psychiclove38
Amazing!! Words can not describe the effects AJ has and his abilities, he is the true thing and truly a wonderful gift from god. AJ always always always reassures and gives you the clarity you need without sugar-coating anything. I have read with AJ several times and have left several testimonials on him and they are NEVER bad because this man is the true thing!! AJ is not only my psychic advisor, but he has become a dear friend to me and will always be in my heart. Love you BPB! :)" ... written by JustAngel77
Another awesome reading! I love Arthur, he connects so quickly, and is so confident in his readings! I can't wait to see his predictions come true!" ... written by lifetime1974
Arthur James is simply the best. All he told me was spot on and so I look forward to saying the same for my most recent reading!" ... written by webbygryl
Outstanding as always, thanks so much. Talk to you soon!" ... written by P
All of my feelings and beliefs on what has happened you have absolutely confirmed for me tonight!! I am so extremely happy to have met you and I am so excited and have such a overwhelming sense of relief now that we will begin our work together to reunite Adam and I back together permanently that I am starting to cry as I have been through so much heartache, heartbreak and pain for so many months and NOW I have finally feel that together you and I will fix this entire ordeal and get Adam and I back to where we should and need to be- together again!! Thank you so very much, I will meet you in a 1/2 hour to begin our work tonight ((((Hugs))))" ... written by angeldiamond122
Ok AJ always blows my mind!!! He knew I was having a rough day, cause I posted a message to him, but I did NOT say why. I went to private with AJ and he asked me right away stuff pertaining to why I was having a rough day. SPOT ON!! His connection is beyond amazing and is just comforting he knows and feels for you. Love you AJ/BPB Thanks so much :)" ... written by JustAngel77
An amazing man with a beautiful gift. He is so right on and always compassionate. " ... written by dianalj
Awesome as usually !!" ... written by koelneogy
Awesome as usual!!" ... written by koelneogy
He is really good to talk to. Gives you hope and makes complicated things much more simple and easy to deal with. Love him!" ... written by sandalgr8
Always eases my mind, has all the right words to say. always enjoy consulting w him. So far everything is along line what he has said." ... written by 04apple
Accurate and fast as always! gave me time frames by date and I am looking forward to his predictions coming true ! :) Thank you." ... written by fishyone
Awesome!!!" ... written by delighted2
So happy to have my dear friend back at work after the week he's encountered. I was so excited to share some positive news with him and to confirm that I am becoming one of Arthur's success stories as things are beginning to manifest in a good way and i am SO HAPPY!! I love you my friend and thank you for all of your consultations. I appreciate it more than I can share with you...." ... written by jettagirl09
I love love love this man! He's a true gift from God, haven't steered me wrong yet!!" ... written by janayr7
Always good!!!!!!" ... written by sagkgill1983
Always helps! :)" ... written by love2smile29
Always amazed at how he picks up details with juSt names. Thanks so much!" ... written by P
I Always feel better after talking with Arthur. Always gives great advice. " ... written by AmyDog
Thanks again arthur, wonderful reading.. and very re assuring " ... written by golden
As Always AJ is AMAZING!! I knew 4 months ago when he connected with me in free chat and I decided to click that yellow private button, I knew I made a decision that has changed my life. I not only have a reader, but I have a new good friend. AJ is always spot on and his predictions several have come to pass and several more to happen. I have NO DOUBT about AJ's abilities. He is the true thing. Thank You God for allowing us to be in AJ's care. Love you AJ!!! Thanks Sooo Much!!!" ... written by JustAngel77
AJ is amazing. I am truly grateful to him and always will be. I rely on him so much and he always knows what is going on. Him and I have a great connection. More positive clarity and reassurance. Love this man and all he does!!! Thanks AJ/BPB." ... written by JustAngel77
Arthur is very gud to talk to... Had a reading with him a couple of days back...he gave me some specific dates...waiting for his predictions to come true...fingers crossed!" ... written by justjazz13
Wow! Arthur has been amazing, every step of the way as everything is unfolding just like he said!!! :) Thank you Arthur! ;) I don't know what I would do without you!???" ... written by curielpatricia
Thanks again, all I can do is wait the final few days." ... written by shaz77
I like his reading style... very laid back and conversational. He was very straight-forward and honest, which is always appreciated." ... written by jazzyme
He is a sweet heart and a very good psychic!" ... written by sauji
Great reading as always." ... written by AmyDog
No words can describe Art. He is one of a kind. You must try him out to see for urself how wonderful he is. " ... written by TheEnlightened1
Arthur is such a sweety with a loving heart. I recommend him for everyone:))" ... written by sexyegyptian2
Arthur is awesome... Never wrong so far in what he predicted for me...Thank you, Arthur." ... written by roxy614
Great talking to you again Arthur! Glad to see you back!" ... written by AmyDog
AJ is truly a unique, gifted person. He does his best to reassure you. I believe in his predictions." ... written by sweetie12
Another wonderful reading with Arthur - aka Uncle Arty! Just so much information packed into it - he doesn't waste your time or take long breaks or pauses. He just answers straight away - so you know he is seeing what he is telling you. God Bless you Uncle Arty and speak to you soon. And, God Bless everyone who weathered the recent storm!" ... written by ChiliP
AJ is always amazing. He really cares and see's everything. He is truly a dear friend, with great advice and abilities to help you with what you need. Never lets you down. The sense of calmness I feel when I have a reading is amazing, even after I am a total wreck before the reading, AJ brings clarity to the situation and I am calm. My Predictions are coming true and many more to come that I am very excited to come true also. Of course 5 million stars for him. He is a must read, trust me you won't need to go elsewhere......Love you AJ/BPB" ... written by JustAngel77
Clear and concise. As great as the first reading I had. Thank you Arthur " ... written by stephanie
Excellent reading. He reassures you and never waste your time, I am so happy that he is in my life. 5 stars ain't enough. You will not regret doing a reading with him. He tells it like it is. Thank you AJ, you are truly an angel!" ... written by sweetie12
He is sweet and willing to help... I'm looking forward to my results... I have faith in him!" ... written by 04apple
Amazing as usual!!" ... written by koelneogy
Love him, very good energy, very good reading." ... written by sanjam
He was so fantastic, I feel I need to 5 star him." ... written by taupon7
Hes the best! He picks up on everything so quickly." ... written by mmd1990
Thank you for helping to relieve my fears as I am so scared right now. I pray and hope everything will turn around to become absolutely positive and wonderful for Adam and I now with this new news. I need everything in life to start going right, positive and optimistic for Adam and I. I thank you so much for all of your help! I really look forward to Adam and I reconnecting this weekend. Thank you ((((Hugs))))" ... written by angeldiamond122
Somethings you have got to see or experience for yourself to believe. A reading with AJ is one of them. Trust me you will not regret it. Its to awesome to explain. You feel a sense of calm after speaking to him." ... written by sweetie12
Thank you Arthur for being here and for being a friend when I need one." ... written by AmyDog
Arthur once again has helped me process some emotions that I've been dealing with over the past few days. It just makes me feel better to have such a warm, caring friend to talk to when I'm trying to figure stuff out. Thanks as always for being available to help me....HUGS!!" ... written by jettagirl09
A lovely man. Full of knowledge and wisdom. Thank you kindly." ... written by Mademoiselle
Contact tomorrow so let's hope so. Thanks AJ." ... written by shaz77
Speechless. Very accurate. Amazing, no words to say. God bless you always!" ... written by remedio
Another great reading!" ... written by janayr7
It is always nice to see my good friend as he helps me shed light onto some confusing situations in my life. Arthur is such an amazing, compassionate person andamp; I remain grateful andamp; blessed to have him in my life. Thanks for your time Arthur. You know I'll be back..." ... written by jettagirl09
Arthur is a sweetheart. He knows what is going on in your life and will do everything to make you calm. I trust him and his words and I am sure that whatever he has predicted for me will come true. Love you AJ." ... written by justjazz13
Great as usual! Thanks once again Art. " ... written by TheEnlightened1
Very quick to respond in all email request...Always willing to help....Answers all questions in detail...Highly recommend. You won`t regret your consultation with him!" ... written by 04apple
Awesome as always." ... written by abby096911
Arthur is amazing! I can't wait for the upcoming weeks to see if his predictions come true!" ... written by lifetime1974
Can't get any better than AJ. His kindness surpasses most human being and his accuracy is close to perfect." ... written by sweetie12
AJ is so calming and helpful. When I just need to talk to another person w/out judgement, I know that he is always someone I can turn to for advice on whatever situation I need to discuss and has becomes such a great friend to me. Love this man with all my heart!!" ... written by jettagirl09
ANOTHER GREAT READING!!" ... written by janayr7
He is great and will tell you the truth." ... written by mblackshear22
Thank you so much for putting my mind at ease. " ... written by LonelyandScared1
Even though Arthur has had other stuff going on in his life, it's always nice to have him back to talk to. Art is so skilled with helping guide me with a situation in my life that I don't trust anyone else with the issue. He doesn't make me feel silly when certainly other people have bigger issues this time of year (including him) but I'm glad that he cared enough to be concerned about me as he is for all of his other clients. Thank you as always for your gift of love andamp;amp; friendship! Your time and talks; are truly appreciated....Love andamp; light to you!!" ... written by jettagirl09
Thank you for calming down my fears, once again. Talking to you means more to me than you know and it helps to get another perspective. So happy (and lucky) to have caught you in chat this morning. Fantastic, as usual." ... written by jettagirl09
Wonderful and amazing!!! Highly recommended!" ... written by Webbygryl
Luckily, Art had a short appointment tonight and I was able to catch him in "free chat" mode for a few minutes. It always helps to chat with him - sometimes about nothing than to have some "coffee talk" with a good friend! I've missed you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to listen to me...You are always so much help and are easy to talk to! Hugs to you always!!" ... written by Jettagirl
I give this man a 5 star everytime!" ... written by superwoman86
Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by koelneogy
He is the best." ... written by webbygryl
Very helpful a gift for God honest." ... written by apple
Thank you for everything Arthur! Great to see you online today! =))" ... written by kingpi
AJ, thank you so much for coming online. I was really waiting to talk to him for the last so many days. Could have gone to some other psychic, but did not 'cause AJ is AJ. I am really blessed to have him as a guide. He's so very compassionate and easy to talk to. Thanks a lot once again. " ... written by justjazz13
Always there to clarify and help me sort out any questions/concerns I may have. He truly is a very special man who cares a lot about his clients. He always makes me feel better every time I talk to him. Love him!!" ... written by Jettagirl
It's great to see you Back Arthur!!! Thank you so much for everything! 5*****" ... written by Amydog
He is very straight forward positive and a lot answers to questions" ... written by apple
He was spot on new things without any prompting or related to the exact subject. He knew about people and there characteristics almost scary. I would definitely recommend having a reading with him." ... written by Penny
He is a perfect 10!! Fast reading, accurate, lots of info, good story telling, articulate, doesn't charge crazy rate, detailed, deep insight, experienced, intelligent, warm andamp; caring personality, fast clean typing, predictions and time frames.... Anything more to say?" ... written by psymeow
Type fast with predictions!" ... written by sunny
Thank you so much you have given me hope" ... written by ik royal
Thank you very much for a wonderful reading! God bless!)" ... written by Rainbow
Connect real fast... Real accurate. He made predictions in total confidence... There's nothing I could do but believed him. He's a really busy man... But it was definitely worth the wait. thanks a lot! " ... written by steph
Very, very good. He can answer every question I have in very clear way!" ... written by psymeow
Thanks for my reading Arthur. It was comforting and I hope the predictions come to light! x" ... written by jp
Fast accurate, just awesome! " ... written by luckystar222
Awesome. " ... written by luckystar222
He was nice. Seemed cool and calm and laid back. Answered my questions quickly and gave advise that I was happy with. First time reading with him so I'll see what happens. Really liked the fact that he connected fast and didn't "fish" for information and waste my time because time is money!!!" ... written by beckyloo
Arthur is able to use many of his "gifts" to do various things...most importantly, he connects quickly and is able to help me piece together the things that I'm not always able to do...So happy he's back on Oranum with a regular schedule." ... written by Jettagirl09
Oh my days!! Amazingly fast connection. Not what I expected to hear at all. The information just flows. " ... written by Angelszone
Mmg... Arthur is phenomenal. I had so much fun with him and he is very warmhearted. He's a warm individual...h H makes me feel so warm and relaxed inside! He is such a fun person, very balanced and I loved talking with him... GOOOOOSH! I am so uplifted cuz I was DOWN... But thank God for this reading with Arthur! *****a million stars*****" ... written by lovebugshay
He's super good and super fast! Thanks so much." ... written by imapeach3
Finally, I got a reading with Arthur. Looking forward to another reading in the future!" ... written by luxxicon
Arthur was great, very fast connection, fast typing and answered all my questions with explanations of why are some things happening (past and present) and with advice what to do. He was accurate with past and present situation, I have no reason to doubt in future happening the way he described me. He also gave me exact time frames. Arthur, thank you so much! I had awesome time talking with you and really appreciate what you do :)" ... written by nathalie
Amazingly stunning reading awesome. God bless you." ... written by remedio
So fast and accurate told me everything." ... written by j
If i could take all the stars out of the sky, this still wouldnt be enough to justify just how amazing this guy is. I was at a low point today, and a five minute reading has made everything ok again. I have every faith that his predictions will come true. Thank you so much ArthurJames, you are an AMAZING GUY WITH AN AMAZING GIFT XX" ... written by Mshelli
5 stars!" ... written by murdoccas
Amazing person and very quick. He will not waste your money. Very Knowledgeable. Will wait for his time line. Peeps have reading from him. Million stars***********" ... written by monisha2013
It's so great to have you back again. Outstanding and quick to connect. Thanks so much!" ... written by P
Thanks arthur! Appreciate your work for me! =) many thanks! " ... written by kingpi
One minute and blew my mind. Thanks AJ!" ... written by imapeach3
He was so accurate, very spot on, he connected fast and gave me time frames and a good description of my situation." ... written by newme2
Thank you Arthur! I appreciate your reading! Wonderful as usual! =)" ... written by kingipi
Very nice hope it all come true. :)" ... written by Wunjosun67
I felt the connection with him. He is such a sweetheart and so pleasant to chat with. Keeping my patience awaiting for his predictions to come through. Much blessings. Thank you." ... written by Acissej
He is phenomenal, patient and kind. Gotta love my art! :)" ... written by lovebugshay
Very calm and consistent in his readings and advice. Connects quickly and genuinely cares about his clients. Would recommend." ... written by Angelszone
Thank you for quick answer and straight answers." ... written by tanya
James connect to you very fast and he is good always 5 Stars readings. " ... written by Loverboy
WOW!!! All I have to say. I gave him very minimal information, didn't even ask questions and he picked up on everything!!! Spot on, highly recommend. " ... written by Anastasia
Thanks so much, clearer details wouldn't have come if they were written in tomorrows newspaper!" ... written by ikroyal
Very good and alot help ans insight, predictions come true!" ... written by apple
I was able to fire off my questions, get confirmation of spirits presence and answers in a flash. Awesome reading. Thank you." ... written by Simone AceOfCupss
I decided to catch up with arty still the shizzznet ! NEED A READING...find arty pooh" ... written by shahdee22
It was a great reading. Thank You bro! You gave me great news." ... written by tilly40218
Always clear and concise, and a great reader" ... written by koel
thanks so much for your time! :)" ... written by spooono
Really useful advice. Pegged my ex's character and told me a few things I didn't know but suspected were true." ... written by AceOfCupss
This guy is one word... AMAZING!!! Always on point, always makes you feel welcomed and at ease. Definitely worth every penny!" ... written by Anastasia
Always friendly, won't waste your time and connected. He is very good at what he does and really cares about you." ... written by ladyl5
He really knows his stuff. Very good at what he does." ... written by ladyl5
He is brilliant . He made the predictions that is make sense to me. The time frames sounds right too." ... written by hazelziggy
Really good guy... most important: Fast and Good. See things without me saying. And I was typing the questions several times while he provided the information... When I first went to chat, he seems very "poker face", HOWEVER, chat with him in free chat and private... he is very sincere... Thanks. Will keep you update. Thank You!" ... written by William
Great read! Picked up on many things past, present, and hoping for future timelines to pass. I was already giving up but now have hope! Thank you!" ... written by marialuis
Just had a follow up reading with Art, he predicted I would hear from the person I was asking about in my previous reading today, and sure enough I did. A few minutes in private and you feel so much more at ease." ... written by Mshelli
He always put my mind at ease and help me a lot in my situation. And he is always accurate. Thank you Arthur! " ... written by redrose
Always accurate, bringing clarity to the situation. Thank you x" ... written by Layla
Wow so accurate like usual. It was my second private with him and there will be definitely a third one. :)" ... written by marie5290
ArthurJames is so sweet and encouraging! He connected with me very quickly and gave prompt answers to each question I asked. He also gave me some much needed advice. I'm looking forward to his predictions coming true!" ... written by cherryblossom10
Thank you Art! Appreciate your reading! Thank you!" ... written by kingpi
Just needed to clarify a few things regarding some timing and as always, Arthur was there to help. He really is quick and efficient and doesn't lie to anyone...Glad that he's back full time now!!" ... written by Jettagirl09
Very gifted and accurate reader, quick, compassionate. I would highly recommend to anyone in search of the truth." ... written by Sylvia R. Ortiz
Only spent a short time with him, but he confirmed what I had expected :)" ... written by Freedom2211
Nice energy. Made predictions and gave specifics. Will see what happens." ... written by iconnect
He was clear! On point, very very accurate and answered a lot of questions and gave advice in a short period of time. Thank you! " ... written by Fishyone
So professional ,so surprised, so sharp! I love your readings!I cant say in words how surprised i am now!" ... written by queen
Awesome as always!!! Always clears any doubts you have. " ... written by Anastasia
Very good, thank you." ... written by wunjosun
Always available to answer a few questions or to be a listening ear (which I probably need more than most). He goes above and beyond to help which I appreciate immensely...Very lucky to have Art in my life!!" ... written by Jettagirl09
Loved his reading! Thank you" ... written by pippa
Amazing amazing amazing, an honest, genuine, accurate, kind, fast and does not sugar coat, if you ready for the truth go and see ArthurJames.. Will defo be back for another read.. Thank you.. Highly recommend.. :) " ... written by london
Thank you arthur!" ... written by kingpi
He is not only accurate and detailed, he is also reliable and trustworthy! He really takes well care of his clients! " ... written by psymeow
Thanks again... pick up very fast and quick... know my situation without me telling a lot. Thanks for staying up. Chat again next time. :)" ... written by William
My reading was so amazing, he reassured me everything will be fine. Gave me great guidance, and confidence in my situation. Will def be back!!!" ... written by Krissy
Just did a cleanse with Arthur and he was amazing, I really felt everything all through me, highly recommend!" ... written by Anastasia
Speechless no words to describe. God bless you as always Arthur " ... written by remedio
Always open to help and gives very good readings." ... written by ladyl5
Always there to lend a helping hand when I need him..." ... written by Jettagirl09
good reading" ... written by sadhana
Awesome as always!!! Thank you so much AJ!!" ... written by redrose
Had an update reading... He still sticks to his prediction so I guess I just need to be patient to see how things pan out. Great reading overall. Thanks! " ... written by steph
He is very great reader and I feel he has a wonderful worldly wisdom and power of sight!" ... written by Sophhia
Always great, makes you feel so much better after every reading with him." ... written by Anastasia
Amazing amazing always leaves me speechless. I highly recommend a reading with Arthurjames. Thank you." ... written by Rose
Update read. Good!" ... written by marialuis
He was fun, to the point and tuned in very well to what had happened in my life. Will be back for a follow-up." ... written by Lisa
Very good reading, accurate and patient." ... written by ladyl5
Always available for a laugh and a quick update...Thanks always for being there for me to clear up any questions or concerns that I may have...." ... written by Jettagirl09
All i can say is wow!!! and that I loved my reading! Everything He said made sense and he was quick to connect and to respond to my questions without any hesitation! I can not wait for perdictions to happen!" ... written by keisha
Very nice, gave me clarity I needed. I can finally be at ease for awhile. thanks again!" ... written by Krissy
Thank you Arthur for an amazing reading." ... written by tilly40218
AWESOME AS ALWAYS!!! Always is spot on, he's a hard one to catch as he's always in sessions, there's a reason!" ... written by Anastasia
He is very good. Amazing*******" ... written by monisha
Always brings peace to mind and predictions come true." ... written by apple
Thanks for calming me down and keeping me from hiring a hitman Arthur." ... written by AceOfCupss
Arthur is just amazing! As I've said before one of the best on here, and I've had readings with many psychics. Try a reading with him you won't regret it!" ... written by Anastasia
Fantastic, quick, look forward for his predictions to be true." ... written by Cat2910
Arthur is able to calm all of the nervousness and anxiety that gets balled up inside. In such a short period of time, he makes me laugh and restores my faith in humanity...." ... written by Jettagirl09
Wonderful reader as usual, sense of ease and very concise in his reading, always come back!" ... written by koel
Thanks for the reading" ... written by tanya
He's my new addiction, all I got to say :)" ... written by Anastasia
Amazing. Very clear and precise. Will definitely come back soon" ... written by melinawai
Well, I really liked what he had to say, and can't wait to come back later to tell him how his predictions went. It felt really good though." ... written by Paul Deakins
I must say that he could see whats on my mind! And I do hope he connected to my bf's mind as well!! :) crossing my fingers and toes for September to be something special." ... written by linn
Thank you Sir Arther James, you are truly Sir to me." ... written by Antonio
Arthur was sweet and calm. Loads of predictions to hold on to. I will be back with another review with how they unfolded. Thanks again!" ... written by N
I have confidence in him so things will happen as he says. Good person and if I could give u stars Arthur will be definitely more that million." ... written by monisha
Very clear in his thoughts and empathetic." ... written by koel
Thank you very much." ... written by batt123
Arthur told me last time we spoke that I will get a job soon and few days later I got a call for interview, for a job I applied few months back and already gave up on lol " ... written by redrose
Arthur was available to clarify some things that I needed and even took time, even though he was not in chat to answer and email request that I had for some information that was festering. Truly available for his clients whenever needed and we are lucky and blessed to have him as part of Oranum." ... written by Jettagirl09
AJ is wonderful and always there for me when i need him. I always feel calm and positive after talking to him. Some of his predictions did come true for me so far, waiting for the rest to happen, that I have no doubt will come true! Thank you AJ!" ... written by redrose
Update read. Good! On another occasion, I asked how my week would be like, he said 2 females would drain my energy needing me for things to be done, He was so right!" ... written by marialuis
He connected with my current situation and made some predictions. I will definitely update once predictions occur." ... written by enamorada
Just needed a quick update on some things that we've been working on and Art was there, as usual, to help me fill in the gaps....Thank you as always, my friend!!" ... written by Jettagirl09
REALLY AMAZING SPOT ON" ... written by Jaclyn
Awesome reading always gives me peace :) " ... written by Patty
Absolutely the best, quick to connect and great advice - thanks so much again!" ... written by pb
Update read and accurate! Waiting now for the next event to unfold. Thank you!" ... written by marialuis
Awesome as always. One of the best on Oranum and I've been to many. " ... written by Anastasia
This was my first reading with Arthur and I am so very impressed. So glad that I stopped today!!" ... written by leogirl
He was very on about my situation. If his prediction comes to pass...I will let you all know...i did enjoy the reading very much...he was very very kind...and made a ton of sense..." ... written by jamie
He is accurate in his readings. That's the reason why he's my bro" ... written by tilly40218
He is very good at what he does " ... written by apple
Great" ... written by tilly40218
Very empathetic and confident in readings " ... written by koel
JAMES IS THE BEST ....." ... written by lOVER BOY
THE BEST" ... written by Loverboy
5***** Thank you so much Arthur" ... written by Amydog
Thank you ArthurJ! Appreciate you!!" ... written by redrose
He is one word... awesomeness. ;)" ... written by Anastasia
Wow, he is definitely one of the best!!!" ... written by veezee
I found Arthur through my trusted reader, who has been accurate for me with all the predictions. I am glad I took a chance a had Arthur read for me. He is excelent. " ... written by Sanna
This was my 3rd reading with Arthur and as always he is right on the money. I cannot wait to see my future unfold. Arthur I feel like I have known you forever...thank you so much again!!! HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend!!! Go Private you will never want to leave!!!" ... written by shancw69
5***** Thank you Art" ... written by Amydog
I have been working with Arthur for weeks now. He did an energy clearing - to move up a timeline. " ... written by JL
My last reading, he was SPOT ON about timing and everything!!! very accurate! thank you again!! :)" ... written by Krissy
Arthur - has been consistent with his readings. He recalls details - very quick fast readings with great insight." ... written by JL
Great reading." ... written by tilly40218
Very accurate and fast." ... written by sadhana
He is one of the best! " ... written by luckystar222
Even though Art's not feeling well, he still has time to consult with his clients for a little bit. It is so greatly appreciated!!" ... written by Jettagirl09
He always continues to clarify things and go above and beyond what I ask (or any of his clients) as of him. He is honest and isn't here to steer you wrong. I love being able to ramble on to him sometimes without judgment and always feel better after talking to him....thank you as always my dear friend!!" ... written by Jettagirl09
There's a reason so many people keep coming back to him. ;)" ... written by Anastasia
Very good and brings calmness." ... written by apple
Always, amazing, love Art!" ... written by Anastasia
I feel blessed and am very very grateful for the guidance. Thank you!" ... written by ikroyalakryal
Just wanted to "chat" with Arthur to get the usual updates on things and per usual, he was there to answer any questions or concerns that I might've had. Thank you as always for everything and for being such a good friend!!" ... written by Jettagirl09
Arthur was awesome..will be back!" ... written by Semjatta
First day back and a nice chance to catch up and make sure that everything is still moving along nicely like Art already said. He goes the extra mile for his clients and it is truly appreciated, beyond words. Welcome back, my friend and thank you as always for everything!" ... written by Jettagirl09
ArthurJames is one of the BEST on Oranum!! He's super accurate and connects right away! So glad I caught him while he was online. Missed him while he was away! lol" ... written by Krissy
Very fast clear and concise... Always come back to him!!" ... written by koel
Thanks again for the update and guidance you are a true blessing!" ... written by ikroyalak
As always, Arthur rocks. ^_^" ... written by girl521
He was very thorough and gave me his trust I am confident it will work!" ... written by Sophhia
He is very honest and good!" ... written by Sophhia
Absolutely Terrific. He is always great. " ... written by JPM
You gotta catch this man when you can since when he's in free chat, he's often difficult to Nab. However, it was a great Saturday morning catch-up and essentially, he confirmed a dream that I had a month ago but never told him about. WOW is all I can say right now. This confirmation was certainly unexpected but much appreciated. Thank you my friend for always being there to guide me! I know today will be a great day!" ... written by Jettagirl09
Great reading! " ... written by KS
Just needed some follow-up questions answered and Art was available to help clarify and answer them. Thanks as always my friend for being here when I panic. ;)" ... written by Jettagirl09
Always great!!!!" ... written by Krissy
Always an excellent reading and he connects and gives information quickly. Money well spent. Thank you Art!!" ... written by D
Great reading with ArthurJames, he's really fantastic.." ... written by My Goodtime11
Good." ... written by sadhana
Thank you for making me feel better on Thanksgiving morning!! You are one of the best things that has happened to me and I truly appreciate everything and all that you do!! Love you to the moon and back!!" ... written by Jettagirl09
Very good and insightful reading, open and very real." ... written by apple
Great reading! He is very very quick with answers so you get a lot of information packed into a reading! " ... written by Krissy
Very good! " ... written by luckystar222
Thank you for calming me down, per usual. I always feel better after talking with you as it makes me feel less stressed about whatever is going on in my life. I'm glad you really "get" me!" ... written by Jettagirl09
Pick up very fast as always...very good. Thanks!" ... written by Will
Art was very fast and quick in answering questions. The time frame for my goal is on track. Anyone who wants to know about time frames that are accurate and come true, go to Arthur. Not many readers on here are good at time frames but Arthur is. " ... written by Kristina Prattis
Interesting reading. helpful and insightful. ty soo much!" ... written by gina
A much needed insight into some of the things going on right now to reassure me that things are working out in my own life...Thank you Art for taking the time to talk to me. It's always appreciated!!" ... written by Jettagirl
Always a comfort. Thank you for being there to talk to, as always.... Talk soon!!" ... written by Jettagirl09
Awesome man... He actually connects, and picked up accurately... I know so, because I have facts... Please, give him a try..." ... written by Trev
Extremely reliable and honest and very fast... I always return to him" ... written by koel
You really are my rock, and I will leave it at that...." ... written by Jettagirl09
Connect very fast.. Very good. Helps a lot. Thanks!" ... written by William
We got disonnected but your amazing!" ... written by Sonia
He's always good motivator and conduit for what really matters most, thank You!" ... written by Sonia
Keep trying to connect usually no problem! But allways good!" ... written by Sonia
Fantastic reading with Arthur James :)" ... written by Antonio
Amazing reading James is very nice men. Great reading." ... written by SAm
I came into the reading upset and angry, I left uplifted and energized, highly recommend!! " ... written by Leticia
Excellent!" ... written by shad
Very details... Very good. Pick up very fast. Thanks!" ... written by William
Fast, direct, to the point.... very helpful. Thanks!" ... written by William
Did a spiritual cleanse last week and he made a prediction that came true already! I just have to be patient for rest of predictions to pass. will definitely return!" ... written by pinkster11
Wonderful. Kind supportive and spot on.. Happy New Year." ... written by JPM
Very honest and straight forward. Give time frame. Will hear from M around Jan 9. M will want to be closer and come around more often by end of Jan. Thanks Arthur, looking forward to your prediction come true. :)" ... written by Chia
He is great and kindly tells the truth and opens new doors, Thank you!" ... written by Sophia
It's always good to be able to pick up where we left off and that's exactly what Arthur is able to do. He continues to inject me with confidence that everything is going to work out just the way they're supposed to. Glad you're back and thank you for always being there!!" ... written by Jettagirl09
Thank you so much! I will be waiting the predictions to unfold. You gave me some peace today. Very good reader he saw what it was in my mind and he gave me specific time frames. I will get back for updates. 5 stars" ... written by Sylvia
Love Arthur, always a very positive reading with him. He always gives the best advice. Thanks again. " ... written by Anastasia
Great reading, thanks so much for the assurance!" ... written by ikroyalakr
Just to comment on how great Arthur James is! Very accurate, through, kind and so real!" ... written by webbygryl
Very great reader." ... written by apple
GREAT as usual! " ... written by AlysiumDream
It's been a while since I've seen my friend on ORANUM but it was good to catch up and talk. Art always helps me to remain positive and even though I don't always like remaining patient, he always reassures me that I am making strides in my endeavors. I'm so happy I got to see you this morning...I've missed your face xoxo" ... written by Jettagirl09
Really amazed with his gift.... he really knows what's going on and how to get around with it. I used not to believe in psychics, it blows me away. The conversation with him helps a lot. I would highly recommend ArthurJames. " ... written by Ladyinred3
Just to comment on how great Arthur James is! Very accurate, through, kind and so real!" ... written by webbygryl
very sharp and good....." ... written by maccy
spoke with him a year ago and predictions pretty much remain the same...awesome, will follow up!" ... written by kw
good reader amazing 5 stars" ... written by sam
Very good reading with Arthur James!" ... written by Larry Page
tooo cool! awesome awesome awesome!" ... written by unknown
Intuitive, highly recommend!" ... written by B
He was fabulous and spot on. I loved his reading. If you seek clarity....he is a great choice. Very quickly tunes into the situation at hand and also is very gifted. Many Blessings..." ... written by j
he was warm and thoughtful gave alot great advice :) he is good and insightful trust me. i was scared but not anymore." ... written by daydreamer97
He was kind. Honest. And blunt where he needed to be. I appreciate the advice and honesty." ... written by rockhoundcarrie
He was a tremendous help! Answered all my questions and gave me a clear on the a point answer. I really enjoyed the time with him and I will def keep him in my favorites!" ... written by cowboicasanova
Very helpful! Not only was he able to analyze/sense my emotions but he was able to give insight about the people close to and around me as well. It seems like he truly cares about what happens in your life and choices being made. He gives great advice and was very accurate. Luckily for me he is willing to go as indepth into a situation as needed. I recommend him!" ... written by guriwo
Arthur was very helpful and could see things right away. Thank you so much, I will do as you told me because I felt also that it's a right thing to do. Blessings " ... written by dolcevita73