About ArtemisDelia

Psychic ArtemisDeliahas 5-10years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic ArtemisDeliahas recently helped 1692members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about ArtemisDelia's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

    ☼ Hi Dear Member! Welcome to my page and thank you in advance for reading my bio. ☼
I believe if you landed in my page there should be a certain reason. There is of course "curiosity", "was passing by", "just wanted to say hi" etc. But if it happened that you came here - probably there's an important message you could receive in a reading with me.
My aim is to help you to understand in which segment of the Life path you are standing at present moment and where it will bring you in future. You may like or not like what I'll tell about upcoming events. If you dislike prospects of your future there's most often chance to change it. Your life is in your hands! 90% of things and people which fulfill your life is a reflection of your mindset. Only 10% belongs to destiny or Karma law. I'm here to help you to understand deep laying reasons of your current reality and the ways how to turn towards the direction which will bring you Happiness and Love. Finally we are all longing for Love - true, sincere and caring. I'm a Love psychic and able to help you to realize where your Love is and why it yet doesn't come to you, and to remove these reasons - of course, in a case if you want to look at your own life from new, different prospect. Because everything is about free will. God gave you this gift - free will to choose a life you want - and no one can take it away. Only you decide whether you are ready for changes or not.
Which exactly things I can help you to see and if required - to change:
☼ Love relationship as well as relationship with family members, friends, colleagues
☼ To find out why you are yet alone or don't meet the right one
☼ To understand Him/Her actions and words to you
☼ To see your career opportunities in current job
☼ To identify which choice will make you truly happy in long-term expression: among possible partners, in regards to job offers, house selling/relocation to a new place etc.
☼ Just to find the way to your own Happiness - cause it's nothing to do neither with your current partner, nor with your present job; it is very intimate feeling, which you Live alone within your own-self, and it is about your inner choice.
As a Psychic that truly wants to help you I'm aimed to be the most accurate for you, and as a human being I may have mistakes too. You can help me to be 100% accurate or almost in a reading with you by two things:
♥ Trust - it will help me to read you, otherwise if you do not have trust, you are blocking energy flow - so that some information comes to me garbled, and there is no sense to start a private reading. Please, respect my time and energy I put into a reading as I respect your time and money you spend for it.
♥ If you have doubts before a private reading - let me know it in a free chat, I will connect to you there - to see what brought you to me, what you already know, - then in private I'll tell you with 99% accuracy what you should expect in future.
♥ If you had a demo reading with me next thing you should do - a private reading for an update.
♥ I do not help for "energy release", there are specific resources for that. I help with Energy cleansing through own prayers, flame and sound of a Tibetan singing bowl. Ask me if you need to have it. This session should take around 25-30 minutes.
♥ I'd Love to help you with your worries, but in Private chat. There's a saying that the one so far considers his/her issue important as he/she is ready to pay for its solution. I lead long personal talks in free chat only with my customers.
♥ I help you to connect to your beLoved ones who passed. I have both parents in the Other world and this situation is close to me. I do connection to Spirits of your family members through crystals.
As a psychic I've started my path early - when my soul just came to this world. I was not appreciating my abilities in childhood - like ability to see auras of people around without any effort, to hear their thoughts like a voice from outside, to see by physical vision Spiritual creatures-neighbours of our material reality etc. I was trying to be like "others" because didn't want to feel lonely among other kids, my friends and classmates, - among people who were not seeing what I was seeing and not understanding what I was feeling. Partly I've succeeded in it, but only partly. Nature and time took own course and at 8 I started to do readings using "family" tool - playing deck cards. One of my grand grand mothers were gypsy and this deck was the favorite one among other methods of reading in our family. At 13 I created my first Tarot deck - I took some Major arcanas from pictures I found and replaced 5 of them by own Major arcanas which I created - all cards were drawn by my hand. This deck was my first real Tarot deck which started to guide me, my family and friends of my family in life. People started to visit our house frequently with questions to me about current and future, they were bringing their problems in order to find solutions. And already that time I was helping people around to find their peace and harmony. Later I learned magic through Tarot and it started to help me to change events for the best for me. I got so much impressed by its power and possibilities that got worried I may not handle this huge energy - so that I burnt my first Tarot deck in ritual flame when I was 20. Today I do not regret it, cause it was not my time to implement my mission of a Psychic. But today when with a grace of God I have Loving relationship and I'm a mother, I have own family and clear seeing own path in Life, I know how to help you to see yours - when no questions anymore arrive, when you are just Happy. Professionally I work on Oranum since 2011, had 2,5 years vacation due to 7,5 months traveling around India and then motherhood - and today with a new vision on Life, clearer understanding of HIS actions and with HIS help I would like to help you as much as I can.
My grand grand father was using beans for reading, I always had attraction to stones - ordinary pieces of rocks and gems - so today I use stones in my readings and Energy clearance.
Another grand grand mother was a healer from God. She was using prayers and herbs - and even people who were destined by official medical system to die - have survived with her help.
I had witches among my ancestors too. The mother-in-law of my grand grand mother-healer was one of them. She didn't like her daughter-in-law and they had real psychic battles with using forbidden methods which you never seen on TV.
I unite different energies in me - both positive and negative - and I balance them to be objective, clear in my vision in Life. And my mission here is to help you to organize your mind, vision and as result - your Life - towards Happiness and Harmony.

God bless you all! ♡♡♡
Before you order the Palm reading please note the next:
1. Palm reading is a GENERAL reading of your life in its different areas. It gives clarity on what you were given or
destined since birth (relationship, family, talents, skills, character, health capacity, recognition etc.) and how you
have managed this gifts by now, to what it led already and what it will bring in future.

2. Make sure, please, that you provide HIGH RESOLUTION photos of your palms. What is the main goal of palmistry? To read

those God created pictures which you have on your hands. Photos are there to replace your personal face-to-face presence

in my room. So they have to be enough clear to see at least main 9 lines of palms.

3. For Palm reading I'd request you to take 4 pictures: 2 pictures of both palms (all fingers, both wrists should be

visible as well) and 2 pictures of the edges of your both palms (side part of palms which starts near the base of little

finger and goes down to the side of wrist). When you are taking pictures your fingers and palms should be maximum


4. By rule, Oranum gives us 48 hours (2 days) to reply your request whether it's a palm reading or e-mail reading. If I

ask you for the further information in order to make your reading complete, be aware that these 48 hours countdown will

start again since moment YOU have REPLIED on FURTHER INFORMATION REQUEST. So if you would like to receive your Palm

reading or e-mail reading earlier than within 48 hours, please make sure you have mentioned this in your request -

otherwise it will be sent to you within regulated 48 hours.

Palm reading is a good instrument for general guidance in life. So if you feel like you have lost yourself, concern

whether you are living your personal goals and dreams or on the contrary trying to reach somebody's goals and dreams, or

you are questioning yourself whether you have managed gifts given you by God since birth properly, or some talent of yours

stayed unrevealed - in all these cases Palm reading is the best way to find answer.

That was my first reading with Deila, and I can say for sure - it is not the last one :) She really can read cards. I could relate to everything she said. No sugar-coating - she tells everything the way it is. Highly recommend! 5*****" ... written by hugs2020
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He is great!!" ... written by ladylove47
Artmeis is very precise ... and to the point .. she will tell u about things around you that you will be able to relate too .. and then get the right advice or way to move forward :) ... i wish her all the best in her work and it was a pleasue getting a reading from her :)" ... written by InFlight66
insightful. very insightful!!!!!" ... written by joselansas55
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She's great, she listens to you and has a very nice approach." ... written by tigerandeagle
She Is WONDERFUL! I was extremely satisfied with my reading so much gentle concern in her voice. Thank you, I will come again very soon!" ... written by Geminibutterfly
She answered my questions very quickly and clearly. Lots of visual detail. Dates given. I can't wait to see if they come true. :)" ... written by fireopal77
encourging, insightful, to the point, and very accurate...Thank you" ... written by bluewaters
very wonderful session.. she was able to go deeply into the situation. and give good practical advice speaking with her really helped to clarify. thank you my dear! i will be back" ... written by divinegoodness
She answered my questions straight forward, without general talk.... well spent time. " ... written by blanca84
she is the best " ... written by Italionlion
She was wonderful. Told me what I suspected and gave me all the answers I need. Bless this woman! She has God given gifts!!! Blessings, Barbara" ... written by PXC330
Very good and straightforward. " ... written by W.C.
Very good! To the point! Will come back again." ... written by tiger5762
She is a very nice lady and helped me a lot to see better the current situation! 5 stars!!" ... written by marxis79
Actually she is Amazing!! She is REAL! Don't know what to say, try her out if you have a chance!!! Highly recommended!! *****" ... written by JoeytheOne
I was pleasantly surprised with her abilities. She is calm and delivers accurate and compassionate answers. She is honest and caring. I thank her for her guidance. I will stay in touch." ... written by wee318
A good reading...will be back for more." ... written by fleurdesil
Wow she is right on!! thank you for the advice." ... written by jackid
Awesome, as always! ;)" ... written by JoeytheOne
Thank you very much Artemis! I really enjoyed it, highly recommended!!!! :)" ... written by JoeytheOne
so amazing and kind! very nice connection to all. she has a blessed vision and ability! " ... written by divinegoodness
Very nice, calm and peacefull reading with very clear answears!!! Would recommend! Thank you Artemis Delia!" ... written by kosmosss
she is the best of all others here at oranum " ... written by Anjum
she is a very good reader " ... written by Anjumukraine
She is the best. Her readings are excellent and accurate ,has great ability!!!!" ... written by Anjumukraine
She read me like a book. Her reading was really amazing. It was full of pure love from her heart. She defiantly is a sweet, caring, charming, loving you woman. She helped me so much. Thank you Delia, Love you! - Tristan - P.S Defiantly try her out you will not regret it!" ... written by XTurtleManX
she is the best .love her readings very accurate and exact.will keep coming to her" ... written by Anjum99
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she's very caring and loving psychic. She will tell you the truth and I love d way how she calm my mind... Very intuitive..." ... written by babe28
Great Reading. The truth sometimes hurts, but i'd rather hear the truth than a lie. " ... written by MrsChung1
She is best psychic here on Oranum!" ... written by Anjumkhopekar
Very sweet andamp; motivating, gave me great insight andamp; advice to go along with it... thank you ArtemisDelia!" ... written by meowcat
Explained exactly how i am feeling.!" ... written by vhyeye
She was amazing. She read me like a book and she really helped me out on my situation. Her reading was pure love and came from her heart. She defiantly is here to help us and she has defiantly helped me. Thank you so much Delia. Your so amazing Hun. Love you, Tristan. " ... written by XTurtleManX
She was very honest and fast with her card reading. The truth did hurt quite a bit but they were honest. I do recommend her. " ... written by katnguyen
accurate and to the point as always." ... written by blanca84
She is on the money. She tapped into my feelings. Great reading, very strong great energy. You must get a reading from her Blessings" ... written by MrsChung1
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Sunday Started with a great.. insight of how to progress career wise. Thanks for the reading. It was very good. " ... written by NEIL
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Artemis delia the name itself shows her excellence,she is very good tanlented,and quick expert here,i was referred by my friend Anjum to her and she is really awesome,love her reading was exaclty accurate and even told me things which i didnt ask hers,she is great ,love her very much:))))))" ... written by Italion hope
She is wonderfull....she read me like a book...she was right.......she was understanding ...I will recommended won't be dissapointed. ja...ja" ... written by janetjanet
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Really and truly an empath, calming and supportive. It was my second reading with her and she helps me to grow as a soul and human being. You should try a private reading with her and i assure you that you will be content:)" ... written by milona
I'm speechless...She is wonderful! The BEST Psychic here! 5 STARS and Highly Recommended! Don't wait to talk to her, she knows what you feel and always helpful!" ... written by godlike69
she was right on!!" ... written by Breezy64
Very nice and quick...thank you...I will keep you posted! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" ... written by dreamer65
She is such a great psychic... Her reading is priceless! She's awesome! I take her advice and it helps me a lot... She even boost my self-esteem again... I will never forget her on my entire life... " ... written by babe28
Very good reading, meant a lot what was said and going to follow her advice. Recommended!" ... written by sprite5
She's great, she know my thoughts, and how i feel. I pray what she says comes true. For I need this in my life right now. " ... written by MrsChung1
This reading was AWESOME..I will return for an update i hope this comes true." ... written by brownsuga5964
She is absolutely the best in regards to love! Her cards are...sexually magical haha. I really enjoyed her reading. If you're looking for answers in the tarots specifically to love and sex. This is the place to goooo :) She connected with me and situation very well, with lots of details and through explanations. You're so beautiful too! I wish you the best and I hope this review will bring you more clients!" ... written by tln292
Thank you, I have to wait until monday for my credit card. I'm from Montreal and the hour is the same as New York. I don't know when I can reach you again but I like your honesty and energy:) Nathalie" ... written by milona
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You really connected to me and I like that you show the cards you pull. Will be back for another reading in the are great" ... written by Anjum
A great reader ,having great insight extremely talented,very quick ,to the point,gentle,sweet,delicate,truthfull.humble,compassiante,very good and she is the best reader here,really love her and her readings ,her readings r 101% exact she is great will come back to her my whole life " ... written by Anjum
got everything i already knew correct and hopefully everything i dont know lol" ... written by 3rdrocket
She is such a good reader. Very easy to understand and quick! She's also understanding and sweet." ... written by florwer85
Amazing...almost gets remote view of what the other person is doing." ... written by spiritualgirl1
Delia is a very inciteful reader who read my personality very well...... she is very lovely and I trust sincere....she has given me some hope that I wll be happy one day...... I can recommend her if you need guidance in your life ..... Thank you Delia" ... written by Groggy59
Wow, she was great. She tuned right into the situation. Her cards are really interesting. Excellent!" ... written by necklace15
Thank you for the reading. I loved your cards. You are absolutely right when you say that he will put conditions on the relationship. I expect that he will. There are patterns that need to be broken and he is going to expect that. Thanks again." ... written by sulie1002
coming back for more!" ... written by mizbeez
Extremely Accurate Reading! Thank You! I highly recommend!" ... written by positivelivin
i really like her!!!! this is my second reading and i also got an email reading..very helpful...thank you so much i will def be back!!!!" ... written by Onica86
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wonderful 12 house reading." ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
Delia, did the house of 12 reading for me for the year of 2012. It was a very good reading and full of information I can take with me the whole year. She could see things about me that only I would know so I am positive she is talented in her insight. She is for real. I will come back to see here over and over again. She is wonderful, pleasant and stays focused on what is at hand. If you try her you will not regret it I recommend her for you readings. Thank you Delia Luke" ... written by Ladman49
very interesting a must try..." ... written by Anniekins
Love her!! The Best about Relationships and Love!" ... written by Joey
I really enjoyed my reading and I look forward to the future with positivity..she gave me many things to think about and areas I can improve in which I kind of knew but needed someone else to tell me. She was very patient and detailed wished I could of talked longer......I highly recommend." ... written by Chanej
Spot on! Wow!" ... written by spiritualgirl1
Delia was very good and very intuitive. She picks up on stuff quickly. will chat with her again " ... written by dmariae
WOW! Everything she said was right on the money! SPOT ON! She said I was very easy to read, because I was open, and I'm glad I was! I'll definitely follow her advice and not pay so much attention... focus on other things for a bit. I'm glad I had a private with her! Will come back again soon! :D HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" ... written by wing-mei
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She is the best reader on this site, truly gifted!!" ... written by blanca84
Scary accurate...and honest." ... written by spiritualgirl1
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I woud need a lot longer the time went very quick i will take on board what was said an come bk wen i have more money 2 spend thank you xx" ... written by emmaajcook05
very good reading " ... written by lushez26
Brilliant i have not words. Spot on was right about everything. Thank you so much for your help." ... written by Lorann23
Went back for a biz reading. Very helpful!" ... written by spiritualgirl1
Great!!" ... written by lushez26
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as always she is great. " ... written by Ladman49
Great reading and gives good advice. I feel like she is my friend. Thank you Delia. xxoo" ... written by Jacqueline
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She picked up on the situation very quickly and told me exactly what is happening, she is very gifted reader. thank you Artemisdelia" ... written by murdocca
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Thank u so much ! " ... written by reicaa
Very positive reading. Thank you for giving me strength!" ... written by jasminepapas
Thanks very much all the information. You've been most helpful. Will be back!" ... written by Laplusbelle
Great energy, very accurate and hopefully she is right about her reassurance of better times! liked her style and sincerity." ... written by Laprincess
Artemis, such a dear. So confident, she is just completely spot on. She just knows your situation. I love her reading style, especially in the relationship area. She's been right!" ... written by Viv
thanks again my dear... have a lovely night... hugs and kisses... " ... written by babe28
!!!!!!!!!!!!!great!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by eurbaez438
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The cards she uses are great and on point at reading your current situation! Artemis has a great grasp of understanding relationship dynamics and she gives wonderful advice that I find to be very useful. I highly recommend her!" ... written by Nona29
thanku very comforting indeed :) x" ... written by f999111
You are an amazing woman. you give me strength and hope" ... written by jasminepapas
Thank you so much! A very complete reading :) You answered all my questions accurately and gave me a lot of confidence and faith to keep this moving forward." ... written by iPreferMimi
I loved her. She was very sweet and helped a lot. Thank you." ... written by murbot
Very good insight..Very very very good insight. " ... written by katharazz
Love you Delia!!" ... written by tivabeth22
Very informative reading!!! Thank you." ... written by WhodisWoman
Very good! definitely call!" ... written by starshine34
SHE WAS GREAT. " ... written by bubblelove33
Really accurate on some things. Very helpful." ... written by beetlenut
thanks again for a wonderful reading... take care... andamp;lt;3" ... written by babe28
saw exactly what is going on" ... written by LA
she's sooo good! her cards picked up on so much right away!" ... written by charmedangelx31
Lovely Valentine readling lol" ... written by queenbee22
She was AMAZING! And she was so right as well! Everything she said about my relationship was true, and she gave me great advice to keep moving forward. I will definitely go back to her when I need another reading. Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
this lady is a wonderful and gentle soul...she is right about so much...thank very much i will be back for sure xoxoxo" ... written by babay88
Very accurate. Knowledgeable in every aspects of life. Awesome person and reader. I am following guidelines on how to improve time/self-mangement :) (((Delia)))) ty" ... written by Esmilodon05
great reading.." ... written by flower08
she great...!" ... written by pangs5
Thank you for your help, feel very hurt by the truth but guess its what i needed to hear and thank you " ... written by Jodyleelee
she was very good:) I loved the reading:)!!!" ... written by tchave11
Confirmed what i was feeling :) will come back again, so caring and direct at the same time ." ... written by leti89
She was so accurate! without me saying anything she saw right in to my situation and gave me good advice! Let's wait and see =)...Really one of my favorites" ... written by Laprincess
Great reading as always! " ... written by Joanna93
She was great! :) Answered all my questions." ... written by florwer85
Very true and accurate." ... written by dabeyra
She is fabulous and precise!!! Her inner vision is strong and can see into the most complex situations. Thank you dear dear Delia!!!!!!!!!!! Blessings and love to you always!!!" ... written by divinegoodness
Excellent! Coming back!!!" ... written by manijhe
excellent psychic advisor! :) I feel so much better already! definitely coming back !" ... written by manijhe
This was my second reading with ArtemisDelia and I loved it. I hope her predictions will come true soon. I will definitely try her other types of readings next time." ... written by Missleo
Thanks again Artemis... God Bless! =) " ... written by babe28
Very sweet and attentive. would consult again" ... written by andisian
Thanks." ... written by nyssens716
:) Great reading again, I'm so happy to know I got the answer I needed thanks so much! This is really helpful! :) Bless you" ... written by manijhe
It amazes me how everything she said in my reading was everything my bf told me, and I didn't even tell her anything! She was absolutely amazing, which is why I'm a repeat customer. I will continue to be a repeat customer, because she's that good! Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
Great great!" ... written by Joanna93
Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!! try her :-)" ... written by KittyCat000
Very thorough!" ... written by glowingkoala
Dead on. " ... written by jswede1149
As usual...wonderful..thank you :)" ... written by dreamer65
Hope what she said comes true..." ... written by alwayshope
Super!" ... written by gstephen
Saw what was going on very well was able to clarify many aspects she used the Traingle reading which i thought was great" ... written by sunshine05
She is wonderful financial and relationship consultant. She told me many things that other psychic can't. Thank you so much ArtemisDelia! I will get back with you soon." ... written by gaston165
Awesome are amazing!! LOL" ... written by HappyDays4u
This is my 4th reading and she is awesome!!!! Great advice and help!" ... written by Laprincess
GOOD!!!" ... written by ppp
She is definitely a very nice reader; however, my gut feeling is that she might have mixed up the predictions for the two people in question. I just can't see things unfolding exactly that way...but only time will tell. Thank you!" ... written by positivity08
She was really nice and gave me very useful advise in my situation. I will be in touch with her again to let her know how things turned out" ... written by lovebutterfly8
She is good, honest and accurate...wants to help u with great advice, I've read with her before and always very consistent and amazing" ... written by Laprincess
I had a wind of change and she and the cards truly hit my situation right on the head and made me feel uplifted and great about where I am in life right now. I highly recommend this psychic. " ... written by 1349HF
Multiple readings I've had with Artemis... She is spot on with my situation, and her predictions have come to fruition. I will return and i highly recommend to anyone." ... written by leti89
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
She really did give me clarity and new perspective about what is going on in my particular situation. I was so down and heartbroken before speaking to her. She laid out the entire thing without me telling her anything about what was happening and knew what was going on. She really did make me feel better and now I know I will get what I want. If you have questions or doubts about your love life, she is the one to talk to. She helped me understand what is going on at this time and what will happen in the future. She is great an worth it! :)" ... written by sparklehail
Gives accurate insight while being gentle and kind. Reading of my situation and people involved was on target. " ... written by lilliableu
Such clear insight, makes it clear to make decisions and outcomes. one of the best readers if not the best readers." ... written by Mico_Napoli
Thank you lovely." ... written by murbot
Always amazing reading :) I'm so impressed by Delia's talent :) I need to listen to her and incorporate her wisdom into my life ! Thank you so much for inspiring me again! :)" ... written by manijhe
Very accurate, in fact extremely accurate." ... written by Mico_Napoli
I completely love her! This is my 5th reading and she is always been so accurate and helpful, her advice is very sincere and she is always truly looking out for u. her predictions have become true every time " ... written by Laprincess
Always helpful. Lovely person. Good reading. Thank you Delia :)" ... written by Esmilodon05
Exxpressionate...fetching" ... written by englandsglory
I can't believe how accurate her card reading was!! She gives good advice and I recommend her !!" ... written by Jaqueline73
She is the best!!!" ... written by bbdo1234
Love chatting w her. She was specific, accurate and compassionate. I look forward to seeing how things unfold and will be back for updates." ... written by sparkly1
Nice girl, precise. " ... written by vjrei01
She is so awesome. She tells things the way it is from the other person's perspective so well and makes it easy for you to understand what is going on with them. She also explains what you need to do in the situation you are going through. She has made me feel so much better because I was feeling confused about things. She is Definitely worth it and the real deal. My favorite adviser now. Will definitely be back for an other reading. " ... written by sparklehail
She is really amazing! thank you so much for the insight regarding my situation it really helped me ease my confusion and now i know what to do..." ... written by livlyfe121358
I had my first reading with her last week, around the 7th of March. She told me I would win on my trading around the middle of March. Sure enough, I won the money on March 14. Very accurate. Thank you so much, ArtemisDelia" ... written by gaston165
She really helped clarify some things for me that I had been struggling with for quite some time. I feel a much deeper understanding and feel a sense of peace now. Many thanks and will be back to update later." ... written by sparkly1
Great reading and tremendous advice. she gave solutions to the problem and put my mind at ease. I would recommend highly!!!" ... written by madame1
I wish I could talk to you longer, however thank you for giving me some insight of what I need to do." ... written by hansol00e
Awwesome as usual!!!!" ... written by mhharview
ALWAYS GREAT...." ... written by eurbaez438
Happy with her... Great Reading..." ... written by eurbaez438
:)" ... written by Zee125
Wonderful, caring, thorough... Made sure she explained all my questions until I understood. Strongly recommend if you need guidance and support." ... written by lilliableu
Artemisdelia is wonderful and kind! always a very good reading and results happen. Will be back for she is awesome!" ... written by mhharview
Pretty impressive" ... written by isabelleabastado
Wonderful advisor about financial and relationship" ... written by gaston165
Great reading as always!" ... written by Joanna93
Very Good! It felt like I was talking with a friend." ... written by mhharview
Very helpful and informative. Thank you." ... written by BarbaA
Absolutely amazing. Very good reader and full of happyness. Wishing you all the best!" ... written by Daniel79
I like Artemis she is very quick she covered like 4-5 questions in six minutes." ... written by Katja87
Her predictions have been spot on.. I didn't believe her when I was having such a terrible time with my relationship and she told him he would come around.. and he is... I've had multiple readings with her and highly recommend her.. she is sweet and provides good advice.. she has soothed my woes many times over :)" ... written by leti8989
Great readings! She says the truth every time, even if it's not so great and tells you what should you do to fix you problem." ... written by Zee125
Veeeery good ... really impressed me (hard to do, lol) .. quick, accurate, gets the details exactly, highly recommended" ... written by bonnielynn
She's great!" ... written by Pam_mie
She is the best!!!" ... written by bbdo1234
She is very accurate and knew things about me that I didn't even tell her! Very good at giving me advice will be back again definitely thank you!" ... written by ninjakitty88
Wonderful! Hit everything! Very, very good..." ... written by kat620
Wonderful..positive and supportive." ... written by lilliableu
Great." ... written by eurbaez438
Fantastic reading I really am so happy I got to have a reading with her. She really does go into great depths on your situation..excellent ..thank you xx" ... written by babay88
I love Delia! She always knows what is going on and gives excellent advice! Give her a try you will be happy with your reading." ... written by Jaqueline
Wonderful!!!" ... written by kosmosss
Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by magdalena38lant
Nothing short of amazing! She told me everything I needed to know. I withheld some information from her and SHE brought them to the light. Wonderful reader!" ... written by Chloe28
Very accurate and informative" ... written by nisa174
AWESOME AS ALWAYS!!!! " ... written by mhharview
Very accurate and picked up so well on my situation. very accurate in her sense of what happened!" ... written by lilliableu
I love her tarot readings they are always accurate and she gives very good advice. I come see her once or twice a month and she remembers me :)" ... written by NJ
Very easy to talk to." ... written by skf271
Amazing." ... written by EXCELLION36
Great reading, very caring and precise!" ... written by chawks009
Great " ... written by eurbaez438
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
Simply amazing!!" ... written by Chloe28
Fast and accurate!" ... written by usa
Great reading, love the cards that she uses too." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Very compassionate and detailed" ... written by brokenhearted118
She is a wonderful and clear reader. Always sees with precision amazing details of the situation in question. What a blessed one she is. Thank you so much delia!!!" ... written by divinegoodness
She know what happened in every aspect of my life, what will happen in my future, and guide me how to react to have better life" ... written by gastonmai1
Very encouraging and positive." ... written by mosh2012
She is very good at what she does, only had literally two min and she answered my question... I am going to come back when I have more credits with her... Very much recommended :)" ... written by butterflywings10
Wonderful!!! I felt like she was right on target. " ... written by kkinney7
Words cannot express. Today was the most unbelievable meeting and reading I ever had. This is the culmination of a long journey for me and I met her at the perfect time. She saw everything so clearly, and directly. I am really so pleasantly surprised at how perfect she was as a reader. No question, she is always this great!!!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Very insightful! Very detailed. Awesome Awesome! Awesome!" ... written by missCee
Great reading as always!" ... written by Joanna93
100 percent accurate, and she can give me exact details that not every psychic can. She is my most favorite psychic. And I have been having reading by her for about 1 year." ... written by gastonmai1
Good." ... written by xxDrikenxx
OMG!! She did the reading to me, but I did not rate her right away because I was not sure that what she said was accurate, But next day, I mean, the very next day what she said to me happened!!!. " ... written by amber
Wonderful reading. Very accurate and detail!" ... written by gastonmai1
Really good reading. She understood asituation very well and described me and my ex quite accurately. Also, her predictions were very much in synch with what other psychics said, what I believe will happen and what makes sense...oh, well, she is sweet as well and I do believe she deserves 5 stars and i will be back." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Shes really fast! thanks" ... written by stebella009
Great" ... written by eurbaez438
Thanks. Fast and accurate, good reading!!!!" ... written by GM
Thanks for the reading.. She was very fast and detailed." ... written by serinaserina
She connected very well and gave a very thorough reading for my relationship questions. She reads energy in addition to the cards very very well and brings a lot of practical wisdom from life experience as well. She is very much worth your time and credits. :)" ... written by 2ndSight
Her reading is awesome ." ... written by hashmi84
Great reading as always." ... written by MerkabahMan633
She is excellent and the cards she pulls are always dead on!!!" ... written by Nj girl
Thank you so much for your reading you are amazing. We had a reading a month ago and what you predicted happened and today's reading confirm the previous one. I don't know how you do it, but you are always right! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! " ... written by Kitty1002
She was very clear, came with good advise." ... written by rb31081981
WOW! Very accurate and detailed!" ... written by me
She is really great!!All reviews here about her are right!Don`t miss chance to take her to private!!" ... written by mariah88
She is great!!!!!!!" ... written by eurbaez438
I love this girl! She is truly a godsend." ... written by gittyup1945
Always come back!!!!!!" ... written by gittyup1945
I love her! " ... written by gittyup1945
I am glad you are back again. Really needed your insights and hope everything works out for good :)))) THANK YOU." ... written by Esmilodon05
She is amazing. I really do hope everything she says come to pass! I will update." ... written by spiritflower79
Wonderful as always. Sound advice. Highly recommend. I will return to her as I have in the past." ... written by leti8989
Art is just completely utterly spectacularly amazing with each and every single meaning that's possible- I felt a great connection with her xo she gets me like no other and gets my situation on fleek too, she connected to the one i was asking for and gave me so many detailed stuff!" ... written by Renad
very very interesting methodology of reading ,,, thanx i enjoyed much." ... written by zimerili1
She was good " ... written by B
she seems humble and honest, true to the craft. i was very disappointed in the result, but, if what she said was true, then, i'll have to wait. " ... written by Shalaya
lots of details :)" ... written by luckystars
its a great reading" ... written by luckystars
She helped me a lot :)" ... written by Kate
very to the point and told me things i didnt have to tell her! i will be back!!!" ... written by adorangel
she is teh real deal. i have to say his prediction came true for me in the past. from now on she is my only reader." ... written by Angie
great reading" ... written by luckystars
She was very nice with me and patient I would ask her for another ready I give her 5 stars she was very good." ... written by Patricia
wow she knew my situation with only knowing my birthday and reading some cards. Although future prediction was not what I hoped for time line wise, I was very surprised at how she described him and I and how we are together. Thanks!" ... written by leo girl
seems good, connects well" ... written by smiley2011
I love her for the reading she gave me. I truly needed the information that she gave me. Thank u soooo much Artemis." ... written by twinspice
She was very nice yet also very truthful!!!!!! " ... written by Maria E. Florespatino
very interesting and accurate" ... written by jag
Thank you for your reading i will take it all on board and hope for the best... " ... written by Simone
Great reading" ... written by lucky
More than just accurate, I am glad She is coming back ! " ... written by Mai
Loved the reading. I highly recommend her!!" ... written by pepita24
WOW : simply amazing. she is by far the best i've talked to . other than the slow internet connection it was fantastic. " ... written by Erik
Very nice and warm personality. It was a pleasure to hear her. I would recommend her for everybody!" ... written by marxis79
Very interesting reading. Look forward to see what will happen in the future. She is a great reader and very nice." ... written by tash1921