About AnneWolfe

Psychic AnneWolfehas 25-30years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic AnneWolfehas recently helped 479members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about AnneWolfe's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I am what the Hungarian call a taltos. Taltos are marked at birth, usually with extra fingers (I was born with 6 fingers on each hand) and are spiritually open (communion with Isten - God) while still in the womb. They are chosen to be spiritual or physical healers, with the duty to use their gifts to help others.

I've been studying spiritual paths for many years.

**My Style**

My style is compassionate and encouraging, and I believe that every challenge in life is given us for a reason. Our task is to find our way through, learning and becoming more our true selves with every step.

**Steps in a Reading with me**

I begin my readings with tarot. The tarot will help us to examine the question more thoroughly from several angles, to get a very good idea of the different elements and challenges in the situation. Often this is all that is needed, but sometimes I'll want to follow up with iChing. Often, I will end the reading with giving you something to study, read, or practice. I believe if you are concerned enough about a situation to seek a reading, the situation is important enough to you that something probably needs to be addressed.

**About YES/NO Answers**

I am far more interested in helping you achieve your spiritual potential than in answering a yes/no question. These gifts are here for our spiritual benefit - to become more and more who we are, to find our spiritual nature. To reduce this knowledge and ability down to a yes/no prediction is to really misuse what has been given us.

I will help you look at the HOW and the WHY of the situations you are facing. Prediction can be part of that. Clairvoyance is part of that. But it's so much more than "yes" or "no". Please be prepared, in a reading with me, to look further into yourself and your situations.

**Why the iChing?**

iChing is the oldest form of divination known - about 4,000 years old. It was old when Confucius contributed to it. It means "Book of Changes" and with a properly formulated question, it can provide truly great insight and wisdom - and advice. You will leave the reading with some idea of what you can DO to improve the situation and/or your frame of mind regarding the situation.

**About the hard questions**

I have a background in crisis counseling and have worked with hundreds of survivors of abuse. Relationship questions are my favorite, and no question is too challenging. I am happy to help anyone who seeks it - I don't discriminate based on race, religion, or sexual orientation. We are all on this planet together and I do feel it's my calling to help others grow in love and spirit.

I look forward to meeting you!

Anne is so wonderful. Was sad over silliness and she made me feel so much better. She's intuitive and generous with her time." ... written by Jooly
Anne is a very kind caring person, she helps every time I talk to her. Anne brings out things you don't even realize. I recommend her to all that have troubles :)" ... written by Debra Harrer
WOW - amazing lady -thank you so much" ... written by sunshine
Anne is truly powerful. She's very skilled in her crafts, and is highly sensitive to her intuition. She is very wise and experienced. I believe, and in also having the same gifts as she does, that she will do very well here on Oranum. Her guidance and advice offered with a smile, good or bad, I'd recommend her highly. (: Thank you xoxo" ... written by Michele
Amazing, feeling at peace after speaking with her, will be back again soon :)" ... written by Heidi
THANK YOU for being kind." ... written by MMarmalade
amazing, spot on, awesome, 5 stars" ... written by dbtsea
Anne is very caring and honest. Is very sincere on how she relays information to you. Really had my best interest at heart and I really appreciate that. I can be stubborn at times. I have a feeling she will be a big part of my healing process. Thank you so much Anne. You're amazing. Love and Peace, Lavender" ... written by Lavender03
thank you so much, hit the nail on the head" ... written by judi
very powerful reading told me some things about myself i didnt even realize thank you again for the reading " ... written by tammy
Anne is the best, the kindest. She won't waste your money. She will check things first in group chat to see if she can help you. She will give you a fast reading and not eat up all your money on BS. :) Great lady." ... written by Julie
Very kind and good advice... Thanks Anne" ... written by Vivienne
Great reader. spot on assessment of the situation....and kind attitude , helped me." ... written by Ernie Worrell
Her insights are SHOCKING. You'll be surprised to find that this one actually tells you the TRUTH. Amazing whats she's able to grasp ahold of." ... written by love
I love her. She's amazing and incredibly on point with her observations. PLEASE go see her. PLEASE!!!!" ... written by truthis
Thanks for all your insight and advice. I asked for a general reading with a few questions thrown in, but to be honest I didn't need to ask much as Anne kind of knew what direction the reading needed to go in anyway. Great practical advice for the situations she sensed also! Will be sure to let you know how all goes! thanks again xx" ... written by coppercat28
She seems very gifted and has a empathic and kind way of delivering her messages. " ... written by CelticFreckles
absolutely amazing! heard everything I needed to hear." ... written by ashley
Gentle spirit. Insightful." ... written by AnnicB1
thank you anne" ... written by obsidan
great" ... written by d
Lets see what happens! Excited for the interview tomorrow :)" ... written by Loveable
very good reading and very quick to pick up on details" ... written by m
good" ... written by Ferdinand
great" ... written by ferdinand
I love her ! =)" ... written by am
Very helpful reading" ... written by AK
Interresting reading. I will go back to her for follow up...." ... written by Marcos
Very kind, very insightful, very pleasant" ... written by Julie
She is wonderful!! thank you so much!" ... written by kt1818
Really put me at ease." ... written by Amber
Very good. I reccomend" ... written by zeta
She picked up on my situation and offered me some reasons for it and advice how to deal with it. Good rates too." ... written by Konrad
thank you Ann found you lovely and really helpful to talk to." ... written by Daisy
very intuitive and understanding,great advice given!One of my favourite readers yet" ... written by sorcha
Anne is amazing, gave me some great insight and what I need to do to go on in life :) " ... written by B
Thank You" ... written by Ava
with my problems sometimes i think about death, Anne has helped me to try to keep going. I thank God for allowing her into my world" ... written by DebraHarrer
Great reader " ... written by Kayla
excellent in depth reading " ... written by sky
I admire her honesty. Very nice woman. Her chat room has a really great atmosphere and I just like to keep her updated with what is going on with me. Wont' mind to go for more readings in the near future. Very great person to get honest readings from. " ... written by Juneth
Very informative and direct. Very helpful with her information too. Thank you!" ... written by Rob
Thanks so much for reaffirming! many many blessings...." ... written by tanni
thank you" ... written by g
peaceful and honest. " ... written by rahman
Thanks" ... written by Mariela
She is awesome! Very down to earth!!" ... written by Misty
She is amazing, gives you information while having great advice" ... written by Ava
Anne is shall I say the coolest, she helps on everything. She is willing to lend her helping hand,I say everyone should talk to Anne :)" ... written by Debra Harrer
Thank you....quick and not painful...great spirit and reader" ... written by v
Thanks for the reading!!!" ... written by B
Very good Reading very nice Lady thank you Anna x " ... written by vickie
excellent reader and got right to the point of what I asked" ... written by mike
Best of the best, so kind, very good." ... written by Julie
1 month ago I was a wreck,after talking and having Anne read for me,I can say she has brought me to life again. Anne's kind and caring voice makes you feel comfortable.When she uses the cards,you can tell right away,she is feeling the cards and you." ... written by Debra Harrer
Great reader - must try " ... written by Thatgirl7541
Thank you!" ... written by Ava
thanks so much ...always good you can tell what is going on..this lady is very special taker her to private you wont regret... " ... written by tami
Anne is a caring and intuitive reader....i appreciate her counsel and shes really helped me move towards a healing place in myself." ... written by Sebastian Cabot
Amazing! She was so good I never had to share hardly any info with her she hit everything spot on and gave us the best advice WHICH im HAPPY to say IT WORKED!! I will deffo deal with this lady again shes a credit to this site and must be proud of her :)" ... written by VickieVix
Quick and to the point she will not waste your time...I will be looking forward to her predictions...such a gentle and kind and blessings " ... written by tammy
Anne is absolutely amazing, a real gem." ... written by jade8233
Great reading, picking up my situation very strongly. Thank you. " ... written by PK
Anne Wolfe is, let me say extremely amazing! When she sets her sight on how to help you she stays with you, she keeps her calm voice with you. Anne definitely knows where her heart is in this universe, her heart is here to help people and that is what Anne does. If you want a reading or you want a friend, I say give Anne a try, you will not regret :)" ... written by Debra Harrer
Very truthful and insightful " ... written by hayleydoune77
Quick and to the point..Always caring and empathetic...great and blessings" ... written by eyes
Provided some interesting insight, and a couple of very real solutions. Looking forward to giving her suggestions a go!" ... written by unlocked
Thank you for the advice." ... written by d2k1000
Amazing!" ... written by Megan
lovely and insightful " ... written by hayleydoune77
Great connection, wonderful spirit picks up quickly...Such a mild and calming chat room also...get a reading you will not regret!" ... written by tami
excellent, spot on with picking things up" ... written by jag
Anne Wolfe is fantastic yes. I would like to express that Anne helps me more than I think she realizes, she stays calm and does not judge yes. I give Anne a full five plus rating yes :)" ... written by julia
Anne always goes the extra for me she is very comforting, she read for me today and she had me realize things I had forgotten.Anne is right on the target all the time. I still rate her full 5 stars plus. If you have difficulties give your attention to ANNE WOLFE you will not regret :)" ... written by julia
Thank you. you were very helpful. I did have much previous insight but you brought some extra clarity to help my resolve. " ... written by Jim
Anne Wolfe is so helpful once again she has shown me the bright side of this situation. Anne is awesome in reading she connects and hits it straight on yes :) " ... written by julia
I always have a long conversation with Anne, and she always has the sweetest wisdom xo" ... written by Michele
great the eching....." ... written by tam
Anne connected very well. Very fast. Gave me direct answer to a question. Gave some helpful tips on another. It was a pleasure speaking to her, felt very comfortable and easy. Recommend her. Blessings." ... written by L
Very good reading with AnneWolf! I highly recommend her!" ... written by W