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Psychic AnjumHopehas 10-15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic AnjumHopehas recently helped 116members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about AnjumHope's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Since i was a child i started seeing dreams about people and places whom i had never met and places where i had never been or heard in my life ,it put me in to a lot of thinking about what it is all about?but as i grew the vision started becoming more clear to me and i realizde that the people and places which i was seeing was related to people around me.It brings me the news about what gonna happen in future with them and where.
I started helping people about various problems in their life which came true and with time .my visions are more clear now

In my 15th year of life something very tragic happen and it change my life entirely.Before that i never used to connect with the people other than friends and relatives to help them with my gift but later started connecting with more people and helping them.

One night i saw a vision of people crying on a road on the mountain and something has fallen down from that site ,i saw my mother crying but didnt get why she was crying ?,I did not get much in to it as continued my daily work as i was more concerend about my mother and father and didnt see them travelling in near future so i moved on but after 2 days i got a news about my Grand father,Grand mother and uncle accident on the Highway which passes through the mountains, my mother was crying and then i regretted so much to not paid attention to that vision and after that i decided i would get more in to it because i came to know whats my Job was and why god send me to the earth with such a gift,Even when my grand father was in hospital i got intuition that he was going to live six more years and he did exactly lived six years.

I needed to talk to Anjum tonight! He has a kind heart and a listening spirit. I am not sure what directed me to speak with heart feels more peaceful for doing so. Thank you Anjum. May God's beautiful, white, loving light wash all over and forever... Colleen :)" ... written by EarlyIrishEyes
Excellent..! He can read You!!! thats for sure.." ... written by trusting2012
Was a very interesting session, I was truly *NOT* prepared, as it is now 1:53 in the Morning... However, well worth the investment Thanks, BRO!" ... written by TraderMarco
was good but running out of credits. thanks so much!" ... written by jessjess1
Great reading. Intuitive on several things." ... written by Beginnings7
Very Nice man....he gave me the answers I needed." ... written by opengirl1975
He is wonderful...! " ... written by EarlyIrishEyes
A place where my heart finds peace...:)! Thank you...:)" ... written by EarlyIrishEyes
Good readings..." ... written by Anniekins
Lovely man, very intuitive and picked up on something that was troubling me. I didn't even ask, he just new. I find this utterly amazing! " ... written by araketanara
Amazing reading and picked up everything around me so quickly and feelings around those around me." ... written by tanyaolivia64
Excellent reading! Ty" ... written by mozzy123
anjum angel,my dear gorgeous friend. thankyou for your insight and advise and continual support.:)))" ... written by suzana01
He is very kind and gentle. Still left with questions, but aren't we all?" ... written by gemini2460
Simply amazing, Such a sweet gentelman i will defo come back for more in future :) x" ... written by Caramcaz
Anjum is awesome :) He will give you good advice and guide you correctly! Everyone try a private reading from Anjum if you're seeking the truth!!! I highly recommend it!" ... written by Annonymous 24
OK, took a long time to answer the original question, otherwise helpful." ... written by maryannepav
Hey, Guy Anjum is amazing. He will guide you correct and dedicate his precious time to help you so please try a reading!!! He has made a difference in my life :)" ... written by Bodyguard
Anjum is awesome :) He will give you good advice and guide you correctly! Everyone try a private reading from Anjum if you're seeking the truth!!! I highly recommend it!" ... written by Annonymous 24
Anjum is the best :) Great person and of course a great reader..All his visions are true..." ... written by Protector
picked up on all the major issues ,very good ,recommend." ... written by delcon
He was slow at first but then he gave a good reading..Thanks a bunch." ... written by brownsuga5964
Excellent.. I truly recommend... He reads you..!" ... written by trusting2012
not bad the typing was delayed didn't get his last typed msg. good at what he does" ... written by febuary
Very quick answers good psychic :)" ... written by f999111
He is right on target and answers any question you may have." ... written by jdlawson3