About Angelhealer79

Psychic Angelhealer79has 14years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Angelhealer79has recently helped 9878members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Angelhealer79's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Angel developed her love for connecting with the angels at the age of 12 and inherited her gifts from her great grandmother, She went on to study the Angel and Tarot cards; developing a unique way to channel the angels as well as use the cards to give detailed and accurate readings. She has made it her personal goal to serve, inspire and empower as many people as possible to live fulfilled lives.

She is lovely. Thanks :)" ... written by d2k1000
Thank you for the insight!!! Hope it comes to pass over the next couple of weeks!" ... written by buffymonet1
Awesome as always!" ... written by marion
WOW i'm speechless as to how great Angelhealer is loved every minute of my reading with her!!! She is definitely one of the best here! 5stars is not enough she deserves way more!! If you want clear conciense honesty then you must have pvt with her......" ... written by marion
always happy to get reading off her...shes very calm and explains things clearly" ... written by maryam
great read" ... written by davyboii
thank you so much for always making me feel at peace with things happening and reassuring me 100 stars as always" ... written by edna
Excellent reading!!!good shes got a guide too!No mistaking angels!!!highly recommended thank you so much:)" ... written by rattail1
She is a very sweet person, easy to talk to. Also her Readings are extrodinary, with her Angel guide. I highly recocommend her. Can't wait to see my outcome. Thank u Angelhealer." ... written by Lucy117
This was my 2nd Reading with Angelhealer andamp; I was just amazed once again. Always on point no question about it. Very accurate in her readings. Very highly recommend it. I will be back for more future readings w/ her. Thank u Angelhealer" ... written by Lucy117
was on point thanks for the advice" ... written by angelhealer79
Good reading x" ... written by Romaa83
She started out slow and never said one word expect when she ask me was i there if felt like she was just throwing things out there for my minutes to go fast and at the end she answer some question right. " ... written by daneillwells30
I like this girl she connected very quickly and got right to the point." ... written by FishOutOfWater
she is one of the best,,always spot on " ... written by mariam
once again an amazing person. just wonderful to talk to, and she has a great calming affect...on me atleast " ... written by warpmind69
She is accrurate she spoke on somehting i didnt meantion until the card was pulled. Thank u!" ... written by Tee
awsome read ty so much" ... written by davyboii
she is just amazing, i always get readings done by her and highly recommend her" ... written by mariam
this was my first time finding Angelhealer and she is wonderful." ... written by qp
Very wonderful, she helped me open my own connection with the angels and work on my abilities to listen. I highly recommend her, the angels really do talk to her :-)" ... written by warpmind69
AngelHealer79 has a lot to offer. I felt that she genuinely tried to answer my questions quickly and accurately. She gave me hope with her angel cards and I've left the reading a better person for having met her. Thank you. " ... written by pinchofsalt
WOW! Very fantastic - broke down the whole situation exactly the way it has been with only names no other info given. Described in detail the thoughts, feelings and efforts of both sides and gave great guidance. Very accurate, honest and connected - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Thank you so much as always 100 stars you always make me know things will be ok. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" ... written by Edna
brill thank you xxxxx" ... written by hazelhazel
found this reading very helpful. would recommend" ... written by chelle54
Always feel so much better!!Thankyou again x3 Always!!!" ... written by rattail1
Absolutely awesome! Would recommend her to anyone!" ... written by Emily
very helpful" ... written by enterchange
she was amazing...i love her honesty, and she knew everything i talked to other psychic but i was still confused and down and also out. but she mad me feel better. i will always come to her for now on. she made me smile. she was on point and positive i appreciated the reading alot and i will see her much ..much more often highly recommned !!!!" ... written by crazyinlovedoll
Angelhealer is a God send. She was very accurate and inspired hope. Thank you for your insight. " ... written by amhjth
Always great!Thankyou Angel:)" ... written by rattail1
She's really really good reader. Thanks!" ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
Really great reading. Love the angel messages, and lots of needed insight into my situation." ... written by L
2nd reading, very honest. a wonderful woman" ... written by warpmind69
what a lovely, calming woman... I so enjoyed my chat with AngelHealer, she was spot on and I feel she was pretty darn accurate... try AngelHealer everyone ... I didn't have to say much, she asked me a few questions and she took off with the reading.. love her energy ...............recommended :) :)" ... written by t
Excellent reading very accurate:) amazing person xo" ... written by Mariela
Great reading , very nice person!" ... written by snowpea
Very pleasant reading, easy and fun to talk to will be back!" ... written by wabbit1988
Its been a long journey and im glad to have shared it with Angel who has been there for me through all the ups and downs!I owe her alot!Thankyou so much Angel!God Bless you" ... written by rattail1
i jus feel so attach to her" ... written by AngelaEtwaroo199
Awesome reading...Very positive." ... written by d2k1010
SHe was very nice, clarified alot of things and made me feel secure. Thank you for your time. Talk to you soon. God Bless" ... written by answers28
Always awesome! Cant remember how many readings I've had with Angel!Believe in the angels always!" ... written by rattail1
Angelhealer was wonderful !" ... written by florwer85
Very good answered all questions, was complete!! " ... written by shining4ALL2SEE
AngelHealer79 is great. She connected with me quickly and very well. she was able to answer all my questions and then some. she showed great concern for my situation, and also gave me alot of helpful information. A wonderful 5 star reader. I would highly recommend her to everyone." ... written by Tanny6
I want to say Thank You for your assistance. I will get back to you. Much love from Tehla." ... written by quiznos77
Angel is very good in her readings and told me what I needed to do. I really like her alot and will come back ! I recommend her most definitily!" ... written by goddess70
Very lovely reading and comforting :)" ... written by florwer85
she was dead on point and she is highly recommended by all. i would say 110% accurate. she pull everything. thx" ... written by fierygoddess1
EXCELLENT!!! Told me eveything I need to know and sooo much more. She gave me what she saw and I have followed it. So far everything has came true. Will RETURN" ... written by Terika
It was really comforting speaking to AngelHealer79 in my private session with her. The focus of the discussion was about careers, specifically in the healthcae industry. A surprising revelation came out i my reading about an upcoming marriage. I was not expecting that. I defintiely have to return for another private reading with Angelhealer79. Your style left me wanting more. Thank you!" ... written by I_Love_Life
Very understanding, kind, and focused. Good advice and made me feel at ease. " ... written by LadyL5
angelhearler79 was right on point she gave me good adivice will love to have a reading with her in the future" ... written by marybeth1love
She was right on. But now I feel I can move on with a new life. Thank you so much............" ... written by Susie007
she is wonderful as always , I just admire her. Looking foward to more accurate readings in the near future." ... written by Lucy117
She was very accurate and friendly. As a real Angel who heals everybody." ... written by PaulM
Very quick and detailed information. I will seek your advice again Thank you Angel." ... written by Lovepassenger
Angelhealer was great as always but i wish i had more time with her... this was my 4th reading with her god bless you Angel healer.... i give her 5******" ... written by Lucy117
Wonderful and very positive reading...Thank you. Have a blessed day." ... written by d2k1000
She is the best. Got to love her." ... written by brownsuga5964
QUICK AND AMAZING! BLESSINGS!" ... written by answers28
I always love my readings with her. She is soo genuine and insightful :)" ... written by d2k1000
Very special reading with a nice lady. thank you." ... written by koolandamp;amp;thegang
I really like her. Hope what she says comes true :)" ... written by d2k1000
Fantastic reading :) - excellent reader with great insights and detail! FIVE STARS!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Thanks, very good!" ... written by dreamer65
Very Informative, Gave Good Detailed info. Thank You " ... written by queenbee22
thank you for the great reading and i will let you know what happens in the future in my situation. thank you so much and god bless. " ... written by luckygirl40
My first reading with her and i loved it, mainly because she gave me much needed clarity and i enjoyed her centered, loving energy and messages. Plus, she was very accurate. Great expert!" ... written by Yiara
Very accurate reader. She was spot on. Great session! xox" ... written by MC
Great reading with Angelhealer79" ... written by Deeplomacy99
I absolutely LOOOVED my reading!!!! Thank you so so so much!!!" ... written by kimyberly
amazing woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sin
She was great answer all my questions n more" ... written by Yesy
Very quick connection, and straightforward with her answers." ... written by angelszone
Thanjk-you Great Update God bless waiting for 7 cups of JOY!! JOY!! lol" ... written by QUEENBEE22
great reader.....would recommend her!" ... written by college125
She was on point ..and was quick with info I liked my reading..Thanks Angel" ... written by SC
I really loved my reading, it was short but got a lot of answers and honest ones also! Have some things to look forward to and ill let you know what happens Angel! thank you so much :)" ... written by citamama
she is more than great. 2 readings until now and she has been 100% right. Thank you Angel! :)" ... written by camibar
angel was an amzing reader, pin pointed all my concerns . Five stars plus some more" ... written by softspirit
She was so sweet and comforting and was able to provide time frames. very helpful lady!" ... written by M
She's an awesome, awesome reader!! I actually got a demo card and the demo card was very accurate, however I still went to her for more clarity just because she's so calming and I had so many things on my mind. If you're thinking about taking her private, do it! She's amazinggg!!!!" ... written by tj
she's great" ... written by cc
great reader" ... written by college125
she's really good- quick, soothing, and honest! highly recommended" ... written by Cc
She was the point she is the best....thanks for ur help" ... written by reema bajaj
good " ... written by jenny
Great readings. Lots of details and connect very well with my situation. Very gifted and very caring. Truly wonderful to have met her. Blessings and Love!!!" ... written by rose np
very good" ... written by Tanny6
Thx You Angel 4 Your in put, It sort of put me at ease . 5 stars!!" ... written by QUEENBEE22
She was very accurate! 100/100. I will be back for updatess!!" ... written by giggles
I looked around to see who can I trust since I am a reader myself. I found angelhealer a wonderful reading with great insight. Thank you. sis Blessings of Love n Light to you always... " ... written by angel
great reading, highly recommended, 5 stars" ... written by Alicja
Wonderful reading with honesty, accuracy and insight.She tuned right into my situation with a lot of details and valuable advice. I will return for an update!" ... written by janesi
very good reading 5 stars accurate and on the nose with situation would recommend her readings " ... written by Patricia
great reader, we will see if her predications come true" ... written by black opal
I really enjoyed the reading and felt at ease because all the things that were being said I already knew so it confirmed that she is truly gifted. Will definitely come back for a follow up." ... written by dee
Angel is amazing person and I will come for sure for more readings..... thank you so much angel :)" ... written by Ron
Angelhealer79 picked up on my situation terrifically. I have confidence in what she told me because this was my first time in her room. I look forward to October since I should be in a committed relationship with the one my heart desires by then. I also look forward to August because by the 2 week, I should be moved into my new building. And I will get over 20 full time children. 5 stars for this lady~!" ... written by BM331
Excellent!!!!" ... written by JY
Angelhealer is a very gifted person she is extremely detailed and honest:):)" ... written by Sunday
wow!extremely good i believe. she confirms many things that are true. tahnks so much. " ... written by cami
Very honest, accurate, and insightful reading! Will return for an update." ... written by janesi
Thanks again!!" ... written by Tanny6
I look forward to a positive future" ... written by Bernice
great. patient , clear, concrete, sincere, i feel really confortable with her. . she is great. thank you angel" ... written by cami
She is awesome. Her gifts are beyond words. She was able to provide me insight into a situation without any information from me. Her messages from the angels were thoughtful and kind. She helped me to push through my current situation, and have the courage to strive towards my future." ... written by oreocookies37
thanks so sweet" ... written by c
She is a v compassionate person....thanks for the reading...many blessings to u" ... written by reema
awesome! answered all my questions in details!" ... written by moonstone
thank you. you gave me 100% confident. I know now that I can do it! because i experienced it with you. and that's the best way. i think you have a very simple and effective way to get into this and prove the person that he can do it. :). thank you so much Angel!" ... written by cami
Great her...thank you so much you are so genuine and true...will be back again soon!" ... written by TAMMY
I think she is great i just have tostop doubting everything. she was right SPOT ON about the guys i named. she was able to pick up there personalities. so i do have faith that the prediction she made was right. =) thanks angelhealer" ... written by quay
OMG! I am so blown away from what she has read for me! She is amazing! She hit the nail on the coffin! Knows exactly my situation, didn't even have to tell her much at all, which was great! Definitely recommend her andamp; coming back!" ... written by Gabriela
Angel is amazing person and I love her reading, I will come for more readings with her for sure....." ... written by Ron
Loved the reading once again! It was truthful, and she called me out on what im doing wrong! Which is very honest of her! And i loved that! Can't wait to have another reading with her in the future! :)" ... written by Gabriela
Today is Thanksgiving and I am so grateful I got a reading with her. It was such a strong and powerful connection. She provided me alot of clarity. I definitely recommend her!" ... written by pearberry008
i enjoyed her reading angel readings are so awesome to me ." ... written by lavelle
She was right on the money! Literally!!!!! I loved the reading! And the fact it she was so on it! And she seemed to really hit the nail on the coffin! I can never complain with her!" ... written by Gabriela
Outstanding. She nailed the situation and confirmed my thoughts. I asked questions." ... written by Karen
She is really truly gifted! I feel so clam and at peace when talking to her, because he knows what she is talking about. Definitely gonna be a customer" ... written by Gabriela
She never lets me down! I can always count on her which makes me feel relieved!" ... written by Gabriela
Good reading." ... written by Karen W
OMG I loved my reading with Angel, she is just amazing! I have been to a few of her demos and saw that she was very good at what she does but truly cared about helping. Very straightforward person, nice vibe, and won't try to waste your money or time too so I will def be coming back for more readings with her. She is also fast and picked up many accurate things about my situation and questions at hand. So I recommend her as you would not regret it :) xoxo" ... written by Adiee01
She is always so on point! And she really knows what she's talking about! I really like that about her!" ... written by Gabriela
Angel is just so calming and very straight to the point with her readings! She does not waste your time and she was very quick and accurate with what she was telling me! I will be coming back to her for an update! SHE'S DEFINITELY THE REAL DEAL!" ... written by Brandy
She is my go to girl:) Amazing" ... written by Gumby
She was very on point! Very honest and kind. Loved my reading once again." ... written by Gabriela
Amazing! This was one of the best readings I've ever had and I've had many lol. You will not be disapointed, I promise" ... written by christa
You are Very very sweet and honest. thank you for the words of wisdom and advices. Will definitely keep them in my mind and heart . ." ... written by princess1218
Very helpful, was able to get some of my core issues and gave insightful advice. Will come back for another reading." ... written by Gary
I loved her reading. Love her calm manner and her honesty." ... written by Myriam
very good reader, quick connector and direct" ... written by angl
Wow, thanks again. Very comforting and great counsel!!! Will return for an update!" ... written by janesi
Wow, Angelhealer's reading was very comforting, honest, accurate and very insightful!!!" ... written by janesi
Good reading very honest and detailed. She is extremely gifted." ... written by Sunday
Thank you angel for listening and giving encouragement during this tough time. " ... written by Cherry
Very sweet. She reads your cards thoroughly, and gave me guidance. I just have to be patient!" ... written by Amy
Another outstanding reading." ... written by Karen W
great. very honest straight forward. excellent reader. i am very happy" ... written by jamira76
Always outstanding. She sees so much that is going on in my life without telling her a thing! She knows us. Blessings Angelhealer79" ... written by KarenW
Very accurate I really enjoyed the reading thank you sooo much for clearing up my worries xo" ... written by Mariela
She's very accurate! I liked her reading. " ... written by jand777
It was a god reading. Set me straight on what I needed. I am glad i got to talk to her." ... written by Gabriela
I loved Angel. Her energy and essence are beautiful and calm and she gave me a truthful and very accurate reading. I would definitely see her again!" ... written by Jayna
I've come to angelhealer a couple times before and have been coming back ever since! She's an excellent reader, very kind soul, and connects very quickly!!" ... written by tj
she was great with cards..hopefully it will manifest:)" ... written by neha
Thank you so much angel great reading AWSOME xxx" ... written by john24521
How does she know all of this?! Its crazy! But so true at the same time. And im happy that she was able to put my mind at ease! :)" ... written by Gabriela
An amazing reading! I keep coming back to this woman" ... written by shamster
excellent..on point...cant wait for the predictions to unfold..xx" ... written by rishma
She is very on point! And I was once again happy to have the reading with her! I can always count on her!" ... written by Gabriela
thank you again for the reading angel . You are just awesome ..." ... written by princess1218
I really love angel, she's very nice and I like the way she reads!! I had a really important question to ask and it was an awesome reading!! Thanks ;)" ... written by Adiee01
I enjoyed this reading. It's amazing that she does demos." ... written by Mia
amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzin!!! thanks sooo much!" ... written by sin
Quick reading (due to my part) but very good and picked up quickly." ... written by Angel
Angelhealer79 was very detailed and picked up on my frustration when we first started talking and gave me good insight that things were going to change for the best. Thank you!" ... written by Hopeful48
Wow she picked me for a demo and everything she said was so true so i took her for a private. She dropped my jaw and felt everything I was going threw. not to many people here are blessed but she has as a gift that really was amazing. Never even spoke to her prior but I honestly felt I knew her for years. 100 stars for her she was awesome try her she is simply amazing thank you so much. God Bless you." ... written by Edna
thank you " ... written by princess1218
scary accurate! " ... written by shamster
great" ... written by cmi
WOW!!! She was very accurate and told me everything that was going on with my situation! And he was right on it!!!" ... written by Tasha
Very helpful. I feel that the reading has given me strong direction and guidance. Angelhealer79 is really understanding, and she started the session as if she has known me my entire life just picking up on my current events and being straight forward with me. " ... written by DeAndre Perkins
thanks so much " ... written by Faz424
Angel healer is the truth! Normally I don't go for the tarot card readers, but she is awesome and accurate. Everything she said was on point! " ... written by Ashley
THIS WOMAN IS AMAZING!!! It's so crazy how accurate she is with everything! Angel just has this positive, calming aura about her and that's why I feel like I connect with her. She's great!" ... written by Brandy
How do you know that?! She' really great with Tarot." ... written by jand777
Thanks so much ....and thanks for picking up the details ....i will wait and see what the coming weeks will unfold " ... written by Faz424
Lovely reading! Gave me that clarity that I need. She is very direct, no sugarcoating which I like." ... written by Michelle
great as always . she is always right :)" ... written by carla
I am so sorry we lost time, I really enjoyed so far what I was hearing from you. I am actually shaking right now. I hope to speak to you soon" ... written by Darmica43
Angel is great as always. Connects fasts and picks up on energies. She has a calming effect. Try her you won't be disappointed. Love, light, and happiness to you , Angel!" ... written by oreocookies37
Awesome readers ..Love Thanks Angel" ... written by sc
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
Direct, honest reading" ... written by janesi
Thanks so much ...always so good to talk to you " ... written by Faz424
Great as always I really like her awesome reader. knows me very well. will be back for updates that is for sure. Happy new years God Bless you" ... written by Edna
AMAZING. Please take her private.. you will not regret it!" ... written by sladjana
One of the best on Oranum. Make sure to go check her out whenever you need clarity on a situation :)" ... written by Marvin
Wow! Had to come back for details because today I saw the results of something she predicted and described in yesterday's reading. So many details and accurate insight - really helped me understand the situation much better. " ... written by Seeker1200
Excellent insight and guidance - very direct , honest and accurate." ... written by Seeker1200
She is such a wonderful reader. She connects very well, and is very accurate. Some things came to pass from previous reading and this was a followup. Good followup, trusted advisor." ... written by Star
amazing" ... written by davyboii
Quick reading but a very good one! She gave me timeframe and i will continue to have faith to find the job of my dream! thank you Angel, A+" ... written by Faith_and_Hope
amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing!" ... written by sin
Very thorough and skilled in the cards. Will come back for followup." ... written by USA
she is great and gifted! can't wait for predictions to happen" ... written by shamster
brilliant" ... written by rishma
Thanks so much" ... written by Faz424
Awesome. Straight to the point. She is the real deal. " ... written by Roseanna
She was really fantastic!! With just our names, she pin pointed everything going on in my situation. Very accurate and precise. Didn't waste any time and gave me all of the info I needed. She is also very generous and super ACCURATE in demos. Her accuracy during a demo is what prompted me to take her private and I'm so glad I did. Very highly recommended!" ... written by SoulDesire1
angelhealer gives me clarity every time I come to her.. It has always been a pleasure every reading . She is very honest and soft spoken . Thank you so much ... Will be back next week ... " ... written by princess1218
awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Sin
She is truly my go to girl! truly amazing everything I speak to her she give me clarity and she is simply amazing 100 stars thank you " ... written by Edna
Very nice reading!" ... written by K
Great reader, Tks" ... written by Angelwingss7
Very nice reading as always!" ... written by A
Very accurate as always! Thank you angel! :)" ... written by Prescious
excellent" ... written by stestar
Very accurate! I keep coming back to her. She is very reassuring. " ... written by shamster
she is spot on amazing and very clear. you have to try her. There are no words to explain how she works. Atleast experience her once , you wont regret it:)" ... written by maria
Angel is very helpful and intuitive. she was able to help me pin point example what was going on with me physically and give me the steps to getting better. " ... written by shamster
Outstanding reading as always. " ... written by Karen
Insightful reading." ... written by janesi
Angel is always awesome :) So in depth and eases my mind a lot." ... written by tj
Angel is very on point.. and picks up on energies so well that you almost need not say anything... Thank you." ... written by Louise
Wow amazing read!!! I had a demo reading with her a few nights ago. She was so ACCURATE in the demo about the situation so I just had a private with her tonight. She is so SPOT ON and I am so glad I found her! She is very detailed and very clear about explaining everything. I definitely recommend her. I have a much better understanding of the situation and how to approach it. Many blessings to you! Love andamp; Light. Thank you so much!! :)" ... written by Lilly1217
wow i couldnt believe how accurate she was about my past hopefully my future well be the way she predicted cant wait to find out thank you so much " ... written by donalda
thank you very much. it was great as always" ... written by cami
thank you for the reassurance hon I always look forward to our reading as always 100 stars love this lady" ... written by edna
a good reader,,, thanx" ... written by zi
She's amazing ♥" ... written by tj
Angel healer is awesome, love her and her energy. " ... written by tj
She was great, picked up on a lot of things, spot on. 10 stars for sure. Highly recommended. Thank you Angel" ... written by sweet
she is so on the $ - amazing " ... written by mariria
What can I NOT say about my girl Angel! This woman is AMAZING, quick, and always so accurate about the situation at hand! She definitely has been blessed with a gift and she always puts my mind at ease. I love her guidance and her patience. What a blessing she is and, I'm glad that I found her! Thank you Angel for everything :)" ... written by Precious
She is really fantastic! Very accurate and detailed including timeframes- the cards are always spot on and her intuitive insight adds even more valuable information to the reading. Her accuracy has definitely been proven in the demos I've seen as well. Very highly recommended!" ... written by Seeker1200
Another Job Well Done, Angel! Ladies and Gentleman... any questions you are struggling with please pay Anglhealer79 a visit and she will get you on track." ... written by Marvv-e-Marv
Angel is great as always. Provides wonderful advice to me. Speaks from her heart. If you need, clarity, make angel your choice." ... written by oreo
VERY NICE READING!" ... written by A
great reader.. very connected and gave me clarity on many questions.. will be back. she's such an angel. THANK YOU!" ... written by jaimi
I enjoyed angelhealers readings, hope to come back to her reading.." ... written by waterluva
She is like always on point! I can always trust her readings and i enjoy them! And they always come true!" ... written by Gabriela
Thank you so much!!! On point.." ... written by Jessica
Thanks for the clarity!" ... written by Jo
thank you so much for the reading... I am very hopeful everything you you said will come true .. thank you ... you always give me hope ..." ... written by princess1218
awsome" ... written by davyboii
OMG words cannot express how wonderful angel is everything she told me came true and more she is simply amazing 100 stars as always she is truly the best on here. Thank you for your support and understand and caring and helping your clients that means so much to me. Edna" ... written by Edna
thanx" ... written by zimerili1
good" ... written by n
Angel is so assume - I think I said OMG thousand time in our read. She is concise and clear of what he sees:) Need more proof, check out one of her demos :)" ... written by maria
Very nice reading as always! Thank you so much!" ... written by A
Very nice reading as always! Thank you!" ... written by Pe
5*****" ... written by .
she is so gifted in her sight - a beacon of light in the midst of my darkness." ... written by maria
i love her so much she gives me so much understanding that it makes me at peace with my myself love her 100 stars as alwasy Thank you so much love you" ... written by edna
She is fantastic and so caring and connected. I love her laid back, matter of fact style and her compassion and true care for everyone she speaks to. She has been so accurate in past readings and things are unfolding now just as she saw them, with more amazing things to come. VERY HIGHLY RECCOMENDED!" ... written by Seeker1200
She always picks up on the issue and offers advice as well as comfort." ... written by angie
got a life purpose reading, told me my current situation, the direction I need to take and what I should do in the future. Also gave advice on what I need to do to improve my current situation. If this is what you want to know take her to a private for a life purpose reading. " ... written by solia
5*****" ... written by M
5*****" ... written by M
I love this lady 100 stars you give me clarity and hope thank you so much" ... written by ednapr62
great read" ... written by davyboii
Had a great in depth reading. Very calm, and comforting energy:) In demo, and in private readings too. Ty angel XX" ... written by Kool
such a jem" ... written by marias
Thank you so much for your clarity of any situation I do appriciate everything you guide me with your always so awesome!" ... written by edna
Very nice reading as always!" ... written by a
great. as always. thanks!" ... written by cami
Always spot on!" ... written by a
I know I took you away for almost an hour but every moment i talk to you, You make me understand thing so much clearly that I totally feel at ease. Your an amazing person who i truely trust and love Thank you so much for not only being my psychic but a friend 1 million stars for this lady she is truely amazing. " ... written by edna
Very connected, accurate and detailed. She can see the deep specific issues that aren't apparent as well as the potential in every situation. Fantastic and gifted woman!" ... written by SoulDesire1
BEST reader on here hands down!!! Angel has always been spot on and you don't even have to tell Angel much about your situation. Love her :). God Bless you!" ... written by Precious727
Nice, solid reading this time. " ... written by tj
LOVE HER:)" ... written by Mariela
Good reading. She was on point with everything and helped me a lot on a question I've been wondering about for a while. I recommend her if you're thinking of getting s private with her." ... written by RockieHeart
Very nice reading!" ... written by a
5 STARS" ... written by a
Always so amazingly connected and full of accurate details and deep insight. " ... written by SoulDesire1
Good reading" ... written by sak
5 STARS" ... written by a
Great reading and truly wonderful soul. Very accurate and highly recommended." ... written by Jessy
Excellent Angel card readingd. Straight and to the point. I willl always go back to her!!!!" ... written by kary
Great reader!!!!!!" ... written by kary
i do not want to say much about my situation. but she connected well with the person i wanted to know more of, my soulmate. she addresses the topics to be spoken of with much understanding and with good details that you don't have to keep asking more and more small questions it becomes more so an informative discussion or conversation." ... written by pearberry008
amazing as always!! thanks so much" ... written by sin
VERY accurate and on point as always and, I love her spirit and energy! Angel you are the BOMB.COM LOL. Thank you again and God bless! :)" ... written by Precious
great reading! my first time to have a reading w/ angel n everything she said made sense to me. will go back to her for more updates.. :)" ... written by HMR
A+ reading!!! " ... written by Isabelle
I swear, she was spot on!! I am so glad i got to speak with her. In two months, I will confirm something she said for my future. As far as my present is concerned, she WAS AMAZING!!!" ... written by neceepie
great" ... written by Angela
Always a pleasure getting a reading from angel:) She is amazing xo I love her!" ... written by Mariela
thank you so much as always love you and trust you 100 stars always so awesome." ... written by edna
She is fantastic! Always spot on, detailed and honest." ... written by Seeker1200
thank you so much 100 stars as always you gave me so much insight of a situation that i was worried about your amazing thank you so much love her to death. God bless you always" ... written by Edna
thank you as always, accurate and great advice!" ... written by cami
shes very nice to talk too and proper spends time and effort in explaining the cards and listens to you at the same time...i was very happy with the reading " ... written by maryam
Good reading" ... written by sak777
I did this reading because she was spot on about a reading we had months ago! Its coming true just like she said. And at first I didn't believe it until now. So I definitely needed a follow up to see where things are headed. And once again she hasn't failed me." ... written by Gabriela
She is absolutely amazing spot on.. I will give more details.. Going back private with her now. " ... written by Tiana
Wonderful reader - was so so accurate. You will be amazed!" ... written by R
Great Reading. Thank you Angel." ... written by SarahRain
Always a very informative and accurate reading with her - she identifies exact feelings and circumstances going on with no info from me - Highly recommended!" ... written by Seeker1200
Thank you so much angel for your insight always on point would recommend her 100% love this girl she is awesome" ... written by edna
She was so amazing. Spot on with everything. She said things that made so much sense. She connected so well to my energy my husbands, and his family. She is amazing. Worth every penny. Highly recommended. " ... written by Tiana
Angel is the best on Oranum1!! 100 stars!" ... written by deva delight
5 STARS" ... written by A
awsome" ... written by davyboii
Always a pleasure speaking with Angel and getting a reading:) She is 100% accurate:) everything she has said has come true so far:) I love her positive energy:)" ... written by Mariela
Good reading" ... written by DS
I just want to say, I am completely blown away. I've been talking to Angel since the beginning of my mishaps with my husband and she's seen me go from stressed out to worse. She continuously reassured me that things would be okay and had this time frame that I just couldn't think to believe.. Well, I took her advice and let go of the situation so that the angels can work it out.. Low and behold, we are at her time prediction and things are unfolding the exact way she said! I can't believe it.. I am blown away, shocked, ecstatic! PLEASE do a private with Angel. You WILL NOT be disappointed! " ... written by Tiana
love her" ... written by joyful191519
soooo sweet! straight to the point and very comprehensive! she knows her job !!! thank you so much!!" ... written by lily
Lovely!!! Will follow up with her again very soon. " ... written by sweetsmells
Excellent - identified exact concerns and thoughts right now. " ... written by SoulDesire1
Angel always put my mind at ease! Thank you sooo much for everything! Love her :)" ... written by Precious
She proved yet again why she's the best. :) She's so quick to connect and knows me well. It's always a pleasure." ... written by angie
She's so great, I had to come back. I didn't want to use the remainder of my credits on anyone else so I came back to her. I love her.. So? lol" ... written by Tiana
She's always the best :)" ... written by angie
awsoem ty " ... written by davyboii
Angelhealer is definitely on top of things when it comes to describing situations and people's thinking, feelings, and motives clearly. Very on point and definitely friendly and calm. Thank you so much angelhealer!" ... written by sleepydreamer4
I always will keep coming back... Always" ... written by Tiana
thank you so much as always 100 stars" ... written by edna
She's so quick to connect and knows me well. I know I can always go to her for real honest answers and guidance." ... written by angelica
She was amazing. So sweet as usual and spot on! I love getting readings from her. She always calms my heart. " ... written by Tiana
Spot-on!!!!!!" ... written by Eva
Thank you hun for always just being there for me and giving me guidance so many blessings to you pls keep lee in your prayers for success at work ty 100 stars" ... written by edna
I am not even kidding.. This has been a long time coming with Angel. I met her in a demo and was so amazed with her accuracy of my situation. All I asked was a general question and she knew so many accurate details. I had to come back. This started our journey.. My husband and I were separated and I came to Angel wanting to know my husbands feelings and if things would get better. She explained to me that we would reconcile and told me how my husband was truly feeling. I thought his intentions were different so I constantly doubted Angel and would often disagree to some things that she said. But I couldn't be more stupid.. The situation began to unfold just as she said it would, in the timeframe that she said it would happen, and the most miraculous part is that my husband opened up to me today about his past feelings and SAID EVERYTHING THAT ANGEL SAID WAS GOING ON WITH HIS FEELINGS! He and I are now working on our marriage and things are going so so so well. But I am in AWE! She is the ONLY psychic who said differently. Everyone else confirmed my husbands so called "ill intentions" but each time I would bring this up to Angel, she would shut that down and tell me whats REALLY going on! I LOVE LOVE LOVE ANGEL! I recommend her to anyone. She speaks to holy angels and doesn't read the negative energy. She tells you what it is as God has it. I am so so thankful for her! PLEASE get a reading with this marvelous woman. " ... written by Tiana
AMAZING!! Angel, thank you so much for guidance! I appreciate you :)" ... written by Precious
Wonderful as always. Angel is the real deal. She tells you what she sees and does not sugar coat. Her gifts are amazing and a blessing. I have renewed hope for my future . I am lucky and blessed to be able to be a recipient of her God given gifts. Have a reading, you won't be disappointed! Love, light, and blessings to you , Angel!" ... written by oreocookies
She completely settled my doubts and helped me understand my situation better. I'm in a tough spot in my life right now. with high anxiety and depression and frustration, she is giving me hope! Thank you for sharing your gifts. Many blessings to you and your family! " ... written by Tiffany
Excellent reading, so accuate! This is my second time getting a reading with her and the improvements she predicted from the first reading have panned out! In this second reading I look forward to more improvements! She is so honest, detailed and so caring. She picks up on the situation so accurately without details from me! Sorry I cut off at the end, my funds ran out! I will be back soon! Thank you so much Angel! xoxoxo" ... written by Lilly1217
Always fantastic! Spot on accurate details and insight! So sweet, understanding, honest and totally non-judgmental as well. " ... written by Seeker1200
she blew me away!!!! so awesome read and accurately spot on both job n love situations!!! must come back for more...xoxo" ... written by rosy
omg! this woman is amazing!" ... written by sin
Awesome... Very direct, honest and compassionate." ... written by 1fineday
Angel is the best 100 stars!" ... written by deva delight
great reading" ... written by D L
great read ty " ... written by david
thank you for your honesty 100 stars awesome reader" ... written by edna
She is great!!!! Ask her anything and she will ask the Angels!!!" ... written by kary
thank u soo much Angel for validating n a very emotional read for me and thank u soo much for being with me..xoxo" ... written by rosy
Fantastic! Always has the details and deep insight into what's going on." ... written by Seeker1200
She's very very good. And I love her manner. She is very calm. Really calmed me down !!" ... written by L
Angelhealer is soooo accurate..only she picked up exactly how i have been feeling!!!! she has accurately picked up the situation and all...she is unbelievably amazing!" ... written by rosy
Thanks again!!! :) xoxo" ... written by Shoshana
I'm always so glad to see her in private. She connects so well and give great advice and hope :)" ... written by angie
I love that she shows you the cards, and that she is very good at interpreting. Looking forward to her predictions she was spot on." ... written by eli
Thank you so much Angel. Amazing accuracy!" ... written by S
so accurate her cards r!!!!" ... written by rosy
I loved my reading with AngelHealer. What a fluent psychic and she is totally connecting to issues and feelings of involved seeing the past, current and future. So spot on and I will be back for her insight and gift. " ... written by JMAC
Excellent. Spot on." ... written by USA
She shed clarity on multiple situations in my life. I will be back for sure. She did not sugarcoat anything, and she was honest. Thank you Angel :)" ... written by Christine
great read great insight," ... written by davyboii
Great as always!!! " ... written by SarahRain
shes always so great, tells u things in details. shes one of my favourites on here..." ... written by mariam
great read spot on" ... written by davyboii
awsome spot on ty so much " ... written by davyboii
Great reading very accurate and reassuring" ... written by Maia
" ... written by
thanks ;)" ... written by sin
She was very sweet... i received good advices for my career ! Happy to know that angels will assist me for an important meeting next week! A+" ... written by Faith_and_Hope
Interesting reading and full of information " ... written by B
ty so much ;)" ... written by davyboii
Amazing ! Really good !" ... written by Tatiana
great read ty so much its always spot on.." ... written by davyboii
I think she really has empathic and intuitive gifts as she validated what my feelings were also telling me. She is a very kind and calming person. Blessings!! xoxo" ... written by CelticFreckles
It's been a really long time since I've had a reading with her and she picked up right where it left off months back without me telling her anything to refresh about the situation. I feel now there is hope again when all felt lost. I'm so glad I updated with her! So much detail is given in a short period of time with amazing accuracy. I hope to see the positive changes! So caring and sweet! One of the most understanding psychics ever. Highly recommended! " ... written by Lilly1217
I found her very good! Would recommend. " ... written by Dancing Star
Many blessings to this woman, she is so accurate, so great and so right! " ... written by nadia
great connection today amazing...." ... written by davyboii
thank you amazing reading" ... written by godonmyside
Thank you again SO MUCH Angel for your guidance! I really appreciate everything you have done for me :). You are ALWAYS spot on! God Bless!! :)" ... written by Precious
great insight awsome read spot on accurate..." ... written by davyboii
Thank you so much again!!! Always such a great reading with Angel Healer!! She is very detailed and very accurate with what she picks up while at the same time she is so caring and understanding :) " ... written by Lilly1217
thank you angel :) amazing reading " ... written by godonmyside
great read" ... written by davyboii
Angelhealer is very generous with her time, and her readings provide a lot of detail. She picks up on other peoples' thoughts and emotions, and clearly explains the how's and why's of any situation. Angel also gives great advice when it comes to love and relationships!" ... written by V
accurate spot on.." ... written by davy
I appreciate her card deck...does her best helps me to understand what is about to happen and how I can navigate.Many thanks" ... written by anna
This was a very good reading!!! She gave me so many details in such a short time! " ... written by Lynn
shes amazing...i always come back to her for advice" ... written by maryam
i am so grateful for this wonderful reading and great connection!!!" ... written by leo
awsome ty so much " ... written by davyboii
I had a reading with her before and she was right on the money. So i had to take her again. Thank you!" ... written by Tee
She is really really good! I have had a session with her before and she was right on the money" ... written by Dancing Star
amazing on point " ... written by davyboii
Angel is such a caring, calm and giving person." ... written by usa
great read" ... written by davyboii
great reader 10 stars" ... written by edna
she is awesome" ... written by Reema
Amazing as always 10 stars just love her to death so sincere and caring about people in general thank you Angel." ... written by Edna
great read" ... written by davyboii
Thank you! Many blessings to you!" ... written by Auburngirl
Another excellent reading!!!Highly recommended! Awesome andamp;lt;3" ... written by rattail1
So glad to see her back! As always she is spot on accurate and detailed about everything going on right now with no info needed from you (not even DOB). Past readings have always been on point as well and her insight is so extremely helpful! Very highly recommended!" ... written by RussianBlue1
great read" ... written by davyboii
thank you, thank you" ... written by
hi love angel healer she is so on wonderful i will be back all the time thanks angle healer 79" ... written by debbie
Thank you Angel for your honesty, you were totally right about whats going on with everything, thank you" ... written by Jennifer
She was great, I could have listened to her all day. I asked for the future so I will wait and see. AngelHealer is awesome " ... written by Abbabel
Had reading in the past with Angelhealer and she was v good. Gave me an answer to day that sounds promising." ... written by Flowers
amazing reader, i am coming back, wow, wow, wow" ... written by candy
Angel was beyond fantastic in private.. She was so spot on in her answers.. I so appreciate her honesty and accuracy.. Namaste Angel.." ... written by Janine
Lover her to bits...she's so calm and composed... You feel relaxed while she's reading. Awesome and accurate. 5 stars !" ... written by M
Sorry I got cut off when my credits ran out I will be back soon! It was great to update with you, it's been awhile. I will try to come back tonight!! Angel is a very good reader! She gives a lot details with hardly any details from me. Speak to you soon!" ... written by Lilly
Angel is freakin awesome!!! " ... written by sin
Thank you again!! I wish I can keep updating with you. I will continue to keep my distance the first week of August no matter how tempting! I will give him a chance to clear things on his end and reach out. She is always so spot on with the situation and how a certain person reacts, she picked up where we left off months ago! The chat was a little laggy which can be frustrating on this site. Thank you Angel love and light. xoxo :)" ... written by Lilly