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Psychic AngelRajahas 30-years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic AngelRajahas recently helped 173members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about AngelRaja's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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100% Love specialist . Born Gifted to be the Top psychic, worldwide .My mom is a european psychic & My dad was an Assistant Raja Rashis (royal seer) . wow a powerful combo- of psychic reading, & spiritual healing . POW! It inspired me as a child, and realizing my gift lead others people happy. This is what I crave . Meeting New spiritual challenges & finding Better concepts For Clients ,worldwide. I will make our spiritual connection remarkable. Join me now. With a ability to see, feel, and interpret in palm, cards, aura, dreams, relationships , time frames, . Knowing who is your soulmate? When is a commitment going to happen. Will lover return? Is finances getting better? Providing, the truest, uncanny answers in matters of decisions, career, family, relationships,. Teaching seminars on Spiritual Guidance and healing. , Helping hundreds Of thousands worldwide , providing a maximum focus in all your matters and concerns. With over 90% repeat clientel. This is my second nature. Aiding others to have a positive outlook on any matter of life . Knowing I have helped as little as 1 person per day does make my spirituality more stronger in a good way! All my life i had read by person, phone, email, chat, and now by video. My energy has the ability to have astral travel, contact departed love ones, pets,. I also use meditation & numerology. Taught and Attended Seminars Through Out The US, In the Foot Hills of Asia, Africa, South America. On A Powerful Journey To Help You Get To Your Deepest Destiny. Do not let time, distance and dis - belief stand in your way of knowing what is in store for you ! You got the questions , I have the answers! Know; what omens mean ;if you have entities; esp; pastlives; whatever it is i will assist you. Don't wait, click now! There is no matter too unusual to meet my consult.
A reading with me will help you understand clearly the Present ( whyis this happening) & Secure your Future! ( what will become of this)

Wao, right on some of the things she said." ... written by mariabest
Brilliant!! fast and straight to the point!! Thank You" ... written by Sirena22
angel is so good the truth she has ,the things she knows it is absolutely the best lov lov lov " ... written by allyb5
very good" ... written by KATEPILLAR7
once again amazing i shall be back for more thank you" ... written by Raimy18
Great reading!! Angel was great with the cards and explaining what she saw with no input from me and she was very accurate! I loved how she described my situation before I even had a chance to ask my question or to let her know what I was there for. The same things keep coming up in my readings, so I know I need to let go and let God happen. Thanks again Angel! Great reader!" ... written by Nona29
Excellent reading." ... written by anniekhan
wow! she is great, thank you!" ... written by cinlorri
Amazing woman so strongly connected to her cards! not just a great Psychic but also a caring woman devoted to answering the questions you have to offer!" ... written by totaly_random15
She is very accurate. Says whats good and what is not good. made me feel conferrable. I heard things I thought about but never really put much thought to it. She is good. Nice lady too." ... written by lilyforyou
She is great I wish I had more time with her..but she is Great thank Angela " ... written by pollyblueeyes
great reading ..heard some good things..much of it was true from past and present." ... written by adep12
I have little money to spend my friend, but I do appreciate your words of wisdom. I thank you for time. Right from the moment I entered the free chat room, you felt my pain and my situation. May your god go with you sweet." ... written by Kuzza60
She is very good, I wish I had more money to pay, because I would have liked to talk with her more. she seemed to have a lot of information for me.May God Bless her always " ... written by Mistyblueeyes
She is truly god gifted psychic, she shows her caring nature when she is conducting your readings. She picks up so much information in such a short space of time, it is truly amazing experience. This is my 3rd reading with her, if she was wrong then why would i keep coming back for more advice, she is truly kind hearted lady. God bless her :)" ... written by emperorking
Got an update on my situation! I read with Angelraja awhile ago...Maybe 2 months ago and she made several predictions which several have come true so far, especially the most important one for me. Thanks again Raja!!! " ... written by Nona29
Great, too bad my time was up too fast" ... written by cablegirl27
1st time having a reading with angel and I enjoyed every bit of it. She was on point in all my areas and I didn't have to say anything :). I will be back for another reading and with an update of my situation." ... written by katrina
Excellent, very very positive waitied all day to catch her and it was well worth the wait Angel was spot B.S 5 ******* " ... written by sharron1505
Very good reading clear and concise. Thanks." ... written by PBE
She was amazing... DId not have to ask any questions...saw so much for me...Able to put at ease, very comfortable reading...she is straight forward and right on point. Love her. Thank you and God Bless." ... written by answers28
Thank you so much for the reading, you are amazing!! I will make sure to stay patient!!" ... written by gatomata
she is so good straight to the point that i want to ask, what a wonderful reading with her. i love to come back to her again and again." ... written by TUSHAN
Gave me lots of insight, will wait to see if it all works out. I hope so!! Will let you all know!! " ... written by shining4ALL2SEE
I was extremely pleased with Angelraja! Her reading was spot on, even to the point of informing me I would be meeting my soul mate on my new and upcoming job. What a surprise, a job and a relationship!!!" ... written by Dee Akram
She is amazing - she started reading for me right away and answered all my questions even before I asked anything! Incredible! I highly recommend her! 5*****" ... written by hugs2020
What an interesting chat and reading I will be back! thank you..." ... written by Anniekins
Shes wonderful! Picked up on my situation in less than 2 seconds - giving me a detailed description on my life. MUST TRY!" ... written by Somewhere in
The read was very fast, and encouraging. Time frames were given, and no sugar coating." ... written by anonymous
I like her she was quick to answer my questions. Wasted no time, and got right to it... Now I must wait for things to unfold. AS they do, I will keep everyone posted. Angelraja is worth the money send her a message." ... written by Blanca78
hopefully what she says comes true. shes been right so far" ... written by lucky714
Ok, I spoke to her two days ago and she told me something was going to happen in 2 wks. The something happened today, two days later. " ... written by Blanca78
A very gifted person, very positive, reads extremely well into situation, gives wise advise. The reading was a pleasure, thanx!" ... written by zimerili1
Ok read!" ... written by s
Very honest and clear. Put me at ease." ... written by April
AMAZING!!! i am speechless at how fantastic she is,you must have pvt with her!!" ... written by marion
Thanks so much!!!" ... written by spooono
She is fabulous! " ... written by psymeow
She is mindblowing everytime!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
I was so impressed how much details came out from her without me saying any words. I gave her names and dobs, but not even any question, she started right away with jaw dropping details that no way she could have guessed and that they were everything I wanted to know and she did that without getting off from the track at all. She is super gifted and knows how to read! It was an amazing connection! I will be back for sure! xoxox" ... written by psymeow
She was awesome!" ... written by DEE
very insightful." ... written by Rose
She is good. Very precise." ... written by butterfly77lady
She seemed to flow with alot of information. We shall see what she says comes to pass. Actually do feel what she was getting was accurate and ethical and honest. I would recommend a reading with her, there is no sugar coating or fairy tales, she tells what she gets and it is said with 100 percent confidence. Fast connection." ... written by lauren
An excellent reading,, everything you would expect from a very good expert and more, wise, knowledgeable, kind, calm, collective, professional and the list goes on,, greatly appreciate the reading, thanx" ... written by zimerili1
angelraja was amazing, really put me at ease of mind. really knew me and knew about things that i didn't even know about. thank you so much angelraja!!!!! i will definitely be coming back" ... written by lucy9271
AngelRaja: is one truly gifted lady, she did a reading for me and picked so much around me. She gave me loads evidence throughout the reading, how i was feeling, the abuse I had, the trust issue and the jealousy around me. I know the predicitions she made will be coming true and will look forward coming back to her again in the future. She was so amazing, I was crying with joy from the reading. It was nice to have claircident psychic who understood my emotions and feelings... wow wow and again wow!" ... written by HonestHeart
Thanks alot! You are a great person and really funny! I will keep in touch! " ... written by LLP001
very great indeed" ... written by lgbtq18