About Amystyrose

Psychic Amystyrosehas 15-20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Amystyrosehas recently helped 102members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Amystyrose's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Please do not use capital letters when in the chat I can't read them so it will feel as if I am ingnoring you when I can't/dont answer you. I do not do future you do!! because you make it!! You want help with that ask for a life coach session when you take me into private so we can look at what aspects of your life you may need to change.
I do connect to spiri world, family, guides, and healers. You ant help with that ask for a spirit connection in free chat. I will give you 3 things that you can personally understand. Then we can have a private chat with them where we will not be disturbed and I can make a better link with your loved ones. Once the link has been broken I may not be able to rebuild it.
If you just want the healing in free chat you are most welcome to enjoy the music. Let your thoughts in and out and do not try to focus on anything just let the healing do the rest. and thank you for visiting.
Enjoy the insites to how I work when you are ready to take my time please go buy come credits and then we can either work with you as a bridge betweenthe two world or as a guide to help you look at your own life and how you can maek it better for yourself.
In private chat you get sole use of my time with no one else listening in and no distractions from other people coming in. I can bring forward more of your friends and family in the spirit world if you want a spirit consultation. We can look more deeply into a dream or into your life needs if you want a deream reading or if you want a life coach session.
thank you.
I am a natural / spiritual healer also a uisui reiki and scheeme Reiki healer to level 2. I hold certificates in dream therapy. the way this works is that the client is taken through their dream again so that they can remake the dream or understand how it relates to their own life. I also hold certificates in meditation which is used to aid sleep, relaxation and bring clarity to life issues. through the medium of visualization meditation a person is able to relax and accept life so that they can sleep and heal naturally.
I work intuitively as a life coach and aid people to hear what they are saying and to match the thought process with the actions that they make.
I intuitively read angel cards and tree cards to help me link with my guides to help with all aspects of self development and self understanding. This way we can help a client with personal issues as a life coach.
It is my philosophy in life that we are each on our own personal road to discovery of self. That in that discovery one is able to see life from the position of self and so able to see how they fit into the whole. It is not that life is difficult for you but that it is the way you accept the lessons you are being given or not accept them as the case may be that cause the problems that you experience.
It is to aid the client that I use all the above tools so that they can better understand their own life path and make better decisions and choices.
I am also a spiritualist medium.
Your guides and family and loved ones will come to help me to help you. If you do not want to know about them please say so at the beginning of your consultation.

You will be asked at the beginning of your consultation if you want a life coach session, where we look at what is going on in your life and how you can better see the way out of it or accepting it,
A healing session where we can examine what is the direction you can go to access help from the Dr and other therapists.
A spiritual link to your loved ones. This will be a total experiment and you are asked to keep an open mind as to who will come through. If you are waiting for a specific person you may be disjointed as no guarantee can be made for this to happen.

this lady is an honest and very friendly one - i never thought i will love to be helped by a psychic" ... written by coolio
comforting i am in state of confusion and she just gave me a feeling of someone i could chat with wish i could have had more time with her" ... written by mdgurl0423
Thank you for everything !!" ... written by Jason
the system is too slow. I never got to have any of my questions answered" ... written by Elliott2208
Very nice reading!!! Thank you so much!" ... written by Sirena22
Scary reading.....but i feel better" ... written by textmonster
Very friendly and accurate lady. She is honest and a trustful person. Loved the reading with her." ... written by Marco
This was my first consultation with Amystyrose. She helped me a lot! She could explain my nightmare and pick up on my fears and current situation in my life. I feel relieved after talking to her. highly recommend! 5*****" ... written by hugs2020
Good but not sure she was connected with me " ... written by Lady68
Her guided meditations are great in open chat. She has such positive energy." ... written by tangerinedream
Thank you... good reading!" ... written by Charles McKaenz
enjoyed her reading :)" ... written by textmonster
After I spent some time with her I feel balanced, relaxed, and just stopped worring. Thank you so much, you are a real healer! Will be back for sure! Be blessed!" ... written by willneverend
Amy was warm, kind, gently and gave me healing. Connected with several guides that are near me and told me they are there for me. Thank you for my reading." ... written by greekgoddess71
This was the best reading. I love her loving, compassionate way that she give you what you need to hear... I am so happy with my private reading , I will be coming back to see her more. God Bless and thank you for your kindness and care." ... written by oceansandjoy1
fair reading" ... written by valeriej
I appreciated her refocusing me and her kindness." ... written by rainbowspark
It was awful. A total waste of money. she did not 'read ' me at all..but just offered thoughts off the top of her head that were common waste of money $19.99! I have asked for a refund..but they do not do refunds, so that is a lie!" ... written by Lisa
Amystyrose, is a blessing. Thank you so much. What you have taught me..and given to me, is priceless." ... written by AngAlevinAlevin
She helped me more than she could ever know." ... written by 10faygo71
Very clear and helpful as well as very caring." ... written by maryannepav
Rose is Absolutely Wonderful! I have found someone who is truly in touch with loved ones who have passed. She amazes me every time I have the pleasure of connecting with her. XOXOXOXOX" ... written by agape93
Amystyrose is the most gifted medium I have ever encountered. Amystyrose was able to tell me things that no one could possibly know. I was able to speak to my father who died in 2001. Amystyrose told me things my father was saying. IT WAS SO ACCURATE IT HAS ME IN A STATE OF JOYFUL WONDER! This lady was also able to speak about an African Grey Parrot that died this past spring. She was my favorite parrot This lady brought Eden (parrot) up! Told me my father was speaking about a parrot that he is taking care of for me. Said she talks much. Yes Eden did speak well. Amystyrose did so much for my father and for me. Amystyrose thanked me! For teaching her! I am at a loss for words how this lady was able to speak of things that NO ONE would know. I know that she got my father. There is no two ways about it. What this woman does with her gift is beyond words. Down to the smallest details!" ... written by Wings2
Amystyrose is the most gifted medium I have ever encountered. There is NO WAY anyone would know what she has told me. This is the second reading I have had with Amystrose and again I am sitting here amazed. What a wonderful person Amystyrose is. She has such beauty. Amystyrose also has much love to extend to others. She is just a wonderful very gifted person. THE BEST MEDIUM I have ever encountered." ... written by Wings2
Thank you for ur time it was amazing" ... written by reyna66
I cannot put into words the widsom and advice that Amystyrose gave to me to help me with what I'm going through right now. She hit a lot of parts of my life dead on without asking too many questions. I will definitely come back to her again. Highly recommend to any of you." ... written by bluestar11