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Psychic AlidaFehilyhas 30-years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic AlidaFehilyhas recently helped 270members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about AlidaFehily's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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PSYCHIC OF THE YEAR (WA) 2005 awarded by the Australian Psychics Association, an International Wisdom Consultant, , Demartini Method Certified Facilitator, Thank God I...Coaching Facilitator, intuitive/psychic healer, and author, WIZ-cARDs, Thank God I...Am An Empowered Woman & Trilogy Vol 3.

Wisdom consultations are guided especially to the requirements of you. For some people it will transform any conflict or stress into grateful states of love and vitality. You will be taken to a new level of understanding. As your thoughts have a shift in perception whether that be in your personal life, career, financial or health so will other areas of life be impacted.

For others it may be for the art of creating and how to open up the doors to the power within to achieve your goals. The greatest masters, leaders and successful people know how to tap into this space. This is not just for the few, this is for everyone – most importantly YOU.

You will evolve and re-adjust at a new and more expanded level of awareness and a new and more profound way at looking at your life.

There are 7 areas of life – Spiritual, Social, Relationships, Physical, Mental, Vocational and Financial. If one area of life is not balanced then this will affect other areas of life.

Some benefits to be experienced:

* Relationships insights

* How to manifest abundance – LOVE & MONEY!!!

* Living the life of your dreams – this is what you are designed to do

* Increases the quality of life

* Builds confidence

* Deepens levels of love

* Provides creative insights and perspectives

* Provides a meaning to ones life

* Appreciating yourself and others

* and more ~

You will learn how to transform any situation you might encounter into a more ordered and meaningful condition or experience. You will be able to tap into the mysteries of wisdom to achieve your dreams.

Alida has helped thousands of people see their futures more vividly and clearly through face to face consultations, public speaking, radio talks, published articles, workshops and internet social media. She consults for people from all walks of life including business owners, celebrities and entrepreneurs. She is considered to be one of the world's leaders on human behaviour and personal development. Alida provides a unique wisdom consultation relating with matters of love, life, relationships, money, career and many more.

The Australian Psychics Association awarded her the “Psychic of the Year (WA) 2005. Alida is rated as one of the most sought after psychic/intuitive in the world. She re-creates and transforms people's lives by opening their mind to a new level of awareness and a new way of thinking. So that they can discover the truth to the mysteries of wisdom and knowledge and find their own genius within.

She trained under the renowned Dr John Demartini from “The Secret” where she made her way to become a Demartini Method Certified Facilitator. She uses a magical methodology that neutralizes emotional charges, balances the mind and opens ones heart and mind. She guides people by opening their portal to the gift of self-awareness. She uses her intuition to eliminate the factors that are holding people back from reaching their goals and living their dreams.

Alida is the author of the WIZ-cARDs which is a wonderful tool for people to help find the pathway within and to discover their own reality. It could help them create the life of their dreams and inspire them to live according to their highest potential. She created them through a divine universal message she received from Jack Canfield. The creation is of pure energy and incredibly accurate. The WIZ-cARDs shows very clearly the 'Law of Reflection' at work.

Alida is a Thank God I...Certified Facilitator. She is also an Author Ambassador for the spiritual community, a place where one can transcend their challenges with a new sense of purpose in life. This is a place of transformation through book publishing, education and documentaries and more.

Alida is a co-author in volume 3 of the inspirational “Thank God I” trilogy. She opens her heart by telling her story “Thank God I was mentally and physically abused. She is also the co-author to the Thank God I Am An Empowered Women's book. This is where she tells her extraordinary story of triumph to success.
Other past times includes writing articles for international magazines, blog talk radio and webinar programs, reiki and is seen on A Celebration of Woman as a Woman of Action.

In 2008 Alida was honoured an Emissary of Peace Award by WICO – “Women's International Coalition for Culture of Peace, Non-Violence and Empowered Women”. This was for recognizing her dedication and accomplishments to the cause of World Peace. Particularly through efforts that promote reconciliation amongst people, by going beyond the barriers of race, religion, nationality and ideology. And building culture of peace, non-violence and empowered women.

She was born in Toronto Canada and moved to Melbourne Australia in 1970. Her perception for most of her life was that she came from a violent house of abuse. This led her on her destiny to question life's big questions such as 'why am I here?' and 'what is life all about?' As a result she transformed her own life. Now with her amazing wisdom and knowledge she inspires and transforms people's lives to a different level than ever thought possible. She does this by combining her intuitive psychic and cutting edge magical techniques.
Are you ready to change your life and live the life of your dreams? I would love to connect with you in the members area!!!

Fast, good connection. " ... written by F
I came back for another reading. Mind blowing. Thank you so much ALIDAFEHILY!! :)" ... written by higa808
WOWW...she is unbelievably accurate. She read my situation spot on. She was worth the reading. I spent a lot because I couldn't believe. " ... written by higa808
Five stars, this lady is very accurate, detailed and insightful. This lady also has a very nonjudgemental approach." ... written by sulu19
Great reading. Thank you. I appreciate it." ... written by Killian67
The best psychic on this site. She really connects with you!" ... written by Kneph
i simply love her... she's awesome, amazing, and accurate" ... written by rolinsand
she was right on target. FAST..and gets to the point. shes is someone to be TRUSTED.. i will not waste my time on any other readers ever again. i will stick with her. she is just awesome..." ... written by ATLV
Amazing is all i can say right now!! Great reading!" ... written by loveb1980
Great as always. Thank you Alida, I will try my best and use your advice. :)" ... written by chelcee
Alida was amazing!!!I loved every seconds with her! I feel so strong now!If you have the chance, talk to her, she's the best!" ... written by a girl
Awesome! Nice and friendly and very helpful. She was not sugar-coating, did not say what I wanted to hear, but as she feeldl right. Recommended." ... written by 01Mobster
She was so accurate, on me moving and I did not even bring it up. Would recommend Alidafehily " ... written by nbkforever
AlidaFehily is sooo special!!! Thank you so much for the insight! No names, no bithdates, got the energy right away on all what is happening in my life! I am feeling sooo gooood after the reading!!!! THANKS!!!!" ... written by Emma
She was so accurate, on me moving and I did not even bring it up. Would recommend Alidafehily " ... written by nbkforever
EXCELLENT READING. She is very specific about what needs to be done and I am very, very encouraged by what she says. She's not telling me what I want to hear, but what I NEED to hear. Anyway, I would recommend her very highly, " ... written by johnmike59
100% dead on with everything she said. I encourage all to have a reading with her." ... written by floriana23
thank you Alida for being very patient with my and my lagging internet connection. You connected so well to me, and I will come back to talk to you again when I can :)" ... written by chelcee
Excellent reading! Thank you so much, I would definitely love to have another reading with you, shame I ran out of credits. Very easy to talk with too, and very honest. Picked up on a lot of things without me even having to tell her. Thanks again!" ... written by chelcee
Love Love Love This Woman...She is definintely on the target about the upcoming future. Thank You Sweetie. Try her OUT!!! Many BLessings" ... written by ffms01
AlidaFehily! was wonderful.. She was very accurate on everything.. great psychic! " ... written by Joanna93
Simply Amazing... The most in-tune, connected, real, true, honest Psychic I've ever "met" :) " ... written by rolinsand
thank you...sorry I ran out of funds...really picked up the energy around me!" ... written by parkernin
She is a great person, and gave me a lot of useful advice! Totally worth to talk with her!" ... written by willneverend