About AlessyaCard

Psychic AlessyaCardhas 17years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic AlessyaCardhas recently helped 9619members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about AlessyaCard's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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My name is Alessya, and I'm an intuitive tarot reader with over 20 years of experience working with the cards. This experience is not about getting easy answers or entertainment, so please come prepared to hear the truth, and to step up and do the work with me to bring you to your highest good.

She is honest. " ... written by Etoilee8
Thank you for this lovely reading. we will see what happens with my relationship in the future but YOU HELPED ME feel better!!! thank you!" ... written by Sirena22
Straight to the point, no sugarcoating. She was really good!" ... written by hazelnutshell
She answered my questions and told me even more about me! Liked it very much! Will recommend for everyone!" ... written by kosmosss
Ok reading, no sugar coating." ... written by Miroch
If there is anybody who can really read cards - it is AlessyaCard! she is 100% accurate, beleive it or not - she really knows what she is doing. 5***** (I would give more if I only could)" ... written by hugs2020
I think AlessyaCard is the best Tarot Reader! Take her to Private and you will understand what I am talking about! 100 stars! Highly recommend!" ... written by hugs2020
She is my favourite on the site. She knows how to read cards, she knows what she does, and what she says. Totally accuarte. I always feel so much better after talking to her even if she says that hard times are coming. Highly recommended! " ... written by hugs2020
She is sweet and understanding. Felt good to chat with her!" ... written by Enzi16
Right to the point and very quick. She seemed to see the problem and gave me direct answers to my questions. Very good read. Thanks again." ... written by geoff007
She is great and very informative" ... written by saif_ali
I really like Alessya! she seemed to really know what she is doing!" ... written by noopie_99
She helped to heal an open wound, very good reading!" ... written by sassykat
Helpfull" ... written by maryannepav
Read the cards very well! I love gipsy card readings! She was accurate and quick! Thanks again!" ... written by Nona29
She is very honest and tells it as it is. The cards say what they say and she will tell the truth about them." ... written by sacredlove71
She is very good" ... written by crstsy021204
Very clear and direct." ... written by maryannepav
Previous reading from months before came to pass. I came for another gypsy card reading. They are great for getting straight to the point information. Just facts. Thank you Alessya! She told me exactly what I needed to know in a short amount of time. Plus she warned me about something I know I need to be careful about. Thanks again!" ... written by Nona29
She is the BEST card reader I have ever known. No more words needed to describe her, if you know what the Best means, you will take her to private :) " ... written by hugs2020
Alessya is extronadinary I was just blown away with her readings defineitly 5 ****** to her . Please give her a chance she is amazing and will not diasappoint you... I will be back for morefuture readings with her." ... written by Lucy117
Alessya is truly and genuine caring person , very accurate with her reading and very detailed... This was my 2nd reading with her and she still was Awesome in her readings. 5****** to her, thanks" ... written by Lucy117
A good reading" ... written by maryannepav
She gave nothing vague and was accurate with current events around the situation at hand. She gave a prediction I hope will ring true." ... written by xx
Kind lady.. thanks" ... written by av
Very informative " ... written by Lawanna
Got a reading today which i left a review about earlier and her prediction came true on the very same day unexpectedly to me, but not to her. She told me it would be soon and she was not kidding! She's quick and gets straight to the point...I appreciate that a lot!" ... written by Nona29
she was right about all her predictions. now looking forward to the next ones ... very nice lady" ... written by carinia
She was very kind and caring and helpful, recommend her." ... written by blueberrypigs
GOOD AND ACCURATE GUIDANCE THANX" ... written by hemal79
Great " ... written by marionlyttle
Very quick and to the point." ... written by starz189
Helpful reading, thank you!" ... written by maryannepav
Alessya is an ancient accurate reader using old gypsy style techniques... I loved her readings... and trust her visions and truth. Thank you!" ... written by katzhouse
I have developed a great rapport with Alessya. She knows I like straight to the point information when I come to her. She tells me all that shows up in my cards in any area of my life. In my last reading, she gave me 3 predictions that came to pass that very week. Usually when I read with Alessya, the predictions happen fairly quickly. I don't like to use card readings for far off predictions. Alessya tells me the good stuff that is coming up and gives me any warnings I should pay attention to. I appreciate her honesty and frankness! One of my faves! " ... written by Nona29
Hi Alessya, thank you for all your help, you are sweet and kind and honest, I appreciate that :)" ... written by AppleBite707
Great" ... written by dd41783
She is honest. The things she said seem unlikely to happen, but I guess everything is possible. What I like is that she doesn't sugarcoat and says it as it is." ... written by darling21
She was really nice, sweet, and straightforward. she told me what i needed to hear not what she thought I wanted to hear and she did it in a constructive manner. If you're looking for an honest reader who is patient and fun to talk to, try Alessya." ... written by daydreamer246
Some important information I got." ... written by _Alexis
Alessya is straight to the point and very matter of fact with her readings with the gypsy cards. She will literally tell you this, this, and this will happen and it does! Two days ago I had a reading and she mentioned something completely unrelated to my question and I had no clue if it was true or not. But kid you not, just a few hours later the prediction came to light. I was floored. And I hope that prediction works out well for me." ... written by Nona29
Really lovely and genuine soul. Lots of information given and direction :)" ... written by sunflowersun
Intuitive...recommend!" ... written by B
GREAT READING" ... written by P
GREAT!" ... written by W
She seemed good. Picked up on things going on in my life, and in line with what others have said!" ... written by Jess
Quite good! Along the line with other psychics except one thing. We'll see what will happen. :) " ... written by psymeow
She was great! " ... written by ang1216
Absolutely the best reading I have ever had. OMG she is so accurate I will take your advise and I look forward to the follow up reading." ... written by corvettime02
Very good reading was accurate on a few things gave me piece of mind." ... written by carlyanne18
Alessya is the sweetest friend to talk to, and she really reassures me that things will be alright, or she also tells me what i need to hear. I am happy that I talked with her, I feel a lot better. She is a true, kind, and respectful friend with a good sense of humor, thank you Alessysa. I will definitely come back to you. Have a wonderful day! :)" ... written by AppleBite707
Another amazing reading. OMG this girl is so acurate, its unreal. Thank you again and I will certainly chat with you very soon. " ... written by corvettime02
Alessya gave me update and is still as great as ever!!! i love my readings with her and her quick honest answers! will definitely be back in future." ... written by marion
Thanks for being honest!!! Will continue with my life." ... written by Olga777
She is great, very sweet, straight to the point. xxxxx" ... written by carina12
Thanks for your help.... I will try to follow your advice... much love " ... written by sukychi
Thank you so much I will listen :)" ... written by Dphsgo93
Very truthful and honest reader! No nonsense. Very good!!!" ... written by katzhouse
Amazing reading, very accurate. I will take your advise, thank you so much." ... written by corvettime02
She is very straight to the point and honest she has such a clear view of things to occur and whats lead to the current situation. Much appreciated." ... written by ikroyal
Very connected to me. Predictions always come to pass. Had a reading yesterday and something that was very much so in doubt and seemed impossible to overcome. Did turn around completely as she predicted. Alessya is very reliable for me! She sees the good, the bad, and not so pretty! I can trust her readings! " ... written by Nona29
She always gives me the info I am seeking, absolutely no filler and no fluff! She can read events that have happened in my recent past, present, and clearly see things I am planning for in my future. Her readings always come to pass for me. She has proven herself to be extremely accurate and consistent for me. She gives concrete details/facts about my life and what is coming up for me. She is a reader I can trust! " ... written by Nona29
Had a reading 2 weeks ago and predictions made then came to pass!! " ... written by Nona29
Alessyacard was so accruate it was scary.. She was so on the money with everything she said a totally amazing reading I recommend her to anyone... " ... written by damo70
She knew things even before I asked her!" ... written by axutrosk
Great reading, good pace and friendly!" ... written by yvettepandora
She's good! In my opinion she's the best so far here in oranum that I've encountered. " ... written by jimikuta
Another awesome reading. Thank you so much and I look forward to the follow up reading." ... written by corvettime02
Thank you for the reading! Excellent advice and accurate details." ... written by ikroyal
Really good, I am pleased, picked up very well." ... written by smiley2011
Amazing! Very patient and very fast and accurate with her answers... I'm very happy with my reading. :)" ... written by jadensmamma09
Wow, an amazing girl with incredible abilities. " ... written by corvettime02
If there would be 10 stars I would give them to her. She's great. Honest fast and to the point. All she needs is your name. " ... written by luckystar222
As usual, very nice reading, very accurate and awesome advice. Thank you again." ... written by VET
Very good and efficient, thank you!" ... written by matt515
Good, clear and direct!" ... written by bloc
she is very sweet. great card reader. her english is very good. easy to understand. she is pleasant personality and a fast reader." ... written by ssgkboo
Alessya predictions were amazing and came true the real deal ppl ....highly recommended you won't waste you're time or money..." ... written by katzhouse
She is great. Straight to the point and very helpful. I can recommend her." ... written by 01Mobster
Great reading, looking forward to the predictions and the next follow up in 3 weeks which was my timeline. Blessings" ... written by j
very calm and accurate, felt really good in her room, many predictions had happened , highly recommeded" ... written by theodora
Thank you for the detailed read. " ... written by d2k1000
Detailed with readings!" ... written by january08
really good card reader. just gave her names and she picked up on my situation accurately" ... written by m
read back in jan with her when i was at a loss for all hope regarding my situation and she gave me some but this reading same situation and she said there wasnt any chance of it working out so now im confused =/" ... written by m
very good, very informative" ... written by malinka88
accurate woman! loved the reading" ... written by loveisinlalaland
Such a nice lady, love har, calm and very honest, very detailed..xxxxx thank you" ... written by carina12
Another amazing reading!" ... written by Tony
She is very accurate card reader I am super happy. Thank you for the great insights" ... written by Porcolouco
I think she was point blank honest. I just hope things happen quickly and for good" ... written by kiran
She is a 5 STARS! Excellent! Very Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
Simply too accurate and amazing! Must take her to private!" ... written by Tony