Psychic ASTROLOGER1has 11years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic ASTROLOGER1has recently helped 8152members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about ASTROLOGER1's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

A Spiritual Psychic Energy Reader having inbuilt energies and powers which allows me to read about the person's feelings, thoughts , love , care , making you known about the past, present and future of your relationship with the person. If you are confused with your issues and concerns about your love or work, I have ability to help you with such concerns and to make you on good track .

Very fast reader, i will come back to him:)" ... written by LittleStar5
Very sweet person .To the point ! Try him !" ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
Very very nice man,very helpful....try him he is good." ... written by mya1984
A cool guy with a lot of courage to succeed and do great readings. He is willing to help you and advice you in your future problems. He did a nice reading and told me about my do's and don't's. I know basic astrology and I can reassured he knows." ... written by rasvsanz
Very helpful and understanding. Thanks!" ... written by needinghelp83
he was great very good at what he does" ... written by hellonumber1
He is good! Definitely have to come back for another reading, ran out of time. Recommend him for sure! =)" ... written by katnguyen
I really like this reader. One of the best and one of my all-time top favorites !! He's very sensitive and kind too." ... written by CelticFreckles
GREAT!!! Amazing very patient and good detailed reading :))" ... written by bmaninder
Very good and to the point, helped a lot." ... written by Roe
very good! answered a lot more than I was expecting - covers a lot in short amount of time, will be back." ... written by caro
Very good helped a lot and hope will be right well see, was very helpful!" ... written by majesticstables
lot of info thx" ... written by frizzle441
Accurate! Thank you Astrologer1!" ... written by mozzy123
very good reading. picked on few things that no one knew.and all was acurate .I would suggest people who would like a spot on reading,try him.HE IS GOOD WITHOT DOUBT." ... written by gr2359
He is very helpful and kind. He is very good at what he does. I learned a great deal from him, and I am very glad that I had a couple of readings with him. I will be back for sure! Thank you, Astrologer1!" ... written by livelaughlove88
He is very kind and takes time with each person and does not make you feel bad if you can't afford to do a private or email reading. Makes you want to figure out the money. He is worth it;) Definitley a regular.. " ... written by Questioninglife
try him, he's good:)" ... written by qndiva
very helpful and honest, caring person, straight to point" ... written by carag1
Wonderful!! Very precise and can answer a bunch about life in a short time. Highly recommended!" ... written by NiVanya
He's amazing. I'll be his regular!" ... written by ivy
As usual very interesting and to the point he is my favourite and will come back again and again..." ... written by Anniekins
really got into detail . everything in general." ... written by bless
Thanks a lot. You are sooo good. I 'm very impressed. Ill come back for more readings ...thank you hun. " ... written by missmel2011
he is a very good reader although he could not connect with me immediately. but after 2 minutes everything was great!" ... written by Kilimandjaro
he was fabulous! definitely is spot on" ... written by jessjess1
I would give him 5star as he is very good and connects well,also he gives solutions to problems. Thats why i would advise ,take him on private regrets." ... written by gr2359
very good" ... written by majesticstables
Excellent" ... written by trusting2012
ALL I CAN SAY, EXCELLENT... YOU GET THE TRUTH..IN REAL TIME.." ... written by trusting2012
excellent in what he does.verygood and got into details. giving solutions to glad had a session with him in private.highly recommended" ... written by gr2359
Very kind...perceptive and helpful...Thank you!" ... written by lozzafun
Very sweet, very kind. And fast... does not waste your credits :)" ... written by AngAlevinAlevin
Thank you again my dear friend. Ill let u know how it goes. But i have faith." ... written by missmel2011
Very good!" ... written by nikkim30
The best on oranum. My third reading with this amazing reader. He will tell you the truth. He is just amazing. Take him to private." ... written by missmel2011
He is extremely nice person and gives u good advise go and check him out now" ... written by tajwer11
He was very helpful and accurate. I will contact him again. thanks." ... written by natbaxter
Ill come back again. thank you" ... written by missmel2011
He is good tells u how u look how u are and detailed things about ur q very good!" ... written by simsima
Awesome reading. Pretty much accurate. Would like to consult you..." ... written by Geeta
Always good . I will go bankrupt if i keep coming to u for readings lol. Thank you for being honest and helpful. " ... written by missmel2011
Wow...he was really good. I wanted to doubt him and challenge him but he was right on target. Invest in his will be worth it." ... written by piscesmoonshine
very good, I am impressed. thankyou" ... written by carlamarisapires
this astrologer is gr8 and accurate" ... written by eve009
Thank you so much!" ... written by Lucy2011
He is great and i will be back soon!!!" ... written by missmc
How relaxing can come for advice and reading anytime...thank you Astrologer1" ... written by Anniekins
Thank you again astrologer1. You are amazing. Always honest. No false hopes." ... written by missmel2011
My Astrologer 1 was right on the spot he knew everything right when i took him to private he was amazing ,and i will come back to him again" ... written by amenchac
He is gifted and connected. Picked up on my situation straight away." ... written by dMendez
Awesome reading again,very much in detail surely an asset to Will be back again." ... written by 2359
He is a great guy.. he really is very sincere and he is kind and accurate... he really concerns about ppl pls chose him u will not regret..." ... written by pool5555
My 6th or 7th reading with this amazing astrologer. Thank you again . Soo good." ... written by missmel2011
this astrologer is gr8 and accurate" ... written by eve009
Very accurate reader. He picked up on my situation instantly. VERY happy with this reading " ... written by Alexander
Very accurate and good reader. Explains thoroughly and with gentleness. Thank you, Astrologer! God bless you!" ... written by divinegoodness
I wish i could talk to astrologer for hours. He is so good. He will only tell you the truth. Sorry i ran out of credit, but i will be back soon . I'm a repeat client, Thank you for being honest." ... written by missmel2011
Awesome!" ... written by justinsensei
Thank you very much. Your reading was very insightful. I will be back again." ... written by justinsensei
Good reader!" ... written by spiritualgirl1
great as usual.. sick of running out of credits :(" ... written by jessjess1
Thanks for helping me understand my situation. I'll follow your advice. Thank you! " ... written by rach82
This psychic is very quick at picking up situatation at hand and feelings around it. He saw outcome for me, and positive news in the future. He is very gifted.He will give u honest answers and clear insights and guidance. Thank u so much. XX" ... written by tanyaolivia64
always awesome!" ... written by sand
Thank you for all the details astro. You are a really good reader. Always honest with me. thank you." ... written by missmel2011
My favorite reader. what else can i say !" ... written by missmel2011
Thank you again astro, you always make me feel better, your predictions are accurate as always. cheers." ... written by missmel2011
He is super!!!!! Very quick and accurate. Try him and you will be happy you did!!!!!! " ... written by KKBABY11
Thanks astro for the peace of mind." ... written by missmel2011
he was great....i can not wait for his prediction to come true" ... written by libra1012
Astrologer1 got to the point immediately. I can wait for all his prediction to come true. He was very honest. Thank you so much................" ... written by sandra
Very quick with his responses.. great" ... written by Jillian40
Amazing reading! Astro thank you for your answers to the questions I asked and I look forward to a happier future. Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Had a reading, he was very much intune, gave me solutions to my problems. Worth having a reading with him. Talked to him in private and had a email which helped and alot. No regrets. Thank you, Asrologer1." ... written by gr2359
astro was very helpful. i really appreciate his time and knowledge of gifts he's shared. he was on point and patient too. he will be very helpful to you in any situation. i will return. " ... written by peaceofmind3
Very fast, to the point! Was great! :)" ... written by courtneybdraper
highly recommended as always!!! he's legit. Thanks man!" ... written by pebbles
Extremely insightful and very on point!" ... written by RaeAri
Thank you for the LOVE - see you soon, bliss andamp; bless" ... written by aikaterinilove
Love Astrologer1! He is so sweet and to the point. He is a great advisor!" ... written by piscesmoonshine
He really helped me and made me feel better about things I was worrying about before. He is very straightforward and nice in his predictions. :)" ... written by staystronglove
He was AMAZING and on POINT" ... written by libra1012
Astrologer1 is kind in his appoach with all whom come into his chats. I have done a private as well as an email reading that was so right on that it was amazing. It was a while back but he predicted things that are happening now. He is quick and truthful and kind even when the reading does not give you what you hope for. He is very gifted. I thought he was worth the money. I watch all the differnt psychics and he is unparallled in his approach. His unique warmth garners him the following of people... In a word he is andamp;quot;wonderfulandamp;quot;" ... written by Questioninglife
He has given me hope!" ... written by patleeme
Very nice, gave me good details, and dates. I highly recommend you to have a reading with him :)" ... written by giggles12
I like him hes really good and straight to the point! " ... written by Caramcaz
This little fella is awesome i just love the readings with him thanks Astrologer..." ... written by Anniekins
I just love Astro, he's great reader this is the 2 time I had a reading try him out, he's great." ... written by jodymccallum
knows exactly whats going on.." ... written by riichb0y
loved his reading, it was great " ... written by jodymccallum
HES GOOD" ... written by CDMIXERS
Nice man....very quick and responds quickly. Good intuitive read on situation.....Thank Astro" ... written by dstufra1
Knows his stuff. Definitely knowledgable about astrology. Quick with the answers!!" ... written by k
Wow!!!!!!!!!! He told me everything about me based of where I live, that's gift." ... written by Ruchipatel
Pretty He knew things. REAL Deal here! :-)" ... written by D
Pretty GOOOD he knows! Real Deal Here. Thanks" ... written by D
Thanks again my friend astrologer1. Thank you again for telling me the truth. " ... written by missmel2011
He had a great way of seeing everything I need to know. I didn't have to say much and it was like he knew so much. Will be back soon!!!!" ... written by ginacandy
Astrologer is just amazing!!!!!!" ... written by kkbaby
Accurate! Good!" ... written by reicaa
Astrologer is just amazing!!!!!! He picks up on things quickly and tells you as he sees it!!!!" ... written by Laplusbelle
My heart lifted! thank you Astro!, I do hope so that your predictions will come true. Thank you so much for the remedies you provided. Astro is fast typer and he is very nice to chat with and a great smile!! I do believe he is very sincere and he knows how I am feeling. I will definitely come back for more reading! I recommend him!" ... written by connette
Always good reading when I come to Astrologer1.Honest and caring...thank you." ... written by piscesmoonshine
Thank you" ... written by xjessicaheartx
his the best i ever hadd deff excited for my email i cant wait please pick him i love youuu astro thanks" ... written by chakima012
He is always great!! Very insightful and very knowledgable." ... written by RaeAri
He is the BEST!!!!!!" ... written by KK
He was amazing, i told him very little about cant wait to see what happens..." ... written by monaverona
Thank you ASTRO. I Feel better now. Thank you for the reassurance. " ... written by missmel2011
He is Wonderful!!!!!! So very accurate and True!!!!!!God Bless You Dear AStTRO!!!!!!!!!! " ... written by KKBABY11 10 Stars....this guy is the best" ... written by monaverona
Wow!!tnx.i hope u r right!" ... written by Scorpionessa
Astro has really been there for me. A good support and insight. I appreciate it. " ... written by peaceofmind3
very on point highly reccomended" ... written by vc1976
Wow....He is the Real Deal ... I didnt say a word and he Knew everthing if you want real anwsers ... I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM..... YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT .. HE IS WORTH EVERY DOLLAR ....!!! Thank YOU Very Very Much ....." ... written by Nessa31
He is really good, will talk to him again," ... written by Barbnew1234
very accurate it surprised me " ... written by lesly
I can't wait to see what happens next......I hope all his prediction come true.......thank you Pandit." ... written by libra1012
He is the best psychic i have ever met!!!!!! Hats off to him.!!!!!!" ... written by KKBABY
Amazing reader.. 10 stars :)" ... written by Jillian40
Astrologer1 was very accurate u have to try private reading with him! wish i had more credit to continue more but ill be back for another reading for sure.." ... written by geo829
He is absolutely with out a doubt the truth!!! A must read for all!" ... written by Ary112
A grat reading as made his 400 mark...congrat" ... written by monaverona
Astro is always legit, didn't have more credits but next time.." ... written by Katja87
Great reading." ... written by Michaelguy26
Wonderful. Great as always - 5 stars always!" ... written by monaverona
GOOD I am sorry EXCELLENT PSYCHIC!!!!!!!!" ... written by KKBABY11
Wonderful! He was on point with everything he had told me about! Love this guy!!! Pick him!!" ... written by Lindsey
On point once again!!" ... written by ary112
My 3rd reading with Astrologer1, he is truly gifted, so honest and clearly see things. So straight to the point, no sugar coating, just pure honesty. It hurts to know some details but I know it is the truth. I am very happy with his readings and I am happy to know that my future will be a happy one. He also gives you advises, the things you should do and not do. Unlike other other medium they charge you for those. I love him, he is like big brother to me!! Thanks Astrologer1! I highly recommend him if you are looking for the truth! I will definitely come back give you an update AStro! thanks again!" ... written by connette
10 stars he is the best on ORANUM.........." ... written by libra1012 usa
He is too good!!!! He knows everything and tells you as he sees!!!!!!" ... written by kkbaby
Unmatchable!!!!!Superb!!!!!!! He is just too good!!!!!" ... written by KKBABY11
Very insightful. Right about a lot of things and gave new ideas to situations" ... written by erika
Very accurate and good reader" ... written by tones71465
Thank you for the wonderful reading, will be back soon again." ... written by aritra
Astrologer1 He is just so incredible! I must say absolutely thee truth without a doubt! Again a must read by everyone!" ... written by Ary112
5 stars..." ... written by monaverona
fantastic" ... written by alice1982
fantastic" ... written by alice1982
Awesome... i had a great reading!!!! everything said was true things that i already knew" ... written by mia
very good . will use him again" ... written by miriam123
Made me feel better. I had a very depressing reading from someone else (almost untrue, i feel) and this one just gave me much better insight. I thank you!" ... written by charmedangelx31
Time ran out but I would like another sessions with Astro.." ... written by The2ofus
Had two readings with Astrologer1 - he is awesome and provided very positive and good tips! Feel much at ease after talking to him. Go for him! " ... written by Bunny78
He was true about everything" ... written by homesh12
very positive and supportive. had a great reading " ... written by bunnah
He always makes me feel so much peace. I think he is truly gifted and has a genuine heart as well. I recommend him to anyone and will definately come back." ... written by celticfreckles
I loved it!!" ... written by ninaxox
Really good!! Wow! Thank you! " ... written by Irma24
Thanks for giving me lots of tips to improve my life! Very good reading.. :)" ... written by Bunny78
Great as always!" ... written by jdepena2005
Really really good, sad news, but he could the situation very clearly." ... written by soulmartin
amazing" ... written by gipsygirl
The best as always" ... written by monaverona
Wonderful reading! Thank you :)" ... written by hildie82
really helpfull...does make sense....:)" ... written by kaur001
Great Reading! Very compassionate Psychic!" ... written by WhodisWoman
He doesn't waste your time. He is pretty nice...hopefully he is right in his predictions..." ... written by gcastell
Did a check in with him and he consistent and great. Identified progress and ongoing obstacles. Very nice" ... written by dstufra1
He was amazing...Very on point! :)" ... written by courtneybdraper
He tells the truth, and hits the nail on the head. The truth hurts but sometimes its better to hear the situation as it is then hear false hope. I am glad I found him!" ... written by charmedangelx31
I ran out I will put more on there tonight. Thanks!" ... written by pinksweetpeaches
You sound very gifted Thank you for the insight I'll try to find the ring I hope your predictions come true I'll talk to you again for sure " ... written by hope21712
Very Very GoooooooD!!!" ... written by KKBABY11
Thank you! :O)" ... written by littleone73
Astro has always been straight, quick, and to the point. He doesn't wait around. I have had good readings from him before. Right on point. I would recommend him. 5stars!!!" ... written by erika
The reading was great...I have seen some of the things come to lite." ... written by monaverona
I absolutly love this man." ... written by higherthanlife
This expert types fast and seems to have great insights. He'll give you precise dates of events. Only time will tell if he got it right... I'm skeptic. " ... written by _Alexis
The best, as always....5 Stars" ... written by monaverona
Well great, he is very good. Try him out guys!" ... written by k.
Great with timefra:) " ... written by missmel2011
Very nice reading, ran out of funds will have to get back with him when he comes back on site." ... written by hoofer13
Love him!" ... written by Ruchipatel
Thank you so much for your amazing reading,you are THE READ DEAL truly GIFTED . I thank you for your wonderful advice during this very difficult timeof my life .God bless you in all areas of your life.. thank you" ... written by lolita99999
Very intuitive and quick. Going for more credits to go back! " ... written by gemini2460
He is quick! intuative... and very nice. " ... written by Scorpionessa
He is the best " ... written by Nessa31
Very helpful in how to solve problems. Will try to take his advice." ... written by gemini2460
HE IS TOP CLASS JUST WONDERFUL!!!!!!!" ... written by KKBABY11
An awesome reader,he gives solutions to problems and that's what we need we want to deal with the situation,we have to know how should we deal with it.i give him a 5star.we be back again if i need to,god bless you, astrologer1." ... written by gr2359
Very Good no....Excellent!!!!!!" ... written by KKBABY11
EXCELLENT!!!!! " ... written by sweets123
He is absolutely wonderful!!!!!!" ... written by sweets123
THE BEST ON ORANUM!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweets123
Ok great , I made my connection with him, he was very on target, we will see what time brings." ... written by hoofer13
Well what can i say? i have had many readings with him...he is accurate with time frame and he is a good astrologer. That is why i come to him often. " ... written by missmel2011
ASTROLOGER1 is so gentle, and sweet and I have to say alot of what he says does come true... He doesn't sugarcoat and is pretty fast too." ... written by Katja87
You are one of my favorite. Thank you astro. I will let u know soon how it goes. Will come back again." ... written by missmel2011
Contacted him when i was the most worried. He answered EVERYTHING. He was open, honest, and very accurate. I appreciate his help a lot! Please pull him into private if you have the chance. He truly is one of the best psychics I've gone to (and that's saying something)!" ... written by marie
It is always good to visit ASTROLOGER1. He is always very quick and straight to the root of the issues and advises well. Be back for updates. Thank you!" ... written by Deme
Good !!!!" ... written by ganesh_tnvli
He is too Gooooooooood!!!!!!!!!! " ... written by sweets123
Fantastic, wish i had more credits. will definitley be back for another reading." ... written by 6marchs
Crap, I forgot to add more credits! Astrologer1 was very detailed and knowledgeable. He really got to the heart of the situation and gave me information that was spot on! I will definitely go back for more information and more predictions in the near future. Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
EXTRAORDINARY!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweets123
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING PSYCHIC!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweets123
This one is the real deal truely gifted,ever so helpful. So Blessed he is with his abilities THANK YOU SO MUCH!! sandra-xo " ... written by lolita99999
So good and a VERY FAST typer!" ... written by kotshy
Awesome reading....right on point and a very good reading." ... written by tiffintegra
EXTRAORDINARY AS ALWAYS!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweets123
EXCELLENT AS ALWAYS!!!!!!" ... written by sweets123
Lovely, kind person, who gave me very positive insight. Will definitely recommend." ... written by ladybird05
Thank you astrologer, your the best!!" ... written by sexyegyptian2
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
Unmatched!!!!!!! Truely a great psychic!!!!!!!" ... written by sweets123
Fantastic, if there was a 6th star, i will give him that!!! Amazing predictions and 100% accurate descriptions. Highly recommended!" ... written by ravidashing2012
I like him he was ok we will see what happens" ... written by givensan29
Extraordinary as always!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweets123
Would recommend him he is very good answered very quickly and knew the situation, also gave me good advice thanks again :)" ... written by f999111
Outstanding Psychic!!!!!!Too Goooooood!!!!!!!" ... written by sweets123
Listen to hime wht he says " ... written by kaur123
Still good!" ... written by courtneybdraper
GREAT!!!!!!" ... written by sweets123
Astro is wonderful I come to him when I really need insight information into a situation. he has really helped and guided me well. I'm never disappointed when I leave his private readings. He is a wonderful empath psychic. I recommend highly!" ... written by peaceofmind3
Ooops, I ran out of time. You are amazing! So quick and so right! Thank you!" ... written by piscesmoonshine
He is the real deal!!!!!!" ... written by sweets123
Great clarity" ... written by shell456
Great! Precise." ... written by fretan
Didnt have long but was very good" ... written by clair123
Amazing and very fast reader!! He was able to connect with me right away! thank you so much and I will definitely come back to you for future readings. " ... written by mlafield
Extraordinary!!!!!!!!! " ... written by sweets123
I chose Astrologer1 because I wanted to hear the truth, fortunately if what he told me is the truth it is exactly what I wanted to hear. I suppose I have to wait a few months and hopefully the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth will make itself known, wish me luck x" ... written by FoxyJill
EXCELLENT READING " ... written by sweets123
This man just blows my mind! He knew many things about an enemy who murdered my pets and even knew he's a drug dealer. He knew everything! I'd have to see Astrolger1 is the best! Thank you!" ... written by TamaraAquarious
Amazing man!!!!!" ... written by kitty305
Will see what happens." ... written by Danyale0525
Very very accurate!!!! " ... written by sweets123
Very nice person! Always very helpful! Great psychic!" ... written by Joanna93
Great" ... written by fretan
Very good reading. Very helpful. Possibly save my marriage. Thank You. I hope I can do well." ... written by livehappy70
UNPARALLELED!!!!! " ... written by sweets123
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
Wonderful reading!" ... written by Joanna93
As always, ASTROLOGER1 is very detailed, accurate, and fast with his readings. I really feel his good energy and compassion and I appreciate that from him." ... written by jdepena2005
Fantastic reader!!!!!!" ... written by sweets123
FANTASTIC READER!!!!!!" ... written by sweets123
Very detailed and one spot 110% recommend" ... written by vineir08
Good reading!!!!!! " ... written by sweets123
OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweets123
Great guy :) had a long reading with him but was worth every penny" ... written by lizbeth6865
Good Reading, very quick and intuitive. :)" ... written by Nicole212
Omg Astro is just amazing and i know he is good because he been right already dead on!!" ... written by Katja87
Thanks xxxx" ... written by shortcake2012
Credits ran out ..... fingers crossed for his predictions coming true ....... will update you ....:)" ... written by Auspicious31
Thanks again. Good sound advice. Lovely long reading but worth every penny. I hope what you predict comes true, I just need to learn to be patient :)" ... written by Nicole212
HE IS THE bEST!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweets123
He is great, I always love his readings..." ... written by Anniekins
I had to come back to see Astrologer1 I was sooo confused and he reassured me again. If I need to hear the truth, I will keep coming back to him, because I believe he will tell me." ... written by FoxyJill
Helps me i am no longer confused...I need action he helped me out of thinking a lot." ... written by confused2012
With a few Credits He can still Help u out ... Thank u so Much U are very helpful.... I highly recommend Him ..... Cant wait to see what Come of this all and Update lol" ... written by Nessa31
Great!" ... written by Ang3li
He was great " ... written by lisha11
Wonderful - absolutely amazing :)" ... written by Nicole212
Great reading!" ... written by lavendergirl
He may look very young and the title astrologer might confuse some. But make no mistake he is definitely 100% gifted andamp; talented psychic reader. I have spent a fortune seeking answers - he gave me all the info in one session. Accurate, fast typer, NO B/S, no run arounds. PLEASE do yourself a favour andamp; try him out! Looks are decieving. The session with him was impressive. Very sharp, focused and talented reader - please try him out... THROUGHLY RECOMMENDED..." ... written by belladonna8
Astrologer seems like such a peaceful person. He has a very caring smile and found myself at ease with him. He seems confident in his readings and makes me feel confident as well." ... written by Rita1017
Great reading" ... written by edelaine
Great, hoping can help my request abt greencard but the reading is sooooo good.....Highly recommended!" ... written by confused2012
A really great man he great wonderful guy he real quick " ... written by lisha11
He is very good answering and typing faster too. Thanks!" ... written by tuda11
Very interesting and on-point." ... written by shauna232011
Was very good, I recommend again!" ... written by stay_calm
Good reading." ... written by stay_calm
I enjoy the readings I get from him. I will surely come back for another reading." ... written by bbeautiful403
HE IS TOO GOOD!" ... written by tendollars
I'll come to you in 12 days and let you know if he will contact. Thank you!" ... written by missmel2012
Unequalled!!!!" ... written by tendollars
One of Oranum's best psychic!" ... written by Joanna93
Love him! Right on point about everything." ... written by Ruchipatel
Thank you for the good reading and assurance that things are getting better for me!" ... written by Bunny78
Brilliant! Extremely Fast typing. Knowledge without questions. Simply Amazing! Such Accuracy it'll make your head spin. By Far The Best Out There! 5 Star Rating." ... written by swiftcats64
Extremely accurate!!!!!!" ... written by tendollars
Very good readings!!!!!!!" ... written by tendollars
Awesome..." ... written by Anniekins
Great psychic!" ... written by Joanna93
He is fantastic!!!!!!! Too good!!!!!!" ... written by tendollars
He is out of this world!!!! Very accurate!!!!!" ... written by tendollars
Very Informative. Would definitely visit again!" ... written by Arabalut
Lets see how it goes .... other than that- it was good .. he is a kind person" ... written by thankxx
He's great! Wonderful and accurate! Give him a try. " ... written by Love2718
One of my favorite people! Love love him! " ... written by shell456
100 % accurate in all his readings so far. " ... written by _Alexis
AMAZING! THE BEST! NO ONE CAN COMPARE! 5 STAR RATING!" ... written by swiftcats64
Great." ... written by _Alexis
I love astro! hes so nice and gentle i like that. Always makes me feel calm whenever i talk to him woo!!" ... written by Caramcaz
He's sweet, nice, gentle, very accurate! He's the one! Try him. " ... written by Love2718
He is awesome this is my 2nd time coming back." ... written by lesliecortes08
Good reading, thanks!" ... written by tuda11
He's always so quick and accurate with dates... I completely trust him !" ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
Extraordinary!!!!!!" ... written by tendollars
He's right on the money." ... written by cabbyaj
Unbelievable!!!!!! Too good!!!!!!!" ... written by tendollars
Good!!!" ... written by tbhelpme
Great predictions with date month and year!!! Will get back to him again." ... written by neethu7777
He was wonderful!!!! He gives exact dates he's the best!!!" ... written by Alexisv09
Gave me exact dates. Wonderful Reading, caring, to the point. Thank you for a wonderful reading." ... written by idledragonfly
This guy is the deal! He picks up on situation when you don't tell him any questions, he just knows! I was surprised! Awesome! " ... written by rumi628
Fast and very insightful as usual." ... written by higherthanlife
FANTASTIC!" ... written by anon
Amazing!" ... written by eeebbb
Outstanding read!!!!!" ... written by tendollars
HE is THE best on ORANUM!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by tendollars
He's great! And Accurate! Try Him!" ... written by Ladylove10
Heart warming genuine and peace giving!!!!!!" ... written by tendollars
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
Excellent psychic!!!!! " ... written by tendollars
Superb reading!" ... written by _Alexis
Excellent Reading! Great insight and guidance! Thanks so much for your help with this very difficult decision I've been struggling with for a long time! " ... written by wondering03
Very good reading....powerful!" ... written by Kai1111
Very truthful good guy, will use again" ... written by deltaj
Astro is a great psychic. Always very accurate!" ... written by Joanna93
Amazingggggggggggggggg.!!!!! fast and to the point... great reading ... thank uuu..." ... written by SWEET84
Amazingggggggggggggggg.!!!!! fast and to the point... great reading ... thank uuu..." ... written by SWEET84
Great psychic!" ... written by Joanna93
He is Superb Psychic!!!! Never have seen any better than him!!!!! God Bless You AStro!!!!!!!" ... written by tendollars
Astro is kind and patient and very accurate .. He is the best psychic on Oranum... " ... written by Questioninglife
He's is my favourite on this site.. The real deal. Always positive and really makes me believe in how powerful our own thoughts are. Well worth it!!!" ... written by celticfreckles
True professional." ... written by _Alexis
Great! As always........ :))" ... written by fretan
Omg....if you want the truth ...this man is no joke......please try will be saying the same thing..." ... written by mreric2012
Thanks a lot. " ... written by tuda11
He is very kind and still very honest. He doesn't tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear. He is very good and accurate... He is the best on Oranum....." ... written by Questioninglife
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
Excellent!!!!!!!" ... written by tendollars
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
Unique !!!!!" ... written by tendollars
GREAT!!!" ... written by ca
THE BEST ON ORANUM!!!!!!!!" ... written by tendollars
He was extremely nice and polite. I liked the reading very much!" ... written by Jenni
Great reading!!" ... written by cab
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
Oh shit, this guy totally read me! " ... written by rumi628
Funds ran out! But Great reading!! :) Thank you! " ... written by rumi628
Great guy. Great reading, as ALWAYS..." ... written by vryanm
Very accurate!!!!!" ... written by tendollars
SUPERB - the best oranum has to offer!!!!!!!!!" ... written by tendollars
Very accurate, right on!" ... written by kikian
Great reading as always!" ... written by Joanna93
Excellent Reader!!! Always able to connect with me immediately! " ... written by mlafield
Extraordinary and genuine he is the real deal!!!!!!!!!" ... written by tendollars
Excellent" ... written by sapphiremoon
Oh my God, he is amazing - all his prediction came true. Thank you so much, Astrologer1!!" ... written by libragyal
Great reading." ... written by Joanna93
Great connection..." ... written by Anniekins
Good." ... written by dd41783
Thank-you so much! You've always been accurate and helpful...sending you love and blessings!" ... written by patleeme
Astrologer1 picked right up on my feelings, and was very accurate! You need to get a reading from him!" ... written by justme1365
After this reading i feel as though im on a good end right now, very pleased :) will be back" ... written by blkrose014434
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
Good" ... written by stay_calm
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
Awesome Guy!!!" ... written by Love2718
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
Truly amazing!!! right on point... I didnt have to say a thing" ... written by love522
He's so great! And very accurate! Try him. " ... written by Love2718
Wow, very accurate reading." ... written by edelaine
Thanks for your guidance...nice guy, picked up on the situation." ... written by rosha05
Amazing as always! Does not steer you wrong... " ... written by cabby
Great reading! Right on point! Such a kind and understanding person!" ... written by Joanna93
Interesting reading. Thought-provoking." ... written by luckygoat
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
Amazing!" ... written by RaeAri
The man is great always" ... written by FRANCIS27
Top class psychic!!! He is too good and sees everything!!!!!!wonderful readings!!!!I have had so many readings with him!!!!!GOD bLESS yOU!!!!" ... written by onedollar
Awesome reading!!! Right on point about everything!! Thanks ASTROLOGER 1..." ... written by danajo444
Did an awesome job! Many thanks" ... written by DavidRN3301
Awesome! No One Can Compare! 5 Star Rating!" ... written by swiftcats64
Awesome reading . As always very detail in answering to question. Will be back again. Take care astrologer.God bless." ... written by gr2359
HE IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!!!!!!" ... written by onedollar
Like always he is GOOD at what he does. Very honest and helpful." ... written by Ruchipatel
He is just superb!!!!! Unique experience!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by onedollar
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
Astro is always a consistent great psychic! He always gives life-changing advices too! 10 stars!" ... written by Joanna93
:) " ... written by cab
Very insightful and caring!!!!Best advisor!!!!!!Love readings with him!!!!!!GOD BLESS YOU ASTRO!!!!!" ... written by sixbucks
Brilliant!" ... written by rajat_25
He is a wonderful psychic!!!! ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS NO DOUBT ABOUT IT !!!!!!! He is fast very informative accurate and easy!!!!!!!!" ... written by sixbucks
Weii worth ur dollars!!!!!! He is unmatched excellent accurate and true!!!!!" ... written by onedollar
He is just too good to be true!!!!" ... written by sixbucks
Astrologer1 is AWESOME!!!!!" ... written by vryanm
I LOVE ASTRO XXXX" ... written by jaiyakali
Very quick to catch on the situation! Excellent reader would see him again." ... written by dwinadrito
Thanks i feel so much better and hes so accruate! " ... written by Caramcaz
Accurate and amazing thank you x" ... written by jaiyakali
Very good fast typer, connects fast. Great reading, thank you!" ... written by krad242003
Very good reading" ... written by lucy4life
Wow, he knew everything! Great reading!" ... written by Anon
Very good, picked up on everything. No questions just facts. Told me the honest truth will be back. " ... written by illwoodz21780moo
HE KNEW EVERYTHING! I DIDNT HAVE TO SAY A WORD..." ... written by rese77
Very Accurate and straight....tells u what to do n what not to do....happy with the readings!! Godbless" ... written by monit_heda
So far all accurate, I was surprised! " ... written by nazchualan41
Very nice guy!" ... written by rajat_2510
Great! Quick connection, fast. Good info at any rate." ... written by plutogirl76
Great reading! Very upfront and honest! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" ... written by ahardin27
Thank you! You were very informative!" ... written by nunothat
He is the best." ... written by rajat_2510
Astrologer is the BEST on ORANUM, he never changes his prediction he is a god sent please try him you will not regret....................." ... written by HurtSoBadly
Excellent reading!" ... written by tobeatxn
Accurate and amazing." ... written by druvina1973
Accurate" ... written by druvina1973
he is just mind blowing." ... written by rajat_25
He is very honest and sincere.. very smart.." ... written by sally4444
He's amazing! It helped me for quite a while. He took the time to explaine verything, even issues that went extremely far back. Even if I was being dififcult he was very patient...not to mention accurate." ... written by moriah
Very good answear, give you advice and tell you the true" ... written by ginlin
Accurate 100%." ... written by jaiyakali
Amazing, accurate" ... written by druvina1973
Very accurate." ... written by druvina1973
Accurate. Amazing!" ... written by druvina1973
Thank you so much for the answers. The advice and kindness. Very good reading, thank you." ... written by GM
Very good." ... written by misslibby2
Seems a nice man knows what he's talking about hope it comes true. Great news ill be back sometime xxxx" ... written by benji37
Thanks. " ... written by Twinheart
Astro is always so clear and precise about details, I hope all comes true to reality, highly recommended!!!" ... written by olive23
So Impressed!!!! Really took the time to talk to me about my situation :) Very fast, accurate and does not waste time! Thanks so much!" ... written by butterfly1977
Without DOUBT the undiscovered hidden GEM of ORANUM. take my word for it. Spot on, doesn't waste time and his predictions have always come through, for myself. Also has the ability to go into detail... 100 STARS. RECOMMENDED" ... written by belladonna8
Lovely guys and a amazing friend to me." ... written by rajat_25
God bless this man he knows his stuff." ... written by mashmellowbunni3
Awesome reader!" ... written by rajat_25
NIce" ... written by ginni6
This man gave me honest strict answers and I loved that he did that.. I'm lookin forward to the time frames, everything." ... written by mashmellowbunni3
This guy is trustworthy, he really is, I like him a lot." ... written by mashmellowbunni3
Great reading! Wonderful psychic!" ... written by Joanna93
Fabulous Reader!! Right on target and picked up everything that I was thinking and typed so very fast to get all the information to me quickly. Thank you!!" ... written by Yoda1520
Very quick and thorough answers within limited time. Provided a lot of info. Hoping all predictions will come true. God Bless. Thank you." ... written by firebrand02
lovely" ... written by rajat_25
God bless him! he is so good!" ... written by mashmellowbunni3
lovely guy and a good reading" ... written by rajat_25
Thanks but not yet finished :)" ... written by Twinheart
Accurate as usual." ... written by druvina1973
My favorite .. He is bright,, intuiative,, and honest.. " ... written by sally4444
Excellent!" ... written by druvina1973
Thanks for the reading." ... written by shaz77
My super star." ... written by rajat_25
Very accurate!" ... written by meg007
Very good! was right on the spot!" ... written by sdexsd
Great!! helped me with my concerns!! I recommend him!!" ... written by Sheri19
Very very good excellent, Never seen someone like this, He has an extra ordinary perception, He had predicted different things for me in 2011 and all came true. I did readings with many psychic but he is the best. Excellent, superb will come again and again. All predictions comes true and he knows before we tell and dates and time lines are excellen , All get true and accurate. He is just amazing star. I want to Hug him. Thanks millions of times, Astro. East to West Astro is the bes , Guys check out him, He will solve your all problems. He is a amazing Psychic. Thank you!" ... written by nicka1
Best guy!" ... written by rajat_2510
Very good initial reading... wish I had more time, will be back!" ... written by John
Thank you, I think you were very accurate!!!" ... written by elode80
Just went for clarity he gave me good advice!! " ... written by queenbee22
This is about my 4th reading from him and he still amazes me! He didn't have to ask me in details or ask me about the questions that needed answer. He knew what is the issues, he amazes me! He connected to me right away and he knew how I am feeling and what is going on. His predictions from the past all came true. Now he gave me clarity and time frames. I will be back when that event comes. Thank you so much! God bless you!" ... written by connette
Very accurate and effective." ... written by druvina1973
Amazing guidance and insight. Thank you!" ... written by meg007
Very nice." ... written by _Alexis
my lovely friend is a good reader..." ... written by rajat_25
Simply amazing... i felt so comfortable with him and he explained everything in such detail... he was so accurate too!! he is the one and only person I chat on here with because he is that good and I won't waste my time and money with anyone else. Truly AWESOME!!!" ... written by magnolia58
Accurate." ... written by druvina1973
Thanks." ... written by Twinheart
Love Astrologer 1 private readings. he is so accurate .I have such peace of mind. I appreciate his kind words and guidance" ... written by meg007
Awesome reading. Thank you so much astrologer!!" ... written by losttrack123
Love him. He is always on point and is able to pick up on your situation without you telling him. " ... written by Ruchipatel
He is great and accurate!" ... written by meg007
Astro is amazing! He was accurate, professional and kind. He knew a lot about my life and the person I asked about. I feel like he is the best psychic I have seen on and off this site. He is worth the money. He made my day!" ... written by Questioninglife
Very quick, nice and amazing! Very, very, very accurate!" ... written by amnarashid
Astro is helping me with a hard situation and I would not make it without him. He is a great advisor. I recommend him to everyone... " ... written by Questioninglife
Astro is greattttt!!!! Awesome!!! He is incredible!!! Words can't explain how much he is the best!!! I recommend that everyone on Oranum do a pvt chat with him! He is sweet, charming, handsome! Did I say handsome?? haha lol" ... written by Sheri19
Excellent, excellent! Don't search for anyone but him. Informative, money well spent, concise and very good." ... written by khansamina
So fantastic! His guidance and insight is really amazing. I appreciate all the suggestions about meditation too. Talk to you soon." ... written by meg007
Great!" ... written by spiritflower79
Astro was wonderful.. He was accurate and kind. I will use him again for sure. He is the best I have seen on Oranum. :)" ... written by Mistere1120
Most insightful man ever... He's my guy! I will not have a reading from any another." ... written by Plutonium35
Very helpful, amazing insight. thanks friend. talk to you soon. You have a friend ,blessings to you and your family." ... written by meg007
Thank you. I love my new friend Astrologer 1. He gives excellent insight and peace of mind. " ... written by meg007
Great!" ... written by druvina1973
Very good." ... written by khansamina
Accurate." ... written by druvina1973
Very good, accurate." ... written by druvina1973
lovely reader" ... written by rajat_25
Excellent man. Concise." ... written by khansamina
his readings are very nice and accurate though all the predictions happen according to the can be sooner or lil later... but it will" ... written by rajat_25
Excellent reading!" ... written by mimatisse
Very accurate." ... written by druvina1973
Excellent!" ... written by desireeemae
Very good reader and always recommended." ... written by rajat_25
Thank you for your insight and guidance. it is extremely helpful to me in my life now. " ... written by meg007
Astro is one of the best on this portal, highly recommended. Is able to paint a concise picture with options, guidance and accuracy. I would say he is excellent and worth every penny.. Have no hesitation in highly recommending him....." ... written by khansamina
Excellent." ... written by druvina1973
Very accurate." ... written by druvina1973
Great meditation with ASTROLOGER1. I feel much peace and love." ... written by meg007
Thanks Friend, your insight is amazing. I look forward to chatting with you again soon. Peace and Blessings to you." ... written by meg007
Good insight!" ... written by FRANCIS27
Good!" ... written by mancrm
Good!" ... written by mancrm
Love Astrologer1. He will give you the guidance and peace you need to move forward in life and heal." ... written by meg007
Thank you, Friend, you are always enlightening with your great guidance and spirituality." ... written by meg007
Thanks, Friend! Great chat, enlightenment and peace. Have a blessed day!" ... written by meg007
Accurate." ... written by druvina1973
Thank you friend. You have remarkable gifts to help others. You are very talented and I appreciate you leading me to inner peace. Life is such a blessing everyday." ... written by meg007
Watling till April as told by him..........." ... written by coolstallion
Thank you Astro, for your guidance and Light. Have a blessed day!" ... written by meg007
Accurate." ... written by druvina1973
Very good ...Felt good connection and very quick. Thank you so much! " ... written by junior92
Accurate. Superb." ... written by druvina1973
Very good." ... written by mancrm
Great." ... written by druvina1973
Fantastic!" ... written by treetophill2013
Thank you very much my friend from the bottom of my heart. You been excellent reader and giving advises and solutions. I feel lighter and look forward to positive future.. God Bless..." ... written by Connie
Great great great! Wonderful reader and psychic. One of Oranum's best!!" ... written by Joanna93
Astro has guided me to inner peace. I appreciate his spiritual strength and kind spirit to help. Thank you Friend and Brother. Have a blessed day." ... written by meg007
Excellent reading." ... written by khansamina
Great reading!" ... written by druvina1973
Best psychic ever!" ... written by Joanna93
As always, Simply Wonderful!" ... written by Joanna93
Spot on as always excellent, no sugar coating just the truth, absolutely clears the fog!" ... written by vc1976
Thanks Friend. I appreciate your guidance." ... written by meg007
Excellent reading!" ... written by Joanna93
He is the best reader and guide one could have." ... written by rajat_2510
Accurate!" ... written by druvina1973
Excellent as usual!!" ... written by treetophill2013
Great reading as always!" ... written by Joanna93
Thank you Friend! You have a great ability to see the big picture. You are so talented and gifted. " ... written by meg007
He is amazing and compassionate. 100% accurate!" ... written by bunnah
Great reading! Astro is always so to the point! 10 stars!" ... written by Joanna93
My favorite!! He is awesome!!" ... written by Sheri19
Excellent reading!" ... written by Joanna93
Love Astro 1. Thanks for your kind words and encouragement today." ... written by meg007
Astro has been very patient with me. He is a wonderful soul that is very clairvoyant and accurate on his predictions. He said my career would do well with my move and he was right. He has been accurate about my path to find my soul mate too. I wish I could give him a hug for his wonderful insight or a high five. Thank you!" ... written by meg007
He is the best reader so far I know of..." ... written by rajat_2510
Very honest!! Helpful and good at what he does." ... written by Ruchipatel
The best on Oranum!" ... written by candyland2013
Love, love, love Astro's guidance and insight. Thanks my friend. Bless you and keep up the good work!" ... written by meg007
The best as always! xx" ... written by candyland2013
I love Astro brother man. Always a pleasant chat. Wonderful work. Peace and love to you!" ... written by meg007
Thanks astro. I appreciate you and your talent. Thank you my friend. Have a happy day!" ... written by meg007
Great reading! Great person!" ... written by Joanna93
I dont need to judge him anymore... have taken plenty of reading from him and I think he is the best." ... written by rajat_2510
Excellent!" ... written by vc1976
He is the best on this in every respect and worth every penny... Please book you will not be dissappointed." ... written by khansamina
Thanks astro. hope you have a great day. I hate that our time runs out so quickly but I think you are amazing and wonderful with your insight and guidance " ... written by meg007
Accurate and helpful!" ... written by druvina1973
Accurate and helpful!" ... written by druvina1973
Great. Very accurate!" ... written by druvina1973
Excellent xx" ... written by candyland2013
I love astro! he is a great psychic and I always enjoy his insight and guidance.Hope many blessings come your way" ... written by meg007
A very nice reading." ... written by rajat_2510
Very good. I have been his client for over a year now and he has never told me what I wanted to hear but more of what the truth was. " ... written by Ruchipatel
As usually a lovely reader." ... written by rajat_2510
As always clears the fog, to the point fast, and acurrate !" ... written by vc1976
He was great and gave lots of detail!" ... written by keeetz
Thank you my friend, I appreciate your direct insight and guidance. I will chat soon. " ... written by meg007
Very accurate and helpful." ... written by druvina1973
Extraordinary!!!!!!!" ... written by roseandwine
Great man, great reading as always keep it up..." ... written by khansamina
Wonder whether someone can bring positive vibes to any helpless person in short time. A great expert and a great asset to Oranum I believe. Thanks a lot for the awesome service." ... written by pvenu2013
Love Astro, great insight, very talented, gifted and connected. His predictions come true, looking forward to the rest coming true" ... written by meg007
You always put my mind at ease.." ... written by Questioninglife
Very accurate." ... written by druvina1973
Excellent Reader" ... written by Need2know5
Thank you Astro, I always appreciate your guidance and insight." ... written by meg007
Excellent Reader!" ... written by Need2know5
WOW, he is absolutely AMAZING!!!" ... written by marion
Thanks Astro. you are wise and kind with your guidance. I appreciate you lifting my spirits after our chat. Take care, I appreciate you!" ... written by meg007
Whenever I talk to astro, I get a feeling that he is all knowing, omnipresent entity!! Before I ask anything, he starts telling!! And tells all the truth!!! He is above and beyond anybody !!!!! May GOD keep him safe and sound!!! May GOD give him all the knowledge there is in this world!!!!!! BLESS YOU ASTRO!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by roseandwine
Hats off to him !!!" ... written by coolstallion
I have seen positive results from your prediction thanks astro! " ... written by Love908
Always Astro the best, excellent reader." ... written by khansamina
Thanks astro, I always appreciate your insight." ... written by meg007
Love my chats with Astro. He is really connected spiritually. I will be back my friend." ... written by meg007
Thanks Astro I enjoy your insight and your timeframes. You have helped me become more spiritual and I thank you from my heart. God Bless you." ... written by meg007
He is my suport here my everyting very corect and very helpfull thnx astro i belve in u insight!!!!" ... written by MARTITAA21
Excellent Reader." ... written by Need2know5
Very quick, clear and concise - I recommend this reader. " ... written by Lyne37
I love Astro, he has lead me through some spiritual awakenings. His guidance and insight are remarkable. wish I could have a cup of tea with him" ... written by meg007
Thanks, Astro, always excited to get your insight. You are gifted and talented. Hoping for the best for your life. And I will chat soon. Thanks again, god bless!" ... written by meg007
Thanks Astro, you are very gifted and talented to lead people spiritually. I have learned so much from you, I appreciate all you have said." ... written by meg007
Excellent man" ... written by simmik
Hats off." ... written by coolstallion
EXCELLENT! He has read for me a few times - always accurate, always can feel his positive spirit." ... written by patleeme
Excellent!!" ... written by bubblegum10
I have been a member here on Oranum for 7 months, during this time I have utilized several of its psychics for readings. I have to say (although I do not have anything negative to say about anyone else)...the two top phsychics, according to my experience are: Astrologer1 and Thepsychicone (Demetra). Both of these humans are truly gifted individuals. Both are the REAL DEAL. Their styles are very different but both are phenomenally brilliant in their own right. And I would just like to share that insight with the rest of the human population. Thank You." ... written by Plutonium35
Awesome! One of my favorites!" ... written by Sheri19
Very Accurate, always recommendable!!!" ... written by need2know5
He was very precise and accurate. He gave me clear solutions and directives. Thank you for your insight and your gifts." ... written by janine
I love ASTRO! He is super smart and very well connected to my life situations. his predictions are true and honest without hurting your feelings. Bless you Brother man. love and light, Megen" ... written by meg
Very nice and calm. Good predictions - lets see what happens. Good and respectful personality." ... written by Melissa
Thanks for the prediction." ... written by twinheart
Very good!" ... written by wunjosun
Very good reader, definitely go back to him." ... written by need2know5
Thank you Astro, you were great!" ... written by mysticmarzo
Astrologer 1 connected quickly and gave a very detailed reading! Will wait to see if the predictions come to pass. " ... written by cherryblossom10
Excellent Reader, Always go back to him, highly recommendable." ... written by need2know5
WOW.... I am sorry the time ran out but I must thank you ... that was one of the most amazing readings I've ever had ... and I have been talking to intuitive for several decades. You are very gifted!! Thank you for sharing that with me. 5 STARS! " ... written by Ann S
You are amazing. i love astro and he is very gifted." ... written by meg
Awesome!!!! 5 stars easily!" ... written by ann s
Astrologer did an amazing job with my chart. He told me the truth and did not sugar coat. I am so grateful that you are on here. Thank You! :D" ... written by Ma
Excellent Reader!" ... written by need2know5
Very good very great " ... written by samina khan
love you Astro! thanks for your spiritual guidance and positive insight. you have helped me stay true and positive. I am blessed to know you or at least chat with you on the computer. peace and blessings for you always" ... written by meg
Fast connection and typer! He gave lots of very specific, accurate information about my situation. Really good read!" ... written by OmManiPadmeHum
Excellent reading has ability to predict on relationship issues and matters of the heart..." ... written by simmi
Astro is just great !!!!" ... written by sonya
He did an awesome job! I am never disappointed in his wonderful works!" ... written by Sheri19
thank you Astro for your continued support and guidance. love you" ... written by meg
Astro is wonderful !!!! Hope he is telling truth!!!!!" ... written by Sonya
ASTRO IS OUTSTANDING !!!!" ... written by Sanya
Astro is a wonder !!!! 10 stars for him !!!!!" ... written by Suhana
Astro was great! Was able to guide me with the correct answers I needed. He is one of my favorites so I'm never disappointed." ... written by Sheri19
Astro is the real deal!!!!!!" ... written by Suhana
GREAT!" ... written by Alicia
ASTRO IS PHENOMINAL!!" ... written by Suhana
This guy is SOOOOO AMAZING!!!! Hits on every thought, emotion, motivation and action so accurately. Everything he saw was exactly what was going on in my situation. He is incredibly fast in connecting/typing and information flows through him effortlessly. Extremely impressive! " ... written by Seeker1200
Astro is Great !!!!! He is a good reader and dear friend !!" ... written by Sami
He is AMAZING!! Well worth the credits. Very fast and connected, gives you tons of detail/explanation and clarity. I asked one question about something that happened and he answered it so well and thoroughly I couldn't believe it. He is one of the absolute best on here!!" ... written by Seeker1200
Wonderful and always on point! I HIGHLY recommend him!" ... written by Alicia
Quick, accurate, giving deep insight and helping in shaping the best way to handle the things. Very kind!" ... written by agablue
Quick typing! If predictions come true, i will be very happy" ... written by luckystars
Very good." ... written by gittyup1945n
Astro has always been my friend. I appreciate him always being available when I need someone to talk to. They say that everyone needs a friend, and astro is a true friend for me. He is a good choice, very accurate with everything. " ... written by Sheri19
Very very good." ... written by gittyup1945
Fast connection and advice on what to do." ... written by angelszone
He is just absolutely amazing!!! Always gives the most pertinent accurate info, never repeats things. Incredibly fast connection and extremely detailed in the thoughts and feelings involved. He sees exactly what is goin on in the situation and tells you what the other person is thinking and feeling and the best way to approach things. Highly recommended!!" ... written by Seeker1200
He is a genius !!!!" ... written by rosie
Love, loved it! He is on point about everything!!" ... written by gayle
Astro is too good a reader !!!!" ... written by roseie
He is good and consistent with his predictions!! Can't wait to see what happens. Thank you!!" ... written by dklb
Astro is outstanding !!!!" ... written by rose
Great! wish had more time :)" ... written by Sheri19
Thanks astro i always appreciate your insight and help in my life. love and blessings to you" ... written by meg
Astro is phenomenal too good!!!!" ... written by rose
ANOTHER INCREDIBLE READING!! Everything he has seen and predicted to date has been true and has unfolded! His insight, wisdom and guidance are waaay beyond his years. Accurate, fast, very strong connection to Spirit, professional, kind, I can go on and on!! He continues to amaze me. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! " ... written by Seeker1200
He's quick and good!" ... written by gittyup1945
Really good person and knows what he is talking about." ... written by gittyup1945
The best of the best! Thank you so much!!!" ... written by jack me jack
Astro is superb! accurate and quick!" ... written by rosie
Accurate and good reading." ... written by sadhana
Astro is truly gifted , He understands the picture very well. He goes deep into the situation and also tells the solutions !!! Great reading Astro !" ... written by rose
This man has a gift." ... written by Ana
WOW!! He did an awesome job answering my follow up question. Gave so many details and confirmed many things that are happening now. He is truly gifted and his guidance is the best!!!" ... written by Seeker1200
Excellent reading excellent for advise and correctness" ... written by simmik
Astro is magnificent !!!! Too good !!!!!" ... written by tora
Astro is Great !!!!! Always gives' me peace !!!! " ... written by rose
Amazing reading! he definitely knows what he is talking about… i will come and get another reading soon!" ... written by san
Very intuitive and good reading. Give him a try, highly recommended!" ... written by petalouditsa
Very accurate with whats going on right now, Great reading. Thank you astro.." ... written by sweet84
Spot on, so accurate. Thanks!" ... written by anushree
Good! :)" ... written by Anushka Arya
Astro is amazing. He can share a ton of information in a very short period of time. He is very direct and precise in his readings. Connects immediately! Thank you for all the help! " ... written by mlafield
Astro is wonderful !!! Love his readings !!!!" ... written by ROSIE
He's nice and very quick in typing. I totally adore his powers and his intuition. Really worth every penny!!" ... written by aqua
Astro is the real deal!!!!!!" ... written by Rani
Astro is excellent and accurate reader! Fast and to the point. " ... written by mlafield
Quick and to the point. Very insightful with clear predictions." ... written by agablue
He was very kind, and honest. Quick and to the point. Had a GREAT reading." ... written by Scadoodle
Astro always tells as it is providing guidance and clarity. He is the only psychic here who doesn't think and then gives the answer. He will tell u so much information one after another that it opens up like a movie infront of your eyes. ASTRO you are a great Psychic !!!!!!GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS !!!!!!" ... written by Rosie
Another fantastic reading from Sid! He is so fast, accurate and connected. I swear he reads minds and probably has access to the Akashic records too! :) Not only does he amaze me with his wisdom and guidance but the way he just knows things about you and your situation is incredible. Highly Recommended!!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Thanks astro.." ... written by mysticmarzo
Amazing, quick, fast reader, very accurate!.. All predictions have come true. Thank you." ... written by mlafield
Good Job Astro !!! You are a wonderful psychic!!!!" ... written by Rose
Astro is extraordinary!!!" ... written by Rose
I think Astro is a very genuine psychic. He is very clear what he is seeing and tells you the same !!!!! Thanks Astro!" ... written by rosa
Astro is too good to be true!!!!!!" ... written by rose
Good reading! He was very accurate and described the situation and my own feelings about the guy concerned. I would recommend him quick typer too :)" ... written by Senem
Very very good!" ... written by moongirl777
Sid is the BEST!! So amazingly accurate, fast and detailed. His explanations and insights are incredibly helpful in understanding a situation and his guidance over the past months has really helped me significantly improve my situation. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Well march 2015...a date ill keep in mind :) Thank you for answering my question! " ... written by littleone3
Astro is too good to be true!!!!" ... written by rosieie
Astro is fantastic !!!!" ... written by rosie
He is so reassuring!!!" ... written by anushree
There is only one word to describe Astro.............Phenomenal !!!!!!!" ... written by rose
Astro is a true psychic he goes fast doesn't have to think and answer ! He knows everything !!!!!" ... written by rose
Excellent! Always come in for a reading with him had two just now he is so insightful and always knows the personalities of the people I am concerned with.... To a T! Even to they are majorly opposites he still connects amazingly to them! Best psychic on here! :):):)" ... written by Senem
Fabulous !!!!" ... written by rosie
Excellent!!!!" ... written by Rose
Astro is one of my regulars on here and I love him! Awesome advisor and mental guide for me. I recommend him because he will for sure guarantee you results! " ... written by Sheri19
Amazing update as usual! He is so spot on and accurate in what he sees. " ... written by Seeker1200
Really too good this psychic!!!!!" ... written by Sun
Greatttt as usual. Repeat customer probably 10 times by now, very accurate! always stable predictions they never change he knows what hes talking about " ... written by Senem
Sid is always on target! Fast typist, connected, wise and extremely detailed in his insights and guidance. I have followed his advice for months now and it has really changed my situation into a positive one. His ability to accurately see and explain what is goin on in your situation is amazing. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" ... written by Seeker1200
I love astrologer!!! He is the best!! Always accurate with readings!!" ... written by sENEM
ASTRO is the real deal! He reads you fast and accurately !!! He is very sincere and has gifts from THE ALMIGHTY!!!!! ASTRO STAY BLESSED DEAR!!!!!" ... written by SUNDAY
Good and fast." ... written by bunnahh
intuitive, connected immediatly highly recommend!" ... written by kosubhan
very nice reading" ... written by micd123
incredible and wonderful at his job. He is a regular so I am used to his great talents. Highly recommend! " ... written by Sheri19
awesome!! incredible!! best one on the oranum cite :)" ... written by tabbi
Excellent insight excellent read best on ORANUM" ... written by simmi
amazing!" ... written by micd123
Excellent detailed reading with predictions. Thanks for the honesty!" ... written by Garace123
Incredible!! He is always on the mark and so concise and insightful. Blows my mind every time. He described a third party's personality and behavior exactly as if he knew them. I've had readings with him for months now and his guidance has been amazing. Don't let his cute baby face fool you- he is wise, compassionate, and a true psychic. Very Highly Recommended!" ... written by Seeker1200
Great reading, spot on with a lot of things. Thank you" ... written by sweet
Best psychic on oranum..! 10 stars highly recommended." ... written by Think Blue
Most accurate reading. So worth every single penny..." ... written by Plutonium35
great reading" ... written by apple
enjoy the reading, blessing to talk with. will be back for more." ... written by sweet461
He is a good person with a real gift of vision. Try it...he's worth it !!" ... written by celticfreckles
Excellent as always! Never fails to deliver the most important and relevant info needed. He can read anyone's intentions and feelings and is so fast and accurate. Highly recommended!!" ... written by Seeker1200
didn't agree but ok some things were right" ... written by danille
Amazing reading very detailed and on point. thanku" ... written by Think Blue
Good reading with a lot of details " ... written by BeautifulB
He is always fantastic! I can always count on him to give me the most relevant, up to date status on the thoughts, feelings and actions of all involved. It's amazing how deeply he goes into the energies - extremely detailed and accurate and so supportive. " ... written by Seeker1200
Exceptional man!!!" ... written by Rose
Good Job Astro !!! Your readings are just right and accurate !!!!! GOD BLESS YOU !!!!!" ... written by Rose
Positively one of the best readings i've ever had. Happily waiting for all things to pass. He is really thouroh and awesome. " ... written by Lisa
awesome Advisor!love astro,one of my top favorites here on oranum. He is sweet and gifted in what he does! Thank you astro!" ... written by Sheri19
Exceptional as always! He is so connected and FAST!! Gives the most intimate details and insight. His guidance is amazing as well. Very Highly Recommended!!" ... written by Seeker1200
I enjoyed our private session, Astro is very sweet and kind! He was able to reveal some things to me,conformation. Thanks astro!" ... written by Sheri19
quick and insightful, brings clarity quickly" ... written by agablue
A great read from a great guy. He really knows his stuff. *****" ... written by Babs
He is fast and has a lot of accurate information. He blows me away with his accuracy. 5 stars. " ... written by Jaye
Great reading always very accurate and detailed, thank you so much..:)" ... written by Think Blue
he was very great accurate had good information that i need to know. " ... written by leblanc
i love him!!! so accurate , so sweet !!! I will visit with him again!!" ... written by tammyj1974
Very interesting reading! Will have to see if predictions come true." ... written by Calizaliza
Astro is phenomenal !!! Too good to be true !!!!" ... written by Rose
Phenomenal!! Always hits all the right points and super fast. " ... written by Seeker1200
hes awesome" ... written by gittyup1945
Intuitive, accurate, fast typer! Great reader. Thanks" ... written by dream
Brilliant and outstanding fast and accurate" ... written by Lorann
Amazing!!" ... written by tasha_j
thank you so much your readings are always mind blowing:)" ... written by Think Blue
great" ... written by sadhana
awesome insight, creates clarity in a situation" ... written by agablue
He is so amazing, fast and accurate.... sees so deeply and gives the BEST guidance and advice. Outstanding!!" ... written by SoulDesire1
thank you so much:)" ... written by Think Blue
He types...but is fast...he's expensive for typing but he was good with his insight" ... written by Sparkle Pony
He is awesome! I had only a little time but he gave me all of the info I needed and more! He is fast, accurate, connected and fantastic." ... written by SoulDesire1
very good accurate detailed reading" ... written by a
excellent" ... written by bubble
he was amazing!" ... written by sarah
Always an excellent reading ... very accurate!" ... written by ann
Astro is a wonder !!!!!" ... written by Rose
he seems to connect quickly and tells a lot and I look forward to predictions -- seems to be knowledgeable an connects well" ... written by Melissa
He just gets it so well - don't have to give him any info about your situation and he will tell you everything!! Accurate, detailed, connected and super fast! Always on point and correct in everything he sees. Amazing! " ... written by Seeker1200
I'm concerned about my future and my potential lover's intention... so i come to astrologer, letting him tell me the potential outcome in the future and what i should do." ... written by wei
amazing choice!" ... written by sheri19
Always fantastic, informative, detailed and honest!" ... written by Seeker1200
I want to thank Astro for the wonderful reading he gave me. He was so fast and gave a very clear reading .He is really supportive and a very sweet person:) He was simply wonderful.I'm pretty positive that he is one of the best here at Oranum. Again thanks a ton Astro :) I am waiting for your predictions to come true :) Lots of luv n hugs- Nand89" ... written by nand89
great reader. to the point. lots of info. will be back when predictions pan out :)" ... written by d
Super Fantastic as always!! Lightening speed of spirit connection/info and typing. Doesn't matter what you ask about-He just gets it and gives the most amazing guidance. He has been my mentor and rock for so long now. His major prediction for me is slowly unfolding as we speak. Patience, determination and a great guide like him are the keys! " ... written by SoulDesire1
Better than best" ... written by nick green
Great advising. Accurately read the situation" ... written by HC
Consistently gives an AMAZING reading. Everything he sees is so deep, wise and insightful. He is so connected and compassionate that I often feel like he is a personal counselor and a loving and trusted friend who gives the most incredible guidance and details about what you are going through without you saying anything! He is truly gifted." ... written by SoulDesire1
Astro is too good !!!!!" ... written by Rose
So accurate!" ... written by HC
two sessions. Spot on accuracy. Will definitely come soon..." ... written by HC
Astro is an outstanding psychic !!!!" ... written by Rose
Excellent ... see immediately into the situation!" ... written by ann
Astro is very good in telling you what is happening right now !!!! Love his readings !!!!" ... written by rose
Third reading. Spot on accuracy and very helpful" ... written by HC
I've talked to Astro for a while now in free chat and he is an amazing person. So kind and really puts so much effort into all his clients... He is 10/10 psychic and very very accurate. I highly recommend him to anyone. He is wise beyond his years and makes your problem his problem to sort. An admirable person. Thank you so much" ... written by K
Very accurate!" ... written by E
Astrologer1 is awesome! excellent and serious insight, predictions!" ... written by Ann
Once again blown away!! He is so incredible. Stunning accuracy, descriptions/details, insight. With his help, I have worked hard to manifest my desire and it is now slowly happening!! Just need to continue on the path and stay focused. I'm so grateful for his gifts and guidance. " ... written by SoulDesire1
Fantastic as always! Deep, deep insight and details. Very highly recommended!" ... written by Seeker1200
great reader. Very accurate. Thanks.." ... written by HC
ASTRO IS THE BEST !!!!!!" ... written by rose
he is expensive but worth t give a try, very intuitive!!" ... written by Alicja
worst reading i have had on this site. hands down." ... written by jay
Superb insight and details! Knows the thoughts and motivations of others so well. " ... written by Seeker1200
Thank you for being there. God Bless!" ... written by Garace123
Incredible. Always an intensely deep and insightful reading with him. Amazingly accurate, fast and connected, knows exactly the feelings and actions of everyone involved. He understands and can break down even the most complicated situation in such a wise and compassionate way. Love this guy!!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Phenomenal!!! This is my 2nd time talking to him, the first panned out 100%!!! Everything he said, down to the EXACT dates came true. Mind blown!! Will definitely be back again. Cannot say enough great things about him. Wow, wow, wow. You are truly gifted. Thank you!!! You will not be disappointed, try him, you will be amazed!! Highly recommend!!!" ... written by db
Astro is very good !!! Love his readings!!!!! He goes in details and very accurate !!!!" ... written by rose
He predicted that Nov of this year between Nov 11to 21st would get the ball rolling on becoming an actress..after June of 2015 I will be closer to becoming a red carpet celebrity and definitely should be by Nov of 2015 :) Said I had nice luck, and that I am on the correct path. " ... written by jadejenova
Always a great reading! He connects immediately and has been very accurate for timing with exact dates for me. Definitely one of the top psychics on this site!!!" ... written by Ann
He is soooo good!! Very much worth the price because he is super fast, accurate and goes very deeply into feelings and thoughts. " ... written by Seeker1200
He is very gifted and he is accurate. he tune in very quick and he ensure the answer with his cards. thank you for the wonderful reading. " ... written by gugu58
Outstanding as always! super fast, detailed and accurate- really saw the truth in the situation." ... written by Seeker1200
Astro is a good reader ! He knows and understands your situation very well !! Will try to help you as much as possible !!!!Thnx Astro for everything !!!!" ... written by rose
Very Good." ... written by Water Bearer
This guy is the Love Guru for sure! I have been reading with him for many many months and his insight and advice never fails me. He may seem young but his wisdom and knowledge of relationships, emotions and understanding people's responses is incredible. He really goes deep to the soul level and quickly/accurately gives you what you need to know and more! Love him so much!" ... written by Seeker1200
Astrologer 1 right on the money. Hit on relationship issues and clarity gained from reading. Thank You ....." ... written by Kathy
Astro is a genuine psychic ! He is fast and accurate !!!" ... written by Rose
Thank you Astrologer1. I enjoyed my reading!!!" ... written by Garace
thank you os much! nailed it!" ... written by believe_inLove
he was outstanding!!" ... written by sheri19
Wow, He is amazing! Very intuitive, and gave interesting details!" ... written by peach
Great reading. Precise predictions and dates given. Will be back to update once they come to pass which I know they will :) Thank you Astrologer1" ... written by GratefulOne14
consistent and great as always" ... written by db
Thank you for your guidance!" ... written by Garace
Very wise and really great in forecasting" ... written by E
Always there for me. Always truthful and consistent." ... written by Water Bearer
Very honest astrologer !! Love him!!!!" ... written by Rose
FAST, ACCURATE, DEEP, ON-POINT, DETAILED AND AMAZING ALWAYS! Needed to know the best time to initiate a specific action and he pinned down several dates with one in particular being the best option. He has been extremely accurate in the past so I am absolutely confident that the date given will ensure success :)" ... written by SoulDesire1
Did energy work. He's always great. Lookin gforward to positive results!" ... written by Water Bearer
i love astro! he is one of my favorites on here,you will absolutely get your money worth!! he types fast and uses time great!" ... written by Sheri
very good" ... written by shelia
Thank you for the insight!" ... written by Garace
AMAZING!! LOVED HIM SO SO AWESOME!" ... written by Believe IN LOVE
Thank you so much" ... written by
Thank you Astrologer! I look forward to your predictions" ... written by Garace123
Wonderful!" ... written by Garace123
He's very good. The real deal." ... written by CelticFreckles
Fast, consistent, very accurate insight and fantastic guidance. Outstanding as always!! " ... written by Seeker1200
Thank you for the confirmation!" ... written by Garace123
Great reader. Always quick with his answers too." ... written by CelticFreckles
SPOT ON! as always. Extremely connected, accurate and fast! Things he has told me in the past have unfolded and everything is manifesting perfectly thanks to his amazing guidance. " ... written by SoulDesire1
Excellent ... Extremely ACCURATE!!!! Kind and gifted reader! Highly recommend!" ... written by Ann
Fast, efficient, connected, supportive, so wise and so ACCURATE! His insight and guidance over the months has kept me on the right path to manifesting my desire. Very highly recommended!" ... written by Seeker1200
Thank you so much for the insightful reading!" ... written by Garace
Incredible as always! With one question he will give you all the most accurate details you could ever want or need without you ever asking anymore questions. It's mind-boggling how he just sees the situation, thoughts, motivations and feelings immediately and types/gives info faster than you can read it. WOW!!" ... written by SoulDesire1
astro is great. " ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
Thank you for the reading! I will be back soon!" ... written by Garace123
Wonderful. Thanks to you!" ... written by Garace123
thank you!" ... written by Alicja
Amazing, Amazing!! He always perfectly describes the exact feelings, thoughts and actions that are involved and always gives the fantastic guidance. " ... written by SoulDesire1
This man is AMAAAAZING! Been reading with him for over a year and his accuracy is astounding. Always pins down the exact issues and solutions, has lightning fast intuitive connection and typing and is wise way beyond his years. He gets deep into the emotional and spiritual levels and the details and descriptions are phenomenal!! " ... written by SoulDesire1
its been great taking his advice" ... written by kill_bill
Thank you!" ... written by Garace123
Consistently a fast, detailed and insightful reading and amazing as always! " ... written by SoulDesire1
Had an email reading from him, he is awesome, really good to find out ppls intentions and feelings. Astro is very generous too and is always eager to help..i would highly recommend him, he goes extra mile to help and is very good at what he does. he said a contact will happen and that contact happened at the same time he said. " ... written by Xoxo54
very accurate and honest. it was great to know the truth although it hurts. He is so right." ... written by samara
very accurate.. prediction took place.. detailed oriented.. fast typer" ... written by rj
He picks up on emotions well :D spot on he very accurate !" ... written by Amri
Fastest typer and spot on info flows non-stop! He always amazes me with the incredible deep insight and guidance he gives. " ... written by Seeker1200
AMAZING really truly a gifted reader .... have had readings with him many times !!! Accurate and fast and kind! " ... written by Ann
On the mark EVERYTIME!! No matter what my question is he gives the most wise and in depth accurate insight into it so quickly and clearly. So amazing!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Sooo many accurate details!! He always amazes me with the amount and continuous flow of information and detail he gives. Super supportive and wise and can look deeply into any situation to give the best options and guidance. Love him!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Amazingly accurate and fast!!" ... written by Seeker1200
Always Excellent! Very gifted and authentic reader!" ... written by Ann
Very friendly. Unfortunately I do not have more credit, I talked only for a few minutes. Hopefully next time better." ... written by cinderella295
All the predictions Astrologer1 gave me came to pass and just came back for an update reading. More clarity given and even more predictions given too. Will be back to update. Great reading! :)" ... written by GratefulOne14
Always awesome:)" ... written by humility
very accurate" ... written by gugu58
One simple question and you get a mountain of deep, accurate detailed insight! He has always been spot on in every reading I've had with him. Beyond excellent!!" ... written by Seeker1200
He is literally a mind reader! LOL It's unbelievable how accurate and detailed his insight is - he goes very deeply into thoughts and feelings and even describes physical reactions as if he was there and saw them himself. Fantastic guy!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Very wise andamp; Highly accurate" ... written by E
Very detailed and quick with the answers, Wow, will come back again thanks :)" ... written by Sweety
I ran out of time so I'm going back" ... written by CelticFreckles
He is always fantastic!! I feel he is very gifted and truthful. " ... written by CelticFreckles
Whenever I need clarification on which day/s to take action, I go to Sid. Hasn't failed me once! He is superb." ... written by Seeker1200
Consistently fantastic and spot on! Super fast typing and connection to info. He has supported and guided me through some very intense times and I very much appreciate his deep and accurate insight. Gifted, compassionate, wise beyond his years and a cutie-pie too :)" ... written by SoulDesire1
a very good expert very insightful detailed and fast thanx" ... written by zimerili1
His readings are so good, I'm at a loss for words. I'm still reeling from all the fantastically accurate and in-depth info he gives me- it just always amazes me how quickly he connects and just knows things. Incredible." ... written by Seeker1200
Great reader ... truly gifted!!!!!" ... written by Ann
Excellent reader!" ... written by Ann
Fantastic always! XOXO" ... written by Seeker1200
Great reading. He picked up on the issue before i even said anything about it. Highly accurate..." ... written by Trying
Thank you very much!" ... written by Garace123
He is so detailed, accurate and concise - even my smallest question is answered fully, honestly and with such amazing insight. XOXO" ... written by SoulDesire1
He is nice and wonderful as always!! I will see if his predictions are true. He has been right in the past." ... written by CelticFreckles
Fastest typing fingers on Oranum! lol Extremely accurate, spiritually connected, wise and insightful. Past readings have been incredibly accurate and predictions made have slowly unfolded exactly as he described. His advice is stellar. " ... written by SoulDesire1
love thing guy!he is like my brother always understand me and always honest even is not so good the situation!all he say me in the past make sense !! the best definitely:)" ... written by martY
awesome as always" ... written by ana
Consistently amazing insight, guidance and support - very highly recommended!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Sooo supportive, wise, kind and super accurate!!" ... written by Seeker1200
I am completely amazed about his accuracy." ... written by maria
awesome, very detailed! thank you" ... written by believeinlove
10 stars" ... written by maria
astro was amazing!!!! you cant go wrong with the choice of him!!" ... written by sheri19
He is very helpful. Made me feel a lot better" ... written by ANGELA N PINDER
He knew what I needed and very happy with the results" ... written by ANGELA N PINDER
good. I will have to wait till july. " ... written by Adriana
Wow... He picked up so much... In such a short time... he really does have a real gift" ... written by Sheena
astro is awesome! my favorite!" ... written by sheri19
excellent reader. very clear with timing. " ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
Excellent reader ... always accurate with my readings." ... written by ann
the best" ... written by marias
Freakin' Fantastic! " ... written by Seeker1200
He is consistently amazing, accurate and fast! Sees things that are so deeply hidden and gives absolutely spot on descriptions and details. " ... written by SoulDesire1
i love astro! he is awesome! i always go to him when i need too. best choice!" ... written by sheri19
Great reader. So accurate!" ... written by dobe
Amazing insight and accuracy and so fast connecting and typing!" ... written by Seeker1200
A prediction manifested!! He suggested I take action on a certain day, I followed his guidance and what he predicted came to pass beautifully just as he saw!" ... written by Seeker1200
he so fast and so accurate :) " ... written by mariasheart
Honest guidance. Straight forward. Would recommend." ... written by angelszone
Highly accurate!!" ... written by do
great first read!" ... written by rosy
Super accurate, fast and detailed! I don't have to say anything and he answers the questions and concerns I have so well. The dates and timeframes he has given me in the past have been spot on - Very highly recommended!" ... written by Seeker1200
He's very good. Didn't sugarcoat and gave me details. I will wait to see what transpires and come back for another reading. Thanks so much " ... written by Amy
excellent reader as always!" ... written by ann
positiveee as alwaysssss :)" ... written by Nina
He is very accurate. Strongly recommend." ... written by Humility
my brother so spot on love him" ... written by mariasheart
he was wonderful :)" ... written by travis
he is extremely fast and detailed. thank you a lot for the clarification. " ... written by wei
Amazing Reader. Thank You!" ... written by Garace123
he was good" ... written by francis
Awesome, super accurate details and insight and so much of it! Gets to the deepest thoughts and emotions and identifies exactly what the issues are. Soo helpful, supportive and spot on! " ... written by SoulDesire1
Thank you astro, you are always so calm and consistent. I feel much better after speaking with you and the predictions you have given regarding this matter has stayed the same." ... written by DK
Excellent!!! " ... written by Ann
always excellent! One of the best on Oranum or really anywhere!!!" ... written by ann
I like astrologer1 because he sees accurately into someone's mind" ... written by aerohopper
He consistently gives a plethora of detailed accurate info and predictions that are always spot on! Sees very deeply into the thoughts, feelings and motivations of myself and others and is soo fast. I highly recommend him!" ... written by SoulDesire1
awesome really detailed, nailed my situation!!!" ... written by believe_inLove
Amazing at what he does! Very fast, connected and super accurate - gives incredible detail and so much info. Very highly recommended!" ... written by Seeker1200
He's really in sync with the situation! Great reader..." ... written by dobe
Highly accurate! About to have another session..." ... written by do
AMAZING POSITIVEEEE " ... written by Nina
Highly accurate!!! Will stop by again and again" ... written by do
wonderful fast and dead on - 6 stars ♥" ... written by maria
thank you so much " ... written by Paula
Astrologer1 is the very best! EXCELLENT and very kind!" ... written by ann
How do you know you have a connection with hang on every word. Every feeling being expressed....I am so impressed....very very interesting and I will come back for more updates...." ... written by Kathy
Amazingly on point and accurate as always!!" ... written by Seeker1200
Thank you!" ... written by Garace123
My reading was good today. Still waiting for new updates to my situation to occur but I'll have to be more patient. Astro is a great reader!" ... written by Amy
Great guy. Very welcoming and nice reading" ... written by Jim
Astro is a wonderful choice, he is well worth the time and the confidence! thank you astro!" ... written by sheri19
He is a great reader! Very good! Love his style!" ... written by Susan
awesome reader!! very fast!!!" ... written by K
astro is the man!! great reading!!" ... written by sheri19
wonderful, fast, accurate!" ... written by f
Freaking fantastic! Super fast and accurate with no info given except names! Gives great advice too." ... written by RussianBlue1
THE LOVE GURU for sure! His insight and guidance has been incredible. Always consistent, fast, honest and so accurate. I can't even count the times he said something would happen or did happen and he was absolutely correct every time!" ... written by SoulDesire1
fantastic as always" ... written by mariasheart
thanks again :)" ... written by ana
ONE OF THE BEST ONE ON HERE!! I trust him and rely on him." ... written by xxruch
He always hits the mark perfectly! Zones in on exactly the information I need and has always been spot on with time frames and thoughts and actions. What he saw in my reading last week came to pass today just as he described- amazing!!" ... written by RussianBlue1
He's terrific and kind and always puts my mind to rest. I will follow up when his predictions become true!! Thanks so much Astro!!" ... written by celticfreckles
Always spot on and fantastic!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Incredible!! So fast and accurate!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Thank you Astro! Always the best. God Bless!!!" ... written by Garace123
straight to the time frame.." ... written by sabrina fulford
Wow. He was fantastic!!!! He's fast and gives a detailed reading. Very very very good. I highly recommend him. Excellent. Thank you!" ... written by b
First reading - fast typer, amazing details and view into the situation! Thank you, Astro!" ... written by E
very good!" ... written by moongirl777
Soooo amazingly fast, connected and detailed. He has been right about everything he has seen in past privates and I'm so looking forward to what's to come :) Very highly recommended!!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Fantastic Love Guru! Has always hit every point so accurately and consistently and been so right in past readings - love him!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Awesome gifted reader - always on point and accurate, Very Highly Recommended!" ... written by RussianBlue1
WOW! There is definitely a reason he is my go to - he is so accurate, fast and connected. Everything he has seen has been true and just today something he saw in our last reading happened! Very sweet, wise and amazingly gifted - Highest recommendation!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Incredible guidance and details - fast, accurate and connected. The date he gave me to initiate an action was spot on! It happened today and in an even better way than expected. " ... written by RussianBlue1
Always EXCELLENT!!!!!!!! " ... written by Ann
he is amazing" ... written by ana
thanks so much" ... written by ana
he is always fast!" ... written by fra
Amazing as always!" ... written by RussianBlue1
wonderful reading,wish i had more time to enjoy the presence of one of the best on oranum!" ... written by sheri19
He is amazing!!! No words to describe!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Truly amazing as always - fast, connected and super accurate - knows things no one could guess without me telling him anything. Very detailed and can see the deep hidden thoughts and feelings of myself and others and his timeframes for actions are spot on!! " ... written by RussianBlue1
The best one on here!" ... written by sheri19
thanku" ... written by mria
Amazing insight, details and accuracy. So fast and connected, wise beyond his years - very highly recommended!" ... written by RussianBlue1
The amazing Love Guru comes through once again! :) Spot on with dates and times and totally nailed a recent timeframe. Looking forward to the next one so much! Fast, super accurate, connected and fantastic guidance - He is beyond excellent! " ... written by RussianBlue1
Very good reading! I think he was very in tune with my situation." ... written by Aurelia
Upfront and honest! Great reading!" ... written by Alicia
EXCELLENT!!!!! Always great!" ... written by Ann
He's fantastic!! One of my top favorites!!" ... written by CelticFreckles
quick n great reading" ... written by apple
Thank you!" ... written by Garace123
10 stars" ... written by Maria
Fantastic and always on point!!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Wow! Everything he has seen in past readings has been happening exactly as he described and he is so spot on with dates and details. Amazingly fast, accurate and concise. His loving support and awesome wisdom and guidance has made all the difference in my situation. Highest recommendation!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Fantastic, Fantastic! He is amazingly fast and connected. Gives very specific details and is always honest and direct about what he sees. He often responds to a thought I'm having before I even express it to him in writing! Past readings have been mind-blowingly accurate and predictions have come to pass. Awesomeness!!" ... written by RussianBlue1
highly accurate..." ... written by do
Thanks so much for your insight." ... written by az
Thank you so much Astrologer for easing my mind once again. You are so gifted and kind. Best of the best of readers!! xoxo" ... written by CelticFreckles
Always an amazing read with him - fast, connected and so accurate. Time frames, thoughts, emotions and motivations, actions... he sees it all and is spot on! " ... written by RussianBlue1
Always excellent!!!!! Very gifted reader!" ... written by Ann
Very honest and insightful. " ... written by Lisa E
Soooo fabulous! Hits the mark with exactly what is going on every time and is so fast and accurate. Past predictions have come true and are still unfolding as I type this!! He is Wonderful!" ... written by RussianBlue1
One of my absolute favorite readers - consistently fast and deeply connected. Gives the most intricate details and explanations and totally understands the situation with no info from you. Love him!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Always spot on and tuned in - very detailed insight and guidance that has consistently worked even when I doubted. Amazing accuracy and fantastic with dates/times!" ... written by RussianBlue1
he is excellent choice!! love astro!!" ... written by sheri19
Just wow! A big prediction came to pass within the time frame he gave and it unfolded beautifully. The things leading up to it were exactly as he saw them. He is fast, concise and so accurate - very highly recommended! " ... written by RussianBlue1
Wow - everything he saw in our last private has manifested exactly as he described! He is amazing!!" ... written by RussianBlue1
So fast, accurate and wise - predictions are coming true!" ... written by RussianBlue1
astro was amazing! he is my favorite choice!" ... written by sheri19
Amazing! Highly accurate and completely in sync! Truly amazed..." ... written by dobedobe
Great" ... written by Arno
He is so amazing - fast, super accurate and always gives specific details on anything you ask about. Everything that he has seen has come to pass and I always leave a private so much more informed and confident about whatever my question or concern is - Highest Recommendation!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Thank you my friend. You are truly one of my all time the top of the list. I'll let you know if the prediction is correct. Many blessings to you!!!" ... written by CelticFreckles
Very quickly connected and explained all very well. hope is all we need. i wish things go well as he said. great reading. thanks" ... written by smr
He is absolutely amazing!!!" ... written by RussianBlue1
hes amazing" ... written by chyna
Extremely accurate, fast and awesome - every detail he sees happens and he is so excellent with times and dates - amazing!" ... written by 1200500a
Always Excellent!!" ... written by Ann
Great Reading! Will follow up again within the next couple of weeks to see what comes through." ... written by lornalulu
Amazingly fast, concise and accurate!!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Absolutely great with times, dates and details - so fast and accurate - love him!" ... written by 1200500
excellent!!!! Very accurate!" ... written by Ann
He is my rock!! Consistently give the most amazing guidance and insight - extremely fast, accurate and detailed and predictions have come to pass!!" ... written by 1200500a
He's probably my all-time favorite reader on Oranum. Super nice guy and the real deal!! Very much well worth it!!" ... written by CelticFreckles
I love this reader!! He's my favorite!!" ... written by CelticFreckles
thanks sir for the reading" ... written by nik
Always fantastic and so on point!!!!" ... written by RussianBlue1
So spot on, super fast, accurate and detailed! Every insight he sees is true or comes true within the time frame given - amazing! " ... written by 1200500
Awesome! Always!" ... written by Ann
always excellent!!!" ... written by Ann
Astro is a very, very fine gentleman and reader indeed. I remember my first (and every) visit to his chat room (and private readings) and the immediate relief and calming energy and compassion Astro radiates. It helped me immensely, I really needed it badly. A saving grace. Since then it has been a luxury to connect with Astro on occasion and every time Astro’s compassion, gifted insights, and sheer beauteous demeanor lifts my soul. All the best good sir and thank you most kindly." ... written by mary5102014
So connected, accurate and fast! Picks up on every energy, emotion and action so precisely, its just amazing!! " ... written by RusianBlue1
A specific timeline/prediction he saw in a recent reading was confirmed today!!! He is always on point, super fast, detailed and extremely accurate - amazing!!" ... written by RussianBlue1
He's always great and usually very accurate too. I wish I had more money and more time with him." ... written by CelticFreckles
what a great reading! connected quickly and the energy and information just flowed ! Worth a try!" ... written by lornalulu
He is so amazing with details/time frames and getting into the deep layers of thoughts and emotions. Very fast, accurate and past predictions have come to pass!!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Amazing speed and connection - the best insight and guidance, he is fabulous!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Always a pleasure" ... written by mariasheart
Just amazing! Spot on accuracy and so fast and detailed - very highly recommended! " ... written by 1200500
Always amazingly fast and detailed - accuracy for events, time frames and specific dates is outstanding! Gets deep into the thoughts, feelings and motivations of you and others and so many insights have come to pass! Love him!" ... written by 12500
excellent" ... written by vc1976
great reader. Coming back very soon :)" ... written by do
Superb with details, deep insight and knowing what I and others are thinking and feeling- extremely fast and connected. Has been spot on with dates and time frames and predictions as well! Very highly recommended!" ... written by RussianBlue1
wow! that's amazing! worth the money for!:)" ... written by Karla
Consistently gives awesome, precise and super accurate readings - so fast and detailed and the info just flows continuously. Goes very deep into what is currently going on and all predictions he has given me over the last couple years have come to pass!! Extremely empathic and connected - He is fantastic!! " ... written by RusianBlue1
Excellent" ... written by Ann
Always Excellent!!!" ... written by Ann
He's very good. Probably my favorite reader here. I wish I had more money to spend. I'll be back for sure." ... written by CelticFreckles
Excellent reader .... accurate!!!" ... written by Ann