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I am a spiritual coach and I am the author of the book "Don't Touch The Plate" I teach higher consciousness and Kundalini yoga, Through Tantric numerology I have four 10s and a 9 meaning I have four past lives as a master. In western numerology I am an 11 in this life. I have family connections with Edgar Cayce and became self realized through my abilities brought out from past lives. My life purpose is to bring as many people to higher consciousness as possible so that they will not become disembodied entitys. I teach everyone to understand where their thoughts come from so they can gain more mind control and understand why things happen in their lives. I also discuss karma, relationships and family & how they work together. I love to help and see people wake up to their true self. Helping people love themselves gives me the greatest feeling you can imagine, there is no energy like it. Understanding synchronicity and that everything happens for a reason helps me help others become balanced pysiacally, mentally and spiritually. You would not be reading this unless you were supposed to, so don't let the ego tell you different. Sat Nam

I got all the answers which i need! Very professional consultation! " ... written by Collin
He was awesome! Very honest and caring. :)" ... written by jade_faith
It was very interesting and unusual Private! Try AMRITDEV out, you will not regret! ;) " ... written by thetruthseeker
ORDERING TWO COPIES OF HIS BOOK. EVERYONE SHOULD... he offers clarity.... each person needs to LEARN THEIR OWN LESSONS... no need to stick it out with someone else just to help them learn THEIR lessons.... stick to learning YOUR OWN lessons and loving yourself.... " ... written by 2012
Very thoughtful, and caring man who made me feel secure and comfortable with myself. I would definitely come back to see him again." ... written by maryannepav
Wonderful. Made me think of how I'm dealing with my own ego and how I can stop self-destructive thoughts/actions. Also, he reinforced the truth that you can never change another person and that when you start losing something, it makes you reevaluate your priorities. Very good advice! :)" ... written by Archeia
READ THE BOOK!!!!.... i have a lot of work to do on myself.... we all do... its going to take me a long time to GET IT i mean REALLY---get it... im thankful i found this book. it is a start.. :).... i live in a place where EGOS are as tall as the CASINOS... its rough.... but it can be done... it was great to meet you... Thank You." ... written by Spare2012