About varularora

Psychic varularorahas 16years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic varularorahas recently helped 32members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about varularora's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I have been doing astrology since 30 years. I am qualified engineer and astrology is a god gift to me. I do Indian astrology but with a difference. I not only see future but also see what has happened in this life already. In future if you are going to face any difficulties I give some remedies to do by yourself so that you can come out of these problems and lead a good life

Helpful and kind person. " ... written by joyfulstart
Fantastic reading. Highly recommended. Great advise. Thank you." ... written by zimerili1
yes thank you again hope all comes true " ... written by jess
Seriously, good astrology reader. Really appreciate his counsel, and his remedies work too" ... written by EKatma
Splendid. Varul is a very helpful guy, seasoned and clear w his abilities too" ... written by Me
I am grateful for his support, wise Guidance and the grace that was mine in speaking with him! " ... written by bluebird08
great clarity and give direct guidance." ... written by aldu
Varul is very knowledgeable, he has some profound divination skills i do reccomend him for that, and his remedys are quite good also. Deep intuitive skills " ... written by Cedric Bufano
Fantastic second reading" ... written by zimerili1
A good reading with some things that will help improve my situation." ... written by paloosa
A very thorough reading, and very helpful. Varularora was very pleasant and very polite as well." ... written by RuinofDarkness
Wonderful!" ... written by ModelChristina
Knowledgeable, good and hoping I can remove bad things surrounding me... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!" ... written by Sweetyhunn12
Very enjoyable!!! Very accurate and gives objective advice." ... written by somethinglost888
Good advise to change my 'mercury' effects and a ritual to help. Didn't waste time and only took me in private after he had my birth chart available thanks!" ... written by gibby59
Good and very nice, thank you so much." ... written by namrataagarwal
Glad to confirm something again... Thank you. " ... written by joyfulstart
Thank you so much! The clarity you have provided makes it easier to proactively make changes in my life. God bless you!" ... written by heartnsoul
Dhanyavaadh, Varul Arora. You have been very good! I will definitely chat with you again." ... written by Amy
Varul is amazing!! He is very good with astrology, try him!!" ... written by shelle97
Super interesting reading; detailed and was quick! will come back" ... written by cheri
He has given me a lot of details about my life. Both my present and my past. I HIGHLY recommend him. I will certainly return." ... written by RAM
What a wonderful man, and i absolutly love the way he reads your chart with all kinds of information and gives solutions on how to improve or change a situation. He is very mindful of your credits and dose not waste a second. Thank you Varularora, i shall return for updates :)" ... written by S :)
To the point answer. Fast. Accurate. I would like to thank not only for readings but also for remedies, which are easy to do. . . God bless " ... written by Mui
He was amazingly accurate about me and quick too. Very well experienced. NO estimations... Highly recommended!!!! I'll be back for more.. Thanks." ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
Very accurate and insightful! Never had my natal chart read like this, absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for the advice, looking forward to improving my life." ... written by Yoogii00
You connected so quickly and gave me a great reading. Thank you for the advice!" ... written by Jade199
Very interesting." ... written by celticlass
Great advice and great method to sort my problem thank you il let you know what happens " ... written by Jodyleelee
He is wonderful and he is soooo patient with giving all the remedies..... Must try... Very broad minded personality and a spectacular reader..... " ... written by jc57796
Great man, great advice and really helped me with my complex situation and shined a light. Makes a lot of sense. Thank you and I'll do everything you said and keep you updated xx" ... written by Jodyleelee
Great guy, very helpful. I have had many readings and will have many more. Very interesting indeed." ... written by zimerili1
Thank u sir!!!amazing person !!!!very helpful !!! great help !!!! " ... written by Amber54
Was very helpful and made me feel assured. Try him." ... written by ambiarte732
Perfect :)" ... written by nalita18
He is incredible " ... written by nalita18
Very helpful love it will definetly come back 5***** with result" ... written by meloye123
Straight forward and nice suggestions! :) " ... written by crystal_x123
Very cool. Will be back. Thanks." ... written by cancerman7
Excellent human being!! Very empathetic!! " ... written by frooti2004
Very effective!" ... written by druvina1973
Varul is a great astrologer, kind and helpful person, honest, give him a try you won regret it." ... written by Lizaz1
Good reading, accurate rdg." ... written by lovebugshay
Always very nice and patient. Thanks for all of your help." ... written by Mechele706
Amazing reader, lots of details." ... written by mimi
He is my favorite in here love him " ... written by nalita18
I love him, he is very special person, and very accurate as well " ... written by nalita18
Told me great stuff and the truth!!!! Thank you!" ... written by pinkbarbie85
The best." ... written by nalita18
You will not be disappointed. He was so precise and in detail on love and career. Highly Recommended. " ... written by Megabee
Highly recommended! Extremely accurate." ... written by victoria111
Special person I love him a lot, he helped me a lot." ... written by nalita18
The best " ... written by nalita18
The best." ... written by nalita18
The best of bests" ... written by nalita18
Great info! Thank you for the advice and information why all these problems were happening." ... written by Marialuis
thank you so much for the reading - the information is so helpful to me - i would recommend you to anyone looking for advice - all good things to u rajive - cheers susanne" ... written by thetimeisnow
Highly Recommended! He was in so much detail with the information." ... written by Megabee
Nice man - clear, direct, brief. A great read and very interesting." ... written by fretan
Very good! I'll be back." ... written by psymeow
Good! Rather awesome, I highly recommend!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
Very helpful and specific and detailed! would definitely recommend! also is very straight to the point and will not waste your time!." ... written by Priyag1
Thanks for the advice." ... written by tanya
What more can I say!!!?? He is the REAL DEAL-not only an advanced astrologer(vedic) but also a holy man that has the remedies to cure what ails you as well! Thanks o very much -bless always ji!!!" ... written by V
He is awesome." ... written by naraaa
Thanks for the very detailed reading!" ... written by tanya
I am going to see if all this comes true" ... written by messenger87
Very insightful and it was really helpful!" ... written by Pulaski
He was so direct with the situation and really explained in detail what i needed to take the next step. Highly recommended. You will not be disappointed." ... written by Megabee
Always wonderful and accurate.. Genius." ... written by skyline71
IT GOOD, VERY GOOD..." ... written by SYLVIA
thank you for all the advice I will listen and keep you updated. very accurate and detailed reading" ... written by indiabonita
He is the best!!!" ... written by Kavs
Thanks a lot!" ... written by mysticmarxo
Great reading, he gives suggestion and accurate description! I hope his prediction comes true and I definitely will keep him updated!" ... written by findtheanswer
Very good insights and very accurate. Waiting for the insights to be true. Highly recommended." ... written by need2know5
I like the advise I am being given-on remedies. Varul is gifted in his work and does not waste time. He is straight forward. Thank you for helping me." ... written by tara00
Just excellent..." ... written by Tammy always!" ... written by Tammy
Thanks for the reading." ... written by tan
This man is truly amazing........He inspires with every word and I would not be where I am without his guidance!! God Bless you!" ... written by ardcon4555
Very nice and sweet.." ... written by Ashish
Wonderful...amazing...Spiritual man.. I will say again.... Enjoy a private chat room with him!!!" ... written by Tammy
This is a miracle man! I am in awe the things he sees for my life-even in fact I now call him my uncle affectionately :) Powerful reading again, thanks uncle Ji" ... written by V
Great calm....Thank you!" ... written by fretan
Good." ... written by Aamy
Very sweet and honest." ... written by Aarath
Another excellent reading, extremely helpful." ... written by zimerili1
The best. " ... written by nalita18
Excellent...great with time frames." ... written by Lynn
Awesome, always wonderful to me!!" ... written by Aamy
Awesome." ... written by dd
What a blessing. He answered my questions quickly, and with kindness. He gave me 2 very quick fixes to change my life in a matter of seconds. Will not waste your time. Thank you!" ... written by cj
Varul was so accurate about everything happening in my life right now. He was to the point and absolutely didn't waste a sec to provide remedies. I will come back for another chart reading soon..." ... written by Love2golf
awsum" ... written by Sumit
Love his readings.." ... written by skyline71
You helped to heal my heart, and keep me strong so I can help others." ... written by Simone AceOfCupss
He is the best!" ... written by nara
Thank you for your excellent reading, i really enjoy waiting on my prediction to come true. I give him 20 stars." ... written by Patricia
Good reading." ... written by sadhana
The best soul to talk to in your hour of need." ... written by Aamy
Terrfic with what is happening and can't wait to see predictions come true." ... written by venkat
Thanks for the reading!" ... written by tan
VERRRRRY HELPFUL!!!!" ... written by V
He is the best." ... written by nalita18
Highly Highly recommended .He's the Best among all the astrologers on this site.... very accurate, very convincing and a very humble, simple highest regards to you Sir !" ... written by ASAP
This is SUPERB human being he is covering my whole life - doesn't waste your time, and he already knows what you need to know before you ask OMG!! I found a very very good astrologer here-a true gem of a man! thank you so much from my heart!" ... written by V
Fantastic, very helpful!" ... written by ella
Very helpful man!!!!! Excited to see what will happen!!!! Thank you!" ... written by Lauren
wow! Excellent reading by Varularora, knew about things that were holding me back in my life although I didnt want to admit them. And things about me to bring me up and light, I am so appreciative. Advice to bring my out of my impediments. Also I have to mention a super occurrence, I was speaking about a man and concerned about no recent contact, and Varularora stated that he will contact me, not to worry . . . 5 minutes afterwards, the man did contact me, almost like he knew he was being discussed!!! Wow!!!" ... written by kissme angel
Wonderful reading!!" ... written by Gatorgal22
Great reading! I appreciate your advice. Thank you, varularora." ... written by Gatorgal
Wow!!! I had no idea we are influenced by planets this much!!! The reading was jaw dropping! It all makes perfect sense now! All the puzzle come together and made perfect picture! He is an excellent astrologer!!" ... written by psymeow
Thank you Varu for the reading......I will do what you told me to do....I will keep you on any updates.....You were awesome and deserve all stars!!!!!" ... written by Ebony
Wonderful!" ... written by skyline71
Great..." ... written by sprathap10
He is good" ... written by nalita18
He is likes a God, he is Mr.Perfect Cool" ... written by RAJ KUMAR
Was sent to varul by a friend who had had success. He has given some new insights and confirmed things I have recently heard." ... written by oldfield
Great Reading! He is the BEST! Your mind will blow away from his reading and it will change your entire life." ... written by Neepa
Perfect, spot on reading!" ... written by Gatorgal22
Awesome - highly recommended!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
Dear ji, thank you for your kindness, for helping me, for providing remedies. I'm grateful to you ji." ... written by samiha
Awesome!!! Highly recommended!!! Really!!! I have found no one here who is better than this gentleman so far! And man I have had my readings... From a lot of people here!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
He is my uncle Ji thats why I love him. He looks after me like my love, like father, brother and spot on always!" ... written by V
I will follow all the directions you gave and will start from tomorrow itself. Please pray for my son and our family uncle and hope everything that you said comes true. Take care and thank you. May god bless you always." ... written by divaji
He is really good!!!" ... written by peach
I cant thank him enough for helping me, i highly suggest this reader." ... written by Shamsta247
Great reading again very good thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Awesome; very down to earth and affectionate and polite." ... written by divaji
Very very informative! And he gave me the instructions to fix the situation." ... written by bequestions
Great reading!! Wonderful!" ... written by Varularora
He's my adopted uncle, and I love him! What more can I say!!!??? Brilliant! as always...." ... written by V
Excellent!" ... written by PM
He is a genuine human being and an elderly person. I call him uncle now as he is a spiritual guide for me..." ... written by Sree
Great advice and clarification." ... written by tara00
Always reassuring. We need to talk everyday. " ... written by debbie
amazing as usual" ... written by preeti
excellent!" ... written by truworth
EXCELLENT READING!!!!! Can't wait to try the remedies!" ... written by Gfrenz1
He is just so amazing, do his remedies with a open heart and a clear mind. If you have faith in GOD everything will work out! Amazing reader!" ... written by nina
Nothing but the best" ... written by nalita18
Straightforward. No nonsense. " ... written by Diane
Perfect! On point reading!" ... written by unknown
Thank you so much!!!!" ... written by lila88
Excellent vedic plus astrologer with high intuition and channeling :)" ... written by Charlie
As always, he is wonderful." ... written by Aamy
Great reading." ... written by Milan
Thank you for all your help! You are great!!!" ... written by NIna
Awesome!" ... written by Amani
Very good to the point." ... written by Rosie
Another great reading with this wise expert I am grateful to know him." ... written by zimerili1
He is very good and like a god!!" ... written by Raj
His predictions are coming true" ... written by PREETI
Thanks Uncle for the help." ... written by Sree
Oh God, don't know what to say. He is a must!" ... written by deb
Amazing...Knows so much...Take him into private!! Thank you so much, varu!!" ... written by lila88
Thank you!" ... written by elena
Wonderful human being, great insight, very compassionate andamp; patient, straight to the point. Would recommend for a reading without hesitation! Peace andamp; blessings to you sir and thank you again for the wonderful insight and just for being you,god bless!" ... written by Emma
He is an excellent astrologer and a psychic. If you want time lines, this is it! Reliable and trustworthy. Happy with my reading!" ... written by P
Perfect reading." ... written by Mkk
Another fantastic reading" ... written by zimerili1
He is awesome" ... written by amrita
He is the best" ... written by amit
Great andamp; amazing as always!" ... written by nina
God bless you !! You are amazing!" ... written by Nina
He is accurately positive, give clear hope on a better future!!!" ... written by Ann Alesha
You are the best!!" ... written by nina
Wow what an amazing reading! With time frames too. " ... written by Aisha
Really honest." ... written by Anushree
Its was a great reading once again. Very insightful and help full one of the best....." ... written by chamo
He is the best... always willing to lend u a ear and help u...thank u Uncle." ... written by sim
You are amazing, so helpful and sweet!!" ... written by nina
Thank you so much for clarifying the issues on my mind. Everyone - you have to read with him, he is fast, accurate and gives great solutions. You will not be disappointed. He did not drag out the reading like other psychics do. Worth every cent! Look forward to updating you. xx" ... written by lilwildspirit
Always, always lifts your spirits when you are down.. He is always there with a solution " ... written by deb
Ongoing case to be continued." ... written by taa00
True in everything he said" ... written by draculina
Very nice man, very helpful!" ... written by Nina
He is spot on with dates and timings. I shall try his remedies and hope for the best. Thanks for the honest evaluations and direction. Namaste ." ... written by Sunshine0105
Good instructions- I will always keep in touch with varul to feedback on the results of his works. Thank you." ... written by tara00
What an insightful, thorough reading!! It was especially satisfying in the way that Varularora gave me remedies to help guide my Karmic path correctly (which is very important to me). All areas of my future life were covered, like I said this was a very thorough reading; also, the past was covered too!" ... written by le turbo
Very good!" ... written by Milan
Most accurate reader, ever." ... written by Milan
Excellent." ... written by Milan
Excellent. " ... written by na
Very helpful man nice reading 5 stars" ... written by sam
Varul arora is the best psychic on ORANUM. He is accurate and will not waste your time or your money. I am blown away by his readings and amazed as how insightful he is. Simply amazing! I am so very grateful." ... written by Gatorgal22
Awesome reading." ... written by Milan
Best reading ever!" ... written by Milan
Very good reading" ... written by sam
Great great great reading! Varularora can see things nobody else can see. He is my top choice on Oranum, and I have been to many psychics. Varularora is direct and will not waste a minute of your time or your money." ... written by Gatorgal22
A wonderful and very knowledgeable man. Thank you so much for such excellent information and advice. " ... written by lovewater
He is awesome." ... written by amit
This man will do anything to help your destiny ... Call it astrology, bad luck or what ever. At least there is someone to help. Blessings to a wonderful man." ... written by kathy
It is the best investment you will ever have. He gives so much details and guidance. Very highly recommended. A million stars!!!" ... written by Megabee
Very good reader, I will give him 10000 stars!" ... written by sam
Mr. Varularora is amazing, his remedies have helped me so much. I take them very seriously because I trust him so much and I know that he has helped me so much. GOD BLESS HIM!!! I hope all of you check him out in a private reading, he speaks the truth and it WILL change your life!" ... written by Nina
Very accurate, great advice, informative reading - straight to the point astrologic reading! " ... written by jazzychic7
Varul, is awesome, he gave me advice and was just a great person who told me the truth. You are an amazing astrologer and I will take your advice and follow it. Thanks so much for your predictions, I will take it and use it ! :)) " ... written by Anim
Greatest psychic. very accurate and detailed in his readings. #1 accurate on oranum." ... written by unknown
Varul is remarkable. He so quickly analyses charts and gives sincere, quick and clear evaluation and advice. The best on Oranum. " ... written by sunshine0105
He's the best.. Best advice and best remedies you can find. Such a kind soul. God bless you." ... written by PB1923
Varulalora is a wonderful and very professional and caring man. He is an excellent advisor and I love that he has so many meaningful solutions! Thank you. " ... written by lovewater
He is so nice with great energy!!" ... written by Buttercup
5 STARS!!! Great Reading!!" ... written by Unknown
5 STARS!" ... written by butterflies
Very great " ... written by hazel
Very heart-felt reading, He was so caring and understanding. He is very talented and graceful in his readings. Very accurate as well! 5 Stars!!!!!!!!!!! Love this MAN!!" ... written by Butterflies
Great reading with the use of astrology, and excellent recommendations for remedies!" ... written by Geraldine
He is amazing and fast. A true astrologer and reader. Real deal." ... written by Eva
Amazing reading. Loved his positivity. I will come back for sure!" ... written by Mar...
This man is wonderful and amazing!! " ... written by lovewater
Oh wow, that was very clear and spot on reading. He tapped into me, like I was an open book. Knew everything about me, and advised few things I can do with it. " ... written by pk
My First reading and I can vouche for this person. Highly reccomended and truly connected with me thorugh the help of his great abilities. :) " ... written by Bobbin
Good!" ... written by Mamoon
Thank you for your insight!!!" ... written by ladyseeking
This man is highly gifted, professional and kind. He is VERY effective to support positive shift in life. Quite amazing really. " ... written by lovewater
Great reading! Spectacular as always! :)" ... written by Gatorgal
Very nice, direct, straight to the point, he DID NOT keep talking to take your money, it was so great! I hesitated to go into private with him, however, someone in the chat room re-assure me he's good, I am so glad I did - I have faith in his predictions all will come as it was said. Thank you and god bless him." ... written by Spanishhelp
Fast and accurate like always . God bless you! " ... written by mb
Wow what an amazing person, and what a session. Truly blessed to meet him out here." ... written by Bobbin
good astrologer. " ... written by pjgovind
Great reader 5 star." ... written by serbboy3
He is really GOOD!" ... written by Sophhia
I never take the time and thank you for your amazing tasks that literally saved my life. Yes; I know it is God's work. I thank God for bringing you into my life. There is not another like you; Love, seakat." ... written by seakat1
Wonderfully gifted man who can seriously help your life! Thank you." ... written by lovewater
Will take his advise! He is very good ! " ... written by Amri
It was a differetn type of reading. Time will tell if the remedies work. I sure hope they do!" ... written by Water Bearer
Very, very interesting reading. He is very quick, does not waste time. Helps even counter negativity in planets. sounds weird but i will definitely give it a try" ... written by Donna
Very kind helpful and caring, thank you for a very helpful reading. God bless." ... written by Desi
A very good reading. he is very good in his predictions andamp; also his remedies. I would come back for sure. Thanks!!!!" ... written by aquaven
He is very friendly and very helpful. Answers questions with clarity. A wonderful reading and experience." ... written by Jas
Actually confirmed small feelings that I have been starting to have. The reading encouraged me to keep going a doing healing work xx Sincere and encouraging " ... written by gokelly
Had first private reading with him and connected so well. Amazing energy and guidance. Thank you so much uncle Ji. " ... written by Bhavika
Absolutely awesome, he was amazing with his predictions and remedies, i definitely recommend varul and give him a million stars, i will certainly be back for an update, god bless you rajiv and thank you so much xxx" ... written by mammamia20
A genuinely compassionate person. Great reader. Very understanding and insightful." ... written by Water Bearer
My reading with Varu was very insightful and amazing! He let me know many major facts about my birth chart. Also he gave me really important advice. Totally recommend him! " ... written by Maria
this man is a blessing to ppl - so glad he incarnated in these troubled times" ... written by thetimeisnow
wonderful, calming, logical, did not waste time, seemed genuine. " ... written by D
He was really good! :) Spot on." ... written by Adiz
very different from other psychics, very helpful and he has unique remedies. his knowledge on astrology is impressive. thank you!" ... written by jazzychic7
My reading with Varul sir was really insightful. He provided me a lot of clarity regarding my present situations and what to expect in future. He has given me very good suggestions which I will surely implement in my life. Varul sir is very straight forward, honest and emphatic. If you are looking for a proper guidance in life, I will definitely recommend him. Thank you sir! :)" ... written by Abhinav Guha
He was very good and gave great solutions waiting for predictions and he is accurate." ... written by AA
had an amaizing astrological insight with remedies. thank you varu" ... written by Av
Varu is so direct, precise and concise. I love his readings. He never strays off the subject. Thank you Varu you are a blessing.K" ... written by Kata
Listen to him is very helpful... thanks" ... written by Alexis
Wonderful Man, with a kind heart and a solution for every situation... much love !!!" ... written by shawna10
Another outstanding reading from Varul dont know how he does it, but his method is pretty outstanding. Every reading ive had has been a help and shown to be true" ... written by Uttara Phalguni
Varul has been both patient and kind with me. He has given me the tools to trust my own confidence. He has given me a reading where he sees that the situation I am in is temporary. A deep connection is the reality and tht will prevail. He said "Gold will endure"......meaning my relationship is as valuable as Gold. That was wonderful! Thank you Varul!" ... written by artisticparkway
he is wonderful really appreciate it." ... written by tammy
really good reading, knows what he is talking about, I learned a lot of things that I can change to make my life more successful." ... written by Pheonix
Wow. Thanks for a wonderful reading. Thanks for helping me on my journey. God bless. " ... written by angloThai
excellent " ... written by ron
Mr. Arora is very accurate... his accuracy was very detailed...i really recommend him...he is very professional and he is someone that wont sugarcoat and also will provide you some remedies for you to follow...i highly recommend him" ... written by n
love him.. he keeps my life from going crazy." ... written by bay
interesting...not sure yet...time will tell" ... written by k
He was brilliant 10/10 lovely man thank you so much" ... written by Roses
Truly amazing. He was the only person that has ever been able to figure out my time of birth because i cannot get it. He read my chart and gave excellent outcomes and recommendations for bettering my future." ... written by linda
Very helpful I hope. I will do the small things he has advise me with and we shall see. I'm so loooking forward to these changes- I'll be back with an up date. ;-)" ... written by Lanell
very fast and good read" ... written by Shiningstar
VARUL has been guiding me and he is good Im waiitng for his predictions to happen, he gives remedies and I believe he is genuine and recommend him." ... written by A123
Varularora was amazing! He just knew things about me without me telling him. I decided do a reading with him after I saw him do a couple demos. Really blew me away...thanks so much! Many blessings to you!!!!" ... written by Amy
Great reading, very fast with many details, I would definitely recommend!!!" ... written by edysica
I had a very awesome reading with Varul.. He was very detailed..I will come back." ... written by shelle97
One of the good psychic who is into ASTRO science based … He is very quick .. I would definitely suggest for others to Take and see." ... written by Areis
this guys amazing...innate astrology and intuitive skills and knowledge of remedies...his remedies work too" ... written by ernie
THis man's amazing...hes got a uniquely true gift for reading and astrology its very accurate and his remedies are really working~ !! nice guy too" ... written by Sir Edmund Hillary
Awesome Job" ... written by Amanda
Varul! great reading, felt like he really saw what was /is going on. Helpful and experienced person w both reading and advices. " ... written by Jimmin E Crickett
Very nice reading...." ... written by Sam
im excited!!!! very positive news! will keep you posted thank you!" ... written by jcjc
wow. going to do everything he told me. he is accurate. i will be back after i follow his suggestions. " ... written by skyreader
He is great! very specific and detailed with time frames. Gives me hope and i hope what he says comes true!" ... written by Jessica
I have never felt more positive after leaving a reading in my life-- and I have had many. I am so thankful for the time I spent with varularora. I now know that I have someone to look to for guidance and hope. Thank you so much. God bless you Sir!" ... written by DeAnna
He was very straight forward and exactly told me what issues i am currently facing." ... written by Pucchi
Varula and his helpful tasks have been working for me for last ten months. I totally believe he keeps my life from derailing, and that the planets influence are life so much more than most people believe. He works with God, hand in hand. I love him and I believe he may be the one of the best in the world." ... written by kathy
he is amazing." ... written by Linda
he's very fast with his views and good" ... written by octoberchoc
He is so calming and positive. Provide me with great insight and hope. Will try the remedies you recommended. " ... written by moon
Very kind man. I asked two questions and he gave clear answer. Now I just have to wait to see if his predictions will come true. However, I felt a positive vibe from him. I will re-visit soon. Thank you. " ... written by SK
Varul is wonderful! His remedies are working for me. Things have been changing for the better now. He knows his astrology and receives divine messages at the same time. I've been to many, many psychics and he really covers it all. 10 Stars! Many blessings my friend....Amy" ... written by Amy
Always very well said and precise! Thank you Varulji, we will chat soon!" ... written by Amy
I just had a wonderful reading with Varularora. He was so kind and gentle and gave me such confidence for the time i now must wait for things to ripen and resolve. He is a healer, for sure as well as telling me things that reverberated as true in me" ... written by artisticparkway
This was my first reading with Varularora. He gave me a free demo and captured my attention. He was accurate with dates and in what he viewed going on in my life without me saying a word. I now await the future prediction and I believe it will come to past past based on the planetary allignments that he shared with me. Heaven knows I need releif." ... written by MaxeyM
love varula. he is amazing... in my chart it showed the loss of my family member it is truly amazing what is written in the stars. I have been going to see varula for years , and his remedies have helped me deal with life. God's blessings to him. He is truly special" ... written by kate
varula is amazing .. i highly recommend astrologers for accuracy and time frames, especially this one!! He is amazing. Varula can also help you keep safe from harm with his remedies." ... written by kate
really enjoyed! Hope all comes true" ... written by jessica
I like varul's readings, insightful and some real effective remedies. Caring, inuitive and kind person" ... written by Ernie Hemingmeyer
he is good and very caring. he focused in on some important changes happening and gave remedies to make them successful" ... written by wren1414
wonderful thank you" ... written by Leia
Varul has such a caring and uplifting spirit. All he needed was my date of birth, time and place and was able to pick up on so much without me having to tell him anything. I am looking forward to the prediction that he gave me. Thanks a lot varul you have been such a great help." ... written by uniquelele25
Varularora knew exactly what I was going through. I had been feeling really off these last few months and he gave me lots of direction on what I needed to do. Thanks I will definitely be following up with him. " ... written by Mechele706
Thank you Varulji, very insightful!" ... written by Amy
Thank you Varulji. Always very helpful to me in all situations! God Bless you always!" ... written by Amy
Good reading!" ... written by LucyG32
Really great reading with a lot of detail. Thank You " ... written by Sher
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
very positive news... im excited :)" ... written by jjj
Really interesting reading; super good with the dates and planets; really helped me understand my situation andamp; did some healing for me. Thank You " ... written by Sher
Gave me remedies to bring in more positive to my life." ... written by pinkpather30
Very detailed, specific guidance. awesome reading" ... written by usr
he is accurate" ... written by ohood
Thank you dear chachaji. May God bless you for your care! Heartfelt thanks and may you always succeed! 10 Stars!" ... written by AR
Great guidance, he was right on the money with all my issues and i recommend him to everyone out here looking for truth. Thank you." ... written by RAANI
great reading and provides solution to your problem. I highly recommend." ... written by b